Die Like Sheep: Navy to Prosecute Chattanooga Hero For Discharging Firearm on Federal Property

by | Aug 2, 2015 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    timothy-white(Lt. Cmdr. Timothy West pictured with his family. He has a seventh child on the way)

    The hypersensitive bureaucracy that is modern-day America shows its ugly face of tyranny once again.

    In July Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire at two military installations killing five service members before he was himself gunned down by responding officers.

    Amid the chaos Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, armed with a personal firearm, also discharged his weapon in an attempt to stop the mass shooting. It is not clear whether White struck Abdulazeez, but it can be argued that his actions certainly helped to deter further carnage because rather than walking through a military installation randomly killing unarmed victims, Abdulazeez was forced to engage armed defenders.

    But none of that matters to Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama. According to a report from former Congressman Allen West, despite his heroic efforts that undoubtedly saved lives, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White is to be formally charged for discharging his firearm on federal property:

    Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

    The text message asked if it would be possible for Lt.Cmdr White to reach out to me. To wit I replied, affirmative.

    What kind of freaking idiots are in charge of our Armed Forces — pardon me, our “unArmed Forces”? What would they prefer that Abdulazeez had been able to kill all the Marines and Sailors at the Naval Support Reserve Center?

    Let me draw an interesting contrast: Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is more concerned about lifting the ban on transgendered Sailors. Mabus has a problem in that for the first time since 2007 the US Navy will not have a Carrier Battle Group operating in the Persian Gulf. But this knucklehead has no problem with the Navy seeking to destroy the career of a Sailor, a commander of an installation, returning fire against an Islamic jihadist attack. I do not care if it was his personal weapon, he deserves a medal for facing the enemy.

    Folks, this has become the Obama military that will not implement policies for our men and women in uniform to be protected — but will punish them if they do protect themselves.

    This is what it has come to.

    We have a situation where an armed terrorist stormed a gun-free zone looking to kill as many victims as he could possibly find. He killed five and was stopped dead in his tracks, not by hugging it out or talking through his problems like anti-gun liberals would prefer, but by the barrel of a gun.

    Apparently that was not enough. The government’s case makes it clear that the policies of this administration and subsequently our military under its direct command, is that Americans are not to fight back when faced with being murdered.

    They are to kneel, put their hands up, and be executed like sheep. 

    Our Commander-In-Chief should have immediately moved to hail this man a hero, along with the other officers who put an end to Abdulazeez’s crazed terror campaign.

    He did no such thing, because doing so would have highlighted the necessity of personal firearms in today’s dangerous world.

    Rather, our President – and this decision is his and his alone – is now prosecuting a man for doing exactly what he was trained to do.

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      1. So now heros are villains?

        USA is getting weirder all the time…

        • Wow,….sadly I’m to the point where noting surprises me anymore.

          • This a national disgrace. Obozo, the judicial, and the legislative all are disgraces, as well as anyone going along with it.

            • I find it stangely humorous how everyone is placing all the blame on bo?


              america: Oooowwwwww that hurt like heck!

              Yahovah: You can’t skin the cat and then whine when it hurts.

              • English do you talk it?

                • I whole-heartedly agree with every word of this article. All I have to say, personally, is:

                  It sounds to me, like it’s about time for ALL military personnel, wherever they are, to stand down and refuse to do ANYTHING until the son-of-a-bitch in charge is dragged from the white house in hand cuffs.

                  The only prosecution should be of the HNIC…FOR TREASON.


                  This has gone beyond ridiculous.

                  • Time for Mabus to do the right thing ….. hari kari !!! 🙂

                  • dittoon that sixpack !

                • I don’t care what anybody says, that thing in the dress IS A MAN.

          • These charges clearly have more to do with his last name than with his action of self-defense. Welcome to the Obamanation.

          • A good reason to close half of all military bases and recruiting shopping mall ganstas come join us stations… Obama doesnt trust anyone with a gun besides him and his fleet of dromes murdering at about a 5% success rate and killing 95% innocent women and children in foreign countries. Yeah truth sucks. People, arm your self with daily carry. I proudly wear mine daily with 2 extra 20 round +P magazines.. Remember your pistol is only to lay down some supressive fire to get you to your battle rifle. If not, 2 in the chest and one in the head. Shoot Shovel and Shut-Up. ~WWTI

            • Si’ Hornady Critical Defense+Ps. And… indeed use your handgun to fight your way to your carbine with full mags.

              • PO’d, I have a .380 locked and loaded at my bedside every night with extra mags. I’ve also been keeping my M1 Carbine with a 30-round mag locked and loaded every night. 12-ga. loaded with 00 buckshot at the ready also. I feel things are coming down to the wire.

                • Can I have your name and address where you work and what time you will be home,

                • GTMA ….have been doing exactly the same for nearly a month now. It ‘is a feeling’ unlike any other felt before, meaning; Something is imminently pending that is not ‘good’ in some or many forms. Best to be prepared for as many things that you can think of and at least try to have the 3B’s right everyone?

        • They are doing everything they can to get the people to rise up, so they have a reason to come down on them.

          • it’s been HOURS since this news broke…sooo, i imagine by NOW, the prosecutor has been dragged out of his home by an angry mob of PATRIOTS, and tarred, feathered, and run out of town…..right?….right?………….NO!?….then WHY NOT?

        • They are doing everything they can to get the people to rise up, so they have a reason to come down on them.

          • Exactly!

          • They’d better be careful what they wish for…they might get more than they bargained for.

            • Sixpack, they WILL get more than they bargained for. Count on it.

        • Yep,

          Amerika is upside down land. Everything good is now considered evil, and everything evil is now considered good.

          • I’ve previously argued in the past that I won’t even have the conversation about being disarmed until all the LEOs and military are disarmed, thinking that if they must meet a lethal threat with a lethal response, it would fall under my 2nd Amendment right to do the same.

            But seeing how they’ve now neutered the military and are systematically rendering them inert, I have to to re-tool my argument against these totalitarian oligarchical communists.

            • ‘Retool’ and ‘disarmed’ are two very important used words. Until “they” are disarmed: forget it. Retool: look into making caltrops from fencing; it’s easy. Then look into the history and propper use of them. I could sell you some if you don’t live in a state that prohibites them! Lol.

              • caltrops a spiked metal device thrown on the ground to impede wheeled vehicles or (formerly) cavalry horses.

            • All American citizens should have access to the exact same small arms as military and law enforcement. I am fine with semi auto configuration. Although there is an argument to be made on both sides. Law enforcement should only have semi auto as well though. When will these politicians just get on tv and state it as plain and clear as that. IMO any gun law is an illegal law. At best you have an arguable point to be made for age requirements but that’s it.

              Speaking on this particular article, I’d like to see if ol bob corker a native of Chattanooga and patriotic defender of liberty and justice (sarcasm) in the united states senate, will stand up and make a fuss about this and get anything done. Oh well, I guess I have some more emails and phone calls to make, like that actually helps I don’t know. I like somebody above me’s idea better, drag the prosecutor out and hang em

          • America is finished, into the trash pit of history. Will never recover. I suggest everyone get in a survival mode (most of you are already) Ditch useless friends and relatives that aren’t on board as they will only drag you down. Drop out of all civic clubs/activities, incl vets org., and gov controlled churches (501c3) as they are time wasters and useless with gov. trolls. All political activities are a joke incl voting for scum bums on all levels of gov. Block phone numbers of losers and hunker down with like minded folks for bartering and safety when things go ka-poot. Worst thing now is starting a family/raising kids in a zero future.

        • Let’s hope it’s a futility in Law because a firearm was discharged o Federal “property” and he will be vindicated by his superiors! Otherwise, F### F”‘”” FU! What amazes me Eppe is this is NOT being considered a terrorist attact!

          • SS and Nels, for me there’s not even consideration about disarming regardless of what happens, period. My rights are not negotiable.

        • Navy is denying this rumor.


          “Stories of Navy personnel being charged with an offense are not true. There is still a long way to go in reviewing the facts of this tragic incident, but at this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense,” the Navy said in a statement posted to social media.

          • I don’t care whether charges actually get filed or not, that SOB should be escorted out of the white house regardless… JUST FOR THINKING ABOUT IT.

            • No argument from me!!!! Orange is his best color, too. Very much the “in” thing among his constituency.

        • I would say that jury nullification would come into play here, but this will be a military trial, so this guy is totally screwed.

        • We all know what this means. When nobody allowed to stop obvious evil, then we must truly question why.

        • After talking to an ex-military friend of mine, I would have to disagree with most on this site. The reason military personnel cannot defend themselves in this country is the same reason military cannot fight against us, in this country. On a base, that is obolas deal. Off base, it is the law. Our armed forces cannot fight against us on US soil. Why do you think the DHS was formed? Obviously, I think they should be able to defend themselves, but not according to the law. They cannot discharge a weapon on our soil, except military bases.

          • That naval officer did what he had to do. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s law says.

            • I have a gut feeling, and this is only my personal view-point, as I watch things unfold from north of the border, I feel a need to really emphasize that if this brave man in uniform who upheld his sworn oath (one of the rare few men of HONOR) and does not get a MASSIVE up swelling of civilian support, I fear that the military personnel may view this potential outcome with some reservation if a lack of support is shown…people, what I am saying is that the vast majority of the military ALWAYS watch each other’s backs as well as the civilian population. NOW is the time to show unconditional support for your military/FAMILY members(who truly believe in their oath and constitution) in their time of need,Your military is being handcuffed and dismantled right in front of your eyes.People, you need to send a message that is LOUD and CLEAR to all that the men and women of your military are 110% confident that you have their backs as well.I may be from the frozen hinterlands of the north,but the word PATRIOT is universal,it’s even in our anthem.

          • A united states citizen has an inherent right to avoid being shot by a terrorist, no matter WHERE he is. Even if that means killing the SOB first.

            Every man and woman is a human being and a U.S. citizen FIRST. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. We are not DRONES, whose lives are of no value. Despite what they like us to think—THEY DO NOT OWN US. Service or no service.

            BTW, I WAS in the service and I remember boot camp BS very well. I signed away some choices, but I did not sign away my soul.

          • fishandmud

            I understand your point and kind of agree with it. I thought the same thing when everyone started clamoring on fox news for “lets arm our military”!!! GOA had an alert to send to legislators to try and push for a bill to arm them. And I did not send that one. Because I realize it could be a slippery slope just to jump on the emotional band wagon, and then next thing you know we have military recruiters walking around the mall with web gear trauma plates and automatic weapons. Although I think there can surely be something we can all agree on, we just shouldn’t go purely off emotion, that is what they want and will just play into their hands, on both sides of the aisle

        • Mr. White should announce that he is ‘transgerdering’ to a woman. Then he will be honored at the Ghetto (formerly White) House.

        • What was that saying back a few decades ago? Oh yeah,
          “A nation of sheep will be rulled by a government of wolves.”
          What about spiritual wickedness in high places too!
          Seems that the Navy is loaded with ultra liberal left wing bafoons that love to punish those who defend themselves.
          Way to go Puzzle Palace, way to go.

      2. Does anyone ever have the feeling that we are living in the Twilight Zone?

        • @old geezer…

          Twilight Zone?

          No….how about the old USSR?

          Actually…that probably does a disservice to them. I would imagine that troops of the old USSR were probably armed and could have defended themselves.

          I don’t think there is a precedent for this stupidity.

          Actually….it’s criminality. Not allowing our military to defend themselves is criminal.

          All the apparatchiks responsible for this kind of stupidity, should be tried and executed…..that’s right…executed. They all have blood on their hands.

          A curse on all of them. May they suffer the same fate as those who have been needlessly slaughtered.

          • The twilight zone was never THIS crazy.

          • 1936 germany

      3. It won’t be long until smaller groups come together and realize who their common enemy is.

        • AP…if the common enemy is not known yet then sorry to say that it is too late.

          • The common enemy would be a tyrannical government.
            As spelled out by the constitution , i believe there may be a case made here .

      4. How Many Acres?

        I once read that you need less
        than 600 square feet per person to survive. Personally, I want more than

        What do you want?

        If you eat three eggs each for breakfast, and use some for other purposes,
        you will want a dozen or maybe more eggs per day. You need as many hens,
        along with a rooster. We (there are three in my house, but one doesn’t
        count) eat less than a dozen eggs per week, most weeks, so three hens are
        enough for us. Excess eggs can go into the incubator, and the chicks can be
        sold if they are not needed for meat. If you don’t want to use an incubator,
        boil the eggs, mash them, and feed them back to the chickens, or save them
        for the pig, dogs, and cats. To feed the chicks, plan on letting them run
        part of the day, if you can. Plant desireable food plants too, whether you
        plan to grow your own feed or not, the fresh food is good for them. I have
        read, though we never did it, that one large zucchini and 3 lbs. worms per
        day is all you need to feed a dozen chickens. Chicken feed and soil
        ammendments from a minimum of space, effort, and expence. Or give them 4 oz
        grain per bird daily.

        For milk, do think about getting goats rather than a cow. One milk goat will
        produce all the milk you can use while she is lactating. Two, bred to
        alternating schedules, should leave you with excess all year around. You
        will need less than 1/2 acre of decent pasture for them and the chickens

        If you want beef, you should need no more than one calf per year, and I
        would suggest that you find a dairy in the area, and buy from them one male
        calf each year. Have a goat comming fresh at the same time, and raise the
        calf on the goats milk. You will have some of the healthiest calves in the
        area. Plan on butchering them young, as they take a lot of space as they
        grow up. Castrate if you are letting the calves grow much over a year, or
        they will want to visit the neighbor’s cows. Raise them in a pen for three
        to six months, and feed them only milk for excellent milk veal, or let them
        eat grass and raise them up to a year for good, lean beef that is still
        technically veal. This should be plenty of beef for a year, and won’t take
        over 1/2 acre.

        If you really want cow milk, look into Dexter cattle. They are a small
        breed of multi-purpose cattle. Two cows can run on two acres of good grass,
        and give you all the milk and meat you need, with some left over. You will
        most likley need to feed them, though.

        Think carefully before getting a milk breed of cow. She will produce five or
        more gallons of milk per day for 305 days per year. Many cows can give over
        13 gallons per day. She will need lots of grain to do it, and you will need
        tome to milk her, twice every day. Even the dexter will give a gallon per
        day, which is a lot for three people. Don’t forget to make butter and cheese

        Pork is good. You can often pick up a weaned piglet for under $20, sometimes
        under $5. Feed it those leftover kitchen scraps, milk, eggs, and let it
        clean up the garden every year. Butcher at less than 100 pounds, and get
        another for the next year. Or go to the pork auction and pick up an old boar
        for less than 5 cents per pound. Take him straight to the butcher though, as
        he is strong enough to tear up your barn, and will, just for fun. Don’t even
        think about breeding your own hog.

        One acre of orchard should do for you: 4 Cherries, 2 apples and 2 pears
        around 30 ft. apart, 2 Peaches at 20 ft, 2 plums at 15. I’d add 100
        strawberries, 6 blackberries, 6 raspberries, and 4 grapes to the mix, as
        they will bear sooner. A few nut trees would be good to add, if you can grow
        them where you are. Maybe 2 pecan (35 ft), 4 hazel (15 ft), and 2 chestnuts
        (30 ft). Even if you put in a 50 ft row of asparagus, 4 hardy kiwis on a
        trellis, and 12 rhubarb plants, this is less than an acre. Fewer trees if
        your neighbors have them close enough for pollination, and closer together
        if you get dwarfs.

        I don’t know what you are gardening now, but 1/2 acre is a lot of garden.
        330×66 ft, re-arainged in whatever shape it comes in. I wish my
        spell-checker worked, that word looks wrong. Point is, that should be plenty
        of vegetable and herb garden.

        Add at least 1 acre if you need a wood lot, and 2 or 3 for growing your own
        grain, though I don’t reccommend it. Add 2 beehives to the orchard, if you
        can, and spend all you can on GOOD fences.

        Five to ten acres should be enough for three people, if you get decent land,
        put up good fences to keep out the vermin (deer, coyotes, ferral dogs…),
        and put in the work. More would be nice, though.

        • Good Post FWIW……just the facts.

          • X2!

        • Nice post. Thanks.

        • You are right on the money!!! We have a 10 acre clearing and farm 5 of it intensively. Some land sits fallow year to year as we rotate crops.My Great-Great Grampa cleared it over a hundred years ago.

          I planted 24 fruit trees in 98 – 99 and we get a TON of fruit from them now.Pears and apples. It’s too cold here in the winter for peaches to survive. We have grape vines that are 75 years old now and I pruned them back and put in new posts and strung wire rope for them to climb on. We got 15 gallons of grape juice last year. We also planted rasperries. There was rhubarb and asparagus beside the grapes. I built fence 8 ft high with field fence and strands of barbed wire top and bottom with electric wires as well. Close to a thousand feet of it. Deer are tough to keep out.

          We built a greenhouse to start all of our plants in and the wife is skilled at saving heirloom seeds. I have to build a cold frame each spring as her plants get too big. 300 tomatos and 300 hot peppers are the norm. Green beans, peas, squash, pumpkins, carrots, radishes, peas, cantelope and watermelons, beets, rutebaga, broccoli and cauliflower are the typical crops we raise. We have canning supplies that go all the way back to my great-great grandma when she lived here. Two freezers and vacuum packing equipment compliment the food storage.

          We built a nice hen house and aviary for our flock and this year we are raising a couple turkeys. We have had as many as 24 hens and they free range every day. They go back in at night to roost. I have the fence posts and materials for a hog pen at the far end of the field. I have to trench water from our second well out to where they will be raised. Next year’s project I guess.

          We are surrounded by forest so fire wood is free, other than the work of cutting hauling and splitting the 6 cord we burn each winter. The ashes go on the garden.
          We built a 4500 watt solar system with shielded inverter so it doesn’t kill my HAM radio shack with “noise”. One of the wells, the freezers and fridge along with lights in half the house are on the back-up power system.

          I have a tractor and 3 bottom plow for the grain / corn fields. We also plant non-GMO Soy and sunflowers for feed.
          It takes all that the wife and I have to keep it in shape I’ll tell you what. Anyone who thinks they can just jump in is in for a shock. I grew up on a dairy farm and knew what it was like. My wife has learned the hard way ;)It has thaken me the last 17 years to get this place mostly self-sufficient and untold amounts of $. The wife has been by my side for the last 5.

          You take it one day at a time and start with a plan. Before long you are well on your way.
          Get started, it’s not too late to do what you can to insure survival.Start with a little food plot and go from there.

        • fwiw;
          Very refreshing to see such a post. We work hard on food production but are not quite on your level if you are actively doing all of this. I’m with you. What you have contributed is worth a whole lot more to us than a boxcar full of rifles and ammo. Don’t get me wrong, we have numerous weapons and ammo but don’t think they are the only prepping supply. Would be curious what other web sites you frequent. Today was a short Sunday. Only 9 or so hours.

          • We sit on .51 acres and honestly there is more room that I have no use for (regarding farming/growing). Wrong side of a mountain to consider anything solar (very few hours of direct sunlight any day). Artesian well (is always full or running over a bit). No ‘barnyard critters’ (yet) …but no bldg to keep them in either (yet). Born and raised deep back woods Maine boy …grew up miles from nowhere and played in the woods until I left home at 17 for the Navy. I think us country boys can kick their asses with little to no effort on our part …and hell-fire there ain’t no chance of us starving while we’re kicking those commie asses and making this country the way we all remember and want it again.

        • For What It’s Worth,

          Great post! Thank you!

      5. IT’s the fear factor. If the government goons can force their own military to cowtie then it will be easier for them to herd us into the slaughter house. That is all this is. Understand, Government is a vague and ambiguous term. Somewhere, behind a government desk, sits a goon, paid for with taxpayer funds that has been tasked with bringing our hero down. And down he will go, barring a miracle. If they can make his wife, six kids, and one on the way suffer, then that is icing on the cake. Keep in mind, not only is he out of step with the GGs (government goons), he is also out of step with their flawed climate change policies. Seven kids, and an SUV, plus the ability to think for himself: Can’t be tolerated. Never, people like him are the GGs worst nightmare and he must be publicly castrated at all costs. And while he is being humiliated and probably imprisoned we will sit back and do nothing. We are the problem. We could be the answer to the problem, but we won’t, will we. What a mess.

        • “They are to kneel, put their hands up, and be executed like sheep.” WHOEVER INSISTS ON THAT, GO F#$% YOURSELF A MILLION TIMES OVER. YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT? THEN BRING IT ON. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, THAT CAN BE ARRANGED. Rant over and no apology for it.

      6. It is ok for Muslime to kill unarmed people, but when a military man defends himself and other he is prosecuted!
        WTF Obullshit is a frigging Muslime and should be kicked out of office for this.

        One day there will be a bunch of people get pissed and go into muslime area and kill a bunch of them. If they are caught they will be hanged and so will there family, but let a piece of shit muslime kill a bunch of US citizens and they are asking why did he do it? Shit we know why. Time for thi9s shit to stop!!!!

        Rant over and I’m not sorry for it.

        • Why be sorry Sgt. Dale, you should of kept it going!
          No need to hold yourself back, let that shit just roll on out of ‘ya! You’ll feel better about it, trust me.

          • America venerates victims, and hates heroes.

            • US, correction; America venerates victims from minority groups and hates white people who stand up in self-defense against them.

              • No doubt, BH.

              • yep. How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for us?

        • Sgt. Dale and everyone else, I don’t care where this policy originates. OUR RIGHTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. I STILL CLAIM THE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST EVILDOERS, AND ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN ‘TAKE ME TO A WOODSHED’ OVER THAT, BRING IT ON AND WE’LL SEE WHO’S LEFT STANDING WHEN THE DUST SETTLES. COME TO ME WITH ANY EVIL INTENTIONS AND YOU WILL GET SOME NICE HOT ‘LEAD NUTRIENTS’ FOR YOUR EFFORTS. Rant over and I don’t apologize for it. If I was that hero, I would tell the Navy to bring it on. Resist any way you can. I don’t give up anything unless I’m dead.

          • Braveheart.
            Amen Brother Amen!!!

            • me too!!!

          • Braveheart,

            Your rant just reminded me: anything less that what you say is UNNATURAL. But, this “government” (I put the word in quotes because its really just another corporation but I call it a government so as not to totally confuse the less informed…) is all about rebellion against nature. Oh no! Here comes MY RANT!!!

            Case in point: Sexually deviant people can now marry. Gmarriage is legal. No, thats not a misspelling. The wife and I have been married 32 years. We have this thing we call “marriage”. No sexual deviants can have what we have even if the paper says so. So, it can’t be “marriage”. It has to be gmarriage or something else. One cannot look at ocean, then look at the desert and call them both “ocean”. I don’t care how much you like desert and hate ocean, to do so is intellectually dishonest and, therefore, unnatural.

            Remember, also, rebellion against nature is rebellion against The God of Nature, The Creator. I fail to see how such behavior has any wisdom.

            But, back to your rant. To expect us to be disarmed and to not defend our fellow citizen is not any less unnatural than expecting us to accept gmarriage as a real marriage. Its a fake and a fraud. Just like a government that would expect us to remain disarmed so that we can be slaughtered like sheep.

            Government is supposed to protect our rights, not violate them.

            Rant on my friend! It is received with blessings.

          • Braveheart:
            You are correct.
            I would not call your statement a rant, I call it FACT!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • You’re not saying anything the rest of us don’t feel. I’m more than a little fed up with the status quo in Murica

          • Thanks to everyone for agreeing with me. I always knew I was in the right place. In my mind, it’s an act of treachery to tamper with self-defense no matter how it’s done. I won’t give up self-defense and I don’t care what anyone’s law says.

            • ” …shall not be infringed.” covers it all imho. Anyone is welcome to try but they’ll get blown all to hell in their 1st (and future) attempts. If not, it means I’m dead.

              There will never exist any law or laws that will nullify our Constitution OR The Amendments. OUR JOB as “we the people” is to OUST a tyrannical government/or government gone bad/ or government gone lawless. I would venture a guess that with all the police killing civilians and vice-versa and with ALLLLLLL the bullshit coming out of the current Administration that it is high-time to “Go To General Quarters” (or whatever the order is for anyone to “get off their asses, let’s organize …then “get’er done.)” If we do not, hell-fire is soon going to rain down upon us as they keep upping the ante until we DO get pissed off enough to attack …but we don’t want an unorganized uprising. Oath Keepers would be a good bet to have “at the forefront” (for organizing and disseminating and communications). Perhaps that’s already been done …my guess is that it is. Perhaps there is another that is even better prepared? Okay …rant over, but I still stand by it as being needful…

        • Sarge, Its called blowback. Lets see a million Iraqi’s are dead, blah blah. Sometimes opponets strike back and are sucessful. Obama killer Drones kill 95 innocent to every 5 suspects. In Viet Nam the war’s success was bases on body count. The politicians lost that war also. What we need to pay attention to is they beought the war here on our turf. Great Job US Govnt. Sure I rather he shot up a few war hawk Senators than those who blindly put in the uniform.

      7. this is insane… dont they have any idea that the ones who stand for whats right will get their belly full of the BS… do they really think that the populaces think like they do?… the only ones that do think that way are the far left liberals, and even that is starting to by the way side… how insane to bring someone up on charges for protecting life, what ever happen to protecting life, and being told well done?

        • Deano360,

          You, obviously, are in disbelief about what you see and hear. Your rhetorical questions are the ones I ask all the time. The wierd thing is, I know the answers. I still, however, ask the questions over and over in disbelief.

          Here is what I have figured out: Yes, they know we will get a belly full of BS.

          So, why do they keep doing it? Well, because, they seem to think that through their devious “bullshittedness” they can some how use a type of anti-Jedi mind trick on the intellectually weak to persuade them to be on their said, or at the very least, not take a side out of confusion.

          So, the deal is that *THEY* don’t even believe their BS. The BS is for the consumption of the weak minded. If they really believe what they are saying, then you know, they are beyond help in most cases.

          I’m just waiting for the end to come. I just cannot express how entertaining it will be to watch them all:

          I’m not…
          Lets see here…

          The language of befuddlement.

          • netranger…

            what i disbelieve is they’re self delusions, the idea that they think they are the end all be all… the idea of them being in they’re own trap willingly, just confounds me… i think they have they’re head up they’re ass so far it comes out above the shoulders and it looks normal to them…. they are so determined to have everyone believe the lies they tell that they begin to believe the lie them self…..

            by the way, i do agree with what you said… i just have to ask, over and over again

      8. This is so like obama to punish this naval officer for doing his job – protecting America. He saved more lives that would have been lost when the radical muslim shot up a recruiting station. This is what obama wants and is planning for our country – to be attacked within by muslim terrorists. This officer deserves a medal, not a court martial. May God be with him and his family.

        • Muslims are following Satan… Expect nothing more than misery, pain and suffering to increase as their numbers and influence within America grow… A curse be on the leftist traitors that pave their way.

        • I sent all of my “elected representatives” multiple emails demanding they stand in defense of LCDR White. And, treat him as a hero for saving others who would have been killed by Obama’s muslim brother. It may not do any good for White but at least I did the little something an old fart can do.

          • Good for you! At least you did something, which is more than I can say for myself and for most of the nation. You go ‘oldwhatshisname’! 🙂

      9. Me thinks Lt. Cmdr. Timothy West shot at the wrong Muslim terrorist.

        …..if you get my drift.

        • C.R.
          I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      10. So if they prosecute a soldier who is defending his brothers and sisters against a savage who btw was funded and created and trained by its own so called government, imagine how they react to a law abiding citizen with CCW shooting a criminal in defense of self or the loved ones.

        Do you still think the 2nd A is active and will protect you? I think the next topic should be where in the hell can we scape from the fascist corporate states of America?

        • Stolz,do I believe the 2nd will protect me,no,my friends/family and the “tools”that we will use,yes,they will protect me.

          Escape,fuck it,rather fight it straight out if necc.,for moment being prepped and going Galt the best one can is the way to fight.

          • WD…. I hear you man and loudly.

            • Warchild, my ‘ventilation team’ is standing by and ready to go.

      11. PROOF, that the Government wants it’s soldiers to be used only as Cannon Fodder!

        “No need to defend yourself, just stand there and take it like a man.”

      12. Along these lines, if I ever kill a burglar at home, there will be no 911 call, only the shoveling of dirt.

        • Pigs will eat anything that falls on the ground. Digging a hole seems a waste of time. Just remember to pick up the leftover bones and burn them.

        • Zero, same here. Just remember the ‘3 S Rule’, shoot, shovel, and shut up. I never use 911 either.

          • Traitors to our Constitution need to be identified and labled. Im thinking a metal branding Iron with the letter “T” red hot and embeded on their foreheads. Once a traitor always a traitor. And everyone else who sees him knows he ia a F-n Traitor. Thats Post SHTF justice if you dont like killing.

        • Shoot, shovel and shut-up. That’s been the plan here for several years now. We’re back in the wild-wild west again and natural law is now the law of this land.If the law doesn’t apply to them then it surely doesn’t apply to us either. He knows exactly what he is doing. The problem is that he is a really stupid man who is very bad at math and and even worse at history.

          They’re fucking with the wrong guy. Our house and property are where the line is drawn in the sand. Those who come here with ill intent better be ready to fight to the death. Their problem is they are too stupid to know what a range marker is and what significance it has to me.
          Bad move,you sycophant toadies…bad move.

        • ….and the sprinkling of lye or lime and other catalysts. No body, no-one is dead.

      13. Wow, this is insanity at its finest. He did the right thing, I pray that this man at least can get jury nullification if it goes that.

        • Momma D,

          I feel the deck is already stacked against him. I wish him the and his family the best of luck. He is a hero.

        • Bunker John, they say that today, but tomorrow could very well be read differently. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if they try to pin this guy with something or another.

          I highly doubt that news link you posted is Obama Approved.

        • Nice how the USN spokesperson tries to talk out of both sides of his mouth, isn’t it?

          What he said was they haven’t gotten to the point of filing charges but are investigating. That means they still have the option of filing a charge, or several, or some other punishment.

          Mr. West is right, get ahold of your congressman now, and demand the removal of the Secretary of the Navy and on down the ladder. They should not be spending one dime of taxpayer dollars even considering filing charges.

      14. Time for as military Coup de ta.
        Hell if they ask I’ll stand with them are there anyone on this site ready to stand!!!!

        • coup d’état |ˌko͞o dāˈtä|
          noun (pl. coups d’état |ˌko͞o dā ˈtä(z) | )
          another term for coup ( sense 1).
          ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: French, literally ‘blow of state.’
          coup |ko͞o|
          noun (pl. coups |ko͞oz| )
          1 (also coup d’état)a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government: he was overthrown in an army coup.
          2 a notable or successful stroke or move: it was a major coup to get such a prestigious contract.
          • an unusual or unexpected but successful tactic in card play.
          3 a contusion caused by contact of the brain with the skull at the point of trauma. Compare with contrecoup.
          4 historical (among North American Indians) an act of touching an armed enemy in battle as a deed of bravery, or an act of first touching an item of the enemy’s in order to claim it.
          ORIGIN late 18th cent.: from French, from medieval Latin colpus ‘blow’ (see cope1) .

        • I will stand with you Sarge! The problem is that we are dispersed all over the country and you need a network near you to be effective. I hope you have brothers in arms closer to you than I am. We will all have to take care of our own areas and hope that the sum is greater than it’s parts.

          I have trained with like minded men for a while now and when the party starts around here, I know who can be depended on to “count coup”. The list is made and addresses are known. They all think they are above the law. They may be above what they percieve as the law; however, the laws of unintended consequence will be their end.

          The fly in their ointment is all of us and they are scared shit. That’s why they are trying so hard to get us to make the first move. We won’t. We WILL make the second move and they aren’t good enough to really know what that will be.

          Might we take out bridges? Might we ground airplanes and helicopters? Might we surround the local gestapo and end their reign of tyranny? They don’t really know and that’s what has them testing us. They are scared shit.

          We are smarter than them. We are better armed than them. We hold the high ground and ranges are known!

        • Sgt,

          The “Blow of State” happened, firstly, in 1871 when the United States Government was dissolved. Dissolved? No. Their testicles were dissvolved (or maybe their backbones). The United States Government was “converted”, if you will, into a corporation. Then, one by one, each of the states were converted. Now, all we have, are the federal corporation, which is a subcorp of the IMF (along with the federal reserve) and all the little state corporations, which are subcorps of the United States Federal Corporation. (Dubbed by me and Gods Creation as simply “The Corp”)

          A military coup, or coup de ta would actually be MORE constitutional that what we have here at the moment, at least, techinically, anyway. The military is the very last bastion of any whiff of constitutionality of the long dead government of which you speak.

          Actually, its not dead, its very much alive but most people just don’t even really know about it. What we have now is a fake, a fraud. It calls itself what it is not. There is a CEO that you call president, and there are advisers and managers and supervisors, etc, etc.

          Lets take a corporation. There is the CEO, the division managers, say Marketing, R&D, Shipping, Repair, Maintenance and Accounting. Then there are the supervisors for each section of those divisions.

          Lets call the CEO “President”. Lets call the division managers “Senators” and call the midlevel supervisors “Congressmen”. If you have a corporation, you can call them whatever you want. I know this to be true because The United States Federal Corporation did this. They’ve since renamed themselves the the United States of America (they just forget to put the Inc. on the end). Oh, BTW, the FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, EPA, TSA, DHA and other dirty, alphabet agencies are subcorps of the United States of American, Inc.

          …and they are all nicely listed in the corporate registry. Even if you don’t believe me, you owe it to yourself to look them up. BTW, if you don’t find them and then don’t come on here and call me an idiot, then who’s the real idiot?

          (…you can see that as a challenge, by the way…)

      15. The following is a method for strengthening your eyes and increasing speed and accuracy in target acquisition. To do the exercise, you will need at least 4-1″ black dots with a 1/4″ white dot in the center. Place two of the dots on your living room wall, at eye level, about 5′ apart. Stand back and bring the white dot on the left side into sharp focus. As soon as you are focused, quickly snap your eyes to the right dot, focusing on the white center. Don’t move your head, use only your eyes. Now, snap back and forth as fast as you can, making sure each time to bring the white dot into sharp focus. Notice that your peripheral vision locates the black of the dot first, then your eyes find the white center and bring it into sharp clarity. After a few minutes you will probably begin to notice some eye fatigue and a slight headache. Take a short break and repeat. Remember, this is like weight lifting for your eyes. They are unaccustomed to working this hard. When you see some improvement place another dot 3 feet above the right dot and practice vertical transitions.

        To advance, place a forth dot on your horizontal plane just far enough to the right that you have to move your head to see it. Now you’ll be learning to use your eyes to lead your head instead of vise-versa. Your eyes are the fastest part of your body! Use your eyes to snap over and start searching for the other dot, your head will automatically follow.

        Once you feel that you’ve made some progress begin to vary the patterns and add your weapon(s). While doing these exercises you can also practice trigger control, mag changes, proper sight picture and smooth target acquisition.

        With the use of your weapon in this exercise (iron sights) you should no longer be focusing on the dot but should be bringing the front sight blade into sharp focus. You will still see the dot but it will be slightly out of focus. Once you get your sight picture, SMOOTHLY pull the trigger. Did the front sight move? If it did, you need to work on trigger control. Quickly snap your eyes to the next dot and focus clearly on the white center. Your weapon will be catching up at this point and slowing to the white spot where you will pull the trigger again. When your gun arrives, your eyes will instantly shift focus to the front sight. BE careful not to slam the gun to a stop, but slide it into position.

        Remember, you are training your body through repetition. This takes time. Go slow and easy, develop muscle memory. Insert mantra here- “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. If you do your homework, when your mind is under stress your body will take over and efficiently do what you’ve taught it to do. You will also find and be able to eliminate wasted movement. They say that time is money…well it may also mean your life!

      16. When it comes to 7.62 NATO battle rifles, I guess I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for them with their power, range and accuracy. It wouldn’t come as much of a suppress that I own a few of them including some of the classic battle rifles. In this article, I will give my evaluations on 3 of the old classic rifles, the M-14, FN-FAL, and H&K-91.

        Starting off, here are some of the specs for each weapon:

        M-14: 44.0″ overall length, 22″ barrel length only, 9.4 lb. loaded
        FN-FAL: 44 5/8″ overall length, 21″ barrel length only, 10 ¼ lb. loaded
        H&K-91: 40 5/8″ overall length, 17 ½” barrel length only, 9.95 lb. loaded

        Starting things off at the muzzle, all 3 have flash suppressors and all work very well. I would have to give the edge here to the H&K since it is a bit shorter than the M-14 or G-series FAL. For the other 2 rifles, the M-14 is slightly shorter but the FAL doesn’t need s special tool to take it off. Given both of their strengths and weaknesses of their designs, I’d say that it’s a toss up and mainly personal preference.

        Moving back to the front sight assembly, the H&K has the best protection of the three with it’s large ring followed by the FAL then the M-14. The FAL seems to have thinker metal wings than the M-14 and is more solidly mounted. As for the sight itself, here I would rank the M-14 first since it allows windage adjustments so you can center the rear sight or change it for thicker or thinner front sight blades. The H&K comes in second here since I feel it is a simpler design. The FAL has a pretty good post though I ranked it last since the round post doesn’t give as good of a sight picture as the flat posts of the other 2 rifles and needs a special tool to adjust the elevation.

        For the reloaders, with the FAL, you also have the gas plug assembly here in the front that allows you to shut off the gas to the system. It’s a nice feature that allows the launching of grenades or more commonly, saving your fired brass. The M-14 also has this feature but is a screw slot in the spindle valve that is harder to work with. The H&K doesn’t have this feature at all so from a reloaders point of view, I would rank these here as FAL, M-14, H&K.

        Going back to the handguards, with the M-14 and FAL, I haven’t had any problem with either weapon in regards to hand protection. The FAL seems longer wince the front sling swivel is on the barrel but the M-14 provides a handstop when using a sling in long range shooting. Either one here again is personal preference. As for the H&K, the slim handguards are at best marginal if not downright poor. There is no ventilation for air to move around the barrel and the handguards are very close to the barrel. Firing though only 1 magazine, the handguards start to feel a lot warmer than one would expect them. This is not a good idea for a military weapon in my opinion.

        On to the charging handles, again, it’s a case of personal preference and marginal performance. The FAL’s charging handle is on the left side of the receiver that allows the shooter to maintain a firing grip on the weapon. Excellent idea! The M-14 has its charging handle in the more traditional location on the right side of the receiver where most shooters would expect it to be. Another good idea. The H&K on the other hand is on the handguards and requires it to be folded out before pulling it back. This is a rather awkward feeling and is slower than either of the other two weapons. I ranked this one as a functional design but marginal in its overall operation.

        On back to the ejection port, here the M-14 takes the lead. Its open design allows brass to pop free without any damage to the case or allowing a malfunction. The FAL comes in next since while it does work, tends to dent the mouth of the case a little. THE H&K here placed last. It severely dents the neck of the case and it’s violent ejection throws the cases the farthest with the most damage to the rim. The streaks along the case from the H&K aren’t a problem but the dents are. A buffer can be installed for an additional $50 or so if you are going to reload the cases but I just tend to prefer to shoot Berdan primed ammo and forget picking up the case at all.

        The FAL has an excellent magazine release and bolt hold open device both being pretty easy to operate without loosing your firing grip. The M-14 has a similar but larger magazine release than the FAL but the bolt release is a slight tug back on the charging handle. I can’t say I have a complaint about either design since again, it’s all in what you’re used to. The H&K on the other hand, came in last again. The magazine release button is awkward to work with being out of reach of the trigger finger ALA AR-15 and not really reachable with the weak hand by right handed shooters. There is no automatic bolt hold open device so your first clue that your weapon is empty is a loud, CLICK instead of a bang! Not a good idea in my opinion but it can be argued that this helps to keep out dirt. In any event, I ranked this last after a 2-way toss up between my M-14 and FAL.

        The safety of the M-14 comes in fist with its simplicity and ambidextrous design. The FAL came in next although I replaced the shorter metric safety lever with a more reachable and operator friendly inch variety instead. The H&K again came in last with a safety that is both stiff and too far forward for most people to reach without shifting their firing grip. The sheet metal design of the safety makes modifying it a headache and there is no aftermarket safety that I am aware of. Another shortcoming of the design of this rifle.

        On to the rear sights, the M-14 here comes in at the top of my list. Easily adjustable for windage and elevation without any tools, combined with decent protection of the rear aperture makes this sight my favorite. It’s a 2-way race for second and third place with the other two rifles. The H&K has better protection than the FAL that has none but requires a special tool (glorified screwdriver and forceps) to work with while the FAL needs only a screwdriver to adjust the windage here.

        The trigger of the M-14 here again comes in first over the FAL then H&K. The FAL is heavy but breaks rather cleanly. The H&K is also heavy by US standards but has a bit more creep than the FAL so I placed it third here.

        The stocks of the M-14 and FAL are both excellent. The pistol grip of the FAL makes comfortable shooting from the prone pretty easy. The M-14 is a little harder to work with since your wrists pivots with your elbow in the prone like any other hunting rifle but the flip up butt plate helps to lock it in to your shoulder even tighter for aid on long range shots. The H&K on the other hand is VERY short to the point that it can recoil right into your cheek fairly hard right where the plastic meets the metal on the buttstock. You can avoid it by holding your head back a little but it’s still a pretty annoying problem out of a fighting weapon.

        Other features of the FAL that make it stand out is the adjustable gas regulator for different ammo or conditions and it’s neat but fairly worthless carrying handle. It’s a weapon, not a suitcase so there is really no need for something like this on a fighting weapon. The M-14 is probably the easiest of the three to get parts for and find somebody that knows how to work on this rifle. The stripper clip guide is a neat idea but it’s a seldom used feature, at lest on mine. The H&K are pretty modular and simple to work with due to its fewer moving parts. Spare parts though are hard to come by and expensive when you do.

        Overall, while they are all very similar in reliability and accuracy, I rank the M-14 first mainly due to its adjustable rear sights. In open country with long-range shots and contending with the wind, this is an important feature to me. The FAL comes in second with its sleek lines and that adjustable gas regulator is just such a good idea! The H&K, is kind of a disappointment out of the three. As much as it costs, once you have a chance to work with one, the mystique is gone and you find that there is a lot of shortcomings in the safety, stock, handguard, magazine release and bolt hold open device that really should exist on a rifle of this type. It is an accurate and reliable rifle, but so are the other 2 rifles with better features at a lower cost in my opinion.

      17. I had an ultra liberal tell me that they wouldn’t use a gun to protect their own life. When one looks at that statement from the position that this person does not believe in any hereafter; therefore, its over.

        The reality is that if push came to shove theory would:

        1. Use that gun
        2. Die

        Case one shows that they’re a lier.
        Case two, far too stupid to listen to any further.

        • oops told not tell……..

          • they would not theory…

            damn spell check and not proof reading

            • We don’t care how you spell it. We do care about the truth, misspelled or not, that you are telling.

              At that point one has to wonder what kind of (wo)man that individual is? Certainly not one I would be willing to help.

              If the desire to avoid the use of an inanimate object to preserve ones live is greater than the desire to live, I would say that (wo)man is mentally ill. …or, in the least, at a level of ignorance that would be undocumentable.

              • She appeared to have all of her marbles; Ultra Liberal with passion on every position. Absolutely no logical thought process looking at the world from a, “what should be”, perspective verses, “what is”.

                Educated too.

                • I once listened to a long 911 call transcript in which a middle-aged woman was home alone with her dogs and lived really far out in the country. She had called 911 because a man (probably drunk) was on her back porch, yelling, throwing things around, and pounding on the door. You could tell by the sound of her voice that this woman was scared shitless.

                  Yet there she sat in her kitchen, with a shotgun, talking to the 911 operator about how she would have to shoot him if he broke in, even though she didn’t want to kill another human being.

                  Everything that was going on in the background could be heard on the line…her dogs barking & the man outside. The dispatcher sent officers her way, but it took them about 45 minutes to get there.

                  As time passed and the man became more aggressive, the woman was becoming more agitated & frightened, and took the safety off her gun. She asked the dispatcher if she was allowed to shoot the man if he entered the house. Of course the answer was yes, but only if he came in.

                  Finally, when the sheriffs’ were only about 10 minutes away, you could hear a big crash, the lady screamed “he’s coming through the window!” and then one shot.

                  Afterwards, that poor woman was so upset that she had to kill someone. She was crying and wouldn’t take her eyes off his body in case he moved.

                  The point of my long story is that this woman did shoot an intruder (even though she was scared) because her life and property were at stake. She didn’t want to do it, she was nervous as can be. But I think that we all are capable of shooting someone if they are threatening our lives or families.

                  It’s called “self-preservation” and it’s an instinct bred in all of us.

                  So I call BS on the lady that told Kevin2 she wouldn’t use a gun to save her own life! If she’s as intelligent as he perceived her to be, then she just hasn’t been in a situation where it was necessary. And if she doesn’t own a gun ‘cuz she believes the anti-gun crap the gov’t spouts, then she would be dead. Which is the consequence that befalls ppl who believe in our corrupt liars, oops…I mean leaders.

                  • If any person says they wouldn’t shoot someone to save their own life—then they’re not sufficiently scared.

                    There is a tipping point for everyone.

                    • Hey Sixpack, When a thief or aka Grabberment agent tresspasses. Killing them is to easy. Rather shoot them in the kneecaps, drag them in the barn and hold a onsite trial. Tie them to a post and whip the crap out of them. Let them beg and admit they are a thief, then drag them into the hog pen for justice. Any remains left after a day or 2 drop that into battery acid, case closed. No need to waste public money on a private land issue violation. Me here I have no hogs, but the Gators love a bloody party buffet on occasion.

                    • WWTI, I personally would not hesitate. If I was afraid enough to get a bead on someone, it would be in response to a reasonable and real threat.

                      I’m not one who is taken over by panic, nor have I ever frozen in fear.

                      My point is, some people may believe that they couldn’t take a life, and may wait until all hope of surviving is gone—but there will be one point where their fear of imminent death overrides their PC agenda.

                      Even a tiny mouse will fight back until it can’t fight anymore.

                  • I never dial 911 for anything and I damned sure will NEVER ask for permission from anyone to engage in a legitimate act of self-defense. No 911 for me ever, just .380, .22LR, .30 Carbine, and 12-gauge.

        • Sadly Kevin2 it isn’t just the moronic Liberals, it’s also a good handful of Religious folk who think the same way. They would rather not defend themselves if another is going to do harm or death to them.

          ‘Tho Shall not Kill

          I’m more than confident that Jesus wouldn’t have a problem with me if I killed someone that was attempting to take my life away from me. Yet, some people do not see it that way.

          • FTW

            I’ll take my chances and defend myself thus at least delaying that meeting.

          • FTW.
            Thou shall not kill the proper work should be murder, not kill, translation from Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to Latin to English. Has mixed up the word. The same word for kill and murder is used in Aramaic and Hebrew or Greek, just like the word in English BASS or LEFT, spelled the same way, but has two different meanings.
            Even Peter carried a sword for protection, he really did not need when he was with Jesus, but he did carry the modern form of protection in those days. Plus he did use it.
            OK Sunday school is over.
            LTC. White should get a medal for bravery. He stood and fought this terrorist even though he was way out gunned.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • They need to be honest about their principles and insist that no one else defend their lives with firearms, or any other weapon.

            Post ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs on their house and on their vehicles. Move out of their gated community. Move to Costa Rica, which has no standing army. Live in a world where no one else thinks the way they do, and see how long they like to live in it.

        • Kevin2, you said it all in a nutshell; ultra libturd. They are a lost cause.

          • Braveheart

            What is frightening is that some ideal that they have accepted has overridden a primal, no THE primal instinct of every creature on the planet. The ability of man to use words to convey a belief through religion proper, or a religious conviction in pacifism that overrides the core of self survival speaks volume for the impressionability of man.

            • Kevin2, in a nutshell, they’ve been brainwashed beyond all possibility of rescue.

      18. Decades ago in Northeast, Alabama, men came in with guns to rob and kill some restaurant patrons. Luckily for them, a fellow patron had illegally brought in a concealed weapon and used it prevent a horrific event. When he told the sheriff he didn’t have permit for the concealed weapon, the sheriff wrote him out one then and there and said, “yes you do.”

        My how times have changed.

        Batten down the hatches. This storm is going to be rough.

        • Un,my guess is there are still a few sheriffs like that,fuck up paperwork ect.,make sure no charges even filed.

      19. Kill a lion… OMG!!! You murderers!!!

        Chop up a baby… …crickets…

        Protect fellow personnel with your gun… OMG!!! There is a law against that! PROSECUTE! PROSECUTE!

        Steal billions from your clients… …crickets…

        Try to quietly live of the grid… YOU CRIMINALS! PROSECUTE! PROSECUTE! You evil bastards!!!

        Teach Johnny that Jimmy has two daddies… …praise and worship…

        You see, they can’t follow the law because the law is in our favor. They preach fairness, but if they were fair, they would know they’re traitors and criminals. No, they must preach what they hate so they can do what they love. They must preach truth and love and fairness so they can lie and hate and be selective about those people and actions that do not fulfill their agenda. An agenda that is completely unfair, completely untruthful and completely unloving.

        Look, people, its all fraud and lies. All of it. When the time comes, at its getting closer and close, don’t feel guilty about it. Just do what needs doing because the one on the other end is siding with the criminals and deserves the same punishment.

        There is a term known as “selective enforcement”. In the early stages of tyranny, this *IS* the tyranny. Its showing up more and more and more people are able to recognize it. Once the majority sees what is going on, we’ll move to the next phase. Guaranteed that you will like it even less.

        • Love your comment

          I have always said that selective enforcement would be the death to us all.

          They can’t enforce the tyrannical laws against everybody, but because you are running your mouth, they will enforce the laws against you.

        • Bravo netranger, bravo.

      20. The Secretary of the Navy could stop this! The President could stop this! This man should be promoted and given a medal. the public will not take this well! What the hell did we train these people for if not to protect us? Every congress person,Senator on up should get an earful. Time for pitchforks and on to Washington.

        • Jim In Va

          Actually this shows just how illogical and out of touch the anti gun – anti self defense lobby is. This is a fight of ideals that they will loose with the body politic. To ensure that this goes well for our side they need Joe Biden to make a few statements in their support.

          They hold no aces in this hand.

      21. Straight from the days of the Soviet psychiatric prisons, direct to you, dear reader. Lastest from the leftist “researchers.” Yes, they really are proposing this… and without a TRACE of irony (albeit a LOT of ignorance and hypocrisy):
        Intolerance and psychopathology: toward a general diagnosis for racism, sexism, and homophobia.
        Abstract :Racism, sexism, and homophobia do not fit into any current diagnostic category. The authors propose that those who engage in such behaviors display a form of psychopathology deserving of its own category. The common denominator seems to be intolerance. The authors explore the possibility of an intolerant personality disorder, outline likely symptoms, and suggest some possible treatment considerations.
        12769238 PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
        Apparently exempted from this Soviet era psychiatric prison stuff will be the campus speech and thought police, as well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” There’s also trangender reporter Zoey Tur threatening Ben Shapiro during a TV panel discussion **on hatred of all things!!** by telling Shapiro, who had the temerity to simply disagree with Tur, by threatening him on LIVE TV: “You cut that out now, or you will go home in an ambulance.” All will be exempted, along with that Twitter poster from among the radical homosexual book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types who wrote “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

        An more exemption will obviously be Herbert Marcuse who popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        • Thanks TEST… Good to see your post, been missinya.

      22. The real enemy is in the WH. BO has gotten this far with out anyone taking him out. I think that it will have to get a whole lot worse before that happens. Come Sept. food will be used as a weapon. And then its to the FEMA camps. Its coming. BO is trying to provoke us to see what our limit is. I wonder how close i can get to the WH in my wheel chair. I’ll probably get whacked for opening my mouth. This is worse than the Twilight Zone.

        • If the real enemy is in the White House, then isn’t it realistic to say that the libtards that voted for him are also the problem? Getting rid of a Muslim in the WH does us very little good unless we eradicate the ones who placed him there. Then we have gone to the source of the problem, killed it at the root, and the vine dies.

          • The practical difficulty is identifying Libs who are delighted to say they are Libs who love and support Obama.

            • Good, nothing like hunting on a baited field!

          • The greatest threat to the survival of our country is the Human or Inhuman element. Obama and his Free Shit Army is what we need to fear as a threat in every city in America. When their Free Shit Gravy Train comes to a halt they will think your stuff and preps are their Free Shit for the taking. Same with the banks, that will take your money. Thats when you deliver the hot lead 3200 FPS.

      23. Not surprized at all. Beetle Bailey comic strip is more real than you think.

      24. Maybe if Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White had exclaimed “Allaha Akbar” while firing his weapon he would not be facing charges.

      25. This will touch a nerve with the body politic that those in power have too much to loose and too little to gain to pursue it. If it was a Trade Agreement, Bank Bailout or the unwarranted unjustified and illegal use of the military for Wall Street you wouldn’t stand a chance even with a million person march and nationwide strike. One Lt Commander? They’ll drop it if the opposition gets too large.

      26. I completely agree with oldwhatshisname ! Call or write your Senators and Congress critters. Do it first thing tomorrow morning. Let’s make a big stink out of this. Maybe we can help Lt Cmdr. West and the rest of our Military ! Get with it folks!!!

      27. I think that the rumor mill “leaking” that LCDR White WILL be charged is to tamp down the number of military members getting or having their state’s issued CCW permit and carrying while on duty. IF, LCDR White IS charged, then I foresee the populace in general rising up in serious outrage the likes of which BHO and the WHite House has never seen before. Such asininity is not beyond the pale for this corrupt administration, but, they would lose the military for sure from top-to-bottom. I can also see LCDR White being “charged” then found Not Guilty, then the UCMJ prosecution is screwed all the way around.
        This is a tactic being floated by the White House to “test the political waters”. Remember this White House’s decisions are ALWAYS political in nature FIRST and foremost. Which is why this President has always said foolish and irresponsible statements from the get-go. This IS what a Marxist is and does.

      28. O’Shit For Brains is a Muslim Enemy Of The State.
        Every thing O’Traitor does is for Americas destruction.
        He can’t even produce a Birth certificate.
        He supported Eric “Gun Running” Holder and covered for his crimes.
        He has our Border Patrol “STAND DOWN” and allows illegals and large one hundred truck conveys to illegally cross our borders.
        He has not been arrested yet because everyone he surrounds himself with is a Muslim or has been bought and are Afraid to Stand Up And Speak The Truth.
        Screw Gun Control.
        If you have enough guns, buy one and give it to a friend in need!

      29. The commander broke regulations and perhaps some sort of hearing necc.That said,am glad he broke the regulations and hope the country buys him and his large family a few dinners out!
        This can be passed over after hearing and career positively affected.

        More important,obola needs to immediately allow military on base to be better armed/defended,hell,he can executive order it if he wants to,though doubt he would get a fight in election season!This is what really needs to be addressed though sadly believe it will not be,time will tell.

      30. ATTN Sixpack….

        I just saw your post about hams. I posted this on that thread.

        Six pack. Just saw this post. I use a YouTube app, so I don’t have a link, but search this

        ARRL ham radio technician class by KE0OG

        • Got it, thanks for the shout-out.

      31. O-liar is just a puppet carrying out his orders, the destruction of the USA. These aren’t his decisions, he is just the willing asshole to carry this agenda forward. Everything about him except his lies is 100% fake. If he was for the people he wouldn’t be alive. The challengers to take his place in 2016 are all exactly the same thing. Think you have a choice, you don’t. Fascist leadership does not allow dissent. If they saw the tide turning against their tyranny, they will kill everybody to maintain control. It is a much more bleak outlook than people can imagine.

      32. Forget about getting the treasonous corporate whores in Washington to do the appropriate thing. It’s not going to happen. Ever.

        Every second they are still drawing breath, they are chipping away at our country and our society – doing this is the core of their being, they won’t change, they can’t change.

        What we can do, what we must do, is to make sure this guy and his family are taken care of after he is thrown under Obama’s communist ‘social justice’ bus.

      33. This is why I will never join the military and will never encourage my children to join the military.

      34. The A$$ WIPE’S in Washington D. C. every last one of them must be removed ASAP.

        • By force with malice if you ask me.

          • Didn’t you mean “without prejudice”?

            • With extreme malice from my understanding means violently and suddenly

      35. Kudzu Flower Wine
        4 quarts well water 6 quarts fresh kudzu blossoms yeast
        4 cups sugar 1 gallon jug 1 balloon
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        Strain the liquid through a clean cloth. Press the blossoms to get all the liquid from them. Add four cups sugar. Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water. Pour the dissolved yeast into the liquid. Stir well. Cover and let it stand for five days. Then transfer to a one-gallon jug. Add enough well water to bring the liquid within two inches below the neck of the jug. Attach the balloon to the top of the jug. Place jug in a cool dark place that is between 65° F to 75° F.
        Periodically gently loosen the balloon and allow the gas to escape and then replace the balloon firmly on the neck of the jug. In approximately six weeks the balloon will stop expanding and the wine is done. Strain the wine through a clean cloth and transfer it to airtight bottles. (Optional: Drop five raisins into each one-gallon bottle.) Cork each bottle tightly. Allow it to sit for an additional six to twelve months before drinking.

        Hush Puppies
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        Corn Pone
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        Preparation: Mix everything and stir hard. Press into cakes about 1/2 inch thick.
        Cook: Bake in Dutch oven 30 minutes. Or pan fry about 5 minutes on each side using a little hot fat or oil.
        Pioneer Hoe Cakes
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        Cornmeal Mush and Polenta
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        Corn Dogs
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        Cook: Deep fry until golden brown.

        • Use a straight pin and pierce one hole in the balloon. Excess air will be allowed to escape without compromising your wine. No need to remove and replace continually. Google balloon wine. It works extremely well!

      36. Mac Slavo, have you considered moving the comment system to Disquis? It would be a massive improvement.


        • Am definitely considering it for a coming update — thanks for your feedback

      37. LAME!

      38. I wonder if the Democrats ever think about the people that say nothing?

        • Not one iota of thought.

          They are concerned only with voting blocs and special interest groups.

      39. Remember this when all the republican hopefuls that have been complacent to the lawless tyrant are standing on stage begging you for your vote.
        Play the Trump card, or loose everything.

      40. I wonder if it is illegal for the Secret Service to fire weapons on the White House grounds?

      41. What needs to happen, is for about 100,000 sailors and naval officers to put in a request to be released from service. Or for them to suddenly become so incompetent from the stress of the administrations decision that they cease to function reliably.

      42. Unreal, what kind of person will join or stay in the military in the future under such conditions. Many soldiers over the centuries have received the order to ” die where you stand.” Here we order men not only die where they stand but offer no resistance to the enemy about to kill them. Not sure that has ever happened anywhere else. What kind of man would obey such an order. What military could operate effectively in such an environment . My answer is none. If I were looking to destroy the quality and effectiveness of a military unit I couldn’t think of a better way to do it.

        • here’s MY thoughts on WHY they put up with the traitor-in-chief sitting in the spitehouse…the politicians have destroyed the jobs base in america with NAFTA, and other schemes,…and now there’s no more JOBS in america….they are lined up around the block to get military jobs,….instead of lining up around the spitehouse!

        • Well, we have seen how they treat the vets, my guess is the upper levels just dont give a crap

      43. Two thoughts:
        1. I’m not military, but doesn’t the military swear to protect us from terrorists both foreign an domestic? Pretty sure if I were him I’d be thinking domestic terrorist. I think he’ll be fine, they’ll just have to play the game and maybe they can turn it into a pro-firearms movement if they play their cards right.
        2. WWTI – do you have a website or a book? if not, you should!

        • Thanks BBecker. I would love to have a website, but no time right now to do it right. Im working my BOL solo at the moment this year. Nutting gets done unless I do it. The other problem too is OPSEC. I enjoy my privacy. So what topics interest you. We can chat about it?

      44. wheres the petition to protest this bs??

      45. Sorry but I have to call this one BS.

        The Navy says it is still investigating and NO charges have been filed against any personnel.

        In order to charge someone for discharging a firearm on Federal property, the location of the incident would have to actually be Federal property, which it is not.

        • I believe anywhere that recruitment station is located is Federal Property.

          If the US rents the ground a military base is on that is sovereign US property I believe. Cuba runs into this roadblock.

          • And your belief is wrong. The Federal government has jurisdiction over state actors within the boundaries of a state only if the state has ceded the property as well as the jurisdiction, a rare act. Just because the DOD rents a space in a strip mall, it does not make it Federal property.

      46. And yet we always seem so shocked and confused when an American youth goes astray and takes up arms against this fascist regime.

      47. Where is the Great John McShame? Who has resounded over and over his unwavering support for our military.?

        Traitors…..all of them.!!!!!!

      48. Conservative Treehouse reports that this story is false. Navy denies any charges against anyone.

      49. Obama and his administration are idiots, they have ruined this county and turned it into a cesspool where the ignorant and intelligent are better taken care of, than the hard working law abiding citizen. Good job obama you are the worst thing that has ever happened to this country!

        • There’s something about the Navy bringing their big guns against all enemies, foreign and domestic, especially domestic.

        • Obama pales in comparison to Woodrow Wilson. He cast the dye to put us where we are today.

          • Right on. Woodrow Wilson’s actions were the key to our demise.

      50. If nothing else positive comes of this, perhaps it will open the eyes of our men and women in service. Instead of blindly following orders, question them…all of them! When you are told to go into combat, think about why THEY want you there. Just follow the money trail. Is it right for you to put your life on the line for their greed?

      51. I’ll continue to Lock and Load thank you…

      52. All you folks pleading to arm these people…. there is a reason we don’t arm military personnel outside of military bases. They are not police. They are not allowed to be armed against the civilian populace.
        Be careful what you wish for. We don’t want armed military mingling with the public. While I’m not against military carrying sidearms for personal protection (not against citizens carrying either!) they should be restricted to the recruiting office and limited to sidearms only.
        Again, the officer broke known policy and will suffer the consequences. You can agree or disagree with it but the restriction is there for a very good reason.

        • Since the end of WWII anyone who joined the military deserved it. I did my tour so f ’em, I didn’t know better.

          During WWII, in America, I saw soldiers in our Republic armed with MIs with bayonets guarding government posts.

          I walked my post a mile a minute and carried my rifle with nothin in it.

          f ’em

      53. More evidence this site is bovine feces. This report has been shown to be false. But why embrace facts when you can live in your own deluded fantasyland.

      54. I would have done the same. Twice on Sunday! An American Hero and one dead Muslim. I’m I missing something here?

      55. This guy is being prosecuted because he apparently shot one of the government’s hired false flag actors – can’t have that happen or they’ll have problems hiring ‘disaster actors’ in the future or will have to pay them ‘combat pay’.

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