DIY: How To Make An Affordable & Effective Mosquito Trap

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    Now that summer is in full swing, most of us already know that obnoxious feeling of getting bitten by a mosquito. But, making a homemade mosquito trap could help keep you from getting bitten by the pesky and annoying bugs, and it’s easy! Because a trap will prevent bites, it will help keep you safer from contracting some of the diseases carried by mosquitos, such as West Nile virus, Zika, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus.

    You can easily reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property with a simple do-it-yourself plastic bottle trap that will attract and kill the mosquitos. The liquid in each trap will last about two weeks, and then, it can be easily replaced! You could also make more than one to increase the effectiveness of the traps and drastically reduce the number of mosquito bites you get. The best part is that all of the items needed can be found at your local hardware store. Many people will already have everything on hand though!


    • An empty, plastic 2-liter bottle
    • A marker or pen
    • A box cutter or scissors
    • A tape measure
    • 1/4 cup brown sugar
    • 1-1 1/3 cup hot water
    • 1 gram of yeast
    • Measuring cup
    • Tape (duct, scotch, or electrical are fine)


    Mark the bottle about four inches below the lid. Use a measuring tape if you’d like. Cut the bottle of here using your scissors or box cutter. Keep both parts of the bottle! Next, heat up 1 1/3 cups of water. It doesn’t have to be boiling, steaming water is hot enough to work. Pour the water into the bottom half of the bottle you just cut and add 1/4 of brown sugar. Allow the water/sugar mixture to cool then add one gram of yeast to the mixture.  Do not stir the yeast in. Grab the other half of the bottle and turn it upside down, so that the lid opening goes into the bottle with the water/brown sugar/yeast liquid. Make sure there’s enough space for a mosquito to get inside, if there is not, empty out some of the liquid. Use the tape to secure the two parts of the bottle to each other. Place it wherever people are getting bit by mosquitoes!

    The finished product should look something like the image below (courtesy of Desertification):

    Smaller bottles, such as bottled water bottles can also be used. Just make sure you use less liquid so the trap will still work. Here is the one I made from a 1-liter plastic bottle I had laying around:

    Also, make sure you remember to bring these indoors if it starts raining to prevent the traps from going bad early.  Excessive rain will render them ineffective. This is also a great way to reuse plastic bottles helping boost your sustainability.

    With all of the infectious diseases mosquitoes can spread, protecting ourselves from being bitten is the best way to ensure we remain healthy. How does that saying go? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Stay healthy!


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      1. How about a more useful post like how to defend yourself ‘mass mob attacks’. I’m reading more articles about this lately. If one is lucky to live in a pro-self defense carry state,and suddenly finds themselves face to face with this new preditorory group,how do you get out of it. Sgt. Dale,this ones especially for you.Forewarned,is forearmed.

        • Carry a can of WD40 and a lighter? Or maybe carry your pet snake around, naggers HATE snakes lol.

          • Or maybe carry a bunch of job applications around, they will be sure and run then! In other news my mash that stopped working actually cooked off good. Had a start proof of 145! I guess the yeast worked extra fast, kinda wierd lol.

            • Must of caught second gear, LOL. I did leave you another post on what room temp do you keep when its working.

              • reper, it never did “take off” again but must have done most of it;s work in the first 3-4 days. I checked the temp it was 76 which is good. Usually it takes 10-12 days to work off. As long as it worked I guess. I like the LCP .380, very compact and comfortable.

            • Hey, I carry ’round applications. Yes, they do run.

          • For Mosquitos, build a few BAT houses and place around your human habitat area. They will fly out at dusk and eat a tone of skeeters. Also create the habitat to attract Dragon Flies that also eat 30 times their weight in mosquitos daily.

            Better ways to catch the skeeters than chemically Genociding the entire countryside to satisfy a few ignorant humans wishes.

            When the skeeters come out at dusk you go inside your house, problem solved. Lots of birds also eat skeeters. I saw a Turkey snap a mosquito right out of the air, as she was standing there.

        • Well, I tend to carry a Cold Steel sward cane. A North American Tiny 22 Mag, a Scandium frame ultra light .357 S&W. and in Cold weather a 9MM Browning in a holster with 2 extra clips. I don’t worry about crowds

          • I carry crouton bombs cuz that way the people is dead, but’s da salad is still good. I got spurs than jingle, jangle, jingllllllllle!

        • So, good morning.
          We’ve noticed this site’s degradation.
          Nothing is being done about it.
          The owner is silent.
          I propose we find a new site.
          Along the left side is “Web Destinations”
          Maybe one of those would welcome a few of us refugees.
          No email addresses, names, etc.
          I checked the Texas Preparedness Group..doesn’t fit the bill.
          I have limited gigabytes every month so I limit my time online.
          Anybody have an idea for another site?

          • Is this place, and the sites associated with it, being put on restriction?

            • I AM CHECKING OUT SURVIVAL LIFE DOT COMM AS A NEW FORUM. Take a look at it and tell me what you think, there is a link to it below on the left. Looks easy enough and my comment was posted right away.

              • G, just did a quick check and it looks good..what next? 🙂
                Maybe all the other posters here have been picked up and detained..
                watch your six Genius, Deplorable..and where’s Menzo? B from Ca? Nailbanger?
                Change is inevitable..

                • Most people don’t comment on weekends (leads me to think they do it at work lol). I posted on the 8 hacks article there under Genius (of course). I figure if we just post it here for a while people will check it out. Head back over there and reply to me lol. Let them know we really want to be there and we are serious. Cheers!

                  • Genius : I just checked out survival life and the 8 hacks and there was only 2 posters and none was you. Anyways, I don’t look here much anymore. Getting to political. The owner has that right but if I want tons of politics I’ll go to Fox or somewhere else. This site attracted me years ago because of the name and the related articles. Not to much of that anymore. Also, I don’t post very often but when I do, half of the time it doesn’t go through until everybody is done with it anyways. Maybe a clever way to censor. Post when everybody is gone. Anyways, I’ve learned some things on here and I’ve tried to teach but the conversation is not the same anymore. I got lucky to see this post and that the regulars might all be going somewhere else. I will keep looking for a few weeks to see if it happens. Thanks,…..

                    • Hey G.. I posted on the other site as well. We need to get a good Off Grid solar blog going to share info. Just fully relocated my soar system to a stand and upgraded some equipment and all for code inspection. Got the combiner box and fuses, battery trays, all 4AWG to and from the controller, before and after circuit breakers, DC breaker and upgraded the inverter 12V to 110V with pure sine wave inverter. 3000 Watt 6000 Peak. They has only a 15 Amp GFI outlet on the inverter, so I hard wired my house Load to the hard wire bus for permanent juice. All works great, now just get my elect warning stickers on and I am ready for inspection. Cheers. See ya over on the other site.

                    • Oh yeah, and I upgraded the solar module panel rail mounting rails and brackets with Mountain Ridge products. All of my solar system now should be approved with flying colors for my permit inspection.

                  • I’m in. I just typed a bunch and it is not even there.

                  • Third post. Can’t get through

                  • Genius : I’m in. People are sick of not being able to get through. I’ll try once more. I started reading and posting here years ago. I don’t post a lot but I use to like the articles. To political now for me. I’ve have learned and I have taught on this site. Now I can’t even get through. I went to survival life, 8 hacks, and there was only 2 posters and none was you. I keep checking back for a few weeks to see if the regulars change over. Thanks, …..

                    • Keep scrolling down, there are 2 sets of comments. Good to see you!

                • 3rd try


                • From the Trenches World Report
                  fromthetrenchesworldreport (dot) com

              • If traffic comes from Google’s algos, and from the site’s RSS feed, viewership is still going to be limited to those few people who seek it out, proactively.

                All of these extra heads of people, who you wanted see, here, probably washed-in, by accident.

                These were the tools they were given; the webmasters are not lazy, per se, but will have to find a new business model, entirely.

              • If t.raffic comes from G.oogle’s a.lgos, and from the s.ite’s R.SS f.eed, v.iewership is still going to be limited to those few people who seek it out, proactively.

                All of these extra heads of people, who you wanted see, here, probably washed-in, by accident.

                These were the tools they were given; the w.ebmasters are not lazy, per se, but will have to find a new b.usiness m.odel, entirely.

          • Nah, I likes dis site, G money troll-ster. Yewwwww cain’t fool me none, dig? I gots the insight, and my crouton bombs.

          • From the Trenches World Report
            fromthetrenchesworldreport (dot) com

            Current News & Other Subjects
            Easy to Post
            Accepts aliases

            R.I.P. Eppe

        • I carry a benchmade Model 44 balisong from the mid eighties along with a ruger .380 and extra mag.(summer) Kimber STSII compact .45 (winter).

          • Is thyat a gun or sump’in?

      2. Sounds like skeeters like to have a drinky poo too! I have seen this trap used for flies also with beer in it. Maybe use dog poo and beer to really attract them lol. I have plenty of dog poo for sale if ya need sum!

      3. If yer bored and have some time a good thing to do is go on youtube and learn how to escape handcuffs and how to pick locks. Could be REALLY handy someday!

      4. Two posts still stuck in jail.

        (sarc — All is lost. Woe is me.)

        How did people think and act, independently, before the internet.

        May mental adults get all the voluntaryism they want, and many mental children get all the busywork.

      5. I use this all the time on a tropical Island. Two things. Paint the outside flat black with safe for plastic paint and add the yeast after you set it in place, The yeast stays on top and last way longer. They like dark corners up high and bathrooms.

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