Dr. Doom Explains How To ‘Short’ Central Banks When Public Confidence Collapses: “It’s The Only Way”

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Headline News | 207 comments

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    All over the world central banks are printing money. Trillions upon trillions of dollars, euros, yen and yuan are being injected into the global economy. The immediate effect, of course, is rising asset prices because most of that money ends up in the hands of private banking cartels that continue to manipulate financial markets world-wide.

    And though their activities have given investors and the general public the perception of success, the reality is that we are in serious economic trouble. Otherwise, why would central banks need to forcibly keep interest rates near zero and continue to slam massive amounts of cash into equities and other markets?

    It is for this reason that well known contrarian investor “Dr. Doom” Marc Faber suggests you start looking at a way to ‘short sell’ the actions of central banks. According to Faber, one day in the near future the people are finally going to realize that it’s all a sham and when they do the public will likely lose confidence in the ability of central banks and governments to effectively manage the economy. On that day all hell will break loose and very few investments will survive the fallout.

    But Faber says if you position yourself for those events now, you’ll be just fine.:

    “My belief is that the big surprise this year is that investor confidence in central banks collapses. And when that happens — I can’t short central banks, although I’d really like to, and the only way to short them is to go long gold, silver and platinum,” he said. “That’s the only way. That’s something I will do.”

    “We simply have highly inflated asset markets. Real estate is high, stocks are high, bonds are high, art prices are high, and interest rates and short-term deposits are basically zero,” Faber said. “The only sector that I think is very inexpensive is precious metals, and in particularly precious-metals stocks.”

    Though Faber recommends gold and silver as the investments that will survive the currency destruction and devaluations to come, precious metals aren’t the only investments he’s recommended in anticipation of a financial Armageddon scenario.

    In his monthly Gloom Boom and Doom report he has suggested minimizing your dependency on the system because major financial and economic collapses often lead to serious consequences:

    In addition to investment advice, Marc Faber also provides practical advice for those looking to preserve their well being. His advice is often looked at as a joke, but make no mistake, Faber is totally serious, even if he has a grin on his face when he says that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

    In his latest GBD Report, Faber again advises those with the means to do it, to leave urban areas and seek safety in rural, country areas, preferably farms, and to be prepared to defend that land in the event the worst happens:

    Faber has an interesting suggestion for investors if the plunge comes to pass.

    With tongue apparently in cheek, he says buy a farm you can tend to yourself way out in the boondocks. And protect it with high voltage fences, barbed wire, booby traps, military weapons and Dobermans.


    Faber, like many students of history, understands what happens when large economies and their systems of trade collapse.

    “It’s going to end in a complete disaster. But, we have to distinguish – the disaster may not happen for five to ten years. But we’re heading into an iceberg. And, what will eventually happen is that the population will suffer very badly from inflation and declining real wages.” (Source)

    In addition to rioting, looting, violence and revolution, Dr. Doom sees the ultimate worst-case scenario manifesting over the next several years:

    On another optimistic note, World War III will occur in the next five years. That means the Middle East will blow up. New regimes there will be less Western-friendly. The West has also figured out it can’t contain China, which is rising rapidly and will have more military and naval power in Southeast Asia. ”

    Source: World War III Will Occur In the Next Five Years

    And this is why, in addition to precious metals as a wealth preservation asset of last resort, you should be looking at invests that will prepare you for a wide array of scenarios, including widespread economic collapse and the real possibility of a global military conflict.

    Precious metals are great, but there is a strong likelihood that should currencies collapse or war break out, there will be no immediate access to essential goods like food and medicine.

    Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, suggests stockpiling long-term foodstuffs that include the 11 emergency foods that last a lifetime. Like gold, they can be purchased at a reasonable price today. And like gold, should it hit the fan, food will rise in value exponentially. Moreover, you’ll have it in your possession, to be used as you see fit, without the threat of “counter party risk” that exists when trading paper stocks and commodities.

    And, as Faber has emphasized repeatedly in recent years, get out of major cities and become as self sustaining as possible:

    That’s why I’m telling everybody, you ought to own some land… Because paper money and bonds are very vulnerable over the next five to ten years.



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      1. Stock up on popcorn, this is going to be a good show.

        • Definitely popcorn! We have ours in 5 gallon buckets 🙂

            • Need to get news via the internet, forget all cable/sat tv, its all rigged.
              Think I read earlier that Zero sent troops over to Ukraine. Anyone else read that or know where the artical was?

              • If I find an article I will post. But I have first hand information of several troop movements to various places starting back in Oct and includes the Ukraine AO.

                • F.F.
                  Please do. Knowledge is what we are all looking for.

                • Same shit, new day.

                  Push the big red reset button, please.


              • I read an article about it on Yahoo yesterday. Not sure what service it was posted from.

              • Calgagus, the alternative media is loaded with reliable sources and other sources that are just as bad as MSM. You have to really do your homework for GOOD sources.

                • Not sure about troops but “Con” gress passed a bill to spend ?$350 mil for military aid to Ukraine….


                  Loan guarantees backed by the IMF at the tune of 17bil..

                  Again this was all at the end of 2014..

                  Academi,formerly XE formerly Blackwater,has denied reports of mercenaries deployed in Ukraine as well..

                  Either way..Bidens son is now on the board of directors for Gazprom/Ukraine..so surely some back room deals are and will be done to secure his lucrative position…even though Russia has threatened cut off to the gas supplies through out the region..

                  As far as Farbers prognostications….same shit new day

                  Now the can is kicked down for disaster another 5-10 years!

                  according to Dr Doom

                  Enjoy the day


                  • LOL! Gazprom of Ukraine is now S.O.L.! Putin released a black swan last week and shut off all gas deliveries to the Ukraine and western Europe. Now rerouting through Turkey.
                    A great move on Putin’s part. Now we get to see who the real chumps are: E.U., NATO and Washington.
                    Gonna get real cold in Europe this week with Arctic blast coming in.
                    Wait, wait, France considering ending sanctions.
                    HAw, haw, haw. Can’t wait for NATO to be dissolved.

            • Could be obama is going for a twofer. Take down the U.S., and Russia also no friend to muslims. I know, the bamster isn’t smart enough to come up with this on his own, he’s a tool. Who’s?

          • Sams club, 50 pound bag for 28.00

            • And when ground it makes excellent cornbread.

          • Watch out for the microwave popcorn. It has toxins in the bag. Many bad things in those convenient little bags.

            This article has a big misrepresentation in the print….

            “That’s why I’m telling everybody, you ought to own some land… Because paper money and bonds are very vulnerable over the next five to ten years.”

            This should read… “next five to ten MONTHS.

            Chaina and Switzerland reach deal about the Yuan?

            ht tp://rt.com/business/224759-china-switzerland-offshore-deal/

            • You mentioned PM”s and PM stocks. Well yesterday the biggest loser on the NY Exchange was EGO a gold mining stock it was down 20% this is a good solid company, so it looked like a buying opportunity. Trekker Out. I’ll Find Out!

            • The workers in the plants putting the artificial butter flavor in the microwave bags are getting a lung ailment called ‘popcorn lung’, just like coal miners or bricklayers.

              That stuff is not good for you.

              I’ve not had a microwave over for 8 years now, haven’t missed it a bit. Remodeled my kitchen, could have done a built-in, refused to do it and no regrets.

              I eat better, too, no doubt about it. And seem to have a lot less packaging in the trashcan at the end of the week.

          • Farmland is great if you have the energy and manpower to run it all. A lot of machinery, tools, fuel, etc. With a lot less land and a hell of a lot less water you can make an aquaponics setup for a hell of a lot less money and space and tools, and fuel and manpower. An added bonus is you get fish to eat along with your veggies and need NO fertilizer or chemicals. You can hide an aquaponics system a lot easier even put it in your house. Look into it, it is a far superior and extremely cheaper and easier way to grow food. You can make them in any size you want, from closet to basement size. Run it on solar and you will need no fuel and it is silent. It is easier and better than hydroponics and produces meat also. All you need is a tank for the fish, a small submersible pump, trays for the plants, pots and mixture for the plants to grow in, an air pump for the fish, a few simple plumbing parts. Once filled the only water you need is to keep it topped off from the evaporation. If you have it outside in cold weather put the trays inside a greenhouse with radiant solar heating. Put your fish tank in the ground or dig a hole and line it with pond liner. Use an insulated cover and your set. Think about that compared to acres of land and tons of water and machinery and tools and fuel and manpower and being out in the open for everyone to see. Also insect problems are virtually non existent. Spend tens of thousands for a giant pain in the ass or the smart alternative for a few thousand that is vastly better. There’s yer prep tip for the week 🙂

            • Giant pain in the ass ?
              AWW , yer killin me.
              Accually if a person stays outta crop production it aint all bad. A few head of cattle , grow an orchard add some chicken tractors and of course a garden.
              Just a couple hours a day.

              My money is on farmland , literally.

              • On a prepping note, for those of you who raise chickens for meat.
                What will you do when ya cant order 2-300 pullets a couple times a year?
                Those hatcheries will be gone.
                We are working on a wood fired incubator , sounds crazy but with no electric hatching eggs in a reliable manner will be a bitch .
                Better ideas ?

                • Let the hens sit on their own eggs. People used to raise their own chickens without any outside help at all. I have a chicken house and a biddy house. I’m sure I, and the neighbors too, can raise enough chickens to have chicken just about every Sunday.

                  • Archivist – Yeh. Until the city comes along and fines you for raising chickens on residential zoned property. My daughter lost all of her birds recently of face stiff fines.

                • we raise our own chickens and have been experimenting now for several years, what we found was that because of ALL the fake incubators, chickens were losing there want to set, since we have been raising our own NOW we are getting hens who are wanting to set. only issues we see will be keeping some separate to stop inbreeding.
                  we will see how it all turns out! appears auquponics is the way to go for lots of reasons!

                • thats why my chickens reproduce on their own, no incubator ,no hassles. I have 4 roosters that take of that!! the hens hatch all my chicks just like they are SUPPOSED TO DO.Now raising cornish for meat is another story. Most cornish are genetically modified and will NOT reproduce,sick isn’t it? My chickens are mostly for soup,but if shtf who cares. The old school way works just fine, when the hen is broody let her do what nature intended her to do.If you never tried letting your hens hatch you should try it.If you are buying 300 pullets a year you must have a big family, that will be tough to raise this way. I can raise 100- 200 no problem and they give me plenty of eggs.Last year we had about 40 chicks hatch with 100% hatch rate. usually we lose a couple of chicks but these hens are way better than an incubator. There are meat birds that will reproduce natually, this may be for you. we have them mostly for eggs but i do not have to buy chickens ever again. Good luck to you!!!

                  • AG –
                    Thanks , ya meat birds are separate from the layers.
                    We sell some meat birds to nieghbors but put up around 200 for the freezer. Two birds a week on the table.
                    We allow the layers to hatch their own , but havent had the success rate we would like.
                    Always tryin new stuff .

                    • We won’t be able to raise the breeds that are popular now, but instead will be successful with heritage breeds. When you find them look for the word “utility” in the advertising as so many of the old breeds have lost their original vitality as they have been bred in recent years just for looks and show. Utility flocks are the buzzword to look out for if you want them to do for you, what they did for your Grandparents.

                      Get some pullets of a pre-war breed raised by an enthusiast this year as it may be your last opportunity to do so. Our grandparents ate the boys and used the hens for eggs with their home flocks. They weren’t breeding for commercial purposes so much as for food on the table.

                      Depending on climate and space take a look at Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, French marans, Light Sussex, Dorkings etc. Take a look at again at how people ate in the Middle ages – eggs were banned during lent not so much for religious regions as because this was THE perfect time of year for a hen to sit on her clutch of eggs and raise healthy chicks that would survive the next winter.

                      Providing you keep a seperate breeding trio from the main flock each year to avoid inbreeding, you’ll end up with a flock that produces slightly less eggs or weight of meat per bird, but that is totally self-sustaining. In addition if you do your research for your locale and climate (my suggestions were based on what worked in the UK climate) you’ll wind up with a flock which naturally fairly disease resistant and able to forage once sacks of feed are no longer easily available at the store.

                      Look at other fowl too – would geese (gread guard dogs!) or guinea fowl (totally independent and eat the mite on other birds) or ducks suit you better in a long term survival situation.

                      In terms of labour division a sensible 9 or 10 year old should be capable of looking after a small back yard flock – freeing up the adults in the family for other tasks.

                      I think of it like I do vegetable seeds – so many varieties that rely on lots of fertiliser, don’t breed true, etc, etc are designed for today’s system. Heritage seeds will be the ones with real value once so many of today’s conveniences are no longer available and you can’t go to the store each year. Reducing reliance on the system extends to crop rotation, permaculture, and making your own compost. (use that chicken waste for compost!).

                      Heritage seeds and the breeds of animal and fowl, that your ancestors relied on in your area will see you thru better than modern types.

                      We only have a tiny flock of Bantam Marans and for us, in a wet climate they are proving their worth on a tiny plot. Broody enough to raise a batch of chicks per hen per year but not so broody you never get any eggs to eat. Much tastier than shop bought chicken, and the egg output is just fine for our needs. What worries me is we only have one cockeral, but I hope to correct that this spring by bringing in another line so long term we have a bit of genetic diversity.

              • Sorry hammer, it is fine for some folks that already have a farm but another thing to consider with using aquaponics is you don’t have to pay property tax on a bunch of land AND you don’t have to worry so much about the govt. siezing it as they have stated they can and will a farm. Also an aquaponics system can be portable so you will always have it wherever you go. As far as meat other than fish, rabbits are easy to raise and birds too. To raise cattle here takes at least 20 acres per cow to feed and you need a water source.

                • Your right about all that Genius.
                  We love our beef but dont raise cattle because theyre not efficient to grow out. Pigs, you bet. We dont keep a breeding pair though so we might or might not get piglets in the spring. This past year w/ that virus we didnt get them til early summer. Raising pigs this way depends on a farmer but we dont want a boar right now so thats that.
                  What we do count on are the rabbits and chickens for a steady meat supply. We raise all of them and also buy broilers. Getting our broilers depends on a chicken breeder because we order them once a year. We know well lose that connection when the S hits hard. But We also keep the heavy chickens for eggs and meat. We use an incubator for hatching but this spring were planning to buy a few banty hens for setting. Well use them instead of the incubator to get off the electricity.
                  Been looking into hydroponics but not much on aquaponics. We got the place for a small pond so we might give that some consideration. So much to do.

                  • GENIUS-CAL-
                    I guess you guys are in the SW where grass aint so plentiful.
                    Useing rotational grazing i am able to run a dozen or more on 20acres and still make hay on the same parcel!
                    Big subsciber to joel salatins methods.
                    The chickens WILL sit , but i cant keep a steady production rate , just not efficient.

                    Hydroponics sounds like it would be fun to try , maybe i will do some research and check it out.
                    Might be a good way to extend the short season.

                    • Hammer, make sure you compare hydroponics with aquaponics. Hydroponics is dependent on additives and stuff and you get no meat from it and its a pain.

            • Genius
              I agree aquaponics is a great way to grow food, but it is not “grid-down” safe. Make sure you have redundant backup electricity sourses.

              • AgDr, yes you are right. It would only take a small solar setup to run it, all you are using is an air pump (aquarium type) and a small submersible pump. Probably a 400 watt PV with 4 golf cart batteries would do it.

            • I agree. That’s what a few of us up here in N.Idaho are doing. We’re building an aquaponics system with L.E.D. grow lights. It takes less water, less land, no chemicals. It produces 10 times the yield (Chard or Kale in 14 days)all year long. The byproduct is FISH. You can use geothermal floor heating or rocket stove technology.

              6 – 1200 gal fish tanks, filtration and ZDEP™,2 raft tanks, 4 Living Filter Media Beds

              Annual Vegetable Production

              138,240 heads of lettuce in the raft tanks+ 29,000 – 33,000 bunches of greens in the Living Filter Media Beds.

              This is a large commercial system. Cost is about $200,000 for aquaponics system with greenhouse and grow lights.Works out to about 12-16 month ROI. This is the future and its here to do now, turn key.

              • Forgot to mention the fish by product;

                11,625 lbs. whole fish (3,875 lbs. fillets)

          • LOL @Mac! Sounds like the “economy” size from CostCo. 😀

          • Picked up 30 lbs of popcorn from a local farmer this week. Cheap. You have to deal with the FM(foreign mater), but for the price who cares. Now I just need to make sure we have enough peanut oil.

        • Nobama
          Have you tried the new caramel pop corn? Not too bad.

        • How about preempting the entire mess. Short the US Federal Government and all involved.
          How do you go about doing that???

          • Hammerun says:

            “How about preempting the entire mess. Short the US Federal Government and all involved. How do you go about doing that???”

            Q: “How do you go about doing that???”

            A: Just say no! Withdraw your consent (on every level)!!

            I don’t think you really need an explanation of how to “short” the US Feral Government, because you already know how this is done if you’ve been paying any attention.

            The question is this:

            Q: Do you have the balls to “short” the bastards?

            Do you??

            You will find the answer to that question while standing in front of a mirror.

          • It called Prepping. Get ready to live without them.

        • I’ve always enjoyed popcorn, prepared the “old-fashioned” way, on the stove top! Yes, it IS part of our supply.

          • The kids’ friends always freak out when they come over because I bust out the “Whirly Pop” instead of a microwave bag… A couple of em didn’t realize that popcorn actually comes from…. Corn and not a bag with ‘this side up ‘ written on it.

            • Hi Mac, love your column. Your comment reminds me of once I asked a little kid, approx 7-8, where milk comes from and He looked puzzled for a minute but then smiled and said ” it comes from the store.” I looked at my wife and all I could say was ” who knew”. cheers

            • It is better for you that way, the microwave popcorn makes my Gout act up and is full of chemicals for shelf life

          • TPS, Braveheart also enjoys popcorn the ‘old-fashioned’ way. Can’t get better popcorn than that.

            • Gotta love how the definition of “old fashioned” changes over the decades. I remember, as a kid, popping corn over a bed of wood fire coals in a square wire basket with a long wire handle on it. It worked pretty well, even when the electric was out. Keeping a bunch of µ-wave popcorn for SHTF or other emergencies seem a little silly unless one has a lot of solar power but some people do just that.

        • Love that picture of the bomb going off behind the guy’s head. All I could think of was a hang-over…

        • Just bought my BOL today. A few highland acres in the far end boonies of rural Florida surrounded on 3 sides water and tens of thousands of acres of swamp land. The Realtor jokes this looks like the land in the movie Deliverance. Close selling my city property in 3 weeks and that csnt come soon enough. Get the Hell out of the cities. I am going to look to buy more acres in the same area for investment. When everything turns to shit people will be giving me their silver and gold for land and refuge. I walked the property today and kicked a deer out of hiding today.. Game on!! WWTI

          • Nice about the BOL for you Anonymous! Maybe you could get into tannin’ python and alligator hides as a side business!!!

          • Hey anonymous , it won’t be like that, people will not be handing you silver and gold. No, they will be sending you lead and lots of it. If house are a person that is prepared , look out, because you will be a target, people can’t feed themselves now when things go south they will be coming to kill you for your land, food ,water …

          • Good plan but walk carefully. There be toxic serpents aplenty in places like that, not to mention a s***-load of ticks and skeeters.

        • Picked up 30 lbs of popcorn from a local farmer this week. Cheap. You have to deal with the FM(foreign mater), but for the price who cares. Now I just need to make sure we have enough peanut oil.

      2. Re: “what will eventually happen is that the population will suffer very badly from inflation and declining real wages.”

        I think we are starting to see the effects of declining wages and inflation. Most of the people I know have not seen their income increase. We know there have been significant increases in the cost of food (esp. meat).

        Re: “get out of major cities and become as self sustaining as possible.”

        Great advice! For most of us, becoming self sustaining does not happen over night. We continue to work toward this goal.

        • Mac, my posts won’t go through under my original name anymore. Don’t know what the issue is so I’m trying a different name now. Braveheart is now Maverick.

        • KY MOM, think of what could happen when peoples’ income tax refunds get garnished for not signing up for Obamacare. The rank-and-file people in my company didn’t sign up for it because they can’t afford it and I don’t blame them. I didn’t sign up for it either and won’t.

        • Agreed, KY Mom. Prepping is a lot closer to a lifestyle than it is to an itemized list of do-s and don’ts.

      3. “With tongue apparently in cheek, he says buy a farm you can tend to yourself way out in the boondocks. And protect it with high voltage fences, barbed wire, booby traps, military weapons and Dobermans.”

        I think Faber was serious actually. I won’t be able to do this, but I certainly understand those who do.

        What annoys me somewhat is the people who mock and ridicule those who do become rural preppers. I think rural preppers are wise.

        • FS –
          Ithink he was kidding.
          Really , what are people gonna do with a live cow or live chicken ?
          I would bet 97% of the population would have no idea.
          Other than killin for sport or spite i really dont think there is much of a worry.
          I sure dont wanna sleep with the cows every night , LOL.
          I have enough just keeping myself outta trouble .

          • I’m one of the 97% who’s not a farmer.

            But I’m willing to learn!

            • Good idea. Start with a backyard garden. Start small and work your way up. There are tons of You Tube videos on “how to” do just about anything these days and prepping and gardening are big topics. I started about 5 years ago with just some large flower pots on the deck and then went bigger with a small in-ground garden after a couple of years. It’s only about 16×24 feet but is amazingly productive. I grow corn, green beans, beets, tomatoes, peppers, cukes, and acorn squash. My next garden will be an experiment in going vertical to make the area more productive via lowering the ground space needed. A couple of chicken wire frames will be made to go to pole beans instead of bush beans. Even big veggies, such as squash can be grown in mid-air this way. Not only does this save space but it also make harvesting easier. Also, I use lawn clippings to mulch the veggies I plant. This means less water does a better job of irrigation and weeds are almost completely controlled, so less work is needed to keep the weeds at bay. Before doing this, I would get 20-25 gallons of weeds out of the garden each time I weeded it. That would take me 2+ hours every 2 weeks. After using the mulch, weeds were down to 1-2 gallons monthly… BIG difference! 🙂

            • Just for everybody’s info. Farmers raise plants. ie. wheat, barley, etc. Ranchers raise animals. ie. cattle.

          • I’m one of the 97% who’s not a farmer.

            But I’m willing to learn!

        • Free Slave;
          Most people would probably not understand but it is beautiful out here and a lot of fun. I grew up rurally then spent decades in the major cities dreaming about getting back. My wife and I both had rural roots and that helps a lot but if one has no prior experience it might be an ugly learning curve. If you can afford it, do it.

      4. Sam’s Club now sells eleven different types of chicken coops. Precut and just require assembly.

        • Pre made chicken coops are pretty pricey. If you have the mentality to raise chickens you probably have the mentality to make one yourself. There are many plans online for free and for under 100 bux you can make a decent size coop. Using scrap wood you can do it even cheaper. I see coops pre made around here going for 3-4 hundred bux that are smaller than mine that cost me about 60 bux to build. It’s not like it has to be all fancy and clever it just has to work.

          • I’d phrase that a little differently. I you haven’t got the smarts to build your own coop, you shouldn’t be trying to raise chickens.

            • also you need to understand that chicken scratch has GMO’D corn in it so you need to make your own feed WITHOUT the corn easy to do and you will see how much better your chickens innards look when you butcher them IF thy have NOT been getting that corn, we could not believe what we saw, we take Milo and sprout it and use mostly to feed with. the chickens are living longer and are healthier.

          • you can make a coup outa FREE pallets, check youtube,many videos

          • I agree, Genius. In fact, one can often get free wood by volunteering to remove an old unwanted fence or shed. Plans for do-it-yourself coops on You Tube. These are good because they show what basics are needed in any good coop design.

            Ridding the coop of chicken waste is a big job unless the coop is designed to make it easier. Doing this regularly will result in healthier chickens and also provides some excellent garden fertilizer. It should be composted to be most effective and least harmful, as it is strong in nitrogen and can “burn” sensitive plants.

        • Mom, are the online or actually IN the warehouse locations?
          thanks.(where we live they’ve not showed up yet)

          • TPSnodgrass,

            Last weekend I saw chicken coops for sale in the Sam’s Club in Charleston, W. Virginia.
            They only had one type for sale in the store. The other models are available online.

          • TPSnodgrass,

            Last weekend I saw chicken coops for sale in the Sam’s Club in Charleston, W. Virginia.
            They only had one type for sale in the store. The other models are available online.

            • Last year I built a chicken coop out of free pallets and heavy duty dolly wheels and sold it for $550. LoL. I sold to the sky is falling, fear porn crowd.

      5. The war will start before 2016. The Russians, Chinese,and N. Korea what weak leadership in the White House when everything goes down. Under obummer, he’ll try to “reason” with the aggressors but there will be no reasoning. I believe that obama will be removed from office (one way or another) before the next election. All we can do is “hope” for “change”.

        • @ Confederate

          Obummer will try to “reason” with the aggressors? Is he going to do that in a mirror?

          The aggressor in this scenario is the U.S. Which nation has 658 military bases or “assets” around the world to protect International Capital’s Empire? Hint: it isn’t the Russians.

          • J_Allen…

            A comparative analysis of USA military weaponry, per tanks/APCs/attack-choppers/subs & surface combatants(aka. sub-targets)/attack aircraft-tankers & logistics haulers..reveals the US has the clear advantage.

            ..total man-power is relatively close to one another…as are the nukes & delivery systems…MIRVs & MARVs are likely close in number also..

            ..the (really-odd) game changer is..stocked w/ supplies, “civil-blast/fallout shelters”…of which RUSSIA has over 6000 underground!!!

            ..the USA has provided..ZERO (none/zip/nada)..for us peasants!!! Nor tax credits/relief etc..etc, should we build our own!

            ..our command-structure/financial big-wigs, are provided such…but, NOT the rest of US!!!


            Thus, Russia has focused on long term defensive thinking and population survivability, as well as an offensive capability to thwart an attack, in response to “our MAD” doctrine.**

            ..while our govt, embraces only….EMPIRE & control.. at any cost!!!!


            **MAD = ..mutually assured destruction..(a US govt doctrine).

            Thus, for some odd reason..I don’t think the end result of a serious WW-III scenario (nuclear exchange, would be an “even-Steven affair…”

            ..in the long run!

          • J_Allen…

            A comparative analysis of USA military weaponry, per tanks/APCs/attack-choppers/subs & surface combatants(aka. sub-targets)/attack aircraft-tankers & logistics haulers..reveals the US has the clear advantage.

            ..total man-power is relatively close to one another…as are the nukes & delivery systems…MIRVs & MARVs are likely close in number also..

            ..the (really-odd) game changer is..stocked w/ supplies, “civil-blast/fallout shelters”…of which RUSSIA has over 6000 underground!!!

            ..the USA has provided..ZERO (none/zip/nada)..for us peasants!!! Nor tax credits/relief etc..etc, should we build our own!

            ..our command-structure/financial big-wigs, are provided such…but, NOT the rest of US!!!


            Thus, Russia has focused on long term defensive thinking and population survivability, as well as an offensive capability to thwart an attack, in response to “our MAD” doctrine.**

            ..while our govt, embraces only….EMPIRE & control.. at any cost!!!!


            **MAD = ..mutually assured destruction..(a US govt doctrine).

            Thus, for some odd reason..I don’t think the end result of a serious WW-III scenario (nuclear exchange, would be an “even-Steven affair…”

            ..in the long run!

        • With what’s happening in Yemen today, and ongoing issues in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Iran, Buttcraskistan, NK, Russia, I think WW3 is already slowly beginning to develop. It won’t be overnight, but will be soon.

          • The Yemeni rebels are Shiite.

            No real reason to worry about it, in the Middle East a lot of Shiite happens.

            • When I was there I was always stepping in it.

              • Heh, no need to go that far. You can do the same thing in a lot of Mexican towns.

          • Sooner, rather than later. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia just died. His successor is 73 years old. Look for problems.

            • I agree. I think the false “good relationship” between Saudi and U.S. is going to go sour, as well as the manipulated low oil price.

        • I, for one, do NOT want the Obamafurher to become a “martyr”, his “legacy” is bad enough already.

          • Would it be better if ALL of us were to become martyrs due to his abysmal incompetence?

        • Sorry confederate, but the U.S IS THE AGGRESSOR here, not Russia. Stop watching MSNBC.

          • Lessee now. Shiites and Sunnis have been murdering each other since about 780 AD. Roughly 1000 years before there even WAS a United States. See where I’m going here?

            • What does that have to do with Russia?

          • actually i watch fox,guess that’s bad enough, what will be will be

            • Confederate, better yet, let go of whatever cable or sat. service you have. I only use my se to watch DVD movies on occasion. Nothing on any channels worth looking at and one less bill to worry about.

          • I agree that MSNBC and CNN blow chunks but… do not expect any unbiased “news” from RT on the web either. I watch RT sometimes but have to run it though my built-in BS filter first.

        • I wonder if any extortion money will be exchanged

          oh wait the DOLLAR is not worth a dime.

          Is there any gold still left

          Wait a minute maybe they will put GOVERNMENT control in



        • Weak leadership? How about NO leadership whatsoever? It never ceases to amaze me at how this supposed “constitutional scholar” has no clue about how to work with people and convince them that his approach is the right one for the country. Instead, he thinks that his job as president it to do everything via “executive orders”. If the Founding Fathers wanted EO’s to be the law of the land, what need would there be for a representative congress? None, of course.

      6. They won’t be chicken coops long: Alternative housing

      7. I agree with everything Marc has to say and I think he knows where it is all heading. But, I am afraid, for the majority of people, they will be completely screwed by this. As the crisis continues, governments will double down on several key trends, which will ensure most people are going to be fed into the mess when it happens. The trends are: urbanization: pack-em and stack-em in high-rise towers. This is happening on a large scale in most cities. Surveillance and grid control: governments are just going to get more hyper about electronic control and it will get vicious. I think we are not to far off from the current PC version of this, where some quarters get a free ride on being violent and criminal: I think all the soccer mommies will lean hard on the government to zap the mo-fos out there. Distraction: entertainment, celebrities, greed, consumption, booze, legal illegal drugs, sex, etc. will go wild to keep the population satisfied.

        When the system finally buckles, it will look like this: the majority of the population will be urban, they will be scared, drugged-out, indebted, of poor health, with no morals, clueless as to what hit them, and totally unprepared. They will completely freak out and panic and that is when the state will go to mass detentions and round-ups. And those who are incorrigible criminals/malcontents will be summarily executed out of the need for efficiency and good use of the remaining resources. This has always happened in history: what people shrug their shoulders about in good times, they want done away with in bad times. “Oh, but Betty, I know he is a rapist and thief but he needs sympathy: he had a hard childhood and is an immigrant.”

        Betty: “BS Frank!! If you don’t shoot the bastard then I will!! Out of my way you half-man!!!”

        • Exactly, Frank. The (not-yet-released) movie Gray State echoes your analysis exactly. Can’t wait for it to come out.

          • do you realize they just killed the lead director of this movie?

            • Yes, but I hope they publish it anyway, because they can’t let the bad guys win this one.

        • Funny thing Frank, per your last sentence..referencing “Betty’s reply”.

          –(humor w/ a twist of truth)–

          ..reminds me of something I read recently somewhere, alluding to the phrase..directed at us males per:…

          ..GROW SOME BALLS!!! (per a serious situation)

          ..to which some fearless-female responded: “..screw that! One swift kick therein & they’re done for!!!”

          “Instead..grow a vagina..’cuz they can take a pounding and walk/function, afterwards!!!”


          NOTE to you ladies here:

          ‘Taint no cheap shot by me, girls! ..as sometimes, some o’ y’all size up the situation, better than we do!”

      8. i’m not doing diddly till the price of precious metals returns to it’s natural non Forex manipulated rate of ’15 to 1′ or close to it.

        the real current price of pm’s should be…

        pm gold $5587. an ounce
        pm silver $368. an ounce

        then i’ll go and buy that 20 acres and a mule.

        till then i’m hibernating , stocking my prep closet, stocking my war chest and watching the world go to hell on the big screen from my lazy boy.

        as for the Globalist Oligarchy Zionists starting WW3 , i plan to be a Freeman Patriot Partisan and will wage my own private war against the Zog Amerika DHS Gestapo and Zionist Aipac jews and the goy gentile minions on once free Zog Amerika soil.

          • So you and Obama hate the jews and demonize them. as if protecting your family from the islamonazis is unwarranted.

            hey, let me know how that works out for you, himmler.

        • Sorry but when that silver is $368 an oz. A loaf of bread is going to be $40 bucks and no mules available, much less land.

          • Maybe. We cannot know what the future holds, so just about anything is possible. Just because PMs rise in price from their currently manipulated / depressed price of today does not mean that everything else will rise. That would occur if inflation takes off but there is no way to know what the cause of rising PM prices will be. If as many suspect, failing currencies will cause people to look for a store of value elsewhere. If they turn to gold and silver, then what can be bought with these metals WILL be considerable and fully equal to a very large increase in metal value.

      9. I have inside info (ex-OSI) that there will likely be a comprehensive, coordinated, multi-latarel attack on the U.S. grid system by cyber-espionage, sleeper cells & EMPs. (likely NK or Iran) The vulnerability makes the attack imminent within 18 months. A complete collapse will ensue….A recent joint study by the DOD & DHS puts the initial death rate at 60 million people within 30 days, and 150 million within 6 months of the event. The event will be biblical in it’s destruction, and may well take decades for the U.S. to recover. This is no joke, or conspiricy theory. Prepare Now.!!!!!!!!

        • Jeff
          If you are right, and I pray you are wrong. Did this source give you a better time line that 18 mounts. We have been hearing this for years now. If you are right I have 18 more months to prep. Did your source tell you how the US will respond? Will N.K. or Iran be turned into an ash tray?

          Just packed up 15 more 5 day supplies of food in 6 gal. buckets, and 5 more 3 day supply of food in 5 gallon buckets. Breakfast lunch and dinner. This doesn’t cover my other stock piles.

          Just finished up another 300 round of 38+P 125 grain HP. and S.P.’s Now working on 9mm 115 Gr. H.P. Reloading bench getting a lot of company lately. I’ll be there a lot in the next few weeks. Just had a guy give me over 2000 rds. of 9mm brass. Thank God there is a Gun Show this weekend.

          • SGT Dale.

            Does it mean no more taxes? Who is going to pay the death tax? Invest in some skills and have massive firepower. ;0)

            • S.S.
              “Yep” no more death tax. There will be on one to collect it.
              Your quest made me laugh. THANKS!

              • Yeah, I laughed too. I always tell my wife I’m not going to die, I can’t afford it. She just looks at me funny. All of our preps are manual, We aren’t planning on any electrical needs.
                Any preps in that arena are only going to be temporary anyway since they’ll wear out and irreplaceable. keep your powder dry and see you on the other side.

                • ONV
                  Yes Sir! I got your 6.

                  • Good evening, Sarge. For future reference, I have changed my screen name to Maverick since my posts won’t go through under the name Braveheart anymore. Same patriot, different name. AIM SMALL MISS SMALL Maverick aka Braveheart

            • Taxes of any kind will not stop. There may be a lull in the collection process, due to the change over to a new monetary system.

              You can count on property taxes, state, and fed also; just as much as you can count on a death of your flesh body at some point.

              Debts will not be forgiven “freely” by the ZOG banksters. Even unsecured debt will be collected. Folks on SS disability and SS Retirement as their only income, may get a pardon until all monetary systems are running again. My guess only.

              We are staying debt free until the last minute. If we have that “crystal ball” hindsight, and then will use credit cards to load up on short to mid range perishables and such. We have those in short supply…say six months worth, but would like more.

              Mortgage debt is a whole different animal. The Federal Reserve/Joosters own it whether a person acknowledges it or not. What they do is anybody’s guess. My guess is that a person/persons, able to work, will become slave laborers to the ZOG for a while, or have to bail.

              Who knows for sure. When antichrist/satan arrives to bring about the “complete” beast/one world system, many possibilities will arise. Remember two importnt things… he comes in “peacefully and prosperously”, and he has only five months to do anything.

              It is gonna get real interesting within the next six to Nine months.

            • SLINGSHOT:
              Ya no taxes, no one to collect them, you can die and not be a burden on your family.
              The only draw back after the SHTF, is we will be working harder to stay alive than we did when we went ot work every day.
              I still like the idea of NO TAXES.. Ive been paying them for almost 50 years, and that SUCKS!!!!
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.Reb

              • Northern Reb.

                I was told that taxes were a necessary evil.

                Why? When they can print all the money they would ever need. I mean 18 trillion, really.

                • its funny how if i make a 100% silver coin and call it money I go to jail for counterfeiting, but yet The Government makes fake quarters with copper in the middle and thats ok. O yeah and when i hold a dollar in my hand my roll of toilet paper looks more valuable.

                  • Agreed. Now visualize a silver dollar in your hand and see if that changes your opinion. 😉

          • Sgt. Never thought about packing my buckets that way. Can you give a breakdown of a bucket? I have buckets full of single ingredients with gamma lids so I can have some of each. I get that my method is not very practical if we need to be on the move, but I’m not planning on going anywhere…. at least not for long.

          • @Sgt. Dale

            “If you are right, and I pray you are wrong. Did this source give you a better time line that 18 mounts. We have been hearing this for years now. If you are right I have 18 more months to prep. Did your source tell you how the US will respond? Will N.K. or Iran be turned into an ash tray?

            We all pray that he is wrong because the consequences are so devastating that few of us really want to think about living through such a ghastly time… possibly years or more in duration.

            I also have a prediction that I made about 18 months ago. It was for a major financial disaster to occur sometime between April and July of 2015. I have no data whatever to support this, just a terrible gut feeling that simply will not go away. I hope and pray daily that I am wrong but the feeling of dread, particularly during this time period, remains strong. I make no claim as to what the “event” will be, just that it will be terrible in consequence.

            No one but God knows the day and hour of future events… and He does NOT share that info unless it serves as part of His plan. All we can do is detect trends and then try to fill in the dots for the most likely outcome. What we need to do is prep as if the S will HTF very shortly. If we get more than a little time to prep, then that will be all to the good. But do not count on it. When the S does HTF, we all need to be in a position to believe that we did all we could to get ready for it and not have a lot of regrets because we put off doing what needs to be done ASAP.

        • jeff, your confidence level is high as far as the specific event(s). What / who are your sources?

          • Jeff, if your source was the director of “Gray State” then your timeline becomes even more credible!

        • NK and Iran MY ASS! Here is a more truthful and accurate assessment of your proposed scenario should it ever happen.

          NK and Iran are blamed just like Al Quaeda was blamed in 9/11 while the Israeli and American govt black ops made it happen.

          NK and Iran…..LMFAO

          • The other European powers laughed at Hitler too… at first. 🙁

        • Jeff: “The vulnerability makes the attack imminent within 18 months.”

          It’s January 2015. If it’s within 18 months, then Obola is still POTUS (unless a miracle happens and he’s impeached and removed). And if it does happen, then martial law, and Obola is POTUS until the crisis is declared over, and safe enough to conduct elections again.

          Yippee Kai-yay!!

          • FS-
            Thats a real bad senario you just painted .
            But i have always said that something was likely to happen before BO leaves office.
            I think the trend will be for a “crisis” to happen before the sitting POTUS leaves office.
            That way the next usurper can start writting his own rules of engagement . IE patriot act or bank bailouts etc. So i would believe ANYTHING could happen in the next 18 months .

        • Went to the city the other day (lima Ohio ) and for the last year they have put in large metal poles with 6 heavy power lines. What is strange is that they run for miles and no lines come off of them to homes or business. We decided to follow them. One set went to the prison the other to the hospital. Each pole has a ground wire on it right at the bottom into the ground.

        • OK: What’s the bad news?

        • THE REASON I THINK YOU ARE 100% CORRECT IS…. This would be the perfect excuse for the economic collapse, now the Banks Government,and FED could not be blamed for all the stupid irrational policies they have shoved down our throats.

        • That’s because everything depends on electricity. Gas stations and other suppliers need electricity to pump gas, kerosene, and even propane. So most people won’t be able to stay warm or cook food. Every time a storm knocks out the electric for a few days, you see people screaming about it because they can’t cope.

        • @Jeff

          You very well could be right. The beauty of prepping is that the things which are stacked WILL be of use whether the SHTF or not, so their value to us does not depend entirely upon the S Hitting TF.

          As to the US recovering in decades, perhaps that will depend on what, if any, follow-up attacks occur. If an EMP / cyber attack comes from NK and / or Iran, it is safe to assume that either or both of those countries would be obliterated. US strategic forces are shielded from EMP, so would be capable of launching a devastating counter-attack. Neither the Russians nor the Chinese would want ANY part of that. They will be most content to sit back and offer tepid assistance to the US while not drawing any of the response to our counter-attack. That would be most wise of them.

      10. The problem with this article is I don’t want to short Central Banks. I want to see them Dead.

        • SV.
          How did the hog hunt go?
          I think he was telling us to get into gold and silver, because they can’t control it.
          That is what I’m going to do on Monday. While I’m doing that the wife is going grocery shopping.

          • Hi Sarge, hope all is well with self and the family. Hunt was just perfect. Son mad dad really proud and got a 280 lbs’er at almost 80 yards but with a head shot. As a dad I am sure you know how it feels. We had it for dinner last night and I used the recipe the land owner gave me to get the wild taste out and it did.

            I am glad jeff provided the heads up just wanted to make sure of he has any other specifics since the latest development with Swiss Francs and what is happening in Yemen, Ukraine and basically the entire world it really accelerating fast.

            As always take care and God Bless you and your loved ones.

            • SV
              What is the recipe he gave you. My wife killed a 700LBS. and it has a heavy wild taste to it. I can handle it but she can’t.

              I have an idea as how you feel. Is it great or what! Tell your son I’m proud of him. Tell him congtats!!!!!

              Things are happening faster and faster every day. It feels like it is going to spin out of control.
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • Sarge, I hear you brother. The hug I gave him was painful. lol

                As far as the recipe depending on the portion, I placed the meet in a mixture of brown sugar, red wine, chopped garlic and onion, salt and two table spoon of tabasco sauce for 48 hrs.
                You can adjust the ingredients per the size of the meat mine was about 5 lbs of loin.

                Others on this site also recommended using vinegar and I’ll try that later.

                Try it and let me know if the wild taste was gone.

                • SV
                  Thanks man! wrote it down will give it a try. Again Thanks

              • Please share recipe. Lots of wild hogs out here, but heard the young ones taste good and big males are pretty nasty.

                • loulou, you are right but my wife thinks the little ones are quite. lol.

                • LouLou
                  I can testify to that. Stay around or under 300LBS. If they get bigger, you stand the chance of getting a real wild tasting boar. Now a sow on the other hand that weighs in at 400 LBS are more than likely going to be just fine.

                  Try to take head shots on them it seems to have an effect on the taste of the meat.

                  • If you have a pig trap, the little ones get in there. 5 or six 50# shoates make good eatin!

                • LouLou:
                  I started hog hunting 20 plus years ago, Sgt. Dales right stay under 300lbs on boars and 350 on sowes and try to kill them fast. Head shots work the best.
                  I have found that an open fire helps get the wild taste out of the hog. The fat burns off and I think thats what holds most of the wild taste.
                  Some people say soak the meat in milk over night or 7up or any other soft drink for a little different flavor.
                  I found for big pigs, (over300 plus pounds), that if you boil the meat for about 5 minutes then soak it in Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb for about 6 to 8 hours. This helps remove the wild taste and the soda pop helps tenderize the meat. Then cook it anyway you want to, it works good on those big old heavy hogs. Always cook your meat slow at medium heat. When you cook it fast it will make the meat tough.

              • Always did like that advice. Our training Sgt always said aim at top button or split in shirt. I guess that means the same thing, Aim small miss small…

            • Stolz:
              Tell your son CONGRAT’S!!!!. There is that specail feeling you get when your child does something that makes you proud. It ok to brag when they do!;-}
              I know I did when Rob my youngest killed his first hog.
              He was 17 and we were in Tennessee, I think it weighed in at 240, 250lbs. Lets say It was a lot bigger than mine. Congrats again, keep your power dry and your ain tight.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • Thanks a Million Northern Reb. Indeed it is the ultimate joy for us as fathers. God bless you and yours my friend and thanks again for your kind words.


      11. Stockin up best I can, plan on expanding the garden again this year, and praying for peace!!

        • MommaD,

          Don’t forget to start stockpiling some heirloom vegetable seeds. Put a bunch of seed packets in a vaccum seal bags with an oxygen/moisture pack, store in a cool/dry place(or freezer) and you’re good for many years.

          • AOWG
            Just got my Burpee catalog yesterday. Going to looking thru it today. Looking in the Heirloom section for seeds.

            Thanks for the advice!

            • Thanks for that info.on seeds. We just ordered Sawyer filters for 5 gallon buckets. We’ve been testing the sawyer mini’s and they work great, up to 100k gallons if you back-flush.

              • ONV, you made the right choice on those Sawyer filter. Last July I bought 2 Sawyers and made a supply run to the BOL in GA. One part of the property borders on a creek. I tested both filters in that creek and they gave me better-tasting water than my Katadyn. I’m saving the Katadyn with its extra filters as a barter item. Now I’m a Sawyer man.

                • Yep, been using the Sawyer for a few years….and giving them as gifts. Simple and portable, not to mention inexpensive. And used regularly in third world countries.

              • You’ll love the Sawywer filter for the 5 gallon bucket, I have two. The minis are also great, I keep one in my Get-Home bag.

                I got myself about 30 feet of vinyl tubing from Lowes, so I can place the 5 gallon bucket outside at my cellar entrance and have it gravity feed to storage buckets in the cellar. I have another 35 gallon storage tank on a wagon to retrieve water from either my brook, pond, or one of two dug wells. It has a spigot, so it slowly drains into the 5 gallon bucket

                Also, check into Palylpus water filters they makes a carbon filter you can use in-line to remove bad taste. Be careful thought, they are only good for 300 gallons, so use it only for actual drinking water.

            • Sarge, check out Baker Creek Seed Co. They sell a lot of heirloom seeds. Good folks to deal with. Done so for years.

          • AOWG,
            We only use heirlooms seeds and do not plant a thing that is not heirloom, and we DO save all the seeds for our own use. We now have a really good supply of what we grow and eat ourselves. It’s a fantastic feeling!

          • Some varieties sell out quickly. Heirloom seeds will be a useful item to use and trade.

            Heirloom seeds are now available for sale in Tractor Supply stores. The brand is ‘Seeds of Change’.

            If you are looking for some specific varieties, you may need to order them online.

            Here are a few websites that sell heirloom seeds:

            Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds —– http://www.rareseeds.com

            Seeds Savers Exchange —– http://www.seedsavers.org

            My Patriot Supply —– http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/

            Heirloom Solutions —– http://www.HeirloomSolutions.com
            Seeds from here have a high germination rate, but are expensive. I have ordered when they go on sale.

            Emergency Essentials —– http://www.beprepared.com
            (This is a huge website! They sell garden seeds, plus all kinds of useful things.) Type in ‘seeds’.
            *They only sell garden seeds here in a packaged bundle.

            (I have ordered seeds from all of these sites and been satisfied.)

            • Even Menards and Fleet Farm have a pretty good selection of heirloom seeds around here. Can’t wait to get some seeds started. At least it’s not -15 this week!!
              molon labe

              • Does anyone know the answer to this? I left the sunchokes in the ground and covered them last fall. Well it froze fast and hard enough I won’t be able to get them out till spring. Will they be fine to eat or should I just leave them grow this year?
                molon labe

                • If they are in good shape they will taste better for having been in the ground/ But usually they will start to grow before you get to them. Better to bury an old barrel in the ground Horizontal with the end exposed, full of straw and cover it with a wood cap and straw, If you have a good spring garden just plant them. Try to find Walking Onions they come uv almost before the ground thaws.

      12. When I moved back home 20 years ago this place was rural, now more people trying to escape the city keep moving in. A new subdivisions is being built down the road.Glad I have my network of family and friends that have means of defense.

        • No, it’s just the luck of the draw for the week. This stuff happens in every state, red, blue, or indifferent.

      13. Thanks Angry, I will definitely do that this year, I save seeds every year, but the last couple years I have had the the though “what if something happens to my seeds and I can’t run out and buy more?” I need backups!

      14. I think the shtf will happen by mid summer

        • Then we can start a club cuz I’m already there.

        • Every day the “S is Hitting the TF” for 99% of the world population caused by the 1% parasitics families.

      15. I dis agree with his time frame for war

        2- 3 years on the out side maybe sooner if obola decides he wants to be king

        if shillerly is to get a wack at screwing up the country then the 5 year time frame will be doable

      16. Just ordered my heirloom garden pack have enough ammo got land in 3 different states all of them have good timber and water and fishing nearby so all I need is the mobilize to one of 3 spot I can’t decide which is best mountains of colorado, the smokey mountais of North Carolina or the foot hills of the parks in Oklahoma

        • must be nice to have that kind of money….

          • my thoughts exactly. also best of luck getting to any one of your three different states once TSHTF

          • If he actually does. Sounds like a dream.

        • Daniel. are you indirectly telling us you are a BANKSTER? lol. If yes can you provide us with the GPS coordinates of the 3 locations for a friendly visit by some of the SHTF club members?

        • Of the three, I would choose the Smokey Mountains of NC.

          If you’re not from the area, you might have difficulty fitting in. It might help if you can work on your genealogy and find some family connections to people in the area you move to. Even if you’re different, they might accept you if you can show how you’re kin.

          I have distant relatives I’ve never met who live up there in the mountains of eastern TN. They have invited me to come spend the night at their homes whenever I’m in the area, based solely on the fact that I’m kin to them. As a professional in genealogy, I have found relatives all over the place, even in Mexico. I sold a copy of one of my books to a cousin in Mexico, who had previously lived in Canada.

          If I had to go to the mountains of western NC or eastern TN, I don’t think I would have a problem fitting in.

          • Man, if you were able to sell a book to a Mexican you can sell anything.

            • He wasn’t a Mexican. His parents were from NC. He married a Mexican, and his children look Mexican.

      17. All this new money is printed by it does not come free and defaltes the money in your pocket but because they are all doing it then none of the curency’s crash in relation to each other.

        its a fixed game people and the bankers are robbing you blind

        • “its a fixed game people and the bankers are robbing you blind”

          Well, that’s odd. I checked my safe this morning and every oz. of gold and silver I own is present or accounted for. 🙂

      18. Dr. Doom Explains how to ignite a trump! “WOOOOOOSH”

        • Satori, I wouldn’t trust ANY KIND of article coming from huffpost. That was the last MSM site I was banned from before coming here.

          • I live in n. ga….where will you be heading to in n. ga…

      19. Nope not a banister lol but I did buy cheap and no u can’t have Thor cords

        • Good one Daniel. LOL.

      20. Hey! Any of you fine folks out there using steam powered generators? Been thinking about using a rocket stove to boil the water. I have been searching the web and YouTube but haven’t found any good plans I can use BTW. Y’all are a great extended family and I appreciate all of your advice from the last year or so.

        • Okie;
          Hi, how are you? I have tried to look into steam over the last few years and the general consensus seems to be that except under controlled situations it is just too volatile without constant supervision and really heavy duty equipment. I would love to be able to use it as well but if a t&p valve failed it just goes ballistic too fast. A lot of people down your way are doing like myself and others and getting into low rpm diesel engines that can run on very little fuel and can burn #2 diesel or bio,waste vegetable oil, etc. There are engines made in India, China, and some from the oil patch down your way that are good options. I have looked far and wide and they seem to be the best options. A lot of people like propane but they will kill you with gas consumption. Wood/gas gasification looks good till I see that the life of the engines is short. Good luck in your search as there is a ton of info on the web. Some real good and some provided by idiots.

          • Thanks Skeptic for the info. Hope you are doing well We had about six weeks without sunshine and the solar panels couldn’t keep up. I am trying to find another way to charge the batteries. We live in a valley and wind power is not much of an option. Thanks for reminding me about r tractor. We have a 70’s model diesel tractor we use to brush hog. Plow, disc, etc. I could buy a shaft driven pto generator. Put back 50 gallon drums of diesel with priD in it. This may be the best option. Take care and GOD Bless you and the rest of our brothers and sisters

          • This one is interesting. A new kind of steam engine design.


            Worth a look anyway.

            Thanks for the chicken feed tip regarding milo apache54.

      21. I see an economic collapse alright AND an asteroid the size of mountain range hitting the atlantic ocean and becoming a 400ft high tidal wave wrecking ball on the east coast and south eastern coastlines(by bye florida).

        The force of this asteroid will trigger a 12.00 magnitude earthquake splitting the new Madrid fault into a 50 mile wide ocean from north to south. Don’t forget what something like this would do to southern California.

        I watched youtube videos on ALL of this from pastors who had visions of this coming.

        Why the Tribulation MUST begin in SEPTEMBER of 2015, watch the video from the link below.


        Are you ready? have you made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior and repented of your sins?

        I PROMISE you(was shown this catching away event) that everyone left is going to tell you that ALIENS took loads of adults AND children, that will be a lie it will have been the rapture to escape the wrath of God to come.

        • What goes first, the wheat or the tares?

      22. Long gold, long gold, long gold. Jiminey Crickets, anybody with more than three braiin cells should see that it’s a scam. They charge you a “commission” when you buy it, then they want another “commission” when you sell it back to them. Net LOSS TO YOU is anything up to 20%, no matter what the gold price did in between. And your losses will be a whole lot higher when they come to confiscate it and replace it with fiat at some rate that is heavily to their advantage. Roosevelt tried it, but he had a major disadvantage – no Internet. Now they know where it all is, right down to your GPS coordinates.

        • Do you really think that anyone who bought gold at $100-200 an oz. cares about a “commission” after gold has climbed to $1300 an oz. or thereabouts? Gold is about owning a LONG term store of value and not some un-backed paper POS.

          As to holding gold, bury it someplace that only you and 1 or two trusted family members know about and won’t tell anyone else. If they can’t find it, they can’t steal it.

      23. That’s it, I going off the grid!

      24. A box full of gold will be only get you dead. When the SHTF Gold will be worthless. Your survival will depend
        on your willingness to do what you must do to survive.

        • From your lips to your ears, eh? lol

          Gold and silver have been used as money for 5,000+ years by every human culture that has discovered them. Throughout history, those with gold virtually always fare better than those without. Gold is an economic weapon and that’s why the paper-pushing pedophiles in banking, particularly communistic central banking, fear it. The Chinese-Russian alliance is gonna tear the current fiat money system a new one very shortly now and they are gonna use gold to do it. They are not collecting thousands of tons of gold because it is pretty. Unlike most in the West, they KNOW that gold is a financial weapon of considerable power… it’s the only REAL money out there. They know this from our own history because they study the history of their enemies and, unlike the wuss US education system, they study hard and play for keeps.

          So, buy or don’t buy some gold. It’s your choice. Just choose wisely because your future and even your life may depend on it.

      25. Here is where I would like to be with a good looking HONEY

        and wait for the END or RESET.




        I do not think anyone would disagree with me on this one

        you can just sit back and say —- it.

        • Better plan: With our families on our knees praying before a crucifix,

          • “Focus on getting $ and be patient you will get what you want.”

            Ah, but that brings up questions like “What will be money once the SHTF?. Will the US-$ survive? Will it be seriously devalued? Will gold and silver claim their rightful place as the only real money and not some POS paper debt note that is created out of thin air at virtually no cost or effort and in unlimited amount?”. This is why paper money has no intrinsic value and why ALL fiat currencies will reach their intrinsic value of zero. Gold and silver have not been worth zero since they were discovered and likely won’t be at any time during our lives or those of our children and grand children.

            I am not even remotely suggesting that PMs are the most worthy prep out there or that other preps should not be given high priority.

      26. Buying some big farm is gonna take a lot of $ manpower fuel water it is an option but I’d rather have a small suburban homestead that is close to markets if I had to start over again like the pioneers I’d rather have a small easy to maintain and defend homestead that uses technology the pioneers could have only dreamed of. Think about it who ownes the biggest parcels of land right now rich folks. They want you to pay big$ for a small piece of farmland now while the price is inflated. I’m gonna wait till the bust to get mine cheap. I’m patient I can wait till it all falls apart. Focus on getting $ and be patient you will get what you want.

      27. I like the solar oven idea but it takes all day to warm your food and won’t work in the winter around here if someone can put time and engineering into this to make it better there will be $ in it some folks dont have never ending amounts of fire wood .

        • Agreed. I can see having a solar oven to use in the summer but it would be pretty useless for the rest of the year unless one lives in the desert regions or some southern area that has sun even in the winter. A solar dehydrator works pretty well, though.

          As to firewood, anyone who has a 5 acre parcel of land can always plant 1/2 of it in poplar trees and come pretty close to having a never-ending wood supply. Unlike many types of trees, these will grow quickly and regrow back from the stump, allowing multiple cuttings. It burns well once it’s well dried.

      28. 151 comments by the same ole yaddayaddaers, spouting their same ole drivel, AND NOT ONE OF THEM mentions about that this article is incorrectly titled??


        “”and the only way to short them is to go long gold, silver and platinum,” he said. “That’s the only way. That’s something I will do.””

        “Getting long” IS NOT SHORTING!!

        And not one of you commenters pointed that out? You just post your usual circle jerk of non-information? And you think you are better than the people feeding us bad info? WAKE UP!!

        Come on Mac, you are better than this.
        Maybe title this article “Hedging against the eventual decline by buying PM is a good idea”, but don’t call that shorting… then again if no one noticed, does it matter what you title it?

        You could probably title an article “Bugs Bunny fools Elmer Fudd” and the usual suspects would post their same drivel.

        • Reread the comment until you actually understand it. Going long PMs IS shorting the fiat currencies and the central banks that produce them. It is NOT shorting PMs.

          • Son, don’t get smart-alec with me.

            Shorting is a specific procedure, it is not some “urban dictionary”, slangy, hipster phrase. Shorting is shorting and getting long is getting long, they are separate and defined procedures.

            My point was the title was incorrect and it has been changed, shorting is now… quote unquote shorting, “shorting”. There is no way to actually short central banks. I wish there was a way.

            I was going to explain shorting, as it seems to be a concept people have a hard time grasping, but due to lack of interest and only your smart-alec comment, so why would I waste my time? People are too busy blathering their blah balh to even notice.

            I stand by my claim that an article could be titled “Bugs Bunny fools Elmer Fudd” and the usual yadda yaddaers would post their same old, repeating crap, most of which is off topic and a lot of which is wrong or pushing the personal agenda of posters here.

            But it would be funny to see that post happen, maybe on April 1st Mac should try it 🙂

      29. Wish I had just a few of those fake fiat dollars that are being printed. It is so dam hard out here to find work. I have been to so many job interviews and have sent what feels like a million resumes over the internet and have driven all over the place talking to people trying to find a job. I found a part time job at a store in a bakery, it’s only about 20 hours a week and offers nothing else. I have taken what was supposed to be some high school kids job, this was all I could find. I still am going out to look for work everyday. I get work from a day labour temp agency too! Whenever I can. The bills are piling up and the wife is getting anxious and ugly. My family is getting and attitude, my parents think that I am faking looking for work. I have told them it is harder than it seems. They don’t believe me. My parents are living on pensions from jobs that left the country years ago. They grew up in a different time and the jobs then, cared about their employees. Not to mention they are getting S.S. My wife has an education that her parents paid for and has a job, she blames me for losing a job to a foreigner on a HB1 visa. I told her I had nothing to do with this. The management cut a lot of guys jobs like mine to give them to the Indians for a whole lot less. I am running out of options and now I found out yesterday that I have lung cancer but I have not told my family and I don’t want to. I am planning to do something to make as much money as I can, before checking the fuck out! No this does not mean me taking on a drug addict as a partner, and no I am not a chemistry teacher. I do have experience in Iraq and am thinking of going out this way. I won’t go on my knees, I am tired! Tired of all this shit I am going to do what I was trained to do. I hope no one get’s hurt. Fuck this shit! I can’t take it anymore!

        • I am so sorry for all the crap you are dealing with. Recently my elderly mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer. that was 9 months ago. We thought she was done and had only weeks to live. Now she is on a very low dose of chemo with minimal side affects. Listen to me Joe. you never know what is around the corner. There is more to life than making money. Please don’t give up. Please tell your family. Please have hope. During my mother-in laws treatment, my father in law took care of her. We were all very concerned for him as well. I had a discussion with him about the whole situation. He told me that while he wished to God that she did not have to go through this, he was grateful that he was around to show his love for her by taking care of her. He said he never was all that great of a husband but that now he was able to show his love. He considered it one of the greatest gifts he could receive and give at the same time. I do not know your belief system joe, but we were created the way we were for a reason. In the end, love is all that matters. Let your family love you. Tell them and continue to live. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

          • @T-Town: thank you for your comments & kindness. I will keep your family in my prayers!

          • @T-Town

            Your comment was a beautiful expression of the kind of love that Jesus taught to all who would listen… and you are right. Life can be hard sometimes… even bitterly hard. I know from experience that life is not meant to be a cake walk. I tend to think of life as the university of the soul. We spend our entire life learning, growing, and gaining experience and perhaps even a little wisdom. We also learn to love more fully and deeply and that is a worthy goal for any of us.

            But we can find some joy and happiness in this life if we just realize that we only find the real meaning in life when we seek to help and serve others. This is not about getting something in return but about showing our love for others so that they know they do not have to face life or death alone. What many call “death” is our graduation to a higher and more worthy plane of existence, IMO.

            There are some truly beautiful books out there that I have been reading lately. Some teach us great courage through the terrible trials that others have faced and overcome. One of these is, “I Knew Their Hearts” by Jeff Olsen. After reading what Jeff went through, all of my “problems” seemed trivial by comparison. Two others are “Embraced by the Light” and “The Ripple Effect”, both by Betty Eadie. All of these are powerful reading that will deeply touch anyone who opens their hearts to them.

      30. Ezekiel 7:19

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