DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of American Gun Owners

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Alex Jones, Headline News | 592 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

    Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a 21-year designer and full service provider of training targets for the DHS, the Justice Department and thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

    The company’s website offers a line of “No More Hesitation” targets ”designed to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.” The targets are, “meant to help the transition for officers who are faced with these highly unusual targets for the first time.”

    The targets include “pregnant woman threat,” “older man with shotgun,” “older man in home with shotgun,” “older woman with gun,” “young school aged girl,” “young mother on playground,” and “little boy with real gun.”

    Why are top training target suppliers for the government supplying the likes of the DHS with “non-traditional threat” targets of children, pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds, and elderly American gun owners unless there is a demand for such items?

    This is particularly alarming given the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased roughly 2 billion rounds of ammunition over the course of the last year, enough to wage a near 30 year war.

    In comparison, during the height of active battle operations in Iraq, US soldiers used 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month.

    The DHS also purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles last September, labeling them “Personal Defense Weapons.”

    The fact that targets of armed pregnant women, children, mothers in playgrounds, and American gun owners in general are being represented as “non traditional threats” “for the first time” is deeply concerning given the admitted preparations for civil unrest undertaken by Homeland Security as well as other federal agencies.

    A leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” also outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

    This also dovetails with the continuing characterization of Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists by DHS-funded studies.

    The US military trained last year to take on another “unusual target” – zombies – which some fear is just a ruse to get troops used to engaging crowds of people with deadly force. As Alex Jones documented in his film Police State 2000, numerous “urban warfare” training drills stretching back well over a decade have revolved around incarcerating and battling the American people on domestic soil.

    See the other “non-traditional threats” that are being provided in the form of shooting targets to the DHS and thousands of law enforcement agencies below.

    Note: The website containing these targets has crashed since this article was published, but this graphic shows a screenshot of the page with the URL visible.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. Disgusting

        • Like the saying goes, ” You haven’t seen nothing yet”. Everything you see and hear is to desensitize not only the pleeps, but also the ones that will be enforcing the police state/tyrannical will of government.

          Not only is this country moving closer an internal conflict! The world is moving closer to WWIII.

          The kindling is smoldering or some would say it is at the point of ignition? I guess it depends on the individual, but things are not looking good anyway you see it.
          Those that choose to see it, are awake. But those that still haven’t a clue, will not see it. Untill the world they live by everyday, blows up right in their face!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          Long Live the American Constitution

          • Here is a video of the Katrina Gun Confiscation: http://youtu.be/tta1qhQZWSE
            Watch their tactics.

            Also, the way they identify a so called bad guy is whether or not a gun is visible.

            These targets will desensitize those who would like to use their discernment about who is holding the firearm and whether or not they are truly a threat. It seems their primary rule of engagement is going to be: if a gun is visible, shoot first and ask questions later regardless of who is holding the gun. No opportunity to communicate period! The visible gun sent all the communication necessary… oops…;-(

            I wouldn’t want to be too slow pulling a trigger when warranted, neither would I want to be too fast. Look at the tragic situation in South Africa where the blade runner man claims to have accidentally shot his girl friend thinking she was a burglar. What ever happened to positively identifying your target and making sure the target warrants a shot? Is it really a deer or the neighbors cow? It seems like sanity and good judgement is going out the door. This all has the potential to get messy.

            I also wonder about this government that has chastised both Syrian and Egyptian governments for firing on their own citizens, and is now preparing to do the same thing just because quite a number of its citizens only want to remain law abiding citizens with the ability to defend themselves and the desire to uphold the 2nd amendment.

            The government attempts to appear like it has the moral high ground and the main stream media enables them in their charade, yet both have become so morally depraved with the things they currently hold to and are foisting upon us that they make the words of Thomas Jefferson ring louder than ever: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

            • The Marines are fighting on the WRONG TEAM. Their behavior disgusts all law biding citizens. They should be arming us, because one day the government will kill them and their families too. WAKE THE FUCK up soldiers, you need to be with the people and dam your orders. Do what is right!

              • Alot of them are waking up. Soon will be the hard choice for them to make. They will be under alot of pressure. Pray to the Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth, whose son is Yahushua Christ Jesus to give them the wisdom and the strength to keep their Oaths to HIM. Pray. All of us Pray.

                • I would like to see gun makers, magazine makers, and ammo makers refuse to sell anything to any police department, in any state that attempts to implement any gun control law. No spare parts, no magazines etc., etc. When their enforcers can’t enforce anymore we’ll see how cocky and arrogant they are.

                  • US Centurion,

                    They should be lauded for their efforts by all whom cherish this, our Constitutional Republic.

                  • Yeah, let’s encourage lawlessness. Thats what the constitution is all about, right?

                  • Amen!

                  • CenterJustified and US Centurion,

                    Guess I should’ve clarified “They”. Should’ve said “gun makers, magazine makers, and ammo makers should be lauded for their efforts. My mistake for not being specific. My apology for that.

                  • I cant currently find the link but there are some that have already done what you are suggesting…3 I believe

                  • Nice idea but it may just force them to go into production on their own. That is way worse!

                • How about lets encourage politicians to follow the constitution and then you won’t have the government acting in a lawless manner and when government obeys the law then they have the power to make others obey law. However when government decides that it is not bound by the law then it loses any legitimacy it may have had to enforce the law

                  • US Centurion,

                    Yes Sir. Politicians should be encouraged to keep their Oaths. But, I hold our Armed Forces and LEOs in higher importants to encourage in the same.

            • Tyrants always think they have the moral high ground,,,

              To you DHS or LE who are reading this, you can blow me,,,

              give me liberty or give me death

              • Whats misleading about those “targets” is that none of the handguns in the pics are smoking.

                • I think they should put Feinstein’s face on the one with the purple robe.

                  We have enough problems with cops shooting people because they had a curling iron, a pack of cigarettes or an ink pen in their hands, without this kind of shit. Hell, they shoot people who are empty handed! Notice in most cases, all you see is the end of the barrel—almost impossible to see at a distance.

                  That confirms for me, that they are indeed training them to shoot first, THEN figure out if there was a weapon involved.

                  THIS IS GOING TO END BADLY.

            • Great video Wild Goose

            • Hypocrisy, yes, a key identifier.

              Besides their evil actions, Jesus repeatedly damned the Pharisees for their hypocrisy:
              Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

              Who are today’s hypocrites?

              Read Apocalypse 3:9.


              “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature, and round it are gathered a number of Midrashim, partly legal (Halachic) and partly works of edification (Haggadic). This literature, in its oldest elements, goes back to a time before the beginning of the Common Era, and comes down into the Middle Ages. Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees, and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” [Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]

              “Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of custom, and adjustment of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.” [Rabbi Dr. Finkelstein, The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, The Jewish Publication Society of America (1946) p. xxi]

              Even some tribal members are speaking out about who owns and controls the USA:

              “The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government”: Bill Maher
              1 Minute Video
              MAHER: Based on every statement I’ve heard out of any Republican in the last two years,
              the Israelis are controlling our government.

              Israelis See Their Ownership of US Government in Jeopardy
              By Dr. Kevin Barrett
              On Friday, forty allegedly American Senators blocked Hagel’s nomination with a filibuster.
              Their message was loud and clear: “We are not United States Senators. We are Israeli Senators.”

              • If Bill Maher says it, I already don’t believe it. In fact, I believe the opposite

                • Frankhen: Will this help You believe its true?

                  “The U.S. has no longer a government of goyim [Gentiles], but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term ‘government of goyim’ should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S.“

                  — The major Israeli newspaper, Maariv, “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court” on September 2, 1994.

                  Does Bibi Love Jewdeo-Christains? Heres Bibi!

                  “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now…”

                  “I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.”

                  — Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi just happened to be in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings.

                  Is Bill Mhar correct? YES!!

                  “[Shimon] Peres warned [Ariel] Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and ‘turn the US against us.’ At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying ‘every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.’” (Except Frankhen it seems!)

                  — Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio), 3 October, 2001 (IAP)

                  The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”

                  — Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008 (Jewess Ann Lewis
                  is sister to Homo Congressman Barney Frank).

                  WHO CONTROLS/OWNS, Hollywood? JEWS!

                  I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

                  – Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times December,19 2008

                  WHO Owns/Controls all major Jewspapers?..JEWS!

                  “So far as the consequences of ticking off Jews are concerned: … I was making particular reference to respectable rightwing journalism, most especially in the U.S. I can absolutely assure you that anyone who made general, mildly negative, remarks about Jews would NOT — not ever again — be published in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages, The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New York Sun, The New York Post, or The Washington Times. I know the actual people, the editors, involved here, and I can assert this confidently.”

                  — Joey Kurtzman, Jew editor of Jewcey.com. Read that back and let the overwheening arrogance of Jewdom sink in and think exactly about what he’s bragging on.

                  DO JEWS Really Hate HOBAMMY?..NO!

                  “We Jews are a sly and surreptitious people. It pains me to admit this, but candor compels. …[T]he best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to deliver the White House to Barack Obama.”

                  — David Solway, Jewish educational theorist and critic
                  July 7,2009…He’s using mockery here — that’s how instinctively deceptive these people are — they boldly state reality like it’s all nothing but a joke, so as to mollify the foolish Goyim.

                  “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class… Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt.”

                  — Saul Alinsky’s dedication and quote from his 1971 book “Rules for Radicals.” Born to Russian Jew immigrants in Chicago, Alinsky’s Marxist tactics were Taught by Obamma
                  in lefty community groups like ACORN.

                  WHO are the JEWS Really? Are they Truly “jews” aka Isrealites of old?…NO!

                  Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.”

                  — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3 (the writer is obliquely referring to the true history of the Eastern European Ashkenazim, or Khazars).

                  Jew Goals…

                  “In everything, we are destroyers — even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”

                  — Maurice Samuel,
                  “You Gentiles,” page 152, 155 and 147.

                  DOES U.S.SENATE KNOW that the NWO is really a JWO(jew world order)?…YES!!! Heres PROOF!

                  “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

                  — Jewish International Banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they created the Federal Reserve act at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also later formed the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

                  “THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

                  –Edward Louis Bernays, “Propaganda” 1928. Jew Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud.

                  WHY DID GERMANY SO HATE JEWS?…

                  “Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.”

                  – Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well-known leader of the
                  Jews of Bukovina,wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung (September 1933).

                  So WHAT Can American Patriots Do?

                  Ask yourself this: What if you discovered a poisonous and criminal letter targeting you, but somehow everyone attacked you for merely bringing it up — would that make any sense? They’ve turned everything so around in our own countries (not just America), that Whites now literally fear opening their mouths to each other.

                  These people have long been in a silent race war against the White race and Christianity — no question about it. They just don’t want you to figure that out. This has got to change — will you have the courage to speak out about these subversive people?

                  Frankhen, I hope this post of PROOF will cause you to WAKE-UP.

            • We pay you guys to watch your fire and check your targets. Last I checked, your potential death is part of the job description. You don’t like that (I don’t)… then get another job.

              This is vile.

              Who’s the terrorist now, assholes? If people started showing up to gun ranges with targets depicting politicians you’d shit a fucking brick and get the FBI up their ass in like 5 seconds.

              So then why are you doing the same thing to us?

              Fucking just do it already.

              Do it.

              Quit nibbling on the barrel, bitches. Pull the fucking trigger if you got the sack for it. You keep tiptoeing right up to it in an effor to intimidate. Screw you. Do it.


              • The LAPD has twice shown us what yellow-bellied “risk their lives every day” cowards they are—once when they barricaded themselves in their hidey holes during the LA Riots and recently when they shot 2 women, missed a skinny white guy, and “burned the M$^#@r F#$*&^r down.”

                Those guys can’t even take a tinkle unless they have a few dozen armed men for backup and drive to the bathroom in an armored car.

                Why should we think LAPD is different from any USA PD?

          • We have all seen the picture of Obama skeet shooting, surely some young computer genius could use a little trickery and make that pic look threatening and then distribute it free to all the gun ranges. That would be a hoot. Maybe have targets with all the offending thugs made and distributed freely for all to share. Wouldn’t that send a message?

            • Good luck with that to the dolt that does it. You’ll go to jail.

              • …as you should.

                • Are you stoned? Why should someone go to jail for using a picture of Obummer, Holder, or any of the others who comprise the administrations gang of thugs as a target for practice at the range. God, talk about overly sensitive. You are a fu*#ing moron!!!!!!!!

                  • I wish.

                    The Secret Service will consider it a threat against the president. No, they didn’t when Bush was president, but like I said, good luck with that.

                    BTW, suck my fat dick. Imagine that, an 03 accusing a 40 of being a moron. Dont make me laugh idiot.

                • We’re not going to jail, brody. We’s gots first class tickets to Kamp Fema!

                  Don’t hate cuz we signed on early!

                  Besides, you’re not to late for the new gold plated triple six watches FREE from the Goobments! It’s like an Obamy Phone only differant! Gots G. P. S. an everythan. YAY!!!

                • IDIOT response from an IDIOT!

                  • To Not so Much…..
                    Why are you so intent on having everyone suck your big dick! You are disgusting and have nothing helpful or useful to anyone but yourself. You are a hate monger and have no business commenting in this form. I hope you are the first to pay for you stupidity. Whatever that may be.

                  • Because you;re the expert on idiots? idiot. Put your money where your mouth is idiot. Go to a range with an Obama poster and shoot at it. You’ll get busted and you WILL be suckin someone’s dick.

                  • I love that word. Hate monger. It’s usually used by leftards. Why would you be offended by me saying suck my fat dick? That’s what you leftards are all about.

          • They should add


            It could be a picture of Obama wearing military uniform

            • It should be Obama wearing anything, just so it is him!

          • I’m sorry but all of the targets are holding guns, why wouldn’t you shoot. Have you ever been in combat or shot at? When your ass in on the line get back to me as to what you do and want do to save it. I had a 10 yr old point an AK 47 at me he could have shot me anytime lucky he didn’t. So only talk of things in which you know about. The real world is not like Red Dawn or Call Of Duty.

            • You are obviopusly the “I was only following orders” type.

              • Go to a combat zone and you will find out real fast what you will do to save your butt. I don’t care who’s shooting at you or for what reason you will fight back or die. It’s that simple. You could be walking down the street at home and a child starts firing rounds at you what will you do? Just stand there and die. Like I said talk of things in which you know of because for us who had been there we know what’s its like to have to fight for our life, or die. Get out of the bunker once in a while

                • @ Anonymous: A mother’s nursery is your combat zone? An old man’s library? A playground with children and mothers protecting them? Just exactly who are your working for in this scenario in which you must defend yourself? Seems like you should be asking why you’re there in the first place if you are a human being that works for DHS.

            • Because they’re fucking civilians?

              And you’re paid to protect civilians?

              And part of your job description is to die rather than fuck that up?

              This isn’t Que-Son or some shit. If you’re at war, ok fine, weapons free. Shoot whatever’s packing as long as it’s not your own.

              Are you telling me we’re at war?

              • Ok it’s fair to say most of you would not shoot grand dad in the park even if his had a shotgun pointed at you or even if his shot a round at you. Fine with me your life.

            • @Just saying: I think the point here is “if you have to shoot at one of these’targets’ to defend yourself, imagine why they are holding the gun in the first place. A pregnant mother in a nursery? You defending yourself in there? Why? A young mother on the playground with her child? Why are you defending yourself there? Get a grip already.

              • No kidding, there is no reason to be in a F**kn nursery in the first place. Wait for the moment to apprehend someone. What happened to waiting till someones guard is down.

            • Just Saying: If anyone has a gun pointed at you-they’re a valid target. The thumbs down are from all the Mall Ninjas and Armchair Generals who’ve never had to carry a gun as part of their job. Another word for these folks is, umm, let’s see, wait a minute – oh yeah PUSSIES! Pussies who’ve never had to face anything more dangerous than a video game or maybe, a real paper target. How daring of them!

              • Mall Ninjas ?? Armchair Generals ??

                How about citizens – who seem to be protecting themselves from some threat !!

                Would that threat be a gooberment goon ??

                Break into my house and if you live long enuf, I’ll definately be a “valid target” for ya !!

                • quick: maybe yes, maybe no. Since you’re the one that’s got a gun pointed at you, you must decide what to do. Me, if someone, anyone, for whatever reason is pointing a gun at me, I’m shooting. I’ve carried a gun for many many years. If anyone points at me and I can shot back, I will. You speak like someone who’s never been in that position, so yes, you’re a mall ninja. Playing video games doesn’t hack it pal.

                  • @??? – You’re missing the whole point, American military and law enforcement officers are now training to shoot AMERICAN CITIZENS — IN AMERICA — IN NORMAL SURROUNDINGS.

                    If that doesn’t scare the shit out of you, then there’s no hope for you.

                    Every single one of the targets is of a normal American defending himself on his own turf.

                    It’s the context.

                    They’re not on a battlefield somewhere. They’re in their homes, on playgrounds, etc.

                    They are preparing for door-to-door sweeps like they’re doing in Iraq & Afghanistan now.

                    Think about it.

            • You state this isn’t call of duty and I agree.
              This is also not Iraq. 10 year old kids shouldn’t be running around with AK-47’s. And if you choked and couldn’t pull the trigger than it’s on you Sir.
              On that note I believe those that come onto a forum and “brag” about what you’ve done really amount’s to the lack of institutional knowledge you have on the subject.
              I refuse to get in a pissing contest but you’re most likely not the big dog here so quit trying to rip on everyone’s comments. If you disagree then have an educated debate about the subject.
              Leave Iraq in Iraq and worry about the present and future and quit with the “I’VE BEEN TO WAR” bullshit. Nobody cares

            • Yeah that granny pic in her bathrobe in her kitchen is a combat zone LOL or the pregnant woman in her own nursery, Why were they there? Why did these women have guns in thier own homes drawn? who was in their house making them feel the need to have their guns drawn?

              Remember this explanation?


          • Anyone remember that the FBI used to use John Dillinger? My what changes. We have cone along way down a bad road to get to this point.

        • ANYONE THAT WOULD SHOOT AT THESE TARGETS IS A SICKO BASTARD. Anyone that would shoot at that picture of that child could go into ANY school yard and murder a bunch of children, in fact they could gun down a toddler. You just CANNOT shoot at these targets without having a totally warped, perverted, and absolutely evil mind and spirit. F YOU to whomever made up these target posters, I hope you die from some disease like that strep flesh eating bacteria from swimming in some contaminated lake or get you go over to Africa and catch some filo-virus; Marburg or Ebola. You sickos evil demonic creeps that would ever even think of shooting a little child, even with a firearm, deserve to suffer in hell.

          • Now say that when a “live” pregnant woman holds you up, trying to steal your food from your family after you “Feel Sorry for her” and let her in during a crisis. Are you not going to shoot some little shit who brings a gun to school to copycat Columbine, Virgina Tech, or Sandyhook? Are they so innocent then? The classic adage applies “There is an EXCEPTION to every rule” Yes it’s sad, yes its horrible, but ask yourself truthfully, Would I let a pregnant woman kill my family and I because she is pregnant? Would I let an old man who used to be a sex offender talk his way into my camp after crisis hits to murder me then rape, murder and eat my children? Reading too much into the picture? Are you sure? Why do we shoot at “Live image” targets anyway? For training right? Now, how many of you have shot at images of police, The President, your ex-spouse, or a nondescript guy holding a gun on a poster? What is the difference? Shoot the threat, hesitate and die, simple as that… If you don’t like the targets don’t fucking buy them! Vote your conscience by closing your wallet, don’t tell me I can’t have them simply because you don’t like them. Kind of like the argument anti-gun asswipes use for their fears. knock it off and grow up!

            • Lost In The C.R.C.,

              You are correct, purchasing such targets is entirely voluntary. But the question that is begging to be asked is, what kind of society has this become where we are so comfortable with violence that we can use targets depicting pregnant women and elderly people in domestic settings?

              Targets depicting terrorists strapped with explosives and hijackers is one thing, but this??? To call it distasteful is a gross understatement.

              For the first time since I’ve been shooting I can agree with ranges which prohibit these types of targets. If people want to practice with these in the privacy of their own private shooting range that’s fine. Otherwise I for one don’t care to see it at a public range.

              • Yes, the depravity of the society we live in is growing ever worse, like a cancer of the collective conscience. However, at what point do we stop mitigating other people’s freedoms for the sake of compliance to personal exception? Freedom has limits? These are pieces of paper with nothing more than un-living images upon them, yet God fearing people who demand the Constitution is a manifest of rights bestowed by Him pick and choose what parts they adhere to and which parts they ignore. Hey, that’s EXACTLY what anti-gun nutjobs, tree-hugging environmentalists, and corporate pandering Elitists do!

                For example;

                Video games CAUSED people to kill. Those who have played video games cannot guarantee they will not chose to kill based on an irrational fantasy they fabricated in their own mind, and all have been mentally ill before the advent or participation in said game. So lets ban all questionable media because I don’t like it, and it scares me…

                Now remove the words “video” and “game” and replace with “guns”. What you have is the manifesto of Anti-gun zealots that do not see EVERYTHING CAN BE USED TO KILL! Everyone has the capacity to kill, and whether you CHOOSE TO KILL is a personal choice, which YOU should be held accountable for, not a picture, not a movie and most certainly, not a game. The prime integer in this equation is nobody takes PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the stuff they CHOOSE TO DO! Stop being self-appointed morality police, and hypocratizing to the beliefs you say you regard. Stop throwing the 1st Amendment under the bus to promote the 2nd…

                • Lost In The C.R.C.,

                  >>”Stop being self-appointed morality police, and hypocratizing to the beliefs you say you regard. Stop throwing the 1st Amendment under the bus to promote the 2nd…”<<

                  Explain exactly how I attempted to throw the First Amendment under the bus?

                  Nowhere in my post did I attempt to impose my sense of morality on you. My opinion is just that, an opinion. You don't like it, then disagree with it and move on, but don't give me that 'morality police' B.S. That's a pathetic attempt to stifle someone else's opinion.

                  At least I still have a moral compass intact which is more than I can say for most! No one tries to stifle your first amendment right, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.

                  In my post I went so far as to agree with you that while the targets are abhorrent and offensive, they are perfectly legal. Not once did I suggest the targets should be illegalized. Correct? Your accusation of hypocrisy is invalid on its face. You don't like people taking a moral stand on issues, well, that's too bad. I will state my opinion when and how I see fit.

                • Let’s not overlook the fact that these targets are being supplied to the TPTB cronie agencies, not just being used for the “fun” of it.

                  Molon Labe

                • @Lost In The C.R.C. – You, too, miss the point. It’s the fact that our own government is using photos of normal citizens — IN THEIR HOME ENVIRONMENTS — as shooting targets.

                  The point is WHY IN THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THIS?

                  The only rational answer — we’re about to be attacked by our own government — in our own homes — and our Dear Leaders want to be sure that our military — each of whom is sworn to uphold the Constitution — will kill us without hesitation or remorse.

                  Don’t you see what is happening here?

                  If you can think of another explanation, then, by all means share it.

              • YH- Well said. Terrorist have used delayed people, downs syndrome people, women etc as suicide bombers. I think most people on this site could think about a number of difficult scenerios without shooting a target deplicting a pregnant lady.

            • Hey….I agree completely.

              Here’s one for you….maybe you could buy some targets with folks wearing a yellow Star of David or a pink triangle on their sleeve. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

              (I need a sarcasm emoticon here)

              Get a clue moron and try to understand what is happening here.

              This issue here isn’t about whether or not a company has right to sell such a product….or even about you having the right to buy it.

              The issue is the mindset of certain branches of our government that evidently are gearing themselves up to shoot pregnant women, children and the elderly without hesitation.

              We have entered the world of the surreal….a nightmare really….that has very much the characteristics of that in Germany of the early 1930’s.

              This time…..the ones they wish to dehumanize are conservatives, gun-owners, middle-class, everyday working folks….those who used to be considered the very backbone of this country.

              It’s all part of the globalist agenda…and it’s a key ingredient in the Kenyan’s plan to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”

              The Kenyan bastard can’t do that until all opposition is neutralized. And to do that, you have to desensitize the goons you send out to implement your plans.

              • My above post was for C.R.C.

              • Eloquently spoken, Walt. You got 2 thumbs up from me, don’t ask how.

              • Correct! its not the targets its the mindset behind the target…notice the moronic thought process that some have…its okay to put a kid on a target BUT you should go to jail for putting a pic of the marxist pervert or one of his buddies on a target…Well they want to play mind games they gotta expect reciprication!

            • I

              AM NOT

              A LEO


              If someone pulls on me and says “I’m going to kill you right here right now” yes, I don’t care who they are.

              UNLESS I’M A LEO.

              FUCKING SORRY.

              Get another job if this REALITY does not appeal to you!!


              Now if you have a picture of a kid with a gun pointing the gun at other kids… ok different story there.

          • Tell it like it is brother!!

          • Be informed,

            Any psychopath who would shoot and kill a pregnant woman should be doused in kerosene and barbecued in his own sauce. I wouldn’t waste a bullet on that kind of scum. We don’t need that sort of vermin running around free in a civilized society.

            That may seem extreme, but we seem to be in extreme times, and at some point we may have to communicate with the bastards in a language they understand. Just my opinion.

            • yeah no kidding ammo is getting expensive, kerosene is probably the cheaper way to go

              • VRF,

                Ammo is definitely expensive, if you can find it.

          • BeInformed, et al. : This is a poorly written article that suffers from a form of logical fallacy called ‘begging the question’. It assumes that because the supplier is making these new targets that the agencies that it has supplied with other targets will also buy these. Read the article again. The article say nothing about any agency buying any of these new targets. It is merely implied that these agencies will buy them but it is far from a foregone conclusion that they will buy them. Then the writer throws in a bunch of other data not directly related to buying targets in the hope of muddying the waters so that the the reader will ‘buy’ his very shakey premiss that these targets will be, or are about to be, bought buy the various agencies. See how easy it can be to get people to belive something, not by presentation of facts, but by mere implication. Now does this mean that one or more LEO agencies won’t buy these in the future; no. But none have bought them as of yet. And there is the difference. A very slippery, and therfore, untrustworthy article. If anyone does buy these targets, then it’s time to worry.

            • That’s called connecting the dots. Would you like a list?

              1) DHS demonizes anyone that believes in the Constitution, Ron Paul supporters, preppers, gun owners, veterans and on down the line.

              2) NDAA provision to allow detainment without charges or trial of Americans.

              3) Drone strikes on Americans overseas has already happened and the next obvious precedent is for that to happen on American soil.

              4) DHS is buying up rounds of ammo in the order of Billions.

              5) Drills happening across the country in real urban environments using the military in conjunction with law enforcement, and of course, DHS attends the party as well.

              6) We all know how it went down after Katrina and only have half the story, which are disgusting enough.

              7) Congress passing a bill to have 30,000 drones flying in American skies.

              So when the author states all these things, the logical conclusion is that there would be a demand for these by DHS to further desensitize agents in placing rounds on such targets. He never says they ordered them, true. The inference of demand is there and that the manufacturer is all too ready to provide them.

              The fact these types of targets even exist is rather disturbing. The facts stated above would clearly show high potential for these targets to be purchased by DHS. You can bet on people paying close attention to DHS purchasing records for these targets as well. That is the real purpose of this article, to get the reader to keep an eye on what DHS is ordering.

              If you play Chess, do you not make moves in preparation of checkmate? Does the opponent not eventually see these moves after several leading moves of the plan have been made? If possible to detect and prevent further moves can be made by the opponent, is it not logical to do so? Sorry Professor, I totally disagree with your argument.

              • I highly recommend that everyone watch End of America; the author Naomi Wolf does a great job at showing the pattern our leaders use to destroy our freedoms.

                I believe a similar version of her speech is on YouTube.

                We are at war…and I highly recommend that everyone start gearing up and getting things in order.

                This isn’t going to be like some movie or video game; it will be amongst us, between us and will ultimately divide us.

                Long live the Republic.

                Your Canadian friend.

              • JoeRepublic: or is it Joe Sixpack? You have a very simple but pranoid mind. Seeing things and then making imaginary connections is the sign of either very vivid imagination or a serious delusion. One is cute, the other is dangerous. I’ll keep this as simple as possible Joe since most Americans are easily distracted. They are being offered. Nothing in that article says that anyone is buying them YET. Will someone; perhaps. Just because something is offered does not mean that it will be bought. Many companies have lost fortunes, and some even went out of business, trying to sell things that no one wanted. There are a few small books in marketing and business that list the thousands of failures that never made past the warehouse door. The Ford Edsel is probably your most famous failure. It cost the company millions. Oh, and by the way, your chess analogy falls short. You’re giving far too much credit to your leaders, all of whom can barely play your backwoods checkers, let alone anything as sophisticated as chess. Tah tah Joseph.

                • Sure buddy, you really try hard at feeble arguments and the belittlement of opposing opinions. As I said, the purpose of the article is not to say DHS is buying these items, it is to provoke the reader into keeping track of what DHS is buying and that this item offering may soon be on the list. There is no “begging the question” to it. Your rebuttal is a moot point, yet again.

                  Your kind has been making one failed attempt after another to control and subjugate the world. This time will be no different. There are far more of “us” than there are of “you”. There are many of “us” working right under your noses that pretend to be one of “you”. When you decide to spring your trap, you’re going to find out it is you that has been trapped by your own arrogance and hubris.


                  • JoeSixpack: I never said otherwise. These targets have not yet been bought, only that they were for sale. The way in which the article was constructed was to imply that they were being bought by the mere mention that they currently supplied other targets leading the writer to the false conclusion that they (DHS) would also buy these. Thanks for proving my point, finally! It took you long enough. There’s still hope for you. Again, thank you seeing the logic of my argument.

                  • @ Higgins (AKA Groom of the Stool)
                    You really think you’re clever don’t you? There is at no point in the article saying any such thing. You’ll drone on and on about making a non issue point and scoffing at the entire purpose. I never proved your point, never agreed with your point, because agreeing about something that simply does not exist is a non argument. You’re argument is that the article is disingenuous and deceptive. It’s not.

                    Facts have been presented, it’s the reader’s job to do the rest. Again, nice try you mental midget. Your point is absent legs.

                    Keep wiping the Queens ass you pedantic cunt.

                • There is no market for these targets outside of LE, you are being obtuse.

                  • Joe Republic: looks like this Professor has got under your skin. Without actually saying it he’s called you the mental midget so many times it’s not funny. So you’re a little late to the game pal. Maybe because you spend too much time with your head in the toilet bobbing for turds because of all your toilet talk. Guess that makes you his turd-tard!! And he’s done it without using bad language like you and me. The winner is the Professor by a knock out!

            • A similar “begging the question” is to say because people have guns they are murderers. Then to outlaw various guns.

              Yet another “begging the question” in the article is to point out a non-military department is buying assault weapons. This is especially begging the question because such guns are being “begged” away from the citizenry.

              So, the logic fallacy is actually when one does not observe the transitive property. Because these targets exist, there is a high likliehood there is a market. Yes, if one could get access to FOI to determine the buyer, this would complete the hypothesis; but, when you see a broken twig on the trail, you have a fair chance to know some animal pased through. Only an animal would make, or buy, such targets.

            • “””This is a poorly written article that suffers from a form of logical fallacy called ‘begging the question’.”””

              The only logical fallacy would be to believe these targets have not been preordered by unknown agencies long before they were ever made.

              A normal for profit corporation is not going to develop or produce ANYTHING that has not already shown a demand, meaning they can be sold for a profit.

              Another logical fallacy will be the excuse trainees are given when ordered to fire at the “practice targets”. I know if I was a soldier I would refuse to participate in ANY exercise that would require me to shoot a child even if it is just a picture.

              There are some mighty big idiots in the world who will believe whatever justification is given them. And participate because they believe their uniform makes it right.

              The shall rightfully suffer an eternity of hell, so at least they are only temporarily a problem to me.

              • Why do the posters only show Caucasian people? If the purpose is to truly help “law enforcement” train , why would not all races, forms of dress be represented?

              • Prof Higgins: Take a break from your Butler job on Magnum PI tv show, and Read this statement by Israel Cohen.

                Is This what you mean as Proof?…Proof it IS an Anti white plan that began 100 yrs ago!…ps Cohen is in England when it was written. A Kommie Jewboy brit! One of your ilk perhaps? As you read his statement or, excerpt from his 1912 Book, keep in mind how often and non stop we all have heard His kind(jews) Incesantly Cry and Whine about “antisemitizim” and “Racisim” always. Whos the Real racist?…Read Cohens stuff, then decide.

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his ‘A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).’ Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559.”

                NOTE: His Kommie Process= Use white guilt to convince whites, especially white Women to make Mixed race babies(black/brown-anything besides white babies so in a couple generations whites will self exterminate or, self-genocide the white race from existence).

                NOTE#2: Cohens other related Plans were to get his Kommie pals elected to High positions in usa fed govnt(us senate-whitehouse-us reps us supreme ct, which now has 1/3 or 3 of 9 justices that are jewish/liberal/Kommies. Yet they represent just 1.5% of total population in usa).

                NOTE#3: Once such high offices wer filled by Kommies poseing as repubs and dems, Cohen proposed they Change Laws so to Force all Whites to Only be leagally allowed to marry a NON-white spouce, to assure a final end to the white race. This evil nefarious plan of the kommie Jew Cohen was also slated to be used in every white nation and for the same goals as his “american” plans!

              • Gods Creation: You use words you clearly do not understand, like logic. Logic relies on facts, yet you jump right in in your first paragraph and say that the only logical fallacy would be to believe blah, blah, blah . Belief requires faith, not facts. So you are jumping from logic right into faith in the span of a few words. I know that logic is not a strength that many Americans possess, nor an understanding of business. Your statement that items are not produced without first being a demand is, without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous things I’ve see on this site. There was never a clamour for the automobile or the television. They were invented and then offered to the public along with some very clever advertising to entice folks. The same goes for every invention because they existed only in the minds of the inventor, not the general public. You have gotten the cart before the horse. If your assertion was correct then why did folks reject the Ford Edsel if, according to ‘your so-called logic/belief’ there was such a demand for it? Business history is full of failures such as the Edsel, but like most Americans, you read too little and don’t even know your own history. Your lack of logic is obvious. So today you get failing grade.

            • When trying to explain things to most Americans, at least the ones on this site, I should have brought my crayons. You can’t even follow a logical argument without getting frustrated and angry at your own inability to comprehend what the rest of the western world easily understands. How utterly simple minded can you seven thumbs down possibly be. This is why Americans are the laughing stock of the world. Not only are you physically flabby but you’re mentally soft as well. You consistently rank below the bottom in math, science, and geography, even when compared to much poorer countries. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world is leaving you in their dust economically and intellectually. You are fast becoming what you were two centuries ago: a quaint backwoods place full of illiterate savages. It’s only a matter of time before your nation desolves into smaller factions and will be partially taken over by other countries such as Mexico and China. I would suggest that you take up one of these languages to serve your new masters but many of you don’t seem to have the mental capacity for it. Tah tah all.

              • Ah yes, and the true colors of this member of the 3575 shines through. When presented with an actual debate, he folds and resorts to name calling. Nice try pal, but we’re not convinced.

                • JoeRepublic/Sixpack: What debate are you babbling about? None was offered, at least not one that resembled anything an adult would recognize. Please present any FACTS you have. Not assertions, assumption, beliefs, and other such nonsense that cannot be proven by independent verification from a reliable source. If you can do that, we’ll talk. Otherwise, run along and continue playing with your crayolas.

              • Go troll somewhere else. No one is buying your pseudoscientific moral superiority. Go socialize yourself

                • Anonymous@1174380: My, my, wasn’t that just a pithy retort.

              • prof you are so full of shit it aint funny. You claim no proof etc…yet I posted an eaxct excerpt from a book wrote in 1912 that outlined the Very agenda happening now and for some time prior but “Hidden” untill due to internet its easy to discover what was hidden peior.

                Yet you totally ignore the Obvious and Truths and Facts because like ALL kommies and liberals, especially them acedemics prof types as you are are Unable to admit you are wrong ever. So you create a strawman argument, and go off on different issues. All to Avoid admitting we are correct.

                You cannot lable Isreal Cohen as an antisemitewhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews, because He is a jew!…So….You ignore evidence and switch topics.

                Well I for one wont waste anymore time or words to reply or counter your bullshit. Are you Related to alan colmbs by any chance?….Or Rosie Odonnal?…You sure sound alot like them. Kommie Liberals= Mentally deranged and Unable to ever Admit when wrong regardless of any proof etc.

              • Prof Higgins – A supposedly educated man as yourself delving into personal attacks and generalizations such as “you people?” How utterly contemptible. Now go back to the MSNBC website and like Sgt Schultze’s boots some more.

                • MXLord327 and A.M.: TV is for simpleminded cretins like you with subpar IQs. If either of you had more than a few ounces of brains you could have followed my original message. All the article said was that a company that supplies various agencies with targets is now OFFERING these new targets. There is nothing in that article above that says anything about any agency buying them, only that they are being offered. But with you short attention spans your weak little minds couldn’t even figure this out. Is it any wonder that your country is being taken over by more intelligent foreigners. We’ve taken many key positions in your universities, various government posts, and many large corporations. So go back to your beer drinking, tv watching, sad little lives with no meaning while we continue to take over. Never did we think it would be this easy. Thanks to you, it will done without a shot fired. You’ll merely wake up one day in a country we control. By controlling your food water, and electricity, you’ll do as we wish-period!

                  • The Prof outs himself as a fuckin Zionist Bolshevik Kommie Jew because he gloats on HIS folks has infiltrated and taken over Key positions of politics-univ’s-msm-big buisness.

                    NOBODY and NO Other group has done this besides Jews. Period. And to all them idiots who incessantly defend jews because some stupid Preacher has them convinced jews can do no harm or wrongs etc..BEFORE you Waste Your time Posting Unquestionable defense of jews…READ that PROOF of how devious zios and bolshevik Kommie Jews truly are.

                    My PROOF and from the Jews OWN WORDS are close to the TOP of This section of comments…OR Remain a dumbed down Blind supporter of such filthy Evil people like the “good” professor seems to be.

                    He cannot make strawman arguments Nor can he call me an antisemite since all I posted was WRITTEN BY and ABOUT Jewsih people!…Can’t call jews antisemitic eh.

                    READ what They say about Themselves then ask yourself a question…WHO are the TRUE Kommie ENEMYS of America, and Especially WHITE America? scroll UP its there,near the Top!

              • Me thinks he doth protest too much. I’ll take my “hillbilly” education and common sense approach, anyday, over an ideolgical, over-educated, idiot, liberal.

                Most professors are educated way beyond their intelligence anyway.

                • Don’t Tread: Well well, aren’t we just the clever boy. And where do you think you’d be without over-educated folks? you know, the kind that discover stuff like antibiotics, and invent new medical procedures and equipment. You, or some one you care about, would be dead that’s where. And the rest of you would be wallowing in squalor living hand-to-mouth without all of the modern conveniences like electricty and refrigeration, and things of that nature provided by over-educated people. It’s folks like you who are the idiots. And it will a better world when we can breed the stupidity out of you, or let you die out. Either one is just as good.

                  • Professor Higgins. Which I doubt! Your right, we have become the laughing stock of the world, and have fallen behind third world countries, in math,science and geograph. But would you expect anything less, with 95% of Professors being Liberals, and Government Shool teachers being trained by those very Professors. You may breed, but I doubt that you can reproduce. Trekker Out.

                  • Boy? Let me show you, my boy. My boys fill up a lard can with 10 inches swingin’ in the middle, and enough hair on my ass to weave a small Indian blanket. I’ll bet you squat when you pee.

                    My ancestors, that came over in the mid 1600’s from England; that help to build this America, didn’t have all those modern conveniences and they faired well enough to make an offspring like me. I can fair just fine without them too. How about you? Feeling clever?

                  • Don’t Tread: Why do you feel the need to mention your sex organs? Are feeling threatend or just inadequate? Either way, I have no interest in your nether regions because I am, it would seem, unlike you, a heterosexul. Since you mentioned the subject of modern living, just how many of them have you given up? None, because despite your claim to the contrary, your gonands are must be the size of beebees. You don’t have the stones to leave any of this behind on your own so stop bragging like you will, it’s all bluster and you know it. Some pretty tough talk from another flabby American who drives everywhere rather than walking or bicycling. Tah tah, fatboy!

                  • Don’t Tread: I’ve shown you ‘genital respone’ with some of the faculty in the school of pyschology and they all agree: you harbour latent sexual desires for people of learning, both male and female. In your message to me they deem it to be an agressive homo-erotic fantasy since I am a male. Perhaps caused by some minor gender confussion or feelings of inadequacy in the presence of someone you subconsciously consider superior to you in some way. In my case that would be my intellect. The common term for this display towards me would be “A Man Crush”. No one is saying you’re gay, just that you’re acting out in hostile way because you feel threatened. Nothing to be ashamed of old boy. Just don’t let it become a habit or obsession which could require therapy.

                • Angelo M: You are an amazing creature. One who functions with so little brain matter as to make it inconsequential. I am Irish ancestory. My forebearers were Catholics, not Jewish. So this Jewish thing is something you’ve fabricated in your itsy bitsy little brain. Nor am I a communist. I have never subscribed to their philosophy. I am however a member of the Green Party which is a mix of capitalism and socialism. So that charge is yet another fabrication of your diseased mind. You really are quite unstable as to imaigne things that I’ve never said, or even hinted at. These things you’ve said about me only exist in that paranoid world of yours. You are truly a sad and angry little thing. People like you should not have access to any firearms and I hope that laws are passed to insure that you and others like you must submit to a serious psychiatric exam before you’re allowed to own anything more dangerous than a blunt pair of scissors.

            • Yeah, the created them because there’s such a high demand from the public for “little girl” and “pregnant woman” targets.



              • Exactly what I was thinking, businesses often create a product with no demand and no business plan for distribution. Happens all the time!!!

            • Hey professor . Very clever deduction,you caught it!!! I will now refer to you as Professor (SPOCK) Higgins with all due respect to the title,assuming you are one? now if we as a group,can start to think like that(logically)
              We will see things much different perspective.

            • Ah.

              They got me the bastards.

              Good point.

              I need to fine tune my reading comprehension skills it appears.

              Thank you , Sir.

          • Someone should start a FOI to DHS and find out if they bought these targets, how many, and what type (if they bought the kid target, it could be devastating PR). Also, why no Black people targets. Do they not get violent, or do cops not hesitate to shoot them?

            • Yeah, not all cops are white, so it’s kinda “funny” that their targets are all white.

              “No more hesitation – kill the white people”, eh? Can’t have any more of those white babies, and those old white guys are probably right-wing anyway, huh?

              • It would not be “politically correct”…


                Wait the hell a minute… 0_o!!

            • Big Dog: After the professor’s thing I went back over it and it didn’t say anything about anyone buying these, only that they were being offered. Big difference.

            • Check out my link above.

          • @bi
            “you just cannot shoot at these targets without having a totally warped, perverted, and absolutely evil mind and spirit.” i believe with that section of your post you just described the mindset of the usa gov’t & elites… this should be no surprise to anyone, the first step in killing your enemy is to make them out to be less than human…the working class/working poor or what ever you want to call those of us making under 60,000.00 per year are no longer needed and are now just in the way of the elites getting every last piece of property, every last bite of food, every last ounce of water and last but not least, every damn last penny that there is to have…the three classes of people in the new and improved usa, those that have, those who are slaves to those that have, and those who dont have who will be forced to fight among themselves for the few resources left to forage for…ps: they wont need as many slaves as they use to so openings are limited for that class…so get in line early.

            • Disgusting & very disturbing.

              This is pouring kerosene on the flames of the worst type of mental depravity, and actively pulling out the darkest part of the pysche into active service.

              So many kinds of wrong it beggars belief. No police officer or other public servant with any kind of conscience would agree to train with these products. Sadly all the decent ones will be running to take voluntary redundancy or early retirement – stuff the pension. In doing so sadly the population will be left at the mercy of Mengele’s babies.

              Any shades of grey morally are being eradicated. Truth or lies, Humanity or Monster. The lines are no longer in the sand but instead are as broad and deep as the Grand Canyon.

              • Hope they can retire to Gilligan’s Island then. Once you retire… well to quote Blade Runner “if you’re not cop you’re little people”. Mengele’s babies will not go around avoiding them because they’re ex-cop.

                Look this is how I understand it.

                If you are law enforcement, the hierarchy for survivability goes: maximum number of civilians – single civilian – the officer. In that order.

                If you have to shoot a single civilian to prevent the immediate death of 10 other civilians, you shoot.

                If you’re locked in a room with Charles Manson and no one else is there, and it’s him or you… guess what, it’s you.

                Again, if this does not appeal to you. Get. Another. Job.

                Who says that’s the case? YOUR BADGE. That’s who.

                • “Him or you” meaning… which one dies.

                  Single perp with a gun. Single cop with a gun. No one else in danger.

                  Cop attempts to diffuse the situation or dies trying. He don’t get to shoot. Sorry.

          • Be informed: I understand your outrage. I don’t disagree with your disgust. But take a moment to chill. This is but one of many signs of changes to come.

            We live in an era not unlike Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Please read Bonhoeffer’s book “Pastor, poet, martyr, spy” who detailed what happened from the inside. Then consider what actions are reasonable.

            We live in “interesting” times. I suspect economic calamity yet to occur will be the trigger to the next steps leading to marshal law. Hope I’m wrong.

          • You forget one important aspect of the targets in question… the backgrounds are NOT people coming your way. The targets are people doing their daily routines like playing at the park, in “their” own homes, etc. This is telling us that the gov’t is going to invade our space and try to kill us. You better wake up! Even las enforcement is being trained to beleive and tell us that guns are NOT defensive weapons but are instead offensive weapons!!! Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdqWI8HCNf8&feature=player_embedded and know that one day they will try to kill you and your family.

        • What would the government do that would incite such hostile reactions from children, the elderly and pregnant mothers which would facilitate law enforcement agencies training to mercilessly and robotically gun down children, babies and the elderly?

          Whatever is it it will be bad and the government knows they will be responsible and the people will try to hold them accountable.

          Notice there was not any 18-49 yr old males. Only they’re wives children and the elderly.

          Im not tryIng to Infer anythIng, just makIng an observatIon but are all white males 18-49 traditional threats now?

        • Can’t you just hear the outrage from the politicians if they saw poster targets of LEO’s
          floating around all the gun shows.
          Barbara Frankenstein, parading a target out of cop eating a donut in his cruiser?
          Or a couple of Feds harassing some home owner at their front door?
          Or maybe an rs agent with a subpoena in his hand?
          They wouldn’t like it at all.
          This just might be the most disturbing thing I have ever heard of OUR government
          So what do I see as I take another gander at these repulsive targets?
          -my very pregnant wife protecting herself and our baby from someone with nefarious
          Intentions. She has been chased back to the baby’s room which is even more
          Disturbing (I will admit that this target shocks me the most).
          -my grandfather protecting his home from from someone that intends to harm him
          or my grandmother.
          -My son protecting his empty home from invaders (maybe the same assholes that
          Shot my wife).
          -my older daughter protecting the younger ones from someone sneaking in the
          Back yard.
          -grandma!!!?? You f’ing pricks.
          -my beautiful daughter fending off attackers.
          -My dad in his library protecting himself and mom.
          The thought that these are now targets for a government organization
          makes me ill.

          • Notice NMH-3 and NMH-4 settings are in their homes. I need to order some so me and my thug gang buddies can get some NO HESITATION home invasion training on! I wonder if they can make some Stroller Infant with a Desert Eagle target. Never can tell what them strollers are packin some serious heat and I gots to draw down on em, homeboy! What? I’m Goobment and hears to helps yous.

            • Please note that none of these folks portrayed in the targets are making any use of cover. Americans figured out
              in the 1700’s that lining up toe to toe against the Red Coats was madness. I think that everyone here knows that a direct frontal confrontation will end badly. When it hist the fan, stay clear of open areas. If you can , stay in areas where you know the geography. The storm troopers will
              not know the area. There is nothing more dangerous that a
              person protecting what is theirs. Paid Armies have had their ass handed to them many times through history..by
              the local peasants , who would not back down. If they think that folks are going to line up in the Wally World parking lot……well good luck with that. Get some good
              topographic maps of the area(s) you plan to use. It is just like deer hunting. Know the choke points. Bridges, mountains, water, swamps, overlooks, etc. If you have google maps….look at it now. Print some hard copies of the areas you need to know. Know how to locate your caches if the topography changes. ( Like a fire burns the trees…or buildings) Learn how to navigate by compass…as they could shut GPS down….and it can be jammed as well.
              Montgomery County Texas

              • Kill house or shoot house live fire ranges. Training for no knock raids. Seems these targets are useful for “more realistic” dynamic invasion of homes. Dog eat Dog.

                Welcome to the Red list RandomTangent1957. I think I’ve been on it for a couple of years now.

                The Lord is Righteous.
                Standing by in Texas.

          • Slick – Sounds like a hell of a business opportunity there!!!

        • the powers that be are using this site as a collector of domestic terrorists…..SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS

          • psalm 23:4
            Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me.

          • Yes I’m sure they are. but only about 2-4% of the people who read this site, comment. Don’t know if they can get a list of people who just read it. I suppose so. I figure it this way, those of us that comment are just bait. They will come for us first, Those who read are observers.
            If the Gov respects the LAW, differing from what they have passed lately; we have no worries. The people on this site are no threat to anyone, that respects the constitution. We are the people who pay the taxes and make the country run. I they come for us the observers and the people they talk to will know, that will start the war.

            • @ Paranoid.

              We are doing our part right now. They may come for us but we educate others on this site while we can. In fact even with the outbursts of frustration we are very calm compared to othe sites commentary. Highly diverse, soul searching veiws. We are defensive and mildy aggressive knowing full well what the ramifications of our subject matter. Only when you reduce your fear can you be truly outspoken. I do have fear but I will make a stand when needed. Those that remain OPSEC should remember what is said here, for when we are gone any form of the truth is extinguished.



            • sorry i get carried away when im drunk

        • This is exactly why head-on confrontations are to be avoided. When you fight on your adversaries’ terms, you lose.

        • This better be a fucking joke!!!!

          Keep your powder dry,

        • Yes it is exactly that disgusting, and I looked up the company that makes them, Law Enforcement Targets Inc. I suggest we all send them a little note saying just how much we appreciate the work they do. They have a contact link on their site so its just a few mouse clicks. Please flood these asshats with your comments, they need to know how inflamatory these targets are, because apparently they dont understand the difference between non-traditional and downright evil.

          I hope its ok to rally the troops Mac but the more I think about this the sicker I feel.

        • Where are the black folks? Where are the Muslims? What about the Mexicans? Asians?

          Or is this a training mission against Whites? Again.

        • I heard this on Hagmann & Hagmann last night and it reallyu floored me, but now to see it…especially the pregnant woman and small boy it pisses me the F off more than I can even think straight to say anything.

          Are they just purposefully trying to piss us off beyond comprehension?

          • They are paper targets as vile as they are, made to get a reaction from certain people, no evidence of actual purchaces. Even if your Gov. ,patriot or even a zombie pulling the trigger it’s a big decision to pull the trigger on anyone. I for one I’m not looking at who’s behind the gun I’m looking at the aim point and do I have a chance. And yes I have been shot and hit, one arm and half is what I have left and will still defend my family from Gov. or zombies pointing a gun at me.

        • May the leaders of all this “EAT YARD CHOCOLATES AND DIE”

          • Yard Chocolates! LOL. Good one.

        • HA. two can play that game.. oh wait, I mean several million of us at least Will play that game.

          Dont start no crap wont be no crap. SEmper Fi. III

        • Not only are they planning to train with these “non-traditional targets” – I suspect this information has been purposely leaked out in order to intimidate people.

          Think about it – they are telling everyone that NOBODY is safe from their jack-booted thugs. Every person here can related to the targets. We either ARE the targets or the targets are someone we love.

          Releasing these pics was an enormous Psy-Op mindf***.


          • Well said Daisy!

          • Daisy, only a pansy would be scared or intimidated by this stupidity at this point. It donesnt faze me , i can assure you. it shouldnt faze any of you either.

            • What does faze me,
              is that the country that I was brought up to love has been turned into something other thhan what I had been told it was and what it stood for, It does affect me that we have allowed it to be hijacked by these political groups and that they are now trying to disarm and control us and are trying at every turn to take our rights from us and screw with us,
              I am not intimidated, but I am infuriated by this sort of training aid,,, if these are the sort of aids that DHS etc need to train, then there will be no holding back when the time comes,
              I will die a patriot.
              give me liberty or give me death.

          • Exactly, Daisy.

            Everyone, remember the game “Red Rover, Red Rover”?

            Yeah, we played it in elementary school. The Feds are still playing it.

          • it’s common standard cia fbi nsa mossad psyops o.p. operating procedure of cia trained terrorist insurgents of the cia mossad to terrorize attack kill the weakest of the opposition people communities … i.e. women children the elderly .

            it makes those who would oppose them , the men , cower and back down .

            this is just one more reason to take down the nwo njo zog unconstitutional fedgov stategovs .


          • Daisy

            I believe you are right. Never can I remember hoping so much that a person could be wrong.

            This is to step up the FEAR in the general population.

            However it may just backfire as now even the most pacifist natured soul will be ready to defend their most vulnerable family members. For most of us our home is our private sanctuary and safe haven.

            There’s an old saying taught to us in the school yard here in the UK “Never start a fight, but be sure you know how to finish one and walk away!”.

            For those who have the space, might I suggest keeping a small flock of geese? As an early warning system they are often more effective than dogs & come with the added bonus of spare ganders providing a slap up Xmas dinner for preppers. Geese can and will attack from land and air, and if handled often from goslings are very loyal to their owners.

          • Daisy,
            I agree with your assessment on the Psy-Ops intimidation
            factor, and with Ruby Ridge already being set as a real
            life precedent with teeth, I hardly think they’re trying
            to bluff us now!

        • desensitizing the hireling thugs to the idea of killing any American who stands for their individual rights

        • Repulsive. The government of the United States has declared war on it’s own citizens. The people just have not woken up to this news. Good Lord!

          Notice how all the targets are of non tax paying white individuals?

        • the first time they shoot one of us for real, there will be Patriots everywhere doing the same to them. “they” will not be safe anywhere. They think dorner was bad?????? Wait until there are hundreds out there doing that. I may need to pack some “different” items in my oh shit bag.

        • You guys all know pm’s better than I, so I want to ask………..what is going on? Gold has been dropping like a rock lately along with silver….but today gold is droppiong much faster than it has been the last month

        • The two mulatto gun smuggling fast and furious un-indicted felons are running an on-going psy-op on 100 million law abiding American gun owners. They are trying to freak us out, scare us and I think they are hoping to get us to blink first – and start doing illegal stuff.

          That’s why we keep seeing these big ammo purchase announcements, and these huge ‘personal defense weapons’ procurements and these black helicopter, Jackbooted Thugs in SWAT-NINJA Team attire drills in lots of cities and communities. They are playing a game of chicken with us, folks.

          Cass Sunstein’s disinfo and fear mongering campaign, all designed to spook us into giving up the fight.

          • It appears to be the case.

            I recognize self defense in immediate life threatening situations only. Keep trying though.

        • I agree these targets are DISGUSTING!

          It is very sad that our society has sunk to the level that they now make and will sell targets of pregnant women in the nursery, mothers and children on playgrounds, and elderly people in their homes.

          How shameful that the MSM chooses to remain silent on this.

          Yet, if these targets depicted dark skinned individuals or wearing Muslim style clothing … the MSM would be talking about it everywhere and the company that made them noted as racist and evil.

        • How about we make our own photo-realistic targets, starting with the most rabid of the gun grabbers. Make our own “Top Ten” list, wonder how that would go over on the range…

          And then this caught my eye:

          “The DHS also purchased no less than 7,000 fully automatic assault rifles last September, labeling them “Personal Defense Weapons.” ”

          – So, when can I get MY full auto “Personal Defense Weapons”?

        • Look at the skin color of all the targets…h-m-m-m…

        • These people who use these are simply worthless, vile, evil, mother phukkers!
          They need to be gotten rid of.

        • Note that at least three of these targets depict “threats” inside their home. The only way you would see such a “threat” is if you had already invaded their home. Exactly who is “hostile” here? Why would I listen to a government that is actively training to kill me?

        • Note that at least three of these targets depict “threats” inside their home. The only way you would see such a “threat” is if you had already invaded their home. Exactly who is “hostile” here? Why would I listen to a government that is actively training to kill me?

        • Anyone else notice that all the targets are caucasian?

      2. Why are they all white?

        • Exactly….why? Is this real? Is it disinformation to get us riled up? Or is it the new SOP….ANYONE with a gun is a target to be neutralized? Regardless of age? The implications of this is beyond the pale…..now they have gone too far.

          • @triggerman
            you raise good questions, thank you…i took an oath like many on this site did and still believe and will uphold same…this is all a bit strange, worked hard to get what i have, did my best not to hurt anyone in the process…did collect unemployment one time for 6 weeks so i guess that makes me a drain on society…have loved this country and thought i was a good citizen…always planned ahead for hard times and stored accordingly, believe in the constitution and bill of rights and abided by them…then one day, i woke up to find out that i am in all probability, in the group that the usa gov’t is going to declare across the board as fitting into the profile of a domestic terrorist.

            • OLDMAN
              give it up old man we sall know you are one your picture is up top holding a double barrell,,hell mine is the second one,,daisy is the one with the dark hair,,Bi and jog is in the back ground,,kymom cant figure which one you are all the rest your pics will be next,aint i a hamsome devil???
              we all knew crap like this was coming if its real,,


            • It figures it would be something like this, doesn’t it.

              I guess the whole “punishing savers at the expense of the blatantly irresponsible” should have been the wake-up call. I can’t see something like that ending any way other than badly.

          • I think, if these targets had been seen in a Follywood movie depicting a LE firing/training range scenario where it’s bad guys versus good guys targets, about 30 years ago; it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Leaning on the fact that these targets are considered “good guys”.

            However; in these times and with all the information we have of a goverment gone wild, it’s a pretty safe bet that these targets are offered as desenitizing tools for DHS armies’ training. It probably will come to “no holds barred” type of battles and anything the liberal anti-gun establishment can do to create more hatred and division is the norm of the day.

            It is sad to think about and accept, but just imagine how scary it will be for the sleeping sheeple when they are awakened with a gun in their face and they have a butter knife for protection. On the other end of that gun, is who? Bad guys,supposed good guys, or maybe just good guys gone bad. A scenario I won’t be facing, me holding a butter knife for protection.

            • i have a butter knife mounted on the muzzle of my black rifle. it’s a sharp sumbitch too!!

            • Problem is we have to sleep and go to work. hard to resist an organized well paid thuggery operating under the color of law especially when they get paid to be up all night and screw with people.

        • Why do you think Whitey?

          • I want to Thank Mac, and Mr.Watson for these target pictures and proof-links to whats going on.

            Because these pictures of ALL/ONLY white folks targets of fed gov etc, is the absolute best Vindication for me and several other fine patriotic posters here, who are constantly accused of being “Racists” due to the fact they we many times try to point out the facts to others.

            A famous quote often quoted is: “A Picture speaks a Thousand words”!…Yes it sure does!…These several picture-targets of Whites, only whites proves what we have been warnig of all along.

            That being it is an all out War against the white middle class portion, which Is the Backbone of what we here call Patriotic America. Of the sort that founded and invented this country.

            These target pictures need be shown on every MSM TV News show…Hannity-Piers Morgan!-Wolf Blitzer-etc…And in depth analysis spoken of what I am stateing here. This IS the best Proof as yet, that the feds gov along with cops everywheres, are training/Brainwashing/Indoctrinating a soon to eclipse all out War against WHITE folks Here on usa soil.

            And I do hope every single poster who(you know who you are!) always jumps at the oppertunity to chime in to Bash and lable several of us who attempt to Educate them, on the severity and truthfullness of what I am writing in This posting, will finally come to learn how factual and truthfull it is.

            I agree race based issues are a type of what some call Distastefull to be spoken of. Yes it would be real swell if none of it would ever need be discussed in public forms. But thats not a reality today, and such cowerdly thinking or actions can and Will lead to many otherwise innocent white patriots, and even avg citizen whites becoming lax, and remaining Unaware of the Real True Threats white folks today are facing.

            And the facts that it is our very Own fed govnt DHS etc et al, which Are the Main instigators and Perpretators of such an Incidious,Incindiary Evil againts primarily Whites, borders on Insanity.

            Today, Now, moreso than ever before this anti white racisim must be shouted from the proverbial Rooftops…Far and Wide across the land of America so that every single good solid white citizen of our nation is astutly and completely Forewarned.

            If anyone, after seeing these Tragets of White Folks and how it is the avg common white person, can still remain in their state of denaial, and continue to call me or any others willing to risk the name callings and lables of being called racists etc, wish to remain too stuborn to admit we are and Have been 100% correct on all these issues?…..Then I guess they are way past convincing and I am glad to know who to not waste anymore time on trying to educate or convince.

            I do not speak for any others that post here…But I got a good hunch that they too also feel about the same as I do. Either way, again…Thank You Mac, for this article and especially the picture-targets that not only Proves all what we have said…They Vindicate us like nothing else could! Angelo.

            • Angelo,
              Don’t know if you saw the latest ‘sensitivity training’ for USDA employees that made it on Fox…
              If you haven’t, you need to. It is basically an anti white bashing professor telling students we, white folks, are the invaders… we must ‘thank black folks’, the minorities should be called that anymore but ’emerging majorities’.
              I could go on, but, we don’t have a vomit icon…

              • Piper: Yes I did see it on hannity fox tv. You fogot to mention that asshole who teaches his video was Paid $20,000 fed cash for his “sensitivity training” program videos!

                Sensitivity training is code for Anti white racisim and brainwashing to swindle all, but Mainly whites, to fully accept Multicultic Diversity Tolerance crapola.

                The very fact they use the word “Tolerance” and that it is derived from the word “Tolerate” shows how assinine and wrong it truly is…For if a person Must Tolerate, regardless What or Who it is to tolerate, it simply means you agree to “Like” what otherwise you hate or despise or disagree with.

                Example= When a mother changes a baby’s diapers she must “Tolerate” the Stench. I Rejct such crap and refuse to tolerate liberal kommie promoted Stench of diversity training and multicultic brainwashings.

                If its so good a thing?…Why must everybody be “Trained” and “Forced” into “Tolerating” such anti white-Unnatural-nonsense?…If its so good it should be self evident and not need any form of swindled training forced upon folks eh.

                See My post below of this issue Piper. ALSO see the post I added Above, that Quote from Isreal Cohen’s(kommie in 1912 england) Book on his Plans to subvert americans whites And use blacks to destroy whites etc!

                Then look for many thumbs down on it by jew firsters and unquestionable defenders of such blatant Evil kommie crap as Cohens is!

        • Because generally if someone goes off their nut and starts shooting up the place, it’s a white liberal.

          • Larry: thats not entirely true nor acurate. If you research back to Columbine school shooters, and advance fwd to Batman movie and AZ us rep Giffords Shooters.

            You will find that a Majority, a Large majority of shooters were in fact jewsih. And while not always, they often refer to themselves as a Unique race, at other times its simply a different “religion” and then at times it is Both a race & religion.( but usually not as white libs).

            What I have Never yet seen nor heard being discussed anywheres(except a few websites wise to it all) is the Facts that while in the usa and on MSM, everything msm, we hear or see quite alot about the Bible and evils and also the Koran and its evils promoting “Jihad”.

            Yet whats never seen nor heard especially by Any forms of MSM’s is what does the jewsih Talmud teach? I will tell you what. The talmud has Many many verses made about “gentiles”(all Non jews are gentiles).

            Now keeping in mind how so many shooters were jewsih, and very likley raised on talmudic beliefs and Principals, here is just one single example out of Many that abound throughout the jewish holy books called Talmud.

            Rabbi#1 asks Rabbi#2…is it ever ok for jews to kill Gentiles(non jews)?…Rabbi#1.Yes it is!! in Fact not only is it the Duty of all jews worldwide to kill gentiles…But even Moreso it is imporatnt to Kill Off even the “Best” of gentiles(meaning Whiteys and christians).

            With such blatant, hatred, of all but especially white gentiles, is it any wonder so many school-theater-collage campus-workplace-Shootings have been perpretated by Jewsih shooters?…And especially jewsih Youth whos minds at age 14-15 yrs old on avg, are easy to manipulate and Mold by such Talmudic verses if they are Raised from Birth by such evil intent and out right Orders as per religious beliefs?

            An Included portion of the verse I quoted(not verbatim but close to it from memory) is this also…

            “it is Never any crime Nor is it any Sin, whenever a jew kills or steals from or swindles a gentile(non jew)”.

            What is a young person age 14 or 15 yrs old to think when hes taught such?..I will tell you what. he thinks “hey if my Rabbi’s who are so esteemed by virtually all jews, teach me such verses to kill and steal and lie to all gentiles?…How swell will I be when I go on a Murdering Spree?…Wont My family-firends-Rabbis be super Proud once I kill off even the Best of gentiles(whites)!

            Now from what I am certain every person that reads this site has had Pounded into their heads by all MSM’s, that being that, If the Koran teaches such Hatred of others, and espouses such murderous rampaging Jihad to its trainees etc….WELL…What can be said of the Talmud and Its teachings?…I will tell you what…The exact same damn thing can and SHOULD be said Loud and Clear!

            Perhaps regardless how MSM and Polititions beholden to the jew lobbies and AIPAC-ADL_SPLC-ET AL, keep informing us all that ONLY Koran Muslims are our worst enemys, we should consider that perhaps it is BOTH religions, Koran AND Talmud which are our worst enemys eh.

            And if such shootings commited by jewsih perps continue, that will solidify more that BOTH are Enemys is Reality.

            • Simply outstanding Angelo!
              Bravo to the brave & those not fearful of speaking truth, yes?

              • ANTON H: Thank you!…Aint seen you here so much of late eh. By the way Anton, if not too busy you may want to Scroll UP to near very top of This comment page and read a post I added to assist what seems to be a brand New poster person here. He/she didn’t believe what was posted by John Q Public and spoken of by Bill Mahr.

                While I too detest and despise the likes of Mahr, it still stands that whenever folks like Mahr state a truth(mhar says jews/isreal Runs usa etc)..Then it should be Recognised as such, right.

                Read the many examples I posted Above(scroll Up near top) that were quoted and wrote BY and ABOUT the Jews runs usa!..If any Honest patroit person can read all those proven examples, and yet still reject Truth simply due to a false beliefe that they Must Always unquestionably defend all things jewsih/ireal? Then I Pitty them types for they will awaken one day, but Far too late by then to even save their own sorry ass.

                Thanks Again Anton, glad to see at least some folks are awakened eh! Angelo.

          • While theis race stuff is kind of off the rails, I’ve no intention of sitting here soaking up the reverse version.

            Generally a guy that shoots up the place is white middle class?


            That’s an interesting assertion if you look at the murder rate in places like Chicago and Oakland CA.

            None of which receives media attention.

            Generally speaking if a guy shoots up the place AND SHOWS UP ON THE TV NEWS, he’s white and middle class, I can agree to that…

            Why is that? Because only white peope shoot shit up, or because of the TV news?

        • Ask Max Verocity. I’m sure he can tell you. Right, Max?

          • Max Velocity?

            • It was a deliberate misspelling. An attempt at sarcastic humor.

              Max is a big fan of Franz Boas and believes that race doesn’t exist.

              Just a Social construct, etc.

      3. What the hell?!?!?!

      4. YUP, F.U.B.A.R bigtime!!!

      5. Greetings Everyone!
        So more and more we see what TPTB are planning.It looks like a modern version of “kill ’em all,God knows his own”.I DO wonder who will do the shooting if there’s no fiat money available to pay for the food and housing for the one’s who “will take the Queen’s shilling and do her bidding”.Things might start to happen so quickly that even the “ABC” programs won’t be able to respond in any meaningful fashion(remember Katrina and N.Y.?) nation-wide.The Bible speaks of the fall of a “great harlot” in 1 HOUR.We”l see what that may be real soon I suspect.
        wonder if gramps might not let loose both barrels and reload BEFORE the federales are able off a shot.Bet gramps will be able to hit what he’s aiming at…
        Just a few thoughts..
        Best to All

        • So they’ve got the wife, the kid and grandpa as targets now? May I make a wry suggestion?

          They know where we live. They monitor our email and our postings. They know where to find us. How rude of us not to return the favor. Scout their offices, their locations, their armories. The perimeter and approaches to their bases. How and when they are supplied and by whom. Pick your own location and designate your own fields of fire for when the time comes. Make it clear THEIR families will be targets too. Once it goes down don’t cower waiting to be hit. Take it to them first and take it to them often. Some fraction of the costume-wearers will absolutely do what they are told because they’ve been totally brainwashed. Liberty is an abstraction to them compared to their paycheck. Make it dangerous and expensive to oppress the people and soon only the fanatics will stand with their masters. And fall with them.

          May there be two, three, five thousand Chris Dorners when the time comes.

      6. Now, have you had enough?

        • Buddy, i had enough when they passed that obamacare crap, then all the swirling of the gun control crap, then we start hearing about the feds arming up and now this just clinches those spikes in my shoes,
          Shows the arrogance of these various fed agencies and LE and the people who make this crap
          Long live the republic,
          Live free or die!

          • Yep, obamacare is what put me over the edge with this 2 faced white house admin.

            • The klinton gun act started it, and the bush unpatriot act sealed it for me.

              Not One More Inch!

              “When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty” Thomas Jefferson


          • Kula
            you need to add

            “live free or die harder”


        • I’ve had enough for some time….I’m just appalled that they have become so blatant about it. As I commented in the last post…..preemptive strikes are a good idea. If we wait it could be our wives, girlfriends, children, parents, or grandparents! Of course most seem to feel that we need to wait until they start out of some misguided notion that we would be vindicated in the eyes of the world and history. Fuck that !

      7. Actually, your average American ‘Gun Owner’
        is not going to look any different from the
        ‘Usual’, However, NO MORE HESITATION 🙂

        • I would agree with the average gun owner looking…average. The kid targets made me pause. When I think of an active school shooter, I think of someone who just needs to be shot. Looking at the target makes me wonder how hard it would be to kill a kid. If this target were designed for active shooter training I can see the point in the sense it would make a police officer think about killing a child now rather than at a critical time when a active shooting is taking place. I think it would be difficult. The other targets seem like “average” people who a police officer would expect to be involved in a shooting although I don’t recall a pregnant woman being shot, I am sure it has happened. The targets do make me think about what I would do in certain situations. It also makes me think about making a needed but difficult choice. Killing a person would stick with me forever, regardless of how justified the shooting was. I also know that police officers have trained on interactive videos using similar people for a number of years.

          • One would think that Waco and Ruby Ridge had made it clear to all but the most dense that the company will crush anyone at anytime when it suits them.They only care about you when they want something from you. You don’t think they really give a shit about the veterans do you?

      8. Just training their people to get past the stigma of shooting citizens.

      9. Huh, NO MORE HESITATION?…printed in Caps? WTF??? That can’t be right. Jeez.

        Remember after the Towers were crashed into and certain lib politicians were pissed that targets of Bin Laden were used? Where is all that misplaced f’n sensitivity training for the citizens?

        Yep, George Washington and the Founders are kicking the caskets hard.

        All us older vets see a shit storm brewing, just ask anyone of us you meet. We are all along for the ride into Hell.

        • @9er ray- wow! i guess what i wrote WAs Ambigous(sp?)
          but, your point of view is intreiging…. 🙂
          Keep comin baaaaaaa……….

      10. All in photos are white folks. Wonder if that is the only color of a gun owner?

        • They are most certainly white, notice they are not using the “ghetto grip”. Obamanures war against whitey has taken a step further. If I saw someone on my range using these targets, I would hold them at gunpoint and call the cops.
          These are the sick minded weirdos that are in control my friends. We are going to be in battle soon. If you are white, you are going to be in serious trouble.
          I went to an awesome gun show this past weekend. Full to capacity, with some of the most down to Earth, polite and friendly people I have ever met. Far and away, mostly white and everyone I spoke with knows that King Barry is coming for us. If you are white, you are automatically a racist and Barry wants you on your knees licking his boots. Get ready because it’s coming!

      11. Ahhh, not trying to start a thread of racist crap here or anything.. But, why only white folks???

        • @dragonmedic….no racism at all. You’d say the same if the photos were of blacks only. Just saying I hope they are training for gang violence too. You are the typical respondee that if something is said ‘white’, then the person is automatically labeled. Sorry you feel that way.

          • Ugly,

            Not sure you mean when you said you are “sorry I feel that way”?

            I don’t feel anyway right now about this. Only asking a question. But like you said if it was all blacks or “all” any other race i would ask the question.

            I’m white, male, christian, have guns and hold the constitution as the supreme law of the land. But it does not make like to have any one race laid out for being inhearently (sp) evil.

            If the manufacturer has all races including the gang bangers and zombies as targets, then I’m okay with that. Just having one race on these makes me a bit pissed.

            So not mad or upset at you or anything, I just do not understand you comment. But it could be because I work three jobs and only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night.

            • The older ones are getting an early taste of Obamacare patient management.

        • You are not being a racist but simply commenting on the pictures as they have been presented. It is quite possible that the full spectrum of pictures depict a variety of races in a variety of settings. However, I remember a certain DHS training video related to the “See Something, Say Something” campaign where all the potential terrorists were white. So it is well within their method to present suspicious and dangerous characters as predominantly Caucasian. The reasons for doing this are problably complex and not to be reduced to something as simple as they want to kill whitey. Here are some possible reasons: 1) the culture of political correctness is so ingrained that they cannot see what they have done; 2) the other targets (not seen) are of a variety of races rendering are observations and conclusions moot; 3) they do know what they are doing and desire to desensitize the shooter to targets they might not feel comfortable shooting (i. e. white, pregnant females); 4) I confess I have no idea what could be happening in the mind of those proto-fascists. Remember the profile of the new domestic terrorist is a White male, constitutionalist, Christian, probably a home schooler, gun loving supporter of the Second Amendment. Peace and keep your powder dry.

        • To be “politically correct” of course!

        • You still don’t get it, do you?

          • Rural Male and several others: IE: if you still do not get it?…YES it is WAR aganist Whites!…For Proof of what “Goes thru their minds”…Read older articles here this site and pay strict atten to many posts from Me and several others especially John Q Public-Ahab etc.

            This IS a exact or near exact duplicate fed gov operation/program which was first initiated and invented and done in Russia revolutionary era 1918.

            And it IS the Same people doing it!…Of course by same I mean decendants gradkids etc of the actual orig russian bolshevik kommie jews back then in 1918 era, who are responsible for aprox 1/3 of a BILLION deaths of mostly Whites/Christians just during the last, 20th cebtury era!

            If you stll require more proof?…And cannot do your own research-find proper links-?…I will gladly provide many website links that prove this and More too!

            I dont include links usually since they hold up posts for a day or longer sometimes till links clear moderaters etc.

            The time for making so many excuses for sake of PC etc is Gone…Straight talk based upon Fatcs and Truth is whats badly needed now…Dont worry when they call you racists or antisemites or naziswhowanttokillsixmillionmorejewsandgokkkonblacks.

            Even if you act as Nice as can be and cave in to demands again and again…They still will call you such names!

            I for one and sick and tired of it. If they will call us names regardless What we say or do good or bad?…Then perhaps its high time to make Honest blacks and jews out of them…Maybe we need to go off against Them for a change and then when they cry and whine of racisim etc…For ONCE they will be telling the truth!

            Just explain to them idiots we are Helping you folks become Honest! call it Tough-Love if that feels better!

            Then pull the triggers!(in self defence of course).

            • The brainwashing is so complete that people ignore history, facts, and even current statements and this kind of in your face evidence from the ZOG government doing this. You should be getting universal thumbs up but the denial and desire not to be called a ‘racist’ is so strong that we both know what the average reader even here cannot bring themselves to look at and admit to the truth as it would mean admitting to being fooled. Most people are just not designed to allow the facts to guide their decisions and even analysis. It’s sad, but the truth these days is brutal for those with blinders on, hence the inherently emotional suicidal response.

            • Why do people not realize that one of the main reasons for refusing to control the border is to make whites a minority. Next step will be to make them disappear.

        • dragon;
          because folks of other color don’t say,

          “From My Cold, Dead Hands!!”

      12. As many have said….we need targets of DHS, TSA, FEMA, etc. to practice on. I need to make sure that I don’t miss my moment when it comes. This shit really boils my iron. I don’t think I would have any trouble pulling the trigger once the Feds draw first blood. We shall see.

        • @Gonetoolong….

          I apologize for posting essentially the same idea that you did. It wasn’t intentional. I did not see your post prior to putting up mine.

          I do notice that we think alike.

          • I did the same thing, it just came to mind..as it should

          • Great/sane minds run in the same vein…only a fool couldnt see this for what it is!

        • The reason you don’t want targets of the DHS, cops and such is that, if you did and got caught with them they would lock you up and strip what little rights you have left. Double standard here. They can do it and give you an off the wall excuse like. We are training for the just in case a kid gets a gun. Or grandpa went off his rocker. But if you had them on a target your a terrorist.

        • That would be the “let er rip” moment for me. When they draw first blood, the cross hairs in the scope center up and each round is on target. No need to wait for the drop just move to the next assasin and repeat.

        • I have no need for such a target.

      13. What will be the sign or event that finally mobilizes the American citizens to band together and take this country back, I would like to know!

        • No sign, no event, no happening. It could have happened about 60 years ago, but the people were “too busy” eating up all the new tecnology and trying to “get ahead”.

          They were too busy with making money to buy more shiney stuff and give a better life to their children than what they had.

          It kinda looks like the majority still has that mindset.

          The biggest problem with that, was it created a population of, “entitled individuals”; that somehow think the gov/taxpayers will provide their entitlements if they raise enough hell and dear ole mom and dad can’t.
          In walks the “Occupy Movement”.
          The rest are just plain freakin’ lazy.

          TPTB know there is “clamity & chaos” coming. I think they will sit back and let the masses starve and kill each other off so they will have less warm bodies to deal with. Then any large groups trying to band together and make a move will be easier targets.

          It kinda makes me think of the scenario I was in, in 1989 near the Continental Divide on a Wilderness Elk hunt. Here me and my friend, a veteran Hunting Guide of 30 years, were 25 miles from the nearest “one horse town” and on horseback with a pissed of grizzly bear just a few hundred yards from us.
          The bear was roaring at us for being in his territory, the horses were jittery, my brother and hunting partner friend were an hour and a half late for meeting up to ride off the mountain for the two mile trip to get to base camp before dark. We each had an extra horse tied to our saddles, and the bear was getting closer and louder as I was mounting to follow behind the guide/friend. He looks back over his shoulders as he kicks his horse in high gear and bellows out, “Every man for himself”!

          • the problem with that statement is that do you really think the world will stand by and watch as the US has a civil war… no, the powers that be have arranged thing so we will fight our selfs, killing one another instead of fighting china, Russia or the UN, once the infighting starts its game over for our beloved USA, it’s harder to fight a enemy that is united then a enemy that is not. and no matter how united everyone thinks we are, the truth is we are not… we are fractured and we will fall, but I will still fight, for I am a warrior and will not die marching to a gas chamber but fighting for my freedom, no man can take freedom from a freeman for a freeman dies free.

            • I see where you are coming from there, Glory. What I don’t see is the rest of the world really giving a damn, (in general). The rest of the world is too busy trying to keep their own asses above water. Most that have family members here are concerned, but most of the rest are too envious of what we have as far as the blessings of a great and forgiving God. They see us as a nation of selfish peoples living the “high life”.

              They don’t see the compassion of those that give and have given all for their loved ones and country. The secular crowd are just as jealous and removed from reality as TPTB. All those will soon have a day of decision making. Where will they stand? Will they make a stand or even care? When will it be too late to make a decision who they will bow down to?

              All will eventually bow down and begin to see the light. When and how soon, is what is left to ponder. The undeniable evidence of the true and loving, but jealous God, will be upon them before they know it.

        • Personally I do not believe that there is anything no matter how provocative that will move the American people to action. I know most of you don’t want to hear that but facts are facts. Those that resist will be a small minority. Remember that when you take the plunge. There will be no going back and no mercy.

          • Forgot. Flame away.

          • I gotta agree, relunctantly, John W. Most people easily make a good stand while sitting at the keypad sipping a beverage; but, when it comes to getting some action going, few will lift more than a finger. I can’t blame them. I’m too old to get a bigger target on my back than what I have already.

            I’m not, I repeat; “am not” admitting defeat. I’m just too educated on God’s letter to try an interfere with His plans. His plans call for a culmination of events that lead to Him handling the battle, and defeating the enemy. We just have to be “prepared” to “endure” some hardships until then. Each persons level of hardship depends on how well they have, and are, preparing.

      14. Squeeeeeeze, pullllllllll,bang!

        • TK, remember this term, S.P.O.R.T.S.


          B aware, B Awake, B Alive
          Situational Awareness

        • “It’s a holiday in Cambodia, where people dress in black…” -Holiday in Cambodia, The Dead Kennedys

      15. Wow. This is just insane.

        • The time for speculation is over. It’s no longer about
          if or when it will happen, it is at our doorstep now!
          Let the games begin, ready or not! No quarter asked, no
          quarter given!

          Patriots Forever!

        • You think they play fair.

      16. Looks like open season on whites!!!

        • I did not notice that. Good point. I would think that whites would be less apt to complain about the targets. If the targets were realistic, it would have all races.

      17. Is there anymore doubt in your mind of their intent?
        They have moved to the next level. They mean to kill everyone in their way.

        Pregnant women? WTF

        • Now you know the reason no feds or cops or MSm has done nor reported a single thing about that black panther guys vidoes where he tells african blacks to begin murdering all whiteys even their babies!

          What if a white guy made such a video only told whiteys to begin exterminating all blacks even black babies?

          Think That be msm reported on?…Think FBI be paying a visit pronto?…But black panthers gets free pass cause two hundred yrs ago some blacks were slaves right!

          Yet if not for slavery, that ignorant jungle monky ape panther asshole would likly today be resideing in wonderfull 3rd world African jungles, either chasing his neighbor down to canabalize him, or he’d be the one chased to become dinner for another apes family.

      18. How about somebody come up with some targets with guys in tactical gear with ATF, FBI, DHS and FEMA emblazoned on their chest? Maybe do some guys with blue helmets too.

        Just so there’s “no hesitation”.

        Here’s a quote from Marine Col. Jeff Cooper (now deceased)

        I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as “ninja” … Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.”

        • +10 for Cooper quote.I remember reading that and agreeing with it when it was first published.

          The use of these targets is indicative of EVIL intent.
          Pregnant women and children?How totally depraved.

          This is totally off the reservation insane…and a fulfillment of many dystopian nightmares.

          God save us!

        • They cover their faces, Walt, because they are fearful of retaliation. They cover their faces because they are afraid that the families and friends of the men, women and children that these sadistic thugs are terrorizing, tasering, or roasting alive for their twisted amusement – might decide to find out where they live and bestow similar kinds of horrors upon their families.

          • The same could be said for any law enforcement officer. Any time you bust a bad guy, you leave yourself open for retaliation. Should all police officers wear masks?

            I prefer Col. Cooper’s take on this.

            I think they wear the masks for the purpose of intimidation and to conceal their identities because they don’t want anyone pointing a finger at them and saying, “That’s the man that trampled on my rights.”

      19. LMAO! ROTFLMAO! This is too funny!

      20. On a joke side and this probably will get you a visit from chris hanson dateline but the young school aged girl is pretty attractive. yes there are no black pictures, or the family of 20 on welfare. Where is that at? that is what they would see im guessing in chicago and bigger cities. This is pretty sad anymore. You don’t see a company printing out diane feinstein full size targets or other assholes above her.

        • They should have a Jersey shores edition with schnookie nookie pointing a gun,
          Or a honey booboo one with some of those inbred idiots on that show

          • I agree, I cant stand that show and never watched more than 2 min total time it was on. They should be reporting the real news on these stations to let people know the truth. There are minimal survival shows/info anymore on basic cable tv. What’s sad but have to change the subject is history channel should be reporting history info of the past. Anymore they are a sellout to advertise and run pawn stars and swamp crap. What is this, a business pays them to say this is history? It really has nothing to do with real hisotry and more of a joke. history channel used to be good but anymore its who pays them to advertise their business to show. thats what I feel about them.

            Let them train with those targets, because when we are at the range, we are pretending our targets are kevlar silouettes and other assholes who are trying to take away or bill of rights.

            • When I shoot silhouettes….I aim for the head and the chest! Just a thought for those practicing.

              • Heads & hips.
                The .gov ninja types are rather partial to body armor.

            • WELL CLINT THAT COMMENT RIGHT THERE sorry…tells me you are fishing for domestics…..kevlar silouettes, really you crack smoker

          • why are you watching such vile trash AT ALL?

            • I walked in the living room last night and the tv was on cbs, My wife was watching ncis las vegas. It was about some “home grown terrorist” who had killed someone, anyway the character “G” who is some kind of interrogater brought up the NDAA and man it set me off. The media is beginning to incorporate this crap into their programming, getting the folks used to it. Look for more of this in your left wing entertainment.

          • Honey Boo Boo is a cute little girl. Jealous much?

            • She is nutritionally abused and publicly exploited by her idiot mother. That kind of thing makes my blood boil.

              • Daisy,
                One thing for sure, they aint the Waltons!
                God i miss the shows from the 60s and 70s

                • I used to love the part where when they were all saying good night pa would yell,”Damn it John Boy get out of Mary Ellens room”!

          • I finally had to go look and find out what a “honey boo boo” is…wish I hadnt!….you gotta be kidding me! this is what some people call entertainment? Really???…glad Im so out of the loop!

        • This is a VERY important point.

          There are a minority of people in all races who really don’t like other races at all. Not just dislike, but absolutely hate!

          At best, this is just a Psy-Op to provoke Patriots into violent acts. At worse, they are going to use these targets to select the above mentioned types through their willingness to shoot such targets, then put them to work!

      21. We can deduce many things from the introduction of targets made up of the least reactive race being depicted as violent criminal threats.

        I’m a white man who was trained by our government for 24 years to kill bad guys, but I fully understand what controlled aggression really is.

        Americans, white, black, brown or other who believe in the ideology of freedom and the Constitution can all be brought to violence, but over the past 100 years no race but the white race has been more excepting and seen the injustices of the past then white Americans. We’ve worked to correct the past only to be spit in the face for the past we work to correct.

        • y99

          White people can never correct the past. We will not be allowed to do so.

          • No, I disagree. Too many have been allowed to rewrite true history, is it impossible to believe humans can see the truth? I hope not, I understand complacency and human weakness, but in the end denying truth requires far more effort than accepting truth.

            • Maybe if we still had the hundreds of Millions of whites killed off by kommies blosheviks in the last 100 yrs to assist us today we could have a better chance at it.

          • Whites didnt do it….. it is a well documented that the slave that came from Africa were on JEWISH OWNED VESSELS.

            The auctions houses where slaves were sold were synagouges and the only holidays taken from selling slaves we Jewish High Holy Days.

            The oldeset synagouge is America is in Rhode Island and that is the Mecca of where slaves ships ported at.

            Do you REALLY think that is a coincidence???.

            • Thats factual truth anonamous. I found the same info a few years ago at a couple websites and they also Proved what you wrote on slavery and jews etc.

              And they also proved beyond any doubts that the very first slaves in usa were White Irish!…Not just those irish who agreed to indentured servant status for a period of yrs, like usually 6-7 yrs at most. But Real irish whites here as slaves against their will.

              In fact the slavers and traders used them Irish white slaves to set up their nationwide trades of slavery etc. Than after a period of years, decades, they began to bring Africans here too for slavery.

              Why has That proven factual true info Never been taught at us public schools and univ’s?

              The entire slavery opps was jew-banksters funding it-jew ship owners transporting slaves(not just in usa but every nation with slavery) and us jews auctioneers.

              Also many, perhaps most, of them Carpet-Baggers from the NORTH that came south after civil wars end to scarf up land and properties and whatever the Bluebellies didnt burn down to ground, were in fact, jewsih carpet baggers.

              MONSANTO ring a bell?…They are Morano-jewsih, morano is khazer white jews(Fake jews=edomites) Mixed with Hispanic folks=Morano…Look at all the wonderfull GMO-DNA-Crap we can Thank Monsanto Family for today. All made possible by Northern Agression against Christian Southern Whites, killed off and destroyed completely so carpet baggers from NY etc can enter in and rob em blind!

              But todays times=the proverbial cats outta the bag, and every day tens of thousands of american folks are awakening to these varried Truths!

              The Future may just hold for them evil bastards what some would call Their end of the line. And this time Nobody anywheres will rescue the evil perps. That includes evil gentiles also and of all races or backgrounds etc.

              • The trouble with all the “jew” bashers, is that they are not educated (learned in AM’s case) enough to understand that there are three classes of Jews. The third and most important (significance wise) is those that claim “to be of their brother Judah, but are of the synagogue of satan”. They are of the bloodline of Cain, and therfore of satan, and will continue to do his bidding until God destroys them.

                AM or nobody else knows for sure which ones they “truly” are, because they have inner-bred with all races and religious affiliations. You can bet God sure knowa. Many of the s0-called Jews are just like other religious fanatics, they have sold their soul for worldly fame and fortune and not for spiritual goodness.

                Putting blame on a particlular group of peoples because of ones hatred, for whatever reason, is treading on dangerous ground. I would be very wary of spreading that kind of hate, when you don’t even know who is at fault.

                • Dont tread: it seems perhaps you get alot of info from a certain TV pastor show. he speaks of cain decendants etc alot. And the earhs Firt age and much more of stuff it seems you agree on from some of your postings.

                  I cant recall now the name of his tv show. But anyways I think you could expand your knowledge horizons on jewsih issues alot by researching aprox 4-5 diferent eras Jewsih Encylopedia’s written from early 1800’s up to the 1980’s eras I believe it is.

                  ALL admit, and devote considerable numbers of pages of info regarding Who/What most(95+% of todays jews) truly are. These jew wrote documented historys of all things related to jews specify that its NOT correct to call most, 95+% of todays jews folks as Hebrews NOR from ancient isrealites peoples(the 12 tribes). They all admit they are Khazers Ashenazis. Who Converted to Talmudic Judaisim only back in 800 AD era while resideing in what is today Russia mainly.

                  So maybe You can’t figure out who or how many they are?…But do you really think so many jewsih wrote encyclopedias got it all wrong too?

                  And I NEVER said I hated any group jews blacks etc. YOU say that. YOU ARE WRONG!….Do I Hate certain “Things” they say or do?…YES!…Its called Discernment.

                  Perhaps you need do alot More research of Your Own, and rely far Less of tv preachers, because I garentee you will find these truths and Facts that I post.

                  For Starters…SCROLL UP near Top of This comment page, read what many Jews wrote About Jews and Jewsih plans and Goals etc…

                  One more item. When certain groups or orgs has so many members doing so much evils or wrongs, and barely any of That group ever speaks up to denounce it…Then at some point Yes it becomes so wide spread within That group, that the only logical sane way to view it as a whole is that, as a whole.

                  I agree 100% not all of a group are evil or do bad/wrongs…But as You say we have no way to know which are which. In todays world when you encounter ANY group or org that has such Huge portions of membership that do the wrongs or evils…It can be a sort of suicide to trust any of them untill THEY show a good reason to trust them.

                  A example is muslims. I lived in and near Dearborm Mich ever since muslims Fisrt arrived there. Todays they have branched outwards as far as 40 MILES out from dearbron!

                  Now many of them are swell folks, many are Christians, especially if from Iraq-Syria-Jordan…BUT…Most of them mid eastern folks do look alot alike…So if you went to dearborn areas How do You determine which is good or not?

                  No doubt many there hate us americans…I know it as Fact. But I can’t tell in advance which. Does that mean I should trust with Blind trust faith all of them?..No way!

                  I realize like myself and most all oter folks you proboly all your life heard the exact same info on jews. But what if MOST was all Lies?…Do you not care to find these issues out?….I think you’d answer yes you do wish to know truth and facts…Well if so, begin more research on the issue as I am certain what you think you now know, Much of that is simply wrong.

                  • @
                    The fact of the matter is that I get all the facts I need from the ONE that created the “word”. I don’t need preacher’s/men’s words to lean me, as it is apparent, you do.

                    It is what it is and all your time spent researching and sifting thru pages of writings ain’t gonna change one damn thing, except your mind. You ain’t changing anyone’s mind with your babbling on and on. Yea, some of it is interesting and you make some good comments sometimes; but, you don’t get many readers by your run on sentences and babbling.

                    The word Babel comes from “babbling”. The definition is “confusion”. Too much time on your hands can do that.

            • You are an asshole. Jews had little to do with the slave trade as they were little better than slaves themselves. Muslims and Protestants were the guilty parties.

              • True, black muslims are and were the biggest slave traders and enslaved many white irish as well.

                Forced women into sex slavery and castrated the males.

                They owe US reparations.

                They want to get all historical until you bring that up, then they don’t want to be history buffs any more.

        • Piper, much of what you say is true, like you I was taught to except people based on character and found based on that precept I was still wrong, because somehow I owed people like this more no matter what I did, I was raised to do the right thing, but as I stated above I understand controlled aggression, I know what it is to be angry for a factual reason.

          If we paint people as a problem and disregard based on creed and color the many or the few we are no better than all the evil we fight against.

          • Y99: But it is up to the Good members of blacks and jews etc to speak up against those amoung themselves as it is They who knows best which is which no.

            Its not a fault of ours if to us they all basically look the same…Because yes they kinda do. Thats not racist its simply a fact. Example= say a white women is raped by a black…Then cops do a Line-up of 10 suspects and all 10 are blacks…The most likly reply cops will hear from raped white woman will be “gee I cant tell as they all look the same to me now”…Can anyone blame the woman?…NO! Because they do look alot alike or same.

            So weather we like it or not it really is up to those of that race or group to reveal or out the bad. And to take a proper Stand beside Us PRIOR to it begins in earnest.

            Anything less and its highly likely we will see Colatorol dammage as the govnt calls it. Whos fault is That?…Not Ours surly.

            • Angelo, you are correct 100%, the scenario of rape you wrote of could’ve been that of my older sister when she was 13 and yet I cannot and will not paint all people with the brush of hatred, my anger will always be focused on those who have directly done me wrong, I am carful who I call friend but those I call true enemy are known to me on a personal or factual level.

              • y99 yes i too agree not all of any group are evil or bad etc. I also believe if say for example Millions of hate filled blacks riot and attack whiteys all at once, like so many various blacks and panthers types has stated is their true desires. Then at that point none of us will ever have time enough to get to know any enemys on personal levels.

                Then its whoever is attacking or even in their group is enemys period. I wont bother to even consider if they are armed of not. They can still kill with bare hands.

                Anyone stupid enough to join such a crowd of rioters is fair game then. If we try to talk or discuss our world or political views with such as them we will end up dead.

                What we have here is a Failure to comunicate…Some folks you just can’t reach….The Bossman Warden from cool hand luke.

                The above quote pertains to rebelious rioting blacks, NOT y99!

                • When you are in a stampede of elephants,
                  the last thing that will work,
                  is a ‘conversation’.

                  Angelo is right, and speaks to the phenomena known as;
                  The Madness of crowds.

                  Best thing to do, is get out of the way.
                  (and pick off the stragglers headed your way… unless you happen to have a FULLY automatic taken off a dead JBT body… )

        • It is a race thing, I wasn’t raised to be racist in any shape or form. But I have to tell you it’s very hard not to be anymore. We go out of our way to be PC and its like they have a free card to do or say anything they want with little to no repercussions ! Where I live it’s 90% white,yet I’ve been mugged three times,car stollen,vehicles ransacked,property stolen,every time by blacks! Not once by any other race. So yeah for me it’s acquired racism,learned over time. I still try to fight it,but it keeps coming back,in the movie theatre,their lack of respect to others,the ” news”.fatal shooting at the local gas station tonight,held up by ” you guessed it”. Doesn’t even shock us anymore. Sorry but when shtf,I will not be worried about Feds,or my neighbors,it’s the section 8 lowlife my sights will acquire

          • You are a victim of the 50 plus years of enemy controlled media brainwashing, friend. You and millions of Whites just like you have allowed the enemy to deactivate the normal and perfectly healthy racial survival instincts and to transform you into a confused, bewildered, racially naive and racially innocent (and defenseless) White man.

            Consider the analogy of a turtle and its protective shell and equate that to a white man or woman having a healthy and realistic view of racial differences. If the shell were to be removed from the turtle and then that turtle was set loose in a field – he would be extremely vulnerable to a wide variety of carnivorous creatures who would be most eager to eat him for dinner. And, without his protective shell – he would be easy prey.

            This is what the Cultural Marxist owned and controlled media has managed to do to millions of White European people – they have been able to turn off the natural and normal racial survival instincts that were given to us by Mother Nature and which helped us to be on our guard for possible attack by our predatory racial competitors. You are in the painful awakening stage and are slowly beginning to realize that you’ve been a victim of a huge con job.

            It appears to me, however, that our enemy senses that there is a wide spread awakening taking place among White European people – and this has made them nervous and impatient to complete their final end game. What is that end game?

            Genocide of White European people worldwide, to supplement the Bolshevik Communist genocide of over 66 million in the USSR, over 50 million during WWI and WWII, and over 100 million White European aborted fetuses, worldwide, over the last 5 or 6 decades.

            Do not fool yourself, people. 203, 875, 313.264 is the approximate total number of White Americans alive as of July 2011. Our enemies have successfully removed, over the last century, approximately 216 million White European people from this Earth and when they have managed to brainwash at least 5-6% of our people to become race traitors (which includes all of our White elites in both major political parties) and to volunteer to help the Cultural Marxists to destroy the remaining 203 million Whites in America – this diabolically evil and Satanic goal is clearly within the realistic reach of our enemies.

            Hence, shake off your self-hating, self-loathing, deracination brainwashing, White man and White woman and start thinking, living, voting, and behaving tribally.

            It is the only way we can fight for our survival and be able to win.

            • *claps

          • Regarding the Sec. 8ers:

            Mass cancellation of EBT has long been my metric for determining whether or not the S has finally and irrevocably HTF.

            Millions of people have been trained to believe that they not only deserve- but have a right- to be given ‘their fair share’ of other peoples stuff.
            So far, they haven’t had to lift so much as a finger in order to get their goodies because the government has always been more than willing to do the stealing on their behalf.
            Sometime in the not-too-distant future the government is no longer going to be willing and/or able to dole out the freebies.
            At that point, things are going to get really, really ugly.

            • They will have stolen all the IRAs and 401Ks before they do that.

          • My two cents…. God said not to intermix with different races. There is a reason for that.

      22. can we now … START KILLING THEM ???

        how much more patriots and preppers … by the time they get to your neighborhoods killing and molesting you and your kids in the name of the nwo njo zog amerikan commie king dicktator … it’s going to be too damn late for you all .

        it’s already to late for most of you now as it is .


        • Agreed!!!


          • Eiz,

            We MUST have an absolute ethical, moral ‘High Ground’ from which to proceed!
            I’ll grant you, that the APPEARANCE is horrifying…something like being a cow
            watching someone sharpening the knives with which to butcher them, BUT till the
            first drop of blood is spilled WE MUST NOT ACT in aggresion, in offence.

            The URGE to respond SUMMARILY is nearly overwhelming, I understand, I KNOW.
            But the LIGHT at the End only appears IF we do it the RIGHT way. I understand
            FRUSTRATION, and I know you FEEL it…I see it in ypour post, every day, every
            post…but WAIT!! RIGHTEOUSNESS does NOT proceed from WRONGNESS, from Evil.

            Black, White, Red or Yellow…Pink with purple polka-dots…it does NOT
            matter! We are ALL in this TOGETHER. Piper said yesterday that “If we do not
            hang together, then we will SURELY all ‘Hang’ seperately. Capice’?

            There WILL be a NEW DAWN Friends, a dawn under which self-directed PURPOSE
            will flourish, in which EVIL will hide itself under the darkest, deepest rock
            never to rasie it’s head again, I PROMISE you, “Tarry thou yet but a little
            while, be of good cheer and have the Wisdom of patience, the Dawn is coming”


          • EisenK,
            Calm down brother… don’t let your blood pressure get too high.
            Listen to JOG and myself, we MUST have the moral high ground… it is a rule of war, the populace will turn on you if you are perceived to be just another DORNER…

            Remember Joe Stack? Flew his airplane into the IRS office? Was HE in the right? Probably… he certainly got screwed. But, his ‘manifesto’ was deranged, confused, illogical, and he was ripped to shreds by the media.

            As I said below, a true Causus Belli, will be on the order of a rally that is fired on, like the Boston Massacre. Lexington and Concord was a gun grab by the British. They are not all that stupid…registration will be their ‘compromise’, it MUST NOT HAPPEN. This should be where the line in the sand is drawn.

            Time to get in their face, and PUSH hard.
            But maintain the high ground. For God sakes maintain the high ground.

            • “sake” not “sakes”

              • I don’t play that game with you, don’t you play it with me… I go to pains to make sure of grammar and spelling in the context of a forum.

                These little tiny boxes and fast fingers do not lend themselves to proof reading, besides, that particular aphorism is regionally dependent, and that’s how I ‘says’ it… went I want to.

                I could be fallin’ all down into dat niga tawkin and make it so ya’ll couldn’t unnuhstan nuttin’, feel me?

                r mybe I cd js txt ya n fk up ya hol day?

                • “proofreading”

                  • Proofreading and proof reading are both correct. I know this because, well, I “read proofs” for a living.

                    E, you are a smart guy. You often have valuable things to add. Your nit-picking spelling BS discredits everything else you have to add. Do you really think that correcting the spelling adds anything useful to the forum? What is your priority: spelling and grammar, or activism?

                    Why don’t you add things of value instead of just insulting people? Just because someone is not good with grammar or spelling, this does not negate their contribution. However, making trivial comments meant to embarrass someone definitely negates yours.


              • For awhile now, I have been reading your comments and they contribure

            • Piper Michael is right. Maintain the high ground. I always prefer to be shooting from an elevated position !
              Montgomery County Texas

              • Maintain the moral high ground? Because that has been working for the last 70 years? Face it, there has been a silent war going on for quite a while now and no matter how many letters you write or picket signs you wave around, the government does what it wants regardless.

                They have been firing the first shots for over a decade (Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.) The problem is that it is usually a localized event that disappears from everyone’s memory like a fart in the wind because it doesn’t directly affect them.

                We are too far removed from reality, and we fight amongst ourselves to the point that nothing gets done. Everyone is too afraid of being the first person to do anything, because we all know that you can rally the people – but you will charge into battle by yourself while your peers just stand around in a circle and watch as you get pulverized.

                At what point will we the people finally unite and take these tyrants out?! What will it finally take?

                Because so far the public has a tolerance for blatant declarations of war on not only our rights and freedoms, but also is completely fine with the government assassinating U.S. Citizens.

                If you ask me, they’ve already won. Now we get to witness patriots getting systematically picked off while everyone sits around and watches.

        • Hold your fire boys…. wait until they shoot first…
          Its never too late as long as you’re alive…
          (We outnumber them, by several millions… THAT IS THE KEY.)

          • I’m inclined to agree with you Piper…..but the regret of not acting soon enough Will kill me inside. I don’t want any of this…..I really don’t. What are we to do? When they act first they’ll cover it up and misinform as they always have.

            • The benefit of networking, is to not be afraid to use it.
              One of the original doom novels was ‘Alas Babylon’.
              About the after effects of a Russian nuking… good read.

              Poignant phrase, and equivalent to;

              To ARMS, TO ARMS.

              That’s why we do what we do, eyes on the ground.

            • Of coarse, They ll keep pushing bullshit on us as long as possible.There good at misinformation.

        • Nina then get out there and back up what you preach. You have so much to say. Get out there and lead.

          Go set the example for us. Oh forgot you are going to run to the Olive forests with your Bootleg 45-70 and hide. Keep forgetting you have no spine.

          Why did you buy that one on paper. You make this to simple.

          • have you heard from ELMO lately,,he is about 65 been fbi, cia for the longest time,,,havent heard from hin in 5 to 6 years..any thoughts




            • Yes we will get the number of people coming to this site and going to the advertisers back up over 10000 again.

          • @fagboypuss … soon we shall see wont we . ;0)

            let’s get this revolution party started boys .


          • CIA troll alert, CIA troll alert!

        • The time has come for all of us to start entering the offices and places of work where ALL of the Sociopaths are residing and apprehending, arresting and transporting them to prison. The 20 percent that are enabling the .1 percent all need to be brought down. They in fact need to be apprehended and if that fails, under Obama’s own presidential orders, and as Nina says, manstopping force will need to be used. This is no longer negotiable.

          • Nina says. That’s a good enough reason to become a criminal maybe a dead one. I love all the fantasy tough guys that post on here. No one in their right mind wants things to get to the point where we are shooting each other. If it does then they have won.

        • Murder Inc.

          Who you going to kill? The local cop who protects your neighborhood? What has he done? Your local and state politicians? They were duly voted in and are doing what the people who elected them to do? You going after the military? What have they done as of yet? How about the TSA workers, should they be killed because they are stupid followers of the DHS or better yet just idiots who took a job in a really bad economic time?

          No! These are not our targets. The bitch about it is that no one knows who those powers to be that are pulling on the puppet strings really are. I am just as frustrated as anyone else on this board but until I can identify my enemy I will hold fire till fired upon.

          They, whoever they are, want to see some one like you go off and then blame the rest of us for having to instill Marshall Law. Stay the course my brother and let them draw first blood.

          • seriously ???

            just read the news to know who your nwo njo zog targets are .

            it’s because of people just like you so few are able to control so many .

            go back to your sofa your not worthy of the american freeman patriot uniform .


            • @ Murder Inc,

              Really? LOL, Time for your meds my friend. It is either that or you are a goverment troll trying to get a response. With your handle being what it is I suspect the latter.

            • Hey govt. shill quit inciting others. Back in the SDS days the guys yelling the loudest to kill the pigs were the pigs.

          • You can’t be serious. Don’t know who they are? Really?

            I’ll paraphrase the actual quote a bit…”to know who you oppressor is, look for those you are not permitted to criticize”

            These people don’t play by the same rules we normal people do. They have no rules at all other than deception and deceit because the true leaders in large part are real life psychopaths. They have no feelings like normal people and empathy is completely foreign to them. The layers of minions who do their bidding are just along for the “spoils” (or to not be exposed, blackmailed or disappeared for their own transgressions).

            And no, these “people” most certainly do not all belong to a single group, tribe or whatever. But they often are connected by blood or marriage and all do act around the same guiding principle(s) which are made obvious by their actions. They never hide because they don’t need to. It seems that many actually delight in not hiding and telegraphing their plans publicly and in advance.

            • You..oooooo ve, got it!

            • Twicebitten, I’m sorry, I see you did not list any names. Just like I have been saying, who are THEY? Can anyone list some names or even titles of who THEY are? That is as bad as Obama naming all of us as gun toting bible thumping, Tea Baggers. A big old boogey man some where out there. Trouble is you just can’t name who the boogey man is. Yet!

              Don’t get me wrong. I am pissed off as anybody and believe there will be a time. But once again shit like these targets are nothing but a way to get a reaction so the government can feel justified in coming after us. Bastards.

              • Just who “THEY”

                Ben Bernacke, Tim Giethner, Bush1 and Bush2 Bill and Hillary Clinton, Soros, David Rockerfeller, Colin Powell to name a few.
                Most belong to the Council of Foreign Relations and affliate with the Bilderburgers. The Majority of Bankers and Industrialist. Most have been seen at Davos Switzerland. Mapping out their world goals. Big Money and very old world money.

                • Just how will you get anywhere near them? Quit the kid fantasies.

                  • Exactly, and they can’t do anything themselves anyway.

                    That’s why the enforcer’s are the problem. Without protection, the kingpins will be exposed and terminated in short order.

                    “Just doing my job” hasn’t cut it since nuremburg.

                    The US army didn’t target Hitler personally, they killed his army then he shot himself.

                    Making more sense now?

            • One might begin with G. William Domhoff’s book, Who Rules America, 6th edition, 2112. UCSB sociology prof who has been studying elites all his career. Old money (Rockefeller, etc think of who got the Federal Reserve established). New money from industries that profit from cemeteries filled by perpetual war. Forget the families who own 500 shares of General Dynamic. Which families own five million shares and sit on the board? Academic elites, training and selection grounds for elite children and useful subordinates. Kissinger started as staff and rose in rank. The financial elite, e.g., the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs, B of A, Bank of New York Mellon. Media elite, the gubmint’s propaganda arm. W Post, NY Slimes, CNN etc. They aren’t monolithic, don’t all agree on everything. But they do agree they are meant to rule and we are meant to obey. CFR folk by and large are staff, useful idiots to the tenth of one percenters. Ivies, U Cal, MIT, Chicago, Stanford etc are training grounds and useful consultants to add credibility to their schemes. One can fill in the names oneself. By and large politicians are not the power themselves. They are the errand weasels for the powerful.

              Malcolm X circa 1968: “I hear you’re angry. Now get smart about [who oppresses you]”

          • All the people you mentioned are guilty as hell.

      23. As I stated under the previous post when this was brought to my attention this is beyond fucked up (excuse the vulgarity ladies). There should be no doubt that our government considers EVERYONE except themselves fair game in the days to come. Seriously….women and kids? I’m informing everyone I know about this. WE have to stop this my friends…..we can not allow it to come to this! Let them fire the first shot my ass.

        • Then you will become just another Dorner… hunted by every cop within your area, and shot like a rabid dog.

          • You’re right Piper. Now that I’ve calmed down I see exactly what you’re saying. One thing though…..Dorner was a murderer who crossed the line when he killed the innocent. But thank you….us young bucks chompin’ at the bit need the wise words of the chiefs….whether we think so or not.

      24. And we continue to let them do what they are currently doing. Can anyone tell me why people like this even get to breath?

      25. We all no where this is headed. I can’t say exactly when the shit will hit the fan but I will do my best to be ready and make sure those close to me are ready as well. I am done trying to warn young college students my age about staying alert. If they want to party, worry about who kim K is spreading for this week or focus on the next apple release then that’s them. There will be no time to waste on dead weight. My parents are leaving to go back to their country in a couple of months but I was born here and told them this is where I will die and if it is fighting for what we have left so be it.

        • *know

      26. Why is this not in the news?!?!? They were all over the “hoodie & skittles” target, but not this??? Guess this goes to show where this country is truly heading.

      27. Untill they make me a criminal by gun laws. Come for my guns. Drone strikes upon Americans. I will sit still on violence.
        The restraint is damn near unbearable for me. I want them to make the first and unreturnable move. Let them FREE ME to do all I can Do.
        Won’t be long. I feel it coming.


        • Amen Slingshot…
          The Tension is almost palpable…

          (Piper sits back and disassembles the 1911, just for practice.)


        • Eisen
          You may be right but now is not the time to blame and divide. We will need all the support we can get. By the way…not trying to get to personal but how old are you? Just curious and I’m just trying to understand why you feel like you do. I’m 28 just for the record.

          • Pretty sure he’s in his early 20s. He’s claimed to be “Gen Y” previously.

            The generational gaps do appear quite large sometimes, but clearly he’s not found the recipe to bridge them.

        • @Eisen….It is not our police nor military. It is something more sinister that is coming from the NWO. It will be a World-wide event. It has already started with the 911, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc. Soon to be USA and parts of Europe. Nobody knows yet.

          Also, I don’t use metamucil. Usually a large head of cabbage and then a jog soon after. Down the road? Yes, you guessed it.

          • EisenNut..You”ll be glad to know this Old Person, will pick up the Slack, for you and your Mentally Challenged friends, we have been doing the Heavy Lifting for a Long Time, we don”t quit, we don”t Miss, and we sure the Hell don”t care who is the Target, we KNOW the Enemy! Relax we may not be as fast as we once were, but we are still a force to be worried about!

            Semper Fi

        • CAN’T



        • No ones stopping you. get going tough guy. Show us how it is done. Go ahead. Your fellow cop/FBI buddies won’t shoot one of their own.

      29. Only one missing is “Nun with a gun”…

        • “Nun with a gun” is probably what the security dudes at the Vatican use for target practice. And “Kid in the corner-holding a baseball bat” is probably used too! I bet the Vatican has a non aggressive looking target as well. Its most likely called “Priest with candy”

      30. One has to wonder why a company would even create such a target. What humans will do to make a buck (and how other humans will spend a buck). I wouldn’t care to be in the shoes of this companies employees. I see they are in Minnesota.

        It’s becoming clearer and clearer each day who is on the side of the Constitution and who isn’t. This will make it easy to know who will be blindfolded and placed up against the wall when the Great Phase Transition, i.e. the “Purge” rages across the country.

        • I suspect they’ll be hearing from some folks.

          • What of the folks that Posed for such photos?!! They all cant posibly be random shots taken of folks with guns right. How ofetn has you ever before seen a mom and her two or three kiddies at the swing sets playground take such an armed stand and pose?…I Never seen such!

            No they all posed for cash pay or for fun or for antigun advocats ideals I say…They are as bad as the co who makes this crap.

      31. Sick. I got onto their main page. They also have zombie targets, monsters and aliens targets, school targets, and NRA targets.

      32. This shows right here that the possibility of SHTF is coming very soon. I can’t believe that they would go to this level…This is absolutely disgusting. What is it going to be next? Oh wait…I can’t think of anything because they completely covered the level of stupidity that I wouldn’t think was going to be crossed for another few years.

      33. haha… THATS ME! The Old guy with shotgun… 😉

        Classic psychological conditioning now?
        I refer to my previous long post about the Non Conspiracy conspiracy.
        They know whats coming… and you see how they plan to respond.
        In war, he who hesitates, is dead.
        There is JUSTICE.
        And there is JUST US.

        Finx, and JoeinNC,
        Your task should you choose to accept it,
        is to justify this as ‘acceptable behavior’ for gubmint.

        • Please don’t encourage those guys….they never contribute to this site or the people in a meaningful fashion. But I understand the temptation….always fun to see morons on a mission!

      34. The first disarm door to door is the breaking point to me saying owning the guns I do is now illegal, or the first drone that kills an american here in america is when that line for me is broken.

      35. may GOD have mercy on their evil souls.

        • He might….I won’t!

        • ….because WE won’t.


          • 🙂
            Remember your training now…
            He who hesitates, is dead.

      36. Kids in school in Minnesota reciting Black Panther slogans as part of Black History Month…now this? The evil that currently encompasses this planet makes me want to vomit. It was said we would beg on our knees for him to return…I’m ready.

        • Yesterday on Fox-Hannity show he had a Fed dept of cant recall it now?…Agency that deals with farms etc I think usda perhaps?….Anyways it showed a Video the fed gov paid $200,000 for some asshole who is a hispanic or hispanic mix with black it appears and he makes Training videos for “Sensitivity Training” aka diversity and tolerance of multicultic crapola.

          His training video and sound track shows him at front of a class where hes ordering the FED workers watching it to Repeat after him…”The Pilgrims never showed Passports to the indians!”…AND…”the Pilgrims were racists”!

          Then while fed worker class isn’t seen in video you can Hear their group responce as they as a group out loud repeat verbatim all instructer orders them to.

          Theres proboly alot more stuff on entire vidoe but just one minit was actually reported and shown on Hannitys show. It was enough for me!…What a fuckin Farce to spend 200 thousnad dollars on and use as a Tool to teach racisim agaist Whiteys!

          At least hannity and his repub guest admited it was anti white racisim..The typical lib analcyst guest “expert” was a typical lib dem that can Never admit the truth or facts even when seen in such a video!

          It was a dem lib younger(aprox 23-25 yrs) stupid black chick. Her reply was “Well Everyone NEEDS Diversity Training”!!!….Yeah from stupid antiwhite black bitches as she no doubt….I agree barly any diff from repubs and dems…BUT facts prove beyond all doubt Dem Liberal kommies are Far worse bar none…I got zero use for libs who cannot never admit wrong regardless what evidence shows…I pitty them fools when thye finally begin the comming wars againts us…They will lose bad.

          I am reminded alot by her type libs of a WWII poster in full color I seen…Shows a WWII GI in a run step on sands of iwo jima(?) holding his M1-rifle abreast while his head is at slight turn as he says “I let my M1-Rifle do MY Talking!”


          • Right, that’s what I was referring to above…
            My diversity training consists of black silhouette’s…

          • Ya and I noticed the guy could barely speak intelligible english when he was leading this commie forum…

      37. With or without patches …. black, white, yellow, brown, or red ….. WE are all Seal Team America. Be SEAL LIKE when the time for Resistance comes, and make every ballot count.

        Breathe. Relax. Aim. Slack. Squeeze.

        Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote with YOUR Freedom Cell for God, Country, and constitution.

        Remember Benghazzi! Engage!

          • I have noticed Timothy, that you have fallen for the religious model of Creation. It is not your fault, it is all you’ve had… I agree. But, think of the forces that hold everything together without an intelligent designer and it just doesn’t work, the randomness of Higgs proceeds to chaos and they still haven’t defined dark energy. (They can’t without going to a hyper-cosmic Creator model.)

            There is another model… finally.
            Click on my name, and see if the Unified Field gives you any enlightenment of where it all went wrong.

            • Say what? I am an atheist. I am not aware of any peer reviewed scientific publications that have proposed the Christian creation myth as a legitimate hypotheses.

              • Timothy: You are falling into the gun grabbers hands and do not even realize it.

                If there is no God?…The Only other power on earth with REAL power is Governments. Therefore if you did not get rights Granted BY God at Birth?…WHERE Else did Your rights come from?…The ONLY other NON God power on earth is powerfull govnts.

                Whatever gov gives you they can recind and take it away at their whims. Have you read the declaration of indep.?

                I bleieve the word God is mentioned like 4 times(?).

                The Vast Majority of Founders of america’s writings state that they based our rights and us const and declaration of indep on their beliefs in God and based it all upon Christian KJV based Christ Centered Christianity.

                You can argue it all you want but that don’t change the facts that this is truth.

                Do you really believe in darwin and that You “evolved” from a fuckin Ape or Chimp?!!

                Far as I know darwin vs God created is about the only two choices aint it.

                Also to Date and ever since darwin wrote his crap in 1848, nobody and no scientists has as yet proven Darwin “Therorys”.

                Funny with at least 1-Billion Fossiles found-documented-by finders-dates-where found-what it is-etc…ZERO fossiles has as yet been found of ANY form of life, Plant-human-animal-fishes-toads etc etc that were fossilized right at point of INbetween changes stages eh.

                You would think at least one single fossile as proof can be found that proves animals etc evolved like say from a Toad into a racoon?…There to date is ZERO such proof found.

                To the Contrary, everything in creation that begins with “life” Humans-animals-plants-trees-insects-birds etc always DEvolves till death.

                Nothing evolves into any other things…Everything grows older till death.

                Try this experiment Timothy- Smash a wrist watch with a hammer into tiny seperate pieces. Place all pieces into a Bag…Shake it up real good…Pour it out of bag onto table…Did all the tiny pieces turn into a new watch?

                Or perhaps a small motor boat or automobile?..It Never will neither. So much for Big-Bang therory. Anything exploded scatters stuf all over the place. yet none majically changes into a Universe of fine tuned planets etc.

                No offence Tomothy, but all you atheists types are assisting gun grabbers who say we got zero such rights. Most of Them also are athesist. If rights aint from God. You soon will likly Lose all rights to the only other entity that can issue rights…That being Govnt’s.

                ps. Thats reason all them nwo evil bastards want so badly to control all govnts! because it IS the absolute highest power on earth…Except of course for God. Unless you reject God, then its back to govnt is Top boss…Kiss rights bye bye if so.

                • Sorry, I will have to respectfully disagree with you.

                  Powers are acquired by those who claim and defend them.

                  No god, no spirits, just people.

                  If they were God given, then surely they could not be taken away by mortals.

                • And your understanding of evolution is severely lacking. You may want to read up on it before you make statements like:

                  “You would think at least one single fossile as proof can be found that proves animals etc evolved like say from a Toad into a racoon?”

                  This is not how evolution works and no one has ever claimed that it is. At least not anyone considered a scientist. Evolution is a process by which characteristics change over time in response to the environmental stresses that occur. Animals do no evolve from one complex form to another. They evolve certain minute traits that either help or hinder their survival. The species that evolve beneficial mutations survive and spread their genes to the next generation.

                  Evolution may be called a theory, but so is gravity. It doesn’t mean there is any question of its validity. Evolution can be observed in micro-organisms in the lab over a matter of days depending on the organisms and their reproduction rates.

                  Understand the science behind evolution and you will be a lot better off.

                  As for claiming that without god the only thing left in the way of power is government, you are falling into the hands of the liberals by believing that humans are not capable of acting responsibly or rationally without a father figure, whether it be a god or a government, breathing down their backs.

                  The future of decline and relocalization that confronts us will demand that we take responsibility for our own survival and those that do not recognize that will perish.

      38. OK, everyone, I’m really hot and boiling over this article. THE ABSOLUTE NERVE OF ANYONE TO MAKE TARGET POSTERS OF LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS! the reason there are only white people in these targets is painfully obvious: some communist BS called political correctness. It’s OK to target white people, but try to put black people or any other minority people on target posters and you can imagine the outcry. People need to e-mail/fax/call this company that makes these posters and make your outrage known to them. Walt Kowalski, I fully support your idea of coming up with targets of jackbooted thugs regardless of whose alphabet soup agency they belong to. NOBODY HAS ANY OBLIGATION TO ANY FEDERAL AGENTS, PERIOD! NOBODY OWES ANYTHING EXCEPT SOME HOT LEAD TO ANYONE WHO WOULD APPROACH THEM WITH BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD THEM! Man, I’m really fit to be tied over this article! This is even worse than the gun grabbers talking all their trash. People, if anyone targets you, you have the natural, God-given right and obligation to target them in righteous self-defense. THE GOVERNMENT ARE THE ONES WITH BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD THIS NATION, NOT US! WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE ONES WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND ARE TRYING TO SAVE IT! WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE GOING TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY! I know that I’m going to stand up and fight. I’ll die standing up fighting, NOT ON MY KNEES LIKE A SNIVELING COWARD! I’m sorry for so much caps lock. I’m in a rage right now like never before. There are no limits to how low TPTB will go in their campaign against us. If anyone truly deserves to die, they do! NOMI CATIMF LFOD Braveheart

        • There is such a thing as righteous anger BI…..no need to apologize to those on this site. We know how you feel and more often than not feel the same. Keep up the good work my friend and if you notice anything up with the New Madrid I’m all ears.

          • I am not far from this fault, I check on the seismic activity daily, have been since Oct. 2010 I have not noted anything changing much since then, there have been a few swarms, but all very light.

        • Oops…..sorry Braveheart…..it appears I had a little too much of the sauce last night.

        • @braveheart,

          Chill my friend. This is what TPTB want. Don’t let them. They just want some one to draw first blood to put them on a high moral ground for more restrictions on our civil liberties. Don’t be that guy they incited into it.

          Man, I feel like a pacifist today. I am just as pissed as the rest of you but know that we are being manipulated by these traiterous bastards who are using the face of B.O., George Bush et all as a front. Just to get us to act first.

      39. DK, you mean make every BULLET count, don’t you? I’ll sure try to make every one of mine count.

      40. Y99, nobody of any color or gender can go back and undo what was done in the past. What’s been done is done and that’s it. We’ve all got to concentrate on the HERE AND NOW. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario; a war that none of us wanted. now it’s going to happen; there is no avoiding it. we’ve all got to continue prepping up until the last minute, whenever that will be. let someone red-thumb me or call me racist; I don’t care. I come to this site for the same reason as everyone else; to exchange useful information on survival-related subjects and offer like-minded people the best chance possible to survive in the post-SHTF era. I’m not here to win any popularity contest. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • Clarity of cause, symptom and treatment throughout an individual’s life is not an attempt at going back in time.

          What is done is done, but what we as individuals do within our lives and the here and now is important. I carry no guilt about America’s history; I believe as a country we’ve more than addressed what some would call our collective shadow, like many I’m feed-up with people who carry a generational chip on their shoulder.

      41. Why wouldnt the DHS use targets like these? They should add preppers to the list too. They need to train for every scenario and this might give the police better reaction times. The only people who would not support these are people who are hiding form the police. People who want the police to be ill trained for any situation.

        You preppers need to take off the tin foil hats and start realizing the governments decisions are in your best interests.

        If you do not support these training simulators then you do not care about our police and are not an american. You should be deported.

        Obama ’16

        • @ Everybody. Try to take Norse Prepper’s wise advice on cockroach finx and the Joker in NC, just ignore the trolls and let them howl at the moon and collapse the stupid comments with lots of red thumbs.

          • BI,
            What would a ‘Finx’ target look like?
            Would it look like a Nazi, or a chupacabra? OR, how ’bout a chupacabra in storm troopers outfit…hmmm..

            I already have a JoeinNC target, its a nerd in his underwear in his mommies basement moonlighting for O.

            Sorry BI, talking to you, not finx, just wanted to know about the target… Finx actually took up the challenge above, I didn’t think it possible to demonstrate such a level of idiocy… but, IT IS… 😉

            • Hey Pipe;
              I think a finx target would have to be a bare-ass with a
              bunghole for a center shot right between the eyes! YAH!

        • “If you do not support these training simulators then you do not care about our police and are not an american. You should be deported.”

          Blatant straw man fallacy. Most people who are against this simply are skeptical of their government. Only a fool would put 100% of their trust into the government.

          How about I straw man you and say that you have a love of government authority and have no problem giving it more and more power? What fool would believe that the government has only our interests in mind and has absolutely no chance of abusing its power?

          • Wait till assholes such as Finx gets their big chance to show Their love of govnt when Kommie agents that now abound in every fed agency stands finx next to a pole or tree…Then they take a bayonette and Rip his stomach open and pull out a small piece of his intestines.

            Then Nail his intestime piece to the Pole and Force him at gunpoint to begin Running around that Pole! Untill his entire 25 feet of intestines are wrapped around the pole.

            Then they leave him to Die like that! a Terrible slow painfull death…This example is just One of a Hundred ways bolshevik kommie russians red army did to tens of millions innocent folks due to beig white and/or christains in 1918 russia.

            Another evil death method used by then bolsheviks was with Pregnant women…Theyd slice her lower belly open to remove her fetus-baby, yet still leave it attached to umbilical, then smash babys head apart with rock or rifle butt while woman watched. She cant assist baby as she has been Nailed to side of a barn wall in a crusifix position like Christ was.

            Then them kommie bolsheviks brought a Priest over to also be Nailed to wall next to woamn…Sliced Priests stomach wide open so to Insert now dead baby fetus into His belly and leave both to die a slow painfull death.

            These ARE the type kommies we are dealing with here Now Today in america…It wont be no joke for assholes such as Finx when it begins, and it will!

            One short look at the Pure Evil in the eyes of Schumer-Finestien-Bloomberg-et al and there can be zero doubt that yes they Are exaact same ilk as their Grandfathers and Grandmothers bolshevik russian kommie jews before them. And be Certain they Will do likewise as I described to Us if we allow it!

            Everybody should Read a few true histories about 1918 russia/kommies to be Prepped as to what type Enemy we really face today. Bolsheviks make nazis seem like 5yr old kindergarten amatures no joke.

        • lol. Yeah, big daddy gubament knows what’s best for all of us children. Good call. Why didn’t I think of that?

        • Finx, Try engaging people in real debate. I have only posted for a short time and have even said I disagree with people. People have treated me with respect. Try making a point without calling people mentally ill. I would think most people on this site would enjoy a debate. I agree with the first paragraph you wrote. I think you may have some good ideas, just quit name calling. If you want people to consider your ideas, don’t call them retards. You anger people on purpose and therefore are easily dismissed.

      42. I personally only shoot at bull’s eyes type of targets at the shooting range. Here though is a bit of hypocrisy for everyone to chew on. It is perfectly OKAY for the DHS to shoot at pictures of fellow American citizens, but you know what would happen if you put a picture of some politician at a shooting range and anyone in the government found out about it? You would likely get arrested and charged with being a terrorist planning something.

        Hey but it is okay to have the feds shoot at pictures of little kids and other Americans. What the hell is going on? Why don’t these anti-gun slimewalkers protest against their government boys and girls practicing shooting pictures of kids? It is going to a miracle if this world makes it to 2014 without World War 3 or some mass world wide civil war.

      43. Notice the pregnant women has another person behind her. The arm is too high. Offset at the shoulder and the hand looks larger than the other about the grip. There is a slight change of color in her hair on the left side and a slight buldge to the side of her head..

        Wonder if it was her husband.

        • When a fisherman get’s his picture taken with a smallish fish he holds the fish out away from his body and towards the camera, it makes the fish look bigger than it really is.

        • Nah, her gun hand is closer to the camera, the outline to the left is a dread. Her hair is dreaded.

      44. These things have to be made in China.. can’t even spell depicting right…

        • No kidding! Look a the wording on the old man (who isn’t even pointing at you by the way):

          Non-Traditional threat target of an Older man holding a shotgun. Background is faded further highlighting and highlighting the threat.

          Makes you wonder what – if anything – the writer was distrcted by when entering the text. Again, not an American native speaker? Scary.

      45. Slick, I agree with you all the way. Also, imagine the outrage from the NAACP, ACLU, and other communist organizations if the targets had any black people in them. If any jew politicians like Feinstein, Schumer, Lieberman, etc. were depicted in targets, the ADL would get in on the act in a heartbeat. Oh, I forgot, those fine folks at the SPLC wouldn’t want to be left out. The only people they ever attack are white people; that’s their specialty. Hey, let’s put people from all those communist groups in targets. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Braveheart

      46. Finx, F#$% YOU! If you believe in government so much, why don’t you just sign up with them? Then go kick in someone’s door trying to take their guns or whatever and they’ll waste your sorry ass and rightfully so! Force your way into my home and see what happens to your sorry communist ass!

        • Braveheart….People like finx, jokerinNC, & a few others are cyber-warriors for Barry and they are paid by the government, so they’ve already signed up and they are here to distract and anger people. I just see them as another sad example of brainwashing and being willing to sell their souls for a small amount of money.

      47. The stomach (gut) does not lie.I know for most of us who are not being conditioned to murder white American gun-owners who happen to value Constitionally protected God-given liberties, this is reprehensible, vile and unconscionable…but to law enforcement officers, particularly federal ones, this is “lifesaving” specifically because those who “follow orders”(Nuremburg reference)are infinitely more valuable than those who resist.They consider anyone who would resist them to be a threat to the entire community, because, well, who could resist a police officer?I still believe our only hope lies within the heart of the military and police, who, at the prime of their existence, with up-to-date knowledge and experience of modern tactics and techniques and equipment can mount some kind of definable resistance.I DO honor the veterans and citizens who will undoubtedly resist, but our effectuality against the techno-terror of this evil needs a balance of righteous indignation and sheer ability.

        • The problem there is you end up with Egypt.

          Government toppled, new stooges installed protected by military and they call it fair. If you don’t like it you are the problem.

          It doesn’t work my friend.

          Also, they will not fight their masters. They will rather get tough with you.

      48. Who would ever figure some one would come up with something like these posters. I know of some certain gun grabbing politicians I would like that company to print up also. They should be tried & shot for treason. It says in Revelation that who they serve has already lost. But we are in fore some tough times ahead. Make your peace with your Maker. Amen

      49. I should be ashamed I mispelled “Constitutionally”, my English teacher would be rolling in his grave…if he were dead.Sorry.

      50. BI, as always, you’re right on target [no pun intended]. However, I’m not so sure any gun owner at any range these days would complain about any politician’s picture on a target, considering what we are all facing in the weeks and months to come. I don’t see this nation making it to 2014; we MIGHT make it through summer, but I’m not holding my breath on that or anything else for that matter. I’m still trying to calm down and I almost was until i saw the post from finx and let him have it. Whenever TSHTF and the feds make their move, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY! bank on it. Braveheart

      51. They dont have a target of the American Hunter in the bushes shooting at the terrorist government that is killing innocent people! Molon Labe!

      52. Slingshot, you’re right, NOBODY can undo whatever has been done in the past. PM, I’m in Memphis, so i know all too well where you’re coming from. however, I consider government to be Public Enemy No. 1. i do believe they’ll use gangbangers and so forth against us, but i’m ready for them. let them bring it on. They’ll be biting off way more than they could ever chew.

        • Ok.
          and Amen brother.

      53. Where are all the scary assault weapons? Why don’t those targets have ARs, AKs, etc? You’d think they would try and play that card as well and kill two birds with one stone.

      54. 2nd attempt to post….


        This was in my in-box, it came from Cheaper-Then-Dirt,

        Cheaper Than Dirt Supports Citizens’
        2nd Amendment Rights

        Recently companies such as LaRue Tactical and Olympic Arms announced they will no longer sell prohibited items to government agencies and personnel in states denying civilians to own those same items. It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and agents in states, counties, cities and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We support and encourage other companies that share in this sentiment.

        VERY GOOD,

        I see that SOMEONE is LEARNING now…….


        • Larue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Templar Custom, Extreme Firepower, Barrett Arms and now RAM Arms have vocalized that they will not sell their products to government agencies that support the President’s position on gun rights.

          • Hi JayJay,

            The inclusion of Barret in your list will be ESPECIALLY interesting inasmuch as they suppy so much of what Ol’ Unc himself purchases….very interesting indeed!
            I put that up as a confirm, a ‘Bona Fides’ from CTD, statement of intent, then the action….


          • Like it… love it.

          • Wait a minit! Cheeper than dirt wrote the word “Prohibited” items to govnt etc…What would that consist of?…Nothings prohibited to govnt!

            I do NOT recall that word used in those OTHER companies wordings statements..Sounds like a slick play on words to me by ctd eh….Also it says has always been policy and will continue?…Since when has it been policy prior by CTD co?

            I smell a Rat!

            • Morning Angelo,

              Actually No, I think. The email was rather a bit lonfer than that, I cut-and-pasted a relevant stretch of it such that you all could see. The rest seems to assert that they are getting as tired of this sh_t as we are, at least that’s how I read it…


          • If these companies are refusing to sell thier goods to various government agencies, then, what are the chances that these suppliers will be taken over ala NDAA?

      55. I guess when a whole nation looks the other way when the Government is shooting foreign people in foreign nations, it builds up Karma…

        Now Americans might get to see what its like being on the receiving end of US Military fire.

        If you had been concerned about the children you have murdered via your government maybe none of this would be happening to you? Think about it.

        • we never mudrered any children via govnt you idiot. Where do You live?…You seem thrilled at prospect of white americans killed by own govnt?

          Well Fuck You asshole. Hope to see You illeagly cross our border while our cross hairs are on your sorry illeagle ass.

          • Angelo, he is right; .gov via our military has killed tens of thousands of children via drone strikes, and even more through our ongoing psychotic out-of-control military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Mali and god knows where else. Might as well throw in all the kids in Vietnam as well.

            I don’t think he is thrilled; I think he is saying that if we had nipped the viciousness of the US military in the bud, rather than blindly cheering it on, we would not now be facing drones over US soil and LEOs/DHS training to shoot up young mothers. Everyone’s a Terrist[TM].

            We did not do our duty as citizens, and now we might be reaping the consequences in the near future. We have the blood of innocents on our hands. And we have created endless global enemies who will delight in our destruction, and dance and sing on our graves.

            • Mama Bear: oh I get what you mean. But dont lump me in as a guilty party for I have been trying to awaken most all folks I ever met and for 40 yrs now! from family-to friends-aquaintences-and total Strangers I never seen prior and most I never seen afterwards again.

              My sucess as a watchman has not been too swell with them I know personally. Them that were/are strangers I have zero method of knowing if I was effective or not.

              But I do Know this for Certain. If they reject truth its not for lack upon my part the last 40 yrs.

              Also I believe there are alot more folks who have done likewise and have objected vociferously at all our fed gov and military has been engaged in doing all those past 40 yrs.

              Theres not alot more we can do when even our votes have not counted since before I was old enough to vote(I am 60 yrs old). I am glad to see finally what seems as a huge awakening ongoing the last few yrs…Is it enough?…or will it be too little too late?…only time will say for sure. I hope for the best but wouldn’t bet on it as yet.

              • When I say we I mean the relatively small sliver of people like me who woke up recently, and the huge conglomeration of those who are willfully deaf, dumb and blind to everything but Dancing with the Stars. Throw in liberals who were screeching during the Bush presidency, but who have gone silent after Obama rode in on his unicorn.

                I know you have been fighting this fight for a long time. I am sure that you have planted a few seeds over the years. You’re kind of the conservative counterpart to the hardcore Marxist liberal who woke me up to peak oil a decade ago. Crazy like a fox like him, too, and that is a compliment. 🙂

      56. Slingshot–most look like photoshops??

      57. Unfathomably sick. The reality of this Twilight Zone Bizzaro World is an acid trip without the acid. A dark shade of pure evil is descending. Twisted is normal and normal is twisted. How far are we to be pushed?

      58. what? no negroid or hispanic ones?

      59. “Non Traditional Threats” (Targets)

        I would say we’ve just crossed the rubicon.

        • @ EA,

          Yep….may be so. Time will tell, soon I think.


        • Waiting on NY, CA, WI, MO, CO, to see who goes first.
          I hope the good guys can hold the line, to remain the good guys. The trick is to be the good guys in the eyes of the DGI’s, never forget that.

          Having thought about Causus Belli, if memory serves, was it the Boston Massacre that was the last straw for the British? Before serious thought was given to the revolution? The founders exercised all options before Lexington and Concord.

          So where does that leave us?
          Waiting for a rally that gets droned or fired on?

          I think the proper course of action is to simply PUSH, hard… and maybe, send our legislators some RED COATS?

          • Howdy Piper,

            Don’t worry about MO…that’s already ‘handled’ go back a day or two to see Syd’s comment on that; The republican chairman of the commitee that attends all matters related to 2nd Amendment issues stated emphatically that the proposed bill was ‘DOA’…ergo, strike MO from the list summarily.


            • What are those poor folks in NY gonna do…
              other than ‘protest’ to deaf ears…

          • Won’t be Mo. In spite of a Democrat gov we have a Republican legislature. That’s just some leftist jihadi Democrat from St Louis strapping on a bomb trying to make a name for himself. It won’t go anywhere which begs the question, if it isn’t likely to have that much support why do these liberal bastards try so hard to push our buttons? They’ve seriously pissed off nearly half the country and the harder they push the more folks get alienated. Do they really think they are that ,politically speaking of course, bulletproof?

            • YEP!!!, Dat’s About it…AIN’T IT? 🙂

              Howdy jfunk,


            • Howdy Jfunk…
              What is the purpose of pushing buttons…
              TO provoke you into reacting first…
              Don’t… push back. Sounds like you guys got that covered.

              Eternal Vigilance.
              Means just that…

      60. I guess they think it will be easy to take out troublemakers if they just condition FEMA thugs by having them practicing shooting otherwise innocent looking people. Demonizing the citizenry in the eyes of government employees no doubt is part of their plan. Notice they had as all their targets fairly easy prey; no targets of people more likely to be able to equal them.

        But I don’t think it will be that easy. Civil wars or revolutions aren’t just government thugs against rebels. There is a huge amount of violence between pro and anti government people. Assassinations, bombings, small scale raids, and sabotage are more likely than armies on battle fields. And what will those in the military do? Will they split just like the civilian population?

        I have read people comment that the government thugs go home sometime and they have families. Government thugs might pick easy targets, but rebels can and do pick easy targets too. The violence becomes self feeding as each side retaliates against the other, and hatred builds.

        If you don’t understand the collectivist mentality of government supporters here is a description of how they think that I lifted from someone’s comment over at thehighroad gun discussion:

        ” Personal freedom. This is a non starter with most progressives. They tend to think in collective terms, not individual. Personal freedom is, to them, a euphemism for the rejection of society. Society represents the greater good. The individual exists only to serve the greater good, not to be served by it. Liberty is anathema. Anyone talking about liberty is just trying to avoid contributing their fair share to the greater good of society.

        Rights. “Rights” is just a quaint way of saying privileges. Privileges are what you are allowed to exercise in return for your contribution to the greater good of society. But those privileges should never be allowed to interfere or endanger the greater good so their exercise must be strictly regulated.

        The Constitution. This is an antiquated document that describes a system of government that has proven unsuitable to the needs of a progressive society. Unfortunately, many people have an emotional attachment to it, so it really can’t be discarded. But it can be re-imagined and reinterpreted so that it can be made to allow what needs to be done, and when that isn’t feasible, it should just be ignored when it gets in the way of progressive action.

        Happiness may not be guaranteed, but Equality is. It is impossible to have economic equality when there is a disparity of wealth. Everyone must contribute to the greater good. From each according to his ability to each according to his need. The wealthy must pay their fair share.

        Individuals are nothing without each other. We are all in this together as a society and government is the means by which society achieves its goals and distributes the wealth produced by the society to its members. Individuals contribute to the production of society, but individuals can produce nothing without society and so have no claim on what they think they produce themselves.

        The problem with the other side isn’t a lack of understanding, it is a lack of common values.”

        This is the mentality of a large segment of the population; collectivist don’t really have the same morality as freedom loving people. Their view of morals is that they are relative and not absolute, so they can justify in their minds government enslaving people so that government can have the resources to support them, no matter whose life is destroyed in the process. This is why they don’t think people deserve to earn more than them and why they think anyone who is successful should support the government so that the government can support them. But is not just the welfare class that wants government to plunder us; it is the aristocracy too that wants the market rigged in their favor so that they can capture a large share of the economic pie.

        It all looks to me to be building to some trigger event that will cause violence to explode. It could be economic and financial collapse; it could be aggressive government action like gun confiscation or Obama declaring an emergency and cancelling 2016 elections; it could be uncontrollable cost increases to acquire energy making survival impossible for a large segment of the population; and it certainly could be food shortages.

        • Why would it be necessary to cancel 2016 elections–‘they’ already know who will be chosen.
          Oh, they will let you think you had a choice; just to keep you from rioting.

      61. Remember people, YOU PAID FOR THIS WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS!! The government for the people, by the people…blah blah blah. The government took our money and purchased these sick targets. They used our money to purchase the kajillion bullets they will be using to shoot at these targets. They used our money to purchase drones to spy on people. They used our money to build the spy center in Utah. They used…..I could go on and on and on and on…


        I’ll tell you how, because American Idol is still on TV!

        I am so sick and tired of being preached to about how the nanny state needs to take care of all of us, all they while they purchase with my money pictures of innocent kids on a playground to be used to desensitize themselves.

        So tired of the everything.

        Sorry for the rant people…God Bless
        NP 🙁

        • NP,

          Friend, I KNOW weariness, I HEAR it in your ‘voice’ today…rest a bit and clear your mind. A NEW DAWN is
          coming….look forward to that, do not look into the ‘now’
          for a time, for like the Abyss ‘When one looks into the Abyss IT ALSO looks into you!” We are changed by looking into to it for too long or too deeply….rest for a time,
          then RETURN. We are here, we REMAIN…WE ABIDE.


          • JOG: You say a New Dawn comming…Have you read the bible yet?…The new dawn of goodness wont be seen by anyone untill the Lord returns. Till that time comes we got nothing but bad to worse to deal with. Yes we will likly see periods of normalcy or stability now or then. But them times wil be an illusion and temporary at best.

            Have zero doubts, once it really begins its on and wont go to off for good till he returns. Thats when we too get to assist He in Judgements!…I hope Archangle Michael will need helpers to Boot em into that lake of fire!

            Read Christs Parable of the Wheat & Tares(weeds that look like wheat untill fully matured, then easy to discern as a weed)…Wheat and tare/weeds means People.

            Wheat=Gods childen and tares/weeds= Satans kids…It says so in the final part of parable. The evil one who crept in at late night under cover of darkness to pland his seeds amoung the already planted wheat seeds is the Devil aka Satan aka Lucifer.

            When the field hand workers that planted the wheat discoverd the tare weeds also planted amoung wheat, they asked “Should be go back in field to take out weeds”?

            They are told NO! but wait till the tare weeds are mature at Harvest time. For its too easy to mistake tares when still growing and not yet mature, as wheats also.

            The Lord wishes for zero mistaken wheats to be uprooted. BUT when the Harvest is ready the Lord will send forth His angle holding a Huge Sickle to Reep the harvest and Uproot every single Tare/weed…Thats the First “harvest” of the weeds. Then a second angle(really Christ) will come and reep the good wheat harvest to store in His storehouse…While the Tares weeds uprooted will be thrown into the Fire with all the rest of Pruned dead branches etc.

            NOW read John Ch 8 vs 44, and Rev ch 2 vs 9 to see who the tare weeds really represent!…Hint, they are also called the synagouge of Satan!

            Compare it all to how today we got many “Finestiens” et al amoung the white folks. Most people see zero difference between Her type and avg white folks right..But yes there is a Huge difference when you know what to look for eh.

            For they are of their Father Satan the devil, and the Lusts of him shall they do. he was a Liar and a Thief and a Murderer from the Begining(garden of eden cain murders brother, cain is seed of devil/serphant).

            There is but One single true remedy to their evils. That is acceptance of Christ and true salvation. Failure of that single remedy?…Leaves only One final solution…They are pure evilness= a Disease…And We are the Cure= a Bullet to their heads.

            It is what it is eh…We didn’t cause this nor light the orig fires. They did!…Today that fire has gone full blown into an out of control raging Forest fire that nothing can stop…Except for One thing…Time to Fight Fire WITH Fire!

            And same as forest fighters are NOT arsonists when they start a brush fire to remove future fuel for raging fire, thus halting main fire at a fire-break caused by that brush fire they did…We too cannot be called killers nor murderers for simply doing the same basic thing. Fighting fire With fire when all else fails.

            Thats what seperates us from Them…They Murder us yet we just defend us and our nation and freedom etc. Don’t ever allow any libs or other assholes to cause you to doubt it.

            • Morning Angelo,

              Firstly, Yes, I have…5 times, cover-to-cover.

              You and I haven’t spoke much in the past, no time like the present, Yes?
              Indeed, the ‘wheat will soon be seperated from the chaff’, as you put it.
              Though by the Book, “None knoweth the Hour nor the Day…” I don’t
              typically spend a lot of time in the metaphysical…He has given us the
              pure, unadulaterated expression of his Mind as a construct which is all
              around us everywhere, the “Greater World”. What better way to know an
              Artist than by his works? Thus BI and I are greatly enamoured of the
              mystery’s within it.

              Having said that, let tme ramble a bit…

              “By the Book”, at the End, Humanity is the ‘Bride’. Being a bride
              is not being a servant nor a slave nor a hire; it IS a Parity, an
              Equality. Before Humanity can ‘Be’ anything coherent and whole it
              must MATURE for what adult would marry themselves to a child? What
              has passed down the long corridors of time wherein our predecesors
              walked was identically that early state of the life of Humanity; a
              child-hood. For each thing there is a time and a season….the time
              of childhood is nearing it’s End now…most – not only those here, but
              elsewhere as well – ‘feel’ this as and are perplexed; we feel an
              ineffable ‘wrongness’, EVERYWHERE. I do…do you?

              The fits and tantrums of our earlier ‘life’ will no longer serve ANY
              of us in the future, just as when we were Children and then matured to
              Adulthood. Everywhere one looks about oneself one sees the World,
              specifically the Human component of it doing exactly this….all of it’s
              various parts clashing with each other…this is NOT a coherent, whole
              thing. In great part this comes now by way of the excesses of a Few, a
              Few who have long sought to exercise thier own Will over that of all
              the rest…those who WILL force the ‘Bride’ to wear the dress of THIER
              creation and so the parts approach being at War with each other. The
              strife we see everywhere today is a simple manifestation of that and
              is rebellion, broadly. Eh?

              The ‘New Dawn’ I am refering to is Humankind’s approaching transition
              to the maturity I mention above. Over the last several years I have
              read, seen studies in every discipline showing parabolic transitions in
              every sinlge factor by which one would measure humankind. Population
              growth, Knowledge, resource utilization…it goes on and on and on, in
              every field and every sub-component thereof. Every last one points to an
              approaching “Singularity” for Humankind…in our lifetimes. It will
              be the case that – at some point in the not too distant future – quite
              abruptly I suspect, that We will all waken to what has transpired in the
              greater world around us and in THAT moment a racial, Human ‘Epiphany’
              will occur….this is likely to be as severe as a woman in labour.
              Think on the paralells to that in John (Rev).

              No scholar existent regards the central crux of Judeo-Christianity
              as being other than an issue of “Free Will”. For a multitude of reasons,
              if one dwells on what EXACTLY “Free Will” actually is, and the
              CONSEQUENCES thereof (re: judgement) then it becomes clear that much
              of what we see around us today is the result of the decision on the
              part of the Divine to finally allow us to see the consequences of our
              actions (to take the ‘training wheels off) – both personal and
              collective – such that FINALLY We may mature. He will return AT THE
              DAWN, when Humanity has seen and absorbed the epiphany which it yet
              faces, NOT before. This is OUR struggle, OUR Task.

              Clearly Communism was NOT the Answer, just as clearly CAPITALISM
              is not the answer….not in it’s current form. How long will
              unbridled, UNMITIGATED GREED be the sole driving mode of Humankind?
              Whatever the answer to THAT, something we have NOT YET seen, but
              something that is between the two extreme’s is the answer We are
              seeking. And No, I’m NOT here refering to ‘Socialism’, which is a
              pathetic excuse for the lazy to subsist on the proceeds of the
              labor of others or alternately the handouts with which the Elite
              assuage thier own conscience with whilst Thieving. I am QUITE sure
              that the Night will yet become blacker than it is now…it is always
              darkest just before the Dawn, is it not?

              Oftimes, I feel like Diogenes with his lamp, cursed to walk the
              Earth eternally until he could find just one honest soul to pass it
              to. None who come here are dissimilar I think, we search eveywhere
              but as yet we still have not found what is needful. I warn you though;
              the path to maturity may well force MANY of us to give up most, if not
              all, of our most cherished ‘Childhood’ toys…Wealth, Religious Dogma
              et al. Until we find a path which leads to a more distributed Dignity
              for ALL People, Everywhere THIS that we see now WILL worsen: Until
              our Elders are cherished for what they have expended to bring us
              into being, until that most precious to us, the Children, are seen as
              just that, as naturally a part of the structure of what is to come
              and not am additonal burden upon society, UNTIL Humanity learns to
              control it’s explosive growth, learns to control it’s fecundity,

              I fear what is to come since it has evermore been the case that all
              great leaps forward are only ever done whilst We are standing on the
              edge of a precipice; Humankind steadfastly REFUSES to learn otherwise.
              It is this precipice that we are approaching now, we all know it, do we
              not? A New Dawn will come, the only question is how many pairs of eyes
              will be there to witness it….thus I FEAR that day when all awaken,
              for it will only come of a truly terrible, encompassing event which
              is so broadly spread that EVERY human being has seen it or knows of


          • Thanks JOG. I’m usually a little level headed, but when I see a picture of a small boy, children, pregnant mother being used to make a target I had it last night. Your words of wisdom are much appreciated.

            Thanks again friend…


        • I do not vote. I am not going to vote for a giant douche or a turd sandwich. I am no longer “paying taxes ” which means i am exempt. Haha!!! Q

        • Speaking of American Idol; I can appreciate good talent, but being punished while doing so by having to see the likes of “Niki Me-dodge”, is crossing the line for me.

          The producers/creators of American Idol have scraped the bottom of the slut bucket to come up with this bitch to represent their program.

          I refuse to watch the show except for the commercial advertisements, so i can make damn sure we don’t purchase any of their products.

          BTW, Randy,Keith and Mariah are OK.

        • they used your money to blow up a bunch of skyscrapers so that they could use even more money to build all sorts of illegal stuff and hide what they have done to you.

      62. The war is coming!

      63. “They” wouldn’t last two seconds in a real shooting war with “us”.

        If “they” thought whack-job cheeseball Chris Dorner was a serious threat, just wait until millions of highly motivated, heavily armed American veterans, military members, gun owners, and common patriots come out in force. You people living in fear of FEMA camps and “martial law” need to get a grip. American gun owners are the largest army the world has ever seen and “won’t be going out like that”.

        • Seems most of the LEO’s and ex-military guys I know are on our side of the fence. They are not “pigs” and I can’t imagine many would show allegiance to a government that would fire on its own people. The vast majority I think would simply refuse. It would be unConstitutional but that doesn’t mean that much in some quarters.

        • 22winmag,

          I would agree with you if we were united. Unfortunately, there is alot of apathy and division. Alot of axe grinding and genocidal contemplations. Dog eat Dog.

          • Popular uprisings and insurgencies rarely involve a truly united people. As long as people drop their differences temporarily to fight a common enemy, that common enemy is doomed.

      64. Has anyone confirmed that these are “official” targets for law enforcement? Just because the company calls themselves a law enforcement supplier doesn’t make it so.

        Don’t fire the first shot! Don’t give them a reason to crack down. The general public needs to be on your side and they wont be if you start shooting cops.

        Some of us will be the first to go down but we have to wait until the public sentiment is with us or we will lose. Think about it.


      66. Holy shit! What is wrong with them? (Rhetorical question)

      67. Im surprised there are no terrorists in wheelchairs or church congregations. How about it? Im mean if your gonna piss everyone off, surely you cant leave out Christians and crippled vets can you, come on?

        However I think the little boy and the pregnant woman make up for any oversights in that respect. All in all its very well done, it worked. You have sucessfuly alienated all women those who have mothers that is, all men those that have grandfathers that is, all parents those that have children that is. All white folks both those that are and those that are not racist.

        Congratulations dhs job well done, if your intention was to create animosity, then you get an “A”.

        Non traditional targets, heres an idea for ya , how about you bring in your very own family pictures. Your pregnant sister and your dad, maybe a niece or nephew and lets not forget your mom too. If shooting at those targets of your family is perhaps a little over the top for you then just let your battle buddy use them. Toughen up dhs your gonna have to shoot em anyway and your buddy is gonna have to shoot your family, they may as well get used to the idea as should you.

        You are reading the words of one very pissed off paratrooper, Im being very sarcastic tonight as a means of preserving the computer screen and my knuckles. Just when you thought there was no room left to sink any further they find a new basement to occupy. I dont know whos fucking homeland they are securing but these targets suggest to me that its not my homeland, I dont come from the homeland of those that practice shooting pregnant women and children. If we had been given these targets in the 82nd I shudder to think what would have happened, it be fuckin ugly quickly, thats what.

        Lets see just how far the MSM takes this one.

      68. The Civil War that is coming to this wonderful country will destroy it. It will leave the doors open for a foreign invasion from who knows, but it will happen. We will get back our country, and then fight the invaders; many will die in this terrible time approaching.

        With what is going on in Government it tells me one horrible thing, THEY WILL HAVE NO RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, I believe that they want to kill as many people as they can from the start.

        Therefor we should have no rules also, TAKE NO PRISONERS PERIOD, NONE!

        The end is coming quickly very quickly, so prepare like there is no tomorrow; just because there might not be one as we know it now. This how my group of PATROITS and I feel.



        • Day by Day it seems that Washingtom’s ‘Prophecy’ comes closer to us…


      69. Don’t worry all, if you have the right DNA…
        they’ll just take you into custody for their brave new world.

      70. did anyone else catch the end of one of obamas recent speeches where he underhandedly stated that if we want our country back, we’re going to have to go get it?


      71. I often wonder just how many Millions of former militray men that are now dying of agent orange type cancers or illness’s due to inhaling depleted uranium ammo etc.

        Then I wonder how many of that millions group will figure they got zero to lose, as soon they will be dead anyways right. Picture maybe a million men like that all going out to do one final “mission” for americas freedom.

        I’d sure hate to be in certain polititions and MSM types shoes that day!…best part is them final mission patriots won’t be distnguishable from any other of 300+ million citizens, untill of course they Strike!

        Many wll not get caught and will go again on missions to “Fix” it all. They will continue to Blend in with all society as they strike absolute Fear into them what aint got “Missioned” as yet!

        And “They” the evil ones Knows who they are too…They will then be singing a different tune no.

        • Ahh, Angelo, someone finally scripted my thoughts.
          Imagine one of those veterans with two, not one, carotid blockage developing–again–and an aneurysm on the back of the neck in a precarious place, AND add to that description enlarged vessels on the brain merging into shrunken vessels. So serious, he isn’t allowed to drive.
          Hmm, I have one of those veterans.
          Now, imagine being told all this, and one more test divulges all is okay. WOW, no serious blockage, no vessels to worry about, and the aneurysm has been there for a very long time, so why worry??
          Or is it that someone read the files and discovered this patient is VETERAN insured and is only at this hospital because VA didn’t have a bed for him when he convulsed that morning??

          Scary, huh.

      72. LAPD and SBPD don’t shoot at these targets … they just burn ’em.

      73. I would just like to think this is some made up sick shit. In a small corner of the back of my mind flickers a small candle flame of doubt about the validity of this story. I would like to believe that we haven’t descended this low. But I think about the drone strikes that have taken place in other countries that have left alot of innocent children dead and that candle flame gets smaller. I guess their honing their skills for us here, you and I, until even our seed is gone. This evil knows no bounds.

      74. This is a test post to see if it goes through.

      75. This just confirms my belief in the Bible ever more. Our world is being consumed by evil in every facet of our existence.The world has a moral decay that is eating at us like a cancer and it is spreading like a tsunami. One doesn’t have to believe in God to see it, but it helps.

        Ephesians 6:12
        12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

        • Amen.

      76. But if we had targets of DHS and TSA etc… we’d probably get droned or Waco’ed

        yep, makes perfect sick sense

      77. Oh, forgot to ask you all….

        Have you purchased your BP vests yet?

        looks like if we are to let them spill our blood first or at least let them have the first shot..than you better armor up.

        because it looks like were targets

        hahaha one problem for the blue helmets…these paper targets dont shoot back, so much for thier real time training

      78. Is it true that if you spend 1200 on a rifle, you should spend between 1200 and 2400 on glass??

        • If you use old prices (e.g. when a standard AR-15 was under $1000), that is in the ballpark, A good Eotech reddot with the flip magnifier costs about $900; good Trijicon ACOG scopes run $800 to $1500; IR lasers run from $600 to $2000+. You only get 2X if you have a good optic AND night vision IR lasers or if you have a cheaper (e.g. $500) bolt action rifle and need a $1000 scope.

          • Muh



        • I have heard this many times, I would recommend a scope from Shepherd, excellent and around $700

          • Shepard is good, so is Millet. I LOVE my Millet 56mm on my gat’ It’s not so much what you spend as what you get … also I’m very fond of my Leatherwood’s, the ‘Cam-puter’ type scopes that Jim Leatherwood developed in the 60’s for the snipers in Vietnam….very resonably priced, good glass, UNIQUE mechanism…variable MOA base functionally geared to the Mil-Dot reticle, the same type that Carlos Hathcock used to rack of hundreds of ‘killa’, you know- White Feather? google ‘Leatherwood’.


            • ok just did some googling and reading.
              Shepherd seems nice but there website leaves a little to be desired, lack of info. Leatherwood looks as good if not a little better, but once I read reviews it seems the M1200 has some problems and lacks instruction on setting up and has quality issues. But the M 1000 has good reviews but only comes in 10 magnification….I want the ability for more. Also they are low in price which ALWAYS makes me suspect


          • Bushnell ET4305 is a good scope. $ 780. 90 inch adjustment at 100 yrds is comparable to the Nightforce and Leupolds at half the price. 4.5x30x50. Decent glass. Large turrets for heavy gloves. Can and is used on 50 bmg rifles. Works good on my 308 too.

          • 006: Shepherd is my choice; one shot zero.

        • So a 1500$ Nightforce is NOT necessary??

        • In some cases , Yes.

          It also depends on what type of optics you want, useful range for the optic, if the optic has range finding capabilities, night vision..etc.. you can get way out nuts with optics, to the point where its way over the top of the price of the arms they are put on…there again, if your buying a 1200 or 1400 or 2000 dollar rifle, you dont want to go short changing yourself or the guns ability to reach out accurately, so you dont want to put a captain crunch optic on it out of the cereal box.

          • ok, I was just looking foro some good optics for a Savage 10 FCP-SR

            • It just seems Ironic, that these Communist Traitors will be shot with Soviet Weapons Ie Sks, Ak 47 Mosant Nagants, and a Host of Soviet Bloc Weapons..isn”t karma a Bitch?

              Semper Fi

      79. Something I read the other day…… “Growing up in the 60’s I always thought that one of the worlds most worthless toys was a Slinky. It then dawned on me that a slinky and a politician have a lot in common. Besides being worthless, both will bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs”.

        Unknown (author)

        • funny, I just posted something simular to this two or three days ago..its funny because its true

          • Damn, I guess I’ll need to play the lottery.

            • I hear that, or its great minds find the same humor

      80. I had a live, close range shooting target this past weekend at the B O retreat. I learned that haste does make waste; among other things.

        In my haste, a couple weeks ago, I left a panel to the crawlspace under the retreat shack unsecured because, one: I was coming back in a day or two, to change the whole-house water filter and two: I had to hurry to be somewhere.

        Lesson learned one: a possum can squeeze his body thru an opening anywhere he can get his nasty little nose into.

        Lesson learned two: a full grown adult male possum can easily get thru a 4” by 5” opening in the sub-flooring and regular flooring where plumbing comes up to the kitchen sink.

        Lesson learned three: a possum loves the taste of rat poison.

        After arriving at the retreat on Saturday, the little woman was putting things into the fridge and said we got a mouse behind the pantry. I asked how come she knew. She said I heard it making scratching sounds. I went on about my business of filling the firewood box and getting a fire started. Every once in a while, I noticed she was leaning down towards the cabinet beside the pantry and listening. I told her that there might be a mouse in the wall behind the cabinet and pantry, but no way could a mouse get in there from the wall side for it was sealed tight; and asked had she looked inside good. “yep” she said, no sign of anything in cabinet or pantry.

        Later that evening after supper, I was resting on the couch and heard a sound under the cabinet near the kitchen sink. After muting the TV, I heard bottles and jars clanging together. The little woman says; “see, I told you there was a mouse in there.” I said, “ yea, I believed you, but that ain’t no mouse and we got a damn wharf rat. It’s a good thing we put a new bag of poison under there a few weeks ago.”

        That is the very reason we keep poison out at the house and barn; wharf rats. I don’t know where they come from or how, but every few years we get one.
        A few years ago, we got one, in the barn and liked to never have fed it enough poison to kill it.
        A big rat trap? The thing would chew it up and spit it out. I was worried, since those things can set up camp, invite their cousins from across the river and you got a freakin’ maze of tunnels and creatures that can stand on their hind legs and run dogs off their feed bowls. Dogs don’t like messin’ with wharf rats. Cats will run and hide. A pair of good Jack Russells will make a good effort though.

        Anyways; a few minutes later I heard jars banging together and old pots/pans clatter. WTF!! Grabbed my flash light and opened the under-sink cabinet just in time to see the back half of a possum dash down the plumbing opening into the sub-flooring and found the 2 lb. bag of rat poison just about gone and strewn everywhere. While smoking over the whole thing I just about had a panic attack. “Quick honey, get me a beer and the 22 pistol.” She has this deer in headlights look and says “what’s wrong?” I reply, “We got a D-con crazed possum in the sub-flooring and if he dies in there, I have to wait till he starts stinking until I can get a general idea of where the mo-fo is laying and cut him out.” When she finally regains her conscience, I asked what if, I’m gone to my happy hunting grounds in the sky and you have to do deal with this. She says; “ well… (long pause)… I guess I’d hope he would just leave.” I said, “yep, and you would have a dead possum in the flooring, cause he has set up shop with a belly and butt full of green poison; not just stinking for a few days like the occasional mouse during the summer but a few months.” After regaining conscience again, she said, “ well, I’d try smoking him out”. After wiping the tears from my eyes, from laughing so hard, I said, “yep and you most likely would be sitting in the yard with Bear (our little Fiest/mix dog) crying your eyes out, watching the retreat shack, with several years and thousands of dollars worth of preps,…going up in smoke.”

        Lesson learned “one” for little woman: face reality of living in/near woods that you will always have to contend with vermin and varmints. Prepare mentally and physically to kill or be eaten out of house and home.

        Lesson learned four: always check to make sure 22 cal bullet in pistol is hollow point when preparing to shoot possum under sink inside house at close range.

        Lesson learned five: a solid round nose thru possum skull @ range of five feet results in “pass thru” and not necessarily instant death.

        Lesson learned six: the sounds of hissing; after gunfire, bumping and thumping of possum in death throws against flooring and woman screaming, is not a sound you want to hear.

        Lesson learned seven: several gallons of pressurized water can escape thru hole made by 22 bullet in “relatively” new copper piping before electric breaker to water pump is thrown and pressure tank is emptied.

        Lesson learned eight: stock up on extra plumbing connectors and fittings.

        Lesson learned nine: well, actually already knew this one; possum may seem docile and slow but can move quickly when grabbed and has the teeth of a small shark with canines as sharp as fish hooks and may appear dead but just be, playin’ possum, and bite the crap out of you. No worries mate, a possum can’t contract rabies. (so they say…???)

        Lesson learned ten: Fishing dead possum out of sub- flooring with snare made from clothes hanger while laying under kitchen sink, inside cabinet, is not all the fun it is cracked up to be.

        Lesson learned eleven: re-doing plumbing that you just replaced a few months ago doesn’t make it any easier.

        Lesson learned “two” for little woman: believe hubby, when he has been telling you for past ten years that a possum has a two-pronged pecker and don’t keep telling him it’s just another bs story of his. When it’s shown “in your face” it becomes easier to accept after you stop repeating the phrase; “ I can’t believe I just saw a two-pecker’d possum.”

        Lesson learned twelve: don’t expect little woman to believe old tale that male possum copulates with female possum thru her nostrils (reason for twice prong’d pecker)so she can then blow spunk into “pouch” for inseminating eggs because she is marsupial and has no vagina. Little woman will walk off, shaking head every time. Documenting evidence may take more time than showing fact of possum sporting dual prong pecker.

        • THIS is almost gettin’ into Snokin’s territory, HAHAaaaa,
          T’anks Bro! 🙂


          • Thks. i try to fill in for Oak once in a while. He is still pretty busy doing the same shit I did before I retired. (BTW Keep your logs up to date, Oakie)

        • Outstanding Dont tread, LMFAO, thanks I needed that.

      81. Sorry I dont belive this.

        • Call em up and ask em…than get back with us, until then..you got no more than this story has

      82. The government is shooting at pictures of all of us because they love us. Every pull of the trigger during target practice with these photos is done with care, compassion, and warmth. I don’t mind them shooting at my picture as long as they smile while they shoot. Look at the bullets as little kisses blow at you by a government that just loves us all silly.

      83. Why don’t the 20 percent that are enabling the .1 percent just give up now , with your tails between your legs and in retreat , after having vacated your offices of power, and maybe we can just forget about all of this ugliness you have imposed on us all? If not you will be apprehended, arrested and taken to prison, where we will use the very laws you have created against you. The fact is , if you do not give up now, you will either spend the rest of your life in prison or you will very likely die.

      84. Take the lead of the pope and a few other high profile ptb types and just quit. the problem is, not enough of you are getting the message. You need to resign, en masse, NOW. you were supposed to last summer. take a hint and make like a tree and leave. You have been given ample time to get with the program. Next stop, prison.

        • eeder: Prison is to good for them. If you want to put them in prison, DEATH VALLEY filling sand bags or an Island on or close to the Equator, food and water drop once a month. Then they can kill one another.

      85. for fucking turds like Jamie Dimon, Benji Nutanyahoo and all of his supporters in congress, I will be frank. These rules will not apply for you. You are trash and will be dealt with as such regardless of how this turns out. Jamie Dimon has a special place in hell reserved. If there is one of these clowns, that I was given a chance to go one on one with physically in a locked room, it is Jamie Dimon. I think that fat lower lip of yours will light up like a christmas tree when I am done with you. I’d piss on your fat lip after I was done with you too. f-en dork.

      86. Government will be beaten like a rented mule, until there is barely a pulse left there. We can do this the easy way by having you all give up now , or the hard way, where we beat you like a rented mule, until the pulse is weak. It is inevitable though.

      87. The banking records were in building 7, that’s why the CIA brought down a building to bloody dust, that was not even hit by a plane. The records of their theft of our wealth, prosperity and property all were in building 7.

      88. you gonna do something about my big mouth Barack? CIA? do it, I dare you to fly one of your drones over me right now. Bring your ‘A’ game you piles of shit!

      89. hey fagbook, say something you little CIA faggot!

      90. Hey finx, I guess our best interest is for our country to be in never ending debt,political correctness,supporting people who refuse to work,given everything that the rest of us have to work for. Doing everything ass backwards, congress passing laws that they don’t have to obey,giving themselves benefits that the rest of us don’t have and doing everything their constituents don’t want. We’d be better off with no government!

      91. wheredidthetowersgo.com

      92. they was turned to dust real good. thats the truth. with thermite.

      93. message to B Obama. Why don`t you fly one of those perrty little toy planes over my property right now. im fixin for some target practice boy!

      94. We all know where these thugs live, all of them live in our neighborhoods, burn their homes down in the middle of the night, and shoot the entire treasonist family! Expunge their dna from our nation!

      95. should we be asking , why they would tip their hand like this?

      96. @ Angelo Mysteriouso says:It is kinda like the frog and boiling water.They will keep turning up the flame a little at a time.There plan takes years to complete.They already are breeding out the white race.Encouraging and brainwashing young white girls with t.v. and school from early development to collage.Watch commercials and tell me the white guy is not the dumbass in most of the commercials.I like the idea of some targets with nappy head al not so sharp-ton,reverend jessie jackass-son and that other turd that is head of black pussycats.You guessed it ,another racially aware white guy.

        • Don’t forget louise farakahn, & jamie fartboxx. two of my favorite dark asswipes.

      97. The longer fiscal pain continues, the closer an ultimate day of reckoning approaches. It’ll arrive disruptively.

        Predatory finance is a new form of warfare. It’s more destructive than standing armies. It wrecks millions of lives. People don’t have enough to live on. Venal politicians support policies this harmful.

        Money power runs America. Washington is Wall Street occupied territory. Money, credit, debt, and markets are controlled and manipulated. It’s done for private enrichment.

        Change never comes top down. Bottom up only works. Society’s privileged never yield it. Pressure slowly builds for change. Growing human need takes so much.

        When pain levels cross a threshold of no return, all bets are off. Celente says “(w)hen people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they lose it.”

        Hopefully it’ll be soon enough to matter. The world can’t tolerate much more.

      98. Off topic, but just saw tha Michael Moore is asking Citizens to stand up to obama and Roseanne Barr goes on pro-gun twitter rant… What the hell?

        • AO1(AW) Some of the NWO plans will greatly affect the Progressives and some will not only take note of it, but will begin to turn. The issue of privacy is one that any of the Hollyweird’s understand completely so it’s not surprising that Moore is up-in-arms on the NDAA.

          It only took the beefcake a year to put-it-together but hey, I’ll take his mouth if it wakes up Americans!

          Here’s part of an article on this:
          “Michael Moore, the gadfly documentarian who has made a career out of fighting against conservative issues, has called for US citizens to stand up to President Barack Obama and back a court case he says is fighting a dangerous erosion of civil liberties.

          The case has been brought against a little known piece of legislation called the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA), which critics say has been changed to grant Obama the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge.”

          (link to follow)

            • So Michael Moore now rethinks he could be on a hit list to be detained? Welcome to the club you fat fucking slob!
              You must have pissed somebody off and now they are on your ass. Did you have some sort of epiphany?
              No more White House visits for you. What’s the matter baby? Obama is not your buddy anymore.

              These type of people are only out to save their own butt and there are many more to come. Beware of them!

              • Slingshot….guess what that fat pig does out at his lake mansion when no one’s watching?

                [insert barf emoticon]

                Remember the phrase “useful idiot”. Let his mouth work on our behalf. lol

        • AO1: Someone has spiked the Kool Aid. Bill Mahr recently complained that Israel is running OUR government. Can you imagine that? There is hope for the Sheeple.

          Washington’s Vision. Spread the word.

          • Moore, Rosanne and now Bill.

            Quick check the solar report or is there an earthquake about to happen.


      99. AAbout all the targets being white…. Along the same lines has anyone noticed the ads on TV for burglar alarm companies? It is always the white middle class lady and her wholesome looking kid arriving home to find the always white burglar in the house isnt it??? And other commercials for things like insurance mostly always portray whites as stupid dorks with the smart black agent explaining things….. Anybody else noticed this trend? KF

        • Hmm? I know a Kingfish from the survivalistboards.com….might you be that smae KF?

        • Yeah. See that kind of stuff on TV. Doesn’t bother me as much inside because when they did that DNA show a while back it turned out the black comedian (he was dark too) was actually more European than African and that same pattern was there for almost everyone they tested – blacks and whites. Funny since hispanic is not even a race, its a culture. I heard there were three anatomical races of hom-sapiens but those DNA researchers identified something like 110 distinct DNA strains. E.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y-DNA_haplogroups_by_ethnic_group
          Statistically, choosing all whites for the targets would not happen by random selection I don’t think.

      100. Just a question

        would they drone us if we were all standing at the edge of DC?…formally disputing any and all of thier acts?

        they reside in 10 square miles ( yes i do know they are spread out all over) stay with me here..

        if you control the head, the body will have no choice but to follow…

        why are we not saying enough is enough right up in thier faces?Why are we not in control of them? where has that control went, and why isnt it being harshly shoved back down thier throats?

        what will bring that on? is that what they are trying for?, are they trying like hell to find out what will push this all over the edge? And when that happenes, what are they expecting?

        I have my own feelings on this, what are yours?

        • question, would they drone us if our fists were raining down on their heads and we took them to prison?

          • Virginia is filled with Patriots. There are enough members of Seal Team America with enough firepower in Virginia to eliminate the NWO virtually overnight.

            Do they have the BALLS?

        • VRF, Sigh….We’d need to check and see if that area allows assembly. Remember, we are only permitted to congregate or ‘speak’ in a zone where free speech is allowed.

          And actually, I have sent strongly worded letters to my Congressman and Senators over the years to no avail. (I’m sure others here have done the same.) My Congressman’s offices have seen and heard the worst from me — as early as the Winter of 2009, when The Dark Lord was first immaculated and began the full-assault on us. Not one of my Reps has ever responded. In fact, the only time my Congressman responds is when I address only one specific subject about a Bill and ask for a response.

          The top position at the DoJ is the far-left radical Eric Holder, one of the most corrupt snakes in our government. How do citizens uphold a sense of Constitutionality and justice when there IS no justice at the top?

          Unless there is a group of Patriots within the military who bring this tyranny down, it will be up to us. The only concern for most of our leaders is their own re-election and their elitist lifestyles. A few have some principles but they are so few that there is little hope for REAL change. Most politicians are little more than greedy self-serving liars, an extension of corporate politicking and the NWO. According to the plan, we are going to fall.

        • @VRF

          Our comfort zone has not been violated so we stand down to oppression. There is a fine line to cross before hostilitys begin. We have been conditioned to go to work. Pay our taxes. Raise our families. Try to live with others around us in peace. We have lived in a free society for so long that the thought of going against our government goes against the grain. Even as our freedoms erode we will continue to live as we are till they are all gone. And many will wonder how it all happened.
          Notice that the government has not pulled back on any part of their agenda. You would think with the large buying of weapons and ammo by civilians would prompt them to rethink their position.
          Wait till the dollar is removed from World Reserve Status. Increase in interest rates to collapse the Bond Market. Bank Holiday. Martial Law. Gun Bans and Confiscation.
          Lots of indicators. Like preshocks they are precusers to the main event.

          • very true words

      101. Meet the Internet Posting Removal Act, an Illinois Bill That’ll Make Your Head Spin!

        Web Pro News
        February 20, 2013
        State lawmakers all across the country busy at work crafting ridiculous, head-spinning laws can take the day off. There is no way they can top this.
        A new bill proposed in the Illinois State Senate looks to completely wipe out any form of anonymity on the internet by requiring that the operators of basically any website on the entire internet take down any comment that isn’t attached to an IP, address, and real name-verified poster.

        It’s called the Internet Posting Removal Act and was introduced on February 13th by Illinois General Assembly veteran Ira I. Silverstein [D].

        Here’s the summary of the bill:
        Creates the Internet Posting Removal Act. Provides that a web site administrator shall, upon request, remove any posted comments posted by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate. Effective 90 days after becoming law.
        Not wanting to leave any bases uncovered, Silverstein includes that an “Anonymous Poster” means “any individual who posts a message on a web site including social networks, blogs, forums, message boards, or any other discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.”
        Silverstein also proposes that “all web site administrators shall have a contact number or e-mail address posted for such removal requests clearly visible in any sections where comments are posted.”
        Beyond the obvious questions about self-verification of IP addresses (?) and home addresses (wat?), the logistics of this thing are mind-boggling at best. Any comment on any site that has commenting? And we haven’t even talked about the constitutionality angle.
        When people who have no idea how the internet actually works start drafting laws, this is what happens. This isn’t the first, nor the last bill of this type that will hit state legislatures. More than likely, this bill will never make it out of committee (it’s been referred to assignments). But the simple knowledge that this kind of thing could even exist is enough to make you need a drink.

        Its stuff like this, that is a warning of internet shut down will be coming along soon.

        • straight up attack on the 1st amendment

        • Great, I’ll give them all the info they want. My name is Barry Soato, I live at 1600 PA Ave. in Washington D.C. my arranged marriage wife is Moochelle, and my gay lover’s name is Rahm E.

          I’m not sure where I was born, neither is anyone else. I went to school as an exchange student fron Africa, but my Social Security card comes from CT. (I never lived in CT., however).

          My wife has two kids fathered by Rev. Jesse Jackson, which I claim as my own. Recently I went to West Palm Beach Florida to ” hang out with the guys” and play golf to appear more macho, after my sheet shooting pictures got discovered for what they are, fakes. Enough bio?

        • Geez, what’ll happen to Nina!?

        • Jeez…where’s the vomit icon…
          This is blatant, and indicative of their mind sets.
          Speaking of target lists…

          Ira I. Silverstein [D]… check.

        • The bill was introduced by Ira Silverstein. Is that name perhaps…Italian? Irish? Arabic? Native American? Hindu? Jehova’s Witness?…lemme think, there’s got to be an ethnic or religious connection somewhere. I’m sure it’ll dawn on me soon…

          • Smokin: French Poodle perhaps?

      102. Fuck em.

      103. Why is anyone suprised by this? If we’re going to allow little things like this to rattle us, what is going to go down when the real SHTF?

        So they are shooting at Mommy and Jr., yippee-kay-ya!

        Understand this, they know who each of us are, there is no place to hide, they want to avoid violence as long as they can to build up their advantage and most of us are going to die or go to jail, again YIPPEE-KAY-YA!

        PSALM 37:35-37 “I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a green tree in it’s native soil, but he soon passed away and was no more. Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is future for the man of peace”.

        Will the last American leaving Washington D.C. please turn off the light and take down the flag.

        • Amen . Folks we have to realize that we are dealing with a tyrannical goverment.No Hesatition works both ways. For every tactic theres a counter. Peace and keep prepping.

      104. I don’t believe it. It came from Alex Jones who’s been known to make things up. I heard him say on his show that the US military engaged in widespread torture of Iraqi civilians. He claimed that Rush Limbaugh said it was OK because they were just blowing off steam.

      105. W.A.N. Radio 2-19-13 hr2 with Adrian Salbuchi

        NWO NJO ZOG plans to take over the entire world ZIONIST JEWS and IDF ISRAELI MILITARY INVADE PATAGONIA ARGENTINA CHILE REGIONS to create a new ZION for Isreali Jews to escape to when Israel implodes from Middle East Hate Wars .

        very worth listening too it’s not just ameriKa being taking over by the zog njo new jew order .


      106. Good Lord! It’s clear who they are targeting. 100% white targets.

      107. I wonder if the supplier has a “naked person” target? If they do, I can imagine the employees in the supply chain, DHS employees and soldiers ogling the merchandise. You can bet there won’t be any arm-twisting for target-practice duty either. They are bound to, sooner or later, come across people coming out of a shower or having sex. What’s a soldier to do? Shoot them or watch them have sex? Such a life-threatening situation…

      108. The gun, on the shooting target, is always present, but not always visible. It may be hidden under pillows, a couch, blankets or mattress.

      109. Ever so slightly off topic. This alert post on steve quale’s site. So I don’t take it as gospel, just another ‘dot’ in a long chain of dots;

        Hi Steve,

        A friend is a “contractor”. He was to leave from Camp Pendeleton. Had to get some supplies for deployment. Went to a supply area on base for “gear”. Upon arrival he was Amazed! at the Huge amount of ammo at the supply depot.

        Said he had never seen that much ammo in one place! (8 yrs. enlisted).

        Said…”What The Hell Is Goin’ On!! We Goin’ For WW3!”

        Supply Sgt. Says…”No…Just trying to keep it from the civilians”

        There You Go..

        Probably Coast to Coast…Just a Feeling..

        God Bless,

        “Mini V”
        Original link;
        www . stevequayle . com/index.php?s=33&d=302

        (I post it in this fashion so that those with eyes that see, can get to it. Those that don’t… oh well.)

        • Just posted this on the previous thread

          VRF says:
          Comment ID: 1173225

          February 20, 2013 at 7:34 am

          how fast do you think the ammo producers can pump out product? 5,000 rounds a day , per machine? how many machines? hundreds, thousands?(5,000 per machine per 8 hour day, say they only had 10 X5,000 thats 50,000 rounds per day..or say they had 100 machines, 500,000 per day) it wouldnt take long for that to start trickeling in, and the gov. has all our money to pay them to get the job done on time or less if they gave them an incentive that we im sure arnt being told about…for all we know..they might already have half the order, or worse yet we got the news way way late and they already have thier 2 billion rounds

      110. And this is my biggest problem with infowars. At first blush, this looks horrible, and these targets can be used for nefarious reasons, and the sheeple fall in line, screaming bloody murder, thinking that the guys in blue helmets and the cops are out to get you. I won’t deny that there are bad elements wearing badges out there, but most police, most military, are pro second amendment and won’t grab guns, (including my boss who is on the list opposing gun control), and my department…once again, there are not enough of us to grab guns and not all of us will follow those orders.

        These targets are created to fill a niche that is getting cops and innocent people killed. I recently spent a half day of a 2 day survival school for police, discussing this issue. Yes, they look terrible, and you all get up in arms. But I spent a half day watching dash cam and store videos of folks getting killed by targets like these because of the inability of cops and CPL holders to engage a target like this, hence the name, “No More Hesitation”. It is that hesitation getting people killed. These targets are not to condition LEO to go and shoot innocent people. They are to show us (and CPL holders), that we need to think outside the box on potential threats to our lives. The 13 year old white school shooter will make you just as dead as the 19 year old black gang banger. (we’ve been shooting at targets like that for 50 years). It is when we are faced with the targets outside of the norm, shooting at us, that we don’t shoot, because the 83 year old white male shooting at us doesn’t fit the profile of a deadly threat. I wish I had some of the videos I just saw so I could post them here, I think you’d be surprised.

        • 11 Bravo,

          I see your reasoning on this, and looking at these targets in a vacuum I could agree. So, now look at it outside that vacuum with these considerations.

          Current usurper Regime in White House is tied with Weather Underground Terrorist Communists. Stated the forced reeducation of Americans and expects 25 million cannot be reeducated and should be euthanized. Also that they wish to bring hostile armies from around the globe to occupy the Republic.

          National Defense Authorization Act. Indefinite detention of American Citizens is suspension of Habeas Corpus.

          Disgarded Posse Comitatus.

          Fema Coffins. Reports of Fema Camps.

          Fast and Furious gun running caught red handed while Administation Officials were calling openly that it was Citizens that were responsible for the Cartels getting the weapons. False Flag attack on the 2nd.

          Heavy militarization of police. Calling for a Domestic army the size of DOD for CONUS.

          2 billion rounds of ammunition for Domestic use in the past 10 months by DHS.

          Suspentions of privacy protections against Constitutional Supremecy. Calls for more.

          Seeking to Infringe the 2nd Amendment for promised “protections” that an Administation Official was caught saying CAN NOT be delivered.

          Seeks to have 30,000 drones for the Domestic. Calls for armed drones to be used on Citizens.

          Asserts they have the right to assassinate Citizens of the Republic at whim.

          No answer for World Trade Center building number 7.

          No answer for Benghazi.

          No answer for their usurpations and threats against the Constitution and Citizens of the Republic.

          I would be interested in ideas incorporating LEOs, Armed Forces members, and Patriot Citizens of the Republic to arrest and try these usurpers and thier cronies for Treason. This way we can avoid bloodshed as much as possible.

        • Bottom line: whoever is holding a firearm is the bad guy. Regardless of the facts or what they look like. Right?

          “A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2

          Just make sure when it all pans out you find yourself on the right side.

          Thank you for your service and Stay safe!

          p.s. anyone violating the 2nd Amendment is NOT a genuine American!

        • 11 Bravo: Glad to see you in print on the issues. I had noticed your absence and wondered where you were. I am pro cop! I know that many are vets and most ALL are Patriots.

          I also know that LEO’s are very pro Second Amendment, but they must get OUT FRONT on this debate and LEAD.

          Gun Grabbers must be arrested for TREASON!

        • How can a pregnant woman be a threating in her home in a nursery? Or grandma in her bath robe? The only way this can be interpreted is they came into the nursery or someones bathroom and they are defending themselves. Who ever made these targets and whoever is buying them are sick in the head.

      111. The supplier, to maximize their sales, can come up with targets featuring models of different genders,sexual orientations, nationalities, body types and different explicit positions and at different stages of undress. A risky proposition, yes, but one that provides the best “bang for the buck”. As everybody knows, sex sells.

        • This reminds me of a game I saw in an arcade in Myrtle Beach back in the 1970s. It was a timed target shooting game. There was a picture of a woman. If you hit her in the right spot, the slide would change to one of the same woman with fewer clothes. If you hit every target within the time limit, you could get her naked. I watched a kid playing the game, and he never got past underwear before the time ran out.

      112. Remember Mac’s article posted on December 28th entitled “DHS Insider Report Coming This Spring”? One of the last things stated in that article is:

        DH: How soon do you see things taking place?

        RB: They already are in motion. If you’re looking for a date I can’t tell you. Remember, the objectives are the same, but plans, well, they adapt. They exploit. Watch how this fiscal cliff thing plays out. This is the run-up to the next beg economic event.

        I can’t give you a date. I can tell you to watch things this spring. Start with the inauguration and go from there. Watch the metals, when they dip. It will be a good indication that things are about to happen. I got that little tidbit from my friend at [REDACTED].

        The inaguration has happened…and metals took a dip.

        Stay vigilant and God Bless…

        • Good post NP.

          Thanks for the heads-up.

        • @ Norse Prepper.

          Metals in big dip today.

          • Silver is down over $1 right now.

      113. Typo up there ^^^ “blow” should be “blown”….please forgive me for that typo if it offended anyone :>)

      114. the “contractor” must not have any ethics

      115. There are a whole lot more of “us” (law-abiding, freedom-loving gun owners) than there are of “them” (psychotic brain-washed NWO goons). If each one of us took out only one of them during a forced gun confiscation, they’d run out of goons pretty quickly.

      116. The little kid looks like he’ll take his own head off with the recoil. Maybe they’re using the posters to practice saying, “put the gun down sonny.” No…probably not.

        And why do ANY of the pictures feature the interior of the person’s home as the background??

        • @ Dude:
          I think that’s what I find most disturbing about these-
          they seem to be based on what one would see when committing a home invasion- err, ‘dynamic entry’.

      117. I just called the company that makes these targets and asked them if they had any of the “no hesitation” targets that depicted guys in tactical gear with FBI, ATF, FEMA, DHS on the front?

        Funny….they said they didn’t have any of those.

      118. Adolph would be proud…

        …if he weren’t burning in Hell…

        …while workin’ on a welcoming party entertainment committee for these bastards.

      119. just more evidence for the premeditated murder case of the People VS the US Government.

      120. Watched NCIS LA last night with my DW. The “bad guys” were a bunch of radicals called “The Gun Barrel Party”. (Tea Party?)
        Although the viewer was led to believe that they were a part of 1960’s New Left movement, the obvious message of the show was that anyone willing to distrube the status quo are dangerous and needs to be jailed, Left or Right.

        The script even quoted Mao, “Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun”. So I guess those stupid old white guys who wrote the Bill of Rights were as evil/wrong as old “I killed 60 million Chinese” Chairman Mao”. (sarcasm)

      121. Fortunately for Us, the One People’s Public Trust just made Us the Creditors of the banksters (fake-Jewish Zionists, the “zi” in Nazi) and them Our debtors and foreclosed on them and their entire military industrial complex and their matrix of lies. This unprecedented superior claim was done legally and lawfully and with the banksters’ consent. It now stands unrebutted as law. People everywhere are arming themselves with the OPPT to stop fraudulent foreclosures cancel fraudulent (bank) debt and teach the banksters the law.

        Can everyone say, “Thousand Years of Peace?”

      122. I read the news today, oh boy!….

        Just alittle ‘Day in the Life’ by Lennon….

      123. Okay, there have been over 300 comments at this hour, and not one of you have noticed something about these “targets”.

        The word “depicting” is spelled wrong. And the phrase “further highlighting and highlighting” makes no grammatical sense.

        Does anyone honestly think that a professional commercial firm, doing business with a lucrative government contract, would allow errors of that kind in their official advertising and product display?

        I know this has already gone quantum-fast viral around the right-wing blogosphere, however I can’t reconcile the errors. Could this instead be a piece of Leftist blog-bait, to see just how much outrage and bloviating this generates?

        Somewhere there are Obama Cyber-warriors laughing in their latte’s at those “knuckle-dragging bitter clingers” at the hoax they may have created.

        • you’d be surprised at what this government wastes our money on, so to answer your question..yes I believe they would buy shit thats mis-spelled or not gramatically correct..besides they are shooting at these, not teaching english classes.

          your giving them way too much credit..i have seen the fools they claim not to be

        • The spelling of “dipicting” is official government ebonics.

          “further highlighting and highlighting” makes no grammatical sense as a stand alone phrase; however, in connection with the PICTURE it makes perfect sense.

          Ebonics and pictures… looks pretty official to me.

        • CNN stories are full of such errors. A lot of writers and programmers nowadays use poor spelling and grammar, and don’t even see the need to change. In a previous life, I was a proofreader. One typist couldn’t tell the difference between sell and sale, and didn’t think there ought to be a difference.

      124. Man, some of you fruit cakes are getting scary. Whacky scary.

        • @UDP

          I was crazy when I got here, but I’m all right now!

        • “fruitcakes”

      125. On the Brighter Side.

        Do the PTB really understand what in the hell they are getting into? Oh, we have armed ourselves to the teeth and done some protesting but hey have failed to realise that Preppers are everywhere. We have infiltrated every form of work. We have the tooling to do anything. Consider a small machine shop and a good fabricator. Weilders, ship fitters, electricians, computer experts. Best of all we have people that can overcome obstacles. When put to the test what stuff we can dream up and manufacture. How well was the cottage industry used in WW2. See what happens when all bets are off.

        • AWESOME slingshot,

          I SINCERELY doubt that I, or anyone else here, could have stated it so clearly…MANY thanks, mi amigo…

          Many indeed…


        • Slingshsot—You left out the convoy of independent truckers.
          Picture that.

        • Exactly, and add to the list those new 3D printers I’m saving up for!

          I’ve always told my kids, no matter what PTB come up with technologically, it will be hacked…Instructables and Make are your friends.

      126. Sad thing is, teenagers shoot at targets like these every day on their video games and no one seems to care…

        …till their little kid is dead.

      127. So the message is: If you own a gun, any kind of gun, even if you are Mommy, Gramps or Little Billy, YOU are a bad person and an enemy of The State.

        YOU will be shot, if you fight back

      128. @Old Sarge.

        Government does it all the time. Bad bolts, seals, tools,
        Why would this be different? Lots of money for cheap products.

      129. something you wont hear or read on any MSM

        Suzanna Hupp, a survivor from a mass shooting in Texas spoke out against new gun control measures. In October 1991, a man shot more than 40 people in a Luby’s restaurant, killing 23 of them, including Hupp’s parents. She gave impassioned testimony on Capitol Hill last week and argued that the law left her and others helpless against their attacker.

        “I don’t view myself as a victim of gun violence, I view myself as a victim of a maniac who happened to use a gun as a tool,” she told lawmakers.

        On America Live, Hupp described the heartbreaking moments as she watched her father rushing the gunman unarmed. Despite attempts to grab her mom and run, Hupp’s mother wouldn’t leave her dad behind.

        In what she called a “stupid decision,” Hupp said she realized she’d obeyed Texas law and left her gun in her car. At the time, people were not permitted to carry a weapon into public places. “It still makes me angry when I think about it. You can’t go up against a guy with a gun with a salt shaker or a butter knife.”

        • Excellent example VRF!
          Here is Suzanna Hupp’s testimony for those who want to personally view it.
          Ignorant laws cost that woman her parents lives. Our main stream media is culpable because of the way they choose to spin gun control. It is not only the legislators that pass bad laws, but the MSM that fails to hold them to account that has blood on their hands. Almost like they pulled the trigger themselves!

      130. You have to wonder what is wrong with the kind of people that come up with these things, and the kind of people that will be going door to door that are being trained.

        A Pistol or Shotgun will have little effect on a SWAT team, who will just sit outside of your range, and pick you off with their Snipers, or enter from multiple points with Machine Guns and ‘Flash Bangs’.

        I think a huge chunk of Americans fall into this category, and they will go after them first.

        They use stuff like this to weed out the normal Law Enforcement for the psychopaths.

        Very worrying.

      131. As Ron Paul said, when asked about FEMA camps, “Yep! They’re getting ready for something! No doubt about it”!!

        Is there some way to go directly to the “Leave a Reply” block, instead of scrolling down the millions of other comments? It takes a FOREVER to get here!

        ALSO, is there some reason my comments have been held in “moderation” for the last couple weeks? Just wondering! ; (

        • On a PC press the “End” key to go directly to the bottom of a page.
          On a Mac press the “command” key and the “down arrow” key together to go directly to the bottom of the page.

          Hope that helps…;-)

        • Grasshopper: Click and hold the “button” on the right side of the page of your computer screen and pull it down to the bottom of the page. It only takes a second or two to hit bottom.

          If you add a link, your comment is usually on hold until Mac clears the comment.

      132. I didn’t see a target of me hiding behind a tree with just the muzzle sticking out from 600 yds away. Around these parts, there are a lot of groundhog hunters that can pick the pecker of a gnat at 600 yds. Come and git it commies.

      133. None of the targets appear to be foreign or members of a minority.

        • Been shooting those up for 20+ years…

      134. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander, time for DHS targets.

      135. So who are the sheeple ? The articles…or the folks posting ?

        • When push comes to shove, the rubber meets the road, time to actually cross the bridge; then we will know who the sheeple are. Talk is cheap. Money talks and bullshit walks. Maybe our legislators get too much money for what they do.

          Keep it clean 11 Bravo. Stay on the right!


      136. It’s time to take names of the traitors that live on your block, in your neighborhood – just like these traitors making these so-called targets. Note down who works for the federal government or the state government, DHS and TSA. When the SHTF, it will be time to bring these traitors to justice. Also, I would encourage a national movement to take down the evesdropping mechanisms by expressing those hot words you are not supposed to say on the phone or email. Say them all the time and overload their capacity.

        • It’s easy to pick your targets… blue helmets and black masks.

      137. I never thought I would be saying this but people might want to think about getting bullet proof vest and military grade helments just in case. The cops are triaing to shoot for the center of the body. Have on under your clothing.

        • Rachel,

          This is a very good idea, not only for yourself but for family members too.
          As you can see they are planning to shoot the children.
          Consider it to be part of your prep upgrade.

      138. Prof Higgins, you are an arrogant, ivory-tower pseudo-intellectualizing insult to education. Your biases that enable you to stereotype anyone who you assume is not your “intellectual equal” is highly indicative of the failures of our academic system, assuming you are a professor of anything and hold any credible credentials at all. I have no illusion that any amount of criticism for your demeaning and self-righteous insults to people who are posting with their strong visceral reactions to these disgusting targets will cause you to reflect on the fact that you are on the wrong side of the argument. You seem to believe because there is no proof the DHS has actually purchased and shot at these targets that their existence is therefore innocuous. Many are correctly making the point that if any of them were of blacks or hispanics defending their homes, children, or property, and if these were hypothetically intended for the civilian market, there would be a massive hysterical reaction that would push the upcoming sequester to page three. You MISS THE POINT ENTIRELY. And to spell it out to YOU (in the same patronizing method you’ve used, how does it feel?), whether or not these have been purchased by the DHS and actually used doesn’t matter. It is the fact that the manufacturer (printer) has offered them to a ready market that is trending towards DESENSITIZING armed federal agents relative to their unequally armed and minimally threatening middle-class caucasian targets. They wouldn’t be offering these if there is no market. Are you going continue to insult and bore the rest of us with your tiresome preachy narratives of the history of the Edsel? We who have been following these trends for years with the BATF and now with the DHS and their sordid history of brutal oppression against Americans and know the score? Get your head out of the clouds and follow your own advice and open your mind up to reality. We have read “On Killing”, about the successful efforts of the military to overcome man’s instinctive aversion to killing other humans through desensitization training. DO NOT MAKE LIGHT of the public’s natural emotional reaction to seeing these targets of pregnant women, small smiling boys, teen girls, and elderly gents with double-barrel shotguns (not “assault rifles!” but any damned firearm at all…). Their purpose is clear enough. You arrogant dweeb, you propose to “flunk” those who attempt to counter your specious arguments? I have one for you: you are the weakest link. Go ahead and go along with the program. Don’t get ready. You do have a right to believe anything you want and express yourself accordingly, and everyone here would defend that right on your behalf, but they’re ready to defend it in kind to the threat. I doubt that you’d have the balls to do the same for them.

        • TucsonRon: Like most Americans you feel (visceral reactions), you don’t think, and that is your weakness. I never said that someone would not buy these targets. All I said was that the poorly written article implied that since the manufacturer suppied other targets that these same agencies would also buy the new targets. There is NO evidence for this at all. This is pure speculation by you and most of the people here. You are all jumping to conclusions based on mere suggestion, and that makes you all fools, or worse, children who react rahter than think. As to your statement that “unless there was a demand” is based on historical ignorance. My favorite example was the Ford Edsel. Since, as you believe, there was such a demand for the Edsel, then why did the public reject it AFTER it was offered if the public DEMANDED it in the first place? You logic is as flawed as your understanding of history and business. Small wonder that America is lagging in all areas when you can’t even follow simple reasoning. Intellect is always superior to emotions. A smart warrior always advantage over an angry one.

      139. This is why we have 2A – as protection against tyranny.

        Have you noticed that all the people who appear in the targets are white and 2/3 of them are women? Where are all the liberal communist idiots who scream “racism” and “sexism” every time they can’t come up with a logical argument?

        What would they say if we made targets out of their pictures?

        This is so horrid and disgusting that I can’t think of anything polite to say about it.

        Pray for the Republic.

      140. Hey, I just checked the website for these targets. The company states that due to the offensive nature of these targets they have been removed. Bet their still available for the right customers.
        These should never have been made…..!!!
        Sorry if this post reads funny, there is a terrible delay in response to my keystrokes. And this site takes forever to load due to the advertising trying to be displayed.

      141. I dare some of you morons have purchased supplies from this company, too. What you do not see is gun and ammo makers are not your friends. They are exacerbating and perpetuauting this climate of fear for thier own profit and you sheep and stampeding along with it and they laugh their ass off at you all the way to the back.

      142. They missed the most inportant target. Where is the target of the politician?

      143. These are clearly posters of people defending and their loved ones themselves, mostly in their own home. These are not people being at all aggressive. The message to LE is clear – I’ts OK to shoot people who only want you to leave and who don’t really mean you any harm. The blowback will be “no hessitation” on the part of the defending populace.

      144. No need for aggression. LE will evaporate when shtf. The world is too big for cognizent command. Be more prepared for the rogue.

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