Donetsk People’s Republic: Ukraine Has “Crossed All Lines”

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    The Donetsk People’s Republic has said that Ukraine has “crossed all lines” and requested additional forces from Russia amid the Ukrainian shelling of residential areas. The DPR said that Donetsk has been under heavy shelling by Kiev.

    “The enemy has literally crossed all lines. Prohibited methods of warfare are being used. The residential areas and the central districts of the city of Donetsk are under artillery shelling, other cities and towns of the DPR are also under fire,” Denis Pushilin, the head of DPR stated according to a report by RT

    “An understanding was reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied troops, primarily of Russia, will be deployed,” he said.

    Donetsk, as well as other locations across the DPR, have been subjected to heavy rocket and artillery attacks by the Ukrainian military over the past few days. The shelling became particularly strong on Monday, with dozens of incidents registered by local authorities across the city. –RT

    There have been other reports of Ukraine shelling a maternity hospital in Donetsk as well.

    Ukrainian forces have subjected residential areas of Donetsk – as well as other locations across the DPR – to rocket and conventional artillery shelling over the past few days. The Monday shelling turned out to be particularly heavy, with local rulers and correspondents on the ground reporting dozens of hits across the city.

    Since “invading” Ukraine, the Kremlin has demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists that the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two republics by force, even though there are reports of heavy shelling in at least one of the republics.


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      1. A shame Russia can’t hold itself to the same high standards we held ourselves to in the ME.

        But, that is the nature of war as our enemies practice it.

      2. Ukraine, pu-kraine…
        The entire reason for Ukraine was SOLELY to launder a shit-load of USD through the most corrupt burg on the planet. You don’t REALLY think that any of that cash went into anything other than a Biden/Pelosi/Schumer and every other Congress-Critter Slush Fund, do you?
        The RATZ are getting reading to jump ship while they think we’re going to drown in their absence…
        I have news for all of you shitz, if ANY foreign troops appear on North American shores they will have their military serial number tattooed to their miserable hides after which they will SKINNED ALIVE…the hides sent back to their grieving families.
        Wanna BET that suddenly ‘coming over here’ will lose it’s luster after the first few thousand such end up in the mail home?
        That fxckin’ WHORE Schwab and his entire lot have a much more entertaining fate awaiting them…rest assured.

        Cheerio Kiddos…start getting those Filet knives REAL sharp, we’ll need them soon enough


        • Warning to invading foreign tyrants: we may tolerate idiocy from our fellow Americans, but JOG makes a good point – our forefathers knew how to discourage creeps. We will return your brutality ten-fold when you open Pandora’s Box by invading our shores. Ancestors like mine: 1) native Americans that took scalps, 2) Europeans that placed carcasses on pikes, 3) some folks that tied invaders to low-tide beaches, 4) others that tied invaders to alligator swamps, 5) sharks, rattle-snakes, bears, wolverines, mountain-lions, the list goes on.

      3. These two countries share so much culture they have been close for over 800 years . Globalists scum have to come in destabilize, cause war, destruction and rebuild with economic hitman and the central bankster printing press. Its really is starting to get old! Die globalists die! Smite them god please!

      4. Who cares? Imma going camping and fishing. Try out my new (used) camper! Got it all solar powered same as my boat and even my old truck has solar lol. Sooooo nice to just troll/ cruise all day with no gas or pos motor to try and start! Quiet, smooth, smell free. My doggie loves camping and swimming and being the campground host. Life is good aaaahhhhhh 😀

        • Maybe next week We will go camping again and take the rhino instead of the boat. Theres an offshoot atv road that goes over the mountains to another lake. Just do some bank fishing and check out some new country. Life is good aaaaahhhhh 😀

      5. No! This can’t be happening! Biden promised me he would protect the Christians! That he would protect the rich, and corrupt! That he would obey the law! That he would support and defend the Constitution! Oh well, one outa four ain’t bad for a democrat!

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