“Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama

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    A “doomsday prepper” in a rural area of Maryland became a target for police and the FBI after he told an undercover cop that he was “very irritated” about Barack Obama’s re-election, sparking an investigation that eventually led to 46-year-old Terry Porter being thrown in prison and having his home raided by 150 armed officers.

    The series of events began when an anonymous person contacted state police in early November claiming Porter was “getting crazier and crazier” and had been stockpiling “machine gun-style firearms” at his home in Sharpsburg. The police followed up by sending an undercover officer to Porter’s home pretending to be a potential customer for his welding business.

    According to a charging document filed in Washington County District Court, Porter “openly admitted to being a prepper” (as if this was an illegal act in and of itself) and said that he was “very irritated” about the recent presidential election. Porter had also invested in an underground bomb shelter and had installed surveillance cameras on his property.

    Once the investigation into Porter began, police discovered that he had a 1992 felony drug conviction and was therefore barred from owning firearms. On Thursday last week, no less than 150 armed and militarized police and FBI agents in the guise of tactical assault teams descended on Porter’s house as if they were confronting a terrorist cell. The raid also included helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and even excavation equipment.

    Porter was absent at the time of the raid but turned himself in the next morning at Hagerstown Barrack.

    After the raid, the claim that Porter was stockpiling “10-15 machine gun-style firearms” was demolished when police uncovered “four shotguns, a .30-30-caliber rifle and two .22-caliber rifles,” hardly a deadly mass arsenal.

    It is important to stress that Porter’s possession of guns merely provided a justification for the police raid and came to light only after authorities began to investigate him over his anti-Obama statements.

    As the Intel Hub highlights, “The fact that 20 years before he had a drug conviction enabled the FBI to carry out a raid they would have never even considered if it wasn’t for the fact that they knew that the man was preparing and was distrustful of the government. To say the raid was simply for illegal possession of firearms is to ignore all the facts of this horrific story.”

    Porter’s neighbors expressed their fury at the needless expense of the raid, noting that Porter was a trustworthy man who did not pose any kind of violent threat.

    “It was ridiculous for (the man), who would not hurt another person for anything. Unless you would attack him, he’s not going to go after anyone,” said 35-year-old Heather Hamilton who lived around the corner from Porter, adding that the whole episode was “a big waste of taxpayer money.”

    Friend and neighbor Doug Bigelow said he “would feel safe leaving his kids with the man,” and that he was “Surprised at what was going on” because Porter lived his life “on the “straight and narrow.”

    “Taxpayers should be outraged at this over-zealous reaction to what we now learn is a man who simply feared for a crisis coming to America (don’t we all!) and had become a “doomsday prepper ” —-in addition to having a neighbor with a grudge who likely turned him in,” writes Ann Corcoran.

    “It is true that Porter had a 20-year-old drug conviction on his record but apparently had no subsequent run-ins with the law. He is legally not allowed to own a gun so he does have a legal problem, but that doesn’t justify the cost and scope of this massive operation.”

    We have previously documented the fact that so-called “preppers,” who given the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy should be being lauded by the authorities as a good example to other Americans, are now being treated as terrorists.

    Flyers aimed at Military Surplus stores produced under the auspices of the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism project earlier this year characterized bulk buying of food – a staple of prepper behavior – as a potential terrorist activity.

    Earlier this year we also reported on the case of David Sarti, who was featured in National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show. Sarti visited his doctor complaining of chest pains, only to have the doctor later commit him to a psychiatric ward and alert authorities, before Sarti was declared “mentally defective” and put on an FBI list that stripped him of his second amendment rights.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. When they want your food storage they will bring even more storm troopers to break down your door…

        • I hope they good luck with that…..(SARC)


          Standing by in SC out

        • In this particular case, they were after his guns, and (admittedly) for a good reason.

          Before everyone reacts with anger, think this through for a moment. Dude is a convicted felon. He may have been the nicest guy alive, but convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms. It’s been this way for a very long time, so we’re not talking about some trumped-up charge here. He knew this going in.

          The lesson to take from this?  If you intend to prep, be double-damned certain you insure your background is in order, and that you do your level best to keep a low profile

          This is why you do not go around blathering about being a “prepper”.

          IF you have a past felony on your record (but have long ago cleaned up your act) and you stock up on weaponry, you have only two realistic choices:

          * keep perfectly quiet about it all, never bring any of it out (and not let anyone know you have any) and keep your damned head down! Yes, this means not even talking politics in any manner.

          * only keep non-firearm weaponry, as state law will allow you (bow/arrow, edged weapons, crossbows, etc.

          • what is most frightening to me is that one person making a complaint could set off this whole investigation/raid!  

            • A long time ago when doing the whole governmental security clearance thing, I had it drilled into me in training constantly that it only takes one slip-up, one careless word, or one moment of inattention to security.


              Only one.


              Same goes with the whole OPSEC/COMSEC thing. You don’t even give the slightest hint, at all. Tell no one unless you can trust the person you’re telling with your very life… because as shown in this article, it comes down to exactly that.

              • OQ…good advice…sad they can use a label like felon to mark a man for life and deny him his rights…so much for that paying off your debt to society BS eh?….ya I know I say it alot but you gotta keep a low profile and dont have your stuff in a place where looters or govt goons can find it…nothing important anyhow…if theyde found no guns in this raid theyda looked even dumber!…now the other question is do any of you all have one of these neighbors(informant)?…best mark em now not later!

                • I agree. 

                  Once someone has done their full sentence, they should be allowed to restart their lives as if nothing has happened. Problem is, sentencing and actual time served often doesn’t fit the crime, prisons are more hellholes than places of reform, and given the stigma, few if any prospects exist for the ex-convicts.


                  The problem is, this law isn’t exactly a secret. It’s been around forever. If you’re an ex-felon, and you want to keep guns around the house, you’re going to have to be a lot more careful (and a shitload quieter about it!) than Joe Lawabider. 


                • Even some types of felons can have their gun rights legally restored.  It takes a while and costs some money, but it’s done all the time in every state.  If he had done that, he’d be looking at a very large civil rights lawsuit against the state, right now.

                  If you can’t keep your mouth shut, you need to be squeaky clean and legally upstanding in all respects.

                • OQ, good advice and odd that you’d get so many thumbs down. The thing that strikes me as odd; was it a made up story that he had automatic weapons? They were informed? really?

              • you should live in the cracks where you cant be seen ,just remember ,if you put your head out they will cut it off , just a thought ,but maybe drug use should be a mistamenor

              • So true. The only way to keep some thing secret is to keep it to yourself. The less someone knows about you the better.

            • An Anonymous tip.

          • How do you justify what the police state did here? Our Forefathers placed NO conditions on who can or cannot own guns. This guy doesn’t have a violent background, only a drug conviction.

            You can try and justify with the f-cking police state all you want, but HOW they did it is totally unjustifiable.

            First HIS house, next YOUR house.

            STAND AS ONE. FALL AS ONE.

            • I’m not justifying it, I’m stating how it is – convicted felons cannot own guns, it has been this way for longer than either of us have been alive, and that is simply how it is.

              I also don’t make it a habit to argue with earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, or volcanoes.

              • Women couldn’t vote. It was that way for a long time, “for longer than either of us have been alive, and that is simply how it [wa]s.”

                Okay then, I see how stupidity over a period of time made it right.(sarcasm)

                I hate to point this out, (not) but it was legal for a felon to own a firearm, for a whole lot longer than it has been illegal. It was only recently that “one slip-up” is held against a person for life.

                You don’t empower the government to decide when to protect you from this stuff —you just shoot the bastard that attacks you and be done with it!

              • Depending on the state of residence, if the felony was not a violent one, it may be possible to petition to have your rights restored. It’s a difficult process, but worth fighting for.

              • Actually not true. The GCA 68 us what brought this about. Prior to that almost anyone could by a gun from a hardware store, mail order and completely anonymous. We did it all the time.

            • Our forefathers were not the most admirable men were they?

              Thomas Jefferson for IE :

              As president, he made a deal with elected officials of the state of Georgia: if Georgia would release its legal claims to “discovery” in lands to its west, the U.S. military would help expel the Cherokee people from Georgia. His deal violated an existing treaty between the United States government and the Cherokee Nation, which guaranteed its people the right to their historic lands.[95] Jefferson believed that Natives should give up their own cultures, religions, and lifestyles to assimilate to western European culture, Christian religion, and a European-style agriculture, which he believed to be superior.[95] He believed that assimilation of Native Americans into the European-American economy would make them more dependent on trade, and that they would eventually be willing to give up land that they would otherwise not part with, in exchange for trade goods or to resolve unpaid debts. 

              Note he wanted to make those who were not dependent upon anyone into debt slaves. The natives had no outstanding debts with the euros.

            • Go to peterdash.ca and spreaker.com, the Dash Blog Radio show. Listen to “Post Fiscal Failure: A Police Story”. Problem is according to some, part of the police are probably “thugs” especially the ones who sold cell numbers to Murdoch’s newspapers in UK so they could listen in on celebrities and activists. The RCMP in Canada is fairly full of scandals of corruption, perversion/sexual harassment, pension thefts and lack of professional behaviour .Some police are simply not well brought up and sadists looking to kick the bejesus out of someone they can bully and paranoid something might happen on their watch that could compromise their careers. The politicians may be extremely scared of cutting bloated budgets in some places of the police as they do not want to go on police watch. some might say. P .M. Cameron U.K. is brave going after their budget -how many politicians are willing to do this. In Ontario despite austerity the police budget went up hugely and no politician of significance tried to stop it despite the outgoing auditor-general criticizing police expenditures. Some of the rich are also complaining about whether the police are getting out of control -becoming a state unto themselves according to some. However, bottom line fortunately the vast majority are decent, taking huge risks to defend our civilization -those ones need to be vocal against the abusers though with politicians backing them up. I know i am dreaming. We do not have any Churchills anymore -government and main media have too many gutless people, some might say -but I personally could not necessarily agree to the above of course as a disclaimer and supporter of the overall police. I wonder if food banks will be ruled illegal one day based on some of the comments here, by the way. Right!

          • Admittedly for good reason. What good reason ?

            He was irrattated with the prez’s reelection. Isn’t that 49 % of the US.

            the story says 20 year old drug charge did not say felony.

            It did say he did have the legal right for the guns he had. They just thought he had other weapons that were not legal.

            If this is the standard to kick in your door. this whole forum should assume they could be next.

            who out there reading this doesn’t fit that profile. His guns were legal type and expressed unhappiness with government. And had at least one neighbor that thought he was crazy


            • The reason being that they hauled him in for owning firearms when he shouldn’t have. Convicted felons are not allowed to own firearms in most states, period.

              They began the investigation because he said something that scared the crap out of the listener. If he hadn’t bragged on owning guns, and if he hadn’t bragged on being a prepper, and if he hadn’t said something to scare the wits out of an Obama-worshipper… 

              …see where this is leading? 

              Like any disaster, a whole chain of events has to happen, else the disaster is averted. If any link in that chain broke, it would have been averted, but it wasn’t. Dude had to go on TV and be a ‘prepper’. Dude had to brag on the firepower. Dude had to go around yapping when, given his past, he should not have.

              • Did i miss where it said HE (the Dude) was part of the TV show.

                Did I miss where it said HE ( the Dude ) Bragged on his firepower.

                Last if he had a conversation (the bragging is infered here i guess)with their undercover cop or any one else. wouldn’t that be what we are aloud to do under the 1st ammendment.

                The free exchange of ideas and all that crap.

                He never Threatend anyone. not even the elected officail he was irratated with. Yet we kicked in his door. There are alot of scarred sheeple which one might point you out for An informant to come talk to. 

                  Hummmm maybe someone here 

                 oh thats right the gov can’t trace an ip adress right.

                The scared are everywhere they just aren’t scared enough to prepper yet.


            • largetarget did you actually read it? below is the quote that shoots down two of your points sorry  their story not mine.

              “Once the investigation into Porter began, police discovered that he had a 1992 felony drug conviction and was therefore barred from owning firearms.” (from above story)


              • I do hate being wrong but cam grudgingly admittit when i am. I did miss the word felony in the first read. I did Pick up the weapons weren’t the illegal type they were ;ooking for and mis understood “his” being legal to have them.

                i still believe Neighbors thinking people that prepare are crazy is very common.

                also sending an informant to talk to you because “they” don’t like your non voilent opinion could happen to anyone here.

                yes but as much as it pains me “I was wrong”

                Man that hurts

                • No need to feel bad… I do that way too often myself. 🙂

                  I use it as a means to learn.

          • I have a prison ministry and they all tell me that one of the first things a felon does is go out and buy a firearm,

            • Obviously they have good reason and didn’t have a background check. What do they know that anti-gun idiots don’t ?

            • Your inmates were telling you what they thought you wanted to hear…it is simply not true.They knew you, and people like you think they are animals and she shock value in telling you that was probably a good laugh for them. I’ve had more contact and experience with inmates than you do, and no, I’m not going to elaborate on that on the WWW.

              Most offenders are NON-VIOLENT and wouldn’t own/use a gun either way. The only exception to what you were told, is for the VIOLENT ONES WHO INTEND TO GO OUT AND RE-OFFEND.

              Use your head man, do you believe everything an inmate tells you? I think not, unless it suits your contentions like this bit did. All prisoners are inherently untrustworthy, remember? Why trust what one says now? Didn’t the prison train you to expect that, before they allowed you inside? Being agreeable is a tactic to gain your trust, remember?

              Violent offenders make up a very small percentage of our prison population. You can research that for yourself. Just go to the DOJ website and read it for yourself.

              I mean no disrespect to you, but I hate to see otherwise intelligent and caring people fall victim to propaganda about what “all felons” are supposedly like. It’s a LIE that keeps us divided and keeps everyone scared of each other — and telling on each other, just what the government gun-grabbers need…

            • I’m not surprised. Having few prospects means that you end up living in bad neighborhoods, and defending yourself is pretty high on the list of things to do in such areas.


              • Right you are! Plus, isn’t it what is expected? How many people who have never hurt a soul, do we condemn to “the criminal” title? We have been trained to think everyone who has ever been messed up with the law must have been “irresponsible”. In fact, as these stories all prove, it isn’t all that hard to get oneself dragged to jail, is it?

                You don’t really have to DO anything — just THINK a certain way. All you have to DO is have an enemy who doesn’t mind embellishing a bit to get at you. We have allowed our government to criminalize all sorts of conduct that harms no one.

                In fact, every time we espouse the idea that a person doesn’t have the right to defend themselves because they were “convicted” of a non-violent “crime”. we buy into the rhetoric that will eventually disarm us ALL.

                Like it or not, every time we single out certain groups of non-violent people as unworthy of self defense, we hand over a little piece of OUR rights as well. Thumb me down now if you will, but eventually the pattern will become clear—ANY EXCUSE IS A GOOD EXCUSE!!!

                • Agreed!…used to be if you ran amuck of the law you musta done somthing or they wouldnt have charged you(still a common thought amoungst people)Ive seen it first hand where just speaking when not told to or criticizing a public employee turns into a disorderly conduct charge…so ya,you got it right.

            • it’s the first thing because even a thug knows it’s the best way to protect what little you have

          • Here is the scoop, at least where I live.  I had a felony conviction about twenty years ago too.  I wrote a letter to a judge and attatched a form that was available to me from the courthouse.  I asked for and was granted and expungement (sp) and therfore had my Constitutional rights re-established.  Now if it weren’t for that damn canoe accident, the one where all my guns were lost…..This felony even involved a handgun.  I was able to get this expungement after 1 calendar year after disposition of the case.  MB

          • The third option is to petition to have your firearm rights legally restored. Consider the cost part of your prepping buget. Without your rights restored you are risking your freedom unnecessarily.

          • Why is it that they don’t send hundreds of police to gang banger houses, they could put the thugs out of business. I know why, these gangsters love the anointed one, they voted for him. Sick society we live in. If you are a prepper then you are going to be out of business if someone wants to turn you in. They will make up a reason if they have to. The gov. thinks preppers are criminals against the system, preppers are too smart for their own good and therefore they threaten the elite and they just can’t have that among the sheeple.

            • no they just know the gangbangers will shoot back lol this guy was just minding his own buisness, doing his own thing. I do not agree with what happened to him and his felony was probably for a fucking bong hit.

            • live free or die
              i`ll tell you why,,to many politicans making money off the drug trade

          • @OQ

            IANAL, but with all due respect, consider.  The Constitution lists only 3 federal crimes; piracy, counterfeiting, and treason.

            There are now approximately 4,500 federal crimes.  It is the federal government that defines a felony. Perhaps the real issue here is the onerous amount of felony crimes you can be punished for by the federal government.  🙁

            …just sayin’

            • @anymice, what you said is a fact, EXCEPT in as far as “felons” go, there are more than 10,000 felony crimes (at last count a decade ago)— NOW, they say they DON’T KNOW HOW MANY crimes are on the books! The fact is, the DOJ has LOST COUNT! DAs,attorneys, judges, NO ONE KNOWS how many so-called crimes there are now.

              How the hell are we supposed to steer clear of THAT?

          • There was a time when cops were not physical cowards and did not need “Powell Doctrine” assault battalions to arrest even violent felons.

            This man was not violent.  He did not break any laws pertaining to his denunciation.

            So that’s what we have:  political denunciations.

            And this from the people who made merry with the Pilgrims and the Salem Witch Trials via “The Crucible”.

            It seems all that hand wringing goes out the window when your team ascends the throne.

          • The cops also have to justify their jobs, equipment expenditures, and ongoing budgets.

          • The series of events began when an anonymous person contacted state police in early November claiming Porter was “getting crazier and crazier” and had been stockpiling “machine gun-style firearms” at his home in Sharpsburg.

            What person? What is their name. Was this source credible.? No machine guns. What if a pysciatric evaluation proves he is not getting crazier and crazier. What is that anyway? How crazy was he before? Could this have been an angry girlfriend or something. Can he demand to know who this is in court? Slander/lible? Somebody here is lying.

             Mitt Romney is upset obama got elected. Does that make him a threat? He is a Morman. He probably does prep. ( A one year supply ). The ” so-called reporter ” is a total dork.

            He is a felon and should not have had guns on his property. A bummer I know but it cannot be disputed. Unfortunatly if the search warrent said guns it said guns. Not machine or otherwise.

            There is no law against hoarding anything that I know of. If they ask me why I have alot of food I am going to tell them the truth.

             1- I plan on being hungry for a long time.

             2- I am saving on gas by stocking up.

            3- Chicks dig a well stocked pantry. ( don’t they? )

          • I normally don’t make  negative comments, but this time I will. 20 years ago. A drug conviction?This is justification? Talk about the tail wagging the dog!  If you can justify the police action ex post facto because he had a drug conviction, ostensibly a non violent crime 20 years ago then you need to rethink your participation on  this blog. Of course, I respect your right to your opinion. It is just that I am shocked that you would justify the raid on those grounds while overlooking the obvious. These types are going to get picked on by the government because they are isolated, easy to harass, and easy to make examples of.

            The police didn’t care about his drug conviction when they raided his house. It was because he had made negative comments and was a self declared doomsday prepper.

            In your opinion, this is a pure “gotcha” justification for the govt to take possession of his guns,   a test run of their intelligence profiling and screening operations.

            The main issue is no longer about the 2nd amendment  right to keep arms. Rather it is a government end around to justify taking your guns from you, in effect by passing this fundamental right.

            We all have expressed our displeasure, mistrust, and frustration with the government on this blog and others. Now you try to justify the government tactics because of some silly  drug case 20 years ago and the fact that he  declared  himself a “prepper?”

            Remember, the evil will always find an excuse to do what they want to do.



          • If you’ve served your time hour debt is paid; you do not lose your rights as a citizen under the constitution – no matter what laws they pass. I’m on his jury, I say not guilty.

          • In aprox. 35 states firearm rights as well as other “core” civil rights..IE: rights to Vote-Hold public ofice etc are automatically Restored after set number of yrs time After all time is served and fins paid etc.

            In some states, only certain “Specified” felony crimes require More time IE: 5 yrs afterwards instead of 3 yrs, AND the person must first apply for and be granted a full gun right restoration from local county Gun(ccw) Boards.

            ALSO: Most states has provisions to set aside and Expunge if only a single crime ever has occured(only convictions count!).

            That IS state law in Mich for certain. I think another 34 states besides mich has same type laws etc.

            PS: with Litterally several Million combined laws nationwide, probobly most all folks Are guilty of commiting several felonies and misdomeaners PER DAY!

            WithOUT even being aware of it!

            If say the wife issues a Bad check on Your check acct, and don’t tell you about it, later You get a felony conviction! Bad check over certain amounts=Felony in some states.

            Is That good cause to deprive a persons gun rights for life?….Not hardly eh.

            I’d bet every poster here this site is commiting several crimes per day and aint aware of it with so many BS laws today.

            I read a week ago somewheres, that every week just in prez orders and fed laws made on buisness and especially Small buis in america that the number is like around 6800+ Per Month if I recall correct!

            That article was speaking only of the last 9 months ended at end of 3rd quarter!…..Something like almost 60,000 New laws or rules most by fiat prez orders.

            Nobody can in good faith learn and obey so many laws.

          • in many states convicted felons can’t vote either. very likely he couln’t do anything about the election save be irritated. Its still angering, law be damned, as it was a drug charge he had a felony for, not violent crime….but things being as they are i agree on your options of defense here OQ.

          • He smoked a little pot when younger, who didnt try it, he didnt do anything that the fear of this governemnt doesnt do to everyone, I dont prep guns , ammo, or foods & water, but this is a perfect example as to why we should consider it, the government, is changing us into a socialist nation, taking away our freedoms and rights everyday, and yes I have harsh things to say about obama and what hes done and is doing, so I guess we no longer have freedom of speech guess I’m next .

          • Exactly !!! Law first.

        • First of all Nat Geo is not exactly a conservative organization. Does anyone see what their doing?  They are setting these people up, and making everyone else think its ok to talk to ANYBODY about prepping.   Like the guy says ” Ya’ll Beware”

        • The police are worried sick, now especially after the recent shooting in Connecticut. There are now so many sick people in society because of a breakdown in family, community (including faith/spiritual balance) that they are going to feel even more frustrated as politicians do not do their job to make better sense of government. The police in a way are just a raw instrument of a government in some cases that has gone mad and too bureaucratic and may I say mean against too many legitimate dissenters. Lots of good people (yes RCMP, FBI, you too) still in government and the police. But sometimes they are isolated and chased out by the bad. By the way, for prepping, go to my interviews on peterdash.ca. and read ZUrabia for a very frightening scenario of the future if government does not pull its head out of its ________(censored!).

      2. Needs to take a course in OPSEC.

        This is the second time this tv show has gotten people busted, when are you going to learn to keep your mouth shut and tell the tv cameras to go away. But no, they want their fifteen minutes.

        OTOH, if these folks have licenses and permits, what is the big deal…oh…that’s right, they’re mentally defective…

        Folks, this is how the Soviet Union got ya…

        Whats that signpost up ahead,

        we have now crossed into;

        The Obama Zone



        • “On Thursday last week, no less than 150 armed and militarized police and FBI agents in the guise of tactical assault teams descended on Porter’s house as if they were confronting a terrorist cell. The raid also included helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and even excavation equipment”.

          WOW…talk about OVER KILL. Just trying to make an example out of him.

          He did have a prior conviction….now can everyone see how important it is to keep your nose clean and YOUR MOUTH SHUT?

          • “”””Once the investigation into Porter began, police discovered that he had a 1992 felony drug conviction and was therefore barred from owning firearms.”””

            Disarmament through drug laws is one of the main reasons so many are arrested every year for possessing and selling flowers.

            It’s time for this guy to move and start over.

            And it’s time for the corp to stop doing this kind of crap to the People it’s sole Lawful purpose is to protect from the same actions it is committing.

            This story is evidence that those who keep guns are not yet willing to use them to protect their property from the costumed invaders.  Something tells me that will be changing in the near future as they do this to more and more innocent people.

            • I think some misdeanors can now disqualify you from firearms posession. I think form 4473 has a disqualifier question concerning ever being subjected to a restraining order, which is common in case of divorce.

            • Did anyone here notice that out of 150 SWAT, FBI, local police, tv reporters, and who knows who else, that out of all these ( mostly ) highly trained people nobody bothered to see if the guy was even home? WTF?

              • LOL knock knock knock

                who is it?

                its dave let me in.

                daves not here man come back later.

                no its me dave let me in.

                knock knock knock LOL

              • F-TROOP, that’s WTF

          • Tina: Well said; and if the government is looking to cut this is the place! 150 military style officers for a couple of shotguns, .22s and a 30-30.  Are f*cking kidding me! These moron couldn’t find their collective asses with two hands and a flashlight. Goes to show how poor their intell works really is.  What they (Feds) really want is to show off like the fake cops on TV and in the movies, but what they end up doing is looking like the Three Stooges on steroids.  What  a joke they turned out to be!

            • Yes, but a joke which can ruin your life. The Constitution (remember it) was supposed to protect your freedom of speech against the government, but looks like that has been abandoned as well. How useful for them that the populace will be afraid to talk about anything. If you don’t like what’s going on, you can’t say anything and never, NEVER, make fun of the Mooch.

              • That right there is the propaganda meme:-

                Freedom of speech is no longer a God given right in the US.

                As a child my same age American relatives were justifiaby proud of the right to freedom of speech. What message are today’s youngsters to infer from this event?

                • This is the message todays youngsters will gain from all this, the same of the generation X.   read below 🙂

                  Halls of Justice Painted Green Money Talking Power Wolves Beset Your Door Hear Them Stalking Soon You’ll Please Their Appetite They Devour Hammer of Justice Crushes You Overpower 

                  The Ultimate in Vanity Exploiting Their Supremacy I Can’t Believe the Things You Say                                                             I Can’t Believe I Can’t Believe the Price You Pay Nothing Can Save You

                  Justice Is Lost Justice Is Raped Justice Is Gone Pulling Your Strings Justice Is Done Seeking No Truth Winning Is All Find it So Grim So True So Real Apathy Their Stepping Stone So Unfeeling Hidden Deep Animosity So Deceiving Through Your Eyes Their Light Burns Hoping to Find Inquisition Sinking You With Prying Minds                                                                                      Lady Justice Has Been Raped Truth Assassin Rolls of Red Tape Seal Your Lips Now You’re Done in Their Money Tips Her Scales Again Make Your Deal Just What Is Truth? I Cannot Tell Cannot Feel

                • Monday at county courthouse anytown usa.

                  Court Clerk= Ok Case # 12345-54321 is now ready Judge.

                  JUDGE= What is the charges Officers?

                  Cop= Well your honor…..I was cruzeing by main street after Dark, at the speed posted of 40mph….When all of a sudden I spotted the suspect, leaning against a buildg. wall……And I was able to imeadiatly determine this suspect

                  Looked Like He was THINKING of Commiting a Crime! a felony crime at that your honor sir!…

                  Looked as if he was “thinking” of commiting a felony crime!……Soon to be in Your hood!

          • WOW…talk about OVER KILL. Just trying to make an example out of him.


            I disagree…just another factor ensuring their funding is sustained!!

            Gotta look busy, folks.:-)

            • training the sheeple to worry about the those evil people prepping to be ready. if the power goes out for awhile ( Katrina and Sandy) and the thugs come out.

              They  don’t want the sheeple to realize they can’t control the thugs now or in the future.

              Just like magic, watch the pretty assistant, while somelse slips the tiger into the box.

              just hope the tiger doesn’t get off stage.

          • When they asked for “volunteers”, everyone raised their hands because they love what they do.  Take note.

            It’s really pretty simple.  Just keep your mouth shut.  Even if you have to bite your tongue or squeeze your nuts from your pocket.  What ever it takes…..


            Repeat after me…..

              I am not a prepper. I love prez obama (ouch).  I love my government. Guns are dangerous.  911 is the best answer to murder, rape and those bad neighbors that “may” have a gun.

          • The news story I watched said that LEO were already in the area for a training exercise.  It appears they decided to add this to the agenda.  Maryland has very strict gun laws which means a very poor attitude toward gun ownership.  If he lived just a few more miles to the West he could still not legally own firearms, but would have been in West Virginia where we have the greatest ratio of homes with guns East of Mississippi and fourth overall.  We even have two rifle on our flag and the mascot of our flagship state just posted a video of himself killing a bear with his university issued muzzle loader. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HQpSTzjQkY

            • West Va. one of my fav spots. Got a nice little spread up in the panhandle near Chester lol not too far from the giant tea pot.


        • Michael ~

          I don’t think he was actually on the show, Doomsday Preppers.  I think the term was just used as a derogatory fear-mongering tactic.

          This is propaganda, to demonize preppers in the eyes of their neighbors.  Total brainwashing of the masses.

          ~ D


          • Daisey

            i do agree with you on the propaganda point, however the show doomsday preppers is a show that many sheeple will refer to as some fringe element that is way out of control.. as i watch and see what our loving kind hearted government (scarcasim) does then i see that they use the masses to benefit themselves and by doing so their stupid propaganda is packaged in such a way that the sheeple believe it and will stab preppers in the back at the idea that by doing so, they are doing a good thing because the stupid government tells them that preppers are a risk to national security

          • You are a freak Daisey.

            • We will all be considered freaks until they get shit splatter from it hitting, and want to be sitting at our camp fire and drinking our coffee eating our beans.

            • 1000 thumbs down for the true freak, who keeps grudges?

              1000 thumbs down, for the thumbs downers, who do it for personal grudges.

              100 thumbs down for myself, maybe I misunderstood. But OPSEC, is OPSEC. Period.

              STFU about your stuff.

              ’nuff said.

      3. This type of stance from our gooberment and LEO’s are one of the things that concern me most about the current times we live in.  They pick and choose who the bad guys are and go after them with gusto.  Meanwhile, the real bad guys go free with a wink & nod (or large backroom payment).

        I think 150 armed officiers and helicopters in the sky was big time overkill and just a show of power.  “They” want to send a message.  Seems like they have been drinking too much of their own kool-aid.  Seems like they want to believe preppers are the new “terrorists” instead of going after the real ones (which I believe could be argued that they helped create or support).

        Yuck to the yuck.

        • Like I said before, Gov. Martin O’ Malley has his head deep in the recesses of O’Bammer’s arse. This is one of the “selected” governors that will head up a region of several states if/when martial law is declared. This was just a good excuse of a drill as far as I am concerned.

        • Well, they supposedly killed the last one, so they do need a new one, and peeps, WE ARE IT!

      4. I too was severely disappointed with the election not so much because who won, but why he won.  The left has now given out enough freebies and bought enough votes that they will remain in power until TEOTWAWKI takes place.  After nearly 40 years of doing my civic duty by staying informed and voting in every election, I’m done.  We are now preparing for when SHTF and the inevitable down fall of these United States.

        • AkCoyote…the election was staged..like the last one.

          Have heart..it wasn’t that enough of us cared. 

      5. “The series of events began when an anonymous person contacted state police”

        Now how many times will this BS statement get used to circumvent our Constitutional rights?  This country has some of the most violent heavily armed drug gangs in the world, yet one lone man who could have been vetted unobtrusively is taken down by a Company size force.

        Boy are we in trouble!

        • y99: let’s not forget that the “victim” in this case is also a victim of his own stupidity. First: he gets a drug bust in 1999 and doesn’t bother to get his civil rights reinstated as a convicted felon, and until he does, he’s not entitled to posses firearms. Two: he mouths off to anyone who’ll listen about his political views, including total strangers. Three: he lets friends, neighbors, and a stranger he lets into his home know  that he’s a prepper with guns. The guy’s a moron. And now he’s double screwed as a convicted felon in possession of firearms. Now he’ll never get his rights restored and not even be able to ever touch a gun without risking a long prison term.  Idiots like this guy should nver have a gun in the first place because he seems very unstable.  What the LOEs did was overkill by 100 men too many. In these times,  we must all blend in and stay under the radar. The last place any of us needs to be is in jail when TSHTF. 

          • All that is true, but in saying it you conducted 90% of the vetting process.  My concern is the apparent fascist anonymous tip along with the over the top use of force when in truth the guy could have been picked up at home depot while picking up welding supplies.


            Americans are being turned against Americans anonymously, and people should be worried when we become estranged from the natural laws of human existence and ones right to self-preservation.


            This individual has his issues, and I’m not attempting to defend him, but I am questioning the use of a large force raid.    

            • And HELLO… he wasn’t even HOME!  Duh, wouldn’t or shouldn’t they have been close enough to him to KNOW that?  I suspect…

              • Easier to take a man if he isn’t hear his weapons.

                The FBI learned that lesson from David Kurash at Waco Texas a few years back.

                • They wanted Waco to happen. Korresh jogged several miles at a time a few times a week, they could have easily picked him up without incident. It was outright murder of about 100 people.

            • Y99: Yeah, it’s like life under the Nazis or Communists, where there are rats everywhere. The good thing is that when this comes to trial, the defense will get the name of the informant under the rules of discovery.  This person could be key because it was their infomation that the police/FBI used to get the warrent in the first place.  But only partially, because then the FBI sent a man in undercover to confirm the informants allegations, and together they convinced the judge about the need for a warrent. Still, they looked very stupid; 150 people for a couple  of shotguns and .22s. They’ll probably drop all the charges out of embarassement except for the “felon in possession of a firearm”.

          • “”First: he gets a drug bust in 1999 and doesn’t bother to get his civil rights reinstated as a convicted felon, and until he does, he’s not entitled to posses firearms.”””

            A “drug felon” has not violated any Law, merely a corporate code in commerce.  Corp code does not supersede or affect a Mans right protected by the 2nd amendment.  NO Law can infringe upon that right.

            The guy is not a moron.  He is a victim of indoctrination who believes he is in a free country while the corp will allow no such thing to exist.


            • Gods Creation: I can see by the tone of your so-called arguement that you are intellectually challenged. Logic is obviously not your stong suit because you offer only unsupported opinions (jibberish) rather than facts. The laws are clear: a felony conviction means no voting and no guns. This man was convicted of a felony and sentenced by a judge-FACT, not oppinion. Felony conviction means no guns-FACT,not oppinion. You don’t have to like laws, but they are FACTS and only a moron like you or these other “backwoods lawyers” and soverign citizen clowns would argue against FACTS. No one’s asking you, or anyone else, to like them, they just are, and if you break them, you’re going to jail like this fool. It’s time to keep your big mouth shut and stay under the radar. Only a complete idiot would risk going to jail at this stage in our collapse. But I can see that emotion, rather than reason, rules your thought process and this defect will make you an early casualty as things continue to worsen.

              • And yet you spelled it ‘arguement’

                You’re probably one of those so-called conservatives that has no qualms about using the federal government to control people the way you want them controlled.


                • Yep yer a: Sorry to hear you suffer from “Dumbass Syndrome”. Tell me, is it hereditary because of too much inbreeding or is this some condition that’s developed from repeated injuries to your head? I guess it doesn’t really matter because the results are the same: you draw faulty conclusion from one misspelled word. I never mention, nor even implied, that I support control over other’s lives, or the heavy hand of government. Pure delusion on your part which is the direct result of your “Dumbass” condition. That and other paranoid imaginings are all symptoms that you’re in the advance stages of this disease. The outlook is not good for you.

          • NOW that he will have TWO felony convictions, he just lost that option. Nice plan.

            • Sixpack: Some of the “Constitutional scholars” here still don’t get it because they failed Civics 101. Hell, most of the ‘thumbs down’ crowd can’t even spell civics. He was convicted under state law and the state has the right to reinstate his civil rights or withhold them. The Second Amendment (Federal law) isn’t even at play at this stage of the game. In every state that I know of once a person is convicted of a felony and has not had their rights restored they can’t vote nor can they possess any firearms-period. These mental midgets here don’t have to like it, it just is-period. Screw up, get caught, and you’ll end up in jail like the idiot in this story. And for some of you lunatics here, it’s the safest place for both you and for the rest of us. Maybe we’ll be reading about one of you soon.

        • y99

          Just remember that drug gangs shoot back. A guy who’s not home does not.

      6. What troubles me most is not the ‘watch list’ for bulk items, and weapons.  My worry is how far are Americans willing to be pushed and restricted before they say enough is enough? Never? Does anyone ever sometimes feel like this nation may be a lost cause?

        • theres a differance between an AMERICAN and a sheeple, a sheeple will be pushed over the edge and an american will die by fighting before he or she is pushedover the edge… IMHO

          • Either he will hire an attorney or get one pro bono who can work within the District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court case. Some believe that this case has set some precedence for non-violent felons to own guns at home for self-defense. I hope he aggressively fights this. Our Framers had it correctly stated and supported with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It wasn’t until modern legislation was passed that gun ownership was forbidden and unlawful.

            • charles lautenberg had a law passed the states any that has been convicted of a clsass 4 felony (domestic violance) of any sort and regardless of how long ago making it retroactive, can never have ownership of firearms again

              its called the lautenberg law… i probably have it spelled wrong

              • <<<charles lautenberg had a law passed the states any that has been convicted of a clsass 4 felony (domestic violance) of any sort and regardless of how long ago making it retroactive, can never have ownership of firearms again   Then that violates the U.S. Constitution’s prohibitions against ex-post-facto laws.

              • You got it right — the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban.

                Wikipedia says ” .. bans access to firearms by people convicted of crimes of domestic violence. The act is often referred to as “the Lautenberg Amendment … The act bans shipment, transport, ownership and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or who are under a restraining (protection) orderfor domestic abuse in all 50 states. The act also makes it unlawful to knowingly sell or give a firearm or ammunition to such persons.”

            • Perhaps you should check the original charges? Kind of hard to defend a child molester.

          • Oathkeeper, as another one who takes his oath that he made  to the constitution and the American ppl under the constitution, I feel you. As Iron Eyes Cody, I stand by shedding a tear for what was once a great country slowly being trashed by politics and greed. Not all garbage is in trash bags.

      7. Take a number; wait in line.

      8. We know OPSEC is vital, do not go on these shows or interviews!!!

        Regardless whether these individuals brought the attention on themselves or not, there is an underlining factor here.  It’s not their quest for TV airtime, it is the fact Preppers are starting to be demonized.

        We only live in a police state if we allow it!  We live in a police state if we allow the detainment of fellow citizens with out their God Given Rights.

        Either people come together and have each others backs or we’ll perish as individuals, then as a Free Nation.

        Most preppers I know are also Patriots who believes in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  We understand that we are a sovereign Nation not ruled by foreign powers, we just need to have out politicians understand this.

      9. Pearl Harbor, WWII, and a Lesson for Today 



        Pearl Harbor Day Attack….Never Forget


        Taken from a documentary about WWII, this is a short section about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. [Reader’s Digest Classic Collection-World War II Combat Chronicles ©MMIV Questar Inc.]


      10. Everyone asked to interview for this show should refuse. Let the show die off due to lack of interest. It’s nothing but a government tool.

          • 🙂

          • I was approached about being on the original show, but was unwilling to proceed unless they were willing to make it worth my while.  They don’t pay anything, yet people are apparently lining up to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

            I’m gonna share this elsewhere.


      11. Good thing this is only a “SHTF literary fiction site” and everyone who comments and says we are preppers and/or survivalists aren’t really preppers or survivalists, we’re just quoting from all of our prepper fiction novels that we’re all writing.

        Wouldn’t want the gov’t to confuse us with those crazy prepper terrorists out there.

        …yeah…that’s the ticket 😉

        In all seriousness, we all need to remember the phrase “Loose lips sink ships” and pay closer attention to our personal OPSEC…especially as it seems to me that some form of SHTF is right around the corner.

        I feel like I’m in school again where I was afraid to mention that I was a fan of a certain band or movie or other “nerdy” pursuit for fear of the class bullies ridiculing me or beating me up if they ever found out.

        Bullies never grow up, they only grow older.

        • …and get badges, zoot-suits and assault rifles…

        • Why be so afraid? Just stand up for who you are.

      12. That sucks we can’t even voice an opinion with the PTB getting involved.

        • Sorry my comment should have read “That sucks we can’t even voice an opinion without the PTB getting involved.”

        • First the 2nd Ammendment, now we’re onto repealing the 1st Ammendment. The voters have spoken.

      13. Once again an attack on a Doomsday Prepper, more like the sole name “Prepper”.  Like what I wrote yesterday, preppers are under attack when they cross a certain line of “too much” or “excessive” preparations.  The government absolutely does not want people to be near or completely self sufficient.  This is not out the lone maverick issue, but out of those people influencing others to follow suit. 

        Just look at the recent attack Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish, it really should have read Excessive Preppers are Socially Selfish as this was what was really the undertone of this idiotic article.  The state wants people to have a couple of days of supplies, just long enough to last before FEMA and other government agencies can set up shop for the masses to come to them for their crackers and government cheese.  They want LONG TERM DEPENDENCY, THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE CONTROL IS IN.  The state doesn’t care about “little” disasters, as it is more of a pain to set up shop for this.  They want people coming in total need after an event in which there is extremely long term recovery. 

        There are some individuals that call this conspiracy, but can be seen in the animal world with trainers and zoos.  The animal gets a reward for performing just as the trainer wants them to.  They often keep the animals have starved so they are completely dependent on the trainer’s food.  At wild bird parks the birds perform so well because they know if they don’t they won’t be fed, and are kept LEAN on purpose.  A government wanting control will do the same, just give enough to the person to keep them totally obedient and dependent.  They will not encourage self improvement unless somehow they can continue to retain that dependency on the state. 

        Preppers not only store up vast amounts of what they need, but they also try to learn self sufficient skills to function without the dependency on the state.  If someone is not dependent on the government they are not going to go along with the state and this type of free thinking is not only counterproductive to a government’s PLAN, but it can be contagious to others that also like the idea of being FREE.  That is really the key word here, FREE.  Any government that desires controls does not want anyone to desire to be free, and freedom goes hand in hand with dedicated preppering.  Of course dedicated prepping is really the only ones that are going to make, so I as well as almost everyone here chooses to aim for being a dedicated prepper as much as possible. 

      14. Remember the authors of the NDAA are John McCain (R) and Carl Levin (D) who are responsible for this and you can include Lindsay Graham (R) who strongly supports the NDAA and yelled into the camera that “All of America is a battleground”. That makes it easy for the Government to call and label whomever they want as Terrorists.

      15. This is nothing more then one of the first,, this is a test people..are you watching? paying attenion..????


        this is YOU next!

        • Disbelieve at your own perile

        • Only if you are a felon with a gun or in this case multiple guns. Don’t let VRF scare you. He is more than likely a government troll trying to get us all afraid of non existent issues. Don’t let VRF talk you into getting rid of your guns.

      16. Someone, somewhere WANTS civil unrest and the pot just isn’t boiling fast enough so events like this are staged to give it a stir.

        This is deliberately designed to really piss off a particular demographic, just as that Trayvonn Martin case stank to high dor.

        Darlene at the local bar uses similar techniques to stir mischief between young men stupid enough to take her at face value every Friday night. The lads get in a fist fight & are arrested while she sits back and smiles like the cat that got the cream.

        If you have REALLY upset tptb you have a “heart attack” if high-status, or are “disappeared” if a phleb, one dark night (any idiot from any 3rd world/ ex soviet/ tin pot dicatorship will tell you that).  tptb have the right to detain without trial to run far more discreet operations to arrest one lone soul. So this leads to a few queries:-

        1. WHO benefits from this action, at this time?

        2. While the left hand was persecuting this man, & alienating this community what was the right hand up to?

        3. What was the purpose of this action? (It could be as simple as to make that community too fearful to trust one another so that their crops are more easily raided by some local wannabe big wig when shtf, or that the authorities are trying to draw others in the area out into making their stance clear).

      17. ok here is question for every one

        if a person has lost their gun rights years ago (15-20) and has been an outstanding citizen since that timeand commited no crimes, should that person be allowed to carry a gun even after fighting and going thru the courts to get the gun rights back??


        It only gets Worse from here …

        this is just bad policing … this will only create a bigger rift between the police and the community .

        eventually in time the community will turn on the police with force … call it the butterfly effect .

        they could of handled this better by just being up front … talking to the guy .

        And even Convicted Felons have a Constitutional Right to defend themselves with FireArms once they have served their Prison Time given penance to society been reformed for their past crimes .

        ~N.O. ;0P


      19. The “doomsday prepper” living in Maryland was socially selfish and a terrorist.

        Got it.

        I need to get a list of descriptive words started. I’m losing track….


      20. I love little barrack he gave me a phone, a loan and a green car now leave me alone you jack booted thugs.

        Please notethe sarcasm.

        • I left my government job for a temporary one and when it was over I qualified for 99 weeks of unemployment which paid for my entire retreat while I was building it.  When my unemployment ran out I went back to work at the same place.

          Don’t hate the player.  Hate the game.

      21. What happend to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?



        • You lost the freedom of speech the second after folks gave up defending the right to keep and bear arms

          Funny how that works.  huh whoduh thunk it !

        • You are free to speak about whatever you want to — just expect your stupidity to have consequences…

          • I didn’t say I agree with that mantra, I’m just submitting the prevailing attitude of people today…

        • its about the felon with a gun. not the speech. Good god, you are all missing the point. Quit defending felons. Hate them…

          • Quit defending felons. Hate them…

            Drug laws are illegitimate, and anyone who enforces them is a criminal. I have nothing but contempt for anyone who supports the government in its persecution of drug users. OR drug sellers, for that matter.

            A nation of people who will accept the drug war is a nation of people who will accept any form of slavery.


        • BARRY SOETORO / ZOG CIA PUPPET PREZ Obummer actually has a NY CITY ARREST RECORD FOR POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS AND SOLICITATION . There’s also rumors he in his teen youth was a gay prostitute .

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • WTF are you talking about? Rumors? Not an Obama fan but you are acting just like the government.

      23. The once upon a time democratic USA is slowly transforming into a despotic tyrannical police state. We live in a post christian world & gone are the days where the Bible had influence on public law & national institutions so all you good folk who want to survive like thousands of us freedom loving people living in 3rd world countries  will just have to learn  new life skills & most important is keeping your mouth shut, putting your head down and in a quiet and peacable manner get along with your business and if that means being nice & polite to the  OB people just swallow the pride and be polite & live to another day. The freedoms and Constituion that once made the USA a great place might still be on paper but it is no longer in practise people have to get over lamenting that and adapt to the change the world is a very differnt place what is one man against a 150 even with all the firepower and gear he had. The Bible said Rev 13:4 Who is able to make war with him (the Beast)  by all means  learn practise every survival skill but dont confront them whether with our mouths or with our guns.   

        • What does your bible say about punctuation and run-on sentences?
          “Thou shalt not use punctuation”

          “Once upon a time democratic USA”
          What does this mean?
          Do you think the USA was ever a Democracy?
          Based on your inability to form a coherent paragraph (or even a sentence), I can see how you would believe this.

          Your credibility suffers as a result of your inadequate education.

      24.       I   HATE  Obummer;  The  TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There;  i  said  it.  Whew;   i   feel  better.

          • Two thumbs down…
            Ah, I knew there were Obot trolls in here.
            I hope your Dear Leader, screws up so bad, even you want to hang him.

        • Dave i think you need to stop typing and answer the door. Some folks from atf and secret service want to talk.

      25. In their quest to “find” this man, I hope the Fed’s and police find a few hundred 7.62mm’s coming their way and an IED or two.

        • This is exactly the kind of crap that people point to in order to make us all look crazy. This is a story of a criminal with guns….exactly the type of person we are all concerned about protecting ourselves from. Quit saying stupid shit and get to prepping.

      26. It looks like it wasn’t this man’s time kinda like when it was not Jesus’s time:

        “And all the people in the synagogue were filled with rage as they heard these things; and they got up and drove Him out of the city, and led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city had been built, in order to throw Him down the cliff. But passing through their midst, He went His way.”  Luke 4:28-30

        But, when it is your time if you are one who has Jesus as your higher power remember:

        “…when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”  Matthew 10:19,20

        For those of you who prep and don’t know Jesus as your higher power and your motives are good, may you fare well!  Sorry if a little scripture gets to you.  I know Hebrews 4:12 can be tough.

        It is time for Ephesians 6:13 more than ever in this country than ever before: “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

        Someone posted a link to one of this lady’s videos, which made me aware of her.  This latest one is “holy smokes!”: http://youtu.be/o6Iozyg-xs4

        When it comes to denominations… if yours is truly helping you through the narrow gate (Matthew 7:13) that is great.  Just remember  the 1st commandment: “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3   Please don’t put your denomination above God, else you may miss some important truths He is wanting to share with you.  Like:  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  He didn’t say, “Such and such a denomination is the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through such and such a denomination.”

        Enjoy your journey!  Noah was a prepper!  I heard that here 1st 🙂 Also remember, something comes after this journey down here is over.  And, it will be over eventually.

        God speed! Maranatha! 

      27. In light of the governments stand against preppers I just hope that all of the prepper  web sites have a plan in place to destroy the registries and lists of preppers they maintain before homeland security takes them

      28. He is a felon. This is not the poster child for us peppers. 

        • @See ya, Why do preppers need a poster child?

          I stand on my own merits. I don’t need someone else representing me and no one else does. I AM me. The responsibility for how others see me, is mine.

          …and I don’t give a rat’s furry ass what sheeple think of me, as long as they LEAVE ME ALONE.

          • Not literally. He is not the person I would defend. Settle down dude, i am worried about your blood pressure.

      29. you are exactly right and no felon should have a gun also they will go after those who sold him the guns. In the last few weeks officials have indicated that they see preppers as a threat because our eyes are open, we refuse to be dependent

        • …and they can smell your fear…

      30. And the enemy is us. You will see more of this in the near future.  Shades of Germany in the 1930’s.

      31.  He was a felon involved in a crime (owning a gun).  So we rag on the government for doing their job (albeit in overkill fashion).  Then when they mess up and are late to respond to something we rag on them again.  So, basically, they can never, ever do anything right?  Come on.  The guy knew he couldn’t own guns, my brother-in-law is an ex felon and they made sure he knew and it was back in 1990.  I’m not pro-governemnt, I want them small, real small and to return the power back to the states (appointed senators not elected).


         But find legit gripes.  Yes, over kill like I said but that’s another issue.

        • why is it that busting people and taking their guns is the only “JOB” they seem to be able to do?

        • The govt has like three things they are supposed to do….they fail miserably at those small details…I do not want govt doing anything else…nothing…govt is not the solution,govt is the problem…govt is at BEST a nessesary EVIL at worst an intolerable one…I could go on and on but I think I made the point….people need to get rid of this dependency mental crutch of “holding on to govt just in case” thing they have going on…I dont want govt involved in my life,meddling in what I do,most of the time govt is simply a tool used by some fool who mentally never got out of high school and simply wants a way to keep me in line! The old proverb of giving credit where credit is due doesnt apply to govt…they dont qualify as being owed anything…especially credit!

      32. A very sad comment but needs to be out there…..you may love your family, but they may not be on the same page as you…..and if they do not live near you, you must do what you can and then let go if they cannot understand your reasoning……it is heartbreaking to be ineffectual in reasoning with them…..and, when they wish for YOU to move to where they are….only magnifies the problem…..I am part of the “old folks” community now, but I am still of sound mind and somewhat sound body…..and I will stand when the time comes…..and survive


      33. OQ, while I can agree the man broke all the rules of OPSEC, the way this was handled was definitely overkill.  Deano and Zoltanne, what both of you daid about the domestic violence law preventing people convicted under it from owning firearms is accurate, but that law itself is unconstitutional the way it was written.  The original legislation was written on the false premise that only men can be perpetrators of domestic violence and only women can victims of same offense.  NOT TRUE AT ALL!  In more than half of all reported domestic cases, it has been proven that women have been the perpetrator and the man the victim; not all men in all domestic cases have been a perpetrator.  Also, in domestic cases, any man charged is totally denied due process guaranteed by the Constitution.  The law also violates the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal protection of the law to ALL Americans.  The domestic violence law is clearly sexually biased against men and shows favoritism to women; no different from a divorce or child custody case.   I don’t live by any draconian policy; I live by a set of rules called the Bill of Rights.  While the man may have a legal problem with his guns, he still has every right to whatever other preps he had and could still have grounds for a lawsuit.   I’ve said this before and it bears repeating; ANYONE who comes to my place to take my preps or has any other bad intentions toward me will get their day ruined PERMANENTLY!  Best wishes to all.  Braveheart

        • Braveheart, you are so right about the bias against men! Everywhere we look in our society, we see examples of favoritism towards women now. With respect to domestic violence and especially divorce and child custody issues, judges often show personal bias and judicial activism. I have seen male friends and acquaintances forced to deal with difficult problems because they are males. But this has been part of the overall society-shaping Progressivism that has eroded our culture. Thankfully there is national attention to some of these injustices, many men fight back, and organizations help men legally assert their God-given rights.

          • Its been a while since I wrote in the comments but I couldn’t resist. My fellows, I know hundreds of women who are barred from gun ownership under the Lautenberg Amendment, not just men. I live in Wisconsin and the law here says that if the judge doesn’t order expunction at the time of sentence, you cannot get the MDV taken off of your record -EVER.
            Most folks don’t know this. Most folks don’t get a lawyer when going to court for a domestic violence. If you happen to be a man or woman who was the victim of domestic violence and don’t say the right things in front of the judge (“Oh I feel terrible for fighting back after being beat on my him/her and I wish none of this had happened”) The judge will NOT order expunction! There is a VERY limited window to appeal the judge’s decision but by the time most people learn what the MDV has cost them it is too late.

            I should also mention having a “violent crime” like a MDV will prevent a person from getting into medical school or being licensed to even sell real estate in the great state of Wisconsin. It disgusts me that the system is so messed up. This guy got shafted by the laws because the system is set up to keep punishing people.

            Ok, rant off.

      34. Best to keep your business just that. OPSEC is critical in all cases, even with those that you trust. A reserve or backup plan is always needed regardless of the situation.

        Wisdom is of greater value than all your preps.Be safe…

      35. Have not read thru all posts of this one or the other; but just knew the dumb people would get raided again. Didnt they pay attention after the 1st season? What is it that is said..Fight Club rules:? 1st tell no one

      36. Okay, I admit that I have not read all of the response’s on this, But I want to does he have a wife who can own firearms or does being married to someone who has a felony conviction ban you from being able to protect yourself from criminals? I know that I have heard of many people who can not have a fire-arm, yet their spouse has several guns around the house including on “their side of the bed.” Scary to me that just because he was irritated with the election results, someone thought he should be “checked out.”

      37. Sometimes its good to be key…

        • Low key

      38. Zoltanne, your analysis is correct and thank you for agreeing with me; tough to find anyone to agree with me on this issue. It really hurts me to see what feminism has done to the minds of American women and the damage done to relations between men and women. We have what I call a “gender gap” in this country; suspicion and lack of trust growing between men and women every day and I see no end to it. It always hurts to hear about any kind of trouble between men and women. Since the rise of feminism, there is more trouble between the two genders and the problems are more difficult to solve than ever before. Feminists make it clear with their words and deeds every day about their dishonorable intentions toward men. I don’t want any gender war in this country anymore than anyone else, but anyone who has dishonorable intentions toward me, REGARDLESS OF GENDER, I will give you one chance and one chance only to reconsider and back off without facing any consequences. If you don’t take advantage of that oppurtunity, I can and will ruin your day regardless of consequences. I’ll be acting in self-defense and that is my right. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      39. Twobuckets, while it’s true that we’re headed toward a police state, I must take you to task for saying we must submit to it. NO, WE DON’T HAVE TO SUBMIT TO IT! Do you not realize you’re just as vulnerable to being victimized by them as much as anyone else? You don’t have any obligation to anyone who would have dishonorable intentions toward you and your family. You do have an obligation to yourself to stand up and fight them. That’s what I’m doing when the time comes. I’m not bowing down to any two-bit dictator. If anyone comes for me, I’ll ruin their day. And I’m not exactly alone here. if you see government as God, then you’re part of the problem instead of being part of the solution. Why not become part of the solution? You will find some tremendous advantages to being on the right side of an issue. This police state developing right now will fall just like all others have all throughout history. it can be challenged and defeated and it will be. Braveheart

      40. Wow they reacted quickly and concisively against this gut …but nothing yet on Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious” guns, and we’re STILL waiting to hear about Benghazi.

      41. opsec opsec opsec… all the more reason to avoid talking to just anyone, confirmed demonazilibtards and just plain nosey people much less the front man for a tv show… tptb are looking for anyone they can make an example of and make case law on…

      42. I notice how easy it would be to set up a ambush against these govt.law breakers.It is the same tatics in every state they raid.

        • Hard to anbush someone if they come when you’re not there.
          don’t think that’s a mistake.

          Not easy making a final stand with just what’s in your B.O.B.

          • Is a good reason to have a second stash though. Can’t tell when you’ll be over run by the bad guys ( or the good guys )

          • That would be the best time to set a trap …when you are done gone.As easily as it is to get them to come to your place the rest would be pretty much in your control.

      43. Sounds like Nazi Germany does it not . What scares me is that if we keep on this path , the Russian Federation will be a freer place to live than the disunited states . Good thing I speak russian . I’m starting to think that another civil war is not only on the horizon , but is in fact a necessity at this point . I also hope that mass executions happen after its all over for ” crimes against the american people “

      44. I hate to be crude but any asshole who in this criminal police state , goes on national t.v. and displays their preps to the world and the government DESERVES what they get……i mean are you kidding me……when they now are saying constitutionalists , veterans , preppers , etc. are the new terrorists and you then display your shit on t.v…….SORRY , no pity here….those are showoffs !!!

      45. Pakalert Press is another great site to check out.

      46. This is yet another stark example of the importance of KEEPING YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH SHUT when talking to someone you do not know very well.

        I watch the idiots on Doomsday Preppers and other similar shows voluntarily put themselves on report. They all might as well march down to their local FBI office and beg to be arrested.

        Much better to fly under the RADAR.

      47. a 20 year old drug felony with no drugs found during the raid. The warrant needed to be changed in the middle of the raid. Family members have not given up their constitutional right to bear arms, so the matter of possession is in question. Just because a 22 rifle is found does not mean the former felon was in possession of it. Lastly but not leastly, a manhunt was underway in a rural setting, looking for an “armed and dangerous felon”, during the first week of deer season. Luckily no one was mistaken and killed by a hyped up para military type walking out of the woods in their hunting gear.

      48. Let’s be realistic, this individual is a convicted felon and as such he may not possess a weapon. He may have cleaned up his act and became the nicest guy around, but the law is the law. Convicted felons need to learn to keep their mouth shut and avoid any and all conversations about politics, prepping and weapons. Had he followed these simple rules he would still be a free person. Now he is facing another criminal conviction and certainly some prison time. What sense does this make? Preppers on all levels must become more and more silent about their activities. You don’t discuss anything with anyone unless they are members of your preparedness group. All this bantering about the 2nd Amendment gives the govt. the opportunity to shut you down. Learn what situational awareness means and keep your mouth shut.

      49. Good arrest. Dumbazz felons cant own guns and the fact that anyone is defending this drug head serves to erode our gun rights further. When the current laws wont be enforced then we will get even newer laws that suck even more.

        I don’t care if it was a 22 he owned. He’s a felon. A drug felon. Not a drug misdemeanor for possession. A FELON. Shouldn’t own guns and deserves to be in jail for it. We need to police ourselves up. We keep complaining about criminals owning guns, well here is one right here.

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