Dr. Fauci Is “Open” To Shutting Down Schools Again For COVID or RSV

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Headline News

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    Dr. Antony Facui is still pushing school closures. He said he is “open” to shutting down schools once again for either COVID-19 or RSV.

    When host Margaret Brennan asked  Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser head medical tyrant, whether parents should expect schools to shut down again after the holidays, he said this:

    “I don’t know. Margaret, I’m not sure. When you talk about shutting down schools, there’s always the … collateral issue. So you have to balance, and you do it in real time depending upon the viral load of disease in your region.”

    Fauci made the comments on “Face the Nation” recently. Yahoo News points out that Fauci seems out of touch with both reality and science. Numerous studies have shown just how damaging school shutdowns have been on America’s children.

    Widespread school closures were one of the biggest mistakes in the country’s response to COVID, and the evidence couldn’t be more clear.

    A recent study from Harvard and Dartmouth sought to monetize the damage from learning loss that children will suffer throughout their lifetimes. If the learning loss can’t be reversed (and that is something that’s difficult to do, especially for the most at-risk kids) the impacted students will lose 1.6% in their career earnings, totaling $900 billion.

    Perhaps Fauci is comfortable throwing out remarks like that given he’s leaving his post at the end of the year.  –Yahoo News

    Yahoo News’ article originally appeared on USA TODAY under the title: Fauci open to school closures for COVID, RSV? Have we learned nothing?

    Even Bloomberg said school closures should be the last option back in September of this year. School shutdowns were “disastrous” for those who are living in poverty or close to it, according to the report. Almost exactly one year ago, Bloomberg also wrote that these shutdowns (for what amounts to a mild cold in children) were “cruel experiments with our kids’ education.”

    Not even a month ago, Yahoo News reported that school closures were being caused by the “tripledemic.”

    MSM: The “Tripledemic” Is Here

    RSV and the flu have always been around, but for some reason, the mainstream media has found it necessary to panic the masses over these illnesses at this point in time.


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