Do you really think they’re there to represent you?

by | May 20, 2013 | Headline News | 170 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Congress Dines Lavishly

    They write the rules. One set for them. One set for us.

    50 million of our fellow countrymen starve and depend on paltry government distributions to put food on the table every month. Millions have lost their homes and their jobs. And future generations are saddled with trillions of dollars in debt that can never be repaid.

    All the while, those who are supposed to serve the people have only one goal: to enrich themselves and raise their elite status.

    While the majority of America drinks Kool-Aid, they drink $500 bottles of wine. And, all of it is achieved at our expense.

    47% of our Congress members are millionaires. The craziest part is, they tend to get richer in office. And, that is no coincidence.

    They get richer in many unsavory ways.

    One [way] is by using private information they obtain in office to make trades in the stock market. And, although they’re not supposed to do that, it’s pretty obvious that they do… Right before the stock market crashed in 2008, many of them invested in instruments that went up in value because the market went down.

    …Then, there are earmarks, where Congress people secure federal money, as in your tax dollars, for projects that will benefit them directly. Take Nancy Pelosi. she owns an office building in San Francisco. She secured about $900 million in federal earmarks to build a light rail system that would, surprisingly, stop right by her own building. Once the project is completed, the value of her building could skyrocket 150%.

    … Then there’s the revolving door, where members of Congress agree to do the bidding of lobbyists and corporations while they’re in office. In exchange, they get big fat salaries at jobs when they get out of Congress.

    79% of members  of Congress who have left office since 1998 have gone to work as lobbyists.

    The bottom line is, Americans, almost half of your Congress people are millionaires and many of them got that rich by using their powers in office.

    Do you really think they’re there to represent you? Or to gain wealth for themselves?

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      1. Of course they are there to benefit themselves. Its like opening a room full of crack to a bunch of crack-addicts.

        Its time for a “commoner” to become president again and set this country down the correct path to regain its status in the world.

        CrackerJack 2016!

        • My name is BO- I am a crack Ho.

          • BO is the mack daddy… Michelle is the crack Ho.

            • Ya!

        • I’d make a better dictator, I mean…”president”.

          • Mr. O’Buggery is a Dick Tater or is that taster?

      2. YUP ! and how many americans still think the politicians are only in office for the GOOD OF OUR COUNTRY !!! wake up people time to clean house 1

          • If they’re here, it’s because they’ve been told they can do as they please and keep whatever they take.

            • Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A massive reset that will put fear in the hearts of the tyrants in D.C is the only way to change this mess

              • This is by far, one of the best articles, with the truest perspective that I’ve ever seen—anywhere.

                AMEN Mac!

        • Nothing has changed since the days of the feudal systems,pharaohs and kings..

          Same bullshit for thousands of years..

          These assholes throw the useful idiots a bone and keep them entertained with bread and circuses..promise them more,tax them more, and they all keep voting over and over and over again..

          Useless idiots all..


          • This video just warms my heart….

            I was struck by the words of their accusers…

            “….but the most hideous crime was suppressing the soul of the nation.”


          • speaking of screwing the the american people with the lobby bullshit ,earlier this year the EPA ok’ed the use of 15% ethenol in the mix ,being a gear head and driving old cars screws me i can barley burn 10% , now hidden away in some of the new legislation (that was uncovered by hemmings motor news) the EPA has a bill there pushing to up it to 30% ethenol ,nothing manufactured before 2008 will burn 30% ,even the flexfuel cars are built to run 15% , ethenol = less milage = more fuel usage = more taxes

          • Tell ’em ALL about it Posse,

            …and don’t SPARE the ‘Hot Sauce’, neither! 🙂


        • I reach for the duct tape for my head every time I hear “Is the government spending our money wisely?”

      3. Two words, STOCK Act.

        After this was quietly killed in the Senate it was pretty obvious they have no shame or care about the difference in the two sets of laws that separate us.

        • If I write my Senators office and state a view that she and her staff don’t hold, they will write me back and agressively chastise me for my stated view and then tell me how I should be thinking and why!!! I have no representation in Congress. And she was just reelected for another 6 years! She walks the far far left but when she campaigned she ran down the center in the entire campaign season. It made me sick.

          • Yea…that’s all I seem to get form my elected reps…condescending boilerplate responses that never answer my questions

          • I get that too,, our newest elected rep, who is by the way a veteran, and a buddhist, wow a conflict there,, sent me the most condescending letter I think I have ever gotten from a representative,,,

            • Kula farmer don’t feel bad we all get it

              i blister the skin of most of the congress critters in Nevada and all i get is crap about how there here for me and the working families and such Blah Blah Blah.

              i have openly called for the removal of Harry stinky Pinko Reid and Nancy pelosi
              not too mention Obummer. but to no avail i do think that i managed to get Dean Heller to back off and vote down a bill that would have made the background checks more
              invasive. but i am not 100% sure.

              i like to think i had a hand in telling him if he voted for that bill i would see that his next election run would be a nightmare and that all of my gun owner friends in NV would do the same.

              But we have to keep on writing them or they forget that there are actually people out there who openly hate them. they live in a fantasy land full of rainbows and made in the shade life styles but the end is coming soon for these leeches.

              i am all for removing these vermin by any means.
              and if necessary putting them in cages for all to see and throw shit at.

              WE need true reform of our flawed system and we need it soon not in 4 years but NOW!!!

              skittle shittin unicorns

      4. YUP ! come on people wake up !! do you know of many politicians who are in office for the good of our country?? sure there are some but not very many !! time to clean house and put people in office who want to fix this country !!

        • The Corleone Family is legal now.

      5. They are there to serve themselves and their Party. This is why Patriots must organize a new political Party. A new Party of Patriots could create a contract between the Candidate and the Party which could make them personally liable for malfeasance in office.

        Engage your employees or let them make second class citizens of YOU!

        • “They are there to serve themselves AND THEIR PARTY”. So you suggest a new party? Parties are a large part of the problem. They allow the electorate to be lazy and simply treat politics like a footbal game. My team good, your team bad. Dismantling the party system and uprooting it from our government is one of the nccessary things to be done if we are to limit corruption. Electing people and holding people responsible is vital to good governance. Parties are the corporations of politics.

          • We’re not allowed membership in their exclusive club.
            Who says Segregation is dead in this country.

          • Yes, a new Party: a party of Patriots bound by OATH and PERSONAL CONTRACT to serve the US Constitution. The problem with Retards is that when they get into office they go too far to the right pushing a Fascist Agenda. The problem with Demturds is that once they get into office they push a Communist Agenda (21).

            Not every Republican is a Fascist, but every Fascist is a Republican. Every Democrat is not a Communist, but every Communist is a Democrat.

            A party of Patriots ONE HUNDRED MILLION strong hold the future of America in their hands. A Party of Patriots could hold enough power in Congress to stop all transgressions against the US Constitution and American taxpayers.

            A party of Patriots could hold the middle ground stopping all legislation that adversely impacts the American family and taxpayer; including O’bummer Care, SS, food stamps, and welfare.

            Too Big too fail? Reversed. Free Trade? Reversed. An intrusive IRS? Reversed. NDAA? Reversed. The Patriot Act? Reversed. Votes counted in Spain? Reversed. Voter fraud? Reversed.

            Engage these MF’s or be impoverished and enslaved by them. Its OUR choice. an engaged electorate is the biggest FEAR of the PTB. They want YOU, depressed, defeated, and disengaged. As long as YOU are, YOU will be disenfranchised.

            Grow some balls. Get some backbone. Take some fucking initiative. Engage!!!

          • YES!!!
            WELL said Common Sense

            lets up root these poisonous vines and rid the earth of the toxic waste they produce

        • We are nothing but taxable farm animals to these self proclaimed “elites.” They can rob, steal, and murder with impunity and have done so for millennia. But I don’t think it will turn out so well for them in the end.

        • Sorry KID, but I guess I no longer really care. The scum has won this round. Whatever is coming, bring it on, I’m tired, getting old waiting. Making some chicken and noodle casserole, more concerned if I have to much Rosemary in the stock than about Obama today, luck

          • I agree with you Paranoid, I am watching the news about the tornados in OK. It seems to me that God has withdrawn his protection from our shores and we are about to find out what judgement really is. You would have to blind deaf and dumb to not see what is occurring.

            • Hopefully Smoke and his kin are OK and didn’t need to use the root cellar.

              • Amazing how few in that area have storm shelters.

            • Oh good. So God can kill all the people while the Elites hang out in their climate controlled bunkers?

              God needs better aim methinks.

            • Judgement IS coming upon America. It is coming upon the whole world, and in America, will fall heaviest upon the BLUE States: but the LORD has NOT withdrawn His Grace from this nation. His chastisement is a CALL to return to Him; as individuals and as a Nation.

              Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Seek the presence of the Lord. Speak a word of AFFIRMATION. Trust in Him. Believe in Him. He will nNOT leave America if WE call upon Him. Once YOU experience Him face to face, YOU cannot doubt Him. Go within for inspiration.

              Read Washington’s Vision of the future of America at SHTF patriot’s. This is the future of America. That future is upon US. What part will YOU play?

              The UK will be predominately Muslim in ten years. Do you want that for America? Do YOU want that for YOUR Children in 20, 30 years? The future of America is in OUR hands. It has fallen upon THIS generation of Americans to determine the fate of America for the next 200 years.

              It only takes an hour to change the life of any man or woman, or even a nation. How will He find US in that hour?


              • Europe is voluntarily doing for muslims what they could never accomplish through conquest.

          • Sounds good! Actually just gave me an idea for dinner.
            Thats also where i am at, really dont care what these assholes in DC do or think,
            I will isolate myself as best i can even if it makes me have to make do with less.
            Will refuse to play their game, untill MAJOR changes take place there is no way to play by their rules and come out on top, so untill TSHTF im checking out and going to just subsist.
            Im just lucky my business is farming, there will always be food.

          • EXACTLY. You’re a wise cat…

          • @Paranoid well,it must be contaigous for some reason I am more concerned with how much rosemary you have in that stock than anything about Obee

            • Thank you, came out very well

              • good at least something is going right.

          • Paranoid: Our system is so infested with corruption that the host (our governemnt) is going to perish. Ever since the private bankers were allowed to create the Fed we’ve been handed over to the interests of very big business. Oh, it was there before but this (printing money) was the keys-to-the-kingdom. It was like Rothchild said long ago, “I don’t care who runs the country, just let me run the banks”. Politicians are just the sock-puppets of the bankers and their friends. The fortunate/unfortunate thing, depending upon your perspctive, is that they’ve screwed up so bad with their fractional banking and derivitives, that it’s all going to crash, and the longer it takes the bigger the fall; but we will get our country back. We and TPTB will lose just about everything, but their losses will be huge. They’re already preparing like many of us, just on a much grander scale. Some will flee the country but many others have their hidy-holes right here, stocked up and their private security ready because they know some folks will be looking for them them when the smoke clears. The reason preppers are demonized by their lap dogs (politicians and press) is that these folks don’t want too many survivors who are not only able to challenge them after the crash, but who can actually find them and bring them to justice. TPTB greatest fear is that they will be found, that their wealth confiscated, and that they will be used as forced labor to rebuild the country. Deep down, they’re just greedy little cowards, and that’s their weakness. Keep prepping folks.

        • Vote out the incumbent Democrats and Republicans within their political party’s and replace them not with party hacks but people with real grass roots support. Beat them on two fronts politically attacking the corrupt party’s from inside and not allowing either the ability to gang up upon a third party which they would surely do. The two established party’s would decimate any rival party but grassroots from within is cancer to them.

          • The battlefield is in the political primaries in the House of Reps and US Senate.

          • Glad to, Keven…as soon as someone actually gets on the ticket and challenges them.
            Ain’t gonna happen.

            • Jay-Jay

              Good people don’t don’t just get on a ticket. Few as a percentage vote in primaries hence their far easier to win than a general election. If you get pro Americans winning in the primaries (consider running yourself) of both party’s you can’t loose.

              Mobilize those laid off or underemployed due to free trade to vote in that primary to outnumber the party hacks that feed off a government job. Everyone bring your cell phone with camera because the “mini establishment” will get nasty if their privileged positions and cushy jobs are threatened. They are the people that vote in primaries and in reality they’re few in number.

              • Auto uploaded video is best.

          • So Ron Paul was cancer?

            At least Kevin2 here seems to acknowledge the truth of how the system is broken. The party system is the most corrupting part of American politics. It is a post constitutional invention and destructive of our system. Stop voting for them.

            • Ron Paul was a cancer to the establishment that was in the organ of the Republican party. They did their best to see that he did not metastasize.

          • Vote out every single one in 2014 and they will not leave. It has happened in Cali. A local politician was defeated but refused to leave. You can bet there were plenty of sheep cheering him on.

            • Link that please.

              So far as I have seen elected officials left office when legally required to do so.

        • First action of the new “Patriot Party”…

          Get run over by tanks for being domestic terrorists.

          Second action of the new “Patriot Party”…

          Lay really still for a really long time.

      6. Of course I know they don’t represent me. Everything they do simply makes my existence more difficult.

        We simply need more people to stop buying in to the left vs right, conservative vs liberal, democrat vs republican shell game. The day I stop hearing people blame the other wing and start blaming the corrupted system I will think we are getting somewhere. Until then I will know divide and conquer is still in full effect and that our righteous anger is still misplaced and we the people still doomed to continued slavery.

        • @ Commen sense: GOOD LUCK with that reality based thought process. I have been exposing the left/right paradigm HERE for years. Perhaps NOW, the scoffers and ignorant “I must vote to fulfill my patriotic duty” are finally starting to WAKE-UP!

          OBAMA IS BUSH JR. ON STEROIDS. Anyone, make a valid argument/opinion that proves otherwise. The electronic “ballot box” is a COFFIN for the “ignorant masses”.

          Would WE BE WHERE WE ARE if YOUR vote had one ounce of validity? SELECTION…NOT ELECTION. KNOW your enemy…or be a victim to THEM! Romney was a bought/paid for DISTRACTION!

          Clinton, Bush, Obama…ALL THE SAME POLITICAL MOMMA! And “momma’s” already got-you-by-the-short-n-curlies. TIME TO VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY, LEGS, MIND, AND FN TRIGGER FINGER!

          • Does voting really take up so much time as to prevent you from taking other action? Does the guy who doesn’t cook get to decide what’s for dinner?

            And again, if you truly feel the system is rigged then what are you doing about it?

            • You need to change your “handle”. “Common sense” is an oxymoron. It isn’t a “question of time to participate in the scam”…IT IS A QUESTION OF RECOGNIZING, PAYING ATTENTION, AND UNDERSTANDING THE SCAM. Minimal research produces maximum results that PROVE my point.

              Part of “what I’m doing” is confronting shills on a multitude of “alternative sites” of “news”.

              Are you schizophrenic? Your comment I replied to seemed to indicate that you had some minimal level of understanding with respect to the “FALSE LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM OF THE ILLUSION OF CHOICE”. The ONLY CHOICE that remains…BELIEVE IN THE ILLUSION. If YOU sincerely have not figured this out…Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste your time!

              • And the “challenge” remains:

                OBAMA IS BUSH JR. ON STEROIDS. Anyone, make a valid argument/opinion that proves otherwise.

                NO difference in “policy”…except to EXPAND, EXTEND, AND MAKE “IT” THE LAW OF THE LAND. Patriot act extended, and strengthened. NDAA signed into “LAW” while the sheeple celebrated/slept. Simply the “icing-on-this-cake-of-TYRANNY”. NO ONE IN THIS ASSMINSTRATION SEEMS TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. Eric Holder is either an absolute MORON, or PLAYING HIS PART in the FANTASY. Same for “Obimbo”, Hellary, and the rest of the “cast” of “Gilligan’s Island”.

                But you are right “unCOMMON SENSE”, just continue to exercise YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE…and everything will be OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • No, I am not schizophrenic.

                I simply believe that you can vote for candidates who are not party hacks.
                I believe there are more choices than, vote R, vote D, or don’t vote.
                Do I understand that electronic voting machines are hackable? Yes.
                Is there a chance they don’t bother counting? Yes.

                But if people who wake up to these facts don’t vote then there is zero chance of peacefully changing the system. If candidates who speak truthfully about the system get no support then there is no reason for us to even try talking about these things. What good will confronting people do if there is no “option” for those who are aware other than giving over the system to those still under its spell?

                • “there is zero chance of peacefully changing the system”. Whether intentional or not, the truth has emerged.

                  TIME TO ACCEPT IT!

                  • Ummm,

                    …I gotta go with Yental on this one. 😉


                • America is at the Awkward stage, it is too late to work within the system, yet too soon to begin shooting the Bastards….Claire Wolfe,2000

        • I’ll vote for that guy. To bad he’s virtual and we can’t find an actual politition to say that.

      7. The more I educate myself about what really happens in the world, the more I want to go ballistic!! This shit has to stop. Just not sure what action I could take to make a difference….AND DON”T TELL ME TO GET OUT AND VOTE!!! I’ve been reading the comments on this site for sometime now and i’d like to think that most of you would be in agreement that voting dem/repub doesn’t matter.

        • If everyone you talked to voted and none of them had voted for D’s or R’s and yet they still took all the seats wouldn’t that be the blatant and undeniable proof that the system was rigged? If the only ones who vote are those still hypnotized by the lies and parlour tricks then don’t those in office have the right to their seats under our form of government? If so many of us can’t be fucked to get up off our ass once every two years are we not doomed?

          • Joseph Stalin said its not important who votes but rather who counts the votes. He would know.

        • “If voting could really make a difference, it would be illegal”

          • This sounds like an excuse to do nothing and still feel like you have justification to complain. Action is better than inaction. Something is better than nothing. Not voting and bitching is equivilent to the couch potato complaining about what’s for dinner. Passivity requires you accept what men of action choose.

            • Voting is not “action”, as you imply. Voting is rigged and gives you the illusion of choice. Visit blackboxvoting dot org for more info.

              • If you only vote for the blue tie or red tie then voting is pretty much a losing proposition. The two party choice is no choice. But you are ignoring the other choices.

                I understand for the most part I waste my time but how in heck is the act of voting not “action”. Once again, if everyone you talked to did vote and did not vote for D’s or R’s either the rigging of the system would be exposed or we would vote out the existing group of crooks. Your defense of doing nothing is counter productive. If there is no point in voting why are you not doing more drastic action?

                I have spent my entire life voting for people who do not get into office but the people I talk to who also vote tell me that they voted for a D or R. My personal experience says that the people who win elections are getting the most votes. I get frustrated by their choice but most of my fellow men want some form of big brother. I am an anarchist and feel the entire scam of government should be done away with but refusing to exercise what limited power I am granted by my fellow man is silly.

                I find it hard to believe that people who cannot be bothered to do such an easy exercise as voting will go to much greater lenghts in an attempt to better the world we live in. It is very easy to just throw your hands up and say the world is broken but it takes actual effort to do even the simplest thing about it.

                It appears to me that many of you have already surrendered. If voting for the guy who doesn’t win can break your spirits so severely I fail to see how any action which could result in change is within you abilities.

                • Common sense, I think you are missing the point. The problem with voting is the illusion that your vote actually counts. I believed as you seem to that my vote, even for some no-name candidate, sent as message to the PTB that there are a few of us out here that don’t tow the party line. However, in recent years I have come to realize that my vote for whoever may not even get counted at all, or if it does, who did it go to. I don’t trust the computer voting systems. Now, if it were a room of little old ladies and men who volunteer to count the ballots in a room full of cameras, I might change my mind. Until then, nope.

                  • EXACTLY. In our state, there is absolutely no way to tie an electronic ballot to a person. Unless every single voter was interviewed at the exit, the voting machines can tally whatever they want (and have) and there’s no way to prove or disprove it. Watch some documentaries on the voting machines. Quite eye-opening.

              • Anyone who still believes that we can “fix” the system by voting the bums out or other such nonesense (a new party) is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We’ve struck an iceberg and we’re going down. The ship can’t be fixed/saved by any means known to man. The only thing left to do is get in a lifeboat, or find some materials to build your own, otherwise you’re going down with the ‘ship’. Politicians and the media are just the talking heads for the real PTB (major corporations and banks) and they’re the ones that have steered us into that iceberg with their financial gambling. And there’s nothing we can do about it except prepare to take care of ourselves. It’s almost YOYO Time (You’re On Your Own). Got preps?

            • My post above is not an endorsement of not voting….it is simply an observation of an apparent fact. I don’t have to do a lot to prove it. Just look at what we’ve had elected to office for the last 30 years or so.

              • I’d love to vote for someone different, but the primary is so late in the year here that there is no choice. Romney was the only choice on the Republican ticket. Everyone else had thrown in the towel by the time I could vote in the primary.

                I think it would help the process if every state had their primary on the same date.

                I don’t personally know anyone who voted for Obama, yet he won. Something is crooked somewhere.

        • theyre not going to stop, just watching europe should tell you that. theyre descending into recessions and depressions all over there and the govts just keep doing the same things that ensure its going to get worse; US is on that same road now until we hit the dead end.

        • The only thing that matters is WHO counts the votes.. It’s high time folks figured that one out and act accordingly if we want out country back..

          • Agreed,but when the popular vote can be overturned by the “electoral college” …
            Who I’m sure gets a fat check from whom pays the most,what good is voting????
            Kill the electoral vote……Count only the actual votes only…..if by sum act of god we make it to another election,I will drive the bus around to pick up republicans ….and independents…
            I may or may not swerve for dems and libs…

            • The electoral college is only a factor in presidential elections. Do not claim because a bug is on one cookie that all cookies have bugs on them. There were reasons why the system (read constitution) was set up the way it was. I am curious if the pro constitution people will get all rabid in defense of the electoral college like they do about the 2nd. Somehow I doubt it.

              • A direct vote is not the way to go in a Republic and a Republic damn sure beats a mob rule tyranny of the masses Democracy.

                The Electoral College allowed small States greater political power than mere numbers in population. It spreads out power over a wider body politic. It inhibits a few large population States (as much as possible because they do have numbers) from total domination.

                Never discount the wisdom and overall morality of the Founding Fathers. Imagine these clowns today putting that document together from a clean slate with Wall Street advising them. We would be codified slaves in all the proper palatable legal language of course.

      8. Hey DRD & Gregory8,(sorry for off topic, but figured you wont see this if posted several articles back) I read you guy’s debate regards, 401K ret plans being taken or nationalized etc. Check out This new article about that very issue! its from newswithviews dot com

        By Paul Walter
        May 20, 2013

        For almost a year we’ve seen bold headlines that Barack Obama is in the process of taking 401(k)’s, ostensibly to pay down the national debt (created by politicians we elect to office). The same flavor of borrowing against federal employee retirement funds until Congress can borrow more money:

        “In a letter to congressional leaders Monday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he is suspending new investments in both the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRDF) and the Thrift Savings Plan G Fund, which is invested in federal securities. In addition, the department will redeem some of the investments held by the CSRDF, Geithner wrote.

        “Federal retirees and employees will be unaffected by these actions,” Geithner said. By law, both funds must be made whole once lawmakers agree to increase the debt limit.

        “The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board also Monday stressed that TSP investors will not be harmed. Under a 1987 law, the government is required to repay suspended G Fund investments, including interest, once the debt ceiling is raised and the government can resume borrowing. The board will keep track of what Treasury owes and how much interest the G Fund would have accumulated had the investments not been suspended. “You have an IOU from the federal government for the G Fund,” board chairman Andrew Saul said. “It’s not going to affect them [TSP investors], period.”

        It’s easy for Treasury Secretary Geithner to reassure federal employees filching their life long “nest egg” funds is backed by a worthless IOU since it’s not his retirement.

        “A recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obamma admin. plans to Nationalize and to eliminate private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k plans, NSC is warning.

        “The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, was monitored by NSC staff and featured a line up of left-wing activists including one representative of the AFL-CIO who advocated for more government regulation over private retirement accounts and even the establishment of government-sponsored annuities that would take the place of 401k plans.

        “This hearing was set up to explore why Americans are not saving as much for their retirement as they could,” explains National Seniors Council National Director Robert Crone, “However, it is clear that this is the first step towards a government takeover. It feels just like the beginning of the debate over health care and we all know how that ended up.”

        “A representative of the liberal Pension Rights Center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people. She demanded the Obama administration set up a “government-sponsored program administered by the PBGC (the governments’ Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation).” She proclaimed that even “private annuities are problematic.” (Unfair to Poor people is CODE, for generational welfare Black “Victims” of middle class White Workers who end up with More$$$$$!)

        “Such “reforms” would effectively end private retirement accounts in America, Crone warns. “These people want the government to require that ultimately all Americans buy these government annuities instead of saving or investing on their own. The Government could then take these trillions of dollars and redistribute it through this new national retirement system.”

        The rest of article is at website I noted if interested.

        • Tim-AA is not treasury secretary.

          • So What? Does that insignificant observation of Yours make the entire article void?

            FYI: It has Always been customary when refering to ex-pols to still address them by their prior title or position of office held. Hence you stil here when msm speaks of klinton they say “Prezident klinton”.

            Gitner now has other positions which are stil in the “loop” of affairs. Read the entire Post. It describes a recent event meeting to ROB YOU OF ALL FORMS RETIREMENT $$$$$$$!!!!! ps are You related to “common sense” poster by any chance?

      9. The purpose of a small government, limited to enumerated powers and subject to checks, balances, and competing state and federal sovereignties was designed precisely to address this. You can always count on human corruptibility, even the most noble break down over time and seek their own enrichment. At root, there is nothing uniquely evil about the crew in Washington right now. What is unique is the extraordinary amount of power they hold. The minor corruptions of individuals has negligeable effect in a small federal government, but in a sclerotic bureaucratic petty tyranny like ours, the effect and catastrophic.

        • I meant “is catastrophic.”

          Damn kids.

      10. THE WRATH OF THE
        by Rudyard Kipling

        It was not part of their blood,
        It came to them very late,
        With long arrears to make good,
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        They were not easily moved,
        They were icy…willing to wait
        Till every count should be proved,
        Ere the Saxon began to hate.

        Their voices were even and low.
        their eyes were level and strait.
        There was neither sign nor show
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not preached to the crowd.
        It was not taught by the state.
        No man spoke it aloud
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        It was not suddenly bred.
        It will not swiftly abate.
        Through the chilled years ahead,
        When time shall count from the date
        That the Saxon began to hate.

      11. Remember when it was learned that congress was allowed to do insider trading and they had to remove that ability.

        they voted insider trading back in this year !

        thats right, even tea party faves, bachman, rand paul and ted cruz quietly went along.

        the US govt is going to push this debtor nation until it breaks and then do what it takes to maintain control afterwards.

        trying to stop them is going to end badly for anyone that does so. i recommend just being able to survive after it breaks until things reumse some level of civilization.

      12. I predict that this whole situation is not going to end well.

        Civil war is coming. I see it as being almost unavoidable.

        The only thing that will stop it is a complete 180 degree turn on the part of Congress. I don’t see that happening.

        And it is unavoidable because the laws of economics can only be avoided for so long. We are broke. At some point the dollar is no longer going to be the world’s reserve currency, and it will be at that point that TSHTF. But this can also be brought about by any number of other “black swan” type events that are going to turn the country on its head.

        The parallels between this country and every other empire that has ever been are undeniable.

        It’s not a question of “if”. Only a question of “when”.

      13. Off Topic @ Be Informed….

        What the heck is happening with Kamchatka? There has been a swarm of 4+ earthquakes there over the last several days.

        • Howdy Walt!

          Friend, BI and I were batting that question around in the previous forum – near to the TOP of the page – BI seems to think this is a harmonic manifestation…meaning, I take it, volcanic. You can pick up his response there, till later Brother…


          • Thanks!

          • Looks like the sun, Earthquakes, and volcanoes are connected. Other climactic phenonema may also be connectedto the sun. And I thought it was my SUV causing all this trouble.

      14. Thomas Jefferson related that “the greatest threat to a Democracy is an uniformed electorate” The IMBECILES that represent us are truly a reflection of the people that put them there.

        Can you really tell me that Orrin Hatch, or John McCain still need to be in office?? They are “Dead Wood”. What about the Dynamic Duo of Feinstien, and Boxer. Year after year, cycle after election cycle. What does this say about the United States??. Stick a fork in, becouse we are done.

        It is absolutely amazing to me that we “CHOOSE the lesser of two evils, because there is no other choice to be had. “Dirt bag” or “larger Dirt bag”. Nobody with any real integrity can last a full two or six years in Washington. The environment is way to corrosive. SOME HOW THE MUSIC MUST CHANGE.

        Potato out

        • Thats like our reps, the ILWU gives the members a card that tells them who to vote for, HGEA does it too, thats why we have the same donkeys over and over.

        • im of the belief, were not choosing shit anymore, its obvious they are in control of who gets what, and we are not part of that game.(we are their peons remember?).the voting thing is a joke and they dont even look at the real numbers anymore, especailly when they dont go thier way.

          its all a shell game, just like our currency, and our policies..ok for them to break..(laws and such) but dont you dare do it.

      15. Hmmm…a little reprise may be in order here,

        Some three weeks ago, on a late friday atfernoon the CONGRESS of these United States – by a VOICE vote (NO record to track, no accuntability!)- RECALLED the “STOCK act”, which they HAD passed in an OVERWHELMING Majority of BOTH Houses only some few months earlier – WHEN they HAD been under CLOSE media scrutiny…

        For those of you unfamiliar with the STOCK act, that was the bill that was supposed to PREVENT – by Legislation – exactly that type of transactions in the Market by our Congreesional Representatives…

        ….NEEDLESS to say, this sequence of ACTIONS on the part of our CONGRESS demonstrates one single thing QUITE Clearly….that THOSE, There, HOLD themselves to be SO FAR above us ‘poor, lttle, common people’ that THEY don’t HAVE to follow OUR rules…they just make THIERS up as they go along…

        …GEE, makes you PROUD to be an AMERICAN doesn’t it…seeing all the Enlightened, ‘High Ethics’ of those who are the CORE of the Governance of our Wonderful Nation…Don’t it?

        I an reminded of the worda of Louis Brandeis here, that;

        “Our government teaches people by example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it Invites anarchy.”

        Um-Hmmm…I submit that the Congres of this Nation – at least! – is BENEATH Contempt at this point…but that’s JUST my ‘opinion’…you might ‘feel’ differently.

        Hey Kula-Bro! We MIGHT need to get together to figure out what the ‘shipping fees’ on all that EXCESS Rope you’ve got laying around might be to get THAT here to the mainland….we’ve got a party here coming up…
        ONE with a REAL ‘French Theme’, like they had in France a few hundred years ago… 🙂



        • Yea makes me proud to be an angry American.
          Think ill go and load another 500 308 shells, and go out and check my optics in my 700

          • That’s the spirit ! nothing like .308 and mildot therapy.

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Dude, let me know when you need that rope, ill ship my jeep, guns and all the rope to the west coast and DRIVE it to you. Ill even help tying knots, am pretty good making up a hangmans noose.

          I made a new template for checking patterns and doing long range handgun shots,
          Its a silouette with some big monkey ears on the head, streatch white plastic on a 4×8 sheet o ply and spray the template with black spray paint, acts like a shoot n see target, sorta fun to blast at, cant make a pattern worth a crap with my 1911 at 50 yds but its fun to try!

          • Howdy Kula-Bro!

            Let me begin here with, “Hhahahhaaaaa”…Um-hmmm, my thanks for your HIGHLY Patriotic response Brother ….warms my Heart, it does to KNOW there are YET truly ‘Civic-Minded’ Folk in the World! 😉

            JOG SAY…Hmmmm!!!…”Shoot-n-See”…GOOOOOD!!

            As always, done as Boris Karloff portraying ‘Franenstein’s Monster’ in the original treatment of Mary Shelley’s novel. 🙂 Lastly, Yes…I THINK our ‘Congress’ WILL have a ‘knotty end’….soon.



        • JOG
          Just found two more hanks of braided bull line in my shed, that should be good for bouncing some of the big fat fuckers, that way we dont have to do it twice!

          • I have a couple rolls of rusty barbed wire I could help with if you run out of braided line. Free delivery included.

            • Yup, be fun to watch ’em dance on that stuff…
              No long drops, just pull the chair out from under ’em and watch ’em dance…

              Kula, guys, we’ll need a LOT of ropes… it don’t just stop with the 500+ Congress critters… we got staff, and bureaucrats, lobbiests, bankers, you name it, if it wears a suit, hang it high…

            • Good man, repurposing and recycling, thank you,

              • 🙂


        • yep, you said it better than I did in my above comment

      16. They will all feel the same pain as the rest of us when it comes crashing down. You see, We are the smart and elite ones who see what is happening to our country and prepare for it. Others are like lambs to the slaughter.They,like others, will not survive but will eat garbage out of cans and where ever they can find it. They get what they deserve,for, they created it and falsely lead others to their inevitable doom. What a shame. Pray for those lost and misguided souls ,but especially, pray for yourself and our country.As long as we have breath in our lungs, there is hope.

      17. Anyone have any information on this? Sorry to be off topic but it pertains to many on here….

        • Reports of the virus in China is actually reported in NYC.

      18. Eventually this evil government will fall and it can’t happen soon enough for any of us. working within the system to make changes is a total waste of time. THE SYSTEM DOESN’T EXACTLY LEND ITSELF TO REFORM. This government will have to fall and we’ll have to start over from scratch. That’s the only way I see to take this country back to its roots. With all the pressure on the BOY in the WH right now, look for him to have a series of false flag events take place leading to martial law, then it will be game on with civil war 2. braveheart

        • Howdy BH!

          Clearly Friend…it has LONG been the case that ‘Change from within’ is an absurd concept. The reasons for this are many, to say the least…but they DO revolve around one particular thing; Money.

          The PTB do not care if there ia CHANGE, they say “CHANGE, Bring it ON!!…JUST don’t touch the MONEY we have worked so long and hard to STEAL…for GENERATIONS” Does anyone here PERCIEVE the truth, that ‘Change WITHOUT ‘re-allocation’ is little more than a FRAUD?” Let’s BE direct here: In THE SYSTEM in which we were raised MONEY is the POWER to effect “Change” and so that any proposed alterartion of ‘What Ia’ is simply impotent UNLESS that is a PART of the Change effected…Simple, CLEAR, Logic here Folks….easily seen!

          Lest though, you interpret what I assert above as meaning that the Life’s-Wotk’s of the Hard Working of this Country be put to risk, let me be CLEAR HERE: NOT ‘effin HARDLY!!!

          What I am refering to is the PATENT evil which is the Rothschild’s in Europe and ALL the Scions of the Rockefellers, the Morgan’s, the Du Pont’s, the Vanderbilts of thier Day…and the Dimons, Blankfeins, Cohens of OURS. THESE have literally drained the ‘Body Americana’ DRY of SO much of the substance and sustenance that – as we WATCH – this once Great Country IS withering and shrivelling around us, becoming little more than than mummmified husk of the vital, Living Being that it once was…Let us lay the BLAME whee it Properly Resides, FOREVER.

          Regardless of your particular politics, I think most will see the truth of the quote which here follows, attibuted to John F Kennedy;

          “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

          To the PTB; “Sleep Well!…Sweet Dreams!…The People’s Dream’s are DARK, and they INCLUDE YOU…” Let that be your Happy thought for tomorrow…or maybe NOT so Happy!…



          PS: BH…I HAVE a Thought about the ‘RECTIFICATION’ that would SUFFICE to fix this problem…PERMANENTLY, FOREVER. Be you patient for a time…Mac will have that, soon…

      19. There are no diffrences between patys. Im disgusted and will probably never vote again. There hasnt been and likely will ever be a viable political or ballott box solution.

      20. The only way is leave little money in the banks. After paying your money bills. Stop using credit cards and stock up on food. They can not steal what in bank if not there.
        Congress see themself as someone with right to have everything and then worry they wont get to stay there to get more. I say they should cut theire pay and benifits the same percent as they want cut the budget. Since they make most of their money some other way to end yp Million that they do.

        • Don’t even leave any money in the bank–pay your monthly bills with cash. I only pay mortgage with check.
          I am moving dh’s cell phone to

          • another company because they charge him $5 for paying with cash..
            AT&T!!! I am not kidding–he gets charged for paying with cash.

      21. The only reason that anyone runs for office is that they want power over the rest of us.

      22. Capitol Hill is just a bunch of little fiefdoms. You can see this if you ever watch any of the so-called hearings on C-SPAN. Everything said is scripted and read from a paper typed up by the staff “servants”. Actors all. Fake indignance and anger. Gavel in at 2 pm. Go to eat drink and be merry by 5 pm. Coke ands whores til 2 am. Take a couple weeks off for Memorial Day break to get some needed rest.
        “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show.
        When you’re born in America you get a front row seat.”
        George Carlin

      23. First of all let’s all think some pleasant thoughts about the people in Moore, Oklahoma. At least 3500 homes were completely annihilated, and likely dozens or hundreds dead and many more injuried. A very bad situation. This storm was likely a very strong EF-4 or weak EF-5 tornado that was thought to be 1-2/12 miles wide. I hope none of you out there have any fmaily or friends that were in its path.

        Next, whether you have one dictator, or 5000 so called “leaders”, you will have them working for themselves, period. Whatever is going to get them re-elected is all that matters to most of these characters. They in no way work for the people. IF they did the loss of American jobs, good jobs, would NEVER have been allowed to go to the enemy (china) that is aimed, 100’s of ICBM’s with multiple nukes on each, at the U.S. These jerks are nothing but traitors to the most part and are completely self centered.

        • Thanks BI..they will be added to my prayer list..with Japanese of Fukishima mess, the Gulf victims, the fire victims in the west, and Sandy Hook victims still trying to recover.

      24. Perfect example of this elitism are John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both acting like little pissed off school girls that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz (among others) spoiled their little private club (called the US SENATE), when Rand held the floor for nearly 14 hours filibustering a tyrannical vote. Oh…the humanity!

      25. Well, if con is the opposite of pro then Congress must be the opposite of progress.

      26. That tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 1999 was considered an once in 400 year event. 14 years later a more powerful tornado hits, 3 times as bad. This is what is happening all the time with floods, earthquakes, drought, etc. This is why preparation for natural disasters and manmade is so important and why it is incredible that only 1% of the people have the sense to prepare. People think that preparing, when prepping, means for the end of the world. There are these SHTF events all the time, ALL THE TIME. Yet these idiots call the preppers/survivalists nuts. All the time this continues to happen, all the time. It is totally nuts not to be a prepper/survivalist.

        • Hey, folks, citrus trees in Florida are dying due to the Asian citrus psyllid.
          Where’s the media on this??
          Stock up on vitamin C, Tang, and crystal vitamin C with longer shelf life than Tang.
          Revelation anyone??

          • Thats what happens when diversity is lacking, corporate factory agriculture vs small family farm

      27. What pisses me off is how they use veterans in wars to enrich themselves, then claim vets are terrorists. All of our ancestry that fought for our supposed freedoms have been reduced to meaningless nothings, no better than the phoney platitudes heaped upon service to capitalism.

      28. Jack Crabb:
        Do you hate them? Do you hate the White man now?

        Old Lodge Skins:
        Do you see this fine thing? Do you admire the humanity of it? Because the human beings, my son, they believe everything is alive.
        Not only man and animals. But also water, earth, stone. And also the things from them… like that hair.

        The man from whom this hair came, he’s bald on the other side, because I now own his scalp!
        That is the way things are. But the white man, they believe EVERYTHING is dead. Stone, earth, animals. And people!
        Even their own people!
        If things keep trying to live, white man will rub them out.
        That is the difference.


      29. Jack Crabb: Grandfather, I have a white wife.

        Old Lodge Skins: You do? That’s interesting. Does she cook and does she work hard.

        Jack Crabb: Yes, Grandfather.

        Old Lodge Skins: That surprises me. Does she show pleasant enthusiasm when you mount her?

        Jack Crabb: Well sure, Grandfather.

        Old Lodge Skins: That surprises me even more. I tried one of them once, but she didn’t show any enthusiasm at all.


        • Words of Wisdom from the Early Savage Heathens? or is Al Sharpton just on vacation, and unavailable to constantly bash whites?

          Grandson: Granddaddy, how is it you hear rocks or dirt speaking?

          Grandpa Savage: It only happens when I remain Unfed and awake for 3-4 days, while perched upon a high rock and eating Tons of Peyote!

          Grandson: So You are telling me all our Pagan Savage Heathen ways are simply a drug induced Illusion?

          Grandpappy: Yes my son…You have learned the true secrets to all of our mambojambo peyote rainbows and wolf spirits dancing in the campfire smoke. All an Illusion. Now go Learn from Whitemen and Become a sucess.

          • lol heathens, the “savages” saved the whites asses in the first winters. True savagery there. They were repayed by going from 100% of the population to less then 1% no white guilt just white history. Sorry them guys or angelo as you used to call yourself. It is not bashing them it is just telling the truth of their past.
            You call it bashing, of course you would, because it is about people like you. Not all white people just the ones like you.

      30. I have a lot of trees on my property and if CWII ever arrives, I am volunteering them all to be decorated. You can hang them upside down or right side up. Just don’t leave any bare unsightly spots, and only use rope. And you have to take the decorations down after 10 years…but I will work with you on that.

        • Lots of good bone meal,

      31. Jack Crabb: Sure, I’m white. Didn’t you hear me say, “God bless George Washington. God bless my mother.”? I mean, now what kind of Indian would say a fool thing like that?


      32. Mr. Merriweather: Men will believe anything, the more preposterous the better. Whales speak French at the bottom of the sea. The horses of Arabia have silver wings. Pygmies mate with elephants in darkest Africa. I have sold all those propositions. Well, maybe we’re all fools and none of it matters.


      33. Jack Crabb: I don’t understand it, grandfather, why would they kill women and children?

        Old Lodge Skins: Because they are strange. They do not seem to know where the center of the Earth is.


      34. [last lines]

        Jack Crabb: Well, that’s the story of this old Indian fighter. That’s the story of the Human Beings, who was promised land where they could live in peace. Land that would be theirs as long as grass grow, wind blow, and the sky is blue.

        Historian: Mr. Crabb, I didn’t know…

        Jack Crabb: Get out. Get out.


      35. MAC– Can you tell me where to buy the Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter? I haven’t seen it at stores in my home town. They do have Katadyn water filters but not the specific one you mentioned.

        Also, I went to pet stores to look for activated charcoal but the products I saw warned they could cause cancer. I believe I read that you can use charcoal from fires. Is this true? I assume if you can, they would not be toxic like the charcoal at pet stores?

        Also, I wanted to mention a book I read recently which talks about water. One whole chapter is devoted to the subject. The book is, “Outdoor Survival Skills” by Olsen. (Not sure of author’s complete name).

        Another book I’m determined to buy is “A Being Darkly Wise”… Please be sure to check it out at : )

        • grasshopper,
          I think or might have them. I saw them when I ordered my paratrooper filter from “ (which is also off the grid also.) I liked the paratrooper better. I also ordered a replacement filter. It weighs 3ozs. and will filter 2000 liters of water on that one tiny filter. I think I remember the info correctly.
          As a matter of fact, someone on this site mentioned the paratrooper filer and I made a note of it until I could check it out.
          This is a real “learning” site. Thanks to all of you for you insight and help.
          My husband still thinks I have grown 2 heads but still eats all the prep foods I put in front of him without a whimper. He is a keeper in my book.

          • Thanks, 4-yr.-prepper!

      36. hang all of them on national tv

        • I don’t have tv…please take pictures for the net.

      37. Oh! One other thing I forgot to mention– the “Katadyn micro phar chlorine dioxide tablets” you mentioned in a previous post… where the heck do you get that??!

        • has them. You can also check “off the” I ordered my paratrooper water filter from them.
          google or amazon might be able to help.

          4 year prepper

      38. Oklahoma, near OK city just got hit big with Tornadoes, im hearing over close to 40 far..dam this weather is something to contend with folks

      39. Politician: A self admitted liar and thief.

      40. The first will be last and the last first, this is what God promises will happen.

        What good does it do for a man if he obtains the whole world, but loses his soul.

        His sheep knows His voice, He is the gate, the fount of living water, and the Bread of heaven.

        He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. He is The Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, and me.

        He is the only way, is he your God?

      41. We got the best politicians money can buy…

      42. Stock up sale items…

        There are number of useful prep items on sales this week. Check your local grocery stores and the department store circulars for specials.

        Here are some items on sale this week:
        Camping equipment
        Condiments such as ketchup, mayonaise, mustard, BBQ sauce, etc.
        Paper plates, cups, paper towels, napkins
        Snack foods like pretzels, chips, etc

      43. Complete change of subject…… Has anybody heard from MANOS lately????? I always enjoyed and found informative his on the ground reports from Greece. But I cant remember reading any posts in a while. Anybody know if he is still ok??? KF

      44. “Never under estimate the stupidity of the American People”. High Noon 5/20/2013

      45. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd——— the purpose of THIS article is to……………. what exactly?

        • Its only purpose SalLIE is to bring in Trolls, just look how well it worked.
          Oh bugger I fed another one, cant help myself.

        • The purpose of this article was to give more insight into the wastefulness of our government, how their screwing us and also to point out how most people are too stupid to either care or even notice.

          Just like you! Go watch some TV..

      46. PS—you DO know there are many many Countries you can move to if this one is not to your liking. You know that, right?

        • You idiot sallie! Do you not see it is your ilk that is trying to change our country? You know that there are many countries already set up how you’d like to see ours? Instead of changing USA maybe YOU should move to a country ready set up for you… China or NKorea come to mind.

          • Sallie, take a few million monkys with when you go. Thanks.

        • Suggestions?…The Gringo is not well liked by many in the world today. If SHTF no country will be in good shape. They are connected at the hip by international banking. I personally like the country setting where I live. I would just appreciate being left the fuck alone by the .gov parasites.

      47. The democrats are here to stay and will win! Just give in to the power-elite! You cannot fight it and we will take all your guns away, so prepare to have your door kicked in. ha

        • Cool,
          Prepare to get hit by repetative blasts from my 12 gauge, i like F steel shot with hot loads, better wear face armor because i aim high.

          • Kula,
            That’s way too up front ! Temporarily abandon house prior to assault pay attention to your surroundings ( situational awareness) take an over watch position no less than 600 meters from residence. (you should have prior Zero’ed your weapon, lean the mildot system it’s not hard ‘(practice , practice, practice- dry fire if ammo expendure is not an option , put a quarter on the barrel top end near the muzzle, practice your hold, use snap caps , do this daily )
            Use your .308 , fire when the opposition fires on the empty house starting with the last man in the entry chain and work you way up , police your brass and exfiltrate the area.
            Repeat above as neccessary using different over watch positions.

            dark days are coming , prepare , learn, improvise your most important weapon is your MIND.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Thank you for reminding me, I forget to step back sometimes, just know that when the door is getting kicked in if Im still there reaction time will be short and options will be limited, COLD DEAD HANDS,

              as a side note,, not sure if you have an Iphone, but if your a shooter there is an app called ballistic AE
              has a real good mil-dot calculator,way faster than doing the math, and can give you trajectory info for any given load you make up, just need to know muzzle velosity and BC will give you corrections for elevation and angle, and will also give you windage adjustments, I tried it out the other day, cold trial, sat down, mil-dot rangefider to target and got the range, checked the table the app set up and made the shot, was within 4″ of where I was aiming and that was most likely me who was off,,

              • Good app and it does work , a lot of guys are using it for long range shots in the sandbox.

                Semper Fi 8541

            • dark days are already here, Night breaker! Its just gonna get a lot darker in the days to come…

      48. Sallie, everyone here loves America and believes in it, unlike the MSM sites whose talking heads are always bashing it. they’re the ones you should direct your remarks to, unless you have blind faith in this system and the kind of people who are running the show. the politicians, bureaucrats, civil rights activists, immigration activists, all special interest groups have ruined our nation beyond recognition. Just look all around you and tell me our country is in good shape. you know damned well that it’s dying. The only hope we see in saving this nation is a 2nd civil war which will be initiated by the same government you sound like you’re standing up for. the system itself is so far gone there’s no saving it. It will have to be brought down and we’ll have to start over from scratch. We want our country to be FREE AND PROSPEROUS, NOT ANOTHER THIRD-WORLD HELLHOLE! We are all facing a federal government with some of the worst intentions imaginable toward all of us. Any of us, including you, Sallie, and/or members of your family can be targeted. It’s no different from any other manmade government that has existed in the history of this world, going all the way back to the Roman Empire. governments have never cared about the people they rule over, despite what they say to the contrary. So, no, none of us are leaving America. it’s the traitorous elitists and banksters, etc., the people who have ruined this land who need to leave, if they know what’s in their own best interest. braveheart

        • The problem is that these government shills like sallie think that everyone should change their views to align with the NWO that the commy/socialist/fascist jack booted thug politicians think that we should be conforming to, they dont get that we were just fine and happy to be going through life left alone by people who have no business telling us what or how to do anything anyway, and that they are the ones who are in the wrong,,
          We see this ll the time here where I live, Life was good,,,you could camp, fish, hike anywhere, then all these people from all over the place move in, pretty soon everything is getting developed and built up, next thing you know, you cant camp anywhere, beech access is limited, everything is crowded, hunting is a bitch because there are too many people, then when the guys who have been here for their whole life start grumbling and pushing back, we get the if you dont like it leave crap,,,,,
          Hence why I wish for the coastal event that wipes out everything below 100′ elev and an economic collapse that thins the herd even more,, the people who have been here all along will do fine, the newcomers, I would wager, not so much, when their mercedes doesnt run cause theres no fuel and starbucks and the local supermarket have nothing on the shelves,, and then they get mowed down by the restless natives who also came here from somewhere else,,,,
          after the dust settles, you will have the life long resident families, still doing what they do and making do with what they have,,,

          • I’d wager that 99%+ of the liberals and trolls here are all Whites. That is important, as it is They who will finally awaken, when it dawns on them that the Real reasons for flooding america with tems of millions of non white 3rd world filth, who have all been taught from birth to Hate whiteys. Is Precicely for use as an overwhelming hoard of Savage Beastly Sub-Humans brought to America in order to assist in totally Exterminating stupid foolish brainwashed idiotic Libs such as Sallie.

            It will be an eye opening event when the rest of us folks are able to observe from safe locations, how such foolish libs attempt to thwart off certain Death at the hands of those utterlly Savage Pagan Brute Beast subhuman filth, by explaining Their political and World Views while Hoping for Change of hearts….Only to realize that said Beastly Savage Pagans do NOT speak English!

            ps: Sallie better learn Spanish AND Swahilli languages. You are gonna need it!

            Salie: Oh Phaleeessse do not harm me as I am a staunch Lib due to my white guilt brainwashings. I also will buy you savages Pop and Candy! Just be My Friend okay!

      49. don’t forget that they repealled the law that prohibited them from insider trading
        a month after they made the law
        so they can buy a stock from a company that they about to give a fed contract to ect…………….

      50. i generally toss my 2 cents in the ring and leave it at that… this topic, however, disallows me from doing that because i have documented proof of at least 1 sitting senator’s disregard for the People’s position on gun laws… his is a political past with pocketed finances at the expense of others and the natural beauty(unwanted, locally opposed, heavily voted against wind turbine farm which is now practically useless) of the state he ruled… below is the jist of the lengthy letter to but 1 of the residents who dared to speak up against the votes this non-representative cast in favor of violating our 2nd A rights… this is none other than anti-liberty, progressive rino, former governor of Maine, now replacement of the other progressive rino, olympia snowe(i refuse to type his name):

        “Dear —,
        Thank you for contacting me about both the UN Arms Trade Treaty and the recent votes on gun legislation. Let me start with your concerns about the Arms Trade Treaty.
        In March, there were two amendments to the Budget Resolution concerning the UN Arms Trade Treaty. I voted in favor of Senator Leahy’s amendment S.Amdt. 710, which ensures that the United States will not negotiate or support treaties that violate Americans’ Second Amendment rights. I voted against Senator Inhofe’s amendment S.Amdt. 139, which prohibits the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.
        I thought the Inhofe Amendment was premature since the UN was still discussing the Arms Trade Treaty when the Inhofe Amendment came up for a vote. I did not want to preclude the possibility of settling on treaty language that could stem the flow of arms to criminals and terrorists abroad as long as it did not affect our rights under the Second Amendment.
        On April 2, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Arms Trade Treaty by a vote of 154 to 3. The three countries that voted against adopting the treaty were Iran, North Korea, and Syria. The point of this treaty is to regulate the flow of arms across international borders, and to prevent them from ending up in the hands of terrorists and criminal organizations.
        American representatives to the treaty negotiations were limited by a series of “Red Lines” that, if crossed, would preclude our support and ratification of the treaty. The Leahy Amendment reaffirms the “Red Line” stating that the United States will not support any treaty that infringes upon Second Amendment rights.
        A vote against the Inhofe Amendment was in no way a vote for any UN treaty and certainly does not in any way represent a vote to let the UN take our guns.
        If the President signs the treaty, it will then come before the Senate for ratification. I will continue to study the treaty to make sure that it does not violate Second Amendment Rights, and will oppose it if this is the case.
        I understand that many people disagree with how I voted on the nine amendments to last month’s gun legislation. Some are angry about my votes in support of various amendments. Though I don’t expect I will be able to change anyone’s mind, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I voted the way I did on the various amendments. For my part, I am confident that I cast my votes with respect for and in accordance with the Second Amendment.
        I supported – and will continue to support – the Manchin-Toomey amendment on expanded background checks because it is a reasonable compromise that would improve the currently flawed NICS system. It expands background checks only to sales at gun shows, over the Internet and in commercial publications. It doesn’t touch transfers between family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers or other private transfers.
        Importantly, Manchin-Toomey enhances the rights of law-abiding gun owners in several ways. For example, it expands the ability of gun owners to transport guns across state lines, and allows concealed carry permits to be used in place of a background check when purchasing from a licensed dealer. These are just a few of the provisions that increase the rights of gun owners. I encourage you to read the proposal in its entirety if you haven’t already. There has been a lot of misinformation about it, and you may be surprised with what you find.
        Manchin-Toomey also goes to great lengths to prohibit the creation of a national gun registry. It makes it a felony for any individual who attempts to create such a registry. This crime would carry a prison sentence of up to 15 years.
        I co-sponsored the Leahy-Collins amendment, a reasonable provision that makes gun trafficking and straw purchasing federal offenses. I hear a lot about the need to better enforce existing laws, and I agree. In the case of these two practices that allow criminals to acquire guns, however, existing laws are so weak that they are essentially un-enforceable. I voted against the Grassley amendment because it would have undermined important provisions in Leahy-Collins.
        I voted in favor of the Lautenberg-Blumenthal amendment to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds. I believe that this could save lives in a mass-shooting situation. After talking with gun owners in Maine, I reached the conclusion that a 10-round limit would not overly restrict the lawful use of firearms for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense.
        I voted for both the Burr and Harkin-Alexander amendments. The Burr provision would have stopped the unfair practice that allows veterans to be denied firearms without a court ruling. While I think we need to prevent all mentally ill individuals from acquiring firearms, I don’t think it’s fair that veterans currently go through a different process than other Americans. I voted for the Harkin-Alexander amendment because it’s a straightforward bill that improves mental health services for young people in schools by focusing on early detection and treatment.
        I have been very open about my opposition to the ban on the so-called assault weapons, so I hope it is no surprise that I voted against Senator Feinstein’s amendment. This would largely ban guns based on their appearance rather than their functionality, and I don’t think it’s an effective or enforceable way to limit gun violence.
        I voted against the Cornyn amendment that would have allowed a conceal carry permit from one state to automatically be valid in another. I support states granting reciprocity for concealed carry permits if they choose, but I also strongly believe it is a state’s right to determine who can carry a concealed weapon within that state and not be bound by whatever concealed carry rules are established elsewhere.
        While I believe that the personal information of firearms owners should be protected, I voted against the Barrasso amendment because I see it as an issue for states to decide themselves. If a state wants to prohibit the release of such information, they can and should do that. But I do not believe the federal government should punish states for how they chose to treat this information. The protection of gun owner information is something that I strongly support, but it is ultimately a states’ rights issue that must be addressed by state legislatures.
        To those individuals who argue that any form of gun legislation is an unacceptable infringement of the Second Amendment, I must point out that this would require the repeal of current law that prohibits certain classes of dangerous people from owning guns and strictly controls fully automatic rifles. If you believe that felons and the mentally ill should have access to any firearms whatsoever, then I’m afraid we will, respectfully, never agree on how to approach the Second Amendment.
        Best Regards,

        ANGUS S. KING, JR.
        United States Senator

        P.S., Without getting into a long discussion about Constitutional interpretation, the view that the Second Amendment is unlimited and prevents the passage of any kind of gun laws is not supported by Supreme Court opinion or the general history of our Constitutional law.
        Probably the best example of this history is the apparently absolute prohibition on infringements on freedom of speech contained in the First Amendment (“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…”) which has long been interpreted to have limits–that free speech does not include the right to shout “fire!” in a crowded theater, for example.
        Likewise, the Supreme Court has consistently interpreted the Second Amendment to allow the regulation of certain kinds of guns and gun commerce. Fully automatic (Tommy) guns and sawed-off shotguns have been heavily regulated for 80 years, for example. This governmental power was reconfirmed as recently as 2008 in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller which declared the District’s heavy restrictions on handguns unconstitutional. Following the heart of the opinion which struck down the District’s law, Justice Antonin Scalia – arguably the most conservative member of the court – went on to make this point very clearly:
        “Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose…Although we do not undertake an exhaustive historical analysis today of the full scope of the Second Amendment, nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms.”

        I am not able to read or respond to replies to this address. If you would like to be in contact with me further, please do not reply to this message, but instead go to Thanks, Angus.”

        pray hard for the best while prepping for the worst


          Nucla, Colo. Passes Ordinance Making Gun Ownership Mandatory

      51. The people get the goverment they deserve. In america that means a congress of morally bankrupt baboons. Who act just like the typical mediocre american would with a 8 figure or more windfall .

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