Don’t Get Cold Feet: When the Economy Tanks, the Value of Gold May Briefly Plummet

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    You’ve probably heard the following advice a thousand times already: Precious metals are safe haven assets. When a financial system crumbles, everyone moves their money out of the stock market, or any other risky asset, and they buy gold. Since our financial system is burdened with so much debt and is teaming with bubbles, its collapse is all but inevitable. So you should buy gold now while it’s still relatively cheap.

    Despite my tone, I assure you that what I’ve said is still sound advice. However, there’s a small detail about safe haven assets like gold that most people forget. Sometimes, when the economy takes a nosedive, it takes gold down with it. Take a look at what happened to gold during the last financial crisis.


    That shaded part represents our last recession. As you can see, when the recession started everything went according to plan. Investors fled their typical financial haunts, and bought gold. But it soon began to lose value. In August and September of 2008, the price of gold plummeted to less than what it was before the recession. This event coincided with the stock market crash that also occurred in August of 2008.


    So what happened? Why did investors abandon gold; an asset that so many people revere as a lifeboat in hard times? It’s probably because, despite the dire nature of our economy at the time, the value of the dollar began to soar in July and August of 2008.


    The dollar wasn’t a great investment at the time, but its value increased because it was still better than so many other assets. It was the lesser of many different evils.

    I bring this up because people who buy gold need to understand that while precious metals are considered safe haven assets, they’re not immune to serious dips, even when everything is going to hell in a handbasket. I tell you this, because I don’t want you to panic when the next financial crisis hits, and sell all of the gold you bought to protect yourself in the years that preceded the crisis.

    As you can see from these charts, gold quickly recovered from this alarming dip. Roughly two years after gold reached a low of $822 in October of 2008, its value nearly doubled to $1500. In that same time frame the stock market merely recovered its pre-recession value. Three years after the stock market crashed, while gold was reaching record highs, the dollar index had reached its lowest point in decades. To this day, gold is still worth a lot more than it was before the stock market crash.

    So don’t lose your cool when the next financial crisis arrives. You know that the economy is a house of cards, and you know that unless we witness some kind of Mad Max apocalypse, gold is going to be one of the safest assets to hold when the house of cards comes tumbling down. And you know that this crisis is inevitable. So ride out the fluctuations in the market, and don’t get cold feet.


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      1. Exactly.

          • Gold and silver are great and I have some. But it doesn’t mean shit if you starve to death because you bought metal instead of a bunch of food to get through what’s coming. If there were no grocery stores to go get food I would not take a kilo of gold in exchange for my food.

            • Um……what the heck do you think the point of buying silver and gold is that it is REAL money to buy things like food, property, etc when the economy goes belly up.

              Why the heck you think people are converting their fiat for metal????

              In Venezuela an ounce of silver will buy you like 3-6 months of food on the black market.

              In Zimbabwe .1 gram of gold will get you a loaf of bread

              The ENTIRE POINT of buying gold and silver is to be able to buy shit when the economy tanks. Lol

              I mean why do you even own gold and silver in the first place??? To stare at it???

              And you definitely will accept much less than a kilo for some of your food. Because there will be shit that you need that you can get from someone else. And that person will take gold and silver from you as well because he will need shit that he will use that gold and silver to get from someone else.

              And why will all this take place???? Because gold and silver is recognized as MONEY to make trade efficient and has done so for thousands of years.

              • AZcats, do you know that for a fact? Have you actually been to Venezuela or Zimbabwe to witness in person how smoothly you can buy things with silver/gold? Me neither. No, I believe that silver and gold in your pockets there will just get you dead. No bread, just dead.

                Please stop fantasizing. Gold and silver are not money.

                • If you have gold in your pocket you better have lead in your gatt. Practice drawing your gatt when someone is bashing your brains out with a bat. I just like that because bat rhymes with gatt?

                  • If you all like History like I do, then you will learn from history. I am currently reading an old book called, “The Leading Facts of American History” written in 1890 by Montgomery

                    “Back during the American Revolutionary War, When General George Washington and his Continental Army, after suffering various defeats, was held up on one side of the Potomac River at Valley Forge in 1777-1778, the opposite side of where the British were positioned and stationed. Washington’s men were beaten, tired cold and humiliated and about to abandon the Revolution. Washington had to quickly come up with a new plan, to somehow bring defeat and at least win a decisive battle to restore moral to his ranks. His men also have not been paid either, and the Continental Currency was losing value quickly, and the men had no interest in that paper currency to keep fighting. So Washington decided to restore faith in the cause, and ordered sacks of “Silver as Hard Currency” to pay his men and help keep his ranks filled. Sure enough he rounded up enough Silver to pay his soldiers in real hard Silver Currency to maintain his forces. With this simple move for payment, Washington also gathered up enough boats and devised his sneak attack on Christmas in the cold of winter to cross the Delaware and catch his opponents dunk and a sleep. Sure enough, Washington Crossed the Delaware River Christmas night, and the sneak attack was decisive battle and what led to a great victory.

                    So if you want to see how Real Hard Currency like Silver plays out in real life in SHTF, this is a history lesson to plant in your brains. When Push comes to Shove, people know what real money is. Paper currencies come and go and lose value depending on politics or inflation, Gold and Silver lasts forever and is real money. Silver saved the day in 1777, saved the Continental Army, saved the US Revolution and saved a Country. Any more questions about the value of Silver? Just refer to History, it’s in the archives.

                    -Zeus / Hermes

                  • Been seeing your posts now for weeks. You never have anything intelligent to say.
                    Take a fucking hike you immature little prick.

                    • Talking to Gandi.

                • MOE… you can go on youtube and find africans panning for a fraction of a gram of gold to go trade it for a loaf of bread.


                  Why are they able to exchange gold for bread? BECAUSE GOLD IS MONEY DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. But i guess you are smarter than our founders who said only gold and silver shall be legal tender.

                  And you are also very very ignorant MOE….you JUST SAID “gold in your pockets will get you dead”

                  So you basically contradicted yourself by pointing out that you will be killed and robbed for your gold. WELL IF GOLD IS’NT MONEY THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD SOMEONE KILL YOU AND ROB YOU FOR IT LIKE YOU JUST SAID? LOOOOL

                  Man you anti gold people are absolutely BRAINDEAD.

                  If gold isn’t money then WTF is the point of it??? Why have people been mining gold for hundreds and thousands of years? Why is China, Russia, India, and central banks all loading up on gold like crazy????



                  “Gold is money and everything else is credit.” – JP Morgan

                  “In the absence of a gold standard there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” – Alan Greenspan

                  • Good luck in your fantasy land. Got your skittle-shitting unicorns stocked up too?

                    • Do you notice how you CAN’T substantively reply to what I have said??? You just say something stupid like got my unicorns stocked up too. Just like liberals do.

                      C’mon man at least TRY. I asked you a question…..if gold and silver isn’t money then WTF is the point of owning it??? WTF is the point of paying $1,300 USD for an ounce of gold is gold isn’t money???

                      You remember our founding fathers??? You do realize they put in the constitution…”ONLY GOLD AND SILVER SHALL BE LEGAL TENDER.”

                      Were our founding fathers actually idiots for putting that in the constitution???

                      Truth is… are anti-gold because the govt and media have brainwashed you and 99% of Americans into believing gold is not money.

                      And when I press you and ask you questions, you can’t even answer them.

                      I CERTAINLY understand your average riffraff braindead american to believe that gold is not money. But when supposedly real Americans on a pepper site don’t even understand gold is money, then you know for sure the country is completely fucked with no hope of salvaging it.

                      The ONLY reason the economy is as fucked up as it is is because we don’t have GOLD backing our currency. And the jews are all laughing all the way to the bank while they steal all our wealth via inflation because Americnas are so stupid and think paper is money. Even jew Greenspan tells you so in the quote above.

                  • here’s what WILL be “money”….SOON
                    canned FOOD
                    bulletproof vests
                    warm clothing
                    CLEAN water
                    farmable land
                    a community
                    books on survival/medical/growing/water purification/
                    canning supplies
                    educational books of all kinds
                    it’s ALL currency now…….what’s the difference between venezuela and america?…..nuthin’ in a few more days!

                    • Ammo is not money, and bartering with ammo is very very STUPID.

                      NONE OF THE STUFF you mentioned above is money except for gold and silver.

                      Food is not money. You can certainly barter with food (which is inefficient) but food is NOT money. This is a very simple concept.

                    • bartering ANYTHING will be stupid, according to YOU…any of that list “bartered” with the wrong person COULD get you killed, after the bell rings. every time you “barter”, you will be risking your LIFE….no MATTER what you are talking about. if you have STUFF, you could be killed for it….yeesh.

                • MOE… you can go on youtube and find africans panning for a fraction of a gram of gold to go trade it for a loaf of bread.


                  Why are they able to exchange gold for bread? BECAUSE GOLD IS MONEY DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. But i guess you are smarter than our founders who said only gold and silver shall be legal tender.

                  And you are also very very ignorant MOE….you JUST SAID “gold in your pockets will get you dead”

                  So you basically contradicted yourself by pointing out that you will be killed and robbed for your gold. WELL IF GOLD IS’NT MONEY THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD SOMEONE KILL YOU AND ROB YOU FOR IT LIKE YOU JUST SAID? LOOOOL

                  Man you anti gold people are absolutely BRAINDEAD.

                  If gold isn’t money then WTF is the point of it??? Why have people been mining gold for hundreds and thousands of years? Why is China, Russia, India, and central banks all loading up on gold like crazy????



                  “Gold is money and everything else is credit.” – JP Morgan

                  “In the absence of a gold standard there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” – Alan Greenspan

              • “The ENTIRE POINT of buying gold and silver is to be able to buy shit when the economy tanks.”

                That statement presupposes that there is food to buy and that someone will sell it who has it. I do not think that likely in a real SHTF.

                I think in a REAL SHTF, like Venezuela, that if asked today, that people would rather have something to eat than silver or gold.

                Invest in gold to PRESERVE a portion of your wealth for after the Changes. Speculate with silver, rather than a digital cryptocurrency that can disappear in an instant.

                And hoard your lead. They won’t be making any more of it after the Changes. 🙂

              • Well a lot has changed since 2008. We now have the elimination of paper currencies. Look at Greece and a few others. Metals are still the safe bet vs a paper IOU PROMISE SORRYASS NOTE. Bank Bail-ins And the World is abandoning the US Dollar and now trading Gold for Oil like China and Russia are doing. Cant eat your paper IOU’S Either and I would not use it to wipe myass either because it carries a lot of germs amd bacteria. Ill stick with Silver, Gold may be confiscated or banned. Silver will be the modus of exchange. Nice 1 Oz Rounds make a nice sound when it hits the counter. Silver is at $17 and change today. And trippled in value at $48 like it did in March of 2011. So buy low sell high.

                So do you think the US Dollar will double or triple in value in the future as they print $5 Billion more every month. I think NOT. Go pick up more Silver on the dips and secure your wealth. This article as true as the charts say, does not mention any of these new alerts like digital currency and elimination of paper money. PMs is your hand is the best insurance policy for inflation and banning of cash. Sure go buy your food ammo guns etc. But we are talking Money here and Gold and silver is real Money proven 5000 years and counting.

            • The clothes on your body doesn’t mean shit if you starve to death either. I mean why do you buy clothes? You can’t eat your clothes, right?

              • You do what you want and so will I.

              • Keep stacking buddy. I’ll give you the holey shirt off my back for all the gold in your pockets after tshtf. And you’ll thank me for it because most other guys would probably just exchange some lead at high velocity to you for it.

      2. At least the price of ammo will go up.

        • Yes silver bullets are good vampire stoppers.

      3. Speaking of plummeting did you see today that the DON said being President he thought was going to be easier????????

        Well if he steps down I think the VICE PRESIDENT will make a good PRESIDENT.

        Well stay tuned America…………

        • What could be easier than rolling over for the banksters? Trumpster to the dumpster.

      4. Why do we have to pay more than spot price only to get paid spot when we sell. That tells me the profits aren’t for my pocket in metals. Sticking with cold hard cash it’s what everyone wants. Anyone wants to give away their worthless dollars can send them my way. Hoarding $ and living hand to mouth on purpose.

        • Jim, don’t care if the price of ammo goes up,not selling!
          Brandon says don’t sell.What you gonna do when the tax man comes a calling?
          Asshat, agree about keeping some paper,but if it crashes??
          I keep paper for last minute items,hard to keep long term.
          I’m gonna buy every case of beer I can find! lol!
          Don’t forget spices folks,have Toni s but also have jars of
          Crab boil,just a pinch while boiling your rice!
          Be well all!
          Maniac –out

          • We keep dispenser shakers on our table full of J.O.(crab/seafood seasoning), Dillo Dust and Old Bay seasoning.

            • Buy LARGE jars of ginger, turmeric, onion powder, garlic, cinnamon, and other MEDICINAL herbs.

              Check ORACVALUES.COM for the list you need. 🙂

        • Why do you have to pay more than wholesale for anything? A store is in business to make a profit, not give you stuff at cost, which is actually a loss when you figure in salaries, rent, utilities, etc.

        • I bet ya a 1 Oz silver round Asshat has a closet full of Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Dolls still in the original box still waiting for the price to go up.

          Back in the 80’s during the Cabbage Patch Doll craze a few clever dudes listed in the paper. Send $20 for your very own “Cabbage Patch” well a lot of people jumped on that offer thinking they were going to get a doll. But what the got in the mail was a sleave of Cabbage seeds. All perfectly legal and the sellers committed no crime. They listed it as “Cabbage Patch” and not listing it as a Doll. Sheep get fleeced like Asshat hording $10 bills in # 10 cans like a few idiots on here still do. And still brag about it. LMFAO!! ?

        • There must be some reason to buy precious metals, as both the Chinese and Russian governments have been “backing up the truck” recently to buy precious metals:

          “The CENTRAL BANKS of China and Russia are buying gold as a ‘safe haven’ according to analysts, growing their bullion reserves to defend against the worsening financial and economic outlook.

          The recent gold sales by Venezuela also demonstrate the metal’s value in a crisis, analysts agree, as the former world No.13 central-bank holder raises cash by selling bullion, dropping to No.20.

          China and Russia’s move to buy gold is led by “growing fears over global economic growth and grave concern over the health of emerging market economies,” writes analyst Robin Bhar at French investment and bullion market maker Societe Generale, calling it a “key…evident…theme highlight[ing] central banks’ view of gold as a safe haven asset.”

          “[Amongst] emerging market economies,” agrees a note from specialist analysts Thomson Reuters GFMS, also pointing to China, Russia and Venezuela, “gold’s nature as a safe haven asset is growing in importance.”

          The world’s No.1 gold mining producer since 2007, China has seen the People’s Bank buy gold at the fastest pace amongst all official holders since 2009. Adding a further 46 tonnes in 2016 to reach 1,808 tonnes by end April, it then paused in May – the first time since at least May 2015.

          World No.3 miner Russia has meantime bought a further 62 tonnes so far this year, taking its central-bank reserves to 1,476 tonnes of bullion and keeping its No.6 spot amongst national holders, one place behind China.

          “The slide in crude oil prices,” says Bhar, “coupled with the implementation of Western sanctions [over Ukraine and Crimea] has seen the Rouble weaken by almost 50% in two years, forcing the central bank to act…[and] diversify its assets away from the US Dollar and into gold.”

          Moscow’s January-April gold buying was only just behind the country’s total gold mine output of 67 tonnes over the same period, itself some 7% higher year-on-year according to the Finance Ministry.

          Beijing’s total foreign currency reserves shrank in May near $3 trillion, still the world’s largest but down by almost a quarter from the 2015 peak.

          Like Russia’s move to buy gold, China’s accumulation “can [also] partially be attributed to China’s desire to diversify assets in light of Yuan depreciation,” the SocGen report concludes.”

      5. Economy plummets and things go very wrong the last thing almost am worried about is price of gold!The monetary value of barbie dolls probably lower on list!

        Jim,you have no need to worry about ammo costs then,your set right?No,you can still see the top of your closet/safe what have you,well,you then don’t have enuff ammo,get shopping!

        As I like to say,when have you heard someone say”You know,I have too much ammo!”?

        • i got ALL i need, and had a few bucks left to buy gold. but i learned back when i started “investing” in the stock market back in the 80’s that one needed GOLD as insurance. in 1987 when the market crashed, gold stocks went right along with them to the downside. it’s taken me a LIFEtime to finally see WHY you need gold. yes, the price of gold falls during a stock crash, because all the funds liquidate the easiest thing to sell, to meet their margin calls. this time will be DIFFERENT. THIS time, our dollar will be in BIG trouble, and gold MIGHT just be your savior, but only if you got ALL your bases covered FIRST. remember, you can’t always find someone WILLING to sell gold when it’s low, and you might not be able to find someplace to SELL gold when it’s HIGH, out in the real world. but if you got STUFF, you better have GOLD too.

          • when the prices of things you WANT go DOWN, and the prices of things you NEED goes UP….THAT is when gold will shine. stagflation….coming to a theatre near YOU!

        • the only time a person can have “too much ammo”, is if your on fire or over your head in water

          • that’s funny. i just told my 13 y/o son 2 nites ago, “we can NEVER have a fire here!” lots of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors is a MUST! and always make sure there’s free access to water hoses and they reach to every corner of the house.

              • hadn’t heard of those. thanks for the headsup. i will tell my fire extinguisher story one more time. go to your local fire extinguisher maintenance guy and ask if he has any used ones for sale. i bought 13….. 5 and 10 pound ones for 10 bucks each from our local guy….all freshly serviced. now i got them all over the house, and they are MUCH bigger than a normal one for a car, for example. when the zombies start marchin’, yer gonna need em.

          • You are absolutely funny and 100% truthful. If the LE raid me and lay my shid out for photos it will take a foot ball field and eye brows will go up around the world.

      6. You know, I have too much ammo!

      7. Actually, you can never have too much ammo!

      8. Of course gold is a safe haven asset. Its a “hard” (not fiat/paper) asset. But its price in terms of dollars fluctuates like any other commodity. There are lots of other safe haven “hard” assets (not fiat)….food, water, land, real estate, guns/ammo, whiskey, medicine, toilet paper, autos, tools, etc…and yes, even being debt free is an asset. In a real SHTF scenario, you’d better have all of the above. Gold would be last on my list. In a financial crisis, gold would be a great thing to own….once the bottom drops out of the market & stocks tank, you can bet that gold will make big moves up. Once the smoke clears, you sell the gold at high prices, and buy the stocks at collapsed prices. In a hyper inflationary spiral gold would be king also….same scenario; you bought low and sold high. Don’t be stupid and think that owning piles of PMs is your salvation in a SHTF world…as the bible says “they cast their gold & silver out into the streets”. Meaning when the SHTF, those PMs won’t be worth shit.

        • The dollar price of gold is IRRELEVANT. Gold didn’t all of a sudden become valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. Valuing gold in terms of worthless fiat is a very wrong thing to be doing.

          I don’t get how people don’t realize that gold and silver are MONEY that buy all the things that you just listed.

          I mean there is literally zero point to owning gold and silver if it can’t buy you stuff like land, property, food, ammo, etc. THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT.

          There have been countless economic crisis’ going back centuries. Yet this is the first time that people actually say that gold and silver will be worthless. It is absolutely AMAZING how well the anti-gold propaganda has worked on ignorant Americans. ESPECIALLY HERE ON SHTF! Where we are SUPPOSED to be constitutionalists!

          There is a REASON our founding fathers said only GOLD AND SILVER SHALL BE LEGAL TENDER. And I don’t think I have to point out that they were much smarter than you.


          • They ain’t nobody here anti gold. We just have enough sense to get things we need now instead of having to attempt to trade gold for things we need later and perhaps being murdered for our gold at the trade site. Or what you gonna do when the new government says they’ll keep kill you or lock your ass up for even having gold. You need to think.

            • Menzo, bingo!

          • A few ounces of gold may get you out of the country or harms way when all else fails.
            If you can escape the carnage when millions of others have died-congratulations.
            Gold is a preserve your wealth, save your ass tool. Will also buy a couple of really good
            weapons and some ammo should you need it. Of course in a really bad situation, somebody
            is likely to ambush you with a shitty weapon and take your good one after they eliminate you. There will be a lot of that going on. That will be the theme if things go renegade. Kill
            your adversary and take their shit. If you are lucky enough to make it to Canada or Mexico
            you will most likely will have killed dozens of people by then. If things are a mess in those countries, you are truly fucked. Excuse my language.

      9. The price of anything and everything depends on how much money people wanting to buy it have to spend on it and how many people are wanting to buy it in relation to how many are wanting to sell it.

        If the economy actually collapses, which it won’t in the sense of the depression era, then most people will be wanting to sell and few people wanting to hold on to it or buy it.

        So when you need it most, it will be worth least.

        • I plan to use gold as bait. I will pile it in the front yard and sit on my roof with a rifle.

          • Gold is to bankers as cheese is to rats

        • you lost ME at “If the economy actually collapses, which it won’t in the sense of the depression era”. strip out all the borrowing/printing of the last ten years from GDP, and we have BEEN IN A DEPRESSION….that money has to be payed back, yuh know…..well, actually, it CAN’T be paid back…..and SOMEBODY’S gonna be pissed. yes, we been in a depression for over ten years now when you TRUTHFULLY measure GDP, but we are headed for a MUCH worse time.

        • PURE NONSENSE.

          Gold and silver IS currency.

          “Few people will be wanting to hold gold and silver”

          And those would be the dumbest people on the planet.


          If our founders were alive today they would be face palming reading some of these anti-gold comments join SHTF

          • The ones that fantasize with the gold-is-money thought will not last long after tshtf.

      10. Not really worried about the paper price. All the paper price does is determine how much of my ‘paper’ I need to part with to get something of real value.

        But that doesn’t really matter as the shysters, I mean PM dealers, will only increase their margin percentage as the price falls.

        It’s the ounces you hold in real metal that will count, if ever, in the end.

        Plenty of people have been holding gold for DECADES waiting for the end and still have all those ounces, many have died with all those ounces.

        • yes, many may die holding those pms,

          but they pass along nicely to the next generation.

          hopefully they will know what to do with it.

          if not–it won’t matter. I’ll be gone………

          • I made the mistake of telling my daughter where a large sum of pm coins were stashed and she robbed me and moved in with her boyfriend. But since I won’t pay for her college now I will break even ?

            • Ghandi, another reason to sit on the roof, huh? 🙂

              • Worse, I took and sold her brand new car and emptied her college fund account? She was too spoiled anyhow.

                • my spoiled brat daughter came in one day, and said “my car won’t start”…i said “i know”.

      11. Gold?
        Ill just be happy to keep the lights on,,,,

        • Gold is easy to get, just punch Mike Tyson in the mouth and take his gold teeth.

          • I’d pay you 50 bucks just to see you try.

            • I don’t want gold though? People just rob and kill for it. Even Jesus was sold out for 30 small pieces of silver. Crap, I put my trust in lead.

          • PFFT! i would rather piss on a spark-plug….or sandpaper a bobcat’s ass in a phone booth. hell, i would rather remove my spleen with an oyster knife, or fuck a polarbear in a phonebooth…why not frenchkiss a barracuda? or have sex with barbara boxer without a bag…that would be like climbing a 40 foot ladder…everythings GREAT…until you look DOWN. i’d wipe my ass with barbed wire first.
            before i would do THAT, i would Drink a bottle of Jagermeister and then ride on a roller coaster.
            i would rather let feinstein sit on my face and take a rosebush to my ass. hell, i might just drink a dr pepper before i would punch tyson… i would rather get stuck Washing the underwear at an old folks home. why not Kick Mickey Mouse down a flight of stairs while 100 children look on? why, i could brush my hair with a cactus. i think i would rather hear my grandparents talk about their sex lives…..or, Spend an hour in a sleeping bag with nancy pelosi naked….why not Gulp every last pill in Liza Minnelli’s medicine cabinet? maybe i would Yodel the Bible before i would do that….try Walkin’ barefoot over a floor my son has scattered with Legos. (Wait, I already do that.)
            I’d rather get caught by my wife snorting cocaine off finestines ass…or shit a pinecone. why not chew my tongue off with a mouthful of gasoline?…or drink a gallon of turpentine and piss on a brushfire…
            I’d rather put my dick in a blender full of Chile’s….
            I’d rather climb a tree… barefoot and naked… and slide all the way back down
            I would rather have an umbrella opened… after it’s been shoved up my ass
            I would rather jerk off a mountain lion… with a fistful of glass… i would rather see nancy pelosi naked…no…wait….i WOULD punch tyson before i got to that point…I would rather drown in a barrel of snot….or Drink tea that was strained through the crotch of panty hose which were last worn by barbara boxer.. and not washed…..or drink tea made from nancy pelosi’s tampon…I’d rather give myself a manicure… with a chainsaw
            I’d rather have all my teeth pulled… without anesthetic by a dentist armed only with a rusty spoon. i might eat a 3 cans of catfood first. there’s a LOT of options to think about before you punch mike tyson……..damn….i sure miss eppe!

            • Buttcrack,thanks I needed that!!! Yep Eppe RIP!
              Shit that was funny,I don’t care who you are!
              Maniac –out

            • Yea, ive met Mike,,, wouldnt fuck with the dude, hes ok but sure as hell wouldnt cross him

              • Criminey, after reading that I had to go take some Aleve and do some shots.

            • Can you imagine how saggy Plousy is

              • Swell…thanks a whole bunch Nailbanger. OK now I need to do more shots to get that image out of my head.

              • probly leaks worse than brittney spears……, never mind, that sounds kinda CRASS. so forget i almost wrote it.

      12. The best investment is in your health. Deal with known medical problems. When SHTF comes, you want to be at your best! Same with your family. We really don’t know when SHTF times will come or what it will be like. Too much speculation. Tending to your immediate everyday life will prepare you best for SHTF.

        • Gold is not an investment. Gold is money to pay for things like keeping your health good.


        Don’t pay any attention to anything that NASA publishes. All the planetary data, photos, etc are fakes per my source. Saturn’s rings has Type2 civilization space ships mining the rings. Some of the ships are over 120 miles in length. The mine the rings for resources and this is why the Extra Terrestrials have bases on Earth. The US cabal blacktops secret program has had a bas on mars since the 1970’s. Yet NASA is writing articles telling us crap about Astronauts using clay to build house on Mars on future mission. This post in part of my on going leaks from intelligences sources. You will more troll attacks on my post that will escalate, Starting
        with this one..

        The US has a base on Ganamede, Triton, Mars and one the moon. The moon is a ship, very massive ship in orbit around the earth that was placed there to stabilize the earths atmosphere. PERIOD, FACT OF LIFE, NOT ARGUABLE OR DEBATABLE.


        • And this has WHAT to do with gold?

          Drunk posting = bad posting.

          Now for your rant of how I will die and you will live to be king of the world forevah and evah.

          You did make me laugh with ‘the moon is a ship’ thing though, that’s gotta be some strong swill your chugging down.

          Happy Friday!

        • HCKS.. I thought the Earth is flat, there is no curvature noticed even at high altitudes. Spinning ball at a thousand miles an hour racing around the sun at 67,000 mph. Can’t feel any movement. We stick to Earth because of gravity. Yeah right!

        • You do know that all those paperback novels back in the 1950s were science “fiction” don’t you?

        • What a long, strange trip it’s been for Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf.

      14. As a matter of fact….one ounce of gold will buy about 40 bottles of some descent whiskey, or about 500 units of some descent pain killers right now. I will bet you a dollar to a donut under a SHTF scenario, that demand for whiskey and PKs will far outpace the demand for PMs.!!!

        • Uhhhhhh….gold and silver is money that will be able to buy you whiskey and PK’s.

          Why do you think people get out of fiat and into gold and silver in the first place? To stare at the metals when the currency collapses?

          You said there will be a lot of DEMAND for whiskey in shtf……well how the fuck do you think you are going to be able to pay for it if it is in high demand?

          GOLD and SILVER duuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr

          • Ok AZ, today you have your gold and your life. With your flawed fantasy, after SHTF and you start trying to peddle your gold, you will probably end up with neither.

            • No doubt! I’m sure everyone he knows knows he has gold. May as well paint a target on his own chest.

              • Let them come get it. I didn’t buy an AK-47 to hang on my wall and look at it like a painting.

            • You are basically making my point for me. If people will rob and kill for gold like you say they will, obviously that means you better have some.

              You are totally contradicting yourself.

              • Some people kill for drugs. So does that mean drugs are money too? No, not at all. Anything of value to a thug, including gold, heroin, guns, ammo, even pussy, can get one killed if they’re not careful. That doesn’t make those items money though. Sure, keep stacking if you wish, but be careful.

      15. Did you hear the story about the ugly girl.

        A teenaged girl was devastated when her boyfriend dumped her for a more fashionable girl. Then her poor old granny died, and left her a run down old house. She left her parents house and moved into granny’s place. While straightening up, a picture fell off the wall. There was a hole in the wall. Inside was a letter and some cash. Granny had left gold for her little angel. The girl soon forgot the silly boy. And lived happily ever after.

        The moral of the story:

        You can’t take it with you.
        But you sure can help those
        Left behind.


        • I forgot to mention that the teenage girl was weak so she had to get grandpa’s block and tackle from the shed and use it to Haul grandma by the neck to the ceiling like in the movie Hateful 8.

      16. “In the absence of a gold standard there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.” – Alan Greenspan

        “Gold is money, everything else is credit.” – JP Morgan (1913 testimony to congress)

      17. For the first two weeks gold will be king ,along with brass and lead. But when food gets scarce, Food, along with enough brass and lead to defend it ,will be king?

      18. I read that in Latin disaster means Death Star. Planet 9 nibaru. .?

      19. The value has always been artificially-pegged to a fiat currency, by some market maker, and it will never be fungible at any higher rate.

        In banana republics, it is comparable to us getting cash for recyclables.

        In North Korea, there is an industry for humanure.

        The fact that it is physical, you can hold it in your hands, and it’s technically useful, does not guarantee that status will be assigned to it.

        “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?”

        This valuable commodity, which some say was applied to the beards of the Egyptian pharaohs, came from a desert flower, now a generic presence in city plantings, and dowries were once paid, in the form of common kitchen seasonings.

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