DHS Chatter: Suspected Terrorists Planning to Infect Themselves With Ebola

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Headline News | 136 comments

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    Editor’s Note: With the Ebola virus now in America many are suspicious of how it got here or if more cases will be popping up soon. The current case in Dallas looks like a naturally spread contagion, but one major concern on the minds of the public as well as intelligence agencies alike is that a rogue terrorist could infect himself with the Ebola virus and then make his way to the Americas. With the southern border being completely open to immigrants and no policing efforts to speak of, it is the perfect entry point for the perfect delivery vehicle. With an incubation period of roughly 21 days, were someone to infect themselves with the virus they could easily make their way into the country and begin spreading it with no one being the wiser until it was too late. 

    The following commentary originally published at On Point Preparedness and generously shared for the benefit of our community suggests that not only is this a possibility, but that intelligent agencies have actively monitored conversations between suspected terrorists who may be in the planning or implementation phases as we speak. 


    On Point Preparedness

    A friend of mine recently attended a local conference with speaker Perry Stone.  One of the most interesting topics was the use of Ebola as a weapon by terrorists.  When we think of weaponized Ebola, we think of some high-tec way of distributing the virus in the air or water supply.  For a terrorist willing to sacrifice their own life, the deployment is much more simple.

    Perry stone told the conference attendees that he has three sources at high levels within the government: two within DHS and one within the CDC.  All have confirmed that there is chatter of suspected terrorists inflicting themselves with the Ebola virus and then traveling to the US to infect others.  Again, this information is anecdotal and twice removed from the so-called “sources”.  However, when logically thinking about how terrorists operate, it’s a frightening reality.

    Let’s review some facts:

    There are 250 million Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa.  That is 1/5 of the entire world’s population of Muslims.

    AND radical Islam is spreading quickly throughout those countries.  In fact, Nigeria with 60 million Muslims has already adopted Sharia law throughout many of its northern states.  What this means is that we have a very large population of Muslims who will continue the trend of radicalization and hatred towards the western world.

    Ebola is spreading rapidly throughout many of the sub-Saharan countries

    (Click for larger image)

    Ebola IS NOT contained.

    In fact, air travel is still relatively unrestricted in the “HOT” countries.

    Take Ebola patient zero in the US.  He traveled freely from Liberia to the US.  Since the incubation period of the virus is up to 21 days, people can appear healthy and board planes in these countries.

    And last but not least – Terrorists are willing to give up their own lives to kill others in the name of Allah

    To a normal person, the thought of self-infliction with Ebola sounds mad.  However, for a terrorist, it means glory in the name of Allah.

    So let’s put this threat together and see if it’s credible:

    • We have several Muslim dense countries within Africa, and radical Islam is spreading quickly through the region.
    • It just so happens that many of these countries are out of control with Ebola infections.
    • Many unconfirmed terrorists have VISAs which allow them to travel freely from these countries into the US, and there is little restrictions in these countries in terms of inbound and outbound flights.
    • Terrorists are willing to kill themselves in the name of Jihad.

    It seems VERY credible to me that a terrorist would self-infect themselves by finding individuals infected with ebola, thereby weaponizing themselves.  So long as they are not on the terrorist watch list, they can board a plane and make their way to the US.  From there, they can wait until they get symptoms and start purposefully infecting others in highly populated areas.  Why would they want to put themselves through that agony though?  Well, perhaps some can deal with the pain until death, but perhaps some of them will commit suicide when the symptoms become unbearable or they are no longer mobile.

    Will this threat really manifest?  With Black Friday shopping and the Christmas season coming up, it seems very easy to find densely populated areas to infect.  However, any major city can be a target at any point in time.

    On Point Preparedness is dedicated to any individual who wants to increase their knowledge of self-sufficiency, preparedness, or survival tactics. It is also an open forum to network with like-minded individuals. We are located in the Tri-State Cincinnati region and routinely sponsor local meetings on our meetup site Cincinnati Survival / Preparedness Group.  


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      1. I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these guys were already in Juarez just waiting to cross over. Whether it’s Ebola or not they are going to come into the United States and go for broke.

        • This is repost from the last thread:

          NBC news just announced that one of their news crew, camera man, covering the outbreak in Liberia has tested positive for Ebola. He will be brought back here for treatment sometime ion the next few days.

          ht tp://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/nbc-news-freelancer-africa-diagnosed-ebola-n217271

          • Thank NBC News when your kid dies then.

            • SHTF,

              Please stop aiding and abetting this bull$hit agitprop.
              Ebola is NOT about Muslims or NATO’s fake proxy army, ISIS.
              NATO/NWO don’t need any terrorists to cross the borders. THEY are hurrying infected civilian Ebola carriers in by the thousands per week.
              US refuses to close the borders and protect us.
              We are in our second 911 with CDC’s Frieden= DHS Chertoff on first 911. Once the eugenics and deaths of millions here are assured? THEN they will close the borders- so no one can escape.
              but please stop helping their Zionist agenda with the ISIS Ebola terror meme. Let the MSM do NATO’s publicity, not you

          • If Ebola is so “weak” and unable to be passed without direct contact with someone with symptoms, then how did this guy get it? I think it’s a lot more easily spread than they want us to know. They just don’t want a panic.

            • It can be spread in the air from coughing or sneezing. That is not the same as “airborn” which is just breathing it out. However the droplets that they cough out can be breathed in by someone nearby or land on surfaces and infect others who touch that surface and infect for 5 days.

              Which is why I don’t think they need an infected illegal alien, they just need a spray bottle of liquid that contains body fluids from and ebola victim. They could spray door handles and grocery cart handles, kids playground toys etc and then just walk away. How many victims if they sprayed surfaces at comuter trains or sports arenas or concert venues? You could potentially have thousands exposed in one day/night. Way easier and more effective than an infected person walking around.

              • chem trails when the time is ripe.

          • The leftist fascist propaganda that NBC and their fellow lamestream media leftists have promulgated on America is 100 times worse than Ebola.

            BTW, various flavours of communism murdered over 100 MILLION last century, per The Black Book of Communism (Oxford Univ. Press), or up to 160 million, per Dr. RJ Rummel, U of Hawaii.

            In terms of human misery and death, leftism/communism wins hands down over Ebola. Fact.

        • They don’t have to be in Juarez, “waiting to cross over”. Their passports and visas allow easy access directly into the US. Just a plane ticket away.

          • Muddy – Exactly! There’s way too many unconfirmed radicals/terrorists that can come into the US legally. That, and it’s way easier, safer and cheaper than having to be smuggled through the border by gang coyotes

            • This is about the best time to apply the “Shoot, Shovel and Shut up!” doctrine.

              • I just got home from the grocery store. As I was leaving, I ran into a muslim woman dressed in the traditional muslim garb, all you could see were her eyes. I made sure to step aside as she entered the store, thinking about this article. What stood out was the fact that I had never seen one of these women in the store in our small rural town. Just this one chance meeting made my skin crawl. I think I am done shopping for at least the next few weeks until I see how this plays out. Last night my wife and I decided to spend a few hundred more dollars on fresh meat, glad I don’t have to go back.

                • The shopping trip I just made today, could last me for up to a year if necessary. I’m as ready as I can be. Now, I wait.

            • If the DC “government” wanted to close the borders they would be closed. If they wanted to prevent Ebola from getting here they would have instituted regulations they have used many times in the past: This country_________ is off limits to Americans. If you do travel to that country you can not re-enter the US for 30 days after you exit that nation. And then a valid health screening may be required prior to you boarding a flight to the US.

              But they have not done anything at all. Not prevention. Not protection once it got here. Nothing. A survey of local hospitals in my area shows 4 out of over a dozen that have had any planning talks about this possible problem. And a planning talk is a far cry from a plan in place or any practice to be sure the staff knows and can respond.

              Watching the coverage of how they handled the family of the infected man looked like a clown circus not a medical response! And definitely not a planned medical response!

              We are on our own and in Gods hands.

        • Could this be it?

          Must See: Border Patrol Insider Speaks Out: “They’re Anticipating A Large National Crisis… Something Drastic”

          ht tp://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/must-see-border-patrol-insider-speaks-out-theyre-anticipating-a-large-national-crisis-something-drastic_09232014

        • This is where stockpiling ample amounts of food and water would be critical, and be prepared to hunker down away from people till it passes through…..

          • Don’t forget the ammo.

        • Sheeee it. I could be a well paid national security consultant too. I (and many others) were saying the same things a long time ago. If there was anybody in the audience who thought this was highly revelatory, they should just read shtf plan.

        • At what point do you make the decision to either hunker down in place or head for the retreat? How many people need to be confirmed as infected before the whole deck of cards starts to collapse around our ears?

          Will 15 or 20 in Texas do it or will it need to break out in a few other places to start the panic? I really don’t know.

          For my part, I can “pull the trigger” only once – if I bug out to my retreat after about 2 weeks there will be no coming back, my business, income, lifestyle will have gone belly up and life from then on will be hard.

          I just hope I don’t wait too long……..


          • I hate to keep harping on this…but I’m going to anyway.

            One of the characteristics of an exponential function is that the real effects of this plague will not be noticed until it’s too late to do anything about it.

            In the Chris Martensen video where he explains how the exponential function works, he gives the example of using drops of water to fill a sports stadium. Starting with one drop, and then doubling the number of drops every minute, the time it would take for the stadium to be filled to the top row of seats is about 49 minutes. That in itself is amazing. But what is REALLY interesting is that at the 44 minute point, the stadium would still be only 7% full. In other words….MOST of the increase takes place in the last 5 minutes.

            Here’s a link to the video: (paste into your browser)


            Now…how this relates to an epidemic…..the time it takes to go from a few infected people to MANY infected people can be very short. So bottom line…If you wait until this gets bad to head to your bugout location….you’ve waited too long. You won’t make it. Because we could go from a situation where everyone is free to move around, to a total lockdown in a matter of hours.

            • Thank you for that video. It was eye opening!

            • OK, but one question Walt: the current area of infection (Liberia,Sierra Leone, Nigeria, etc.) has well over 200 **million** people. They have horrible medical systems, worse sanitation, and cultural practices lead to easy infection (hand washing dead bodies, eating by hand out of communal bowls, etc.), people with horrible diets and compromised immune systems. Yet there have only been 2,000 official deaths. Heck, let’s put it at 10x that, and grant you 20k. Granting that any life lost is a tragedy – I do NOT want to minimize that – the fact is that in a reservoir of 200 million, you have somewhere between 2 to 20k infections. Not saying the infections here are nothing, just that it MAY possibly not be as bad here.

              Then there is that 50 – 90% death rate. I understand differ “flavours” have different rates, but what is it??? There’s a WORLD of difference, epidemiologically speaking, between those two rates. I wonder if the death rate would be much lower here. All this does not reduce the seriousness of the issue at hand, nor the political malfeasance that is allowing this to happen, but just some questions.

              • I believe Africa was CHOSEN for all of the reasons you mention, TEST.

                Just the fact of having poor sanitation, hygiene AND eating with their hands out of communal dishes was enough for me to see a huge difference between there, and here.

                There are some “cultural” differences that we should not be tolerant of…that is one of them. IMO.

          • I read a prepper who said that if there’s a reported case within 100 miles of her, then that’s her signal to hunker down.

        • You should go on a recon then Zombified nitwitt.
          Can’t you see this is all bullshit? If any poor and terrorized peoples are infected with this shit, it isn’t because the did it to themselves you moron. Wake the fuck up and smell the stink of corporate dicks.

        • Maybe the bastard will die before they get here

        • My little brother says is all started with A-bola, then it became B-bola, and now it morphed its way up the alphabet to E-bola. I’m not worrying until it gets to Z-bola, the zombie version. That’s when things will really get scary.

      2. No fucking bueno.
        Thanks Oblahma.

      3. There certainly is easy access to a bioweapon right now, and getting easier by the hour.

        BBC News Africa- Ebola outbreak: ‘Five infected every hour’ in Sierra Leone

      4. Sounds like we’re heading into the “interesting times” mentioned in that old Chinese proverb. What I don’t like is the way the Chinese used the word interesting. just keep prepping.

        • Braveheart my friend

          You and I both know we have been in ah so called interesting times for about 15 years.

          • Mike in VA, good morning. I stand corrected. I should’ve said times are becoming MORE interesting. I smell a false flag about to be perpetrated by DHS. Time to lock and load.

            • Braveheart

              The bad feeling I have been having for a month seems to be correct. My senses and prepping went into overdrive. I still could be wrong and I sure hope I am.
              This could be the beginning for sure though.

            • The swine flu “epidemic” that the media kept harping on but never really emerged sold a lot of vaccine and antiviral meds. What are they selling now? Another vaccine? Or a faster route to a more locked down society? This is not about Ebola and it sure looks planned. It has not emerged naturally in Africa according to virologists.
              I feel like I am squinting into the distance to make out a blurry object and that by the time I can clearly see it – it will be too close. I want my feet firmly planted but feel they are grasping for purchase.

      5. They are probably already here, just awaiting orders to unleash their payloads of death….

      6. yea

        black Friday & the Christmas shopping period


        I think I will be staying home this year

        for the children of course

        • Thats a journey for you guys anyway isn’t it? I mean I know you guys aren’t up there sittin on the two holer waitin for the thirty point buck but when I visited up there a couple years ago it seemed like you would have to plan a trip just to get groceries. I would love to live there. You’ll be safe and cozy while the rest of us are crapping ourselves…stay safe

        • Yooper, damned good idea. I never go to any stores on Black Friday, period!

          • Renegade B’heart: I never do holiday shopping. I get stuff on clearance around Labor day sales. Folks, do your shopping now, common sense anyway to avoid the crowded stores, along with germs. Order stuff online ebay, etc. No sales tax and free shipping for most items. Home baked goods great idea for older folks or gift card for groceries. Check out Nuts.com for exc. choices and Bed Bath & Beyond. General comments: Yes, these jihadists are infecting themselves and flying over here, spreading it like the man in Dallas and lying to the airline when Q. about contacts with sick people.Flights coming from west Africa will not be stopped; it is deliberate.

            • @ laura m. ~ I make a point to finish all my Xmas shopping by the day before Thanksgiving. I have never been to a Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I hate crowds, and the crowd mentality.

      7. Hopefully the infected one hangs at the gay bath house, Black pick up bar, and DNC fund raising party. Let the popcorn begi9n to pop!

        • Oh yes. Because people who don’t act or think like us are worthy of a horrific, painful death.

          • Right Winston….and those people ONLY associate with each other. They don’t ever interact with the rest of the population.

            Thanks for exposing Rellik’s stupidity.

        • I’m so sick of this racist hate bullshit. For the record, I am a white hetero middle aged male and I work for a living. I too am tired of all the PC mamby-pamby pussification of our country, but It seems to me that a lot of mental and emotional energy is being wasted on “us vs them” general statements. I’ve known smart hard working black people, dumb lazy white people, and every combination in between. The one thing I’ve noticed though is that both sides seem to want to blame the other side for their problems and not take personal responsibility for their own circumstances.

          To all the SHTFPLAN readers, lurkers, contributors: I challenge you to look in the mirror, Nut Up and change your own fortune. No one owes you anything, you don’t owe any one anything, your life is what you make it. Quit being a pussies and start being adults.

          Now let’s get out there and kill us some worms!

          • Bert Gummer, excellent points. My wife was a HISPANIC from CUBA. She was an extraordinary woman to me and our marriage was very good and very strong. She was killed by a HAITIAN drunk driver. I know what people say about trying to keep your heart free from hatred, but when it comes to Haitians and ONLY Haitians, I have trouble with that one. The hatred between Cubans and Haitians runs very, very deep. When I was in Miami, I used to see fights between them all of the time. When Haitians come to this country, they just get straight onto the public dole. They are lazy and shiftless. They refuse to work or play by any of the rules. Cubans are the exact opposite. They have played by all of the rules, including learning English and assimilating into American culture. Nobody here knows of the trouble I, my wife, and her family have had with Haitians. I’ve been in some fights with those POS and even came close once to shooting one. They are some mean, ruthless, cold-blooded people. They are totally useless people. OK, bring on the red thumbs. I don’t care. I stand by my comments. I speak from personal and painful experience. If my wife was alive, she would say the same things.

          • troll.

      8. You don’t need a bunch of these guys with visas to come here….you only need one. He comes over and intentionally infects a bunch of his comrades….and presto! you have dozens of infected bad guys spreading out through the country.

        • Wow! That’s a great idea. Bad for the USA, but brilliant if someone’s a terrorist. Outstanding.

        • He doesn’t need to infect his comrads, he just spits or peas into a bottle. They his comrads spray or wipe this onto public surfaces. A wet rag in the gloved palm as someone walks around public places touching surfaces that we all touch every day. A good cool day and nobody would notice someone wearing light gloves as the walk into a mall, office building or theatre.

      9. If there was any real terrorist threat why didn’t they just invest 10k and have 5-6 DC snipers come over and shut the whole country down? That would have been easy. 2 boneheads shut down DC for a month. How hard would that be? Why do they need to infect with ebola? Jeezus peeple the war on terror and terrorism is all a big lie. The white house is the only terror suspect

        • Boiled Frog

          I have asked myself several things for a long time. 9-11 was reported as so coordinated and advanced. It supposedly took so much planning and resources. I call bs. If they are so smart and coordinated then why has the power grid in key places been attacked? Why god forbid have they not hit a couple of schools?

          Do we all believe with our southern border the way it is that we have caught all the possible attacks since 9 -11.

          It just does not make sense. With access to the internet anyone could cause a crap load of damage or panic in this country if they chose to do that.

          Something really bad is coming according to my gut feeling. It may be Ebola or many other things. It may be a combination of things.

          We must all make sure our preps are as far along as they can be.

          My prayers to you all and may God bless you.

        • “2 boneheads could shut down DC for a month”

          What? You mean it is currently working right now? I thought it had shut down years ago? At least in terms of any competent, ethical, honest administrative activities

        • They thought about it, but then they realized if they shut down Washington for a month, things would get better.

      10. And FedGov creates the perfect conditions for these insane lunatics to implement their plan.

        I don’t blame the lower ranks for the most part. I think most want to do their job. Serve their country honorably. It’s the upper ranks that are rotten to the core.

        • Thats why 4th G warfare will be most effective

      11. Anyone know if you can clean or reuse a cartridge filter after you microwave them?

        • It depends on the filter. If it is plugged up, then the microwave will do nothing but heat it up. Heat up a block of charcoal with water in it enough, and the steam could break it. Why would you microwave it in the first place?

        • That’s because Obama is detached from anything that gets in the way of pushing his radical leftist agenda. So what if millions of legal US citizens die? He has a “liberation” agenda to push to the illegals. national security briefing? Why would he want to know these things? It’s not like they are important to his push for a takeover of health care, removal of basic civil liberties like gun ownership and the environmental agenda of the far left.

          • Just remember that Obola is just a patsy. He’s the face of many more terrible people that wield true power. It’s the ones keeping a low profile we should worry about more.

            • Yeah he may be but he’s a fine place to start. Besides the SOB enjoys what he’s doing.

      12. I would not be suprised if this happened. Our borders are wide open for a reason maybe we now know the reason

        • Free Illinois… what part of the state do you reside? My brother is in kankakee, I’m west on the Mississippi.

      13. Letting one be exposed to Ebola is serious dedication to the cause. That is scary.

        • So is donning a bomb vest and blowing yourself up in a crowded market or flying a plane into a ship or building. Never underestimate the power of idealism to overcome common sense. Most people do because they have this irritating tendency to think that other people all think like they do. They don’t.

          This is why Japanese pilots willingly flew planes loaded with explosives into ships during WWII. Most were young and easily molded because of the high amount of neuroplasticity that exists in people of military age. The same is true of most suicide bomber jihadis today. Convince them of the honor of something or the religious duty of something and most won’t question it, even though it is not rational. This is why one should always be ready to question everything. Never just accept authority without first giving it the smell test.

          • Uh Winston,just a thought but the smell test in regards to obola might be a very dangerous thing!

            • Who’s to say an infected person wouldn’t blow themselves up in a crowd? What better way to spread bodily fluids?

              • An excellent point! That way they don’t have to go through the whole disease process. If they choose the right venue then they can spread the disease rapidly throughout the country.

        • Funny you mention this. I work in the industry (non-driver). Just today, I was trying to flow chart a scenario where there is a shutdown. Today a new step popped into the chart, govt mandating logistics and transportation workers, along with healthcare workers, would be prosecuted for quiting or refusing to work. Just another one of my crazy flow charts though… No worries.

          • Well I work in the power industry. What would happen if we did not go to work?

            It could and would happen in a pandemic or any other reason that our family would be at risk.

            • Chart updated. Thx.

            • You are in key industry Mike, and all it would take is the panic to start and the whole mess will unravel in front of our eyes. I assume like me you wouldn’t be going to work?

              Once a few cops, guys in electricity, water, food harvest packaging and transport pull the pin (either from a “screw it, I’m staying home” attitude – and who can blame them, or just falling sick) and that puts pressure on the “just in time” system. When there are shortages the real panic will start – the beast will be feeding itself!!


              • Aussie

                When the services stop and the beast starts feeding itself it will become pregnant.
                Then hoards of people will become babies of whatever the beast is. They will truly act like wild beast.

                A lot of Americans will be shocked at how horrible there fellow man can become.

          • Wanna share your flow chart? I bet it would be interesting! 😉

      14. The chances of this actually happening? Very, very high.

        If you think about it:

        -These lunatics (unlike our lunatics) think they will get 72 virgins if they martyr themselves. Don’t know about you, but I’m lucky to put up with ONE woman, let alone multiples. Besides, virgins are way over-rated. The *experienced* women are where it’s at. Jus sayin…

        -Sneaking across or skipping across the border is not that hard with a passport. And they get the added bonus of infecting the person they hand their passport to… and then they handle all those other passports through the course of the day. Force multiplier for free, right there!

        -Any crowded area in the U.S. would be ground zero- Sports stadiums, subways, shopping malls…the targets are endless, face it.

        You should by now, get the picture and understand how utterly futile it will be to stop this kind of attack.
        Ready to shelter in place? Got Preps? You’d better!

        • Plus, they now have perfect cover to start it in Texas. Texas is where they are most likely to cross the border (if they do not have a legal US passport) and they can infect Americans while it gets blamed on that one guy from Liberia. This way, they get to see Americans die without adding reasons to fight them on the ground. They get to push forward their agenda in the middle east while occupying America with an overwhelming crisis at home, taking resources away from the US military. It works much like what the Germans did in WWI by repatriating Vladimir Lenin to Russia. By creating a larger internal struggle, you reduce the nation’s ability to fight an external war.

          • Those “Germans” were probably members of the Frankfurt School.

        • So, I better top off my preps TODAY?

      15. The healthcare industry would like nothing more than to reclassify ebola as a military issue. That way, they (the healthcare industry) can reposition themselves as a background player and avoid being exposed as the most incompetent, wasteful, overpriced, inefficient group as an industry whole.

        Sure, a team of 80 doctors and nurses can separate a two headed baby born to third world parents or perform complex vascular reconstructions on the 100 or so patients per year that need that……

        But can they implement a care system such that it doesn’t cost $200.00 (office visit, prescription) just to prescribe a kid antibiotics because they have a sinus infection….Nope.

        Sorry for the rant. I’m in firm belief that if we want to fix healthcare, we need to put those in the healthcare industry (doctors, nurses, hospital shareholders, etc.) on notice first.

      16. Remember when we were told that HIV was limited to Haitians, homosexuals and hemophiliacs? The conspiracy was that the CIA brought it to the USA to annihilate the bottom feeders in the slums, ghettoes, low-housing districts and trailer trash parks.
        Well guess what?… what goes around comes around!
        Keep connecting the dots…

        E efficient
        B biological
        O out-fucking-standing
        L lethal
        A annihilation

        Protocols of the Elders of Zion: version 2014

      17. Now that Michelle Malkin has posted a picture, supposedly of the 2 guys, no Hazmat suits, using a pressure sprayer, spraying down the area where Patient Zero was said to be puking while waiting for the ambulance… I was just wondering, how many folks had “pressure sprayer” on their list of Ebola preps?

        • Never thought about Pressure Sprayer, I was still thinking about Pressure Cooker. But I always was a day late. Trekker Out. NSA

        • Guys with pressure washer come down with Ebola in 3…2…1…weeks. Seriously, the overspray from those things gets every where-including in your mouth and nose. Sorry, but I wouldn’t go near that place without a full protective suit and air supply.

        • I have a hand pump pressure sprayer for showers and a mechanical pressure sprayer for the deck. And my whores have told me my dick is like a pressure sprayer. They love to get their Hispanic faces plastered. I just wish sperm counts weren’t dropping by 50%. Studies show that women with sperm in their bloodstream are happier.

          • You really are a disgusting little man. Bet your mother would be very proud of you if she were to read that.

            And some other retard gave you a green thumb?


            • Good morning, Aussie. Have to agree about acid/eisen. He’s definitely a bloody retard.

            • He is the one watching his mother servicing other men while hiding in the closet.

          • Thought you swung both ways.

          • Acid–Cannot understand why a foul mouth such as your is allowed to comment. You do not belong here.

          • Pick the tree you want to swing from, Acid Wretch. When the rule of law is no longer there to keep you alive, it’s ‘Adios, muchacho’, for useless, angry, losers like yourself.

          • You should be banned from this site Acid. Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean you should abuse it!

          • You are sick Acid!

          • Wow, Acid. You post some unbelievable stuff.
            The question is not who are you, but why are you?

      18. There was a bit of confusion at Cabela’s this morning.

        When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gunpowder and bullets, the cashier said, “Strip down, facing me.”

        Making a mental note to complain to the manager about the gun registry people running amok, I did just as she had instructed.

        When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to my credit card.

        I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

        They need to make their instructions to us Seniors a little clearer!

        • Fuck Cabela’s.

          Overpriced, poor-quality shit.

          Go with LL Bean.

          The one thing you old bastards got right.

          • Acid, we ‘old farts’ get a lot more things right than you could ever imagine.

          • Acid Etched brain

            • Burt—Acid does not have a brain..A cavity where the brain is suppose to be

              • Tacoma, good point. Also, before you can have an aneurysm, you.ve got to have a brain. I don’t think acid ever had one.

          • Acid, an expert you are not!

        • I think I was there. I decided I would go to Bass Pro from now on. Just left my cart in the line and walked out.
          My wife is still at Cabelas as far as I know. I knew she loved shopping but did not know how much.

          • Mike in VA, I go to Bass Pro on occasion myself. Great gear, reasonable prices, and friendly service. There’s no Cabela in my area so I’m not familiar with them.

        • Old Guy, you have me laughing so hard I’m hurting. that was DAMNED GOOD. Keep them coming.

        • “Strip down, facing me?” Must have been one of those female leftist high school teachers, thinking you were a 16 year old male. As Charleton Heston said about things like this (think the public school system, or the media):

          “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowing desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The
          outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without the bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

      19. You know it is real bad when everyone starts saying, “I told you so!”.

        When the internet gets cut of………………………………………………………………………..

      20. meanwhile lil’ suzy and lil’ johney are dying at their desks at elementary school across zog amerika from the nationwide mandatory school shots injected Enterovirus D68.

        i don’t get it?

        ebola is a flash in the pan virus it burns it host supply out quickly and is controllable still by quarantine.

        the enterovirus 68 is the current bigger threat , it’s already entrenched infected 10’s of 1000’s of kids , their families and it’s nationwide!


        • Yes I agree themystery disease that iseffecting the children is of concern. Im old enough to remember Polio. When a kid in our area came down with it. we wherent allowed to play with the any kids other than our immediate family.

        • Yes, RG. But remember, EV68 is just a small price to pay for illegal Democrat voters, so all those deaths, paralyzations, and severe illnesses (I had it myself) are all worth it. Besides, all our betters (think the Hollywierd Learjet leftists behind their gated communities, or zillionaire leftist banksters in Martha’s Vineyard) should be just fine, so no worries there. And the devastation of us poor, unwashed masses is a small price to pay. Besides, half of them (think the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters – like several of my neighbors – either have NO clue, or will actually thank the leftist fascists as they are trotted off to today’s version of the Zyclon B showers.

          Oh, and speaking of illegal immigration, I plan on buying about 10,000 barges, going to India, and bring over maybe 10 million or so illegals. I mean, why should we discriminate against people just because they don’t have a land border with us?

      21. dhs insider ???

        arab muslim terrorists injecting themselves with ebola to infect helpless zog amerikans!

        oh the horror of it!

        nagger please!

        the zog dhs is the last place i’d turn to for insider info.

        this is a FEAR PORN bullshit report!


        • Niño it ain’t BS ,
          Because I opened my Yap at work yesterday I been transferred to EOD as punishment.
          The .gov is becoming one big lying paranoid POS . With the Top POS really FUBARING things up .
          We live in a very PRECARIOUS TIME right now, the next 3 weeks could determine which way our country is going to go. All stops are being pulled , incompentently of course, just wait till this crap hits the inner city 3 rd world areas in our own country. It’s going to be a Circus Mortalis .
          It’s going to make the plague like the middle ages look like a vacation.

          When you see motor pools installing HEPA filters in HMMV’s and MRAPS you know some thing may be a little off . Got to go now might be a while before I can post again the chessboard pieces are being moved, pay attention and avoid crowds.



          Semper Fi 8541

          • okay okay @nightbreaker, i understand your view as i’ve been there where you are in a past life.

            though i still feel it’s zog propaganda false-flag b.s.!

            good luck , stay safe and remember to always cut the red wire and run like hell!


          • NB,
            Thanks for your posts. Your updates are always appreciated. Opsec, Opsec, Opsec! Be careful out there!

      22. off topic – can anyone pls recommend a rocket stove that is reasonably priced and work well? Just trying to add to my prep. Thx in advance.

        • They make various volcano stoves that work well for under $50. I use a stainless steel Kelly Kettle. Kinda pricey and is great for water, but not so great for cooking food. Very fuel efficient as well.

          • JW,a lot of small home made ones that would work fine for cooking/boiling water ect.,a plethora(love that word!)of articles and u tube videos on how to do it.

        • There are a bunch of DIY web sites that illustrate how to make them from common everyday materials, like empty food cans.

          Here’s one: ht tp://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Rocket-Stove-from-a-10-Can-and-4-So/

      23. Ebola infused weaponized terrorists…

        What’ll they think of next?

        The boys and girls club down in the metro d.c. area sure know how to rile up the populace ..by creating straw men and boogeymen at any given moment…

        A week ago it was the Khorasans..a complete pentagon fabrication….

        Now it’s mr. ebola coming to get ya!

        What’ll it be next week ?

        Fear ,lies ,and constant propaganda to keep us all in total pandemonium…..

        We all know that everything emanating from the central planners and all their media accomplices is but a lie upon lie upon lie…

        Question is..just what is the damned truth anymore?


        • Possee,people around me have of it so why wouldn’t some terrorists think of it? It would be a cheap and devastating way to nail us here at home. Gives them a chance to die for Allah.

      24. “Good judgement is based on experience, and experience is based on poor judgement.” – Professor John Murtagh

        “All generalizations are false, including this one.” -Mark Twain

        “If a man says bad stuff to a woman it’s harassment. If a woman says bad stuff to a man it’s $5.99 a minute” – Unknown

        “If I were wrong, then one would have been enough.” – Albert Einstein’s response to the 1931 pamphlet “100 authors against Einstein,” commissioned by the Nazi Party as a contradiction to the Relativity Theory

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

        “Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I attack.” – Gen. Ferdinand Foch

        “That’s not opinion, that’s science. And science is one cold-hearted bitch, with a 14 inch strap-on.” – Unknown

        “The first lesson of economics is scarcity. There is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” – Thomas Sowell

        “Both science and religion, when they are certain, are at their most dangerous” – Robert Winston

        “Life is tough… it’s even tougher if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

        “One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.” -Diogenes

      25. Pay attention to the 4th quote by H. L. Mencken. It applies very well in most instances.

      26. If the USA is infected with an Ebola epidemic, then only one person is RESPONSIBLE. That is Obozo. And he needs to go. I have always been in awe of the sheer stupidity of Joe Biden. He’s a moron, no doubt about it. But he is better than this POS that wants to bring this country to its knees. He and his man, Michael, have to go! Preferably back to Kenya where they belong!!!

      27. The American government needs SOMEBODY to blame their bio weapon Ebola on….

      28. Wow, big surprise huh? Send the drones off and murder people who don’t want your lifestyle and act surprised when they then do something about your shit. Fucking Idiots.

      29. Let me make this clear to all morans, and potential wanna be morans. That’s newspeak for moron BTW.

        pharmaceutical drug corporation, private for profit prison industry, corporate pack money. Now wake the fuck up morans…this is all engineered quite obviously. A chimp should be able to figure this one out.

      30. They have been coming across the southern border for months now. Not only with Ebola, but with a new strain of T.B. and more than likely other things.

      31. So,the govt. still refuses to stop incoming flights and folks from hot zones/send troops to hot zones/screws up warning folks about patients they are dealing with infected/the list is endless,and they now want to blame terrorists?!I guess the govt. is a terrorist!

      32. Well, all the above may be true, but all those deaths caused by illegal immigration are a small price to pay in order to get some more Democrat voters… at least to the leftist fascist. Besides, THEIR kids, such as those of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists (same one with swimming pools still filled with water in CA) won’t be exposed, and they will hide behind their gated communities. As Orwell said, we’ll all be equal in the socialist workers’ paradise – only some will be “more equal” than the others. And not that the “Yes we can/Yes have no bananas” chanters will EVER get clue.

      33. Then there is that nasty EV-68 virus that half the country has had, or has, right now. If you haven’t had it, you will. It has killed a number of kids already, and many paralyzed others. Just google “EV-68 and illegal immigration” (or similar) and look for yourself. Again, in the twisted Aktion T4/Joseph Mengele/Japanese Unit 731 minds of some leftist elites, it is a small price to pay by us unwashed masses here if flyover country, I’m sure

      34. Here is a link to an article stating research was done by the Department of Defence stating that colloidal silver is effective in treating Ebola. And that a large shipment of this had been attempted to be delivered to the African continent but was stopped by certain parties even after it had the blessing of the World Health Organization for the silver to be shipped there. http://www.naturalnews.com/047101_Ebola_colloidal_silver_government_seizure.html

      35. Glad I have my bug out property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Other benefit is that the Maritimes are the only provinces in Canada where there is not a real estate bubble. And for those of you who “can’t stand the cold” – really, get a ***jacket***. Besides, on the Gulf Stream, it doesn’t get super cold there. And if you can’t take cool temps, why be a prepper? There will be some inconveniences with survival there, too! Personally, I used dignam.com – they sell rural property all over Canada, and have been in biz for 100 years, so they are good to deal with. And no, I have ZERO biz association with them. I only bought from them as I had followed their site for years, and finally found a good property on Brad d’Or Lake

      36. Correction, the WHO ended up stopping the shipment after they initially had agreed to it.

      37. with luck the terrorists will only infect other terrorists & all die!

        • You mean it would spread thru the white house/congress/senate?!Hmmm….

      38. Burt Gummer is a troll and the post was without point. The most probable scenario is a govt false flag spread of Ebola with all this ‘talk’ of terrorists just a cover story. Don’t fall for it. Ebola has been around for many decades and has never been used before by ‘terrorists’. On the other hand, our govt holds a patent on it. Who has done more research and envisioned more creative ways to use it than our own govt? Wake up! This talk of terrorists is just a cover story. Burt impostor, you challenged everyone to be a man. So man up. Don’t hide behind my name. Come up with your own, like mirror man or shadow lurker or piddle puddle. Whatever suites you best.

      39. Nutrient agar for Ebola could probably derived from human blood. Mucus might even work. An amateur could pull it off. One could offset the risks possibly. A terrorist could deliver the weapon and escape unscathed theoretically. That is if there were any safe places on earth after we went crazy with the Ebola.

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