Doug Casey Warns Of Crisis This Year: “We’re Going Back Into The Hurricane… Gold Will Go Higher Than Most People Can Imagine”

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    As fears of England leaving the European Union came to a head on voting day, a stunning scene emerged on the streets of London. Though it was completely ignored by the mainstream media, the fact that Brits were lining up in droves in front of gold and silver shops spoke volumes about financial assets of last resort during a real or perceived crisis.

    It is within this context that legendary resource investor Doug Casey warns that the hurricane which took the world by storm in 2008 is still a significant threat. While we’ve spent the last several years in relative peace and calm inside the eye of the storm, we’ll be entering the other side of the hurricane wall later this year, says Casey. And as we’ve seen in London, Greece, and Argentina in the past decade, when financial hurricanes wreak havoc across the economic landscape, the only safe haven to be had is in precious metals:

    We’re at the start of a really major bull market… This is going to be driven by a lot of things… It’s going to take gold a lot higher than most people can imagine at this point.

    … I think $5,000 gold will happen at some point because we’re looking at a worldwide monetary crisis of historic proportions.

    Casey shares his concerns, warnings and strategies in a must-hear interview with Future Money Trends:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    You have to remember that since the crisis started in 2007, not just the U.S. government which has printed up trillions of U.S. dollars, but the Europeans, the Japanese, the Chinese… they’ve all created trillions and trillions of currency units. 

    Look at it as a Hurricane… We went into the leading edge of the hurricane in ’07, ’08 and ’09. They papered it over with all this funny money

    Now we’re going out to the trailing edge… and it’s going to last much longer, be much worse and be much different. 

    I believe we’re going back into the trailing edge of the hurricane this year.

    What’s most notable about the awakening of the gold bull market, according to Casey, is that very few people have actually realized what’s happening and why. It is for this reason that Casey has been investing heavily into mining companies like Brazil Resources, a move that’s been mimicked by other well-known investors including famed financier George Soros and business magnate Carl Icahn who are also piling into precious metals related assets.

    And though this asset class has been largely ignored by the broader investing public, Casey suggests that the eventual result will be widespread mania and panic buying into gold assets as the global economic and monetary climate gets markedly worse going forward.

    Right now, very very few people are involved in gold stocks.

    They don’t even know gold exists.

    By the time this market ends there’s going to be a mania in gold, where everybody is going to be talking about it at cocktail parties and touting mining stocks to each other. 

    We’re a long way from that… these stocks have a long way to run.

    George Soros previously warned of the same, having noted in 2010 that gold will become the ultimate bubble before all is said and done. Incidentally, this is right around the time he began making his first major acquisitions.

    Since then scores of other well known investors, institutions, and private family funds have made similar moves, many of them in secret, ahead of what could be an unprecedented bull market in precious metals.

    That gold is still considered a relic by many of the best and brightest economists out there is indicative of an asset that is nowhere near its potential highs.

    Once you hear those same processionals, financial advisers, your neighbors, your friends and the local shoeshine boy talking about gold investments at cocktail parties, you’ll know it’s time to sell. For now, they still have no idea what’s coming, making this an optimal time to consider the one asset that has survived the test of time throughout history and the many varieties of crises that have been wrought upon humankind.

    For more interviews and market commentary visit Future Money Trends.

    Click here to learn more about Doug Casey’s latest strategic investments.


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      1. it’s definitely starting to look like another crash is on the horizon and I am not just talking stocks.

        Though they’ll try to spin it that way, this has nothing to do with Brexit. That may be a trigger for it, but we’re no better off economic fundamentals-wise than we were in 07.

        Now the real pain comes. A sustained recession turning into a depression for the next 10 years.

        Best be prepared. Gold is part of it, but you are going to want to have some firearms and food too, because this is going to get serious.

        • if you aren’t ready by now you’re f*cked. the crash has been happening for years now and each month we see it with more people out of work, more people needing food stamps, more people struggling.

          it’s real. it’s now.

          • We be boiling frogs we are

            • If all economies crash and metals become that expensive, who among you don’t think the government will not nationalize all of the gold producers. Stocks will be worthless along with all paper instruments.
              The only thing of value, for the unwashed masses, will be barter items and a few silver coins if you find the right trader. God bless, James

              • what gubmint?

                  • Sixpack, good video..
                    on newsmax there’s an article about Tom Tancredo ripping Obama for allowing “refugees” to not be required to fight and defend America. (column is on breibart)
                    Typical of the traitor in thief.

                    • Be careful of what you wish for! Mooslem troops at your door with a USSA flag patch isn’t going to be very reassuring.
                      Not to worry however the Con-gress feels more illegals should serve in the army. Why not? The Roman Army was sooo much better with the barbarians wearing Roman helmets….until they sacked Rome.
                      We are On Our Own. The Feral Gov and it’s sElected “Employees” Do Not Give a Damn about You or Me.

                    • Obama is importing more voters for the Democrats. He doesn’t want them defending anything except the votes to put in additional Democrats.

                  • The Judge is right on point. Excellent rant.

                    • Absent from commenting on this video…Professor Satori of the Milhous Institute for Lesser Evils

                  • Dam good rant judge. I love her and hot as hell too

                  • yup, she’s right-on this time. another one that’s usually right on is liz wheeler on one america news network(channel 616 on fios) 7pm pst nightly

                  • LOVE THIS WOMAN!

            • “OMG! I just remembered, I can Jump!”

              “But wait, why should I?”

              “Water’s warm, and it bubbles a little bit. With free skeeter’s and bugs for the taking. Quite relaxing…”

              “No, I think I’ll just sit here like everyone else and enjoy myself…”

              “Hey buddy, pass me a Skeeter beer…
              And please stop that racket about the end of the world.”

              Little did it realize that Miss O’Piggy was about to rain hell on their world…

            • But Kula, this warm water feels so good, but what are these tiny bubbles?

            • no doubt and the frogs are quite content with the illusions provided for them.

          • The Silver to Gold Price ratio for trading is between 80 to 1 to about 47 to 1. That means if Gold trades at $5000 an Oz, Silver will be traded and priced from about $62 to $106 per OZ. Sounds Good to me.

            ~WWTI… So keep backing up the truck. Even $18 Silver today will look cheap by next year at this time when it is in the $40 range. Remember Obama still has 6+ months left to destroy a lot more of America. False Flags to remain king.

            • Bo Polny says we’ll have triple digit silver by the end of this year. Eventually the gold to silver ratio will get back to its historic range of 12 or 16 to 1. We could have $5,000 gold and $300 silver in a few years.

              • Who could have believed silver could have gone from $2 to $50 in 1981?

                It happened, and so, too, can $300.

                As Casey notes in this interview, there will be panic buying and they will create a massive bubble in PM’s as capital flees to safety in coming months and years.



                • Mac…is my question not important enough to warrant an answer?

          • I believe I would take my pack off to Hatch an Obama or 2.

          • Give Em hell acid. U kinda remind me of Murdoch from the A team. Little bat shit crazy but good member of the team.




          • You believe in socialism. Socialism is a scam.

        • Anonymous
          Brexit is not a trigger for this collapse, but tptb may blame it to divert attention from their wrongdoing. Just like they blame birth rate for bs immigration and population growth for selling poison. Whatever they do, scapegoat it.

      2. Remember folk’s, you can’t eat gold. Hahahahahaha!

      3. Oy

      4. I would say IF gold goes to 5 grand a ounce,not very many people will care because the world would have collapsed and most will just be trying to survive!

        • Itll buy me a boat
          A new truck to pull it
          A cooler iced down full o silver bullets

          • Kulafarmer

            A cooler full of silver bullets and you have to live in Hawaii. That’s my luck.

            • Yea, that comment was supposed to be on yer post,,,, its sunday

          • Are you sure you don’t want a “Yeti iced down with some silver bullets”? it has a certain ring to it…

        • Seems to me people like Casey prey upon ignorance and greed, fueled by his own ignorance and greed.

        • Gold could easily go to $5,000 based on how many new dollars have been created since gold hit $1900 a few years ago.

      5. Money can’t buy you love; but You can park your yacht right next to it.

        ~ David lee Roth

      6. The elite are controlling the gold markets and the stock markets… they will not give up control and will flood the system again with money just like 2008…. you will know the time is short when major cities start rioting…..and the stock market will be at its highest…just my opinion

        • the elite don’t have the control you THINK they have.

      7. I Sure would like to get me some of that them there gold, if in I get me some of that there money, I will get some straight away.

        Till then, sure glad I wasn’t able to pull out all those thorny weeds, cause now I is eating them and they taste like spinach.

        Got to go. I’m going to buy some more dental floss to get this green stuff out a me teeth.

        • B from CA
          Do they still pan for gold on the American River?

          • There is gold and there are people panning for it, professionals and regular folk. Not familiar with the American River. Stockton, Sacramento, near San Francisco, also Yosemite which has tours for visiting families; are all still places where one can pan for gold. Most do it for the enjoyment of getting into the water on a sunny day looking for treasure but realizing it is not going to result in much if anything, but occasionally people get lucky. New sources for large deposits are still discovered from time to time.

            I went panning with my parents and siblings half a century ago. My brother got involved with it as an adult. It is one thing to find gold, it is something else to actually make a living at it. Once in a great while people get rich, but not often. I think people keep it to themselves, so maybe there are more discoveries than is generally known. I don’t know. All I’ve heard is that it is a lot of work with not a whole lot to show for it but a tan and a toned body from the physical exertion.

            • a friend of mine just got back into gold mining…he’s in a CLUB. in so cal.

              • I imagine they are dry land dredgers I watched the process on YouTube… Heavy equipment, locations without Gubermint interference, water…lotsa a water…whew…that’s alotta water, snakes, scorpions, sand fleas, chewing mites, buzzards in the area if something causes you exhaustion…like heat stroke….
                But an interesting technique…

                • seems like EVERYWHERE we go 4 wheeling here in hi desert, there’s mines. you still see them dry panning in holcomb valley too. walked up on some panning a creek near mcdonalds in cajon pass, and just saw where somebody recently dug out what looked to be gold bearing quartz, near ord mountain. i HEAR there’s LOTS of gold on ord mountain by a reliable source a year or so ago. also if you stand out at the end of the mines behind calico ghost town, you can look out at laest 5 miles,in a straight line and see dozens of mines….GOT to still be gold THERE.

                  • Most of those holes were empty. Nothin there!

                  • got a few placer deposits here that havent been touched since the 1920s they were deemed non viable and we have had a few good years of flooding.. might have to go looking.

      8. We have been adding to the pile as we speak. Long term food storage has been a priority. I hope we have enough time for the garden to come in.

        • I’ve got some nice-looking tomatoes out there!

      9. Hello-
        I am working on my BOB, and I want to invest in armor.. is it worth it? I dont have too much money to toss around. I was thinking a steel mil helm and maybe a flack jacket? what are your thoughts everyone

        • Andrew,
          anything will be better than nothing so get what you can afford!

          • read what i said about armor on one or two stories before this one.

        • AndrewIL

          First scope out the NIJ protection levels of body armor. Then figure how much weight you can handle plus freedom of movement. Depending on where you live, heat will be a major factor. M1 military steel pot and Vietnam era flacks can stop fragmentation and “MAYBE” some small arms fire. Like the stuff that flies around when hit by a high speed bullet. Used armor is available but you must check and see if it is very soiled, bunched up and not flexible. Not Good. Do your research on life limit of Kevlar by manufacturer. Some armor will last well past the expire date. Something is better than none if you do not have a lot of cash to spend.

          Heads up. Back about 2005 Point Blank and another sub contractor had a problem with their vest. Google it.

          Then figure if you need trauma plates, SAPI or AR500 steel. Utube has lots of vid’s.

          Get cracking

        • After reading Selco’s account of bad times, I decided to look into protective wear. Saw an ad on one of the prep sites… could have been this one, or the Daily Sheeple, or something similar; I don’t recall. Anyhow, I viewed the site, but quickly became discouraged and left.

          Everything was written in very concentrated technical and/or military terms: dense jargon, abbreviations, acronyms, unfamiliar & unexplained measurements, etc. There were absolutely NO explanations or definitions or any instructive text of any sort whatsoever.

          I got a strong impression that their attitude was “if you don’t understand it, then you’re not ‘one of us’ and we don’t want you here”.

          Maybe I’m wrong… but the site was as opposite of user-friendly as you can get.

          Business must be awful good if you can afford to alienate and drive away potential customers by making your website difficult and unwelcoming.

          If anyone here can recommend a seller who takes a more friendly approach to those who are new to the subject of protective wear, I would appreciate any leads. Thanks!

          • search survivalblog to get your education…there’s great info on there…you want level iiiA, at least. and level IV plates would be nice….you only need to cover that parts you want to save.

          • Karl V

            Don’t you just hate that shit when they want to hide the info from you and try to make you look like an idiot.
            Or to make themselves feel more important.

            Take those terms and look them up on google. Then when you feel comfortable go on the shop. Buttcrackofdoom has good info below. One thing you should do is put the gear on and move around some for a few minutes. Also just because you have body armor does not mean you are fully protected. Does not sound so good does it. But body armor has its place. There are vids also on Utube.
            Google, Pictures of Body Armor and see all the types out there.

          • BCOD and ‘anon’ ~ Thanks guys…. I very much appreciate the support and advice! I will do as you suggest ~

        • if near a military base you can often find used body armor for 50 to 100 dollars(small and mediums)…but if you are big(XL) it’s going to be more like 200 to 300. go to military surplus store to try things on, then buy ebay is another way. i got lots of flak jackets from vietnam era, but i don’t really want to trust my life to them. search survivalblog, there’s a LOT of good info on there…a tip for you…when BUYING armor, comlain the date says it’s not good anymore….when SELLING armor, let people know that dates don’t really mean much. as long as it’s been taken care of(NOT WET!), then it’s going to be good for a LOOONG time. i have bought a few that were like brandy-new, for less than 150, but XL is VERY hard to find, and if you’re like a big percentage of americans, THAT won’t even fit. make damn sure you know it will fit before payin’. also consider, if you add plates, it will probly be too small if it fit right before the plates were added..and pay attention to who made those plates, and how hard of metal was used making them…no plates might be ok for pistols, but you better have them for rifle rounds….remember, this stuff is heavy, but you are better off WITH it in your home than NOT having it.helmets, i often pay 25 for them, but usually they are asking in area of 75 to a hundred…again, if you need large, it will cost much more than sm. med…..and PADS make it smaller on yer head than the headband thingy… steel helmet for ME, thank you anyway….if you aint got armor, or a parachute, when you NEED them, chances are, you will never need them again.

          • BCOD

            You are a Good Guy helping people out on info.

            • the information i have gotten here is PRICELESS to me, maybe even MORE expensive that that. so i do try to pay back here and there. i have a few vests, and i know a little about them…thanks for the compliment, it’s one of the things that keep me posting here(miss the thumbs!)

      10. Precious metals are fine and dandy, have some stashed myself. But in these parts, there is something more valuable when there is no electricity from either a grid down scenario or simply non-payment of the electric bill due to lack of funds…that is water. Everyone in this town has well water, no municipal supply available, but the well water is excellent. But with no power, no water. Generators will last until fuel runs out. A few winter storms ago, while sitting in my house, which was at the time, the only warm, well lit house on this here mountain, I designed and built a hand pump which can get water from my 195′ well with only a few strokes. Worked great and is now permanently attached to my well cap, which is …excuse the pun…well hidden. I use it to water my garden just to keep clean water flowing through it. Cost less than a couple hundred dollars in parts from Home Depot. Now, get this: I think I can build it to reach even deeper than the 195′ I need. Some of the wells around here go down 500 feet or more. Last year I offered to install some for free, no cost whatsoever to some folks I know, just to experiment and see how deep I can go yet still easily pump the water. They thought it was a ‘cool idea’ but to date no one has taken me up on it. So, when the shtf, and it will, they can have all the gold in the hills, but without water, they are in deep you know what, and it ain’t water. I’ll be selling my water by the 5 gallon bucket at a reasonable cost…perhaps an ounce of that useless yellow metal should do it.

        • Hey Pa,Will be excellent for barter gotta have water!
          My neighborhood went to district water,everyone tore down their pump house and covered them up.Not me I now have a pitcher pump,two winters ago it froze ,learned me now I wrap it.Bought 2 this time and extra leathers.What’s fair?20%of harvest?lol
          Maniac –out

        • How about some details and parts lists on how you do that? Please….

        • Water is humanities Achilles Heel.

          Three days without water and most people are done for. Most people probably have a couple days worth of drinkable fluids like juice, soda and some water bottles. Then there’s the 40 gallons of potable water in the hot water heater. People outside the cities could go a couple weeks easy if they kept their heads.

          Hot tip one, once the city water pressure fails, shut off your main to the house, so the public water system can’t suck the water out of your water heater.

          Hot tip two, every municipal water system has lots of leaks. As their pumps fail during power outages they lose pressure. A siphon effect can cause a vacuum on higher elevation underground pipes. There are also areas with swampy water or even nearby sewage pipes leaking. If that foul water gets sucked in, the water that comes out down the line will definitely not be safe to drink unless boiled.

          Hot tip three, boiling water for a half hour makes water safe, but takes a huge amount of energy. Use a pressure cooker and keep it gently at pressure for ten minutes to sterilize water to an even higher degree. There is virtually nothing in the microbial world that can survive ten minutes in a 15 psi pressure cooker.

          Many municipal water systems have water towers that will maintain pressure for up to three days without electric. Did you remember to fill all your bathtubs.

          Hot tip four, look up “WaterBob” on Amazon it is a hundred gallon plastic bladder, for storing emergency drinking water, you put in a bathtub and fill it while there is still pressure. It is supported by the tub, keeps your drinking water contained, clean, and drinkable as well it helps dispense it. They are considered single use and disposable. If you have warning the storm of the century is coming, fill one the night before. They are cheap. When I was a kid mom sent me up to fill the tub with fresh water because a bad storm was coming. Two hours later I caught hell for not filling that tub, you guessed it, the damn tub stopper leaked. Thus I own a WaterBob.

          The big killer is the cities, only electric pumps can keep the water flowing in the big cities. After the cities run out of bottled drinks they will become death traps. City apartments and high rises don’t have conventional tank type water heaters, there is no reserve water. Three to five days goes by fast. Most sheeple won’t even question the problem for a couple days, by then it’ll already be too late.

          If people have drinking water then they have three weeks to think about food, that’s a lot of time to scheme, plan, gather resources, organize and make some moves. If crisis strikes, that first week to ten days will be a killer. By the end of that ten days the medical system will be crumbling from the weight of the people who drank dirty water.

          If the SHTF, I for one will sorely miss central heat and Indoor plumbing, oh, and I will avoid the cities at all costs.

          • Great post. It makes me think about weaknesses in my preparedness.

          • boiling water for a half hour seems too much..on a recent episode of dual survival they boiled stream water (which looked bad) for just a couple minutes…they hour at least (’til the end of the show!)
            We have water all around us and lots of it, and it’s clean. So glad it’s not something to have to prep for..(but I still have)

            • My information is that microbes are killed at 165 degrees F and above. Boiling is only an indicator to confirm the temp is 212 degrees F. 2 minutes at boil is enough. Remember, water has a high heat capacity, and will take a while for the temp to drop down past 165 degrees F…more time to kill any remaining microbes.

            • all except ONE organism(that humans have to worry about), are killed at boiling temp. there is ONE that isn’t killed by that process, but i don’t know which one it is, but we shouldn’t be tooo concerned with that one….uneducated, talkin’ out my ass here, but that’s the way i remember it….simple google should get results on it.

                • possibly botulism

              • The one pathogen not killed by boiling is PRIONS. The protein responsible for mad cow disease, also called spongiform encephalitis if memory serves me. It is the reason we humans should never eat brains or spinal tissue.

                There is no amount boiling or cooking that can destroy the prions and still leave the food edible.

                The outbreak in The UK occurred years ago because someone at the slaughterhouse figured out how to process cattle brains and spinal tissue into cattle feed. A prion is a standard brain protein that can fold in on itself becoming useless. Once a prion is formed, it acts locally like an enzyme that triggers folding in other nearby proteins that it comes in contact with. Everything with a complex brain has them, but usually in such minute quantities and localized as to be insignificant. However, when they started feeding brain tissue back to other cows they saturated them with free prions from the dead cow that could move around their bodies and this protein can cross the blood brain barrier. The result mad cow disease that then infected people eating the meat from infected cows. Entire herds had to be killed and burned to stop the outbreak. People with mad cow had to be institutionalized until they died.

                • Here’s a video on identifying mad cow disease. Impotent to watch.


                  • good one, plan

            • Ketch,
              Good catch! My bad, that 30 minutes is how long it talkers to cool back to room temp. I knew it was part of the formula.

              Rule of thumb boil for 3 minutes, not 30. Add an additional minute for every thousand feet of altitude. If you are 12,000 feet above sea level, use a pressure cooker or it may not get hot enough. Mountain climbers at high altitudes get a food poisoning because water boils at a temperature below what is needed to kill bacteria or even properly cook food. Thus the pressure cooker was invented.

              Still a pressure cooker is a great place the purify water, it is highly efficient wasting less energy, and the water boils at a temperature well above the boiling point of water at sea level, and with a lid that seals, it will keep it clean until needed. The process sterilizes the entire interior of the pot.

          • Very good post. Especially liked #3. Thank you.

        • Pa mountain. Pretty interesting. I had a pitcher pump on my old well for when power was out. I moved a few miles and had to drill a new water well. About 300 foot. My old well was only 80 foot. I didn’t think u could buy a pitcher pump to pump above 40 or 50 foot deep? I’m curious of your design. I agree water is very valuable. I had some trouble with the well last year and couple days of totin and or buying water has got me to get cracking on a better way to get water if power out or anything. Because you can’t do shit without water

          • Sorry no flatheads. I sold the last one I owned a few years back. It was a 53 merc 24 stud engine. It had the longer stroke crank. displaced more cubes than the 239 ford flathead.

          • I built a hand pump out of PCV pipe and two check valves. One pipe has a sucker rod (1/2 schedule 80) with a piston on it. below that piston is a T fitting at the bottom of the T is a brass check valve. attached to the side of the T is a 90 degree elbow. just above the elbow is another brass check valve and a pipe above that to the surface. So you have two pipes going down the well. one houses the sucker rod and piston. The other has the brass check valve and outlet pipe When you draw up the sucker rod water enters the lower check valve. When you mash it down the water is forced through the check valve above the T and elbow. Your not using suction. You forcing water upward. It doesn’t need priming. I set one in a well at 60 ft and it works really good. I put a handle to have a 9 inch stroke. 5 pumps of the handle will get a quart of water. I could make the piston larger or increase stroke but it would require more effort to pump. Its very easy to pump now. Im planning on using a windmill to power it. Im certain you could force water a 1,000 feet with it. I first built a small version and worked out the bugs in a tub of water. Mine barely fits in a 6 inch well.

            • Old Guy, that sounds very similar to what I built. The piston I made is about 3 feet long, and the pump handle is 3 feet, so I get a lot of water with each stroke, and it is very easy to operate. No priming needed once I got the first fill up. Right now it is at 100 feet, my static water line is 26 feet so I am getting good clean water from the level it is at now. I think I can go almost any depth with this design.

              • excellent post from both of you ! another way to do it is to use air pressure pumped into the well and have an escape pipe(casing) ! The air pressure can be created with many methods like a bellows or the same kind of pump (Piston) you guys are speaking of that is pushing instead of pulling (reverse stroke)

        • Pa Mtn Man. Do you mind me askin what county you’re in? I live in Pa

          • Greetings Jacknife: I’m somewhere between Carbon County and the Pocono’s. I could tell you exactly where, but then I’d have to kill you… (just kidding) South end of Carbon.

      11. Diversification is the key, and PM’s are a part of that.
        But there are folks in Venezuela right now that have cash, gold and silver, that cannot buy food at any price.

      12. Wait, is this one going to be like the one in 2015, or more like the one in 2014? Either way I’m not worried much as long as it’s not like the ones in 2013,2012,2011, well, you get the idea.

      13. Wait a miniute! Re-read that last paragraph of this article above. Local shoeshine boy at a cocktail party? Really? Really?

        …and, by the way. Gold will never, I repeat NEVER get to $5000 / ounce. It is manipulated and suppressed far too much for it to EVER reach anywhere near that price.

        I would like to invite Doug Casey to a “cocktail party” at the end of the year and I will show him a copy of this article and say, “Well Doug, we”re still waiting for that $5000/ounce price in gold.” Doug?………Doug?

        • you MIGHT just end up BARBEQUED at that meeting, if he’s RIGHT…..maybe LITERALLY …why are you here, if you don’t think this is LIKELY?

        • The shoeshine boy reference is to the story about how Joe Kennedy knew when it was time to get out of the stock market just before the 1929 crash. He was getting his shoes shined, and the shine boy was touting a stock. He decided then that the stock market was in a bubble and about to crash. As Wikipedia says: “It is said that he knew it was time to get out of the market when he received stock tips from a shoe-shine boy.”

          The shoeshine boy was just lumped in together with all the other people you might meet at a party discussing their hot investments.

          We were told in the past that gold would never get to $1,000 an ounce, but we got there and way past it. Actually gold’s value hasn’t gone up at all. The dollar has gone down, and I think it will go down much more.

          • Bingo Arch. Got my post of the day (so far)PM is to stop your losses!!
            Of course I don’t have any,damn!
            Maniac –out

      14. If gold goes high enough I could trade for a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. It’s a thought.

      15. I’ll give up my “barbaric relic” when the world stops acting so barbarously. Until then, thanks but I’ll keep my AU and AG.

        • And AK.

      16. Doug Casey Warns “We’re Going Back Into The Hurricane…

        Well Marriage is like Hurricane too. Lots of sucking and blowing in the beginning, and in the end somebody looses a house.

        ~WWTI… been there did that twice… I say, after I gave up have my shit twice, do the math. Happy to be Single, off the Grid, in a secure Hidy Hole and everything here in fully paid for.

      17. I’d rather eat food and not gold.

        • then you had better have some good gardening skills and know how ?

      18. I invested in things like barb and woven wire and steel fence post 15 years ago. And the price has really increased. I have been busy building fence whenever I get the chance. I simply have no desire to own any gold. I don’t have any desire to barter and trade. Why would I trade for gold if what I already have is something more desirable than the gold someone want,s to trade for my stuff ?

        • i invested in LEAD,….and lead delivery systems.

        • Both would be a good thing , Hey ? Hedging is always smart to counter balance needs in any scenario. Many times your needs may not be obtainable by your goods ? So a way to sort of diversify.

      19. I deal in brass, copper, lead and aluminium as and when I get the opportunity… I get it for free and cash it in at the scrap metal merchants. Would be nice to get my hands on some of the expensive stuff, need a new tooth :¬0

      20. Old Guy;
        Do I remember correctly and you have a lot of old cars and trucks at your place in Ok. or Arkansas? Do you have much along the line of ford flatheads? Mainly, 1952 and earlier V8’s? I have been infected by these and having trouble finding good blocks. I’m a hobbyist and have a couple in progress. I’m quite a ways from you but if you have any of these cars, trucks, or parts that you sell I would be interested.. Thank You.

      21. Shoeshine boy. Old quotes. Typos. Brext??? Wha????
        Not up to standard.

      22. If gold goes that high you can bet TPTB have already taken it away from the little man.

        • They have already done that in the last 10 years via other means and accomplished the same thing ?

      23. Today’s Science Lesson

        Is Middle America Due For a Huge Earthquake?

        h ttp://

        fascinating read
        hat tip SurvivalBlog

      24. On Drudge

        UN vehicles on Flat beds being transported on Virginia interstate.

        • Anon saw the pictures,new?retro fit?At least in the open.
          Last year saw trucks doors papered over,wind tore one just could see top of UN
          If it ain’t nothing why hide it,don’t like sneaky!
          Makes wonder how I live with myself,lol!
          Maniac –out

        • Wow anon! Shades of Jade Helm! Haven’t you got anything better to do than frighten people? Jade Helm had people on this site wetting their pants last year for months. Bunch of hysterical old women!

          Do something useful, like trim your nasal hair! Even commune with the dead (you’ve got form there going by this comment). Or better, research things using that underused muscle in your head!

          You’re like a child “mommy, is sleeping beauty real? She must be, because Walt Disney made a film of a book and books are real!”

          • anon1

            Why you go over say that to Matt Drudge where I got the info from. There is more over at The Sheeple. Do you have anything better to bring to the table? If not,
            then STFU and go back to sleep.

      25. I found a medium size gold necklace on a parking lot pavement, went to a coin shop to be told it was not gold. This guy rubbed it on something. I didn’t believe him because it was stamped 14k and looked like gold. So I took it to another place, they didn’t check it but immediately said it was not gold. He said a lot of that fake gold was coming from South America. I’ve yet to put a file to it. Maybe they were lying.

        • Alijamo:

          I bought pure silver from India (not sterling which is not pure). This necklace did not tarnish and it looked like white gold or platinum. Gave to granddaughters one of whose mother tried to take to pawn shop for cash. Was told it was fake. They may have tested it as if it were gold, which of course it was not. Another time I bought what turned out to be bronze. It looked like gold until it was exposed to air for a while. Perhaps a vacuum seal and wear on special occasion only.

          I think a test for gold can be purchased, but read somewhere how to test. Probably should google it. I’ve learned a lot in my time on this planet. The hardest part for me now is remembering it.

        • That has long been my complaint about gold and silver. Even if it looks and feels like an “offical” mint coin, is it real? Today you can go to a business that deals with PM’s and find out, but if SHTF most those business will be gone and many here think the local gas station will accept 1/10 ounce Maple leafs as gold and not a 5 dollar coin, I don’t think so. Bright people will be making coins out of Benson metal( you have to be from the Pacific Northwest to appreciate) and pawning them off as real gold. Nobody will trust PM’s.
          Everyone trusts .22 cartridges, those are hard to fake.

          • What about known items like junk silver ? and other items of known denomination/valuation.

            You are also assuming that USD in any form will have any value at all ? It may be worthless or near worthless ?

            MY bottom line is simple. Gold and Silver are the only real money because they cannot be printed into oblivion by any phony government. And that has been the case for over 5000 years ! That is all I need to know.

      26. Mac…In my post on the six-pack posting of Judge Pirro….why is the reply link not available after my post to anon?

      27. Start arresting the Globalist Fascist New World Order psychopaths who hijacked our government NOW. We know who the criminal genocidal treasonous filth are, we know what the psychopaths are doing, and if you are still a fascist boot licking toxic dump drunken bum coward screaming “conspiracy theory” or “tin foil hat” like a deranged coward lunatic living in complete DENIAL, then you can face trial for TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY right along with the Globalist Fascist genocidal psychopaths you support, protect and worship like gods.

      28. “Gold Will Go Higher Than Most People Can Imagine”

        Naw you is pulling my leg because it’s going to the moon if you listen to some of the posts here and thats the same moon it was going to for each and every one of the previous 4 years.

        The fires at the COMEX that start every few months but never quite seem to break into flames must had been fanned by the BREXIT

        Most people that jumped into the gold rush ended up hungry, wet and skint and thats just the ones the lived so if you think it’s your luck day then go ahead and pay no heed to my call on $1000 gold or $12 silver, what would i know, it’s such a sure deal right.

        • Mr. Smith:

          In 1973 gold was $35.00 an ounce. I doubt it will ever be down that far again. It could drop to $200 say but so, it will never go to zero like cash or stock. People in Venezualea with gold are able to get out and to a place where there is food. Possessing gold is an insurance against hyperinflation. Buying gold, even if its value decreases temporarily or even for an extended time is no different than buying any other insurance.

          • People with US dollars in Venezuela are able to get food and if they choose, can travel to a place where there is food. You don’t need gold, just crap US dollars.

            • So how many dollars does it take to buy a loaf of bread and what is the exchange rate to even get any USD in country ? I seriously doubt this is any kind of bargain per se. Local gold and silver would be much better bargains in country and likely as good or better to transact with given the original basis price.

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