Dozens of Nations Deep in Debt: “Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: This debt is becoming contagion. With over $200 trillion in debt across the world, and countless countries, cities and states coming due on obligations they cannot pay, someone somewhere is paying up, while bankers call bets, and government after government prepares to default, and further subject themselves to control by bankers, unless someone takes a stand (think Iceland).

    Meanwhile the people suffer, things grind to a halt in Greece and elsewhere, and things threaten to spread globally and create more pain, suffering and worry.

    The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis

    There has been so much attention on Greece in recent weeks, but the truth is that Greece represents only a very tiny fraction of an unprecedented global debt bomb which threatens to explode at any moment.  As you are about to see, there are 24 nations that are currently facing a full-blown debt crisis, and there are 14 more that are rapidly heading toward one.  Right now, the debt to GDP ratio for the entire planet is up to an all-time record high of 286 percent, and globally there is approximately 200 TRILLION dollars of debt on the books.  That breaks down to about $28,000 of debt for every man, woman and child on the entire planet.  And since close to half of the population of the world lives on less than 10 dollars a day, there is no way that all of this debt can ever be repaid.  The only “solution” under our current system is to kick the can down the road for as long as we can until this colossal debt pyramid finally collapses in upon itself.

    As we are seeing in Greece, you can eventually accumulate so much debt that there is literally no way out.  The other European nations are attempting to find a way to give Greece a third bailout, but that is like paying one credit card with another credit card because virtually everyone in Europe is absolutely drowning in debt.

    Even if some “permanent solution” could be crafted for Greece, that would only solve a very small fraction of the overall problem that we are facing.  The nations of the world have never been in this much debt before, and it gets worse with each passing day.

    According to a new report from the Jubilee Debt Campaign, there are currently 24 countries in the world that are facing a full-blown debt crisis

    ■ Armenia

    ■ Belize

    ■ Costa Rica

    ■ Croatia

    ■ Cyprus

    ■ Dominican Republic

    ■ El Salvador

    ■ The Gambia

    ■ Greece

    ■ Grenada

    ■ Ireland

    ■ Jamaica

    ■ Lebanon

    ■ Macedonia

    ■ Marshall Islands

    ■ Montenegro

    ■ Portugal

    ■ Spain

    ■ Sri Lanka

    ■ St Vincent and the Grenadines

    ■ Tunisia

    ■ Ukraine

    ■ Sudan

    ■ Zimbabwe

    And there are another 14 nations that are right on the verge of one…

    ■ Bhutan

    ■ Cape Verde

    ■ Dominica

    ■ Ethiopia

    ■ Ghana

    ■ Laos

    ■ Mauritania

    ■ Mongolia

    ■ Mozambique

    ■ Samoa

    ■ Sao Tome e Principe

    ■ Senegal

    ■ Tanzania

    ■ Uganda

    So what should be done about this?

    Should we have the “wealthy” countries bail all of them out?

    Well, the truth is that the “wealthy” countries are some of the biggest debt offenders of all.  Just consider the United States.  Our national debt has more than doubled since 2007, and at this point it has gotten so large that it is mathematically impossible to pay it off.

    Europe is in similar shape.  Members of the eurozone are trying to cobble together a “bailout package” for Greece, but the truth is that most of them will soon need bailouts too

    All of those countries will come knocking asking for help at some point. The fact is that their Debt to GDP levels have soared since the EU nearly collapsed in 2012.

    Spain’s Debt to GDP has risen from 69% to 98%. Italy’s Debt to GDP has risen from 116% to 132%. France’s has risen from 85% to 95%.

    In addition to Spain, Italy and France, let us not forget Belgium (106 percent debt to GDP), Ireland (109 debt to GDP) and Portugal (130 debt to GDP).

    Once all of these dominoes start falling, the consequences for our massively overleveraged global financial system will be absolutely catastrophic

    Spain has over $1.0 trillion in debt outstanding… and Italy has €2.6 trillion. These bonds are backstopping tens of trillions of Euros’ worth of derivatives trades. A haircut or debt forgiveness for them would trigger systemic failure in Europe.

    EU banks as a whole are leveraged at 26-to-1. At these leverage levels, even a 4% drop in asset prices wipes out ALL of your capital. And any haircut of Greek, Spanish, Italian and French debt would be a lot more than 4%.

    Things in Asia look quite ominous as well.

    According to Bloomberg, debt levels in China have risen to levels never recorded before…

    While China’s economic expansion beat analysts’ forecasts in the second quarter, the country’s debt levels increased at an even faster pace.

    Outstanding loans for companies and households stood at a record207 percent of gross domestic product at the end of June, up from 125 percent in 2008, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

    And remember, that doesn’t even include government debt.  When you throw all forms of debt into the mix, the overall debt to GDP number for China is rapidly approaching 300 percent.

    In Japan, things are even worse.  The government debt to GDP ratio in Japan is now up to an astounding 230 percent.  That number has gotten so high that it is hard to believe that it could possibly be true.  At some point an implosion is coming in Japan which is going to shock the world.

    Of course the same thing could be said about the entire planet.  Yes, national governments and central banks have been attempting to kick the can down the road for as long as possible, but everyone knows that this is not going to end well.

    And when things do really start falling apart, it will be unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  Just consider what Egon von Greyerz recently told King World News

    Eric, there are now more problem areas in the world, rather than stable situations. No major nation in the West can repay its debts. The same is true for Japan and most of the emerging markets. Europe is a failed experiment for socialism and deficit spending. China is a massive bubble, in terms of its stock markets, property markets and shadow banking system. Japan is also a basket case and the U.S. is the most indebted country in the world and has lived above its means for over 50 years.

    So we will see twin $200 trillion debt and $1.5 quadrillion derivatives implosions. That will lead to the most historic wealth destruction ever in global stock, with bond and property markets declining at least 75 – 95 percent. World trade will also contract dramatically and we will see massive hardship across the globe.

    So what do you think is coming, and how bad will things ultimately get once this global debt crisis finally spins totally out of control?

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. but, but ,but……who will give me my free stuFf that I am entitled to? I mean…I I am here …so I am entitled!!

        • For all of you history buffs out there:

          Of the given list of 24 countries that are headed for a full blown crisis, HOW MANY OF THEM HAS THE UNITED STATES EITHER INVADED/BOMBED, ANNEXED OR POLITICALLY CONTROLLED THROUGH REGIME CHANGES?

          The answer might surprise us all.

          • Indeed! Among the many nations destroyed by the USA is Mexico, a nation that is now returning the “favor.” This month’s issue of Culture Wars has the most succinct, yet excellent, summary of Mexican history I have ever read:

            The Origin and Essence of Mexican Identity by Alberto Villasana, Alysa Rangel’s translation of the author’s original article, “Origen y esencia de la identidad Mexicana, Los Últimos Tiempos: Una visión de esperanza para nuestros días,” Culture Wars, July/August 2015, p. 14-21.

            Avaliable for download at

            • Much ado is made about the countries that are about to go belly up. But when I read down through the list I found a couple of 4th world countries that I’d never heard of, Sao Tome e Principe. My wallet probably has more money in it right now than the entire GDP of some of these countries. It’s time the US stopped thinking we have to run in and fix every failing country, every failing business, and anything else that needs fixing that involves taxpayer money.

              Then the well intentioned Michael asks, “What should be done about this?” Not a darn thing, let them fail.

              Darn it all Michael, some things just need to be allowed to die and go away.

              • I’ll just continue here for a moment Michael. You mention: France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. I seem to recall we bailed these countries out during two, make that TWO world wars in the last century. That’s right, US Servicemen DIED, they paid the “ULTIMATE PRICE” to liberate these countries, and then we paid to rebuild them. Now you’re suggesting that we do more? WTH??? Now you’re wringing your hands about their economic /financial problems. Then add to this the fact that the US paid BILLIONS to protect these countries from COMMUNISM and billions of US dollars were circulated through their economy when US Servicemen spent their monthly paychecks over there. Now you have the gall to suggest that these fricking countries get MORE help from the US taxpayer? Hells bells we already helped them out with underhanded and under the table money being loaned to them secretly after the TBTF banks were bailed out. Have you lost your mind Michael?????? If not your mind then I think you’ve lost all credibility.

                • Yes Wilson, we did bail them out, BUT FOR A STEEP PRICE. If one were to go back and look up the CONDITIONS that were imposed pursuant to those “bail outs”, the MO becomes clear.

                  Don’t you find it odd that EVERY country the United States banksters “help” always ends in their financial demise?

                  I know I do.

                  • Ireland and Spain weren’t at war so I’m not sure how the hell uncle SAM bailed them out

                • All wars are banker wars. They finance both sides and create all the isms that are pitted against each other in those wars. Our military fights for the bankers and corporations not for the freedom of anyone.

                • Wilson: get down off your high horse please. The US only entered the wars towards the end when both sides were already beaten by the sheer brutality of it all and had decimated each other. In WWII the US only joined because Pearl Harbor was bombed, directly affecting the US. Make no mistake that before this it point-blank refused to get involved or to ‘bail anybody out’. The US bring numbers and that’s why the allies won. Oh and by the way, your servicemen also left lots of fatherless children in the countries they ‘bailed out’ and ‘spent their paychecks in’. In most of the countries you ‘help’ you cause more problems than you solve. You may want to have a word with your own governments about setting themselves up as the judge & jury of the world; the US is where it is now because it can’t keep out of everyone else’s business and it always thinks it’s right. Iran deal? Really? That’s gonna end well. And keep on prodding Russia with that big stick cos that’s gonna end well too.

                  Like it or not the global economy is just that – global. What affects one will eventually affect all. Perhaps you need to check your own credibility.

          • So, at this articles climax, next to the last quote about debt derivative implosion, there’s an ad from the “The Daily Coin” which asks, “How would you like to invest $40,000 with only $100?” and then it says, “Learn how to trade on leverage”.

            So I spent 4 mins reading how terrible leveraged debt trading was only to reach the end and see an advertisement trying to lure me into it….

          • Get your assets and money out if Banks ASAP. Sure the FDIC raised the loss amount from $100K to $250,000, and the insure about $9.3 Trillion in peoples deposits, but only have about $25 Billion in reserve to cover losses. Thats less than .01 cents on the Dollar… See where this is going folks.

          • Just Laos from what I can see. We pretty much bombed it indiscriminately along its Eastern border with Vietnam in the 60s/70s. And of course there was the Invasion of Grenada!!! That would be like the entire US Military invading the Catalinas off Nazi occupied Kaliforia

            • American troops were secretly in Laos also which is a known fact. I remember a picture on the front page of our local newspaper showing my cousin and a few of his men in combat in nam. When my cousin came home he told me the picture was taken in Laos.

          • For many people in these 3rd World Countries, they wont be affected that much. They already live at the bottom of the food chain in poverty and already know how to get by on a shoe string without money. However the damage to a country like the US that feeds its poor (Freeshit Army) and striped all their working skills or ambition away over several generations, is where I would be more concerned about. Try 50 Million Hungry Faces mob robbing and looting. ATTN: Preppers, what ever you have in Ammo- double or triple your stockpiles. Sgt. Knows the capability of the underbelly that lurks just a few neighborhoods away from all of us. He is well on his way with ammo up to his eyeballs. The horror and humanity of having to kill mobs will be quite a site, in SHTF here in the US when it all goes down. How will you defend your city house from say, 20 freeshit army looters at 3AM pounding on you door and windows telling you to abandon your home and preps or they will burn it down with you inside? ~ WWTI – LET ER’ RIP!!

          • sixpack

            at least 6 i know of

            Belize has there dollar pegged to the US at 2 Belize
            for 1 US

            so how many ??

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • Five?

          • Six, and during that rime Amerika wasninvasing all those countries, how many xiuntries did Iran invade??
            Answer: Zero. So who is the terrorist threat??

            Wanna know why Israel hates Iran? Remember that UN Speech by Iran Pres Aminajad? sp. When he askes the question “Who really killed JF Kennedy?” He was waking up Americans pointing out the ZOG killed Kennedy. Basivally saying Stupid Americans supporting Israeli ZOG, who killed their greatest President. Look up EO-11110 June 4 1963 for your answer. It was to remove the ZOG Fed Reserve from loansharking America into debt. So who had the most to gain with Kennedy dead? Answer: $700 Trillion reasons to kill Kennedy.

            • Exactly. The only one on the list that the U.S. never invades or instigated a coup is MONGOLIA—because the west has been in charge of Mongolia for decades. We bought them a long time ago, because of their position between Russia and China.

              ht tp://

        • Food, water, shelter. And the means and the will to protect it. That is the goal.

          Frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t gone belly up already. Guess I underestimated the ability of TPTB to keep bailing water out of the Titanic.


          • You are so correct. It seems to be a controlled take down.
            Society,Economic,earth changes and religion. These areas are under assault and in some form shows signs of collapsing.

            Part of the process to replace an old system to replace with a new system. We call it “The New World Order”.

          • Ausse, I wonder how many sheeple on the Titanic continued to eat their fillet minion and drinking their Champagne even after the Ship hit the iceberg? After all, they said “This ship is unsinkable.”

            • It wasn’t the Titanic …. It was the identical sister ship Olympic that hit the ice-burg. They did a switcher-roo with the ships when the real Olympic broke her back running into a British warship accidentally. Billions in damage to Olympic …. So they switched ships. The real Titanic became the Olympic and sailed the Atlantic for another 30 years without ever getting those repairs done. And the Olympic became the Titanic …. And was sunk deliberately to hide the damage and collect the insurance!!

              Just got to read how many rich farkars cancelled their tickets for the so called maiden voyage of the unsinkable!! Sorry, had to write this when I saw your comment

          • Floods: How you can prepare in advance

            I live in eastern Kentucky. Last week we had two severe storms – Monday and Tuesday. Monsoon rains and severe winds caused flash floods, brought down trees and power lines, etc.

            In one rural county, over 150 homes were destroyed and 500 homes were damaged. Other people do not know the status of their home, as roads are still impassable.

            Some people lost EVERYTHING!

            We live on a hill. Thankfully our home was not damaged. But, we still lost water and electric for a several days.

            A prep many may not think about is having good screens on your windows. A roll of extra screen is a good purchase, should screens need to be replaced.

            You don’t fully appreciate having air conditioning in the summer, until it is not working. Thankfully, it was not too hot and we opened the windows and had some breezes to cool the house.

            • If you can dig youself a water well. One of the smaller Cities by me had their municipal water treatment facilities struck by lightening and the town has been on a Boil Water Alert now for over a week. Restaurants have been invaded by the health dept. to make sure they are serving bottled water and their ice cubes brought in. The OutBack Iate at last Nt has a filter systems to cope but, how many uninformed people are still drinking the shit water.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt,

                I am sure many uninformed people are drinking contaminated water.

                Having a well on our property is at the top of my wish list.

                As we are on a hilltop, drilling would be needed.

                My husband grew up here and knows a lot of people. Yet, he has been unable to find anyone in our area that drills wells. We keep searching.

                We filter all of our drinking and cooking water with a large Aquarain filtration system. We have extra water filters and some large water storage tanks. Screened large containers around the house fill with rain water from the roof.

                Hope this finds all well with you. I enjoy posts about your off grid home. It sounds very nice!

            • KY Mom -“should screens need to be replaced”… or stolen by those who need them or damaged by looters trying to break in.

              I wouldn’t have thought about the extra screens to be honest… so great advice… but just thought I add on that sad but realistic tidbit about getting stolen by those who don’t have extra screens around and need them when the SHTF… or damaged by home invaders when the SHTF.

              Thanks for your contributions here. They’ve been very helpful to me. I saw the news report here in NY about the severe storms in KY and glad all is well and your house wasn’t damaged.

              • CommonCents,

                Thank you! We are very thankful our home was not damaged.

                Our church and many other churches and groups are working together to help those whose homes were damaged or destroyed. There are many elderly and poorer families who were already struggling, are overwhelmed.

                Please keep those who have been affected in your thoughts and prayers.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

      2. What?!The US not one of the 24 countries ready for a full blown debt crisis,well,that sucks!Come on folks,we can do this,run up those credit cards/push for more unfunded govt. programs/bailouts ect.,we are #1 USA!USA!USA!

        • We would already have collapsed if it weren’t for the devil’s printer at the fed. We are the Walking Dead.

          • Simon,
            you are correct my friend we have been in a coffin for a long time and i think they are about to put the last shovel of dirt on us!! we will see, and lots of us will go down fighting for what we know is correct.

            • Apache,
              You are correct. We will probably go down fighting, but we will not go alone. I for one am not looking forward to it, but oh well… better to go out fighting for freedom than with a whimper. Peace and keep your powder dry.

              • Simon/Apache;
                You both are correct. There are a lot of us that will not go down quietly. That is what gives me hope if it does crash. Knowing that there will be fighters and not quitters that will help restore this nation. I pray that it does not come to that, but if it does I have your 6!!
                S.T.SF.P. N. Reb

                • Amen to all of you above!

          • Its the Greed and Power control that TP2B have on small countries with installed dictators that play along. They accept the easy credit to lavish their lives at their citizens expense. Or build a big military like the US that bankrupts its Country. When they cant pay the money back, the creditors come back and rape the country’s assets and resorces at a fraction of its worth like oil. If the dictators stop playing the debt game like in Libya, and Khadaffi, TP2B create an overthrow and send the country into chaos. It baffles me the strategy of loaning Puerto Rico $75 Billion they have no way of paying back.

            • That’s the modus operandi!

        • Oh it’s coming, but probably by default.

          The driving force, besides the bankster’s printing press, is the stock market rallies.

          99% of all pensions and retirement funds are handled through the markets/brokers. When that gets bearish, it sets up a collapse.
          Remember 10% decline is a correction, 20% a bear market, and anything beyond 30% is a crash/collapse.

          I still hold to my prediction from last year that Japan would be a determining marker for the markets around the world. They have been doing the equivalent of Quantitative Easing for a while now. No economy short of USSAG can match their debt to gdp ratio. They are set for a crash, and the hype of Wall Street will probably, crash right with it.

          Something may trigger that about 9-11-2015, or before.

          If so, the feds will not be able to stave it off like China has. The House of Cards may tumble into the dominoes of American economies and voila’. Pending doom and gloom could be reality in just weeks ahead.

          It is a real possibility when putting all the pieces of the puzzle of destiny, together. I am no investment guru, nor economics einstein, but I see no way out, but to get out. Out of the market and out of debt.

          Got preps topped off?
          Got debts lopped off?
          Got paper cashed out?

          Ummmm, better think things through if you have been dragging your feet. Funds can always be replaced with little losses if gathered up before things get whacky weasel.
          After a collapse and possible banking system closure, not gonna happen.

          That is why they call it “risky business”.

          That is why the word came out of the Greece debacle,…”hide it under a mattress”.

          One stroke of the pen by the Obominator, and it’s game over.
          Then the battles begin and the crying never ends.

      3. Well….I’m still going to put money into my 401k, and preps… if I croak before or after the collapse,I still win. Go Air Force……

        • 200 trillion in debt across the globe.
          The Rothchilds banking cartel is worth 700+ trillion.

          Not hard to do the math, is it?

      4. Just exactly to whom is all this debt owed?

        • The debt is probably owed to each other, so it should effectively cancel out. But that’s not how the banksters play their game.

          • Most sensible observation here. The debt is simply a promise of future income streams. It could easily be netted out. Doing it in a controlled way would not impact the real world in terms of the stock of labour, materials, etc, etc. Two options. One would be to take control of the global banking system and eliminate the debt and derivatives (bankers and banker shareholders take the losses). The other option is to let the bankers continue to financially oppress and steal until the whole system collapses. The second option is what will happen.

            • It cannot be “netted out”.

              The whole gist of the financial fiat scheme is compound usury. This is why debt growth must be continuous…to pay the usury.

              Every debt on the books is someone else’s asset. If you eliminate all the world debt there would not be a single currency note in existence since all fiat is loaned into existence as debt. When you give a debt “haircut” or bankruptcy, as it were, you are destroying someone’s savings…maybe your pension fund?

              Dr. Albert Bartlett (rest his soul) said it best when he said that the greatest failing of mankind was the failure to understand the exponential function…which is what compound usury also is. Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible.

              The banking system has run out of “new frontiers” to exploit. Growth is over…permanently.

              Worldwide depression, death, starvation and war are all that is left. Don’t matter who is in charge…liberal left or righteous right. There are no good solutions to this predicament.

              Head for the hills…

        • That .02 is an excellent question. Nobama probably has the right answer if there is a right answer. Eppe may be right as well but stretching it a bit in my opinion. But who knows? The whole thing is so convoluted it is impossible to sort out.

          But if the world goes down would not every individual nation be on its own again wit individual currencies and the whole thing begins anew?


        • Per Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Boston Univ and former Reagan treasury official, $222 trillion is simply in unfunded liabilities (federal, state, municipal, underfunded pensions, etc.), with the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois even worse off than California, ranking 8th – right behind Portugal – in likelihood of default, according the credit default swaps.

        • .02,

          Does anyone ever “owe” anything to the criminals that defrauded and robbed you?


          Repudiate the debt. Repatriate the loot. Prosecute the criminals.

        • 02

          Our government owes the debt to the Fed. The government borrows from the fed at and pays it back with interest. It means we owe the fed our paychecks. Then the other central banks do the same. The payments end up in the Elites hands. It really is one big Ponzi scheme. I tried to describe it in the simplest terms I could.
          It gets complicated when you throw in other national banks.

          • 02. Where does the Fed get the money they loan.

        • With derivatives, no one really knows. That’s part of the problem. With unfunded liabilities, think of Medicare or Social Security. There are unfunded pensions, all assuming 8% growth a year. Think Rahm Emmanuel’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago (go look at what their teachers’ pension is in the whole for).

          As noted, there are THREE things and only three you can do with this: print money, raise taxes or cut services. Raising taxes even more will kill business (think businesses fleeing IL); cut services and the Free $hit Army riots. So that leaves printing money (of course they will do all three, but tend to the latter). There ARE other options, such as 10% growth a year (under socialism? Hahahahaha!) or renouncing the debt, but that really bleeds over into cutting services. It would also cause a deflationary depression, which the banksters won’t let happen. As noted, Jim Rickards think we will end up most likely (not 100% guaranteed) we will go to SDR usage, with the USD losing value. IMHO, that argues for gold/silver/platinum

          • Exactly how is social security “unfunded”? We’ve all paid into that “fund” for our entire working lives. That doesn’t sound like it’s “unfunded” to me.

            just because congress stole the funds, does not make it “unfunded”—it just means congress is a bunch of thieves.

      5. If everyone goes belly up, how easy will we reset with a one world currency???
        Then if we depopulate down to 500 million, one world govt and religion would be a breeze…
        Guidestones are telling us what is the works, partially…
        What scares me is how it will be accomplished…

        Bless all here…

        • “Permanent Solution” ? In a word: “Nibiru”. Its coming and WHEN it gets here there will be a reset. Connect the dots folks, that’s what all of the activity worldwide is all about.

          Keep prepping. 🙂

          • DK, I have read most all of VonDonakin?, Stichkin, Casey, and many others.
            Makes one wonder what the true truth is….

              • Astronomer or not, there is some flaws in his thinking. He believes that this planet, seven times the size of earth will pass BETWEEN the earth and the moon.

                That is not gonna happen.

                Between the earth and sun? Ok, thats possible. Between the earth and moon would be too close for life to continue on this planet as the moon (as I remember), is only 23 million miles from the earth.

                Still his research is worth the read. 🙂

                • DK you’ve generally made a lot of sense up until you got on this Nibiru kick. Has somebody been fooling with your meds? Did you find those six tabs of blotter acid that you thought you’d lost in 1977?

                • The moon is only 240,000 miles from earth, genius.

                  • HBOMB: Thank you. I was thinking 230,000 miles off the top of my head, but posted 230 million. My bad. But the actual distance only supports my point that a planet 7x the earth could not pass between the earth and the moon and leave any survivors. Not gonna happen.

                    Coach: I have never used drugs. Never been attracted to that stuff. Business, sports and women still hold my interest. However I was sitting on the dock of the bay listening to Otis Redding in 1968. I don’t smoke, and don’t drink anymore either.

                    Nibiru IS out there and it is coming this way. Infrared photos have been taken of this object. Binary star systems are the most common in the universe so it is not unlikely that Sol has a companion. “Maverick” planets with elliptical orbits like that proposed for Nibiru is not unusual either and have been plotted by our astronomers in distant systems.

                    Don’t think that they haven’t plotted the orbit of Nibiru since its first observation in 1983. They have. Its just another thing that the PTB are keeping from US. Open your minds, my peeps, and then connect the dots.

                    Nibiru is the “synthesis” that brings it all together and will fulfill the descriptions of the end times by the Prophets and Revelation. 🙁

                • The moon is 2388,900 miles distant from Earth not 23 million miles. If you can’t get this simple fact correct who here can take your nonsense seriously?

                  • Cerberus: Don’t care whether you take my nonsense seriously or not. And that is the difference between you and me. 🙂

              • Ok you. Can’t just believe everything

                I can’t find this guys education but looks like he’s no scientific background

                Even if this Planet X theory is real it’s still got to get by Jupiter and not be affected like has happened to many asteroids have been

                I’d put. Mores stock into Iran starting Armageddon if you’re looking for biblical theory

                • Lena: It doesn’t have to “get by Jupiter” given its course, inward bound from well below the plane of the solar system.

                  Iran will not start WW 3. You don’t start a war you know you cannot win. Thats called suicide.

                  Israel will start this war long before Iran is prepared to attack, with a massive First Strike on Iranian nuclear sites.

                  With that Strike, the nations of the earth (UN) will gather together in the Valley of Armageddon to disarm Israel of nuclear weapons.

                  We know the end of the story. 🙂

          • I’ve been reading about Niburu coming next month, next year, next whatever for years now. It’s hiding behind the sun, hiding behind Jupiter, heck, if I recall one article said it was hiding under my bed. Meanwhile, we have the Niburu equivalent in the White House, a debt the size of Jupiter, and a cultural milieu (think Miley Cyslease, Lady Kaka, Mahdoona, 2 1/2 Men, Will & Grace, Sex in the City, the fact that 70% of black kids have no father around, ad nauseam, and you ALREADY have more damage than Nibiru could ever do.

            Personally, I have seen so many predictions of Niburu next week, next month, next whatever that that, along with the incessant Jew baiters on this site (not saying it is a non-extant issue; rather, they just are missing a bigger picture), it just gets annoying. If you wish to cite sources on our dear long awaited planet, please do. But just simple assertions that never end do nothing for me.

            • TEST: Follow the link I left above for eppe. He believes it comes next March. A lot can happen between now and then. I think it is worth the read. Come to your own conclusion.

              Personally, I think it is still a ways out there and will coincide with events described in Biblical Prophecy; such as “the earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard”. 🙁

            • Test you old blow hard psyop agent. You can’t make a post without trying to deflect focus on the Jew.

        • Eppe, if everybody goes belly up, it will make SEX a whole lot easier. LoL

          • Wwti, agree…
            Great to see the bol is working.
            Anything you do to make your property better will help in the end.
            Think about whatever you do will look in 30 years.

            Bless all here…

        • My gallstones have been acting up, could that be anything like the guidestones talking?

          Sorry eppe, didn’t mean to be a smartass, but sticks and stones have little relevance at this point, to me; unless they turn into dragons and snakes.

          Since my wife had emergency gall bladder surgery last year, I fear such things after the lights go out. I ain’t bettin’ on the local horse and goat doctor to handle any emergency surgeries.

          With that scenario, I guess i’ll do as my friend did a couple years ago. He was diagnosed with un-operable lung cancer that had spread and was given six months. He checked out of the hospital after it was doubly confirmed, and sucked on the opening of a Jack Daniels bottle until he lost the battle. Almost exactly five months of laying drunk, to keep the medical establishment from draining off all his wife’s life savings, and livelihood. That took courage, willpower, and love; and a whole lot of help from Jack.

          • Passin, no problem.
            Seemed to be a slow night, so I threw that out to get it rolling. And Bud was talking to me…

            • #7 as a way to get thru the end,not a bad choice if stuck with hard choices.I am sober at moment but when it does all go wrong have a few bottles of #7,will drink @ least one listening to my Tull a final time,then,off to make the donuts!

              • On a side note,to pass and all others here,check out hogwarts school site,tis a grid down medicine site that has a lot of useful info run by a ER doc and a paramedic.We may not be able to save all but we can at least try,am also as suggested here all for old school solutions like the ones mentioned for gallstones.I would say get a ream of paper and print out what you want for knowledge,med and otherwise.I hope to do a wemt course this fall,funds and time permitting,till then,read and print.

          • Gallbladder! Drink ACV diluted in water. Every day.
            Purchase Chanca Piedra tincture (stone breaker) herb.
            Take Milk Thistle seed tea or capsules twice a day. Do your homework! I did , it works!

            • TCM, having a bad kidney till 35, you are dead on.
              Done tons of research over the years.
              To break down the stone, drink acid fluids, to help slide the stone, olive oil…
              Helpful info in ‘shtf’ days…

              • Yep! Apple cider vinegar will stop a Gallbladder
                Attack! Learn to make your own vinegar !

                It’s 103 heat index in east Texas!
                The chickens are hot! Not laying well.

                • Hot, hot,hot. Late plantings in garden are just not sprouting or are just dormant.

                  Hot and dry dry dry. No rain in weeks.

                  It is so dry, I had to put a pan of water under the bed, just to get the wifey to take root.

            • I had my gall bladder removed. Before I realized out what was happening, I would press my fist tight onto the place where it hurt. The doc told me I had been pressing the smaller stones through the neck of the gallbladder with external pressure from my hand.

              I had done that and avoided surgery for over a year. Each incident hurt like hell and made me throw up, but it did pass in a few minutes after I felt the ‘pop’ of the stone dislodging…yes, you can feel it if you know what you’re feeling really is.

              Finally, a stone came up that was too large to press through, I got pancreatitis (sp?) and ended up in emergency surgery. I think if I had known about any way to possibly break up the stones, I probably could’ve avoided surgery for a while longer.

              My point is—sometimes being able to buy yourself a little more time, can increase your survival stats. Thing like this happen at the most inopportune times, don’t they?

              The only problem is, once the stones start forming, how does one stop them from continuing to form? The answer to that would beat gallstones forever.

              • ….an apple a day……

                Malic acid is in the apple!

      6. WORLD BANKS problem, not ours….fuck ’em.

        How to fix Global Debt:

        Hang the Bankers, and those who follow their illegal, devious, and corrupted ways. They instituted the problems, and the people of this world needs to eliminate these problems.


        Restore an honest system with checks and balances in place across the Globe. Eliminate those who practice scandalous banking practices. Let those spin the “wheel of death” so they can gamble on the type of death they shall receive.

        – death by hanging, death by firing squad, death by stoning, death by crucifixion, ..etc… [add your own]

        This must be done in a public arena, and televised world wide. This should rid or at least deviate the corrupted policies that has been driving the world mad since the dawn of man.

        This Policy is not just for Bankers and it’s collaborators. This also should work just fine on Politicians as well on any Government Level.

        The Elite has their NWO Agenda, so do WE THE PEOPLE!

        • Truly! In justice, what has been gained by fraud (fractional reserve banking, debt-based currency), cronyism (purchased governmental influence and monopolism), warmongering (funding and profiting from pitting nation against nation), tax farming, and swindling (Ponzi derivatives upon derivatives) is NOT owed to the perpetrators. NOT one cent.

          In view of the death and suffering they have caused on a global scale, do these crimes against humanity rise to the level of capital crimes?

          These crimes against humanity must be honestly and carefully investigated, prosecuted, and punished—all of command and control and all accomplices, middle management and street level operators included.

          Leave the innocent alone.

        • You are correct. What the article doesn’t do is explain why everyone is in debt. The 2008 economic collapse was “solved” by giving banks free money out of thin air. This devalued currency so we had price inflation while our incomes stayed the same. Meanwhile, the banks took the free money and continued to gamble with it.

          When the bets go south, government “solves” the problem by making the taxpayers liable for the bank loans and by paying it to other banks, who in turn loan that money to other banks. The money goes in a circle but it is always the people who are stuck paying the interest on the bank’s debts. This is what is killing Greece because the people will never have enough money to pay back the loans no matter how much austerity is imposed on them.

          Finally, it’s all a ploy by the rich to force Greece to sell off its assets at a bargain price–and to privatize utilities, water, sewer, education, etc.–anything the rich can make money on and get even richer. Why else do you think there is such a push in America to privatize things here?

          • Part of the Greece debt approx $275 Billion was dumpes on them to bail out the banks. Then refied by the banks to keep them debt slaves into eternity. Thats why they say the debt is illegal. I agree. F* the Banksters.

        • ??? OK, so you wipe out the debt, say for the US. Now how will you pay Medicare, Social Security, etc? Are you just going to tell all those old people to go suck an egg? Won’t happen. A phased in approach could work. I agree about an honest system – its GETTING back to where we can do that, and you have begged that question

          • Test – for a reset to occur, a lot of damage will be necessary in the process. Please don’t tell me that Hospitals, Grocery Stores, and Wal-Mart will be open for business?

            There will be no medicare, there will be no social security and the life as we know it will be at a standstill until things get turned around. Unfortunately, a lot of bad things need to happen in the process before any good comes out of it.

            I wish there is a peaceful process for things to improve in this country and world-wide, but I would only be lying to myself – that is simply not possible.

            All walks of life locally and globally will change, the interruptions of what is considered normal living conditions have changed many times over during history. Those before us have made those changes and sacrifices for a damn reason. It will be no different this time for us.

            Yes, the fake world that we live in now will suck for most people when it gets turned upside down – it needs to happen, and I will welcome and embrace it at the same time. It needs to happen – ™

            • It will all go to he’ll then if any of us are left we will set up another government and it will start incrementally enslaving us again until another total hell on earth is created. Until humans begin thinking like sovereign individuals who despise all organization it will always be the same.

        • I couldn’t agree more.

      7. Tried to send to Facebook…got this message:

        Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content: Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

        What the ???!

        • Facebook is the land of pointless selfies, occasionally cute dog pics and bowel movement status updates. No reality allowed.

          • I was on FecesBook for about one month many years ago. Dumped that in a heartbeat. Who needs it, even it were not some state data collection agency?

      8. The answer is one world currency and the mark of the beast and of course exploitation of people with education and skills. This will work in true commie fashion for the greater good of course.the way it should be solved is to take out the trash free shit army. It would be a huge win no more bums losers dopers living off the rest of us. I fucking hate lazy people. I look at them as keeping me down. They go and have a bunch of kids just to get on the dole. Some people are a total waste of resources. Fire up the furnaces.

      9. I agree with.02…….just WHO are the folks that are going to TRY to collect on that debt

        • Who? It will be the STATE… citing the “will of the people.” Cf the Bolsheviks in the USSR

          • Hey test were those Bolsheviks jews?

      10. It’s like putting out your blinkers to make a right turn in s…h..t street. Once we make the turn expect a rough ride. I have been done that street before and I was in my own calapse, the side effect of the Rothchild Banking family as in Bank Of America foreclosed in my house and out me into the when everybody makes that turn at the same time, now you see what we call SHTF. ANYONE Without food and water, guns ammo and allies, your royally completed screwed.. it boggles the frickin mind as to what it would be like in a calapse of this nature..We have some really serious pending crap creaping up on us. You guys should read the Argentina calapse. This one will get your attention. Also read Failure of civility. Make sure your sitting on the toilet, you may need it. And let’s not forget Shtf course.. Let Selco take you to his city for a few months to let you live day by day in severe shtf, it’s the most bad azz shtf stuff I have ever read. Selco will be the 3-5 million survivors for certain.

        • Speaking of the toilet, here’s some good advice I read a few years ago:

          Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

          • Arch, that would make for a shitty sleep…

          • If the definition of Experience, is…

            “not getting what you thought you should have gotten”; then the definition of Bad Experience is the scenario you speak of.

          • It would certainly make for a very rude awakening…

      11. “That will lead to the most historic wealth destruction ever in global stock, with bond and property markets declining at least 75 – 95 percent.”

        Since the elite are the wealthy, real wealth destruction should take them out. If I were in charge, I would say to the elite, “try to make us pay.” If that happened in every major country, it would confound the elites because they wouldn’t be able to start a war between us to raise money.

        That would be a dream come true.

      12. A NWO Zog Fake Fiat Dollar is Coming

        Prepare for a Complete Monetary System Reset.

        If you aren’t holding it, you don’t own it!

        It really is that simple.

        ArmUp StockUp Prepare for a MASSIVE nation-wide Zog False-Flag, then GLOBAL WAR WW3!

        What Happens After the U.S. Dollar Collapse

          • I bet the bankers and corporations have China by the balls.

        • Aquaman.

          Lord have mercy when we had our first confrontations.
          Remarkable to say I do not know who you are as much as what you are. Yet I know you will stay in Montana and myself in Florida, as agreed. Hahaha!

          • Hello friend @Slingshot ;0), I use to work throughout Florida. It was Fun to visit in the off season back in the 90’s, though not very comfortable for someone with Norse blood fair skin. I prefer Cold Ice and cool breeze Mountains over Hot Sunshine and humid beaches.

            Though we have our differences I believe we have more in common than not and that is a good start for all of us to come together as One, Unifying us All in our Fight against the NWO Zog Globalists.

            Our Goal is simple – “TAKE BACK AMERICA and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!”

        • That”s it. Want a full patch to Nina O. Aquaman.

      13. The only option that is left for the 99% of the folks in countries who were screwed by there own elites via satanic temples named Goldman Sachs , Chase, BOA, and basically the entire wall street and the zionist European central banks is to have one national anthem each and every day until the Zio Cartel is destroyed:

        I want to see Dead Bansksters
        I want to see them dead. I want to see their families Dead. DEAD DEAD DEAD.,

        I want to see the head of multi national corporations Dead. Their families Dead. DEAD DEAD DEAD.

        • Sign me up for the slaughter house Capt. They will get a fair and speedy trial. I will ask, “What do you have to say about your evil doings?” Then I rule Guilty and Firing squad ensues… Let er’ Rip!!!

      14. Everybody will take a big haircut…..everyone will be bald!

        • Jim:
          At my age I have more hair growing in my nose, on my ears and on the back of my neck than I do on top of my head. So they will not be getting much off of me!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      15. In need of some advice, concerning comms, in the event of a shtf scenario I find it very doubtful that I would travel any more than five miles from my rural residence. Will a cb radio suffice (a galaxy with ssb, peaked and tuned)??? Versus a ham radio? Just in case of a vehicle break down or such, one could at least contact home base and send someone to help. Anyone?

        • go with the cb

          just keep in mind ‘line of sight’ radio waves limits transmission distance.

          you might think about putting a solar battery powered repeater/ relay on the highest peak point of your area to dramatically increase range.

        • I have walkie talkies from Cobra, which you can get at Home Depot/Menards/Lowes hardware stores.I think open spaces has a 40 mile range or so, but there are different models you can get for different prices.

          • “40 miles” with FRS or GMRS radios??? Ha, ha, ha… Apparently you are as much a sucker for advertising as you are for falsified history.

            Tell us another funny one, O All-Knowing One.

            • I was on FecesBook for about one month many years ago. Dumped that in a heartbeat. Who needs it, even it were not some state data collection agency?

            • Yes, Johnny boy. The Jews told me that. You know, the Jews. The people you post about every 5 minutes.

              I am truly sorry you are so bitter and hate filled, but I guess that is par for the course with you Nazis.

              All knowing? Apparently you have a serious problem with psychological projection. Sad, really.

              And relative to 40 miles, any intelligent person knows that is what is **advertised**. We all get it… except apparently you. And you might just try reading people’s posts in full, o great arrogant one. 40 miles or so is an *approximation*.

              Truly, John, you are an arrogant, arrogant person. Apparently you think everyone wants to read your hourly bloviations on Jewry. Well, we don’t. Try posting something on just ONE other issue. Just once. Your insults on radios was a good start.

              I’m sorry if I don’t respond to your posts going forward. No need to read, as it will be, as usual: a.) Jews did it; b.) insults for anyone who disagrees with you.

              Don’t have time for it. As noted, don’t look for responses from me – I don’t have time for monomaniacs, who dovetail that with arrogance. Bonne chance, mon ami.

              • Test you are such an obvious psyop agent. Never miss a chance to mouth off about how innocent the Jews are. The evidence for their take over of the USA and most of the world is overwhelming. Anyone with an open mind can see the vicious Jew and his deception. I don’t believe you are stupid or deeply mind controlled. I believe you are one of them.

            • Yes. Per the 40 mile range cited by the Jew, O arrogant one.

              Try reading the post, Einstein (ooops! Sorry!! He was a Jew!)

              The “funny part” is you and your hourly “the Jews caused the Madrid fault quake of the early 1800s, the Jews caused Mt. St. Helens to blow up, and the Jews cause hemhorhoids” incessant posts.

              Any rational person would read range cited with a grain of salt, knowing it as advertising, and your mileage will vary. It was meant as a HELPFUL post, simply as an option for a fellow prepper to look at. You, in your distorted arrogance, turned it into something it fully was not intended to be.

              Worse, my goal on this site is to cite facts, supported by links, so people can do their own research (cf., the comments by Kotlikoff). You twist that, in your distorted mind, to something it never was, nor meant to be.

              As noted, I will not be reading your posts going forward. There is something seriously wrong with you. I don’t know what it is, but I really don’t have time for someone who had mental issues, which I suspect you do.

              I don’t wish you ill. But you can post all your nasty responses to what I write – they won’t be responded to. I have a life, and one that needn’t be consumed will people who have serious problems.

              Oh yes. The Jews told me to write the above. Just wanted you to know.

              • O All-Knowing One, that’s a lot of rabid foaming to hide your “helpful” ignorance. Misinformation is never “helpful.”

                Test says, “I have walkie talkies from Cobra, which you can get at Home Depot/Menards/Lowes hardware stores.I think open spaces has a 40 mile range or so….” Rubbish.

                In the real world, typical atmospheric conditions and line-of-sight, give FRS (Family Radio Service) and GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios about ¼ mile range, rarely a few miles, not “40 or so.”

                GMRS and FRS radios use the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio spectrum, over 300 MHz frequency, so are very sensitive to any line-of-sight interference. UHF and VHF (30 to 300 MHz) just don’t sky wave or ground wave “bounce” as well as HF (High Frequency, 3 to 30 MHz).

                On HF you will find a niche of “QRP” (low power) practitioners who, unlike the more typical 50 to 1,500 watts of power, specialize in using 5 watts or less to make their long distance contacts. At such low power, hams usually use CW (“continuous wave,” Morse code), but some do use “phone” (voice). Last week during good solar and atmospheric conditions, I QSO’d (communicated) on the 20 meter band with a QRP ham 1,600 miles away. He was using only 5 watts, BUT he was using a dedicated QRP rig and a tunable Yagi antenna array, NOT the mandated-by-law non-detachable “rubber ducky” antennas of FRS radios.

                By law FRS radios are limited to ½ watt ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and may NOT have detachable antennas. By law GMRS radios are limited to 5 watts and may have detachable antennas, BUT the FCC requires $85 station licensing (not user licensing) for GMRS usage.

                Users of FRS, GMRS, MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service), or CB (Citizens Band) can participate in AmRRON’s Channel 3 project, feeding into AmRRON’s network of ham radio operators:

                A serviceable Baofeng UV-5R (5 watt) or BF-F8HP (8 watt) costs about $30-$60. Gordon West’s Technician Exam book costs about $20 and in 1 or 2 evenings a person can prepare to pass the entry-level ham radio exam. Morse code is NOT required.


                • JQP…you are so right. CB and FRS radios are worthless. Our CERT group uses the Baofengs for our comms and covers more groud and are clearer then the FRS radios.

                  • Exactly, Jim in VA!

                    While “power” is an easy specification to quantify, the inferiority of FRS/GRS is not just a matter of power and antennas, but also of circuit sensitivity and specificity. You get what you pay for (if you are lucky).

                    I searched, but couldn’t find sensitivity specifications even on the Cobra website, so a comparison of “high-end” and “budget” Handheld Transceiver (HT) radios will illustrate that more than power is at issue.

                    For example, it should be no surprise that $300+ Yaesu (ARRL*-verified sensitivity 0.19 µV for 12 dB SINAD in the UHF band) and ICOM 5 watt HTs (0.12 μV) will outperform the $60 Baofeng 8 watt HTs (manufacturer’s spec, not verified by ARRL’s lab, 0.35μV, the higher number means a stronger signal is necessary to obtain MDS, Minimal Discernible Signal, so higher number = less sensitive). The Baofeng radios still offer excellent value—and a small advantage over the high-end HTs. While the high-end HTs will receive the FRS/GMRS frequencies, the Baofeng HTs will also transmit on the FRS/GMRS frequencies (adjust your power levels to stay legal).

                    *ARRL, the American Radio Relay League is the ham radio version of the NRA 🙂

              • Test you evil phoney how about giving some real examples of what the Jew is accused of and quality of instead of those ridiculous examples you gave. That is psyop tactics. You never give up do you just like the ones you work for.

          • You’ll be better off with two old cans and a really long piece of string. When everything collapses the govt will close down the airwaves. CB radios and Wilkie talkies will be like locator beacons!! Remember, when the SHTF and everything collapses ….. Don’t include the government in your collapse theories!! The SHTF scenarios are for us and the walking dead. The govt won’t collapse!! They’ll be running and controlling the entire country ….. It’ll be a dirtier version of that movie “the Hunger Games”

            • Cede,would make nice decoys to burn out missiles or lead troops into a bad situation.

          • Test:
            The walkie talkies (cheap cobras) that I and my brother have will go 10 plus miles give or take a mile. We plain to use these for patrols and for look out post. We also have hand held CB’s(midland’s) that will cover about 30 plus miles, we have not tried them any father than that and these were the less expensive ones.
            Then we have some home bass units with side band that will go a long way.
            They might will even go father if you could catch some skip.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • The Cobra factory documentation states that the range of their CB handhelds “in flat, open conditions” is “3/4 to 1 mile”. Cobra recommends using their Cobra HA-TA telescoping antenna “to maximize range.”


              “…about 30 plus miles” for your CB handhelds and “a long way” for your “bass” units, you say?

        • Forrest

          Our group uses marine band. They are definitely good for that distance. It is all about line of sight. The higher the marine band antenna the farther you can reach. It depends on who you are communicating with too. If you use marine band then others you are trying to talk with must use marine band as well.

          • Yes, that is an interesting option.

            The Telecommunications Act of 1996 permits recreational boaters to have and use a VHF marine radio without having an FCC ship station license.

            • That’s fine John,but done looking/asking for permission as are millions of others,still,having all ideas/options available a good thing so good post.

      16. This is a repeat from a year or so ago. We are all in the same mess and we will all getting closer to get our chance go down the rabbit hole. I wonder which pill to take the blue one or the red one. Nah!! no pills, I think I will just sit back and watch, not much on TV nowadays anyway. I have my stuff together.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Hmmmm….,as stated before would take the blue and red pill.

      17. For those of you interested, check out the highly acclaimed book
        This Time is Different, by Reinhart and Rogoff. Long story short, any time debt to GDP hits a little over 100%, there has never been, historically, a pleasant ending. Worse, if you count, as Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff (former Reagan treasury official, currently at U of Boston) does, ***all*** unfunded liabilities (state, municipal, etc.) last I looked the total was $222 trillion (USA Today about 4 years ago put the figure at ~ $70 trillion, but really, who cares? It’s all going to be a disaster.

        Key thing is, there are three and ONLY three, things you can do with this: print money, cut services or raise taxes (yes, you can combine). Raising taxes even more kills biz, and historically, there is only so much blood from the turnips before they go Galt, or just join the gravy train (as they said in the USSR, “we pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”). Cut services? The Free Sh*t Army will riot. Thanks to Obama we have just under 50 mm on food stamp, and around 100 mm not working. That leaves printing money as the primary vehicle – though I agree, we may see deflation first, followed by mass (not hyper) inflation. Remember the rule of 72! Divide the interest into 72 to find out how long it takes to halve your obligation – e.g., at 10% inflation for 7 years, you roughly halve your outstanding debt. But there certainly is a battle of the ‘flations right now! I don’t know, but suspect this will be like a tsunami: deflation will roll the tide out, then suddenly inflation will come roaring ashore.

        For my money, continue to accumulate gold, silver and I like platinum right no. Do NOT buy paper PMs!! You can get a self-directed IRA to hold PMs, so you may want to look into that. Just do it as an insurance policy – even 10% of your savings will be a great hedge. If you want physical, but wisely are avoiding SLV and GLD, check out the Central Fund of Canada, which holds physical, as do some of Sprotts funds. Both are in Canada, but both eligible for your IRA.

        All this being said, they still could kick the can down the road for a few more years, so you may want to keep some money in the market in the event they can continue to manipulate the markets

        I mentioned Jim Rickards before, who was senior counsel for LTCM when it almost took the world down in 1998, and now does financial war gaming for the Pentagon and CIA. I.e., he highly connected. He has a few books out, and a newsletter (I found reading his two most recent books was enough; the newsletter didn’t add much value. However, in his opinion, there are 4 possible outcomes: a.) Everybody plays nice in the sandbox, with round robin devaluations. Not a likely scenario; b.) societal breakdown. He thinks this is a long shot, tho I know lot of you here think its highly likely. Any way you cut it, it i *somewhere on the spectrum of possibilities for both him and the most pessimistic; c.) return to some kind a gold standard, or d.) most likely, implementing a SDR solution, which will pull us off the petrodollar and be inflationary.

        Interestingly, he says China doesn’t want to destroy the old boys, IMF, etc. club, but rather wants to JOIN it.

        Anyhow, just some grist for your mill chew on….

        • Rickards claimed the economy would completely collapse by the end of April 2015. He is another insider….inside your wallet.

          • John Q old loud mouth test probably thought of repudiation but won’t mention anything that would hurt his handlers.

      18. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

      19. The Great Debt Debate has the potential to be as dangerous to peppers as hoards of Zombies (assuming Zombies could actually exist). No amount of beans or bullets will protect you when the debt collapse comes. The reason is simple – the Tax Man Cometh. Tax Man devastated the South after the Civil War, and again during the Great Depression. If you like your secluded wooded land studded with bunkers – watch out for the Tax Man. For certain, you can expect dying local governments, starved of tax revenues and looking at big cuts in Federal and State handouts – to raise your taxes. Wherever your Bug Out Location is – taxes are just as important as Line of Sight.

      20. Test your not kidding, our entire financial system was built on a scam. All of it the entire thing..this is a fact of life.

      21. I have been really noticing last that Houston is very over crowded, and This could become a serious problem post shtf. I knew the city was getting there and now it’s getting much worst, everyone is running from the other states coming here for job, safety and security which is laughable. The crime is getting really bad in our city, it’s gone from bad to worst, lots of thugs and thieves breaking into people homes all over the city it’s gone to epidemic proportions. There was also a shoot out that involved over 30 thugs and Mexicans and mixtures less than a year ago. This is what is bothering me and my prepper friends. It’s the current behavior of these low life’s that concerning us. What would it be like without food and water? I am I longer reading baking calapse articles, I an focusing now in food as its availability..I am meeting with the scientist soon and going to get some more Intel on the food situation in relation to the environment. He was telling me recently that we are going to burn up from excessive heat from our sun this summer that we are going to have some rely sharp heat spikes. So I am putting this in my comment to see the results. Is a security guard. Commented on the sun acting up which is matching up to what my friend had told me.

      22. DEBT = CONTROL!

        He who Owns the Debt Owns You!

        think about that for a minute, if you buy a country’s debt, you own that country, it’s bank’s and it’s PEOPLE!

        there are some global families and organizations such as the Rothschild Family and the Vatican who’s estimated wealth is over 80 trillion dollar’s.

        So why let it crash, when you can control it all via Debt?

        I’ve a feeling they will simply just keep doing as they are till they are ready for a global war to be used as a banking debt reset coverup and global debt holiday!

        while still maintaining control of the countries of the world via their debt.


        there is no other way!


        • Yes there is another way. Stop buying shit on a credit card. Pay cash for everything and stop buying on credit!

      23. not only nations in debt they can never repay. but states ,counties, citys and even individuals.

      24. I’ve said this before and I say it again money is not wealth, it is a means to transfer wealth from person to person.
        Real wealth is resources, property, shelter, food, water, tools, family, and your wits. If you think the government is going to pay you, thus allowing you to survive, you may be in for a surprise, like the Greeks with a generous social system. It fails when you run out of other peoples money. I don’t want to sound Racist, but I won’t have much compassion for Democrats when they run out of my money.

        • We got tens of thousands of current and past county and state employees in our AO bud, they be thinkin they be set for life,,,

          • They have a surprise coming.

            • That would be the understatement,,,,

      25. The distance from the earth to the moon is 238,900 miles.

      26. Dear America 2015;

        Have you ever wondered what the future holds for you?

        If so, then read ‘The Gulag Archipelago’
        by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn.

        Your eyes will be Open once you read this book and you’ll KNOW (exactly) what lies ahead for you.
        – seems that ‘we’ve been here before’…

        Be sincere & safe.
        God love you.

        • This is what I see coming

          Do you really think the elite can’t see the debt will implode ? No they know it’s coming and multi millions will die immediately as unprepared then anyone can be rounded up for any reason because anyone will be thrown under the bus besides themselves

          Then the elite start the game all over unburdened of their debts and a lot of costly people and any significant dissent

      27. Sorry folks same old sh~t just a different title. Anyone with at least 2 working brain cells knows the whole world is down the tubes. Oh well I guess they have to write about something to justify their salaries, but its getting old for sure.

      28. All of this worry because the bankers and politicans have the power. What if we took away their power and control?

      29. Little-Known History of the Euro: Crisis Was Baked In from the Start

        h ttp://

        “The idea that the euro has “failed” is dangerously naive. The euro is doing exactly what its progenitor – and the wealthy 1%-ers who adopted it – predicted and planned for it to do.”

        there is NOTHING accidental with the world wide financial collapse
        truly EVIL men plan and plot

        the only cure is to bring back the guillotine and set it to work

      30. The Reset is happening right now, slowly. After the BIG RESET when the debts & derivatives and what-not blip off the computer screens, what will we do? Well, first of all, we’ll bury our dead.

        I hope that 100% of the people who read this website will make it to the other side (trolls too). Then we’ll pick up shovels, rakes, hoes and get to work on the land, find water and be grateful for the increase. Yes, it’s humiliating, but it needs to happen. The Earth will still be here. We have to relearn how to dress and tend the garden.

      31. In an asset based monetary system (gold, silver, diamonds or grade 8 bolts) money represents labor that has already been performed and stored as a tangible item.

        Debt under this system is a promise to return the assets with the addition of a small percentage of labor produced assets you intend to produce in the future as it comes due (the interest).

        In a fiat based monetary system money is simply declared into existence as it is needed or deemed necessary for some purpose.

        Debt in this system is a promise to perform labor in the future (in addition to the amount borrowed) and give the results of that labor to the lender but not in the original assets since there were none but in a fiat represented form of them. Debt in this system cannot be fully repaid since the amount of money available to repay it is only equal to the principal of the loan and requires more to be borrowed -declared into existence- in order to have enough to pay the interest on it. You have to continuously promise more and more of your future labor in order to service the debt you have incurred.

        The world operates on a fiat system and its debt cannot be repaid, default and an end to the monetary systems (meaning your money becomes worthless) is the only way out and is inevitable at some point (the Wiemar Republic is a well known example of this but that is a single country in a functional world system, the next clearing of debt will require a world wide repeat of it).

        This is, of course, a simple synopsis of the situation, only the basic principles in operation, a full explanation would require a rather large book.

      32. Now when the debt problem becomes immediate and overwhelming, the production of goods and services fails at the international trading level first – as seen in Greece where the boats in the harbor simply turn around. In a short while the banking system or governments (one in the same) will compel electronic fiat through international monetary treaty in order to ensure some flow of goods, especially food. All fiat paper soon after will become worthless and ANY transaction not electronic will not occur. Every nation internally will also need to effect electronic transfers as the only means of transactions. So much for the gold, silver, platinum hope. Bartering in these metals or other commodities will become the order of the day for some, much like living on the frontier in America around 1825. Skills and services will be bartered, but not to any great extent.

        Bartering will circumvent government orders and by its essence be unlawful – internet monitoring and controls could be effected electronically and such barter transactions be made very difficult on any scale. It would be a true underground economy and in time would be the only way back, even as governments actively sought to suppress the activity.

        Smaller, rural communities, those that are now seen as near ghost towns, may be the more resilient or more immune to widespread problems – at least in the short run. If you’ve already gone to hell, what’s a bit more. However, it will not be the locales of trouble that are alarming to the general populations so much as the speed with which the breakdown occurs is what will mark this upheaval and leave governments unprepared and ham handed in dealing with it.

        That is the most significant factor to my mind, the likelihood of such a rapid breakdown of the banking system and the dislocations that will cause. It would take an enormous trust in government leadership to transition to stability and that trust hardly exists anywhere, including the US.

        Fear will bring a level of compliance, but too many pockets of trouble, uprisings, widespread looting and so on will bring on a breakdown in order especially in the cities.

        It would unfold much like a natural disaster only the “rescue” personnel and goods and services would diminish within a month, if not sooner. Trucking of supplies to your local supermarket could become very problematic. In order to provide some sort of economic order, the necessity of electronic transactions will arise because of government need to gain control of a collapsing banking system and a fearful and increasingly criminal general populace. Bartering requires an ability to meet and exchange and this will be a very difficult proposition in a chaotic environment, almost all of it very local and the likelihood of robbery and fraud leading to wild west confrontations could discourage this early on.

        There will be real difficulties in food production itself as international trading will likewise become highly controlled by the governments and transfer payments difficult to effect between corporate entities or governments. There will simply be no capacity for emergency food shipments, for example, as food production is based on loans to farmers and loans will not be happening, nor will government compelled food production last for long. Food production will decline radically but even if were to maintain, the ability to pay for it will disappear in many regions of the world.

        The less fortunate ag producing countries with large populations and politically unstable failed states such as the Middle East and Africa will see mass die-offs from famine. China and Japan, Korea, many parts of Indonesia could see famine of unprecedented scale. The mass migrations that will occur to more stable areas, such as Europe or the US will result in widespread violence and of course police protection not capable of handling the numbers involved. There are not enough ‘peacekeepers’ to offset the random tribal like warfare for food and shelter.

        This Darwinian sort of apocalypse would happen so quickly that almost everyone would be caught of guard. I think that is the true danger of the interlocking banking system that has been created quite unconsciously. Those who think they can manipulate and gain control of the system as it fails will be grasping for air.

        That capacity for a rapid breakdown is what the central banks and governments are now in the process of seeking some fail-safe arrangement. There is none and it is becoming more and more obvious as “more of the same” is revealed to be the rigid mentality of the governments of Europe. It will be no different anywhere else as brute force attempts to overcome huge population uprisings.

        As organized force loses its grip, local vigilante groups, i.e. tribes, will become the alternative law and order and these will exact their ‘tax’ on the citizens, willingly or not. This will be the beginning of new local governments.

        I don’t see how this Mad Max scenario can be avoided given the ultimate collapse built into the debt system created by banks and governments. The sheer size of the economies and populations of the current nation states involved will create tremendous dislocations, confusion, and chaos that will be unprecedented and nearly impossible to reconstruct – that is, that local smaller entities will arise as the large nation states will collapse.

        Where you live now could determine how much longer you live at all.

      33. FYI… I tried sharing this twice on Facebook, got blocked both times, but I was able to manually post the link. Reason or error message… “because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive”. Also noticed your page ticket for Facebook Shares incremented twice without being shared. Mainstream media sucks.

      34. This is not directed to any one. There are individuals who adopt an ideology, but have no life experiences to apply the ideology to. No sounding board for viability of their ideas. I refer to those people as “theoreticals”. If you have life and work experience you can spot the theoreticals quite easily. Most television talking heads fall into this category. Theory often looks good on paper but the application sucks.

      35. I told you a year before you knew about jade helm, what was happening. I told you about what is coming. It’s on steve quayles site now. You have less than 3 months to get yourself ready. It’s not 6 months, it’s less than 3 months. I was told this morning. Get up and go north as far north as you can, stay away from the coasts. Don’t go west. Go up as far north as you can.

        • Thanks USASG … your post is very much appreciated and will be taken seriously, at least by me.

          • Nope,staying where I am/fighting where I am/dying where I am taking a few puppet minions with me,been a great run in life with some moments of insane sadness,tis good in the end.

            • I have no choice to stay where I am, but I’m with you in spirit and attitude. I’m an absolute rarity. I live in one of the largest most liberal cities on the planet, yet I am licensed to carry concealed and I do not vote democrat, except in very limited exceptional cases (like a judge whom I know is a dem but has a strong pro law and order record.) I’ll stay and fight as it’s in my DNA (former military, retired law enforcement-and once upon a worse time-street gang member.) I’ll wind up being killed by roving, ruthless marauders eventually, but I’ll go down hand to hand fighting if need be, and I know I will have taken some former big city, big government far left losers with me until the ammo runs out. I have no where to run, as I’m the stereotypical white ethnic stoop sitter, with street survival skills but none outside an urban area, so I’ll accept my fate and fight (and continue to pray for souls, my own included, of course.)

      36. Off Topic but relative.

        At the risk of being viewed negatively for “video games” I have a recommendation for many in the prepper community.
        There is a zombie survival game called H1Z1, massive multiplayer and very well done. I understand many of you haven’t much time for games, and understandably so, but all work and no play makes us all a dull boy, and if you can incorporate your work into play, then I call it a win win.

        The concept of this game is pure survival, nothing more. Start naked and scavange, create, and take what resources you need. A player can purify stagnant water at a fire, than use shards of metal to make an improvised compass. As close (for video games) to reality as a game gets.

        Now, the reason why I suggest this game isn’t because you can make compasses or bows or whatever. It’s the englightment one attains from the social aspect of it.

        Now given that this is a game, without much expectations of danger, how people act and the decisions they make are perfect analogies for whats to come. Tribalism, betrayal, trickery. It’s all there.

        The same guy to smile and say hello, is the same guy to shoot you in the back the first chance he gets just to take whatevers in your pack.

        Whether you have a lot of time to dedicate to it, or just a passing glance at what I’m talking about, it’s a very eye opening experience…for a video game.

        Try not to be too harsh guys, I already know many of your perspectives about games…Don’t really need a lecture.

        • We don’t have time for books and games.
          Brush hoggin’ today. Putting shocks and
          Brakes on the farm truck this weekend. ….
          For fun!

          Y’all keep preppin’

      37. That list of nations with debt problems is the exact same list of countries that i absolutely do not give one shit about.

      38. A friend whose son studied overseas in (third-world country) Ecuador (he was 22 yrs old at the time) shared this story that we can all learn from — it’s about when the SHTF over there in the 90’s … lots of on-going political, civil unrest over Peru/Ecuador land boundaries and territories AND on top of that the economy tanked as well. Banks were closed for weeks … it was a disaster.

        He said the Host family still owns/lives in the house in the country where he had stayed, in the Andes mountains and still grow their own produce, plus raise chickens … very typical there for the Indigenous people. He was a student then studying their culture & lifestyle.

        Point is, surviving off the grid had been a way of life for this family, except by the time her son was staying there they did have power and running water for many years, but knew they could easily get by without it in times of civil unrest, which isn’t all that uncommon there, especially back in the 1990’s while my friends’ son was studying Ecuadorian life and culture there.

        Sadly, 2 weeks into the horrific chaos that had ensued the Host family’s 12 yr old daughter become violently ill, and after days of suffering and no medical help or assistance whatsoever, she died. A year later they found out the cause of her death, which was preventable.

        The Latrine he had created in the back of his 2 Acre property (measured in Hectares there) was only 1 ft deep, and not far enough to the back of the property, and not roped off with “DO NOT walk here-KEEP AWAY” signs.

        He said a few days into the destruction and chaos that ensued (that most of the world was unaware of) a heavy rainstorm swept through the mountains and the water run-off released E.coli (and other deadly bacteria) from the Latrine area, that no one could have noticed into the area where the children occasionally walked around from time to time.

        Although the day after the rainstorm the air felt fresh and clean, some of the deadly bacteria was airborne.

        There were no warning signs; there was no odor/smell and the poop had remained in the trench and wasn’t visible, so no one noticed the danger lurking. But the rain water run-off had caused the bacteria to be released and end up where it shouldn’t have been in the common areas because the Latrine wasn’t properly built. Since they had always used the indoor bathrooms before the 2-month power outage, they were unaware of this potential deadly danger.

        He said the Latrine was supposed to; 1- be built near the back/edge of the property as far away as possible, 2- was supposed to be a 5-6 ft. deep trench, not a 1-2 ft deep trench, and 3- that it should have been 10 ft wide, not 2-3 ft wide as was his.

        Had he known this his daughter wouldn’t have suffered and would still be alive, as they were very well prepared for anything; he grew up on a farm and the climate there is beautiful all year round so the need for A/C or heat was rare. He also lived without electricity and running water until the early 1980’s, as it was a third-world country then, and of course still is in many ways, and he definitely knew how to rough it and survive.

        I guess sometimes, it’s what we think we know, that we really don’t know.

        On another note, in a SHTF here, if it turns out there was no need for all that prep trench digging, no need to use the trenches for pooping, they could always be used to bury the dead … when worse comes to worse … when the SHTF.

        • You can’t fix stupid, but sometimes you can fix ignorance.

          Dumbass Dad was too friggin lazy to dig a proper shit hole and maybe caused her suffering and death.

          Too bad he had to learn the hard way, but that is exactly why they call them third world countries.
          It’s a nice way of saying stupid backwards thinking people.

      39. Be aware Friends…..soros is slithering out from his rock..
        “Soros doubles a bearish bet on the S&P 500, to the tune of $1.3 billion”
        Remember that soros sadistically enjoys giving people a “warning” of what is to come….before he actually acts…
        Have Christ in your life and have SISU….

      40. Numbers, nothing but numbers, so why do people get so excited when there is no substance involved!! There is nothing involved other than numbers! ONLY NUMBERS!!! Nothing Else! The Federal Reserve has loaned to the U.S. Treasury, millions, billions, trillions, quaddrillions,zillions, who gives a shit what you call it? Of what??? Dollars? Hell no, the coinage act of 1792 defines what a dollar is! Yes, it is still on the books! It is still LAW!!! Nothing is lawful with this abominable government and hasn’t been since the thirties! Worry not about the trillions and zillions that our future generations must bear! They are NUMBERS, representing nothing, NO THING, other than the greatest RACKET ever devised, ever conceived by the evil, wicked minds of mankind, namely the Rothchild family of Europe! May the future generations send this family to HELL, every Goddamned last DNA of every cell of this devil family! There will be no peace on this planet until this is done!!!

      41. This article also made it to I’m banned from there for some unknown reason. It looks like from their comments we are in good company. I’m not promoting them, They are a pretty arrogant bunch and are always asking for money. I prefer SHTF as most posters here are more “colorful” and the advertisements are interesting.
        But –
        The word is getting out;
        If you depend on government for retirement income, you are not going to be a happy camper in a very few short years, and it is world wide. The world is running out of other peoples money.

      42. CIVIL WAR OR WORLD WAR 3 ANYONE ????????

        War is caused by the following and please add anybody







        What FLAG DO WE FLY ???????????

      43. BAM …. and psychopaths.

        War is mostly caused by psychopaths (typically the shrewd, greedy, smooth-talking, articulate, educated type) with lots of power to abuse, as they are assholes who have no ability to settle their differences peacefully and will use religion, politics, political affiliation, economics and classism to ‘divide and conquer’, as they all operate from the same principle… that ‘power is in numbers.’

      44. Bam,want a war of succession,civil war means I want to take over govt.,have no interest.I say split the country into smaller egions and let folks vote with their feet.I do not want to jamb my way of life down others throats and just want to be left alone by others do not agree with!We could keep a mutual defense/free trade pact among new countries(no more overseas wars of profit for some!).War can be fought in many wars,just start by bartering/trading getting off the matrix/grid,supply yourself and like minded folks.We can get to the violence if peaceful options ignored by fading powers that want to be!As for a flag,well,personally would go with the ULAF,or,the United Liberated Artichoke Front,makes about as much sense as anything these days!

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