Dollar Vigilante Warns of September 2015 Crash: “There Are a Lot of Things Going On… a Lot of Crazy Things”

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    The warnings signs of a coming collapse of the global financial system are starting to appear everywhere. From currency machinations in the United State and Europe to government exercises and simulations preparing the military and law enforcement for widespread civil unrest, it seems that those those in the upper echelons of the global power structure know that it is only a matter of time.

    Though the exact path to the next financial crisis is still unclear, there are a host of possible trigger events that could send the system into a tailspin in rapid fashion. The Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick, one of the most well known contrarian financial analysts in the world, suggests that the reckoning may come in the Fall of 2015. Berwick doesn’t make forecasts such as this lightly, but as he notes, there are a lot of crazy things going on and it’s just amazing to see all of these things being put into place.

    In this must-watch interview with Future Money Trends Berwick holds nothing back and highlights the critical issues we face. He pieces together the larger view of the puzzle, including the thousands of tanks that will be involved with this Summer’s Jade Helm 15 national security exercises, how that relates to global financial markets and economies, and the tendency of the elite to follow spiritual markers such the 7 year Shemitah and numerology. Taking any single event may seem inconsequential on its own, but when considered as a whole, one simply cannot ignore the possibility of a serious calamity taking place later this year.

    I think we’re getting very, very close to the next crisis collapse. I haven’t said that since 2008. I haven’t said it’s going to happen this year or next year… I’ve never really been warning that I think it really is now very close and I have been doing that lately… and I’ve actually predicted later this year in September.

    There’s a number of reasons why I predicted that date. There are a lot of things going on… a lot of crazy things… to go into it all it’s just amazing how you can see these things being put into place.

    (Watch the full interview at YouTube)

    Jade Helm, for example, literally thousands and thousands of tanks being lined up Nevada… This is a drill being run from around now to… it ends on September 15th.

    A lot of these dates end around September 15th right now… September 13th is something called the Shemitah… which is a Jewish thing… every 7 years you’re supposed to wash all debts clean…  If you look back through history on this date there’s always some major calamity that happens.

    In 2001, September 11th, we all know what happened… actually a lot of people don’t know what happened…

    I think it [Shemitah] was the 17th [of September 2001]… and on that day was the first day the New York Stock Exchange opened after September 11th and it had it’s biggest falls in history.

    Then in 2008 on the day of the Shemitah, which was another day in September…

    I don’t know if this is planned… I don’t know what it is… it could be a cult because a lot of these people who run the financial systems and the governments are very into this occult thing… and occult just means hidden… it’s this knowledge they have.

    I’m recognizing all these things and I think something’s going to be happening later this year… and even if I’m totally crazy, this system is definitely headed for a collapse, one way or the other.

    It’s mathematically baked in the cake.

    I think it’s getting so close now… and you brought up people being complacent… it seems like 2006 and 2007 again… A lot of people are ‘hey, the economy is looking good… I guess I don’t have to buy any gold… or prepare… or save any money.’

    Complacency is not the place to be right now. You should be at a high level of alert.

    The Dollar Vigilante goes on to discuss many global trigger points that could set the whole thing off.

    If he’s right, it won’t be long before the next phase of this crisis becomes apparent to the entire world.



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      1. Crash 90%, get back in cheap…

        • Where is that crystal ball???

          • Here I am eppe. 😉

            • “Jade Helm, for example, literally thousands and thousands of tanks being lined up Nevada…”

              They must be expecting the BIG ONE in Kalifornia and want to keep the crazies in one location. 🙂

              • I would like to see pictures of all those tanks.
                seeing is believing.

                • Jeff Berwick is another contrarian “financial analyst” with no formal financial education or credentials to support his views.

                  In other words a bullshit “promoter”.

                  Jeff’s claim to fame seems to be starting a few failed businesses and getting ousted by his partners while sinking his sailboat.

                  An analyst should have a formal financial education, a degree, professional licenses and/or increasing responsible positions in the financial industry to be credible; as an analyst must understand what is in the box before he can think outside of it. Jeff doesn’t.

                  Jeff has none. 🙁


                  • Disagree about the degree and licenses. These are purely for the benefit of the established powers.

                    • No. Degrees and licenses are not for the benefit of the established powers. Degrees and professional licenses EVIDENCE a profound dedication to understanding your particular field of interest.

                      Obviously you don’t have any either which is why you swallow that swill. 🙂

                  • >>> Jeff Berwick is another contrarian “financial analyst” with no formal financial education or credentials to support his views.

                    In other words a bullshit “promoter”. <<<

                    Pot, meet kettle.

                    • “Pot, meet kettle.”
                      That’s a little unfair. DurangoKid isn’t promoting himself as a subject matter expert for his own financial gain.

                    • durangokidd says:

                      “Jeff Berwick is another contrarian “financial analyst” with no formal financial education or credentials to support his views. In other words a bullshit “promoter”.”

                      Maybe you can enlighten this community as to where you received your Keynesian “financial education” DK!

                      BTW… while doing so, please supply your credentials as a “financial analyst.”

                      “I knew it was time to sell when my shoeshine boy gave me a stock tip.” ~ Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr

                      The shoeshine boy here at SHTFplan has been dispensing “financial advice” for years.

                      #10 cans stuffed with paper is my favorite tip!

                    • Breathial: No. I provide analysis free: I do not promote any product or service; and I support my “analysis” by pointing to SPECIFIC facts or situations.

                      More than that, my “analysis” has been SPOT ON here for five years. Its in the archives. That is what a formal education and experience within the field will do for you.

                      I can qualify as an EXPERT WITNESS in Court based upon my education, experience, and special expertise. Can Jeff? Can you? 🙂

                    • YMWW: Hey aswipe! Where have you been hiding? I’ve missed you! 🙂

                  • Jeff Berwick is part of the problem. He’s nothing more than a snake oil salesman just looking to make a profit from fear porn. Is he still trying to sell his communities to the doomers?

                    • YMWW: “The shoeshine boy here at SHTFplan has been dispensing “financial advice” for years.”

                      Yes, and that financial advise has been SPOT ON!

                      I debunked hyper inflation, I called the low for gold at $1200 an oz when it was above $1700; I explained why the dollar was strong and would get stronger one year in advance, and I called the market correction last October. And you? 🙂

                      “#10 cans stuffed with paper is my favorite tip!”

                      If you don’t like that tip you can always put the bulk of your cash in the bank. 🙂

                    • @durangokidd

                      Where did you received your “financial education/training”?

                    • YMWW: “Where did you received your “financial education/training”?

                      I received my financial education at the business school of a major university using the GI Bill when I returned from Nam; first as an economics major and then transferring to specialize in real estate finance.

                      (My name is on a plaque collecting dust in a closet at that university. Made the Dean’s list too while working two part time jobs.)

                      I held several professional licenses before retirement and ran 15 major markets in my specialization for a major bank (still standing) nationwide.

                      Additionally, I worked in commercial real estate development and sold mortgage portfolios on the Secondary Market. Of course that was when $100 million was real money.

                      Before that, I washed cars, picked up garbage, mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, shoveled snow, did odd jobs, and worked at a zoo cleaning up green sea turtle shit and dirty monkey cages when not giving the elephant a bath, or assisting in the delivery of a baby zebra.

                      Does that give me a minor in zoology? And you? What’s your experience and expertise? 🙂

                    • durangokidd says:

                      “The shoeshine boy here at SHTFplan has been dispensing “financial advice” for years.” *

                      * for entertainment purposes only.

                    • Mac

                      Would you please explain why you coddle the durangokidd?

                      You moderated out my second post this morning. Why? Nothing I said in that post was abusive or inaccurate.

                      This guy regularly calls me an “asswipe” and a “faggot,” and yet you allow him to malign me. Why is that? I thought you had a policy against the “disparagement of people in the comments section?”

                      It would appear juvenile bouts of name calling done by the durangokidd don’t qualify as “disparagement of people.”

                      I know none of this will be addressed by you, and I don’t expect it should. I just wanted to point out a double standard.

                      The durangokidd is “special.” I get it.

                      BTW: You’ve misspelled “disparagement” in your “Commenting Policy” statement. You may want to review it.

                    • YMWW: Why do you try to attack me personally? You are a TROLL. You never discuss the topic, take a position, or formulate an argument about the topic. You only try to malign me.

                      That makes you an “asswipe”.

                      Why don’t you try attacking my analysis with your own? You can’t. Why don’t you trying attacking my track record here? You can’t. My analysis for the past five years has been SPOT ON and more accurate than most of LSM or Alt Media.

                      And its free. 🙂

                      The really sad part about it, is that I am just explaining basic economic principles and FED functions to (for the most part) a financially challenged crowd without the benefit of my education, experience, and special expertise.

                      If you want sophistication, go to Zero Hedge.

                      Although an ex-Marine and Vietnam Vet, I am not a gunsmith. I am not a farmer, or mechanic so I cannot comment with any real knowledge about those things.

                      I do know money and banking. The knowledge is free for the taking if you or anyone else wants it. If not, FUCK YOU!!! 🙂

                  • An analyst should have a formal financial education, a degree, professional licenses and/or increasing responsible positions in the financial industry to be credible; as an analyst must understand what is in the box before he can think outside of it

                    lol…. is this Diane Feinstein? or Schumer? …. what you have just written is “indoctrination”. Go away fool, you drink too much KOOLAID and take that dam “Vote for Hillary” T-shirt off. Moron

                    • STANDING OVATION!!! so to DK, all the self made millionaires that are still up there and that started out as a high school drop outs, shouldn’t be considered if they have something to say. Great! I learned something new today.

                    • As if the educated idiots haven’t already destroyed enough? Everyday there is a new and bigger example today it is Maryland ? 2007-08 and ever since it was our entire economic system. Now with JH15 and other insanities in motion and approaching you want us to beg for more of the same ? Get real idiot ! you are part of the problem and likely a paid shill for the regime !

                      Have you ever considered that we all live in massive illusions and you are promoting them ?

                    • mikky: “An analyst should have a formal financial education, a degree, professional licenses and/or increasing responsible positions in the financial industry to be credible; as an analyst must understand what is in the box before he can think outside of it.”

                      The key part of that statement is “to be credible”.

                      There are analysts out there who have all of that and are incorrect in their analysis; ie John Williams as a glaring example, who expected hyperinflation by now. Where is it?

                      So after that background, an analyst must have a sound track record (for me) to be believable. If not I will call bullshit.

                      If you want to believe some Rummy in Costa Rico or some Promoter living offshore trying to sell you a package of goods and a high price, go ahead. Its not going to ciost me so much as one thin dime. 🙂

                    • Daisy D: There are many millionaires running around who made a lot of money doing what they knew how to do, that may or may not have anything to do with a knowledge of economics or finance. Maybe they were just a good programmer and created a new APP for social media.

                      Don’t confuse wealth with expertise.

                      Do you trust Gates as an expert on vaccines? He is the richest man in the world, right? 🙂

                    • Or he could just throw darts at a dartboard, like those overachieving monkeys who beat the market averages.

                  • I find a track record more important than a degree, wonder what his is?

                    How many predictions has he made and what percentage of them happened the way and when he said they would?

                    • Agree with you. His past record means more than a piece of paper.

                    • If you listen closely to the video interview, he says himself he doesn’t know: that he is just repeating internet meme’s; Moreover he doesn’t point to anything SPECIFIC to justify DOLLAR COLLAPSE, or ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

                      Again all he does is parrot internet fear porn meme’s.

                      For me the most embarrasing aspect of the video is Daniel grinding his teeth trying to get Jeff to validate the idea of buying junior mining stocks (prior to a stock market crash) as if this paper would survive but the dollar wouldn’t.

                      This video should be run as an advertisement. 🙁

                  • You are SO correct…. right on the money. Berwick has been involved in several scams.. including “high dollar land” in Chile… People bought in because he pushed the “investment value” on his webpage/site…. and then when it came out that there were NO water rights for the land.. and actually the land wasn’t really owned… everybody who bought in lost their money…

                    He has a shady track record. AVOID!!!

                  • Hmmmmmmm……your logic seems to be:
                    Financial education = good money smarts.
                    No Financial education = non crdeible money smarts.
                    Most of the Bankers and Financiers of the world have had a Financial education.
                    Using your theory, please explain to us how the ENTIRE PHUCKING WORLD ECONOMY IS NOW ROOTED by those holding the Finacial education you so admire.

                    What’s that sound?? Crickets?……

                    I’ll take Berwick over Soros….I believe one of them was bailed out by the US taxpayer at one stage.

                    As I said….Hmmmmmm.

                    • “Financial education = good money smarts.
                      No Financial education = non crdeible money smarts.
                      Most of the Bankers and Financiers of the world have had a Financial education.”

                      Yes, and they have the money. What you got? I got mine. 🙂

                  • a professional license? — oh yeah, like a fucking lawyer? fuck you fool — “professional” liars and thieves are what have gotten us here you stupid twat

                    • sucky sucky: Yes, its gotten them what they have, and it has left you with what you have: squat. 🙁

                    • “a professional license? — oh yeah, like a fucking lawyer?”

                      Even mechanics receive certificates and professional designations like: MASTER MECHANIC.

                      Personally, I can’t fix a vehicle so I take mine to a Master Mechanic. That technical designation gives me some assurance of his ability to fix my vehicle. And he does. So his TRACK RECORD with me is good too.

                      As always, a little common sense goes a long, long way when choosing professionals, vendors, and service providers. Try to find some. 🙂

                • “…Thousands of Tanks…”????
                  I think not. In the US, There are only 2 armor Battalions in Barstow, CA and 4 in Ft. Hood, 2 in Ft. Knox, and a peppering of 3 more battalions attached to Marine units. If ALL were mobilized, that would be only 770 total. Each Company has 14 tanks, each battalion has 4 Companies + HHC for command/backup…

                  Point of clarification, a BRADLEY fighting vehicle (ARMORED INFANTRY) is not a tank! Nor is a MRAP, Stryker, FOX, BRDM, BMP, or APC (Like 113’s, 557’s etc.) a tank. Armored – yes…Tank NOPE! NOPE!

                  • It’s still A Military vehicle and not a civilian mini van or a bicycle. Such machines are usually readied to handle dire situations. They usually train inside the bases. If they are out there, that means shit is about to hit the fan. There is no other explanation.
                    You need to connect all facts together to be able to get what you need to get. At the same time, banks are prohibiting their customers from taking out their money?!?!?! Money these worked and sweated all of their lives to save up?!?!? This is unheard of. etc.

                    • so say “military vehicle”. A tank is a tank, even to the unwashed sheep

                    • Marcus,
                      you don’t sound much like you got the gist of my post.

                    • Daisy, you’re a moron.

                    • How about you make a comparative analysis of the 2 military vehicles capabilities or you shut your stupid trap up, huh? apparently you wouldn’t know shit about either even if one of them run you over.

                  • Lots of people are calling all armored vehicles a tank, a generic civilian sort of term.

                    That doesn’t mean that the claim of “thousands” of them doesn’t need t be supported for me to accept it as true.

                    I know many unusual things are going on that raise legitimate questions but there is no need to exaggerate them to make a point that should support itself on its own merit.

                    Are there any pictures of those things anywhere to verify the statement?

                  • Lost, you forget the 3rd Infantry Division. It’s a Heavy Division. It has Abrams.

                • Seen a couple vids on YouTube (posted earlier this month) of vehicles in a parking area on the side of a highway in SoCal. The guy did a good job driving, explaining and taking the vid. I’d say 5000-6000 vehicles? And that’s just one spot.

                  As for Jade Helm and martial law, keep away from Walmart!!! mart. laW is really just Wal-mart with 3 letters turned around.

                  They been telling us for years …. Hiding in plain sight!!

                  Walmart – martial law. mart laW – Walmart

                  • Walmart – stretch but OK, maybe, perhaps, a vague perhaps,I gotta think about that, Uh ,I don’t know, what?

                  • I am wondering if anyone else thinks about this the same way as I do…all of these mechanical machines lined up like sitting ducks. In 10 minutes, an EMP could render them all totally useless. Right? Also, if this equipment were stored underground, and we were to have a large earthquake, how many of these underground cities and tunnels would be destroyed along with all food, bullets, equipment? My Bible says that God laughs at the plans of man. This will be interesting.

                    • I think military vehicles are pretty much hardened against EMP.

                      I can’t imagine a multifuel diesel being knocked out by an EMP, and navigational and targeting electronics in the more sophisticated vehicles are probably EMP proofed.

                    • Actually tests have been done and most cars don’t fail during an EMP event if they are parked and few if any Mil items will fail. A tank is a giant Faraday cage. The $12.99 weather radios you used to be able to buy at Radio Shack were EMP resistant. Lots of stuff is.
                      As a Geologist I can also tell you that if properly selected or built, most underground things can survive earthquakes. Every natural cave in the world has survived them.

                  • link??

                • Wilson: Not always. Several people are reporting that there is a SAM site near Lubbock TX, but will only produce the one photo. Many of the people commenting on the article are saying that this is a dummy site for training pilots and they point out that there are no electronics hooked to the site. Why wouldn’t someone go walk right up to the fence and take several pictures with different angles. If they can get within 20 feet for the original photo obviously nobody is there guarding it. The other thing about the Walmart in Midland is that the video that is being passed around is the walmart that is still open. They drive by a semi with three Hummers on a step deck without stopping to focus on bumper numbers, or the carrier. But as one commenter who lives there posted that there is a hotel right across the road from that particular walmart. The locals in midland who are posting are saying that they have not seen any type of military or dhs vehicles in front of the closed walmart with the exception of a guard in front of the pharmacy which is still evidently open for some reason.
                  I am concerned about JH but I just as concerned with inaccurate reporting and custom fitting evidence however weak to fit their narrative.

                • How about some F.E.M.A. camps would you like to see those too? What about all those thousands of coffins that are ready for people, wanna see them? Just b/c you don’t see things doesn’t mean their not there. What about GOD? He’s there. We don’t “see” Him, but the fact that He’s there is none the less true. He’s like the wind, we don’t actually “see” the wind, but it’s there as we can feel it, and it’s the same with GOD, he is there and can be felt. I know seeing is believing, but sometime you have to just trust and believe. I’ve seen the camps on the internet and the coffins as well and even some of those monster tanks…scary!

                • just google it and you’ll see why they are really parked there.

              • Very interesting tidbit that had ALL RED FLAGS zip up when I first heard this in Nov 2014 from a colleague: He was in a bind, renovating his home and needed a new bank because ALL of the CITIBANK storefronts were closing in his town- ALL of them. Town? BALTIMORE. I was stunned at the time because that is a Major Market to disappear from…
                What did TpTB know and when did they it???

                • Even more telling was the total blackout on such big news as this. If it had been a useless place like McD’s closing ALL stores in Baltimore? Even that would have gotten some press but this was deliberately hidden

                  • Baltimore, right at the heart of FEMA III region.
                    Recall all the flurry around FEMA region 3 being the site of next major false flag?

              • YMMWW: I also predicted that the PTB would come for your retirement funds YEARS before the government announced its 401k/US Bond program for you!!!

                That too is in the archives. 🙂

              • The tanks need to be refurbished and the army says they have enough, they dont need them. They say it will save the tax payers 3 billion, so they are parked. Stop the friggin fear monger crap and get the real facts!!!

            • STOCK in any company, INCLUDING mining companies is not a hard asset. You don’t own it unless you hold it. 🙂

            • DK, we have been here a long time, but o great crystal ball, speak and show the true future?
              Kidding of course.
              Miss Smokin also…

              • Hey Eppe, whatever happened to Be Informed? he always had good insight

                • i miss BI too!

                  • I think BI got tired of the critics and trolls harassing him every time he made a post. They have driven a number of good people away who were willing to share their expertise with the SHTF Community, for free.

                    You have to wonder whether these trolls are deliberately trying to destroy the site. 🙁

              • eppe: I don’t think the markets can make it to Sept/Oct without a 10-20% correction.

                Apple hit earnings out of the park in the 1st quarter and this could take the market higher. 🙁

          • Where is the crystal ball? lol

            Anyone who has one is NOT selling it. 😉

          • Isn’t she still saying stoopit things on msnbc?

        • The 1911 is not junk. I do think the Glock is technologically superior, but the 1911 is still very reliable and useful.

          • Amazing, you have an intelligent thing to say and no profanity. I have been having a minor war with a poster that thinks the 1911 is junk, and I agree with you. More amazing yet. Now if your comment had something to do with this discussion it would be a red letter day.

            • John Browning was the most talented firearms inventor in history. Other designers came up with one ,two or three great ideas but Browning’s accomplishments alone rival all other inventors of his day combined. The recoil activated downward pivoting barrel locking into the slide at the top has been copied in other designs throughout the world. Name the American gun and Browning probably invented it from repeaters, semi auto, full auto, rifle, pistol and shotgun. The Ma-Duce is still being used and will probably break the 100 year mark of military service.

              • Browning’s 1911 is the best semi-automatic handgun ever made.

                Couple it with the M1 Garand and form your own fire team.

                And f you glock, ar, sks, ak’s and other assorted POS commies.

                  • I choose, to not sit at the feet of James Yeager to learn anything. Ah well, I’m not disappointed. Nor is my time wasted listening to his drivel. That’s just my personal opinion of his “teachings”. Those that do, good for you, I sincerely hope nit works for you.

            • “Ghandi” is a blow hard at best, he teaches “classes” in firearms, yet gave all of his to his children, he is a self-anointed…oops! proclaimed expert shot, yet he owns no rifles, he’s obviously a poser at the very least, and most likely a convicted felon who is a legend in his own mind.
              I own both 1911s’ and Glocks in .45 ACP, love them both. I use them for different applications when I need them.

            • Pass your 1911’s down to the great-Grandkids. They will be shooting the 1911 a hundred years from now.

              I don’t know if they’ll still be shooting Glocks and polymer-frame pistols.

              • Yes but do tell them to replace the springs, pins, extractors etc. some of that stuff was not meant to last as long as it has, everything wears out.

          • The glock is a POS and it won’t handle cast lead bullets.

          • Glock, so simple a caveman can use it.

            • Which is probably why more people have managed to accidentally shoot themselves with a Glock than any other hand gun.

              A very short and light trigger pull with no safety to prevent discharge if it is accidentally pulled (usually in holstering accidents) is responsible.

              There are several handguns I trust for intense situations but the Glock is not among them, and I’ve owned three Glock’s over the years (17, 21, 22). Their ergonomics are also a problem for some shooters, usually people that can intuitively accurately shoot a 1911 find the Glock needing a good deal of conscious concentration to shoot accurately (and intense concentration on your firearm is not the best thing to have to be doing in a live or die situation).

              But to each his own, use whatever you actually find comfortable to you without trying to conform to someone else’s opinion of what it should be.

        • off topic:
          Sadly the animals in Baltimore will just finish off that city and migrate elsewhere like cockroaches. There are exceptions, but overall blacks destroy everything they touch.

      2. Martin Armstrong has been calling for something big at 2015.75

      3. May Jesus fill these men and women’s heart’s with love and compassion, so that they realize the crime of turning on their own countrymen (women)

        • Wich ones???

          • @Kula our men and women in uniform

        • These people have a mind totally alien to us. They live in a vastly different set of values, and have no intention of changing. Read Matthew 13:13-15: Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isiah: You will be ever hearing but not understanding: you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people’s heart has become calloused; They hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn and I would heal them.

          • Hmmmmm! Sounds like most Americans today!!!

        • Why in the world pray for that? Pray he fills their hearts with Ready Mix Concrete. Works every time and is faster.

          • A Christian prays for the good of others, even his enemies.

            • Why would you consider sending our enemies to meet God anything other than good?

      4. The new federal financial year starts in Oct. Too many bad things happening here and Europe. Finances,international situations in the middle east and Ukraine domestic problems…..water and food shortages,bird flu makes for a perfect storm. something is about to hit.

        • “something is about to hit.”

          Yes, it is. It’s about to hit the fan.

          Got PMs and preps of all kinds?

          • 41, the model 29 S&W is one fine weapon. I like mine in .44 mag, but the 41 mag is also superb.

        • dog flu…..don’t forget the dog flu…..what’s THAT all about….has bird flu mutated to dogs now?… stop, human to human?

          • Buttcrack: They are already saying that this dog flu can pass to humans…how convenient. Use ionic or colloidal silver in dogs nose or in water…


            • thanks!

      5. Shemitah has nothing to do with the USA.

      6. just a interesting little incident from the last financial crash

        Burr told constituents not to mob ATMs

        h ttp://

        the “good” Senator didn’t tell the rest of us to pull cash ASAP

        but he damn sure told his wife to !!!

        we came damn close to a CRASH
        and most people don’t even know it

        Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America

        ht tp://

      7. I’m putting in a new garden.
        I’m installing a 5 kWh solar backup
        generator taxpayer subsidized system.
        I’m buying chicken and cows.
        I have 34,000 gallons of water and
        a virtually unlimited free re-supply
        AKA rain.
        If you mainland guys go away,
        I’ll lose some interesting
        WEB conversations.
        Hang in there dudes!

        • We mainland guys will be a LOT better off than the poor folks who live on an island somewhere that has most of what it needs shipped in. When those shipments stop, what then?

          Most islands do not grow enough food to feed those who live there, so a food shortage will develop very quickly. Might not have any shortage of fish, though. 😉

          Good move on the garden, cow, and chickens, though. They will be great resources to have during most SHTF scenarios.

          Just planted my garden today. That was a lot of work but it looks pretty good for just starting out this season. Got corn, green beans, beets, Yukon Gold potatoes, crookneck squash, 5 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants (will get two more when the Anaheims are in) and cukes planted. Also have a couple of 1/2 whiskey barrels and several large pots to grow a few other things. A few egg plants would be good. My daughter loves them and has some good recipes for them.

          Agree on hanging in there. You too. When the SHTF, keep your head down, stay low, move fast, and use all of the cover and concealment you can. It’s gonna get ugly fast.

          • gonna try “three sisters” in garden this year to see if I can get it to do right.

            Three sisters = corn, climbing beans(on corn), and
            squash (winter).

            • I’ve done that. Timing is everything. First year I planted them all at the same time. Beans were all over the ground before the corn had grown up tall enough to support them. Then the squash took off and shaded out the supine bean plants. Never did get any beans. Second year I waited three weeks to plant the beans. Squash shaded out the bean sprouts. Again, no beans. Third year the soil was so nitrogen deficient (no beans the previous 2 years) that the corn never got above five feet tall. Beans grew, ’cause I delayed planting the squash by four weeks, but had nothing much to grow on, and the squash being late I had dense weeds. All three years I got more squash (acorn) than even I could eat. This year I’m, planting only beans, using welded fence wire for an arbor, and cabbage, using landscape cloth for weed suppression, and shade cloth tunnels to keep the cabbage worm flutterbys off it, same as the Amish in my area do. Tired of squash, corn yield too small to be worth the drain on the soil, and I like sauerkraut.

            • Just make sure your corn gets going good before planting the beans! Those beans will push em over!

          • I donno 41mm
            If you live way out in the toolies perhaps you will fare ok, but ihink we have a bit of an advantage, that being that quantities are quantifiable,
            Where Rellik lives theres a lot of small farms and self sufficient people, LOTS of old families, is same here and on most of the islands other than Oahu,
            If we are somewhat prepped and headed toward self sufficiency being that we live in a very mild climate with year round growing season, fairly abundant water, and a pretty good base of small agriculture and a real laid back population for the most part, we should be able to switch direction and work together to become sustainable, especially if many of the “modern” systems fail,
            I believe our island comunities will pull it together pretty quick, yes we will also face challenges, but in reality we are far better positioned to turn a bad thing into a chance and opportunity to thrive.

        • Rellik,,
          Am hopefully going to be able to get solar and more water storage together this summer,
          If everything doesnt fall apart before then,
          But if all goes well am going to finally get all that stuff squared away, right now am sourcing, would really like to find someone local, at least in the islands to buy the solar and water stuff through, got any contacts?

      8. I’ve been hearing about an imminent dollar crash/collapse for well over 20 years.

        Still waiting and the dollar is still strengthening.

        • “$ still strengthening”?!?!?! what planet do you live in? because it sure isn’t Earth. The FR hasn’t owned Gold, which is a precious metal that determines the strength of a currency, since 1934.

          • Daisy I respectfully disagree. Since every currency is fiat now, the dollar is strengthening because of it’s reserve status and because it is looked at as a safe haven by comparison to all the other fiat currencies.
            You can look at the dollars performance against the euro in the past two years and see that it has strengthened. Gold no longer has anything to do with strength of a currency.

            • M,
              I respectfully disagree too but you are wrong. China has accumulated a massive amount of gold and is currently working to rally countries around the world to agree to dumb the $ and adopt it’s Yuan as a world currency. On the side, it is projected to be the world superpower in the year I think as early as 2020 or 30. Gadhafi tried to do the same thing. He accumulated 155 tones of gold and tried to rally the African countries to help him start his Gold based dinar. If he succeeded, that would have destabilized the $ to a point of it going down and under once and for all. So they indirectly shopped him off into a small dog treats and blamed his killing on his own people. If the $ is that strong, whey did they have to resort to such drastic measures, so frightened they apparently were? the $ now a days is paper. I read here or else where, that each American $ is worth around 4 cents. That is not something one can describe as “strong”.
              That added to the 18 trillion dollars the US owes, half of which, to China does not make the $ look any better either.

              • Just google Dollar strength. You will find that the dollar is strong and is at highs against almost all other currencies.
                I would link a bunch but don’t want to be stuck in moderation.
                Make no mistake that I am not insinuating that the dollar is sound. I am just saying that it is strong relative to other currencies.

                • Thank you so much for your honesty M!!!! WOW! as I was reading your post, that is exactly what I was going to say: I was going to say that we shouldn’t determine the strength of the $ based on how lousy other currencies are doing. The US is the richest country in the world, and as such it should have proportionate tight standards regarding the reading and analysis of any of its critical fields. The one who leads usually looks ahead and not backward or behind themselves as that would work against them in the short and long term.

                • M,
                  I just wanted to apologize for sounding like I was lecturing you with my closing comment. I am sorry for that.

                  • Daisy: No need to apologize at all. Just a misunderstanding that is all.

                    • Thank you M.

        • have you seen interest rates at zero, allowing banks to gamble that cheap money, with impunity?….and then when they LOSE the bet, they are bailed out by gub-mint money…. and the guys that DID it are still in charge of those banks….how many times you seen THAT in yer life, anonymouse?….probly about as many times as you’ve been on the cover of playgirl magazine, right?

      9. Jade Helm is nothing. This goof doesn’t know what’s going on. Just another Alex wannabe that wants to make millions. Alex is making millions by talking about fear. Prepare and you’ll be fine.

        • GASP!!!…you mean….GULP! Everything that oozes forth from the spokeshole AlexJones is NOT true????
          Oh my goodness! Whatever are we to do now?

          In case The Sheeple are reading this(with or without help from the librarians, the above was complete sarcasm.They can help you with the definition as well….)

      10. Finally got a date.
        We will see!~!!!!!!

        • Yeah, we have a date, but… so what? No one knows or can know the future. We’ll all know it when it arrives and becomes the present. Until then, we all need to stack and prep as if our lives depend on it… because THEY DO!

          The main thing here is that time is the most precious commodity there is. We need to maximize our use of it and not waste it. Time wasted is no more valuable than time not had. Prepping and stacking are things we need to be doing continuously. Don’t get to the time when the SHTF and have major prepping needs unmet. There will be tens of millions of people in that exact position, so don’t be one of them. A lot of them will die because they do not have what they need to survive. Others will become desperate and do awful things. Be ready for that, even from those whom you think you know and believe are friendly. They might or might not be either of those when desperation sets in and they realize that they should have been prepping and didn’t. At that point, they will become very dangerous because they will finally understand that the only way they can survive is to take what others, including you, already have.

          If you were in the military, as your “Sgt.” handle suggests, then you already have a good set of survival skills. Thanks for your service. I never had the opportunity to serve but came from a military family where most of the men served, so I know up close and personal the sacrifices they and their families made to defend this country.

      11. Attention , prepares in Baltimore , you are under fire , bug out,repeat bug out
        All people get ready , the nigs are starting the civil war , they are burning foehn the city, detroit is on notice, another nig shot …..

        • Maybe you missed the info about WHITE, JEW George Soros funding the Ferguson riots to the tune of 100M? He’s behind Baltimore too, like the phony ISIS to break up the nation and seize all the resources.
          THIS IS OUR NWO-backed American Spring. Get ready and know who your TRUE enemies are. they’re aren’t the dumb cannon fodder used at ground level but the string pullers above. Wake up idiot, too late to be so stupid

          • Lmao

          • I agree with you. Just as they have for 9/11, they are stirring shit up to justify Martial Law declaration/implementation.
            They cannot just go ahead and declare it, they’d have to have a serious Cause. just as they made up 9/11 to justify their attack on Afghan and Iraq.

            • So where the hell is Jade Helm and their troops to put down this insurection? Seems like a perfect opportunity to do some training in Baltimore. Oh that’s right, rioting monkeys aren’t dissenters Hmmmmm.

              • It really appears as if they are working to build a background to what they are going to use as the Cause to declare Martial law. Consider the AARP PSA for example. Just what does the martial law announcement on the background of the commercial has to do with that particular ad?!?!? The answer is NOTHING. This year alone, several killings of black men by white cops have taken place, regardless of who’s wrong and who’s right. One of the FEMA executive orders I read, talks about how the, and I quote “negros” with I think latinos will be the first to be rounded up by FEMA once the martial law is declared. They are clearly manipulating the ‘bull’ into heading the direction they wish for it to go, there is no doubt.

          • Herr George Soros helped his fellow Jews to captivity and to the death camps during WWII. While he was born into a practicing Jewish Family, he is not practicing, and does everything possible to make Jewish lives miserable.
            Soros should be an enemy of the state, instead, he’s the Puppet-Master of Valerie Jarrett, she takes HER orders from him.(and she controls the Organizer-in-Chief completely, he can’t manage to wipe his own rear end without her telling him to)

            • Jewish Talmud is Luciferianism.

              Practising and non-practising jews are both guilty, minus perhaps 1 in 1000 of them. They lie about their past (they are nonsemitic Canaanites and Edomoites sworn to destroy the rest of the human race).

      12. The daughter asks her Dad, “Dad there is something that my boyfriend said to me, that I didn’t understand.”
        “He said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.”

        Her Dad said, “You tell your boyfriend that if he opens your bonnet and tries to check your oil with his dipstick”
        “I will tighten his nuts so hard that his headlights will pop out and he will start leaking out of his exhaust pipe.”

        Y’all need to keep smilin’
        Y’all Beware!

        • LOL! As a father who raised a daughter, I CAN relate to that! 😀

          • 41, got 2.
            If you have a boy, you worry about one penis.
            If you have a girl, you worry about ALL the penises…

            • All these years, and I have never said that before…
              But it is true, when you think about it….

              • That was a joke my friends,hope all is well with each poster her…

                • another good one eppe!

                  • lol good one!

        • Damn Right!!! LOL

        • “Y”
          Very good.
          I have 3 daughters, and all of the boys that took them out met the Old Man when he was cleaning his 45 M4 and his 870.
          They all got the message.

          • Why didn’t you just shoot em’ all there tough guy?

            • Mike: That’s an unfair comment. I don’t know about you but I met several fathers during my high school dating years that just happened to be cleaning their hunting rifles or aiming them at me through a front picture window. Yep it is an intimidation tactic but it seems to be effective, at least it worked in my cases.

              • M,

                I can see your point of view, but I think it’s really a pussy thing to do, bring a gun out and clean it for your daughter’s date to see. First of all, these guys are NOT going to shoot anybody so You look like a real asshole pointing a gun at some kid. As far as dale is concerned, if his daughters are anything like him, they probably didn’t generate a lot of interest in the local male population to begin with. So hence my comment. I was always told NEVER to point a gun at ANYBODY unless you intended to use it, so anybody pointing a gun at their daughters date is a real stroker that should have his own gun slapped upside his stupid face.

                • I don’t think he was pointing a gun at anybody as he know better, but some little boogers need to be treated like that in order to learn to exercise some self control instead of acting like the monkeys that they are. I am not saying all boys are like that but some need that kind of warning to respect other people daughters. You have no problem with your relatives being used to satisfy different slim balls’ whims, that’s your problem, but he and any other who uses the same approach to take care of business certainly is to be encouraged. In following your lousy logic, one can see how todays world is laced with unwanted babies and young high school drop out females who are too stupid to see beyond the tip of their nose. As if we don’t have enough stupid people around already, we need to insure that more of them are on the way!

              • If you are a gun toting bigot, that has failed as a father to talk with her about growing up, how men & women come together, how men have a natural, instinctual drive for sex, and how women need to make careful choices, then perhaps threatening a boy with a gun is the way to go.
                If you are a BETTER father (that means, actually looking her in the eye and admitting that when you, yes you, we’re young, you would try to phuck anyone girl you could, whenever you could), she will learn more about you as a man, a father, and all men, and no gun will ever be required.
                Sadly, as Americans……violence is the easiest route, so the Gun ‘n The Frightened Boy method will continue for many years to come.

                • … He didn’t fail as father, CLEARLY! He is good enough father to do whatever it takes to insure his daughter is safe in his presence and outside of it. Are you capable and are you committed enough to do the same?!?!?! And if you think that telling your daughter “to make careful choice” is going to work with an often manipulative monkey who’d do anything to get into her pants and move right along to the next, especially with her naiveté, then you are the FAILED one in the crowd. Thugs out there would do any thing to use and traumatize innocent girls, to only turn around and verbally use and abuse them some more after the fact. Many girls not only get pressured to drink, but get drugged, raped or, worse: gang raped!!Yep, let’s not be embarrassed to call things by their real name. Now if Fathers love their daughters enough to do whatever they have to to keep them protected, they are “gun bigots” and this and that. No wonder our world is falling apart the way it is.

                  My advice to you is you better go check on your children or grand children and see what they are doing. You might be shocked at what you find out.

                  • Daisy D,

                    Perhaps you should stop projecting your own personal experience with men on everybody else. Or maybe you’re from a hillbilly family that thinks” them thar shotgun weddins is the BEST way to be!” You have serious intelligence issues if you think pointing a gun at some kid is going to solve the problem, especially in light of the fact that I’ve already taken the liberty to point out to you that these pussy fathers are NOT about to shoot anybody, so they may as well take their guns and sit on the barrel of them for all the good they’ll do.

                    • As far as projecting, you are the one who is projecting your mother or your sister’s experience with men. I JUST so happened to have grown up in all boys family, and being fortunate enough to be the only female aaaaaaaand the youngest, I have been taught really well by them. Yep, a Tomboy here ever since I learned to walk!!! A far as intelligence, you are not intelligent enough to FIRST think about asking couple of questions before you open your trap about someone who happened to have served few years in the Air Force. And since you seem to know chicken shit about the basics of training within such branches. I’d inform that in the military, one is taught to never point a gun at someone unless they intend to take them out you dumb shit. I am not a hillbilly either even tough my father, grand father and on aaaaall were avid hunters. Those men of which you speak ill, probably have balls each as big as your stupid head. Now I know why republican can’t stand dems. I mean who would blame them. To come back to me. No one ever tried to fuck with me. And, no I am not ugly, just hard and athletic enough to beat the living crap out of any moron who seem to think women and girls are here to attend to their chimpanzees filthy wims. I don’t know what gutter you climbed out of. But I come from a family that knows something about a woman’s dignity and honor. We respect our daughters as we do the daughters of others. You clear know nothing of such precepts.

                    • Well daisy. I know ONE thing for sure. You fly off the handle and loose your emotions like some type of cornered, frightened animal when you feel threatened. It’s truly scary to think that the emotionally unstable likes of you are allowed into ANY branch of the armed forces. But then again, it WOULD explain the sorry state of the American military.And yes, I’m sure your daddy was a big bad ass soldier boy to, perhaps he’s the cause of all your emotional issues, yes?

                    • How about you address your probably alcoholism, narcotics use, or perhaps your bisexualism?!?!?How about you concede to the grave points I addressed instead of accusing me of having been gang raped you classless foul pig, based on the SOLE fact I brought that up, because it actually DOES happens IN THE US (mostly thanks to brutes like you)?!?!You, as “knowing” as you pretend 2 b, should be aware of such tragedies. but instead you go on another retarded rampage about how the US military is bad and how my father is responsible. You have no clue how marooned you really are: My father left when I was 6 years old!!!So now do you still think he is responsible about my upbringing?!?!?! SECONDLY, I served outside of the US. AGAIN, based on the second new provided data, do you still think the US military is bad because of people like me?!?!?!!
                      You pathetic sac.

                      But let me guess what your problem is: you probably have a son with whom you childishly brag about how many under age girls you and him banged. And the 2 gentlemen up there reminded you that one of these days, you or him will eventually run into guys like them and end up eating shit. My advise to you is you consider what I said about respecting other people’s daughters you perverted pig. Because if you don’t, you will end up paying for it and VERY DEARLY. It’s only a matter of time.

                    • Daisy, perhaps I WAS wrong about you. In order to project your experiences about men, you actually have to HAVE some in order to project. My apologies, I should have figured that out immediately when you mentioned being a ” tomboy”. Now I know where you’re coming from.

                    • It takes a Big Man to apologize. Thank you. I could have had any man I wanted when I was in the military. The advantage of being a tomboy is guys let down their guards in one’s presence and don’t mind unveiling how they think of women (inculding their significant other) behind their backs. what I heard was not nice. I kept to myself. I married in the US, divorced, dated couple more for a short time and decided celibacy/chastity is my solution. I have been chaste/celibate for close to 14 years now. Where I come from, when 2 people lock in on each other, it’s over (LOL). I couldn’t see myself changing dates like pairs of socks as most do in this country.
                      As Psalms 91:11 says:
                      “For he will command his angels concerning you
                      to guard you in all your ways.”

                      Again, thank you for aplogizing. Really appreaciate it.

          • I cleaned my firearms a LOT(in fact, they were spotless) when our girls were in high school…

        • Why when I try to reply to Y’all be aware, I get “reply to Sgt Dale” frame?
          are they one and the same? Anyway. I love the story and I also love Sgt Dale’s answer to that. We need more Dads like you Gentlemen. LOL. Thank you for the laugh.

          • “D”
            I don’t know why that happens. I replied to him to and ended up under Lost. I think it just puts them in on the time thy are sent.

            • Thank you Sgt. Dale!

        • Every dad’s nightmare and the reason for the joke; that his sweet innocent, virginal little princess will when she becomes old enough, will date a guy that is EXACTLY like him when he was that age. Given how many times I broke the “rules for dating my daughter”, I am amazed that I survived to tell the tale. And I thank God that I did NOT get her “in trouble” or get a STD. I suspect that my guardian angel will want to give me a drill sgt chewing out for being such a pita to him.

      13. eppe,

        I know where you are from!
        No problem man!

        Y’all Beware!

        • It’s never too late for folks to get good with God.

          First thing to do every day on the prep list.

      14. Okay guys help me out here please I’m new to this whole collapse thing.

        Q1. Will the average person become hungry or not have basic amenities?

        Q2. What percentage of the workforce will lose it’s jobs?

        Q3. Are women to blame? Should women have never been allowed to work?

        Q4. People have been crying collapse for years. But each year it doesn’t come. When do you think it will FINALLY arrive?

        Q5. Will this be the death of money? If so what will replace it?

        Q6. How badly will Western Europe, India and China be hit if the american economy “collapses”?

        • Eddie, you askin’ the wrong question in Q3 “Should women have never been allowed to work?”

          Women ALWAYS work at home. That’s the numeral uno job we have.

          The question should be, should the hard working woman of the home go out and take that second, less important job?

          When my son said I didn’t really work (at home), I began answering the phone:
          “laundry room”
          “house cleaning”
          “egg house”
          “landscaping and gardening dept.”
          and my fav “taxi service, where shall I pick you up/take you?”

          I did work outside the home for 8 yrs, but I really prefer my #1 job, paid in hugs and kisses. Benefits are great too!

        • what is this chicken shit about women working being the cause of this country’s problem?!?!? what filthy hole you just crawled out of? you should be ashamed of your stupid dumb brain. I cannot believe such maggots being citizens of this country. I tell you what is the problem: dumb shits like you are the problem or at least a part of it, for damn sure asshole.

          • I always tell people that I was thankful growing up on our farm that i was a boy. The women had to be able to do the same things guys could do in the pastures or hay fields, but then they were also expected to maintain the house and cook. Being a woman in the country wasn’t easy and they have my respect.

            • M,
              thank you for your decency. You are awesome. I mean the level of ignorance that some suffer from is simply unheard of. Yeah, Obamo breaking every promise he made when he was running for office is working women’s fault. Bush looting this country and lying about anything and everything so he could steal another country’s oil and resources is working women’s fault. Yeah, why not, Fukoshima is working wormen’s fault and the list goes on. This person is a retard.

              • Pretty sure the little Japanese lady I saw during the Fukoshima coverage was 100% responsible for all of it.
                LOL just kidding.

                • You got that right M, she is public # 1 enemy that needs to be brought to justice at once![sarcasm].

        • Chicken shit? Actually most men didn’t want women to get involved in the man’s world which is why women’s liberation was so difficult. Men created the world and some say that women are the ones who will destroy it if they are allowed in the man’s world.

          50 years have passed since their invasion of the workforce. It’s been 100 years since they could vote. They are now allowed to go outside the house without permission.

          Ever since women could vote Mao, Hitler, Stalin etc have been elected. Look at where we are going. Hitler was raised by a single mother, just saying.

          For this reason prudent men share their plans and actions least of all with their wives. Woman is a misbegotten man and has a faulty and defective nature in comparison with his. Therefore she is unsure in herself. What she herself cannot get, she seeks to obtain through lying and diabolical deceptions. And so, to put it briefly, one must be on one’s guard with every woman, as if she were a poisonous snake and the horned devil…. In evil and perverse doings woman is cleverer, that is, slyer, than man. Her feelings drive woman toward every evil, just as reason impels man toward all good.

          • Eddie…..
            You say “men created the world”.
            Show me one man that did come out of the womb of a woman.
            You need to get your head out of your arse son before you come onto this this site.

            Now PHUCK OFF.

      15. Martin Armstrong has got it pinned down (yet again) which is why so many others are plagiarising his results !
        The stock market bubble has formed thanks to the stupid Chinese piling in, just like lemmings. Yes..this will cause the stock market crash in upcoming months and THEN the panic from stocks into gov’t bonds which are worth nothing anymore, which will then cause the crisis in confidence in world governments, the bond bustup and the global meltdown post 2015.75
        So…5 months people then we enter the long decline which will make the GFC look like a tea party.

        Tell ya what though – a campervan or motorhome is the best way to go when SHTF. No mortgage, no rent, no power,rates,water,gas bills etc, assuming you fit it out properly.
        See you on the road.

        • Isn’t that assuming that the roads will stay open?

          It really isn’t hard to shut a road down and a large vehicle has little potential to avoid closures and obstacles. If you decide to use one in an emergency, you may want to consider taking a trail bike or even a moped along with you just in case.

        • I’m not sure about that. Our RV is stocked but I just doubt we’d be able to take it because we couldn’t trust the roads to be clear, plus is uses a lot more gas.

          I’ve gone round and round about it. I’m not sure being on the road in a high visibility vehicle is wise. Kinda think I’d rather quads. But they are loud.

      16. Bitcoin is another classic Ponzi. All the failings of fiat currencies are shared by Bitcoin. I would not touch it.

        The US dollar is backed up by the full-faith of the US military and spy network. Until another country can challenge that, then the dollar will stay strong. China is more interested in making money and getting rich, not starting wars.

        As for the existence of America’s poor, they do not matter apart from a public order problem. The US military and US corporations have already gone global and got their wealth and assets out of the US. They do not really care what happens in Detroit or Baltimore.

      17. I don’t understand how people think that military people are knowledgable when it comes to shtf. Tell me what makes them so smart. I’m not seeing it I’ve seen so many fat out of shape military people that are nothing more than pawns in the elites game. They enlist recruits break them down then brainwash them into thinking they are fighting for freedom while lawmakers are busy destroying it. People the military is stupid. It’s just a bunch of people that work for a corrupt gov. Don’t think that your fighting for the freedom of Americans. The only thing you ever fight for is survival to live another day if your military. The. Military is being used like a world police force. If that’s what you want just join the police dept and sleep in your bed every night. I knew a guy who was a runt he went in the army well when he got out he thought he was tuff my buddy who is not military just a guy who grew up in the streets beat his ass bad. I laughed so hard what a joke this kid would get himself killed in war what a cunt. The army built this kids ego up to believe he could handle shit. What were they thinking he should have never been enlisted. I seen him in Wally’s one day he said he got injured and released from the service. He said he had a lawsuit against the DOD. What a loser. I’m sure he not the only bad choice the military made. I’m not like other people who are a bunch of military worshipers I call shit how I see it. Everybody that I have ever known who went in the military got discharged eventually. I don’t know any career military people. But if people wanna believe they are gonna be Rambo let em waste their time.

        • gawd bless our troops!….and GOD DAMN the sons-o-BITCHES that sent them there!……..pass it on!.

        • You can fight for your country OR fight for your government. The latter is what they are doing but think it is the former. BIG difference I guess they aren’t smart enough to figure it out.

        • I served in the Army for 11 years as an enlisted soldier and officer.. Your comment, unfortunately, is 1000% SPOT ON! Fortunately, there are vets out there who agree that we served a fascist government. But there are also the ones who believe in this ‘freedom’ garbage.. Well stated, my friend! It takes balls to talk about the truth.

        • The military, like the po leese are mercenaries. They shoot for the dollar and they’ll kill you in a minute.

      18. Here’s a good one:

        St. Pete MPs propose ‘anti-parasite’ constitution changes

        ht tp://

        • They’re getting back to the Stalinist days with that, parasitism was a crime in the CCCP.

          Everybody had to work for the worker’s paradise, you know.

          • My point was, some people advocate for this same view here. EVERYONE must work, mandatorily, or some people would let them all die. How can it be a bad thing when communists do it, but proper and patriotic when WE do it? Just read back through some posts here and you’ll see what I mean.

            This anti-parasite” law is EXACTLY what many people propose, only some people would include disabled and elderly in it as well.

            Double standards? Yup.

      19. Sorry guy’s, the crash MUST wait. We’re moving from our craphole to a much better place next Spring. The world is just going to have to wait!! 🙂

        But, if you’re not in paper AT ALL, have food, seeds, guns, plenty of ammo (Hell, I’m so f’ing deep in 22LR alone it’s not funny), chickens and land with THREE thriving garden area’s what’s to fear? Heck, even have a few ounces of Ag and nearly and ounce of Au.

        That’s the next article I’d like to see; ‘You’ve prepped and you’re not in paper; how the next crash will affect you.’.

        We’ll see. Gonna be a long summer. Even if it crashes in Oct or so the CHRISTmas season is right around the corner and the credit cards will come out for the latest iSHIT.

        All is well sheeples, go back to sleep.

        • “Hell, I’m so f’ing deep in 22LR alone it’s not funny”

          22LR is like a disease. I can’t go to the gun store without picking up the max. 500 rounds. I currently have 36K rounds of 22LR, along with another 20K rounds of 9MM, 45ACP and 5.56 greenies.

          I’m glad to see I’m safe until Sept. though, I’ve budgeted to buy 100 OZ of silver in July.

          • my advice to you would be to sell that 22(34,000 rounds of it, …and buy that silver NOW!!!…’s gittin’ LATE.

        • NEXT SPRING??? Good Lord: long term planning is breakfast! Hope you can get something done before that.

      20. The article posted is not worthy for this site.
        Snake oil salesman in my opinion.
        Although I will give him credit in mentioning the seven year cycle, he disregards it as an occult belief.
        Says nothing new or important.
        Who does not know that the dollar will eventually crash and burn?

      21. I have gotten into the “art” of baking in the last couple of months. A prepping skill I have wanted to learn for many years. I have a problem though that I would hope my brothers and sister here a SHTF Plan may be able to help me with.

        The storing and long term use of yeast? Thanks,


        • We keep our yeast in the freezer and fridge. It seems to last forever but we buy it by the half pound containers.

          You can also look into sourdough starter whereby you keep a batch of starter in your fridge and just add more flour and sugar as you use it up. No extra yeast required. However, I would defer to someone who actually does this or search it since we don’t actually practice this.

        • Im working on sour dough starter in place of yeast, so far so good, its not real sour yet but think is because im not using rye flour, been using stone ground whole wheat, (not home ground)
          First batch of bread rose nicely, it can live on the kitchen counter if your feeding it regular and baking a couple times a week, definitely not as easy as store bought yeast but a good alternative,

          • thumb up, kula!

        • Only way of which I am aware to “long term” store yeast is to purchase it in the vacuum-sealed foil bricks sold at Sam’s Club, and perhaps at other warehouse stores, and store those unopened packs until you need to open one. Once you have opened a pack/brick, it must be stored in the frig — just role down the top and secure it with a clip of some sort…even a clothespin will work. The longer opened yeast sits out in the air, the faster it will lose its strength. You will also notice a weakening of the yeast as you get close to the end of a pack/brick, even if you have stored it in the frig.

          Purchasing yeast in this form is also the best price I have ever found.

          One tablespoon of yeast from a pack/brick is the same as one packet many recipes mention.

          Been baking bread, etc. for many years and have never read about or heard of any other method for storing yeast long term.

          Also, any baked item can be frozen for up to one year and be fine. I am not talking about freezing raw dough, as of the type that can be purchased in the grocery store. I am speaking of fully baked items.

          • I have some yeast in the vaccum packed foil bag that is still good after 6 years! just keep it in the fridge. The 1lb. foil bricks are cheap and really do last a long time. I also keep foil packs of wine yeast and turbo yeast because you never know when you may need to brew some end of the world beverages 😛

          • We’ve found by sad experience that the SAF brand yeast, in sealed foil pouches is THE best long-term storage yeast there is. NOTHING else comes close for us, and we do eat a lot of bread, in fact, ALL of our bread is made by my wife, we do not use “store bought” and haven’t for more than 10 years now. You can’t beat her bread at all. Hope this helps.

          • ht tp://

        • Here’s a video on making your own yeast. There are several out there. Worked for our grandparents back in the day, it’ll work for us during great depression 2.0. I have made mine but not used it yet so I can’t say as to how it compares to store bought as of yet.

        • Sour dough baking is a lot different, but you can start just by taking a potato and boiling it on the stove till it falls apart. Add a tiny bit of sugar and place some of the Glop on the window sill in the outside air. When it starts looking real bad, take some and put in a bowl, mix with flour wait, and you have starter. The reason the old prospectors were called sourdoughs is they kept a small bag under their shirt with some of this mixture in it for making bread. Not sure just how modern sanitary people would think of this.

          • Thanks to all of you. That’s why I come here.


      22. Last week I bought myself a birthday present, the Ruger 10/22 TALO version. What sweet gun, as are all 10/22s.

        For those not fimiliar, it’s a 10/22 on a black polymer stock with a AR sytle pistol grip and a slide adjustable buttstock. $335(NEW) at the local gun store.

        • I got one pretty much same as yours and could not be happier with it. Named it Snicker, Listen when you jack a round into it. Snick!! I can hit just about anything with it but have had trouble sighing it in.


        • Eeeeh, 10/22 is an ok rifle. I’m not super impressed with it, my marlin 60 is a lot more accurate. I have both and if I had to chose the marlin would be it. Then again a winchester model 190 is a great .22!

          • Or a remington nylon 66!

      23. Just put in an order for 80 pounds of chicken since I think it will become scarce and expensive with the avian flu epidemic and my flock is down to bare bones egg layers now until I incubate some chicks. 49 cents a pound.

        Gonna fire up the kettles and canners and make chicken corn soup to can and also will can plain chicken and broth.

        It’s still fairly cool here and haven’t planted anything yet…maybe this week.

        Pulled down a couple logs from the pile to cut and split for a start on next winter’s wood. I have to try and get the cookstove hooked up this summer. Gotta pull the stainless liner and cut through the house wall and masonry chimney to hook up. Nothing I haven’t done before in a past career in masonry, but the mess will suck.

        Brown and Brook trout are filleted and frozen for some good eats this summer.

        Anyone here build there own smoker? Looking for tips on the smoke setup part… not the actual construction of the smoker. Do you use a gas burner or a metal bucket to make your smoke?

        • We have local leg qts @ .69 lb.
          Will can about 30#.

          • definitely fill the freezer with chicken! it;s 59c here right now, but i betcha’ it DOUBLES, and then a lot higher that that when the word gets out about the bird(and dog)flu.

            • used the bones to can chicken broth

              used the wast meat from making broth for
              chicken salad.


        • Bought an old BBQ at a yard sale. Use it as my “smoker”, I use charcoal for fuel and it works well. Cold smoke for a few hours, than finish off in the oven. Yummy. Just soak your wood chips, well, then let them char on the rack in a foil “pan”. Make a high divider out of foil for the middle of the rack, the smoke will drift over the top of the foil onto your meat. Presto, smoked goodness. It was inexpensive(cheap) buddy showed me how to do it, trial and error works better than my son’s horribly expensive Traeger.

      24. Just surprised they didnt shoot the dog thru the window

        ht tp://

        A video recently captured in Snowflake, AZ, features a police officer threatening to arrest a canine.

        The incident took place outside of a Dollar General store. Terri Franklin was inside shopping and her dogs were in the car.

        The dogs allegedly made menacing gestures towards the woman who reported the incident as she was trying to get into her car.

        According to the dialog in the video, the dog was an arrest candidate for being “a vicious and large dog.”

        A representative of the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department tells CBS5 the incident was reviewed and the officer was found to have done nothing wrong. “He just shouldn’t have said what he said,” the official said.

        Franklin, on her Facebook page, wrote this about the incident:

        “So today a woman was scared to get into her car because my pit bull barks and growls when someone gets too close to my car, even though she is the most loving dog she just is protective of me and my vehicle. This woman called the police instead of coming into the store and asking for the owner of the car/dog. Police officer shows up and asks me to roll up the window which I immediately do and apologize to the woman for my dog scaring her. Officer proceeds to demand my driver’s license. I, of course, refuse as I have done nothing wrong and then ask him if I am under arrest.”

        In the end, the police officer walked away from Franklin — and no dogs were arrested.

      25. Steve St. Angelo: Silver, Shale, September – It’s Gonna Get Ugly

        ht tp://

      26. It never ends with these dicks, or in this case cu^t

        ht tp://

      27. The Baltimore Riots: The Stunning Comments By Orioles Owner’s Son

        ht tp://

        “That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.”

        at least somebody gets it
        and sees the bigger picture of what is really happening

        as things have deteroriated
        the government has engaged in two strategies
        one is to buy off the public
        eg welfare,food stamps and a whole slew of social programs

        the other is to engage in soft totalitarianism
        an iron fist
        concealed in a velvet glove

        combine this with the 24 hrs of mindless drivel broadcast over the air ways every day

        and you can see the whole bread and circus thing
        being the control mechanism

        maybe we have finally reached a tipping point?

        even those who ride the short bus
        can see
        the emperor has no clothes

        expect the velvet glove to come off soon
        and the real nature of the government will be obvious
        even to blithering idiots

        • Satori

          I saved those words. I only wish I penned them myself.

          If by some chance a new Declaration Of Independence is ever written I would like to see that included within it.

        • Satori: I read that article. The guy hit the nail squarely on the head.

      28. Watching Communist Carol Costello on Communist CNN is quite amazing.

        She has got her voice control down to a science. Knows when to be condescending; when to whine; what vocal pitch it takes to make whatever lies from the MSM she is to feed people daily, palatable and almost believable.

        If you listen to her story….only kids causing all the trouble in Baltimore. How can we possibly jail or shoot those poor downtrodden kids? Don’t know about you, but MY lying eyes saw a lot of hoodlums that were NOT kids.

        My take on why the wiley mayor of Baltimore made it plain she would set up a destruction zone…..keep ’em busy in their part of town. Don’t let them even think about destroying government owned property, banks, or rich peoples enclaves. And perhaps give them one more complete night of mayhem without curfews to imprint on Joe Blow America why we think there is going to be a race war before it is over. Worked mighty well.

        Just maybe watch a bigger dress rehearsal for martial law to be declared, just what will it take to work the have nots up to fever pitch? And what will it take to contain them?

        I saw NO news last Saturday/Sunday on what was happening in Baltimore; but have seen snippets that is was bad and that the PTB in that city had plenty of run up to Monday to have been prepared, but seemingly chose not to.

        One thing about it….if I were a cop when the real SHTF begins; I would go home and take care of my family. When patriots have had enough, there will be no destruction zone set up for them to riot and burn; you can bet your life the BULLETS will be allowed to fly.

        If Americans of all stripes knew the truth of what is planned for America they would move their demonstrations/riots on down the road about 40 miles. That is where the real enslavement of all of us is taking place.

        • “How can we possibly jail or shoot those poor downtrodden kids?”

          First, you raise the gun so the buttstock is firm against your shoulder. Second, you line up the front site so it’s center in the circle of the rear sight. Third, slowly pull the trigger until you hear a loud noise.

          As far as the mayor of Baltimore doing nothing, I think a call came from the White House telling them stand down.

          A few more roits around the country would make a great reason for a quick response National Police force.

          • Yea, now the low info voters who elected the POS are being used as the tool to further the agenda,
            Will go from race wars, to gang wars, then the preppers and patriots defending things will be villified because they actually shoot some of these dogs, then the martial law lockdown

            • Kulafarmer.

              That is the ticket. I agree.

            • What we NEED to do, is to convince Planned Parenthood, to offer low-cost or no-cost vasectomies. THAT will resolve the issue of thugs-in-the-streets within a few years, dramatically reduce the level of welfare funding-per-child, and reduce the prison population(eventually).
              Why just stick to vacumning a fetus out of the womb, lets prevent the fetuses in the first place.
              How about it, Planned Parenthood? I would GLADLY donate and fund-raise for that endeavor.

          • Angry Old White Guy:

            I believe she was told to stand down, also.

            Loretta Lynch and Obama must have had a heyday, with high fives. First day on the job for Lynch and things are shaping right up, and fast, for the martial law they are fermenting.

            Her last name might turn out to be a warning of things to come for her.

        • Where is John McCain and Vicky Nuland with the cookies and small arms?

          Oh yeah, they only support protesters in OTHER countries that riot against their .gov.

          • Where is Jade Helm when you need them?

            • Why, they’re peeking in the back doors of honest, law-abiding citizens, of course. Looking for hunting rifles, canned foods and survival books…

      29. Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

        ht tp://…wn-the-nation/

        “Seven years ago, the U.S. Army War College issued a report calling on the military to be prepared should they need to put down civil unrest within the country. Summarizing the report, investigative journalist Chris Hedges declared, “The military must be prepared, the document warned, for a ‘violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States,’ which could be provoked by ‘unforeseen economic collapse,’ ‘purposeful domestic resistance,’ ‘pervasive public health emergencies’ or ‘loss of functioning political and legal order.’ The ‘widespread civil violence,’ the document said, ‘would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.’”

      30. Fox News’ Shepard Smith smacks down cohosts covering Baltimore riots…altimore-riots

        “When one of the The Five hosts kept on rambling about ‘where are the civil rights leaders’, Shepard Smith had had it.

        “I also don’t know where we are. We’ve got a major American city that has decades of turmoil within this neighborhood,” Shepard Smith said. “Decades! You’ve heard the stories from Doug McKelway a little while ago of people being arrested for nothing, a violent crackdown for years and years, of them feeling powerless and hopeless and nobody listening to what they were saying. One quarter of the youth locked up. Clearly there is a big problem. Then all of a sudden an African American man is taken into a vehicle and he comes out of it and dies. And you get nothing from authorities except a suspension. And those who would do harm take an opportunity to do harm. And here we are. But it is what has happened between all of that and today that that has led to this. There is no escaping that reality.”

        • NO reason for any police in that area to be suspicious of anybody. Nice quiet part of Baltimore.

          Only over 300 murders in the last 24 months. Now that would make any one patrolling that area joyful to go to work each day, wouldn’t it?

          “People arrested for nothing”??????? Yes Shep, “People arrested for nothing”. Get real!

          • The reality is you shouldn’t die while in police custody. Innocence or guilt is to be mettled out by the courts not on the streets. Such are the rules of a civilized society.

      31. I think they are willing to nuke a city to cover up the dollar collapse. Then blame Iran and you get what you need. Damn.

        • Hornet:

          You are correct. And most of the public will buy the story and they will have their WW3. Send our kids to die once again for their version of FREEDOM. After two world wars and the rest of the killing our kids have bent sent to do; how free are you all feeling today?

          FREEDOM from what, FREEDOM for whom? Their deception only has to work one more time…the PTB will have gained the world.

          Read Albert Pikes blueprint for WW1, WW2, and WW3 and then come back and tell me he didn’t know what he was talking about.

          Let your fingers do the walking while it is still there for you to ponder. The internet will soon be scrubbed of any truths that will shine light on the deceptions of the PTB.

          • POG, As far as I know our kids volunteered for this shit. Why didn’t their parents stop them? Fighting for freedom is a joke, we have never been free. Ignorance and false patriotism has a huge price to pay, and the bill is coming due!

            • Genius:

              Why didn’t their parents stop them? You know the reason, Genius.

              The propaganda machines that were heaped on the generations from at least the early 1900’s are working on overdrive today. Always, when all else failed, a huge false flag, to drag us into the melee. And there is one being prepared as we speak.

              How many people do you and I know that has even a glimmer of what is truth even today?

              Ferreting out truth from fiction always has been a time consuming job. Most don’t want to be bothered. In reality, it becomes painful to find you have been duped. Easier to be an ostrich.

              • POG, True that! You can choose to ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!

        • As long as it’s a Neutron bomb that doesn’t hurt the buildings and good stuff. and the city is Washington DC is Ok with me.

        • Later: I read the article earlier today. He makes a lot of sense, but I still do believe that they are going to be operating in certain areas that they think might be targets for Isis.
          The problem is that spec op guys don’t blend very well with any regular population. Most who have ever spent time in the military can spot them quickly.

      32. “This Ain’t About Freddie Gray.”

        ht tp://…ray#.cdDNpYrr7

        ““It’s from years and years of taking shit,” said Martin, a longtime resident and a cook at a nearby soul food restaurant. “Now we’re at a point where people just don’t give a fuck.”

        • Satori:

          Pity they can’t figure out who is f#$%@’n them, isn’t it?

        • Unfortunately, the SHEEPLE of Baltimore have consistently elected Marxist/Democrats for so long to control every facet of their lives, including Black mayors, Black council members, and have had Black police department Command for so long, their complaints of “racism” are asinine.
          While the death of Freddie Gray should be investigated and the officers involved charged with his death, (in my opinion-regardless of their ethnicity) this whole stinking situation is OWNED by the City of Baltimore itself.
          These “riots” have only occurred in Democratic Party Machine strongholds, period. In city after city, where all of the race riots have occurred, including the latest in Baltimore, those same cities have long(decades long) been entirely controlled by the Democratic Party Bosses, Democratic Party Unions, and the Democratic Party Machine. So, who IS to blame? Blame the source of the infection, then have the cojones to treat the infection for the cancer that it is.
          How foolish African-Americans are to have fallen so willingly for the Party of the KKK, the first Domestic Terror Group and the original one here in this country.
          Like living the Plantation Life, folks? You earned by electing these slugs. No Democratic Party City has any accountability, no fiscal management whatsoever, and NO revitalization within their own “inner city areas”.(which are just self-actualized ghettos,m so their little Prog Disciples are exactly where they can be controlled by the Progressive Massas.) Truly one would think that a true leader would rise up against the Bands of Plantation Lackies,instead we have uneducated, fatherless teens falling prey to the Enslavement by the Marxist/Prog Machine. (And it is “racism” to declare the truth of what the root cause of their plight is) Makes perfect sense. Maybe Margaret Sanger had the right idea after all, when she founded Planned Parenthood.(is it bad to say that?)If the Sheeple don’t care about their own Enslavement, why should we? Just asking a rationale philosophical question, is all.

          • Margaret Sanger, I hate that bi*ch. Hillary is a close second. Will never forget how she treated those who protected her skank self. It just puts me in a bad mood to hear her name.

            Now I’ve gone and forgotten what I was going to comment….

            • Apologies, was never my intent to cause you to forget what you were going to comment on. I remain astounded that the Marxist/Prog-Sheeple are so willingly led to their own destruction, so consistently.
              Apparently, they “believe” in slavery, what else could possibly explain their reticence for common sense and decency?

          • TPSnodgrass:

            I absolutely agree with your post. But the truth of the matter, these riots are not going to be contained in only democratic strongholds.

            The reason I have to care about the Sheeple Enslavement is because it is designed to affect you and me too. Escaping it is out of the question, the whole world is being set on fire.

            • POG, not going to happen with US, as we are capable of thinking AND managing for ourselves. While the “design” may be to include us, I’ve just got a feeling that most of us on here, won’t go along with their program….or is it pogrom, I forget.

          • “sigh”…sounds as if you believe that if you vote a “Republican” in, things would be any different.

            Take the red pill.

            Fascists are in charge and they have no party stripes.

            Lack of empathy is a trait of sociopaths. The country is occupied by enforcers and politicians and ex-cops who fit this mold. Do you?

            • The democrats have soaked us all for every penny they can, to give to people who refuse to take care of themselves, they have legislated us into the poor house. All of us, together, in a socialist hell of a police state.

              NOW, republican hawks are going to get us into WWIII, while making their big corporate donors billions off of our children’s horrible deaths.

              Changing repubs for dems in DC, is just the implementation of the next phase of the globalist elites plans.


              • Barak is a democrat and has been try to get us in a war ever since he won the nobel peace prize. Both parties have worked together to enrich themselves with money and power, while destroying the USA and the Constitution.

            • Nope, not a drinker of the political ideological Kool-Aid,but thank YOU for the insinuation. Extremely tolerant of you to engage in such drivel.
              The Facists DO have Party(both) Stripes and the Sheeple are the ones who refuse to see them.
              Hope and Change is More-of-the-Same-Shit-on-the-taxpayer, F***-Whitey, We-all-be-innocent mantra from the Slaves up through the ProgressivePlantation-Massas.
              When the Sheeple are so willing to be led to the slaughter as slaves, WHY, should we care to try and educate them?
              According to the Congressional Budget Office, 220 TRILLION dollars has been spent on the “war on poverty” entitlements since the 1960s, what do we have to show for it? Oh, it’s somehow MY fault, because you have decreed that I have a lack of empathy and am somehow a sociopath? thank you for the diagnosis. Your attempt at the practice of Psychology and Psychiatry is illegal in all fifty states, and not even close to what the actual truth is. Too bad you’ve missed the mark with your “little bit of knowledge”, yours is extremely dangerous, Herr Goebbels.
              Thanks for playing though, YOU get your Progressive Red Star for your fo’haid.

      33. One eye on wall street, one eye on hard assets. The flames of discontent are fueled by the liberals, that know full well the monsters they created. The economy sucks in Maryland, people are tired of it. So this event is simply a spark that started it.
        The strong dollar we have been seeing, hurts the economy. What was exported is now not, and the world buys from other countries. Minimum 15% less from other sources. The system is broken and it has been broken since 2007-08. When the manipulation doesn’t work anymore then nothing will stop what comes.

      34. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Beyond Collapse

        ht tp://


        Yup, September, the 7th schmeetah, the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, is what i like to call it. Its just a merely 5 months out. And rememeber, if it does not happen in September does not mean that its not going to happen enventually.

        Like James Wesley Raules wrote in one article, on, stock up on seasoning, incase you need to roast the dog. Or in this case good eaten humans.

        We can enjoy eating real food for now, enjoy the abundance of water supply, and taking a shower, then we. at least non preppers will have to switch to human meat after september 2015. One hunter told me that based on what he knows, the deer population will be decimated in less than 3 weeks. This is going be one hell of a calapse. If the engineered calpse the scientist told me about that barely left 25 people out of 3000, in the real cabal military simulation, then 340,000,000 means 3-5 million survivors. Gee. These surviors are the fittest, the smartest, and he encouraged me to make friends the the prepper fat guys ad old guys, they will needs us musclular in shape studs to help them survive. I guess the movie, “The Road” is where this is heading. Or even worst, the Walking Dead. Hopefully we are not hit by a zombi virus.

      36. i see the shit train is picking up speed

      37. Why are there so many “Sheeple” , ok firstly Jade Helm 15 is the biggest distraction yet , and right on cue the “Sheeple” jump on it .. secondly the Shemitah is very real but what was not said in this article is that the 70th Jubilee year of the Shemitah follows
        September / October are definitely months to watch , look at this video
        When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan we will see where people stand
        The warnings are there , all you need to do is read them
        Peace to all


        Let this link be your source of real info from a man named David Hodges who is a proven soure. See what one Texas Ranger just wrote him, see link for letter to cancell out the BS, that M just posted. As usual the disinfo agency agents are on the attack again. Where is Walker Texas Ranger when we need him.

        • Hout: Just one question. What was that Ranger’s name? Oh that’s right, he won’t reveal his identity. So he might be a legit source or he may very be some kid hiding in his bedroom.
          By the way did you read the Veteran’s Today article and get multiple ideas on what JH might be?
          So what is the difference between you being a lapdog that believes anything Alex Jones and David Hodges says and the sheeple who believe everything on ABC, NBC, and FOX?

      39. Tanker,
        No I am not a moron, I am an Ex Air Force you dumb ass. I’ve been and done what you probably never will. you however really appear to be a moron, based on your dumb ass reply.

        • Hundred thumbs up Daisy.


          • Thank you so much BigB.

      40. Jesus Christ spoke the truth.

        Heed his words.

        Worship only God. Not some sick system based on $ and evil.

        Pay attention to how our thinking life is being subverted by those with evil agendas, brainwashing us.

      41. Because Mr M, these are the same people who interviewed Dr James Garrow who outed the litmus test, about China wanting to disarm the American people and have their soldiers, all 350,000 of them that were brought in with visas to take us over with the 1,200,000 in Mexico in the Sierra Madras, you were posting as Mr Kanine at to the time when I posted that comment, and the fact that the cabal tried to banningban the M855 AR ammo right before the announced the fake drills called Jade Helm 15, and the fact that I was in the gym doing cardio when I first saw a Chinese man on TV standing with the president, not knowing that he was California state senator, Leland Yee, talking about banning guns in California, and then later on in 2013, the white hats in the FBI arrested that Chinese guy, the same guy standing next to the president, the chi-com senator Leland Yee, was his name that was busted smuggling in AK 47’s fully automatic, rocket launchers, and other heavy weapons from China into California, to give to the chinese PLA that was here on visas for the attack on the American People. David Hodges and Alex Jones covered these facts of life and interviewed Dr Jim Garrow at the time and I have learned to trust them 100%. So I hope this helps. This TV showing happened after the fake shooting called Sandy Hook. I hope this helps to answer a few of your questions. You guys have had some really crappy training at the Nsa, CIA fusion centers who are trying to post on these sites and gain trust. We are not a bunch of dumb azzes on here. You are the only poster on here that is constantly trying to discredit me, Hodges and others alternative media people who post the truth.

      42. “The Teats of Nation’s”, Vol 3, Summary Appendix
        It’s time to have an adult conversation. How are your nation’s teats? Seriously. If I was joking I would say ‘tits’. If I was kidding I would say ‘titties’. I wish to invoke the symbolism of sustenance and caring for the defenseless infants in the shadow of ‘The Teats of Nation’s’.

        To cut to the chase and make my post which you will not read anyway shorter so it is easier to skip over. No scrolling needed. Let me just ask one point-blank question, “Would your nation’s teats be published in Playboy magazine?”

        Is there anything worthwhile to be derived from this post? Probably little so far, but wait. Let me draw a paradoxical anecdotal inverted cross-symbiotic correlation to having observed particular teat’s of nations and offer a solution 180 degrees juxtaposed to what you would have expected which of course would been wrong so would have failed so why not?

        Why not? A hustle here, a hustle there, New York City is the place where they said “Hey Joe, take a walk on the wild side!”

        My radio alarm went off.

        Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

      43. Read the Harbinger (a book) It might wake you up. The years are done up in 7’s.

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