Dr. Doom Warns: “Hillary Will Destroy The Whole World… Look How Successful Her Nation Building Has Been”

by | Mar 19, 2016 | Headline News | 134 comments

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    Do you ever wonder how it is possible that millions of Americans could support Hillary Clinton?

    Going back the last three decades you’d be hard-pressed to find any actual success stories or accomplishments – even Hillary can’t name her own accomplishments! In fact, if you actually cared about America like many Hillary supporters claim they do, you’d be aghast at the corruption, violence and sheer arrogance surrounding the person who may become the President of the United States.

    While Trump certainly has his faults, we remain bewildered that someone who gives the term “human being” such a bad name is even in the running to become the leader of the free world.

    It turns out that we’re not the only ones who think another Clinton Presidency would be a disaster.

    Economist and trend forecaster Marc Faber, in his traditional hilarious yet brilliant style, makes it clear that not only will Hillary be bad for America, she will destroy the entire world in the process:

    It’s all relative… Given the alternatives I’d vote for Mr. Trump… because he may only drestroy the U.S. economy, but Hillary Clinton will destroy the whole world… that’s the difference.

    Look at her nation building in the middle east… how successful that has been.

    While some of his suggestions, such as his recommendations to protect your property with high voltage fencing or to buy a machine gun and a tank for personal defense, often elicit laughter from mainstream media pundits, he’s dead serious about the potential for widespread global destruction.

    In 2012 Faber warned that World War III would start within five years.

    With a potential Hillary Presidency on the horizon and the disastrous result of America’s foreign policy under her leadership (and we use this term loosely) as Secretary of State, coupled with her overwhelming desire to go down in the history books for having accomplished something – anything – of historical significance, one can’t help but consider that so long as she’s remembered for centuries to come she would be more than willing to push the red button.

    You know, because what difference does it make?

    Also From Marc Faber:

    Doom Economist’s Asset Protection Strategy: Buy A Machine Gun… and a Tank

    Either Through War Or Financial Collapse: “It Will Be Very Painful”

    Dr. Doom: “A Lot Of Problems Are Coming… Revolution… Social Strife…”

    Doctor Doom Warns: “World War III Will Occur In the Next Five Years”


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      1. If Hillary gets in, it will be without my vote.

        • I completely agree with you. I think the reason people are voting for her is because she is the only viable democratic candidate. Is she viable? I don’t think so but she speaks the language of the democrats for sure.

        • She’s a good puppet, just like Obozo. Both are without a conscience and perfect for the job of killing.

            • if trump can get past the republicans, he’s gonna give hillary an epic spankin’….nay,…she’s going to get left on the side of the road, naked, and bleeding, from an orifice, when trump gets through with her…he’s damn good at finding the faults of a person, and exploiting them….and BOY, is she givin’ him some ammunition!….but…..there’s a SHIT-TON of people working against him….nobody can know how this goes down, fersure.

          • Yes, but what is that language? Sh took money from Red China and Israel for top secret military technology, and her performance is past jobs has shown both incompetence and dishonesty. Her personal life as an actively bisexual woman lays her bare to blackmail and defamation, and her past shows she will order the murder of any inconvenient witnesses. She was the authority figure in the White House when the order came to massacre every man, woman, and child at Waco. Bubba was out of the country. Unless you believe the secretary picked up the phone and said “sure, rub ’em all out”, then she is the guilty party. Texas Rangers said they never saw a crime scene destroyed so fast. You will see martial law, mass arrests, and tyranny of she gets the nod. The fact is, I don’t think you or the other TV-watchers have a clue, and that is not just happenstance. Please do your homework before voting again.

        • Faber makes the claim that Trump would only destroy the US economy. Seriously? Considering the shape our economy is in, I’d say Mr. Faber needs his meds and a nap.

          • Isn’t it quite safe to state that our economy is already in a state of destruction, thus how could it be furthered into destruction? Destroyed is destroyed isn’t it? Even Hillary would tell you, “What does it matter?” 🙂

        • Swinging, same here.
          I like Trump’s in your face comments.
          I hope he wins and turns this nation around.
          We need something drastic to right this ship.
          Could he be the one?
          No one knows for sure, so be well rounded all…

        • Hi guys, been a while but still reading all the posts/comments!

          Down Under we are getting smashed every day in the MSM with negativity of Trump. They even have documentaries on what a disaster he would/will be. That in itself is enough IMO to give the guy a run – the best candidate is most certainly NOT the one pandered to by the Libtards isn’t it?

          We have the same here – MSM has a vested interest in the Left which puts the feed into the trough the media pigs and “gimmee dats” shove their snouts into!

          Cheers all – watching with interest.


      2. 321 million people in the US and we’re reduced to these choices. The natural candidates that would rise like cream to the top of an old milk bottle have been circumvented by tremendously wealthy globalist interests. Trump, and yes Sanders might be that rising bubble that sneaked by. Decades of trusting those in power, despite evidence to the contrary, like the JFK assassination, have collectively brought us to this point. “You reap what you sow”.

        • Kevin

          I agree with what you said. If elections can make a difference then we have a choice between communism and possible fascism.

          I want people to give me there opinion on Trump. He has my vote by default. He scares me though. He has supposedly changed all his views. He once had great things to say about the Clinton’s and Obama.

          Will he follow the constitution?
          He has said ” I will repeal Obama Care and replace it with something better ” What does that mean?
          How about using the free market and keeping government out of health care.
          Is he a plant?
          Is all of this a big show that does not matter?

          I would love to see all of your thoughts. I feel there are some seriously wise people on this site.

          I in all honesty have no faith in politics anymore. Have not for years but it is interesting.

          • Mike:

            Here’s my two cents worth, from someone that hasn’t posted here in a long time:

            The mere fact that your two choices for President of the United States are Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (most likely) should be the biggest affirmation of your prepping. I’m doubling down now. I’ve got the basics. Need land and trying to figure out on which lake I’ll have a boating accident with all my guns, ammo, and PM.

            Take care, prep hard.


            Love VA, btw. Best state I ever lived in.

            • Mal, good to see you’re still at it this side of the turf.

            • Just bring your boat here, we’ll put’er in across the road at the marina-el-boonies, wreck your boat (slow-sink her so she can be brought back up unharmed, with fresh-water you can (sorta) get away with it), and since I’m a diver retrieving everything will not be a problem. AND, since I’m a ‘smith/armorer’, reloader all will be “in perfect order” (and I never frig with books, names, nor do I ever remember a damn thing about anything to do with anything. What were you asking?

          • Mike in Va

            We’re in the same boat. I’m going for Trump by default. To be honest if it was Sanders V Rubio I would vote for Sanders. As much as Trump frightens me TPTB foreign policy, especially pushing Russia scares me far more. Christie was chilling with, “I’ll shoot down Russian planes”; WWIII over Syria. A NWO crazy man.

            Trump and the Constitution. I think he will respect it like FDR did, not at all. His stand with Ed Snowden tells me, “The ends justify the means” in his mind. That being said the other candidates urinate on the Constitution too. Trump will just be more overt. Like FDR was reined in by the USSC I would hope that Trump would be too if too excessive.

          • I voted for Trump.I don’t like the healthcare stance but the only perfect candidate for anyone is ones self.I believe illegal immigration is destroying the middle class.I’m sure I’ll get a schlonging for this,but I don’t think the country can remain free without a white majority that I see under attack from all sides including religion.Trump is not here to save the white race, however he will deliver a fair playing ground (against political correctness and bringing manufacturing back)and that is all you can expect.Cruz didn’t even mention the border until he had to.His wife on the council of foreign relations on the North American community,CEOs at Goldman Sachs,Neil Bush on his campaign.Went to the border with crazy Glenn Beck to hand out teddy bears and soccer balls to illegals.Lindsey Grahm endorsement?I guess I’ll take a chance on Trump

            • THERE IS NO ONE MAN WHO CAN FIX ALL THAT IS WRONG. As a nation, we are on the precipice of falling into an abyss (and there is no rope with which to climb out), or getting behind the one man with balls enough (and enough economic ‘umph’), to get the job done.
              If we, the people, come together “as one”, then We, The People can MAKE Trump our president and then, IF he knows we are with him and “have his six”, he’ll do all he has said he’ll do. If this is going to require a war, then by all means, let our POTUS declare some bs to justify martial law, then we’ll get on the stick and beat the bastards at their own sick games. Then, we’ll have about two year worth of ‘hanging parties’ in town squares everywhere!

          • Mike, my take is that under Cruz we have the best chance to at least not go deeper. There is a history of flirtation with leftists and left-leaning ideas with Trump, which concerns me. Please note that I will indeed vote for him if it comes down to him vs. Hilary, tho!).

            He is a bit of a tabla rasa, just like Obama was, on which people inscribe all kinds of hopes and dreams, that are bound to be not met. In contrast, Cruz has spoken, and voted according to his words, on many significant issues that are of importance to conservatives and libertarians. Moreover, this whole thing about the “most hated man in the senate” should grab your attention. He is hated for the same reasons Trump is hated – he won’t play the game, at least to the extent they want him to. ***This is a GOOD thing*** one would think. It is for me.

            Also, a lot of Trump’s misogynistic comments will not go down well in a general election, and as much as I support border control, you can do it without sounding hateful. The Founding Fathers had a LOT to say about electing someone who has a strong moral foundation personally, as this always bleeds over into other areas (cf Slick).

            This being said, Trump is my second choice. And all the rest of you Cruz haters, spare me the vitriol. And there are areas I don’t like about Cruz as well, of course.

            Finally, watch for the de rigueur comments about not voting for anyone. Should come immediately below. What these obscurantists won’t tell you is that this is a.) a vote for Hilary; b.) NO ONE could ever match up to their standards of ideological purity, even George Washigton; and c.) despite whining about the issues above, I’ll bet not a SINGLE one of them has ever tried to change things even locally by running for the school board, becoming a precinct committeeman (that’s how Obama got elected, and they are CRYING for people to do this), or anything similar. So those of you who whine about this stuff, but won’t get off your duff to even do something LOCALLY, spare me.

            My vote, understanding the choices that are left, and not to choose is to in fact choose, is going with Cruz.

            • That is amusing. Cruz is a proven globalist-banker-neocon-oligarch butt kisser. How’s that for morals?

            • Cruz wife is an executive with Goldman Sachs. He is as establishment as they come.

      3. Not to mention unleashing Bill on all the interns. Its amazing that a do nothing,nothing accomplished person could rise to the presidency. That’s a lot of uninformed votes. We’d soon have a going out of business sale. China anyone?

        • Give Mr. Bill a break huh? His wife’s a lesbian. What’s the poor bastard supposed to do?

        • Jim, Slick Willie wrote the book on sexual harassment.

          • ONLY IN Florida…

            How to make a fast cool $110 Million in Florida.

            Answer, Screw your best friends wife, get caught on video tape.

            MARCH 18, 2016 3:56pm PT by Eriq Gardner
            Popular Wrestler Hulk Hogan Gets $115M Verdict Against Gawker at Sex Tape Trial

            Ahhh the celebrity infighting continues. So Wrestler Hulk Hogan screws his best friend and Radio shock jock “Bubba The Love Sponge’s” Hot Wife, is secretly videotaped, then the video gets published by Gawker digital news outlet. Hogan won basically on the Invasion of Privacy issue, being recorded without his permission.


            The outcome comes after two weeks of testimony in a first-of-its-kind case where discussions of newsworthiness and decency dominated.
            Weighing free speech against privacy, a Florida jury has decided to uphold the sanctity of the latter by turning in a $115 million verdict against Gawker over its 2012 posting of a Hulk Hogan sex tape.

            Hogan brought the case three years ago after Gawker, a 13-year-old digital news site founded by Nick Denton, an entrepreneur with an allergy to celebrity privacy, published a video the wrestler claimed was secretly recorded. The sex tape was sensational, showing Hogan — whose real name is Terry Bollea — engaged in sexual intercourse with Heather Cole, the then-wife of his best friend, Tampa-area radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge (real name: Todd Alan Clem). Gawker’s posting of the Hogan sex tape was accompanied by an essay from then–editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio about celebrity sex and a vivid play-by-play of the encounter between Hogan and Cole.

            In an era when digital networks have reshaped culture, raising tough questions about sharing and prying in society, the jury got to hear two weeks of testimony in a first-of-its-kind sex tape case where discussions of newsworthiness and decency dominated.


      5. Can’t expect anything from a sociopath except lies, deceit, chaos, turmoil and destruction. Of all the candidates this sociopath is by far the worst. I do not know one person who has anything positive to say about Hellary. Aside from being a criminal she is incredibly lazy; all talk, no action, no positive end results.

        The decent, honest, good ones don’t run for POTUS because they get bullied out by the disordered pathological ones and back out before they get started, mostly due to continuous death threats to them and family members.

        Disordered pathological people are intensely attracted to jobs/positions/roles where they can abuse their power AND also get away with it; drug addicted nurses working in hospitals, pedophiles working around children, etc.

        In the political arena they bully the decent candidates — relentlessly, until they back out. Always been that way.

      6. Fixed electronic voting machines.

      7. A nation can survive its fools, villains and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason and corruption from the politician traitor within its gates.

        For the politician traitor appears not a traitor—he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and wears their face and their garment, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men that government can fix all the ills of mankind.

        The politician traitor rots the soul of a nation—he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars that holds government up right—he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

        The enemy at the gates is less formidable than politician traitor, for he is known to all and carries his banners openly. But the politician traitor moves freely among those within the gate and promises “…the coming changes will not affect you! They are meant for someone else…”

        When dark clouds appear on the horizon the politician traitor becomes even more devious. The politician traitor slyly whispers lies to all who will hear while rustling through all the galleries of government and is frequently heard whispering “…bigger government will solve all of our problems. It only requires a few more taxes to make all our lives better. We will deal with the problem once all the new taxes are in place. All of the government’s problems are the other politician’s fault …..”

        Freedom dies from the politician traitors lies…

        Adapted from Cicero’s musings (slightly rewritten) as the Roman Empire dissolved…

        • RO: brilliant! I love Cicero.

        • Rabbitone, BRAVO! those statements are just as true today as ever.

        • RO – Sounds like Obama and what Trump will also do if selected. I would add; lies hidden among lots of truth.

        • Thank you “RabbitOne” A most appropriate observation.
          So down through time it AGAIN finds relevance.

          “Through out history the events of Man have repeated themselves, for it is Man himself who recreates them.”


      8. On this site we concentrate on preparing for SHTF scenarios. A week or so ago a large rock buzzed right past earth, there are two Comets heading our way very soon. West coast is ripe for the most destructive earthquake they have ever experienced. The Sun is belting out storms that will make a world wide EMP, It is possible to get hit by a quasar emission would destroy the earth. We have them nearby. Thankfully we have dodged these.
        My biggest concern is the two legged things we have to live with. Democrats and their enablers are destroying America and numerous other countries in the world. Moslem culture destroys the soul and leaves an Automaton Kamikaze Hominid, where a human used to be.
        Hillary’s brains would look good on a plate, being served to Filipino Moslem’s. Bernie would look good being shoved into an Auschwitz oven, just leave him there and don’t light it. In Pol Pot style, how would 545 skulls look piled up on the mall, congress, executive, and judicial heads? I think it would look like freedom.
        We can complain all we want, but the best we can do is prepare and survive. I encourage you to vote for whoever you feel is best, you never can tell someday it just might start to get fixed.
        Keep on prepping!

        • Bud, we, you n me, have no say. The democraps get it every time here, this will be no different

        • Actually the cycle Peaked the last few years for the 12 year cycle for Sun Spot solar flares/ Geo-magnetic-storm-pulses. We are on the down slide of the 12 year cycle for those natural cause of the Sun’s emissions. Not that it can’t happen, but less likely for the next decade.

          Of course the Man-made weapon-ized EMP from a nuke explosion 30 miles up in the atmosphere will create instant chaos and mass electronic failures which will lead to mass death, to those unprepared without a few years of food, healthy water supply and plenty of guns and ammunition to hold off the hungry hoards wanting to steal all your Preps.

          I suggest hiding half of your food Preps, buy burying it in a durable water tight container remotely from your house. Which if your house caught on fire from looters trying to get in, you can abandon your house and come back later when it is safe. Anybody living in mass population centers and Cities are F*cked bigtime. Had a nice conversation with this smokin hot Retired Chick Cop out of Miami, that told me all about the scumbag looters in Hurricane Andrew. She said what I am doing (Remote BOL)is very smart and wants to learn more about prepping. I said get the hell out of Miami for starters. She agreed. People are waking up to this stuff, and there is still time, but not much time left..


        • Relik

          Hilliary’s brains? Serving empty plates now aren’t we.

      9. If voting mattered, they wouldn’t allow it. If anyone still thinks that democracy is a reality, you’re sick. No matter what you think, vote for or care about in a society, the goobermint will always have the last word. History shows that there are high born people and then there are the rest. If you ain’t in the club, you ain’t in it.

      10. I bet Hillary has no red button……..lmao

      11. rellik

        “Bernie would look good being shoved into an Auschwitz oven”

        I don’t know what you do for a living but Sanders was against the Free Trade agreements that the Republicans and sell our Democrats with Clinton at the forefront put through that decimated the middle class making them poor. Its the greatest cause for the rise in welfare and food stamps with secondary cause the deregulation of the finance sector which he was also against. Those Neo-Cons from both party’s did you and the US no favors.

        • K2: but the neo-liberals, and Obama, are just rocking the casbah, right? Everything is just peachy, for insiders. Plenty of gimmedats out there and a shrinking middle class. Throw in a dash of Soros and voila, a color revolution that will bring down the US. That was the goal all along. To destroy the US. I am surprised you sound like you support a loser like Sanders. Guy never had a job until he was 40. Give me a break. And he is going to do what as president? Have goats and sheep mow and fertilize the whitehouse lawn? Great.

          Anyhow if you support a fricken communist I don’t know what to say. Hopeless. Just bend over and get ready to be screwed.

        • Hey K2,
          Bernie is not a Saviour, he is a POS socialist.
          I’m private funded retired. I spent 17 years getting a STEM degree working full time and raising a family at the same time.
          For a time I was a business major. You can correct me,
          but most these trade agreements are predicated upon
          lowering wage and regulation costs eg. offshoring and
          enabling our now displaced Americans to go to school
          and get higher value jobs. I have news for you
          most Americans can’t even get through first quarter
          Calculus, much less Control System Design.
          You going to take a 50 yr. old coal miner and get him through
          a servo PID tune, to make a robot work correctly?
          How about designing a autonomous cargo ship, truck
          or aircraft control system? Antone on the street corner
          in Queens is never going to do that. People like me will build automatons and it will put more and more Antone’s out of work.
          Because due to Democrats, Antone costs too much to employ.
          Antone will vote for Bernie because Antone is an idiot.
          K2 do us a favor and figure out how to support all the idiots
          that can no longer fish for themselves and must be fed daily,
          Do it without robbing me and taking food off my table.

          • Rellik and everyone else, go over to The Daily Sheeple and check out Bernie Sanders interview from 1985 where he defends Fidel Castro. If my wife was still alive she would take the moron to the woodshed and have him crying for momma. my wife lost half of her family to Castro’s goons.

            • Obama was told not to mention democracy in his speeches in Havana, want to bet he didn’t plan on doing it anyway?

          • Rellik
            lol and tptb will replace you too. Engineers are losing their jobs at a record pace and so many are now just homeless temps. That machine will eat you too.

            • Rebba,
              Machine did not eat me,
              old age discrimination
              did. I kept up education wise.
              My last few years of work
              was with Cal tech and UC
              Cal PHD’s. Most people don’t know what
              kind of technology is out there.
              I went to school on how to write the
              software to run a particle accelerator.
              Today I read, prep, drink beer, and
              help out people where I can.
              Keep on prepping.

              • Rellik
                Age discrimination is part of the machine. 8000 ways to reject people, and make it their fault. I am retired and prepping too.

                • I enjoy your posts.

                  • Relic

                • Age discrimination in the private sector took away my job opportunities as well and they were obvious. I went years applying for work, but those companies all hired younger people, some with their front teeth missing and rude manners to work with the public.

                  Funny that the last place I went to find work was a PT gov’t job who didn’t age discriminate because all the co-workers were older than I was and was aged up to 85 years old. No young people apply for the job. And no, I don’t suck the government’s money, it is funded by those who want my services and have a good time doing so.

                  • Woogie
                    I am glad you found something. I had heard something about that from one of my customers.

              • Rellik

                “Machine did not eat me,old age discrimination did.”

                Who is faulted for that?

          • You have 321 million people that aren’t going to become engineers. The US has the greatest market in the world and it was protected from its inception until the 1960s. In the 80s it took off with NAFTA, then GATT and letting the Financial Sector regulate itself was icing on the cake. How is this working for the country?

            “You can correct me,
            but most these trade agreements are predicated upon
            lowering wage and regulation costs eg. offshoring and
            enabling our now displaced Americans to go to school
            and get higher value jobs.”

            I will correct you. No those Trade Agreements were predicated upon lowering the cost of manufacture so that the globalist corporations could reap the value added financial benefit. Disney fired its IT people and imported much cheaper labor from India. No sorry nothing nobel here its all predicated upon greed. Its a race to the bottom.

            “Do it without robbing me and taking food off my table.”
            Look at the backers of the free Trade agreements for that. See the Disney actions in the above.

            • WANT TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? Here is how we stimulate the economy. I predict there is about $20 TRILLION Dollars of Inventions sitting on the shelf at the US Patent Office controlled mostly by Fascist Corporations being held back to protect their obsolete monopolies. I give a Trump Presidential Executive Order policy warning. You have 1 year to start using the patents or it all becomes public domain product for Americans only. Built here in America by legal Citizens. You want to see the economy rocket to the moon? There you go. How many times have you heard of a new gas saving device for cars that is, bought by big Auto then shelved to keep their has guzzling monopoly going? Just saying. $20 TRILLION sitting on the shelf ready to be dusted off and put into production. Wake up America. Stop funding USELESS WARS and start funding small business startups to create worthy products we can all use and need, and the world will be knocking on our doors for all these new products. A Stoopid 5th grader could figure this stuff out if we start to think and use our imaginations. Want to make America Great Again. There you go. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Scrap the current patent laws. Reduce it from 17 yrs to 5 yrs protection in less certain circumstances exist.


          • We shipped those jobs off the brought in massive competition for the jobs left.With tech visa’s the sme fate awaits you and your family in the future.We have to maintain a society where people can start off poor and work hard and make it to the middle.As for as Bernie are y’all aware of what Bolshevik communism looks like in practice.ww2 Russia.Killed more than holocaust.

            • Sanders is far closer to Norway and Finland to Stalin.

              • I understand that dem and rep are meaningless words as are lib cons.I appreciate the fed statement.I can’t get behind a communists who has been Isreal first his whole life.

                • Free Trade is the right to directly economically compete with someone, who lives in a mud hut, and aspires to one day move into a tin shed.

                  • As usual k2 I wholeheartedly agree


            Not that Hitlery is much better….

            The world-famous chess master and former Soviet citizen Garry Kasparov, has some harsh words for Bernie Sanders supporters. In a recent Facebook post that went viral, he stated “I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there.”

            He went on to explain that socialism destroys the human spirit, and that being able to even talk about it and consider it, is a luxury in wealthy nations. He admitted that income inequality was a major problem in Western nations, but added that “the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.”

            Socialist supporters in the comments were quick to point out that what Bernie Sanders wants for America, is a far cry from the communist dictatorship that Kasparov grew up under (don’t’ worry…. we’re getting there! Just ask the campus speech and thought police).

            Kasparov responded a week later with an editorial at the Daily Beast, and explained that all socialized systems have the same inherent problems. *****“Once you give power to the government it is nearly impossible to get it back, and it will be used in ways you cannot expect,” he warned before saying that command economies simply can’t imitate the intricacies of the free market. “You cannot predestine which two college dropouts in a garage will produce the next Apple.”****

            • Kasparov should know growing up under a commie system. The Sanders and Hillary supporters have no idea what they’re in for. BTW, I just arrived at the BOL 2 hours ago and will be having fun for the next week.

              • Braveheart
                Say hi to the family and have a good time

      12. The economy is doing a fine job of destroying itself…

        2nd Amendment under Hillary? Gone in 60 seconds. Literally.

        Then again he may have a point about Trump destroying the economy. Audit the Fed and openly prove to the world that the Emperor has no clothes?

        That would do it, all right. Again, in about 60 seconds.

        • TheGuy

          Choices choices. Economy destroyed and I’m armed; economy destroyed and I’m disarmed.

          The former appears preferable.

      13. Now, this is more like it. Articles about someone named ‘Dr. Doom’. Something we can all sink our teeth into.

      14. Philosopher

        “I am surprised you sound like you support a loser like Sanders.”

        I support policy’s. What policy’s do I support of Cruz & Rubio? The Second Amendment only. Trade? How can a prudent American support Free Trade when its devastating effects are so obvious? How can one support the Deregulation of the Financial Sector with the demise of Glass-Steagall? The derivatives market, crash of 08, QE back feeding into the Stock Market disconnecting it from reality. How can one support that? Wars for ostensible reasons predicated on downright lies that if anything have created terrorists that are used to destabilize non terrorist governments out of favor with TPTB. How can one support that?

        You support the above? Sanders doesn’t.

        Soros is the poster boy, the person in front. He is up front for a reason. Rothschild, Warburg and Rockefeller, there lay the power.

        ” Just bend over and get ready to be screwed.”
        Where have you been the last few decades? Seen the rust belt? Who and what created that? Neo-Cons……. Not Conservatives.

        • I’m no fan of Obama or Hillary as they encompass all of the worst of the Neo- Cons (Trade, US Military use for Wall Street, Finance) which they are regardless of their liberal veneer catering to fools. They anti Bill Of Rights with over the top attacks upon the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th 6th Amendments………at the very least.

          Basically what you have is party A will ship your job to the 3rd world, allow cheating in the Finance Sector and attack nations that did nothing to you for bullshit ostensible reasons and then party B that will do all of the previous and disarm you. Summed up there are your two choices.

          • Goldman Sachs is an euphemism for the globalist financial sector / establishment / TPTB / NWO / Power Elite. This election is Trump and Sanders against Goldman Sachs. Yes Trump and Sanders have far more in common than either do with the rivals from their own party’s.

            • Kevin2
              talking policy instead of screaming I hate You Commie is a hard play here. Yes, Bernie opposed those things because he is a nationalist. I am not sure what Donald actually thinks but he says he is a nationalist. Never mind his actions are not consistent with that. Trump/Bernie are against the NWO.

              • Rebecca

                “talking policy instead of screaming I hate You Commie is a hard play here”

                I’ll speak until I no longer can. I don’t get rebuttals but attacks. I state facts. Yes its difficult but its not those that reply but rather those who read than reason, “Who has the preponderance of testimony”?

                I’m a registered Republican and voted that way in Presidential races from Reagan on. The Republicans are making that choice increasingly difficult, the Democrats have made themselves impossible to support. I stated clearly that both party’s actions regarding the use of the Military for Wall Street Globalism, Financial System Deregulation that facilitates legal fraud and certainly last but not least Free Trade / Outsourcing are for all practical purposes identical. The Left / Right, Dem v Rep is chasing your tail.

                One more time:

                Trump and Sanders have more in important policy’s in common than either do with their contenders from their own political party’s.

            • Kevin

              Sanders is a self proclaimed socialist. He really is a communist if you study his history.

              That is the farthest thing possible from the things that originally made this country the greatest in the world. We need to go away from all forms of socialism and communism. It never works. It never has. It never will. Because always at the top there is evil and greed.

              • Mike in Va

                ” Because always at the top there is evil and greed.”

                I’m not going to deny that communism has failed everywhere but the “Evil & Greed” at the top is well represented in the fascism that we have.

                Regardless force is used both economic and military to maintain the USD as the worlds reserve currency. This includes assassination, staged coups and direct military assault. We don’t live good because were capitalist. Capitalism was abandoned in the US a long time ago. The Military job is not to protect us nor to create and foster freedom. They fight to maintain this prostituted relationship with TPTB.

              • I’m not promoting communism. I’m telling you that those people that you think are conservatives are bought and paid for by the TPTB and TPTB are not operating in your best interest.

                Think we live good? Why? Its because we force the world to use our money. many means are used but it often involves the blood of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Air Force and even the Coast Guard. Their told we have a threat, its freedom, its ostensible bullshit.

                A real conservative , President Eisenhower who maintained peace in very difficult times warned us just before leaving office. It wasn’t heeded. MIC and Wall Street control. Save the communist speech. We’re run by fascists at the top and the intent is communism from there down.

                I desire is a populist nationalist somewhere in the middle understanding that I’ll move occasionally to the right and left of center to get it it. The almost 50 million on EBT cards are composed of many working poor who lost their jobs to Free Trade and savings to Wall Street. They are a symptom, not the cause.,

                • Kevin, re.: Eisenhower.. I saved a newsprint quote from him for several years until it fell apart (figuratively, too 🙂 )
                  “People want peace so much, one of these days governments better get out of the way and let them have it.”

          • The GOP’s Conservatives Love War just as much as NEO-Cons and Hillary. Wake up man…They are all on the same psychopathic war cheering team, but with different names.

            Trump cannot bought, by these shysters. Thus why so many attacks against him. It just reinforces why we all need to get behind Trump. Wake up lackys and get with the program.

            Soros has funded groups of rioting idiots protesting outside of Trumps businesses in NY. They are very desperate… and know damn well their days are numbered. I’d throw up massive razor wire lines and watch these idiots bleed out. Good riddance.


        • Darn, you type faster than I do!
          I thought you were a Bernie supporter.
          He still would look good in an oven.
          P.S. he is renouncing his 2nd amendment stand.

      15. Left wing, right wing… its still the same bird.. a vulture waiting to pick over the corpses of anyone who gets in the way…
        Good luck and God bless..

      16. All of the candidates EXCEPT FOR TRUMP for pushing up daisies 2016.

      17. I have decided based on inventory that I need more preps and am investing in two solar backpacks and more Walter filtration stuff and iodine, and am building a new big our bag with mostly food. Walter filtration and first aid, and long term wilderness excursions..i hear more horrific bad news today again and I won’t get into it. Mist of you in here that know me and have taken me seriously, you all are very smart intelligent people.. between now and October and beyond much less February of 2017… it going to literally take a miracle for God himself to sto what the cabal has planned…we have good reason to worry because 90% of people around are really clue less.. ammo is cleaning of the shelves in most of the academy chains, certain type of rounds..alot of AR, 7.82, 30-30, 30-06, etc..what people still don’t have enough time of us food and water…we have on hellacious…time ahead of us and I an literally worried because I get it hear all three bad stuff.. really bad stuff. I saw the troll comment on the previous post and I tell you they are worried about me taking for good reason…From the moment you hear Ted Cruz announce that he is supporting Trump, you need to worry bacause what I will tell you next will be true and you will and attack on me on this site that will be so consistent, so bad that your going to know that it’s true.. at some turn I will release what is really going in Texas…Something really big is going on in my city and my state.. I talked about the fact that the Gold is here, I was told bullshit…so I was told by from Govt contact to post the a Trump Cruz as VP to see the reaction and be told me that I will not be believed…our economy is going to literally shut down in the very close, near future and this is going to trigger something that the cabal is not wanting to happen, so they are going to do something bad.. this is what we need to worry about it has something to do with the Free energy inventor that did and interview last year October, remember him.,. well he is on the money..we need to really stock up and get everything because no survival food will be available after October..shortages are happening already, new preppers on the is site, start ordering your food and provisions now. Do it tonight, I recommend to start ordering now if you have the money, you need to start now, it’s that bad. Those with BOL. I am not even as ready as you people..i may get stuck here in the cities which is most of us, so please prepare..



        • HCKS, allow me to recommend the Sawyer Water Filter Bottle for your water filtration needs and it will fit into any BOB. It’s good for up to 1,000,000 gallons of water, at least theoretically, and has a filter which can be removed and cleaned, and never needs replacing. I bought 2 of them 2 years ago, one I keep in the truck all the time and another as a spare. Go to http://www.sawyer.com and check out all their products. I also have their All-In-One and mini Water Filters which work great. Can’t go wrong with a Sawyer.

        • HCKS….according to your predictions last year, most of us should be deadly august of last year. Also we should be occupied by China and Russian troops. You need to get a better source of info. Although your ramblings are entertaining, focus on verifiable facts. And Im not a troll, I’ve been here for many years.

          • have been dead by august.

          • Finally someone other then me called him out.

        • What happened to Nibiru? What happened to this big event that was supposed to submerge all of the southern coast as of this early spring, and flood people out like some kind of biblical event?
          Bad things are going to happen in this country, this is a guarantee, but most of your warnings are nothing more than bad intel/fear porn.

        • hcks has been telling the same joke for two years now and doesn’t understand that it’s not funny any longer when everybody’s already heard it a thousand times. The act is stale, everyone knows the punch line, ” horrific doom” was to have already struck on multiple occasions and yet here we are, still alive with no dred lock zombies eating our brains, no Chinese troops disguised as waiters taking over the Galleria in Houston, Nibiru, which is supposed to end the whole shebang according to hcks is now completely ignored by the very same guy who screamed all last year about it. Why? What is difficult to comprehend here is the fact that he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to get the fact he’s made himself irrelevant, a caricature of himself who’s the only guy in the room who believes himself, or, as I have long suspected, he’s just playing a stupid game, ala’ acid etch, throwing crap against a wall to see how much he can get to stick.

          • As soon as I view a post from hcks – I immediately scroll on by it and refuse to read it. It got ‘old’ really fast. Worthless drivel, without substance or links to back up what hcks blathers on about. I wish Mack would develop an ‘ignore’ button.

      18. Heads up, everyone. I heard earlier today that federal LE is changing back to 9mm from 10mm. Can anyone out there confirm this? If true, then it sounds like there’ll be a shortage of 9mm ammo later on this year. I’m stocking up like crazy on 9mm while it’s available.

        • Not all federal, but the FBI is making the switch. Of course, they want a big contract for new pistols to go with that.

          The rest of the feds will probably switch later, those that adopted the 10mm, anyway.

          The .40 will still be with some outfits, and the revolver is still in use, so .38/.357 is still in use, too. Same with the .45ACP, it just won’t die.

        • Brave guy.
          if SHTF what will be the most
          available pistol ammo if you have to steal
          it from cops or military?
          9 mm, and 45 ACP.
          I’d only use 357 if I wanted to do a hit,
          no brass on the ground.

          • Yep relik hammerless revolvers are good for Hits. No brass no trace. Add a good homemade silencer. And wear rubber gloves. And sacrifice and get rid of the weapon and anything associated with it after ASAP. Souvineres will get you busted. Hard to prove murder with no weapon or trace. Just buy one box of hollow point ammo with cash and get rid of that too after your hit. And never tell a soul. Bragging and ego will get you 20 to life. Got your mental list and checking it twice? Lol. I read a lot of informative books back in the 80’s. Books that are banned today, but were available in most public libraries back when. Of course all of this info above if for entertainment purposes only. Seriously!!!!


      19. The klinton’s are psychopaths as with the globalist elites and of course she will. However, it isn’t only the klintons that will cause this to occur. The USA is in the hands of mad men.

        They are taking over. Here is an educational video be sure to share it with those you trust friends, families, and neighbors.


        • I have confirm follow. Post my comment !

      20. Hillary or Bernie? Donald or Ted? Can I get a ballot with ‘None of the above’?
        Elections smections. Who is really in charge? Evidently it aint us…
        Carrier air conditioner company is shipping over a thousand jobs from Indianapolis to Mexico. The Hoosier locals are not pleased…
        Meanwhile, the okie homestead deteriorates as I spend more and more time out on the road, just trying to earn a living. Surely this isn’t what middle-age was supposed to be like. Well, at least I still have a job. (low pay, insanely long hours and all that)
        But tomorrow is Sunday. Let us give thanks for every situation in life. God obviously has a plan. I just don’t quite understand it yet…
        Yall be blessed, watch your six, and keep stacking. 🙂

        • “Carrier air conditioner company is shipping over a thousand jobs from Indianapolis to Mexico.”

          1400 jobs. I feel for them. They’re still waiting for the “High Tech Jobs Of The Future” that were promised by GH Bush, Bill Clinton, GW Bush and Obama. Only Trump and Sanders are saying otherwise.

          • Kevin2
            The promise was high tech jobs, but folks like rellik were pushed out. I worked in IP law and saw it everywhere… American physicists and engineers with patented inventions pushed out… young Indian and Chinese brought in. I still remember Vietnamese fishermen coming in with government money and killing American fishermen without free boats. And so it goes. American farmers were killed by NAFTA then we were flooded by Mexicans. Apple whining it is a “great” American company. .. and a horrible Chinese company… putting up suicide prevention nets in their factories.

            Corporate rule brought to you by the D/R corporate machine has destroyed this country. We have corporatism not communism. Corporate jack boots from the left or right. Don’t pretend theocracy is missing, it has always been the worst jack boot of all.

            • Rebecca


        • Soon we will be getting 47,000 more people added to the No jobs column
          Connecticut just sent out lay off notices to most all their city municipal workers
          So quite a few of those people will be without jobs and income if that comes to happen

          If I wasted my time voting ( which I don’t)
          I’d write in who I’d want with a big wide Sharpie

          Like .. KERMIT THE FROG

          • Kermie for prez 16!!

      21. Hillary has a following because she is an intelligent woman. That alone appeals to many people, especially women, many of whom would vote for Godzilla if he wore a skirt. So many people are out of work, stupefied from years of drugs, sex, and rock music; television sound bites, movies that distort the present and past. Criticism of the masses without empathy makes it impossible to communicate or educate, which in my opinion is what is needed. But more people are awakening every day.

        • As a female with a logical mind, I vote according to what makes sense not what kind of clothing the candidate wears. I haven’t made up my mind who will have my vote but it’s not likely to be a Dem.

          • Yahooie
            I think there are more men who will vote against Cinton only because she is female. Most men vote for status quo male privilege “lizard brain” instead of with their big brain.

      22. Why do we have economists? To make weather forecasters look good.

      23. I think all hope of the ballot box being the solution was lost with Ron Paul in the US. Things don’t look good whichever way you point your periscope.

        The slow decline approach has worked well for a people well trained by Hollywood to await the one big sexy “event” that would hail shtf. The pieces on the Chessboard were moved into place a while ago now. We’ve tolerated too many lines crossed too many times to claim any semblance of true societal freedom still exists now, beyond that which ourselves can create as individuals.

        For most of us the ONLY solution is to find ways to get get by outside of the “system” while not crossing any lines that would have us defined as “criminals” & thus incarcerated by that which we are trying to escape. The Grey Man approach if you will.

        Self-employment rather than a monthly wage using either the skills of the hi-tech age OR those traditional local ones that cannot be shipped overseas. Home Education for the kids. Buy local, shop local and do business locally wherever you can – those contacts will pay off as the big infrastructure for just in time shipping etc declines further. Get out of debt and get shot of the mortgage as soon as you are able. If you owe the bank – they own you.

        I’m kinda at a disadvantage here as I derive my living using the Internet from home – a hi-risk strategy if an EMP strike brings the Internet to a grinding halt but safer than toiling away in a cubicle for some corporation right now. It’s something that concerns me but getting to true self-sufficiency is a long slow process & not some big one off event for most of us too. Bills need paying today so while I scratch my head trying to figure out a better alternative I rely on the “system” for the Internet connection to earn my daily crust in the meantime.

        Prepping is a whole lifestyle thing not a single trip to the store. Learning the skills we need and adapting to circumstances just ahead of the game isn’t easy, especially for those not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. It’s not about “stuff” it’s about what’s between your ears and none of us have a crystal ball. I can do more for myself than I could this time last year, and will be better next year. None of us know how much time we’ll have before our personal armageddon comes riding into town; but relying on some political white knight to come riding in on a Unicorn to save us from our own unwillingness to face reality sure isn’t the solution!

        • Lonelonemum
          bravo! It is exactly what is needed. I have been working in that direction for years. Going gray… like graying out of the corporate system instead of going rogue. I don’t need them and they don’t need me. Of course they need all of us, their blather is a bluff. Mine is not. Not off completely, but every step I take makes me stronger and weakens them.

      24. Few comments are posted here because they are all are sitting on the Hall Monitors desk collecting dust. Youhoo wake up Hall Monitor.. Its a new day here. F@(k yeah I gots a potty pass.. Let me pass.


      25. “Hillary Will Destroy The Whole World… Look How Successful Her Nation Building Has Been”

        I think destruction of governments that have resources or resource transportation hubs is their goal. They want government that are fragile, one step away from being overthrown and TPTB make that step. Decide to sell your oil in anything other than USDs and out with the old government, in with the new. The mechanism is a terrorist internal revolt. TPTB control the dynamic.

        The result of the above is these countries looking for a protector. Here comes China with possible collusion of Russia. This is laying the framework of Cold War Part 2. MIC loves it. From their perspective its chaos and that sells weapons. The only way they lose is WWIII. They’ll take that sample with their life and most certainly yours.

        • gamble not sample

      26. It’s another Great, “Shit Hits The Fan Plan”, Day.

        On Drudge. People are using a new form of Synthetic Marijuana called Spice.that makes you a Zombie. I call it, Getting Laid the F cking Flat Out. Tampa Florida are have people overdose on it.
        So with Heroin, Meth and Cocaine on the rise, now we get this crap on the streets.

        Prescription drugs to illegal drugs. The nation is on its way down and out. Never mind about the preppers, survivalist and gun nuts. We are going to have our hands full with these people and let us not forget about electronic gadget withdrawal.

        These problems will compound what we already will have to deal with.

        Get ready and prepare.

        • @ Slingshot – I read that article over at Drudge. Did you see the people slumped over at the picnic table, and the one guy on the ground, flat on his back? It was almost frightening and shocking to look at.

          • UNY


      27. Faber is probably correct about Hitlery.
        Our best chance is obama decides he doesn’t want her to follow him and lets fbi/justice indict her.
        There is hope!
        I’d take our chances with anyone else..
        Glad to be bugged out already..

        • Obama isn’t making that call. The Establishment, TPTB, NWO or whatever their name wanted Hillary or Bush#3. In the end they’ll settle for anyone but Trump or Sanders. Hillary blocks Sanders.

          Hillary is protected by those far more powerful than Obama.

          • Kevin2
            Not to mention Hillary can appoint Obama to the UN. I don’t see why he’d want to lead though… the security council is much more powerful. She can also pardon him. Obama has protected Bush from indictment. Clinton’s running mate would necessarily be willing to pardon her like Ford did Nixon.

      28. What actual cannabis user is stupid enough to use synthetic spice? I dare say not many, a few dumbasses. It’s all about all natural people. Hillary gets big money from Big Pharma and GMO pushers, two pure evil scourges on mankind. Two death dealers who grow bloated rich off the misery and death they deal out. The FDA is the rubber stamp and above reproach.

        • Aljamo
          Clinton and Cruz could run on the same ticket. The both get money from Goldman Sachs and say yum yum good about Monsanto GMO and endocrine disrupters in pesticides. Endocrine disrupters cause Alzheimers and Aurism… among other things.

          • You know that was a joke… Cruz is ineligible.

      29. Rellik lcr357 model 5450 double action only no hammer can be fired through your pocket no brass left behind. I agree it’s a good hit gun. You wouldn’t know you were hit everyone would know what you had for breakfast. 357 mag is no joke a proven load. 38s run through it too. Two calibers same gun no mods needed. I’ve yet to go into a Walmart and not find one or the other caliber. Jmo

      30. Trying to make a choice without enough info is dangerous. It is clear the “Globalist Establishment” is willing to do anything to stop Trump. That includes the RNC, DNC, MSM etc. Our government is currently under the total control of the globalists. We have absolutely no say about anything at the national level. I voted for Trump only because I thought it would upset the cart. We can not save ourselves or the country at the ballot box. Accept that as a fact. We do not have the numbers to take the White House, Senate, or House of Reps. What then is the answer? Have we already lost? Should we accept the concept that it’s over? Not me. Become the French resistance of WW2. You are behind enemy lines already. Your country was invaded and the government fell to the bad guys. Gut check. Look in the mirror. Have you got what it takes? You willing to pay the price?


        According to a recent report by CNN, Hillary Clinton was paid more than $21 million for making speeches to private concerns from April 2013 to March 2015, and thus a mere one month prior to her formal announcement as a candidate for president in April 2015.

        Of the $21 million, she was paid $1.8 million by Goldman Sachs, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank.

        Her husband, Bill Clinton, according to CNN, was paid at least $5.9 million for at least 39 speeches to big banks, including Goldman Sachs and UBS.

        This adds up to Clinton-household income of at least $7.7 million from “big banks” prior to Hillary Clinton’s 2015 announcement as a candidate for president.

        Furthermore, according to an online list of all Hillary Clinton speeches from 2013 to 2015, she was also paid $225,000 and upwards per speech by Fidelity Investments, Verizon Communications, Sanford C. Bernstein, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, CME Group, Boston Consulting Group, SAP Global Marketing, Accenture, General Electric, Xerox Corporation, Cisco, Qualcomm, Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies, California Medical Association, Healthcare Information and Management Association, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and many others.

        It is difficult to imagine no breach of ethics when a high-profile, presumptive candidate for president is paid more than $21 million in less than two years for almost no work from corporate, healthcare, investment banks and other concerns, only to announce one month after the speaking tour has ended that she is indeed running for president.

        It is very likely, given the tight chronology, that she was planning to run for president while taking the money for the speeches, contrary to her denial on that count to Anderson Cooper during a recent town hall event.

        Clinton has claimed no conflicts of interest in accepting speaking fees, for example, from Wall Street investment banks. However, on February 8, CNN reported that “Hillary Clinton won’t rule out appointing a Wall Street veteran to the top economic post in the White House.” CNN also noted that “when Clinton was pressed [on NBC’s Meet the Press] on whether she would appoint someone from Wall Street to be her Treasury Secretary, she refused to say no.”

        Doesn’t this at least look like a pay-to-play arrangement orchestrated by a leading candidate for the presidency? With more of the same likely to follow if she’s elected?
        Hillary Clinton took the money from all of the above. No law against it, currently. But she shouldn’t now be a candidate for president as a result.

        • TEST

          Fantastic and too the point.

          Corruptions isn’t in the system it is the system; its legal too.


      32. BTW, I forgot to mention the above was from the sister site of this one, The Daily Sheeple!!! Great reading, if you haven’t seen it.

      33. The lady is COMPLETE RUBBISH and like the sodomite negro does NOT belong up there!

        Her past is her future just as it was with the sodomite who NOBODY paid any attention too!

        Besides, she is unbelievably under indictment for possibly revealing TOP SECRETS to the ENEMY!! How can someone like that be president??

        And what about her BETRAYAL and DERELICTION with Bungleghazi where an ambassador was murdered??

        If she becomes President it will be through FRAUD, BETRAYAL AND TREACHERY, IMO!

      34. I wouldn’t be too certain if voting counts what with King Pin servers intercepting and re tabulating vote count….be that as it may isn’t the President the leader of the free world…I meant President of the Russian Federation….Mr. Putin.

      35. For what its worth the book of Revelation is saying when their is a female ruler in charge of Babylon(U.S.) destruction will come on the great city of Babylon(New York city). The great city of Babylon is described as a woman holding a cup – Statue of Liberty, the great city rules over the kings of the Earth – United Nations building is located in New York city, major financial center – New York city stock exchange, mother of Abominations – Atomic bomb was created in the Manhattan project and in the Bible there are references to the Abomination of Desolation – Nuclear weapons etc.

        When this female ruler comes to power seems to be after the 70th year rule over the nations – the United Nations- has been complete and the U.N will have been in New York city 70 years in October this year.

        It seems that that the destruction of the U.S. will be a 2 year process commencing with the destruction of New York city.

        • Martus

          I am laughing my ass off with the thought of Hillary’s face on the Statue of Liberty.
          Maybe the destruction of New York will be the Fall of Wall Street.

      36. Who gets elected will not make hardly any difference . Its too far gone to fix.

        • Old Guy
          I understand your despair but…
          I believe it is too far gone for one man on a white charger to fix, although he may be able to make it collapse something on the line of the King Has No Clothes parable.
          To maintain a democratic republic requires citizen involvement… a man on a white is just crying for a new despot. Independent citizens and the hard work of self government. That requires self-esteem self-discipline self-sufficiency by a percentage of the population. Maybe 15% or thereabouts. Few people are not drinking from the corporate cup… but more all the time. I suspect they are doing us a favor by tossing us out. Even though they don’t intend it, it is similar to tough love when a parent makes a child get out and take care of themselves. At some point we will turn our backs on the global mega corporations and they will fall.

          • No despair. Its just how it is. No way to pay even the interest on the debt. Too many taking parasites and too few making producers . That simply is not sustainable. The free shit army out numbers those who want fiscal responsibility. The land wale wiggers & niggers and crazy muzzies out number the rest of us. My fault, your fault, Someone elses fault , no ones fault . Thats just the way it is. trump is a judas goat. He is closer to being the anti christ than Obama or Hillary.

            • Old Guy
              The largest part of your free shit army were gainfully employed. Jobs are disappearing by the hundreds of thousands. They are not the problem as much as a symptom of a bigger problem of corporate-owned government… the source.

              • Ok Its like this my local Government officials decide they want to do some project. And first thing they do is have the Grant writer they have employed do is see if there is any kind of government grant they can apply for. They are a big part of the free shit army. Anyone who works for the government is part of the free shit army. The farmer who receives a subsidy payment from the Dept of agriculture Is part of the free shit army. The business who get government grants and subsidy payments to train workers are part of the free shit army. none of them want fiscal responsibility. a Margret Thatcher stated you soon run out of other peoples money. The other peoples money was used up long ago. There are not enough producers left to tax & robb to pay for he parasites. So they have been borrowing to make up the short fall. That debt is a tax of some future producer. Trump or any other president cannot even slow the debt down let alone fix anything. Its pretty much over for the Republic. I really at this point doesn’t matter how we got here. Its where we are at and there isn’t any viable political or ballot box solution.

                • Old Guy
                  I got it.

              • Rebecca

                Your 100% correct. EBT cards and the like are a symptom. The damn trade agreements are the cause.

      37. A dumbed-down brainwashed ignorant portion of the USA population will vote for Hillary or one of the anti=Trump GOPers simply because they do not do their own research to confirm all the BS that the media spews day in and day out. To these people, this media BS passes as “information” when in fact it is nothing more than a prosecutors brief against anyone to be demonized!

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