Digital Dollar Is A “High Priority” For Those In Control

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    A new monetary system, in which the few control the many, is a “high priority” for central bankers and the ruling class.  With a digital dollar, humanity will be completely controlled, dominated, and enslaved in a system set up by psychopaths.

    One of the best and easiest ways to control humanity has been by controlling what people can buy and sell, when, and in what quantities. With a digital dollar, the rulers can shut off your access to the pittance of universal basic income if you dare to step out of line and disobey your master. There will be no freedom if we allow the ruling class to institute a digital dollar.

    But that’s a priority and all a part of the constant stimulus.  They must first destroy your ability to make a living, then make you dependent on them.  Once that happens, agreement to a digital dollar will be easy.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on February 23 that the board is looking carefully at issuing a digital dollar, calling it a “high priority” project. He cautioned, however, that “significant technical and policy questions” are related to such a move, according to a report by Coin World. 

    Cash now composes just 20.5% of all in-store payments globally, down by nearly a third from 2019, and it is expected to decrease further in the next few years. Part of this is people’s move away from centralized currency scams like the dollar, and into cryptocurrencies.

    Powell said that since the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, the U.S. does not need to be the first to issue a digital currency, but to maintain the dollar’s status, it has “to get it right.” And by “get it right,” he means they need a propaganda campaign that will convince the slaves to go along with permanent shackles. From cradle to grave, they will own you (to an even larger extent than they already do) and sadly, most will be ok with it, as long as they get a meager cut.

    Remember, globalist and Great Reset backer Klaus Schwab says “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy.” That’s because they don’t intend to ever give you enough to actually live on, leaving you on your knees begging for them to allow you to survive. For anyone who can see through the facade, this is truly a sinister plot, and if we ever expect our children and grandchildren to be free, we need to make sure we do not ever accept this outright enslavement of humanity.

    Stay alert and prepared. Make sure you use discernment and continue to build your critical thinking skills.  Nothing will be more valuable in the coming year.


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      1. If this digital system ever takes place they will not only control every single aspect of your life but absolutely everything you do or purchase will be tracked. EVEN MORE than it is now.
        This is what these assholes want.Anyone who thinks we don’t have any privacy now
        just wait until they implement the digital currency and see how just much worse things will become.

      2. They will expect us all to grovel for the measly crumbs they find it in their darkened hearts to toss our way.

      3. Since the beginning of time, evil people have been using some form of a monetary system on us. It’s like giving us permission to live on the earth, permission to eat, permission to do anything as long as you have money. If you have no money you have no permission to do anything. It’s an evil game they play with us. The evil people have power and control over us because we let them. One more thing, if we abolished the monarchy, the world could live in peace. What they wear isn’t necessarily who they are. Kings and Queens etc.

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