District Attorney Says Encrypted Phones May Make You a Terrorist Because They “Cannot Be Accessed by Law Enforcement”

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Headline News | 153 comments

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    encryption-and-terroristsThe attack on personal privacy continues.

    From every angle big government politicians and officials are doing everything they can to take away your ability to be secure in your person or possessions. Under terrorism laws like the Patriot Act the government has given itself the right to wire tap your home or enter your personal premises without so much as a warrant so long as police or federal law enforcement officials can show that your activities may be related to terrorism. And as we know, being associated with a terrorist nowadays requires absolutely no concrete facts according to President Obama’s latest initiative. Simply being suspected of being suspected of terrorism (whatever that means) can now qualify you for a terror watchlist or further investigation.

    As we reported last week, even the Third Amendment can now be violated so that law enforcement officials can forcibly occupy your home to gain a tactical advantage against criminal or terror suspects.

    This is America in 2015 so it’s no surprise that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. wants total access to your personal effects. If it were up to Vance, you as an individual would have no right to secure your personal phone or computer data. As far as the DA is concerned, if you are encrypting your passwords, private messages, and personal notes you are denying nosy big government operatives the intrusive access they so desperately need to control you.


    We’ve heard some pretty outrageous ramblings from the government regarding Apple’s use of encryption in its mobile devices in the past—including a claim from the Department of Justice that some day it will result in the death of a child—but Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. might have just dethroned the DOJ as king of hyperbole.

    Yesterday morning during a radio interview, Vance claimed that Apple’s encrypted software will make the iPhone the communication tool of choice for terrorists:

    “Apple has created a phone that is dark, that cannot be accessed by law enforcement even when a court has authorized us to look at its contents,” Vance warned on “The Cats Roundtable” show on WNYM/970 AM.

    “That’s going to be the terrorists’ communication device of choice.”

    Source: 9 to 5 Mac

    What we know as a matter of fact is that smelting your own gold, making your finger into the shape of a gun, storing seven days worth of food, and homeschooling all qualify you for investigation under domestic terrorism guidelines.

    Now, you can also be suspected of being suspected of terrorism for simply having your mobile phone locked and inaccessible to the prying eyes of government.

    Slowly, but surely, all Constitutionally protected rights are being eroded by the likes of Cyrus Vance, Jr.


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      1. Please stop the merry go round, I’m ready to get off…

        • If having an encrypted phone makes you a terrorist, just simply upload all of your info onto a private server in your barn. Then just ‘wipe’ it clean if you are ever investigated. This actually works really, really, well.

          • You dont need to crack the encryption if you can get a piece of malware on to the device or exploit a bug in a program… which there will always be. Dont think that just because you have one of these devices they are secure and will protect you from everything. It should be just one of the many tools that you use.

            • HERES HOW IT REALLY IS,the federal government developes VIRUS,then they go to the ANTI-VIRUS companies and SELL THEM THE CODE to stop it,its a money making plan and works well,AND YOU GUYS PAY THEM TO DO IT….hahaha,americans are dumb shits,hahaha,and cowards too..OH,and I’ll throw this in there,YOUR COUNTRY WAS “FORECLOSED ON TWO YEARS AGO”,and NOW the UN “WORLD BANK AND COURTS”have given ALL of america to the chinese who just happen to be holding your debt…OH your friends the police gangs didn’t tell you,well expect them at your door,TO KILL YOU..and then take everything you have…..

              • Let me explain this in simple terms you can understand. FUCK YOU! Until they back up a boat and start throwing dirt into it and hauling it off, THEY CAN’T SELL SHIT TO ANYBODY. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I run my shit in a Unix based system and it is encrypted, so there. ARIZONA MY FUCKING ASS. EAT SHIT AND DIE, BITCH.

              • Arizona, Arizona, Arizona; how many times have we told you to take your anti-psychotic meds every day. But NO, you said they make you feel icky. Well, now you go spouting off such insane drivel about the cops and the Chinese. If it was two years ago, by the way, do you even know what year this is?, where the hell are the Chinese? Oh I know, on a slow boat from China, ha, ha, ha! Please resume your meds because you’re just embarrassing yourself with all this unsupported paranoia-Again!

              • Fuck the fascist traitor feds, and fuck the Chinese. If they want to steal turf, they’ll have to steal it from cowards, but they’ll have a guerrilla warfare on their hands when it comes to the other 50% of the country. Jade Helm is no doubt acquisition into full-blown Martial Law to attempt to make this happen. The Walmarts that are closing around those states are setting up shop for the military now. Closed to the public, open to the troops for supplies.

                Stockpile ammunition, get all the extra supplies you need ready, cause the war is fucking coming home to roast!

              • You cant be this dumb , can you. as for the Chink commies holding all our debt is completely wrong, but since your a buffoon you wouldn’t understand this , would you.there are other nations who hold much more debt then the red commie chinks do. the japs, the Europeans, etc. hold just as much debt on our nation then the red commie chinks. so the chinks don’t get anything upfront, they have to wait in line for our demise. yea, we are falling but its the fault of jerks like you who no nothing. our nations greed and ignorance of the people have destroyed themselves.

          • Hey Wrong

            Haven’t heard from you in a coon’s age.
            Thought maybe I would randomly run into you.
            Lost your number so can’t call or e-mail.
            Hope you have not become jaded with it all
            and said fukit and feed em beans.
            If you’ve quit, we all lose on this end.
            Here’s hoping you are well. OW

            • As far as I am concerned this is just theater to sell more iPhones. Vance, whose father was the consummate Tel-Aviv-on-the-Potomac bureaucrat, criticizes Apple and the short-memory crowd forgets completely that Apple has been colluding with NSA for decades providing access to our data.

              It reminds me of the time that the ADL called Joe Farah “antisemitic.” Joe Farah and his Farah-sees at World Net Daily were being seen as the consummate butt-kissers of Israel. Then the ADL called Farah “antisemitic” (truly laughable) and Farah’s “Christian” credentials are suddenly repaired. What theatrical nonsense.

              To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, “You can fool most of the people most of the time.”

              • Obviously Mr. Barnum was indeed correct. You’re the biggest fool on this thread Mr. Pubic.

                • No, Johnson, the biggest “fool” on these threads are the Tel Aviv trolls with your one sentence attacks. The “barnum fools” are the ones who don’t ask why you would attack JQP for telling the truth.

                  • Thanks, Granny.

                    An ounce of evidence trumps a pound of their name-calling.

                    • JQP and Granny, tell it like it is.

                    • JQP; What a laff. WHAT TRUTH. YOU HAVEN’T SAID ANYTHING OF ANY TRUTH OR ANY REFERENCES TO BACK IT UP. YOU USE THAT WORD “LOOSELY” AND WITHOUT ANY discrimination. Use some references with cites that are verifiable and peer reviewed, and THEN MAYBE THERE WILL BE SOME PROOF. Or would that be too out of your control to be “proof”. What a miserable cocksucker you are. Oh, you too granny.

                  • You tell ’em granny Girl!. You just launch one o’ them ole’ pee soaked dependa at Johnson now!. And don’t fergit to have the nurses turn ya’ every hour to prevent them damn bedsores!

                  • You dried up, non-lactating bitch. Fuck you and all you bigoted assholes. JQP has not truth in him. Hatred doesn’t set you free. Jesus said the truth shall set you free. Doesn’t compute, assholes.

              • more liberty less liberty 1984 shades of Ordwell is now upon us Brave new worlds Huxley is next?????

            • Well I’m a faithful follower of Brother John Birch, and active member of the Sweet Springs Batist Church, and besides that I’ve got a great big ole Confederate Flag in my garage. Does That make me a Terrorist? Trekkker Out. Come And Take It!

              • Maybe just having “KK” in your handle makes you a supremacist, i.e. terrorist, who just couldn’t count to “KKK”? Whaddaya think?

                • sixpack actually thats rather funny, I never noticed nor intended to do that, but when I signed off I did put kkk in Trekker Out.

              • Hey there MT…

                We have our Confederate Flag on the front plate, flying on the front pole, and some even have a big’un in the back bed of the truck.

                It’s Heritage, not Hate. 🙂

                Although the mental midgets would have us believe/brainwashed to believe otherwise.

                Lee quit… I didn’t.

                Yankees 1 – Confederates 0
                Halftime… 🙂

                Y’all play nice now.

                • The yankee/confederate thing is equal to the dem/rep thing. Just another divider for the people. Lincoln was the biggest piece of shit ever! There are a lot of people in the north that agree and hold the same values as southerners. Throw the yankee bit in the trash, we need to be united. Hang together or hang seperately! By the way I fly a gadston flag 🙂

                  • Genius I like the Gadston flag too, but as hillbilly SC says, it’s a Heritage thang. And the more the Left/Liberals/Progressives/NAACP/ want to attack it, then the more we want to fly it. So I guess it a Rebellious Thang. Maybe that’s why they call us Rebels. And BTW Genius feel free to fly that Confedrate Battle Flag yer’self. Trekker Out. Y’all Come Back Now, Ya Hear!

                    • Thanks Trekker, as a matter of fact I have a confederate flag too 🙂

                    • Genius and MT, I also have the Gadsden flag. Even have a couple of Gadsden t-shirts. Don’t tread on me if you know what’s in your own best interest.

          • Since Manhattan’s D.A. is part of the Communist Mayor of NYC, DeBlasio’s “machine”, this revelation should NOT come as any kind of shock or surprise to anyone.
            Why, are the Progressive/Marxist/Statists/Liberals so hell bent on taking away our rights to privacy?
            It’s all about their control over the masses. Nothing more. This D.A. is no protector of the people at all.

          • It’s working so far for the Hildabeast.

        • eppe: I’m with you all the way, time to ask the waiter for the check!!

          CHECK PLEASE.

          Shit is getting deep folks.

          • If these clowns had any real power, they’d just do it, rather than complain about things they can’t yet access. It’s when they’re not saying anything that we should be nervous. All anyone needs to stay under the radar is a handful of prepaid (disposable) phones, and shared homemade codebook that gets mailed to everyone in the form of say comic books, or something equally innocuous, every month. Don’t forget, these clowns let a 29 y/o contract employee download all their data, board a plane, and land in Hong Kong before they knew what happened. They’re just not that good.

            • @G8; You’re referring to a “plaintext” cipher. If there is a secure, distributed, physical “codebook”, you can send an image, with MILLIONS OF VOXELS and have ONE voxel with the embedded info, and without the “plaintext” codebook, it is indecipherable…even with all the assets of the NSA. The only rub is the trustworthiness of the courier that delivers the codebook. It is simplicity itself. Be Well.

        • Will a anti-gov hacker please hack into and publicly release Obama’s college transcripts? Then if there’s any complaints, we can direct them to Cyrus Vance, Jr.

          • His teeth are fucked up.

        • It is just another lie. If encryption worked it would be illegal.

          • Then why does the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc. spend so much money trying to decode encrypted shit? It does work, or can you not do the math? Two key encryption, with 256 bits, is not crackable…ever. There are too many zeros in the permutations. There are more permutations than there are galaxies in the universe. Some algorithms have an infinite number of permutations without the keys. It works moron. The fact that you don’t understand it doesn’t make it “not possible”. What a tard!

            • Anything can be decrypted eventually if enough computing power is used to do it over a long enough period of time.

              Not much merits dedicating multiple super computers to the process for an unlimited amount of time though.

              Keep in mind that you don’t have to find every possible key, just go long enough to find the right one. It’s a bit like the lottery, chance eventually works to make a winner.

        • Eppe: This isn’t a merry-go-round you can stop, or even Mr Toad’s Wild Ride that comes to a halt when the ride is over: this is the Hotel California …

          And you can never leave. 🙂

          • DK, agreed, tired of all this, hope all will survive…
            Makes one wonder what will really happen?
            Just dreaming again…
            Bless all here…

            • People are dyin to get outta here!

            • None of us get out of this world alive.

              • That was an old timer saying from my neck of the woods back in the day.

                When they couldn’t think of anything else to say or a comment wasn’t needed, they would say….

                “i wonder if we’ll ever get out of this world alive”.

                Now that I am much older, and see how close we are to the end of this age, that really is a pertinent statement.
                If the Lord returns before we die a flesh death, we could actually get out of this world (age) alive; just not with our flesh body. The flesh/clay returns to the dust from whence it came.

                I guess many of the older folks had lived their whole lives hearing about the rapture and singing the hymn…”I’ll fly away, oh glory….”

                There will be a sort of flying away if the Lord returns before the flesh death, because there is a short time of being in another dimension, or possibly even Heaven(marriage supper), while the Earth is being rejuvenated from the aftermath of Armageddon and all the decades of man polluting the Earth.

                When the Word speaks of the “elements (rudiments) burning with a fervent heat”, it is speaking about that period of rejuvenation whereby all toxins and bad/negative things are removed from the earth’s surface. It won’t take long for that to happen, and then we that were alive, had salvation, and went through the bodily change from flesh to spirit, at the seventh Trump at the return of our Saviour; will, forever be with Him, here upon the Earth where He sets up His Kingdom.

                What a glorious and beautiful thought, and triumphant feeling that day will bring. No more worry, nor sorrow, nor evil politicians or their LE/UN minions, making our lives miserable.
                All the secret snooping and evil NSA,etc.etc.etc….gone, forever!

                • Thank you, I needed that.

        • You fucking idiots were encouraging study of debunked martial arts lie Tae Kwon Do and Aikido in the last post? Why are we still arguing about this in 2015?

          What a prepper is to do is to MASTER KRAV MAGA. Period. REALITY BASED TRAINING.

          • @AE; If you’re going to go “reality based”…GLOCK! Or 1911A1, if that floats your boat. I posted above about Krav Maga, but even then, the best stuff comes from your imagination. When you bite through the jugular vein of a dirty, sweaty neck, and feel the rush of blood and the salty, irony taste of it in your mouth….THEN YOU UNDERSTAND SURVIVAL. Prepping is not dying…period. There is an old military saying, “if it looks stupid, and it works, it isn’t stupid”. Kinda depends on the situation. Don’t get ur bisexual, crossdressing T-gurl panties in a knot like that. It could get stuck…but then I guess you’d like that, Bitch.

        • Mountain Trekker:

          Bitch, you can get away with carrying in Jellystone b/c there are no people there and if there is they have no teeth and no floor in their house. They probably want to hang us poor bisexuals there. Am I really so bad?

          In any civilized place they will call the police on your ass about 30 seconds after you walk in the door. If you do, you can say you’re fighting for our rights. If you don’t, you can claim opsec. I can see both sides of this one. I have never lived in a state that allows open handgun carry.


          Mine is the second one down. I do think the Glock is a more modern arm though.

          • Why do you constantly downgrade others by call them names and boasting about how big and tough you are. I believe that in actuality your scared and wondering what will become of yourself when it does hit the fan. Take same asprin, lay down, relax, read the Bible and find some peace.

          • AE I don’t know you maybe right about nobody being in Yellowstone, only a couple of million people go through their every year, and NO we don’t hang bisexuals, we just stake them out and let the predators take care of them, buzzards gotta eat too. And all those Foreign tourist from Japan and Germany and China love to get their picture taken with a big ole handsome open carry kinda guy. Trekker Out. Eat Your Heart Out Girly Man!

          • MT. acid is a moron.

          • @AE; Oh, I get it. WE live in “fly over country” so we aren’t civilized. Eat shit and die….bitch. You have never lived in an open carry state because you’ve never been free. Your attitude betrays your geography. You have a 1911A1 because somebody GAVE YOU PERMISSION. Enjoy that while you can. Don’t bother with any 10 round mags in your 1911…they’re illegal there, tard.

        • Hey Cyrus Vance…..

          Fuck you.

          • Careful, Cyrus might actually like that….

            • Careful, acid might go for him.

      2. These clowns need to stop their preaching and lead by example. Once all their data is permanently made publicly accessible, in real time, to anyone who is interested, then I may consider their point of view. Until then, they can try to get a warrant and access my data.

        The fear mongers, the ones pronouncing terrorism at every opportunity, are the real terrorists.

        • I’ll bet ya this asshole DA Vance has an encrypted phone and encrypted drive.

          • Nobama, that could very well be. Govt. officials can go f#$% themselves. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

            • braveheart, I’ll bet you’ll be the first one to surrender when they come to your house.

      3. It’s a government of tyranny and no longer a Republic (ruled by law). The USG can destroy our constitutional freedoms (collusion between congress & president).

        Myself and another veteran walked across America carrying the American flag with each step in “Support the U.S. Constitution” ( http://www.WalkDaddyWalk.com ).

        I’m ready to walk again. Just once rise to a higher for 5 months (see all local TV/Newspaper coverage on site) and leave a comment on the site if you want to do something provocative and adventures. It’s time to take a stand. It’s worth it to just once rise to a higher cause than ourselves to defend the U.S. Constitution.

      4. test

      5. j a m m e r a l l dot com

      6. ^^^ look into that site 🙂 good stuff

        • If you want to throw a wrench into officials in your area or annoying cell phone idiots.

      7. If his demands were aimed at the NYC bankers, I could agree. Wouldn’t you just love to have all of Jamie Dimon’s and Lloyd Blankfein’s phone traffic in a public database?

        • If theirs isn’t safe, then ours aren’t safe. Freedom goes ALL THE WAY AROUND, OR NOT AT ALL. Just sayin.

      8. No big revelation with this article, I am a white male with a job, so I have been an enemy of the United States for some time now.

        • And I am a Christian black American male who happens to have a job, is the head of the household, pays tax and is a libertarian firearms instructor/defense industry executive. Leftists want to kill me on sight. And guess what, the 4th Amendment define sour right to privacy in our papers…. Try reading the Constitution Mr. DA. The same one you have sworn to uphold.

          • In reality, you can’t tell a New York yankee anything, after all, they won the war.

      9. I don’t have a smart phone so whatever. If I was up to no good do they think I would use my phone too. I must say it’s boring sometimes not having smart phone. I can wait to use internet. The only homes that I’ve ever seen forcibly entered were drug dealers. Cops have warrants to do this or it would be dismissed in court. They will not let a big time drug dealer get off charges.

      10. I want one!

        • Kula, me too! It is weird the link will disappear if you try and post it.

      11. If you hide a pound of cocaine in your safe at home, and the piggies have a search warrant, do you have to give them the key to the safe? Yes, because that key is PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.

        If the safe opens by a combination, do you have to tell the pigs the combination? No, because that combination is A PRODUCT OF THE MIND and is thus subject to constitutional protections, JUST LIKE ENCRYPTION.

        That has always been the legal standard in this country. And don’t let a talking turd from new York in a pinstripe suit try to bullshit you otherwise.

        The fucking terrorists are coming.

        What do you call 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the fucking ocean? A good fucking start.

        III-DDDDD yachts.

        • Acid Etch,
          Good one…

        • But if you don’t give it to them they have the right to break into it, even using destructive means if necessary, and that will be used against you in court. No different than breaking down the front door of your house with a warrant after you’ve refused a legal entry and bringing that up in court.

          FWIW, a judge can order you to decrypt something you don’t willingly decrypt yourself, and can keep you in jail for contempt for as long as he/she wishes if you don’t (yo do have a right to challenge this order by appeal to a higher court). This could potentially be for life if there is no other resolution although it would probably be resolved at a contempt trial you could force to take place. Habeus corpus alone is not really useable in this situation since you are in active contempt on a legitimate charge and that is reason enough to justify holding you.

          This has been done on more than one occasion and, in fact, in all Federal and most State jurisdictions using encryption in the commission of a crime is a crime in itself and refusing to decrypt a court ordered decryption would be construed as criminal activity (criminal contempt) along with whatever original charges were originally brought or original reasons the warrant was first issued.

          You’re better off using an emergency wipe program or device to remove the data than trying to keep it hidden, they can’t order you to decrypt something that does not exist in a place they can find, but perhaps this shouldn’t be discussed here.

          This does *not* constitute valid legal advice, if you want that consult an attorney, only some points for quasi legal based discussion in a public non legal forum.

        • Acid, It hurts me to say that I have to agree with your post. Plus that was an interesting joke you made. You just might be good for something after all.

      12. 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

        • Dangit. That’s MY encryption code!

        • Archivist;

          You forgot the .com

          • Just giving the spooks something to occupy their time.

          • Speaking of .com, type in www. illuminati (backwards) .com and check out the results! As in www. itanimulli dot com

            • That is a hoax, a redirecting prank site.

              Fools lots of people, though.

              If you’ve set your browser security to prevent redirection you won’t go there.

              • I hope so lol.

      13. The main thing the cops do is look at your phone records AFTER you commit a crime (or get killed). They want to know who you associated with. You rarely hear of cops intervening before a crime is committed. Given all the press, it would be pretty foolish for criminals and terrorists to communicate openly over cell phones.

        • The growing use of an alias only and burner phones among professional terrorists and other ne’er-do-well’s, with no one actually knowing the real identity of the other party, is used to combat this.

          Things have to move very fast on the LE side to overcome rapid destruction of phones and new aliens, which is where encryption come in handy to those criminals (i.e. you hear Bobby was arrested so you destroy your phone along with your number and change your alias from Williams to Johnson and move vital encrypted data to a separate and hidden storage device. He has no useful currently useful information to present and you continue on as normal).

          The professionals and professional organizations don’t get caught very often, the amateurs do.

        • And yet they do. Watch a little The First 48 on A&E. Some of these guys are plain ignorant.

      14. nice phsyops…

      15. Aww, look at the delusional man who believes that his corporations laws apply to the private person.. sadly, he can’t prove they apply, can you??

        Why does everyone blindly accept that the governments laws, codes, statutes, edicts, rules and regulations apply to the private person without EVER questioning it?? Obviously there are going to be some idiots whose opinions are in lock step with government employees, their indoctrination to blind obedience is unshakable.. BUT CAN ANYONE ACTUALLY PROVE THEIR LAWS APPLY TO THE PRIVATE PERSON?? Can you??

        IF you ask government employees if their CONstitution and laws automatically apply to everyone just because of their physical location within what we commonly refer to as a state, their collective opinion is that YES, their CONstitution and laws apply to everyone, automatically. BUT if you ask them what facts they rely on that PROVE their BELIEF that it is applicable to you, they have no plausible answer. They can’t believe you would even question their laws. They’ll ignore the question as though you never asked it, they’ll hang up on you, feign as though they don’t understand the question, tell you that they aren’t going to debate with you “EVEN THOUGH ALL YOU DID WAS ASK FOR FACTUAL PROOF OF THEIR ASSERTION OF JURISDICTION” They’ll tell you that it’s common knowledge that it applies and you, like them, should just accept it without any evidence of applicability whatsoever, they’ll even tell you to prove it doesn’t apply to you, this is all an attempt to avoid answering your question!!, but they’ll continue to refuse to answer as to what facts they rely on to prove any of it applies to you, BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY FACTS THAT SUPPORT THEIR BELIEF, BECAUSE IT NEVER EXISTED!.. remember, they already told you it applies, it is their responsibility to prove it applies because they are the ones attempting to bring a charge against you, so the onus to prove it applies is theirs,.. It is not up to you to disprove anything applies!!!

        Everyone has been told that the CONstitution and law automatically apply to everyone. it’s everyone’s opinion that it applies, everyone feels it applies, everyone believes it applies, everyone assumes and presumes it applies. HOWEVER; hearsay, opinions, feelings, beliefs, assumptions, presumptions and or so called common knowledge aren’t proof of a damn thing.

        What factual, first hand, irrefutable evidence can anyone offer that proves that their CONstitution and laws apply to the private person simply because they are physically in what we commonly refer to geographically as a state.

        Keeping in mind that slavery and involuntary servitude is illegal “per their own laws”. Further, no private person is a party to their CONstitution, nor is any private person a signatory to their CONstitution, nor has any private person sworn an oath to be bound by or to obey the CONstitution and laws.

        Do you grasp the gravity of NOT being a party to some agreement, contract, compact or constitution??
        When one is NOT a party to some agreement, contract, compact or CONstitution, then one is NOT BOUND TO OBEY IT OR ANY PROMULGATIONS ARISING FROM SAID INSTRUMENT! “those promulgations would be codes, policies, statutes and laws etc”

        Who precisely is a party to their CONstitution?? The States are parties to the CONstitution. NOT YOU, THE LIVING BREATHING FLESH AND BLOOD MAN/WOMAN!!

        Should you choose to accept the challenge to show your proof/evidence. You shall adhere to the following;

        Your proof/evidence MUST be factual and personal first hand information, your proof/evidence shall not be comprised of hearsay, your opinions, someone else’s opinions, your beliefs, someone else’s beliefs, your feelings, someone else’s feelings, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, fraud, lies, scenarios or what if’s.
        Further; You shall not invoke laws, statutes, codes, etc, or their CONstitutions or any amendments to their CONstitutions, as that presupposes that it is applicable, when that is what is in question in the first place!

        And since you won’t be able to show any factual, firsthand, irrefutable evidence at all, I included the following!!

        the maxim applies: quod non apparet non est. The fact not appearing is presumed not to exist.

        • That’s an excellent comment right here!
          I must confess that I actually haven’t thought about it before. Therefore, thank you.


        • Guys with guns that are fully willing to kill you without hesitation or regret if you don’t comply sort of tend to put questioning their orders aside.

          And there’s a whole bunch more of them than you.

          So we live with it and, if we’re smart, try to use their own rules against them whenever and wherever possible. (This is actually a highly effective Alinsky technique, holding the opposition in strict compliance with their own standards. It’s been used by the leftists for years to bring us to where we are now but can be equally useful to the right if the right would only wake up to it.)

          • Anon, the only thing in your post I disagree with is ‘more of them than you’. There are at least 80,000,000 gun owners in the US with an estimated 200,000,000-250,000,000 guns. How many cops local, state, federal combined? An estimated 2,000,000. How many US military personnel combined? An estimated 2,000,000 and most of them are deployed overseas. That’s not counting whatever ‘private army’ Obama comes up with plus whatever foreign troops come in and whatever scum are already here waiting for the opportunity to try to take us down. Only 10% of the gun owners would be needed to put a stop to the NWO agenda here. If more than 10% take part, so much the better. Once the balloon goes up, all rules we currently live by go straight out the window. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. The only thing that will matter is survival and it won’t matter what you do to achieve that goal. I don’t think any libturds will even be around to cry about it.

            • The thing is that they take you on one at a time, and show up in large numbers to do so.

              There is no unity among the resistance, with instances of them showing up in mass to rescue someone are rare and those are confined to slow building situations, not SWAT style attacks.

              Consider Waco and no one showing up to the rescue of Koresh and his people, or Randy Weaver in a different circumstance.

        • Let me further elaborate on what you are saying. (I apologize for my ‘correctional’ attitude. I have OCD in this area)

          We the people are and suffer under ‘two’ sets of laws, one of which has been suppressed to the point of invisibility. The first is the common law of man given to us by God and codified and protected by the Constitution of the ‘Several’ states and accepted by the several states.(this is called ‘ratification’)

          The second is called the UCC or universal commercial codes. (I call this the Un-Common Crap) This is the law of contracts and agreements per commerce. It is an International set of rule’s, regulation’s, and control of commerce designed to protect the conveyance of goods and service’s and the transportation of people around the world.

          Both sets of laws are bound by the principle of consent.
          “No government, regardless of its structure, can rule without the consent of the governed.” So, how do you, the governed, consent to being ruled by the UCC? It happens by deceit through two tools of government. Voting and licensing. When you and others register and cast a vote you imply your ‘consent’ to be governed by the outcome of the vote, regardless of the issue concerning the vote and whether your party wins or loses.
          Next is the licensing system. When you buy a license you are required to sign it. When you sign it you are entering into contract with the state in which you ‘agree’ to abide by the laws pertaining to that contract and is implicit consent to all state and federal (UCC) laws. In short, you, and we, have unwittingly consented to the rule of the current PTB’s.

          The solution to this is to withdraw your consent by refusing to buy licenses and unregistering to vote. This will of course be ineffective unless we can do it in mass, or at least a majority. The lone individual, like myself, will find himself outcast and ostracized by almost everyone. The choice is yours.

          Next is taxes. The very act of applying for a ‘refund’ is implicit consent to abide by the tax ‘code.’ Just stopping paying taxes is not evasion, it is protest without consent.

          Attempting to ‘change’ things through the court system or the political system is consent to the system. Its relying on the same paradigm that put us in this quandary in the first place.

          I could go on but I fear I have damaged too many sacred cows already. Pease be with you and may all your decisions be led by the Spirit.

          • Every single person I’ve known that used that “refusal to buy licenses” and related stuff ended up heavily fined or in jail (in one instance both).

            I’ve been aware of that maneuver since the late 1980’s and I’ve never seen it work. Maybe it does sometimes but I’m not personally familiar with any time it did, just the failures among the people I’ve known that tried using it.

            It’s like the “Admiralty Flag” and staying behind the bar at the front of the court argument (which is about due to resurface again, a new generation getting ready to hear it for the first time). It doesn’t hold water in court.

            I recall one case from 20 or so years ago I read about (been a long time, it may have been in Oklahoma or Texas, I don’t recall exactly where it took place and it was in pre or very early internet days) where a defendant claimed the Judge and Court had no jurisdiction over him because of the gold fringe on the flag so the Judge just ordered the flag removed and went on with the trial.

            He was convicted and ended up with a fine and a few days in jail on top of it (I think he pissed the Judge off with the issue, not the best of ideas). Sad thing is he would probably either have been dismissed or given a token fine if he had not done that since it was a very minor charge he was there for in the first place and he had a good defense against it if he had presented it.

            Sometime you are wise to choose your fights, not everything merits one.

            • You are right in that many folk’s have been stung by this but in every conflict there are loser’s and winners. U-tube is fat with videos on this subject where people win. Not too many loser’s on U-tube.
              If a man go’s into court with limited knowledge and tries to defend himself he will lose. So knowledge is paramount to survival in any context be it in court or in the wilderness. Everyone on this site promotes preparedness and survivalist skills yet they remain wholly ignorant of the law. While I am not schooled in the law and am not a lawyer I am not ignorant of the law and when I get in trouble I turn immediately to research to find out my rights in the matter. I am no a lawyer and anything I say should not be construed as legal advice. However I, as an agent at large, can offer lawful advice. Take it with a grain of salt and choose your course of action.

        • When you sign a document that you swear you are a US citizen you agree to the terms of US corp law. Saying you are a US citizen relieves you of your constitutional protections.

          • You are correct Genius, a ‘person’ (and you should NEVER refer to yourself as a person) is a ‘legal fiction’ elevated to the ‘status’ of a ‘citizen’ or ward of the state. Learning the nuances of the law is one of the keys to defeating the PTB’s. Live by the law (common) or die by the law (UCC)

            • It used to be that if you put “without predjudice UCC 1-207” under your signature it protected you from undisclosed contracts. From what I understand they have removed that from the UCC now.

              • I do not believe the UCC ever removes anything from their law. However the action you describe sounds a lot like what Carl Miller, constitutional lawyer, advises. Under your name you put ‘UD as per USSC-(Oh crap! I cant remember exactly) It is the US Supreme court decision in regards to rights vs privilege circ. 1892 in which the court said that the state cannot convert a right into a privilege and attach license fee’s and penalties. That no man can be forced into a contract without his consent and ‘fee’s’ and penalties’ constitute duress before signing.
                Look up Carl Miller’s ‘Know your Constitution’ on U-tube. It will open your eyes like never before.

                • UD= under duress which works too. I will have to look into Carl Miller, thanks!

          • So only illegal aliens would have constitutional rights.

            You signed your first document when you put your footprints on your birth certificate.

            Hmmmm, I suppose Obama would have them too.

            • And I personally know that a birth certificate can be altered after the fact

        • Desertspeaks, welcome, and that is a very interesting post. I’ve never thought about it in just that manner. I have to agree. Again, welcome.

      16. The so-called “physical” universe is a lie concocted by JHWH and the light. Prove I’m wrong.

        • Is ‘concocted’ another word for ‘created?’
          The universe is real enough,(at least for me) Its in the ‘understanding’ of the universe that we are given by science, theology, and observers that is tainted by lies.

      17. Wiping your butt with toilet paper could mean you are a terrorist according to the current administration.
        What a bunch of fools!

      18. I don’t have an encrypted phone and don’t believe I would ever need one. My conversations are not that interesting. I wonder if the NSA can decode your conversations? They do have a lot of computer power at their disposal.

      19. Ahhh, They sell you a phone that they tell you is encrypted and you don’t think there is a back door for LE? For good measure they start a controversy over whether they have the right to view your email.
        If you wouldn’t say it in court, don’t put it in an email.

      20. Dear District Attorney,

        The only terrorists are the government and its worshippers like yourself who, at the behest of a corrupt, lying, murdering cabal (corporation), assist in its expansion and theft of rights given to mankind by God and recorded on paper by the founders. You are a dishonorable corporate minion that the system will devour as soon as your useful idiocy is over.

        The enemy is at the door and you wish to let him in. May your soul be intorment for the horrors you permit. (…that is, if you even have a soul.)

        • Netranger: Glad to see you are still around on occasion. I always like to read your posts.

      21. A few years ago I wrote on this board that as we came closer to whatever endgame they have planned (one world currency, gov’t, or whatever) they would have to start laying their cards on the table and things would speed up because masses would start seeing the obvious.

        I am not sure how far the “end” is, but people are becoming very aware of some things. Multiple tier Judicial system, gov’t that is bought and paid for and only helps the wealthy, crooked police, and a system that is standing on the sidelines watching the backbone of america, the middle class, disappear. These things are now obvious to almost everyone. Just walk in to a cafe or a saloon and you will find that sheeple blind to everything else are now very aware of these.

        This guy above is simply saying out loud the same thing the NSA has silently for many years. If you are a Clinton or a Dimon you can have an encrypted phone and evidently your own server, but if you are some small business guy who wants to keep his conversations about business strategy or projects private he is going to be considered a terrorist. And from what I am reading on Drudge about the tsa he should certainly not be flying. That article about Denver TSA made me sick.

        • Just remember M: color of law is not The Law and codes and statutes are not The Law. We are all subject to The Law and The Law is The Law (any cop will remind you) but there is The Law (abbreviated law) and there is color of law (abbreviated law). Each of you need to know what your subject to or not and then do appropriately.

          This dipwad of a prosecutor is nothing but a paid corporate tyranny agent. I wrote out what I think of this prosecutor, above. However, I think we should all simply refer to Anonymous 3’s shortened version when referring to these sold out agents of the corporation:

          “Fuck You!”

          Its going to come down to shooting. M has it figured out. The end is getting near, they are getting desperate. They are laying down their cards.

          Don’t play your hand. Refuse to be in the game. When they finally lay down their hand, sweep it off into the fire and then just give them the abbreviated version of what you think. If no one obeys they fake laws, they’ll eventually leave us alone.

          Everytime you get frustrated, go read the Second Amendment. Feel powerless? Feel tread upon?

          “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          Its not an unlimited right: “You’re a liar!”
          It only applies to militias: “You’re an idiot *AND* a liar!
          The militia must be regulated: “Look up the REAL meaning of REGULATION.”

          They have twisted meanings, contorted logic and lied and lied and lied.

          (PS: Thanks for the kind words. I don’t comment on some stuff because I know little about it. One thing I do know about, though, is government lies. What this prosecutor talks about is this: everyone but him. …and that angers me.)

          • Color of law generally -legally- refers to a State officer engaging in an action and claiming the legal right to do so and having it appear as if it is when in reality (on the books, so to speak) there is no such right stated in Statutory or Regulatory law and no legal basis for his right to perform the action exists.

            This could be something we regularly see happen such as a police officer ordering someone to quit recording him when there is no interference with the officers actions or authority involved, and it often proceeds to the action of seizing the recording device and deleting the recording with no legal justification to do so other than his claim of authority as a police officer.

            He does not have the legal right to do this as either an officer of the State or individual citizen and is acting under color of law when he does when he claims it.

            Being under color of law means he has no protection from prosecution for his actions -a personal lawsuit- but no one ever seems to pursue this for some reason (or very rarely anyway, it does happen occasionally).

            For court ruling on color of law see: McCain v. Des Moines, 174 U. S. 108, 19 Sup. Ct. (H4, 43 L. Ed. 936

          • Here is an article that explains the meaning of “well regulated”…

            A fact about the Second Amendment most Americans have never heard

            The Second Amendment: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

            “Well-regulated” circa 1787 meant, simply, kept in good order; well-trained and equipped.

            ericpetersautos dot com
            (Direct link below)

      22. just have the DA call me at BR549


      23. Just another brick in the wall

      24. This site ran an article about the mysterious closing of wal-marts stating that they were linked to underground tunnels and secret military operations. It came out that the 9 wal-marts closed because of labor activism. Don’t you all feel kinda silly now?

        • Warface: What is happening is that people are trying to connect random dots and form conclusions. I have to think that writers are well intentioned. I agree that Jade Helm is something to keep a close eye on. But not all that is happening can be directly linked to it like some are trying to do. And whether unintentional or intentionally what some are doing is akin to yelling fire in a theater and they are risking losing credibility by doing so.

          • Canada is also doing a similar excersize called operation maple leaf. Canada has an agreement with the US to send in troops in case of insurrection. Funny how both countries are having drills about the same time.

      25. If secret, restricted, encrypted or hidden files make one a terrorist suspect why does virtually every government official have them?

        Even about their private lives and histories in addition to what should be publicly available information on their official activities and not just things which could be construed as valid State secrets?

        Hillary could probably answer that, but she isn’t talking – And ain’t no one gonna make her either.

        • Anon,

          We know who the REAL terrorists are. After all, we are fighting the “War On Terror”, right? But, thats an abbreviated name. The real name is:

          The War On Terror So You Won’t Notice How We Are Destroying Your County And Enslaving You And Stealing From You.

          Its too long to say in sound bytes and news clips so they abreviated it “The War On Terror”. …and, you might really get a clue of how evil and crooked they are.

          As long as there is a government there will never be peace on earth. Virtually every episode, incident, squabble, fight, battle, war, disaster, genocide, mass murder, bombing and disease is either perpetrated by government(s) or at least amplified. The governments work for the elite. They’d kill 10 million people just to make an extra buck and say, “What? Whats wrong with that?”

          But, kill one of theirs and they are screaming injustice.

          Equal protection under the law.

          Search youtube: from jfk to 9/11: everything is a rich mans trick

      26. Just another brick in the wall.
        Terrorist for having an encrypted phone
        ” ” ” a Firearm
        ” ” being a Vet
        ” ” ” a Constitutionalist
        ” ” ” a Patriot
        ” ” ” a Pro lifer
        ” ” ” a Christian
        ” ” believing in a small Government

        Isn’t funny how the pot can call the kettle black? The true terrorist are the ones call us the terrorist!


        • Wow, SGT, you mentioned 8 things. I was getting nervous. Glad I’m not a vet or have an encrypted phone!


          The pot calling the kettle black. Actually, I think I’d rather deal with the muzzies than these assholes in DC and other parts of the government. I can shoot the muzzies, legally, if they terrorize me. The DC Crooked Bastard Theives will put me in jail for shooting at them when they’re terrorizing me.

      27. Stunned Greeks React To Initial Capital Controls And The “Decree To Confiscate Reserves”, And They Are Not Happy

        “Several hours after the Greek government decreed the confiscation of local government reserves, this order has finally percolated among the population, and the response to what even ordinary Greeks realize is now the endgame…”

        Bloomberg reports, that “as Greece struggles to find cash to stay afloat, local authorities say they oppose a government decision to use their reserves for short-term financing.”

        “the use of confiscated proceeds is unclear: the government says it is to pay pensions and wages, but recall that the same government recently confiscated pensions to repay the IMF, so according to the chain of logic, the government first raided pensions, and now municipalities, just to repay the dreaded Troika.”


        • Luckily that could never happen here.

          Oh wait, where’s my Social Security money again?

          Have you notice, they always talk about Social Security running out of money, but you never hear about Welfare running out of money.

          • A rather good point.

          • Good point!

            They are MUCH MORE concerned about angering many thousands of younger people vs. people aged 62+.

      28. 1984 was meant to be a futuristic fantasy novel not a blueprint for society.

        • Kevin, Orwell wrote the book about the Soviet Union. Orwell was a Red until he saw what the commies did in Spain. We have surpassed even Orwell’s imagination.

      29. District Attorney Says Encrypted Phones May Make You a Terrorist Because They “Cannot Be Accessed by Law Enforcement”

        not being accessed by LE is the idea,, and if they dont like it , than maybe they should have thought about how we’re going to react to them stomping all over our rights

        tuff shit about your inability to access my private info .. why dont you just give me and Hillary time to wipe our hard drives too while your at it , friggen hypocrites

        oh and BTW.. we are already all concerted terrorists , so i dont GAF about my encrypted phone or anything else you “think” we are

        burden of proof .. bring it

      30. -Cyrus Vance, Jr…. Check.

        We got our lists, too, douche bag.

        • Yea and the numbers dont work so well for them!
          Our list of tyrants isnt all that long when weighed agsinst the number of potental operators.
          But when you weigh their list of us against those in their employ who would actually follow through,
          Now thats a different story.
          I think these turds want everyone scared of them.
          Best cure for their ilk would be to make examples of some of them just as they would with us.
          Two can play that game, these turds better be careful what snt hills they kick, sooner of later it will be the wrong one.

      31. and yet ANOTHER warning about threats to the electrical grid

        DOE warns ‘modern life’ threatened by terror, climate threats to electric grid

        ht tp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/doe-warns-modern-life-threatened-by-terror-climate-threats-to-electric-grid/article/2563360

        “In the new report, the Energy Department warns that modern life could be endangered if the grid went down. A congressional report has warned that a solar flare or terrorist attack could darken the grid for a year, during which most of those supplied by the grid would die.”

        let me repeat that one part

        “a solar flare or terrorist attack could darken the grid for a year”

        • “a solar flare or terrorist attack could darken the grid for a year”

          Just imagine, a year without power, talk about culling the herd.

          It wouldn’t have to be a year, wait until next winter and let it be down for 6-8 weeks.

          • Or just a month without welfare checks (actually EBT cards being recharged).

      32. I just checked my email, and I have gotten 4 solar flare alerts this morning:

        3:25 AM – M1.0
        7:05 AM – M2.2
        8:07 AM – M2.3
        11:59 AM – M4.0

        They seem to be increasing in strength, so I would keep an eye out.

        Always make sure you have extra electronics of all sorts stored in a Faraday cage, and if you hear of an X-20 flare or greater, unplug all other electrical devices and disconnect your phone line.

        Another flare has just started a minute ago. I’ll post when it finishes.

        • The latest solar flare was a small one, M2.0, at 1:14 PM.

        • Come on X40!
          Zap us!!!

        • Suspicious0bservers (yes that’s a zero) Follow this guy on YouTube for all you solar news. Give it month and you’ll be speaking like a true sun follower.

      33. Funny how minding your own business and not wanting someone spying on you now is the definition of being a terrorist. Our government wants a boogie man (terrorists) to use as an excuse to initiate the police state we’re in. Pretty soon it will be not wanting police cameras in your living room makes you a terrorists.

        • Those police cameras in your living room are already a reality in England.

          Just to be sure your children are being raised properly.

          Everything from there eventually ends up here.

        • Bingo. Thread winner.

      34. A lot of this SH~T is to keep the mass’s so paranoid that they are afraid to wipe their own A$$. I say its way over due to call their BUFF. Make them SH~T or get off the THUNDER MUG. What say you???

        Now or never! Every night has its dawn.

      35. Go screw your mother Vance you left wing Marxist POS, its your ilk that are the enemies of the nation.

      36. More epic B.S.! Using Scalar technology, NOTHING is encrypted or “sealed” away. Literally nothing is hidden, above or deep below ground! Shalom

        • Shalom.

      37. shades of 1984 George Ordwell are appone us what is next Brave new worlds (Alex Huxley)

        • wow

      38. Cyrus Vance Jr’s father was a member of “The Pilgrims Society,” which exists to bring America back under British Royal family control. Vance Senior married Grace Elsie Sloane, daughter of insurance kingpin John Sloane (Pilgrims Society). Vance Senior was a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. The existence of The Pilgrims Society constitutes 95% of our national problems!

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