‘Died Suddenly’ Trends on Google Search as MSM Tries To Describe Sudden Deaths of Vaxxed

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    EDITOR’S NOTE: We had to cut the title down to fit, therefore, the full title is: “Died suddenly” phrase trends on Google search as media outlets use the phrase to describe sudden deaths of vaccinated individuals.

    This article was originally published by Mary Villareal at Natural News. 

    The term “died suddenly” saw a spike in searches in recent months, a disconcerting trend that appears to show a rise in sudden deaths related to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination efforts.

    It can be seen using Google’s news search and trends tool, which allows users to see the trending or popular web terms and searches.

    By typing “died suddenly,” the search engine brings up a lot of worrisome lists of people who have suddenly died of unexpected or unexplained causes, often attributed to pulmonary or coronary issues – both of which are side effects of the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

    These sudden deaths are believed to be correlated to the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines and mandates. A YouTube video producer also compiled data across several countries showing a sharp rise in deaths just as governments started rolling out the experimental vaccines. (Related: Death by vaccine – The greatest scandal of 21st century.)

    More vaccinated people are dying of COVID

    There are also data from several states and the federal government showing that death among fully vaccinated Americans rose sharply amidst a recent surge of infections, but experts say this is not unexpected as more of the population become immunized.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that the cumulative count for breakthrough deaths jumped 51 percent between October 11 and October 18, which conservatives and vaccine skeptics pointed out to be a drastic increase to bolster arguments against mandatory vaccination policies.

    Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia said that 40 percent of deaths in the said week were of vaccinated individuals. “Stop vaccine mandates and forced masking,” she added.

    However, the CDC said that breakthrough data is not collected in real-time and it can take several weeks for a case to be reported, so the change does not represent a sudden week-to-week increase in deaths.  The page-tracking breakthrough deaths also only include data from 16 state and local health departments and are not representative of the exact count of U.S. cases at any given time.

    In other parts of the world, Dr. Hamza Duygu from Near East University Hospital in Northern Cyprus said that there is no connection between sudden deaths and vaccines. He noted that there are mostly heart-related diseases behind the sudden deaths encountered in recent days.

    “On the contrary, the rate of development of heart muscle or pericardium inflammation in people with COVID-19 infection is around three to five percent. It is also a fact that sudden deaths are seen after COVID infection and most of them are due to cardiac involvement, and scientific studies on the subject are continuing” he said.

    “Therefore, the risk of sudden death does not exist in those who have been vaccinated, on the contrary, in those who have had a COVID infection. In line with these scientific data, the public should not have any hesitation about vaccination.”

    In England, if death is certified by a coroner, the Coroner’s Court will follow legal rules of evidence in deciding the causes of death.

    For the vaccine to be mentioned on the death certificate, the medical professional certifying the death must have believed, to the best of their knowledge, that the vaccine caused the death. But this information will take longer to come through as deaths can take several months to be registered if investigated by a coroner.

    Meanwhile, doctors are required by law to certify the cause of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief,” which means they have to use their medical expertise to decide the cause of death based on symptoms, physical examination, hospital records, laboratory tests and other information available.


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      1. Just look at all reported causes of death and compare them to the last few years to see if there is any unexpected (by population and age) trend in them to determine if covid is increasing the overall death rate, by itself, above what would be otherwise expected or if other causes are declining with the overall death rate remaining pretty much the same which would indicate a probable misidentification of causes of death attributed to covid.

      2. Every week I spend about an hour reading the obituaries in a 3 county radius around my location,online obituaries. They post the names,ages,and most of the times a photo of the deceased,and comments about the loved one. People, especially younger people are dropping like flies,and others in their 40’s 50’s etc. also. Plus the really aged,80-90 year old’s who you would assume were getting pretty ripe anyway. But the younger ones dying can’t be hidden or explained away,you know it was the kill shot because almost every time the obit says,they died suddenly,or unexpectedly at home. The Grim Reaper is on the rise.

        • Been noticing the exact same thing in our local obits, surely nothing to do with the jab…

        • It’s the same way in my rural area but it’s common knowledge what the cause of it is.
          Prescription pills,Fentanyl, Meth and Heroin.
          Since the mid 90’s it’s common to see 18-50 year olds in the obituaries and everybody knows what happened to them.

          • Exactly !

          • Why don’t you shut your face

      3. Collaborators to the bitter end, and even beyond the grave, say the final hours would have been worse, if relatives had not been inoculated with the experimental concoction.

      4. I wish someone with a HAMM radio would set up a station for Do you know someone that had an Adverse Reaction to the MRNA shots? It would be endless cases of people. I cannot tell you how many I have filled in for that had to call in sick or go back to hospital after the shots. This is anything but normal, ive had plenty of shots in my life, this is not right.
        I never felt sick after a shot of any kind. It’s working right! When the masses wakeup it’s gonna be a bad time to be an elite scumbag who deserves everything that is coming their
        way. Karma is bitch! I will not comply!

      5. My suspicion is with the weird urgency that career health officials and the media have put on the jab as well as outright lying and failure to report ALL of the “news”. It’s a combination of things that makes me suspicious but that little Musssolini Foochy that is the worst. When is he lying and when is he telling the truth? So far, I think he’s about 50/50% because he contradicts himself ALL the time!
        I see American politicians salivating over the Nazzi-style tactics being taken by Australia and New Zealand.

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