Dr. Doom: “The 2013 Perfect Storm Scenario Is Unfolding”

by | Jul 9, 2012 | Headline News | 318 comments

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    There is no hiding the fact that the global economy is now teetering on the real possibility of a complete meltdown – one that promises to be far worse than the financial crisis of 2008.

    Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini, often cited by mainstream and alternative analysts alike, says that we are now in the midst of the “perfect storm” he detailed at the 2012 Skybridge Alternative Conference in Las Vegas in which he forecast a world-wide economic “train wreck”. Among other things, Roubini warned that the United States would fall back into recession, stock markets would go into a tailspin, Europe would begin to break up, emerging markets – namely China – would experience major slowdowns, and military conflict in Iran would lead to further geo-political turbulence.

    According to Roubini, that ‘Perfect Storm” scenario has now taken hold:

    The 2013 perfect storm scenario I wrote on months ago is unfolding,” Roubini said…

    Roubini said that unlike in 2008 when central banks had “policy bullets” to stimulate the global economy, this time around policymakers are “running out of rabbits to pull out of the hat.”

    “Levitational force of policy easing can only temporarily lift asset prices as gravitational forces of weaker fundamentals dominate over time,” he said.

    Source: CNBC

    It should be markedly clear that those green shoots which reportedly appeared to be sprouting in the summer of 2009 were nothing but conjecture promoted by governments and financial institutions in an attempt to maintain confidence and stability in the system.

    That perceived stability will soon be overcome with a whirlwind of panic that could very well lead to a total destabilization of the economic, financial and geo-political systems as they exist today.

    In the United States the signs are readily apparent.

    Retail sales for the month of June have collapsed, with fully two-thirds of retailers in America reporting lower than expected sales numbers – the WORST sales numbers in three years.

    Although there are no simple answers for the retail downturn,a lack of consumer confidence is widely believed to have been the driving force behind June’s dismal sales figures. “Consumers are holding back, cautious and losing confidence,” said IHS Global Insight economist Chris Christopher.

    Employment isn’t fairing any better, with the US having created just 80,000 jobs last month, a far cry from the millions predicted by Vice President Joe Biden after President Obama took office in early 2009.

    Americans and Europeans – the driving force behind global consumption – have no jobs, are out of money, and their credit cards are maxed out.

    Record breaking numbers of Americans are on food stamps, prices for essential goods and services are continuously rising as inflation takes hold, and the only arrow left in the governments’s quiver seems to be to borrow trillions upon trillions of dollars just to make ends meet and pay the interest on our previous loans.

    By all accounts, the entire system from top to bottom is completely broke and on the verge of insolvency.

    Prepare for the next wave. It’s coming and it can’t be stopped.


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      1. I beat you to it in your last article 😉

        • Same story, different date. Last year this time it was 2012 doomsday scenario. BBBBBBB SSSSSSSS!

          • Inon,

            Mega bailout recipient Bank of America Merrill Lynch is raising the alarm for major fiscal turbulence for the remainder of 2012. These guys are in the business of glossing things over to prevent panic. Take a good look at the forecasted GDP figures in the article and then subtract 5-10% for inflation. Something bad is brewing in the US & global economy, and the central banks will be helpless to fix it.

            Sorry for the post length Mac. I didn’t want the CNBC link to disappear.

            CNBC – That ‘Fiscal Cliff’ You’re Worried About? It’s Already Here

            | 09 Jul 2012 | 02:41 PM ET

            The much-bandied about “Fiscal Cliff” is already here, according to economists and investors, as businesses curb spending in anticipation of the higher tax rates and reduced spending set to be enacted at the end of this year.

            “The fiscal cliff is not just a year-end story,” wrote Michelle Meyer and the economics team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in a report to clients. “We expect the uncertainty shock to be realized in the coming months, escalating before the election.”

            The economists argue in the report that businesses have already started to curb investment and hiring plans in the face of this tightening of fiscal policy, further cutting into GDP.

            In fact, Bank of America believes that the first quarter economic growth of 1.9 percent will prove to be the best three-month period of the year. They see 1.5 percent annual growth in the second quarter and just a 1.3 percent GDP in the current quarter.

            Fiscal cliff has become common nomenclature for the market bears, referring to the expiration at the end of 2012 of several tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush, as well as mandatory spending cuts resulting from the debt ceiling fight last summer.

            President Obama attempted to assuage some of this concern for Main Street and Wall Street Monday by saying he would like to extend the tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year. But the market wasn’t buying that a tiered plan would work or even pass Congress, as stocks stayed lower on commentary out of shops such as Bank of America.

            “This summer is going to be tricky,” said James Lebenthal of Lebenthal Asset Management, who is just 75 percent invested at this point with the rest in cash and a hedge against volatility. Along with Europe and China, Lebenthal cites the signs of slowing growth already rearing their head in the U.S., which won’t be helped by the “political rhetoric leading up to the election.”

            June data was much worse than economists’ expected and many of them think the political uncertainty is what was missing from their models.

            Last Friday’s jobs report was the glaring example of a negative surprise as the economy added just 80,000 jobs, 20,000 fewer than economists’ consensus. But June saw surprisingly weak readings of the service and manufacturing portions of the economy too, as well as consumer confidence.

            “We think it is only a matter of time before corporations more broadly slow their spending plans,” stated the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Report.

            • We’re on the precipice of many cliffs simultaneously.

              Financial markets and the ensuing massive job losses are a given fact..never mind the potential for serious repercussions here if the EU goes down in flames as predicted.

              Severe weather creating massive drought conditions across the country is one I am watching closely as well.
              Corn has risen 41% per bushel as of June 2012.
              Massive crop failure is predicted and already under way.
              The entire food commodity markets world wide are watching as we speak..as it will send all basic foods we take for granted..beef.chicken.pork.dairy.eggs.baking goods etc through the roof!

              Corn, and derivatives thereof, is the basic ingredient in nearly every product we consume.

              Just more fuel for the firestorm approaching.

              My advice?

              Stock up on other grains/legumes,canned goods/ leaded goods/purified water..

              Keep practicing at the range..use 22’s and save the larger bores for self defense..as they are getting harder to procure.

              It’s gonna get uglier and uglier!

            • Possee,

              I could not agree more with your post. When the cheerleading parrots at CNBC start panicking, that’s enough of a hint for me that something bad is headed our way. Great advice on the preparations BTW.

            • YH,
              -Obama’s tax cut extension is only because it’s election year and he knows he isn’t doing well for reelection.
              -June has been a bad month for retailers because many just don’t have the extra cash, more and more people are prepping, uncertain about investments, and this thing called Obama care. Yet entertainment (movies) revenue is doing well, go figure.
              -It appears the financial side of the world is prepping the majority for a massive panic. How? Greece is falling. If Europe goes, so do we. The difference? We can fight back(2nd amendment).

              posse; agree with your assesment. The price of beans, flour, sugar, and rich have gone up quite a bit. Ammo, is really going up in price.

            • Last Friday’s jobs report was the glaring example of a negative surprise as the economy added just 80,000 jobs, 20,000 fewer than economists’ consensus. But June saw surprisingly weak readings of the service and manufacturing portions of the economy too, as well as consumer confidence.

              I guess they forgot about the Social Security Disability numbers. 85,000 new applicants for the month, more than the number of jobs created.

              Everyone needs to start bailing out of the paper economy to the best of their abilities. People need to work, and most are forced to do so in a state of privilege that cost them dearly.

              What will you be worth when your paper is worthless?

              Best to start finding out now by doing whatever you can do to generate income without a corporate/government job. You get to keep it all along with the satisfaction of taking a giant leap towards freedom.

            • so in other words, the “too big to fail corporations” are now feeling the pinch? As Dr. Evil once said “boo-frickety-hoo!”

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • You dont think the endless spraying has caused any weather problems do you??
              Massive spraying over Lake Havasu right NOW, About 200 flights so far and its 1:00.Its starting to warm up here…117 outside/75 inside

          • Inon: I agree, it’s foolish to give a particular timeline to any scenario. But it’s just as foolish to pretend that the current worldwide economic situation is going to improve. When I ask those who beleve that it will they can never say how, they simply believe that it just will: magically, mystically, wonderfully will all get better if we just wish it so. They are in deep denial and will be the first to die off. On the other hand, it’s not going to be a ‘Mad Max’ scene, as many think or even wish for, with darkness and death all around either. Nearly every collapse of every empire has been a slow one. We are in the early stages right now. It always starts with spreading the empire; in the days of Rome it was Pax Romana, with us it’s ‘spreading democracy’. But from Rome, to China, to the Mayans, to ourselves, we all over extended ourselves trying to secure more resources to maintain our current lifestyle. And each one had to debase their currency to do so. Many of these empires also embarked on a campaign to keep all the people happy by promising a lot of free stuff-sound familiar. The end result was the slow decline of each empire. Yes, there will be brief periods when things seem to be getting better until another dip takes place and we slide down another notch or two. And like a wild ride, we’ll think that’s the last big drop, that is until the next one comes. One day we’ll wake up and find that our governement offices are closed, most if not all the time, due to severe buget cuts. It’ll be more like 1913 than 2013. The EU is collapsing which will drag us and China down with it because we trade with both and are tied in with their banking system. Better get use to doing a lot of things for yourself. Since this a slow but ongoing crash you all have time to get ready with skills and goods that may be hard to get in the future. good luck everyone.

          • The perfect storm will not arrive until the majority of the people become aware that all they own is paper and that the paper they own is worthless.

            The masses, lacking in general wisdom, will believe nothing is wrong until after you get less fake money in a Monopoly game than it costs “real money” to buy it.

            In the end, it will be the idiots vs the politicians while us more ready for the situation will stand clear and embark on the business of survival.

            From the ashes of the ruin caused by these early battles, the People will unleash the Perfect Storm against those criminals who caused this mess and risked our freedom for the almighty paper of the banksters.

            The banksters stolen property, including housing, will be reclaimed by the People and protected by those who take it back. Paper money will no longer be accepted as it is recognized for the fraud it is.

            Yet even as the corp system crumbles, Men survive and even prosper. The human will is stronger than the greatest fiction.

            Vengance seekers of all varieties know the identities of the criminals and will form their own perfect storm to rid the world of this trash for good.

            Yes, the perfect storm is coming. For the People, it will be a rude but much needed awakening from a deep sleep.

            But for those banksters wanting to rule the world, it will be the end. A casualty of the perfect storm created by their own greed and arrogance, and an underestimation of the Power of the People.

            Once this perfect storm blows through, the skies will clear and those worthy of freedom and survival will start anew. We will again become a nation of Kings, each without subjects and limited by an old, worn out document named The Constitution Of The United States Of America.

            Each and every one of us should have at least one printed copy of that document. Should the web go away, we need a place to start and I can’t think of a better one. By then, there should be no shortage of protectors and enforcers.

            • Exactly why ANY public “official” should have their home addresses published, so friends can find them and thank them properly for ALL they have done to help us…

          • Inon, I’ll grant you that there are a lot of people crying wolf to the point we are desensitized and no longer listen. Let me tell you about my life in Florida. We prepare for hurricanes. Most of the time they completely miss or are downgrade before hand. But, we always prepare for the worst because the time you don’t pretty much guarantees that will be the big one that destroys you.

      2. Just let the shit go ahead and hit the fan. Time to get it on.

        • Once the Presidential elections are over, those in power will have nothing to lose by reversing the automatic spending cuts set to take effect in 2013, extend the Bush tax cuts, and print trillions of dollars to pay for it all. Just like the movie Titanic, when the Euro half of the ship sinks it will thrust up the Dollar – temporarily.

          I personally believe they will fire all their bullets then throw the gun to get us through 2013 with 2014 being the sudden and final collapse of the dollar into the briny deep.

          This does not mean I am taking 2013 for granted. I intend to have everything ready by this fall as we are expecting another child in February. Of course, if we get nailed by an CME or other natural disaster all bets are off and it is go time!

          • Hi PP
            Is it possible that the dollar will sink before the Euro. From where I sit in Oz things look bad in both places.. bit like a race to the bottom. I think Australia will suffer the most when the dollar falls.

            hope all goes well will your next child.

          • I’m ready for a CME too. Been hearing more and more people saying they expect something big and bad to happen in October. My guess is a final dollar collapse. Perhaps theey’re gonna release a bio-weapon upon the masses. Gates and Turner would love that one. The ultra rich have already been given the cures/antidotes. My gut tells me something is coming and everyone should prepare based upon your own personal needs. I’m prepared for about 6 months food/water/ammo/PM’s/medicine.

          • Pastor, I agree 100 percent. After the election there will be nothing to lose. 2013 will be a very memorable year.

          • Is there any question of who will win this election? Really? A man with questionable documentation from birth to present who somehow becomes President. A man who got frequent computer generated, timed campaign donations from China, the middle east and Pakistani banks in his first campaign despite campaign rules that only US citizens can contribute. A man who has belonged to Rev Wrights “church” of hate america, who was married in that “church” and raised 2 children in that “church”. A man who does not speak to his cabinet but meets several times weekly with national and international labor leaders and European Union leaders. He was put in office by BIG money to do a job and he is not done. The US has not been dismantled. Think people. Yes Romney is theirs too but it won’t be Romney. This is theatre. Look at what they are doing. The computer controlled voteing machines somehow tell the media who will win an election after only 2-3% of the votes are counted? How is it possible to know what the other 97% have voted unless it has been predetermined and computer generated. They demonstrated this over and over during the Primaries. Obama will be re-elected. He can’t be defeated because then he won’t be acceptble for the next step. Europe. It will be Obama again in 2012. We has better get the Senate and House in shape to fight for this nation!

            • Getting the Senate and House may help. However have we heard a peep out of the Stupid Party about anything Obama has done? No one sound of protest, it’s as if only the Executive exists. As for Obamas Executive orders they are illegal and only meant to actions within the Executive branch. The Stupid Party is useless and even if they take the Presidency, House and Senate they will not undo one thing that Obama has done. Send Boner a hankie, he has a good cry coming on.

        • More People Went On Disability Than Got Jobs In June

          “More Americans and Illegals applied for federal government disability programs in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a bleak indicator of how bad the nation’s jobs portfolio is looking after 3 1/2 years of economic ruin.

          The U.S. created around 80,000 jobs in June, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But that same month, 85,000 workers left the workforce entirely to enroll in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, according to the Social Security Administration.”


        • Completly agree OSHIT…..bring it on

      3. VRF says:

        July 9, 2012 at 12:50 pm

        another story today

        Roubini: My ‘Perfect Storm’ Is Unfolding Now

        “Dr. Doom” Nouriel Roubini, says the “perfect storm” scenario he forecast for the global economy earlier this year is unfolding right now as growth slows in the U.S., Europe as well as China.

        In May, Roubini predicted four elements – stalling growth in the U.S., debt troubles in Europe, a slowdown in emerging markets, particularly China, and military conflict in Iran – would come together in to create a storm for the global economy in 2013.

        “(The) 2013 perfect storm scenario I wrote on months ago is unfolding,” Roubini said on Twitter on Monday.

        Chinese inflation data released on Monday, suggested that the economy is cooling faster than expected, while employment data out of the U.S. on Friday indicated that jobs growth was tepid for a fourth straight month in June.

        Roubini said that unlike in 2008 when central banks had “policy bullets” to stimulate the global economy, this time around policymakers are “running out of rabbits to pull out of the hat.”

        from CNBC about 6 hrs. ago

        Rate This Comment: 0 0

        • I read that earlier too (we obviously travel the same sites).

          Even the main stream media is jumping on board now. MSNBC has a similar article as well.

          But hey, Debbie Wasserman Shultz (gag) is “pretty happy” with the job sector growth, so all is well.

          Nothing to see here, move along sheeple.

          • If the msm media is pumping this 2013 story,

            WATCHOUT in 2012.

            It could happen tomorrow.

            Jim Willie says the derivative market has begun to unwind.

            • Roger Hedgecock had a guest on his show yesterday a Lloyd Infante. He made mention that the derivative exposure just for the US alone is 750 trillion. How can it be that with the amount of money that debt backing represents that we are not all millionaires? They could have given everyone in the country a cool million and not had but a fraction of that in debt. The actual debt is 162 trillion. Anyone still think this is going to end well?

          • Everytime I see anything coming from the pie hole of Wasserman Shitz, I think of a line in a movie I once heard…”Somebody please slap dat silly bitch!”

            • Cut the poor woman some slack. One can only imagine how many times she has gotten the “Lassie” (Porky’s) treatment.

            • She looks like some mad scientist scraped a wart off of Princess Pelosi’s ass then mutated it in a petri dish. What worries me most is the sheer number of people who went in and voted for this evil spawn

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • I didn’t see anything personally, but the ring around B HO’s A hole is the same color as DWS lipstick.

            • You mean Debbie Was-A-Man Schultz???

          • I think we do too..
            yeah i seen msnbc getting in a few lics

        • Same thing on yahoo too, go figure

        • If the Heat/Drought situation continues thru out the corn/wheat belt, we could see a double whammy on the perfect storm scenario.

          • Drought is forcing ranchers to take their cattle in to auction early. Heard on the radio yesterday that a big auction house in Wyoming handled ten times as many head last month than the same time last year. Cattle are supposed to be putting on weight now, but there is no water in the dams and little grass. My guess is beef prices drop this summer and shoot up in the fall.

      4. I only have 4 words for everyone. prep, prep, gun’s & ammo.

        • Mind if I add another “pr” word? Pray and praise. As in pray to GOD, then praise GOD and pass the fmj

          stand strong until freedom dawns

        • If anyone can afford one get a Sub Zero freezer and load up with beef,pork and chicken now. With a -20 freezer meat will keep over a year safely. With the meat prices coming down the road it may be an inexpensive purchase before this is over with. Sure seems like the US is cursed since Obama was elected. Any guesses on what holiday Turkeys are going to cost?

      5. there are a few more i posted in your last article you should read Mac..just trying to stay ahead of all this crazyness

      6. I hope that everyone sees what we are seeing, and are acting on getting your ducks in a row…
        This is going to be a rough row to hoe…

        • 2010 is the year we began prepping for “such a time as this.” The prepping continues…

          Awake and Ready as can be.

          • A good hedge against inflation that some may not have considered is permanent cosmetics for ladies. I had permanent eyeliner and eyebrows done last summer with this thought in mind. Recommend SofTap as it looks more natural than having it “tattooed” on. It saves alot of time as well as alot of money. The eyebrows were $125 for both and eyeliner was $100 for both eyes. I have not bought an eyebrow pencil in over a year and only use a little eyeliner and mascara to darken it up a bit on the rare occasion that we go out to dinner. Well worth the costs!!!!!

            • I can’t beleive that with all the drama going on in the world right now you can worry about cosmetics? You could have done a lot of GOOD prepping for $225! You are what’s wrong with the world

            • I’ve done TONS of good prepping. This is just icing on the cake!

            • As far as good prepping goes, I plant only open-pollinated seed in my self-sustaining garden, save seed for next year so I don’t have to buy again, can, freeze, and dry 75% of the produce, process the game, collect the rainwater runoff from the house for the garden, compost the scraps for the garden, stock the ponds with fish, etc. So if I want to spend $225 on permanent cosmetics, your damn skippy I will. If I’m what’s “wrong” with the country, I don’t want to be right.

        • “ducks in a row”… and rabbits, chickens, greenbeans, tomatoes, silver, ammo……

        • Thank you eppe, thank you. The elites are all getting into the life boats right now. They won’t be going down with the ship. They will be safe as the sheeple sink into the Abyss. Won’t they be surprised as they sit in their life boats and look around to see all of us patriots sitting in our life boats.

          • With AK’s and AR’s!!!!

      7. Thanks for the article, Mac. The sun is projected to be acting up a lot more next year, too. Fun, fun, fun!

        • http://www.spaceweather.com/
          Sorry, Not sure how to paste an active link but this is a good site to track what kind of CME the sun is sending our way. I’m at this site everyday. Has some cool pics too.

      8. but now queers can get married….aint it good

        • Yep – a huge misplacement of priorities.

          • Agree, and how that EVER could have been a priority for anyone with any sense is amazing. Y’all got suckered in a huge political play, and still don’t even know it.

            Anyway, gay marriage is limited and only true by rare exception. Anyone who wants to preserve the “sanctity” of marriage would lobby for outlawing divorce.

            • This whole thing is a power grab by FedGov. When I got married, I got a license from the State of South Carolina–NOT from the federal government. Why? Because marriage is NOT FedGov’s business, but they cannot stand it that the states still have a little bit of power that they have yet to grab. This “gay marriage issue” is NOT about morality or about the sanctity of traditional marriage. (Do you REALLY BELIEVE that FedGov cares about that??) It is a brazen power grab by FedGov. They know that they can push peoples’ buttons with an emorional issues such as this, and that’s exactly what they bank on to conceal what they are REALLY doing, which is a brazen power grab. This is about the Seapartion of Powers clause. It is about the Tenth Amendment. Don’t be fooled.

        • Greetings!
          anon:Look on the bright side of this “same sex” marriage coin.They now can enjoy the same costs and heartaches WE(Normal folks who know how and what parts are created to be joined in sexual union)have to deal with when the evil of divorce happens.Let’s have a tax on Divorce!This might be the way out of our deficit mess.While we’re at it,Let’s also raise import tariffs equal to China’s and India’s(40% vs 4% US),raise taxes on corporate profits back to the 50%range(it didn’t kill them then and it won’t now either!),renew the “inheritance tax” back to 50% on assets over 1 million(times change,let’s go for 2 mil.!),and allow ONLY the folks who paid into SSI for their full forty quarters(ten years at least!)to get benefits from said program.And finally raise taxes BACK to 50% on people who make over 1 million annually(again let’s be kind and make it 2 mil. for inflation),and put back into play the 75% tax on profits from stocks sold that were held held less than 1 year on everyone,foreigner and citizen alike.Wouldn’t it be grand?ALL that money could go for better public schools,roads and all the crumbling infrastructure across the country.And with all the folks put back to work via this,tax revenues would increase for both local and federal coffers…
          I harbor a dream that we might YET step back from what could be described as “The Great Tribulation coming upon the Entire Inhabited Earth”,coming soon to your very own locale.I miss what we in America once had.Am I wrong?Was it not for a time in America a dream realized(even if imperfectly)of when men of all Races,Religions and beliefs and class levels might live in accord and respect with each other differences?
          My Grandchildren and great grandchildren will never believe such a time ever existed.
          Best to All

          • More taxes are not the answer, the end consumer is the one that pays for everything, corps are simply going the pass the tax on as higher prices. Estate tax is a tax on after tax dollars. We don’t need more government we need responsible government.

            • ZERO government is what we need.

          • We are on different sides of the fence on this issue. Rather than take more from the private sector and give to the government to allocate, how about the government cuts spending and lets the private sector grow? The free market is much more efficient than the government. As private sector activity increases so do tax revenues.

            The government/banking coalition is the problem, not the solution. IMHO.

        • Look on the bright side- in three generations we’ll have no democrats

      9. We ARE as a society and nation; thoroughly screwed. WHEN the SHTF; its not even a question of IF anymore; things are going to get ugly; fast. Here’s an interesting fact i found out the other day. Did anyone here on this board know that 66% of ALL pyschotropic drugs taken in the entire world are consumed by Americans? Another fun fact to keep in mind when your trying to be rational with a half lunatic at your door wanting to come inside. Seriously.

        • ZOMBIES!

          if it isn’t the drugs, it’s the bathing salts that turn them into “walkers”

          • pssst! where can i get me some of dem salts?

          • strangely, none of these gonzo little fuckers ever takes an ACTUAL bath

        • I watched a video of coming disasters, like the economic collapse, and it was mentioned that 37% of America ‘is’ on mind-altering drugs(I’m not sure what that means).

          • Nationally, there are 217.8 million people age 18 and over.
            80,000,000 without prescriptions?? Geeze.

        • OO buck really works on half or full lunatics. I just wish we don’t reach such level.

        • “at your door wanting to come inside”……. BOOOOOOOM!!! Git off my porch!!

          • I ain’t even going to let them get that close to my house.A Remington 308 with 3.5 to 10 variable power Leupold scope w
            should work well.

        • Great point Dave, sorry to agree that we will have to live through a time period of the walking dead. Also, The vicious gang activity that will develop can only be combated if we develop strong society’s on streets, in neighborhoods and towns. The city’s are screwed.

      10. Although I fear this could be a real scenario, what I’ve come to fear more is the unwillingness of friends and family to prepare.
        Having been a soldier for 24 years I’ve survived some pretty austere environments, it still just amazes me people can’t even bring themselves to imagine how bad things could get.

        Stay grounded in history and prepare.

        • “Although I fear this could be a real scenario, what I’ve come to fear more is the unwillingness of friends and family to prepare.”

          Y99, I couldn’t agree with you more!

          Unfortunately, I’m dealing with someone who believes that I should not compromise our budget for items that “will always be available”. His theory is that the two main grocery stores in town are open 24/7, other than Christmas Day. I attempted to show him the article about Just-in-Time Shipping (which was very well done) and I was laughed at.

          I’m going to continue doing what I know best to do…quietly!

          • VanMom

            We do what we can, sounds like we’ve got a 180*although my wife just doesn’t concern herself with our preps. My big worry with her should an event occur will be her state of mind and ability to cope.

            I hate to say it but I’ve given-up on many friends, and like I know many on this site and others I have informed them in no uncertain terms they are not welcome at my house.

            • y99 – i have the same situation , my wifes ignores my preps as a form of denial.
              will she be ok if something happens? ihope so!
              but ignoreing and refusal to talk about it scares me.
              good luck

            • I feel fortunate then that my wife believes much as I do: that shit happens all the time, and that we need to be ready for it. My worry is that I’m a balding incredibly near sighted computer nerd with flat feet and a scorching case of arthritis… not exactly the stuff of rugged John Wayne individualism, yet I’m the tougher of the two of us. Not sure how that will work out for s, but I wish you and yours the very best of luck, and hope that you’ll wish us the same

              stand strong until freedom dawns

          • I have only posted a few times and appreciate the support you offer!

            Thank you!

          • Sorry about your situation. Do the best you can. I’m lucky to have a wife who’s just as informed as I am, and preps just as much. Even learning to shoot.

          • I’m in the same boat! Wife thinks because she has a couple pennies in her pocket she doesn’t need anything else. I told her to leave if she isn’t willing to get with the program. She said Obama won’t let anything happen to this country. I often wonder where she gets her kool-aid from.

          • Just do the best you can. Maybe use the storm in DC as an example. It might help. We just never know what will make them change their mind. Mine is coming around slowly. Picked up wool blankets for $2 at the thrift store, I swear he rolled his eyes. LOL.

            • Mine discovered my Spam and other can goods stored under the guest room bed and rolled his eyes. He also is coming around slowly but thinks I’m a bit extreme with all the food. Whenever the power was out for several hours he was thankful for the oil lamps to light the house. When the water was off for 6 hours due to a local leak, he agreed we needed the rainwater collection barrels and set them up immediately!

          • VanMom:

            That makes it so much more difficult. Dealing with a similar situation here. Keep prepping quietly. When the time comes, your family will be thankful.

          • @VanMom…..You GO Girl!!

          • Hey in there VanMom! At first my husband didn’t wanna listen either. But I continued down “the path”. A year and a half later, he is singing a different tune, and we each oversee different areas of preparedness. I tend to cover food, water, medical, hygiene. He loves to buy guns & ammo, tactical gear, alt energy, comms and other related gizmos.

            To offset the cost when I first started buying I dropped the manicures/pedicures, trips to the mall or movie theater, and no more hair salon appointments every month.

            • Grumpy MamaBear, Great post and great advice, even I try cutting back when it comes to guns and ammo although I’m not very successful.

            • Many Thanks to all of you for your support!

            • Wow, hard to believe there is a Mama Bear out there that is grumpier than I am! 🙂

            • To the prepping wives out there…

              What is the best way to get my wife involved in prepping? She has come around some in the last year or so, but still doesn’t want to have conversations about tough times ahead.

        • soon enough, they won’t have to imagine any longer.

        • I think it makes some people afraid and depressed to think about the challenging future ahead. So they just dismiss it and hide their head in the sand. But then there are people who just can’t get outside themselves long enough to see the world as they know it is begining to crumb around them.
          Personally it makes me appreciate running water and all modern convenances I have today because it may not be there tomorrow. Just have a waterline break and be with out just water for a few days. Sure you could run a hose from the neighbors house until you can get yours fixed but what if you couldn’t?

      11. Consumer confidence? Who cares! Whats to buy except for a bunch of import crap an silly shit nobody really needs. Save that money for getting out of the city. When the SHTF if you are in the city you are DONE! Still time to go! Go now!

      12. Its about to hit bruh! Best buy announced 3000 lay offs yesterday.

        • Ouch. But where will we buy our cheap chinese electronics? Oh yea, Walmart or Target.

          Kmart is closing 100 stores nationally. So add another 4000-5000 jobs to that number.

          The unemployment rate is 8.2%. Yea right. Liars.

          • Maybe that boycott worked. they were giving money to CAIR, the American moose-lim mouthpiece….

          • Sadly it looks like another American icon Sears will be disappearing in a few years. The plan is to bring in 120 million immigrants in the next twenty years. Me thinks that it is not only Sears that will be disappearing. Once a nations history is gone and it’s residents no longer care about what went before it is finished. Then again as poor as the country will soon be with hopefully all the freebies going away they may just stay at home.

            • if the government brings in millions more immigrants to work in the US, will those immigrants replace the immigrants already working in Sears?? As it is now, I need a translator to go shopping in most stores around in Florida now. I was just getting the hang of understanding about half of the spanish I was hearing currently. I think it’s unfair of our government to expect middle age, and old geezers like me to learn a new language at this point in our lives>>>

          • Just read Avon is about to go under. WOWA! I was shocked at that I mean they have been around forever…sad day as to me avon is the essence of an american company. I remeber the little trial lipsticks the avon lady would bring to my mom and she would always put some on me, it was special to me as a lil girl. I am not fru fru but no avon lady …just nor right, how can there be no avon ladies sorry fellows but it is sad.

        • I read 2,400, but you still raise a valid point. I go to dailyjobcuts.com to see which jobs have been reported slashed lately. I hate seeing places cut jobs and close anymore.

        • Best Buy (worst nightmare) is focusing on the mobile cell/data markets, ’cause the other stuff is not selling. Remember, you must have the latest, most expensive phone to tell your homies that you just got your new EBT card! 🙁

          • yes all that and so that they can organize their next flash-mob so they can beat up white people

            • Barlow

              Flash mobs are wrong regardless of what race is doing it. The whole white race was not condemned when some whites were flash mobbing and lynching blacks.

              These a-holes do not represent the whole black race. There has been outrage and condemnation in the black community when this took place. Politicians and churches were vocal in stopping it in it’s tracks – are there any recent episodes I’m not aware of???

              Then why again the stereotyping that this is what the black race is about? It was some and not representative of the black community.

            • Thank you those that have thumbs down – it’s telling about whose posting here – what’s truly in your heart of hearts. And as usual it’s done anonymously.

              I believe, If you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.

            • Very good post on the most part.

              “…@ladyhawk- Black violence against whites is well documented on this blog(and all over the net) over the last 10 years, and it increased dramaticaly after that zimmerman deal.

              Perhaps those ignorant blacks(I know, if I call them “without knowledge” I am a racist) following jesse jacka$$, and sharpton’s/…”

              I agree it is well documented – I’m not in denial nor am I excusing or defending their actions. As I’ve said it is totally wrong.

              What I have a problem with is the main stream news and many of the majority posters here use the Jacksons’ Sharpton’s, Farrakhan’s and New Black Panther’s as their source of what the black community is about. That would be like the black community going to the Richard Butler’s and David Dukes, for comments and insight about the white community – It’s distortion.

              The MSM and posters do it with agendas. For MSM, those inflammatory comments up their ratings and sells ads – for posters it enforces their perceptions and stereotypes. Where is the news media coverage on the blacks that want these criminals identified and prosecuted as hate crimes. The black mayors that have and are going to the churches and denouncing these activities. Or the older men and vets just this last month at the Juneteenth (black independence day) festival talking to the parents and youth on how these actions have got to stop. That the community will not condone or cover for those involved in these random acts of violence against whites. Regarding throwing in Zimmerman – those are not random acts.

              Bulldog says:
              @ ladyhawk,
              who is the racist here???? “you and yours” great comment.

              Sorry you took that as a racist remark. It was not meant to be. It was to define who I was addressing – specifically the poster – who directed his “get the fuck over it…” remark directly at me.

              I understand not everyone in the white community was rich or owned slaves. However, if you would look up the Jim Crow laws -whites as a race, benefited. Whites, for a hundred years and multiple generations, had exclusive access to the professions and blue collar jobs through out the unions- longshoremen, the trades, police and fire departments, the health professions, teachers, engineers, pilots -these jobs were for whites only – blacks need not apply. Good paying jobs meant a better quality of life and wealth for what we refer to as the American Dream. Which was denied blacks.

              Blacks were barred from public colleges and universities, law and medical schools. Most were not allowed to vote. Land and housing deeds had covenants and laws that prohibited blacks from owning property, except in pre determined areas which birthed the inner city ghettos. This isn’t ancient history, I grew up with Jim Crow.


              This is from the FBI web site on hate crimes –
              It seems many here are of the opinion it is only blacks committing violence on whites – before you go off – it’s wrong either way – just some persecpective

              I’m not doing the math or stats this time – here it is for someone that knows how –

              Hate Crime Statistics Home
              Incidents and Offenses
              Location Type
              Hate Crime by Jurisdiction
              About Hate Crime Statistics
              Incidents, Offenses, Victims, and Known Offenders
              by Bias Motivation, 2010
              Data Declaration
              Download Excel
              Bias motivation Incidents Offenses Victims1 Known
              Total 6,628 7,699 8,208 6,008
              Single-Bias Incidents 6,624 7,690 8,199
              Race: 3,135 3,725 3,949
              Anti-White 575 679 697
              Anti-Black 2,201 2,600 2,765
              Anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native 44 45 47
              Anti-Asian/Pacific Islander 150 190 203
              Anti-Multiple Races, Group 165 211

              Hmmm – didn’t column the first numbers are of incidents and the second the number of offenses and the third are the victims

              Searched hate crimes and this is the FBI website for 2010 stats . Keven, I know – they lie. But have no other way to say there is still violence against blacks.

          • Homies meaning who??? Is that a term for white folks? After all, there are 113 million white folks on food stamps and 10 million blacks. Had enough with the stereotyping.

            • Who are you folks that thumb up these people? You take offense if someone calls it racist when taking digs at a specific people for stereotyping them.

              Does it make you feel more superior? What do you get out of it. You, white folks, would no more let me stereotype you and yours. You are the first to talk about how far we come in race relations. Really???

            • Remember it’s the content of someone’s character, not the color of their skin that provides value!

              Be fair.

            • Stormfront Refugees…

            • 113 million whites on food stamps? Get real. What white flash mobs? You mean the Klan which was made up of Democrats who also cheerfully lynched Republicans, Catholics or Papists as they called them, Jews and just about anyone whites included who pissed them off. The Federal and state govt. made a concerted effort and ended the Klan with the backing of most whites. The black mobs are being encouraged on by Obama and Holder who have made it quite plain that they will not hold their people responsible for any assaults as it is just getting even with whitey. Eventually whites will have had enough and may do some flash mobbing back. Just waht you racists want,racial strife.

            • You are right about the numbers they are wrong – the percentages in 2009 for those on food stamps

              35% are White
              22% are African American
              10% are Hispanic
              2% are Asian
              4% are Native American
              19% are Unknown

              in 2011 it was 49% white and 26% for blacks

              Took the census number of whites total and applied the 49% and same with blacks – math and stats are not my strength – my bad

            • disector284 says:

              You are right about the numbers and thanks for the correction.

              “…None of us here owned a slave so get the fuck over it!…” That’s the usual response from the majority – mine is white folks had no problem, once slaves were free, to pass Jim Crow laws to keep the culture and slave class status going. Jim Crow was alive and well until the last civil rights movement in the late 1960’s.

              You may of not owned a slave, but you and yours damn sure benefited from a 100 years of blacks exclusion of basic and higher education, job opportunities and property ownership.

            • @everyone in this discusion-

              How can anyone use government numbers on ANY subject????

              Unemployment numbers- LIE!!!
              Debt number- LIE!!!
              Federal pension funding number- LIE!!!
              War casualty numbers- LIE!!!
              Election results- LIE!!!
              Obammy’s life story- LIES!!!
              Reasons for war- LIES!!!


              I really dont give a $hit what color of person is getting what, the problem is the SYSTEM. What used to be un-american, is now america.

              @ladyhawk- Black violence against whites is well documented on this blog(and all over the net) over the last 10 years, and it increased dramaticaly after that zimmerman deal.

              Perhaps those ignorant blacks(I know, if I call them “without knowledge” I am a racist) following jesse jacka$$, and sharpton’s lead down there have finally saw zimmerman on tv(instead of those skin lightening photos in the paper) and realize zimmerman is hispanic and NOT white(and that is the reason for the recent decline in such events as flash mobs, and beatings “for trevon”) or perhaps the violence is on going and NOT getting reported.

              Race relations on the street is NOT the same as in the service.

              The blacks on the street are NOT there to watch your back and sacrifice everything for you. (case in point-that black EX-marine beating reginald denning during the rodney king deal(a fellow trucker(who was black) rescued his “fellow trucker”) who is/was a hero in my book).

              When I walk the street, stop for gas, what ever, I can feel the hate(of course not by ALL blacks, but I can tell you its a majority of them).

              The street is the street, it does not LIE!!

              I enjoy your posts, and your mindset is positive. I was raised to treat EVERYONE equally, but I was also raised to be aware of the fact that not all people are like that(whites, blacks,greens, or whatevers).

              In a perfect world we would ALL(well most of us) like the races to get along, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Religions fight other religions, races fight other races. Been like that since the begining of time, and forever will it be.

              The so called msm pumps propaganda to keep us fighting each other, its in the PTB’s interest. Our lives are short in the pages of history, so nothing is going to change!

              Human nature CANT be changed, just controled for bits of time.

            • @ ladyhawk,
              who is the racist here???? “you and yours” great comment.
              My family way back was extremly poor and grew up in the mountains of southern MO and Northeren Ark. We benifited none from slaves. 1% of Americans owned a slave, the rest were working day to day to make ends meet.
              Who is out inciting riots against white people currently??? Black panthers, erik the commie holder, al sharpton, etc. How many white folks are out there saying things like that. I am sick and tired of hearing about the poor downtrodden black people. Black people of today have more opportunity than at any other time in history. NAACP, UNCF, Black universities, etc. Let there be a united white college fund. All hell would break loose. Kind of like the book Animal Farm, “some animals are more equal than others”. When benifits are no longer handed out because of a race, we will finally be one America. And do not classify me as a racist. I served in the Army for many years along side many different races.

            • @bulldog-GREAT post.

              My family roots are in n.w. MO.

              My family was deeply effected by the civil war(I meant the war of northern aggresion)(there is a historical marker on the last farm in the family).

              Much land stolen, and many killed(stories past down by my great uncle,grandfather,uncle ext.)

              Although I am aware that the civil war was about states rights, and slavery was a small part.Your family didnt benefit from slavery, but you can bet a buffelo nickle that they PAID a heavy price in that fight.

              MO was a meat grinder.

              I really dont know my point of this post, your post struck me in a certain way.

            • @ Kevin,
              The problem we have is that we let TPTB lead us down a road like this. WSHF it will not matter what ones race is. The fate will be the same for all non-preppers. TPTB are currently pushing race as an issue more than at any time I can remember. They would love us to go at each other. In the new America, if we can build one, the word race should never be used. MLK said to judge on the content of one’s caracter. I knew a soldier while on active duty that refused to answer the race question on anything filled out for the Army. The answer was always “HUMAN” or “other”. I will leave you all guessing what race the soldier was.

              MO was a meat grinder during the CW. They never fully decided which side to be on.
              But, I fear that soon we may all be in a meat grinder.

            • @ Kevin,
              I forgot,
              you are right, it was a war of northern aggression. Alot of us down here feel that the climate is the same now. The south has most of the nations assets. We have the timber, we have the oil and gas, we have the bests ports for delivery and distribution of the oil and gas. We can grow crops all year in most areas. W/O the southern states, the north would freeze and stop moving. What is going to happen when the red states refuse the new communist health care law and the government steps in and tries to force them to get onboard. If one state secedes (Texas for example) the rest may get on board and we will be up shit creek. If our nation doesnt die a financial death, I can see us tearing ourselves apart over what they are trying to make us into. I for one will not give in to tyranny!

            • @bulldog-

              I have that same fear.

              I am/will be on the side of states rights and liberty,(as most of my fore-fathers were). I pray that liberty can win against the overwhelming odds of history(tyranny usually wins) but with all the vote fraud and corruption going on, how can it be peacefuly restored?

              I just want to live free and in peace with all men(and especialy the ladies), and not a slave to the banking system.

            • @ LadyHawk. You know who are my enemies? POLITICIANS. I don’t care if there are black, white, spanish, asian, they have allowed this country to be sold off to the enemy. IF the jobs were in this country and not outsourced, there would be more tax revenue for one thing, plus for each good paying job more domesitc jobs are created in form of more money being spent for entertainment, hair cuts, going out to restaurants, buying goods at local businesses, etc. With good jobs in this country the welfare state is much dimished.

              I have seen pure garbage as leaders that will ALLOW free trade with countries that are not equal or better off than the U.S. When you can allow a business to go off and hire slave labour, there is a sucking sound as Ross Perot said of good paying American jobs. Then these politicians ALLOW trade with the enemy, (China). I equate this to trade with Hitler, Mussolini, or Tito. It is treason and BO, bush, clinton, and even carter highly encouraged this.

              Blacks see only the BO (obama) as the same skin colour of their own, not that he has grown the debt and continues to approve of trade with countries that are poor, thus losing more American jobs. BO has done nothing to sever the ties with the enemy China, that is right now aiming hundreds of Intercontiental Ballsitic Missiles with multiple re-entry vechicles Nuclear warheads on them. All those ICBM’s when they are flying overhead and you see mushroom clouds spouting everywhere can be said that they were bought and manufactured by free trade with the enemy, by those fearless leaders including BO.

              You have a choice between BO and romney, BOTH of them are pure poison to good American jobs and the national security of the U.S. that goes hand in hand with the financial well being of the country. You have a choice this election between a pile of horse crap and a king size piece of manure this November.

            • And once again…… While we quibble about which race is the worst race and who the bigger bigot is…. the discussion about the TOPIC gets SIDELINED again. Which is exactly what good little sheeple are supposed to do. divide and conquer. get a clue already.

            • @Jen10,
              I dont see it that way. If we cant talk about what is really going on, we are in trouble way beyond what TPTB are bringing on us. For too long, PC has ruled. There are certain truths that need to be said. IMHO, it is wrong that there are so many groups out there that have a race in their name. I dont call for a “white” anything, but as long as there is a “black” or “hispanic” ____, we will be divided. And if we are too afraid to say it, we are doomed.
              the inner city is a wreck in most places, yet there is an NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, UNCF, and many, many more.
              If you ask me, these groups are there to make their leaders wealthy and keep the people they claim to help in need. People always talk about how white folks are so much better off, yet there are no groups that advocate for the white race. People need to get rid of all the BS groups and educate yourselves.

            • To add a little perspective.
              I am appalled at discrimination in any form. However, ….
              Americans of African heritage had ancestors who were slaves. Other nationalities were also enslaved. Look at the history for Asians and Native Americans.
              Many groups could not own land. In some states, even women could not own land on their own as recently as the 1960s.
              Many groups were denied the vote. Remember something called Women’s Suffrage? Some Native Americans could not vote as recently as fifty years ago.
              Our country has a long history of discrimination. It is also full of people who have succeeded despite the odds.
              However it seems that most of the progress comes from determined people moving foward living their lives and the public figures seem to be dedicated to feeding off of th experiences of the every day people on the front lines.

      13. Cash out your ira’s, 401k, Your money market accounts, C.Ds. savings , and only keep in your checking money for weekly or monthly bills and just deposit as needed. The truth is when it go’s you wont be able to grt at it or it will get raped and be worthless. Even if on somw off chance it stays up its going to neg interests anyway, so you will have to pay the banks to hold your money. Be smart now while you are able. Good luck and God Bless.

        • @ Rock
          Sounds like good advice when you got a few K’s,or even a few 100 K’s, but where do I hide a million+, under my bed?

          • @saigonK:

            ……….no prob…I’ll hold it for you….

            ………interest free………..lol..


          • Imho I would buy farmland. Send it my way I’ll buy some canadian property 4u.

          • You want me to hold that for you?

          • old advice still applies—“a bird in the hand beats 2 in the bush any day”.

            • I’ll take a hand in the bush over 2 birds any day.

          • a million can fit in a small bag. Just saying.

        • Trust me, You will sleep a lot better…Bird in the hand..

          Good luck all!!

        • @ Rock, I keep begging hubby to take out 401K we keep loosing and it is down to almost nothing he had not called, he is ok with me preppin but I think he thinks it will turn around although he does not say this to me. I get very worried as I can only do so much as a woman and am very much alone in it in alot of ways. I can not get one darn vegetable to grow, the garden is taken by weeds and can not call to cash out the 401 he has to do it. It is frustrating as I want to do more to prep but alot is MANual labor. I know how to build a windturbine but I can not construct the darn thing. Wish I had him all the way onboard abd not just watching from the side lines and being”OK” with it oh well when it hits I did all I can do I guess, I keep trudging along and prep as best I can and hope and pray for a miracle. I would tell everyone get your cash out of everywhere and put it into a metal if ya can afford it. I can not afford to do it but if you can do it DO IT. Not a stock but physically in your hands. Pay off your debt if you can. I still have a mortgage and wish the market was better so I could sell and go live in a hut someplave 🙂 own outright what you can..owe nobody if you can help it

          • @ Justincase
            my hubster wasnt on board either but i daily read aloud an article or two about whats going on in the world. FINALLY he grabbed on and is with me all the way. We are a long way from ready but are also a long way from where we were when i was sneaky sneaky prepping. We all just need to pay attention and keep on keeping on.

            • Yes!!! If you read them articles every day from different sources or let them watch the economists talk on Bloomberg channel, it starts to sink in. I can more openly prep lately.

          • Hi justincase, me again. Hey just a thought, if he is better at the things you mentioned just make sure the windturbine parts are available when you will need them. I’m sure he will be happy to put it together when he needs it, and grow a garden when he is hungy. Just have the seeds there for him to plant and maybe a book on how to grow veggies.

            • Don’t know what to do with the old 401k. It’s up 12% this year…I’m not complaining. Pull it out and you get hit with all the fees and taxes would eat up at least half. It we stop contributing then we are bumped into the next tax bracket and Uncle Sam gets it all anyway. Leaves us in the middle class stuck.

            • @ Just In Case Hey girl glad to see ya back. Good idea I had to LOL though at the thought of total crazy zombies at my door and him dangling 50 feet in the air assembling a wind turbine ROFLMAO at the visual. But I have most of what I need but I need to just get the wire ( I think welding wire) Good to have the stuff here so I can hand it to him without youtube to help and do the typical wifey thing simply smile and say “told ya so” LOL

          • You can only prep so much. Alot of people say this is just a normal market cycle but is is far from that. The system in its current form will fall. The system that will be put in place has the goal of making it very hard for anyone to work outside of it. The current system allows to many to be independent of it, thats not good for the control freaks.Many people talk of trying to live outside of this new world order but that means alot more than growing your own food,having water,guns ect. It really means fighting a monster that cant be gotton around. You cant get around this monster, for long anyway.If your intent on doing that you and your family will more than likely end up dead or in a camp or worse. So think long and hard about your plans. Good luck and God bless.

      14. I ran into a friend of mine the yesterday and he told me how his business was down 50% from last year. He then started to tell me about a buddy of his who is in the National Guard, he said that they called his buddy and the other members in and asked them if they would have any reservations about shooting at civilians. They took names and remarks. We then started discussing what was coming down the pike, he said that many are preparing for real blood shed in November. A friend of ours sells ammo. and he said that sales are through the roof but ammunition is getting harder to aquire. The government is hoping for civil unrest at the very least, they have already layed out their plan by stating the new profile of the american terrorist. If you want less government then you are a potential threat to the security of the United States. We agreed that martial law may be the rule of the day come November. The government is prepared for all hell to break loose and so should you.

        • Ohcumgache,

          I know the turmoil continues to build and is coming.

          TPTB…They know the turmoil is coming. Unfortunately, because TPTB “control” the mainstream media, they have been doing their best to “deny and cover up the truth”. I honestly don’t know how they sleep at night. They could have done so much if they had spoken the truth.

          All the recent executive orders are about CONTROL – food, water, utilities, coal mines, oil, medical supplies, etc. The most recent exec. order (July 6th) is to “control all communications in a crisis”.

          It saddens me greatly when I think about the future our children will face.

          I pray for strength, wisdom and leadership.
          KY Mom

          • Be sure to view the Mexican picture of the latest protest…IF we can believe this is not photoshopped..damn the internet liars that make it hard for us to believe what we see.

          • They will cover the truth until it cannot be covered anymore. The truth will burst forward like water emerging from a crack in a dam, increasing in strength and power. The sudden realization of what is happening will be thrust on those who haven’t been paying attention (sheeple) and they will react violently.

            This is what the government is preparing for and it should be what we are preparing for as well.

            Good comments here!

        • they acctually asked National Guardsmen if they would fire on CIVILIANS?…

          Civilians are distinct from combatants. They are afforded a degree of legal protection from the effects of war and military occupation..so says law

          civilians are non combat..so i find their choice of wording a bit odd, or frightning..

          maybe we the civilians should band together to become their worst fuckin nightmare?

          they better becareful what they wish for or push for

          • “Whoever holds the gun makes the law”.

            • @madmarkie-I just brought that up right before you did, responding to some ones post.

              Mccarther showed NO mercy.

              Funny, our school books ALWAYS have pictures of him returning to the phillipines, but not a peep about the bonus army.

              Perhaps thats a leason for us about what “history” is taught us.

              I often wonder how much history we will NEVER know about.

          • Yo VRF ~

            A few years back the US Army handed out questionnaires to be filled out by the troops serving at Ft. Hood. Amongst the questions were a couple regarding the troops willingness to fire on American Civilians if so ordered.

            Between WWI & WWII there was what was called the “Bonus Army”, a group of military veterans who gathered in Washington, DC to protest the nonpayment of the bonuses that they had been promised for their service to their country during WWI. Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur ordered the troops under their command to fire upon their former comrades in order to disperse them, killing and wounding a large number of them.

            Read your history. They’ve done it before ….. and they’ll do it again. History always repeats itself.

        • The question they should be asking is: Are the civillians prepared to fire on US?
          The answer is…

          • Seems they know that answer or wouldn’t be asking their particular question??

          • @ SmokinOkie answer is definitely! If the military does decide to enter into the fracas they will no longer be on the right side. They will have disobeyed the Oath they took. My other friends and some close family members of mine that are also older USMC and Army combat veterans are not going wait for gun confiscations, Martial Law, or wait for men to come to our doorsteps and get even remotely close to our families before we act and neither should others for the obvious reasons. I want to mention that lately I read only talk about the coming troubles with no solutions on how to repair the USA. I’ve stated this before that there’s only going to be one solution available soon to regain our freedoms and that’s by forcefully abolishing the corrupt Government and reinstating a new form of Government for the people, by the people as stated in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. I seem to recall and I think that 3% of the population that bore the brunt of the fighting during the Revolutionary War. This is the only reason I disagree with individuals that say they will be hiding in the safety of their so called bug out locations or hideaways with their preps. and I have no other word but cowardice to describe those actions of hiding while they know others will be fighting and dying which is coming to the US possibly very soon.

            • @GatorNavy: I’m ready to ruck up. I did 41 years ago and will do it again. Hco 75th 1cav

        • Call me crazy, but I think we have a mutual friend.

          Here’s what I will add: (I run a manufacturing plant)

          Watch the Baltic Dry index. Industry is slowing and it’s not stopping any time soon that I can see. Actually, that’s a nice way to put it…

          • WhatTF???

            • Someone else is posting as kY Mom.

              I did not post this.

              KY Mom

            • Hey KY mom…maybe you could be KY mommy..to avoid confusion?

          • SmokyMtnLady,

            It is a matter of courtesy.

            You wouldn’t like it either if someone else started posting comments under your name.

            I doubt you would want to have to change your name to something else (such as ‘SmokyMtnmommy’) either.

            KY Mom

        • @ Ohcumgache :

          I have heard about this blood shed before targeting November.., why?

          Is it revolution, no food or what?

          Very curious.


          • EAGLEDOVE,

            Think about it, November is the elections, there is so much at stake this time in history. The progressive socialists have waited a lifetime for this golden opportunity of complete control over the country and the unification of the world. If the president wins re-election, there are many who will not be able to handle it in a peaceful way. If he loses then the entitlement crowd as well as the minorities will flip out. The whole world is watching this election. The ramifications are tremendous for Israel. If Israel thinks Obama will win then they have insinuated they will bomb Iran before the elections. Iran will be at a point where they may have a nuclear weapon. False flags to take attention off the elections, class and racial warfare ignited on purpose. Homeland security is poised and waiting for what will most likely be manufactured by the elite now in power. Namely George Soros, the president’s boss, and his cohorts. The ones against this agenda and the ones for it may clash like never before. I believe it will be a very dangerous time in this country. Not to mention a summer ending with droughts, horrific heat, storms, hurricanes, facing the holidays and winter with no money to spend, and perhaps devastating earth quakes. People are scared and confused, chaos is almost inevitable, for how long, I do not know. November is shaping up to be a pivoting point in history. I hope I am proven wrong.

            • @Ohcumgache….You have hit every nail on the head!! It is getting scary out there, and even though I haven’t heard too much about “DECEMBER 21st, 2012 and the Myan Calendar…I wonder if people will panic around November thinking something could happen….I do think we will see a run on banks and grocery stores later in the fall!!…..that may be too late?

            • it’s not nice to fool mother nature—– the natural world can serve up more chaos in a shorter ammount of time, than anything man can bring. But, as discussed many times—is all this so called weather disasters we have been having strictly nature made??? we can think about it while we drown, burn, starve, get blown away, and then, lose our shirts as the economy collapses. What wonderfull times lie ahead.

            • Ohcumgache, that’s the big picture I see as well. We are past the point of rule of law, and entering a period of rule by force and intimidation. It is about power, not about justice. The racial dynamic is disturbing, as well. It’s as though we are being set against each other to achieve the ends of domestic enemies.

            • @Ohcumgache,
              perfect. I dont think anyone could say it better.
              I will add, Brace for impact.

            • Ohcumgache;

              Thanks my friend. You picked up all the pieces and put the puzzle together for me and all that replied to your post.

              Thanks my friend and teacher! 🙂 You truly opened up my eyes!

              ~~~~~~ EAGLEDOVE~~~~~~~~

            • Many economists predict fall-out in the 6 weeks after the election in November, due to extreme partisanship unwilling to compromise, will effectively hold the American economy hostage resulting in debts defaulted on, etc. sending the economy over the edge and into a dooms-day reality.

        • All I can say is “bring it”! I may only last 10 min. in a fire fight by myself but I will go out proud of being an American!

        • When they asked me that I would have responded with, “I would have no problem shooting your mother, wife and family, any more questions?”

        • There is still time to learn to reload. It will be a skill that others will come to you for. I’m still buying components, brass, bullets, powder, and primers. And no, I don’t really give a rats arse who knows.

          • PO’D,

            Me too thanks to you that is, I started learning the art of reloading and am stocking up on primers and powders. It sure is alot of fun and a great skill to have. Still waitng for some of my bullet molds to get here but I found that lead is very easy to come by.


            • this is great!..glad you guys are getting on board..im adding another caliber to my mix …223 and 5.56..along with so many others.

              it could end up being a form of currency..for all we know

            • VRF,

              I added the 5.56 to my set as well, I don’t think brass will be much of a problem, when that time comes there will be plenty laying on the ground. But being able to mold the buttlets maybe priceless.


          • I need to get started. I have done the research and better get off my rear end and learn. I always save my brass, but it wont do me any good if I dont get started soon. Bullets arent going to get any cheaper.

          • PO’d, what’s the best way to lear this skill? Any recommendations on books, etc???

        • Hostory tells us that YES the National Guard will fire on and kill unarmed Americans.It happened 42 years ago.

          • May 4, 1970

          • Dont forget Mccarther smashing the bonus army after ww1.

            Whiskey rebelion right after our nations founding.

            If memory serves me, didnt the us military come into the early labor fights against the robber barons(on the side of the robber barons, enforcing the company towns)??

            • They had their own version of Blackwater back then with the Pinkertons. I will never forget the horror I felt at seeing the newspapers running the Blackwater guys [parts] hanging from that bridge in Iraq. Now I kind of wonder what they were up to.

          • This time there will be return fire!

        • Ohcumgache

          “sales are through the roof but ammunition is getting harder to acquire”

          Same here in Mass.(as I posted a few days ago).

          Local arms dealer stated exactly the same..has to place orders months in advance to keep up with ammo demands.
          .223 .556 are scarce in availability
          .40 cal is flying off the shelves..bought 2 50 rounders the other day and his stock was almost empty then.

          Hell,keltec and hipoint carbines are impossible to buy and sites across the states are stating a year or so backorder/waiting list.

          Check out all the major on line retailers for carbines,,,not available anywhere!


          • Just curious, how are you guys setup for 7.62 by 39? SKS? AK47s?

            • SonOfSam,

              I have not got the dies for the 7.62×39 I did look into it but from what I read most of the cases are steel and not really to safe to reload. I forget who on this site talked about loading them but the said it could be done.
              I think thats why most ppl are going with the AR-15 or the AR-10.


              PS did some studying tonight and you would be amazed at what all guns that will use the old 30-06 bullets.

            • Dies won’t last trying to reload steel casings. I know with the steel (wolf and bear) Russian ammo (.223) that it is slightly underpowered (will change your point of impact) from other manufacturers. Steel casings also have the tendancy to stick in the chambers and are hard on the extractors. Note: refering to using this ammo in AR platforms.

            • Buy the case, of all I like golden bear. Get some stripper clips and a mag guide for ak’s, with sks you do not need one.

        • I’d be interested in what your “friend” said the general concensus of the interviewed turned out to be…….

          yes, or no?

          you know all brothers at arms talk to eachother..its a brotherhood of watching each others backs.

          so you cant tell that story without saying or telling what the vote ended up being at..

          break wide bro

        • @ Ohcumgache…..I went to catch a flight back east to see my children few years ago and I got to the airport early enough and went to use a kiosk instead of standing in line to get my ticket. A warning screen popped up prompting me to get in line and see the attendant. I explained to her what happened at the kiosk and she entered my info into her computer and seemed like seconds later 2 TSA agents and 2 men in suits walk up beside me looking real serious like. I thought oh man they’re going to put cuffs on me. I was also unaware of the 3 police that were watching me from behind as the questions started from the suits. Asked my name, address, DOB, SS#,Branch of Service,Discharge type, veteran status,where and why I was going and proceeded to ask me in a differently worded way I can’t remember but whether I had like a grudge against the US Government or any official and of course, I told the truth with a slight grin.. I love my Government! Then they advised me I was on a terrorist watch list to which I replied “You mean to tell me that I’m a disabled US Navy veteran on a watch list?!” He said yes that’s correct. I asked him why but he said he wasn’t able to provide that info. They told me I’m cleared to fly but that I will need to go through this each time I fly. They searched my check on bags and they were so nice they escorted me around to the security check point to let the TSA scan me which the steel I have inside my body set off the alarm and so I got a pat down too. My wife was scared and asked what I had done wrong to be on a terrorist watch list. Told her Hell I don’t know but it pissed me off. I guess from my size, I’m 6’3″ 270lbs, my goatee, scars, boots and jeans and sleeveless Harley shirt people tell me I’m really intimidating and look kind of like a Hells Angel so I think maybe that’s why they had 7 men there just in case. I don’t know.

      15. I hope he’s right, that we’ve got till 2013.

        Personally, I’ll be amazed if we can get out of this year without hammer dropping first.

        Also, IMO, on the eve of the collapse, so TPTB don’t get full rightful blame, and hung from lampposts for having caused/allowed it, we’ll see an ‘event’ unleashed that they, MSM and eventually history books, too, will all blame it on.

        Nuke, terrorism, war, severe oil crisis, pandemic, something/anything, which will be blamed for triggering the now, we all know, inevitable economic/financial/monetary crisis.

        Then, with TPTB still in power, and after public has suffered hard & long enough from it, they’ll next offer up to that eager desperate public their final draconian solutions that’ll erode the last of our remaining wealth & freedoms.

        – Shane

        • Thanks for the post. I had not seen this.

        • My goodness. Truth for sure. I knew this. But it made my heart hurt to hear someone actually say it out loud.

      16. Somebody’s going to get rich off this collapse (the world’s elite).

        Somebody’s going to gain power off this collapse(the govt bureaucrats and the politicians).

        All you can do is protect yourself as best you can and hope that the choices you’ve made such as retreat location allow you to survive in the short term.

        In the long term, precious metals, seeds, a shtf marketable skill and farm land seem like a good bet if you want to gain wealth during this crisis.

        The food you’ve stored is to keep you alive while you amass your new wealth and the guns & ammo are to keep it from being taken from you.

        Good luck and God Speed.

        • When the world collapses thats when the antichrist will come and fix things.

          • I think he might already be here.

            • He’s here. He just ain’t took the stage yet.

            • If he is, he has a law degree, of this I am certain

      17. I know it is the Monday blahs getting me down, but how many predictors keep pushing the date back. I am not trying to be a downer here, but am I wasting my time? How much grief do they have to put us through before we have had enough. I am sick of my taxes being wasted, sick of idiots in Wash. telling me that they know better than I, sick of working to support generations of deadbeats, sick of good people getting screwed over while lowlife crooks get rich. WHen is enough “ENOUGH”. When will things even out and life start being fair. Blah, blah, blah…
        Sorry, my rant is over.

        • i agree with you jim. its gonna hit the fan just not as fast as we think. this has been a long drawn out process since 1913. I hope it happens soon while im still young and able to defend my family. god forbid the economy collapses and we are all old and disabled.

        • Life will never be fair, but it can be tolerable and ethical.

          Nothing will change in America as long as the people remain the same.

          P.S. I doubt you’re wasting your time prepping, if nothing happens, you won’t have to buy food for a few years and you’ll get in some great recreation target practice – LOL!

          • Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it

        • Jim, good rant. Now go open a cold beer and turn on a baseball game. You’ll feel better, O.K.?

        • When people cannot afford to buy food. Throughout history that has always been the primer. Coach David

      18. Not until Obama gets re elected. Then all hell breaks loose.

        • If it looks like he will lose then I expect the SHTF before the election with martial law and the attempt to cancel elections. In response since they never miss a chance to miss a chence I expect the Stupid Party to stand around with their collective fingers up their ass and John Boner to have himslf a good cry.

          • John, I have felt as you do for a long time now. Farakahn has stated that someone has been picked to attempt the assassination of the one. From that, Martial Law will be enacted and the total dictatorship will take place. The only way I see out of this is 2Chronicles 7:14…beyond that, nothing! The end Prophecies are not happy ones!

            • I would be more optimistic if the majority of the people in the country were not nucking futs and morons. Lets not forget who killed Malcolm-X, it sure wasn’t no white guy, it was the Muslims. Let us hope nothing happens.

        • @ Satori,

          It’s morons like you that will get Obama re-elected. Yes, your neo-left wing Libertard nonsense is going to split off enough votes for Obummer to win.

          • sorry
            I didn’t realize you were in favor of MAJOR banking fraud

            my bad

            • Not in favor of half truth, or idiots that believe everything that smacks for a super secret conspiracy, run by Zionist Banksters and “The Corp”.

              My advice, take your Meds and go cash your welfare check sweetie.



            Please open your eyes and drop the election thing.

            Its a show for the sheople.

            There is NO WAY that(if you get your news on the net)a grown rational adult can believe the elections are honest(unless you get ALL your news from fox, was talking to a buddy last night,he watches fox for hours, and has not heard a peep about the fraud. He knows now!!!!)

        • In the Bob Diamond article, did anyone notice in the photo, that there is guy holding a We (heart) Bob Diamond sign? He is also holding a glass of wine/champers? What a complete twat!

        • So? Most of those doing this did it with the connivance of the liberal Democrats. Learn who does what before you make an ass of yourself. Has Corzine been charged yet? No because he is one of Obummers bundlers.

        • I myself make no distinction between welfare rats using EBTs to get cigs and Wall Street banksters getting bailouts… they’re all partying on my frigging dime

          the rich get bailouts
          the poor get handouts
          we get to pay for it all

      19. I don’t understand when people talk about the future. There is none. These are dominos falling. They will culminate with NUCLEAR WAR! Just for a second peer into the darkness of humanity and see what we are doing to ourselves and what we have done already. We will bring on apocalypse because it is in us to destroy ourselves. No amount of food or ammo will save you. You have two choices after we nuke each other. Die fast or die slow. You have two choices right now. One prepare prepare prepare to live as long as you can. Two love your kids hold them and tell them that you love them and your wish and intentions were never to hurt any one and that love is what you wish men would have done to each other instead of detroying themselves. Then live your life as if it was the last day on earth, because it probably is.

        • LS, then with what you said, why don’t you just dee-dee on outta here?

        • Actually, I’m hoping for an early asteroid strike.

        • say there lickety split, why don’t you go re-read the Bell Jar and then stick your head in an oven? You daft morbid little fucker

        • Paycheck to paycheck? Maybe you should associate with a better class of people. Seems like most of the big shot Dems are multi millionaires. Get with it and become their pet dog. You can do it.

          • the people I associate with are solid middle class Americans
            who have worked hard for everything they have
            some are working two jobs to keep their kids in college
            or to help support their elderly parents
            your comment is insulting and demeaning
            and totally uncalled for

      20. The Middle-East is ready to explode. EU is coming apart, Japan has nuked us all, and the rest of the world is in the dark. But the good old U S A is hang’n in there, nothing will stop us-WRONG-, stick a fork in us, we are done and I mean now. The TPTB are getting every dime from you that are still in the WALL STREET mess. Go and get what you have out of the bank, IRA’s, 401’s or what ever NOW. Stock up on everything you can while you can, the prices are going to rise by the day if not the hour. Mid-West is cooked a shortage of food is coming quick. All I see in the future is BAD TIMES. Two songs come to mind”For what its worth”-“Bad moon a rise’n”. Don’t let it take you down, when it goes, be prepared to LIVE through this and let the nonbleivers eat sh-t and die.
        Thats just me
        Live a good clean life and stand tall

        • @ Copperhead…agree 100%,speaking of EU,has Mac or anyone heard from Manos? just wondering?

          (off topic) spoke to my brother the other evening by telephone, and asked him if he has considered cashing out a few bucks from investments…..”absolutely not” he said, as his investment advisor and his son(who is also in the business) said they were just at a conference in Vegas, and they were informed that everything in Europe has been “taken care of” or “settled” and that his investments are safe.

          I asked him if it is possible they are afraid of people “cashing out” and of course they would say anything to clients, as that is their “bread and butter!!” I told him I am getting a few things out, and he thought I was crazy!

          I can’t believe this guy….he was the one that took 10 K out of bank when he thought Y2K was going to be the BIG One!! Guess he is another one off my list of people I want on my “team!”

      21. Person might want to add drought to that list, in my area the crops without irrigation are looking really poor.

        • In my area of “extreme drought” the corn has tassled and is pollinating–the plants are just a couple feet high and are absolutely fried. Write off a substantial portion of the Midwestern corn and bean crop–lots of clouds in sight, but apparently none containing rain.

      22. i’m a reader of john maudlin and hussman, who are no financial lightweights; and they believe the US can make it to 2017.
        As bad as things are in the US, its still the best place for those looking for a safe haven to be or come to and. the 100% debt the US has will really hurt to recover from, but that ship has already sailed.

        don’t get me wrong, i still things get worse in the US over the next year, but lets be realistic; the US is already in a depression with nearly 20% real unemployment, businesses and houses going under and a food stamp program that is the 21st century version of breadlines; what’s another economic crisis at this point ?

        i dont think the US really ever recovered from the last one. if it did, what are the big banks still seeeking govt loans. ?

        • “the US, its still the best place for those looking for a safe haven to be or come to” – are you out of your f’ing skull? Maybe you have never been to that scary place known as, ‘abroad’? The US has been one of the shittiest countries to live in for at least the past 10 years! I know, I was born there, lived there, travelled it’s many states, but left for Europe in 2000. No looking back at all. When I go back to visit family and I am greeted at the airport by security shouting at decent people doing nothing more than queuing up at passport control. Security that, ever since 911 seems convinced it is saving America from Al Qaeda attacks on a daily basis and therefore hasn’t got time to consider being pleasant to fellow human beings. Last time I was there I mimicked pulling a flush toilet chain and imagined the whole US going down the toilet. It’s a shit country mostly full of twats. 911 turned most Americans into self important assholes.

          • Trash the US government all you want, but not my country. The two are not one and the same. Hope that Europe thing works out well for you. Sounds like you made the right decision when you left.

      23. Wow, that sucks:(

      24. Pardon me, but your participle is dangling.

        What the heck is happening here? The way people talk today, you’d think they were space aliens or something. I was in a store the other day, and a guy in line was asking for help from the girl behind the counter. He was in his mid-60s, had the ponytail left over from his woodstock days, and an ‘easy rider’ tatoo, probably from about 1970.
        She had the ‘goth’ look going. Milky-white makeup and assorted fishing tackle dangling from various facial locations. I figured the two of them would really hit it off. But they didn’t. Neither could understand a thing the other was saying.
        He said: ‘Scuse me, but where’s the dangabrangs?’
        She said: “Say what?”
        ‘I sedd, where da thangs dat hook up on the low side? You know, the dangabrangs?’
        “Holmes, I ain’t got a clue where you comin from. You need some lottery ticks or what?”
        ‘No, baby girrrl. I’m jonesin for the shook makers. The dangabrangs! You slide me a pack o’ those and I’ll groove on out the way.’
        She looked really puzzled, “Mr CTP, I think we not wavin on the same length. Spoke it in english.”
        (I found out later, CTP means Customer Type Person)
        He looked back at me, hoping I could translate. I just shrugged.
        Finally he pointed behind the counter and said: ‘I’m flyin low and need more altitude. Just need a few o’ them dangabrangs.’
        She turned and picked up an item. He shook his head. She tried another item. No. She worked her way down the shelf, item by item. She’d look and he’d shake his head. (I was thinking to myself, ‘you’re getting warmer…’) Finally she hit pay dirt.
        He nodded vigorously and said, ‘Now we jumpin on the same trampoline! That’s the ticket! Matter fact, gimme two of em.’
        She rang up his order and said, “CTP, you sure you don’t need some lottery ticks too?”
        He smiled and shook his head. Then he pocketed his two fresh packs of rolling papers and walked out, whistling.

        • Okie, One of your best! Write a book. I’ll buy.

          • What he said – me too

        • Is that a new way to spell Zig-Zags?

        • I have known that the English language is/was an everchanging one, since about tenth grade. The “slang” from different areas/groups has put a whole new perspective on matters. I want to go back to when “bad machine” meant that is a “bitchin ride”, you know, one awesome looking and good sounding car. I could handle that “new” lingo OK. The stuff people come up with these days, well, it just hurts my ears. Thks Oak, for another good story that made me smile.

          • Ah Don’t Tread

            The days when gay meant happy, bath salts made me smell of roses and meth (ylated spirit) went into you camping stove. Those halcyon days when a lunchbox had sandwiches in, snowflake was something that fell from the sky in winter and bad meant, well….bad.

            Take care

            • I remember a time, if you called a women a B***h ., you were in big trouble.
              Now they are proud of it. 🙁

              Is it the same where you are at Burt?

        • Delicious! Brilliant! Made me laugh!

      25. youtube.com/watch?v=szwlWYewPsw&feature=related

        2012 biggest protest the world has ever seen mexico !

        mad stream media blackout!! surprised??

        • Not a word in US MSM, typical…

      26. Following the election in Mexico there was an article in the print edition of our local newspaper that detailed how groups affiliated with Peña Nieto widely distributed gift cards to prospective prior to the election, telling them the cards were worth about 500 pesos (about $37 dollars). After the election, when the people tried to use them the cards had a value about one fifth of that amount — if they were worth anything at all. That made for some ill will in itself.

        The online edition of the article has deleted that section.

      27. HEY!
        In 2011 they told us things will go bust in 2012 for sure!
        Now they are delaying that perfekt storm thingie into 2013!
        I want my storm yet to come in 2012!!!
        Lets get it done finally!
        I had enough!!!

      28. If you read the whole story, the “Perfect Storm” is only one of three outcomes he predicted.

        The fact that it is the one which seems to be happening is well, expected. re:See the last book of the Bible.

        • Christians win–I read the ending.

          • @Jayjay,

            Psalm 7:9-11
            Oh let the wickedness of the Wicked come to an end,
            But establish the Just;
            For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.
            My defense is of God.
            He who saves the upright in heart.
            God is a Just judge, And God is angry with the wicked every day.

            • SK, my favorite…Psalm 63.

      29. It’s all fun and games … till the FEDGOV GESTAPO CIA NSA FBI Kick-Off the Next FEDGOV biological nuclear multiple FALSE-FLAG al-cia-duh terrorist attack hits us All and WW3 is kicked off to cover up the Zionist Fascist AmeriKa’s lil’ Ole’ FedGov Debt Drug Problems of 160 Trillion in Fiat Currency and a unemployment rate of actually 33% and Rising Fast and the blatent theft of AmeriKa right out from under the once free , now debt enslaved American citizens!

        AmeriKa is going to War WW3 folks … to clean its dirty debt laundry and further enslave control you all.

        You best warn your kids … cause it will most likely be their young premature deaths bodily mutilations as a result of our criminal mafia gestapo zionist fascist commie banker run AmeriKa fedgov plans for a global banker run nwo police state carbon credit vat tax debt slave government!

        ~suckers ya’ never even had a chance. think of the time between now and then as a gift … arm up stock up prepare !

        • I was wondering where you been…

          • ;0p pssszzzt

      30. There are already stories of banks in Europe freezing deposits. How long until some bank(s) here refuse to let people have their money? Then What?

        • Most Americans are like Burger King…they want it their way and fast. If banks have to refuse money to customers for whatever reason (glitch in the system, bank holiday, lack of funds, etc), that could easily be the start of it all. It takes only a small pinch of salt to get that water boiling quickly and this would definitely serve as a pinch.

          But I shake my head, not in defeat, but in despair, because it will not matter who is elected President…the S-still-HTF.

          Be safe, be prepared.

      31. Pffft, Just like clockwork. Another fear porn article. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow someone will predict doom within the next 12 months. blah blah

      32. I heard doom was just around the corner in 2006, then again in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,2011,2012, and now 2013

        Seems to me that if danger is rounding all these corners, it is going in circles!!!!!

      33. Isn’t it funny how when things get out of hand, something happens to make US work together… God does work in mysterious ways. In the 1930s, when the bankers got out of control and led to a depression, World War II broke out to make US work together to save the world. Then we made regulations to prevent that and in 1999, we got rid of those regs. Now they are out of control again and we shall see what God has for us. I do believe that something is coming… I pray not, but will accept whatever it is and try to be sane through the turmoil…

        • In the mainstream propganda-mythology, your version of events is somewhat accepted. Public consumption propaganda.

          In reality, the parasites/banksters orchestrated and manipulated the “Great Depression”, set the stage for, and instigated “WW2”. America did’nt save the world from “evil”, the WW2 generation handed this country, and all of Western Civilization to the parasites.

          Sorry, I don’t believe “God will save America” either…

        • check SidRoth.Org, this week TV interview with Shane Warren, also check radio interviews. USA is in the slippery slope mode! It could flip either way…at this point.

        • God does have a plan for us and with our country moving farther and farther away from Christ I would not be suprised if we aren’t the modern day Sodom and Gamorahh.

          What is encouraging is that God was merciful when he accepted Abraham’s bargaining of sparing the cities if there were 10 righteous people there. They didn’t have them and God destroyed them by fire from the heavens.

          I came across a very good statement/question recently:

          Evil is all around us in today’s society, from lying and stealing to pornography, drugs, illicit sex, and violence. God calls us to be holy people set apart, not influenced by our wicked culture. Sin always has consequences. Do you take sin and God’s wrath seriously?

      34. Sorry for going off-topic, but is anyone else having trouble accessing SurvivalBlog? Appears he’s gone down again.

        • grannyb I’ve not able to access Survival Blog either.

          • I just left survivalblog and had no problem. yall try again.

        • He had another denial of service attack. He is asking for server space in other countries.

      35. You people truly are suckers…..now its the 2013 perfect storm and guaranteed next July it will be the 2014 perfect storm !!! This is becoming comical and sad at the same time …..the doom CLUB are vultures ….PREDATORY VULTURES

        • There may never be a “perfect storm”. But do you call 20%+ real unemployment, 50%+ on EBT, 30%+ on anti-depressants, unending war, a growing police-state, countless crimes, corruption at the highest levels, etc, etc, ad nauseum, just another happy normal day?

          I still try to just live my life, but know no-one who is somehow not affected by what can only be called an overall decline. Some day you will wake up, and such changes will visit you, and/or yours too.

          We are at the tail-end of an empire in it’s death-throes…

      36. Off subject, anybody having problems getting onto Survival Blog?

        • Got on this morning, SurvivalBlog. There was a note saying that they’d been hacked again and were trying to get some new URL’s up? Boy, somebody has it out for him.

      37. “By all accounts, the entire system from top to bottom is completely broke and on the verge of insolvency.”
        On the verge of insolvency ?
        Insolvent, Bankrupt, Skint, Reduced to lint trapping. Call it what you will but the makers of monopoly should be wondering just what they unleashed on this world when they dreamt up that board game.
        That so many “intelligent”, “educated” people could make such a mess of things whilst the rest of the population continues to cheer them on with their voting rights leaves me bewildered and saddened, not only for the children who must surely inherit this pile of crap, but for the society that was so painstakely put together by our forebears.
        Greed my be good but it is not sustainable.

      38. Is it me???
        The Walking Dead, The Colony, Falling Skies, Doomsday Preppers, The Road, The Book of Eli, 2012, One Second After, Apocalyptic Man, Survivor Man, Man vs Wild Dual Survival…zombies, aliens, bark eating men, face eating men, EMP threat…printed funny money, China, fallout, the middle east, drought, drones and bailouts, 100% GDP… NAW
        I think one of the hardest things for people my age to grasp is how much things have changed from when we were young. A lot of weirdness out there is the new normal.

      39. to KY MOM: Illegal aliens do not quality for Social Security benefits. I bet your info comes from a right-wing disinformation site and you, being the typical Fox viewer, are pretty ignorant.

        However, both Roubini and Celente say things will continue to fall apart and they are right. Latest economic numbers, from car sales to retail sales to employment numbers, show we the people are broke. The banks are in deep trouble, and our government is in a stalemate. Nobody is coming to the rescue, so I hope you’re stocking up on food and propane tanks.

        • sharonsj,

          Here is what I posted. This is a directly from the article:

          “More Americans and Illegals applied for federal government disability programs in June than got new jobs, according to two new government reports, a bleak indicator of how bad the nation’s jobs portfolio is looking after 3 1/2 years of economic ruin.”

          Illegal aliens and their families can and some do get welfare, food stamps, LIHEAP, etc.

          • Of course they do..they apply through their children.
            In Kentucky, illegals do not get food stamps and welfare; they’re children do though!!!

          • ignorant !

      40. I find myself torn between wanting to scream profanities at people for being so stupid and then I realize that it is only the people’s ignorance that is allowing the system to stay together for a short time longer.

      41. IF civilization reaches 2013 for the economy to collpase. There is an article on Debka about BO (obummer) planning to strike Iran in October, but I cannot link it because it is under premium content that cost something to buy it. Too bad because I wanted to read it too. There are so many problems right now in the Middle East, and it is going over the main news, as they are are focused on Syria. Arms are flowing into Gaza from Iran, and Hezbollah to the north has 300,000-400,000 rockets ready to lob into Israel. The fact is Israel is only about 9,000 sq. miles and most of their population is concentrate along the coast. The Negev desert takes up most of southern Israel.

        ONLY about 4,500 rockets were fired in the last Hezbollah war 6 years ago, and most of those rockets only had about 25-50 pounds of explosives in them. These rockets are much larger with much longer distance, including Scuds with about 1300 pounds of explosives in them. Israel’s “famous” Iron Dome could never handle the number of rockets in the air at one time, coming from the south in Gaza, the north from Lebanon, and from the east from Syria and Iran. They could not stop Hezbollah before, losing 100 of their best tanks and having their best missile cruiser nearly sunk.

        This time much better arms are available to be used against Israel from Iran, and from Russia and China. It is very highly likely after the bombardment that Israel will result to using their nukes, probably nuetron bombs against harderned Hezbollah rocket launching “baskets” all around Lebanon and Syria and possible the West Bank. If and when this happens Hezbollah will extremely likely use VX gas and other biological weapons from Iran and then all hell will break loose. VX gas is one of the worst weapons someone can use, it stick like glue to concrete and only takes a pin size amount to be inhaled or to get on someone’s skin to kill them. Hezbollah as a proxy to Iran has this, that you can be sure of.

        After gas is used on Israel then the mushroom clouds will be all over Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. It is likely that Iran already has a few nukes like North Korea did in the 1990’s and will hit Israel with them. Israel’s interest in stopping Iran is from mass producing nuclear weapons like Pakistan did. Then the issue of nuclear armed Pakistan that hates Israel as much as Iran does, comes into play also. There is an “Armageddon” ready to explode over there that will end civilization and no one is being allowed to hear about the shear fire power over there. I have talked to Israeli soldiers and they say it is unbelivable how much military hardware on all sides are sitting over there RIGHT NOW, and MORE is being added each day.

        Besides a deadly pandemic beginning, I truly think war has to be one of the top focal points of end the world as we know it. Dr. Doom should look over at the shear firepower, like a sub-continent sized ammunition depot developing over there. NEVER has there been so much concentrated military and destructive weapons in such an area, not even in WW1, WW2, the Korean War, or Vietnam War. This is something that could easily make the economy imploding in 2013, no economy left to collapse, totally irrelevant.

        • I forgot to mention Egypt with regards to Israel, to the west. Mursi is now president and practically all Muslim Brotherhood “members” support the annihilation of Israel and the United States. Egypt has lots of military thanks to the U.S. Now BO wants to get cozy with Mursi: http://www.debka.com/article/22164/Israel-perturbed-by-Obama’s-outreach-to-Mursi—against-his-word

          It is interesting to see how BO bends over on hand and knee to oblige muslims. It is interesting to note that 10% of all Kenyas are muslims. Just a thought.

        • If the bible is true, Israel will get through it. That’s why I believe there won’t be nukes going off in Israel.

          There will be terrible conflice in Israel during the end times and that is why it is called the Tribulation (Jeremiah 30:7)

          There will be a mass return of Jews to the land of Israel (Deuteronomy 30:3; Isaiah 43:6; Ezekiel 34:11-13; 36:24; 37:1-14)

          The Antichrist will make a 7 year covenant of “peace” with Israel (Isaiah 28:18; Daniel 9:27)

          The temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15, 21; Revelation 12:13).

          Israel will be invaded (Ezekiel chapters 38-39)

          Israel will finally recognize Jesus as their Messiah (Zechariah 12:10).

          Israel will be regenerated, restored and regathered (Jeremiah 33:8; Ezekiel 11:17; Romans 11:26).

          What is going on in Israel is only a hint of what will happen in the end times. Maybe we are at the tipping point of these times, but there hasn’t been a 7 year covenent of peace yet so we aren’t there yet.

          One interesting thing to watch is that the Temple of Solomon will be rebuilt. Today the Muslim dome is at the site of where the Temple is supposed to be built. This is the most sacred site on the planet for the Muslims as it is where they believe Muhommed rose. Can you imagine what would happen in today’s climate when the backhoe starts tearing it down to build a Christian temple? I’m guessing that will be the triggering point for when Israel is invaded.

          Is this the beginning of the end times? Could be, but maybe it’s not. Jesus said “Watch out that no one deceives you…You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.” (Matthew 24:4-6)

          Keep preppin’, there’s a bad moon on the rise.

          God Bless

          • @ Norse Prepper. I have always thought that much about what has been written long ago becomes fact because of the self fulfilling aspect of it. Not to say that what the Bible wrote is not correct, but those that do read it have a knack for helping those prophesies come true. I could see someone like ahmadinejad or some other ayatollah trying to bring about the coming of their savior by trying to “quicken” the circumstances of their return. It was rumored that bush was trying to hasten the second coming by engaging the Middle East. I think it all had to do with oil and natural gas reserves though.

            I think the one statement above applies all to well, “such things must happen, but the end is still to come”. This is shear wisdom because the end of all things does come. People CANNOT continue on the path they are going without an end. It could be a pandemic brought on by too many people and not enough to go around, this happens again and again with all species of the animal and plant kingdoms. It could be war as fighting over those remaining resources. It could just be the same cycles that has shaped the planet before, like another super volcano. I am seeing the super volcano down in New Zealand as a highly likely problem as the plates seem to be focusing much energy towards this region. It will happen again.

            Do I feel the economy will be the end of civilization, no. It could be the harbinger to the other events though, as many wars have been over the economy in the past. The economy alone has too many safety nets to lead to a total collapse at once. The economy is something that alone can make times very bad, but another highly destructive physical event must certainly occur for a total end to civilization. World war 3 would certainly be one of those. I still feel that the one issue we all have to worry about is a plague. Just look at this over in Cambodia that is killing almost 100% of the children over there that catch this virus.

            Always enjoy your comments.

            • Thanks Informed. The feeling is mutual. Your responses are always well thought out and respectful to others. +1!

      42. In the hypothetical situation of a government takeover.

        1) The troops are not the problem. It’s the politicians and unelected bureaucrats who should be removed. One way or another.

        2) This one is aimed at the military and LEO’s.
        A) The American people bought your training and gear.
        B) When the Constitution is thrown out. You too become expendable once you have outlived your usefulness. We would be living under a Thugacracy. Might makes right. Not law and order.
        C) If you follow illegal orders ‘like’ all the other troops. Somewhere someone else is shooting YOUR family and relatives.
        D) In the event of a Constitutional over throw. Best to hide your pro Constitutional leanings until you can take out some of the TOP usurpers. You will be rewarded afterwards. The American people will win. And do you really want to live under a Dictator anyway? One who will purge ANYONE with questionable loyalties.

        3)To everyone, plan now. You can store a wealth of information on a Laptop. maps, utilities, government buildings, etc. The best resistance will be many unaffiliated groups. Take out your local traitors.

        P.S. I may be cross posting. I frequently have many tabs open about financial doom and gloom stuff. 🙂

        • Sierra Dave,

          Alot can be said about your last statement, But it would only be wise to buy a few thumb drives and a lot of printer ink and paper. About the only thing I know lately is no computer is 100% secure. Back up everything that you spent months rounding up.


      43. The “perfect storm” ??? With that, I am truly convinced about something pertaining to the weather. Last week I witnessed something that I would never have expected in the NC mtn. foothills. At about 4:00 pm., my friends digital thermometer was reading(accurately) 108.3 degrees. It is evident that the earth’s axis has rotated. By what info I can gather, it seems that our current location is now about 500 miles further to the south and a little bit further west than we were ten years ago. Just wondering if anyone else had such an understanding/observation?

        • That would be fascinating if correct, and would take some pretty heavy math to prove it. It would prove a true “Pole-Shift”. It is known that the “magnetic poles” are shifting, but the Earth actually changing position so quickly would be hard to prove.

          • don’t tread and JustMe,

            I have read that the poles have shifted.

            North Pole Shifting, Warming in the US, USDA rekeases new planting zone map.

            1/26/2012 — USDA confirms WARM LATITUDES move north = New PLANTS will grow = Russia North Pole


            In January 2012, the USDA released a new planting zone map for the US.

            2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

            • Thank you KY Mom,

              It is true that the planting zones are moving North, but it seems more likely that is because the surface temperature of the Earth has risen by a degree, or so; that may not seem like much, but it does appear enough to shift climates around.

              One thing I would look for if the Earth actually rolled a bit, would be Sunrise, and Sunset, and the length of time the Sun is up throughout the year. If the Earth is rolling, daylight hours would change just a bit for the Northern Hemisphere. Of course it could be that the change is so small that it’s not noticable. It would seem that we would notice some physical changes. Maybe not…

        • don’t tread,

          DK has some very good links to check that out, I cannot say the earth has shifted but I can tell you 10 days ago out on the ranch I’m working on 3 of our trucks showed 113 degs here in the panhandle of TX. Last summer was the hottest summer we had in a long time and it never got over 108 degs. Sure does seem strange.


        • i feel the same there Tread, actually in the summer of many, ive noticed how the sun has skipped the main road at sunset.best go scout for some sweet springs. the water war is getting near,

        • breaking temp records up here in the north east too..105 on my mercury last friday and saturday..sunday was a hot one too..all week was above 94 or more
          not normal for this area

      44. Greeting again!
        Don’t really care when the SHTF moment will happen anymore,but remember how my grandfather made it thru the GREAT DEPRESSION(what happened back them makes our current times a cakewalk).Despite being on the thrifty side,He lost much of the family wealth to the “bankers” of his day.In spite of the crooks,he kept his house,grew a modest but intense “kitchen”(and NOT in the front yard either!He loved his flowers and lawn)garden.Got up early,went to bed early.He had one firm family motto:One bag of Gold to: “start over,elsewhere if need be.”,Two bags of silver(it had a real value in the stores back then) to get what he couldn’t barter,trade or make and grow for himself.And he kept a modest amount of “folding money” on hand as well before AND after the “bankers thievery”.He lived to his ninety’s and outlived TWO beloved wives,one lost to the influenza plague after WWI.And a MUCH younger girl who was also much loved,and loved him in return,but became sickly as she grew older.He cared for her till she died.
        He hated doctors who were “health care professionals”(read in it for the money).He finally died in bed in his sleep.
        His tomb(bought and paid well before the event)still resides among us today.
        If I can live life as fully and completely as he,I think I would have lived well no matter how things turn out…

        • GFG…Your pap was a wise man. Wish more people were as self sufficent as he was. The money(coins) back then was actually a store of value. Debasing the coinage of this country is a crime and should be punishable by death.

      45. Mac

        Roubini is well respected overall


        How dead on are his predictions and insights overall?



      46. Governments around the globe are in full panic mode. Incumbents are being tossed out on their asses in Greece, Italy and Spain because they were to conservative??? Go figure. The entitlement crowd they created is now in control of the ballot box in Europe. Ours took place in 2008. We now have a scenario where the patients are in charge of the nut house.

        The problem is these nuts think government creates wealth, jobs and they have an unlimited supply of cash to pass out. Is there a difference between the entitlement crowd and the trust funders? I don’t think so, they are both clueless!

        In Europe the politicians only face the pitch forks at the gates. Here in America it will be a whole different story. What will be the October surprise? Will they crash the system to gain control? If they do, can they control it? Will our government declare a National emergency and cancel the elections. There are so many possibilities it’s hard to imagine. Hell they could just print trillions of dollars and keep the game going for years.

        The storm has been brewing since 1912, will it make land fall this year or just head back out to sea. That is the trillion dollar question and it’s anyone’s guess. Then again we could all just be a bunch of paranoid, uneducated, Rambo nut jobs.

        The financial system is crumbling and the smartest people in the world don’t even see it coming so why should they listen to a bunch of hicks who are clinging to our Bibles and guns?

        • very well written and well said patriot. I feel the same way and have hard times writing but what you said is how I feel as well. I got a bachelors degree which dont mean crap and in good shape for 40. but I love to read everyones opinion on here for the most part, a few stupid ones but this is a free site and country so no complaints. I dont know what will happen but look at our grandparents how they were family and now you see welfare families and its going to get worse. not blaming the blacks but honestly they are a large part of this problem, I like blacks just like any white person as well but we have the frank and dodd fuckos who are complete idiots and people still elect people like this I dont get it. my point is people anymore are too stupid to see common sense or the truth. they believe anything on msm its nuts. all I can say is take care and learn as much as you can and care for others.

          • Since the 60’s Americans have spent close to $60 Trillion on government anti poverty programs and we now have more people living in poverty.

            Dealing with the public in business I have met 3rd. and 4th. generation welfare recipients. The safety net has been turned into a hammock complete with EBT card that allow the card holder to buy Booze and Smokes using the benefit. Can they buy pot in California with the EBT?

            It is time to strictly Constitutionally limit government to only what is in the constitution. o more reading between the lines, no more redistributing wealth via unequal or progressive taxation. If 10% is good enough for God, it should also be the sum of all taxes on every Citizen.

            If we stripped all pay and benefits from politicians and outlawed lobbyist and insider trading for politicians; only the true public servant, would serve. Its time we do away with the career politicians. Where else could anyone get a full pension with benefits after only 6 years of service??? This is an entitlement too.

            Furthermore the Congress used to be a place of high Honor, now its a house of ill repute! Like Charlie Daniels sings: this Lady may have stumbled, but she hasn’t fallen. This time I think she fell off the cliff of moral, social and political decay!!

            • We keep redefining what it means to be in poverty. The World Bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than $1.25 per day and moderate poverty as living on less than $2.00 per day. In 2012, the poverty level in the U.S. is set at $11,170 per year which is about $30 per day or fifteen times the moderate poverty level for the world. The key to key to welfare reform is to put the burden of collecting benefits on the recipient. Outlaw air conditioning and cable TV in subsidized (non-senior) housing and let people walk to the soup kitchen for meals and people would be motivated to better their own lives while still having a safety net.

              Unless we made political office part time perhaps meeting every two years like Texas and a few other states, I believe only the independently wealthy could afford to serve.

            • Amen pastor!!!!

          • True Pastor. How about a 50lbs bag of rice, beans, flour and a block of cheese. A shelter instead of section 8 housing and drug testing to get your stuff next month.

            I guarantee they will be off welfare quick. Welfare can not and should not provide a living wage, it should be a base for survival period.

      47. Eet is impoosible to fook it up!!!

      48. I may ve wrong as i was a small child but have looked up some stuff but in 1970s with carter leading the country we were in high unemployment rates inflation was very bad and nost job creation was gov. jobs. seems like the same song. i also remeber gas shortages as i would go with my mom and we would go on our day (odd and even day thing was the way to get gas)and not sying anything with this but our country economically did turn around with regan. I was little and we were poor but i did not know it at the time. I was loved and happy. I did not know that mom burnt candles to save on the electric bill only thought she made the house pretty. I did not know the roast we had for dinner was deer meat, all I knew is I was full and it tasted really good. But within a year of the election my dad landed a great job, we went out to eat and took our first family vacation. One election changed my families way of life. Not sayin it will happen now but do not give up hope….maybe God is gettin our attention to repent and learn what really matters, love, hope and faith. just trying to be positive.I am not imppressed with either party but I am trying to keep positive in all of what is going on.

      49. As I have said many times, this is an economic war.
        The only way to win such a war is; shared logistics.
        Most people don’t know, that Babylon invented banks and usury and crony capitalism. So Babylon is the current System, and has been for thousands of years. Otherwise known as; The Rule of Gold, He who has the gold, rules.
        It must be brought down by the Golden Rule.
        But to do this, you must give up the American Dream, and wealth accumulation in paper. Invest in yourselves, hobbies become production, networks of producers that are also consumers, to achieve balance.

        Politicians aren’t worried, not because they are dumb, but because they have a plan… Those who worry about the money and economics, don’t understand, that politics trumps economics…

        It is obvious, is it not? They are blowing it all up deliberately, then they can take over the ‘evil capitalist money’, that is TOO limited, and by then, you will beg for their ‘good socialist credit’, unlimited, keeping their system in place, but, the catch is, it must be reset at the Global level, in order to maintain cover.

        Then you can bend over. They already own your minds, now your body, then they take your soul… just stick your hand out and take your chip like a good boy. And preachers will give you lots of coherent religious reasons why it is NOT The Mark of the Beast… and you lose.

        The Scripture is clear, if you read it for yourself and don’t listen to preachers who have sold themselves to Caesar for tax bennies, you must go “into the wilderness, on wings of eagles”. If Babylon is The System, then the wilderness is not, wings of eagles is multi layers, but we have; gold eagles, silver eagles, and barter currency.

        There are ways to get together by finding each other, build trust, and communicate securely, but you have to want it. Unfortunately, our individuality and intelligence is our Achilles heel. Everybody has a ‘plan’, everybody knows everything, every man is an island, standing alone, screaming at the hurricane bearing down on them, and wondering what can we do? When somebody comes up with a plan, you ridicule him, and call him names.

        You will all deserve what comes your way, because you cannot love thy neighbor.

        God bless, and good luck.

      50. Ive been reading the comments and would like to add a small thought, It may not make sense to some and some it may. We are a fast living society and our economies only function when Consumer spending is at a consistant predictable rate so Government can stay on top of us and give back enough to keep us satisfied that all is well and Government can continue to grow and watch over us. That is no longer reality. Its back to the place that if you want to be safe it is up to the individul and families to live on a 12 month cycle and prepare to take care of as we did 100 years ago and dont count on Government or anyone except Family and Friends as a group to help. Last thought for this only post I have ever done, Folks its going to be rough for I while but we still live in the greatest country in the World and we can rebuild it With individul strength and hard work and a lot less Government, less then 50% is a good place to start.Treeguy

      51. Cancel all the debt and let the games begin.

        Oh what’s that, you want your money back? Well, you can have these missiles instead…

        You know in the end it will HAVE to come down to that…

        • You may be right, but since our debts are dollar denominated we may print the payoffs. We are playing a big game of global monopoly with the goal to be trading imaginary fiat currency for natural resources like precious metals, farmland, and fossil fuels. Whoever is holding those when the music stops wins.

      52. I was born and raised in fly over country. Have worked here my whole life. It has taken me down a lot of back roads, you know gravel-dirt. One year late summer and early fall, we had a nasty time with the weather, rain and such. One day I came up to a homemade sign beside the road I was on. It made me stop, look and think. We as a nation have come to that sign. It said “WARNING- CHOOSE YOUR RUTS WISELY BECAUSE YOU WILL BE IN THEM FOR THE NEXT 4 MILES.”
        But thats just me
        Live Free and Stand Tall and Proud! (choose wisely)

      53. here we go again, the same fear mongering headline in 07-08-09-10-11-12, give it a break.

      54. if the failing financial system isn’t our undoing

        maybe the sun will do us in

        activity is increasing and will be peaking in 2013
        its just getting warmed up so to speak


        if you haven’t already done so
        signing up for email alerts is a good idea


        the more warning you have
        the better

      55. All I need is:

        ABC: Anything Bernanke Cant Destroy. ie, canned food, battery, etc


        3Gs: Gold, Guns, Girls.

      56. Check this out-

        Pasted from the doc’s site-

        Move over Barclays, BOE, and Paul Tucker- US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and the NY Fed’s William Dudley just moved front and center in the escalating LIEBORGATE scandal.

        Reuters reports that Geithner, then head of the NY Fed, held a ‘Fixing LIBOR’ meeting with at least 8 Fed officials on April 28th, 2008!

        • Move along people!!

          Nothing to see!!!

          Move along!!!!

          This was 100% pridictable.

        • Put him in the same cell as Eric Holder.

      57. What does he know? He’s not a banker. The bankers say everything’s great. Stick your head back in the sand and go back to sleep. They’ve got your back…

      58. Buying 8 #10 cans of freeze dried food this weekend, prep, prep, and prep some more

      59. Our country may not last until 2013. At some point there will be panic selling of the dollar and the dollar will become worthless in a very short time. That could happen next week, next month, or next year.

        Now is the time to finish prepping. The US corn crop is dying. Now is the time to buy whatever food you’re going to need. Don’t wait until a box of cereal is $6 at Wal-Mart.

      60. Note to Black woman blames “Whiteys” etc for all negroes problems(Still!!) Look up a us supremes ct case from 1800’s era to find that…The First slave registered as Property, was a case Brought BY a BLACK Man who argued HIS Slave was OWNED PROPERTY!!!

        Then check Facts..IE: The WOMAN who Owned the MOST slaves of ANYONE in america was a…BLACK Woman slave owner who was VERY wealthy and If I recall was located in or near Atlanta GA!!!…She OWNED aprox 295 Slaves!! SHE WAS BLACK!! Like them Monkys in africa who SOLD em all! They was Black also!

        Now for the real fun part and this will I am certain draw many complaints from so many here who always state that “Do NOT trust MSM or Public Screweals(Schools) cause 99% we ALL was Taught is LIES!!(That IS correct)..

        Yet them same folks who say this STILL want to Selectivly believe 100% of what they been told by same MSM & School history when it is about jews/germany/etc…

        Well do serious research and facts is Most who did the Slavery-Trade etc were a combo of Bankers(financed it all) Ships owners-ship captains and even entire ships crews and other profiteer carpetbagger types…AND MOST was…Jews!….It is facts like it or not.

        And like all else wicked or wrong done in america and europe they change names-shave beards-change clothes-learn spoken language and convert to (usally catholic..sometimes other denoms of christian) to Pretend to be US Whites!

        Then as occured is 109 countires since 245ad. they(jew swindlers) get found out and soon after BOOTED Out!…Then comes mucho cryo of oy vey why us?!

        AND it is US WHITE Folks who Always gets the Main Blame!

        America and specially Whites in usa have done More and allowed jews more in Every sector possible…Look How they Now thank us!….This time perhaps they Bit Off a little More then they can Jew!

        Oh lest I forget Black Lady complainer…My IRISH(1/2 irish) Ancestors were the VERY FIRST SLAVES in america!..Not just “Indentured servants like some agreed to for passage money to america etc and a Limited time of service/work….REAL SLAVES AGAINST Their will!

        Thats reason when Black Africans was brought here AFTERWARDS…It went so smooth cause the System was already up and runnin swell from IRISH folk slaves used to set it up FIRST!!!….I was BORN/Raised/Spent 43 yrs IN Detroit Lady..Don’t tell me any crapola…All was real swell in Detroit untill I was 10yrs old and the “Invasion of Blacks” began…It took me another few yrs to understand what the fuck “There goes the neighborhood” meant..At Age 15yrs old I KNEW!! That was when Negroes(who like be called Colored back then) LOOTED/DESTROYED/BURNED DOWN a former GREAT(Motor City! for a Reason was called That) City that took aprox. 300 YEARS of WHITE Folks hard work and much expense in Money AND Blood to Build!

        Negroes tried prove we all be “Equal” by BURNING it DOWN in RECORD Time…5 yrs from Inavade/Inhabit-to-LOOT Destroy BURN!….I Moved Up North to Whitemans lands mich 16 yrs ago…BEST Move I ever did!…ZERO Looters..Zero crimes!..Zero negroes!

        Ok call me an racist and don’t forget call me a Vile antisemitenaziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews…skinhead hatemonger etc etc….Its ok cause I Do know and Accept Truth & Facts…..Angelo the Whiteman!!

      61. Take Roubini with a grain of salt. He gets media coverage from his negative comments. So he makes more negative comments. Like Mad Money’s Cramer, his comments are more likely aimed at improving his own returns rather than providing actual guidance to investors.

        That said, given the almost universal incompetence of world leaders, and their complete inability to deliver, who knows how bad it could get?

      62. Why does the media continue to say consumers are holding back on spending? Holding back? When are they gonna get a clue that there is no money to spend? No jobs = no money.

      63. what Mike implied I’m amazed that you can profit $6543 in one month on the internet. have you read this webpage makecash16. çom

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