Detroit Goes Under: “There Is No Way Out But Collapse”

by | Jun 16, 2013 | Headline News | 394 comments

Though most Americans go through their day thinking everything is now returning to normal, the fact of the matter is the situation is anything but stable.

With crime rates skyrocketing, home prices dropping to under $500 for a house, and the local government out of solutions, the city of Detroit is the latest to join the likes of Stockton, California, having just defaulted on its loans from creditors.

Despite promises to the contrary, it should come as no surprise that the city is unable to meet its obligations. And it won’t be the last. City and state governments all over America are in the same boat.

This is a serious occurrence, and one that will not only destroy the financial bottom line of lenders and wipe out retirement promises for tens of thousands of current and former employees, but may well foreshadow events to come throughout the rest of the United States in the near future:

The city of Detroit defaulted on $2.5 billion of its outstanding debt. The creditors are getting what they deserve.

He who lends to government depends on the exploitation of the people to get repaid.

The city’s retired city workers were also warned that significant cuts in pensions and health insurance would take place.

This is the problem all governments face. They promised the moon. Then when those workers retired, they had to be replaced. The cost of government is rising exponentially and this causes higher taxes and it becomes a dog chasing its own tail.

There is NO way out but collapse.

The economic model upon which government has been designed post-WWII is simply braindead. Dumb and Dumber could have done a better job.

The  size of government escalates and this creates a deflationary vortex through which the economy is sucked dry.

There is no surviving this crisis.

Politicians are desperate to cling to power so they buy tanks and guns to defend against the inevitable.

Via Martin Armstrong
emphasis added)

Detroit and Stockton are mere microcosms compared to the almost unimaginable debt obligations held by the United States government. We’re talking about tens of trillions of dollars that will never, ever be repaid. There’s so much money that has been borrowed that future generations yet to be born are already indebted.

Detroit, Chicago and other cash-strapped cities are turning into domestic tribal war zones akin to the middle east, with cops outnumbered 500-to-1. Now, with the revelation that they have no money left, people who believed in the benevolence of government and depended on them to pay for their retirements are going to be left high and dry.

We will see the same across the rest of this nation, as the federal government runs into similar funding problems for the one hundred million Americans dependent on monthly disbursement checks. These checks are either going to be cut, or more likely, our money will be inflated away driving prices for essential goods like food and energy to the moon.

It will end in disaster, and as Martin Armstrong notes, will lead to violent confrontations when people who thought they’d be taken care of from cradle to grave realize that no help is coming.

Absolutely plan on the worst case scenario – because you can be assured the government is.

You can prepare and have a chance to survive and thrive. Or, fail to do so and be guaranteed a world of horrific despair and poverty.

Understand this or pay the price: THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT COLLAPSE.


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Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

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    1. GSM 1 (sw)

      Nothing to see hear folks, just keep moving….

      Standing by in SC out!

      • OutWest

        How high is the water Mama?…Six feet high and rising!

        Keep the lifeboat tied up to the porch railing, Folks.
        Big rain acomin’.

        • Luther

          How high is the water Mama?…Six feet high and rising!

          I miss Johny CASH.

          • durango kidd

            This NOT a disaster. This is GOOD news. Why? Because city pension funds will get a real haircut: meaning that police, fire, city workers, and teachers will get creamed! Why is that GOOD news? These are the groups that support the NWO. Maybe they will get a clue.

            I am an American. WHEN they came for the engineers, I said nothing.

            WHEN they came for the manufacturing workers, I said nothing.

            WHEN they transferred the American means of production offshore, I said nothing.

            WHEN they allowed 60,000 factories to offshore their operations and get a tax deduction from US for doing so, I said nothing.

            WHEN 70 million jobs were lost as a result, I said nothing.

            WHEN they stole the vote and transferred the administration of American elections to Spain, I said nothing.

            WHEN they pushed their banking business into bankruptcy to collect the insurance from US, I said nothing.

            WHEN they stripped the US Constitution of our rights with unconstitutional legislation, and had the audacity to call it a Patriot Act, I said nothing.

            WHEN they allowed NSA to record every American conversation and read every American email, I said nothing.

            WHEN they pushed for Gun Control, I said nothing.

            WHEN the number of Americans on food stamps and welfare exploded to all time highs, I said nothing.

            WHEN they encouraged 30 million ILLEGALS to invade America, take our jobs and suppress our wages, I said nothing ………..

            Wake the fuck up America ….. engage!

            • fatty

              quoted sir.

            • Anonymous

              Your shits’ gettin old.

              Platitude after platitude.

              You got anything original to say?

              Any solutions other than… “Engage”?


              • durango kidd

                Create a Freedom Cell where you live. all po;itics are local. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

                Then reload. 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  durango kidd says:


                  Why? Our choices are their choice, and they own the voiting machines.

                  It doesn’t work that way anymore.

                  They encourage voiting because voting is their game.

                  We can’t dislodge an out of control criminal government by voting. It’s too late for that!

                  It’s a rigged system! And that should be as obvious as your size 15 foot!

                • slingshot

                  @ DK

                  Easier said than done on a freedom cell. I’ll bet most of us will have to go it alone. The only time things will happen is when they come to your door.

            • Thinker

              DK! Its passed time that people wake up,we need to stand up and make a difference not by words but by action! I for one will not spend another Fathers Day making apologies in my heart, to my kids and grand kids for what is taking place and the events unfolding.BO and the rest of the stiff shirts is not worth our time or energy of pursuit,the money men ,the bankers,there greed is who we need to be after? They are the ones that pulls the strings and has taking our freedom and turned us into slaves.
              All the people on this sight, posters and not need to consolidate through Mac and get organized State by State so we can stand together to change this course of destruction that is so apparent.The time for opsec is not the issue here, we cannot continue by opinions only,there like assholes we all have one but the only one that matters is the one we have of ourselves!! I am so tired of the the lies, and betrayal of this evil institution,that the time for these evil asshats needs to be over!!

              Have you all had enough yet??


              • durango kidd

                Thinker: The groups that will get creamed in Detroit and elsewhere are the backbone of our society. Until now, they have been immune from the effects of the TREASON in DC.

                Now they will get a taste of the shit sandwich that the Average American has been eating for years.

                Got milk? 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Anonymous says:


                “Why? Our choices are their choice, and they own the voiting machines.

                It doesn’t work that way anymore.

                They encourage voiting because voting is their game.

                We can’t dislodge an out of control criminal government by voting. It’s too late for that!

                It’s a rigged system! And that should be as obvious as your size 15 foot!”


                Look at all the “thumbs up.” Lopsided isn’t it!

                I wonder why that is?

                FYI… Anonymous@ 10:52pm IS YourMotherWasWrong. LOL!

                • durango kidd

                  I knew that. Throughout OUR history Americans have formed and supported new political parties: that is how the present parties came to be. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Start where you live.

                  The PTB FEAR an enlightened and enraged electorate. They don’t worry about LOSERS like you. If voting didn’t matter BO would not have been elected by the Sheeple.

                  If you leave politics to the other guy; the other guys will use YOUR government to serve themselves. Your Mama is a fucking LOSER!

                  Hide out in Idaho, George, with your eight guns and see how far that will get you. The NWO will start with the isolated freaks living in the woods who if organized and engaged could represent a formidable threat to them.

                  As it is, you and your eight guns are toast. 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  There isnt now and hasnt been any viable political or ballot box solution. The voting boils down to trying to pick the lesser evil. And all the politicians are parasite takers.Ill never vote again.

              • jwwarden

                We can’t blame the bankers or any other entity. It is “us” who is to blame. There are 48% of the American people living off the government. The government (that’s us)simply can’t afford this anymore. People are taking more from the government than is coming in so the government keeps borrowing. That can only go on for so long, before people quit lending to us. Americans are going to have to learn to live on less and that includes government workers and retirees.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  durango kidd says:

                  “I knew that.”

                  No you didn’t. You lie like the FedGov.

                  “If voting didn’t matter BO would not have been elected by the Sheeple.”

                  Voting put Obama in the White House. That’s a fact.

                  “The PTB FEAR an enlightened and enraged electorate.”

                  No they don’t. Because, you are an example of the supposed “enlightened and enraged electorate.” They don’t fear you! They OWN you… and you vote.

                  “Your Mama is a fucking LOSER!”

                  Ouch. You know nothing of me DK. But, I do know two things about you… I piss you off, and you have big feet.

                  “Hide out in Idaho, George, with your eight guns and see how far that will get you. The NWO will start with the isolated freaks living in the woods who if organized and engaged could represent a formidable threat to them.”

                  Say what??

                  “eight guns.”


                  P.S. In your haste to post, you forgot to give me a “thumbs down.” Please correct that as I may not be able to sleep tonight if you don’t.

                • harley hooch

                  When the deficit spending and the companies started moving over seas i started screaming about it. No one can spend more than they get and it was a plan to destroy the us by moving the jobs overseas. NOT A DAMN PERSON WOULD LISTEN TO ME. THEY USED THE SMART ASS REMARK–THAT IS WHAT WE PAY CONGRESS TO DO AND I AM NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT IT.

              • Buck

                I’m very ready,I have many skills and am now waiting for the “call” I’m not a general,but could be a very good leader, “go” time is rapidly approaching, we need to get organized,,,,now

            • SD Mule

              I must agree 100%!!

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                SD Mule says:

                I must agree 100%!!”

                Spoken like the true Mule [Ass].

            • Vicky

              We’ve said plenty, but can’t see any results, except we’re probably on another list somewhere. We have no power as solid citizens, and don’t know how we get it back. Seems to me you have a real grasp of the history of our demise as free citizens.

            • Tucker

              “This NOT a disaster. This is GOOD news. Why? Because city pension funds will get a real haircut: meaning that police, fire, city workers, and teachers will get creamed! Why is that GOOD news? These are the groups that support the NWO. Maybe they will get a clue.”

              I am in 100 percent agreement with the Durango Kidd on this observation.

              In fact, I have less sympathy for reading news of a dead cop than I do for dead flies or dead cockroaches.

              That wasn’t how I used to feel, but that was before the jackbooted thugs with badges pulled off Ruby Ridge and then Waco, and then kicked off their program of abusing the citizens of this nation who pay their salaries.

            • Jakejekel

              When i am killed by my government for having more then someone who doesn’t work, doesn’t support themselves, and doesn’t contribute anything…. i will wish i had said something. it is too late for us, but maybe our children can have a chance?

            • Luther

              Sooner or later the camels back will break, sooner or later more people will speak out, sooner or later people will say enough.

              We know it and the DHS knows it why else are they stocking up with ammo, weapons,armor vehicles and riot gear.

              As much as I believe my voice is no longer heard I still make the calls.

              • c

                They are “stocking up” to remove the ammo from the shelves so you and others can not buy it. The have no need for that much ammor EVER. Even in a 20 year civil war that don’t need that much according to the experts in that field. So what are they doing? They are removing it from you – locking it up so you can’t buy it by not allowing it to get to a store near you.

            • Indio

              I was bitchin and having fits back in the 70’s and 80’s against poster boy for NAFTA Ronald Reagan back then. I lost my job making a good living, they took it from me. I worked up north in a manufacturing plant. I wish I could dig up his bones and piss on them and burn them. These people have been planning this for a long time.

              • Luther

                Indio you are right about one thing, they have been planning this for quite some time!

                • Ray

                  But hell lets blame the Black guy!

              • Kevin2


                GH Bush pushed NAFTA at the end of his term. Clinton was against it in the campaign but literally twisted Democrat Congressmen’s arms to get it passed and not to be outdone signed China Free Trade (effectively NAFTA on steroids) and the demise of Glass-Steagall.

                NAFTA was a non issue during the terms of Ronald Reagan.

                Clinton always gets a pass with this and he did by far the most damage to the US working man and was so deceitful about it.

              • John W.

                Clinton passed NAFTA. Not Reagan. Reagan for all hos faults was probably the last president to actually give a damn about the country. Funny to you Obama supporters.

                • Tom F.

                  John W.,

                  I have been saying the same thing about Reagan for the last several years – that he was most likely the last president we’ve had that really cared about this country.

                  Your comment and that of Kevin2 immediately above yours are right on the mark.

            • had enough rant

              really durango kidd ? ! My hubby is one of those firmen you are putting down. Where were you when he was pulling people out of burning cars? How about picking up the body parts of folks run over by trains? Where were you when he made car wrecks night after night for 38 yrs helping folks to get out alive? Where were you when it was 100 degress out side and he had to make that apartment fire? How about giving tours of firehalls to kids who wanted to know about the life of a fireman. Were you there the night he cried after all the firemen died in new york on 9-11? Are you there when he graciously goes to the homes of people who have absolutly NO ONE to care about them and helps them up off the floor and back in their chair or bed for the hundreth time. And yes–he does get cats out of trees, even though he will tell you that he’s never seen a cat skeleton in a tree.

              I have benifited greatly from the good prepping info on this site. I thank each and everyone for helping me to get prepared for what is surly to come.

              However ! Really, you must think about what you are writing before engaging fingers. I just happen to believe that public servants deserve to get paid and retire decently for doing the work they do. This includes “police, fire, city workers, and teachers”.
              Untill you are ready to take on the roll of these people perhaps you might tell them thank you instead of being glad they are going to get “creamed” .

              And yes, FYI, we do have our own back up retirement plans, just in case the folks in the city government feel like he’s not quite worth it as far as taking care of the one who took care of them for 38 yrs.

              rant over.

              • Anonymous

                I have no problem with fireman earning a salary for their active service.

                The urine-in-the-oat-meal is the completely unrealistic retirement promises that they they are so convinced will be fulfilled. They sooner they get a reality check about these ridiculously optimistic pension plans, the sooner they may be inclined to side with the workers in the private sector rather than considering them as the obligated source for their retirement funds.

              • Indy Colts

                My dad is a 25 + year fire vet and I agree with (had enough) Fireman are not NWO because they are in the business of saving lives. Ever had to stay with someone in a wreck with the steering wheel enbeded in there chest? Talking with them until they finally die? Durango Kid = I sometimes agree with your posts but fireman are mostly good people and don’t share the same attitude of policeman.

                Can we stop with the not voting stuff already? Thats why this country is being run be tptb is because their people show up at polls and recruit new voters. I’m starting to believe our community is composed of a bunch of complainers and keyboard gangsters.

                Watch your six!

              • Not so Much

                Of course, none of the stuff you listed entitles any of you people to the unsustainable pension you think you are entitled to.

                • Not so Much

                  And before you ask ‘where was I’, I was getting my entire body ruined by a military that didnt give me a pension or veterans benefits.

              • Anonymous

                Its my understanding that the fire department jobs are highly sought after. They have wonderful benefits compared to a lot of jobs. I think your husband should be quite happy that he has been chosen for his position, not bitchin about the duties involved.

              • durango kidd

                I knew that. Throughout OUR history Americans have formed and supported new political parties: that is how the present parties came to be. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Start where you live.

                The PTB FEAR an enlightened and enraged electorate. They don’t worry about LOSERS like you. If voting didn’t matter BO would not have been elected by the Sheeple.

                If you leave politics to the other guy; the other guys will use YOUR government to serve themselves. Your Mama is a fucking LOSER!

                Hide out in Idaho, George, with your eight guns and see how far that will get you. The NWO will start with the isolated freaks living in the woods who if organized and engaged could represent a formidable threat to them.

                As it is, you and your eight guns are toast. 🙂

              • durango kidd

                Had Rnough: I didn’t say that public employees don’t deserve a reasonable salary and pension. They do. But public employees do not need to be paid 60% more than a comparable job in the marketplace; nor do they deserve a cadillac pension and health care plan at the public’s expense.

                The fact is that while the average American has been receiving less compensation year after year in real terms, public employees have seen their salaries and benefits skyrocket: do some research. I have.

                The gravy train is over for public employees and pointy headed bureaucrats! Get use to it. 🙂

                • Freedom

                  @DK – Huh? Where is there a comparable job in marketplace that would even come
                  close to a firefighter or police officer?

                  And?? They support the NWO?? Lol
                  You crack me up!! Me thinks you are totally clueless and like to rant.

                  Why not try educating instead of creating negativity and separation of our people.

                  It is “U.S.” against them!
                  We either work together or we lose!
                  Separation of our people is exactly what the government wants,
                  And it’s obviously working on this site!

                • AZ Ready


                  DK stated “public employees”, not necessarily fire and police.

                  Police do support the view of the NWO if they trample your rights as do any other “public employees” who support the same ideas and views of you and I.

                • durango kidd

                  Freedom: Do you mean “where in the marketplace is there a job that even comes close to a fireman or police officer”(pay)?

                  My point exactly. Private security even armed security, only pays about $16 per hour with a private firm and there is no cadillac pension and health care.

                  They support the NWO because they are the backbone of the system: the skeleton upon which society rests, and with which the NWO exercises its muscles.

                  Without the political support of these basic stakeholders, the PTB are without a constituency. Its that simple.

              • Anonymous

                Firemen police ect are parasites their money comes from some productive person being taxed & robbed. I see them lounging around the fire station. Is a cushy job with benifits & perks,. And guess Im a unpaid vollentier fireman with my local rural fire dept. All they want to do to generate revenue is panhandle and apply for goverment grants. Someone doing their job isnt automaticly a HERO. If it so bad they are welcome to quit and get a job working for some producer who must make a profit from what they do.

                • Freedom

                  Yikes….another “wanna-be” cry baby.

                • durango kidd

                  In one city I know of in Arizona, a Fire Lt makes $90k a year, 24 “on” and 24 “off”. Thats good pay and good duty, when 51% of all Americans make less than $30k a year and the median income is $42,500.

                  I appreciate the work you do but don’t believe that I should support your gravy train. Its that simple.

              • John W.

                Fireman is one of the easiest most overpaid jobs in the world. most have so much time off they have second jobs or own businesses. their retirement is one of the best and unless they get involved in a disaster like the WTC on 9/11 they live long healthy lives. Retirement at fifty with more than full pay what a rough life.

            • kynase

              Normally I don’t mind your posts, but sometimes you make some pretty intense broad generalizations that just aren’t true. Not all of those people support the NWO. I have been a loyal public educator for 9 years and recently lost my job for turning in my bosses for severe violations in law and abuse towards students and staff. So, I am personally offended that you would lump me in with a group that allegedly supports the NWO. It just ain’t true.

              • Anonymous

                I thought what he meant was ” they” as a group and not individuals. There are almost always exceptions. What has bothered me for a long time is the fact that arrogant thinking trickles way down the line. Before my husband retired, he had a union job. During one of the meetings, when the employees were trying to settle a strike, one of the employees stated that it was his opinion that all of the people who did the job he did, deserved a high percentage raise than the lower employees. He went on to state that, the reason being, they were used to a higher standard of living. Bull…

              • durango kidd

                kynse: While I appreciate your position and particular circumstances, the group you belong to are criminals by your own admission.

                Find a =good lawyer and sue the bastards. Someone should take it pro bono knowing that the school system insurance policy will have to pay.

            • California Resident

              I live in Stockton, CA. and this article is 100% accurate. Stockton is a rust bucket with a new “Earl Scheib” paint job covering it.

              There were a few water tanks west of Interstate-5 that had a graphic on it that said “Stockton, Someplace Special”. A few people noticed one day that some taggers had modified the signage to say “Stockton, .38 Special”.

              Of course, it got painted over in a heartbeat.

              • John W.

                Stockton like most of the Central valley is now part of Mexico. To compound the problem the Feds have destroyed the farms by cutting off the water. Not much of a future there.

            • Commie hater

              Good post, DK. Red thumb commies, but the red thumbs remind us that there are commies out there..

            • joy

              You said nothing just like EVERYONE ELSE IN AMERICA

            • wallry

              Maybe you should have said something.

            • billy bob

              Nice job

            • BHTX

              Well said.

            • GSM 1 (sw)

              You are spot on! Sir

              Standing by in SC out!

          • Bud

            “I fell in to a Burning Ring of Fire”…John and June Cash

        • Jim(another Jim)

          Well, I guess I am here in the frozen north of Michigan by myself. Oh wait, I am the one to turn off the lights when I leave.

          • wrong

            I’m here too!

            • hammerhead

              see jim…….. now theres three up here.

            • pissinwiththewind

              All you people left around the Detroit area best get TF out while you still can.

              As the shit gets deeper, more and more LE and municipal workers are doing what they have done for decades….. moving south.

              In the Mid-Atlantic regions, there has been a huge influx of people coming from Michigan over the last few years. Most are educated,well spoken, and can get jobs here. The exodus will continue and all that will be left are Muslims and roving gangs.

              If you are rural and self sufficient enough, you might be OK for a while though. Just keep plenty of ammo and guns ready.

              • Defiant Americans against corruption

                Well I don’t know if this is good news or not but the gangs and groups will have to eat somewhere and get food, if businesses shut down and food stores they will have to go where grocery stores are open to eat, so they will be moving out of the area into populated areas where there are open grocery stores if they shut down in Detriot,

        • Shootit

          OW… Been raining. Sprayed some weeds. Grass is tall. Dock is on floats. Made some adjustments. To bad EGore wasn’t right. DC could be under water. Never mind they are under water. I hope they bought their Water Wings while they were cheap.

      • Barterman

        standing by in sc! too!

        • GSM 1 (sw)

          Inman here; Hello from the Upstate!

          Standing by in SC out!

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Standing by in “The Dark Corner,” here. Palmetto State Forever! Dum Spiro Spero.

            • GSM 1 (sw)

              We need to have a meet up I had no idea there are so many of us!

              Standing by in SC out!

              • Blacksmith

                Blacksmith from the Lowcountry of S.C.has your back !

                • Tactic

                  Anderson/Easley Region here and Ready!!!

                • Em hunter

                  And we are covering your flank from the SC midlands

              • snake eater

                hell I`ve been trying to get you guys to meet up for over a YEAR it seems like some are afraid of their shadow. for those you can come get into my big side pockets GSM1 tried to get you to answer me over a year ago,,,,


                • GSM 1 (sw)

                  Sorry I might not have seen it, I usually don’t go back to an article unless something in the post thread strikes me…….

            • Jasmine

              RIDICULOUS Mac, an article about Detroit and a picture from New York City. Time for a geography lesson. Geez, really?

              • Gatornaught

                Statue faces southeast…so that’s Jersey, not NY.

                • Them Guys

                  Damn! And all this time I was under the impression that was the worlds largest statue of Mary located at the Vatican! Or was it that, Lady of Goucamolie in Mexico somewheres.(sarc).

              • Snisha

                Ridiculous? Hardly! Would you not agree that the entire point of the article is that this issue is not unique to Detroit but indeed the Nation and World.

                Hell, let’s try to build bridges here. Not burn em down eh?

                I for one am quite grateful to Mac for his continuing “spot on” analysis!

              • Jim(another Jim)

                Wow, talking about missing the point of the article Jasmine

              • gonzo

                It’s symbolic to what this nation is going to be facing.

              • Truth

                umm…Lady Liberty drowning there Jas…thats the point

              • YH


                You seriously misunderstood the symbolism behind the photo??? My God people are getting stupid. Dumb as a bag of rocks.

                • Walt Kowalski


                  Yeah…it gets old quick when you have to explain it to them. Some folks can’t pickup on symbolism or sarcasm. It’s totally lost on them.

                  Jasmine is no doubt a product of our fine public educational system.

              • Kulafarmer

                Lady liberty is one of the most iconic symbols of America. the picture represents the American nation under water and also stands for our liberties drowning. Just my opinion of what was meant by the picture.

            • John W.

              Ain’t you the morons that keep electing lady Lindsey to the senate? You people are idiots.

          • hillbilly SC

            GSM and Barterman,

            Standing guard for y’all in the golden corner of Oconee County.

            Tomatoes, peppers, peas, and the cukes are doing great so far. 🙂

            All we need is for snake to check in. 🙂

            Y’all enjoy your fathers day, we had a great time getting things organized some more.

            hillbilly SC

            • hillbilly SC

              Unreconstructed Southron,

              Y’all can’t use dem funny words of latin…

              To hard for this ole’ boy. Just picture a monkey looking at a math problem. 🙂 Dat’s me. 🙂

              Up here we just say “While I breathe, I hope” or something like that.

              Love being in God’s county.

              Hey GV, don’t want to leave you out also.

              Life is good when da Mrs. gets me some Red Strip for today. 🙂

              Y’all play nice.

              hillbilly SC

            • snake eater

              man I`m fishing hard putting fish away/up got over 400 lbs of smoked fish already


              • hillbilly SC

                Morning Snake.

                I might have to trade ya some canned stew beef for some fish. 🙂 We did the pork loin last week. Got 16 pint and 1/2 out of it. The mrs. is looking for some recipes that will work with it.

                When we are able to get some money ahead we still want to do the gunshow in G’ville. We can meetup and compare notes. Looks like it will be the fall show. Just hopes the world keeps spinning till then.

                Enjoy the day.

                hillbilly SC

      • GV

        Standing ready in SC as well!

        • Gonetoolong

          Up the road here in NC. Standing by.

          • Highspeedloafer

            Me too! I am in the southern state tonight though doing a little fishing.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Me too…me too… me too…!!!

      • 1for all

        off topic. But why are TBTF banks stocks up 900%?JP Morgan BofA and Citi corp.

        • 1for all

          Must have been a mistake on cnn market watch sry.

      • Mc

        Standing by in calhoun county, sc. Nice to see so many people from ths fine state.

      • AZ Ready

        Yes, OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Detroit has fallen because of climate change. The great black migration. The black undertow. Sure crony politics played a role but it was black crony politics this time. White guilt resulting in white flight resulting in no tax base to pay for all the goodies promised to those that simply take and never give. 2% black at the turn of the century and Detroit was the Paris of the west. 2013, 82% black and a virtual shit hole worse than Mogadishu. Look at EVERY other city where there is a large black population. Tribal mentality plain and simple.

        • CLess


          I looked at some census figures on Detroit yesterday, while I agree that there has been a large increase in the “black” population… What i find interesting is that there is not an ethnic catagory for those of Middle Eastern descent… ie. Muslim….?

          I remember hearing that there are areas of Detroit completely overrun by Islam and their Sharia Law, even judges of local courts “back” this Sharia crap…

          How do we know how many Middle Eastern people are really in our counrty… or is that number purposely hidden???


        • Facebook Page

          That not even close to Mogadishu. Not even close. It is going to get much worst then you can start to compare.

          • John W.

            Just wait until the checks and other free stuff stop. Not just in Detroit but all over the country.

      • GSM 1 (sw)

        MAC is there anyway to make a bulletin board to post community activities and meet ups on here?
        There are a lot of regular posters that live around me and it would be good to meet these people, and maybe promote an alternative to 9/12, a SHTF Plan project/

        • snake eater

          I`ll meet anyone at Barnes and noble in Spartanburg anytime…. I`m not fishing have…. offered this before with no takers. IF all in here are being watched by uncle then the only ones we are hiding from is each other……………I don’t care if you follow me home you might learn something…………


          • GSM 1 (sw)

            I travel a lot for work, but I should be home in a couple of weeks. I’d like to schedule something but I’m not sure when I’ll be home. Mt youtube channel is matknis800 please contact me there so we can get together!

        • Facebook Page

          Make a extra email and post it. Then weed though the crap and you will be able to meet up with local shif members it work for me.

      • arizona

        GSM,the road crews are clearing the rural highways SO big troop transports can land out there,NATO troops are coming into every military base by the thousands,the police gangs are gearing up to attack america,all the federal agents are gearing up to attack america,THIS 4th OF JULY,will be the end OF AMERICA….RED DAWN,not a movie this time,GET READY,WE REALLY IN FOR IT………………….

        • GSM 1 (sw)

          Thanks for the heads up! I’ll have to be on the lookout for anything like that.

          • John W.

            Better not look for it. If you see it they have to kill you. The voices tell me that. The Jews are also behind it. Yeah. thank God we have a wonderful president like Barack. The man of endless vacations and a hundred million dollar vacation boondoggle to Africa while troops in Afghanistan can no longer get a hot meal at night. Things will be so much better when Hillary gets the nod in 2016.

    2. Ordinary Average Guy

      Coming soon…to your town

      • KY Mom

        Cutting back during these tough economic times? How about a trip to Africa?

        Apparently Barack Obama was not talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

        “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
        Barack Obama

        White House defends high bills for Africa trip

        “The White House Friday defended the first family’s upcoming weeklong trip to Africa, which could cost taxpayers up to $100 million, as “great bang for our buck.”

        “The excursion will involve military cargo planes airlifting 56 support vehicles, including 14 limousines, and three trucks to carry bulletproof glass panels to cover the windows where the first family is set to stay. A Navy aircraft carrier or amphibious ship with a fully staffed medical trauma center will be stationed offshore in case of an emergency.

        Fighter jets will fly in shifts to provide around-the-clock protection over the president’s airspace. The trip will reportedly involve hundreds of Secret Service agents.”
        (Washington Times)


        Sequester Cuts Begin…
        On List: White House Tours and Army Tuition
        Off List: Obama Vacations

        Obama Excludes His Vacations from Sequester Cuts
        (Vision to America)

          • OutWest

            Maybe for an extra 100 million dollar bribe,
            the Africans would keep him there. But then
            again, maybe they aren’t as stupid as the
            American voter seems to be, either.

            • Them Guys

              Abe Lincoln desperatly tried to convince African leadership back before and during the us civil war, to accept a return of the 3 million freed slaves, once freed.

              No matter what abe tried, even pay offs etc the african leadership remained the same…NO! NO WAY! Even their Own former nation, and nation of birth for many, rejected any return to africa by them. Says alot eh.

              I read that abe also had several other areas in the planning stages including central america where they could set up a New nation run by and inhabited by and for african freed slaves, because lincoln realized no matter what america and american white folks ever do, nothing will ever cause the two so different groups or races to assimilate as one. It was not any type racist or evil plot etc. It simply was born from many honest observations of both whites and africans, and the many, many vast differences between the two groups.

              150 yrs later it appears old abe was on to something regarding assiminaltion regardless what or how much whites do or agree to, on behalf of such a “pipe dream” as the two entirely different groups/races become as one like in a marriage.

              Aprox 640,000 white soldiers from Both sides Died freeing aprox 3-Million african slaves. Do the math. Thats about One dead whiteman, for every 5 slaves freed. And thats Not counting all the white civilians killed off in that conflict. Its is likly in round numbers to at least reach 1 million total soldiers/civilians dead. That Ups the anty to one dead White folk, for every 3 freed african.

              Next time Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, or any Other uppity african blacks get in Your face by playing their “Race Card” antics…Remind the idiots of These facts eh. Thats all the reperations they get.

              • M

                Sharpy and Jacky are useful idiots who keep the african americans riled up hating whitey. So whitey be scared and shovel money at the police state for protections.

                Underneath every sideways baseball cap , is a community organizer . Waiting for a check to keep stirring the huge flaming tub of racist shit.

                • Two Buckets

                  Whats up with the sideways baseball caps cant they do anything straight, the wear their trousers below their arses they cant sit upright behind a steering wheel no they have to be slouched almost on the backseat they cant even hold a pistol straight has to be sideways

              • snake eater

                them guys
                why in hell would they want them back they sold their asses to slavers in the first place they cannot afford to feed them anyway


                • Anonymous

                  History shows that when the market demand for slaves dries-up, the supply is slaughtered to reduce inventory.

        • bob

          DO I AS SAY , NOT AS I DO, MINIONS!!! I am the leader not the example.

        • Bo Jones

          Gee, HITLER almost had as much Security as this: KING OBANA is getting his people and MECCA ready. His plans are gunna be Syria and the Arabic (his own kind) AND WE are paying for this while we are getting screwed! SUCS! I say DO NOT let him back into the Country until he can produce a REAL NOT Bogus Birth Certificate!!! Let’s hear bout some GOOD NEWS For a CHANGE!

        • 9er Xray

          To spend so lavishly when many citizens worry about their next meal or a place to stay, reeks of being the most despicable act. Where is all that caring and sensitivity?

          Sometimes I get so disgusted with the absolute disconnect that the politicians display, it is just heartbreaking to observe how low Wash. D.C. has become.

          Yes, collapse is the only outcome.

          • TX Granny

            A “Marie Antoinette” attitude???
            Remember how that ended???

            • KY Mom

              The Obama’s are currently in Ireland.

              Michelle and the girls are staying at a hotel in southern Ireland, while Barack attends the G8 summit in in Fermanagh, about 160km away.

              “No expense has been spared in catering for the comforts of Mrs. Obama and her party. It is understood she will stay in the luxurious €2,500-a-night Princess Grace suite.

              It is understood a total of 30 rooms in the five-star, 265-bedroom hotel, have been booked for the visit of Mrs. Obama and her entourage.”

        • Shootit

          Pray for bad weather.

        • YH

          Too bad there’s no way to prevent him from re-entering the U.S.. I would gladly sacrifice the aircraft carrier (no personnel on board), the military planes, the limos and everything else if he would agree not to return.

        • John W.

          Remember when the media used to tear into G.W.Bush for spending a week in beautiful Crawford, Texas. Yet not a peep for the vacations Obama takes that are totally out of line with any common decency.

    3. Facebook Page

      Who will be next and how many before we learn our lesson?

    4. Moto767

      If a collapse happens, what happens to everybodys mortgages on their houses?

      • Mensa Graham

        Trust that the bankers will keep track of what you owe and to whom.

        • JayJay

          I have a statement copy of my mortgage payment for every month since August, 2007.
          No problem.

          • BenBernanke

            That won’t mean shit if they think they can take it from you and get anything out of it. Same thing for the idea of prepaying property taxes. Those records will be lost any receipts, statements, notorized documents, videos of you paying the taxes, won’t matter. Remember, you’ll have to fight the county in THEIR courts.

        • lastmanstanding

          No fucking way they will collect.

          No fucking way.

          • John W.

            All these new legalized “citizens” will need homes. Might as well steal them some as the current owners will be in FEMA camps or dead.

        • TheGuy

          I’ve very little doubt they’ll keep perfect track of what you owe and to whom.

          Absolutely perfect track.

          And… the .gov will be overwhelmingly happy to give you a compulsory “public works” “job” to “assist you in paying back your creditors”.

          A job with 14 hour working days. And no free accomodations or food (because what do you think we are, communists?) And an inflation rate that means you’ll be working that “job” for the rest of your natural life.

          EVERYONE WINS!

          Well except you…

          This is why I’m not prepped. I’ve been dealing with the eventuality of this scenario first.

          Jokes on me.

          I’ll avoid the “work crew” and merely starve to death…

          • markinAZ

            kinda sounds like how life is now…LOL!

            • Theguy

              Yeah it does.

        • Indy Colts

          Can you imagine whats going to happen when they try to repo those homes. Can you say brass and lead parade? I don’t see how they could repo all the defaulted homes in a complete breakdown. They will probably go for the most valuable ones first.

      • Kettle Moraine

        If it was in a fairy tale world, no one would even know the difference if a city defaults. No more local government, no water, sewer, gas, garbage pickup, unless everyone takes IOU’s. Everyone would be on there own, just like living out in no where land.

        But in the real world it could be chaos. The leeches benefits stop and all hell breaks loose. Next thing you know and the city is burnt to the ground!!

        Depending what scenario happens, you would think the businesses would still be in operation and the mortgage will still have to be paid, although you might not be getting your insurance settlement from the house burning down, because they went under with all the claims.

        Hope you don’t live in any city, let alone one that is bankrupt.
        molon labe

        • Them Guys

          This detroit default doesn’t mean collapse like some folks here seem to think. Broke? Yes. Bankrupt? Yes. But that don’t mean all systems of public water etc will stop flowing. The Mich Govner appointed a guy to be the city manager and oversee this fiasco. They will have to keep water and nat gas flowing as many folks still reside there. I have no idea how or whats being done about it all as I stopped paying atten to detroit when I moved Out about 18 yrs ago. It wont simply stop or collapse and everybody there goes without necessary water etc.

          What makes folks think monetary defaults automatically means total collapse of everything they can imagian? Whats to stop govnt’s from going to different monetary system or re-name dollars to another name. Like Ameros or euros etc. Or Cashless Debits. Its not as if one day soon america defaults then collapses then…What then? 300+ Million folks Vaporize into thin air or disappear or what?

          Or 300+ Million folks stop eating and living as if by some coincidence? Come on. You Can Bet some of the persons who control it all has another “Plan” up their sleaves so to speak. Just because We do not know what it is yet, don’t mean there aint a plan. Mad Max scenario is made for TV stuff. That wont occure except for maybe inner city areas untill its quelled. That quelling wont take long. A Total collapse of the entire usa as some envision it is too TV show I think.

      • Vicky

        We’ll have to pay them, or lose the property, of course. The banks aren’t going to let any opportunity for repayment get by them. Of course, property may be worthless pretty soon, and I don’t know what happens then. We’re currently making triple house payments on our house and 13 acres. After that, you have to worry about taxes. Our are already sky high and my poor husband is never going to be able to retire, assuming the company continues to function. We have no idea what to do about future retirement, anyway. After Cyprus, nothing is safe and I think the general plan is to let all the old people die off and squeeze every last cent of the younger people who still have jobs. I don’t remember ever being this discouraged about the future and we’ve been through some tough times during our married life. We’re all concerned about the government and what they might choose to do about us and to us. We live close enough to Detroit to be aware of it and the problems and this wasn’t unexpected by any thinking, rational person.

        • BenBernanke

          The main idea behind reverse mortgages is to prevent your offspring from inheriting a paid-for house, thus dodging their rightful role as a debt slave.

        • lastmanstanding

          Vicki, not to be disrespectful, but why are you even here? Not to mention the other 19 of you that gave her the thumb up.

          Make your last stand.

          No way they win…NO WAY.

          • TheGuy

            No way they DON’T. Why don’t you face it?

            Remember the guy… that lit himself on fire… on the steps of the court house?

            … I didn’t think so.

            You see my point.

            Go ahead, make your “last stand” for what it’s worth (which is exactly nothing). It won’t even make the obituaries page in the newspaper.

            • Anonymous

              Brother I’m on your side.

              God and the earth gave us life…not the govt.

              There won’t be a newspaper much longer anyway.

              I am tired of living a lie created by evil people.

        • Luther

          Detroit, I do not feel safe even though I’m in a N.E. burb, still to close, knowing a retreat awaits me a few hours away helps ease the mind.

          Vicky your concern about what the Gov may do with us is wasted energy, focus on how you are going to prevent them from doing anything to you, safety is in numbers with the same mindset.

          For those not able to pay mortgages and property taxes nation wide, well I believe you’ll see neighbors banding together and the banks with all their hired mercenaries and the Feds will not have enough power to kick millions off they’re property.

          Again, our security will be with like minded in numbers.

          • rooster

            Hi Luther, i am just a few miles south of Marysville exit 262 off 94, where “about” are you?

            rooster standing by

            • Luther

              Macomb Co. S. of Romeo. 20 min from you.

          • sixpack

            It must be nice to be able to afford a retreat…

            • Luther

              Affordable? It can be in an old chicken coup a friend has or a plot of land 90×150. My definition of a retreat is anywhere but here, hell this is 2013 without a pot to piss in.

              • sixpack

                I’d happily take a chicken coup off the beaten path if I could get one. A basement corner would be good, fewer entryways to defend…cooler spot for my supplies. I would happily trade carpets and drapes for security any day.

        • TheGuy

          This was not called execution.
          It was called “retirement”

          -Blade Runner

        • Socrates


          I don’t comment here too often, but felt compelled to respond to your post. Yes, it is a horrible state of affairs now, this crazy world we live in. Try not to get hung up on material possesions even if you worked all your life for them. I know that sounds very easy to say from another’s standpoint, but believe me- they are all just ‘things’.

          I have lost everything in my life once already and the pain does go away after some time passes. ‘Things’ come and go. Many things can be replaced, you cannot. Our unique fingerprints on each of our hands are proof that every single one of us…is unique and special. Hold your head up and do not be discouraged…as Yoda said-don’t give in to the dark side!

        • Indy Colts

          Your not safe just because you don’t have a mortgage. Whos to say they don’t make property tax 10 times what it is now. How would you pay property tax with no income or financial institution? Are you going to the courthouse and offer them some PM? Then what? They follow you back home and rob you of the other PM you have? Homes will be dwellings for whoever is willing to defend them. There’s no army in the world large enough to put 300 million Americans out of their homes. Even if they did; there wouldn’t be enought FEMA camps to house them all.

      • BenBernanke

        Hell, they routinely break the law now. What do you think they’ll do after any major economic crisis? If you’re cut off from utilities & have to camp out in your house, just be careful. Accidental fires will spike because of candles, etc. Be careful, it could happen anytime, rendering some bank’s foreclosed house worthless.

        • harp1034

          People are looting vacant homes as it is. Hot water heater, dish washer, commodes, sinks, micro wave, etc. Some banks are not transferring the title after kicking people out. Then the homeowner gets tickets for high weeds, litter, etc.

      • john in al

        Actually, as the funny money loses it’s purchasing power, your mortgage will get cheaper, due to inflation, if your have a fixed rate(interest rate will skyrocket).

      • Leon H

        The mortgage gets bought for pennies on the dollar by someone that saw it coming or a bank. I suppose they MAY offer to let you stay as a renter but you won’t be able to pay the mortgage so you loose it.

      • anonymous6.8

        @ Moto,

        From today’s or yesterday’s Washington Post. Pedro Morales, immigrant worked his way into owning a landscaping business. Saved for 20 years to put $20K down on more home than he should have been buying. Business reversals left him unable to pay his mortgage. Bank foreclosed. Old news, so far.

        Morales was stunned a few years later to learn the bank was coming after him for the diff between what his underwater home sold for as REO and what he owed. He can’t pay the banksters. They have him by the short hair. Mr Hardworking Guy is now a debt slave.

        The banksters pay the political weasels re election. They select and get “their” judges ratified. The laws are written and interpreted to favor them. Big surprise, that.

        The coming social unrest is of a we win or we die nature. When we win, let’s hang the banksters before we hang the lawyers. Panocracy by direct participation. No career wheedler parasites to be bought and sold.

        If it goes down any other way the banksters own you too. I say you rather than us because I have had no debt since 2000.

      • BigB


        If an economic collapse happens there will be so much inflation that you can pay off your home for what a 10 gallons of gas will costs. Core inflation, one which includes food and energy would shoot up making the dollar worth 10% of what it is today and that is being conservative.


    5. Iowa

      I Love Iowa.

      • Ugly

        The refugees from Detroit will soon love Iowa too.

        • josh

          there will be no refugees from Detroit, if you haven’t noticed Detroit has been collapsing for 10+ years. everyone that isnt sticking around has already left, look at population numbers.. Ive been to Detroit recently and know people investing down there, they are building a local food system, when the dollar collapses Detroit may be one of the few safe havens since nothing will be changing because they’ve already been experiencing collapse for quite some time.

          • Ugly


            Detroit has experienced collapse with Government assistance and bailouts. What will happen when those are cut, reduced, or even eliminated?

            I have family members experiencing economic collapse with rental assistance, food stamps, medicade, and other stuff.

            I think you are living in a dream world. Nobody is doing a food program to feed 400,000+ in Detroit, unless it is ‘free’ and bought by something else.

            The reason why Detroit and others will not recover is because there is no ‘real’ plan for economic development. No jobs, then no tax collections.

            Anyway, prepare for the worse but definitely pray for the best.

            • lonelonmum

              Just as after Katrina a few smart souls created community gardens etc in the lots of derelict homes, so the same has happened in parts of Detroit. You won’t hear much about this on the MSM for 2 reasons:-

              1/ OPSEC – those who are too poor to move, but too smart to just roll over and die are staying on the down low in the absence of decent law and order.

              2/The MSM don’t want no po’ trash to go gitting no ideas now! The idea of self-sufficiency in the face of disaster could spread and that would NEVER do! (

              I’m NOT denying a lot of people are suffering, but anyone who assumes that a few small pockets of Detroit residents haven’t banded together by now to maintain security for their families on their own block or to homeschool, or grow a few veggies is denying the sheer ingenuity that the human spirit possesses.

              In every locale there will be “zombies” just sitting waiting for the next handout and those who have prepped either by moving away (though the window of opportunity to do that may shortly close) or hunkering down to weather the storm.

              It’s worth researching and reaching out to those small pockets of critical thinkers in Detroit to see just how they are getting on, just as we all learned from Manos, Ferfal etc. After all what they are experiencing today is “coming soon to a Town near you” for us all.

    6. Mensa Graham

      Makes one consider that any municipal bonds are dangerous.

      • Kevin2


    7. aljamo

      It looks like world domination led by the u.s. military banker corporate tyrants is in the not too distant future. Plan accordingly. Who can stand against the beast?

      • JRS

        Yep…Bomb yur ass and take yur gas.

      • The Lone Ranger

        On the beast, evil, and how to defeat it:

        1. @Aljamo: You write who can stand against the beast? First, go to www dot thewarningsecondcoming dot com and download the “Seal” of God’s protection which will render you “invisible” when the “enemy” comes. Put it in your home and carry it with you on your person everywhere. Second, we WILL see the Second Coming in our lifetime, but we need to prepare spiritually and otherwise. The book of Revelation says the beast will suffer a head wound but then recover. But Christ will return to CRUSH the beast (the antichrist). Fear not. Just prepare, especially spiritually. If you want to learn more about this, I suggest you go to www dot thewarningsecond coming dot com and just click on MESSAGES to read not only what we are about to face, but also how God WILL triumph over satan’s last tricky gasp/tactics to take us to hell with it. Pray. Trust God.

        2. To everyone else:

        The recent Batman Trilogy is an excellent depiction of evil AND how to DEFEAT it! Did anyone notice that in the second film in the trilogy with the ‘Joker’ that some of his lines (his spoken dialogue) resembled the person who was our President at the time the movie came out?

        But to those who did not see it, or, who have no interest in watching or studying it, permit me summarize a few lessons from my lifelong study of human evil:

        – Although evil is cunning, shrewed, and sometimes deadly, you can always OUTTHINK it! In short, evil lacks intelligence;

        – Evil is that which destroys. As Dr. Peck writes, “It is no secret that evil is ‘live’ spelled backwards.” Therefore, do everything you can not only to protect your life and those of your loved ones and others, but also do everything you can to FURTHER your life. So yes, prepare.

        – I feel upset at times when sometimes us posters attack each other. Please consider saving your precious and valuable spiritual energy for outthinking the devil who manifests itself in various forms, sometimes through either needless or petty fighting amongst us. Our enemy WANTS us to tear down each other instead of building UP each other! Yes, I may disagree with someone here on occasion, but I respect them, and I respect their right to say what they say.

        – I think (& I ain’t no saint) that God wants us to PRAY to God and to TRUST God. But trusting God implies that each of us trust our own self. So that is one reason why I love the poster (I forget her name here) who always ends her posts with “Keep preppin’ “. To which I would only add that God is MUCH bigger than all the evil and doers of evil we presently face or will face and that we can always outTHINK this evil.

        – So let them TRY to scare us with their ‘Prism’ program, and everything else we know about. They are afraid of their own shadow, that’s how terrified they are deep, deep, down, and according to Dr. Peck, they PROJECT their own evil and terror ONTO us, and they use Scapegoating (falsely assigning blame to others) to accomplish this! His book, People of the Lie, will tell you everything you want to know about evil, especially his chapter on group evil.

        – Pray. Think. Prepare. Advise. Instruct. Counsel. Read. Study. Share. Pray and repeat…

        “Pray as if everything depends on God but act as if everything depends on you.”
        – St. Augustine

        ‘I do believe, that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.”
        – Gandhi

        “I believe…that truth needs to be repeated, as long as there were men who disbelieved it.”
        – Gandhi

        “Truth resides in every human heart, and one has to search for it there, and to be guided by truth as one sees it. But no one has a right to coerce others to act according to his own view of truth.” – Gandhi

        “Truth is God.” – Gandhi

        “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.” – Thomas Jefferson

        The Lone Ranger

        • Right Said Fred

          There are a number of reasons that Detroit is in the last stages of death but it all started back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. There was a time when GM alone accounted for something like half of all car sales. The major car manufactures had been slowly taken over by the accountants of the firms from the engineers who designed the cars and ran the firms. Their (accountants) concern was the bottom line rather than a well built car at a good price. The Japanese saw this and capitalized on it buy making and selling solid cars at a low price. Growing up in the ‘car culture’ of southern California during the late 60’s and early 70’s I saw it all. I worked as a mechanics assistant at a gas station and then at an auto parts store during my senior year of high school and loved American cars. But new Japanese imports meant poor American cars sales. And this meant less jobs and less revenue from the manufactures(GM, Ford, Chrysler) and the newly unemployed workers. Detroit has never recovered from this. Throw in corruption from their ‘so-called’ civic leads and the decline just picks up more speed. What we’re seeing now in Detroit are just the final death throws of a long terminal illness. It all comes down to poor economic decisions based on greed. How many other cities, counties, and states are facing the same, or similar fate? We are so screwed!

          • Not so Much

            You mean it wasnt the unions that ruined the car companies?

            • Right Said Fred

              Not so Much: They (unions) had a big hand in it too. Both auto unions and public employee unions got greedy as well. But it all started when the automotive engineers who ran the big three car companies were slowly replaced by bean counters (accountants) whose only concern was profit over a well built car that precipitated the fall of our auto industry. The operative word here is greed.

        • Indy Colts

          FYI Ghandi was a Christian basher so I wouldn’t use his quotes.

          • Dr. Higgins

            Indy Colts: You misunderstand Ghandi and his quote. He said he like Jesus but that he didn’t very much like Christians. That was because of the “so-called” Christians who were running India and treating them like slaves in order to enrich the British Empire. Many folks claim to be Christians, go to church, etc. but their actions are contrary to Christ’s teachings. That makes them phonies and that was what Ghandi was talking about-the hypocrisy of many fake/phony Christians. If someone place profit over the well being of others then they’re probably not a Christian. Read the book of Acts, chapters 1-12 for starters on how the love of money/profit is destructive.

            • Indy Colts

              So I guess that gives him the right to judge Chrisitans… I’d rather him keep my Masters name out of his mouth.

    8. Ugly

      I wonder if the folks in Detroit have figured it out that you must have a conservative economy where people are working and paying taxes, with balance budgets, to have a healthy city, county, state, and country.

      Like the saying, ‘As California goes, so goes the Nation’.

      Well, California’s experiment is failing.

      This will continue to get worse because we have Leaders more bent on wars and money printing, than being Peace Making Diplomats and fixing the economy. A healthy and peaceful America does make the world better….

      I have not heard any decent proposal from both sides that have the intentions of fixing this mess. So here we go.

      We will all face the music soon. And, it will be one very shitty tune.

      • The Old Coach

        No. Detroit is a kleptocracy, and their idea of financial improvement is to find another pot of gold to steal from.

    9. ponomo

      attach liens on CONgressional pensions.

      • Vicky

        Yeah, like that will ever happen. I’m all for it, but they already don’t listen to the people and you can’t force them to make decent decisions.

      • John W.

        Most of the political class are millionaires many times over. Loss of a pension means nothing to the, That was just drinking money.

    10. 10mm

      “He who lends to Government”. That’s the problem,esp since 1913.WTF

      • M

        Thats been a problem since the idea of goverment was invented.

        • John W.

          The Constitution was meant as a check against the natural tendency of humans to drift to tyranny. Too bad a literate, moral population is required to keep a check on things. That is why the clowns that want a living breathing Constitution are up to no good, they want to change it for their own advantage.

    11. Chuck

      I try and tell friends to stock up on extra food, buy extra..
      As they eat that “fast food” they claim they have no extra money to wast on things they don’t need and then ridicule telling me I’m wasting money and I’m weird.. yea.

      I’m better off but not by much, I believe I can take care of my self for about six months just fine but at that point if
      things have not improved I may be in my own world of shtf.

      • Rich99

        Don’t worry, no one is going to do anything. They violate our rights, they take our money, and either arrest or kill our people, but nobody has yet to do anything. All I hear is big talk. So who throws the first punch. By the time anyone does its too late,.

        Even if I was to do something about it no one would do anything at my death. So as usual, all you go rant and rave. I’m buggin out to get the advantage…..

        • anonymous6.8


          Do you notice the not-so-subtle smear campaign against Snowden? The media presstitues are in full cry to de-legitimize him.

          The USG actually or potentially has the technology to know where every last hidey hole BOL is no matter how far off how rotten a road you dig your hole. Can’t think of the name of the department but it uses geographic info and imagery for tactical and strategic purposes. One of the more high tech intelligence services.

          Have you heard of Ruby Ridge? If the local good old boys who hate newbies don’t take you down some form of costumed tax parasites can and will lay siege to you. If they want you badly enough.

          You are correct so far as you go that there won’t be mass anything until millions of hitherto middle class americans are dehydrated and hungry. Grid down. No ATM, no gas pump, no internet. No 911. No more bread and circuses.

          One on one, some of us here would take out a single costumed tax parasite storm trooper. They don’t engage one on one. They engage one on 50, with every tech advantage tax parasites have over people who earn their money.

          Until Greece and Turkey come here, non-violent civil disobedience is the best we can do. Stop “sirring” LE. They aren’t our masters. They work for us. Delay paying your taxes until they hale you into Tax Court. Have enough facts to get into a statist’s face and win the debate. Clean your weapons. Have more water purification filters than you think you will ever need.

          The fact that an isolated individual or two doesn’t challenge Company C at Camp Pendleton to a shoot out doesn’t mean “we aren’t doing anything.”

          So unless you are an agent provocateur there are a few things you CAN do. Do them or wrap a sock around your mouth.

          • Chicklet

            Civil disobedience is a great way to start. A problem is that anti-government civil disobedience and/or rallies have so far been portrayed as “left” or “right”: Occupy Wall Street (whiny, privileged iPhone kids) or Tea Party Rallies (redneck Teabaggers). One “side” ridicules the protesters of the other “side”, spurred on by media talking heads like Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow. Everything has been laid out for us. We’ve all been told there are two sides and that we will be on one side or the other and that those citizens on other side– not the NSA, not Goldman Sachs, not the Bilderburgers–are the enemy.

            We need united civil disobedience. We need a unified platform for the civil disobedience that throws certain issues under the bus. For example: gay marriage, creationism in the schools, abortion., etc. All these issues just need to be ignored for a while because they will never ever be solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

            Instead, unite over: ending corporate “personhood”, ending the trampling of the Bill of Rights, dissolving the free trade agreements that make us compete with the world’s cheapest labor living like serfs in China or Mexico.

            Civil disobedience isn’t going to end these things. But, if done right, we have the opportunity to form a huge, united network of like-minded people. And the revolution will grow from there.

          • LEOda helpful

            @ 6.8

            I think you miss the point, your so quick to make reference to government troll you sure your not. I work for a city, I am current law enforcement I’ll admit it but I’ve watched what society level has gone too. I deal with it when I go on shift every night and day. I know I am out match by population for where I am when TSHTF . I’m for the prepping community and have let the spirit of the law make the judgments as oppososed to the letter of tyranny when all I’m saying is there is no unity amongst the people, it’s all talk, you think common ground is through words not action. There is a difference between Sheeple and People and it can be seen, the morale of the country can be seen. If people are so worried then we need to do something then, time has run out, show people the way, instead of ripping them apart for a opinion, your no different then what TPTB are doing to the country, Your a idiot think 1 person storming camp Pendleton is what was implied. Hell in the 60’s they had clashes with LE and Gov but they got the point across. They had a voice and numbers, They have the flock scared and compliant. They have lowered the coffin into the hole while we are still breathing and yet we just hope words will keep them from throwing the dirt in. Time to man up and get off your armchair commando couch and stop helping them pull the dirt in on us by bashing others and find the common thread that made our country great, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness!

            No offense to others but I really hate bullies and I work with quite a few of em

    12. Glenn Phillips

      Off topic sorry I just google mapped Enniskillen and lough Erne. Where “TPTB” are meeting it is blurred to unrecognizable. I then googled Camp David off of Meinham road (spelling) It is not where they say it is. It is about two miles West beside a trailer court and Browns Cemetary. I know this because I lived the first two years of my life in that park. Dad walked to work. Why is the G8 meeting place blurred? Am I on the “LIST” yet?

      • sixpack

        Google says they blur things for ‘security reasons’. There are key military installations blurred also.

        • sixpack

          Too bad they can’t make us all feel more secure by blurring fat old men and fat old ladies nude sunbathing in their backyards…

      • JRS

        They blur out the G8 meeting so the pedophiles cannot be seen taking the young’uns for their “cleansing” in the sweat lodge.

    13. Jim

      These cities forget they aren’t the Feds and can’t just print. The people who live in these cities and reap the benefit of the callous spending deserve the bill. But as usual the elites wont be caught dead there and the loss will fall on society to pay for their abuse. I say screw em. Foreclose on all city assets, have an auction, wipe out all debts including retirees and start over.

      • BenBernanke

        First, build a fence & keep the cockroaches from escaping to infest another area. You can bet Houston was sorry to see the Katrina refugees come.

        • Luther

          That’s part of the problem, allot of the possible trouble makers left Detroit for the burbs, so “if” Detroit rioted based on the looks of things when I drive the suburbs trouble will erupt in the suburbs also from the same mentality that left Detroit.

          I don’t believe it would be isolated to just Detroit.

          • OutWest


            I got stuck in Detroit during the ’67 riots trying
            to get equipment out for a company I was working at
            back then.
            The looters and rioters stayed way ahead of LE / FD
            simply by torching more areas than those emergency
            services could handle.
            After going through that, I was forever convinced
            that if the SHTF on a large or apocalyptic scale
            such as we discuss on this forum, they will burn
            the damn cities to the ground. We don’t have to
            guess what will happen. Precedent was set back then.

        • harp1034

          We had the Katrina refugees in Dallas too. Glad to see them go. One ran into my van parked in the middle of the block. No insurance or DL. Tried to drive away but the car was too damaged. I got Parking Enforcement to tow it before they New Orleans bunch could come back to get it.
          Crime went up when those Katrina folks arrived.

      • TheGuy

        Lemme ‘splain something.

        Everyone postulates that there’s some “great contraction” coming and that only those best prepared to survive it will survive it.


        Well… who’s best prepared to survive things RIGHT NOW?

        That would be the RICH and POLITICALLY WELL CONNECTED.

        So guess what.

        This is just phyisics. I mean, sorry and all. But I mean come on.

    14. Iowa



    15. buzzfix

      Happy Fathers Day to any dads out there. It maybe your last or at least the last enjoyable one. Make sure your kids know what to do in SHTF scnerio.

    16. Hedge

      I have to admit that I could never have envisioned anything like this happening to good ole’ Deeeeeetroit! They had everything going for them. Multi-cultural government, generous welfare benefits, high taxes, and a strong union municipal workforce. WTF? is this not the liberal paradise, the holy grail socialism? I can’t wait until after the bankruptcy filing, I’m gonna plunk down every dime I’ve got on Moda’ citaaaayyy muni bonds. The next bankruptcy filing is likely less than 3 years away,and I can provide much needed hoodies and skittles for the next generation of trayvons. FORWARD COMRADES!

    17. mike

      Don’t worry POTUS is going on a 100 million dollar vacation, I’m sure when he returns nice and relaxed he’ll deal with it. BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • Rich99

        He is leaving so he be at a safe distance in his home country when they pull the plug

    18. Just Me

      Detriot (pun intended) is no surprise to us in West Michigan… We’ve been watching it sink for years. Run by Uber Liberals and union thugs.

      No surprise at all!!!

      • Luther

        Just Me, how the Benton Harbor area, I hear that’s a concern when it comes to crime and being a shady area. Muskegon is starting to have it’s gang problems, I guess we’ll all be touched once SHTF.

      • Shootit

        Chicago, NY city, and others will follow. I think we will see more fires. So very sad! When all one has to do is love thy neighbor as they self. Anyone want to go to S Africa on vacation?

    19. braveheart

      My city of Memphis is going through some budget cuts as I type this. In some ways, it’s more like Detroit Jr. Starting July 1, our city and country schools merge together. This is a backdoor attempt at consolidated or metro government in this area. I just finished moving some more supplies to my relative’s BOL over the weekend. If everything goes right, I can bug out before SHTF in my area. What’s happening in Detroit will happen to Memphis and other cities eventually. It’s only a matter of time. braveheart

      • Vicky

        Memphis scares me and hope you will be safe. Same populace and suppose it’s the same type of bureaucracy although possibly not as flamboyant. There is a new book out, “Detroit” which is just fascinating although it doesn’t sound like it would be. It gives a crime by crime scenario of how the city was looted and it names names. It doesn’t reflect well on the black administration. Almost unbelievably incompetent and greedy. Hmmmm, sounds like DC!

        • Ugly

          Hard to believe the city of Elvis and also the city of MOTOWN and Motor-City have come to this.

          Hopefully, the future plans are economic development and not bailouts thru confiscation and higher taxes.

          • Luther

            Change must come the mind and heart of the residence first. The opportunity of a descent job is a good start, oh I forgot, we sent those to Mexico, China & India.

        • Man on the inside

          Me and the wife moved from that S&*t hole to the northwest for the very reason you fear…. get out now… we had to lose a home to do so but it was worth the hit…. my kids have a escaped the crap hole too…. GET OUT before you can’t.

          • Luther

            Good dissension, Trying to get the better half to realize we need to get out now.

        • Them Guys

          Detroit is the poster city example that no matter what type spin or bullshit liberal kommies spew, about “equality” and “We are all the same except for skin color” , Detroit has Proven beyond all doubt. That is all liberal kommie BS. Whites have proven to be the very best at running govnt’s and buisness and such. Blacks and other similar 3rd world jungle bunnies types has proven that They are very adept at destroying whatever whites invent-design-build-improve-re design-re build-pay for-etc etc.

          The white race has been the one major force for civilizing and improving those other races of savages and 3rd worlder jungle dwellers. Look at all the other races, be it africans-hispanics-arabs-chinese-and any others I missed. Nothing any has ever done or acomplished compares to what whites did or do in general.

          Yes you can make note of occasional eras where “some” whites did evils and wrongs. Thats what Humans do. make mistakes. But overall in general, none can deny what I write here is fact. If you could wave a magic wand and entirely remove everything whites ever invented or done thats considered good, and including civilizing prior savages and canibals,and keep only that which was done or invented or built by all other races….The entire world would be a single Giant massive african Jungle full of warring-competeing-savage-Tribes of heathens and useless-worthless canibals.

          Detroit is Proof solid of this. Yet not one single liberal dem kommie be they white or black or other, will Ever admit to it. They will blame all they can dream up as excuses. Including their favorite scape goat, blame Whiteys!…Never does it occure to them to perhaps..Thank Whiteys eh.

          Detroit is an example of their demacrat kommie libs plans. First get black Hoards to flood into major cities nationwide. That turns vote stats upside down overnite. Dems gain major control due to blacks overwhelming votes now. Then Allow and Geek up blacks to Loot-Riot-Destroy-Burn city down. Libs keep refunding it as needed untill ready for the Final plans….Thats Now!

          Final plans are allow and geek up blacks to again loot, destroy and burn down their own cities, for good this time!

          While since 1965, Flood entire usa with More savages from mexico and all other latino(whatever That means latino?) countries so to assist the blacks who only number aprox 10-12% of total POP in usa. Enough to loot and burn blacks cities. But no wheres near enough savage beast’s to loot and destroy and burn down entire usa nation.

          Once latest round of Amnesty(3rd time since 1965) adds enough tens of millions more savages to the blacks lacking numbers, it will then be possible to attack-kill-loot-destroy-burn down entire usa nation.

          Then part 2 of final plans can be done very easy. Agenda 21-united nations plans to Force remaining folks to reside in one of ONLY 3-4 Human settelments of exact same size-shape-color-design-Apt’s which will consist of probobly aprox. 400 sq ft per unit per Family. Same as Soviets in ussr cities were under kommie soviets.

          Once jungle savages burn it all down, where else is left to live besides UN human settements? While well conected wealthy polititions and their pals will build Massive 100,000+ acre estates within the Central portions of beautifull Forests across america. Complete with “Buffer Zones” to make certain to keep Out all forms of Peons and Riff-Raff which may from time to time escape the settelments, and attepmt an Attack on the eliets at their new forest homesteads.

          Once the entire worlds is so set up, lib dem kommies will rejoice at their total communistic control and Ownership of the entire world and all that it contains, Includeing Human “Capitol” and “Human” resources.

          OUR Job is to totally Fuck their lib kommie Dreams Up Big Time folks! And after we capture Them, place Them into various ZOOS for viewing by those peons as a Learning tool of what NOT to attempt, especially in America with 100 million Armed personel.

          • Chicklet

            Oh, I hear ya.

            Whenever I doubt everything else, I can at least feel good knowing that nine months before I was born, a proud white p*nis went into a proud white v*gina. But then I wonder why Jesus came out of a mongrel middle eastern v*agina?

      • Snisha

        braveheart hope you are able to get out of Memphis before the hammer falls. I am 45min. southeast in the MS hillcountry which will afford me a decent “head start”(i hope) to burn tail to my B

        I know I don’t have to tell you what kind of primal warzone that city will be.

        Stay vigilant, Good luck & Godspeed Y’all!

      • possee


        Wishing you the best..

        It is only a matter of time when the domino effect kicks in..

        We here in,,ughh,,Massachusetts are hunkered down amongst the with twin grandkids on the way in 2-3 weeks..we will be ok, though..

        Coming here gives me hope knowing there are some of us nationally and worldwide..


    20. Merlin

      all brought to you by your elected officials. you know, public servants who are practically all millionaires, if not multi-millionaires!

      • Grippentrog.

        Who are all brought to us by us.

    21. BoPeep

      Will someone please SUE the federal government on behalf of the future generations who’ll be left to pay back the debt?

      • VRF

        I know this is probably tongue in cheak, but when anyone sues the government or one of its entities, you are sueing Us the Tax payers, so it really does nothing but fuck your fellow man..

        we need to go after the individuals in government that are fucking up or we wont change a dam thing, its not their property or money we are getting in a suit against the gov., its ours

    22. patientmomma

      This is a pitiful situation to say the least. Those folks who have worked all their lives will be left with nothing; no retirement, no medical care, no place to go because they can’t sell their homes. I feel sorry for those people. This is a valuable lesson to rest of us because our city/town may be next.

      But wait! Maybe the President will cancel his vacation to Africa and give that $100 Million it is costing the taxpayers for this boondoggle to Detroit!!!

    23. PenCRNA

      Called my grandfather today to wish him happy fathers day. He asked me what I was doing. I told him I had canned two batches of strawberry rhubarb jam, and that I was currently preparing to make laundry detergent. He questioned me about the detergent, and I told him I could take $12 in materials, and it would make me enough batches of detergent to last 3 years. Told Him I was worried about the direction of our nation. Then I told him I felt it was rather ominous that CT along with several other states have passed laws requiring photo ID on the sale of gold, and that documentation has to be produced on demand should the local LEOs show up at our door asking for it. My grandfather remembers his neighbors having to turn in their gold when he was a young man. He was upset by the news. I told him not to worry. I may live in communicut, but hubby I can and will take care of us until we can get the heck out of here.
      I’m not sure my hubby will continue to sell gold. We refuse to participate in a police state mentality.

      Off topic…..AT&T will be addin OBAMA iPhone alerts to all iPhones. These alerts cannot be turned off. Www thegatewaypundit dot com

      • electwire

        Also in CT it is going to be tough to comply with the new gun laws
        Maybe my boat sank with everything in it

        • Indy Colts

          Can you fill the rest of us in on the new gun laws in CT? I’ve heard some stuff but I’m sure you guys would be informed on the new legislation. Thanks

          • PenCRNA

   It’s pretty screwed up. This is a good synopsis. They expect me to register magazines that don’t have serial numbers. Do they really want me to register REDBOOK.? That’s the only magazines I got!

        • PenCRNA

          Yeah, I flipped my kayak in the river going camping. Lost everything.

          • Indy Colts

            Thanks for the info. Indiana is a good place to go because you need to get out of CT. I can’t believe some of the stuff I just read.

            Good luck and don’t forget the roof is a great hidding place.

    24. Ugly

      Preppers and Americans:

      It is like this. America just doesn’t care anymore.

      We Americans have apathy and we lack empathy.

      We just don’t care. We cannot see evil from truth. We don’t care if teenagers are getting beheaded by Taliban, or that Libya’s Leader was executed without trial. We don’t care if thousands died in Sitre with NATO’s and UN’s aid. We don’t care.

      We don’t care about Syria either. About 90,000 have died and it is with the help of non-Syrian aid. But who cares?

      We don’t care about balanced budgets anymore. If a Politician ‘runs’ on a platform with fiscal responsibility, paying down debt, and getting America back to work–he/she will lose.

      America’s day is near. We have lived in sin without any repentance. Our day of judgment is probably not too far away. I see good people in this USA; they just don’t care.

      • Cowdoc

        Ulgy, you are right on. As a country we as individuals don’t care about anything except our own skin. We are so rich in “things” and conveniences and easy living that we don’t have the fortitude to rock the boat. We sold our morality when we accepted Roe V Wade and let unjust wars against inocent people be fought. We just kept on buying fancier cars and building bigger houses and taking more vacations all over the world and talking about what a shame it was that the world was going to hell in a hand basket, but all we ever did was talk. We were all bark and no bite and we still are.

        We were so caught up in our lifestyle that we didn’t have time for God. We quit going to church and we quit talking to our children about God, and we took God out of the education system and let liberal idiots teach our children to be liberal idiots. There is no doubt that God has already judged us and found us deserving of punishment. Our day in the sun is over.

        I think that there is so much apathy because deep down we realize how rotten we are and know that we deserve what ever punishment that God doles out.

        • anonymous6.8

          @ Cowdoc,

          Ever since Alexander Hamilton and pals sidled up to George Washington to tell him they have well-heeled friends who’d feed and clothe his flat broke ragtag patriot army … for a price the camel’s nose has been under the tent.

          I don’t know how much Rothschild illuminati stuff I believe. One doesn’t have to. The monied have always sought privilege from the political vermin and gotten it. The robber barons getting government subsidies and spectacular land grants for building railroads etc. The wealthy outofsight have owned and run the country for a long time.

          The War of Northern Aggression wasn’t about Lincoln freeing the slaves. Lincoln couldn’t care less about slavery. It was about destroying state sovereignty. The slide toward tyranny picked up speed then. Seed of subservience planted in our heads.

          For at least six generations government schools have been deliberately dumbed down to produce compliant wage slaves, tax serfs and cannon fodder. Who know little of their own history and none of anyone else’s. Nor do they have a sufficient smattering of economics to understand the relationship between productivity, profit and freedom.

          Ever since Cotton Mather and the religious revivals that swept the Massachusetts Bay Colony, continuing into the newly industrialized urban areas as farm folk migrated for factory jobs, American Exceptionalism has gone hand in glove with a vitriolic nationalism that thinks we are better than everyone else on the planet. Therefore fit to rule them. “You will do democracy our way or we will kill you.”

          finally, television was introduced for two reasons. To provide the arrogant central state a convenient means to propagandize its minions. And to give the banksters a convenient way to convert previously thrifty and productive people into their debt slaves. The two go hand in glove.

          Those social forces, some of which have been building for centuries, cannot be stopped or diverted now. The only thing an individual or family can do is recognize what is afoot and take steps to provide for their own self determination.

          For centuries many people have a beaten down, nothing I can do about it mind set. That’s exactly the mind set they want us to have. Resistance is futile prevents any large number of people from believing, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.”

          I don’t mean any part of this to be an atheist diatribe. It’s descriptive, not prescriptive.

          • Mikey

            Thanks for the historical perspective. The statements on television alone say so much about why we are in the current position.

          • Commie hater

            And that’s how American style communism was born.

            Commies everywhere, soon to be stalinist types.

    25. Jared

      I bought up BLOCKS of properties in Detroit starting 5 years ago…made them ALL section 8, and get HUGE money from the govt for the rents…

      and guess what??? THEY ARENT CUTTING THAT PART!!!


    26. bob

      I am afraid the Domino theory talked about in the 50’s and 60’s will turn out to be the collapse of large municipalities all over the country and that will be what will cause the major collapse of this nation as the feds have no more money aor the ability to borrow more and will keep and increase the printing of the dollar and then any solvent countries will no longer accept the dollar and then BOOM it is all over.

      • REB

        Not to worry…the chicoms will buy Detroit and Chicago and la and….. and our commie Kenyan imposter will help them secure the deal….

        • Gonetoolong

          Spot on. I also believe that the Chinese will purchase huge chunks of land simply to own outright. Ace in the hole for down the road when we are on our knees. Then we can’t say shit. Just watch it go bye bye.

        • JRS

          The Chinese may THINK they own that land but they would be mistaken. Much as you and I no longer can get allodial title to land they won’t have it either. Eminent Domain and all. The State owns title to all the land. Let the Chinese “rent” it if they want. They will probably fix it up to be nicer than it ever was. The Chinese are not the bogeyman…the international bankers are.

    27. Kettle Moraine

      “But wait! Maybe the President will cancel his vacation to Africa and give that $100 Million it is costing the taxpayers for this boondoggle to Detroit!!!”

      No frigging way that’s gonna happen. There’s so many things wrong with this…First don’t call him president. He never has and never will lead anything. Also, a liberal does not donate or give anything to anyone (unless it’s a stab in the back). This useless family, is all about partying, taking vacations, playing golf, going on elaborate shopping excursions, having the best of everything we give them, and not doing a bit of what a commander and chief should be doing.

      How can someone be the supposed president and barely go to any intelligence meetings or daily briefings? Must be spending any spare time trying to dream up better ways to suck the life out of the average citizen.
      Phew, rant over for now!!
      molon labe

      • Anonymous

        But then again…if he has urgent business with the Chinese, I doubt he could find a phone line that wasn’t bugged. If he is going to sell out our country to the Chinese, he would want to do it in private. Don’t ya think?

    28. Ted Kennedy

      Does that $500 home come with an AR/case of ammo & copy of the Constitution/Bill of Rights?

    29. THE SETUP

      Eminem needs to be mayor of Detroit. ha

      Strange times we are living in.

      It will be all over when they say we all have to turn in our guns.
      At that point….then the tide has turned.

      My guess….
      Monsanto sues all farmers to get them to grow their mono crop.
      The elite have their bunkers lined with food for three years worth.
      Chemtrail spraying goes on… all the plant get a rust like UG95. Go google that one!
      Millions starve. Preppers homes are invaded as “Food hoarders”.
      Millions riot.. martial law.
      Fire up the fema camps.
      King Obama will stay in power and be the leader of the NWO.
      The economy collapses….
      Cities fall…
      Then they come in with an electronic currency.
      New cities are build where the fema camps are…all connected by rail.
      People flood in to get jobs, live in stack ’em and pack ’em apartments.
      No cars, no BBQing. No guns, you get a bike and a train pass.
      You own nothing and work for very large corporations or the govt.
      All communications are monitored.
      Anyone who has constitutional values and NRA members are tagged as “Terrorists”…domestic in nature.


      It all went down by not firing a shot…but by having the population go..DEMOCRAT.


      No spam for dems.

      • Man on the inside

        Sounds like “hunger games”

      • KC

        if it makes you feel better I’m already on several Govt list….BWAhahaha

      • sixpack

        The white globalist elites will NEVER let a black man rule their world…obummer should realize that.

        • JayJay

          Oh, he knew that–it’s the blood they carry.
          Just get the freebies, the ‘gimmes’ and he’s happy!!!

      • bbrrrp

        and the republicans work side by side with them to ruin this country

    30. RICH99

      There will be no collapse

      • ScoutMotto

        Ah Rich, you have returned. I was starting to think you gave up on us.

        • RICH99

          I don’t smell the Daisy’s.

      • Man on the inside

        At 17 trillion plus of fake money… how will this house of cards stay up…. what are you… 5…. I am normaly not insultive but are you kidding. I have single Moms working for me today… right fracking now as I type. They are in a full time govement possition making 35-40 K. They are fruglle with their money. With the cost of food, fuel, and the new (thanks Obama Care) cost of the medical insurance they are barley getting by. When the cost of things go up over the next two years… (most say 12-25 %).. they are going to be in deep trouble. There WILL be a collapse… slow at first but it is coming like a freight train. Wake up or troll elseware.

        • Not so Much

          ‘what are you 5’


          lol, yikes!!!

        • Indy Colts

          Yea but most of them get child support too. Some mothers make bank off kids and men get taken to the cleaners. A condoms only a dollar guys and it keeps you from getting your check stolen for 18 years. Women ain’t dumb, they know the deal.

    31. Ajetpilot

      The Greenville SC bunker is stocked and well armed,

      Over out

    32. Watch the riots on TV

      Maybe a new sport will be to put out big signs that say…

      Jobs fair 2,000 job paying $75k.
      FREE food.
      Free Lunch
      Free housing vouchers
      First come first server.
      Noon xxx location, xx/xx/xxxx date.

      THEN…record all the riots and sell videos for bum fights.

      Too many lazy good for nothing souls who all expect a handout.
      They all have fake MBAs the govt. paid for.
      I worked with one of these braid heads.
      They brought this lady in and paid her $13k more…
      I was there over 20 years and they do that shit.
      Yeah….in time…she got fired.
      Here’s the thing….
      The govt. paid for all her education.
      The govt. gave her a $50k housing grant.

      At some point…all this liberal bullshit needs to stop.
      It’s not sustainable.
      Sorry….with so many numbers of people…someone has to be fucking poor.

      Last night I worked until 3:30am on a project for work.
      I got it done. That’s why I’m still there.
      So this braid head project Manager with her fake MBA kept on me about the
      next project …when it was to be done.
      Fuck them.



    33. Watchman

      I have read a “brief” history of China, and I noticed one thing (among many) that kept repeating.
      Every 200-300 years, for an accumulation of many reasons, the Chinese had a revolution and a change of dynasty and government.

      I see the same pattern here in the US of A. We have had our 200+ year run as a country and an “empire”, and now an accumulation of grievances will soon cause us to ignite and burn. And from the ashes will struggle a new government, hopefully modeled on the original Constitutional Republic.

      Keep the FAITH

    34. Harry

      It is coming to the entire United States. Like the guys put a piece of Graffitti on the plant in which he worked. Ralph and **** the last guys out please turn out the light and lock the door.

    35. Kevin2

      In NJ they’re starting bus tours through Camden. The ride is called, Welcome To The Future.

    36. Steve

      You have to understand, this is a huge success to the leftist and their agenda! Rom Emanuel will secretly celebrate the collapse of Chicago, as will the whole
      leftist establishment. anywhere this leftist rodent like human vermin are allowed to scurry they will bring economic destruction, chaos and ultimately death!…Just like the animal kingdom counter part, they so closely resemble.

      • OutWest

        Good metaphor Steve

        Truly the Year of the Jackel

        • Them Guys

          More like the despised evil judenratzen.

    37. Man on the inside

      So is that Dan Akaroyd and Bill Murry in the “Lady” crossing the harbor….. Get out of the city and get some land in the country and buy all the things you need to survive for a year or two. Develope freinds of like minds, and listen to the “resaonable” wise post here and other good sites. You have got 18 months tops… please hurry…. mabey get together in groups. 20 folks kick in 5 grand each and using conex trailors you can buy some property and conexes to get a copmound started. Just trying to thow out ideas… please hurry and get ready. When it finaly starts it will go down quick and it will take most of the world with it (us). We are tied at the hip globaly and this is why many counties are trying to de-couple from us.

      • Sean

        Been hearing this since 2004. We’ll all grow old waiting for the big “collapse.”

        • Sigi

          It began in 2006 and took 2 years and alot of hard work by the Dems to obfuscate and block any attempts to make things better in order to bring about the 2008 crash just in time to swing things their way.

          The problem is that there is no stopping what they started. They have been holding it back with QE, but that can only work so long before the law of diminishing returns kicks in. They have not let us feel the pain, but the dammage has been on going and the economy has hollowed out. The collapse is coming. Live in denial or prepare, the choice is yours.

    38. Be informed

      Detroit is so bad off that the Russians and Chinese have taken the city off their list of cities to nuke, already has been. Seriously, ANY place that you can purchase a home for a few hundred bucks and it is still on the market tells just how rotten it is. I mean a bunch of derelicts could pool their money together and have a nice warmer place to stay than a cardboard box. When a cardboard box is better than a house, even a rundown rat trap, things in Detroit royally suck. The ONLY thing that people have to hold on to is that the Detroit Tigers baseball team is pretty good. What an empty positive to keep you going.

      By BO and that tar and feather helicopter ben, everything is so much improved. The stocks are near records, unemployment is under 8%, people are spending money again (hey credit), and the housing market is becoming bullish again. Everything is so rosy. OY what cow manure the roses grow in.

      I know that many people out there live in big cities or within the 25-50 miles radius of the suburbs. IF you can the sooner you can leave the closeness of the highly populated areas the better you will be WHEN whatever happens does happen. Choose your flavor of disasters; if just ONE of these occurs that is considered mega, bugging out from populated areas is going to be a choice between highly incresing your survival chances or not. The big cities are dying like Detroit without even a lightweight SHTF event. Just imagine what a nightmare those big cities, already in a very weakened state, will be WHEN something truly bad occurs.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        Detroit is so bad even the rats have deserted.

        • Shootit

          They now live in NY, Chicago, and DC.

    39. ScoutMotto

      The gun show in Loveland, Colorado was good. Found some 223 green tip and some red tip, also a few more magazines. The shortages are letting up for now. Prices are starting to drop, at least til the next false flag happens.

    40. Leppolk

      Standing by in NC – Lots of reasons to be hopeful here in both NC and SC….some important fundamentals still alive and kickin’!

      • Former Cal Girl

        Not to mention those of us standing by in Tennessee too!

    41. The realist

      Instead of bailing out the car Mfg’s we “the people” should have bailed out city that made them the big 3.. All the car Mfg ‘s did were to cut the fat.. Lay offs.. Care less of people or place that made them great..

      > maybe we “the people” should obligate the big 3 auto makers to > pay it forward (from the big profits they are posting now- ) and bail out the city of Detroit!!!

      We’ve lost America.. It’s all been sold at auction..

    42. braveheart

      Vicky, Ugly, Man On The Inside, and Snisha, good evening, and thank you for your concern. I do have a Plan B that I worked out with One of my cousins in north GA back in early May and moved some supplies over then. I just got back into town at 5:00 this evening after moving another load of supplies and finalizing everything for “D-Day”. At least I now have a remote place I can go to provided I can get out of town on time. The distance is a little more than a tank of gas for me but I have some 5-gal. cans filled up as reserve just in case. The closest neighbors to my cousin’s BOL are 5 miles away and it’s 10 miles from the nearest town. it’s a really nice, self-sufficient homestead. My GA relatives were born and raised on farms, so raisng crops and growing their own gardens is second nature to them. They all moved into the mountains back in the 90s. like me, they saw way ahead of time what was coming to this land. I know a lot of people in the Ozarks and tried to buy a BOL over there back in the 90s, but was rejected for a mortgage. That pissed me off more than anything else at the time. However, this arrangement I have in the north GA mountains has given me some extra peace of mind and my best chance for long-term survival. I’ll be the first to say Memphis is a hellhole already in some ways and only getting worse. We’ve had a black-run government here since 1991, but problems began back in the 70s after integration began. when I graduated from high school in 1975, I left for FL. When I came back here in 1982, it had already been going downhill for a while. After the 2 home invasion attempts I had in May, I’m real jittery at night. Some nights I don’t sleep worth a damn. The least little sound at night has me out of bed with a flashlight in one hand and my pistol in the other. I’ve been on razor’s edge since election day and i’m sick to death of that feeling. Something serious is coming; I can feel it. It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Standing by in “Detroit Jr.” braveheart


      Maybe we should form a national group.
      Create a corporate.
      Create a public stock offering.
      Then just buy up Detroit.
      Then some planning.
      In come the dozers….we level the place.
      Thousands of armed Christian people with sound values descend on the city.
      Transform the place.
      As we’re all armed….we would out number the bad guys.
      Ha…I’m sure they know who they are.

      Just talking out my ass here.
      Seems the thugs chased us out of the cites…make us live in our cars…commuting our lives away.

      Fuck ’em.
      Take the place back over by economic force.

      Have a plan for the good soul….embrace them into our community.
      The evil ones….. time will sort them out.

      Any fun discussion on this.

      Now don’t freak out when I say this…
      Seems the white Christians have been chased from everywhere.
      Maybe we reverse things and move in, take it over legally and make the place
      play by our rules.

      I’m a bit tired of feeling like I’m a nazis if I talk about a bunch of white people getting together to do something productive. Other’s welcome…of course.
      It just seems like shit that the crime drove us from cities.
      Maybe we should have used our militia rights and formed parties with baseball bats to break some gang banger knees.

      I feel like we’re a bunch of polite pussies who let the commie NWO walk all over us with their anti-defamation league crap.

      Mac…don’t you delete this.
      It’s time we all had a very frank discussion about the good people of this country of all races and we enforce laws on the books. These people with multi-felons.
      Fuck them up. Pay them to leave…or ride them like the dogs they are…

      Zero crime policy.
      Gate the city… lock it down tight.
      Yeah…big brother…but what if we all ran it.
      Walk in peace as you’d be part of a society that tolerates no crap.

      You fuck up…you don’t get in …ever.

      You cannot support yourself… ok we help…
      But if you are able and you’re just lazy…out you go.

      When I cross the boarder to Canada and the US…I always feel good about it.
      I’ve never done shit wrong. I have no worries. I’m clean. I’m employed…married, tax payer…. model citizen. Why should I worry.
      I smile at the cops and boarder agent..they smile back.
      The NRA sticker on the back of my car says loads.

      Maybe the new badge of goodness is the NRA sticker.
      It says you have a job, a home, a spouse, a family, a community.

      I’d love to see the dialog on this…
      There’s always some liberal puke on here calling guys like me a racists.
      Funny, I have some real close friends of many races. You are wrong.
      We’ve talked about this….What if we all get together and just legally take this
      country back over with a good economic plan…focus on one place.
      Welcome investment.

      Run for offices…take the government back over.
      Anyone taking banker payoffs….we cut your nuts off…mob style.
      Tough, no BS no liberal crap.

      If you need help we do.
      If you fuck with us….we fuck with you.
      A real biker mentality.
      Run the place with blue collar guys…. not all these fucking lawyers who are out to fuck the country over. That’s the problem.

      I think we’d start to get some solid and sound traction with some great economic planning.

      Tax foreign goods
      Ilegal aliens. You get caught here…. 10 years slavery.
      Business that employ them…you forfeit your business assets.
      Customers using businesses that sponsor illegals…you forfeit your home.


      No BS

      Folks..the commies are taking over America.
      Maybe it’s time we get tough

      • Man on the inside

        It will come to this anyway… its just a matter of time and who runs the show…. It will probably be better for all parties if it is conservatives…. just sayin…

      • slingshot

        Just let them hump themselves back to the Stone Age. They are doing a fine job of it and don’t need our help. Hope they take the white trash with them.

      • Commie hater

        50% commies, most of the rest, cowards.

    44. 2 dogs

      Standing ready in SC as well!
      Grand Strand

      • GV

        2 Dogs, we’re on the very northern Grand Strand as well…

    45. Surveyor

      Standing by in the myrtle beach area

      • GV

        Whoa, same here, just not the populated part of the MB area.

      • The Mad Chef


    46. braveheart

      Possee and BI, good evening to both of you. BI, I find it interesting that Detroit is not even worth targeting for a nuclear attack by Russia and China. No need for it. Our own criminal elements have already done it, although it took them 5 decades to get the job done. it’s hard to believe that city was once the industrial capital of this nation and one of the richest cities also. As I stated earlier, Memphis is going through some budget cuts right now. Only 1 mile east of my home is a billboard with a message from the Memphis Police Union saying, “This city does not support public safety.” That message alone speaks volumes. Possee, I hope you’re OK in your area. BTW, has anyone heard from Manos or Copperhead? I hope they’re OK. braveheart


        Maybe a longterm approach where the prepper community gathers electronically.
        They they decide on an area…then over time…say 7 years…they just keep buying up propery. Take it down…then let it sit vacant. In time…..just a field.

      • possee


        Just received an e mail from Burt re;manos.

        He and family are ok….

        text here..

        Subject: Re: Quake
        Date: 17 June 2013 06:58:21 GMT+01:00

        It’s been a long time my very dear .
        Thank you very much for your concern.
        We are ok, even though the quake was a tough one.
        During the night, around 2 o’clock we fell another one and woke up in a rush.
        but all is ok.

        As for the rest, we are still healthy, strong, and with high spirit.
        But things, socialy speaking, lead to only one path.

        Globalization and enslavement.

        Be safe. I’ll try to right more as soon as i can

        kisses from us.

      • possee


        We are surviving the hordes here..spring vege gardens in bloom..

        ammo scarce as hell..


    47. braveheart

      Has anyone noticed the absense of Eisencrap lately? He hasn’t been here since the Glenn Greenwald article. Once again, we’re having a nice little break from his stupidity. braveheart

      • sixpack

        SHHHHH! Don’t jinx it by mentioning him…

    48. cellarspider

      Don’t worry about Detroit, it’s right where the Federal government wants it to be.

      The Federal Reserve will print money (increase the money supply). The Treasury will sell bonds to the Fed and the Fed will buy them with the newly printed money.

      The Treasury will then issue a big ole disbursement to the State of Michigan for the amount Detroit Owes.

      The State of Michigan will then take administrative control of Detroit thereby functioning as a puppet to the Federal Government.

      Detroit will pay off it’s debts with the laundered printed Money. Police/Fire will then be fully funded in order to maintain the new order.

      Welfare and Food Stamps will be the norm. No private property ownership. Banks will take control of the properties and function as landlords. Rents will be paid by the Federal Government through the Section 8 program……a massive transfer of wealth to the big banks.

      The end result being the Federal Government will now have direct control of a major US city. The big banks will get bigger and bigger. They’re all just salivating at the thought.

      Too disgusting to think about this any more.

    49. Anthony Alfidi

      Detroit can wipe its slate clean in bankruptcy but it must have pro-growth policies in place: It got here because public employee unions demanded generous pensions and benefits that can’t be sustained. Cramming down union demands is a big hurdle Detroit must conquer.

    50. braveheart

      Luther and OutWest, my dad and I were caught up in the riots in Memphis on April 4, 1968, when MLK was shot and killed here. We were heade home from the downtown section only a few blocks from where the incident took place when TSHTF. We were riding in a 1964 Ford Galaxy when 2 black males climbed up on the hood of our car and started beating on it with baseball bats. Dad shouted, “Hold on tight, son!” and gunned the engine, going through a red light. Both black males fell off the car before we got through the intersection. We didn’t go back to see about them; hell, why should we, they were trying to kill us. We never heard anything concerning the incident. to this day, Dad cuts me short if I bring it up. We have an unspoken agreement not to talk about it with each other. Every April 4 that incident comes back to my mind. what Dad did that day saved our lives; he had no other choice. I was afraid back then that war between black and white would break out in the US. The only reason that James Earl Ray was caught so soon was to keep the country from being burned to the ground. I think there’s more of a chance for a race war in this country today than back in the 60s. If Zimmerman is cleared in the Trayvon Martin case, all bets are off. I’m still prepping for that and everything else. braveheart

      • Luther

        Memories! I was getting ready to start 4th grade, Six Mile & Wildenmire, by U of D. It was a quick exit as the brick came thru the back window of the car as we departed to the Farm in N.W. MI. to live full time.

        Yes it left an imprint as a kid.

      • slingshot

        Just another day in the neighborhood with 7 dead and a few more wounded in Chicago. More than enough cities around the nation with that same problem. Does not shock me anymore. Don’t care if they burn the whole city down.
        George Zimmerman is not even white but the blacks will blame the whites and we are off to the races. Also on OUR news is that a building along the interstate was painted with 8 foot high letters, JIHAD! Like a big old Billboard you could not miss it.

    51. braveheart

      Watch the Riots on TV, welcome aboard, and I know where you’re coming from. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [sarcasm intended]

    52. KC

      Prepared and standing watch in Virginia Beach. Anyone else?

    53. Kulafarmer

      Had such a good weekend, rended a PC78 excavator and got a bunch of clearing done on the farm so i can plant a bunch of olive trees, the weather has been beautiful, my fields are filling up with all sorts of vegetative delights, making decent money, more than enough work around here to keep life busy and interesting,my GF is a babe, got a couple nice 4x4s in the driveway a good farm tractor and implements, a great little house, all of witch are bought and paid for, no debt, and i dont really give a crap how far in the hole the government is! They can completely collapse and i would bet our island paradise will still be an island paradise, may get interesting but my neighbors are cool and all hard working good people and we are all in this together and will make it through whatever goes down because thats island style!

      • Man on the inside

        Exactly the situatuion I am in (almost)… and if it hits the fan the little I owe to Wells Fucko they will have to come up here to collect. My county sherif ows them to so hes on my side… sucks to be them….

      • Man on the inside

        Exactly the situatuion I am in (almost)… and if it hits the fan the little I owe to Wells Fucko they will have to come up here to collect. My county sherif ows them to so hes on my side… sucks to be them….

        • Irked

          How does the man on the inside not have the info needed to not be in your shoes?

    54. The Rifleman Next Door

      Man, when I think of Detroit’s social service lifelines to all those inner-city, crack-slingin’, violent, uneducated, unhirable, unhealthy savages imploding…..

      all I can do is pray that 150,000 of them don’t get bussed here to Houston like when mayor White (democrat) brought in that many from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

      The problems, crime, ignorance, health issues, dependency, drugs, violence etc. that these people brought with them from Looser-iana were absolutely unfathomable; and we are still feeling it here in Houston today.

      But those that stayed did vote democrat so as far as mayor White is concerned….mission accomplished.

    55. The Rifleman Next Door

      Juneteenth (June 19th) on Galveston Island Texas is the celebration of the Union’s victory over Confederate forces and the announcement that slavery was forever ended in the state of Texas.

      So now, every year, 40,000+ black college students, bangers, promoters, drug dealers, pimps, struggling musicians, DJ’s, come to Galveston from all over the south and make the island about as dangerous for any non-blacks as Port-Au-Prince Haiti after nightfall.

      There are always murders, fights, shootings, rapes, overdoses, vandalism, theft, DWI arrests, car thefts, occasional arsons, a few strokes and heart attacks and an occasional baby farted-out…..

      • snake eater



      • jpl_texas

        Man, its a zoo down there during that weekend. They don’t respect people or property. I’ve seen some crazy things just on the side of the road, much less what’s on the beach. Best thing to do is lock your stuff down and stay away. Galveston should quit giving permits to vend beer and hold rallies.

      • The Rifleman Next Door

        to the two people who gave me thumbs-down….Detroit is calling you.

    56. Cactus Licker

      Its nice to see so many people ready to go in SC and NC, as I have family in south VA, but…….. you are all still on the east coast, still in the crosshairs, and still subject to things like hurricanes, which make great excuses for martial law. I seem to remember something along the lines of KATRINA where the Army was kicking in doors and taking revolvers from old ladies after kicking their ass…

      Hi from New Mexico, where the desert protects us. We live in a HARSH environment, but, the Apache lived here quite comfortably for hundreds of years and lo something ved the desert because it is a huge natural fortress. It is hard to do anything here if you don’t know how to survive in this environment. If you do though, you are already many steps ahead of any would-be attacker. They are limited by supply and will die here if it runs short. Supply lines are easy targets… we are low density, thus low priority, so this part of the country is likely to be one of the last to fall, as has been the case through out history of this place. I’m not saying pack up and move here, BUT, I am saying move if you can, to somewhere ignored, inhospitable, or under developed. We have isolation and a deadly desert protecting us… A fertile forest in a high population density area (most of the east coast and mid west) won’t afford protection for long. It’s too easy to live in and off of…. it is something to think about.

    57. Rich99

      Don’t worry, no one is going to do anything. They violate our rights, they take our money, and either arrest or kill our people, but nobody has yet to do anything. All I hear is big talk. So who throws the first punch. By the time anyone does its too late,.

      Even if I was to do something about it no one would do anything at my death. So as usual, all you go rant and rave. I’m buggin out to get the advantage…..

      • David A. Laibow

        Rich99, I’m Dave Laibow of Caballa Relocation Services, a new relocation consultancy in the Philippines, which focuses on helping Americans relocate to Australiz, New Zealand and the Philippines.
        If you’d like to get information on how your family, your money and you can “bug out” to the Pacific Rim, feel free to contact me any time at “davidlaibow1215[at]”.
        Dave Laibow

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3



          I KNOW HOW IT IS THERE .


          IT’S DANGEROUS .







          * you are better off staying in America moving to a more stable part of the country .


          N.O. ;0p

          • Downunder

            We don’t hate Americans, you are mostly our brothers! We hate what America has become, unfortunately we’re not far behind

    58. raphael721

      Detroit is being pushed back into the 1800s, no electricity? candles and oil lamps; no muni water? people drill wells; no gas for cars and trucks? bicycles and buggies; no supermarkets? locals trade home grown food and hand make crafts in farmer markets, etc.; life goes on … raphael721

    59. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      White House Chief of Staff: “Privacy” is a Privilege

      Denis McDonough explained on Face The Nation that the President does not view his illegal surveillance program to be a privacy violation.

      *in july when i have the extra cash to play (just 2 weeks) i will run denis mcdonough and his whole family back ground for you all , HOME ADDRESS PHONE NUMBERS SOCIAL SEC # ETC ETC and post it all here for you all to see since he doesn’t feel its SUCH a big deal .

      N.O. ;0p

    60. Madmatt

      Because of the ruling of Marbury vs Madison here in the states and the facts surrounding economic debt and criminal bankers in Iceland,the news comment,”no way out but collapse” is complete and total falsehood. “No way out” but collapse to starve out freedom loving patriots so they die or sign onto their new one world government fiot currency and mark of the beast serving system is exactly what the New World Order corporation combined mafia world dictatorship unfortunately possessing many places in governments and courts these days wants your dumbed down ignorant and unaware self to be lulled into.

      The framers of the US Constitution DID in FACT leave ways out of tyrannical out of control over spending illegitimate Federal government and unaccountable federal reserve money creation from thin air along with the collusion and collaboration of various contracts to 3rd parties and state and local governments.
      The framers also left a way out of the anti God eugenics based world religion in Satanism and Lucifarian death and destruction occult religions that plague us into the healthcare cartel from the drug cartel and GMO they call food cartel all back into serving the criminal banking cartel of the monopoly money for lawyers and bankers to get rich on the backs of sick and dieing. The science given to Satan and his minions creating madness from the chemical siege including multiple catalyst compounds against us in water,food,air and vaccinations are just some of it. When you couple it with facts and patents from Tesla’s findings of EMF and EMR the radiation we are being bombarded with by human will and design making us sick and nauseous including but not limited to added sleep apnea,read Angels Don’t play this HAARP. Yes God and the religious framers of our Constitution and Bill of rights have given us a way out of accepting the inevitable collapse and consequences no doubt including marshal law and FEMA concentration camps as you can find in the Army’s own “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” you have been funding trough your tax dollars to teach and train some dumbed down but mostly hired mercenaries to protect and guard you in FEMA camps for your safety from the Taliban,Al quida or whoever they make up and fund as terrorists next. Yes the framers provided a way out. God provided a way out.

      Individual persons sovereignty via God’s natural law and Constitutional Rule of Law and state level sovereignty of the state governments recognizing the need to have both state and individual citizen repent before God for all accepting the easy way out and hand out payment program or contract agreement with the devil unto destruction which is designed collapse and going back to the basics from the beginning. Each work hard for what you have or want and states must Succeed from the Union who is now become some black ops all private and matters of national security criminal run Federal government and NSA that ignores Congress due to UN and NATO treaties and acts,Ignores US citizens and Constitutional Law, due process,free speech,second amendment for everyone,forth amendment for everyone,elections without fraud and granting corporations like Monsanto a type of diplomatic immunity because they are now not touchable by any judge or court says Obama.

      We MUST have a state succession movement to re-upload the Bill Of Rights and Constitution at state levels because it isn’t happening at Federal Levels and we must have individual accountability to sin and wrong doing and repentance including restitution before God and who and what concerns Him.

      Provisions for the first to happen were written in the Constitution and they were also written in the Bill of Rights for the American people including Detroit and Michigan. Provisions for the second or latter were written in the Holy Bible.

      If we have a very serious problem then you now know what you must do now. If we do not have any problem and government will take care of you right into Hell on earth then Hell after your earth existence then keep doing nothing but maybe posting your comments on NSA’s database gathering Facebook or equivalent. You have REPRESENTATIVES people! Your REPRESENTATIVES who ARE to REPRESENT you do not know what you want or who you are enough on Facebook so write or call them and tell them your views and demands and maybe even why!

      There is a way out.
      It isn’t doing what you have been doing the last couple decades however.

    61. Watchman

      The problem in the United States today is that an increasing percentage of the population wants something for either nothing or virtually nothing and is willing to stand any amount of abuse from those who are supposed to serve them to get their payday. Many Americans growing up today legitimately cannot even distinguish between right and wrong the lines having been so severely blurred. We no longer have a common moral standard in this country just as we are losing our common language. Many Americans under the age of forty don’t have a basic grasp either of national history or even their own family history.

      For all of their wisdom the Founders could never have imagined the depravity which is now taken for granted; everything from rampant drug addiction and alcoholism to thirteen year olds committing mass murder, eight year olds raping four year olds and some communities suffering illegitimacy rate of more than seventy percent. The worst atrocities witnessed by the Founders pale in comparison to what we see now on a daily basis.

      Our twin enemies are ignorance and apathy. Armed with the knowledge of right and wrong as well as those who came before us coupled with the will to act, the American people could recreate this country for the better in less than a decade. Sadly, we seem to be getting further and further away from that goal rather than nearer to it.

      Keep the FAITH

    62. aBarryBasher

      i have yet to have this one question answered:

      how do individuals degreed in finances and related subjects come to driving any entity’s finances into the red and CONTINUE to do so without being stopped/consequences..????????

      I guess i’m ignorant of just how the entire financial structure of any level of gov’t works…

      • jpl_texas

        And when it’s so easily calculable (simple arithmetic) and the effects so predictable, it can only be concluded that it was premeditated. They thought about the outcome in advance and went with it.

    63. Puddin

      I find it interesting that this site quotes Martin Armstrong who believes that Gold will not go to the sky but in fact the price of which will go down likely to under $1000/oz.
      Isnt this a conflict of interest for this site?

      • JRS

        I think the gold collectors will tell you not to value the PMs in FRNs. They are a “store of wealth” for when the FRN crashes or devalues. My personal opinion is that no one can tell what the future value will be and that it will be determined by those that own the most. We all know that is the international bankers. My main worry will be how I will afford to pay for the deep sea salvage charges to retrieve mine.

      • Irked

        Not really puddin. His prediction is well based on gold. If the fed plays the rates and people go to sleep again why wouldn’t it go down to 1000. At least for a while.

    64. Luther

      Maybe what we can take from this article is, what did we learn from the past and what could we expect in the future?

      Will it all explode around us and to what extent, only time will tell. One factor to consider is the foothold of gangs, as we prep for the right reasons don’t you think it’s possible that some of the organized gangs are prepping to take advantage of chaos?

      As of January 2012 the FBI report showed that there was over 20,000 known violent gangs with over 1,000,000 violent members growing 13,000 members a month.

      Not saying gangs will run the country just an observation when considering some of the dangers.

      There is nothing new here for many of us who are taking precautions except a reminder that in a worst case scenario it won’t be a cat walk, that the bottom line is to vet those around us, create tight network and have a game plan with the ability to improvise. God knows nothing goes as planned.

      Stay Frosty

      • VRF

        A gang is already running this country

        • Luther


    65. Guido

      Has anyone here ever heard of Italian comic/politician, Beppe Grillo? He famously spoke to his Italian audience about Italy’s monster debt, which is mostly held by Italy’s banks. “Doesn’t this mean we owe the money to ourselves? So let’s just call it even, say we won’t pay ourselves, and call it a day? Debt problem solved!”

      Now, isn’t a majority of our own debt now held by the Fed? Let’s just call it squaresies, charge what we owe to foreigners on our credit card, and start running up new debt! Problem solved. You can mail me my Nobel Prize any time.

      • snake eater

        the problem is we don’t own the FED


      • roger


      • jpl_texas

        It’s about who owns the notes on those debts; they would have to forgive the debt – and they won’t.

    66. Randy

      All those vacant houses and empty lots would make a great urban homestead…we should start and urban prepper community in Detroit

      • VRF

        anything left out will be stolen, including your produce, than when you figure out how to secure it, they will burn it down.

        • Mama Bear

          Not only that, but I hear the area is rife with Hipsters doing their own urban homesteading, opening restaurants, yarn-bombing and such. Can we really live side by side with Hipsters?

      • Anonymous

        Bro, I don’t know if u have ever spent time in Detroit or not, I would geuss not, yes u can buy a house there for 1$ also cost u a 50/50 chance of your life.

        • Anonymous

          Friend of mine, from Detroit, moved out west 25 years ago. When his parents passed on, he inherited some lots in Detroit. He’s never bothered to secure the title or pay any taxes, says, ‘why bother?’.

    67. Irked

      Old news on Detroit. Money left a long time ago. This is an expected and finally a good thing. Write off the debt and start to manage. Yes there are a handful of other loser cities going under. Look at how they were managed. Indict the looters. Cities and towns also slowly die due to geographic reasons, failure to adapt, and lost industry. Butte MT is dying a slow death since mining went out. The average age is 104 and the average house is about 10k. What other than mining is there? Nothing. My point is that when well ran cities go under its time to worry.

    68. Be informed

      @ VRF. AS you probably know there was a 6.6 down in the Costa Rica area over the weekend, along with a 6.2 in Greece, and the 6.7 in Southern Sumatra a week ago. These were all forecasted on the World War article on June 7. They just had an earthquake on the Southwest Indian Ridge, and when this happens the South and Central American areas are targeted big time. Back in 1982 this happened and Peru had a 6.7. This time the quake coming will be a monster. I am not sure if Peru will be the one, but it is in the top 3 as the best possibility.

      Out of the past 48 precursor quakes since April, 44 out 48 times the South and Central American region was hit with a major quake. There should have been three 7+ quakes at least down there by now. Yet Nothing but that smaller 6.6 over the weekend. Something awful is coming. I hate to be an alarmist to your family, but I know that something at least 7.5+ is going to happen, but likely 8+. It is very possible a 8.5+, and I would say a mega quake 9+ now has abot a 1/3 chance, 33%.

      You could show your family the accuracy of these earthquake forecasts, the most recent one on comment# 1766954 on June 8, 7:17 PM to show them that their area is definitely in danger. I have already checked off three of the locations on that list that have occurred. I truly want to protect those from a catastrophic disaster when I can, and Peru is very primed right now. The other two most likely tragets are Mexico and Ecuador.

      • VRF

        I been keeping an ear to it,(and coming on here to see what you have to say) kinda as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
        Talked to the in-laws last night to do the Fathers Day thing, currently working on a travel visa for my Wifes parents, they could use a break, and its their turn to come see how the other half lives.
        Their life style keeps them on their toes to this sort of thing, due to the past wife kinda just takes it in stride, but I know is scares the shit out of her Mom.

        Ive only felt 4’s and maybe a close 5, it didn’t bother me much but they were short, I cant imagine what an 8, or more would be like or to be involved when the distruction of property or structures is involved.

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. The partiel feeling of an earthquake is how much in comparison to gravity there is. The most I ever experienced was about 30% the force of gravity. Even the 6.7 in Northridge had the force of gravity that was close to 200% at the quake’s hypocenter that was directed into the Santa Monica mountains away from any population. The Modified Mecalli scale goes from 1-12, used in roman numbers, I to XII. When you get up to XI and XII, or 11 and 12, the actual ground becomes distorted. It looks like the ground has become like waves breaking at the beach, and literally this is what is happening. The ground is getting up thrusted and down again.

          If you felt a 5, you probably felt something in the range of 5-7% the force of gravity, maybe 10% tops. When I felt that 30% it felt like the world was ending. I can only imagine what someone goes through when the gravity goes above 100% and you are thrown up into the air like a rag doll. In China and other places where the gravity has far exceeded 200%, people have been thrown against the ceilings of their homes. That is something that is beyond horror, but it happens.

          What happens in any earthquake is the closeness of where the earthquake waves hit the surface, the hypocenter. Faults dip in different angles, and follow this angle to the surface. People get confused with the epicenter, which unless is a fault that is 90 degrees or 0 degrees, is different than the hypocenter. You could have the epicenter 50 miles away and someone right at the hypocenter would get obliterated.

          I am not familiar with the faults down in Peru, but a lot of the closeness of that hypocenter is and the depth will determine the amount of destruction. Something over 200 miles deep is not going to hurt much, something shallower will be a disaster. By what I can tell in regards to the Nazca plate is that those earthquake waves will be directed much the same as the Andes mountain ranges in the area, as this is what created them. If your family is around a sudden rapid increase in elevation then chances are they could experience some violent motion. Anyone within a few miles of the beach are going to experience some bad tsunami waves. Fortunately not as bad as the areas in Caribbean when that fault goes that have very shallow wave building waters.

          If you follow the line around a globe from this morning’s quake on the Southwest Indian Ridge using the plate’s direction of motion it goes right through northern Peru, but it also travels through Burma, China, Japan, The Aleutian Islands, California, and Mexico, northern Chile and Argentina. These precursor quakes work like this, the small movement before the large one. Watch these areas for the next 15 days, there is a 75-90% chance of a major earthquake here on this plane alone.

          • VRF

            Interesting..I hope I never get to feel anything stronger than what I have

    69. Be informed

      Thanks to the PRISM spying scandal, the Rapture Index has moved up today. One click higher under the Mark of the Beast category, one of 45 that give a reading just how totally in trouble the planet is in. The Rapture Index is updated each Monday. While many don’t believe in Rapture, this index still shows the state of affairs that the human civilization is facing. This index shows everyone that prepping is the only way to go now. Too bad that many more people don’t see this and get that 1% up at least to 10% and higher of people that prepare.

      • oldman

        never mind the planet the time is drawing near and we need to look closer to home…we kill our babies before they have a chance to live, we condemn china for this but its ok if we do it…we condemn the syrian govt for killing 90 thousand, now that we are getting our hands in it we will double or triple that number but that will be ok because we did it…we place our elders in care facilities and do minimum care but condemn other countries who allow death with dignity, what we do is ok because we do it…we have destroyed almost every mom & pop operation that there is, doing everything we can to eliminate the remainder of the independant farmers and fishermen, have done all we can to totally destroy the family unit and turn brother against brother…it goes on and on right back to the beginning of this country when the first ass hole puritan said, those heathen indians worship fire so they are less than human and must be destroy, this was said as he walked into his church and lit the candles in order to represent his god, but that was all right because we did it… may god have mercy on our souls for what we have done in his name.

        • Be informed

          @ oldman. Sad, that is the only word that can describe a country (the U.S.A) so powerful in defintite rapid deterioration, just SAD.

    70. Anonymous2

      Wow, either Moody’s is complicit or incompetent:

      “On Friday, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded a number of Detroit bonds, including its general obligation unlimited bonds. As a result, all Detroit bonds are now below investment grade.”
      quote from foxnews site

      This says a LOT about how believable the current economic card castle is: if Moody’s thought until Friday that City of Detroit was investment grade, then what other total misses await?

      • David A. Laibow

        In 2010, Moody’s downgraded the sovereign debt rating of the Republic of the Philippines (95 million people) because 50 bandit wannabees were running around Mindanao playing at being “renegades” called the “New People’s Army”.
        Early in 2013, Fitch Ratings upgraded the general credit and sovereign debt credit ratings for the Philippines to “investment grade”, and a few weeks ago, Standard and Poor did the same thing.
        The First Quarter 2013 GDP growth rate for the Philippines was 7.8%, beating out mainland China (7.7%). The government expectation for all of 2013 is a GDP growth rate of 8.5%, and 9% isn’t out of the question for the full year, either.
        If you’d like to learn about relocating your family, your money, and yourself to Australia, New Zealand, or the Philippines, contact me, David Laibow, at “davidlaibow1215[at]”. Sincerely, Dave Laibow

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3



          I KNOW HOW IT IS THERE .


          IT’S DANGEROUS .







          * you are better off staying in America moving to a more stable part of the country .


          N.O. ;0p …

    71. braveheart

      Possee, good morning, and thanks for the update on Manos; glad to know he’s surviving. It’s been even longer since we heard from Copperhead; hope he’s OK.

    72. David A. Laibow

      I live in central Luzon, the Philippines, and I am establishing a relocation consultancy focusing on Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, for Americans who would like to relocate their families, their money, and themselves before the advent of “star-spangled fascism”, which is based on the principle of “the State is greater than the individual”.
      If you have not done so yet, visit “” and look up “Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness”, which President Obama signed into law on Friday, March 16, 2012. Under it, the Executive Branch, through Cabinet Departments or independent agencies, can confiscate your property — financial, real estate, or personal property, and you and your family. If the Department of Agriculture, for example, decides that stoop labor is needed in Arizona, your children can wind up in a sealed boxcar with other people’s children, heading for a life as farm laborers. If a bureaucrat decides that your wife should be a “comfort women” for guards at a FEMA camp, that’s her new career.
      I invite you to contact me at “davidlaibow1215[at]” for more information. Sincerely, David A. Laibow

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3





        IT’S DANGEROUS .







        * you are better off staying in America moving to a more stable part of the country .


        N.O. ;0p ….

    73. slingshot

      Talking about Detroit. We have a Black Mayor and he has an even keel for the most part as he can’t please everyone all the time. Good politician. The city needed a financial advisor of some sort and where did he come from? That’s right! Detroit, with high recommendations.
      I think he made a mistake.

      • VRF

        the word “Good” and “Politician” should never be used with each other

        • slingshot

          Skilled Politician would be better? I stand corrected. ;0)

    74. Greg Burton

      It’s called a “fire sale”. Everything must go!

      For Satanic scum running rough shod on the planet, timing is very important in order for this New World Order thing to come off without a hitch. You’ve got to make sure that the stock/bond markets, the political & environmental collapse is timed, synchronized with other events in a pre-planned, global, simultaneous implosion in order to maximize the fear, chaos…maximize the probability in the global takeover by a small, fascist, satanic oligarchy.

      Miscreants, like Henry Kissinger, Who will try to pretend they are coming to “rescue” us with their “New World Order”.

      *You’ve got to make sure the stock market collapse occurs at exactly the same time as the Federal Reserve prints so much money, the dollar is destroyed, making treasury bills and bonds worthless, mandating a centralized privatized fiat banking system and world currency. Boom & bust for everybody!

      *Making “socialist” China the de facto winner in the economic war (planned all along). with all of our jobs and manufacturing deliberately out-sourced to China, necessitating, in the wake of the economic debacle, massive and unrecoverable unemployment and homeless, the sell off US public infrastructure, rendering the US a toll-booth economy owned by the oligarchy. Instant serfdom for everybody!

      Further, these events must be timed to simultaneously occur…

      *The toxic mortgage/LIBOR fraud/Social Security looting/S & L pillaging/gold shares implosion maximizes joblessness, homelessness, hunger and despair.

      *Everybody getting inoculated with vaccines that have been tainted.

      *Fukushima (HAARP/Nuke explosion tsunami) being allowed to sslowly irrecoverably irradiate the planet.

      *Poisoned GMO food is being consumed by everyone, with hedge fund and hyperinflation makes the price of feeding yourselves out of reach, initiating rioting across America.

      *DHS deploys the FEMA/military and their 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets, their tanks, opening up its FEMA camps and FEMA exclusion zones. Gun confiscation.

      *Drug cartels with their “Fast & Furious” guns start a separatist movement along the border of Mexico,

      *All drones are deployed and weaponized.

      *Missile defense shield is operational. What the privatized military and police can’t handle, the drones can’t handle will be handled from above, from space. Nukes will counter any recalcitrant country or region.

      *Some type of false-flag, starting WWII, the pretext for martial law, where Israel (City of London, Federal Reserve) finally gets to nuke Iran, invadr Lebanon and Syria, finally establishing itself as THE world’s unrivaled power, sitting on its brand spanking new oil depotier centered in Haifa, Israel, c/o the late great USA.

      You know, if you’re going to enslave and pillage the world, depopulate it, you have to time things just right, to make sure people don’t figure it out, get organized and start trying to arrest the real bad guys.

    75. Ted Kennedy

      As soon as I get my new heart (and liver) I’m going out to the news services and voice my opinion. Thanks for the machines (and drones).

      • roger

        are you gonna swim?

    76. Big M

      These so-called “bankruptcies” are a load of baloney. If people looked at the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of these and other cities/governments, they’d find that they are practically all sitting on top of obscene amounts of money and liquid assets, that they never mention in public. In other words, they’re “off-budget.” By the way, all governments have these reports, which are the true and complete accounting of all holdings, outflows, investments, etc.

      The only thing they ever talk about is this hallucination called “the budget.” A budget is nothing more than a forecast; a target; an estimate. A budget has NOTHING to do with the financial well-being of any city, state or country. People in every city and state need to demand an independent, public auditing of these reports. It’s way past time for this shell game to be nationally exposed.

      The fact that these reports are not being aired in public means that every one of these bankruptcy proceedings is illegal, because the true nature of these cities’ debts is being hidden, and you can bet the farm that the judges running these shams know it full well. They are probably also using the time-honored government trick of listing only their current assets, while listing their future liabilities over the next 20 to 30 years, without listing the future assets that will ultimately pay off those liabilities. If you or I tried that sort of crap, we’d probably wind up behind bars.

      • Anonymous2

        Does that mean the bondholders can sue the city for its CAFR assets? Or is the bond term somehow preventing them from accessing other assets? If so, would they have to show willful false reporting.

        • Mama Bear

          He seems to be suggesting that the creditors rape and pillage, er, uh, “liberate” the Detroit Institute of Arts of its 6000 irreplacable treasures, worth billions of dollars, much as the Iraqui National Museum was “liberated” under the American occupation. These beady-eyed, shrewd and aggressive creditors have a country’s or city’s patrimony priced down to the last dime, and would be delighted to force a fire sale of a DIA Breughel, Rodin, Van Gogh or Cezanne that happens to match their couch.

          After all, they rationalize, the feral Detroit populace has been sucessfully dumbed down by its school system; savages whose primary arts and crafts expression is comprised of smearing their own feces on the walls of public toilets surely does not deserve that Cezanne. And, as stated above, it DOES match the deserving creditor’s couch.

          So, kudos to Big M for pointing out there is always MOAR!!! to be raped from the heart and soul of a population; when they are done with the arts perhaps they can eat the children and sell off their kidneys and hearts to that monstrosity known as Dick Cheney.

    77. Luther

      Breaking News!!!

      Oakland County Michigan, the FBI are digging again for Jimmy Hoffa.

      Time to divert from the real issues and Obama’s falling polls. Oh did I mention that there are scandals going on?

      Hell, drop what you’re doing and tune into the Hoffa dig!

      • VRF

        Hoffa was vaporized in a ladle of steel…his dust was sent over to Japan with scrap steel and is now in a Toyota , never to be seen , found or heard from don’t mess with the Unions, and government machine and die to be found, and so what if he was ever found, what would it prove?..that he’s dead? and got murdered? well duh!

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        I thought Jim Carrey found Jimmy Hoffa’s body when they filmed Bruce Almighty – LOL!

    78. Bimbam

      Actually the author missed his own point! THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH COLLAPSE.

      This is what the great Tribulation is all about. 90% of Americans will die within a year through famine, pestilence, disease, war, etc. Then they said there will be an invasion and slavery. The living is to be carted off.


    79. Mr. Blutarsky

      When it collapses, you won’t like the government that comes out of it. That’s a guarantee.

    80. 3n3my of th3 Stat3












      * you are better off staying in America moving to a more stable part of the country .


      N.O. ;0p …………………

    81. Watchman

      The Eagle Is Gone!

      The skunk has replaced the Eagle as the new symbol of the American Presidency.
      It is half black, half white, and everything it does stinks.

      Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
      Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
      2013 Revision:
      Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone with unlimited free
      minutes, free internet, cash for his clunker, food stamps, section
      8 housing, free contraceptives, Medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of
      unemployment, free medicine, and he will vote Democrat the rest
      of his life and several more times after he’s dead.

      Keep the FAITH

      • snake eater


        uuuuuuuh about those contraceptives what planet are you from?Free meds?


    82. Watchman

      When I was young my intent was to go to medical school, but I was
      confused by the entrance exam.

      The deciding question was, “Re-arrange the letters P N E S I to
      spell out an important part of the human body that is more useful when erect.”

      Those who spelled SPINE became doctors. The rest are in Congress.

      Keep the FAITH

    83. Obama 'NOT'

      I’ve been reading this site for a long time. It is great.

    84. Obama 'NOT'

      Thank you BI for your information on earthquake activity. I have been reading your comments for a long time and appreciate them immensely. Please continue.

      Why does Nina O keep changing his name? He/she is easily picked up on when he/she changes his/her name. By the way, are you a he or a she? I believe you are a he.

      I spent 9 years active as a Marine and appreciated what I learned whether I needed to or not. I’m sure you folk can appreciate that comment.

      I am believing that this post will grow and wake up more folk to what is going on.

      I agree with the statement; “I may not agree with what you say but agree with your right to say it.”

      Thanks to Mac Slavo for this site.

      • Kevin2

        Obama NOT

        ‘I agree with the statement; “I may not agree with what you say but agree with your right to say it.”’

        I had a 7th grade teacher that started her class with a new quote every day. Her version of the above always stuck with me because it sounded so “American”. We fought wars for this we were told.

        “Although I may disagree with what you say I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it”. That was way back in school year 1968 – 1969. A teacher would be brought up on some kind of criminal charges for telling a junior high class that today.

    85. Radhawaii

      When we get an extra 11 million plus “Democrats” with Amnesty, we will stumble

      When we lose the Petro dollar =WE WILL FALL.

      Then WTSHTF we will have a mass exodus of people and a cleansing will follow, and the traitors wearing the big “o” on their shirts and hats will all be upgraded…to targets, they caused it, we can’t eliminate the source, so we go for the followers who voted him in-The ignorant UNINFORMED SHEEPLE, if they had only opened their mind, my mind was like a closed book, until I ran across this site. THANK YOU MAC , you have opened the eyes of millions, to truth, and to prep for the coming storm, and collapse.

    86. Bill

      who cares its a crap hole of corrupt black political hacks skimming all the money out off the City for their glorious communist ventures and the extremist democratic party, its one big slush fund and now the money has dried up , let them all go to hell and sink to the bottom. the city id full of racists blacks, and racist islamic terror cells. screw all of them.

    87. ptmama

      BI, what is the rapture index?

      Thanks for all the earthquake updates.

    88. Detroit....

      Just let detroit do some unique things… Legalize sex houses. Legalize pot.


      off the wall

      Turn detroit into one large factory and round up all the illegals for slave labor.

    89. Boone


    90. snake eater

      Daisy you still out there lady???


    91. SLICK ONE

      Detroit is the prime example of an economy where there are more takers than producers. When those who depend on “social services” outnumber the people who work and produce……. We have way too many welfare moochers in America, because of the entitlement mentality. I for one will be glad when they wake up one morning and are forced to work.

    92. Stophel

      I suppose that mentioning the racial demographics of Detroit (or Atlanta, or Chicago, or any crime-ridden collapsing city) would be utterly taboo, since being a rayciss is the worst thing imaginable today.

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