Dozens Of Cases Of Mysterious Hepatitis Cases Crop Up In US, Europe

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    In what appears to be the latest medical threat bamboozling doctors in the US and Europe, public health officials in Europe and the US are investigating dozens of puzzling cases of severe hepatitis in young children.

    The viruses that typically cause the illness – hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E – have been ruled out in the cases in question, leaving doctors searching for the culprit, per NBC News.

    And in several cases, the illness has been so severe that the children needed a liver transplant. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported (at least, not yet).

    The World Health Organization (WHO)  said Friday said that it was investigating 74 cases of “severe acute hepatitis” in children under age 13 in the UK and Northern Ireland. Three cases were also reported in Spain, the WHO said. It’s not clear when symptoms for most of the children began, but of the first 10 identified in the UK, nine got sick in March and one in January 2022.

    Dr. Wes Stubblefield, district medical officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health, said that all of the children he had seen with the mysterious illness were otherwise healthy. So far, doctors have been unable to find an “obvious link” between the children.

    With all forms of common hepatitis ruled out, the current leading theory is that a different virus, called adenovirus type 41, is likely responsible, however, doctors said this set of symptoms is very unusual.

    The CDC is working with the Alabama Department of Public Health to investigate the cases and is reaching out to other state health departments to see if other cases exist.


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      1. Blood clots were found where there were the highest number of ACE2 receptors, generally along the midline and thorax.

        The livers were among the first organs tested for transgenic auto-immunity.

        My boomers have embolisms and hepatomegaly after booster #2.

        What was the incidence of vaccination.

      2. It is an established fact that certain vaccines actually cause a variety of the disease they’re vaccinating against in a subset of the people injected. One of many examples of this is the polio vaccine which has been proven to be linked to children exhibiting the exact same symptoms as polio, but which the CDC is calling something else so as to disguise its origins. Could these cases of hepatitis be caused by the hepatitis vaccine which is given to every newborn on day one of their lives?

        • The idiots (tyrants) that MANDATE “vaccinations” realize that some of the “vaccinated” public will die and/or have terrible side-effects. We citizens that die and/or suffer side-effects are considered “acceptable losses”. My contention is that it should be decided by me if those “acceptable losses” are worth the gamble with MY health. Come-on “MY CHOICE abortionists”, let’s try to be consistent here.

      3. @Jennifer, very well said.

      4. Dozens of cases represent a huge percentage of the population of the US and Europe.

        Something to be seriously concerned about, may justifying outright panic as well.

      5. 1+1=2. You+Shot=Death. The math is simple.

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