Does Your Plan B Include a Second Place to Live If Plan A Doesn’t Work Out?

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    This article was originally published by Charles Hugh Smith at


    We all have a Plan A—continue living just like we’re living now.

    Some of us have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out, and the reasons for a Plan B break out into three general categories:

    1. Preppers who foresee the potential for a breakdown in Plan A due to a systemic “perfect storm” of events that could overwhelm the status quo’s ability to supply healthcare, food and transportation fuels for the nation’s heavily urbanized populace.
    2. People who understand their employment is precarious and contingent, and they might have to move to another locale if they lose their job and can’t find another equivalent one quickly.
    3. Those who tire of the stresses of maintaining Plan A and who long for a less stressful, less complex, cheaper and more fulfilling way of living.

    The Fragility and Vulnerability of Highly Optimized Supply Chains

    Many people are unaware of the fragility of the supply chains that truck in food, fuel and all the other commodities of industrialized comfort to cities. As a general rule, there are only a few days of food and fuel in a typical city, and any disruption quickly empties existing stocks.  (Those interested in learning more might start with the book When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and the Future of Transportation.)

    Most residents may not realize that the government’s emergency services are actually quite limited, and that a relatively small number of casualties/injured people (for example, a few thousand) in an urban area would overwhelm services designed to handle a relative handful of the millions of residents.  Authorities can call up the National Guard to maintain order, but the government isn’t set up to provide food and fuel to millions of people stranded by a natural disaster or a ”Black Swan” (unexpected disruption).

    To reduce costs, supply chains and other essential systems have been stripped of redundancies—any break in the optimized flow has the potential to cripple the entire system. Since these highly optimized systems work so well most of the time, we don’t really understand the vulnerabilities that lurk just below the surface of “just in time” deliveries and other efficiencies.

    This inherent fragility has long fueled interest in rural “bug-out” retreats, a topic I recently addressed in Having A ‘Retreat’ Property Comes With Real Challenges.

    Where Do We Go When the Economy Falters?

    For the past eight years, US politicians and Federal Reserve authorities have attempted to repeal the classic business cycle of growth, stagnation, recession and renewed growth.  It may appear they’ve succeeded, but the era’s slow growth has been sustained by unprecedented expansions of debt in the government, corporate and private sectors.

    This extraordinary expansion of debt has been enabled by a decline in interest rates. Most observers with a sense of history view these extremes of debt expansion and near-zero interest rates as unsustainable and destabilizing:



    In other words, extending the expansion cycle by extreme policy measures cannot actually repeal the business cycle; rather, these policy extremes increase the likelihood that the eventual recession will be deeper and/or longer than it would have been absent the policy extremes.

    Thus we can anticipate a recession of some sort, in which mal-investments and unpayable debts are liquidated and written off, and credit expansion (and the consumption that depends on it) slows or even reverses, as it did in the 2008-09 recession.

    Employers must lay off employees when sales and profits fall, and as incomes fall, sales fall further, creating a feedback loop of mutually reinforcing declines in household income and spending.

    When the music finally stops, many laid-off employees won’t be able to find a chair (i.e. another job).  Without a job, most people can’t afford to remain in high-cost urban centers for long.

    When the 2000 recession gutted employment in the San Francisco Bay Area, 100,000 people moved away.

    Recent immigrants to wealthy metro areas have the option of returning home to the village or town they’d left to seek work in the city.  Many immigrants from south of the border have invested their earnings in building new homes in their villages of origin. When the economy north of the Rio Grande falters, they can return to the home they built when their incomes were high.

    In China, many of the urban workers laid off in slow periods return to their villages, where there is a source of food (farms) and a roof over their head (the family home).

    Today’s “rootless Cosmopolitans” (urban dwelling Americans) typically lack a village they can return to in hard times. So a common Plan B is to seek an equivalent low-cost place to retreat to in recessions.

    Where Do We Go When We Burn Out?

    There’s a simple phrase that embodies the exhaustion and dissatisfaction we experience when we feel like we’re on a treadmill going nowhere that’s speeding up: Burn-out.

    As Historian Fernand Braudel (and others) observed, cities have always had a higher cost of living than the countryside—and offered higher pay scales. Cities aggregate capital, talent and power, and while this dynamism serves to raise many out of poverty, it can also exacerbate wealth and income inequality.

    The globalization of labor and capital combined with the aforementioned policy extremes has deepened the divide between “haves” and “have-nots” in many urban regions. Those who bought their homes in desirable metro areas for $150,000 are much wealthier now that these modest homes fetch $750,000 or more. Young people with conventional jobs will never be able to afford these home prices, and so the time-honored source of middle-class security—home ownership—is out of reach.

    Many of those who dove in and bought a home are stretching to pay crushing mortgages, soaring taxes and higher costs for healthcare and childcare. They are burning out, and their Plan B is a permanent move to a less burdensome and more fulfilling life elsewhere.

    Three Different Purposes, Three Different Durations of Residence

    Although Plan B includes a wide spectrum of options, these three basic categories define three different purposes for having an alternative residence lined up, and these purposes define three different durations of Plan B occupancy.

    While the serious prepper with a “bug-out” Plan B might be planning for the long haul, others will view their “bug-out” Plan B preparations as a temporary arrangement—a place to go in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane, or localized social unrest.

    Such a temporary home-away-from-home could be as simple as an RV parked in the parents’ driveway, a spare room in a relative’s house or more elaborately, a storage shed turned into a “tiny house.”

    Those planning for the eventuality of a much lower income due to recession will have a much different Plan B, as they need dirt-cheap housing for an extended occupancy that might last from a few months to as long as a few years.

    The recession Plan B must include planning for childcare/schooling, healthcare, employment/earning a living—all the day-to-day components of Plan A.

    The recession Plan B also has to account for the possibility that the return to the Plan A lifestyle will no longer be an option due to health issues, the decline of the sector of employment, or permanent declines in household income.

    The burn-out Plan B is intended to be permanent. Plan A is being replaced by a Plan B that must provide the essentials of home, work and community—what I call fully functional residence.

    In Part 2: The Benefits & Challenges Of Maintaining A Retreat Property, we present our framework that clarifies the trade-offs, costs and benefits of owning and maintaining a Plan B “retreat” property. There is no “one size fits all” solution to a retreat property — selecting and operating one needs to be custom tailored to your own individual requirements, resources, skills and risk assessment. Using our framework, we’ll help you zero in on the factors that make the most sense given your personal situation.

    Maintaining a functional separate retreat residence is a responsibility that comes with real costs and complexities. But if done right, it can yield great returns during both good times and bad.

    Click here to read the report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)


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      1. North Korea vows weekly missile launch
        ht tp://

        Hawaii preps for attack…
        Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack
        ht tp://

        • Whats funny is our state and county government here in Hawaii are the LAST people i would rely on if we were attacked, they are barely able to mop up after a big rain, we get attacked, yea, were on our own

          • Nailbanger,

            Unfortunately, we could probably say that about most state and county governments.

            We are on our own.

            • {“We are on our own.”}

              That we are

              • That we are. The fact is, regardless of how you look at it, the state (be it national, state, local) are all about the state and the continuity of it AT THE EXPENSE of the people. The expansion of the state is currently AT THE EXPENSE of the people. Does anyone with two brain cells to work together think that the survival of the state will not be AT THE EXPENSE of the people? No. Nobody is stupid enough. Normalcy biased enough or cognitive dissonanced enough, yeah.

                We are on our own now. When ANYTHING comes up, when the state chooses, it chooses against the people. If anyone thinks that the state will ever do anything for you, you are, frankly, an idiot.

                • NetRanger, truer words were never spoken. Government has never and will never care about the people they rule over. Government has never produced anything. What it does it take away from people who work their asses off to produce something and give it away to people who have been brainwashed with all the socialist crap, i.e. the freeloaders. The number of ‘takers’ is now outnumbering the ‘producers’. If/when govt. chooses to act against me, they better say goodbye to their families, make sure their life insurance is paid up, and bring body bags for THEMSELVES. I choose to act in my own self-defense if/when they target me and I don’t care what their reason is.

                  • Dang at last you said something I had to agree with.

              • The Only things the US Govn’t see Americans as or for, are “Tax Payers or Voters.” Nothing else. The Tax Payers still have to pay taxes and vote, the Losers or aka: Free Shit Army of Takers gets their Government Handout of Bribes to keep them voting for the Corrupt Politicians who gives them the Free stuff from the Tax Payers.

                Its certainly a race to the bottom. The massive debt the Government is racking up with money they don’t have, then strapping the debt onto the public and future generations is a crime. Pitch Forks and Rope will be their demise, when we have all had enough.

                Right now, all we can do is move off their costly and predatory Grid as much as possible and try to enjoy a slice of life debt free. I went to the credit union today, seeing this old lady maybe 80 years old, trying to refinance a car. Like WTF? Living social security check to social security check. Poor thing.

                Preserve your wealth today with Gold and Silver. You can trade it later for a vehicle or something else if needed. Been money for 5000 years.

            • KM,

              You are absolutely right. We are on our on!

              I experienced it first hand during Katrina that we were on our own for the first couple of weeks. The government and NGOs did eventually come in to help and provided some funds to the populace who were affected but the ones who benefitted most were the ones who were use to getting benefits from the government and signed up early. America is a generous country! America did help people as they relocated and many communities across the country welcomed refugees with open arms.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Stop the Presses!
                Your story is the one I want to hear. What was your experience in Katrina? I’ve read a few accounts of the storm and I find it utterly fascinating as an illustration of what will happen elsewhere in America.

                For instance, I read one guy who hosted survivors at his farm and his accounts of their escapes were amazing. He described people attacking others who stopped just to eat lunch on the side of the road. He also said folks had no idea what to do or how to prep to evacuate. One family showed up at his home with a pile of expensive french copper cookware.

                I also read the govt shut down the NGOs and civilian relief operations and even turned back shiploads of support from overseas. They clipped charity groups’ commo wire and blocked people with boats from trying to evacuate folks trapped in the water. Amazing stuff.

              • Yep, then all the poor, destitute, angry, aggressive negroes from NO moved to Houston and destroyed that once beautiful city with their racist hatred of whites. No offense, but I wish you would have kept them in NO…

        • Hahahahahahahahaha…..

      2. Government doesn’t “serve”. They RULE–by gunpoint! Now, what “services” do you expect from government???? Serving whom????

      3. 30 days. I only need to survive for 30 days. I can accomplish all my goals in 30 days after the balloon goes up.

      4. I have no long term plan,the reason being I will not survive long enough to be there for plan B.I will am certain while doing my part in plan A die,and have no wife /kids so can pretty much do as I please during plan A.Though set for a year really doubt will survive a week in breakdown as will see things cannot ignore no matter the odds,that,and also have lists to check off if nothing else getting in me way,either way,probably a short run but will to best of ability make the most of it and the sick part of me will actually enjoy it a bit,see darkness long enuff you soon welcome it!

        I am still trying to get over weekend and wrap my head around why the hell bunnies are fucking chickens and hiding the eggs!

        • “I am still trying to get over weekend and wrap my head around why the hell bunnies are fucking chickens and hiding the eggs!”

          its the same reason why all the politicians freaked out when their pedophilia was exposed

          all those chickens running around fucking kids, and hiding their deaths……..

      5. any questions. They did the math, they cancelled us. They have to plans.


        • Deagel

        • degal (dot) com is a web design company.

          How about giving a link to an actual site?

      6. Yes indeed ive got more than one plan. Ya cant plan for every possible eventuality. We went to ALDI’s today and got another $300 worth of canned goods. If SHTF occurs you can never have too much food. And all the stuff we bought today is things we normally consume. Not a bit of it is barter or trading stock.

      7. Plan A is it…good location and a group of friends for backup. No plan B.

        • My Plan B has already been in effect for 4 years now. I’m going back to the BOL first week of May for some R&R, ‘training exercises’, and delivering more supplies. Once I bugout and move into the BOL permanently my Plan B becomes my Plan A. I’ll die right there fighting for my home if it comes to it.

      8. I can’t afford plan B. So for me its plan A or bust.

        • You are not alone my friend,
          Its plan A, if that fails its freeforall till im taken out.
          Honestly, depending on what happens, i would rather stay put and starve to death or glow than be s refugee

        • Plan A is already in Action for a few yeaars at the BOL off the Grid. Plan B is my Bugout Bag, guns and ammo in my kayak and dinghy, I paddle off really deep into the swamp. Got my solar charger for the GPS, Phones, mosquito netting, etc. Hammock for sitting up high from the critters, snares, traps, cross bow. I can find a nice hidey hole out in the real boonies if needed. And the waterway to all of that flows right from my BOL property. Slip out at night and paddle stealthy.

          Its 2:15 AM and I got deer just yards from my Cottage snooting and snorting. Ahhh the great sounds of nature. Like a Lullaby song.

      9. Plan a and Plan B are the same, go with the flow, be adaptive and flexible. I already have the skills and knowledge but if things go down and I have to worry about my kids safety, it will be because the reality of how bad things are has taken us beyond civility. What is there to do AFTER the system crashes…you adapt and overcome or be run over and PRAY that some sense of civility returns. It is a class A pipe dream to think that any semblance of “civil society” will remain after any major event because 99% of you have no clue about human nature and psychology. What comes after will be nothing like anyone has ever been through, so all that remains will be virgin and terrifying territory dominated by humans who have no clue RIGHT NOW how people WILL ACTUALLY act after events that crash civilization. Besides, just look at how people act already and the system HASN’T yet failed utterly. 72 hours after it fails, no one on Earth will be able to recognize what human civilization will end up being.

        • NJ, good points. If people know how to recognize the signs and bugout early, their chances of survival go way up. I’m an internet freak, so I’m online every day to keep up with what’s happening. I know what to look for when it comes to determining if I should bugout early. I’m tentatively scheduled to go back to the BOL the first week of May but could go sooner if circumstances dictate. Last November, I went to the BOL 5 days before Election Day because no one knew for sure what to expect. I was ready to write off my home in the city if Hillary was elected. Thank God we dodged that bullet so I came back. In January I went to the BOL 3 days before Inauguration Day. Again, I didn’t know what to expect because of all the leftist demonstrations and the death threats against Trump. We made it through that OK also so I came back again. I scheduled this trip for May before even coming back. It had nothing to do with the ‘NK crisis’. I’ll go back again during the summer. I expect the left will really be acting up this summer so I can go back at any time with the right amount of notice.

      10. Old Guy, ” If SHTF occurs you can never have too much food.”

        You’ve got that right.
        After a few injuries lately, without all the gory details, (ok, some)I decided we don’t have enough bandages! And what came in handy was not adhesive tape but a similar type called paper tape. Easier for frequent bandage changes (doesn’t stick like adhesive tape but well enough) and you can tear it without scissors.

        Note, large open wounds should not be kept dry and uncovered. A dry wound will not heal properly. I had to have a wound ‘debrided’ with a scalpel back to raw tissue. Thanks to local anesthetic it was relatively painless.
        Also, hydrogen peroxide is too aggressive for large open wounds.
        You’ve got beans, bullets and bandaids. Got enough bandages?
        My to do list is now learn (and re-learn) advanced first aid.

      11. Yes… yes it does
        Ive already built the place and visit there 1ce a year ..
        Wifes family watches over it , and cares for it when were not there

        SA baby .. warm all year round ..and if this hell hole is going to be turned into a Open Prison and war zone that I dont agree on, I have no problem letting the snowflakes fight this one

        its stupid as F anyways .. as if these world powers dont have enough nasty filled closets to deal with

        maybe when the top half of this globe is glowing red , Ill be sitting in a lush wooded zone someplace safe with my family , and If not and Im stuck here ..Ill unleash as much hell as I can , but only on those that deserve it

        • Im sure they wont let me leave.. so thats when the fun begins ..

        • EOTS, I’ll be in the mountains of north GA with family. If we get any ‘unwanted visitors’, we’ll unleash more hell on them than they bargained for.

      12. The wildflowers are in bloom in my yard. Everyone should walk around their property while everything is in bloom and see where all the edible plants live. Plants in bloom are easier to identify.

        Our wild strawberries are bearing now. We have clover, oxalis, wild onions, dandelions, and many more.

        • I have wild onions but they taste like, well, crap. My dandelions taste like weedkiller.

          • Yep, the flowers are blooming and the mash is cookin’ and plan C is underway. Back to the mountains I go! Have fun and play nice 🙂 P.S. Gawd I love muh new Rem 700 CDL!

          • You shouldn’t eat dandelions after they’ve been sprayed with weedkiller.

            • That was a joke, anon. Sheesh!

          • Wild onions have a stronger taste than domesticated, but they grow wild with no effort on your part. There’s a yard around the corner from us that looks almost like they were planted for a commercial harvest.

            You shouldn’t be spraying weed killer in your future food supply. Also, if you live near a highly-traveled road, don’t eat wild plants from the front yard. Months after SHTF, then they’ll be fine.

      13. I have been reading Mr. Smiths work going on about two years and I am a numbers and chart guy as well. Nice work on sharing his article.

        April 15, 2017 A Government of Morons

        It has become embarrassing to be an American. Our country has had four war criminal presidents in succession. Clinton twice launched military attacks on Serbia, ordering NATO to bomb the former Yugoslavia twice, both in 1995 and in 1999, so that gives Bill two war crimes.

      14. I don’t have nearly enough condoms

        • STDs will be the enemy in your camp

      15. who the hell is Charles Hugh Smith and why does he want to know what my Plan B is?
        It’s my Plan and I’m not telling anybody else.
        As a matter of fact, forget everything I just said.
        Plan B? What’s that? I don’t know what the hell your talking about. I was babbling before.
        Babble, babble, babble…

      16. Sunglasses, beer and beach..

        • Sunglasses, sweet tea, toes in the water of my pond!
          Dont care whats going on

        • Chitlins, Whiskey and Skirt, courtesy of The Gone Jackals from the video game Full Throttle (1995).

          ht tps://

      17. Today we went shopping. I observed the people. And decided that saying 90% would die in a SHTF WROL situation is being overly generous. The culls where so numerious it was unbelieveable. They where packed in the asiles that had the easter candy at 1/2 off!

        • You know, its amazing they survive now. Oh, wait… They don’t very well. You give the average dipwad Amerycuhn any sort of hardship (like running out of gas in cold weather or any distance from civilization) and they’re pretty much dead. Nobody knows how to do anything and even if they did know how to do something, they don’t even know what do to. Its, frankly, astounding.

          Oh, well, off to fix the garage door.


          • Yup, its incredible the Whitless wonders, and then they think they can do anything, and know everything, but cant even fix a leaky faucet…..

      18. I have a plan A. I’m living it.

        I have a plan B. Its an overlay for plan A. Same 35 acres, same house but with sensors up and guns loaded. Same garden. Less mowing. Less driving. Use fuel stocks instead of gas stations etc, etc, etc.

        I have a plan C. Everything that I can fit in the Plan C Trailer, the Plan C SUV and the Plan C sleeper and down the road we go to location B which nobody knows but me.

        Sure, I know you’re worried about PrepSec but just don’t give the location and any identifiables and you’re good. Besides, what is it the state tells you? “If you’re not doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about!” Ha! Yeah, tell me another one!


      19. I like the bug out trailer idea. With a 50 gallon drum or two of gas and water. If even a dirty bomb goes off you might have to move until rad. Levels decrease . About two weeks? With fuel you can get to water. 50 gallon steel drums are dirt cheap and a screw on vent cap is 25 dollars. If you get to the gas station fast enough you have the possibility of getting 100 gallons ? That’s 750 pounds of fuel. If you have fuel you have a chance of getting to water, food ,or safety? Rent an outside storage spot . You would have your own private gas station?

      20. Bug’n In!

      21. Our plan A, was to stay at home. We had livestock,feed, water cisterns, food storage for several years,garden, and ways to protect ourselves. Then real life events happened, lost job, medical, bills started stacking up. Then property tax went up, utilities, so couldn’t afford the mortgage and uncovered medical plus prescriptions. Had to let the farm go, now living in old motorhome with my son. Not homeless, just landless, no place to park it. Campsites and rv parks cost to much these days. Dispersed camping, hard to find now. Gates blocking off access to many places, for tents too! Even when you buy the many permits, still other fees. BLM owns most land, us forest service, the rich buy up the rest, not anything left for the rest of us. My plan A, B, C didn’t work out the way I thought. Plan D, waiting on Almighty God, to send his only begotten Son, Christ Je’sus back.

      22. Our plan A, was to stay at home. We had livestock,feed, water cisterns, food storage for several years,garden, and ways to protect ourselves. Then real life events happened, lost job, medical, bills started stacking up. Then property tax went up, utilities, so couldn’t afford the mortgage and uncovered medical plus prescriptions. Had to let the farm go, now living in old motorhome with my son. Not homeless, just landless, no place to park it. Campsites and rv parks cost to much these days. Dispersed camping, hard to find now. Gates blocking off access to many places, for tents too! Even when you buy the many permits, still other fees. BLM owns most land, us forest service, the rich buy up the rest, not anything left for the rest of us. My plan A, B, C didn’t work out the way I thought. Plan D, waiting on Almighty God, to send his only begotten Son, Christ Je’sus back.

        • Your Plan D is already a Fail. If you can’t hold Heaven in your hand, You will never own it. The Key to the whole Religious scam of Fraud, is “Dead Men Can’t Talk”

          Because if dead men could talk, they would say there is no such place as Heaven or Hell. You live your life as delusional sheep thinking that way. Getting fleeced weekly for a seat in heaven where there are no seats, or like a lottery where all you do is buy tickets, but there is never a drawing. lol Stoopid sheep get fleeced.

        • Im feelin ya D,,,
          God save us!

        • Plan D have you got $100? If not get out and pick up cans and aquire a 100 bucks. Then get on the Arkansas commissioner of state lands website at COSl. There are penty of tax forfeited vacant lots for sale in Sharp-Fulton and Izard counties. and those on the negotiated bid list you can buy many of those for $25. Find some that join each other and you will have your own place debt free. It sounds too good to be true but I assure you its true. Consider it divine intervention that I read your post and passed on the info.

      23. Is there some kind of secret for being successful in America these days that everyone knows but me? Because I’m struggling to hold onto one place, let alone buying another. Hard work doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. I know people who have been working hard for decades and have gotten nowhere. I know people with all sorts of degrees (criminal justice, business management, etc,) and they aren’t doing any better than the people who are without degrees. So what’s the secret?

        • He- the system is rigged to keep people in debt slavery. The only way out is to un-brainwash yourself. People don’t need new cars every few years. They do not need designer brands while carrying a credit card balance. They do not need a large, showy house while being unable to afford a pizza. Many people who appear to be prosperous are playing a juggling game with their finances and debt. I can’t tell you how often my “friends” have mocked me for not having an iphone. Yet, my home and vehicles are paid for. These standards of judgement are going to be cast aside when food is the new status symbol.

      24. Well I have done very well. We avoid debt like the plague and save 10% of every dollar we get. That 10% is seed money that is spent only on things that make money while we are sleeping. Look around there is always someone who is doing more & better with less than you have. You might benefit from reading the book Know How to Be Rich Today by Bud and Carmen Mosier. You might then learn that wealth and money are not the same thing. You must Learn to create you own wealth. No one is going to pay anyone enough to make them wealthy.

      25. Forget about help from the government. Most all government actions are geared solely for countinuaion of government. You gotta change the negative core concept that somehow you are lacking and you must have a crutch to lean on. Wether that crutch is government or God makes very little difference. There is only one obstacle preventing you from being self reliant. And that is you. Your very own negative core concept is hobbling you. That core concept has been brainwashed into you by authority figures since birth. And it wasn’t for your benefit it was for countinuation of those authority figures position in society. You should strive to become your own person beholden to no man. The self reliant person never has to depend or wait on the time and pleasure of others to get things done.

      26. Thanks Old Guy, but to tuckered out to drive that far. Plus motorhome sucks the gas, in much need of repairs from damage over the winter in montana. Left the bellingham wa area in december, after losing the farm for the promises of the redoubt in montana. Went to see chuckbaldwin in kalispell montana about getting settled there. Found him and his congregation were untrusting out outsiders, some drama happened, and a split in his “church” occured a year before. So they turned out to be colder than the weather. Let to fend for ourselves all winter, bout froze to death in -24° weather. Most land is blm owned, or bought out buy the rich Californians. Kalispell, Calispell people are colder than the weather. The nicest and helpful people we met were the homeless. They too are left out in the cold to freeze to death because the rich and survivalists think only about themselves. Bozeman was the same way. No land or housing for the rest of us left, housing is out of reach. The land they have they keep putting in strip malls, golf resorts, starbucks, casinos, and spa retreats for the rich. Still searching for a small place to park motorhome, or tent without getting run out, or worse.

      27. Finally got to free wifi spot to post today. Sorry for the double post, but I get bumped off often. US forest services, DNR, Reclaimation BLM land grab, nothing left for affordable housing, or land. Some free camping, via BLM, limit 14 days, and the fed coats are always patrolling. FEDdy kruger, nightmare on BL elM street its like at BLM camps imho. They say its public land, but they really don’t want us using it, protecting the mineral rights, and resources, including trees, and water.

        But we will keep looking around the wilderness, maybe bail the RV, and get a couple pack mules, and tents. Time to bug out, head for the hills, dump mortages, and property taxes are going to go up, forcing many to do the same. Hope to met others like us, safety in numbers.
        God bless, in His only begotten Son name, Christ Je’sus

      28. Yes, Some free camping, via DBR, US forest services/ fish and wildlife, BLM, limit 14 days, and the fed coats are always patrolling. FEDdy kruger, nightmare on BL elM street its like at BLM camps imho. Not really free, after all the permits, license for fishing/hunting, passes, so the fedcoats shouldn’t bother us, but they do.

        But we will keep looking around the wilderness, maybe bail the RV, and get a couple pack mules, and tents. Time to bug out, head for the hills, dump mortages, and property taxes are going to go up, forcing many to do the same. Hope to met others like us, safety in numbers.
        God bless, in His only begotten Son name, Christ Je’sus

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