Do Our Elections Even Matter?: Study Finds There Are 3.5 Million More Registered Voters In U.S. Than Eligible Voters

by | Aug 14, 2017 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    All Americans need to ask themselves a very important question. Who really runs this country? Supposedly the answer is us, which is what we’ve been told our entire lives. But that’s becoming increasingly hard to believe as time goes on. How can ordinary law abiding Americans be running this show, if our elections appear to be a total sham? We live in a country where the voter rolls seem to be stacked with illegal immigrants and dead people, and our voting machines are shockingly easy to hack. And not only that, but states like California have hundreds of thousands more registered voters than eligible voters.

    It’s not just California that has this problem either. According to Judicial Watch, there are hundreds of counties across the country, run by both Democrats and Republicans, which have failed remove millions of “ghost” voters from the registration rolls.

    Some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud.

    The Election Integrity Project of Judicial Watch — a Washington-based legal-watchdog group — analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2011–2015 American Community Survey and last month’s statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The latter included figures provided by 38 states. According to Judicial Watch, eleven states gave the EAC insufficient or questionable information. Pennsylvania’s legitimate numbers place it just below the over-registration threshold.

    My tabulation of Judicial Watch’s state-by-state results yielded 462 counties where the registration rate exceeded 100 percent. There were 3,551,760 more people registered to vote than adult U.S. citizens who inhabit these counties.

    Though California appears to be the most egregious example by containing roughly half of these ghost voters, the other half are shared by dozens of states. And many of these states were won by either Hillary or Trump in the last election, by a margin that is less than the number of ghost voters on the registration rolls.

    President Donald J. Trump’s supporters might be intrigued to learn that Hillary Clinton’s margins of victory in Colorado (136,386) and New Hampshire (2,736) were lower than the numbers of ghost voters in those states. Clinton’s fans should know that Trump won Michigan (10,704) and North Carolina (173,315) by fewer ballots than ghost voters in those states.

    We’ll probably never know if the elections in these states were rigged, but one thing is absolutely clear. At this point, election results shouldn’t be taken at face value ever again. Whoever is running our country and determining which politicians win elections, it sure doesn’t look like its you or me.


    “The Fraud Is Rampant”: Registering the Dead And Illegal Immigrants to Steal the Election

    Still Think Our Elections Are Fair?: 11 California Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Voting Age Adults

    New Study Explains Why President Trump Probably WON The Popular Vote


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      1. There are millions of scum illegals and millions of islamic ?refugee? trash among us. Not to mention the hordes of brain dead leftist trash. We are in a hell of a shape.

        • Illegal voters are like ‘counterfeit money’ and do damage the integrity of this ‘Constitutional Republic’ and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

        • Menzo, yep, that’s the democratic party usa for you. The only party I know of where dead people vote all the time, blacks commit voter fraud all they want, and illegal aliens are allowed to vote. I agree the illegals, muzzies, and minority people who commit crimes are all trash. When the balloon goes up, it’s going to be time to ‘clean house’.

          • Wait until someone competent goes off on these people. The idiot that rammed his car was either a false flag fall guy or a stupid idiot. If you’re gonna do something do it right and kill them all. Just a vehicle won’t cut it.

            • Menzoberranzan, you’ve a good point. This isn’t some Euro-craphole where guns are hard to come by. Furthermore, some good ol’ boy deciding to go all Shi’it(e) on the lefties has a lot of options. Seems he’d have used something with a bit more ‘bang’. This whole thing stinks to high heaven of a set-up.

            • Menzo, I smell a combination of false-flag and idiot in the car ramming. It may have been intended for him to kill more people but it looks like it’s having the same effect anyway.

            • Menzo, the SPLC (communist) says the leader of the White demonstrators, Jason Kessler, was a member of Occupy Wall Street, until the 2016 election. In other words, Kessler is leftist pretending to be right wing. The entire Charlottseville fiasco was a set up from the get go.

        • I tell you,this country is really messed up bad. I can’t believe all these brain dead idiots. Most are college aged socialists with green hair and rainbows. Sometimes after reading all the days news, I catch myself wishing an emp would hit us. Their types would be the first to go due to no cell service. Talk about taking out the trash. Then reality sets in and I realize that wouldn’t be right. Or would it ?

        • Menzo, I’m impressed. You are exactly right, but until our politicians and media recognize that there is no group called terrorists, as that is a tactic, and start calling Islamist what they are, we are indeed “in a hell of a shape”
          Instead they want to use terms like Shites, and leftists, Alt Right wing, Radicals, etc. They want to call ILLEGAL aliens , immigrants. This last debacle in Virginia had me so confused as to who was who , I didn’t even know what I was. If you’re against destruction of property, apparently you’re a racist homophobic, Trumpet, rt wing bigot with Islamophobic tendencies. At least that’s how I read the media descriptions. It took Obama 14 days to call the “incident” known as teh SanBernadino shooting, terrorism. But Trump waits a day to get some facts and it is not soon enough. The “Alt Right,” as described by the “Left,” or the media, is a group of hateful white supremacists. Therefore they must be from the Republican Party! Have you ever noticed, if it’s hateful it has to be Republicans, but if it’s loving it’s always the Democrats?

      2. I guarantee they are all dems

      3. I guarantee they are all dems.

      4. I’d say never mind whether elections matter. Give thanks for a Constitutional Republic (what’s left) and the electoral college protecting the minority from the majority.

        • Actually the Electoral College leveled the playing field giving back State equal representation in Senate. Once 50% + 1 is obtained the winner takes all of the States electoral votes. This dampens the viability of handing the populous States everything they want bleeding the less populated States dry. The US was supposed to be essentially separate countries (States) that agreed to work together on trade and mutual defense. One size does not fit all.

          The 10th Amendment will be the new legal battleground.

          “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          The Founding Fathers weren’t foolish, nor corrupt, they were brilliant.

        • I think its referred to as “Tyranny Of The Masses”. Under that system 50% + 1 could decide to kill the other 49%. A communists dream.

          • Kevin2, unless that 51% can back up their policy, the remaining 49% being armed can and should stop it cold.

          • IRS Rehires 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes, Other Offenses

            “The Internal Revenue Service rehired 213 employees who ducked taxes, falsified documents, were convicted of theft, or made unauthorized use of taxpayer data, an inspector general’s report says.

            The Office of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, which also first discovered the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups in 2013, examined the agency’s hiring from January 2015 through March 2016.

            For these 15 months, the IRS official in charge was Commissioner John Koskinen, an appointee of President Barack Obama.”

            ht tp://

      5. Mac, how many more times do we have to see ANY picture of MOOCHELLE Obola?

        • No doubt. He is an ugly ass pretend woman.

          • the apocalypse COW!

      6. A long time ago when we had the fake gas shortage in the 70,s I came to the realization that there never has been isn’t now or never will be a viable political or ballot box solution. I still voted but knew it was a exercise in futility. So what to do? For me I became almost totally service to self. I learned If I don’t place me and mine first no one else will. Think about it. you know how little we care about the elected political parasites. They care less then nothing about you. All of then consider the working middle class as deplorables. To them the folks who actually produce are nothing more than a tool to get a job done or a vote to get them elected. And now that our votes are no longer needed and third world slave wage labor does the work The middle class are considered useless eaters by those elected parasites. So its our only solution to not produce and pay any more taxes than necessary. We can starve the beast. Its working. New car sales are down. Gas demand is very low. Home sales have declined. Look at Ill they have run out of producers to robb. the few remaining workers cannot be taxed enough to pay for the bloated government. So produce less & spend less its the only thing that is viable.

        • Old Guy

          A yardstick measure of the modern health of the middle class is both Craigs List and EBay. Little is selling and prices are dropping. At the upper end on Class 3 Dealer sites the transferable guns have about cut in half. A WWII Bridgeport M1A1 Thompson used to go for 30K + and their now 18K. People are selling their toys to keep the home. Used boats, cars and the like are looking for buyers and there are fewer to be had. Gasoline has always been the pulse and things are really contracting when oil refineries closed. Conversely the .01% has gained significantly as every ostensible stimulus funneled an increasing percentage of money upward. We have the veneer of prosperity complements of debt. Much of the anger directed at other races from all is directly related to the perception that “they” are gaining at my expense. As the economic pie shrink everyone closely watches the slices.

          • Kevin,new and used car prices still too high,there tis a huge glut even though as anyone with a pulse gets a loan and yet still lots/overflow lots brimming with new cars.The cash for clunkers killed a lot of perfectly good used cars and inflated the prices,they will keep dropping,new and used.That said,still looking for at newest late 70’s/early 80’s trucks and vans,easy to work on and for most part much more dependable,rather pay 10 grand for a mint built to hi 4×4 then 50 for a run of the mill pickup with,well,wow….,power windows/blue tooth/ cameras and other such nonsense that breaks and shuts down the whole damn vehicle!

            • Warchild, AMEN about the damn car prices. In a way I’m glad I don’t make enough money to have a new one. In addition to the huge notes, it would be next to impossible to save enough money to keep the damn thing running. I’m saving up money to get some kind of old truck from the 90s and hoping to get a base model. Something with roll-up windows, manual door locks, etc. Something with much less electronics than the current models so fewer things to go wrong on it. When I get back from vacation I’ve got my old Honda sold to a single mother with 3 kids who needs a vehicle real bad. She needs it worse than me and I really need and prefer a truck anyway. I still go to private owners for cash only. You get something at a much better price and don’t have a damn note to worry about. If I was drowning in debt on anything, I couldn’t do half of the prepping I’ve been doing all these years. No stinkin’ car note and no stinkin’ credit card either. I don’t do like these morons out here buying all kinds of stupid things I don’t need and sacrifice other things to pay the credit card every month. I don’t want or need that kind of stress in my life. It’s awesome to be debt-free.

              • What? Management boy does not make enough money to buy a new car? LMFAO!

      7. Before I read the article I knew my state of North Carolina would be in there. Voter fraud is rampant here.

      8. Corrupt mayor of Chicago and de-facto employee of Al Capone William “Big Bill” Thompson coined the timeless statement, “Vote early and vote often”.

        Modern technology only makes it easier due to the lack of a paper trail.

        • I believe it was Stalin who said: “What matters isn’t who you vote for, but who counts the votes.”

      9. Anyone opposing the requirement that voters show an identification card with a photo on it, is a supporter of illegal immigrants being allowed to vote. The argument that it is racist is totally bogus.

      10. This the forefathers were smart enough to have an electoral college.!

      11. I live in a single party state.
        My vote doesn’t mean a damn thing.
        Even when you write letters, call, and
        have coffee with the pols,( I’ve actually
        had morning coffee with my council critter
        in a one one one meeting)
        You may as well be talking to a rock.
        The party/establishment demands are #1,
        what the voters want is irrelevant.
        That is evident from local councils
        to the highest levels of Federal government.

        I’d like to shoot someone, but I’d have to kill
        millions to change things. I’d start with our media,
        and Federal non-DOD employees. That being said,
        I’ll continue on like I have a voice, prepare for SHTF,
        and say the serenity prayer( I have a beer
        when doing so).

        • Well if millions of us shot just one, Hmmmm

          • Name a date, I’ve got my first target selected.

      12. Easy, no elections are a sham…

      13. Rellik,in regards to your shooting comment I have a reply,though know you folks tired of hearing it!

        It goes like this,”The smalls add up!”.I really never used it in this context before but is certainly correct.I would say even more so if others would do their part!

        • Warchild, I don’t mind you saying ‘the smalls add up’. It’s true.

      14. Well,seems folks just tore down a Confederate statue Durnham,then went marching to the police station,the cops did nothing except block street for the march:

        ht tp:// ,you know the drill,would be nice if we could for once just immediatly get live links up!

        You know,Martin King cheated on his wife with other women,thus,he was a adulterer/misogynist,perhaps time to start taking down his statues?Yes,I know retarded but retarded seems the rule of the day!

        • Warchild, in my native city of Memphis, the libturd-run City Council voted back in 2015 to have our statues of Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis removed from 2 separate parks but they’re being held back by a state law which protects historical monuments in my state. They’ve been trying to go through the Tennessee Historical Commission since then to have the statues removed but so far their efforts have been in vain. The Forrest statue is located in a park located in the UT Medical Center and also has Forrest and his wife buried there. The park used to be named Forrest Park but was renamed Health Sciences park a few years ago. The park where the Davis statue is located on the river downtown used to be called Confederate Park was also renamed something else. I suspect I could damn well have a ‘Charlottesville’ type of affair in my city before long.

          • In my Small Town USA we also have a statue dedicated to Nathan Bedford Forrest.

            His homeplace is close by.

            Our H.S. named after him.

            His portrait hangs in the hallowed halls of the city town hall.

            to remove him would take a real effort by whomever.

            Some of his family still resides here and they have good ‘ol Nathan Bedford Forrest days.

            • My High school in Va.(Robert E.Lee) is on the chopping block. Just down the road JEB Stuart H.S. was changed to Stuart HS. The Lincoln Memorial in DC was just vandalized and Al Sharpton has asked that the Jefferson Memorial be taken down. See where this is going folks?

      15. Why bother to vote when little to nothing changes from this crook to that crook. No vote is going to make a dent in this quagmire passed off as viable choices. I voted has lost any meaning.

      16. More than likely Libtard & Illegals.

      17. Why shouldn’t zombies vote? The constitution says nothing about losing your right to vote just because you die! Racist!

      18. Is there something one is supposed to do when someone dies to let the voter registration know that the person has died?

        • it appears after a quick net check, that each state has a way to contact the voter registration of that state, a form to fill out and file on the death of a voter.

          some info said that voter registration offices check obits, tho that would surely miss a lot of folks who never get in the obituaries.

          might check the state/county you live in for particulars.

          would think a death certificate would automatically go to voter reg offices, but then…

          this came up from Orange Co. CA
          ht tps://

          Cancellation of Deceased Voter
          Important rules govern the removal of deceased voters from voter registration lists. There are three ways to notify our office of a deceased voter:

          1. Mail or fax a letter to the Registrar of Voters office with the following information:

          Name of the voter
          The residential address of the voter
          Birthdate of the voter
          The relationship of the person notifying the office to the voter
          Date of death of the voter
          Signature of the person making the notification
          2. Any election material sent to a deceased voter may be returned to our office, marked as “Deceased”

          3. Or notify our office using our online tool.

      19. Too much hate on this board.

      20. Ethnic cleansing of White historical figures. Land of the free and home of the brave. Not. This is just the beginning of what they have in store for White people. You haven’t seen anything yet. If you’re White and you’re not a communist, you are considered a racist, by the left.

        • Concentration camps for white males. Trophy slave white cnts for the retarded filth. Those females will happily serve. This will be worse than holocaust. 70% of whites will betray whites.

      21. Thats just about the amount Hillary claims she won by…

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