Dr. Bryan Ardis: Engineered COVID Virus Contains DOZENS of Synthetic Animal Venoms

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Arsenio Toledo at Natural News. 

    In a recent interview with Dr. Jane Ruby on the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show,” Dr. Bryan Ardis said his initial conclusion regarding the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) – that it was made up of two synthesized snake venoms mixed with other genetic material – is wrong. He now believes that the engineered virus is made up of possibly dozens of different synthetic venoms.

    Ardis based his conclusions from multiple studies in early 2020. At the time, most mainstream news outlets noted that snakes could be the original source of the coronavirus. This theory was later scrapped for what media outlets claimed was the more plausible source – bats. (Related: Researchers find dozens of venom peptides in blood plasma and fecal samples from COVID-19 patients, CONFIRMING link between toxins and COVID.)

    Multiple teams of researchers from around the world followed up on the connection between the coronavirus and the venom of snakes, which led to researchers finding genetic material from at least two different snake species – the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra – as well as genetic material from other sources, including from the rabies virus.

    Ardis noted in his interview with Ruby that there are certain companies that sell krait venom.

    “The exact component of krait venom found in COVID-19 patients,” he said. “You can order it online, and then it designates on the website – you at home get to choose – what do you want your synthetic snake venom from the krait snake to be made in? Do you want it made with yeast, or E. coli or mammal cells?”

    Italian study proves Ardis wrong – material from dozens more animals used in virus

    But another study, this time from Italy, proved Ardis wrong. As he noted, this study tested blood, urine and fecal samples of people from multiple cities in Italy who tested positive for COVID-19 using PCR testing. The researchers also took blood, urine and fecal samples from people whose PCR tested negative for the coronavirus. These samples were then tested using a variety of lab techniques, including liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. What the researchers found in those who PCR tested positive for COVID-19 shocked even Ardis.

    “They wanted to see if it is true, like the Chinese researchers and French researchers [found]. Is it true that there might be venom peptides causing COVID symptoms?” said Ardis.

    “When they ran the sequences of venoms found in the COVID-19 patients only, they actually published 36 different venom sources,” continued Ardis.

    He also pointed out that the researchers found material from at least 20 different snake species from the blood and feces samples of the COVID-19 patients. There were also venom samples from at least 16 different marine shellfish species found in the blood and feces samples.

    “They also published, they actually found zero animal venoms inside of the negative PCR patients, who did not test positive for COVID,” said Ardis.

    Learn more about the venom in COVID-19 at Covenom19.com.

    Watch Ruby’s full interview with Ardis, featuring Health Ranger Mike Adams, on the Nov. 5 episode of the “Dr. Jane Ruby Show.”

    This video is from the EndGameNow channel on Brighteon.com.


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