Donald Trump Brags In Tweet: ‘I Am A Tariff Man’

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    President Donald Trump is celebrating the fact that he’s a thief and glorifying in his ability to steal money via way of tariffs/taxation. Earlier today, Trump tweeted that he’s the “tariff man” and he is “taking in $billions in tariffs” right now.

    And most Americans are finally beginning to understand that a tariff is nothing more than a fancy word for tax on consumers. Or theft since taxation is theft.

    President Xi and I want this deal to happen, and it probably will. But if not remember, I am a Tariff Man,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power.”

    It all seems so obvious anymore. Americans are paying for the trade war, and it’s already begun to hurt especially those who are living paycheck to paycheck thanks to already sky-high taxes in “the land of the [not] free.”

    While the French riot over an increase in taxation that only profits the political elitists, Americans roll over and allow theft on an egregious scale by their own government. According to RT, in dealing with China so far, Trump has lived up to his self-ascribed reputation as a tariff man.” The Trump administration has thus far applied tariffs to $253 billion worth of Chinese goods and has threatened to apply 25 percent tariffs to another $267 billion worth of Chinese merchandise if this round of talks is unsuccessful. If talks fail, the tariff rate on $200 billion of the original $253 billion worth of goods will be hiked from 10 percent to 25 percent.

    Trump was also certain to attempt to reassure US farmers who have been perhaps hurt the most during his trade war that the negotiations with China would benefit them.


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      1. me too…

        • lets spend some of that money to buy some soybeans……turn up the heat!

        • “Americans pay the tariffs.”

          Yes we do if we want a product made in China that is hit with a tariff and imported into the USA. BUT they can purchase a similar product manufactured in Europe, America, or elsewhere that is NOT hit with a TARIFF; and that will likely have a cheaper price than the product made in China that now has a TARIFF attached.

          That’s the Principle of Substitution in action.

          But consider under “FREE TRADE” using a manipulated currency and nearly slave wages, that a product made in China, like heavy equipment (ie Bulldozer, Backhoe) could be made in China and shipped to the EAST COAST of the USA and cost less than a similar Caterpillar piece of heavy equipment manufactured in Ohio.

          Obviously a manufacturer (capitalist) is going to dismantle its factory in Ohio and ship it to China to be “cost effective” and price competitive (read: advantaged) in world markets. The problem is that by dismantling that factory and shipping it to China, Americans who worked at that factory are suddenly unemployed.

          Multiply that factory and the hundreds or thousands of jobs
          of that particular factory by the 70,000 factories that were offshored to China and you begin to understand the problem for American workers, taxpayers, and families who are now unemployed.

          Then consider that for every job lost in this way, two to three jobs other ancillary jobs which serviced this job in manufacturing are lost.

          American families are now much poorer, with less income, in debt, and under stress while the wealth of America’s Middle Class is transferred to China (40%). At the same time, American governments at the local, state, and federal level collect less taxes, yet have a bigger financial BURDEN providing services to the unemployed and homeless.

          After that, facilitate the invasion of America by Third World uneducated workers to compete for the millions of fewer jobs and you begin to see the suppression of wages & salaries in America which can no longer keep up with inflation. In fact American salaries & wages had not had a raise, in real terms, since the seventies. Are you getting the picture My Peeps ???


          There is no compelling, moral, or rational reason why American consumers should be making Chinese Capitalists rich while its government uses the wealth it is siphoning off of US to impoverish US and replace US as the world economic & military power. It is better to enrich our own government than the Chinese government.

          All of those in favor of continuing to commit economic suicide, and national genocide, please raise your hand !!! Mac, is your hand UP ??? 🙂

          • let ’em eat cake!……’cause they aint gittin’ our soybeans until they stop stealing EVERYTHING. an example:years ago, the chinks assed the japs if they could have a look at their assembly line for TV’s. they sent a team with photographic memories, and not long after, they had an identical line spittin’ out TV’s……and like the japs, we INVITE them to do it….until NOW!

          • All true.

            That said, it took us nearly 50 years to get this screwed over. It will take 50 more years of ungodly pain to get back. Got any ideas on a transition plan? Cause way I see it, we could get back but a lot of people are going to starve for minimum 10 years, possibly 20.

            All those billions in taxes going back into the consumer economy in any way?

            • “Got any ideas on a transition plan? Cause way I see it, we could get back but a lot of people are going to starve for minimum 10 years, possibly 20.”

              No doubt about it.

              It WILL take time, but TRUMP is moving in the right direction: America First. His character may be flawed but whose character isn’t ??? Especially Presidents.

              Jimmy Carter was a righteous man but a terrible President. I voted for TRUMP’S POLICIES, not the man. What WE NEED is to support his efforts as aggressively as the Left pushes their Agenda on US, if we want to retain our personal liberties and economic independence.

              The coming economic reset will give companies an opportunity to relocate factories back to America; particularly those factories that sell their product to Americans. Apple products that serve China, as an example, will still be made in China, and the same goes for Apple Europe.

              The days of manufacturing at the lowest price point and shipping to the highest price point is coming to an end. Manufacturing will be more evenly distributed, globally.

              There is A LOT of new technologies coming. These new innovations in every field will spur new industries. The working class must be well educated and flexible to transition to these new industries, much like professionals who (ie teachers) reoriented to real estate or computer software, etc. Retraining programs being pushed by Ivanka are a step in the right direction.

              Change is happening at an accelerating rate.

              Only the nimble, far sighted, and disciplined individuals who can adapt to their changing environment will thrive. So yes, many will starve or live on food stamps; including TEACHERS who will be replaced by an AI android who can connect to a central database (internet) via wi-fi and teach ANY subject. Content & context are key.

              Food & products consumed locally will be grown & produced locally, if for no other reason but the fact that no one wants to be a truck driver, but savings will be the big draw as producers of every stripe use new technologies & innovations to become more efficient.

              If you want to be successful in a capitalistic economy, you must become a capitalist. Worker’s Paradises will go the way of Venezuela. 🙂

      2. Trump is no different from the other elitists.

        • Then why are they all frothing at the mouth trying to impeach him?? Only time will tell.. even if he’s not that great he was put there as a big middle finger to the establishment

        • I wonder how many of my comments were culled as I was warning everyone about Trump as far back as Aug 2015?

          You know that this was obvious back then, right? Even this dumb ole redneck could see it.

          • Maybe he’ll be removed from office soon after the Leftists have retaken congress.

            That would make Pence the President, who would then resign for personal reasons, or maybe have a tragic accident, and we would have President Pelosi.

            You can jump for joy and celebrate then, no longer being under the looming specter and rule of Trump and his dictatorial elite class of deep state insiders.

        • If that were true China would not be between a rock & a hard place (Trump & Trump), NK would not be looking at massive destruction & regime change if it makes the wrong military decisions, and millions more ILLEGALS would be rushing the border.

          Love him or hate him, TRUMP is the salvation of America and the preservation of the US Constitution by the grace of Almighty God. Think again. And every time you have that thought, imagine what the USA would be like two years into a HRC administration. 🙂

      3. Last time I checked, tariffs were meant to be collected to fund the government…

      4. We are so fooked.

        • Yup,,,
          Doesnt matter the who, its just the when

          • Si’

      5. I want to build a PC. We don’t make the parts any more. Trump wants to tax the parts so I will have to pay more. He is taxing Americans not the Chinese.

      6. I say BAN international trade. tariffs.

      7. Orange Clown shoots family farms in the head – all the better for the PLANNED takeover of that land by his Wall St/Big-Agri buddies, slaps even MORE TAXES on J6P in the form of tariffs WITHOUT a matching REDUCTION in J6P income taxes – while mass industrial lay-offs (GE, GM, Ford etc)ramp up… and then has the audacity or – more accurately in his case – “chutzpa” to brag about it.

        And all the while opening the money spigot FULL BLAST into the gaping maw of the NeoCON/NeoLIBERAL ‘Wars For Israel % Wall St’ Machine – where YOU get to do NOT ONLY the payin’ BUT the bleedin’ & the dyin!

        What’s not to like about THAT DEAL…. SUCKERS???

      8. Isn’t the purpose of putting tariffs on imports to discourage them in favor of goods manufactured at home?


        • I can see half of Americans don’t understand this , they being begging China for a job .

      9. The VitaMix Blender is manufactured in the USA. I highly recommend it.


        • the Chinese steal every thing they put there hands on

      10. The original source of funding for the feds was tariffs. What’s the big deal? Still waiting for federal spending to be slashed by 80%.

      11. Choosing which man speaks the truth should be easy if you are awake.

        Of course Republicans had to destroy Ron Paul.

      12. China could take the US without a shot fired. It could simply send this text to every American:

        “Dear Americans, we in China love all Americans. Why does Trump hurt us? We provide so many products for your families to enjoy. Why does Trump and Republicans make us stop? Our families do not want war. Please accept our offer to join us as one country living in peace.”

        Then they place an embargo on ALL Chinese exports. Within 90 days our dumbed-down government-schooled, media-indoctrinated, electronic gadget-addicted Americans would gladly vote to accept China’s offer. Fake Americans place no value on American sovereignty and would not think twice about surrendering it to China.

      13. This is not a well informed article but a one sided rant from someone who would never be happy with anything.
        I am disappointed to see such an unbalanced non analytical angry hit piece on this site. I would expect to see this on a left wing hit site.
        It’s articles like this that really hurt this site as an interesting alternative news source.

        There’s nothing in this article about the war China wages against us everyday, they have had their own tariff scheme in play to take advantage of us before Trump. They have built up their military and taking over more land. They purposely use NK to terrorize us. They have an entire army of hackers stealing our technology. They give their citizens numbers to determine what they can do and execute dissidents everyday. Something has to be done and Trump has the courage to stand up to the growing communist beast that WE ARE FEEDING.

        Does anyone actually want to be ruled by communist China one day?
        From all us level headed silent readers looking for sound thinking, respectfully £¤¢€ you, and go back to your straight jacket.

        • Ron Paul and Justin Amash are wrong, then?

          • yes.

          • i wonder what paul and amash’s solution would be to stop the chinks from robbing U.S. blind? doing nothing aint no solution, and that’s what we’ve had for DECADES.

      14. Companies, which stay here, are mainly farming quota cases for the subsidies, using the bare minimum of materiel needed to effect the appearances of productive labor. You have put rank, conspicuous quota cases in charge of the money supply, before lecturing us on civic duty.

        Since each impoverished or damaged person is like a commodity, backed by the govt (wouldn’t matter if they were bowling pins or quatloos) should you expect to see more or less of it.

      15. “By 1928, tariffs had started to fade away as a major political question in the country, as the national income tax replaced tariffs as a source of federal revenue.” Read, re-read, read some more….

      16. I kind of knew the deal was:

        Hillary = instantaneous hot war with Russia over Syria
        Trump = recession that’s coming anyway gets to be recession on steroids.

        I chose not to glow in the dark, and it was in fact funny as all hell watching the snowflakes freak the fuck out so that was a massive bonus. Short lived however. You know they win eventually.

        Also better Supreme Court Justice picks.

        But at this point we’re rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

        Look man anyone that can bankrupt a casino is a special kind of economically illiterate. How do you bankrupt a casino, it’s impossible…

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