Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer To The Time Of The Apocalypse

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    Citing advancements in North Korea’s nuclear program, scientists have moved the doomsday clock closer to midnight, the symbolic time of the apocalypse. This is the closest the clock has ticked toward a doomsday scenario.

    The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which has been tracking the threat posed by nuclear weapons and other technologies since the 1940s, moved the second hand forward on their Doomsday Clock, which brings the world closer to its symbolic apocalyptic midnight by 30 seconds.

    “It is with considerable concern that we set the time of the 2018 doomsday clock and offer a plea to rewind the doomsday clock,” said Bulletin of Atomic Scientists President and CEO Rachel Bronson. “As of today, it is two minutes to midnight.” “Whenever the clock is set, we answer two basic questions,” Bronson, said in an interview last fall. “Is the world safer, or at greater risk than it was a year ago? And is it safer or at greater risk than it was ever in the clock’s history?”

    In 2017, the board moved the clock from three minutes to midnight, to two and a half minutes to midnight. The furthest the clock has been from midnight is 17 minutes back in 1991.

    Bulletin officials Lawrence M. Krauss and Robert Rosner wrote in an op-ed published Thursday by The Washington Post. “In fact, the Doomsday Clock is as close to midnight today as it was in 1953 when Cold War fears perhaps reached their highest levels.” Krauss, a theoretical physicist, and Rosner, an astrophysicist, added: “To call the world nuclear situation dire is to understate the danger — and its immediacy. North Korea’s nuclear weapons program appeared to make remarkable progress in 2017, increasing risks for itself, other countries in the region and the United States.”

    Over the past few years, tensions with North Korea have continuously seemed to reach the breaking point. Yet, no nation has taken the initiative to nuke the other, just yet. The advancement of time on the doomsday clock indicated that the scientists on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists believe that that very scenario could be just around the corner.


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      1. Who cares.

        • Darn. I was hoping for the asteroid strike.

        • Blah blah blah blah and further more Blah blah and more blah. Im on my own clock. Its like the Debt Clock. Nobody seems to care. Just print more money. We are all living on borrowed time.

        • Blah blah blah blah and further more Blah blah and more blah. Im on my own clock. Its like the Debt Clock. Nobody seems to care. Just print more money.. We are all living on borrowed time.

      2. Do you even know what apocalypse means? Look it up…

        • yes – skipping modern or religious – to ‘uncover’ or ‘reveal’. Greek. In short, to see the truth at the end of all searching. Relative to now? The final outcome.

          • BINGO! We ARE in the apocalypse right now. More shit uncovered everyday!

      3. As of midnight I was one day closer to death.

        • Exactly rellik. The day the universe was created it started the countdown to its demise.

      4. They are as relevant as the official weather report to person buried a hundred years ago. But the employees and CEO of this scam are well paid and look like they haven’t missed a meal, just like the poor in USA and EU.

      5. APOCALYPSE: “An imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom”.

        Sounds a lot like what Trump is doing to the Deep State.

        • Don’t hold your breath for that definition…

          • If you choose not to believe in God that’s your business. I’ll pray for you.

            Someday you’ll understand.

            • Pray. Or don’t pray. It won’t matter, either way the end result will be the same other than that the latter wastes less time than the former.

            • Oh don’t misunderstand me. I understand perfectly well. My god is not affiliated with any man made religions. My god IS the creator and doesn’t lay demands on me or tax me. I am free to do as I please and karma is my punishment for wrong doing. I am ascending while it seem’s you are stuck in some BS religion? Good luck with that.

              • Sounds like ya got it all figured out. 😉

                • well he said he’s a “GENIUS”!!! lol
                  but if he WAS a genius, why the contentious attitude?
                  Is it fear or maybe he’s feeling a bit convicted..

      6. you have to wonder where the doomsday clock would be if Clinton or either bushes would have taken out the NK leadership resulting in either a unification of korea or a start of decades of problems for the Korean continent; but there’d be no nukes there and the information passed to muzzie countries like iran never would have happened.

      7. to set the clock simply by nuke/war potentials is ludicrous. With the number of extinct animal/bird/repitilian species now, “dead zones” on our coasts,
        pollution of our water and lack thereof, GMO and pharmaceutical poisoning of all flora and fauna, I’d say we are WAAAYYY past midnight, folks.

        • And none of those issues would exist without our rampant overpopulation…Wait till it really gets bad!

          • It is not so much the cause of population, but carelessness, greed, and refusal to take responsibility. The entire Earth’s population could take care of the planet, if they chose to do so, but, it’s easier to turn the world into a landfill. You can now find a map of where people are pooping in the streets of San Francisco…

            • I beg to differ, If it wasn’t for the shitload of consuming zombies we wouldn’t need NUCLEAR power. We also wouldn’t OVERFISH THE OCEANS? If it wasn’t for the masses we would probably use NATURAL MEDICINES? If it wasn’t for the masses we would never run out of CLEAN WATER? If we kept the population in check a LOT of things would be BETTER! What you said is true except for the population issue. It is waaayyyy more than this planets carrying capacity. In 100 years this place will be fuckin’ hell!

              • My statement is based on the idea that people would actually take responsibility for their actions. Most do not, nor will they, unless caught doing otherwise. There are no real technological reasons the Earth cannot support a much larger population, but there are people reasons why it will not. Most of the people on Earth have no desire to do what it takes to keep the planet clean. The people who control things do not want them to. Those are the real problems.

      8. I was checking out a survey to wee how many people even knew there was a Dooms Day Clock.
        51% didn’t know

        They have had this thing when I was a kid, and Nobody gave a rat behind then or now.

        All it is, is FEAR PORN.


        • Kind of make out from the article and the timing of moving the second hand that these guys are also anti-Trumpers.

          What part of this economy don’t these people like? Oh, maybe it is because the slimy bassturds have a bit less leverage on we normal people now?

        • The doomsday clock hits midnight for those who are on the wrong end of my gun…

      9. We are all born with an expiration date. This planet is not an exception. The only difference is only God can read the date…kinda like those cryptic codes on some cans…Blessings!

      10. Is it anything like a Mickey Mouse watch?

      11. One way or the other somebody is going to sling one of those missiles and all hell will break loose. Prep for it.

      12. Having been warned 2000 years ago of what seems to be obvious today. WW3 the tri- bulation. Seems a very possibility? Mathew 13:24, and 25 seem plausible?And maybe good advice? Don’t tell the Tares.

        • Don’t worry, the Tares aren’t listening. Some even label themselves “Genius” all the while.

      13. I think we are all dead, and do not know it…………

      14. Just don’t screw up and cook the bacon crispy. Crispy bacon sucks.

      15. bullshit

      16. America is the biggest threat to world peace. That I’m sure of. A deaf dumb and blind person can see it. No truth, no justice is the American way. It has always been covered with endless lies to make us think we are special. Our blood sweat and tears built this monstrosity that never respected human life.

      17. Preposterous assumptions! Some people will actually believe this Bravo Sierra. Can’t these “wizards” find something more constructive to do with their ‘alleged’ intelligence?

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