DOJ STUDY: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    It took the United States government’s Department of Justice an entire study dedicated to gun use and criminals to figure out what logical human beings have already understood for decades. The result of their own study found that gun control laws will never work because criminals will never use legal channels to obtain guns.

    According to Fox 5, the findings based on the 2016 Survey of Prison Inmates (SPI), discovered that about 1 in 5 or 21% of all state and federal prisoners reported they had “possessed or carried a firearm when they committed the offense for which they were serving time in prison.” The survey released by the DOJ this month declared that criminals unsurprisingly rely on the black market for their guns. 

    According to the study, an estimated 287,400 prisoners has possessed a firearm during their offense. The findings concluded 6 percent had stolen the weapon, 7 percent found it at a crime scene and 43 percent obtained it off the street or on the black market. More than 25 percent had received it from a family member or friend, or as a gift.

    This is not the first time the government, democrats, and gun control zealots have been made to look the fool by their own study.

    Gun-hating democrats who demanded a study into the sale of guns online were smacked with a dose of reality. They wasted two years attempting to buy guns illegally on the “dark web,” and the group of Democrats failed every single time.

    Senator Elizabeth Warren joined with Senator Brian Schultz, D-Hawaii, and Representative Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, to commission the GAO report.

    An embarrassing attempt to try to regulate guns further went horribly wrong when the Democrats took it upon themselves to try to skirt the law to prove it can be done. Over the course of the two-and-a-half year investigation, agents tried to buy firearms illegally on the “Surface Web” and the “Dark Web,” generally by sharing their status as “prohibited individuals” or trying to buy across state lines.  SHTFPlan

    These studies prove nothing more than the government’s incompetence and unnecessary intervention in the lives of everyone else.  Private gun sellers did more to prevent violent crimes than the government’s own laws did. The ruling class is continuing to prove they are no longer a necessary evil. Only 1.3 percent of all prisoners obtained a gun from a retail source and used it during their offense, the DOJ’s study stated. Moreover, among the prisoners who possessed a firearm during their offense, “0.8 percent obtained it at a gun show.”


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      1. Either our politicians are stupid or they really want to disarm EVERYBODY! Until they suffer from gun crime themselves they will never get it. Take away their body guards and security in the capital and let them assume the risk the rest of us do.

        • I concur with your first sentence.

          And lets not forget most politicians all they care is about your vote.

          I also am going to go to bat for some of the guys in Law Enforcement that most of them feel that the Laws that are imposed on us are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and VERY UNFAIR because they are

          WE THE PEOPLE TOO.

          I am willing to bet they have Bug out Locations, Food, Water, Sanitation, and most of all a Weapons Stash either there Own or by OTHER means.

          I do not think that most of them are Mindless Robots.

          But I guess we will see when the BALLOON GOES UP and I FEAR very much that it is REAL SOON.

          So I guess pick you TRIBES FOLKS.

          • I tend to see Politicians as not really caring about a human votes anymore. Voting can now be altered to suit the Democrat running and having to win. The illegals are thought to be brought in for their votes, but they are here temporarily as a diversion and to thin out the population. Once they do their work, they too will become expendable. This is just an opinion.

            • You are on it……..

          • THIS JUST IN


            They want Seffie Addicts, Snowflakes, me, me, me, Millennials


            God Save The Queen,or King ?

            I bet CHURCHILL is rolling over in his grave.

            Because this sure is not the U.Ks. FINEST HOUR.

            And you think we have problems ??????????

            • I think, the recruiters should have, in their offices, or in some special room in the school, “Red Asphalt”-tier gore movies, like were once shown in Drivers’ Ed.

              No questions should be off limits. Answer directly and nonchalantly. If you’re asked Smedley Butler type of stuff, do not ever agree or disagree or debate or go into mental retreat or frame any arguments. Leave virtue signalling to the philosophers. Say how it is normally done, like it’s stereo instructions or you’re diagramming a machine.

        • Above paragraph is very correct. I’ve always said, criminals will get weapons regardless of the law, because they will steal them, or purchase them on the blackmarket or some dumb family member will give them one. Either way, the reason that they will get weapons is that THEY ARE CRIMINALS. That’s what criminals do—they break the law. So, gun control laws don’t work because only honest people obey them. Criminals don’t CARE about the law. These democrabs are just plain idiotic. Their desire is to stop honest citizens from having weapons (which possession is one of our God-given rights, as recognized by the Constitution. At the same time, these democrab liberals walk around with their 24/7 armed guards protecting them. Example: in today’s headlines, Bloomberg wants a private “police force” to protect his alma mater, while denying the right of self defense to the citizens of this country. SHAME on you, Bloomberg

        • DOJ STUDY: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally…

          Who knew?

        • Both.

          And even when they are victims of gun crime, they still don’t get it. See Gabby Giffords for proof.

      2. DOJ STUDY: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally… (from Eric Holder)

        On one side of the debate, rightists are asking where certain sizes, makes, and models have all went, sometimes.

        On the other side, leftists ask where it all comes from. Have you listened to a leftist. Maybe, they are really being deluged in it.

        That’s both sides, being messed-with.

      3. We had to have a “study” to know this?

        Some things are self evident, and this is one of them.

        In any event, it will have no impact on the gun control movement, and won’t even change the arguments being used to promote it.

        • Anonymous, true it sounds crazy to have a study to tell people this but it’s no less accurate than the DOJ study on crime statistics which clearly shows that black males are arrested for all types of crimes more than any other group of people in the US. They’re more likely to commit crimes and are more prone to violence than any other group.

        • Although it is self evident and I could not agree more, it is yet another opportunity for revenue generation. A lot of this kind of crap is funnelled to a “family member”,”friend” , of whoever that can be accessed by the gov parasite involved in making decisions on grants, “studies”, etc. If WASTE with TAXPAYER MONEY was stopped there would be plenty of money in the tills. It is way beyond disgusting how OUR money is wasted. Take a look at the “grants” handed out to politician’s family members or “CONsultants” for shit that is just absolutely wasted. Corruption at almost every level is the main problem in our country. They way they handle OUR money is a crime in itself. No telling how many were paid for their “expert consultations” in this fiasco when even a child could see this problem. Yet, they release the “findings” like they just discovered hidden treasure. CAREER POLITICIANS are a large part of the problem. The other politicians are the rest of the problem.

          • I’ve often wondered where the money would go if people could choose where their tax money went.

        • Thanks for that link. Barr is the spawn of satan for defending Lon Horiuchi on murder charges when he knew they were there to kill everyone and cover up any evidence of a set up of Randy Weaver.

          If Trump knows this information (I’m sure he does), he is just another member of the swamp and has been bullshitting us all along. They’re all corrupt psychopaths.

      4. I’m shocked at this information. I thought for certain criminals would obey the law and acquire their stolen guns legally. This article has really messed with my mind today.

      5. Another reason for them to promote the total confiscation of all guns. This article is a subtle nod to that. Ask yourself why the DOJ would admit that the current system doesn’t work. Do you think it’s so they will roll back some of their statutes?

        • You got it!

      6. To infringe on the God-given right of a CITIZEN to effective self defense is wrong. Firearm banning is wrong. The leftists world view ignores history and human behavior. The ignorant idea of “making the city safe” by banning firearms from law-abiding CITIZENS fails to make those CITIZENS safe – that ignorant idea caters to criminals and non-citizens. Thus making the hell-hole city into an unarmed victim zone. Decades of examples like Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, etc. Who are the victims? Disarmed CITIZENS, like Kate Steinly.

        • Cranerigger, you sound just like me. I’m not giving up anything.

          • Exactly!

      7. Duh..

        • JMcC – You should call yourself “John McCain’s TUMOR”. IT is the real American Hero.

      8. Dems are radical communist. Repubs not much better. Don’t listen to their words. How do they vote? False two party system. ALL ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR.
        NWO is type of communism for “elite”.

        These people want to:
        Control you.
        Take your guns and means of self defense away.
        Take away your ability to say “NO”.
        Take away your economic capability with technology.
        Then they will KILL you.
        Kill your family.
        Kill your children. Vaccinate your children until autistic or with cancers from dirty vaccines.

        Do you understand that?
        They want you unarmed, then DEATH to you and family.
        Tools NWO “elite” will use:
        Wars-Disease-Flu Shots-Vaccines-5G-Famine-Food modified as a weapon with GMO-Weather Modified and Weaponised-Fires caused by DEW and intentional poor forest management-EMP

        On youtube: search–
        “Steven Jacobson Mind Control Neuro -Linguistic Programming” good place to start. Free your mind. Escape false narrative. Tech mafia monopoly bullies censoring.

        Most of my comments censored. But people Will wake up. Look at France. They have woken up. No more globalist BS.
        STOP THE NWO. Reload Ammo.
        Ammo-Food-Water are tools of life.

        Pelosi is an abomination. These radical commies are stirring up hornets.
        Boulder Colorado gun registration–“WE WILL NOT COMPLY”

        • Well said annon !

        • AMEN to comment about Pelosi.

      9. I listen to people talk and all the gun grabs will in the end result create armed confrontation between the people and govt. Some people just talk and do nothing but others will fight back physically. It is absurd to think that creating armed conflict is protecting the people from guns. The American citizen left alone will be a strongly law abiding people. Start messing with the people and they will snap and all hell will result. Do we have to have armed conflict to preserve our rights as a people. Lexington was about gun control the Brits were out confiscation arms and the people stood up to the greatest army in the world and said no. the people won that if you recall

        • Moses,
          “The American citizen left alone will be a strongly law abiding people”.
          There is only about ten laws that I strongly obey. I also obey constitutional laws, if I have to. For all the rest of the laws it is not illegal, if you don’t get caught. eg the only people that do the exact speed limit probably has an outstanding warrant for their arrest. I always set my cruise control for 5-8 mph over the limit.
          I suspect that a good proportion of the country thinks like me.

          • That’s what makes it extremely dangerous to be on the streets, with that “good portion of the country” thinking like you! There’s where we need our self-defense, against that “good portion of the country”!

      10. These shops are the govt — clearly geared toward military and law enforcement — and will do anything humanly possible to spook the self-sufficient. In general, gun controls will work, because the owners are usually pedants and deputized.

      11. Ah, in the picture a Kimber full size. The other picture below it appears to be a Sig. Both real nice firearms.

      12. Conclusion: leftists don’t have a lick of common sense and don’t know what the term criminal means by definition.

      13. So from what ive read here ,
        The very last guy still standing with a gun and ammo ,holds ALL the power,dont forget it.
        And as long as hes a good guy ,we are safe hey?

      14. You can’t fix stupid.

        The begining of wisdom for a young person who is maturing (ie not gettig older but maturity is demonstrating mastery of ancestral skills indicating they are old enough to begin a courtship into marriage) is when they come to the realization that, “Heck I am ignorant when I thought I knew better than my elders”!

        That is an epiphany. It is a “eureka moment”. That recognition of ignorance leads to humility and respect for elders.

        You can fix ignorance that way. You can’t fix willful stupidity.

      15. Just want to know ONE thing: How much of my taxpayer money did you flush down the toilet for this piece of crap? My 12 yo son could’ve given them the same conclusion.

      16. Don’t care about their (leftists) lack of reasoning. No reason they give rizes above moronic. Kids are shooting up schools because there is no parental upbringing, and they are watching shows like mtv on cable, listening to satan rock, and playing shoot’em up video games. Of course they are insane. To compound the problems they have access to all kinds of mental retarding drugs. Many are even prescribed by doctors now.

        Take the guns away, and they will simply mow them down in the parking lot after school in the hot rod dad bought them.

        The 2nd amendment actually says “we all have a right to protect ourselves from criminals, tyranny, and tyrants”. They were far more intellegent in those days and better read, so they put it in terms that today’s morons (leftists) can’t comprehend.

      17. Not only criminals but true patriots and the non-slave minded.

      18. Palmetto State Armory



        Primary Arms

        Midsouth Shooters Supply

        PLENTY of places to buy firearms.

        all .com’s.

      19. I particularly like how the CDC says firearms are not permitted in emergency kits.

      20. You wanna give up your guns and trust that Bolshevik Criminal Cabal in Washington DC???


      21. Young ignorant people dismiss history as having no value. Sadly, the average teacher in a public school cannot make history relevant and thus their young students will not be dissuaded from their initial assessment.

        Young ignorant public students simply are clueless about their state of freedom. If you were to ask them if they are free, I doubt the majority could write a meaningful persuasive five page typed paper explaining their analysis.

        Then when they pass on to the university and face wanton Marxists as their instructors, non-pragmatic types will be ensnared by Marxist ideology. Some are captivated by it…literally.

        Why? Because during their first twelve years of education, they never actually learned what freedom means. They are hopelessly ignorant of their state of being.

        On top of which they have been indoctrinated that all people are equal when they cannot explain how that is logically possible.

        And then since they have no practical ancestral skills to live as a freeman, then they are already neutered by this decadent useless concept of urbanization that requires enslaved specialization.

        This means they are simultaneously helpess and dependent upon urbanization. And that leads to a desire to accept federalism.

        The Maxists then can easily expand this to globalism and these naive ignorant students embrace weakness as strength.

        This means they fear accepting freedom and expect an omnipresent law enforcement and military which will perpetually protect them and a judiciary which will perpetually enforce justice.

        If you then confront them with the reality of crime and injustice, then they shrug, even when marching against “injustice”.

        Our ancestors who loved liberty and who had ancestral skills and who had no such sense of federalism and despised globalism, protected themselves and dispatched justice themselves. Hence our ancestors were freemen. Their descendants are becoming slaves.

        • To live as a citizen in an urban environment requires impotence which then permits crime and injustice as a consequence of urbanization.

      22. ht tps://

        Why do urbanities vote for gun control? The very people who most suffer due to crime and injustice, then seek to disarm themselves.

        Why does this happen? It’s by design, a satanic ploy to maximize destruction, as Lucifer is a Destroyer and Accuser as chief attributes.

        A tribe in time grows to a village and that grows to a town and that grows to a small rural city. These are self-sufficient gatherings of people with very low crime. All have higher levels of ancestral skills and raise some food even though they begin specializing as the city grows.

        Urbanization in history was initially rare. There was a capitol as men rose up and emerged as leaders under despotism and as that organized, it became feudalism.

        That required specialization as the leader needed advisors, craftsmen, physicians, artists, merchants, bankers, etc. And that required organization and perpetuity so schools and universities were needed.

        However concentration of population density leads to crime through theft, graft, bribes, skimming from the treasury and abuse of spending, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, extortion, violence, etc.

        That means the leader needs specialized law enforcement and soldiers to deal with crime.

        And all of these people are siphoned from the rural regions to weaken the villages and strength the metropolis which then protects mainly the leader and props up their political power and disables the rural areas from organizing any means of toppling the leadership.

        • Urbanites become dependent people through learned helplessness. They are persuaded to disarm so they cannot resist and thus are enslaved.

          Then the enslaved urbanites cannot understand why rural freemen would desire to own and bear firearms.

      23. Feinstein has introduced gun control legislation that would reduce the accuracy of firearms! She is insane.

        ht tps://

      24. A Study wasn’t even necessary. Anyone on the street could have told the same results. You don’t have to be very intelligent to know that criminals don’t get their guns legally. It is just part of a plot by the government to disarm the citizens of America. This nation is not meant to be a socialist nation like many want it to be.

      25. How Rude of Criminals not to follow gun laws when they intent on murdering someone……. sarcasm fyi…

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