DHS Is “Positioning” to Secretly Arrest American Dissidents In Preparation for World War III

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Headline News | 320 comments

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      1. Guy’s….

        WAY too many of us and them. Once they light this particular candle it’ll be on. There are way, way, way too many folks with pent up frustrations – this will be the thing that sets them off. Black, white, whatever – it’ll be open season on anything with a uniform and ‘badge’.

        A few raids will happen, no one will blink, a few more will go down and maybe a ‘cop’ gets taken out and a few will start to wake up. Then it will be on, the masses will wake up, patriots will then start taking out the cops and the cop family’s. Oh crap – I just mapped out CWII…. Oh well. Not our fault for saying’s enough is enough.

        When this stuff starts to go down your powder best be dry and your family in a location that they’re somewhat off the radar and protected. Then it’s let the bodies hit the floor.

        Good luck gubberment boys and girls. BTW brownshirts – who’s watching your kids as they go off to school while you’re out rounding up innocent kids and their parents? 😉

        • From some old reading,I can’t remember where or when, the plan has been to hit the dissidents hard and fast.
          Some statistical analysis has left a plan to terminate/disappear enough of the targets (a relatively small percentage) as to immediately take the fight out of the mass of individuals that would pose a resistance problem ( make the weaker willed give up from being terrified of their own demise). This would leave a small enough, scattered inefficient force that will be easily mopped up.

          Minimum force for maximum impact.

          • I remain neutral in all political or state matters. They are, in effect, not my business. God will sort them out on their way to hell.

            If you spend your days contemplating the evil that is about to be unleashed on the People of the world, it will consume you.

            Me, I will continue my efforts to be self sustaining and improve the ability to feed myself indefinitely. that includes a daily dose of Gods spiritual food for thought from His book of life.

            They can have the world, but they can not have me.

            • Excellent post and point,
              IF there is a WWIII it would seem to me that it be much more beneficial to our country to have a well armed and prepared civilian population,

              • 100% agreed.

              • “IF there is a WWIII it would seem to me that it be much more beneficial to our country to have a well armed and prepared civilian population”

                That depends on who the real enemy is, doesn’t it? If we are attacked at the behest of our own government, they’re not likely to agree. I think the recent gun-grabbing attempts speak for the govt’s intentions.

                • Sixpack, there is no question that the US government is our No. 1 enemy and the real enemy, but I will still fight all enemies, foreign and domestic.

                    • boyo, I can’t speak for everyone, but during the ammo shortages or hording time, people bought huge amounts of ammo. I don’t recall the numbers but it was far more than the big D.H.S. purchases, and we did it monthly for like 8 years. semi auto rifles of all types have been selling at increasing rates all over this country. The AR platform has outsold every other type of rifle in the last 5 years. The only sales that compare are handguns. Think about that, the fact that so many american’s are armed with modern rifles then add the deer rifles and the generation hand downs….Most the folks I know that have a 5.56 or a 7.62×39, have 1 or 2 thousand rounds. Some a lot more.

                • Remember,

                  • But one must remember to hang these Bastards in public.
                    Let their flesh rot off and mail it to the families.
                    Just a thought.

              • They aren’t interested in “winning or loosing” TPTB want the Earths population cut by 90%…The way they see it…the planet is for them…we are breathing their air…drinking their water…eating their food….they will keep 10% to work for them…

            • In other words you intend to be as useless as tits on a bore hog. Or as another said: “All that is required for evil to win is for good to do nothing.” Fine, just don’t get down range from me,, I detest neutrals

              • your referring to the male species but here’s an update for you-
                “The term boar is used to denote an adult male of certain species – including, confusingly, domestic pigs. However, for wild boar, it applies to the whole species, including, for example, ‘wild boar sow’ or ‘wild boar piglet’.”
                And in a pig discussion forum a user named “bumpus” who feed a sounder (group) of boars said:
                “The old saying “worthless as teats on a boar!” is not true.People in the know understand that the teats on the boar hog is the most important thing in hog production.

                The number of teats on a boar hog determines the number of teats that will be on his daughters born out of his offspring.

                The more teats on the boar hog the better.

                Many hog raisers will not buy or use a boar hog unless he has at least 14 or more teats because their daughter’s will have more teats and will raise more pigs.”[Offspring ratio is 1:1.]-http://www.answers.com/Q/How_many_tits_on_a_boar

              • like Switzerland??? We should’ve bombed them into oblivion years ago just to make the point!! “No, no that’s ok. We are just going to sit this war out. BUT, we will hold your valuables for ya’ while you fight.”

                Jesus has a very famous quote about fence sitters in Revelation. He is referencing His followers and supposed followers when He says “I wish you were either hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of My mouth.”

                I feel the same about neutrals!

            • The Jews thought the same way and Hitler got 6 million of them.

              • NOW THAT is (unfortunately) a very true statement.

                • 6 million jews??? That is very debatable. There is a lot of evidence that the 6 million story is a farce. In fact I have read theyre were only 3 million jews or less in germany before ww2. The joos have been kicked out of over 100 countries to date, ever wonder why??? Nevermind, just keep kissing joo butt and see where that leads 🙂

                  • I will bless those who bless Israel’ and curse those who curse them.

                    • oooooh yer gonna curse those that can think! Did the buybull tell you that? Man I’m scared now look out! I will go to hell for placing blame where blame is due 😮 How dare real thinkers point the finger at the tribe 😮 Keep clinging to your rewritten, edited, re translated by who knows, tons of parts left out, homogenized, added to, laundered, made to rule the sheep, bunch of bullshit book you so put your faith in. As for me, I will just use my god given brain to discern what is true and what is not. Use some critical thinking if your able, you might actually discover some truth 🙂

                    • And another thing, people like you are one of the biggest problems. You cannot think for your self so you follow some bullshit philosophy to tell you how to think. These so called people you defend are buttraping you every minute and you just suck up to them like they are the chosenites. Defend them tooth and nail as they make your life hell. Can you please explain the expulsion from over 100 countries to me? I doubt it lol.

                    • Wow’ you are one angry little man. First off, I never said that I would curse you. It’s quite obvious that God has already cursed your life considering how angry you are. There is good and bad in everyone, not just Jewish people. I sincerely feel bad for you. I would advise you to actually pick up a KJV bible and read some of it before you bash others for following Christ. He’s waiting for you to realize the truth. He doesn’t want you to burn. I’ll pray for ya.

                    • It is you, Dunjin, who needs to re-read the Bible.

                      In Genesis 3:12 God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because there was no Jewish nation—Abram, not yet Abraham, was still a Gentile and God was speaking to Abram and his SPIRITUAL descendants. See also Galatians 3:6-8 and Romans chapter 4.

                      The synagogue of Satan feigns a CARNAL connection to Abraham, but Jesus damned that claim:

                      And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. Matthew 3:9

                      It is the SPIRITUAL descendants of Abram, true Christians, who are today’s true Jews, the true New Israel, the true lineage of Abraham and Moses, the ones who are “blessed” in Abraham’s lineage IN the Faith, the people of the New Covenant promised in Jeremias 31:31-32 (see also: 1 Peter 2 2:9-10; Galatians 3:6-8, and Romans chapter 4). As St. Paul explained, the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants are fulfilled in those IN the Faith, NOT by those who reject the Faith, who connived the judicial murder of their Redeemer, who called His Blood down on themselves and their generations, who blaspheme Him today (Galatians 3:6-8 and Romans Chapter 4, Matthew 27:25).

                      Notwithstanding Judaism’s Master Race creed, there is no racial back door to Heaven and no racial chute to Hell. DNA—whether real or phony— has NOTHING to do with God’s blessings today. See Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9 to understand who makes false claims to be God’s People.

                    • You are quite wrong, Dunjin. Please re-read the Bible and think carefully.

                      In Genesis 3:12 God was not speaking to or about Jewish people because there was no Jewish nation—Abram, not yet Abraham, was still a Gentile and God was speaking to Abram and his SPIRITUAL descendants. See also Galatians 3:6-8 and Romans chapter 4.

                      The synagogue of Satan feigns a CARNAL connection to Abraham, but Jesus damned that claim:

                      And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham for our father. For I tell you that God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham. Matthew 3:9

                      It is the SPIRITUAL descendants of Abram, true Christians, who are today’s true Jews, the true New Israel, the true lineage of Abraham and Moses, the ones who are “blessed” in Abraham’s lineage IN the Faith, the people of the New Covenant promised in Jeremias 31:31-32 (see also: 1 Peter 2 2:9-10; Galatians 3:6-8, and Romans chapter 4). As St. Paul explained, the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants are fulfilled in those IN the Faith, NOT by those who reject the Faith, who connived the judicial murder of their Redeemer, who called His Blood down on themselves and their generations, who blaspheme Him today (Galatians 3:6-8 and Romans Chapter 4, Matthew 27:25).

                      Notwithstanding Judaism’s Master Race creed, there is no racial back door to Heaven and no racial chute to Hell. DNA—whether real or phony— has NOTHING to do with God’s blessings today. See Apocalypse 2:9 and 3:9 to understand who makes false claims to be God’s People.

                    • Mr. unGenius makes the basic mistake of conflating a small subset of Jews, who indeed have gone over to the dark side, with Judaism and Jews in general. Norman Podhoretz, himself Jewish, talks about this issue where – if I may summarize – Jews, having suffered discrimination and pogroms, decided to never let that happen again, and did indeed take over a a number of institutions. A number also went into the Communist or one-worlder groups. The reasons are understandable… but then, if you read Hitler’s history, his reasons are “understandable” too. In the US, part of the issue is that Jewish immigrants arrived in they heyday of progressivism, where socialism and Wilsonian big govt was going to save us all, along with science. Most Jews also arrived, and stayed in, the NY area at that time (as opposed to North Dakota, or similar). Finally, more often than not Jews, to survive, were educated – or at least knew they had to get educated – to survive. So… in sum, it seems there is a ****subset**** of Jews – who really are more what I call regressive progressives (big govt, socialist, perfectabilitarianism – yes, that is a word) types than practicing Jews, and Mr. Self-described Genius conflates this group with Jews in general.

                      A similar example of this phenomenon are the Protestant Christians, the Huguenots, in France.

                      Finally, we see that in the Old Testament, God was not for the Jews not matter what evil they did. Think of the Babylonian exile. God is for justice, and judged His people, the Jews, when they went astray.

                      So, in sum, there is an issue where a certain subset of Jews, who live in disobedience to God’s will, do have a significant stake in a lot of the corruption going on. There are disproportionate numbers of Jews simply because of immigration patterns, timing of the arrival of immigrants, the immediate history of where they came from, etc. But to conflate that subset with Jews in general is IMHO a mistake.

                      The holocaust denial piece is just sad, and indicative of the insanity that infects the ant-Semites who seem to frequent this site. I think one can be pro-Israel, understand that Jews are indeed God’s chosen people as a race, through which He brought the Messiah to all mankind, etc. (St. Paul talks about this in depth if you want information), while at the same time undestanding there is an anti-God subset of Jews who live in rebellion to God. Unfortunately, as a happenstance of time, culture and history, this subset is at the epicentre of a lot of bad things going on. But there are other subsets, too – e.g., I’m thinking of some of the Italians who also fit this same profile (think the disgusting Cuomos in NY – I just watched one of them on CNN who – vilely – denied our intrinsic rights come from God – here is the exact, ipissima verba, quote from the interview with Judge Roy Moore: ““Our laws do not come from God, your honor, and you know that,” said Cuomo. “They come from man.” This is an outright LIE, of course, and either Cuomo knows this, or is even more ignorant than I thought.

                      In sum, Genius, you have it partially right in one sense. And you have it fully wrong relative to the integrity of the Scriptures. You have no idea, nor have you read, people like FF Bruce, JI Packer, NT Wright etc. on the integrity of Scripture, nor do you know one iota about the fact that not a SINGLE archeology discovery has ever contradicted the Bible. Ever. And as they do more spade work, they keep uncovering more and more incredible finds verifying the utter accuracy of the Bible – and the finds are utterly staggering. You may not be afraid of the God who is there, but nevertheless one day you WILL stand before Him, as we all will. At that time, you will clearly not be exhibiting the hubris you do with your posts.

                      I trust this post is not too harsh; however, it is the truth.

                    • @ TEST

                      Your premises are fatally flawed.

                      (1) “small subset” —While “command & control” may indeed be a small subset, it is a much larger group of “middle management” and operatives that cooperate with and profit from the bidding of diabolical leadership. If you add those whose silence makes them accomplices for failing to oppose the “small subset,” you no longer have a “small subset” of the guilty.

                      (2) “having suffered discrimination and pogroms” —You parrot an old canard. You reverse cause and effect. Judaic Master Race creed and misanthropic behavior (cause) preceded retribution (effect).

                      (3) “Jews are indeed God’s chosen people as a race” —The Israelites were chosen (past tense) for the birth of the Messiah, the Redeemer of all mankind. That was accomplished, fulfilled. A new day has come. Now, those who choose the New Covenant are the Chosen and it has nothing to do with “race” (See my post above for scriptural proof texts).

                      (4) “holocaust denial” —Only a willfully lazy or dishonest man can remain ignorant of the evidence against the phony myths of the HoloHoax, how the myths are used to extort money and power, how the myths are used to justify the tribe’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and how the myths are used to replace the holocaust on Calvary as the pivot-point of all history. “Soap,” “lampshades,” “gas chambers,” “6 million,” etc.—all of it baloney. Do not reverse cause and effect. Remember that the Jews declared war against Germany in 1933 long before they were incarcerated as declared internal enemies.

                    • God’s covenant is with man and not a nation. As for the KJV yep it is widely used by christians & evangelicals. However you cannot accept every word as HIS word from this book that was written to allow divorce and used for control.

                    • Genius….please go and stick your head back up your ass, and quit trying to impress the smart people on this thread.

                    • Venice, my head has never been in my ass because your lips are always blocking it. You wouldn’t know what smart was if I wrote it in braille and shoved it up your ass. I think Hannity is on now you better go 🙂

                    • @john q pubic; THAT IS YOUR REFERENCE? REALLY, YOU WANT TO GO WITH THAT? YOU SURE? FINAL OFFER? You are going to use as a reference, a historical revisionist website’s (proven) statements as a cite? Are you aware of the fact that this very same said website has made the “historically significant statement” that the U.S. unilaterally atomic bombed the Japanese homeland when we didn’t need to. They cite a memo, that has never been seen, that can be requested to this day, under the FOIA and yet hasn’t. Their assertion is that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were “unnecessary”. We had 50,000 casualties on Okinawa, a small (relatively) portion of the Japanese homeland. We lost 12,000KIA, 38,000WIA, the Japanese lost 80,000KIA, and 40,000KIA drafted Okinawans, and approximately (exact numbers not known) 75,000KIA civilians. The total being OVER 200K TOTAL LIVES LOST on that one little pissy island. The total losses of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, including soldiers was right at 200K, the same number, or less, that was lost just on Okinawa. The Japanese on the main islands, had in place bunkers, and defenses, were training the public to use arms and fight, and the soldiers AND the civilians were willing to fight to the death….any invading army, simply to protect the emperor and his “good” name. Conservative estimates put the potential losses for Americans at 1.5 to 2 MILLION, with total devastation for the Japanese people. AND THEY STILL WANTED CONDITIONS. THIS is your fucking reference? This website that calls what has been obvious and is NOTHING BUT REVISIONIST HISTORY, WHOM NO ONE WOULD GIVE THE SWEAT OFF THEIR BALLS TO, THIS IS YOUR REFERENCE TO JUSTIFY YOUR BULLSHIT HYPOTHESIS of 300K to 600K Jews killed in WWII in concentration camps. That alone should give some indication of how AFU this site is, and how “not believable” it is. Nordlinger used the “professionalism” and impressiveness of ANOTHER WORK, to justify his “evaluation” has having found “nothing wrong” with this other work and uses numbers from a source that was NOT TRYING TO NUMBER THE NUMBERS OF JEWS LOST IN THE HOLOCAUST, IT WAS ONLY A DISSERTATION ON THE ANECDOTAL REMEMBRANCES of some 700+ people. This is your reference, TOTALLY IGNORING THE OCD ANAL RETENTIVE RECORD KEEPING OF THE GERMANS and THEIR NUMBERS. While the exact number is only known to God, the hair splitting, by low self-esteemed people of your ilk, over whether it was 6 million or 5 or 4, is nothing but BULLSHIT. Okay, so what if it was 4 Million. Would that make you feel better? Would it not still be a heinous act (that means really depraved..oh, really bad)? THEY ARE STILL FINDING BODIES AT THE VARIOUS CAMPS. There were 12 million people killed in the concentration camps (and yes, it is an estimate, but based on the evidence at the camps and written documentation, it is fairly accurate, just not down to the single person) of which 6 million were Jewish. And the argument that “well most died from malnutrition and disease”..harump, harump….yeah…AND WHO’S FAULT WAS THAT. Are you going to imply the Jews were at fault because they just didn’t hold up to being worked to death, malnourished and dying of diseases they had no control over, that had they not been in the conditions they WERE FORCED TO BE IN, that that doesn’t count? Is that your reasoning? Is that how you get out of an obvious moral assertion? You’re a disgrace. You’re more worthless than a guard at one of the death camps. I can see the smirk on your face now, thinking about the possibility of having been there. You are an evil. An evil that infects this world, yet again.

                    • @ Bipod XXXS

                      Don’t be dishonest. Do you think you can dismiss the evidence with one word, “revisionist”? Faurisson summarized the admissions of Holocaust promoters, their confessions of the absence of evidence for their version of “the Holocaust.”

                      Yes, the “true believers” have admitted they are firing blanks.

                      Besides Faurisson’s article linked above, more evidence to follow.

                    • In his autobiography Gen. Douglas MacArthur was the first to reveal that the Japanese offered to surrender three times between November 1944 and August 1945, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                      Including US soldiers and sailors, a quarter million people died in the Pacific theatre between November 1944 and August 1945.

                      Those deaths were preventable, but the Communist-infiltrated government wanted to show off their big bombs. In view of the multiple Japanese offers of surrender, the US alibi for nuking civilians is just another big lie of the victors—like the big lie of the HoloHoax.

                    • The Victories of Revisionism

                      The Victories of Revisionism (continued)

                    • @ Bipod XXXS

                      You have dishonestly mis-stated the evidence. The International Red Cross visited ALL the camps and kept meticulous records, as did the Germans (including cause of death when applicable). The International Red Cross records corroborate the German records, showing a camp population, ALL camps, ALL prisoners, of about 300,000 to 400,000. Those inconvenient records were on the documentary record before the Zionist HoloHoaxers put them under lock and key.

                      You have blinded yourself to several other key facts.

                      The lives of Japanese are as valuable as the lives of Americans.

                      American soldiers died in the Pacific theatre between Nov 1944 and Aug 1945 precisely because the Judeo-Communist occupied “U.S.” government didn’t care a bit about any of those lives, American or Japanese. After all, their religion teaches that only Jews are human, so “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

                      Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 !!! “Judea declares war on Germany”—Google it.

                      The Jews were a DECLARED INTERNAL ENEMY. What sane nation wouldn’t incarcerate a DECLARED INTERNAL ENEMY POPULATION?

                      German civilians OUTSIDE the camps died of the same starvation and typhus as the holy people (who never do anything wrong) IN the camps.

                      As I have said and as Faurisson and many others have documented, the HoloHoax promoters have admitted they do NOT have evidence to support their phony narrative. Most of the world knows that. Only nations where the tribe controls the media and indoctrinates school children are still living in the dark.

                      Somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 of ALL ethnicities died in the German camps—most from disease, NONE in “gas chambers.” Considering that the tribe started World War 2 and over 50 million NON-JEWS died in the war that THEY started, I’d say they have little room to play victim.

                      Then, as now, the tribal big shots and banksters (and their accomplices) are PERPETRATORS of crimes against humanity, NOT victims.

                  • If you google all the so called death camps/ work camps the NAZIs had and add up the official deaths listed in all those camps, it comes in at under 4 million. The majority died of starvation and disease. They weren’t all Jews either. Many were Nationals from all over Europe. Tens of thousands of Russian POW’s died in these camps and are included in the lists of camp dead too.

                    6 million Jews? Yeah sure. Oh and before you red thumb me ….. Check the figures yourself

                    • @seed; so you are also going to say that because they died of starvation and disease IN THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS, THAT THE NAZIS WERE NOT RESPONSIBLE? ARE YOU OVER THE AGE OF 8? How does that even make sense. “Well because they died of disease and starvation in the Nazi controlled camps, we can’t count those numbers as being concentration camp deaths”. REALLY? YOU BETTER GO CHECK THE NUMBERS BEFORE YOU RED THUMB ME. That 12 million died, in total, isn’t even in question. So, yes they weren’t all Jews. Read post above. You’re right tens of thousands of Russians died there, but last time I took a math course, tens of thousands was WAAAAYYYY LESS THAN millions. Just sayin. There is no cogent argument against the numbers that have been historically accounted for. It is always suspicious, when decades later, sans any proof, that someone wants to “change the facts”, which even you conspiracists wouldn’t stand for. What you have asserted is simply false. You can read what I posted above for my personal assessment of people like you.

                    • Dont use google

                    • “12 million… isn’t even in question”???

                      Tell us another funny one.

                      In case you missed it, WE QUESTION IT. In fact, we ridicule the laughable claim for which there is NO evidence, NO gas chamber (until the Judeo-Communists built one AFTER the war), NO German orders, NO camp counts, NO demographic support, NOT enough bodies, NOT enough crematoria capacity, NO lampshades, NO soap, NO shrunken heads, NO “different colored crematorium smoke for different ethnicities,” etc.

                  • @jenius; Well, apparently you can’t THINK FOR YOURSELF EITHER. What you say about the number of Jews in Germany is actually true. HOWEVER, Hitler didn’t just kill Jews in Germany, or did you accidentally overlook the fact that a lot of the concentration camps are in Poland and other areas. Did you forget the Jews were removed FROM EVERY COUNTRY THE GERMANS OCCUPIED. From Scandinavia, from France, the “low countries”, south eastern Europe, Italy (though most left Italy before this) and north eastern (non-Russian) Europe. The Russian Jews, persecuted by Stalin, fled to Poland. The only countries in continental Europe that didn’t have the same level of persecution as that of occupied Europe were Spain and Switzerland. EVERY JEW IN EUROPE, NOT IN THOSE TWO COUNTRIES WERE ROUNDED UP AND SHIPPED TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS if they couldn’t be hidden or escape Europe. So, now you might want to “rethink” your assessment of what you said. WHAT SOURCES, THAT ARE VERIFIABLE AND RESPECTED BY SOME RECOGNIZED PEER GROUP, DO YOU CITE TO BACK UP THE BULLSHIT, THE FECAL MATERIAL, THAT CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH (well, keyboard) ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST ASSERTED. I, for one, would be greatly interested in knowing what those references are. Oh, circular references don’t count (you do know what I’m talking about, don’t you). WHERE IS this “a lot of evidence that the 6 million story is a farce”. They get kicked out of countries (which isn’t accurate either, they leave) because they are banned from being in any profession that offers some ability to make a living other than being a laborer. You have no critical thinking skills, or the ability to use deductive, let alone inductive, reasoning. And logic also seems to escape your grasp. I do hope you have no children, and if you do, that they are waaaayyyy smarter than you, which, unfortunately, isn’t all that great an achievement, based on your past performance.

                    • Now you are just getting hysterical and silly. You are just trying to shout down the evidence.

                      As Nordling’s article and the International Red Cross camp counts show, pre-war and post-war population numbers show a shift in population location, but in no way support more than 300,000-600,000 missing Jews.

                      I mean really, “Every Jew in Europe…”??? The millions of “Holocaust survivors” should have been your first clue.

                    • Tripod, is your diaper full or what? Did you get your info from tv? Keep investigating, or not…

                  • First, the six million figure includes about three million Jews in Poland.

                    Second, Jews get kicked out because they often simply out-perform other groups.

                    Rather than those groups improving themselves, they try to get rid of people that remind them of their failings (Hitler’s Brown Shirts were mostly lower class under and unemployed men that wore hand-me-down brown uniforms from Germany’s defunct African colonial corps).

                    Unfortunately in out-performing other groups they also tend to become a bit insular as a group which exacerbates feelings of division. The Jewish religion itself is a problem in that it suggests group identity based on a genetic maternal link. Anyone trying to separate himself or herself from Judaism has to at a minimum jump the psychological hurtle built by this suggested link between gene and adherence to a particular religion.

                    And this genetic component also makes the religion resistant to inclusiveness — outsiders can’t belong, and insiders can never leave.

                    • “out-perform”?

                      Read a bit about Einstein’s plagiarism of Gentile scientists and how Judaic-owned media ignored the plagiarism while promoting their “out-performing” tribesman. While you are at it, read about how the General and Special Theories of Relativity contradict each other regarding the speed of light.

                      Read about how the tribe’s usury and financial frauds were and still are used to outperform non-criminal Gentile victims.

                      Read about how the tribe’s tax farming through the ages has “out-performed” their Gentile victims.

                      Read about how “Russian” oligarchs and “Russian” mafia “out-perform” their victims.

                      Read about how tribal nepotism “out-performs” admissions to professions and professional schools.

                      The 60+ million killed at the hands of Judeo-Bolshevism certainly “out-performs” their hated nemeses from Haman though Hitler to Ahmadinejad.

                      Yes, indeed, those frauds and criminal “out-performers” are legends in their own minds.

                  • You do understand that the 6 million jewelry were not all germans? The Jewish people found in any place the Nazi occupation was were killed or forced into labor camps. Stupid remarks like that are not useful to you or anyone else. This story about the g men coming to get the ones who will fight and lead in a revolt are laughable. They run some variety of the same story year after year. Sad old hat with no impact one way or the other

                  • Poland was filled with Jewish people as was most of Eastern Europe prior to WWII. This is where the added 3 million came from. Poland had few Jewish survivors.

                    The anti semitism on this site bothers me. Ever see the Nobel Peace Prizes for science and medicine and who is at the top? Yes Jewish bankers are crooks and Mellon is too along with Rockefeller. The difference is the Jewish contribution to science is far disproportionate to their number as they put a very high emphasis on education and family. Personally I think while a lot of white supposed racism against blacks is really fear of violence regarding Jews its jealously. They are generally very capable people.

                    • Jews have won a total of 28% of all the Nobel Prizes in medicine, 26% of Physics and 19% of Chemistry. Not too shabby when they are less than 1% of the population.

                      When you or your children need the very best physician and their Jewish don’t be too surprised. They’re very a very capable people.

                    • See my post above or one example of scientific plagiarism by a Jew (Einstein) concealed by Jewish media. THAT is the kind of scientific “dominance” they have. Ever apply to graduate or professional school? Who makes up a disproportionate percentage of the gatekeepers?

                      As to Nobel prizes, what kind of measure is that? Certainly not an honest one, look at recent winners of the Peace prize.

                  • Genius

                    Germany invaded Eastern Europe which had (past tense due to Hitler) a large Jewish population. This is where the additional 3 million came from.

                    I theorize that a significant amount of white racism against blacks is actually fear of violence the anti semitism is jealously. Jewish people put a very high emphasis upon family and education. Their numbers in professional ranks are disproportionate. This can be seen in the below.

                    Jews have won a total of 28% of all the Nobel Prizes in medicine, 26% of Physics and 19% of Chemistry. Not too shabby when they are less than 1% of the population.

                    When you or your children need the very best physician and their Jewish don’t be too surprised. They’re very a very capable people.

                  • just read the book by Joseph Bendersky, a Jew, The Jewish Threat: The Anti-Semitic Politics of the U. S. Army. He recounts the reports of the military intelligence officers at the embassies in Europe between the wars. They ALL reported the same thing: 1. Hitler and the Nazis were no threat to America 2. Stalin and the Communists were a big threat to Europe and would become a threat to America 3. Germany was the only country in Europe strong enough to withstand the onslaught of Communism and 4. they ALL recommended that we support Hitler against Stalin.
                    Then read the book Onward Christian Soldiers by Donald Day. His reporting dovetails with the reports of the MI officers.
                    Now read Barbarians Inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism by Col. deGrand Pre to find out who pulls the strings of our political puppets. It is on the web in .pdf form.
                    Do you ever wonder why the chairman of the Fed is never a Christian?
                    Do the research.

                    de oppresso liber (the American taxpayer)

              • He didn’t get 6 mio
                that’s a hoaxnr
                anyway as we know now he didn’t get enough

              • And there will more than that here this time.The gates of hell will be open on us. Your work’s will be in vane.

            • For you to sit by and do nothing while others are rounded up is a sin unto itself. And do you really think they will let you be? An independent minded self sufficient person.

              In God’s eyes. You’re committing suicide.

              The only thing that will stop this evil is if they start taking fire from behind.

              Their is no neutral in the fight between good and evil. You are a fool.

            • I understand your position and why.

            • While all the haters and red thumbs get rounded up and tossed into a re-education facility, you and a few others will be out of Dodge. Time to get a thick skin, there’s a lot of betrayers even in here.

            • What about when you see your neighbor (known to be a good man) being hauled off or taken out? Will you just keep hoeing your garden? What will God have you do? I know what I will do. Uniforms will become targets. Addresses and names will be taken. Don’t forget the Nazis. The citizens often stood by and allowed that shit to happen because it was none of “their” business.

            • Gods Creation,
              So you remain neutral as your rights are taken away
              or innocent people are slaughtered? Neutrality has gotten us where we are today.

          • Bring that heavy armored truck right on in close. It will be your fucking grave.


            • I apologize for the all caps. I’ve had a rotten day at work and this article didn’t help, except to let off some steam. Hodges is NOT original with this report. I’ve seen reports of “red lists” since the 90s. Let the feds and whoever else bring it on. I’m sick to death of all their shit just like everyone else here is.

              • RB I’m with you on this front.

                • Nobama, thanks, I do appreciate that. Even if we don’t agree on everything, I’ll still stand with anyone who is willing to stand up ad fight for liberty.

          • Just keep this very important fact in mind….I’ve said it before, but just in case you didn’t see it, the HUMANS who run any type of govt are still HUMAN. The govt HUMANS are still susceptible to starvation, thirst, cuts, bruises, lacerations, broken bones, and bullet holes as the rest of us. Govt people are just HUMAN.

            • They are vulnerable, but not human. To be human requires one to have empathy and morals. Take care of each other.

          • Why bother incarcerating them? With a couple of minutes on a keyboard, they can make anybody an “unperson”. Kill their credit cards, cut off their phones and Internet, “disappear” bank accounts, you name it.

            • This is why THEY want control the internet, they already own the mass media airwaves all they have to do is socially incriminate anyone as a “Domestic Terrorist” and you’re labeled as such.

          • $50 question
            What happens first: WW3 or national round up?

            • @ Calgagus : That is a no brainer. WW III, and I will tell you why. They don’t have enough people for the round up.

            • National round-up, a.k.a. the “draft”.

              • What are they gonna do? Draft old people?

        • Well if they want to pick up this 60+ old cripple o.k.

          Warning Warning !

          My farts are more dangerous then I am.

          So you better where a mask and bring a couple extra filters.

          I have nothing.

          Leave me alone.

        • There are millions of us ex military waiting in the wings… We will not falter, we will not go quietly into the night… by whatever force is necessary to bring those to justice we will prevail. We will make them accountable and we will make certain those that choose tyranny over us in order to subjugate us are impaled and harvested unto the end they so richly deserve. You who sit in offices that the electorate placed you, you sons of bitches are on notice. It’s time to go CLINT EASTWOOD on your azzes.

          This ex soldier has had enough and I am firmly ready to stand against the domestic enemies of the state. Those who give aid, shelter and quarter to those who are destroying our republic, no more notice is available to you. It’s time to put childish things aside and begin to muster the troops of America who are every man woman and young man and woman of AMERICA. We will not surrender, we will not give in and we will taste the grit of our might in victory over your sorry SUBVERSIONIST azzes!

          Last I counted; there are 120 million armed citizens… and more than 20 million veterans and ex government types who will stand up in a heartbeat… DRAW WHEN YOU ARE READY THOSE IN GOVERNMENT WHO MEAN TO SUBJUGATE US AMERICANS. When you are emblazoned and burned out, left for dead and dying in your pathetic ruin, we Americans will TRIUMPH over your dead bloated carcasses then burry you and build a city over your post mortem.

          Take that you Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations and UN and US SENATE AND CONGRESSIONAL TRAITORS who seek to disarm the TEETH OF LIBERTY in order to betray us and swindle us. BRING IT! You got nothin for this little junk yard dog let alone the real might of the US Citizenry once awakened and mustered for battle We are the largest standing army on this planet so go F*^k yourselves you cowardly statist pieces of excrement! IT’S TIME TO START CALLING YOU OUT YOU FOR THE COWARDLY LYIN AZZ DOGS YOU ARE! COME GET SOME! Badges and uniforms make a real nice target, especially the blue helmets!

          Those who stand to be counted as protectors of America uphold your oath of service and help restore the US, her liberty and her peoples INALIENABLE RIGHTS. Either way, the American flag must rise for freedom, liberty and JUSTICE, and those who are willing to bleed on the flag in order to keep the stripes red, our time is coming to once again defend liberty on our own soil, and we will not back down. Not now, now ever! Semper Fi!

          The art of war according to the greatest military teachings of mortal combat and war; Sun Tzu…. Know your enemy.

          WE SEE YOU CLEARLY NOW – Communist muslims and zionist infiltrators’ you have provided us all a very sweet picture of who you are now, your real intentions which are viewed by your actions. Your voting and your actions have shown us all who you are and you are now identified as the traitorous apparatus you who are nothing more than treacherous greedy lying cowards and cheap petty thieves who are absconding with our wealth in order to ingratiate yourselves in our financial prosperity for which we PHUCKING EARN that you commit theft from while in turn using it against us all. Yes, we are now starting to turn the apparatus of the state against you! We too can play that game, RIGHT BACK AT YA! Eric Snowden woke up many and the giant is awakening en masse now. They can no longer hide in plain site as their covers are fully blown. The best way to establish all of the traitors in our midst via the information you think you are using against us is to simply watch how you do everything that is counter intuitive to success and the further stripping of rights is absolutely your game to condense power over us all. And know this, we know exactly who you are now. Marked for termination of office is not a comfortable position to be in when you know the people now understand fully your game and motives. SEMPER FI = Always Faithful.

          So I say prepare yourselves all who collude to subvert and subjugate the US Citizens, we are. I myself will always follow Constitutional Admiralty and those Marine Generals who have sworn to defend us all and we will do so down to the last man until those who wish to destroy us are nothing but a bad memory.

          No matter what you do, no matter how you try, liberty cannot be quelled. Your agenda’s and pursuits is that of a fool’s pursuit and it will end very badly for you who attempt to take this very real America. Block by block, street by street and how ever many souls it takes to eradicate you traitors in our midst is exactly what we will expend in order to remove you.

          We are Americans and we will never surrender. We will not go quietly into the night, we will prevail and you will be simply ended. Many of you who seek to destroy liberty will simply disappear into the pink mist.

          BANK ON THAT you piggish political fools and central bankers. We will burn your FILTHY BLOOD SOAKED MONEY IN THE STREETS TO RID YOU IF NEEDS BE!

          We Americans have been kickin AZZ for 240 years and a country boy will survive!

          I say enough talk, a call to arms, To Arms America, EVERY CITIZEN TO ARMS – Arm yourselves Americans, we have wolves, liars, thieves and destroyers of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our midst and they mean to do us all harm. You can take your Zionism which is NOT Judaism and your muslim communist agenda straight to hell where you all belong.

          Those who do not support and defend the Constitution… Your time is coming and there will be no mercy for your crimes against your own. May GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS for going against America.

          You who think you are ELITE to lord over us as you please – GO FRAK YOURSLEVES, SEMPER FI!

          You who read this are the resistance.

          • “We Americans have been kickin AZZ for 240 years …… ”

            What about when them Dirty Canadians came down an burnt down the White Hoose in 1812?

            • @seed; Well, apparently FACTS ARE NOT YOUR FORTE OLD MAN. The burning of Washington took place in 1814 (look it up) and was perpetrated (that means caused by) by Major General Robert Ross, of the remnants of the Duke of Wellington’s army and associated with Vice Admiral Cochrane’s troops from Bermuda. They took the “city” of Washington and burned various public edifices (buildings) including the White House. While there was an incursion of BRITISH TROOPS from what we call Canadia to day, they were British Troops and they went into New York. SO AGAIN YOUR so called facts seem to be “not exactly right”. ACTUALLY YOU ARE JUST AS WRONG HERE AS YOU WERE UP THERE. GO FIGURE. WHEN THE ART OF REASONING, CRITICAL THINKING, LOGIC AND DEDUCTIVE REASONING SKILLS ARE ABSENT, THEN ANYTHING IS LIKELY TO POSITED AS TRUTH AND FACT. Of which you apparently have no understanding or in fact no morals or integrity, as one or the other would plague your conscience, as to the deficit you have aspired to and cause you to speak the truth, but alas, the truth is not in you. So, yet again, in the end, it seems you are WRONG.

          • Well said.

        • Really:
          Make sure not to take out all the cops, because like Me I’m on your side. I will more than likely be taken out first because TPTB know where I stand. They also know that I know how to fight back and win.
          Think about it. It will be wrong just to start shooting at the cops because that is just what TPTB want you to do. That way TPTB won’t have to fight with the good cops out here.
          God watch over us all!

          • O.K. SGT DALE



          • Dear friend Sgt. Dale; That Badge can not mean that much to you that you will still be wearing it when the Shit Hits the Fan get out now while you still can, please, sir when it starts you and the rest of the good LE can’t make a dent in correcting it. You will die in vain. Open season is about to start on badges and anyone else who helps or even looks like they are helping TPTB in any way. Get out now, get to your BOL while you still can time grows very short. If not leaving the badge behind, watch your SIX very carefully. Go in peace my dear friend.

            • Cooper:
              There will be a time and a place for me to take off the badge. I got into this job to help people and I will do it to the last minute. Stop and think about it when the shit hits the fan you will still be you. If you are a Doctor you will still be a Doctor. If you are Truck Driver you will still be a Truck Driver.
              When it get to a point I can’t help any more YES the badge comes of and My family and the Group comes first.

              As far as making a dent you might be surprised what we can do.

              Thanks for your concern, and my God watch over you and yours.


              • SD – my neighbor and close friend is a recently retired senior IL. state trooper. Very much like you, he is conservative, pro-constitutionalist, and more. IMHO, we need people like you to remain in the force for as long as possible, to provide, as Jesus said, the salt to preserve our freedoms. Even if there are only a few of you, it will be a brake on others. I really wish my friend had stayed with the state troopers rather than retire early, as he was quite senior. Imagine the influence he would have if something started to go rotten in Denmark. Now, as he is no longer there, that influence is removed – and the newbies coming in will be more influenced by the corrupt, leftists now running the place – exactly the process the vile Alinsky envisaged.

                BTW, I asked him about all these MRAPS being bought by police depts. When I asked about all these small towns getting MRAPs, etc. he told me that the massive city of Chicago, where he worked, might need one or two…. maybe.

                Love your posts, and I would like to encourage you to stay in the force as long as possible. Pass on your love of justice, and the need to be a **peace** officer first.

                As my Aussie friends would say, “good on ya.”

              • All coppers are bastards.

                • Skinhead, you just love that crack pipe, don’t you?

                • people who use “Superlatives” such as your “All” are morons and are a huge part of the problem. There is no “All”, or “everyone”. That is the mentality a teenager. Grow up for God’s sake people and look around you.

                  • @just me; Sorry the OCD won’t let me let it go. The word “all” can be an adjective, an adverb, a noun or pronoun. When introducing a noun, it is then an adjective, which is the case above. The noun “coppers” is “introduced” by the word “all” and it refers to an amount of “coppers”, which makes it an adjective. Some would refer to it as an absolute, but because it can be 4 of the 8/9 parts of speech, it can’t be an absolute. Superlatives are simply the word plus “est”, comparatives are the word plus “er” and absolutes are simply words, that by definition, mean an unequivocal condition of extent. For example, full is an absolute, you can’t say fuller, because if it is full, then it is full, and can’t be any full”er” as that would then be comparative and comparatives can’t (shouldn’t)be used with an absolute. Be Well.

                • Dickhead…..er I mean Skinhead is a troll.

                  • WE Arenotslaves, welcome aboard, and I agree about dickhead…..er, I mean skinhead. I like your moniker. Sounds most appropriate. Again, welcome.

                • My neighbor, a recently retired state trooper, is a good man, a good father and husband, a good Constitutionalist, and was a good policeman. So your “all” doesn’t fit.

                • And you’re a richard.

            • Copper. You may be right. But right now SHTF has NOT started, and we desperately need SD around to be salt in a deteriorating world. IMHO, he needs to remain as absolutely long as possible to be that brake on the accelerating corruption and militarization. Yours is, IMHO, a recipe for making it worse. Right now, he can pass on his love of justice and being a PEACE officer. If he is gone, the newbies will just be influenced by the bad eggs slowly taking over.

              • I FUCKIN’ HATE SALT.

                • Well, now you’re a dickskinhead, really. NO, really, you are.

          • Good evening, Sgt. Dale. As I’ve posted in the past, my primary concern are feds, whatever ‘private army’ the African virus comes up with, foreign troops, etc. Those are the kind of scum I expect to be dealing with. I’m not concerned about local or state LE at all. Also, I will NOT fire the first shots in the coming war. Let the other side do that. It will be on them and we will respond in righteous self-defense.

            • Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. The real enemy must be known prior to engaging. Semper Fidelis.

          • @ Sgt. Dale : I don’t agree and I wil tell you why. I agree their are good cops. I know a few. What I disagree is about shooting all cops, BECAUSE ALL the good cops will go home, lock and load, when they get the orders to haul in all Dissidents. Only the bad cops will be left. I don’t think we should shoot the cops that go home and protect the citizens and there families. Those men/women will cease to be cops and become the hunted with the rest of us. In that case, KILL all cops, blue hats, brown shirts, hungry lazy fu**s, and anybody else that wants what is mine and my families.

            Good luck to all of us and me we have a 48 hour notice.

            • F a M
              We will go home and lock and load, if we haven’t already done that.

              What I was getting at is that there will be good cops still trying to help until they can’t help any more. That is why they are good cop.

              We all know and have lines in the sand and if they are crossed we are gone. We lover our families and friends more than the public, just like everyone else.

              If the SHTF and can let everyone know I have always said I would do so.


              • Do you give a fig… PIG?

                • Ha! I was mistaken. NOW you’re just an asshole. A pitiful one at that. An inarticulate ASSHOLE. Are you “gettin red, HEAD”? Oh, and douche, does come to mind…have to think about that, would want to insult all the delta bravos.

              • Sgt.
                If your on duty at 2:am and you stop someone for speeding on an open road, then issue a ticket: whose the injured party?

                If you answer the state, can you point to the state for me?

                Another ?, where does LE get their authority?

            • Yes, F&M… but UNTIL that time, then what? And will they make and announcement on CNN (the Communist News Network) that “As of 3:05 PM ET, SHTF is officially announced???

              The point that you miss (in my opinion) is that we we dealing with Gramsci, Fabian socialist GRADUAL takeover, not some violent, armed takeover (though that may happen in the future). This is where we need the salt of Sgt Dale around – and many more like him – as long as possible. If and when SHTF, ipso facto, SD and the good police will make wise decisions about when to leave their posts. How do I know they will make wise decisions? Just look at everything he has written!

              While everyone here is concerned about some kinds of police/miitary putsch – and it IS a valid concern, just look at the Bundy Ranch incident – everyone is missing the 800 pound rat in the room. What is that rat? Charleton Heston told us years ago:

              “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

              If people were HALF as concerned about people wearing devil’s horns at the recent Grammy awards (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMMfgsF6DnU ), Katy Perry’s fires of Hell show recently, Charlie Sheen’s vile Two and Half Men from a few years ago, or even such things as the BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam (you control energy, you control everything it touches, which is, well… everything) etc. etc., we would be in much better stead.

              The problem is, you haven’t read Gramsci. You haven’t read Alinsky. You haven’t read the shock troops for all the ignorance and darkness, the Nazi Brownshirt, anti-freedom of conscience radical gays (for example, Madsen and Kirk, architects of the radical gay lies, once said “first get the nose of the camel under the tent; only then, after that, introduce it’s ugly derriere.” THAT, mon ami, is exactly what is happening. Everyone on this site seems to be concerned with violence, guns and the like. And there IS a time and a place for Just War, self-defense, etc. per what Christian thinkers have discussed for a millenia (see the short, cogent article at http://www.equip.org/article/say-want-revolution/ ); meanwhile, in their refusal to *non-violently* but aggressively confront the culture, readers on this site are going to find themselves surrounded by “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting socialist zombies. The goal of the left, as Gramsci said, was not to take on the west militarily, but rather to overwhelm the culture through sex, sleaze and stupidity via the educational system, entertainment, and the vile, lamestream media.

              Granting that, yes, anything could happen in the future (and I do support the 2nd Amendment for exactly the reason the Founders enacted it – that as a potential force de frappe (look it up) the goal right now is non-violent – we need to be communicating, educating, informing, etc. Exactly what this site, The Daily Sheeple, Michael Snyders, Zerohedge, etc. are all doing. THAT is the focus? Will people apply themselves to THIS battle, not of the sword, but of the pen and intellect? Will people speak out in letters to the editor, to their friends and family? Will they get educated on the topics of the radical homosexual Brownshirts, faux global warming, philosophical attacks on the 2nd Amendment (do you want FACTS on how to defend the 2nd Amendment? See http://www.scribd.com/doc/134074309/Gun-Control-Fact-and-Fantasy-April-1 ) On this battle of the MIND depends the fate of this republic, in THE most desperate battle this country has ever fought.

              • @ Test : I did not miss the point. My response clearly said ” when they get the orders to haul in all Dissidents “. I at no time said pick up your weapon and go kill all cops. As far as announcing when TSHTF, to the prepared and observant, it should be obvious. You are correct, in that I have not read all of those books you mention. At the same time, it is obvious that they are taking their sweet a$$ time, passing laws and rules to make us smurfs and get rid of our weapons, before they make there move. You should read a persons whole comment, if you are going to shot the whole thing down.

          • Yeah SD, that’s the bitch about this thing. Knowing the wheat from the chaff.

            Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think ALL cops are bad. But the one’s that are bad seem to be getting worse and worse.

            I hope that the good cops will simply not show up the day this stuff may start.

            Who knows. Hopefully we’ll never find out.

            • that is all predicated on the chance that we have some sort of “EVENT” that happens overnight. But IMO that won’t happen, it will be a slow degrading overtime just like it has been for the last 15 or 20 yrs. Of course it will speed up some but where you are now is where you’ll be then. We didn’t get where we are now overnight and “IT” won’t just happen in a day either. The sad part is I believe most of the public will continue to believe the lies and follow the direction of the voices on their TV’s. Talk is cheap, nothing will change.

          • Sarge, the good cops will throw away the badge and uniform. They will know right from wrong and act accordingly. There will be no pension to worry about if tshtf anyway. Those that stay to enforce the bullshit will be targets and should be. I trust you will toss the badge as you seem to be a good man. Times like these will show for all to see who the psycopaths really are. And the only good psyco is a dead psyco 🙂

          • The good cops, Sgt, will shed their uniforms at the first sign of mayhem that “Time to go Clint Eastwood says.” The good cops will take along their weapons, sidearms and heavy stuff. And, on their way out, the good cops have X’s on the doors of bad cops.

            Semper Fi

        • If they first take out journalists and some politicians and the media does not report any roundups, how will people wake up?

          This might already be happening and no one will know until it’s at their door…

          • If Obammy takes over the internet which he is trying to do then we will have no idea as to what is happening. There is also the internal passport in 2016 as part of the real ID act thank you Bush and the expansion of the TSA duties to arrest anyone charged with a crime. Not convicted just charged so they cannot travel.

            • @ john w : When the information stops flowing, that is the first and only sign you will need. The only way to get true and accurate information is with HAM radio. They will never get all of those.

            • Then we will fight in the dark.

              Semper Fi

          • Bob

            ding ding ding…..exactly. But IMO they probably won’t have to worry too too much, seeing as how they already control most all media. That is really their strongest weapon, controlling the flow of info or “propaganda” You can bet we’ll get the info they want us to get… And most Americans, including many (if not most) on here, will go along with it and swallow it up. I hope and pray I’m wrong. I really want to be an optimist, but reality keeps getting in the way.

          • How will people know?

            Look up the word “samizdat.” You can look it up.

            Ideal, no. Did it work? Sure did (it was part, not the whole, of the equation, of course). There is no longer a USSR, is there?

        • Wow, there is so much bullshit here you could plant a garden. It’s rather disingenuous to talk about interning dissidents, when the WWI dissidents were socialist anarchists (socialist, communists, labor party, and Marxists) I thought “we” didn’t like them anyway? The internment of the Japanese-Americans was wrong and has been acknowledged as such by the nation as a whole. As far as the protesters during the Vietnam era, they were arrested for breaking the law. Breaking into buildings, barricading them up and destroying property, pretty simple. It is unfortunate that someone died at Kent State, however there was no intent to kill anyone. A scared-assed NG troop, poorly trained I might add, accidentally discharged his weapon and triggered the firing of some 60 odd rounds as I recall. Now the taking of life by the authorities, of anyone, is a grievous action to say the least. The fact that these are the ONLY 4 civilian casualties, over the entire war protesting, belies the author’s premise of “wholesale internment of dissidents”. All three were not apples to apples, nor were the WWI and the Vietnam war protesters and dissidents innocent. The Japanese-Americans were MOSTLY guilt free, though there were some spies among them. Would we not do the same thing with “Ayy-Raabs” if we had the chance? Seriously, be intellec…well, just be honest. If you root for freedom, you root for freedom for all, or you’re dishonest and have no integrity. Further, who gives a rat’s ass who’s doing the watching? If they’re watching, they’re watching. As far as some “organizational bullshit” all the NSA has to do is feed the intel directly to DHS (which they already do BTW) and the same thing happens. Big whoop they change some email destinations of who gets all that intel shit…really this is a big conspiracy. You guys are letting me down. I expect more better and significantly creativerer conspiracy shit. NOT TO MENTION, THIS SHIT IS OLD, OLD, OLD..older than my crusty ass. This lame shit isn’t even entertaining. Operation Boa-myass and Operation Lighteningmyassonfire. What douche-bag came up with this shit. You can only find quotes on “this site” that leads to “that site” that then lead to “another site” and “yet another site” and so on until it comes full circle with NO references. And there are all these “ominous” (that means really bad) CONFIDENTIAL SOURCES…never a leak that can be corroborated with a second source. Ever hear of that? A second source equals PLAUSIBILITY, not proof, but it does give some credence, BUT NOT HERE, JUST THE MEREST MENTION OF whispered nothings about FEMA camps and bullshit roundups and all the folk get out their pitchforks and torches and wander up the mountain to the castle going “yup, yup, yup, thar’s sum munsters aroun heyar, yup, ayup, ayup, thar shirley eyaaazzz”. And really? Are we gonna do this whole MRAP/ammo shit again? You guys either have bad, very bad, no, really fucked up memories or else you are really, really, really…no I MEAN really slow learners. That shit goes back to a 2010 memo and a 2012 RFP for ammo. Are you aware that the DHS has to order ammo for all their agencies, which includes the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, INS (which is actually 4 agencies), the Secret Service, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center….I’m not going to name them all. The all have to qualify 4x a year and federal agencies have the benefit of all the money they can take from us and they “target shoot”, train actually, with duty ammo. Not to mention the contract is an “open contract”, which means it is accumulative over a span of time, for years, so the total numbers aren’t a pile of ammo sitting in reserve, shitheads. IT HAS BEEN SHOT, AND THEY HAVE ORDERED SOME MORE, the contract is open. And every time you hear about the contract…well fuck, the number is bigger…….duh!!! That’s called ADDING. We’ll cover that next week, kids. Oh, and Operation Lightening, ha. First “operation lightNing” (note the spelling, the capital is mine)refers to a couple of WWII operations and one from your buddies, the Israelis, many, many moons ago. NOW LIGHTEN…ING, can refer to two things, making something “lighter” as not weigh so much OR it could refer to making something “lighter” as in not so dark. The adding of “ing” is added to the verb “lighten” and come out as “lightening”. Unless this is “Operation Lightening somebody’s fat ass”, it ain’t lightening shit. The word “lightning” is a NOUN referring to a bolt of “lightning”. The dumb conspiracy shithead that wrote this can’t even spell words that you fucking learned in 5th goddamn grade OR doesn’t even know it’s misspelled. OMFG….OMFG…OMFG. The cup of ignorant bounty runneth over. The first thing that would make me suspicious of a bogus $20 bill would be something misspelled, like “twentie”. The first thing that should expose any scam is that very same thing….of course you would have to realize that it was missp…never mind I forgot. AND NOW (done in the voice of the Batman narrator), here again, someone expects the gooooooobeerment (heavy on the goooober part) to launch a LASER-LIKE, focused, lightEning raid at 0330hrs. hahahahahahahaha. OMG, LAMAORAOTF…..c’mon guys really, really? THE same government that can’t get your tax returns back to you, can’t get your vet status right, can’t get vets care for fucking hemorrhoids (much less anything important), can’t get food/help/aid/anything to Sandy Hook, CAN’T DELIVER THE GODDAMN MAIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD (without losing $60B/yr). What are they gonna do? They’re not calling out SEAL Team 6 here. They’re calling out the PC, multi-cultural, affirmative action, poly-sexual, any-sexual, lard-assed, French nail manicured, hair hat, lazy-assed, porn watching, child molesting retards from DHS. THE DHS. THE HIGHLY EFFICIENT DHS. It’s almost too funny to think about if they weren’t fucking us out of our money so badly. I don’t know who Dave Hodges is (yeah, I read it, so what?), but I wouldn’t trust him with my catatonic, brain dead, lesbian, ugly 3rd cousin, alone for 2 minutes. His cred is truly lacking, along with some others. I would go on but have developed carpal tunnel from trying to educate the masses. It’s sorta like teaching a pig to sing; it wastes your time and irritates the pig. I do hope I haven’t irritated anyone unduly. Just remember, 50% of the people you meet today (or read), will be below average. Oh, Happy Valentines.

          • Now thats a funny long ass rant!
            Thumbs up!

          • @TripodXL….

            For the love of God, learn to use paragraphs.

            • yea, paragraphs makes it easier for us Grammer freaks to read.

            • Jesus Christ!!!

              I just lost my eyesight reading that massive block of text!!

              I need a lawyer to sue this site.

            • Yeah, sorry, I’m a GRAMMAR freak too, but I have ADD and get “rolling”. Plus on some sites they don’t want DS between sentences (used to write for a blog that gave me shit over that) and they don’t want double lines between paragraphs, which was SOP when I took typing (not keyboarding). I will try to honor your request a2. Be Well.

            • Tripod was baggin on me for grammer before lol. I knew it was a hypocrit!!!

          • Accurate rant. Well done there is to much fear mongering crap on this site. There are however plans to crush dissent.

            • @j-dub; Well, yeah, you’re right, there are plans to crush dissent. BUT THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PLANS FOR THAT. King George III had plans to crush dissent. The revolutionaries crushed the dissent of the Tories. Geo. Washington crushed the dissent of the whiskey Rebellion. By God, had to put on his general uniform and ride to western PA to do it. The non-abolishionists tried to crush the abolishionissts and vice versa. The south tried to crush the Federals and vice versa. In modern times there has been a list since J. Edgar Hoover, to today. It depends on who keeps the list. I’m willing to bet that there’s more than one. NYC has a list of “potential terrorists”, a list of “Occupy agitators”. I’m sure there is a list of everyone that showed up to support Cliven Bundy, everyone that civilly protested the WA I-594 protest in Olympia WA. I’m willing to bet there is also a list of people that are not considered good citizens in the House and Senate, by……others. Everyone has a round up list. As far as who would actually be rounded up. You can’t arrest/detain that many people. Preppers are estimated to be 3% of the population. Anyone, by the definitions here, that reads the “Top50Survivalblogs” sites, would be subject to this “list”. Then throw in Youtube, and any other media, and you’re talking 10 million people. The U.S. prison population is 2.3 million…where would they put these people? Then who will detain them? There are less than 800K police (feds, state and local) and less than a million AD military, notwithstanding that it is illegal for the military to do police work. So, yeah there’s a list, but who’s on it? No telling. Be Well.

              • Where’s your paragraphs grammar boy?

          • You sir just won the internet.

          • Tripod, while we do get trolls that are BS, this site s NOT BS. I don’t normally trust Hodges, either, but this time I’ll let him slide only because the reports of red lists date back to the 90s and I once heard the reports validated on William Cooper’s radio show. I don’t know where you’ve been but you need to wake up and get a clue fast.

            • @trb; I NEVER referred to this site as BS. I made an explanatory reference in which I said, “What douche-bag came up with this shit. You can only find quotes on “this site” that leads to “that site” that then lead to “another site” and “yet another site” and so on until it comes full circle with NO references.” If you’ll notice, I make an indirect referral to ANY SITE as an example and I annotate the SITES with quotes. Look at all the SITES, they are in quotes. So in the sentence I brought down, you see THIS SITE with quotes around it (“this site”) as an example in my explanation (for poor reasoning skills)….it did not refer to the shtfplan.com site in any way. Please re-read it. I understand your concern and certainly didn’t mean anything negative about the site, but I did write it so that wouldn’t have been a consideration. Be Well.

          • @ Tripod : Sorry, I could not read the whole thing, so I can only make one comment.

            “The internment of the Japanese-Americans was wrong and has been acknowledged as such by the nation as a whole.”

            When they round up Americans this time, Do you think the detainees will give a shit that in 50 years, America will say I’m sorry?

            • fdr was a commie and he ordered the roundup.

            • @f&m; Well, I don’t purposefully get on the wrong side of people and hope to not have that happen. BUT, first off are you saying that the internment was right? Which has nothing to do with what statement you made, it is just a question as you aren’t clear on that. Second, you infer that I made a moral equivalency that the late acknowledgement by the U.S. as to the “unfortunate internment” of the Japanese-Americans would somehow be related to “salving the wounds” of those rounded up by today’s government, if they somehow apologized for it at some future time. I’m not sure how you made that connection, AS I DID NOT MAKE THAT CONNECTION IN MY TEXT OR CONTEXT. And since you admit that you didn’t read it all, perhaps reading a little more, before and after, will put it in a clearer context. As far as apologizing to Americans rounded up for “conspiracy charges” and detained by the gubment, have you read any of my posts? I would certainly say “bullshit” as well as not give a shit, to anyone that “apologized” to me if I had been rounded up, and probably come over the table and lock my hands around their throat until I was beaten off of them by butt strokes from a rifle….AND THEN I WOULD APOLOGIZE FOR THAT UNFORTUNATE TURN OF EVENTS. Not sure where you got your issue from. I will certainly use paragraphs from now on. Hope this explains everything. Be Well.

              • Where’s your grammer oh educated one?

          • Tripod;
            If that was a spontaneous rant that you typed out in ten minutes off the cuff I am impressed. Please tell me that it is and not a project worked on over a long period of time and inserted at an appropriate time. My guess is the former.

            • @Skeptic; Well, not sure what you mean by a long period of time. It is “impromptu” and extemporaneous. BUT, I’m a ponderer. I learned a long time ago to not shoot off my mouth without being sure what I was saying, and not talking so fast (typing so fast) that my mode of communication overran my intellect. It’s too easy to be stupid, which is why I take such great care in what I say.
              It took more than 10 minutes. That would even impress me, and I don’t impress easily. In addition to being a ponderer, I have the autofuckupdeletepost keyboard that came with this “HotPocket” laptop (don’t want to get sued). It took me about 30 minutes to do it, between pondering and retyping everything 5 times. I wasn’t hiding in a cave with it for a week to ambush anyone, if that is your question. Satire and wry humor, is a defense mechanism and a natural talent.
              I use the “Far Side” to judge how intelligent someone is. If they don’t get it, well they probably won’t. (lotta head scratching going on now) Having a libertarian mindset, a significant moral compass, being a natural born smart-ass, an altruistic personality, a wry humor relationship with God, and having a boring average guy mentality coupled with an inherent disregard for awtharatayy, yeah……that’s the way it comes out. I wish I could do it as fast as Dennis Miller, though I suspect he practices in the bathroom a lot.
              My daughter and I have matching tee shirts. “Satire is just my way of dealing with stupidity”. I do care about people and I know that is elitist to be that way, but that is the “beautiful mind” that God gave me….hahahahha…shit that’s funny. Yep, that is all original work, as fast as the HotPocket allows. So, in answer to your question, it was indeed, the former. Be well.

              • Sarcasm, not satire….late, way late. “Sarcasm is my way of dealing with stupidity”

          • Skipped. To save my eyesight.

        • Really, I won’t take out a cop’s wife and kids. Fuck you.

          • The key to trapping an animal is using the right bait.

          • Why is it too expensive? Take them to McDonalds lol 🙂

            • Genius, that’s a fate worse than death.

          • Iowa, how are you? We’ve been worried about you.

          • Then you lose.

            You’ll be in Wright brothers bi-plane, TPTB will be in F-15’s – you lose.

            IF you intend to fight, if this scenario were to ever play out, then you’ll be dead in a hurry. Period.

            Good luck fighting head to head with the machine, your death will be quick. 🙁

            • @ Really : Agreed, You can never go head to head against the US military, but, alot of the military is going to go home and protect there families and friends. The miltary, local LEOs, and the national guard are only so big. They do not have the numbers. There will be a lot of casualties on both sides, but in the end we will prevail. Good Freaking grief, The US militry can’t even weed out a few goat hearders. What the hell makes you think they will ultimately win at home.

              • So the military will go home to defend theyre families??? How is that possible if they are overseas? Trust me they won’t go anywhere because they will not allow any flights for troops. They will do as they are told or else theyre families will suffer. They even said it in several documents. TPTB aren’t retarded ya know, they will use every angle to make you do theyre bidding. They should have thought of that BEFORE they joined the jew world order mercinaries. Being a moron can have disasterous consequences…

                • YEP , The military bases stateside will become internment camps for the families of deployed soldiers overseas.

                  And i do not believe the troops are morons, everyday i hear/see kids from rural America sign up because they feel that they have no other opprotunities.
                  All the fear porn adds to this anguish.

                • @jenyus; Today we will do remedial 5th grade grammar. There; there means either, in at or to a place or position OR an exclamation. For instance, “There, is the pencil.” is the first definition indicating a place or position, and “There! You did it again.” would be an exclamation. Their; their is indicative of something either belonging to someone or closely associated with things related to previous topics or closely identified with them. For this example, “Their house is bigger than our house.”, indicating this close association or possession of the house. Next is they’re, short for they are. It is a contraction of they and are. It is written as “they’re”. IF you can say the words “they are” and it fits in the sentence, then you can use “they’re” in the same place. This is a verb of being, not action and indicates such. To use them in a sentence we will give this example; “The evil soldiers and LEOs broke down jenyus’s door and they used THEIR battering ram, and now they have gone over THERE and dragged jenyus’s ass out into the street where THEY’RE going to take him to the FEMA camp. There, that is our 5th grade remedial grammar lesson for today. Tomorrow we will have spelling, “how to spell with D’onnell”, where you’ll here D’onnell use a word in a sentence, like “broken”. “Hey coach, that bro ken sho throw that ball.” And on Wednesday we’ll do the often neglected to, too and two, which will be too exciting.

                  • Once again tripod, the grammar nazi effect!!!! Stick your punctuation and grammar and your silly tie!!! Don’t let that leaky pen in your pocket poke you in the eye!!! Go back to skool and learn more stupid rules!!! Academic people are some of the biggest fools!!! You think people cant understand the things I have to say!!! because I have bad grammar understanding goes away!!! No paragraphs, long sentences, and other stupid shit!!! How on earth can I get across I’m such a stupid twit!!! I must have crawled out from a rock so you seem to think!!! I think Ill sit and laugh at YOU and have another drink… 🙂

                  • Grammar lesson sorely needed on this site. Thanks

          • Fuck me it’s Iowa… Welcome back.

          • Iowa

            welcome back

            are you doing o.k. now ?

            • I’ve regressed and running for President. RebelliTyrants is Obedience to God. Never better.

        • are you guys for real–live and stop being so f ing scared of everything—grow a pair

        • I read a lot. I do know more than once the idea comes across that those dissidents will be ‘handled’ by their children being abducted/kidnapped.
          I guess at the first sign of this BOA or Lightening being implemented, all with children keep them home from schools, public and private.

        • USA Today, Reuters, and other MSM media outlets are running this story – with the bent that moving the intel over to DHS is a GOOD thing, and will win back the “trust” of the American people lost by the Snowden leaks.

          Incredible… And the masses will fall for it.


        • Really???: Right on the money, those that believe this are really bad at math for starters. Federal, state, and local cops add up to just about 1 million; DHS has a total of only just over 250k and the majority are not LEOs. Those that are, are working the ports and borders around the country for the most part, unable to leave their posts. There are over 10 million veterans and millions more outdoorsmen and hunters. By the way, the ammo shown in the photo above is the same ammo bought by DHS. It’s either 9mm or .40 cal. fmj which is practice, not duty carry ammo, for LEO pistols. No sane person brings only a pistol to a gun battle when it’s known that the other guys have rifles. Even the few agents that the FBI and others have are armed mostly with .223s. Good luck against folks with 7.62mm, .308, and .338 rifles. Outgunned and outmanned was a problem Custer had once, but only once.

          • More like 20,000,000 vets living today, Gregory8. Now half of us might be old, like me, but I can still do the 16 count manual and hit what I aim at.

            Semper Fi

        • This is why you widen your Circle of Security, and as soon as you go Missing, it sets in Motion all of your Friends and Family. think (militia) to secure Targets, I hope they Realize that we are going to Fight, and It won”t be by any ROE”s….

          Semper Fi

        • Amazing how this government can wage war on the dark net, but they can’t stop those illegal “credit card services” calls that come in on everyone’s phone daily!

        • Agree with you. What alot of people dont realize is the sheer math of the numbers. There are perhaps 200,000 armed Federal agents vs how many Patriots? A million? Ten Million? 50 million? The Fedcoats will do ok in the beginning when they have the initiative, but once things go to hell, the Liberty Movement will overwhelm them with numbers. Plus Id wager that 1/3- 1/5 of the Military,local LEOs, Nat Guard members etc….side with the Patriots. the Feds will lose…and they know it.

        • I think the issue is communications. We all need to be on HAM radios and we all need to be communicating to our brothers in arms. Word must get spread immediately when this starts. Otherwise, the brownshirts get the jump on us and too many of us get taken out before word can spread.

        • The roundups have already been going on. They’re blithely accepted by the go-along public as “just desserts” of “lawbreakers” and other gingoisms pushed by the mainstreamers. The herd just stands idly by, munching their cuds, while the powers-that-be abduct, kill or “incriminate” certain, chosen, targeted individualists, one at a time–and have their mainstream media cheer-lead the government-and-Big Business-dependent public into applauding government’s abduction or killing of the “rogues”.

          When the powers-that-be begin being beaten back by the people for attacking anyone, just as the Kurds beat back “ISIS” Daesh, then the powers-that-be won’t be the powers-that-be. Every individual will be his or her own police over him or herself–and defender of him or herself against any who won’t govern themselves or who attempt to rule over others.

        • Somewhere along the line, the middle class in this country is going to take over.

      2. The only thing I can do is pray that when they finally take my life that my barrel is glowing red and mags are completely empty. After that they can’t take anything else. Fuck ’em.

        • Geez, 3 articles today, and I did not have a chance to read any of them. SHDD – Same S Dif Day…..

          • Winter finally hit Florida, cold front the last few days, Will get down to 38 on Wed. But during the day when the sun is shining it hits low 70’s. OK ready for spring break now.

            • Just for you and NOBAMA, WWTI…..


              “What magnificent trees! What powerful rivers! What beautiful animals!”, he said to himself.

              As he was walking along the river he heard rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look and he saw a 7 foot grizzly bear charging towards him. He started o run as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw the bear was closing in on him.

              He looked over his shoulder again, the bear was even closer. He tripped and fell on the ground. He rolled over and started to pick himself up but the bear was right on top of him with his left paw and raising his right paw, ready to strike him.

              At that moment the atheist cried out “Oh, my God!” Time stopped. The bear froze. The forest was silent.

              As a light shone on the man a voice came out of the sky. “You deny my existence all these years, teach others I don’t exist, and even credit creation to a cosmic accident. Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament?” “Am I to count you as a Believer”?

              The atheist looked directly at the light and said “It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps you could make the BEAR a Christian?”.

              “Very well”, said the voice.

              The light went out. The sound of the forest resumed. And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke:

              “Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from Thy bounty through Christ Our Lord, AMEN”.

              • Perfect POG

              • P.O.G. Luv you lady….
                That is one of my favorites also…

                Yall have a great Valentines Day, 20 years back on the 14th, I was having a kidney removed. Glad it’s gone.
                Life is what you make of it….
                Bless all here…

              • POG, one of the best I’ve ever heard.

              • Very nice story POG, made me smile. Was that one amongst your Dr. Seuss collection? Gotta love a good fairy tale once in awhile.

                • Nobama, there are a lot of Bible thumpers on this site.

            • Yup. I got countertops full of seedlings that are ready to go out.

            • WWTI, do you wanna come up to Mass. and help me shovel the next foot of snow they’re predicting? I’ll provide a winter coat, hat and mittens. You can even help me clear the ice dams in my gutters. Mrs. Overwatch is a hell of a cook. Whaddaya say, buddy? I mean , how you must suffer with those 38 degree temperatures.

        • You won’t be alone. On the other hand. It seems to take about 1000 to one odds for them to do very much. So we may have to help them.

        • Maybe we can share ammo so there is no problem getting them barrels glowing. Good luck Infidel.

          • ok, shit, now i’m hearing “let it glow” to the tune of let it go from frozen, hmmm need to redo the words lol

          • “You’ll wear the barrel out!”

        • @ Infidel :

          Let us pray

          Lord, Make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than hose who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be ” If I only had my gun “. And Lord, if today is truey the day that you call me home, Let me die in a pile of empty brass. In Jesus name, Amen

          • Sniper.
            Saving Private Ryan.

      3. I know there are a lot of doom and gloomers out there. But there is something not right in the US.

        We are getting more and more on a war footing and I agree it will be to protect the petro-dollar.

        The PTB cannot let countries leave the dollar. We will collapse. So the military industrial complex will go to war to stop the flight from the dollar.

        I beleve we are heading in that direction….

        • Yup, but sad that they’ll run out of other country’s to kill and the MIC will turn inwards on their own people.

          Personally I hope for a light nuclear exchange. Take out the major (read that LEFTIST) cities and leave the majority of the country to the ‘rednecks’. Thank you very much.

          • Amen!

        • bommie said he would fundamentally transform us and he has from commie light to commie heavy.

          Standby, minutemen, commies everywhere, including on this site.

          Semper Fi

      4. Dave Hodges? Wanna be alex jones, no thanks.

        • Hank, I don’t normally trust Hodges or Jones myself. But in this case, Hodges is only passing on some old news dating back to the 90s and it has been previously verified by someone else.

        • Agreed. Hodges fails. Badly.

      5. A lot of people know how to talk.

        Very few, if any, actually know how to fight.

        A hint: It doesn’t involve making some kind of stupid Koresh style losing stand against a superior force, it involves something entirely different is anything is to be won and not lost.

        • The difference will be made, by those who know how to THINK.

          • If I may add:

            …THINK…This is where the true warrior lies,
            For one, the ability to compartmentalize…
            setting aside fear to achieve the objective…

            Some will say it’s a response that can be learned, others believe that it’s instinctive.
            I’m in the latter camp…you won’t know until the lead flies.

        • Thank you CHERISE, For thinking clearly .
          What you stated SHOULD be obvious , but…..

        • During those days, “subversives” were communist and socialist,,,,
          And the civil rights peeps too, now i may be mistaken but i would bet they wont be coming for the christians and libertarians but the larazaz and muzzies etc, those are the flies in the ointment for the survival of the country, not the folks who actually love this country.
          Just a hunch, could be wrong but think about it.

          • You mean it is us against the brown people?

            • No,
              I mean foreign rabblerouzers, i know a few hispanic folks who are disgusted with la raza and their crap, these guys that i know all legally immigrated here and did everything above board, they are calling BULLSHIT on this amnesty crap, same with islamist, i know a family that cant believe the whole IsIs bs,,,, but the lady was telling me about some from their mosque who are less than desireable to most of the folks who go there, things are not so cut and dried, someone else on here said there are good and bad in every group,

      6. Screw ‘um.

        Resist, no matter what.

        • I’d be curious to know if there is a “do not touch” list attached to this future operation, and if the names excluded are the same ones excluded from Obamacare. Just a thought.

          • I’m very sure the globalists have allowed them all to THINK there is a “Do Not Touch” list, and that they’re on it.

            You just need to read the fine print at the bottom, to find the list of puppets and tools that are slated to join the rest of us.

            They just don’t realize it…yet.

            • Sixpack, it also helps to know how to read “between the lines.”

      7. Sooner than later something has got to give! Lots of folks such as myself would rather DIE standing and fighting for truth and justice and family and what’s right, rather than submissive living through fear! These scum bag satan worshiping evil smelly So*B’s are going to lose! I don’t want to live in their damn world anyhow! Bring it on you BSTRd*S!

        • hi Kevin
          so why not strike now when no one expects it? why wait until they strike first which is obviously whats gonna happen while we sit around and whine about it.

      8. Be afraid

        Very afraid

        The babadook is coming for you…


        In the process of filing illegal status so I’ll be protected by DHS..no worrys there

        a refund from IRS

        and all will be well

        Perhaps we should all do the same

        Oh, and don’t forget..

        Lifetime member of the brotherhood..

        Muslim that is

        Enjoy the day


        • Possee, let the babadook come for me and I’ll give him some “lead and brass refreshments.”

      9. What does this mean for an average person with a child????

        • Nothing good.

        • It means they have leverage against you, any time they see fit to use it. They can force you to obey. For as long as I can remember, the govt has always gone for the children first, spouse second. If all else fails, they take your life.

          Prepare yourself accordingly.

          I can think of no greater measure of honor, than to die protecting your family.

          • I can only think of only one greater measure of honor sixpack.

            Making the other guy die while protecting your family!

            • Townsaver, spot on. I think it was Patton who said the only way you poor bastards can avoid dying for your country is to make the other poor bastard die for his.

      10. I’m watchful and waiting you DHS bitches. I prefer that you start the ball rolling. Once it rolls, you won’t be able to stop it, even though you will wish upon a wish that you could just stop it and start over again. You won’t be able to start over again.

        Matter of fact, begin putting your affairs in order. You’ll be leaving soon. Permanently.

        • Remember, the GOP has not passed a bill, as yet, to fund the DHS. With no funding the DHS cannot do SHIT<< No money, no DHS pretty simple.

          I'll probably get deleted for even offering this FACT.

          So be it,,,,

      11. these are not the droids your looking for!

        • One up…

          The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

      12. Do not forget everyone.

        To my understanding there is going to be a vote on the Government controlling the INTERNET FEB 26 2015

        I wonder what the outcome of this is going to be ??????

      13. If Hodges’ article isn’t just warmed over fear porn with anonymous “experts” and 45 WHOLE MINUTES OF RESEARCH before he hit the keyboard, the Doctors Paul, Ron and Rand, James Rawles, and Mac Slavo ought to be pissing their pants.

        None of the first 3 are here to answer, but Mac, are you pissing your pants?

        George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, upon which T. Jefferson greatly relied in writing the Declaration of Independence. Make no mistake. They were aristocrats. They were not egalitarians. Liberty for the guy behind the plow wasn’t their point.

        But the leading tyrant of their day would certainly have hung both of them if possible.
        They did not live their active lives under pseudonyms.

        I post here under my real name for the same reason.

        Fuck you, DHS. You know who I am and where to find me.

        I’m certain you can roll right over me. But I’ll take some of you out before I go. As often as not, I’m wide awake at 3 a.m.

        Molon Labe

        • THIS IS SPARTA!

          • NO ITS ROME

      14. its all good I read all of this in a book that was written 2000+ years ago,not to worry its OK.

      15. Meanwhile, the pedophiles in the Toronto District School Board are pushing their deviant Sex-Ed agenda in Fall 2015 and the TDSB is using the same tactic to censor anyone who criticizes their Sexual Education Agenda to the point that the school board is trying to hide every detail from the parents.

        There is a sinister agenda going on. From feminism to educational pedophilia to corruption, these bastards will do anything to retain power even if it means starting World War 3.

      16. “Get your firewood here” Apparently the Tree of Liberty was not glyphosate resistant. Of course the Statue of Liberty is chem trail resistant. It is, right? The Jefferson memorial? Look it just turned upside down. “Get your free foundation stones here, guaranteed 200 years max”. There Ma, you think they understood that one? No Pa, useless as hen shit on a pump handle. Aint no good tellin em nothin. Jest git ya in trouble. I’m hittin submit anyhoo. Yehaw. You put that red mark there, Ma, and looky them G men acomin. I told ya Pa.

        • Any hillbilly worth his salt, will be watching from a stand of trees as they raid his empty cabin. After that —TARGET PRACTICE.

          • Or a tree stand, silently killing them one at a time…

            • I wouldn’t go there, Townsaver.

              Japs found that out in many battles. Every Jap in a palm tree was killed by Marines and soldiers using BAR’s, 03s, 03-A3’s, Thompson’s and M1 Garands. Our Dog soldiers were on the ground.

              Stay out of trees and stay away from crowds. Kill ’em from a distance.

              Semper Fi

          • Sixpack, I know that a stand of trees is much different than a tree stand.

      17. So to translate from Hodgenese to prepperese,,
        The DHS is going to round up anti war protesters, Drudge, Hodges, Salvo, Daisy, SQ, and some others,,,,,,,,
        Me thinks they will have bigger fish to fry and will have little interest in the preppers who can basicly take care of themselves and most likely a few others,
        Look how effective FEMA is and that will give an indication where this will go,
        Mass desertion

        • I wonder who decides what the current, acceptable size of fish to be fried will be…

          • Sixpack, we’ll all have our own fish to fry. DHS, the African virus’ ‘private army’, forerign troops, etc. Take your pick.

      18. I am inclined to think that once the Jennie is out of the bottle there will be no way of putting it back and everyone who feels they may be on a list will be sleeping with loaded weapons. When the dogs go off in the house the 12 gauge shotguns loaded with 00 Buck will be pointed at the first face coming thru the door and knock him back into his buddies who will be wearing parts of his head all over their face shields blinding them. This does not need to happen to many times and the rest of the boys will go yoyo and fast. They will know the gig is up. When people find out raids have started they will start coming to their neighbors defense. Many will remotely turn on their auto alarms to call attention to what is going on. This will be followed by the hunters becoming the hunted and shot on sight. Hunters with deer and elk rifles will be snipping them from 200 or more yards away with magnum rounds. Simply put the pay check won’t be worth it as life expectancy for intruders will me measured in days if not hours. The big difference is these guys are not used to people responding and when people will when they know they have noting left to loose. Once the word is out that people are fighting back all bets are off. Lets hope cooler heads prevail.

        • Or a semiauto Barrett and drill holes in the first 8 in line, with the first shot,

          • Kula, from the Book of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .30 Carbine, .380ACP, and .22LR.

        • Please, please Brer Fox don’t snip me an tha Jennie. Why Brer Fox, she’s only a little mule, an we don wanna be snipped. Ah bet ifa polished mah lamp ah cud make a Genie appear an save me an Jennie frum abein snipped. Gosh dang ah bet he wunint let Brer Fox snip us.

          • Tripod:

            Just because Idea Time spelled Genie Jennie does not negate the truth in his post.

            His post, and Hammers post below are incorporated with the truth and are head and shoulders above your rant at the top of this thread.

            It seems to be your duty here at SHTF to convince people they have NOTHING to worry about or to be afraid of; that our government is just a bumbling bunch of fools…so we should all just go to sleep like good little sheep.

            You are a disinfo agent….Hunter took your cowardly hide to the woodshed on January 30th article. Comment 3328944. Under the article “Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers”. Anyone here wondering just what your agenda is should go back and read his post.

      19. Heads up. When the alternative sites start getting shut down and news goes black the clock will be started.

        • Beg to differ. If the .gov is getting all their info on “dissidents” from the web, why would they pull the plug? There would be a wave of closet dissidents searching said sites if roundups etc… were to actually occur. IMHO

          • Good point. Yet, those videos of the militarized police sweep in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing does not give one the warm and fuzzies, does it!

            But again, everyone is missing the real battle, going on right now, today, before you. People wearing devil’s horns at the recent Grammies, the complete takeover of our children’s education by the radical left, the end of our 1st Amendment freedom by the fascist Nazi Brownshirt gays, the takeover of the lamestream media by the socialists etc etc etc.

            We need to do battle not with guns, but with our minds and our pens. Many of you are doing this, but we need to do much, much more, and resign ourselves to the fact that this Alinsky evil took decades to get where it is today, and it will take years to roll back. We can give up, or get started now, today. If you wait until guns are needed, you are already too late. The battle is a non-violent one for hearts and minds for if we win that, who will man the side for the dark forces?

            • I think the method the gov is using is to have an en masse show of force when these things occur. Mostly to deter future actions by terrorists. They show some of these boys getting their heads getting blown off, the glamour of being a terrorist loses some of its appeal. If you didn’t get a warm fuzzy I would suspect someone planning an attack would not either.

              Your spot on with your assessment of the real battle. Complacency, apathy and sloth are the reasons that our “patriots” have failed to see the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” doing their work. Demonizing and undermining the core values that at one time were the pillars of our social structure. The US is a lost country. No sense of direction.

      20. The last place you want to be is a detention camp while the bombs are falling. This is not fear porn or a conspiracy theory. A few days ago it was reported the FBI had a “Plan C” during the Cold War, created in 1956 though scrapped in ’57. It was a contingency plan in event of nuclear attack and included putting the country under martial law and rounding up ‘people with ties to subversive organizations’ even prior to an attack on the US. There was no Plan A or B.

        Finding food and water after a nuclear war (Army 3-05.70): If you have to drink from a possibly contaminated water source, and hopefully you won’t have to, wait at least 48 hours at the minimum or longer for radioactive decay on the fallout. The safest sources (other than a well as I mentioned yesterday) would be flowing water like rivers. With standing water like lakes or reservoirs, most of the heavier isotopes will go to the bottom but there is a way to naturally filter it. Fill a container with water, get dirt from at least 4″ below ground surface, mix it at 1″ of dirt for every 4″ of water, then let sit for six hours. Let the dirt settle, it’ll take the radioactive particles with it. Then take out the clean water, filter and purify it. With animals, most of the radioactivity will be in the skeleton and organs. Avoid the sickly ones and leave at least 3mm of meat on the bones. The best vegetable plants would be ones grown in an enclosed greenhouse, that are harvest ready since growing plants can absorb radioactivity in them, or those that grow underground like potatoes or carrots. Fruits and vegetables with a smooth skin that can be peeled are best, and most contamination can be washed and scrubbed off.

      21. If they mean to save the Petro Dollar they need to fix the economy and rein in the Fed. If they want to round up anybody, start on Wall Street.

      22. I’ve often noted, that during raids and or hostage situations you will see many, many armed badges, yet 1 or very few “villains”. It’s always striking how it takes an army to take down one armed man. Now, imagine entire neighborhoods armed in this fashion and an average size town typically sends what, 1/3 of their force for one guy? There simply aren’t that many feds to supplement the clear shortage of nazi’s that will round people up. It’s a fruitless effort and as others have stated, will not end well for these nazi’s. Food for thought in this crazy world.

      23. Doesn’t everyone get tired of reading this shit? Day after day of end of the world articles and nonsense and nothing has happened. Jeez

        • LMFAO,
          You betcha!

        • Read above if you’re inclined to be entertained. Be Well.

        • We’ll all be drinkin’ that green bubble up and eatin’ that fear porn stew.

      24. If it is such a secret, how do you know about it? Upour illogic is astounding.

      25. The last place you want to be is in a government detention center while the bombs are falling. This is not fear porn or a conspiracy theory. A few days ago it was reported that the FBI had a “Plan C” in 1956 but scrapped in 57. It was a contingency plan in event of nuclear attack and would involve martial law and rounding up of ‘people with ties to subversive organizations’, even if the attack on the US hasn’t happened. There was no Plan A or B.

        Finding food and water after a nuclear war (Army 3-05.70):

        Water: If you must drink from a possibly contaminated water source, and hopefully you won’t have to, wait at least 48 hours or longer for radioactive decay on the fallout. The safest source, other than a well as I mentioned yesterday, would be flowing water like a river but most of the heavier isotopes will settle to the bottom of standing water like lakes or reservoirs. There is way to naturally filter contaminated water. Fill a container with the water, get dirt from at least 4″ below ground surface and mix it at 1″ of dirt for every 4″ of water. Let sit for at least six hours for the dirt to settle, it’ll take radioactive particles with it. Then take out the clean water, filter and purify it.

        Food: For animals, radioactivity will be concentrated in the skeleton and organs. Avoid sickly animals, avoid the organs, and leave at least 3mm of meat from the bone. Fruits and vegetables with a smooth skin that can be peeled are best, and most contamination can be washed and scrubbed off. The ideal vegetables would be ones that are grown in an enclosed greenhouse, those that are harvest ready since growing plants can absorb radiation, or those that grow underground like potatoes and carrots.

        (sorry if this is a double post)

      26. To all the government communist spooks, “C’mon if you’re coming then”.

        • Hell, ain’t nobody commin’. Ah well, got some good ‘ol Apple pie moonshine to sip on and a quart of Lemon drop shine for the remainder of the weekend. Cheers guys and girls!

          • Cheers POP

          • POP, I hear that! Imma have a snort of coconut, brown sugar, shine myself 🙂 Life is goooood.

      27. At the ripe old age of 60, don’t look it, but my bladder tells me every freaking morning at about 0300, that I AM 60, so, I’ll most likely be awake and peeing, when they come. So be it. Not worried, I’ve seen the DHS goof balls in “training” and most of them can’t get out of a righteous stack and make an entry correctly anyway.
        They don’t have enough people to do a national “roundup” so I think that Mr. Hodges is probably a little(or a lot) over the edge on this one.

      28. Folks let step back and take a good close look at this.
        The Feds can’t even run the Post Office. They can’t get together and build a frigging bridge, with out years of fight over it. They can’t control EBT Cards, The Feds have let the banks collapse and had to print money to cover everything up.

        For them to have Martial Law, If they are planning this in the White House or where ever. The only way they can get it done is if WE FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER. Some one committed to start shooting cops, That will be a dumb move, because most of the guys/gals I know are on your side they HATE the Feds as much as you do. Believe me when I tell you this. That the only thing stopping the Feds from moving or trying to move is the good Cops out here.


        Now WW3 is another thing. All this will take is one person getting their dick stepped on and they will start shooting and NO ONE WINS.

        Ok now that I have stopped my Rant. Keep prepping and praying, because that is all that we can really do isn’t it!


        • Sgt: It’s the deeds that the bad cops do that will cause the open season on badges and why; the good LE are not putting a stop to it. Look if there are that many good cops that you state then there is enough to put a stop to the deeds of the bad, because when you stand up to the higher-higher, I think you will find a vast majority the people will back you in your efforts in dealing with the bad apples, but you must start the process. So when you defend the good with out dealing with the bad you defend all. Good luck to you SIR.

        • Sarge,
          You know how it goes, these arrogant SOBs are appointed to these positions that require true leadership ability from stupid asses who couldnt lead our 4 month old lab pup to the food dish, they think because they have these gung ho guys with all manner of military hardware they are gonna kick some ass, look at how many of them it took to find Tsarnev in Mass a couple years ago,,,,
          If anyone really believes their gonna round us all up their smoking crack, lay the pipe down ond step away,,,,,
          They will not only meet massive resistance from this side, theres still guys on the inside who are like you, they will only digest so much of the BS their higher ups feed them and at some point will be like OH HELL NO, then the higher ups will be fucked, not only will they have the people hunting them they will have their own people helping them hunt their asses down.

          • It’s always nice, if someone on the inside leaves the door unlocked for you.

            • Don’t tell them the plan!

            • Sixpack:
              I will do my best to leave the door WIDE open for you folks here. If I learn something I will let you folks known ASAP!

        • Amen, Sarge. You could compare a lot of professions, trades, etc out there. Good and bad people exist in every one of them. Perhaps a couple examples…
          Truck Drivers
          Postal Workers
          Lowes Employees
          Taco Bell employees
          Social Workers
          Union Workers (broad, but you get the point… good and bad)
          Builders (anyone cheated by a builder?)
          Real Estate Agents
          Taxi Drivers

          None of the above will go into your house when you come home and discover that your door has been kicked in. None of the above will do everything they can to get your kid out of the car that you just drove into the lake. None of the above will stand with you at the county line when the feds try to come in and deprive you of your constitutional rights (well, some of them might, as I imagine anyone on this board, if they fit in one of the examples above, would).

          It’s very easy to get spun up about bad cops, especially when they shoot an unarmed man who is running away from them. It would be nice to see more videos of the good cops, because, IMHO most of them are good people, just like us here, with families, children, parents, brothers and sisters that they care about just like the rest of us.

          That does not mean that you ever, ever give up your 4th amendment rights when pulled over. It just means that most of them are people too, and since they are armed and trained, could be much better as allies when TSHTF than as enemies.

          My 5 cents worth.

        • Sarge, I agree with you 1000%. I’ve always expected to be confronted by feds, foreign troops, etc. NOT by any local or state LE.

      29. When things go wrong as they sometimes will, and the road your trudging seems all up hill. When the funds are low but the debts are high and you want to smile but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Because life is queer, with its twists and turns, as everyone of us sometimes learns. And many a failure turned about, had he might have won had he stuck it out. So don’t give up, as the pace seems slow, you may succeed with another blow. Success is failure, turned inside out. Its the silver tint, of the clouds of doubt. You never can tell, how close you are. You may be near, when it seems so far. So stick to the fight, when you are hardest hit. Its when things seem worse, that YOU MUST NOT QUIT ! God Bless !

      30. This is a fearmongering article. There’s no one coming to take you in the middle of the night. There are way to many that will consider this the charge signal from the 4GW trumpet. TPTB know this and they will avoid it at all costs.

        …until they can’t.

        This will draw attention to the very things TPTB want to keep the sheople from noticing, not to mention that DHS currently enjoys running around in their new vehicles, fancy equipment and decent paychecks as they tromp and trample the earth totally unaccountable to any damage. If this would happen, not only would they cease being “heroes” to the previously unsuspecting sheople, but they would also, suddenly, become accountable for their actions. Those are two things DHS fear most right after getting shot, the chances of which would also increase dramatically.

        No, there won’t be any raids. They might start using the IRS to audit, harass and suck dry those they don’t like. Oh! Ooops. Sorry, thats aleady being done right under congress’ nose.

        The playbook of TPTB has rules. The first rule is to avoid all truth. When direct controntations like raids and restrictions come about, a lot of truth gets told. Up until then normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance are still in effect and can be effectively used against the sheople. Drop a raid in on them and piss them off, NB and CD go out the window with the sound of 1000s of shotgun actions slamming shut.

      31. I live sorta out in the country. I have to drive a paved county road into town. Once in town, the speed limit for about 3 or 4 blocks is 30 miles per hour. There’s a local cop who’s always popping people for speeding there.

        Today, I noticed the sign’s been changed to ’25’ miles per hour! Everybody got wise to the speed trap, the fuzz aren’t generating the revenue, so they have to drop it from 30 to 25?????!!!!! Because SOOOOOOO many people were dying on that road at 30 miles per hour!!!!!

        Everyone anymore is afraid to go out for fear of getting popped. Everywhere I go cops have people pulled over right and left. The state is busy stealing your money with a gun to your head and the Psychopaths in Clown Suits are their enforcement arms…whoops, am I on the list now?

      32. CHECKMATE
        Apologies… this is long, but hopefully worth reading.

        Remember the movie Independence Day? Not a bad movie, not a great movie. But there was one scene that keeps coming back to me…

        Marty Gilbert: A countdown… wait, a countdown to what David?
        David Levinson: It’s like in chess: First, you strategically position your pieces and when the timing is right you strike. They’re using this signal to synchronize their efforts and in 5 hours the countdown will be over.
        Marty Gilbert: And then what?
        David Levinson: Checkmate.
        Marty Gilbert: Oh, my God. I gotta call my brother, my housekeeper, my lawyer. Nah, forget my lawyer.

        Everything this administration does is a chess move. They are positioning their pieces around the board, sometimes making what appear to be irrational moves (false flags) which distract us, cause us to make mistakes, while they slowly but surely corner us. They (the Obama Administration and all their puppetmasters) are not stupid. Not by a long shot. Evil, yes, determined to weaken our resolve, yes, cause us to claw at each other’s throats, yes. But stupid? No. They are using all the moves, and very quickly, I might add.

        Divide and conquer. They have us split down the middle, driving the wedge. Then they’ll divide us again. And again. They have systematically smashed our economy, caused us to be in so much debt that we cannot get out. They spend money that hasn’t been earned yet by people who haven’t been born yet, and whittle away, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, all our freedoms.

        Here are some of the pieces on the board:
        Obamacare – one piece on the chessboard that does amazing things… it cripples us as individuals financially, causes our doctors to make less time for us to keep their costs down, pits us against our doctors, and generally degrades the quality of our health care… eventually to third world status.

        Amnesty for illegal immigrants – which they had opened the flood gates earlier last year for, and now will be buying their loyalty with social security benefits, tax breaks, income tax credits, etc.

        Net neutrality – the entire purpose of this is censorship, pure and simple, veiled in the promise of neutrality so all people have access. BS. It’s nothing more than internet communism. Otherwise, why the sudden push to fix something that nobody thinks is broken? (remember health care)

        NSA, DHS, CIA, DOJ, FBI – all heavy-hitting pieces on the board. These entities serve two purposes… one is their stated purpose, for which the ability far exceeds the need. The other is to scare us, and to weaken our resolve. Think about this… most people are afraid to implement security measures on their computers and phones because, since they aren’t doing anything wrong, don’t want to raise suspicions by the all-powerful government that they are, so they sit meekly and tolerate being undressed by the very government that is supposed to serve us. This is like paying someone to rape you, over and over and over.

        Gun-grabbers – these are the most sinister. They care NOTHING about gun safety. They are about disarmament, pure and simple. Nothing more. They want to disarm every American, because it is easier to control unarmed people… so they can rape us some more. Then kill us. Especially if we speak out or fight back. To the elite, we are nothing more than slaves, or nuisances to be eliminated. Criminals prefer unarmed victims. So do governments. There is no difference. Our government has gone from being of, by and for the people to of, by and for the elite. The rest of us are serfs. Slaves. Tools. Disposable.

        What can we do?

        Fight back.

        Go buy some more ammo.

        Get another gun and hide it.

        Stop buying ANYTHING with credit or a debit card. Use cash.

        Don’t borrow money, ever.

        Kill your TV. No, not the TV, just your cable connection. That will save you $1,500 per year easy. Stop paying the crooks to lie to you.

        Cancel your subscriptions. All of them.

        If you use a smart phone, find one of the apps that you can encrypt your calls with. There are plenty out there. If you have a dumb phone, get rid of it and go buy a burner phone. Pay for the minutes with cash. Wear a hat and sunglasses.

        Stop using Windows or Mac OS. Get Linux. First of all, it’s free, as is all (or nearly) of the software. It’s more stable than either Mac or Windows. It’s easier to use, easier to customize, it gives you a chance to learn something new. It’s open source, so anyone can look at the code and detect government back doors, then close them. Linux Mint 17.1, or Ubuntu, or Fedora, they’re all outstanding, they don’t crash, ever, and did I mention that the software is free? It’s not like to linux of 10 years ago. Think your new Windows computer is fast? Multiply that by a factor of 4, then imagine it staying that fast for as long as you own the computer.

        Use a private VPN for your internet connection. Use TOR. Even better, use TOR through a VPN.

        Encrypt everything on your computer, with a minimum 256 bit encryption AES.

        Encrypt really large files with 50 character passphrases and 256 AES encryption, and upload those files to Google Drive, Dropbox, anything else with free cloud storage. Make them spend huge amounts of resources trying to decrypt stuff. Even better, use a random character generator, create huge files of those, and encrypt them and upload them. Send them to your friends.

        Get a computer privacy screen protector and cut it out in the shape of your license plate and cover your plate. It blocks any camera at an angle, but is perfectly clear to that nice policeman behind you.

        Support your local sheriff, especially if you are in a small town. He (or she) is your best defense against the imperial federal government death star. If more sheriffs had more support, more sheriffs would support their citizens. Reward the behavior you want. There are literally hundreds of sheriffs in this country now that will stand with you at the county line and prevent the federal nazi’s from enforcing unconstitutional laws. Whether you like them or not, you need them. Support them. Volunteer to help them. Be a part of the community, and make sure they are appreciated in your community.

        Guys, the clock is counting down. TPTB are positioning their
        pieces, and if we are not extremely careful and resilient,then…


        • You mean they are using our own satellites against us?

          • LOL!
            Don’t you wonder why there are SO MANY satellites up there?

            There are approximately 3,000 satellites operating in Earth orbit, according to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). They can’t ALL be spying on us, can they?

            • Naw, each satellite just spies on 100,000 people.

              • Thanks all… and God Bless. Happy Valentine’s Day!

        • Hammers, that is an outstanding post. Nothing in it I can dispute.

        • AMEN TO ALL!!!

          Especially the Linux part! KOOOBUNTOOO!!!

          • Hammer’s:

            Great info….thanks!

        • Hey, you’re not playing by the rules.

      33. The dysfunctional government couldn’t find 15 million illegals hiding in the open and how many years to find been-dead-laden.

        It’s easy beating up a few law abiding random soft targets. Playing Fallujah in our cities.. nationwide? Forgetaboutit. Severely outnumbered, they cannot win an asymmetric war with a 360 degree front. The ugliness unleashed on their kin will make isis antics look like a school yard fist fight. Crucifixion, scalping, necklacing and a host of violent acts will be their reward. Moral will crumble.

        We’re not talking about a population that started out with nothing like Iraq or Afghanistan, Americans are people with a lot to lose, their brains filled with a steady diet of violence.

        Does Boa Constrictor tastes like chicken?

        • Exactly, Obama and the DHS has been watching way too many Star Wars reruns. You dont go out and start WWIII with the world to protect the PetroDollar on one front, then turn around and start shit with the worlds biggest army (the American 2nd amendment) on your back door. They can wargame this until their computers melt down, they cannot win. Remember, all the average Joe needs is a single shot rifle and a single box of ammo. Everything DHS has purchased over the last decade will end up in our hands, pried from their cold dead hands.

          • There is a deer rifle behind every blade of grass.

            Semper Fi

          • We endlessly drilled for this back in the 80s, so the plan has been around at least since then. We would pick Sundays and late nights to do our drills in major urban centres when nobody would be awake. It was a different world then and both the population and the military were made up of a different group of people. Judging from the behavior I have seen at airports, today’s crew are a totally different group of people. So, while the plan may be to do late night pick-ups, disappearances, dark flights, off-shore torture and detention etc., you will need to do it with the clowns they hired to work for the DHS etc. In short, if the order goes out, it will be as incompetent and clownish as what we saw in Boston. Less Argentina in the 1970s and more Larry, Curly and Mo: pot-bellied hispanics arguing with chip-on-their-shoulders black feds, neo-nazi crackers, time servers and time-wasters, and Eastern Europeans dreaming of the restoration of the Soviet Union. As in, none of these ‘folks’ is going to get along very well. As Alex Jones says, the NWO will happen but it will be like Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose: it will fly for about 100 yards before coming crashing down: there are just too many moving parts and the people they have hired to do it are not of the same quality of the people they had when these schemes were first dreamed up (Ivy League, WASPS, etc.).

      34. Armed conflict is the only answer

      35. A brief history of the leftist, lamestream media:

        A brief history of lamestream media

        Brian Williams and his military helicopter and SEAL Team 6 fabrications have a long history in the leftist, lamestream media. Here’s just a few that come to mind, of the cuff:

        – Dan Rather and his fake “memos” on Bush.

        – Fareed Zakaria caught passing off written work of others as his own. Of course, Uncle Joe Biden had to drop out his the presidential race 20 some years ago for his own plagiarism of a speech from British Labour candidate Neil Kinnock (and this was preceded by former Sen. John Walsh (D-Montana) being proved to have plagiarized parts of his Master’s thesis.

        – The ever creative fiction work of Jayson Blair of the NY Times

        – The all-time classic, Walter “I don’t’ see no starving Kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty.

        – Nobel Prize winner and media darling Rigoberta Menchu. The whole thing was a scam that the leftist media flogged to there and back

        – Obama’s Dreams of my Father, where his characters were… ummm… “compressed or composites.” Kinda like Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend, I guess… except that since it was Obama, we weren’t supposed to criticize his mendacity.

        – New Republic’s Stephen Glass, Scott Beauchamp, Ruth Shalit – all who had their work disowned after they were outed as fakes.

        – Washington Post reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Janet Cook

        – The Tawana Brawley hoax, followed by the Duke University lacrosse team scam.

        – The Rolling Stone Magazine Univ. of Virginia fake rape story

        But here’s my favourite, as it is a personal story: I attended a private, invite only meeting of parents of school kids in Otttawa, Ontario, who did not want radical homosexual activities foisted upon their kids. Radical gays crashed the meeting, uninvited, and were extremely aggressive, repeatedly threatened physical violence, stormed the stage, grabbing the mike out of the hand of the speaker, etc. etc. CTV, one of Canada’s two leading TV stations in the 1990s, had it as the lead story the next day, and presented it completely opposite to what actually happened, positioning the violent gays as victims. Of course, I had an audiotape of the WHOLE proceedings, and could categorically prove the TV presentation was an absolute lie. I called the TV station to tell them, politely, that what they presented was not what happened, and in fact I was there the whole time, in the second row, and had an audiotape of the whole presentation, beginning to end. I was not rude to the station, but the basically hung up on me.
        That, mes amis, was the wake-up call for me. The frauds behind this story are, in one sense, to be congratulated, as they sure woke me up. Just as the Brian Williams story, or any of the stories above, are waking other untold thousand up.

      36. What a violent bunch! Trekker Out.

      37. Oh, wait…is this ‘agency’ we’re to fear part of the same agency that closed an entire state for two months pursuing a cop killer that hid in the woods?
        That agency is gonna go house to house arresting names on a ‘red list’????

        • @notsogreat

          Well yah actually it is, don’t forget sure it may have took couple months but they did go house to house they did shut down the towns, people weren’t allowed to walk out in their own yard, drive on their own street, or even go home to their own children. Its not the agencies I fear as much as it is the willingness of the people to be abused. That’s what scares the bejeezus out of me.

      38. Im old and don’t give a fuck. Bring it on. Today is a good day to die

        • OG: Same here I’m no young pup who thinks with the wrong head those days are over. As for what to hide on your computer I don’t give a shit what they see on mine. I’m staying put right where I am. I have already excepted my death and know to the bottom of my heart that some of them are going to go with me when it starts. They can not get us all at once, because after the first 24 hrs. they loose period, more of us than them. Still way to many old people out here not brain washed and was educated in the old ways back when there was just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Drive Inn’s on Sat. night and what when with them (LOL). We have lived our lives and will show a lot of these young whipper-snappers what for. A phase from my war~ IT DON’T MEAN NOTHING! Waste the Mother-Fu-kers.

          Copperhead out.

        • A third party, protected and nurtured would cheer you up OG. Stay the course buddy. Storms getting worse. No sunlight on the horizon yet. Got a little rocking to do first.

        • Me too…. nothing to lose bring it on. “We The People” the only option left that will restore our Republic.

      39. This story is BS. These raids ain’t happening, at least not without a whole bunch of other bad stuff happening first. First as someone else already pointed out such an overt display of tyrannical force would lead to open rebellion. Second I also agree with the poster that says HSA is not competent or professional enough to pull something like this off. Finally in this age of 24/7 news and massive flow of information from myriad sources, Ican’t see something as massive as what the author proposes going down without a whole bunch of folks knowing about it. Too many would talk it Would get out. Now if somebody managed to nuke a city or some really huge terrorist attack went down( large enough to panic the whole country) maybe we talk about this again, until then ; not happening.

      40. OY YOU ACID… Stop your fuckin’ sulking… Go put your teeth in, straighten up your toupee and get back here pronto… Or I’ll kick your fuckin’ Kung fu Nancy boy fat ass.

      41. I aint a Hodges fan but round ups have happened before, not just here in the ussa.

        By the way, who killed Breitbart?
        How did Tom Clancy really die?

        Is Obama a murder machine? This list makes you think.

        ht tp://whateverhappentocommonsense.com/2013/13/common-sense/is-obama-having-people-killed/

      42. This article really jumped the shark.

      43. Just read that the atf is looking at banning m855 ammo for 223 better stock up now

        • Stack 00 buck to the ceiling. Don’t sweat the .223 shit.

          Semper Fi

      44. If you live in a bad neighborhood you are already prepared for this invasion. The shutting down of prep sites or the whole internet would set off alarms. Taking people from their homes would only go so far before resistance is organized against the intruders. In order to completely isolate they would have to shut the cell phones down and jam radio signals. They can do all this but it would be like kicking a hornet’s nest.

        I hope by now most of you have taken steps to provide homes security. Motion detectors and lights.
        Hide in plain site like those nice plant beds with pave stones or railroad ties. Flower bed dirt for sand bags. Rose bushes, Spanish Bayonet and other cacti planted around your home. If you have material and a plan, time is the major factor to put your plan in place.

        • If it all shuts down ill know real fast,
          One way or another, an already heightend level of aggravation and vigilance will be tripled, anything that seems out of place or unusual will be noticed, there will be no easy targets for those who would deprive me or anyone i know of our liberty

      45. When the shit goes down I’m looking for ways to make$ off other peoples demise it’s just the way things work any way to hustle a buck. Why piss and moan about TPTB .you have to constantly think about improving your personal situation . Who cares about the worlds problems your not gonna save the world and constant complaining about it is not good for your self. If you owe taxes pay them it’s that simple call the IRS and settle up. I pay all my taxes I don’t live in fear .if you focus on making$ you don’t have time to think about all the conspiracies. Sell survival gear to all the scared people who buy into all this. They will be prepared and you will make $ everyone’s happy people. Don’t get me wrong I think the shtf is gonna happen too. But it’s not all I think about folks it’s not a crime to hustle for$ not yet anyway. Don’t worry about he masses of people being arrested for nothing when they come to your door to take you in you know what you gotta do. Go to jail and get a lawyer don’t talk to the cops about any thing you being accused of. Don’t be the guy selling cigarette singles and resist they will use force. If you comply they can’t say you resisted criminals resist not innocent folks. The people that are complaining about the economy don’t know what they are talking about I have too much work I get overtime every day . I can stay at work up to 14 hrs a day if I want. If your hours are cut don’t accept that go somewhere else people take partial unemployment in these situations why go somewhere else. Get out of manufacturing it’s dead in the us . American make products can not compete with cheap imports. It’s sad but it is true folks. Get training to do something in demand. People are stupid who complain about having too much work and having to stay longer. This is how you make more $ why complain ,I don’t ,sure I’d like to go home but there is no$ to make there. I’d take too much work over not enough. $ is everything don’t believe the folks who say it’s not . I spend so much time working I don’t have time to spend $ too busy making $ it’s a great problem IMHO . When I take time out of work me and the family have the $ to have a good time on vacation. Then back to reality again when it’s over. This is life as a corporate slave. I don’t see myself as a slave more as a willing volunteer only because it’s worth it. I like to have $ and I feel like a piece of shit if I don’t have it . But if your happy being broke and complaining everyday more power to ya . Don’t blame others for the failure in your life. I hate this and walk away when I hear this talk. It’s your fault if your poor no one else’s. Rise above it .

      46. Got cameras on my place everything is on my DVR and I can put it on a tiny disc to be used in court. I don’t live in a bad neighborhood but I like to know what’s going on around my place it’s my property not the banks. I will do what I want. I paid $600 for the system installed it myself that’s cheap. You could buy another gun you don’t need if you like. This is where I will make my final stand. Im not running away from everything just to live as a refugee I don’t believe in the bugging out option it’s not gonna work out IMHO. If someone is coming to take everything from me I’m fighting back right away might as well be dead if you’ve lost everything. I’d rather be dead than live like a vagrant . That’s how I see it. I’m young and don’t give a fuck . I’m not brainwashed like the rest of the young people. I think like an old timer . Fuck em all don’t tread on me .

        • Sorry to read about your dog Asshat.

      47. There are far too many people to round up. Executions will be done; there is not enough FEMA camps, and it is far too expensive to feed and house all the dissenters. It will be another case of mass genocide on a basis that not even Stalin can be compared to.
        Supposedly 320 Million American citizens. Statistically, only 4% will step up, but MAYBE 15% WILL be targeted for their armchair dissension (like me). That is 48 Million dead.
        The weapons and ammo that the PTB have purchased is not for Geneva Convention war making; it is purely for killing. Not home defense, not hunting of game. The ‘Game” will be ‘…how many did you get today?’.
        Drive up to a house, get them assembled on the front lawn, shoot them (a .22 is all that is required). Let the new illegals have the house and all for the price of getting rid of the bodies! Instant voters and compliant workers that will work for the cost of food.
        Nothing new here, move on, move on….

        • @ Jon G

          When it begins for real the tyrant’s thugs aren’t going to be the only people doing executions. Not since 1945 have they faced a well-armed and determined opponent.
          Look around the world. All that “technological advantage” hasn’t guaranteed they win.
          They are not immortal and neither are their loved ones.

          Do you remember the spectacle of every “law enforcement” officer in Southern California wetting his pants because ONE MAN was hunting them? Multiply that by fifty thousand across the nation and tell me what that does to your presumptions.

          Molon Labe means the same thing it meant in 480 BCE.

      48. Putin has previously threatened to nuke the United States if it invaded Syria in violation of international law. This is going to happen folks and I am not some conspiracy nut trying to scare you. I know this because the bible says so despite many prophecy scholars that say the United States is not in bible prophecy. Let me squash that argument by telling you just because the United States wasn’t yet a nation it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a role to play in this end time. Now, is your opportunity to walk away and label me an extremist. The United States currently is the leader of the One World Government but that will change when the country from the north unleashes its nuclear arsenal at us. I only wish I had time and space to give these specific scriptures to you but you will just have to research them for yourself if you are even interested.

        Jeremiah 50 and 51 describes a daughter of Babylon meaning future and the descriptions given for this end time Babylon fits no other nation in the entire world. Isaiah 18 and John 13, 17 and 18, 19 and 20 talk about this as well giving very explicit descriptions of the United States. Daniel saw this but because of the weaponry and everything else considered he had a difficult time understanding what it meant and the angel told him not to worry about it it was for the time of the end and it would be revealed then.

        • Only takes 1-3 Nuke EMP blasts to take America out of the picture. And then they don’t have to worry about nuclear Winter or fallout from 100’s or 1000’s of their Nukes.

          American forces would be pulled from all over to back home. To recover and restore. American troops would be threatening their CO’s to get back home.

          • Agree: the plan would be to leave the major infrastructure and the country in tact. Much better to knock out the command and control, decapitate the government, and then rebuild the economy but under the rule of a Russian/Chinese conglomerate. Keeping things normalish is easier to control and deal with dissidents than having a Road scenario of chaos. So, for example, the NFL season would be back on: just the management would be Chinese. You could still go to Chipotles, just a Russsian hedge fund owns it. Over the next ten years, resisters would be dealt with and removed from the population quietly. By the 20 year point, most of the population would be from China and Russia, with the remaining Americans part of minority groups who would be condescended to with a holiday or festival here or there.

            “Hey, look Ming Ming: it is White Boy Day! Look at those silly people pretending they listen to Rush Limbaugh, have no brains and like to wear a dirty t-shirt.”

            “Now, Ho Phuck, it is rude to make fun of the dumb white ghosts: some are human too. Let’s get a watery beer and eat a salty hot dog to be polite. Just smile and pretend you like it. To be frank, I am looking forward to Hispanic Friend and Italian Friend days: the food is better.”

      49. The war drums seem to keep intensifying with every new day…..?
        IMO, I still believe they will use this as to the reason everything comes tumbling down. The tale tell signs seem to be popping up everywhere.
        Those that are informed know the inevitable is bound to happen. I do wish I could have faith that life will continue as normal as normal can be, but it seems the world is on a collision course with making History once again.
        Keep your heads out of the sand, have a clear mind, and be ready to act accordingly to preserve your life and the lives of the loved ones in your life.

      50. As with any other 3rd world country (which we now are… thanks Obama!) will the troops leave the barracks?

        Right now, I doubt it, as there are at least 50% who don’t agree with the leftist horse manure. THAT is why Obungler is firing generals right and left, and instituting all the feminist and gay friendly (pay for “Chelsea” Mannings sex operation is the latest) actions in the military.

        As noted, the goal of the vile Alinsky types, the Fabian socialists is to destroy the culture, the take it over. It is not a war with guns, though it could degrade to that.

        I will quote Charleton Heston again, for anyone listening. Then ask yourself, after reading this: What am I going to do about this?

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

      51. Let’s assume there is such a list and that there are plans to round up dissidents. Executing those plans is a whole other matter. Everything the feds do is done inefficiently, whether due to chain of command or simply the nature of those employees to avoid the job in hopes someone else will do it. Most of the people I know working in government are there for the 3 Ps, pay, perks, and pension, not for any belief in the job itself or political ideology. It’s a good paying job to them and not one they would die for. As far as local LEOs, I’ve talked to many and none will participate in rounding up citizens on political grounds. And here’s a thought: what’s to stop a hacker from altering their list, replacing the names at the top with names of the bankers and other low-lifes behind this? The idiots rounding up people will only follow their list and not give it any more thought.

        • Really good points: the screw ups would be epic. These would be the same government clowns who deliver all the services we know and love right now. I could imagine them accidentally rounding each other up and offing their families: imagine some smart hackers in San Fran switching the iris scan databases around. That would set off a chain of recriminations, often based on race or ethnicity: internal wars would be going on between branches of the government. The NSA would be attacking the CIA; the New York Police Department would be going after the IRS etc. The US military would break down fairly quickly into the already existing ‘gangs’ of white supremacists, black drug gangs etc. And then somebody would get the bright idea to let the prisoners out and it would be hell on the loose.

          • Despite all the talk of data sharing and DHS coordinating efforts of the various alphabet agencies, there is still fierce competition between those agencies. I don’t see them coming together to accomplish a nationwide roundup and certainly not as quickly as they’d need to if they expect success. Add to that the mistakes law enforcement makes in routine raids where a dyslexic clerk transposes the street address numbers or apartment numbers and cops raid the wrong house. Imagine this on a massive scale. They would have to knock out all communications on a nationwide scale before undertaking their raids and every prepper I know would immediately be alerted by that action and be ready to repel an attack. I know many solid businessmen, school teachers and others one would not expect to rush into battle but who have taught every member of their families how to shoot. While I know many people will roll over, I also know the degree of resistance TPTB will encounter will be a rude awakening for them.

        • The fuckers can not leave us alone. Always something.

          Bring it on!

        • Yep…what happened is the manufacturers of AR15 products created the AR15 pistol parts. Clunky POS by the way with little or no use in the real world. If you want a pistol, buy a pistol. Anyway, the statute states that the armor piercing M855 ammo was OK because it wasn’t primarily used in pistols. So our illustrious AR15 manufacturers created parts to convert the AR to a pistol. All to cash in on the Teotwawki SHTF Zombie craze going on in the US. I’m sure they made good money. Too bad they didn’t realize the consequences of their actions. Now, because of all the AR pistols, ATF is reconsidering the status of M855.

          I have seen a yahoo with one of those AK pistols at the range. Utterly useless. He gets off one shot and it takes him 10 seconds to line up the sights for the next shot. I would guess the AR is a bit less on the recoil side of things. Still, if you want a pistol, buy a pistol. IMHO

          • Can you imagine the recoil of a .308 pistol…

          • Rather an SBR with about 12″ BBL and compact collapseable butt, EOTech 512

          • Redneck101, I agree. As to pistols I recommend both the 1911-A1 in .45 ACP, of course, and the Model 29 S&W in .44 mag.

            Lots of ammo for both.

            Semper Fi

        • Get a good pump 12 gauge and lots of 00 buck. It’s much better than an ar.

          Semper Fi

          • A good .308 AR or 7.62×39 will keep most of them far enough away that you won’t need the 12 gauge. However, when you need the 12 gauge, it will be your very best friend. Nothing else even comes close…

            “A confident man carries an AR. A prudent man carries a 12. A wise man has both…”
            Ancient Chinese Proverb

      52. Yea ok… do you know how many times this has been said in the last 3 years by others? Not going to happen.

        Why? Because too many of us have made it clear we WILL fight. And 99% of we Americans that have made that clear are very well armed at all times. Someone even gets close to my home and I know about it.. and that is BEFORE the dog even wakes up.

        Add to this the fact that if people start disappearing on this so called list, it will not take long for word to get around about it.

        The ONLY way this could even start is to have martial law declared FIRST thereby bypassing any Constitutional issues.. and I can tell you the moment martial law is declared is the moment most of us will be taking measures to be fully ready to fight.

        The OTHER problem with this article is yet again it uses these so called “unnamed sources” bull. First off why would someone with evidence and information that can be proven as such go to some of these no name, never heard of, low on the list people to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, when in reality if they REALLY wanted to get word out they would be screaming it WITH the proof to show at the top of their lungs on every major outlet that IS known.

        Do you really think Megan Kelly and others like her are going to refuse to air something this author claims is that refutable as evidence? I think not.

        So this is again nothing more than another writing of nonsense and paranoia based on nothing but someones over imagination and fictitious “anonymous sources”.

        • Hodges is a fear monger nut job at best.His articles are not based on fact.Sure he throws in some truth to make himself credible but it’s mostly to scare people,and people love being scared so they keep coming back for more.I have vetted several of his articles and found him to be a liar.

      53. God does exist, but religion was created by the same people poisining our food water air and minds…you are all arguing over religion!!! So thier dividing plan is working!!!! Read more and think harder!!!

      54. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean I’m not being followed or watched!

      55. First of all, lets all get back on topic, most of the comments posted have nothing to do with the article. Either a lot of people just want to make absurd rants or they cannot focus and rationally respond to what is being stated; or only bring up personal experience, therefore those particular persons have limited learning ability and cannot really contribute towards a better understanding on the topic at hand.
        Now, there will be no global general nuclear WW III though there will always be wars of course and even some big horrible wars. But rather, government tries to propagandize the public with all these “threats” to convince us we need to surrender further our rights. Every dictator and oppressive government in history has used this method. I simply don’t know why the general public doesn’t understand this, especially since all one has to do is observe and think. By the way, this is why public schools don’t teach critical thinking skills, government doesn’t want a society of thinking and independent-minded people.
        I agree, the grip on society will become tighter and tighter without it being called martial law or a suspension of rights. Even as Hitler and Stalin were crushing their populations the people were simultaneously believing they were free people (and a lot of morons here will be successfully propagandized to believe this is a good thing). Goethe said “no man is so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free”.
        Big business and government work together for their mutual benefit. This does not include us, they don’t even like us. They don’t recognize what is right or moral, all that is important is accumulation of wealth and power. We are only seen as managed resources for their benefit. That’s why I keep saying one needs to be hell bent demanding their rights, read the constitution, stop voting to legitimize undeserved authority, stop spending money every way you legally can, and seek out like-minded people and educate yourself.

        • Meet the new boss . The same as the old boss

        • It will be incremental: drip by drip, bit by bit. I studied the Germans and that was how the Nazis seized control. They just gradually changed the laws, slowly tightening their grip on power. It was mostly very easy because they got into bed with the big corporations and gave them cheap labour and whatever they wanted. As an example, the easiest way to control the population is through access to money, or credits. Most people are now surviving because of government money. Threaten to take that away or, cleverly, create a labyrinth of hoops you need to jump through to get little freedoms. In Europe, they are gradually removing access to banking services for large parts of the population. One day, a person wakes up to find they have been kicked out of the bank and cut off from services. Without a bank account, they can’t receive benefits or do basic bill paying. In Germany, they tell unemployed women to do sex work if they want to make enough money to live on. It is really easy to control people this way.

      56. It will be worse than Y2K.

      57. The continuing destruction of our freedoms and civil liberties by Barack Hussein Obama can be explained very easily…

        He is a Psychopath.

        This article from Psychology Today describes what a Psychopath is. Earlier I have believed him to be simply a sociopath, but I think Psychopath is more appropriate. To give proper credit to the author, here is a link to the article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mindmelding/201301/what-is-psychopath-0

        Here is the text of the article:

        What Is a Psychopath?
        The Neuroscience of Psychopathy Reports Some Intriguing Findings
        Post published by William Hirstein Ph.D. on Jan 30, 2013 in Mindmelding

        First a bit of terminological history, to clear up any confusion about the meanings of “sociopath,” “psychopath,” and related terms. In the early 1800s, doctors who worked with mental patients began to notice that some of their patients who appeared outwardly normal had what they termed a “moral depravity” or “moral insanity,” in that they seemed to possess no sense of ethics or of the rights of other people. The term “psychopath” was first applied to these people around 1900. The term was changed to “sociopath” in the 1930s to emphasize the damage they do to society. Currently researchers have returned to using the term “psychopath.” Some of them use that term to refer to a more serious disorder, linked to genetic traits, producing more dangerous individuals, while continuing to use “sociopath” to refer to less dangerous people who are seen more as products of their environment, including their upbringing. Other researchers make a distinction between “primary psychopaths,” who are thought to be genetically caused, and “secondary psychopaths,” seen as more a product of their environments.

        The current approach to defining sociopathy and the related concepts is to use a list of criteria. The first such list was developed by Hervey Cleckley (1941), who is known as the first person to describe the condition in detail. Anyone fitting enough of these criteria counts as a psychopath or sociopath. There are several such lists in use. The most commonly used is called the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R), developed by Robert Hare and his colleagues. An alternative version was developed in 1996 by Lilienfeld and Andrews, called the Psychopathic Personality Inventory (PPI). The book that psychologists and psychiatrists use to categorize and diagnose mental illness, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM IV) contains a category for something called “antisocial personality disorder” (APD), while the World Health Organization delineates a similar category it calls “dissocial personality disorder.” These are much broader categories than that of psychopathy. The category of psychopath is seen as included within this category but considerably smaller so that only roughly 1 in 5 people with APD is a psychopath (Kiehl and Buckholtz, 2010).

        If we overlay all of these lists of criteria, we can see them coalescing into the following core set:


        The PCL describes psychopaths as being callous and showing a lack of empathy, traits which the PPI describes as “coldheartedness.” The criteria for dissocial personality disorder include a “callous unconcern for the feelings of others.” There are now several lines of evidence that point to the biological grounding for the uncaring nature of the psychopath. For us, caring is a largely emotion-driven enterprise. The brains of psycopaths have been found to have weak connections among the components of the brain’s emotional systems. These disconnects are responsible for the psychopath’s inability to feel emotions deeply. Psychopaths are also not good at detecting fear in the faces of other people (Blair et al., 2004). The emotion of disgust also plays an important role on our ethical sense. We find certain types of unethical actions disgusting, and this work to keep us from engaging in them and makes us express disapproval of them. But psychopaths have extremely high thresholds for disgust, as measured by their reactions when shown disgusting photos of mutilated faces and when exposed to foul odors.

        One promising new line of research is based on the recent discovery of a brain network responsible for understanding the minds of others. Called the default mode network (because it also performs other tasks and is operating most of the time when we are awake) it involves a cluster of several different areas in the brain’s cortex. The first studies have been done on function of this network in psychopaths and as expected there are problems there. Different studies have noted “aberrant functional connectivity” among the parts of the network, along with reduced volume in some of the networks crucial areas.

        Shallow emotions

        Psychopaths, and to a degree, sociopaths, show a lack of emotion, especially the social emotions, such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Cleckley said that the psychopaths he came into contact with showed a “general poverty in major affective reactions,” and a “lack of remorse or shame.” The PCL describes psychopaths as “emotionally shallow” and showing a lack of guilt. Psychopaths are notorious for their lack of fear. When normal people are put into an experimental situation where they anticipate that something painful will happen, such as a mild electric shock, or a mildly aversive pressure applied to a limb, a brain network activates. Normal people will also show a clear skin conductance response produced by sweat gland activity. In psychopathic subjects, however, this brain network showed no activity and no skin conductance responses were emitted (Birbaumer et al., 2012).


        According to Cleckley psychopaths show unreliability, while the PCL mentions “irresponsibility” and the PPI describes psychopaths as showing “blame externalization,” i.e. they blame others for events that are actually their fault. They may admit blame when forced into a corner, but these admissions are not accompanied by a sense of shame or remorse, and they have no power to change the sociopath’s future behavior.

        Insincere speech

        Ranging from what the PCL describes as “glibness” and “superficial charm” to Cleckley’s “untruthfulness” and “insincerity,” to outright “pathological lying,” there is a trend toward devaluing speech among psychopaths by inflating and distorting it toward selfish ends. The criteria for APD include “conning others for personal profit or pleasure.” One concerned father of a young sociopathic woman said, “I can’t understand the girl, no matter how hard I try. “It’s not that she seems bad or exactly that she means to do wrong. She can lie with the straightest face, and after she’s found in the most outlandish lies she still seems perfectly easy in her own mind” (Cleckley, 1941, p. 47). This casual use of words may be attributable to what some researchers call a shallow sense of word meaning. Psychopaths do not show a differential brain response to emotional terms over neutral terms that normal people do (Williamson et al., 1991). They also have trouble understanding metaphors and abstract words.


        The PCL describes sociopaths as possessing a “grandiose sense of self worth.” Cleckley speaks frequently of the boastfulness of his patients. Hare (1993) describes an imprisoned sociopath who believed he was a world class swimmer.

        Narrowing of attention

        According to Newman and his colleagues the core deficit in psychopathy is a failure of what they call response modulation (Hiatt and Newman, 2006). When normal people engage in a task we are able to alter our activity, or modulate our responses, depending on relevant peripheral information that appears after the task has begun. Psychopaths are specifically deficient in this ability, and according to Newman, this explains the impulsivity of psychopaths, a trait which shows up in several of the lists of criteria, as well as their problems with passive avoidance and with processing emotions.

        Top-down attention tends to be under voluntary control, whereas bottom-up attention happens involuntarily. But bottom-up attention can temporarily capture top-down attention, as when movement in the periphery of our visual field attracts our attention. Psychopaths have trouble using top-down attention to accomodate information that activates bottom-up attention during a task. In normal people, this process tends to happen automatically. When the hunter is scanning for deer, a rabbit hopping into the periphery of his visual field automatically attracts his attention. Top-down attentional processes monitor the field of attention for conflicts and resolve them. The standard task for assessing this is called the Stroop task, in which the subject must state which color words are printed in. The problem is that the words themselves are conflicting color words, such as “red” printed in blue ink, so the subjects must suppress a strong inclination to read the words. There are now several studies indicating that psychopaths actually perform better than normal people on these tasks perhaps because they are not distracted by the discrepant color (Hiatt et al., 2004; Newman et al., 1997).


        Cleckley spoke of his psychopaths showing a “pathologic egocentricity [and incapacity for love],” which is affirmed in the PPI by its inclusion of egocentricity among its criteria. The PCL also mentions a “parasitic lifestyle.”

        Inability to plan for the future

        Cleckley said that his psychopaths showed a “failure to follow any life plan.” According to the PCL, psychopaths have a “lack of realistic long-term goals,” while the PPI describes them as showing a “carefree nonplanness.”


        The criteria for dissocial personality include, a “very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence.” The criteria for antisocial personality disorder include, “irritability and aggressiveness, as indicated by repeated physical fights or assaults.”

        Philosophers can play a valuable role here in discerning the consequences of all of these findings for our attempts to build an ethical society. Several questions need addressing. What does the possibility that psychopathy is genetic say about human nature? What steps can we take to “correct” psychopaths and which of these is the most ethical? If it is true that psychopaths have damaged or abnormal brains, can we hold them responsible for what they do? Are there degrees of psychopathy, so that normal people may possess psychopathic traits?

        Birbaumer, N, Veit, R, Lotze, M, Erb, M, Hermann, C., Grodd, W., and Flor, H. 2005. Deficient fear conditioning in psychopath: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Archives of General Psychiatry 62: 799-805.

        Cleckley, Hervey. 1941. The Mask of Sanity. C. V. Mosby Co.

        Hiatt KD, Schmitt WA, Newman JP. 2004. Stroop tasks reveal abnormal selective attention among psychopathic offenders. Neuropsychology 18:50–9.

        Hare, RD. 1993. Without Conscience. Guilford Press: New York, NY.

        Hiatt KD, Newman JP. 2006. Understanding psychopathy: The cognitive side. In: Patrick CJ, editor. Handbook of Psychopathy. Guilford Press; New York, NY, pp. 334–352.

        Kiehl, KA., and Buckholtz, JW. 2010. Inside the mind of a psychopath. Scientific American Mind, September/October: 22-29.

        Lilienfeld SO, Andrews BP. 1996. Development and preliminary validation of a self-report measure of psychopathic personality traits in noncriminal populations. Journal of Personality Assessment 66:488–524.

        Newman JP, Schmitt WA, Voss WD. 1997. The impact of motivationally neutral cues on psychopathic individuals: Assessing the generality of the response modulation hypothesis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 106:563–575.

        Williamson S, Harpur TJ, Hare RD. 1991. Abnormal processing of affective words by psychopaths. Psychophysiology 28(3): 260-73

      58. I might add that liberals in general seem to have the same symptoms as described above…

      59. Haha the terrorist government gives ALL of us a JUSTIFIED right to hold onto these idealisms, they label everything as terrorism to justify the bad intentions they do. We are not conspiracy therorist or domestic terrorist but realists! Fuck there is a reason more than half the world call us terrorists! It’s history of an imperialistic nation repeating itself all over again!

      60. The rounding up of dissidents this time, will be different than last time (Vietnam). It will happen in stages and will be much more diffused and widespread. We are already Under The Influence of the Medical Gestapo. We are about to have our monetary lives subjected to outright theft because the next financial re-set will be funded by the collapse of the derivitives market (AKA: the Real Estate Bubble) and the confiscation of our deposit accounts. Military control at the neighborhood level will need to be enacted (gotta try out all those toys they have been collecting and also, this will allow for higher “employment” with much more “security”). The other big area many do not realize will be the most difficult adjustment is the Loss of The Internet As We Know It. I am already in full-time preparatory grieving. I will miss you all.

      61. Only problem I have with this is the US population is over 300 million. Even if the govment has 10,000 “foreign troops” on US soil ready to strike, In my small ass town of 15,000 that’s not enough. The logistics of shutting our town down would be monumental. They’d need 20+ vehicles and 100s of troops stationed at hundreds of major intersections. AND they would need to know all the back alleys and byways. Making things even more of a logistics nightmare is there are 3 small towns all sitting adjacent to each other with roughly the same population. So the population of my small town went from 15000 to roughly 45000. Not the millions from say a large city such as NY or LA, but still.

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