Doctors Warn: Marijuana Infused Lollipops Could Cause Heart Attacks, Recommend CBD As Safer Alternative

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    As marijuana legalization sweeps across the United States and Canada some doctors are warning that individuals with known heart conditions could experience heart attacks when consuming THC-based marijuana edibles, especially if they’ve never tried such medicinal solutions before. The warning stems from a case in Canada in which a man with arthritic joint pain tried a marijuana Lollipop on the recommendation of a friend. The lollipop, which contained about 10 times the amount of THC as a regular marijuana joint, reportedly began experiencing  hallucinations, anxiety and a “crushing chest pain” within 30 minutes of consuming the candy.

    According to the National Post, an emergency room visit concluded that the man had shown signs of a heart attack. Once the effects of the THC passed, the man’s bodily functions returned to normal:

    “In our patient’s case, likely the cardiovascular event came during sudden and unexpected strain on the body with hallucinations,” Saunders and her co-author, Dr. Robert Stevenson, wrote in their report, “Marijuana Lollipop-Induced Myocardial Infarction.”

    Dr. Neal Benowitz, the chief of clinical pharmacology at the University of California recently noted that consumption of THC by middle-aged and older Americans could pose some toxicity risks, especially in higher concentrations.

    As an alternative to THC, Benowitz suggests that those who still want to experience the many benefits of these novel medicines for conditions such as pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep, and better digestion but want to avoid the side effects of THC should try Pure CBD Oils containing no THC.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures, especially Zero High THC-Free formulations, do not cause unwanted side effects like edible products containing high levels of THC.

    Benowitz recommends CBD — which doesn’t come with THC’s mind-altering effects — rather than THC for pain and to help sleep.

    Thousands of clinical studies have shown CBD to have benefits ranging from Migraine pain relief in humans to holistic veterinary care for dogs and cats.

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      1. Down 4 shots you’re the life of the party, down 40 and you’re likely dead. The difference is the guy with 4 shots in him might likely fight whereas that guy who smoked a joint will just take a bite of your cheeseburger.

      2. I haven’t smoked in decades and I know that the crop science has marched on vis-a-vis THC, but really y’all, isn’t this just Reefer Madness 2019.

        They be strainin’ real hard…ONE case of a heart patient getting a heart attack – Blame it on the weed !

        Is this the best you got !!?


      3. This hucksterism reminds me of DMSO and Laetrile.

        Without actual evidence AND time then it approaches patent medicine shows.
        ht tps://

        • Snake oil and laudenum.

          One could extract valuable medicine from foxgloves BUT that doesn’t mean one should nor take it for every condition as a panacea.

          • I don’t strictly have any problems with the other ones, but would not spam people with false hope, either. MJ is on robodial, now.

            • The only substance that is generally good for everyone is water, and still some fools will drink in excess of a gallon and then get their electrolytes out of whack and disturb the cardiac cycle.

              Herbs are great and of course YAHWEH made some great ones, and that was the typical way our ancestors treated illness and infection. But there are no panaceas.
              ht tps://

              THINK. Where are the standards for this? What is the thereutic dose?

              • Mara,
                Think about it, everyone that has ever drank water will die.
                Seriously, I’ve raised the same concern about standards and
                serious study of the active agent in CBD.
                What I’m curious about is Hemp has been with for all of mankind
                and yet only recently has CBD appeared as a wonder medicine. True the Democrats shut it down in the thirties, but there is the rest of the world and it doesn’t seem to have wide spread use. Perhaps it is because opium works better? I’m a skeptic.

                • What kind of logic is that? You are joking, right?

                  Everybody who ever slept has died.
                  Everybody who ever had sex has died.
                  Everybody who ate a toasted marshmellown has died.

                  I think we ought to have some serious medical research to measure the efficacy of CBD on certain illnesses and infections, and then based on repeatability ofpositive results, determine effective dosages.

                  This would unfortunately result in legislating it through the FDA and it would become a prescribed medicine.

                  DO NO HARM is sort of a big deal in medicine.

                  • For all we know, toasted marshmellows are as effective as CBD.
                    We lack sufficient data and only have very limited anecdotal stories.

                    By that measure, PRAYER is a wonder drug.

                    • The plant called Marsh Mallow, from which marshmallows are named, is in many respects a panacea.

                      I don’t doubt whether it would be damaging, if taken to extremes.

                    • So are placebos.. Just saying. If your are going to throw around nonsense. Placebos and prayer. Both are hopium.

                    • If that faith healing really works — measurably — we should want to know how.


                    • I’ve been using CBD for a few months now and found it works wonders on my blood pressure. This morning I had a raging headache from fighting the flu for the last few days. BP was 180/90 took my BP meds and took 3 droppers of OIL. whthin 10 minutes had a BP of 140/80 so it works for me and stopped the headache instantly.

                  • Mara,
                    Joking about water, yes.
                    In a society where virtually everything you consume
                    or do is “bad” it gets to be a chicken little
                    or “cry wolf” thing for me.

                    I agree with you on research of CBD.
                    The only self medication I do is aspirin and beer,
                    anything else I defer to my doctor.

                    • I knew you were I was teasing you back.

                      As a kid, since we were poor, as a treat there was usually an old bag of marshmellows, and I would toast one over the stove.

                      A low dose baby aspirin taken daily is actually quite beneficial. If you ever think someone is having a heart attack, giving someone aspirin might save their life before rushing them to the ER. You CHEW one to rapidly get it into your system (or four baby aspirins).

                      That also helps if someone is having a stroke and starts acting peculiar.

      4. You don’t know whether the edible has been contaminated with synthetics, that put people into comas and make blood come of their ears. (Not embellishing.)

        Also, why do you need this. Are you sick or under stress. Did you put a numbant on that and go back to work, anyway?

      5. I don’t know what an infarction is but I had an infucktion once.

      6. Sounds like the guy just freaked out. Be very careful with edibles, they can take you to a place that most people don’t think weed can go.

      7. Ive got the perfect cure with no costs, no insurance needed, no physical side effects and requires nothing of you to do, no pills, but you go on living.

        Hopium, there is god gift to violent little hairless monkees. And highly highly addictive making people euphoric and deranged and been aroind as long ans the naked violent monkees have been around.

        Hopium. Ahhh hopium. Makes people talk to none existent ghosts too.

      8. Hopium, never proven once to work, zero proven efficacy and yet men delusionally constantly go back to it.. Otherwise known as mental illness. Get your free prescription today. I am God and I approve this message. Vote for me 2020.

        • “There ain’t no atheists in foxholes.”

          And there are no Atheists in Heaven. There is only one true God.

          Don’t let imperfect, sinful people (all of us) or a past hurtful experience with a believer distract you from the One True God.

          – the Lone Ranger

      9. You do realize of course that all of what you perceive life is is nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. Fact. Life is nothing more than an atomic exchange of electrons acriss the nerves in your brain, a mass of flesh that is held together by sub atomic electrical energy transfer between the atoms that make up your bodies. Yeah, thats it.

        • You just made a claim. By the rules of philosophy, prove your claim. If you cannot, you have just turned atheism into a faith based religion! The burdennof proof is on you!

          You described the belief system of 2.2 billion as hopium. Well, if you believe based on faith, then guess what, Ace? You are doing the exact same thing!


      10. All life, all matter all energy comes from One thing. The transfer of electrons between atoms. A simple chemical process. And here you all thought it was something unique and special.. Your perception of life is one thing, a manipulatable electron transfer between atoms in your brain. Where is God in that? The electron itself?

        • Hmmm? Interesting, but instead of finality just leads to millions of questions.

          If it is as you say, that we are no more than biochemical processors and everything we sense, perceive and think is just sparking across our neural synapses, then how do we know what is real and what is not? Is there in fact any reality or is it all just an illusion, or vice versa for that matter? How were you then able to deduce what you did? Deduction itself implies sentience. Are we sane or all insane or are the terms even meaningful or just relative to our own point of view? If we even have a point of view, does that also not imply sentience? Why is it that two people given the exact same set of stimuli arrive at two different conclusions? Can they both be correct? Can they both be wrong? Is one just chemically deficient? How could you tell which one? Is there any right or wrong in your opinion? How did you arrive at your position? If there is no wrong, is it ok if I kick your ass? If there are some things that are unquestionably right, how did we arrive at that decision? Where does free will come in? We all seemingly have the ability to make choices. Why bother?

          If life is as simple and basic as you say it is, then why can’t we duplicate it? Why can’t we take a lump of clay and breathe life into it? Or a more simple challenge, why can’t we reanimate the dead? Trees are biochemical entities as well. Can we create a living tree? Do trees think as we do? Can you be sure? If we are unable to construct life, how is it that we are able to pass it along to our children? A new born baby is able to feel, react to stimuli, and therefore has at least rudimentary sentience.

          If there is nothing more wondrous to life than what you describe as a natural phenomenon, did life generate spontaneously? Are there other observable examples of spontaneous generation in nature? How did the first instance of life occur? Why isn’t spontaneous generation of life from the elements common? Spontaneity implies randomness. What purpose does our life have in such a reality? If there is no purpose, then why continue? Why not just lay down and die? For that matter, why are we not able to turn ourselves off? Short of suicidal destruction of our physical organism, we cannot wish our sentience out of existence. What happens when we die? Do we simply cease to exist? If so, what was the whole point of the struggle? Why fear death? Do we reincarnate over and over again? Do we go to heaven or hell? Move on to another dimension? Do we haunt the Earth in spirit form? Are there other possibilities other than the above? Are you sure? Have you ever been dead before? Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

          I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the answers to any of those questions. As wonderfully complex as our chemical life processors are, our brains are finite organisms. We can’t truly grasp the infinity of time and space for instance. In mathematics, we assign symbols to unknowns and the incomprehensible. There is a set of things that are unknowable to us in corporeal form. To attribute those things to an all-knowing God can put order into one’s life in a manner similar to using a symbol in an equation. Some people like a bearded guy on a golden throne smiting everything with his rod. Other folks like the ancient alien theory. It’s a free country … who’s to say? Maybe our purpose is to ponder the imponderable in this existence until we escape this realm of absurdly slow-moving electrons and achieve godliness ourselves. In any case, I personally don’t find nihilism to be comforting at all.

      11. What a cheap hit piece with inaccurate info. THC is not toxic idiot doctors. People with heart conditions should not take large amounts of thc nor should they ride rollercoasters. They didn’t even say he had a hard attack just that he showed signs?? He prob just got too hi and tripped out. Why don’t doctors warn of all the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they are prescribed

        • Well, Ace, have you ever actually read the patient’s insert in your prescribed medications that have disclaimers? Or do you expect to be spoon-fed? That seems lazy.

          Have you ever opened a Physician’s Desk Reference? I think not. How many minutes did the physician spend with you? If you like, he can stay twice as long, and he can read it to you. I bet you scream when you get the bill and that would be the easiest money he ever earned!

      12. Wow, this happened in my city, like, we even had a refinery explosion last year. It’s a happening place!

        ht tps://

      13. Gee, I took 10 times the recommended dose of my meds and freakin almost had a heart attack! This is obviously bible thumper anti-weed hype.

        • Bible thumper, huh? Do you remotely thump with anything? What is the basis for your belief system? What is the standard by which morality exists in your philosophy? Or do you have a standard?

          I don’t believe you have one, which is not a strength but a severe weakness. A crazed psychopath is no different as they themselves determine their standards for morality…such as it is.

          By the way, we’re all happy to indulge you, but have you ever posted a useful discussion of any ancestral skills???

      14. I predict in a year, people will start growing ashitaba, and in two years, every huckster will be selling it. It will be the new CBD. While you are at it, if you have diabetes, grow bitter melon.
        ht tps://

      15. Next time ask about and buy a good Indica strain instead because some of those Sativa’s are very powerful. A full spectrum cannabis oil is preferred over the no THC CBD oil made from hemp oil. Anyone that’s heard of the miracles made possible by the use of Rick Simpson oil (RSO) knows that too. That’s why the new CBD oil made from hemp doesn’t sell well in states where cannabis is legal like here in Washington state. Where I’ve been buying and using cannabis oil for going on 20 years now. And while it used to be expensive the last 1 gram syringe (from Canna-Vita) I bought was $15 fully taxed and out the door.

      16. What a crock. the earth is flat and jesus is coming in his spaceship. Wheres the scientific data that marijuana causes heart attacks, its irresponsible journalism like this that is the reason we cant grow a plant so everyman can create an income with. Get out of the dark ages.

      17. Nice way to sell your promoted cbd products, just use fear. Be patient all opposite view or discussion will not be posted

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