DHS Wants Americans Subjected To MANDATORY Facial Recognition At Airports

by | Dec 3, 2019 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is pushing hard for mandatory facial recognition scans at airports.  The government wants to “remove a loophole” that is currently allowing Americans to opt-out of it right now.

    Considering artificial intelligence is already watching and judging almost every move we make, this could be the last nail in the coffin for what’s left of individual freedom.  The government is asking for complete domination over everyone and everything, and so far, people have allowed their very human dignity to be eroded because of it.

    Artificial Intelligence Is Watching Our Every Move & Judging Us

    Under the existing guidelines, U.S. citizens and other lawful permanent residents have the ability to avoid airport biometric scans and identify themselves by other means. While some travelers have found it difficult to opt-out given opaque or inconsistent guidelines from airport to airport, the DHS would apparently like to cut down on the confusion by doing away with the exemption altogether.

    Proposed in a recent filing, the DHS requested a change to the current rules in order to “provide that all travelers, including US citizens, may be required to be photographed upon entry and/or departure from the US, citing the need to identify criminals or “suspected terrorists. While not yet implemented, the rule change is in the “final stages of clearance, a DHS official told CNN Business, according to a report by RT.

    This new attack on freedom is being condemned by a few groups. Time and again, the government told the public and members of Congress that U.S. citizens would not be required to submit to this intrusive surveillance technology as a condition of traveling,” said Jay Stanley, a senior policy at the American Civil Liberties Union, adding that the rule raises “profound privacy concerns.”

    Recalling a data breach in June which saw 100,000 license plate and traveler images stolen from a private contractor hired to store information for the DHS, Stanley said the government simply “cannot be trusted” with the invasive technology.

    We are losing what’s left of our basic human rights and liberties pretty quickly at this point.


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      1. The ostensible excuse for mandatory facial recognition scans is obvious. With a southern border of known porosity and intentionally stopping added security it’s analogous to barring your front door, windows, garage and even the chimney opening while leaving your back door wide open with a sign stating such. The non comprehensive strategy to thwart terrorism makes the reasonably intelligent believe that stopping it is not the intent; so the reason for hyper security is?

      2. I have refused to fly since 2012 when this Cabal run DHS TSA BS was over the top. Enough, I’ll rather drive and see the Country. What’s the hurry?

      3. I was forced to have a star put on my drivers license for facial recognition in order to fly, or enter gov, buildings. Now I see this article. Who is really using my face ID, and where is it on record, DHS? State, or where? Do I have a choice to opt out?
        I feel like have been invaded. I don’t fly, nor have a reason to enter any Gov, building. My identity is out there, next they will want my DNA if it isn’t already. “LAND OF THE FREE” AS LONG AS YOU BIDE BY THGE RULES.

      4. I refuse to fly anymore.The last straw was when some TSA goon half my age detained me for no reason and sprayed bomb detecting stuff all over my hands.I sincerely would have loved to pummel the little prick.Nothing says freedom like being lined up, made to take off your shoes, belt,wallet, keys,ect. and herded through an X-Ray as the TSA gropes some elderly lady ahead of you.This isn’t about stopping any so called “terrorism” it’s about getting Americans acclimated to having zero rights, to submitting to petty little government tyrants like a bunch of sheep.And now they want to scan our heads. Well, f$%k you !

      5. If your version of profiling doesn’t differentiate between Mr. Rogers and an Ayatolla, you’re not conservative, and neither are any of your supporters.

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