Domestic War Zone: “Like Tribal Warfare in Iraq” ; Cops Outnumbered 500-to-1

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    Cities across America are going bankrupt every week – some may even cease to exist altogether. The lights are being turned out in what were once booming metropolitan areas. Law enforcement and emergency response personnel are either being terminated or their wages cut to the federal minimum. Crime is rampant on our city streets, on Wall Street, and in the halls of our most hallowed institutions.

    For those who just stepped away from reality TV into reality, heads up, your country and the world as you know it is collapsing right before your eyes.

    In Chicago, Illinois police report that almost all of the violence in the city is originating from gangs and what’s been dubbed “tribal warfare” akin to the violence experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Former Obama Chief of Staff Mayor Rahm Emanuel is now having to plead with criminals to take mercy on the citizenry. The Chicago police department, undermanned and outgunned, is doing what it can, but the odds are stacked heavily against them with some 100,000 gang members roaming the streets and only about 200 officers in the city’s gang unit – a ratio of 500 to 1.

    At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night. They survived.

    Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city– versus 100,000 gang members.

    “Almost all the violence we’re seeing now is from the gangs,” Little said. “When there’s a shooting we’ll respond to the shooting. We’ll figure out where we believe the most likely area for retaliation is and we’ll work that area trying to both prevent retaliation and possibly build a case on offenders.”

    “The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there’s really nobody keeping things in check,” Little said. The leaders are mostly in prison — or dead. Those left are young, reckless, and often terrible shots.

    “Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,'” Little said. The result is a spate of shootings that have killed or wounded young children, even toddlers.

    Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.


    It’s “tribal warfare,” he said, “and it continues to build unless we manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood to stop boiling, the heat to die down.”


    Video report by CBS:

    The dominoes are now toppling one after the other.

    The government is either powerless or, in the case of Chicago where self defense has been effectively banned, altogether incompetent.

    The fact that nothing is being done to stop criminal activity against America’s innocent anywhere in the United States while billions of dollars have been spent on militarizing police forces and cross-training the military for domestic deployment suggests that the long-term plan is to simply lock everything down all at once.

    You want to know why the military recently rolled tanks onto the street of St. Louis?

    It’s because when the local police are outnumbered 500-to-1 and the mayor of the city is negotiating for peace, the people become so desperate for relief that they’ll willingly give up their freedom for security.

    From where we’re standing it looks as if the system is being collapsed from within and on purpose.

    As more cities cut services and hundreds of thousands continue to lose their jobs, the situation across the entire nation will become untenable. Social safety nets will fall apart and crime will become more violent and random as a new paradigm takes hold. Local law enforcement will be unable to control it using traditional policing.

    The people will not only accept assistance from the federal government in the form of tanks and soldiers on the streets of their neighborhoods – they’ll demand it. Lucky for them  – all of the executive orders for declaring a state of emergency are already in place and ready for implementation.

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      1. They need to be careful what they wish for.

        • I wish for a strong militia, as outlined in the founding documents of our country

          • “It’s because when the local police are outnumbered 500-to-1 and the mayor of the city is negotiating for peace, the people become so desperate for relief that they’ll willingly give up their freedom for security.” This is what they(gov’t)is hoping for to enact gun laws. When ‘self defense has been effectively banned’ the shtf is Here! Any doubts? Just a spark is needed to shut down the American citizens and our freedoms.

            • Where I live we have only 10 cops in the entire county.
              However pretty much every person is armed and if you started poping trunks you would fine quite the armory. A quick walk thru a shopping center parking lot looking into the windows would net quite a few AR’s and AK’s.
              We have no crime. No crime at all.

            • ‘say it ain’t so joe’ (little humor). Which state, sounds threatening to the libs?

            • Wyoming. Not all of it is this way but most of it.

            • In my little town, there are two cops, for a population of 1400 people. Comes to 700 people per officer.

              On the other hand, Russian Roulette would give you better odds of survival than breaking into a house out here ever will…

            • The libs hate AZ because of our ” Wyatt Earp ” gun laws , I say good ! the peoples republik of california can have all our libs . We need those good gun laws for people to defend themselves from all the wetbacks and drug gangs .Obami the Commi is swapping spit with that country to the point where he wants them to take over . Whites need to ban together and form militias …..The other races already have in the form of gangs .

            • We have no real militia , at least not as our forefathers intended .They intended every city and town to maintain one .
              We would be in better shape if we followed that . That is one reason the Confederate army was able to organize and deploy so rapidly in the beginning of the civil war , after the war , Unkle Stalin decided that keeping that concept was a threat to the state .Now militias are few and not in great number . I have no problem with our troops being deployed and patrolling the Mexican border , I think that should be a top priority ………as for using them to subdue our own citizens …………no thanks ,the dangers are too great for any free man to risk . Point our troops toward foreigners , not our people .

          • Two comments to this article. One, this scary story, is like a scene from the first “ROBOCOP” movie. The problem is this ain’t a movie ongoing. Second, a fact, as far as militias and needing them, we already have them.

            • the first thing that came to mind when i read this was “robocop”, too…..but that is what they are working towards.

          • Militia is not the answer, for the most part; it’s a joke. Check the history books Washington didn’t care for the militia nor did the top generals. Send in the marines after a couple of days the streets will be safe and stay safe.

            • Yep let’s send in the Marines to clean it up. After all it worked so well in Iraq and Afghanistan, no safer place to be LOL.

            • The professional military should NEVER be on our own streets. Right now they believe they must defend our citizens. If they are on our streets then we, the people become their enemy. They take orders from the government. They should NEVER be on our streets.

            • How much can you trust the military when you dont have to be a US citizen to join it ……….a disturbing poll asked the question if they would fire on US citizens if asked to do so……..a disproportionate amount said they would …….the Marines were among the WORST .

              • timothy McVeigh would agree

            • Why would it be a bad thing for US troops to patrol the streets in cities where the police can’t handle it? Why would this be such a bad thing? We could use cops like we used to have, but we can’t have that can we.

            • Think of it like the Hitler Youth , get them away from their families influence long enough , then indoctrinate and propagandize the crap out of them …….what you end up with in most cases is a human drone completely obedient to the state ………and dont say our government doesn’t do that or think that way .

            • If you use the logic, the troops will take over if used what is stopping them from taken over now? Please don’t say the militia. Our troops are not Hitler’s youth and if the government would take the cuffs off, we would have been done with both wars we are in now. I do agree to using troops on US soil is a failure of our society, but something is going to have to be done in some of our cities. Our police force has been declawed for the past 30 years something has to be done.

            • who was filling georges wallet? who was funding the south during the civil war. and what knowledgable neighborhood isnt building a tribe of their own against the coming commie bstrds.. hey we may learn alot from watching the operations of both sides here, were next

          • The militia became obsolete during our fight for independence. It was never a fighting force and ran from most battles. Militia members were never a threat to the Britsh Army. The Britsh just left they had other things to do that was more important. During the war of 1812, a storm stopped the Britsh not the militia. Check your history. I’m not trying to piss anyone off, but the true is the truth.

            • @Bacon bit — ‘declawed’ WTF are you talking about? Our police now use LAVs and fly drones. They have military dress codes and pack some pretty big guns these days. Water and sonic weapons…they have more than quadrupled in number…

              What the hell do you mean “declawed”? You must be local LE in a town where you’ve recently had bad behavior reigned in.

            • Bacon Bit

              “The Britsh just left they had other things to do that was more important.”

              The reality is the British left because they were getting nowhere with the war costing far more than the wealth derived from The Colonies. The militia if nothing else nickeled and dime’d the regulars to death. In more modern times Giap employed the same strategy in Vietnam. Enough angry ants with teeth can made an elephant leave.

        • With a peaceful nation you need between a ratio of 200 to 1, to about 100 to 1 number of military and or law enforcement to keep order. In an aggresive society you need about 50 to 1. The fact that it is 500 to 1 means total anarchy in a country where tribes fight amoungst each other like baboons in some savanna setting. Anyone in military knows that you cannot keep violence down unless there are enough armed forces present to stop it.

          The situation in Chicago is totally unacceptable in a country that is suppose to be stable. It truly shows that BO doesn’t know what he is doing, even in his own hometown. To ban personal self defense is totally empowering the criminal, something only someone with ties to the mafia and organized crime would do. Hmmmmm.

          A well armed citizen army, militia, has proven time and time again throughout history to work exceedingly well. WHY? Because those citizens are defending their own home, their own neighborhoods, their own communities, their own state and country. Many areas around the country would be totally crime infested if it was not for neighborhood watches and citizens protecting themselves from the crime element around them. While most individuals are all talk and don’t take neighborhood watches seriously at all, there are those people that do and protect everyone else from the criminals ruling the day.

          It is a sad day when citizen soldiers get such a black eye from that Treyvon and Zimmerman incident, when those few dedicated regular citizens that try and take their own personal time to protect their communities have dropped the crime rate in many areas. BO and other so called civil rights groups call foul because you are not suppose to profile anyone, you are suppose to just like the criminals come in and rape your sister or daughter, rob you blind, murder grandpa and grandma, or whatever. BO and others that empower crime by taking away self defense will tell you to just let the police handle it.

          It may be that everything just comes apart towards December 21, 2012. Not because of some Earth polar shift, but just because of people allowing the civilization to fall apart and really not caring what happens. I can still see Middle-East war and when it happens to an already weakened country and countries, this could be the total tipping point where everything around everyone crumbles and no one can stop it.

          • @informed-What about swizterland?

            EVERY houshold is armed. I would think a 100% armed society with cops to do the paperwork would be the best percentage.

            Just think of all the tweekers,7-11 robbers,carjackers, and so on would be off the planet in 2 years.

            Not to mention the FEAR of our so called leaders.

            • Example of the armed citizen.

              What you said but in my way.

            • Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

              “The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself , if you dont have the tools to do that, then youre going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away.”


            • Kevin The enemy comment was meant with personal respect. Some of you statement ou make suck but that why we “Debate”.

            • Ihate this little keyboard.

            • @page. I’m touched brother. *kevin reaches for tissue* 🙂

            • @ Kevin. IF ONLY the U.S. was like Switzerland and understand that fire arms makes the world a safer place to live in. In a totally armed population the need for cops dimishes a lot. In Israel many times the common citizen that had a fire arm SAVED dozens or maybe even hundreds of lives from some terrorist(s). The media and of course the government very seldom talk about when guns saved lives. The fire arm is a tool, and if these bleeding heart fools would realize this and stop demonizing it we would all be a better nation, a better world.

            • Kevin:A Plan for Chicago(other ghettos also) Remove all law abiders…Fence in all ganbangers/hoodlums…..Give FREE all the ammo needed….Tell em all…”The Last guy standing Wins a 400 Pound WATERMELON!!!

              But place 5 lb of C4-Plastic & 5 sticks of TNT Inside Watermelon!……Remain 1/2 Mile AWAY and use a cel phone to Detonate watermelon After “Winner-monky” grabs it!

              Problem Solved!

            • if you outlaw guns only outlaws have em

            • Don’t forget thought that those armed Swiss citizens must also regularly attend training and practice sessions. They are all militia citizens. That is the difference. They have leaders, coordination and training. Not just guns.

              • The Swiss don’t have a permanent underclass within their country. Add that into the equation in any country armed or not and you got a huge problem. Cater to that underclass creating dependency in the name of equality and you greatly increase the problem as their numbers increase. Import even more through illegal immigration and you multiply the crime and drain on the economy further.

                If the government was working responsibly the crime would be much lower in these areas. Detroit can thank Free Trade Agreements with slave labor nations for a host of its problems. If anyone thinks union labor was to blame I remind you that the US textile industry largely non union and low paying even by US standards fled to virtual slave labor in Asia.

          • BO does know what he is doing. He gets his orders from his puppet masters; the banksters. This is all planned and is now in the execution phase. May God have mercy on us for not standing up sooner.

          • KY Mom

            I’m a Life NRA Member and agree that the Second Amendment is one key to a civilized society. Switzerland has an armed civilian population and WEALTH. Their manufacturing of ultra high quality goods did not get eviscerated by the global trade agreements.

            Camden NJ like Detroit Michigan was once a thriving city. NY Shipyard, RCA and then Campbell Soup fled Camden in the 1960s and 70s and it being ahead of it’s time received the dubious honor of becoming the most dangerous city in America. It has since lost top billing while getting more dangerous only because other cities lost their industrial base and followed suit.

            An armed population with wealth is Switzerland and without wealth Somalia.

            • @Kevin2, sure wish you had mentioned Filthadelphia along with Camden. Exact same scenario.

            • K2 The sad element of this is that a solution is within the communities reach and affordable – in fact it would cost the City about the sum of 2 police officers ($180k). By that I mean they advertise, recruit, train and facilitate gun ownership to as many law abiding homes as possible – just like in Switzerland. Do that and the people will line up for a quality firearm. I’m guessing they could get M1A’s they just recovered from Korea pretty cheap and pass them out with a few hundred rounds of ammo each. So there are a 100,000 gang members, the city the size of Chicago and its burbs could arm 500,000 easily.

            • One thing also about Switzerland and Israel is that they have compulsory service . Too bad we dont have that here , our kids might be a little more mature and respectful if we did .

            • SWIFT

              I know Philadelphia pretty well and if you keep east of Broad Street it ranges from not too bad to pretty good with Penns Landing good and South Philly not too bad. I ate many cheesesteaks at Pats over the years and felt quite safe walking down the street through the Italian market. Keep out of Germantown, West Philly and around the Zoo in North Philly because it’s similar to Camden.

              Granted I legally carry in Philly and it’s comforting. Camden is in the Socialist Republic of NJ. The street thugs in Chicago like Camden know their target is not legally armed. The difference is for the most part no one goes to Camden City proper. People will go out to dinner in Philly and Chicago but not Camden.

              Regardless if the industrial base leaves and something similar does not replace it your going to have big time trouble armed population or not. That is reaching a critical mass in far too many cities to list.

            • TR

              The draft? Force my boy to fight for the banksters? No thanks.

              Every war post WWII had dollar bills all over it. Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex back in 1960. For the most part the military is Wall Streets first, ours second.

              It’s sad but it’s a fact.

            • Kevin2 , I hear ya about the draft ……but the lack of the draft may be part of the problem , When you have a draft , congress has to be directly involved , not only that , it has farther reaching results in our society in the fact that its so random . A senaters son may be able to get out of front line combat , but the litte turd has to stil be in uniform and do something . When you get people in the ranks that dont want to be there , your approach to how things are done must be different . We are not the same people or nation that went to fight WW2 , In a prolonged conflict with nothing to show for it , you will start to see bad officers being ” fragged ” , and perhaps even a large scale mutiny ……not a bad thing ! The draft tends to mobilize the people at home to stand up and take action against BS warfare rather than the way it is now with only a small portion of the population beng affected . Personally , I think the best way is ” Vigilant Isolationism ” ……fuck the world , but if you screw with us , we will kill you ……then promptly leave .

            • Probably the most astute comment I’ve seen here or anywhere else, for that matter. Was it Jefferson who said (loosely) that democracy could work only if experienced by gentlemen? We now have “Choom Boy” Obama in charge and he has no liking for or experience in a democratic republic. Ohio, I think, is heading for a Somalia, or maybe South African, experience. Still enough conservatives to put up a fight, but not enough to win.

          • Those rations are not for all counties; most metropolitan cities, more than likely.
            But by giving these ratios as a generalized figure, this is scary. I guarandamtee you, in this little city of 6000 and county of 26,000, any disruption would bring police forces and sheriff dept. citizen aid fully armed to the hilt.
            We don’t make the money big New York and Chi’car’go do, but I sleep soundly with my windows open when weather permits and don’t need to pack when I go shopping.

          • ‘MY’ solution to the gang fiasco?? Give them a designated block every Saturday at 12 noon; let them shoot it out.

            Help keep criminals off the repeat offender list-shoot ’em.

          • With the black population in America being 14.1% in 2011, we’ll stop profiling when the total black population of inmates in America drops below 70%.

          • I like anarchy but I do not like chaos. Look up the definitions.

          • Why would anyone join a militia? Half of the folks in it will be govt. agitators trying to get the other half to break some law and get arrested. Keep tp yourself and your mouth shut. Joining any militia group no matter how law abiding is a ticket to grief. Our so called govt. considers anyone who takes a stand on anything the govt. does not like a terrorist to be dealt with.

            • No! My family and I are joining the Militia! Are you Crazy? Who the heck do you think is going to fight the 2nd revolution? You?
              My family and I are aware of the upcoming STRUGGLE. The struggle of RIGHT AND WRONG! And NO I am FEMALE. And NO! I do not plan on KILLING MY OWN FAMILY IN ORDER TO MAKE IT!!!

            • Ahhhhh,you must remember Randy Weaver and the ‘RUBY RIDGE’incident! The Gov’t.guy’s talked Randy into sawin off some shotgun’s then got warrants for his arrest.That was the FBI’s biggest mistake before the WACO deal!When I read that book about what all went on against Randy and his family,I decided then ,that there was some really BAD people in the US Gov’t!And the Agent that shot Randy’s wife,with her holding a baby,after two years or so,YEA he got everything against him DROPPED!We’re just peon’s to those Gov’t.people!Read the book!Thanks-

          • “The situation in Chicago is totally unacceptable in a country that is suppose to be stable” — I think you slept through a few headlines…

        • There are many posters here who believe that the local cops are somehow conspiring agents of the state but I am beginning to find out that most of them are absolute do-nothings. Where I live, and it is a large metro area, you very rarely see the police and if you do it is in passing. I was pulled over for the first time in over 10 years and the guy was nice and let me go. They are spending the majority of the time in certain neighborhoods dealing with the same group of bozos or they are hiding. A good friend of mine is a city police officer and he says they are constantly being criticized and scrutinized, not by the citizenry, but by their rank. His quote was, “Why help people who don’t want my help and who, at best, treat me with complete indifference but most of the time with open hostility. Big cases, big problems, little cases, little problems, no cases, NO PROBLEMS.” So anyone here that thinks the majority of cops are these sinister storm troopers I have to disagree with you most of them just want to do their time and collect their pensions.

          • Do their time and collect pensions? What a complete bullshit reason to become a cop. No wonder people are openly hostile towards them. Most people now in prison are there for very minor “offenses” which we pay for and the money now goes to private corporations. So who upheld the shit laws? Shit cops that need not be there to enforce shit “laws” and need to go home to mind their own business. Let the people regain their pride and responsibiliy for their land by having them protect theirs. We don’t need mindless blockheaded babysitters who most have no idea how to use discretion or good judgement in mostly minor situations. If the people want a better city they can work for it themselves.

            • By “the people” do you mean the people who elected BO. Most people in prison for minor offense that is a bunch of you know what. They let people go every day. Why don’t you become a police officer and help your community take back their rights

            • “Most people now in prison are there for very minor “offenses” which we pay for”…PP…Now on that I call Bovine Excrement….prisons are overcrowded, all the non violent people are being released….People being sent to prison are convicted by a “Jury of their Peers” or they were conned into taking a plea deal by their own attorney….

              Most cops (not all) are only concerned about keeping their community peaceful and less dangerous. The cops I know have; children, spouses, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. They want to keep the community as safe as possible for them and everyone else.

              The alternative is vigilantes and if we get to that stage we are screwed….If you don’t like the system we have, change it. Get elected to the city council, join a TeaParty group or some other limited government group….

              But doing away with the LEOs will lead to chaos faster than anything I can think of….IMHO

          • no, definitely the jackbooted thugs preceded you. I’ve always been respectful of LE, but not intimidated by the thugs. I try to avoid letting one man’s actions color my perceptions of another man. I just wish the cops I’ve actually met thought the same way.

        • …anybody got a cow and a lantern…

        • Easiest, and most effective way, to restore peace on the streets is to allow the citizens to defend themselves again.  Let the people have their 2nd amendment rights back and see how quickly the crime rate drops.

      2. Yes I’ll say it, it’s a black problem. There, thumbs down me!

        • My pop used to say (about Chicago): Instead of trying to disarm the gang-bangers with trade-offs for gym shoes that cost a couple hundred bucks, use the money and pass out rifles to some of the old folks in the high rises and they’ll take care of the gang problem for ya.

          • Sweet!

          • Yep, advertise free rent on the top floors for all retired military special forces and a license to thrill and let them clean up the crap.

          • in that scenario, there would be no gang “problem” – just peace and quiet

        • There’s never anything wrong with speaking the truth.

          I always say, If you can’t identify a problem, then you will never solve a problem.

          Political Correctness is killing us. And it’s killing black society in many ways – the gang killings, the lack of family units, the lack of good morals & good upbringing resulting in jail time, the massive government dependence……

          Something has to change – to help them AND help us.

          It’s good for society to help fix this but the politicians who pander to them want them right where they are and the ones who want to help are branded racists and out of touch so they ignore it.

          End Political Correctness. Stop Rewarding Poor Choices. Folks will stop having 5 or 6 kids each out of wedlock if they aren’t rewarded for it and then there will be less of a burden on society. Of course they’d be less obama voters but I digress…..

          I feel sorry for normal, motivated black folks. Their brothers & sisters are ruining things for them.

          • As a Black woman, I applaud your honesty and I agree with you. The crisis in the Black community can ONLY be solved by members of that Black community. No matter the good intentions of others, it takes a will within the people themselves to have lasting change. That being said, the gang violence is not unique to Black people– there are Blood and Crip gangs all over the US, and strangely enough, there are White and Latino bloods and crips now. Yes, the crime that I destroying the Black community needs to be dealt with within my community, but I implore people to look at the gang problem holisitically.
            Oh, and political correctness shoestrings our ability to have honest discussions about how to fix our collective problems, from meth destroying rural America to gangs taking over our cities. It’s time for REAL conversations, political action on a SMALL scale, and freedom to take back communities from idiocy and violence. (Hint, Libertarianism….) In the meantime, prayer is in order. (And not the Jessee Jackson, holding hands kind, either.)

            • I agree with you. I think/hope it will fix itself in time with more blacks reciving higher education. However, I do think its perfectly fien to be happy with who you are (black,white, ect..).

              I have a mexican-american friend, born in america, cant even speak Spanish LOL. But, I tell him all the time – that if Mexican legal immigrants would “self-police” and speak out against illegal immigration so much racism against that group would be solved.

              Its great to read some remarks from someone who is black on this issue. I feel to uncomfortable to bring it up amongst them :/

            • Andrew, it is quite sad that we as Americans cannot honestly discuss the ills that plague us. I guess for some people it’s like living in a dysfunctional family– you can talk junk to each other but you won’t allow anyone else to. Not exactly helpful long term, is it? You know what made me get over being racially sensitive? Moving West for grad school. I grew up in the South, where race is taboo to talk about and people have pretty thin skin about it. When I moved out West, the first thing that I had to do was evaluate WHY I felt certain ways about things. Do I like this music because I really like it or because “society” deemed it what we’re “supposed” to because of our race, class, gender, etc.? It seems kind of funny, but if you think about it, it makes sense. We are all shaped by where we grow up and what our parents teach us. If you’re filled with junk, that’s what you’ll grow to accept as truth. In my case, it was only after soul searching and moving outside of my comfort zone was I fully able to grow. Race is a matter of comfort for most people. It traps you though– you become defined not by your own merit or desires but by some ephemeral force that tells you what to do, think, who to vote for, what to listen to, who to dislike… Most Black people have not WOKEN UP to the oppression that we live under. We’re socially controlled (like all Americans) but we don’t even realize it. I have liberal white friends who damage the community with good (albeit misguided) intentions to help the oppressed. What “the oppressed” really need is the self confidence and dogged determination to make it in spite of life’s crappy circumstances.

              I always think of my family when I consider the sorry state of the black community. My grandfather grew up in the Depression, worked as a garbage man and farmed. He built his home, had family land taken from him (Jim Crow stuff), and served on a destroyer in the Pacific Theater during WWII. He never complained about the things that happened to him during the Jim Crow days. He raised us all to take responsibility for ourselves and our families. His grandfather was a slave, but Grandpa wasn’t bitter about race, politics, or anything– he just worked hard and taught us that work was the way to make something of yourself. This from a man that had a 6th grade education. As the second to oldest son, he dropped out of school to farm and support his siblings. My family (mom, dad, both sets of grandparents) instilled values in us. You just can’t understate the effects of generational dysfunction, supported financially by the government, on families. It is the LACK OF FAMILY units that is destroying my community. The first step in fixing the black community is to cut off the financial teat that enables and encourages dependency and stop punishing people for working hard.
              We are all in this melting pot together, but some people will be more negatively affected when things get worse. I pray for people of all races and colors– we will need each other to make America the kind of society I hope my daughter will thrive in. Take care and keep preppin.

            • andrew says “…..Mexican legal immigrants would “self-police” and speak out …….”

              I would be happy if they woud just speak English !!!!

        • My two cents to help us sound as intelligent as we ought-

          I grew up in TX, and I think I know what you mean. It ain’t a “black problem”, period end of story. It IS a cultural problem. I believe we would agree.

          It is like this… A racist is an ignorant human; black, white or whatever. It is intellectually indefensible as a position. We just need to redefine terms a little. I am a Culuralist, not a Racist.

          Show me ANY culture, let me examine and understand it. Common sense will make its value clear. Do they believe in hard work? Do they care for their women? Is private property respected? Do they believe they have a right to my money because they breathe air? You may see now what I mean, right. I am prejudiced as hell against any culture that mustard women, refuses to work, and thinks violence against the innocent is okay.

          Semantics, maybe. But it is hard to dismiss the other valuable points you make if you speak as a Culuralist. Any thoughts?

          • Not MUSTARD WOMEN. I meant ‘mistreats women’. I am not even sure if that is possible!

            • Mustard? No. Peanut butter and honey? Maybe. Of course it depends on the woman…

          • well in that case …..look at any country in Africa or any country where Spanish is the national language and I’ll show you a crap country …….Egypt doesn’t count as they are predominately Arab …….its still a crap country .

            • and the US government is doing everything in their power to keep them that way…

          • I don’t disagree with you. I think culture and tradition define us in ways that race can’t. For example, I grew up farming in the rural South. I have more in common, culturally, with white people who grew up farming in NC like I did than I do with black people who grew up in Harlem or inner city New York somewhere. Race is an outdated paradigm. I would argue that most people are comfortable relying on race to define themselves because they don’t know themselves well enough to claim their individuality and seek commonality of ideas, faith, and moral character instead of physical characteristics. Just my 2 cents. 😉

          • I don’t target any race but when an issue involves only one race, it is kinda hard to have a conversation about that issue that doesn’t sound racist. “Blacks are destroying urban areas.” That’s a broad comment that might seem racist but when you focus it in to one area it has value. Certain areas have groups of one race doing bad things. Simple facts.

            • Well, I gave you thumbs up. Again, just semantics. But if we step back and say, ‘ Who is doing this?’, we can s often see that the culprit(s) identify and are defined by a lawless, non-working, welfare taking, entitlement voting, violence loving, non-wedding, disrespectful, fear inducing, zoo animal behavior traits, and theiving CULTURE such as is common in most cities. And that area is on and around Martin Luther King Blvd; in most cases.
              The tendency is to set on race, but how many times do we see the same thing in the Latino gang areas, the white trash meth cookers, etc? It ain’t race. Once again…. personal choice. I didn’t choose to be white, but I do choose daily to be a husband and to father my family…. Like a MAN (Who only happens to be white).

            • @Sheepdog — you from Portland OR?

        • No, it’s more like a white problem that manifests itself through black victims. Look at the big picture.

          Race is not the issue. The banksters who are behind all of this mess, including the disarming of the citizens of Chicago as a test case, are ALL white.

          Barack Obama is a bastard of no particular race, claiming to be black, American, Kenyan, Hawaiian, Muslim, or whatever else he thinks the listener wants to hear or appears on his teleprompter, with no ties to any.

          The policies and agenda of the white bankster elite is what creates the “combat” zones these poor black people are forced to endure. After generations, the inhabitants adapt the best way they can. For many, the only protection available is to join a gang.

          In the end we will all join in “gangs”, small groups of people who come together for their own protection as a group. The corp itself is nothing more than a gang claiming to be the king of all gangs.

          Is there any difference between the corp and the gangs, other than size and organization? The corp kills 100,000 innocent American people more than gangs every year just with it’s “prescription” drugs used as directed. Not to mention foreigners which it kills by the millions.

          Equating the issue with being a race issue is wrong and counterproductive.

          I believe ALL Men are created equal, merely born into different circumstances.

          How better to discredit the black race, in the eyes of white people, than to create situations that promote crime, such as drug laws, then arrest all the young black men to destroy their future and put their women on perpetual welfare?

          The “projects” and other poor areas are the result of generations of purposely bad policy and misapplication of “laws” that create criminals out of law abiding citizens. Blacks have been victimized by these laws far more than whites, and each victim winds up with a destroyed future.

          Race is an issue mostly perpetuated by the MSM as part of the corps divide and conquer strategy. We are not black men and white men, we are Men. We all come from the same place, and will return there regardless of the color of the skin on our bodies.

          Right now it may seem to be a black problem because for the last 50 years the laws have been misapplied out of proportion against them with catastrophic results for black males.

          Now, more and more white people are being victimized by the same gang. Is that going to be a white problem when the results are known in 20 years when half of all white people, then the minority, have “criminal” records?

          The color of the victims is certainly not the problem.

          Rant off.

          Freedom is not a race issue.

          • he has all the answers folks-just ask him. Actually you don’t even need to bother asking.

            • I offer no answers, only a look at what the answer can not be. Victims are never to blame, be they black or white.

          • Obama is not Muslim. He, instead, is killing Muslims. Not that you care or so. Even though you people should because what this government did to the Muslims is coming around and headed here.

            • Moe, Obama has bowed many times to Muslim clerics, an act unfitting a president but required of a muslim.

              You decide…

            • @moe:

              …I gave you a thumbs up brother…plz sit on it…ty..BA

            • Hahahaha! You idiots do know that presidents do everything as they are told by the elites. The elites want to stir up hatred between Muslims and Americans, that’s all it is to it. But you are too stupid to understand. You only comprehend what you see on TV. You all really think Obama bowed just because he felt like it? He gets his orders from elites. Im not defending Obama, I won’t vote for him. But many of you are still idiots that don’t think clearly with details. As long as you see things the way the elites want you to (which you are), you are still a sheep.

            • He is a Muslim. He said so in a TV interview. He said “my muslim faith.” The interviewer corrected him. No Christian could possibly mistakenly say “my muslim faith.”

          • @Gods Creation,,I’ll agree that freedom is not a race issue. But, what is happening in Chicago is a mixture of racial/tribal warfare. You can pontificate with all the flowery platitudes you wish, but you’ll never understand the hatred that blacks have for whites. For decades, I watched as some young blacks wanted to better themselves. Doors were opened for them that were denied to me. As soon as a young black looked like he might get ahead, other blacks immediately branded him an Uncle Tom. The pressure to fail did not come from whites, it came from his homies. Over and over again I watched this. When the young man did fail, it was whiteys fault. Never understood it; but I know what I saw.

            • There are plenty of racists of all colors. I would suggest an equal number of haters from both black and white, confirmed by the fact that my rebuttal of it being a “black problem” has more thumbs down than up.

              Those who, over time, created the conditions upon which these “tribal wars” are being fought are doing the same thing to the white middle class.

              Now the lack of opportunity is going nationwide as the white middle class factory jobs were sent overseas.

              Would white people react any different is a similar situation, with no jobs and no money and no hope of ever getting either of any? Would there be white gangs in Chicago if they were the majority in the poorest areas?

              I have a feeling that we will be finding out as the end game continues.

              I don’t dispute what you say or saw. Call it reverse racism. If you act too much like the other race, it doesn’t matter what color your skin is.

              Your phenomenon is fact. It is always whiteys fault. But at the same time, with whitey it is also someone else’s fault when they fail too.

              Like AZ Ready says it still comes down to personal responsibility and choice.

              Both blacks and whites have been taught for generations to rely on someone else, and have been shown by example repeated every night on the news that it is always best to blame someone else when things go wrong.

              I can only answer the question about race for myself. The implication from some is that POOR black people are inferior, naturally violent, and incapable of living with each other.

              I can’t buy that. If you could go back in time and take the worst gang banger and raised them on a farm instead of the ghetto, you would get a man equal to any white man raised on the same farm. In fact, they would be the best of friends.

            • Blacks are so focused on whitey that they are oblivious to how much Hispanics dislike them as much as they dislike whites . Blacks are also not paying attention to the growing numbers of Hispanics that are going to make them even more of a minority . Life under whitey is a lot better than life under brownie …….because everything brownie touches , turns to crap . If that wasn’t true ……..they wouldn’t be here .

          • GC, it still comes down to personal responsabilty and choice.

            • Gods creations theory dont explain Xact Same crap occureing all over AFRICA! Which is probly 99% Black Tribal types. Your sounding alot like usual liberals specially MSM always a free pass for dem colords folks.

              I lived from age 11yr till 19 yrs old in Detroit Projects and on welfare(Mom was on it to stay home to raise me and sister properly) I sure didnt end up nothing like tribal gangbangers…Neither did the aprox 1/2 of entire projects other white dwelers..

              All that blame whitey crap is just that. Gods creation simply spews it more like MSM libs all nicy nice sounding.

              PS: Them Bankers sure AINT whites pal!…Yes they “Look” white…But They think they are a Unique Race and very special. They Hate whites and christians Moreso then all other races etc!

              I agree every group has bad apples…But compare whites to negroes or hispanics…maybe a full 1% whites does that crap…..90+% blacks…

              Read FBI compiled crime reports for full year. Takes fbi 18 months to count all the 100,000 citys crime rates and WHO and What gender etc comits it all.

              So you can only find latest rates for a couple yrs ago as newest reports.

              EVERY yrs report far 40 yrs now shows of all 12-catagories Violent crimes it is Black Males ages 15 – 25 that does aprox 90% of it…Thats reason so many is in Prison!

              One final note on violent crimes..FBI also lists “Domestic abuse” charges and convictions etc and guess what?….Most every year listed for at least last 20 yrs or more it is WOMEN who Lead in domestic abuse against Husbands and Boyfriends….MSM just never reports it so You probly dont know…But ya know now eh!

          • My favorite post from you yet GC. I had a similar post on a comment that Clint had made (in the 5$ a week article) about how “color” has nothing to do with it. Never has, never will, unless you refuse to acknowledge that we are only one race. Splitting us up in to many “races” is complete ignorance and is what they would like us to think of eachother.

            • sounds like we have another ” mixer ”
              …….well if bestiality is your thing …

            • God split us into races and nations/countrys…Back at tower of Babel era…..”They” eliets etc are trying to Force Multiculturalizim n us…But Only in ALL White nations.

              Ever notice multicult-diversity-tolerance types spout how it will repair all worlds ills?

              So..How many Multi cults races is being shoved/forced/enticed into say…CHINA?…JAPAN?…MEXICO?..Hows about Korea? Vietnam?…..OR AFRICA!?

              Of aprox 200+ nations in world ONLY the aprox 35 White ones are Besieged with Rampant illeagles and legit imigration!….White folks being BUTCHERED in South Africa are Denied entry to america or britian etc!

              African Hoards are telling Whites in the day Mandella dies….We commin for Whiteys to exterminate em all.

              Every race Is different and more than just skin color…Call it cultural or??…Compare invented stuf from whites and africans last few thousand yrs…White list too long to write here…AFRICA List?…Mud mixed with human shit huts that melt in monsoon rains and…There goes the neighborhood!!..Must rebuild!

              Blame us whites for That also?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              And Please! Dont cry lib spew that America is a nation of imagrants…Yes we were…Which nation wasn’t began by someone migrateing to That area?..ZERO! All used to be nation of imigrants…..TODAY usa is probly 90+% NATIVE Born like the “Indians” We aint imigrants no longer get used to it.

            • @ TR
              Sounds like we have another ignorant. Your intellect is evident by the words you choose.

          • I wouldn’t call the bankster elite ‘White’.

            • You’re right Freddy. The majority of the banker elite is the kosher mafia.

          • In this country the sad facts are its never a nation problem until it hurts White Americans. From the war on poverty to the war on drugs to abortion(yes when more young white girls became to #1 group getting abortions)it only an issue when it hits home! The problem is we are the test case! If it hits us its being tested and perfected by the elites! When it hits you its the finished product. The lawlessness in our neck of the woods is coming to you SOON! When your unemployment numbers match ours you will understand…first hand!!!

          • You are full of it. Just more PC crap dressed up in some phoney philosophy. It is a black problem caused by racist whites like yourself who think blacks are stupid. You are nothing more than the New Plantation Owners.

            • John if anyone is full of it, it’s YOU!

              Black on white crime has skyrocketed since Obama has been in office. The lame stream media deliberately made little Trayvon look like an innocent cupcake and Zimmerman a white hispanic klansman.

              I’ve lived all over the country and have been in the cities for 28 years. I’m now in a rural area and thank God I am. Most of those cities are majority non-white. The visceral hatred for whites is palpable.

              The hispanics in the west coast of Commifornia run the government and tell the mayor of LA when and what to do. If you’re white and live in Southern California you are living in occupied territory and you need to get the hell out.

              How about the white grandma who was raped and who later died by a young black man in Tulsa?

              Y’all hear about the Wichita massacre? I didn’t think so. Zebra killings from the 70’s?

              How about the 2 kids in Knoxville TN who were carjacked, sodomized, rape and tortured by 5 black folks. Did you all hear about that one? That happened in 2007!

              The list of black on white crimes are too much to put into one post. There are websites full of stats. The facts are facts.

              Here’s the thing John W, the true racists are people like you. Self-hating anti-white whites. Racism is a code word for white folks. Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

              Why don’t you live in the middle of the urban jungle with the non-whites you love so much and tell me how long you last.

              I’m sure hypocrites like yourself are living in lilly white neighborhoods where the gate shuts at night.

              If I enter a restaurant and it’s full of blacks, I leave. No sandwich is worth my life.

              Now if that same restaurant is mostly white, hispanic or asian I stay. Usually those 3 groups are not looking for trouble.

              Until the good black folks start policing the ghetto bastards in their own community, I’ll continue to look over my shoulder or cross the street if a bunch of little Trayvon’s come around.

            • They were under controle back then ……..hows it workin for ya now …..

        • AZ… While the Disciple gangs in Chicago are black gangs, America’s largest gang, the Latin Kings home base is in Chicago. It’s certainly not a “black only” problem.If you talk pre 80’s the gangs were predominately black. Since the massive southern immigration the Latin gangs have caught up.

          • Blacks constitute 32% of the population of Chicago.

            According to that 2009 crime report put together by the Chicago Police Department, Black people are responsible for 75 percent of the murder; 66 percent of the criminal assaults; 57 percent of the robbery; 65 percent of the aggravated assault; and 73 percent of the aggravated battery, for a whopping 64 percent of the total violent crime.

            Seems to me it’s a black problem!

            • I like most of your posts AZ, but you’re surely still sleeping soundly with comments like that. So many claim to hate the corp, but you and others give them much praise and love by re puking their statistics and coming to the conclusions they spoon feed you. Maybe a few well written books and some world travel might do you some good?

            • peteropolis:

              No offense, but you’re not so smart.

            • peteropolis, I would say I am well read and I have traveled Western and Eastern Europe, most of the US and some of Central America.

              Please explain to me and others here how places like Detroit, Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Los Angeles and every other major city in the US have turned into shitholes where the black tide has forced out the white population that built those cities. Please explain why property values decline, businesses close down, crime increases and schools turn into prisons and neighborhoods become war zones when the hand of blackness moves in. You may not like statistics but they do tell the story.

              My hat goes off to the blacks that try to distance themselves from the rest of their crowd. It is an uphill battle for them. Don’t spew this crap about the poor downtrodden black or anyone else who has been held back by the white elitist. Give us all a break. There are no excuses for the behavior we witness every day in black areas.

            • @ AZ

              Statistics are easily skewed to suit those who use them. If its an issue of race, and as “whites” have predominantly had most of the worlds power for quite some time, how is it all “races” are not highly educated? We are all “intelligent” carbon basedlife forms and should know the more knowledge we all have the better off everyone would be. Why is the “greatest country (founded by whites (by genocide)none the less) falling towards the same ailments that you believe “blacks” are mostly responsible for? Is it all BOs fault? Ha ha ha 🙂 hes just a pawn (slave) to your “white” friends who care so deeply.for us all. Breaks my heart to know how much all “whites” care for eachother. The world shows it well.

            • There also no excuse for how white people treat each other every day either. And I’m not trying to have pity for downtrodden blacks. I just hate to see people calling out others on the color of their skin as if pigmentation had anything to do with uneducated personal choices.

        • You can say whatever you want, however, you stated it wrong.

          You could have said it’s a black problem since its black people killing black people. However, my black wife isn’t the problem, neither is her family.

          Keep in mind, my wife is black, and if I was Governor of Iowa WSHTF…


          But I understand what you’re saying AZ READY.

        • As does ignorant bitch… 🙂

          • your ratings are falling dude . You might try the PC site down the road …….they love everybody .

          • Oh no! Not ratings! I will take you advice TR as it is given. Not that I’ll go down the road, just fold to your ideals.

          • Thats the first step to freeing your mind from Political Correctness .

        • Truth : They use it more than we do

        • To say otherwise is to deny reality.

        • T.R.
          Well cupcake why don’t you walk up to some big black dude and explain its” meaning to his face.

          • I have there dicksmoke , I asked why they call each other that ? They didnt have a good answer .

      3. It’s so easy for people to ignore this when it’s in another country, or across the nation. It’s easy to ignore when such vicious and random violence is taking place in the “ghetto” and not in their suburbs. What we need to realize is that we are all just a job loss, a depression, or a disaster away from this chaos taking place right on our own street — and prepare for it. If you’re reading this blog, and have that funny feeling that “something” is happening to our nation…you’re right. Now go get ready!!!

        • Unfortunatly Turtlemama, the “ghetto” you speak of was once the white suburb. As blacks and “other” minorities move in, whites move out leaving behind that which they built to the new climate change. Those that move in cannot support the tax base needed to pay for the infrastructure and so starts the decline of the neighborhood. It’s called white flight for a reason. The new suburbs that have risen outside the major metro areas are doing fine.
          I agree with you that our present economic situation puts all of us in a situation that when the SHTF, we will all be living in a ghetto.

      4. Rioting and protesting continues in Greece.
        Rioting and protesting increasing in Spain.
        European Union unable to solve their debt problems.
        Municipalities filing for bankruptcy across the U.S.
        The writing is truly on the wall for everyone to see.
        Time to prepare and get squared away ASAP.
        Good Luck Everyone

        • Its only a matter of time before the problem becomes more wide spread and we start seeing in more first hand.I know its bad now but its going to get worse.

          The key now is to protect your self and your family by being prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Get your guns and ammo now before restrictions are put in place. Everyone knows the whole UN Bullshit is in the works.

          On another note make sure you prepare and get your self in a better safer position to survive. Try to avoid trouble and limit your risk.

          Good luck everyone.

          • I am so thankful that I live in Texas where everyone I know is armed and prepared for violence and crime. If it weren’t for the illegal aliens we would have very little or no crime at all.

            • I wish Texas would get the ball rolling and secede . All it takes is one and others will follow 😉

        • Not only is the writing on the wall, but the wall is increasing in size and writing is using smaller font.

        • “One in seven Americans are on food stamps, but the government is pushing to enroll more — in many instances working to overcome Americans’ “pride,” self-reliance or failure to see a need.”

          USDA combats ‘mountain pride,’ self-reliance to boost food stamp rolls

          USDA uses Spanish soap operas to push food stamps among non-citizens, citizens

      5. “”Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.”

        Sounds like the new corp line has been created. The military must be used in Chicago because it is like a combat zone.

        Just give the bystanders guns and the gangs will be a lot more careful about who they shoot around and at.

        • yep. RE-ARM THE CITIZENS, Castle doctrine laws, and common law defence.

          The heard of preditors will get thinned out in a year.

        • @God’s C
          This is not new. Anyone old enough will remember the Riots in Detroit in the 60’s which turned into actual house to house fighting.

          • My point was to listen to the “news” and you will begin hearing Chicago described as a “combat zone”, or some similar descriptive phrase.

            Mind preparation for the masses. The military will be deployed to the combat zone in Chicago. The phrase will be used so heavily that people will forget the combat zone is an American city.

            • If everybody was armed , they could make it a Stalingrad for the gangs going through the neighborhoods .

      6. It’s just part of the 90 day plan. August the 8th will be 90 days to the November elections. The president needs a reason to declare martial law, and it would only be natural for this first request to come from Rham Emanuel.

        • In part, I agree; but instating martial law where only 8% are blacks and as far as I know, no gang clubs in my little town/community/county, it ain’t gonna work, but the fraud can try.
          We’ll see it as Chi-car-go’s and Detroit’s and San Francisco’s problem. That’s only natural thinking.

          Just saying.

        • I read second city, a Chicago cop blog. From what the officers on the street say they are down hundreds of beat cops and Emanuel wont hire any. The cops aren’t too happy with management either. It is getting like a war zone there for sure. Three toes you may just be right about it being a set up to declare martial law.

      7. I have a retirement from my prior life in law enforcement, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Doesn’t make me an authority on anything, but I’ve been face to face with lots of gangsters.

        Gang members usually come from single parent families. We have so many single parent families because the federal govt. has become the daddy. Girls can have kids with men who won’t stick around, and the taxpayers will support the children. So, the gang problem is an indirect result of the Dems revered War on Poverty.

        The only short term solution to gang violence is zero tolerance policing. It’s been tried, and it works. The only long term solution is dismantling the welfare system. Those things are not going to be done in Chicago.

        I used to piss some folks off when they asked me what should be done to address the gang problem. I suggested we give them all marksmanship training so they would hit the other gang bangers they were shooting at.

        • I teach in a 100% free and reduced lunch school. Multi-generational dependency on the government has ruined any sense of self-determination and independence. Jail is seen as an extension of home– I don’t think that people should underestimate the power of an institualized mentality. Gangs are a way of life, and the crime rate is 3x the national average in a town of less than 10,000 people. If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is. There will be no reformation of people who would rather kill you for yours than work for theirs, I promise. I’ve seen it. Pray for your fellow man, but keep a pistol close. I do. I’m black. And I work in the projects with people who share my color but not my world view or morality. I try very hard to show kids a different way– self-sufficency, education, independence through hard work– but it’s an uphill battle. 1 more year and I’m on the farm full time.

          • Thank you for your perspective. I hope that you make to your retirement and remain safe. Thank you for trying to help those kids find a better way.

            To my point: It is very hard not to be judgmental when all I see is flash mobs, beat-up whitey, and gang violence. Don’t get me wrong, there is a TON of white violence as well. I just don’t see any other “group” of people behaving this way. Whites are now so cowed by the term racist, all we can do now is stand-by and shake our heads.

            Unfortunately, there will be no solutions forth coming because NO ONE wants to be called a racist.

            The changes that need to be made will have to come from the black community, everyone else is too afraid to speak out.

            I’d like to apologize to anyone who may be offended by this. This is just how I personally see it. Sorry!

            • MovinOn,
              There is nothing inherently offensive or racist about sharing ones perspective. I find it sad that we are limited in our discourse in this country because people are so terrified of being called rasist that we can’t work together to find solutions to the problems that plague our country. Truth is truth, regardless of the color of whose mouth it comes from. Continue to speak your mind. The truth doesn’t offend. It just shows what areas need to be worked on. Isn’t that how we grow?

              Yes, youth violence is a segment of the black community that receives a lot of attention. I really think this in large part due to the fact that violence and stupidity seem to be in vogue in the Black community. (With the popularity of shows like Jersey Shore etc, it’s hardly unique to Black people, but still.) Black culture seems to glorify violence, drug abuse, and criminal behavior. It’s our open secret that no one wants to talk about. And it makes lots of black AND white folks a lot of money. Remember– Bill Cosby was vilified for calling for personal responsibility and he’s a man with a doctorate in education and spent his money and time trying to help people in poverty.
              My perspective is that limited government is good for individual liberty. The best thing for the Black community is to allow law abiding citizens to carry/own weapons to defend themselves, and to return the culture to its roots of where strong families and community are the norm, and where violence and misogyny are ostracized. Thanks for you comments. Speak your mind!!!

            • Oh, and I’m not retiring– I’m in my early 30s and am quitting. I want to farm and own my own business, free from the mind-control and politics of public education. 😉 If I can keep the govt from taxing me to death and regulating me into the ground, I may be able to help feed and support my family on our land.

          • I think the biggest problem is the entitlement mentality. Note the I’m not saying “entitlements” (the programs), but the mentality behind them – that you are entitled to “free stuff” for nothing. I’ve known a lot of people on welfare or disability that are perfectly capable of working, but don’t because if they did they’d “lose their benefits”, and there is *no* plan really for ‘weaning’ these people off of it – for instance, one I knew who got a job at Home Depot for a month, and then quit, because if they ‘earned too much’ they’d lose their disability, and if they lost the job it’d take them years to get back the disability. The system is in many ways geared towards *keeping* them on it, rather than say, in their case, you lose 80% of the benefits (or some number) for the first year, but can get it back if you lose the job (not quit) – give people a ‘cushion’ other than ‘jump off a cliff and pray’ and they might be more willing to take the leap.

        • /Obtuseangler: “what should be done to address the gang problem. I suggested we give them all marksmanship training so they would hit the other gang bangers they were shooting at.”

          This ^

          Let the problem solve itself.

      8. There appears to be a link between higher-than-average unemployment and higher-than-average violent crime. That’s why we have offered to help several unemployed people relocate to our area of below average unemployment and a declining violent crime rate. No one has accepted our invitation.

        I realize this would be only a temporary fix buying a couple years at most, but if I had to chose between living in my car today and at some future time I would do whatever is necessary to use the remaining time to save up a few thousand for some acreage while sleeping in a bed at night. At least when the inevitable arrived here I would have a rent free, mortgage free place to sleep.

        • DAMN! I would love that offer!

          sorry to be in your buisness but, how do you patrol your 1,000+ acres? Like how can you protect it from hunters/Occupy Hippies LOL / people illegaly logging? Just wondering.

          • Loggers can’t just sneak in and steal logs…their equipment is quite noisy.
            1000 acres??? well, it’s patrolled weekly.

            • No offence but it happens around here alot…they move in with the equiptment and in a little while they are done and your woods are bare…seen it dozens of times…one group of thieves here are game wardens,out in the back roads looking for logs on the landings,they tell their buddies and they brought in the trucks and loaded up,some got caught most dont…by the way this logging theft happens more often on small acreages of 100 acres than big ones.’Live free or die tryin”

          • Andrew: 1000 acres is nothing to scoff at. But it isn’t as big as you think it is. It is easily monitored even with a horse. It is only about 1.5 X 1.5 Miles. In mountainous regions or woodlands it would be a little more complicated but on the flatlands it is fairly easy.

            • JayJay says:

              Loggers can’t just sneak in and steal logs

              Oh yes they can! LOL My neighbor went to a local donkey and mule show a few years ago for the afternoon. While they were gone a crew came in and stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of wild cherry veneer trees. This job had to be planned in advance and the trees were along an old logging road so there was easy access. Just sayin’ it can happen!

            • i see what you mean. it just sounds enormous

        • Thats also how revolutions start ……people dont have anything to loose .

      9. It’s Chicago style politics going mainstream!

        It will just be one gang replacing another.

      10. “Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,’”

        That is sad but true. Why doesn’t chicago’s dancing mayor try sending gangs a memo explaining that weapons are far more accurate if held verticle with sights lined up rather than horizontal.

        In all honesty a couple cities have been crime ridden for a long time. New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, all terribly corrupt and poor cities with high crime rates. They all have a large population that is gov’t dependant.

      11. In downtown Chicago last week, the young blacks taunted the police as the blacks dared each other to attack white passersby. The police were present but unable to stop the attacks because they were outnumbered, and the silly whites were unarmed.

        • The “silly whites” were obeying the unconstitutional, draconian gun laws passed by the Communist city government.

          Maybe from now on all those folks should resort to civil disobedience and start carrying.

          • Cassandra is always armed. Been carrying without permission for years.

      12. pack your bags and get your family out of chicago. What the hell are you doing living in a city where you cannot own a gun, but the criminals do…

        • @iowa,, Careful what you wish for; Iowa is not that far from the shit hole of Chicago. It’s been my experience that when people migrate; they bring their left-wing values with them, rather than assimilate. Californians are a classic example.

          • Boise, Idaho is a classic example!

            • They killed Montana too. We’ll have to legislate away certain rights away from leftists when they show up in the rural area (can’t vote for a Democrat or related Socialist for the first 10 years, can’t own land for the first 10 years aside from 1 acre that your house sits on, when you do own land you can’t post no hunting signs everywhere and use that as a work around to eliminate hunting, you can’t have a government or .gov related job or benefits), then we’ll see if they want to stay. It would be a hell of a fight if it were ever proposed, but if it passed it would keep them at bay. What else are you left with when they show up and turn a nice area into the California crap hole, riddled with taxes and the USFS killing every imaginable right?

            • Yes, Boise is a shithole now with the libturds polluting the local economy with their “Micronite” lifestyle. Get out away from the yuppies & see that most of Idaho is bad as far as unemployment, lots on welfare or some type of state sponsored subsistence. Crime in the sticks is home invasion, stealing scrap iron & the number 1: DRUGS. Pot not a problem, but the meth is done by the Mexican drug boys, which has all the crap that they bring along with them.

          • AMEN Brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Folks from the Peoples Republik of California are some of the worst lefties around . Feel sorry for the ones there that are still conservatives . Vermonters are pretty bad as well that way .

          • I am from California, born and raised and agree with 90% of the views I read on here and hate what the governement has done to this state and the country so, no, ALL Californians are NOT a classic example. If I want to move to a state that has people like you with a view that you have towards Californiains, living in it, I assume I wll not be welcome and if that is the case, where do Californians with the view I have move to, to get our families away from this $hithole?

            • EH , Its not so much where they come from ,as much as what they do when they get there . I would think , that if you and your family blended in and rejected your states leftist , commi views , you would be welcome anywhere . Thats the thing that Hispanics refuse to do , they dont assimilate , they keep their 3rd world cave culture ways , and refuse to speak english at home and expect US to kiss their ass .

        • No, fence in the animals. I don’t want them to come to my town.

        • That would mean that I’m a criminal in the eyes of the city government. They are criminals in my eyes. I want to be here when the SHTF. I don’t want the bad guys to be out of reach when the law breaks down completely.

      13. We are getting close to a very big event I believe. The big event i think is coming will simply be an attack on IRAN. There are massive amounts of subs , ships, etc on the way to the persian gulf in addition to what is already there. I doubt they are for ” drills” this time. The Russians have ships and subs docked in Syria right this moment.China also has ships on the move. The Iranians have the Russian made sunburn missles that travel at mach 2 and are impossible to shoot down. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are well within the range of these state of the art missles as well as all of our ships that are in the area. whatever target that missle is launched hits..that simple. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Iran strike first if they think they are about to be attacked ( which they are ) and lets not forget the potential possibility of another FALSE FLAG to be blammed on the Iranians as a pretext to bomb them. If this happens gas will go to 8,9,10, maybe 11 dollars a gallon or more which will shut down the trucking industry real fast and guess what?… the truckers deliver all the food and supplies. Friends….whatever preps you have left to do…..DO THEM NOW!!

        standing by in TEXAS

        • Good points , with the Soviet Union collapsed and gone , with the cold war over ……why do we continue to make a policy of antagonizing the Russians ? would we rather have to keep fighting them indirectly by getting hit by things they sold to our enemies ? ……crap ! I forgot , as the self appointed world policeman , the government has to tell EVERYBODY how to act …… I withdraw the question 😐

          • T.R.,
            The Cold War never ended, the tactics were changed and it seems they are quite successful. Silly Americans thinking communists would give up that easily especially when the American nation is riddled with communists of its’ own. Communism like Islam never backs down, never gives up. It is their way or no way.

            • you mean they are like Liberals ?

        • We now have troops in Syria.

          • And so do the Russians and Chinese I believe , Not a good recipe for the long haul

      14. No, it’s Amish attacking whites in Chicago.
        Limited educational opportunities, limited access to modern consumer goods, limited access to good jobs leaves Amish no choice but to vent their frustration on white Chicagoans.
        Even the young Amish are starting to get involved in what is called “knockout king” entertainment. In it a young Amish youth, using his strength developed by years of hay making, will attempt to drop a white person with one punch.
        Really popular among the rumpenspringer crowd. Just Amish kids having fun.

        • This made me laugh. 🙂

        • That’s just plain hilarious. Love the sense o humor amidst all the doom and gloom

        • Saw an old Amish fella the other day pull out a cell phone and make a call…didnt shock me it just made me laugh…(I dont even have one(nor want one )had to chuckle at the image though as he got in his buggy yakking on that phone 🙂

      15. Obama’s Pal, Rahm Emanuel, is demonstrating to the USA exactly what we can expect under their brand of “leadership” when things go bad.

        Incompetent, crooked, thugs.

      16. No one, anywhere, should depend on police to protect them. Man up, it is YOUR DUTY to protect yourself and family. I’ve even had police officers and one township supervisor tell me I cannot take the law into my own hands. I quickly informed them that they were lying. Every citizen has a right to make a citizens arrest for any crime that happens in front of them. Further, I informed them that should I make an arrest, I will not turn the suspect over to them, just because they showed up. It is my intent to frog march the turd before a magistrate myself. The reason I will do so, is because the individual I arrest, may be one of theirs; a provocateur or favorite snitch. The police and the township supervisor were oblivious to my right of arrest and were merely mouthing words that they had heard other people say. None of them admitted they were wrong, merely falling back on a back up position that I could be sued. Check out your state or locality for little twists in your right to arrest. Some jurisdictions require the crime to be a felony. I’m not, “just saying”, I’m doing!

      17. “Instead of a bullet with somebody’s name on it, we have a bullet that reads ‘To whom it may concern,’”

        Why don’t the Police just give the gang bangers lasers for their guns? This way “Every bullet would have a name on it”!

        By deploying lasers for gang banger’s guns there would be hardly any collateral damage and this would greatly reduce the number of gang members on each side.

        A win win for both sides.

      18. Here is a question:
        What happens when there is no more money to support the prison system?? Imagine the civil unrest when the population of prison inmates are released from jail because there is no money to support the system. It will only get worse….

      19. The ones that are in charge want this, plain and simple. The R man ask the ones doing the shootings, “not to shoot the children”. Hello, but everyone else is ok to shoot. No one is ok to be gunned down, regardless if you are a child or an adult. What he should of said is, we will persue the ones responsible and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
        Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows what is taking place. They have to keep push, push, pushing to get their agenda’s sealed in stone to a complete draconian state.
        Where’s those 30,000 drones? You can’t tell me they wont be armed to take out hooligans like this. Only thing is they(drones) will not be limited just to the criminals. Every American will be targeted, because they already see us as a threat. Anyone who speakes their mind and is willing to think for themself is basically the T word.
        Our Fore Fathers Need to be Resurrected!!!!

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • So, in a sense, with Rahm begging to criminals, the spawn of Satans, he is admitting the liberal stench backfired??
          The ‘they’re only victims of their environments’, blah, blah, blah isn’t working Rahm?
          Suck it up!!

      20. An honest question. Is the gang problems in every major city a racial issue or an economic issue?

        I am not arguing for more welfare programs or freebies. I think that only makes a continuing problem worse. But I am not sure this same thing won’t happen in the future in upper class white neighborhoods either, once they find that their banks accts have been stripped and they no longer have jobs available.

        Does anyone have an example of areas that have brought middle class jobs to poverty stricken area that had higher crime rates and turned the areas around? If there was a way for people to work their way out of these areas would they?

        We can all think of detroit going from one of the wealthiest cities in america to one of the poorest. I am curious if any area went from poorest and clawed their way in the other direction.

        • Not trying to be confrontational. Please consider that there is not high crime in these areas because of a lack of job opportunities, but rather there is a lack job opportunities because of high crime.

          I personally observed years ago a large grocery store built in a blighted area of Fort Worth. It was quickly shuttered and stood vacant for years. The shoplifting was so pervasive the business couldn’t turn a profit. These folks are not victims of the banksters. They are victims of their own choices. There are islands of sanity in those neighborhoods. Usually older folks who earned a retirement and keep their property maintained. As they pass away, though, their houses are inherited by children who allow the property to sink.

          Very sad, but it all comes down to personal responsibility. The concept of personal responsibility is empowering, but it is also poison to those who prefer victimhood. That’s why Romney got booed at the meeting of the National Association of Liberal Colored People.

          • My evidence is not scientific, but anecdotal. I grew up in a small town that had two major employers. A Goodyear factory that made automobile parts and a mushroom plant owned by Campbell’s Soup. After I reached adulthood, both plants sold to a conglomerate. People were worried, but everyone kept their jobs so nothing really changed until both of these conglomerates relocated their respective operations to Mexico.

            These huge manufacturing facilities were also the largest payers of property tax in the county. When these relatively new companies that had transferred their assets filed bankruptcy, the stopped paying property taxes. The city ended up owning the larger facility (still vacant) and a precious metals recycling company moved into the other providing some jobs in exchange for a tax abatement. Since unemployed people buy less stuff (food is tax exempt), sales tax revenues also plummeted, law enforced efforts had to be scaled back.

            Fast forward ten years. Property values are down meaning associated tax revenues are also lower. Foreclosures are up meaning those homes are at best paying late when or if the lender bothers to foreclose. The last time there was a shooting incident the dispatcher had to call a deputy at home and wake him up to respond because there was NOT ONE deputy on duty in the entire county.

            Desperation encourages otherwise law abiding people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t. The crime rate has doubled with people stealing anything that isn’t nailed down. Sure, people abandon and avoid crime ridden areas, but if you look back far enough, you will almost always find a time when the area was thriving.

            • This area has been bad since carter was prez….the area is mostly rural and on hard times…you simply can not buy or sell a house unless people have money in hand…YET the local school board of retards just raised the property taxes,no logic at all in their reasoning,Im told they decided to put more money into the sports programs,the same programs aforemention retards were involved in when I went to school with them,theres just no cure for stupid…well there is but its frowned upon,at least for the time being…

          • Not confrontational at all mr. angler. I grew up in a very white place. The first time I saw a group of black people was when I joined the military. I even referred to a black man as colored while talking to a drill. About 5 other black drills slowly turned to look in amazement. I didn’t know any better. I was fortunate that one of them asked where I was from and understood I meant no dissrespect. He then informed me that they weren’t referred to as that any longer.

            But it has confused me to hear of places like Gary Indiana go from a thriving middle class city to what it is today. They were victims of steel mills closing. Detroit was once one of the wealthiest cities. Would either have turned into current war zones had industry not left?

            I am not giving anyone a free pass on personal responsibility. I realize it is only up to the individual to change their situation. Once the decision is made to no longer consider yourself a victim or powerless only then can you change. But that also means that a person has to admit that a portion is their situation is the fault of their own. Most of the time it is easier to blame someone else and remain a victim. This is true regardless of a persons color.

            • Well, No…

              Gary, IN was a dump long before the Steel Mills packed-up.

              Thank Richard Hatcher and his ilk for that transformation.

              Your first paragraph indicates you have no experience with the example.

            • Juan: The steel industry came under competitive pressure in the early 60’s, which in turn caused “white flight” and a change in demographics which in turn helped Hatcher become the first black mayor.
              You are correct I don’t have experience. I read though.
              check out wikipedia for info on both maybe that information is incorrect.

            • To some extent, I see. However, I grew up there. I lived it. I was a steelworker. Gary was a pit for many years before the big strike; yes, it was called “The City of the Century”….in 1905. Steelworkers making $20+ /hour (in 1980) were selling drugs on the side. It was simply their culture–they didnt need the money.

              My point was to your original question which suggested a city coming back from the edge of the brink. There are a few, overseas.

              In America, the “gimme” mentality and the sub-culture it permeates, whatever, the race, are mutually sustaining; regardless, of the amount of income in the household.

              It’s not about wealth, it’s about culture and morality.

            • Juan: I agree about our entitlement society.

              I would also look at you as a much more credible source than the internet.

        • Notting Hill London UK. Was a total cesspit when rellies arrived in the 1940’s. (A couple of Uncles & and an Aunt of my Dad’s) Nowadays? – well some of you have seen the film. The immigrants that moved there worked v.hard & did up those posh white painted houses, room by room (often starting out sharing). Most of the “old guard” have passed on now, their once run down dumps now serious des res’s worth millions as inheritance for their heirs.

          My son’s summer hol project is to interview a 98 year old Niigerian on camcorder, who arrived in the UK in 1941. I want him to have something to counter the standard state victim mentality revisionist nonsense of Black History month this October via “show & tell” that week ; ) What better than for him to interview a guy that “lived it”.

          I think a key to teaching our children genuine critical thinking skills is to give them access to our elders when we can. Elders went to school BEFORE the dumbnation of education really got going, and have so much knowledge that’s in danger of being lost.

        • Saddle up

          I have no idea if it would work over there but it hasn’t over here. £300,000,000 has been pumped into a small area of East Birmingham, the city I live in. It has been renamed as Heartlands. New supermarkets, education centres, revamped hospital, small shops built to encourage independent traders, a massive amount of urban regeneration has gone on there.

          100% of those arrested in Birmingham for suspected terrorism activities are from this area.
          A very high proportion of those responsible for stabbings, shootings and violent crime across the city live in this area. The small shop units are shuttered, the health centres robbed on an almost weekly basis, and there are no pharmacies there anymore. The further education centres have been closed, except for the one exclusively for Muslim women. This contravenes race relations laws but all hell broke loose when the council tried to close it so atte present it is still open. The pizza shops and such no longer deliver to most parts of this area. Those that work in the supermarkets, which all have guards on the doors, carparks and walking around the store, all come from outside the area as nobody there wanted the jobs. Same with all other retail, banks and the huge local hospital.

          It was a grand idea, but it failed. The people there didn’t want to know.

          Take care

          • To Both Brit ladys:…Look up a Youtube video by a woman named “Barbara Spector”..She lives in Sweden and is a rageing zionist jew. Her 5 min video shows her rolling her head and eyes around as if to make Nancy Pelosi look intelligent!

            Her, ms. spectors messg is to ALL You in europe to simply get over all the massive influx of immigrants cause her and her pals in isreal have Planned this all along.

            That plan is to bring as many Non-whites into ALL europe so never again can ANY euro nation think of being a Homogenious(?) land any longer!

            And she states it aint done by far as yet!…She says at best “Some” areas are now 75% completed, but most euro areas require Many more NON whites to be right by Her/their standards.

            If I recall right, she stated europe requires at least another 150-MILLION Muslims-Black Somolies and other non whites!…150 MILLION MORE!!

            She also very smarmy like tells all of you folks in eurolands to stop fighting it cause her and her jew zio pals determind it all and you cant do nothing to halt this! She admits it is a “jew Thing” too! then rants on how it will cause more “antisemitisem” for jews everywheres, but she dont care a rats ass!…Nothing is gonna stop Her plans!…Shes an UN-NGO also I believe.

            However in Isreal now as I write Black Ethiopian Jews are being rounded up and held in mass jails built for this untill isreal can Deport ALL Non white jews OUT!..They cant decide if black jews go back to africa? Or as Many want send em all to IRELAND! Without asking the Irish folks you can be sure of.

            It is from 50 to 100 Thousands black jews its about. Seems jews in isreal demanded to keep Their JEW ESSANCE alive and well they have to deport all non white jews!

            Thats besides daily murdering muslims AND Christians in Palastene and no jew is arrested for Murder etc!

            Yet Spector, Babs for short, can spew all her racist crap on Changeing eurolands as shes doing!

            Go see what the bitch looks like you will probly puke! Or desire to smack the crap outta her!!!

            • Barbara Spector is a POS. The worst vile Zionist race traitor. Typical hypocrisy of the Zionist Jew. Wants all white European countries to accept hordes of non-whites, but Israel remains pure.

              Not for me, but only for thee.

              Chosen people my ass.

          • If money solved these problems, US cities would be Utopias. One could argue that “help” from outside makes the problem worse, ie– spending on “education” in USA is probably higher than anywhere in the world. Look what it gets us.

        • The entire country went from poor to well off. It was done with hard work and a social cohesion that no longer exists which was destroyed by the false oracles of anything goes and you can have it all without even working, the world owes you a living mentality. It might be a surprise to many but for most of its history the US was a backward rural farm society. I doubt if people today could tolerate the poverty and hard times yet crime was no where near the problem it is today. The same is true during the great depression. People did not steal because they had pride and a sense of moral values missing in todays souless it’s all about me society.

      21. Their(the gangs) “hierachy” has been replaced by the politicians.

      22. If they want to kill (the gangs) their own, so be it…..

      23. All of this violence in Chicago now….It just boggles the mind.

        Say, didn’t Obama come from Chicago?

        Didn’t someone from within the Obama Administration quit a prominent job to become Mayor of Chicago?

        That always struck me as kind of peculiar. Unless it was for a game-position.

        Now isn’t that Mayor-guy, Raum Emanuel, the one who said, “You never want a serious crisis go to waste” ?

        Could it be that the fine folks from Chicago have set up the ChicagoLand Marshall Law game board ?

      24. My apologies! This is off the topic. The European court has ruled that farmers are allowed to use old and non approved seeds all over the EU. These are great news not only for European farmers but also for preppers and gardeners here in the old world.

        Spread the news!,,16090272,00.html

        • This is fantastic!

          Check out Currently you have to be a “member” to get round these asinine rules to buy old heirloom seeds. It’s a nominal amount, but lots of extra paperwork for a small business iykiwm. The corp drowns smaller competitors in paperwork/legalese as a way of driving out competition.

        • I had no idea we couldn’t use what we wanted I have been getting seeds fro a company called heirloom for a few years.

          I knew farmers were limited but not individuals…how long have I been breaking the law?

          Take care

          • I am not a member of anything as far as I know, I just go on line pick my seeds, pay and the seeds arrive…and when they are not drown by millions of gallons of rain they do me proud.

            Take care

        • Seems America will have to reestablish the Morgenthau plan again.

        • Excellent news aint it?…good news for farmers everywhere and a finger stuck in monsantos eyeball!

      25. AZ Ready, sir I do agree with you and will add to it.
        1) Almost all of the problems the “black community” faces
        today are of their own making, hence they and they
        alone can fix it.
        2) They can fix it by re-embracing the traditional Judeo-
        Christian world view, and morals. Which also means
        putting a high value on education, and SELF control.

        • Al Capone did the same thing in his day. But the government knew not just Italians were suffering, so they stepped in to lend a hand. This is no different! A thug is a thug no matter the color! Just as it was then the same is true now, a few thugs ruin an entire neighbor and hold everyone hostage. If you speak out or testify against them the police cannot help you and you or your family get killed. Is this any different from when Capone terrorized the city?!

      26. Most of the violence is gang to gang related. While I’m sure there is others that get caught up in the drive bys,the majority is probably drug turf related or retaliation.Best to just keep out of the area and let them have at each other. Gang violence is what led to the business and people that could flee the downtown in the 60’s. And they ain’t comin back.

      27. Chicago is a liberal shithole.
        It deserves everything it gets.

        Doesn’t Oprah live there?
        Good, maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll take her out too.

      28. My family is from Chi on my Father’s side. Very Political, very well connected, lots of “clout”.

        There even was an actor who played my Great Uncle who tries to bribe Elliot Ness in the movie “The Untouchables”.

        Gangs have been doing this there since the 1920’s. Anyone remember Al Capone and Frank Nettie? In Chicago, the Goverment and the Mafia are about the same.

        I think that what is happening is that now that Chi is an open city for pot smokers, the gangs are fighting over “street corners”.

        As they say in Chicago, “If you want good dope, buy it from a Cop”.

        • @Nathan,,,Rahm is probably pissed because the Black and Latino gangs won’t give him a cut of the profits. Historically, that is how Chicago operated. These young gangs are upsetting the old order and the old order is helpless in bringing them under control. Change without hope.

      29. The first order of business in solving gang violence is communicating in the same language of the gangs. In Chicago, the language of the gangs is violence. Until a suitable level of violence is brought to bear on the gang members this problem will only worsen. Only when the morgues begin to fill up with gang member corpses will they finally get the message and either find civility or become extinct at the hands of armed citizenry.

      30. Once upon a time, the wealthiest people in the world decided to build a middle class, to keep them insulated from the poorest people, thinking that at best, the poor would emulate the middle class and at worst, attack the middle class instead of the rich ba**ards in the castles. It worked for a while, but then some in the middle class got greedy and wanted fancier cars and starter castles and spent more than they could afford and the wealthiest people thought this was okay because it meant more money for them through sales, loans and inflated prices. The middle class stopped paying attention to reality and started watching reality shows, which is exactly what the wealthiest people, now in collusion with the government, wanted.

        Then things started to go wrong. Resources were exploited, the environment became increasingly compromised and unable to sustain an ever-expanding and ever greedy populace. Governments started screwing around with educational systems that had worked fairly well, and the younger generations got a lot dumber. The wealthiest people didn’t mind this at first, since they still controlled the media, the politicians and the money and they figured that dumber, distracted people were easier to control.

        Politicians got greedier (if you can imagine that being possible) and governments deadlocked on what to do about economic chaos, gang warfare, about stupid, wasteful wars, about banks that cheated, robbed and lied, and about growing populations of used-to-be middle class people and under-educated, ill-informed, disenfranchised young people for whom instant gratification isn’t fast enough. Distrust, senseless laws, backroom deals, lies and fear helped the politicians keep things muddled enough so that most people didn’t see the truth.

        The wealthiest people in the world had a meeting and surveyed the situation and decided it was best to let the chaos continue. Politicians and bankers came to the meeting too and they agreed with the wealthy ba**ards. “Let the ‘peasants’ fight it out,” they said, “and we will be the winners in the end. That’s the way it’s always been and we will be triumphant this time too. And then we’ll build a much smaller, much more controlled middle-class, with laws to keep everyone under the yoke.”

        And for many years there was chaos; wars, famine, sickness and fear, made worse by a series of natural disasters. It almost seemed that Mother Earth was tired of the human race too, and was going to exact her toll. The wealthiest people and their minions the politicians and bankers, were very surprised to discover that this time, in this revolution, they were not able to hide or buy their way out of trouble.

        At the end of the hard, desperate times, the few humans left, the ones who had seen the truth and prepared, decided that it was time for people to improve; to find the better angels of their nature, and not let the gangs or the politicians or the bankers get the upper hand. This time, there would be justice and wisdom, and no more excuses. They weren’t perfect, because mankind isn’t perfect, but they were going to try a hell of a lot harder to be better. They also decided they would never allow a program with anyone named Kardashian appear around the campfires.

        Keep prepping. It’s almost here. Misneach, fianna.

      31. the sun just fired off another X class flare

        still waiting on estimates of strength
        and how big the CME might be

        • @satori- Hey what web site do you go to for that info, its been pasted here on shtfplan before, but I forgot the name.

          • Kevin

            Spaceweather dot com

            • @burt-Thanks burt.

              Hey, are poeple still locked out of their accounts over there by that glitch?

              I have not seen much info on that, since the other day(with the glitch reaching russia)

              Whats the word on the street girl?

          • Kevin

            It is estimated as a X1.4 flare

      32. @ Satori…if one of those x-class flares scores a direct hit on earth it could be lights out for months.

        • Badpuppy

          I think it would be longer. Transformers take a long time to make, just a couple a year are produced. Of course without power, difficult if not impossible to build them.

          I really love your name..sorry, being dying to say that .

          Take care

        • Or to put it in more realistic up-to-the-minute terms:
          it could be air conditioners out for months.

        • Hiya Kevin

          Apparently normal service has resumed, but those who still have money outstanding disagree. They took my mortgage twice but it was resolved within a few days and charges incurred were refunded.

          Interestingly, Barclays reported computer issues the day before ‘liborgate’ happened. What a mess that’s turning into. We were all of us well set up with that…how many billions have we all been charged due to their rate fixing? On an average mortgage alone people will have paid thousands more than they should have. We will never see it again of course.

          It makes me so mad when I see all the empty foreclosed houses, here and in the US that may have still had families living in them had the interest payments on the mortgages not been illegally inflated. The lives that have been ripped apart so that the bankers get bigger bonuses. Hanging is to good for the bastards.

          Take care

          • The bankers can hire Eastern European thugs to shoot down the would-be hangers of them.

          • Am I the only one thinking this is another theft orchestrated by the elite to bring the nations to their knees?
            Incite distrust, if any left, to anger the populous, and also get richer?? A win-win??

      33. If I lived in that city..I’d be armed anyways..fuck the so called law..I have a God Given right to protect myself with any means necessary..and a human right to not be fucked by my local government

        Fuckem Chicagoians..strap those peace makers on and if any gang member or anyone trying to kill you or fuck you up..take em out and dont bother calling 911 just leave it for the blue suit janitors..
        chances are you will be a better aim than any of the sideways gun holding wannabees

        • They hold pistols that way because that’s how they were in the box.

      34. My wife had a weekend conference there a couple years ago. Understanding they would have put me under the jail if caught, I carried in the baby stroller. Between the river walk and the elevated streets there were a lot of opportunities to get attacked.

        I saw not one LEO during the day, but one night we ventured out for dinner at an outdoor patio restaurant. They have to keep up appearances for the tourists.

      35. 500 to 1 sounds a little light..

      36. The N.W.O. They are lovin It. They love when people put the noose around their neck.

      37. As a child I grew up in a regime where the “Government” and the Police and military forces were the owners of the country, the people and the truth. We lived in a constant state of terror… terror of saying something wrong, of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, we were not allow to be on public places at certain times of the day, or even with more than 3 or 4 people. I don´t give these way of living even to my enemies…I still remember seeing how the police forces beated up young men and women who were brave enough to stand against these situation, it took me years of living in a democracy to get over the fear I felt every time I just even pass by a police officer!!! The only thing parents of small children (like my parents did)were able to do was to try to keep their loved ones safe and feed. What I do remember to was the solidarity among the people. In the most difficult times families will gather together to feed the small ones, if someone was running on the street from the armed forces a door would be open for them to hide… I could give hundred of examples how people helped each other. And I think only helping each other will be the way of surviving the times that are coming ahead.

        • YAKEKE,

          I commend you for sharing your personal struggles in your life. People can learn much from someone like you in bad times and good. Helping another human being with food or shelter, knowing the possibility of being punished for it, is the character of a hero through my eyes. Your post is appreciated and thought provoking. Some of us will be driven to act physically against the enemy at all costs and some of us will hold down the fort. Both are needed and important to the final outcome.

          He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone. – Seneca

        • Heros are ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

      38. Our local, rinky-dinky little police dep. just got 2 military humvees and a few M-16 45 caliber handguns and M 14 tactical rifles. When asked by a local reporter why they would need these items his response was ” These weapons put us on the same playing field with a lot of the crimes we face…” . ?????? What crimes are they facing that would require these kinds of weapons? A couple pot growers? Moonshine makers? I know “Justified” is supposed to be in KY but we don’t have that many crazy-ass people(most of our “crazy” militant types stay up in their holler and don’t bother anybody). I don’t think they’re running into that many shoot-outs with Meth makers. Hell, most of the time they blow themselves up, or are too messed up to resist arrest hard enough to call for more than a good tasing. I especially don’t like the idea of these good-ole-boy-power -happy types having access to weapons like this, to use on us.

        • If you were a cop would you want a m-4? Yes or No

      39. just make it like the movie.. escape from ny.. box them all in like animals.. let them feed on each other..

      40. The thin blue line is bulging and about to break, I’ve been telling people about the gang problem for years. The numbers within the major cities are staggering and when combined nationally they far outnumber both police and military, it will again require the citizens of this country to stability and peace but it’s not going to be pretty.

        • they have been ignoring this problem in every big city in this country for so dam long it is now an epidemic that they cannot control

          and on top of it..they now want to dis arm us..pretty fucked up thinking aint it?

        • Just wait until the Hispanic gangs in Calif. decide they want to be boss. It would take regular army divisions to fight that as the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands with regular Mexican army mixed in as advisors. I expect that the day the transfer payments stop the fit will hat the shan.

      41. sorry..O/T

        The United States Department of Agriculture has declared natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26 drought-stricken states, making it the largest natural disaster in America ever.

        and this means what to us?

        Less food..Higher prices..are you ready?

      42. I think Big Bro like less local LEO’s. This way they can replace local LE wish the SS, greater centralized control.

        • Federal agents will take control of local LEOs. The local chiefs and others will become mere figureheads with no authority.

      43. Money = Debt. The minute the first unit of currency is printed+interest to a private central bank, more money is owed to the bank than is in existence. The system is doomed to fail from the very beginning. It is designed to confiscate the wealth of the people and put it into the hands of the money power.

        1.) No interest to a private central bank

        2.) No fractional reserve banking.

        3.) Limit governments ability to borrow.

        4.) The currency MUST be valueless.

        5.) Arrest the bankers and fire the government that allowed a private central bank. (like Iceland)

      44. HELLS KITCHEN, was one of the most crime filled sections of NYC for decades. It didn’t matter that when it was filled with Irish, German, Italians or Jews. The results were the same.Crime and killings(Gangs of New York)ruled the streets and the police were over whelmed! If you look at the situation of overcrowding unemployment and poverty. Each group when put into these situations reacted the same way. Those who colud escape did! Those who could not struggled and did their best. Chicago is no different. Its just a Hells Kitchen of the Great lakes.

        • You misunderstand the situation. That is not what is happening, hells kitchen was never like this. This is organized and guided by outside forces not local hoods.

          • John W.,
            please explain. What outside forces are guiding the situation and how?

            • There are many who want to see this nation fail. This is and has been done in many ways for many decades. Read the CPUSA plan for taking power published sixty years ago. They spell it out in detail hiding nothing and still they pulled it off. With chaos will come the reason to suspend liberties we take for granted. As for namimg names you need to only use some logical thinking and paying attention to figure that out.

          • John W., I never believed in the Boogie Man! The CPUSA is no more dangerous then the Dem’s or the GOP! If our country fails it because of the innner rot, not some outside plot to destroy us. We are too quick to blame someone else for our own mistakes and never try to fix them. But, instead from the White house to the school house, No One Takes Responsibility! If my kids act up its my fault for not disciplining them. Not the video games, MTV, BET its MY FAULT!!! If we spent a fraction of the money from the 2 wars we have going, on infrastructure repair, steel industry and more cops on the street this issue would be gone. But we talk a good game about crime in the streets, crime and drugs across our borders and fix nothing!! No CPUSA controls the cartels or the crooked bankers. We have a major problem, but the problem is us. We Americans have become lazy and druken and our women act like loud talking whores! There are no morals or self control in this country. We are the problem and we have the cure. One president did not make this problem and its going to take more then one political party to fix it!!

      45. Perhaps we should revise the death sentence in the country- if you murder someone with a gun and you are a gang banger then upon being found guilty you get a public televised execution immediately out side the courthouse drawn and quartered like the old days

      46. Let’s cut the bull. The black culture is one of violence. If they don’t care if they kill their kids what do they want me to do about it? I say fence the place off and let them murder each other into extinction.

        • As I stated above, partition off a few blocks or use the park, a designated time, like every Saturday at 12 noon; have police units ready with wagons to carry the bodies to the morgue.
          Go at it, boys and girls.
          The wounded?? Line them up for target shooting for police officers??
          Gotta be cheaper than billions in crime-fighting that ain’t working.

        • The black culture that we see today was actually encouraged and shaped by white liberals and hollywierd. They view blacks as barely human and expect little of them and depict them as such in the entertainment and other things which portray blacks as idiots. I can tell you from first hand observation that blacks at one time were not idiots and did not act the way they do today. They have been led to believe that the thug life and welfare life are the way to go. This was done by those whose financial and political well being depend on them being kept down and dependent. Sharpton and Jackson have done quite well riding the agrieved gravy train which depends on white guilt. Affirmative action is just another example of our elites and their condescending attitudes about blacks not being able to make it on their own which is BS.

          • Well put. When a Black person is successful, it is always because of “affirmative action,” and not due to individual merit and hard work. While policies were initially inacted to help right historical wrongs, they have essentially created a lens that divides people, permanently. For example, while in college at UNC Chapel Hill, I had many white people tell me that the only reason while I was there was because I was Black and a woman. Not because I worked hard, played sports, worked 2 jobs, and graduated at the top of my class, but because of things outside of my control. At first I was hurt, but then I began to really think about it… My admission was colored by affirmative action, which upset people because they felt that I was unqualified to be there. When we end special treatment programs, people will have to stand on their own merit. (That will include rich kids who are stupid but get admitted to college because their parents buy a building or are legacy kids, btw.) Perhaps some of the divisiveness, insecurity, and suspicion will diminish? Again, libertarian principles win out here. When the govt (good intentions or no) gets out of the business of running EVERYTHING from education to whether I can buy milk from my neighbor, people will have to REALLY deal with each other. We will thrive or fail, but it will be due solely to our own initiative (or lack thereof).

      47. That’s a great plan, let’s go after the only businesses in the area. Oh by the way they are the only employers in the area too.

        These people are so stupid. let’s not focus on the gang bangers let’s go after business. Do you really need to ask why America is in decline??

        Amazing they finally report on Chicago’s murder/gang problem and they blame it on business.

      48. Everyone needs to be armed. Thats how we got rid of the redcoats. Thats how we’ll get rid of the Gangs, Police, and the Invading Armies when they come.

      49. militarizimg da’ po po police …

        will only cause the criminals to become more militarized and ruthless killa’s.

        the end result = blood bath for all parties involved .

        example = narco cia dea fascist banker run mexico

        vices should be state regulated licensed taxed controlled = safer communities for all involved .

        … this will All end very badly for All of You .

        arm up stock up prepare


      50. Went downtown with friends from out of town last year.We were harrassed by vagrants and bums for money every where we went.We thought several times we would be robbed at gunpoint.The Chicago loop has been taken over by mentally handicapped people and minority bums that should not even be on the streets.We spent $270.00 for one night at the (unnamed)hotel right next to Blues Chicago,and were accosted multiple times,each time we went out.Its the worst experience we as a family have had ever!! We’ll NEVER go into the “sewer pit” AKA Chicago again.It was disgusting,and Rahm and Daley are clearly to blame.Walking to Harry Carys restaurant was like navigating a minefield,just a block from the hotel.DON’T go down there at night,as a word of advice!!!!

      51. Worked for a large metro police department in Georgia for years. The police do make alot of arrest you never hear about. That being said, depending on the police as your sole means of defence is like depending on an alarm company to stop burglaries.

      52. The south side of chicago has always been the badest part of town. It is divided into ethnic groups and is kind of hard to tell when you go from one into another.But the bars on the doors and windows,should tell you something. On the other side of town and even in the center of the city it,for the most part peaceful.All that I’m saying is that you shouldn’t label all of chicago as one big gang war zone.

      53. As you can tell from my name, I live in East Tennessee. We do have some gang activity but nothing terrible yet. The police here do a fairly good job. Biggest problem here are meth heads,synthetic marijuana users, and prescription pill users. Also, the citizens here are well armed. Tennessee has a fairly liberal policy to where you can carry a concealed firearm with permit and they are trying to pass it here where you can take your gun anywhere including bars, employers parking lots, public parks etc. Unlike Chicago, we outnumber the gang members and if they want to start something here, it would not go well for them. Also, home invasion are seldom here. We have a castle law that states you can not only defend your family but also your property with deadly force. None of this equal force bull shit. Even if you do not have a gun but a knife,baseball bat,whatever, etc I have a 12 gauge, would you like your head back. Thats why gangs seek out places like Chicago and not places like here.

        • Across the border here in NC, there is a large population of folks who seem to be armed. Home invasions are becoming more common, but the homeowners seem to be killing quite a few of them. Our local sheriff is a big fan of conceal carrying, and takes every opportunity to encourage us to carry wherever we go. We only have 5 officers for our county, and crime is very rare.

      54. Gods Creation says:

        July 12, 2012 at 2:01 pm

        I offer no answers, only a look at what the answer can not be. Victims are never to blame, be they black or white.

        I must disagree here; these victims we speak of have choice.
        Easy to say?? Yes, they do not exist in bubbles or vacuums.
        They are exposed to life and experiences every day as we are.
        They have choice.

        • AZ Ready says:

          July 12, 2012 at 2:19 pm

          GC, it still comes down to personal responsabilty and choice

          I agree ..thanks for supporting my conclusion.
          All this blame excuses is not getting us do have choice.

      55. Mac,
        I really love that you don’t require a login. Yeah I know they could track my machine id.

        but I can tell you all what I really think.

        I think a bunch of middle-aged guys all all races should descend on the gangs and fuck them all up with baseball bats. That would keep them in line. Did you ever see a 45 year old, still in shape, large male swinging a baseball bat? Lights out!

        As for the black gangs…they are going to set the civil rights movement back.

        Regards all.

        ps. Call me a racist, and I get in your face…the new white sport.

        • Hey what really think: This may work better!!

          We can buy used but swell great shape Low mileage former Brinks armored Trucks! Deisel-AT-BULLET PROOFED!! and new paint jobs! Several colors too…White-yellow(nice) or Black trucks.

          They all still got gun holes in walls to shoot from etc too!

          Ok picture it…One guy=Driver + 3 More men in rear…While driver cruises slow at 20 mph or so thru ghetto street by street, 3 men in back use 30 cal Machine guns in port holes and open dem babys up!!!…Ratatatatatat!!!….Yippie Yiayyy Cyhoo!!!!

          Its off to da ghettos we goes!!…You can carry 10 TONS spare ammo easy as its a 33,000Gross weight truck!

          Best of all is prices are Just from low of $12,000 to maybe $25,000 for real sweet rides!…Miles avg around 60,000 or Less..Many are way lower miles on em.

          I found aprox 1/2 dozen for sale at one web site alone!

          Thats My solution to the Ghetto Polution! Need a UN/Fed govnt Grant from Homeland security so we can really get rolling eh!

      56. Really though , if you think about it..their numbers(law enforcement) are always going to be small compared to the armed citizenry.

        problem is , the courts are doing nothing about repeat offenders..they just keep sending predatory type people back out on the streets with us law abiding..what the fuck do they think is going to happen..

        it will never stop until the deterrent is more harsh..or the benifit they feel they get from their acts isnt worth the risks.
        so until we make their lifes a living will not stop. I feel that this is also by design..or why would they let a rapist or pedifile back out in public? or a mugger, or someone that is showing they will not stop their crimes against other people.
        there are somany innocent victims to these types of predators..reading storys that show you they have commited the same or like crimes before and are back out to do it again. its time to put a bullet in their heads, they refuse to stop hurting or killing, they dont belong in society and my tax dollars should not be spent to house them til they die either..finish the job , so they dont affect another persons life..they chose to be a thug..than die like one so no one else has to suffer for thier stupidity

        • the courts are doing nothing about repeat offenders

          well, you can help keep criminals off the repeat offender list, shoot ’em.

          • precicely the point i made above

      57. Hi everyone:

        One of the best pieces of advise issued on this site,quite often by the way, is to get out of the big cities. HELLLOOO—get out of the cities!!!!

        SHTF before TPTB endgame…probable.

        Gubberm’nt assets in place and up to speed….doubtful.

        Chaos, anarchy, sheep turning into zombies…yep.

        Thanx to all ya’ll who have helped me wake up.

        …….be safe…..stay the course…….BA.

      58. Bill Cosby to a crowd at a NAACP meeting :
        Cosby said, according to Leiby: “Ladies and gentlemen, the lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids – $500 sneakers for what? And won’t spend $200 for ‘Hooked on Phonics.’

        He added: “They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk: ‘Why you ain’t,’ ‘Where you is’ … And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. … Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. … You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!”

        The Post said Cosby also targeted imprisoned blacks.

        “These are not political criminals,” he said. “These are people going around stealing Coca-Cola. People getting shot in the back of the head over a piece of pound cake and then we run out and we are outraged, [saying] ‘The cops shouldn’t have shot him.’ What the hell was he doing with the pound cake in his hand?”

        • What is funny that Romney said to a room full of blacks that he will put them to work. haaaaaa very funny. get it?

      59. @ burt the brit…….arf arf…thanks :>)

      60. @ burt the brit….you are right…it could be much longer than what I said in the post.

      61. not racist here but we need all the blacks/liberals to go to cali and all the hard workers other side of the country and let the people lets call them to have handouts and see how well that works out, then lets see the people on the other side with business and guns and honestly and personal property. which side would you rather live in. it doesnt have to be black you know what im saying

      62. I’ve read the comments, pretty fair….better get unloading 5 pallets of razor wire off my truck. More prepping; talk is about over. Luck to those who deserve it. Silent Running.

      63. I lived in the burbs if Chi town, although the city has alot of bad stuff i must say that dwelling with the uncity folk most of the state is more conservative. I lives in several different parts of the state from northshore are to the border of wisconsin and the southern are is more conservative too which is why it seems the city are is like its own self made country. Knew people in the city and partied there( seems like a million years ago) and was a different land than the burbs. but have to admit it was a clean city and alot of happy memories in the place.

      64. this story is the most accurate i have read yet,great work.

      65. puckin gotta luv da’ puckin jooooooooooooooooo’s

        They killed my only child

        be proud ameriKa your hands are covered in red bloody gore of a 10 year old boy playin with his ball – killed by ameriKan drones operated by your own ameriKan trained financed jooooo pitbulls

        how soon till we have this same bs happening here on ameriKan fascist zionist commie owned soil ???

        • Prefer the Jews over any muslim , I never heard of a jew waging jihad . Yes they like money , just shows they aren’t communists 😉 dont like the way they (muslims ) treat women much either . Just sayin

      66. Sounds like your answer is more tribal warfare, i.e., “good citizens” banding together to form their own collective security groups which, if history is any guide, will evolve into forces of oppression if victorious.

      67. Test.

        Error 404 – Not found ???

      68. Off topic, but may be helpful.

        Corn prices surging… Now up 42% since last month

        “Since 75% of grocery store products use corn as a key ingredient, expect food prices to rise.”

        “In addition to this, maize is in many things that aren’t obvious like aspirin, clothing starch, cosmetics, cough syrup, batteries, envelopes, ink, paint, powders, rugs and carpets, stamps, talcum, toothpaste, wallpaper, and vitamins. That’s just for starters…

        (See the article for a longer list…an error wouldn’t let it post.)

        This is a huge heads up for you to purchase corn-using products NOW before these conditions reflect in grocery goods.”

        • KY Mom – we did just that today – made a quick run to Odd Lots after church – entire store was 20% OFF – stocked up on cans of corn, soup and mixed vegetables. Hubby nudged me and pointed to man in line at register with one bag of chips and a tin of breath mints. Ooo-kay!

      69. And the “enlightened ones” are lighting our way to hell!

      70. Rahm is doing a splendid job!…………..NOT !

      71. We need way fewer laws and more strict and severe punishment for violation of the few basic laws we do need. This is another way of saying we need a lot less government and a more protection of freedom.

        When government attempts to take over every aspect of our lives, they become ineffective because they have taken on an impossible task. While drug use and prostitution may be considered by some to be immoral it is not our collective business what destruction people choose for themselves. The societal penalty for outlawing what many people want is the rise of gangs to deliver these products and services. Gangs arose when alcohol was prohibited in the 1920’s; gangs have always provided drugs, prostitutes and gambling when government was foolish enough to ban these things. Once gangs organize and have control of large amounts of wealth, they are then hard to eliminate.

        We need only about 10% of the government we now have, and with all the excess government we are becoming impoverished. Freedom is being destroyed as we increasingly become subjects instead of free citizens.

      72. I certainly beseach the Gods, that you are wrong. However, experiencing the exstropolation from Darwinian studies, I’m assured you are right. Oh well, damn it all. Here we go, again. In the meantime, I shall purchase another steak cheeseburger with fries and continue on contemplating my naval until such perverse forces overwhelm my little tummy into reality. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, UbiquitousXBohemian2525AD.

      73. Oh, crapola! That should be “Bohemian”. Oh my!

      74. They mostly look like Obama’s sons.

      75. Excellent article Mac. I think you are absolutely correct and astute. People need to put the pieces together so they can see the whole picture. I think a lot of this was planned out long ago and what we are seeing is the execution of that plan.

        I for one, do not believe in giving up my rights or civil liberties in the name of their so called protection. I would much rather live free and die young.

        A lot of innocent people are going to be hurt and that is truely sad. Taking guns away from citizens is not going to solve the problem. I’m not sure there is a solution at this point.

        I think we are on the brink of wide scale civil unrest. People are seriously pissed off.

      76. The police in Chicago are outgunned? But-but-but guns are so regulated in Chicago, how can this be?

      77. I hate to say it folks, but this is the shape of things to come. Sadly even the book by that name (and the movie) had the all powerful “police force” (read military) totally in “control”. Yea the movie showed them going after the war lord, and freeing the people, but in our current scenario, it is the war lord going after the people to enslave them.
        Get used to it. The military WILL be used to keep order.
        There will be Blood In The Street…Some of it perhaps justified, but the majority of it not.
        The question is will “We The People” allow this to come to pass, or will we the sheeple beg for it?
        I fear that the Tree Of Liberty will be well “watered” in the not to distant future…
        When I wrote “get used to it”, I did not like it!
        Alas, I fear that the time is past for a clean solution!!!

        • Got my grey kepi , and loaded gun ready ….lets kill some mindless nazi drones !

      78. This is all part and parcel to the big plan. First they make everyday life so dangerous that people will beg for some power-hungry politico to take charge. Then comes tyranny, not salvation.

        American Express Gold Card? Heck no! AK-47, never leave home without it. For everything else, there’s Smith & Wesson.

        • …..and the dead bodies of sell out troops will help furnish us with other gear we may need .

      79. what Mike implied I’m amazed that you can profit $6543 in one month on the internet. have you read this webpage makecash16. çom

      80. Reminds me of this gem; “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
        – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.
        (As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.)”
        Sounds about right.

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