DHS Secretary: Migrants In Caravan Used Women And Children As ‘Human Shields’ During Gas Attack

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    The Department of Homeland Security is defending the government’s use of tear gas on the migrant caravan at the southern border of the United States. Kirstjen Nielsen, the DHS secretary, also claimed that the migrants used women and children as “human shields” during the gas attack.

    Nielsen also appeared to take criticisms of the tear gas attack in stride by sharing photos taken Sunday from the border of what looks like women and children who were being used as “human shields” against the gas.

    “It appears in some cases that the limited number of women and children in the caravan are being used by the organizers as ‘human shields’ when they confront law enforcement,” she said in a statement according to the Washington Post.  “They are being put at risk by the caravan organizers as we saw at the Mexico-Guatemala border. This is putting vulnerable people in harm’s way.”


    Nielsen appears to agree with president Donald Trump on the intentions of the migrant caravan. “They feel they have an advantage when they’re with a young child, and they call them grabbers,” the president told reporters. “That’s a term I’ve heard, but that’s what they call them, grabbers. They grab a child because when they have a child they feel a lot safer.”

    Nielsen also suggested that the gas attack was in self-defense, according to the Washington Post. She stated that border agents had to use tear gas after migrants began throwing “rocks and projectiles” at them. Authorities, she said, were entitled to “self-defense” and had “responded admirably and responsibly to the events on Sunday.” She said it was a “testament to their training and professionalism that no one was injured.”

    International treaties have banned the use of tear gas and other chemical weapons in warfare. But domestic use is not prohibited, and the substance, formally known as a lachrymator agent, is sometimes used in drills and for riot control. During Barack Obama’s second term as president, border agents used pepper spray against migrants who were throwing rocks and bottles at them, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported at the time. Both incidents unfolded at the San Ysidro border crossing.


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      1. The Obama administration used tear gas on illegal aliens at the border EIGHTY TIMES.

        The preponderance of these invaders neither qualify for asylum nor desire it as well as most being young males. Even MSNBC admitted this.

        Not only are children being used as shields but as propaganda opportunities with staged photos and write ups by fake news. But what is far more alarming are allegations that child trafficing for prostitution is certainly happening.

        120 Bangledeshis are among those sneaking through the border. So who are we NOT catching? Who are using tunnels that have been located in businesses?



          • Eisen, for once why don’t you put your money where your big mouth is and let’s see you go and deal with them. Now THAT would be interesting.

        • Maranatha, it was OK for Obama to do it because he was the libturds’ HERO. If Trump does it, then it’s the end of the world. Typical libturd double standard.

      2. Tear gas? How primitive. Use DEW lasers on them, it is more target specific! 😀

        • Area Denial System (ADS) would be my guess

          • Active Denial System i meant to say

          • Active Denial System i meant to say

            Who the hell is tbill anyway?

        • Genius, I was thinking more of a .50-caliber machinegun, LOL.

      3. Since this fiasco started weeks ago, I have constantly asked myself…who is the instigator??
        Could it possibly be conservatives funded by this administration(okay–those supporting Trump) in an effort to get that wall built through congress??

        Trump’s tweet ended with..Congress, fund the Wall.

        • George Soros.

      4. Set up snipers 1000 meters away and start randomly dropping men.
        maybe they will leave.

        • 100-200 meters and using silencers from spider holes and head shots. Take out the leaders and the “brave” ones first, the rest will figure it out. Resident Evil style 4 snipers and about 20 rounds and this whole story will turn around quickly when they will beat feet back home away from the avenging angels of death.

        • Then how would dhs explain the killings when every news outlit has cameras on both sides..”well they where throwing rocks and sticks so we shot them” yea okay they kill anyone that does not have afirearm in there hands plus if you kill someone you could have easy disarmed is not gonna look good that’s why people on the site need to realize if it don’t look good it won’t happen! Like or not they don’t care because they know if you try anything they will perry your ass “o I killed him/her because they where illegal,gay,black,yellow,blue, didn’t share the same political veiw” see how stupid that sounds I am not a dem or rep or lib or anything I’m just using my comment sense just wish more 20yr olds had it

          • Eff the optics!
            I could care less what Democrats
            think. I want to obliterate them also.
            In fact maybe Illegals maybe be better
            citizens than the Democrats we are
            stuck with.

            • ???
              Im with you, screw em, democrats illegal migrants, all of em,
              These stupid pricks who want to just let them all in and let them throw rocks etc etc etc,,, will be some of the first idiots screaming for the gunermint to do something when the honduran gangs and islamist hardliners start torching their neighborhoods.
              I agree, let em all in, all that much faster that the cities will burn, and guess what lives in all the cities, majority democraps, let it all burn….

            • O I feel ya man its just sad to be in a free land but still sadly have your hands tied

            • Rellik, the dems aren’t the only ones I’m saving ammo for, LOL.

      5. Someone walks into my house without knocking or asking will get more than pepper spray or tear gas. I’m ultimately defending myself…..now add 300 million other citizens.

        • Jim, same here. I didn’t stockpile all that 9mm and 12-ga. for NOTHING.

      6. but how do you get the human shields to paticipate.

        ht tps://www.walmart.com.hn/juguetes/
        (Flip thru the pages) or youre never gonna get it..

        Its the same recurring theme Walmart Costa Rica , Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador

      7. Sorry Mac my bad
        They dont call me Too Real Bill McGill for nuthin…?

      8. It probably just me, but it is a really stupid thing to do to drag your kids along for the ride when you go committing a crime spree be it crashing a border illegally or going on a meth or heroin trip at Walmart. If you PUT YOUR KIDS IN DIRECT DANGER because of trying to be a thief or fraud or smuggler, well, its a sad thing that they get hurt for your selfishness to drag them into it. You avoid the danger by not dragging your kids into a zone of conflict, market them to traffickers in a mob or caravan or whatever the popular lingo is these days, or tour a combat zone with them. There is only ONE PERSON to blame if something happens to them..YOURSELF and or maybe your spouse is he/she goes along with it. You ARE a CHILD ABUSER, YOU ARE a child trafficker, YOU are the criminal putting your kids at risk.. END OF STORY.

        • “Kill em all let God sort em “?

          • The scum are weaponizing peoples morality AGAINST THEM. Yes. is the short answer, because cowardly but EFFECTIVE guerrillas WILL use children as part of their efforts…this is no different.

          • Bill,
            My favorite quote.
            “Kill em all let God sort em out“
            Right on!

            • Only problem is Relik…The media shows one bloodied up kid and public sentiment shifts and we got a Lt. Calley sitchyeeation.

              • Especially rigbt here at Christmas time.
                This shit was by design my friend
                The deadline for getting here wasnt by mid-terms

        • DNJ, damn good post. Agreed totally.

      9. Net guns. Many of them or very large ones.

        They should be effective on charging crowds.

        Or very slippery substances on the walls, sloping channel sides and vertical fences that simply deny access by simply making it impossible to get across them.

        When the MSM leftists find a way to complain about those go back to teargas and say we tried something different and got complaints about it.

        • DARPA develoved a soap like foam that is super slippery. And the Israelis developed and foul stink and splatter bomb or truck delivered fire nozzle delivered liquid that will get the job done too in a non lethal way that anyone near or caught by it will regret being there at all for many days too come. Dazzler lasers and puke flashlights.. there are MANY non lethal means that haven’t been explored or exploited. WHERE THE F* is our battalions of Active Denial systems that the Army and Marines have??? HMM? WHY are they NOT being used, and they are very very effective.

          • Or even the device that transmits a ringing noise that at a high anuff leave will drop you dead in your tracks grabbing your head begging for it to stop. But like you said there so many options there not using

        • Use water wagons and spray them with untreated effluent

      10. These ‘refugees’ are only pawns. We need to find out who is organizing, funding, and supporting this invasion and make them pay dearly.

        Cut off the heads and the snakes will die.

      11. Soros is doing the funding. You will not see any investigations into him because of the massive ties he has with the demorats!

      12. Since the early seventies, DARPA had a microwave riot weapon that affected the sphincter and the rioters would suddenly have a case of the runs. I take it the active denial system is more effective but I wonder if the large metal mass in the fencing blocks it?

        Allegedly the concern is the political ramifications if it ends up blinding a child ie someone gets stunned and cannot evade but gets a heavy dose of it.

        We also have sonic and LED emitting tech that causes massive nausea as well but obviously these disorienting weapons are effective at night mostly. You end up with pileups on the ground.

      13. These people do not want asylum. This is a invasion , and it is being paid for by George Soros through his corporation. Along with the Rothschild Family, Tom Steyer, They also have bought the Democrat Leadership off and the Republican RINOS. I am over 70 years old. My entire family was Democrat when I was growing up. They were hard working patriotic people. They are gone. Today I am a independent voter who will more than likely never be brainwashed by today’s filth that claim to be Democrat when in reality they are simply seditionists who are trying to overthrow our country. Antifa, paid for by the people I mentioned above. Start looking up some of the corporations owned by Soros, Steyer, The Rockefellers, The king pins, the rothschild g=family. Look them up in Wikipedia, and see what they are worth. With your computer search engine, look up paid protesters.

      14. Time to make a choice, America, or tem. Do you love and want freedom? Or do you want to be taken care of in a dictatorship. Your choice. Vote for what you want and do not be brained washed by big money. The Democrats spent 100 million plus last election, in the midterms. For almost three years now I have heard almost every lie that the Democrats have tried. hey are slowly brainwashing America.

      15. A couple of head-shots from Army snipers will put this to an end !

      16. I love the smell of tear gas in the morning

        • My recollection
          is tear gas was really unpleasant.
          Military training. I was issued
          something like the Swedish A4
          mask. That way you could still
          shoot an M16.

      17. I would like for things to be orderly, reliable, and true. Don’t feel good about asking these kinds of questions.

        Yellow label on silver canisters closely resembles smoke makers used for concealment (not necessarily containing CS teargas).

        Also, what is the point of storming a usually-busy, manned, border outpost, if you want to avoid the bureaucracy.


        Is it a press event.

      18. Europe 2.0. sympathy ploys,psych warfare. Following this reasoning the Vikings were migrants. The Huns, etc. What we have is irreconcilable differences right here. Our own government has done nothing. The republicants had the House,the Senate, The white house. The media and half our own people are stupid as can be. True they are Invaders… But who is more at fault, the Invaders or the traitors opening the gate and promising free stuff? Cut off the free stuff, deny them jobs, they’ll leave. Fail to do so and your enemies will bed down in your house. Why not just mob on down to their blank hole countries and demand free stuff?

        • Since there is no evidence of forced labor, to cover their room and board, I think, the refugees would be farmed for globalist subsidies.

      19. The invasion of America by Israel

        is a much bigger problem than the 1000 Hispanic folks on the river in Tijuana

        or the caravan of 50,000.

      20. Count me among the outraged of tear gas being used. Why were’nt rubber bullets utilized? Any person(s) throwing rocks at me,are going to have lead bullets thrown back at them! Hell,if it were a prison yard kicking off like that,we would have replied with tear gas,bird shot,knee knockers,and flash bangs.Fire some knee knockers at ’em,that’ll give them something to complain about!]

      21. Just another created event. Noting new at all. Many thousands are still coming across the border at other locations weekly. The only real solution is to ChuHoi the border and all airwaves and then shoot a few drug mules and human traffickers after the deadline given and publicize it. It will all stop like magic in a week ! That is humane and the rest is nonsense political kabuki theater. If they knew we are serious and willing to use our technology we would not need a full bore wall. Only at crossing points and maybe 50 miles in both directions. All the rest can be easily done with patrols and electronics. Once they know you will shoot it’s over ! All the border agencies actually enable the illegals and treat them like children, instead of the criminals they are. I doubt we would have to shoot 6 drug runners and it would all stop like magic.

      22. RINO, I mean, Ronald Reagan once famously quipped that “Latinos are Republicans. They just don’t know it yet.”

        You have flooded every available resource with ‘baby Republicans’ until the complexion of entire towns changed and there was never enough to go around. (Saw five of your larvae taking a shower in free hand sanitizer.)

        The only way this adds-up (if at all) is subsidies and food aid from outside of the country. Santa (IMF) must be providing it, or one of their elves.

      23. Kentucky only has 0.3% of the entire Hispanic population of the USA. I have zero problem with legal Hispanic Americans. Frankly most move on as like most immigrants, they prefer to be in an area of similar people.

        • Wherever mestizos gain majority status, white people are treated like Tijuana treated the caravan.

          There’s a pearls-clutching kind of attitude. They are forever watchful of the dirty, white criminals, following their (mustachioed) daughters around. You are the lurking alien.

          Demographic displacement does not mean that they get the houses and jobs. It means that you are put in the role of social undesirable and missive.

          Crime is like that. It’s not enough to get away with it. Criminals also assign blame. A scapegoat has to take the place of the sinner.

      24. The Tijuana Health Department spokesman is reporting 2,257 sick out of 6,000 illegal aliens in the caravan are sick with many have contagious diseases like chickenpox and tuberculosis.

        Folks, pray that we get zero illegal aliens with XDR-TB as that drug resistant tuberculosis is extremely serious and could cause contagion.

        People in crowded conditions with poor sanitation routinely are suffering from extremely contagious stomach flu and vomitig like Noro virus. If you get it, your whole family gets it.

      25. Also, interviews with caravan workers revealed they were largely communists. They are subversives on many levels besides just criminality, the economic cost, contagion, terrorist potential, etc.

      26. As per the liberal version of reality —
        They have just rushed the blockade (and threw the rocks) to ask questions about citizenship.

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