Doomsday Postponed: Mayan Calendar May Be Wrong

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    Mayan AlignmentIt looks like those preparing for the end of the world on December 21, 2012 may have some more time to get ready. According to a new report, the conversion from the Mayan calendar to the Gregorian calendar may have been conducted improperly, leading to a potential multi-decade miscalculation:

    A new critique, published as a chapter in the new textbook “Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World” (Oxbow Books, 2010), argues that the accepted conversions of dates from Mayan to the modern calendar may be off by as much as 50 or 100 years. That would throw the supposed and overhyped 2012 apocalypse off by decades and cast into doubt the dates of historical Mayan events. (The doomsday worries are based on the fact that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, much as our year ends on Dec. 31.)

    The Mayan calendar was converted to today’s Gregorian calendar using a calculation called the GMT constant, named for the last initials of three early Mayanist researchers. Much of the work emphasized dates recovered from colonial documents that were written in the Mayan language in the Latin alphabet, according to the chapter’s author, Gerardo Aldana, University of California, Santa Barbara professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies.

    The evidence to support the inaccuracies of the date, however, is disputed by other researches.

    Whether the Mayan Doomsday date of December 21, 2012 predicts the actual end of the world, a new age of enlightenment or something else remains to be seen – and we’ll certainly know much more on December 22, 2012, so stay tuned for a follow up to this post in a couple years.

    Of interest to those who are intrigued by the Mayan calendar are a couple of points worthy of mention.

    Students of the Mayan calendar identified an important date within the calendar some time ago called the One Reed, Ce Acatal, which prophesied that an important ancestor would return, coming like a butterfly over the oceans. Incidentally, One Reed, Ce Acatal fell on April 21, 1519 which so happened to be the very day that Hernando Cortez arrived on the shores of the New Foundland – the Mayan Indians witnessed their arrival. Using this date as a benchmark would suggest that December 21, 2012 is still on target. Of course, the April 21, 1519 date may have just been coincidence, or described a completely different event than that which occurred.

    In reference to December 21, 2010, the Mayans, well known for their study of the stars, may have foreseen a galactic alignment which occurs during the winter solistice every year. The difference with 2012, reportedly, is that the sun will be aligned unusually:

    The galactic alignment represents the alignment of the winter solstice sun as viewed from the Earth with the galactic equator. Every year the winter solstice, the Earth, the sun, and the galactic equator come into alignment, but on December 21, 2012 the sun will precisely align with galactic equator.


    In the Horizon Project documentary, researches have determined that this rare alignment may lead to gravitational and electro-magnetic changes with the Earth as we move through what is commonly referred to in modern times as “the dark rift,” essentially the outstretched ripples from the super massive black hole believed to be located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Though we cannot predict what will happen, and many physicists dispute these claims, the Horizon Project suggests that movement through this Galactic rift could lead to a number of significant changes on Earth, including crust destabilization, Tsunamis, and rapid temperature changes resulting from what is referred to as a “pole shift” where the north and south poles of the earth actually switch place and shift. There is evidence for such events having occurred in the past, according to the Horizon Project team and they believe that such a scenario could occur again.

    Interestingly, the Mayans’ December 21, 2012 prophecy is reported to also discuss the dark rift, referring to it as the “road to Xibalba” or “black road.” Some, but not all, researches postulate that the December 21, 2012 date is when the Mayans believed we could cross the black road. The end result? No one really knows, but if the Horizon Project research team is correct, an excellent visual example of what might occur can be found in the recent Hollywood mega-blockbuster movie 2012.

    For an informative look at alternative geologic theory and potential dark rift impacts on the Earth, we highly recommend the Horizon Project documentary, which explores, among other things, the galactic alignment, potential gravitational and electro-magnetic effects on earth, historical civilization doomsday events, and evidence to suggest that everything you’ve ever learned about Pangea is totally wrong:

    (Horizon Project Part 1 of 8 )


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      1. DAMMIT! now what the hell am i supposed to do with 15 years worth of freeze dried food for a family of 4? does anyone here need some astronaut ice cream??

      2.  The Gregorian calendar was established in 1582 by Pope Gregory Xlll. ( Search gregorian calendar wikipedia,,,). If this new research is correct on the Mayan calendar, we only have a little more than two years to find out. On the other hand, it’s anyones guess how long before the U.S. economy is toast. An economic collapse will certainly be the end of the world for many. I’ll continue prepping as best I can just in case. Good Luck To All

      3. Neapolitan ice cream bars?  No broken chunks? 

      4. I’ve seen the Horizon Project, and it is severely lacking in so many ways. Yes, the dark rift that’s spoken of will possibly, or even likely cause great disruption to this planet. The problem is, everyone is focused on JUST the Mayan calendar, which has never spoken of the end of the world anyway.

        2012 is a time of great unrest and ‘purification’ according to the indigenous elders of many tribes around the planet. This time of great change is also documented by the Aztec, the Dogon (of Africa), the Egyptians, the Lakota, the Sioux, etc. This is not just a Mayan thing. And they alll speak of right now being this time in history, not 50-100 years from now. Hell, even author and researcher Carl Johann Calleman states that the translation of the Mayan to the Gregorian calendar makes us one year AHEAD of schedule! This would mean it is actually 2011, and not 2012. And if we look around right now, is it not all unfolding at a rapid clip? Can you not feel it? And again, it is all for the good. The destruction of corrupt systems and elements of humanity, a higher consciousness now being attuned, and a re-balancing of earth’s resources. It is a ‘purification’ as we enter the Golden Age.

        And 2012 is not just THE date. Again, it is happening now. It is a process, and it is clearly unfolding before us.

      5. It’s like an old joke:
        There is this guy who went to a geology presentation. But the whole subject was not as exciting as he thought, so he slept a bit.
        Sometime the speaker says that the earth is going to explode in two billion years.
        So the guy wakes up in a total stress, and asks:
        Excuse me sir, how many years was that?
        two billion dear sir, replies the speaker.
        Thank God, says the other. I heard two million and i was scared to death. 

      6. Mayan Calendar May Be Wrong”

        Well, crap!  There goes my “end of times party!”   And I have already sent out the invitations.

      7. According to a lot of Jewish sects the world will last 6000 years.
        Long story but that is their take.
        They say the world is just short of 5800 years old.
        Hey I got a some freeze dried icecream cheap.
        No wait a minute I will keep it the US economy is toast no matter what.


      8. Manos and LostinMissouri,
        Thanks for the humor and smile today. I wish to start or join a group like “God’s Gardeners” in Margaret Atwood’s book, The Year of the Flood. The economy is toast. More technology doesn’t necessarily make life better or more fulfilling. I want to give it all up and get back to nature in near urban setting. Grow our own food and put it away for the winter, raise chickens for meat and egg protein, clothing from thrift stores for only a few dollars, the cost of shelter greatly reduced because the expense is shared with the group. Sounds like a fulfilling, connected, low stress life to me.

      9. The Mayans were lousy at science and astronomy.

        Caucasians from the 21st century are experts at turning the crock of Mayan and Nosterdumbass shit into big money.

        You “grown men” are believers of fairies and Gods.
        Shame on you.

      10. I looked at my Chicken Little Calendar…

        it said the sky is falling

      11. Dang It! Think of the months of sports packages I could have bought from Dish instead of all those guns, ammo and silver.


        Greg! You are talking socialism!!! (…which works very well in small groups and as it is voluntary…)


      12. When the US default on its bonds and t-bills, the whole Ponzi system will collapse, 2012 or later, it will happen and it will be a shit-storm…


      13. The whole issue is horse manure.
        The day after the supposed “boogy boggy” day, there will be bills in the mail, traffic on the streets, politicians spouting lies & lots of people falling for it.
        Sorry folks, we’re stuck in this mundane, boring existence.

      14. The year 2012 has already passed.  A mistake was made when they switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian.  So Christ was actually born in 6  BC.  Ask any historian (in the Church or not).

      15. Harold Camping  predicts that judgement day starts on May 21, 2011.

      16. As a Catholic I dont follow this guy, but Camping runs Family Radio

      17. The mushroom calendar shows all is well.

      18. Haven’t our own modern scientists confirmed the Alignment with the Suns axis and the galactic center for the same date: 12/21/2012?

      19. I think we all need a vacation.

        How many of you actually go on a vacation…..and enjoy it????

      20. Tina I was on vacation all summer. Spent the summer or the three R’s: reading, riting and researching. lol

      21. Doom is like the weather, it can  ride in on a light breeze and build into a gale or it strikes hard and fast and is gone in an instant , there will be destruction left in its wake, but the sun  always comes out when its over.   You can predict that it MAY rain with varying degrees of accuracy, but exactly when and exactly how much is impossible to forecast.

      22. DurangoKidd,
        Is that riting or rioting?

        The Mayan calendar is really a hoax.  If you are a Christ believer and knows the Word in the bible, you’ll not just believe in heresays and allegations that do not have concrete basis, that is the bible.  We must all based our pronouncements concerning the events in the future from the bible because it is the only authority that can tell us what will happen in the future.
        Yes, the earth will end and will be destroyed but not that uncertain and baseless predictions of non-bible-believers.
        There are ” secrets of untold end time prophecy” for all believers and non-believers based on the bible concerning events to happen in the future.  It is available online.  If you wish you may contact me…

      24. as someone who is probably part mayan please allow me to say that all ancient mayan predictions are  bullshit……at best.

      25. Paul and Apache,

        You’re right.
        The thing about the Mayan calendar it’s much more simple than we try to see it.
        It’s like when the 31st of December comes, and the wall calendar finishes. Then you go on the 2nd of January to the bookstore and buy a new one and place it on the wall.
        The same is with Mayas. Some stupid  forgot to go to the bookstore to buy it (more or less).
        I don’t think it predicts the end of the world. More likely it shows that the counting stops, and we must rewind the mechanism.
        But in the case which the earth goes boom, i will ask forgiveness from the Annunaki.
        First thing tommorow i’ll find a sumerian language teacher 🙂

      26. Sorry PAUL, but the Mayan calandar isn’t the only hoax, the whole bible is as well.
        We’re just advanced primates that wear clothing, nothing more, and there is no disneyland when we die.

      27. SD Mule; Thats ‘riting, of course. Not time yet for me to take to the streets.

        As for the Mayan calendar thing, the date 12/ 21/ 2012 may not be teotwawki, but it clearly has significant meaning, as it does signifiy the end of this age and the beginning of the next.

        So important was this date to two major ancient civilizations with technology and understanding that modern science has not had until the 20th century, that they deemed it worth expending their resources of time, energy, and material to build  two pryamids; one in Mexico and one in Egypt, that point to this date FOR US and were the reason these pryamids were built to stand the decay of millenia.

        Why would highly advanced, intelligent, and sophisticated races, separated by oceans and continents expend so much time, energy, and resources to build edifices intended for OUR viewing?

        For commentors without a knowledge or understanding of these objects and this date; it only serves to display their personal ignorance, to discredit things they do not know, do not understand, and have failed to adequately research before rendering an opinion.

        Above all things, seekers of truth should keep an open mind about things they do not understand. Some of you need to investigate these related topics before jumping in and displaying your ignorance.

        Thats why we have Google.

      28. The one thing that can be agreed upon, is that our solar system will align with the Galactic Plane.  Now, in and of itself, this may or may not be any great feat.  Our planet may experience gravitational waves,  gamma radiation or some other phenomena, but, again, not
        necessarily an end of the world deal-breaker.

        What IS unusual, IMHO, is the fact that this alignment was known
        thousands of years ago by, at least to our knowledge, a backwards civilization (at least compared to today).

        This information, the Mayan Calender and 12-21-12, was relayed
        to the Mayan civilization from a ‘higher’ source, if you will.  Beings with highly advanced technological abilities, able to
        foretell galactic alignments, were involved here. 

        That is the takeaway from all of this:  humans on planet earth are
        not alone in this universe. We have been visited, will be visited
        again, and in fact may be currently under surveillance.  Why?
        That’s the 6 million dollar question.  Is earth a ‘Zoo’?

      29. The majority of people do not believe the Mayan Calendar, which is another form of voodoo or superstition or poor PROPAGANDA.  The Mayan culture could not predict their own demise, but yet they could predict the future of others, hundreds of years away???? And even predict the exact date, Dec. 21, 2012 (this date is meaningless.)  This is BS, silly and foolish.  Hard to believe, isn’t it? 

        Dec 21, 2012 when you have a new president elected in Nov 2011.  This new elected president, assuming they no longer need to worry about any future elections – It may be the end of America. 
        They can start the war as they have been planning and blame it on the predictions of Nostradamus and  the Mayan people.
        There’s no need to do further research if you’ve been followed politics and know how THE MEDIA MANIPULATE PEOPLE’S MINDS and ITS SHEEPLE TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR AGENDA.

      30. True, the Mayans could not predict anything toward their end as a civilization.  Yet their calendar includes the cycles of Venus and indicates when eclipses of the moon occult that planet.  It is also more accurate than our calendar.  Thus, either the Maya became decadent, or their calendar was a gift from an unknown .

        The legend of the calendar end predicts a “new sun”  and a “Fifth world”,  much like the Christian bible predicts “…a new sun and a new earth” .   To me, the common meaning is that,  from where you stand on earth, both the land masses and the path of the sun in the sky will be different. 

        These changes are underway.   Recent solar activity has been unusually volitile.  The movement of the earth’s magnetic pole started early last century and has been slowly accellerating since.  Older members of the Inuit tribes are now speaking of the sun actually setting in a different degree than when they were children  (shown on a recent documentary on Canadian TV).  I must admit i don’t know what this means, but dozens of independent observers, who have marked the rise and set of the sun daily since childhood are unlikely to be mistaken.  If they are correct, then either the earth’s orbit is changing, the earths axis is moving, the axial tilt is changing or the crust is moving. 

        As to my guess of what December 2012, will be like….

        Those of you old enough to have vinal or casettes might want to dig out an old copy of Jackson Browne’s  Late for the Sky album (1974) and listen to an original copy of a now obscure tune called “Before the Deluge”…..  i suspect it is as good a vision of what’s to come as any. 

      31. To those that believe this Mayan horsecrap, don’t you think that they would have mentioned a teeny, weeny little aside about the end of their calandar being the end of civilzation?
        The Calandar just ends (like all do, none go on to infinity).
        You guys should focus on things that really threaten us, the morphing of DC into a tyranny.

      32. Justin: SHTF America: Teotwawki Page shows that the NMP has moved 700 miles since its discovery. Also, a little known fact, Greenland was free of ice 2-3 million years ago, and had been free of ice 50 million years PRIOR to that. Global warming is nothing new. In fact SHTF America postulates that the current global warming is merely the continuation of the end of the “Ice Age” 12,000 years ago. In geologic time, the Ice Age is still ending.

        Changes are coming whether we like it or not. The Mayans and the Eygptians saw it coming and they have tried to warn US. The writing is on the wall …………… of those pyramids.

      33. Dave:  The Mayan calander ends because the new alignments cannot be predicted.  This has happened before and the purpose of many ancient megaliths (stonehendge etc) was to acertain the new alignments when things settled down.  As for warning us, i agree with Durango Kidd, they did what they could to warn us.

        The Dark City is a bit off topic.  But tyrants (as well as fraudsters, liars and thieves) tend to have karmic problems.  It is unlikely they will come through this well.   No point in fighting a wounded pig, back off  (take care of your own) and let it bleed out.

      34. JUSTIN, “alignments” mean nothing at all.
        There was a major aligning of our planets on 5/5/2000, prior to it we had books written about it and nervous, superstitious people fearing the end because of it.
        Alignments of planets, galaxies or stars means nothing.
        Governments that are broke and desperate (like ours) are much more of a threat to your well being than any nonsense about the cosmos.
        Seriously, the whole Mayan calandar issue is one step away from the astrological chart readings in the paper, don’t fall for it.

      35. Justin:  That “alignment” that Dave mentions occurred in my birthchart. It made me outrageously wealthy, overnight, and on my birthday no less.

        Don’t discount these things just because they do not conform to the scientific principles of “prediction and control”. There is much we do not understand. Everyone should keep and open mind. Remember the moon was as “dry as a bone” just a few years ago. Now we know better.

        New understandings in quantum physics suggests that matter itself, at the quantum level where mind meets matter, is quite nebulous.

        Also, Mathmatical Proofs by supercomputer confirm that at least 10 dimensions exist in the nature of the universe: and the search for more dimensions and mathmatical proofs go on.

        Human beings have not yet begun to tap the information and nature of Creation and a thorough understanding of its design. Keep an open mind, something valuable might enter in.

      36. Dave: At least we agree on the value of newspaper astrology.  Trivial entertainment.  At a more precise level, astrology can be of value to those following their karmic paths.  However i was not speaking of alignments astrologically. 
        Astrophysically it is possible there are effects of alignments that take longer to manifest than most impatient humans are willing to credit.  The predictions of 5/5/2000 were about that alignment destabilising the south polar icecap.  If it did, (and i don’t know yet) changes should be obvious by 5/5/2012.
        What i mean about the calendar and the alignments is that the calendar measures the cycles of alignments that now occur, in the current ecliptic.  The reason the calendar ends is that a change in the ecliptic means that these cycles cannot be predicted without direct observations, conducted after the changes occur.  ie. it ends because it is useless if continued after that date.

      37. Durango: Don’t mean to ignore you.  You are correct that there are many things i don’t understand or have time to explore.  Among those are other dimensions, and quantum mechanics i have only a basic understanding of.
          Another thing i might point out is scientists are more reluctant to accept proven new ideas than ordinary people.  A scientist proving a new idea contrary to the paradigm is usually treated like a heretic until the proof is indisputable.  If a small quantum event is subject to the expectations of the observer, it might be hard to prove to a skeptic scientist!

      38. Justin: Good response. There are number here who understand the nuance of your statement. Many do not. It is a matter of perspective, isn’t it? 🙂

        Nice to chat with you.

      39. I admit that my understanding of the science behind this ‘galactic dark rift thingy’ is lacking, and that I’m also very late on this topic and my comments will probably not be read. However, as far as I understand it…

        The thing that everyone is worried about is that the Maya calander clocks up to in 2012 (calculation errors aside). This breaks down to (forgive my terrible spelling) 13 baktuns (400 years), 0 katuns (20 years), 0 tuns (like a year), 0 winals (20 day period) and 0 kins (days). Something that is not generally referred to is the time-periods after baktuns, again, please forgive my spelling, but there are longer time periods like paktuns (I believe it’s called), a unit of 5,200 years, I am led to believe.

        The Long Count continues, the count began at the Maya version of ‘creation’ (and, Justin, I thought that this was the Fifth Sun? I may be wrong), but the count uses the five numbers on stela and such because ‘this sun’ has not existed long enough to use the higher designations. The ancient Maya were masters of the use of space in their writings, applying all relevant information and not wasting any space (some Maya scholars have joking refered to it as a ‘fear of empty space’ :P).

        As for their pyramids, these reflected their cosmic outlook, a common trait in Mesoamerican culture, from the Olmecs, Toltecs, Maya, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Teotihacanos, et al. A ritualistic centre was regarded as the ‘centre of the cosmos’, and there are arguments that the levels of the pyramids reflected the heavens and underworld, which I believe were 13 in total. This was their way of creating and existing in their broader cosmic view, as well as a method for legitimising their civilisation, just as monumental architecture has been used by all civilisations – re, the Egyptian pyramids, or even (more recently) a lot of the pretty buildings and memorials in Washington DC. These monumental architectures often have practical uses, but part of their building is to say to the world “Look what we have the time, energy, resources and money to build! Respect us!”

        If you want a real mystery, check out the Indus Valley – a civilisation with great economic resources and methods of manufacture with a precision, standardisation and speed that would not be seen again until after the Industrial Revolution, yet they have little to no monumental architecture, no commemorations to rulers or gods, and a script which is as yet undeciphered because we have so little of it.

        The ancient Maya had a view of the world in which the physical and the spiritual were inextricably linked and interwoven, they built their pyrimids for THEMSELVES, not for us, and their calander continues after Their cosmology and worldview is facinating and I highly recommend people look into it.

      40. Oh, and Jane, the ancient Maya (using the word ‘ancient’ because there are still Maya people today) were excellent astronomers. They predicted eclipes and even the time of the sun rise and their calculations today are still only out by a very small fraction (I believe for sun rises it varies between a minute and eight minutes). That is one of the reasons everyone is scared – they were so accurate. However, as previously mentioned, they were not counting down to the end of the world, but counting up from it’s creation (in their own belief system), and it doesn’t end in 2012.

      41. Great comments all.

        Thanks for your contributions.

        Lots of great food for thought and weekend reading material!

      42. ok so y r we arguing about this??? i no its like 2 years later but seriouly… seriously if it happens it happens and we either go to heaven or hell and if it dosnt happen thn we hav lots of freeze dried food :)))) ok??

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