Doug Casey: There’s Going to Be a Huge Change of Ownership Over Global Resources *Video*

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    International man and well known investment strategist Doug Casey warns that the world’s economic, financial and monetary systems have passed the point of no return and a change of ownership over global resources will soon take place.

    At the 2012 Investment Conference in New Orleans, Casey explains why neither Presidential candidate will change anything, where the real wealth in the world is found, why gold is a must-own survival asset, and what to expect next:

    We’re going to go through a really, really rough spot starting anytime between tomorrow morning and the next year.

    We’re exiting the eye of the hurricane where we’ve been in since 2007… We’re going into the trailing edge of the hurricane, it’s going to last a long time, and it’s going to be very, very severe.

    All the real wealth in the world – the skills in peoples’ hands, the knowledge in their minds, the factories, the farms – that’s all going to be here. It’s not going to go away.

    It’s just the financial system, the economic system that’s going to collapse.

    There’s going to be a huge change of ownership for those things, which is going to be very unpleasant and inconvenient for a lot of people.

    It is beyond the point of no return as far as I am concerned for Europe, and for Japan, and the U.S., and China – all the developed economies, quite frankly.

    Gold remains the only financial asset that’s not simultaneously somebody else’s liability.

    All of these governments all over the world are printing up trillions of currency units and they’re accelerating the pace of doing so.

    There’s going to be a panic into gold. There’s going to be a mania in gold. There’s going to be a bubble in gold in the future. 

    Even though, as we speak now, it’s at $1700, it’s no longer cheap, but it’s going a lot higher…

    We’re looking at the biggest economic upset since the industrial revolution.

    …[Predicting the price] is crystal ball gazing; it depends on how stupid the government is and how out of line the mob psychology becomes.

    But, by the time this comes to a peak I wouldn’t be surprised – in real terms, today’s dollars – to see the equivalent of $5000 per ounce.

    Of course, that may be 10 or 15 considering how badly they’re going to inflate the currency…

    Watch Doug Casey:


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      1. Bring it on. Lets get this over with and move forward.

        • DOUG CASEY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • A warning from the past…

            “The Left in America has made their plan(s), laid out their agenda, and began pursuing it aggressively since the 1880’s.

            They began earlier, but they really began to focus their attention on America’s Universities, colleges and trade unions. They began by training the next generation of teachers, professors, lawyers and doctors.
            The Left had their first U.S. President in 1912 with Woodrow Wilson. Wilson set up the Federal Reserve, The IRS, The Income Tax and The League of Nations. ALL goals of The Left- ALL Marxist fixtures today.

            From there it slowly snow-balled into what we face to today.”


            Make Mine Freedom (1948)

            • KY Mom:…Good info…Heres a little more info which backs up and Proves your posting beyond all doubts. Even todays liberals cannot refute this Solid evidence.


              Excerpt from Chapter 29 (p 165-169)


              Taken from THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed


              “Before the Civil War the American population was predominantly Irish, Scots-Irish, Scottish, British, German and Scandinavian, and from this amalgam a distinctly “American” individual evolved.

              In the direct sequence to that war the era of unrestricted immigration began, which in a few decades brought to America many millions of new citizens from Eastern and Southern Europe.

              These included a great mass of *Jews from the Talmudic areas of Russia and Russian Poland*.

              In Russia the rabbinate had stood between them and “assimilation” and this continued when they reached America.

              Thus the 20th Century, at its start, threw up the question, what part would their leaders acquire in the political control of the Republic and of its foreign undertakings.
              The later events showed that the Eastern conspiracy, in both its forms, entered America through this mass-immigration.

              The process of acquiring an ever-increasing measure of political power began, behind the scenes, about 1900 and was to become the major issue of American national life in the ensuing fifty years.”

              COLONEL HOUSE

              “The man who first involved America in this process was a Mr. Edward Mandell House (popularly known as *Colonel House*, but he had no military service), a Southern gentleman, chiefly of Dutch and English descent, who grew up in Texas during the bitter Reconstruction period that followed the Civil War.”

              “…Mr. House, aged fifty, was a president-maker.

              Until I read his *Private Papers* I was much impressed by the “uncanny knowledge” displayed by a leading *American Zionist, Rabbi Stephen Wise*, who in 1910 told a New Jersey audience:

              “On Tuesday Mr. *Woodrow Wilson* will be elected governor of your State; he will not complete his term of office as governor; in November 1912 he will be elected President of the United States; he will be inaugurated for the second time as president”.

              This was fore-knowledge of the quality shown by the *Protocols*, Leon Pinsker and Max Nordau, but *further research showed that Rabbi Wise had it from Colonel House*!”

              “Evidently Mr. Wilson had been closely studied by the group of secret men which then was coalescing, for neither Mr. House nor Rabbi Wise at that moment had met him!
              But Mr. House “became convinced that he had found his man, although he had never met him… ‘I turned to Woodrow Wilson… as being the only man… who in every way measured up to the office’ ” (Mr. Howden).

              The standard measurement used is indicated by a later passage:

              “The trouble with getting a candidate for president is that the man that is best fitted for the place cannot be nominated and, if nominated, could not be elected.

              The People seldom take the best man fitted for the job; therefore it is necessary to work for the best man who can be nominated and elected, and just now Wilson seems to be that man”.

              (This description, again, is qualified by the allusion in Mr. House’s novel to the methods used by a *powerful group* to elect “its creature” to the presidency).”

              “The Zionist idea coupled itself to the revolutionary idea, among the group of men which was secretly selecting Mr. Woodrow Wilson for the presidency, in the person of this Rabbi Stephen Wise (born in Budapest, like Herzl and Nordau).

              He was the chief Zionist organizer in America and as such still something of a curiosity among the Jews of America, who at that time repudiated Zionism and distrusted the “Eastern Jews”.

              Until 1900, as Rabbi Wise says, Zionism in America was confined to the immigrant Jews from Russia, who brought it with them from the Talmudic ghettoes there; the mass of American Jews were of German origins and would have none of it.

              *Between 1900 and 1910, a million new Jewish immigrants arrived from Russia* and under Zionist organization began to form an important body of voters; here was the link between Mr. House (whose election-strategy will be described) and Rabbi Wise.

              Rabbi Wise, who was known chiefly as a militant orator, if not an agitator, in labour questions, was not then a representative Jewish figure, and nevertheless (like Dr. Weizmann in England) he was the man to whom the political potentates secretly gave access and ear.”

              “Mr. Wise states that (after the election) “we received warm and heartening help from Colonel House, close friend of the president…House not only made our cause the object of his very special concern but served as liaison officer between the Wilson administration and the Zionist movement”.

              The close parallel between the course of these hidden processes in America and in England is here shown.”


              “The secret of Mr. House’s hold over the Democratic Party lay in the strategy which he had devised for winning elections.

              The Democratic party had been out of office for nearly fifty unbroken years and he had devised a method which made victory almost a mathematical certainty.

              The Democratic party was in fact to owe its victories in 1912 and 1916, as well as President Roosevelt’s and President Truman’s victories in 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944 and 1948 to the application of Mr. House’s plan.

              In this electoral plan, which in its field perhaps deserves the name of genius, lies Mr. House’s enduring effect on the life of America; his political ideas were never clearly formed and were frequently changed, so that he forged an instrument whereby the ideas of others were put into effect; the instrument itself was brilliantly designed.

              In essence, it was *a plan to gain the vote of the “foreign-born”*, the new immigrants, solidly for the Democratic party by making appeal to their racial feelings and especial emotional reflexes.

              It was worked out in great detail and was the product of a master hand in this particular branch of political science.

              The unique, fantastic thing about this plan is that Mr. House published it, anonymously, in the very year, 1912, when Mr. Wilson, secretly “chosen”, was publicly nominated and elected.

              In that busy year Mr. House found time to write, in thirty days, a novel called Philip Dru: Administrator (the unusual word recalls the allusion in the Protocols to “The Administrators whom we shall choose…”).

              *The chapter entitled “The Making of a President”, which is obviously not fiction, makes this almost unreadable novel a historical document of the first importance.*”

              “Between Mr. Wilson’s secret “choice” by Mr. House in 1910 and his public nomination for president in 1912 he was prompted to make public obeisance to Zionism; at that point the American people became involved, as the British people had in fact been committed by the Uganda offer of 1903.

              Mr. Wilson, under coaching for the campaign, made a speech on “The rights of the Jews”, in which he said, “I am not here to express our sympathy with our Jewish fellow-citizens but to make evident our sense of identity with them.

              This is not their cause; it is America’s.”

              • 1911-Prez. Woodrow Wilson…Final, Part II….

                In December 1911 Mr. Wilson, the candidate, made his speech expressing “a sense of identity” with the Jewish “cause”. In November 1911 Mr. Wilson had for the first time met the man, Mr. House, who had “chosen” him in 1910 (and who had then already “lined up all my political friends and following” on Mr. Wilson’s behalf). Mr. House reported to his brother-in-law, “Never before have I found both the man and the opportunity.”


                “Before the election Mr. House drew up a list of cabinet ministers (see Philip Dru) in consultation with a Mr. Bernard Baruch, who now enters this tale. He might be the most important of all the figures who will appear in it during the ensuing fifty years, for he was to become known as “the adviser” to several Presidents and in the 1950’s was still advising President Eisenhower and Mr. Winston Churchill: In 1912 he was publicly known only as a highly successful financier. His biographer states that he contributed $50,000 to Mr. Wilson’s campaign.”

                “Then during the election campaign Mr. Wilson was made to feel the bit. After initial indiscretions he promised Mr. House (as earlier quoted, and compared with Philip Dru)
                “not to act independently in future”.

                Immediately after the election he received Rabbi Stephen Wise “in a lengthy session” at which they discussed “Russian affairs with special reference to the treatment of Jews” (Mr. Wise).

                At the same moment Mr. House lunched with a Mr. Louis D. Brandeis, an eminent jurist and a Jew, and recorded that “his mind and mine are in accord concerning most of the questions that are now to the fore.”

                Thus three of the four men around Mr. Wilson were Jews and all three, at one stage or another, played leading parts in promoting the re-segregation of the Jews through Zionism and its Palestinian ambition.

                At that time Mr. Brandeis and Rabbi Wise were the leading Zionists in America, and Mr. Brandeis, at his entrance into the story, deserves a paragraph.”

                “He said, “My approach to Zionism was through Americanism,” and to the Talmudists this was akin to saying that Zionism could be approached through “Russianism”, which they were bent on destroying.

                In fact it was illogical to advocate the fiercest form of racial segregation while professing to admire American assimilationism, and Mr. Brandeis, for all his lawyer’s skill, seems never truly to have understood the nature of Zionism.

                He became the Herzl of American Zionists (Rabbi Stephen Wise was their Weizmann) and was rudely dropped when he had served his turn. However, at the decisive moment, in 1917, he played a decisive part.”

                “Thus someone “steered” Mr. House, who steered Mr. Wilson, to the conclusion that a body of men in the Talmudic areas of Russia ought to be put in possession of Palestine, with the obvious consequence that a permanent source of world warfare would be established there, and that the Jews of the world ought to be re-segregated from mankind

                In this plan the destruction of Russia and the spread of the world-revolution also were foreseeably involved.”

                SO,WHERE Does the Anti-Defamation League FIT IN THIS?!!

                Right Here, in Police State America 2012!!


                “At that period (1913) an event occurred which seemed of little importance then but needs recording here because of its later, large consequence. In America was an organization called B’nai B’rith (Hebrew for “Children of the Covenant”).

                Founded in 1843 as a fraternal lodge exclusively for Jews, it was called “purely an American institution,” but it put out branches in many countries and today claims to “represent all Jews throughout the world”, so that it appears to be part of the arrangement described by Dr. Kastein as “the Jewish international.”

                In 1913 B’nai B’rith put out a tiny offshoot, the “Anti-Defamation League”. It was to grow to great size and power; in it the *state-within-states* acquired a kind of secret police and it will reappear in this story.”

                • Old news, question is what are you history buffs going to do about your FUTURE. I suggest you ACT not bring up history. Because the ones who WIN write history. I would keep that in mind if I were you.

                THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION by Douglas Reed

              • @angelo dimtard
                All your posts vilify the Jews… everyone knows the jews are a selfish group
                Of a..holes that dosent mean they are so clever as to hold the whole world
                hostage… and more so only you know the truth about everything..If you are the
                smartest one on our Side ….. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE..

            • The income tax was first instituted by Abraham Lincoln to help pay for the civil war. Be accurate, please.

              • The Revenue Act of 1861 was instituted in 1861 to help
                pay for the Civil War. The first U.S. personal income tax was part of the Revenue Act of 1861. The tax was 3% of all incomes over $800.

                This tax was later repealed.

              • And repealed only to be permenently adopted by Woodrew Wilson and his master Paul Warburg(a Jew).  Be accurate please!

            • When will you blind sheeple wake up? It is divide and conquer. There is no real left or right. WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!

              • Amen brother, It’s like I tell my son, if you have two teams in the Superbowl and team A has 20 pts and team B has 10 pts, who do you think won the game.

                He says team A.

                I say no, the winner of the game is the NFL. They don’t give two craps who won the game, only that the game is played.

              • I suspect this left/right thing is so popular because it allows people to ignore the evils of their own side while bashing the other side. For instance, one might pretend that Bush Jr was good and Gore was evil because Bush Jr was “right” and Gore was “left”. This allows one to conveniently ignore the fact that the philosophy REALLY in use by the Bush crowd was neo-con. The neocons are really leftist fanatics pretending to be far-right fanatics. End result is left/right becomes meaningless and just creates confusion. A better solution: **look at the DEEDS. Look at the ACTIONS.** It’s not so hard to see if a particular deed, and the people behind those deeds are good or evil, once you get past the brainless “analysis” that Americans tend to engage in…such as “why do they hate us when we’re so..gooood!”; or “they will treat us as liberators!”, etc. The problem is that most Americans are so ignorant and propagandized that they are unable to perform even a simple political analysis. Turn off the tv. Read books. Rescue your mind from the political indoctrination that was fed you in school. Rescue your mind….afterall, it belongs to YOU, not the government.

            • Kymom I see you missed who started the federal incometax. Fortunatly I will give you the right answer with a link 🙂

              It was the republican parties first president, Lincoln.
              So how wa sincometax the goal of the left kymom? if the income tax was put into place by rightwinger?


              Remember kymom it is both sides that are and have been doing it not just the leftside.

              • The income tax and IRS as WE Know it was instituted when dureing Prez Wislon 1913 era it was made into an US Constitutional Ammendment! Huge difference from any so called “laws” or “Acts”….It is You insolent idiots who are Wrong!

                As for te disrespectfull comment..I listed the Authors Name and Book ttle at begining of my comment/postings.

                I NEVER claimed to be smart or know it all etc…YOU claimed such so it is You whos the “dimtard”, also a Fool, I may add.

                Believe whatever you desire to…I prefere the Truth based upon Factual Documented Proven Evidence, such as Douglass Reeds Fine fact filled historical book.

                What next?…Are you going to lable them jewsih folks who are Quoted by Mr. Reed, as some kind of an “Antisemiteic Jew”?!!!….Won’t surprize me… Go Back to School idiot…JR. High that is!

              • First time anyone called Lincoln a rightwinger.

          • Just imagine the benefit to our people if our federal govt issued gold and silver coins that had meaningful dollar values instead of $.25 or $20. Seriously they could give the masses of this great nation a super valuable asset if they released a $100 one ounce silver coin and a $1,000 1/4th ounce gold coin. This clearly would be an increase in money supply but would thus not cost our govt a dime. They increase the money supply for bankers why not us.

            If we hyper inflate we’d have a PM to fall back on. If we deflate we’d have cash. A damn win for the people either way.

            • Jim it makes sense to ‘the people’ to have gold. To the people that control us, we are on the same level as shit that gets stuck to your shoe.

            • Seems like China has taken a section from our own Constitution and is running with it. The Chinese government is putting so much pressure on Chinese citizens to own gold and silver, their government is going so far as to subsidize the cost of acquisition for those Chinese who can’t afford to buy it outright!

              I may personally view Communist China as the biggest political, social, economic and military threat to the U.S. and global freedom, but on the issue of gold and silver ownership they got it right! Which I find far more threatening than their military. Time will tell if their bet against the dollar succeeds. I think it will.

              • YH

                It’s my belief that regardless of the American view of government or the Chinese view a major difference is that the people in control of China, their ruling elite, actually care about China. They certainly are brutal and certainly believe the end justify the means with zero respect for individual rights. But in the end they are looking to advance China. Conversely the ruling elite in the US are not nationalists but rather opportunists. Our ruling elite couldn’t care less about the US given a better opportunity elsewhere. While we retain far greater rights than the Chinese our ruling elite have no respect for that either and will take (or make) every opportunity to reduce it post haste.

                When one looks at the big picture and connects the dots it’s obvious that China is the threat.

                • No argument from me Kevin2. I currently travel to China for business several times a year, and I can tell you and my fellow Americans that virtually every aspect of Chinese society is geared toward outperforming, outsmarting, outlasting, and embarrassing Americans at every conceivable opportunity. They are deeply and profoundly dismayed if they fail to achieve those objectives. That is not arrogance talking, that is first hand observation talking. Chinese may may smile and share drinks with you in public, but I never lose sight of the fact that they represent everything our founding principles, Constitution, and society does not. They culture is totally alien to us.

                • YH

                  If this runs full cycle how can the ruling elite of the western world possibly believe that once China is in the drivers seat they won’t be first marginalized and eventually dismembered and destroyed?

                  Either the western ruling elites greed has clouded their intelligence or they absolutely believe that they can control China and never be personally threatened by their acquisition of wealth and power. I have no doubt we have an unofficial containment policy similar to the Truman Doctrine that is being kept secret. Not using Canadian oil and “allowing” it to be shipped to China giving the US control of that energy supply is an example. The positioning of US forces between China and the Middle East is another example. Terrorist coincidently just happen to reside on or next to oil supplies. The 300+ million people of the Islamic Faith in Indonesia for some unexplainable reason pose no threat. Go figure.

                  In the end the groundwork is being laid for war. That is more likely by proxy but can very easily go beyond that.

                  It’s my belief that the worlds stability is only surface deep and it’s more dangerous today than ever before in history. The weapons are too great in destructive capacity, reach, accuracy and availability. With global domination on the line there is only room for one at the top.

                  Battle lines are being drawn.

              • Excuse me? Where do you people come up with such outright BS?

                There is ZERO pressure on any chinese citizen to buy gold. In fact, there is a 17% VAT on gold and silver in China. If the government were as ‘pushy’ as you make out, that’s the first thing that would go…and that isn’t even be talked about in China.

                Please post the link where people are getting subsidized to buy gold. I live in China, and want to partake if so! Sounds like utter BS as haven’t heard anything about that here.

                Other than that, you are full of it. Yes the banks (not all, by any means) sell gold and silver, but they in no means ‘tell’ or outright push anyone to buy it.

            • The govt doesn’t have the gold or silver to mint those coins in the quantity needed. They barely come up with enough to mint the Eagles they mint now.

              • Right now, they can still print money and buy silver and gold. That may not be possible much longer, but for now it is and they owe it too us to do so and put assets in our hands that make sense.

                • Jim, the government can NOT print money. It can only borrow it from the FED, which is NOT a government agency.

                  Neither the Fed nor the “government” it funds are of the Constitution, or recognize the People as anything but their chattel property.

                  There is no “government” solution. The solution lies with the People and requires the total destruction of the “government” and the Fed before anything can get better.

            • Gold issued??? If they can find it!! Ask Germany and other coutries why they are demanding their gold be returned–why does the US have their gold to begin with??
              They can’t guard their gold better than US?
              Better think again, Germany–oops too late now.

            • because bankers give them unlimited, unbacked CREDIT – WE can’t do that.

        • They’ll have a hard time cornering the resource of lead. Though they may receive it in the form of terminus.

        • That reporter is really hot.

          • She wasn’t as good in the sack as you might imagine though.

        • Casey is full of shit.

          • LOL…

        • In relevance to this video, this man has a solid grasp on reality. It’s a damn shame reality is where most people do not want to live. Well, when reality comes knocking on the door there will be no escaping it.

          As for what Bill says on the first comment, exactly! Let’s get this over with already so we can move forward. It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and had my first loose tooth. It drove me nuts for a couple of days because I was afraid to yank the thing out. Then, after enough annoyance I reached into my mouth and plucked it out. There was some blood, there was some pain, but shortly after that, a new tooth grew in to replace it. So damn it, pull this tooth already!

      2. Keep stacking the Gold and Silver, ladies and gents. for seminumismatic. for bullion.

        reason for apmex is that goldline likes to charge about a 35 percent premium for their seminumismatic coins, whereas apmex doesn’t. Goldline will match apmex’s prices, but it’s a hassle to negotiate it with them.

        Take care.

        • Just my 2 cents… Be careful with Goldline! They are infamous for luring investors in with cheap bullion prices, to then hard sell you on ridiculously over priced numismatics. If you can deal with Hannes Tulving (just be patient), has great bullion prices if you can meet the higher minimums. Stack ’em high!

          • Question to all you gold “collectors” if given a chance to get Eagle bullion or older gold coins which is your choice. The reason I ask is I have someone that I know that will sell either to me for spot.

            Yes…you heard me…spot.

            SO…I was thinking the older coins may be better since they do have some collector value beyond their gold weight and also because if the govt ever comes knocking expecting to collect gold…I can declare them as a “COIN COLLECTION” verses bullion.

            Any Thoughts?

            • Tina, as long as both are the same quality and quanity of gold it doesn’t matter outside of what is called estaetic value(basically what someone will pay for the age/art craftsmanship).
              Just make sure folks, when you buy gold, have it sent to you, personnally posses it. If they wharehouse it for you they’ll charge you maintenance and storage fees.

              • and will probably sell it to someone else who will take possession

            • @TINA … my “two cents” advice

              buy pre-1965 silver coinage first

              by priority purchase

              start with 3-10 ounces of pre-1965 silver coinage for bartering in a crash environment . (10% of your physical pm investment)

              1 ounce .999 silver blanks (60% of your phyz pm’s)

              1 ounce .999 gold blanks (30% of your phyz pm’s)

              * the “pretty collector coins” for collectors are “scams” you loose value on them the moment you buy them and they will only trade in a crunch at their physical metal values … just buy the pre-1965 coinage and 1oz ounce blanks for the .999 purity and honest metal marketable value FROM A LOCAL KNOWN REPUTABLE DEALER who has BEEN IN BIZ LONGER THAN 10 YEARS who guarantees his coinage pm’s . get and keep all receipts in fire proof lock box .

              ** HIDE EM’ GOOD bury em’ deep !!!

              ~N.O. ;0p

              • CoCo…you missed the point where I said that they are sold to me at spot value (gold content only) so there is no way that a $10 1838-1907 Liberty Eagle is worth less than 800.00 when I walk away from the counter.

                I do not buy ANY PM for “collector value” only PM value.

                • dooh ;0P

                  Alrighty then ;0) … you’ve all ready seem to want the t-bone steak not the pink slime hamburger … buy the primo coinage .

                  ** just remember you go around flashing high quality coinage in a barter open flea market … predator folks are gonna notice it and thinks there’s more .

                  *** i’d personally stick with basic plain .999 pure common 1oz pm blanks easy to move trade and draws less attention .

                • Finally figured out what your stories sound like. They are like all the tweets from the looters in NY. What is it Ghetto speak. Or something like that. No one can understand the word you are trying to use.

              • Up here all I can find are the “collector” ones. However there are always ones on clearance that sell at whatever the value of the silver is.

                It’s the shipping costs that screw the value for me. Most of the places only offer free shipping if your purchase is over $3K (WAY out of my range!)

            • Tina, if this were available to me and you had complete trust in the person AND there was no paper trail, I would get the Eagles.

              • Thanks for the advice. Because they are are trusted and recognizable?

                • Easier to redeem, Tina. But be 100% sure they are minted in the US and have not been tampered with. Might be best to buy one or two and have them analyzed before jumping-in w/ a major purchase if taking this route. Beware of counterfeits, no matter what the gold.

                  To me, a large gold purchase would be warranted to hedge against losses w/ the USD. And a move like this is an investment so make certain your B, B, and Bs are all stacked for the very long stretch first. Whatever your move, zip-the-lip. 🙂

                • I already did. Thanks for all your help and advice.

            • Spot means weight needs to be looked at especially for an old coin. They can wear and lose a little. Just put it on a scale and pay for the weight.

              On another note I prefer Canadian coins to ours. Less counterfeiting.

              • Jim, there are 7,000 grains in a pound, a measure to use when casting your own precious metal.

                I mix my own so I know its content: 90% lead, 9% antimony and 1% tin. I flux it with grease, about any grease will do.

                The size coins I cast are mostly 170 grains, 230 grains, 250 grains, 270 grains and 300 grains. The only way I spend these coins is downrange.

                • Coinwise, what’s the diameter of your coins?

            • I believe that it was in an article or comment here @ shtfplan that I first learned that when Argentina, Zimbabwe, and other states that have had any type of hyperinflation along with the ensuing economic collapse, gold became the value of junk gold. Since many who were bartering had no way of determining purity of the gold they were dealing with, many were paid only a 14ct value. Many people were forced to take it, since they needed it to survive. I would buy gold and silver in the smallest denominations possible pre 1964 dimes and quarters for silver and 1/10 oz for gold. This lessens the chances for getting a counterfeit product. I would also invest in a gold / silver testing kit for those like me who plan on doing any major amount of bartering.

              Tina, I would buy either of all you could afford. Older coins may be more susceptible to counterfeiting (an opinion only), so you may run into skepticism when bartering with them. Either way good luck, Peace Clay

            • Tina,

              Be aware older US gold coins did NOT contain the same amount of gold as the new ones….The $20 US double eagle, for example, was 0.9675oz … when comparing to new minted Eagles, take that into account.

            • Eagle bullion? What is that? Do you mean American Gold eagle coins? US Gold Eagles do not necessarily have the same purity of gold as say Gold Maple Leafs.

              Particularly OLDER Gold Eagle coins. Today the US Mint produces two levels of purity. Know which level of purity you are buying.

              Not much difference in gold content once you get out two or three decimal points, but there is a difference that would add up over a very large volume. Prices typically vary by purity.

              I personally prefer Canadian Maple Leafs, because they are always .9999 fine and they can NEVER be considered the property of the US Mint.

              That’s my take on it for what its worth.

          • I have shopped a lot with apmex over the last few years. I would recommend getting the smaller denominations of gold for easy trade, such as 1-gram ingots and 2-peso gold coins. Higher denoms are nice, but I expect it will be rare to use a full 1-ounce gold coin or ingot, unless it is a large barter transaction.

        • In my opinion, you are being taken advantage of right now if you believe this crap. Gold? Yea right, get your gold now folks, don’t pay that mortgage, don’t buy supplies, don’t listen to anyone unless they are peddling some gold. This is insanity, wake up and realize that we are in trouble, GOD, not gold is the answer.

          Every bone in my body is telling me that things are changing everywhere, but the only security that you truly have is your faith and your determination to be part of the healing, not the same mentality as the elite that you hate so much. Who the hell do you think is hoarding all of this gold? They will hoard until they think that you want it at any price, and then they will unload it onto you. In the end, they will own your land and your soul. When you get to the gates of heaven, your gold will be worthless, just as it will when everything goes down the tubes here and everywhere else on this planet. I would guess that a can of soup, will be worth more than a ounce of gold. Your choice of course but think before you overreact.

          • Certainly God is the answer. I recognize that everything I have and am comes from the one true and living God.

            However, that does not mean we don’t work to prepare ourselves. God is not going to do anything for us that we can do for ourselves. As long as I am alive on this earth, I will bolster my financial position as much as possible, and prepare as best as I can.

            • His part we can not do; our part He will not do.

            • Sandy’s hitting New Jersey was God’s judgement and that state.


              • Do you really think “they” left religion untouched? Do you know what a Christian was before they high-jacked it? You are being lied to by your 501c3 churches and slick pastors.

                • How can so many tv pastors be lying or misleading the flocks?…When most All have the Best Talmudiac Rabbi’s Money can Buy, as personal advisors. Most have the rabbi on stage as they preach!!….With such Sage “Doctrines of Men”(talmude rabbi’s) how can these pastors posibly be wrongly teaching Christians?

          • You should be wise with whatever wealth God trusts you with. Obviously you should be fully prepared. After that you should have your savings in gold and silver. I’m a born again believer. I’m focused on Heaven but I’m prepared for life on earth too. No matter what happens.

          • Evangelical “God” pushers who constantly perpetuate this nonsense that “Gods Chosen People” are israelis– you are the biggest reason for this nation USA going down the tubes. And I mean every word of that.

            Check yourself and grow a pair, and figure out just which tribe is leading our good people into debt slavery and never ending immoral war.

            We need real leadership from an institution such as the church, but truth telling clergy are few and far between.

            • Ranch,

              And what post are you referring to? I am not an evangelical, you and Barn Cat should get together. If you are focused on heaven then you should be careful of what you do on earth Barn Cat, afterall, don’t you have to earn your wings? Just because you believe in something does not make it my truth nor does it make your statement the absolute truth. To each his own, we will all have to deal with the consequences of our decisions in the end now won’t we?

              • Fair enough Live Free OD. I may be venting frustration at churches because from my point of view, they are the second biggest problem for refusing to collectively act in opposition to the obvious satanic things being done in our name right now.

                I have an uncle, very handsome and charismatic, well-spoken, looks like he belongs at the head of the table wherever he goes. Finnish parents. When I was a kid growing up, he was the evangelical. Bible thumper. Recites the bible like the back of his hand. And for the last 10 years or so he has been a church minister. He looks and acts like a minister.

                I said to him not too long ago, I said “Steven” take a look at what’s going on in israel, why doesn’t the church condemn it, and why is the church even promoting israelis as loving good people we have to “stand behind”. Why can’t we talk in the media about this 900 lb gorilla in control of so much of this nation. He says some nonsense and then refused to talk to me again, as if I am a child abuser or something.

                Come on, why not tell the truth about israel. Being a shyster nation of gangsters is one thing, but THEY DID 9/11. All the evidence points to israel. They did USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, war by deception all throughout history. Now let’s get some leadership and call a spade a spade and figure out how to regain our moral spirit as a nation. Churches are making that all but impossible.

                • Ranch,

                  I don’t take much stock in what any preacher, priest or minister has to say. Everyone has an opinion and who is to say one is right over the other. I answer to one God and I am an adult so I know what is right and what is wrong. I respect your opinion because you have a right to it but I also have the right to dissagree. In the end, we will all be judged and that is when the real truth shall come out. Leave it to God, you will sleep better. I thank you for your post.

                • Ranch, hope you don’t mind me jumping in. I have been fighting this issue of the church’s apathy for 25 years. Has the church been hijacked? You betcha. Truth, within Christianity is a side note. Most don’t even know what makes a person a christian.
                  Truth isn’t popular; example: Israel today isn’t biblical nor prophecied.(Watch the thumbs down.)
                  J.Osteen isn’t preaching christianity nor representing Christ. Most pastors/preachers aren’t teaching or sharing with the congregation prepping. Oh no, we’ll be raptured out! History, the Bible and Foxe’s book of martyrs refute this teaching.
                  With supposed christianity (the churches) so splintered there is no unity in Christ. I’ll prove this; people identify more with their denomination/affiliation before they do Jesus.

            • Exallant Ranch!!!!!…..Real truth very Few are willing to even consider after a lifetime of brainwashings by various(most all today) Wolves in Sheeps clothes..aka..Pastors today.

              Don’t expect many even here to even try to read any factual truths concerning todays Fake jewery. Nothing but Eastern European Russian/Polak/ Khazers. As high as 95% of jews today are of such ancestory….

              As for the Gold Bugs?…Yeah right…Oh Wow! I see gold going to $5000 per oz!! Not Me! I see $20,000 per oz, maybe More!!

              So again the main question Nobody seems to answer…If so true?…Why are All these gold sellers selling their gold at current prices?…Would YOU sell? Nope!

              Heres a Real Deal for ya alls…

              I got a 1996 Harley Heritage motorcycle…It has an awsome totally Custom 6-color paint job…Dripping in Chrome everywheres posible except the Rear swing arm portion…

              Its All 100% stock, with a corbin seat and switched out Handle bars to Fat Boy type bars. And of course..Loud Straight Pipe exhaust’s!!!

              I still have all stock pipes-seat etc… To buy and make a new HD heritage like mine, todays prices?…Aprox. $30,000.00 or More!!

              I will Sell it to any person here or anywheres else, for ONLY $15,000 Cash!

              Now I got zero crystal balls….BUT I predict such a beautifull custom bike WILL go Up in Value!! WAY UP!

              And really SOON! Probobly within a year or so!

              ps Milage is only 14,800 Actual miles! Spotless as day it was bought!!

              ONLY reason I am selling it(am selling for Real too) is to buy a nice 5th wheel trailer and hauler diesel truck so’s can live more Gypsey style…..

              Any Takers?…..Shiny “Metels” you can RIDE!!!!!!!

              PSS: I also got a 1999 F-150 Ford Lariat 4×4 I bought brand new in July 1999…Has only 34,000 Actual Miles…Garage kept…All it needs is a nice wash and Wax job and interior vacume…I will get that done by profesionals and I will Pay for it(aprox.$125 near here).

              Because I prefere if anyone buys my vehicles they get a 100% Clean shiny as new truck or harley….Truck and bike are both Garage kept barely driven!

              Price of truck= $10,000…Compare to new at aprox Three times that price!….34,000 Real actual Miles all driven by Only Me as orig owner!

              psss: No garentees truck will sky rocket in price like the Harley is sure to! Still a swell deal if I say so myself!….Color of truck= White with Grey Leather captains chairs and is a Extended Cab 4-doors…

          • You forgot that we STILL HAVE TO SURVIVE HERE, until we get to those gates, and HERE, gold ISN’T WORTHLESS!!!

          • I hear what your saying, but if things get so bad that you have to pay gold for a can of soup…. we’re done anyway.Pray and prep.

        • I recently purchased a pm testing kit: stone, scale, and liquids to test specific pms.

          Question: Does anyone know how to detect the difference between plated and pure except to look for a stamp on items like jewelry?

          I imagine a world where bartering with small pieces of jewelry is possible. I don’t want to get ripped off b/c my testing stone showed silver or gold only to find out that it was plate.

          Thx 🙂

          • Many things that are plated are comprised of gold or silver over a metal that is magnetic. I carry a little fridge magnet with me to test items when I go to yard sales. Anything that is at minimum .925 silver or at least 10K gold will not be attracted to the magnet.

            Also when looking at silver, don’t be put off by a heavy brown tarnish, it will polish right up with some elbow grease. Rust, however, is an indicator that the purity is less than 92.5%.

            I used to import jewelry from Mexico, India and Italy for a living, and that’s how I learned this. It’s interesting to note, the place that I got really ripped off was Italy rather than one of the other countries that people warned me about. In the late 90s there were a lot of chains marked “925 Italy” that were distributed in North America that were in actuality only 80% silver – these chains all react to the magnets. They were manufactured by a factory in Padova, near Venice.

            Also, beware anything Mexican marked “Alpaca Silver”. This is an alloy that will not react to the magnet but contains no actual elemental silver.

            I hope this helps.

            • yup. I bought a fake gold bracelet in Florence :-/

          • Daisy,
            Thx! You’re a jewel! 😉

            • Daisy: You may have inadvertedly discovered another Proof-Trail to another “Jesuit” plot a poster here rants of!

              Italy=Fake silver content=Jesuits!!!(Just joking!)

              • get the fuck out of here you fucking troll you angelo. fucking piece of garbage.

          • I wouldn’t want to deal with small pieces of jewelry when you can’t know for sure if it’s authentic. Junk silver is the way to go. A 90% silver dime is worth about $2.33 right now. A 90% silver dollar is worth about $23.35. I bought my junk silver here:


            • I happily deal with jewelry and as a former jewelry maker, I’ve never been wrong about a piece of unmarked jewelry. I LOVE finding old bands that bear NO markings, that kind of remind you of a brass shim or something. They CAN be 20KT gold and were wedding bands made pre-1800. Most people will toss them because they aren’t marked.

              I also collect precious stones, like diamonds, sapphires and certain rubies… I melt down the settings into 1/10oz disks, by KT.

              ANY IDIOT can take a hammer and hit the end of a stamp that says 14K on the other end. However, knowing whether or not that stamp is correct can be very profitable.

          • To check for plating or tungsten core, I use a dremel tool with a jewelers drill bit. A very small hole (thinner than a hair) is drilled in the side of the coin, between the reeds on the edge, deep enough to pass any plating.

            For jewelry, an inconspicuous spot is found and drilled deep enough to pass any plating.

            Not to be done with Numismatic value coins, but I only buy coins for the PM value.

            BTW, the 19th and 20th century gold coins do not have full ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce gold weights. The purity was only about 92%. A $20 gold from 1907 may look exactly like a modern 1oz bullion coin, but contains less Au.

            • Yeah, gold-over-silver (or any non-ferrous core) will not alert you with a magnet.

        • Avoid online dealers, pay cash and buy from your “LOCAL COIN SHOP” commonly referred to as LCS.

      3. Always needed for insurance…

      4. I cant afford gold, but I do own a lot of silver and lead.

        • That’s great!!! I long on lead and brass myself.

        • I imagine a good deal of brass, steel, and aluminum, also.

        • This Jim too. I’ve got a good amount of silver, but zgold is beyond my reach. I do carry 2 1/10 th ounce gold coins hidden in my BOB though.

      5. When all is said and done….the only world left standing will be the spiritual world.

        • Acording to a Biblical verse or two on issues of Gold & Silver as “wealth”…Believe its old testement and says something such as “Their GOLD will be Taken from them, and their SILVER they will Throw into the streets as it wont do them Any good on the day of the LORD”

          Not an exact quote, but very close to it.

      6. Didn’t Burl Ives sing “Silver and Lead???” If he didn’t, he certainly should’ve!!

      7. Can’t afford gold, which is fine because we can’t eat it. I’m not looking to be wealthy, just free. Your liberty will be determined by your self-reliance. Prepare expeditiously.

        • GA…you are right, you can’t eat it but GREED & STUPIDITY has been around since the beginning of time. There will always be someone who will take a piece of gold in place of something you will need to survive.

          Nothing more than something to trade as a last resort.

          • I bought silver a few years ago after all my other bases were covered. I believe it is being manipulated by paper trading and will decouple. Precious metals won’t skyrocket alone, but other commodities will climb as well forcing people to double up on housing. PM will be up at the same time small rural acreage is down. I will liquidate and buy more for sharecropping.

            I’m out of room for hard assets so the alternative is stuffing twenties into my mattress. What fun is that?

            • Agree PP….only after all else has been taken care of.

            • @ PP – A wise man once said to take crisp $10 and put them in #10 cans!!

              RIP Mushroom

              God Bless

              • @NP: + to infinity, eternity–and beyond

                Mush is da Man..!!!..BA.

            • I think your point needs re emphasizing. IMO, buy food, self sufficiency supplies first, and only after those are reasonably well secured, then perhaps acquire some PMs. Your dollars may go a lot farther now buying food storage than buying gold, and then hoping to buy bread later with “appreciated” gold, because the price of bread will “appreciate” just as quickly.

              PM’s very well could be a long term play, or a place to park your financial assets, if you are lucky (or have planned well enough ahead of time) enough to have some left over at this point after getting most of your preps for actual daily living off-the- grid first. Once a new currency is established, and the “recovery” is under way, then you could trade in or exchange your PM for the currency du jour, or perhaps maybe you will need not, if price discovery in terms of a good old fashioned gold and silver hard currency exchange has developed instead.

            • I will not run out of room for hard assets until they reach the ceiling.
              Nuff said.

          • How about the other way around? Stock up on needed supplies and when the time comes, you can accumulate all the gold you want for the price of a can of soup. For me, that makes a lot more sence. Why would you pay thousands for a piece of gold with the knowledge that you will use it to barter for a couple of dollars worth of food? Makes no sence at all.

            For me personally, prepare, pray and put my priorities in order.

            • This is a typical response by those who can’t afford gold. I own gold and silver. I’m also fully prepared. Gold and silver is what your savings should be in. If you have $25,000 in savings it doesn’t make sense to own 25,000 cans of soup.

              • Barn Cat,

                You should not assume anyone’s worth, I have beautiful farm land that I own free and clear, I have a home that I own free and clear, I have been blessed with many of the things that some would call the American Dream. We work hard and make rational decisions with our money, I am very careful where I put my money, therefore I believe what I have to say is grounded in intelligence and sound financial advice. You obviously don’t have to agree with me but to assume that I have no money, is quite frankly, an ignorant statement. I do have money in many different pots however I have chosen to not purchase gold. I do not buy the scare tactics and I know in my gut and through my other endeavors that this is a scam. If you can afford to buy lots of gold then go for it but the average american will scrape and scrimp to buy a couple of ounces, this will get you practically nothing in the long term. I could purchase quite a bit of gold if I desired but it is not in my portfolio now nor will it be in the future. Take it for what it is worth, just my 2 cents worth.

                • You said it…SCAM! just look at Who owns most all of the many, Many, economics websites which promote and/or sell gold…And even more that just sell gold and silver.

                  Check the names out…Vast majority are of the Tribe aka Famed the world over for being the worlds greatest swindler class of persons.

                • Bad news… You own nothing free and clear in the United States Corporation. Look into the definition of words like deed, registration, title, etc. There is no private allodial title in the US Corp. It is an illusion. This will be clearer when they call in the national debt.

                • Free and clear…so long as you keep up your payments to the .gov mafia…

                  ‘That’s a nice house ya got there…be a shame if something happened to it.’

            • I will bet you all this, my paper will be worth more then your gold and silver if shit gets bad. My paper will be worth almost as much as food and water. is nice to be able to buy supplies tax free thru a company 🙂 cases of 80 rolls of toilet paper cheap cheap cheap unfortunatly it is 2 ply and only 900 sheets a roll 🙁 but ! on the up side we got so much of it we will not need scotts for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. think i need more only have 10 cases. was figuring 1 roll every 3 days, also stocked up on dollar store bar soaps. Know how to make lye soap but eh save the trees for a while 🙂

          • Ah, well Tina you just changed the situation with this statement. If you want metal for trade, go with pre-65 silver and leave no paper trail.

      8. We all know bad things are coming down the pike. It seems that there are “experts” around every corner. As much as I read about finances, the more different opinions I find. From MMT theorists to advocates of Austrian economics to gold and silver bugs, they all have different views on what should be done. Some are hawking papers or services for money. Personally, I believe this is all being engineered, as I find it impossible for those in control NOT to see what is happening. The world is being gutted for the benefit of a few at the top. Gold or silver may or may not protect you in the future (and I have both). I don’t believe we can know the plans that the top few have for us so it is difficult to prepare financially. We need to just get down to trying to provide for our own survival in terms of food, water and shelter. I fear little else will matter in the near future.

        • JRS

          Well stated…

          All the pundits have been screaming buy gold! buy silver!
          as our only protection against the deflating dollar..

          They say that Ben,and all the central banks, know not what they’re doing..really?
          Though I don’t doubt the wisdom of the likes of Casey/Spott/Sinclair/John Williams and all the others with their dire predictions and how to prepare financially..

          Everyone underestimates the central planners..imo..

          The majority of us (who have jobs reduced pay) can barely afford the basics nowadays..never mind gold and silver.
          Then ask the millions who are unemployed and
          underemployed..or the 47 million on food stamps..and the millions who have lost their homes..

          This is all a well engineered systemic collapse..

          By the time most of us realize what’s happened, there is nothing left one day except basic survival..ask manos..he and I have discussed in length what occurred quickly in Greece..and still warns it IS coming here..

          For those of you affording precious metals..God bless ya!

          For the rest of is basic metals in cans, fmj’s, and dry goods..


          • Yes indeed , I can see a day when the govstapo hands out lists of all known/suspected precious metal holders. Along with cheap weapons , then a bounty of one weeks rations for 20 people for every ounce collected.

            • If that happens, there will be a lot of dead people. I know I will be one of them, but I will take some with me and hopefully give my daughter, son in law, and granddaughters a chance to get to the next hidey hole. I would gladly give my life that they may live free for even one more day.

              • Exactly. They may want to take what is not theirs but the first one’s that try won’t be around to try again.

          • Well said Possee.

        • JRS

          For whatever reason, the mad rush into ‘paper-printing’ will ultimately destroy all economies engaged in its usage.
          This will likely cause the downfall of each economy’s respective government too, with a resultant social catastrophe for all nations involved. Hence, said governments will attempt to impose draconian liberty destroying laws, at the muzzle of their weaponry, aimed at its citizenry.

          I believe this is occurring by design & its intended focus is to consolidate all govts & economies under the auspices of ‘ONE’ malevolent, tyrannical and all encompassing global corporate government.

          If successful, its likely 1st decree will be the banning of all transactions involving gold, silver & other pm’s, under penalty of death!

          The Bible speaks of such events.
          Prepare wisely!

          • They will throw their silver into the streets, And their gold will be like refuse; Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them In the day of the wrath of the LORD; They will not satisfy their souls, Nor fill their stomachs, Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity (Ezekiel 7:19).

            How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. (Proverbs 16:16)

            I do have a small amount of silver, but I also have many of these articles, and comments, too; printed out and laminated. Guess which I think is more valuable?

            • Thumbs up, you can’t run from God, just ask Jonah.

          • Ezekiel 28:4…By your wisdom and your understanding you have made wealth for yourself, and have gathered gold and silver into your treasuries

            Now does anyone where actually believe that you can “take it with you when you go” or feel it can safe your soul…NO but it may get you by if for just a short while.

            • SAVE

          • Anton: Don’t forget the “Hate Speech” laws hobammy signed into fed law a year or more ago.

            Then consider Canada as well as most all euro nations already prosecutes folks for all forms of percieved un-PC speech!

            Also we are dealing with bolshevik kommies at heart. The very first state law Lennin passed as soon as soviets took total control was similar to todays “hate speech” definitions…AKA= Lennins first state law he passed was DEATH penalty for all who were “Suspected” of antisemitisim in Any form includeing Speech!

            Consider it was the ADL=Kommies that pushed relentlesly to pass hate speech laws in america!

            Why does anyone wonder why liberal kommies are so desperate to Disarm Us all?….So its eaiser to Exterminate Us!

            Ve Know vat ya said! Ve Vill put bullet to back of you heads!…..No you wont!

      9. 10 or 15 what?? Dollars and ounce?

      10. It doesn’t matter which goldmansachs zog puppet prez assumes the position of potus next … nothing is gonna change … except you all are going to get a lot poorer as Intentional Fiat DOLLAR DEVALUATION Inflation continues .

        Its just how it is … it’s all part of their global nwo zog banker domination plan .


        Nothing short of a armed revolution will stop it .

        … and no one has the cojones or brains any more to stage a proper “strike” never mind a “armed revolution” in amerika .

        sigh ;0( … AmeriKa is a “dead man walking” with out even a Copper Penny for the Ferry across the River Styxx .

        “Puck It” … I’m going back to bed … someone please wake me in 10 ten years when the “Chinese” finally finish up buying , taking over everything globally … including ZOG BANKER CIA Fascist Freemason Mormon Traitor ZIO-Christian Jesuit Luciferian controlled AmeriKa .

        Hopefully by then Enough of You will be AWAKENED ENLIGHTENED HUNGRY an P.O.’d enough to
        actually PUCKING DO SOMETHING besides whine about it !!!

        ~N.O. ;0P

      11. BUY PHYSICAL PM’S TODAY … This is a important read for all preppers . Why continuous inflation is guaranteed … the GLOBALIST BANKERS NWO ZOG MASTER PLAN is too kill the ameriKan fiat dollar .


        Lindsey Williams: Sept. 13, 2012 everyone heard what Mr. Bernanke said, the Federal Reserve, as of that day, would begin purchasing $40 billion in mortgage backed securities and Treasuries each month, indefinitely, from that point on.

        Lindsey Williams: Now I understand that the Federal Reserve is going to purchase $40 billion in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) every month. He said that’s correct. Am I to understand that this $40 billion is in mortgages, whether they be toxic or non-toxic? He said that’s correct. Let me then put it in simple terms… it’s your house. It’s the mortgage on your house. If you’re house it mortgaged, then the Federal Reserve could have possibly purchased the mortgage in September, or October, and every month…

        Lindsey Williams: Where is the Federal Reserve going to get $40 billion every month? Indefinitely? The contact said immediately, and without hesitation, they are going to get it out of thin air (print it).

        Lindsey Williams: So they are going to print money out of thin air to purchase a home, a shopping center, any property held as security for the loan? Yes.

        Lindsey Williams: The bottom line of this program: The banks, and those who control these banks in the Federal Reserve, will control every piece of mortgaged real estate in the U.S. before it is over.



        and you might wanna buy some more “lead” too .

        ~N.O. ;0p

      12. i think sandy slow down the collapse because it hit the cities that were the most full of crap products, and now all is gone, even the subway will need mayor repairs, the entire est coast would see investments and repairs and that is a lot of people. we have seen that here in puerto rico and i know us economy is not the same but hey is govern by the same basic principle, and labor is going to be on high demand.

        • Sandy is another vehicle for the Feds to spend money they don’t have. The destruction caused by Sandy will be another excuse for government money to be used as a bailout. Who do you think pays for all of these repairs, Puerto Rico??

          Any area that’s declared a Federal disaster gets Federal $ along with State funds. Businesses only get low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration — and isn’t that a hoot….how much lower can a low-interest loan get??

          Those with personal home losses and uninsured get FEMA bailouts. Those who played-the-game and had insurance get nothing from FEMA, but they’ll get up to the cap amounts (provided their insurance companies don’t go bankrupt in the process). And anyone, including those who claim losses, will have increased premiums.

          In all, the infrastructure (subways, bridges, and boardwalks and all those public areas) will get Federal bailouts. Tell me where that money comes from….oh that’s right….Bernanke’s printing press.

          • You are right but still missing these point, Money will be passing directly to people instead of the banksters or multinational company, the average Joe, the handyman and the plumber would get the money first these will create thousands of jobs and thousands of micro-enterprises. it will give leverage because it will bring value to the workforce.

            • Ah yes…the “broken window” economic theory. Thing is,somebody has to pay for all these tradesmen to repair the damage. This “money” will be extracted from the rest of the people through corp gov taxation or higher premiums for insurance. I suppose we could wish for more storms. That would REALLY get the economy crankin.Damn Keynesians. No excess value is produced here. Only replacement of broken parts.

              • No, your wrong i don’t eat sushi. i dint say that these is going to fix the economy ether, i say it will slow the collapse. but i appreciate your damn comments

                • PR…this wasn’t meant as a personal attack. “Broken window” is a Keynesian economic theory.Not sure how much sushi Keynesian economists eat.

            • @ Puerto Rico. I haven’t seen you comment for awhile and I was thinking about last week when they had a 5.4 in the Cayman Island region. The third sequence of earthquakes came with that 7.7 in Canada that I have been warning people since Oct.18 about was coming. I saw a 7.3-8.6 coming until Nov.2, which did happen about 135 miles from one the locations I gave. Why I am saying this is because until that Nov.2, the Caribbean area was one of the danger area I saw. There could be another earthquake within this third sequence, it has happened before.

              As what I could see from past polar earthquakes that started on Oct.18 and followed a south, south, north, south pattern was that on an ocassion that there was a large earthquake in the Central American region and the Caribbean Islands after this. This is why I gave this location as a danger zone. Be aware until Saturday morning for possible earth movements, just in case in your area.

              • BI, good info. I have a question though. If there were to be a strong quake in the Caribean, how likely would it produce a tsunami in the region? Florida Keys included?

                • @ AO1(AW). The Puetro Rico trench area is one of the deepest areas in the Atlantic Ocean, this a mega thrust fault here that you see around Alaska, the Mariana Trench area, Japan, the South Seas, off the coast of South American. When the eastern side of the Caribbean plate breaks there will be a violent sudden upthrust of one plate over or under the other. This will force water up to the surface just like in Japan. There is also a good possibility of an undersea landslide that will add to this as material from not so deep falls into very deep water. It is not side to side like the northwestern part of the Caribbean plate that Haiti go hit with, it it that upward thrust that moves water.

                  There is past evidence that this has happened before. Iread a Central American article several years back translated to English, and there have been tsunamis in this area dating back several hundred years. The eastern flank of Cuba was hit about a thousand years ago by a huge tsunami for example. The Florida Keys would not do to well as it could be as close as 750 miles to the tsunami. The closer someone is to ground zero of an undersea earthquake the bigger it will be.

                  Like I said to Y’all Beware, much of what you have observed about storm surge from previous hurricanes will tell you whether your area is more prone because of topography to much higher tsunami waves. If your area had a much higher surge before, then when a tsunami hits it is likely the same will be true. There are variations to this of course, but generally this is true. Anywhere within a straight course distance to the Caribbean is in danger when the plate breaks. Even further away such as New York and the New England area could be as you have seen tsunamis travel across the Pacific. Look at your coastline and whether it has a channelling effect of water, like cup shaped bays that face directly towards the eastern Caribbean.

              • i always enter and read the articles but no time to always write. @ JRS hahahaha “Not sure how much sushi Keynesian economists eat.” don’t worry brother we are just exchanging ideas.

            • Not here this banana republic, the money gets lost before it gets to the tax payer.

            • Puerto Rico, The average Joe will not get the money first — the blue collar workers are the end receivers with this strategy. Seriously, Keynesian economics does not work. More of it won’t do anything but make it fail faster.

              • until today i never heard or knew that there was an economic model or theory with that mind set. i have to Google it whe JRS wrote it down but hey every day you learn something new.

                • @ Puetro Rico. That is good to know that you read the articles. When I see something with the Caribbean other than the danger period until Nov. 2, I will try to let you and others know about it. The Caribbean plate is still primed and any further polar activity could be the indication to look for. One of my goals is to alert people to something coming and help save their lives, this would be very rewarding.

      13. Just a note: The next two days are a good time to snatch up price reduced paper plates, plastic silverware, and halloween candles. Some hard candy can be vac packed for long term storage.

        • Good suggestion!

          After holidays, the stores usually mark down the holiday wrapped candy. Use or freeze the candy. The solid chocolate (like Hershey candy bars) can be chopped up and used for baking – chocolate chip cookies, etc.

          • Thank you, you are most kind.

          • candy is poison, so is plastic, not sure why you would stock up on human poison. hfcs and products made from oil are true human poison please dont stock those items.

      14. Possee and JRS, I couldn’t agree more. Since my pay is not great either, I can’t afford gold; might be able to get some pre-65 silver coins, though. In the post-SHTF world, gold and silver will have some value as barter items, but that’s it. The most important items to have post-SHTF will be food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, shelter, etc. Supposedly, the pre-1965 silver coins will have a lot of barter value, si I’m looking into that. Braveheart

        • In that case, a great barter item will be pool shock individually packed in Hefty snack bags.
          Folks will be needing that when they get that pond water to drink.
          $1 bags at Dollar Tree, and $4 per (1)lb. bag at the pool supplies shop.

          • No No No Wait until you are ready to trade. A Hefty bag will not contain the fumes from the powder. Keep it in the orig container and then put it in sealed buckets and keep it dry. Keep the baggies to put in later.

      15. Anton Hackl, you’re correct, except we are already overloaded with draconian laws TPTB won’t have the numbers necessary to enforce those laws, especially when TSHTF. Times will become interesting as the old Chinese proverb goes. it’s the way the Chinese use the word interesting that is so scary. braveheart

        • May you live in interesting times!

        • Braveheart

          Your reply is EXACTLY what I’m banking on & I hope there are enough real Americans out here in flyover country, that when confronted by DHS or any other JBT outfit demanding they give up ‘whatever’…they end up facing a wall of well aimed high velocity lead!

          It wouldn’t take that many episodes & the feds would be facing huge vacancies in their employment programs!

          Will patriots likely die during the initial phases?
          Will the JBT agencies take casualties?
          Of course they will!

          Remember, aim small, miss small.

          The goal, is to make such a draconian government endeavor…to damn expensive for them to contemplate, let alone succeed.

          Very good post BH. Green thumbs to you!

      16. Hurricane Sandy is showing us some of the possibilities , be it on a small scale it still shows what we could be dealing with in a total collapse

        From storm Victims to crime targets

        dark cities, power outages, dark smart how and when you travel

      17. Steel production in this country and around the world has been at an altime high even with the bad economy..why is this?
        I’ll tell you why

        war machines are made from it. <—- period

        Buisness have pulled out of this country for many reasons..some of them include

        government intrusion into how a buisness can opperate, and how much money they can owners and investors have found its easier to move the company to a country where they dont get screwed as bad as here..
        China didnt "Take" anything away from us..our corp owners brought it to them, because the deal for them in The USA stinks, Buisness owners in a way are teaching the US government a lesson,, too bad its a lesson they are too dumb to see..and a lesson that will affect each and everyone of us,and our children

        the only way out is to clean house..but you and I both know ,, that will never Si Vis Pacem Parabellum…your choice, better make it soon

      18. When the power was off and the houses were approaching flood levels, I was on door to door to see if anyone wanted to leave. It was a mandatory evac, however I’m not one for enforcing anyone’s rules. I knew I’d stay if in that position so I treated them like I would hope to be treated. I talked to them like friends, took a count of who was staying, and asked them about their food and water situation. Most we’re well prepared. Point being I never once asked if they had enough gold or silver, would not have helped at all. I do hold both and know the reasons for doing so, but after this long few days when things settle down I may trade some of it in for more edible, drinkable and shootable goods.!!!!!

        Diesel Dan running on empty standing by in NY

        • I wish more cops had your mindset, D-Dan.

          I hope you, your family, and your home, fared well through the storm.

          ~ D

          • Thank you Daisy, however I’m not a cop. I am a CFR, involved in the county’s emergency management dept. I’m on the ERT as a peace office and work with the police hand and hand however I have always liked to think of myself as being a little to libritarian to join the force, peace officer is as far as I’d like to take it.

            As an update: we did not get it as bad as expected. No deaths only about 20,000 out of power. Lots of localized flooding and trees down. At last count about 550 families displaced. I live on a river witch is about 8 feet above flood level however it won’t cause any major problems as long as it doesn’t come up another 12 feet or so! Most living in the dangerous zones were well prepared however there was a lot of chaos leading up to the storm from the average citizens whom did not have basic supply’s, more panic causing problems than anything else. I was able to help some folks out and for the most part things went smooth. We are still not out of the woods yet however were hopefull we have made it through the worst.

            As a side note we are in western NY, I have 3 immediate family members as well as scores of close friends and co workers whom have been sent to NYC, and NJ. Well I for my own reasons detest the big city when called upon to help we go. Prayers for all the first responders heading down to much more dangerous and affected places would be appreciated !

            Thank you and stay prepared!
            Diesel Dan standing by in NY

      19. “Don’t worry, our chariots will sustain us.” — The Egyptians

        “Don’t worry, our walls will sustain us.” — The Babylonians

        “Don’t worry, our triremes will sustain us.” — The Greeks

        “Don’t worry, our legions will sustain us.” — The Romans

        “Don’t worry, our archers will sustain us.” — The Huns

        “Don’t worry, our armada will sustain us.” — The Spanish

        “Don’t worry, our longbows will sustain us.” — The English

        “Don’t worry, our Maginot Line will sustain us.” — The French

        “Don’t worry, our Luftwaffe will sustain us.” — The Germans

        “Don’t worry, our ICBMs will sustain us.” — The Americans

        • According to the movie 2016, we really don’t have too many ICBM’s left, do we?

          • I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

        • …don’t worry, Obummer will sustain us….The Sheeple

          I have gold—GOLD DOT

          I have silver—SILVER TIP

          …be safe….stay the course….BA.

          • U 2

      20. I love Doug Casey.

        But he makes the same mistake other pundits do…
        Failing to remember that politicians trump economists.
        He is right, the crash is coming, its got to, its engineered. Like I’ve said before, The System is designed to get what you got when they pull the rug out from under the money system, it heads down, and they clean house on ‘free credit’…

        But, the politicians must do something to keep their jobs, and the trend away from capitalism and Christian morals is clear. They will not simply devalue the dollar, they will eliminate it in favor of a new global credit system. (the 3 horns will rejoin with the other 7, to form a Beast of 10) The Arab states, Russia and China will rebel against this, probably in favor of a gold standard. But they have bought all the gold of the west… so the west cannot allow it.

        The socialists will declare ‘bank/capitalist money’ bad, “too limited”, “causes all the worlds problems”, then will come socialist money backed by governments, directly, an unlimited ‘money’. They will pay off all debts with this crap and will probably nationalize most businesses. But the price will be your soul. If they start with a debit card I would be surprised, they will eventually go to a chip implant because of “identity theft”. This system is already in place, and the IMF just floated this trial balloon. There’s a real bastion of capitalism…

        Gold will probably be outlawed in the west, silver may be ignored. But the kicker is going to be, all goods and supplies and personal property will have to be registered as ‘inventory’… they will have to do this to maintain control over the black market they know will crop up. Capital controls have already started…

        You are in an economic war, of the Haves against the Havenots. I have known these people, they are evil in the extreme, as they appear like an ‘angel of light’. There is only one way around it…you cannot shoot a tidal wave with a popgun.

        But nobody wants to hear it because we think its all bullshit until it actually happens, then it will be too late. You must form an underground economy, go into the wilderness on the wing of an eagle. Gold eagles, silver eagles, barter eagles. This will require people to learn encryption, or you will get sucked into the vortex.

        But first comes the famine after the black horse of democracy is finished riding, which dies in money failure(rev 6:6). At that point it could be an Ezekiel 38 finish into the Green horse of Islam, because; Islam and Russia has the oil…

        Trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in a back room, for something wicked this way comes, and if Obama wins, which I predicted, then know; you deserve what comes. You kicked God out, you reverted into hedonism and murder of the unborn. You abandoned your first commission; Eternal Vigilance. You laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap. Now you are divided, on the left and right legs of rich mans ideologies, and as the 10 toes of iron and clay, divided by the MYSTERY religions that keeps you arguing and hating each other. And a house divided, cannot stand.

        • OT…Piper Michael..I was curious as to what line of work you were in. I went to the link you posted a couple days ago. I must say, I could not make heads or tails of the quantum physics part of it until I got to the “God is not found in particle accelerators, he lives in rocks. 100%. No further work required.” After that it made more sense to me. I will have to go back and read more of your site. It is interesting, to say the least.

          • JRS,
            Thank you. I used to be an automation(robotics) engineer, now I’m economic roadkill. I have chased this rabbit as a ‘hobby’ for 40 years, and one day, had a dream. Yes. Literally, I saw the Light, and the Dark, come together.

            Quantum Physics isn’t understandable by mere mortals… the point being, it isn’t supposed to be… and I try to avoid it mostly because its only 1/2 right.

            The Revelation was, to put God back into the equation as the Force of SPIN. Then its all elegantly simple. If you go back to the home page, and tell me what you don’t understand, I will rewrite it. I am in process now, of trying to make it understandable. The Mysterious phenomena of science known as ‘The Rock Problem’ or the ‘Brazil nut effect’, is very simple; Why do big rocks or nuts rise above little rocks or nuts? The God Calculus answers this question, and many others.

            At its essence, this is an Electromagnetic Universe, period, that’s it. Once you divide the Electric from the Magnetic, and combine Einstein with the ancient book of Secrets, you have a ‘model’ or an architecture of those energies. The Primal Energies of Light(yang-electric) and Dark(yin-magnetic), when combined with the Voice of God(Causal spin force=The Tao), you have the Source of the Chaos. Magnetic repulsion is the ‘hardness’, and the gravity, and inertia and entropy, in one.

            We see only a glimpse of this in what are known as Fractals or Chaos Theory.

            This is what the Catholic church destroyed. It was called; The Gnosis or The Divine Knowledge. This was the source of the battle with; The Heretics… who were also known as the Philosophers, The Magi, or what we call; Scientists.

            So, I am; The Revenge of the Heretics.
            (They, The Preacher men, STILL attack me as a SORCERER… hahaha, I get much satisfaction from their attacks. Why? Because, the Way of Truth is in three parts.
            First it must be ridiculed.
            Then violently opposed.
            Before it is accepted as matter of fact.

            May The Force be with you..;-)

            • Piper Michael, I visited your blog about a month ago and found myself reading all you posted. Until today I was never able to read the dot-com you link to (restricted access). Keep writing, please.

              • May the Force be with you too Zoltanne…
                (Love that handle…;-)

                The ‘site’ has been unlocked. You will see many conversations. Originally, as the spirit led, I was trying to help the Christian community ‘unite’ into an alternate economic structure and mutual aid. To provide tools of encryption and setting up a site that is outwardly a ‘social’ media type site, but has ‘inward’ channels.

                It became obvious, over time, that there is no such thing as a ‘christian’. It is a myth. They only common element between all of us is that we are full of fear, this was my lesson, not theirs.

                I now see, that the ‘Temple of God’, must be like a web of lights in the darkness. A web of minds connected through the Holy Spirit. To be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

                Love is the only way to survive the dark energy wave that comes. It is only when you read Enoch that you begin to see that what comes, links to what ‘Be informed’ is reporting about Earth changes, we are all One, with the Earth and the Sky, and, The Galactic Rift. The Universe is about Cause and Effect, not Crime and Punishment, The Ancients knew…

          • @ JRS

            I did the same thing! Had the same reaction! Started to think: “oh boy, another take on meta-physics.”

            I hit the same sentence.

            A very thought provoking site PM, to your credit & like JRS I will be returning to read, digest & consider your opinions.

            • Thank you Anton.
              Einstein said; “Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind”. No truer words were ever spoken. For science wants to destroy God and the soul, and religion can’t prove it. The Grail and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, does. It is the Nexus of Gnosis between the two.

              It is not ‘meta’ physics. But HYPER Relativity, and a great gift from the spirit. I do not think, or imply that I have everything ‘right’, or all the answers, for I am but one man, who has no help nor money. Only a pencil and a modest shop. I learn by standing on the shoulders of others.
              If it were simply my ‘opinion’, then there would be nothing but MORE words… this is the issue…The Grail is real. It is ancient in the extreme, and was destroyed by the religious zealots who set mankind back ten thousand years.

              All the other philosophies, theologies, metaphysics, occultism, and religions, are based on the same principle; MYSTERY. Even the Bible convicts the churches…(MYSTERY is the name of the Harlot) Mystery, is that which cannot be proven. In the case of the churches, it is their ‘beloved’ Mystery, all the other mysteries are ‘bad’… this, alone, is what holds mankind back. A Godless science, against a Godly superstition.

              This is where the human race stands… in a stasis of all things that are mysteries and lies. Like Plato said, we love to argue about the shadows of illusion on the wall of our prison cave. Anybody who looks and points to the light, the source of the shadows, is jumped on… but the only way out of the shadows is the Nexus between science and religion.

              But, I was given the Grail, the math of Einstein combined with the ancient model of Enoch, one that enables the other. The language of nature, and natures God, is not pretty words, but…math. A math that proves the solution of one of sciences most ancient of ‘mysterious phenomena’, The Rock problem. The solution is childs play, God lives in the rocks. But it is a math so powerful, it also proves… prophecy. The ‘dark day of the Lord’, dark energy compression, is probably going to start affecting the Sol system in December… as we enter the Galactic Rift, the end is the beginning. The interesting thing, the center of the rift, is exactly 2000 years since the Crucifixion, or birth of the spirit. Did the Catholics divide the time wrong at the birth of the animal? …;-)

              The math is the solution to the old saw; What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Answer? Zero.

              or; (+infinity) + (-infinity) = 0

              which is; The Cause of the Zero point energy field… To me, the greatest of mysteries I’m trying to crack by violating the ‘laws’ of physics with the Laws of God’s science. We shall see.

              But, I’m sure Mac doesn’t want his forum polluted with scads of OT, so we’ll quit here.
              You can find me if you want.

      21. WOW…there that is!

      22. @ Be Informed.

        Another earthquake on the New Madrid. 2.5

        Small, but it is the 2nd smaller quake in a week.

        • @ Norse Prepper. This 2.5 was right in the center of the New Madrid fault and would worry me more than if they had a 4 or 5 on the same place. Large faults tend not to have earthquakes of 4 to 5 if they are ready to break. When they are locked and ready to snap there is just too much tension to release moderate earthquakes. Case in point only 5% foreshocks to a large earthquake. Now this little earthquake is on the upper regions of what is called a micro earthquake. Micro earthquakes are more a sign of much tension, quivering but having too much stress to release a moderate size earthquake.

          If the New Madrid was having all sorts of moderate earthquakes then I would say no big deal, unless it was on the outer portions of the fault like the 3.9 the other day. This one shows tense pressure, and I wish I could find somewhere that showed the 1 pointers or less, that would tell me a lot. So look for earthquakes that are larger on the north and south far ends of the fault, that would be bad. A bunch of 2’s on the middle portion of the fault would be very bad. A moderate size on the middle portion of the fault probably would be a good sign that it is not so locked that it can let loose a moderate one. A 6+ earthquake on any portion of the fault could mean that it was in the process of breaking and relocked itself, but will fail soon anyway, this would be the worst.

          • Check out this site. It appears to show quakes of 1. I’m sure you are already aware of it.



            • @ Norse Prepper. I want to thank you for that link, I use to watch this site all the time, but when my computer was fried I lost the link. I searched for it on Yahoo but couldn’t find it again. This is what I keep saying over and over again, the people here on this site are so helpful when you need information.

          • BI,
            If I have never thanked you for your intelligent reporting and your advanced thinking about these events, I do. I suspect they will become even more important over the next few years.

      23. You must be the typical right-wing cracker. We’re in debt thanks to your hero Geo. Bush. The guy in the white house is an American, just like you and me. And if you can’t quote facts (and if you’re a conservative, facts don’t matter anyway), then just insult everybody.

        The only correct thing you said was for us to get a piece of paid-for country property and start preparing. Because if Mitt and the GOP get control, austerity programs will impoverish everyone except the 1%.

        • sharonsj,

          You’re in the same boat as (Vote Obama Out). Just a couple of losers.

          • sharonsj,

            If Osama continues control then you won’t be able to own that piece of land, you will have to share it with the ones who don’t work for anything, yea that’s right, got to spread around the wealth. Guess what Sharon, pretty soon there won’t be anything left to spread around but I guess that is their ultimate goal. Are you going to moan and groan when Romney wins and you might actually get a fair shake? Probably not, after all he is just a cracker, as you refer to white people. You are just scared of the thought that you might actually have to get a job and earn your own money, stop taking mine. The Bush excuse is getting real old and the american people aren’t buying it anymore. Your guy is not going to win and you can take that to the bank. Roll up your sleeves cause it is time to act like an adult human being and not a opportunist blood sucker. The liar in chief is on his way OUT!!!

            • Hey, sharon, I like your attitude, and since my dh had a $27,000 loss last year on his owner-operator semi business that due to impractical and ridiculous red tape Ostupid helped build, you get to work and pay for my dh and my healtcare.
              Thanks a bunch.
              Keep working, we need that redistribution ethic from sheeple like you.

            • So replace Obama with someone who believes in magic underwear? Real smart.

        • sharon; I, like many here are conservative and if you read this site enough you’d know the facts and truth matters. As for your rant on Mitt, why don’t you quote the facts? You can’t but you do use the word “if” as though that is a fact.
          Fact: Obama himself, had said as an Ill.senator that he wasn’t born in this country. Look it up. And No he is not American. As for name calling, get a grip, the liberal/progressives do it all the time and use more disenformation than anyone else.

        • Sharon,
          incorrect answer. The bankers own both the Dems and the Repubs. Wake up! It has been this way since Andrew Jackson. Austerity and FEMA is what awaits the non-prepper. By the way, we all are impoverished. Sheesh!

        • sharon,

          You really need to get off of the partisan high-horse. Both of the major parties are two sides of the same coin. Stop playing the party blame-game. It shows that you are still plugged into the Matrix.

        • @ shronsj. We are in debt thanks to BOTH parties selling out America to China and India for cheap products. The fact is cheap products is a democrat idea that is suppose to benefit the poor, as Bubba Clinton started making it worse by NAFTA that of course the republicans went along with. Whenever you have free trade with someone less than on the same economic scale as you are, jobs do a giant sucking sound like Ross Perot was trying to save the country from. Free trade with Canada would be fine, with Mexico, BOOM for good jobs. Republicans and democrats profit from free trade both, and the American people are screwed. Jobs create revenue and prosperity and neither party will create good jobs like 50 years ago.

          I cannot stand either party and we are screwed with either party. If romney gets in, there is a catastrophic chance of the country going down faster than anyone could imagine, but who knows. I like the rest of the country just don’t know where romney stands on anything. This individual is either a total compulsive liar or he either believes everything he says at the time and has no plan that would work for anything. The other candidate obama just wants to charge everything until the debt hits the moon and we end up with hyperinflation. Either candidate is very dangerous to the common person, we are royally screwed with whomever wins.

        • “austerity programs” ? Austerity is living within your means, something this country got away from along time ago. So for someone to create a program to live within your means makes no sense whatsoever.

          I hate to say this but we missed the “painless financial” exit along time ago.

          Hold on folks.

        • thought you were against political correctness AM ?

          “Ok I will then call youi a stupid lib dem female aka= A B**ch C**t W**re… If 1/2 of White voters DONT vote hobammy then they Are Racists! the B**ch C**t W**re”, is a politically correct way to hide your words, or is your dislike for political correctness only when it dosn’t affect you? ( ie: in this case your comment might of been moded so you caved in on your own beliefs )

          • No idiot. I was doing that out of conern for the several Good Fine Real women at this site…Out of Respect for Them women. Does this also confuse your small sarcastic mind?

            Or do you simply have such a dislike for me due to you simply Hate that I post true facts, regarding usually pc Off topic issues or certain people groups?….I think it is this latter paragraph that well describes you.

            Furthermore, You need be more concerned with Your beliefs. As I truely think that is where your brainpower is more warrented of usage.

      24. VOO,

        If you would clean up your language, perhaps your message would be taken more seriously. People with this mentality, will not last long. Why do you keep saying free, free, free? Guess what, nothing is free and if you truly want these things then you will have to work hard for them, doesn’t sound like you are up for it. You should also stop using God is your equation, I don’t think he would approve of the way you wrote this post.

      25. Told to pass this on to who cares to use it.
        1. USGS now are thumping on the WVSZ
        2. Watch out for the goblins out there looking for preper’s. Will use what they find in the future.

        • @ Red Racer. The USGS being in ANY location has a reason for being there, that they of course are not going to allow to become public. Copperhead has been giving updates for months now about the USGS doing all sorts of pumping metal rods into the ground around the New Madrid, for a reason. They suspect or actually know that something is rotten on the New Madrid. Everytime there are earthquakes at about 17-18 degrees and 57-58 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge it is directed right at the New Madrid. The USGS knows this and does not tell people this. Watch for earthquakes here especially. I am so sick and tired of all that the government hides.

      26. REALLY???? You can’t eat gold or silver. When the rubber meets the road, the things that are going to be worth their weightin gold in silver are, FOOD,WATER, FUEL,and COMPASSION. Wake up people. It’s coming!!!!! Be safe and turn to each other for support. We are all we have. PATRIOTS

      27. ‘We just wanted money, so we took it from a 9 YEAR OLD Girl Scout.’

        WTF ??? who the hell “robs” a “9 year old girl scout” ;0p … the two teen girl thieves are QUOTED : ” PISSED CAUSE THEY WERE CAUGHT … ( LMAO ;0) ) then said WHO DOESN’T LIKE MONEY !!! ” I actually feel sorry for the thieves parents . And the the 9 year old victimized girl scout said “I hope they get the help they need !” The 9 year old is more mature than the 18 year old teens .


        • Thanks, Coco..some of the schools have failed; some of the parents have failed. But, not all.
          I still look to the girl scout..I’m an optimist–she is our future, not these spoiled, immature, selfish, heartless, soulless soon-to-be criminals.

          • @JayJay ;0) … “Optimism” is buying another Ammo Case of NATO MILITARY SPEC 1000 rounds of 5.56 FMJ ;0)

            Keep the Faith @JJ ;0)

            I’m gonna stick with being a “Realist” and buy some more .300 Win-Mag STACK IT HIGH for those pesky U.N. ZOG DHS GESTAPO Gophers in my back garden . ;0)

            PEACE JAYJAY

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • I wish I had as much ammo as I do toilet paper!!

      28. Greetings Everyone!
        As Grandfather once said:”1 Bag of Gold and 2 of Silver.”
        The first to use in case of having to G.O.D. in a national sense.The second to for what ever “emergencies” come up on a day-to-day basis.What kept his family of 7 kids and his wife fed was the intense “kitchen garden” on a 1\4 acre he had plus what very few things he couldn’t grow himself or barter(along with the garden he had apple and cherry trees as well!).They also developed skills(his wife was renowned as a top wedding cake baker)that had true value in the community.When the crash came,they lost the money in the bankers hands,but not what they set aside at home.They survived “The Crash” not with just prepps and bullets but with faith kindness and sharp eyes to what’s real value and the illusion of value.
        Seems things are headed towards those times again.LET WALL STREET FAIL!Who actually needs those crooks anyway?
        Best to All

      29. It is just interesting, the frankness we are hearing these days about the situation. No one can say they werem’t warned. I still hold the mainstream media in contempt for their daily lies and propaganda. A court ruled that the media do not have to tell the truth. So, we vote with our bucks. Don’t buy any mainstream newspaper, and don’t watch any mainstream tv news.

      30. At first the panic will be into hard currancies, then into energy resources such as oil and natural gas commodities, THEN the panic will go into what people need to live each day; food water, and other necessities. It is a pattern that will develop. Long I have talked about the amount of arable land that is available for food production. It is also about energy and the per capita of how much energy is needed.

        Energy is not just what a person uses in gallons of gas per day to travel about. Energy is how warm or cool a person needs to be. Energy is transportation and manufacturing of each person’s needs. Energy is disposal of each person’s waste. Energy is water for magnitudes of reasons that go beyond purifying water to make drinkable. Energy is needs to manufacture fertilizers and safe and unfortunately not so safe pesticides so we all have something to eat. Energy is keeping the entire society moving and not allowing it to hit a standstill. The destruction of the subways in New York will show how having lack of regular and expected transportation of people will hurt the economy for whatever reason caused it. It takes energy to make energy, as the net energy of purifying oil sands to make oil.

        It is a very complex set of reasons why it is not just currency why the world is in deep trouble. I have heard all of this about the U.S. having enough energy in coal and natural gas to be off foreign oil. the big problem is that oil does not just translate into gasoline, it has so many other needs that the society has become totally dependent on, like plastics. There is a reason why the U.S. is over in the Middle East ready to launch an attack on any country causing any major disruption of that oil. If the U.S. had this super supply of unmentioned oil sitting under the country, it would not be wasting military resources over in the Middle East. This was 20 years ago with Iraq, and now the supplies are that much lower.

        The real issue right now that everybody should be watching is the war factor. History has proven over and over again that economic problems that are severe lead to war. Also something that people should be very worried about with economic issues is a plague. As more countries have lack of good food that their citizens need, the lower their immune systems become. Like history has shown bad times are when panademics begin. Preppers/survivalists would be wise to add to their supplies protective measures against just such a panademic and learn how to prevent disease and contamination. I think out of all the SHTF events that are most likely on a worldwide scale are war and sickness, and bad economic times will help push this closer to us.

      31. Gold will hit $1 million an ounce. Not because gold is expensive but because the dollar is worthless. We’re going to see hyperinflation and the change could be sudden. China could destroy the dollar in one day. All they’d have to do is dump their estimated $1 trillion in currency reserves on the market at the same time. Maybe that’s what happens when the US starts a war with Iran that brings in Russia and China.

      32. Vote out all incumbents and keep voting them out.Until you get the right ones in.Unless of cause you are bellying up to the slop like they are.

        • Jay, jayjay here.
          I was just speaking about this with dh last night.
          State senators have 2 years to screw up and pass unsustainable messes.
          Congress senators have 6 years to do the same!! Yes, 6 years to feather their nests.
          The pres has 4 years to do the same.
          Maybe this needs to change.

      33. Watch your mouth, punk. I’m a black prepper against the New World Order, who listens daily to Alex Jones, and I know 9/11 was an inside job.


        • hbeachrealist,

          Who are you referring to?

        • hbeachrealist, cut loose the Jones’, get him off your back. That sorry SOB is a three ring circus hawker.

      34. with the Federal Reserve buying up the remaining property bonds (junk papoer aat face value no less)

        how is the Feds negative $2-3 Trillion on their balance sheet going to translate into them being the largest land owner in America, leasing McMansions to their desirable elites and leaving the huddled masses to the ravages of natural forces and outside of the financial system… the fictional GATTACA is unseen but in our faces

      35. more of the populace has this plan than we know, if everybody hunts critters, the critters will be wiped out in about 2 months, we all might need some livestock.

      36. Everybody! I wonder if RICH99 is okay. I think RICH’s last words were; “I live on long island, this a weak storm, Frankenstorm my ass”. I wonder if RICH’s prediction of economic implosion being 5-8 years off is also so accurate. In any case I hope that RICH99 and everybody on Long Island fares okay after this monster storm did hit, with more force than was predicted.

        • I hope he is okay too

          He probably floated out to sea on those big ole titties he keeps talking about

          In a SHTF collapse event, buckets of poop are a great force multiplier. I do not know why talking ’bout Rich99 make me think of buckets of poop, hmmm.

          …thoughts anyone….?

          ….be safe….do not consent….BA.

          • The latest news report I saw of Long Island said that 90% of the residents were still without power and that the tap water is unsafe even if boiled.

            Rich99 may not be a fave but I’d sure hate to think he/she was one of the 4 people killed there. I’m hoping that it’s a lack of electricity keeping Rich away and that he/she and the family are safe and well-prepped for the long haul.

            • rich99 is like my Uncle Charlie…..always invited to the family gatherings, but relieved when he left early,lol

              nuttin” but love Daisy… safe Rich….BA.

            • He is a she.

              • @DK:

                He is a He.

                He is a bullshitter.

                If I have time tomorrow, I’ll pull up the link…it is on my BOL laptop. In an earlier SHFTplan article he talks about his wife. His posts are 99% singular first person. Women tend to post a 50/50 singular and/or plural position, ie–Daisy, Jay-Jay, KY Mom,and Burt.

                He may look like a she, but until a Crocodile Dundee Ball Check, I’ll defer to the XY chromosome.

                I hope he and his are a-okay.

                ….be safe…stay the course…keep up the good info…BA.

      37. I hope rich99 got tossed around on his ass a little bit and got wet…..but i hope he’s ok.

        • I hope it demonstrated for him the need for being prepared if nothing else.

      38. “You can’t eat gold/silver”….man….how many times have I heard this…..well, you can’t eat VISA cards or Federal Reserve Notes or a whole lot of other things you’ll find in most households.

        Soooooo many folks think SHTF is gonna be a day-into-night situation…but the ODDS ARE it’s going to be a long, slow, slide…just as it has been since gold was $20/oz.

        Will your property tax assessor take cans of soup or a dressed out chickens for your property taxes ?

        Will your local gas station take them for 10-20-30 buck/gallon gas ?

        Will your doctor take them for treatment ?

        Maybe….but likely not. There will ALWAYS be a need for some type of currency until we hit “Mad Max” level.

        And the ODDS ARE you are not gonna wake up one morning in a Mad Max world.

        Since the govt and FED have already clearly written on the wall they intend to destroy the paper dollar ( and have a 100 year history of doing so ), it would behoove us to save funds in something is REAL MONEY….and convert it to paper fiat as needed.

        Does this mean you shouldn’t buy hard goods like food, ammo, etc that you could use down the road anyway ? Of course not. BUY LOTS. My guess is the same folks hollering “you can’t eat gold” don’t have a lot of soup stored up either…..

        But in any case, at SOME point, there are only so many cans of soup you can store. And any extra funds from then on ought to be stored in a medium that isn’t likely to decline like unlimited paper dollars.

        • All good points. Everytime I hear someone say “you can’t eat gold,” I say ‘try eating your 401k statement, and use lots of salt.’

      39. The Blonde standing to Doug Casey’s left has a nice wrack!!! Other observations: We The People are seriously screwed. Just my .67 cents worth.

      40. Buy all the gold and silver you can now. Being rich is ok, but living to make it to the otherside of all this is what counts. Shelter, food, water, protection. That’s, what’s on most peoples balance sheets, not $$$.

        BI- The stuff on the N-M is from someone you might know.

        • Golds and silver soul use is to transfer your wealth into the need system. Period if you look at that way it will clear up all the misunderstanding.

      41. NP, i just got in a few minutes ago and read your post on the 2.5 on NMF. Couldn’t find anything on local MSM sites or about it. Source? braveheart

      42. Trick-or-Treat!!!!!!

      43. If the so-called “gold bubble” keeps ballooning to $5k per ounce, and the dollar becomes worthless; what common currency will the value of said gold be based upon???

        If an ounce of gold is in one hand, and no food is in another; what will that ounce of gold be worth to that person owning the hands???

        The big increase in the value of gold is only relative to the price/value/bartering potential, someone else is putting on it. Investing everything in gold, may not be as risky to some who have “all” the preps that they can possibly ever need, but to someone who doesn’t have enough foodstuffs to supply beyond their immediate family’s needs for at least a year, is like playing roulette with the family’s security blanket.
        Especially with the potential of TPTB taking dominion over all PMs.

      44. In the post-SHTF world, the only things anyone will need are food, water, something to purify water from any worthwhile source, medical supplies, guns, ammo, shelter, good durable clothing, etc.; whatever someone needs most to stay alive. What we see now in the aftermath of Sandy is the same thing we’ve seen with other hurricanes, disasters, etc.; idiots crying, “where’s the govt., where’s the govt.”? Granted, some people have awakened and become preppers after each event and to the ones who have, I salute you. Even now, 95-99% of the survivors still depend on Uncle Scam to save their bacon. I’ve got less than a year’s supply at this time, but still getting more. I depend on myself and NO ONE ELSE; ESPECIALLY NOT FEMA! If a disaster hit my area tomorrow, I AM PREPARED TO SURVIVE IT! I have peace of mind knowing I can get through any adverse situation on my own. This article by Mike Adams says it all. Direct link: braveheart

      45. What happens when you keep putting air in a baloon? BANG. That is what will soon happen to the American economy. Most of us can not afford gold, especially at the current prices. Prepare the best you can patriots.

      46. Montana Mike, thank you for that link. That location is only 1.5 hours north of me as the crow flies. Anton Hackl, I just don’t see any possible way for the system to hold together in any post-SHTF scenario. The required number of personnel to go and confiscate guns or anything else, even with “UN peacekeepers”, just won’t be there. I don’t care who comes to my place for anything, what they look like or are wearing, just forget it if you want to live. I’M NOT GIVING UP SQUAT, EXCEPT FOR A LOTTA LEAD IF IT COMES TO THAT! BTW, lead is one of my “precious metals”. I’m also a knife collector to some degree; another of my “precious metals”. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • +1 on the knives. Knives were kind of an amateur hobby a while back. Now, I can’t afford the good ones. But I won’t get rid of my old USA made Camillus, Schrade, Buck or Case. Shame these guys went Chinese or out of business (not Case). I also managed to get 2 old Cub Scout and Boy Scout knives that I had as a youth.

      47. Quote:

        The scenario of houses being cheaper than a loaf of bread is not impossible.



        … Well… there goes my retirement, boys. I’d planned to sell off property (that I will someday acquire) in LA and move to fricking Alabama or something.

        This. Could be a problem for me.

        If this is truly the scenario… deflation in assets, inflation in commodities…

        Then I would say my preps should trend less to TEOTWAWKI scenarios and more toward a sort of 1930’s thing… that is, a functioning society in terms of population, basic sanitation, and law enforcement, but no money to be had anywhere for necessities.

        In this scenario, gardening, power generation, barterable skill, and gold make sense. MRE’s and enough guns to take over a small third world country do not.

        • I read the link you posted and I tend to think we will have an ongoing deflationary depression. However, both sides make good points (hyperinflation vs deflationary depression). Did you, by chance, read the comments there? #5787 by stoneleigh is downright scary and the poster sounds like they may know what they are talking about!

          • Hmm… no… let me read that and scare myself…

            Thank God I’m out of debt in a month is all I can say.

            I sort of predicted debtor’s prison and it was making me crazy.

            Hmm, next up… water and food and lots of it. And candles. And no debt thanks. The whole “go ahead and go into debt, it’s just fake numbers” argument… I really wanted to go there but it just made me shiver.

      48. All this dialogue is good for blowing off a little steam(pressure valve for frustration) that we all
        feel for the situation we’re in today. Perfectly understandable. But the absolute TRUTH is, that
        when the “aliens” are finally exposed and verified, all of the above discussions will be moot!
        Care to laugh? Do so, it will be a SHORT one. The rich guys are jockying for position with
        these “beings” the only way they know how, thinking to maintain their positions when when
        the inevitable occurs. It’s ALL in the Bible for those with discernment. There will be NO hiding
        from these guys. Oh, and they seem to have an affinity for GOLD. Is there a way out? Sure
        is! It’s in the Bible too. Look it up.

        Good ‘ol Pappy

      49. The last president of the United States as we knew it.

        It’s all over and nobody cares.

        Let it all collapse…..

        I have the skills to start a business but why bother…they would just enslave me to my employees with all their socialist payroll laws, workers comp. disability and so on.

        Let them all vote socialist…..I’M NOT FUCKING HIRING!!!!

        Can’t we just wack all the boomers…sell their shit and then pay off all the debts.
        That generation got us into this mess.
        Put the Fema camps to good use. ha.

        You know I’m joking right?

      50. Hey sorry to pee in the gold-bugs’ soup a little… but so much of what I have read about people converting their savings into gold bespeaks more of an opportunistic scam amongst those selling the coins and those emotionally benefiting from the popularity that comes with giving ‘mainstream’ SHTF advice. If I want to talk about the evils of fiat currency and the wisdom of gold I will get oodles of liberty-patriot radio time.

        But think it through people. You have $1000 to spend and you could spend it on precious knowledge/survival books, acquisition of skills, generators, fuel, supplies, tools, storable food.

        OR GOLD. That’s dumb and silly. In any true SHTF scenario… if you show yourself to be generally handy and in possession of skills and resources that can help everyone to survive, you the person will be worth at least as much as anything you might ‘have’.

        BUT FLASH SOME GOLD AFTER THE SHTF and you will attract those people who — even and especially in the most desperate of times — will value the gold you possess enough to threaten you and your family, wipe you off this earth to get hold of it. You will attract them like moths. After you flash your gold post-apocalypse, even good friends will keep their distance.

        The whole objective is to become someone whom others would rather cooperate with. Your gold dehumanizes you, makes you into a floating cherry that they will roll over to collect the 100 point bonus.

        If you waste money on gold, the only satisfaction you might get is that after you are murdered for it, the foolish idiots who have acquired yours will themselves become targets. And so it goes.

        It is far better to invest that $1000 towards a good escape goat. With attachments and accessories.

      51. I knew it would happen way back in 1971. When they took away the gold standard off our dollar. But I knew it before then when they took wood shop, metal shop, and auto shop out of the curriculum in public schools. Why teach them to learn a skill? When all they need to be is customer service servants/slaves. That’s the only job your children will have in the future. That’s all that is out there anyway. Why spend money on university? Teach them real world skills. Use that money to buy a piece of land to grow food and have animals that will supply nutrients to their own offspring.

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