Disease ‘X’ Kills Hundreds In China: 40% Mortality Rate: “An Unusually Dangerous Virus For Humans”

by | Jun 16, 2018 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    Preparedness Alert: As noted in the following report, an extremely deadly virus has been identified in China. The mortality rate as it continues to spread is similar to that of Ebola, having killed approximately 40% of those who become infected. Hundreds have already died. 

    The possibility of a widespread pandemic is very real. As such, we encourage our readers to ensure your preparedness plan covers all of the necessities

    As well, if a pandemic ever does reach U.S. shores, your city and/or your neighborhood, essential preparedness equipment like Respiratory Masks For Biological Threats and Full Body Suits should be part of your emergency stockpiles. 

    The following report was originally published at ZeroHedge.com

    A “new” strain of deadly bird flu dubbed “Disease X” by the World Health Organization (WHO) has killed hundreds of people in China, and is just three mutations away from becoming transmissible between humans, according to experts.

    The strain, H7N9, circulates in poultry and has killed 623 people out of 1,625 infected in China – a mortality rate of 38.3%. While first identified in China in 2013, H7N9 has recently emerged as a serious threat seemingly overnight.

    Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer for the UK, told The Telegraph that H7N9 could cause a global outbreak.

    “[H7N9] is an example of another virus which has proven its ability to transmit from birds to humans,” said Van-Tam, who added “It’s possible that it could be the cause of the next pandemic.”

    The WHO says N7N9 is “an unusually dangerous virus for humans,” and “one of the most lethal influenza viruses that we’ve seen so far

    H7N9 viruses have several features typically associated with human influenza viruses and therefore possess pandemic potential and need to be monitored closely,” said Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Researchers led by James Paulson of the Scripps Research Institute in California have been studying the mutations which could potentially occur in H7N9’s genome to allow for human-to-human infection.

    The team’s findings, published in the journal PLoS Pathogens on Thursday, showed that in laboratory tests, mutations in three amino acids made the virus more able to bind to human cells — suggesting these changes are key to making the virus more dangerous to people. –Japan Times

    That said, the mutations would need to occur relatively close to each other to become more virulent, which has a low probability of happening according to Fiona Culley, an expert in respiratory immunology at Imperial College London.

    Some of the individual mutations have been seen naturally … these combinations of mutations have not,” and added: “The chances of all three occurring together is relatively low.”

    Wenday Barclay, a virologist and flu specialist also at Imperial College says the study’s findings reinforce the need to keep the H7N9 bird flu under close surveillance.

    “These studies keep H7N9 virus high on the list of viruses we should be concerned about,” she said. “The more people infected, the higher the chance that the lethal combination of mutations could occur.”

    Full report via Zero Hedge

    The possibility of a widespread pandemic is very real. As such, we encourage our readers to ensure your preparedness plan covers all of the necessities

    As well, if a pandemic ever does reach U.S. shores, your city and/or your neighborhood, essential preparedness equipment like Respiratory Masks For Biological Threats and Full Body Suits should be part of your emergency stockpiles. 


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      1. Those damn commie chickens !

        • Mac, what has happened to your site? 5 or so years ago you’d get 200-300 comments posted on each article, nowadays a good one might net you 40-50. Is it because your writers are old and stale or are you censoring that many comments?




          • Up stream or Down. Trekker Out

        • I LOVE CANADA







        • Predictive programming from 2011. Excellent video, thanks for posting it!

          And look, after Ebola, it is now illegal for the US to ban foriegn travelers from entering the US! What could go wrong?

          By the way, this new bird flu has a 40% mortality rate. Just what Gates and the Malthusians want. Easy way to kill nearly half of the global population.

      2. I drink colloidal silver once a week and haven’t been to the Dr in a decade.

        • are you experiencing blue skin yet?

          • Still white after many years.

          • It is near impossible to get argyria from taking colloidal silver; ionic silver is a horse of another color though.

        • I don’t take colloidal silver, although I’m interested in it, and I haven’t been to a doctor (except for a tetanus shot and to have a cut stapled – no antibiotics, no prescription drugs) since I retired from the military in 1992! I am stung by honeybees hundreds of times each year because of my work removing them from dwellings, which I believe has helped my immune system. I’m also looking at adding cannabis oil to my daily intake. I’m sixty!

          BUT nothing will help you if a genetically engineered virus is released on the populous.

          • Colloidal silver is on of the very few substances that can kill a virus or prevent it from damaging the body.

        • Menzo, do you make your own? Or buy it?
          Just curious, been thinking about starting to use it. Just makes sense, old timers would drop a silver round in a glass of milk a couple times a day,

          • I make it Nail. Bought a generator. Use .9999 silver rods and distilled water. Ive watched it make children, babies ad adults better from sickness quickly and it keeps me from getting full blown sick.

            • The generator is made by American Lantern Press Clover, SC 877-371-1807.

          • Pioneers used to drop a silver dollar in their water barrels while they traveled.

      3. We can joke all we want to – I do it all the time. However, sooner or later the bio-genie is getting out of the bottle. We’ve flooded our planet with man-made chemicals and drugs…into the plants to the animals to ourselves. I for one do not believe in coincidence. Add in that boundaries and borders are crossed by millions each day, radio-active pollution is sweeping the Pacific, increased tectonic activity and a totally impotent and inept class of rulers over the whole damned earth….. sooner or later, yep. Now, what’s on the cartoon/sports/home shopping channel right now? …..

        • So does the fact that everyone that eats vegetables ends up dying mean that vegetables are responsible for death or is that just a coincidence, something you don’t believe in?

          Be careful about drawing causal correlations where there is no direct evidence they exist.

        • You’ve said it all, Bud!

      4. According to Bob Nichols weekly rad reports humanity is doomed to a relatively quick extinction as the counts per minute falling are very high across America. Colorado Springs and Raleigh NC lead the way. Of course our very own government does not release this data. Yet nuclear energy and bombs are all the rage with nuclear energy ready to be bailed out at the top. Total insanity is the order of this day and times. Helpless and hopeless the people have no rights or voice in these matters.

      5. It is interesting that they, the “virologists”, have identified the 3 mutations necessary to make this much more deadly and potentially cause a pandemic. Now someone so inclined and skilled in genetic engineering, with even a temporary grudge, can now use the information to create the solution to their grievance.

        How does anyone know that the people, every single one of those studying viral lethality, are doing so in the interest of protecting humanity? What safeguards are in place to prevent someone from creating their idea of a solution to some world problem? So, it hasn’t happened to date, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone trying to make it happen. There always seems to be somebody that has flown under the radar for years doing things nobody suspected until they were caught.

        If not a single person, then maybe some group or government program?

        Just askin’

      6. Phrase rhymes with “clucking bell”

      7. Isolationism is important during an epidemic.

        Disease can be spread by direct contact. It is more easily spread when it becomes airborne.

        A strong immune system is the primary defense. Eat a healthy diet of CHICKEN, TURKEY, DUCK, EGGS, etc.

        The sob probably want to push vaccination, get us to kill our poultry so they have total control of food, and then raise prices once poultry is reintroduced.

        Screw this buying full body suit bs. If there’s a full blown pandemic, buy rope.


        • Good idea B from CA since H7N9 circulates among poultry, the best way to get rid of it is to eat them all up! Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and their eggs. Your IQ must rank right up there with Eisenkraut to come up with such a brilliant idea, wish I had thought of that. Trekker Out.

          • Whats the magic word in my comment that put “eat the chickens up” in moderation? Trekker Out

          • Mountain Trecker:
            It’s sarcasm.
            You don’t need to be insulting.
            My IQ is adequate. It’s more than 90 and less than 200.


            • Speaking of sarcasm, that might have been my intent. You surely don’t feel like a comparison to Eisenkrauts IQ is an insult! Trekker Out

        • Buy body suits. Yeah right. This article is pure fear mongering.

        • Your meat and poultry should be locally bought to avoid items sent here from China!

      8. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again.

        The Asian countries are like hundreds of millions of petri dishes. With Humans, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, etc. All mixing their bio waste. something is going to mix right and create a monster virii.

        • Sierra Dave

          “The Asian countries are like hundreds of millions of petri dishes”

          You have well over two billion people just between China and India. With hygiene standards vacillating between poor and non existent infectious disease is replicated in a virtual orgy of filth. I have some standards for admittance.

          1. If its not a routine to bathe virtually daily with soap and clean water stay in your shit hole country.

          2. If you wipe your ass with your bare hand keep those hands out of the US.

      9. Feel like we’re being set up?

      10. Yep.

      11. I’d be willing to bet that within a MONTH we will hear them talking about some “vaccine” for this “H7N9”.

        “We have to save the planet, take this shot” or something like that.

        Will they start restricting travel? NEVER. They want it to spread.

        • Of course. The “worst ever” flu season that was forecast never happened or if it did, it didn’t make the news. People were warned even in spring to get the flu shot in preparation for a flu that was supposedly developing late (for flu) the season.

          I don’t get the flu shot. Doctors ask and I turn them down pointing out that I can get it near home (drug store, etc), at work, and so on. None of them have ever asked if I had done so.

          • There have been numerous reports released that show that the “flu” shot does nothing other than give a lot of people the flu, as well as introduce chemicals and metals, like mercury, into you. I warn everyone I know and meet to STOP getting the flu shot. I got out of getting flu shots during most of my military career by being deployed where I couldn’t get one, and after retirement – I have not had once since ’92 and I never get the flu (knock on wood)!

            It’s time for people to understand biblical prophesy – everything that is happening is EXACTLY according to prophesy. WW3 is on our horizon (and NOT because of Trump), and tribulation will follow during or shortly after that.

            • People can prep all they want – and I do, to a fairly decent degree – but in the end all the prepping isn’t going to save you.

              That, my friends, is where we all need to make the choice and stop straddling the fence.

              Dylan wrote it in a song: you’re gonna have to serve somebody. If you opt not to choose, the default for you is the god of this world. Forget about the red pill or the blue pill.

              Choose wisely!

            • Rattler,
              I’d like to know how you got out of getting shots in the military!
              I got more darn shots, so many, it filled up my first shot record so I had to get a new one(the yellow ones, that USAF used). Granted I was on world wide mobility, but I could not even return to the US without getting a series of flu shots( which made me sick) when I rotated back in 1977.
              Today the VA is always trying to get me to get a flu shot and I always refuse. I don’t think I’ve had a flu in more than forty years( I’m banging on wood now).
              “That which does not kill you makes you stronger”
              Friedrich Nietzsche.

              • Claim to have an egg allergy.

      12. Reminds me of the movie THE OMEGA MAN with CHARLTON HESTON 1970s

      13. If the virus can spread through feces, there is the possibility that the groundwater could be affected by the run-off from the farms. If you live in an area with a lot of poultry farms nearby and use well water, it might be advisable to boil your water. Someone else might know more about this? As long as it isn’t human to human direct transmission, it should be avoidable.


        • DB…maybe we ought to put a tariff against it….

      15. is tyler full of shit

      16. Jim, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one!

      17. According to the CDC there has only been 1 reported infection since October, 2017. The infections you refer to happened before that date.

      18. It is near impossible to get argyria from taking colloidal silver; now ionic silver (silver salts) is a horse of another color.

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