Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog.


    Ten years ago, a major Hollywood film entitled “Idiocracy” was released, and it was an excellent metaphor for what would happen to America over the course of the next decade.  In the movie, an “average American” wakes up 500 years in the future only to discover that he is the most intelligent person by far in the “dumbed down” society that he suddenly finds himself in.  Sadly, I truly believe that if people of average intellect from the 1950s and 1960s were transported to 2016, they would likely be considered mental giants compared to the rest of us.  We have a country where criminals are being paid$1000 a month not to shoot people, and the highest paid public employee in more than half the states is a football coach.  Hardly anyone takes time to read a book anymore, and yet the average American spends 302 minutes a day watching television. 75 percent of our young adults cannot find Israel on a map of the Middle East, but they sure know how to find smut on the Internet.  It may be hard to believe, but there are more than 4 million adult websites on the Internet today, and they get more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

    What in the world has happened to us?  How is it possible that we have become so stupid?  According to a brand new report that was recently released, almost 10 percent of our college graduates believe that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court…

    The American Council of Trustees and Alumni publishes occasional reports on what college students know.

    Nearly 10 percent of the college graduates surveyed thought Judith Sheindlin, TV’s “Judge Judy,” is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court. Less than 20 percent of the college graduates knew the effect of the Emancipation Proclamation. More than a quarter of the college graduates did not know Franklin D. Roosevelt was president during World War II; one-third did not know he was the president who spearheaded the New Deal.

    It can be tempting to laugh at numbers like these until you realize that survey after survey has come up with similar results.

    Just consider what Newsweek found a few years ago…

    When NEWSWEEK recently asked 1,000 U.S. citizens to take America’s official citizenship test, 29 percent couldn’t name the vice president. Seventy-three percent couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War. Forty-four percent were unable to define the Bill of Rights. And 6 percent couldn’t even circle Independence Day on a calendar.

    Even worse were the extremely depressing results of a study conducted a few years ago by Common Core…

    *Only 43 percent of all U.S. high school students knew that the Civil War was fought some time between 1850 and 1900.

    *More than a quarter of all U.S. high school students thought that Christopher Columbus made his famous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean after the year 1750.

    *Approximately a third of all U.S. high school students did not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    *Only 60 percent of all U.S. students knew that World War I was fought some time between 1900 and 1950.

    Of course survey results can be skewed, and much hinges on how the questions are asked.

    However, even studies that are scientifically conducted confirm how stupid America has become.  In fact, a report from the Educational Testing Service found that Americans are falling way behind much of the rest of the industrialized world.  The following comes from CBS News

    Americans born after 1980 are lagging their peers in countries ranging from Australia to Estonia, according to a new report from researchers at the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The study looked at scores for literacy and numeracy from a test called the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, which tested the abilities of people in 22 countries.

    The results are sobering, with dire implications for America. It hints that students may be falling behind not only in their early educational years but at the college level. Even though more Americans between the ages of 20 to 34 are achieving higher levels of education, they’re still falling behind their cohorts in other countries. In Japan, Finland and the Netherlands, young adults with only a high school degree scored on par with American Millennials holding four-year college degrees, the report said.

    Out of 22 countries that were part of the study, the Educational Testing Service found that Americans were dead last in tech proficiency, dead last in numeracy and only two countries performed worse than us when it came to literacy proficiency

    Half of American Millennials score below the minimum standard of literacy proficiency. Only two countries scored worse by that measure: Italy (60 percent) and Spain (59 percent). The results were even worse for numeracy, with almost two-thirds of American Millennials failing to meet the minimum standard for understanding and working with numbers. That placed U.S. Millennials dead last for numeracy among the study’s 22 developed countries.

    So why has this happened?

    Why have we become such an extremely stupid nation?

    Well, at least a portion of the blame must be directed at our system of education.  The following is an excerpt from an article written by reporter Mark Morford.  In this article, he shared how one of his friends which had served for a very long time as a high school teacher in Oakland, California was considering moving out of the country when he retired due to the relentless “dumb-ification of the American brain”

    It’s gotten so bad that, as my friend nears retirement, he says he is very seriously considering moving out of the country so as to escape what he sees will be the surefire collapse of functioning American society in the next handful of years due to the absolutely irrefutable destruction, the shocking — and nearly hopeless — dumb-ification of the American brain. It is just that bad.

    Now, you may think he’s merely a curmudgeon, a tired old teacher who stopped caring long ago. Not true. Teaching is his life. He says he loves his students, loves education and learning and watching young minds awaken. Problem is, he is seeing much less of it.

    And of course things don’t get much better when it comes to our college students.  In aprevious article, I shared some statistics from USA Today about the rapidly declining state of college education in the United States…

    -“After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.”

    -“Students also spent 50% less time studying compared with students a few decades ago”

    -“35% of students report spending five or fewer hours per week studying alone.”

    -“50% said they never took a class in a typical semester where they wrote more than 20 pages”

    -“32% never took a course in a typical semester where they read more than 40 pages per week.”

    I spent eight years studying at some of the finest public universities in the country, and I can tell you from personal experience that even our most challenging college courses have been pathetically dumbed down.

    And at our “less than finest” public universities, the level of education can be something of a bad joke.  In another previous article, I shared some examples of actual courses that have been taught at U.S. universities in recent years…

    -“What If Harry Potter Is Real?

    -“Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame

    -“Philosophy And Star Trek

    -“Learning From YouTube

    -“How To Watch Television

    Could you imagine getting actual college credit for a course entitled “What If Harry Potter Is Real?”

    This is why many of our college graduates can barely put two sentences together.  They aren’t being challenged, and the quality of the education most of them are receiving is incredibly poor.

    But even though they aren’t being challenged, students are taking longer to get through college than ever.  Federal statistics reveal that only 36 percent of all full-time students receive a bachelor’s degree within four years, and only 77 percent of all full-time students have earned a bachelor’s degree by the end of six years.

    Of course our system of education is not entirely to blame.  The truth is that young Americans spend far more time consuming media than they do hitting the books, and what passes for “entertainment” these days is rapidly turning their brains to mush.

    According to a report put out by Nielsen, this is how much time the average American spends consuming media on various devices each day…

    Watching live television: 4 hours, 32 minutes

    Watching time-shifted television: 30 minutes

    Listening to the radio: 2 hours, 44 minutes

    Using a smartphone: 1 hour, 33 minutes

    Using Internet on a computer: 1 hour, 6 minutes

    When you add it all up, the average American spends more than 10 hours a day plugged into some form of media.

    And if you allow anyone to pump “programming” into your mind for 10 hours a day, it is going to have a dramatic impact.

    In the end, I truly believe that we all greatly underestimate the influence that the mainstream media has on all of us.  We willingly plug into “the Matrix” for endless hours, but then somehow we still expect “to think for ourselves”.

    There are very few of us that can say that we have not been exposed to thousands upon thousands of hours of conditioning.  And all of that garbage can make it very, very difficult to think clearly.

    It is not because of a lack of input that we have become so stupid as a society.  The big problem is what we are putting into our minds.

    If we continue to put garbage in, we are going to continue to get garbage out, and that is the cold, hard reality of the matter.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. I spend about 2 hours a day on net on average,most of it is learning new skills/trade tricks ect.

        Oh,and of course,scintillating conversation with other folks here at a virtual Algonquin Round table of course!

        • Amen War.
          I saw the movie, sad to say we could be going in that direction.
          Wish I had the internet in the 70’s…
          My girls are lucky to be internet schooled.

          Be well all…

          • I gotta tell you, the internet has been excellent for learning stuff, been reading up on knife making and forge work, leather work, and a few other trade type things, the information available is excellent vs 20-30-40 years ago. Still a learning vurve but on some of the specialized forums and blogs the wealth of info is amazing.
            What reallyscrews it up though is all the hacker crap. Really sucks.
            Oh well, such is life, i print out a lot of info so i have hard copies, the availability of resources and ability to find almost anything is great, from obscure metals and hardware tobasic parts and pieces,

            • Truly… Americans are so stupid that only a few months ago some of them were in a breathless sky-is-falling panic about the “shemitah”.

            • The internet is great for self-education, but good old fashioned book learning is probably better for younger school age kids to learn from. Teaches better focus, less distractions.

            • A person could lean more on YouTube than any other media outlet. If you need to change a car part most likely Youtube has a “How to” video on that. Tons of prepper videos, everything. Its a vast encyclopedia of info.


          • The “edgykashun” system you see today, is a product of vermin like John Dewey, whose goal was not to actually teach, but to socially indoctrinate the young.

            Edward Bernays also had a hand in this indoctrination.

            From the early 1930’s, the academies were infested with “The Frankfurt School”, neo-marxists. They introduced “Cultural Marxism” to universities.

            As the left gained more power over the next few decades, they openly stated their goals. Among those 45 goals, were these:

            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

            25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

            32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

            What you see today, is no accident. This country, and indeed, all of Western Civilization, has been destroyed from within. Merkans do not understand marxism…

            • Thank you for your intelligent response!
              The dumbing down of America is no accident. God help the US in the next 10-20 years (if we last that long), when these know nothing, non thinkers take over the reigns of power.

              • The dumbing down of America is no accident. I agree.

                Free download of this book.

                This book will change the way you view education.

                The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
                ht tp://

                  • KY Mom: thank you! I love free books!

                    • I like free books too.


                      Thanks for the link to the free book site!

                • If there is a bright spot…..One Guy got Rich on Dumb Americans. He wrote a lot of How Too books for Dummys.


            • Must have worked because Obama can’t tell the difference between Communism, Socialism, or Capitalism……except capitalism is evil white people oppressing the blacks…..

              • How would Obola know??? He went to school in Indonesia as a child. For his formative years he was schooled by American Marxists; and then he went to Harvard and Yale …..

                More commies and marxists. You are what you eat. 🙁

                • That would be Columbia. In NYC.

            • JustMe, It was not John Dewey, Let me explain…

              I got to see some of those “old” curriculum’s from the 1920’s to 1950’s in grad school in the early 1970’s. The thing that struck me was the shift going on from what they used to consider essential education. The subjects of American history I and II, Geography, Grammar and Civics were being “pulled” for more “relevant” education. They were being pulled because by definition of the new High school should be college prep for the masses and not essential for education of its citizens.

              For example in 1920 most big-city high schools in the country were offering four high-school tracks: college preparatory, commercial (which prepared students, mostly young women, for office work), vocational (industrial arts and home economics), and general (which offered a high-school diploma without any specific preparation for future educational or vocational endeavors).

              Most American high-school students in 1920 were still following a college preparatory course of study, though few went on to college. The most important statistic I learned from that era was less than 17 percent of 14–17-year-olds even graduated from high school in 1920. They assumed if you could not apply yourself to academics you would go on in your education otherwise you would go back to the farm, work in a factory or handle a menial job for the remainder of your life. Those who got a High School education in 1920 had the opportunity of going after “skilled” jobs.

              Then the politicians got involved in the 1930s to 1950’s. Our “leaders” in the 1940s and 1950s declared that significant progress was being made toward (and here is that word) equal opportunity for education. Pointing to growing high-school enrollments and graduation rates as evidence of the success of their policies, education “leaders” (in bed with politicians) reiterated that getting diplomas in the hands of more students was far more egalitarian than having all students educated in discipline-based subject matter.

              So why the big change? The answer is we have destroyed our economic system and replaced it with government welfare. In 1920 we did not have 61 million immigrants doing our menial labor. If you flunked out of high school in 1920 you knew you were going to shovel manure 10 hours a day just to survive.

              Today our educational system is a mini prison where the inmates are told how great they are doing and teachers are forced to pass on the trash to the next level. Education is just a reflection of how our society is eroded. A 9th grade high school drop out of 1920 had as much education as a college junior does today…

              • The modern education has one goal: to teach people to obey authority and to not think.

              • Rabbitone, that high school dropout of 1920 could beat any of today’s kids hands down.

              • In JD’s own words:

                “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.” – John Dewey

                I do understand that he was not alone in his project, and that many people could not even attend school, for various reasons. Dewey and his owners wanted serfs, not educated people.

            • Hi Justme,

              Look at Paul Harvey’s “If I were the Devil” video. It explains some of the points you’ve mentioned.

              • He used to recite that on the radio periodically.

              • Did you know the reason why Paul Harvey died? I read about it. He was in fine health and was gonna go on vacation with his wife. His doc suggested he get a colonoscopy. He did, the doc slipped, punctured his intestine, got a raging infection and died four days later!!!!

                • Marie, that was a real shame about Paul Harvey. I used to listen to him and several other people on the radio all the time.

            • You are SO correct about all the above especially nu 22 about the crappy “art”. For many yrs i have noticed UGLY and meaningless art in public places. Yep. And all that you wrote i read about somewhere many yrs ago. It’s true.

            • The popularity of Bernie Sanders suggests that they DO understand marxism, and they like it…

            • My God, one of the signs of a bad education is belief in some wild conspiracy theory. You blame the left for everything, but the left held government office from the thirties until the eighties when we had a conservative movement lead a republican revolution. Yep out of the depression through WWII and into prosperity. Then Reagan(an actor who sold us a false bill of goods while president) and the conservatives decided to be anti intellectual uber capitalist. Things went down from there yet you blame tyhe left! Facts don’t matter to you I guess.

          • I already see ‘idiocracy’ in real life every day.

        • Warchild I’m sorry to say that most people today under the age of 40 wouldn’t even know what the Algonguin round table was.

          • Damn Colt…

            Now you really made me feel stupid… 🙁

            I had to google what Algonguin round table was.

            And I’m 51.

            Someone help me please, I’m drooling all over myself. 🙂
            I do love to learn though.

        • I don’t believe those numbers one bit. Where is the average time spent watching porn???

          • About 12 minutes and 30 seconds . …….Oh.. Oh …Yea…

            Nope, just 11 minutes.

            Now i need a smoke.

            • For God sakes man…clean yourself up! The stern is lifting and we got to make it to the back of this ship before all the rats get there.

            • JS: 11 minutes? Dang I am good in 3.

              • It is all relative; For instance, it now takes all night to do what we used to do all night. -smirk-

        • 70000 white people murdered in SA since apartheid ended.

          500 blacks were murdered during apartheid.

          And only whites can be racist?

          If only we gave them more of our money.

          Appeasement never works.

          They only want more money and hate us more.

          • And what does Apartheid have to do with what’s going on in good old Amerikkka? And your “numbers” don’t include the hundreds of thousands of Africans who were slaughtered (and their land stolen) when the British and Boers first came over……nor do they include the hundreds of thousands of blacks who died from White people’s “humane” treatment when it came to medical care, education, access to food, etc. etc. etc. And who exactly do WE give our money to? Would that include enslaved Black people who essentially BUILT Amerikka for free?

            • Yeah, blacks built Aerica all right. Blacks are good at building ghettos, the welfare state, and increased crime statistics which in turns builds a lot of prisons. Whats your point?


              • @WWTI…

                Ahhh yes….another prime example of the “superior” white male. Well, let me hit you with some facts asshole: (1) the “ghettos” that you are complaining about are neighborhoods that white people created, for example the hell hole of the south side of Chicago not too long ago was the only neighborhood that WHITE PEOPLE allowed blacks to live in, and the same is true for many other so called “inner cities” but of course the past doesn’t matter unless it is white people screaming about the “founding fathers” or the consitution….Ohh, and all this bullshit about the welfare state, white have always been and STILL ARE the majority of welfare recipients you can research that if you want. Also your comment about crime statistics: 90 percent of the crimes committed by blacks are against other blacks and that is the SAME for whites….but don’t worry when the unemployment rate hits 30 percent for white men like it is for many black communities we will see how high the murder rate is for your people, or did you forget about all of those white dudes who killed themselves and their families after the 2008 crash because they “lost” everything?

                • Nat, nobody here claims to be any better than anyone else. So let’s see if you can explain why young black people refuse to learn anything in school, why they turn to crime, why they don’t want to live right, etc. We white folks have tried forever to teach your people things that can and will help them in life. Not trying to hurt them. Still looking for white folks hurting your people? Look at both major political parties, the international bankers, politicians, hell the whole damn system! The system is harming ALL OF US; black, white, red, yellow, brown, etc. It’s because of certain groups out there intetn on keeping us all divided by race, etc. that we have trouble coming together and trying to work together to fight the system. Nat, you’ve been totally misled by the NAACP and other groups so much you just can’t see it. Please wake up and smell the coffee for your own sake.

                  • Bravehart,

                    Stop playing victim: you have made more than enough white supremacist statements. And statistics for these articles citing only Black people or ALL Americans? So enough with the nonsense about Black kids no wanting to learn, when the schools that black kids go to for the most part are shit? And many of the loving White teachers, such as Jigplate, hat the students they teach. So what’s the excuse for white kids no learning? And why do all of you white supremacists loving talking about the NAACP? Most black people are not members, and most black people don’t listen to Al Sharpton! Find new talking points!

              • WWTI, Nat Turner is just another troll. Forget about him.

        • Pennsylvania was 50% German speaking till WW2.

          Aryan schools are much more quantitatively oriented than Anglican schools.

          The Pennsylvania Dutch are a dying culture, similar to the Boers.

          No, only 1% of Pennsylvania Dutch are Amish.

          All the rest were assimilated.

          It would have been better if America was a German colony.

        • People who think there is no difference between the races

          are just as ill-informed and delusional as KKK members or skinheads of yesteryear

        • I’m a 30 year veteran inner city teacher. Lack of family structure, and a never satiated quest for digital entertainment are to blame. These kids simply do not read. Therefore, they cannot write. I am convinced that this generation will become the least educated since the advent of compulsory public school.

          • You nailed it, Jigplate.

            Moral values and the limits on digital entertainment/negative sites, begins in the home. Many single Moms, and believe it or not, single Dads, are doing a pretty good job without the family unit intact with structural living.

            Sadly, the good living situations are very few. The more money people seem to have, the more they seem to allow their kids to become more worldly and liberal.

            After spending four days at the Beach, this past week, and seeing the teenagers and college kids in action, it is a disgrace what most have become.

            I am not all that prudish or behind the times, but when high schoolers are out on the beach in public and showing their asses like they are at an all out college spring break beach party, and acting like idiots, it is sad.

            It was mostly the girls, that were pulling their bikinis up their rear cracks so tight, they looked like thong bikinis, which are banned on this particular beach. They were proud to show off their bushy mounds and camel toes, while taking pictures and selfies. Twerking their little white asses to ….jungle crap music.

            Their mothers, or what I assumed as mothers, just came out once to check on them, but didn’t seem to care they were acting slutty.

            Parents that have, or like myself had, well behaved and respectable teenagers, are well blessed. We are in a point and time of “no return”, and sadly it only gets worse from here as liberal/immoral kids, are now in positions of leadership and parenthood.

            Some will look back and learn from things as growing pains and just a part of learning, but sadly it seems, more and more are staying with their immoral ideology and liberal lifestyles, even in to adulthood. The dumbing down continues full bore through our educational systems and the broken homes units.

          • Owner of a local bookstore I haunt says the same thing. We are going through a major culture shift, the only people coming in to buy books are mothers with small children and adults over 35 or 40. Teens and young adults seem to have no interest at all in printed material.

          • I read that grammar schools for the last few yrs have not been teaching cursive longhand writing – just print !!!

            • Many schools no longer teach cursive. Cursive is the writing of the elite. I’ve encountered quite a few who can not write, let alone read, cursive. When I was still working, I used to have several young people come in to cash their paychecks. They had to print their names or just made a squiggly line as their signatures because they were never taught cursive. If you have children and want them to know cursive, chances are you will have to teach them yourself.

        • The US Education is a disaster. Kick the punk gangsters out of the classroom to go pick up trash, while the rest can learn something. With today’s Computers, kids can do home school.. They one a week go do social, tasks, Plant some trees, paint fire hydrants, nature walks, etc. Learn how to think…

          Today the US School systems teaches you how to be obedient and subservient and a good little worker bee for the fascist corporations. They should be teaching how to think, leadership skills and know how to open your own business. The US School system keeps this info secret.


          • @Jigplate and WWTI

            My two favorite white supremacists…….so the dumbing down of this country is to be blamed on the people in the inner city and “gangsters” but not the powerful white men who decided to dumb down the school ciruclum? And Jigplate if you hate working in the inner city so much why don’t you quite your job and STOP COLLECTING A PAYCHECK is that provided by hardworking and most poor black and brown TAX PAYING CITIZENS!!!

            • Nat Turner,

              Forget about trying any type or reasonable communication with these guys. You have to remember they’re old and bitter. Bitter because it’s no longer the 1950’s and 1960’s when they were kids, they’re old now with one foot in the grave. They’re desperate to turn back the clock, ala Reagan’s ” morning in America” and even back further to Eisenhower and Kennedy. All they have now is memories of a distant time and place that they know is gone forever with nothing but hospital stays and burial insurance policies to collect on in the future ahead of them. Old men usually always wind up bitter, the closer they get to the grim reaper, the more they hate everyone else. It’s always bitter old wheezers who want the world to end tomorrow because they’re running out the clock and don’t have long left to go. They’ve reverted back to their childhoods when they hated anyone who said ” no” to them, in 20 years they’ll be nothing but dust, not even a memory.

              • Anonnymous troll, yeah, you’re damn right we’re bitter about what has happened to our country and rightfully so. It’s people like Turner who aren’t interested in reasonable communication with anyone, at least not with white people. He’s been so brainwashed by the NAACP, etc. that he’ll never see the forest for the trees. He was overdue to come on here with his antiwhite propaganda. On dust and memories, one day you’ll become that yourself, mofo, so be careful what you wish for.

                • NAACP? LMAO! Do you even know who is the head of the NAACP cowardheart?

                  • Wasn’t Rachel Dolezal, head of Spokane NAACP???

                  • Rachel Dolezal???

                  • Turner, it doesn’t really matter who is currently running the group. Did you know that out of the 6 people who originally founded the NAACP that W.E.B. Dubois was the ONLY BLACK PERSON who was a co-founder? The other 5 people were WHITE MALES WHO WERE ALL TOP OFFICIALS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND 4 OF THOSE WERE JEWISH? Google it. Very interesting story. Even Booker T. Washington was right about the NAACP being an organization that hurts black people, not helping them. Everything done by TPTB is done by design, not by accident.

                    • @Cowardheart

                      Again why do you keep focusing on an organize that pretty much NO ONE in the black community listens to, follows, or is a member of. And so what if most of the founding members weren’t black: that simply means that their were SOME white people who were not racist and recognized that white supremacy is an evil system. So in other words they are a “credit” to their race. Last time I checked the NAACP, for most of its history, was on the front lines for racial equality…… please explain to me WHY the establishment of this organization was such a bad thing?

                • Braveheart,

                  I see you’re resuming your standard role as the website parrot. When was the last time you had an original thought of your own? 1973? Must have been then, “mofo” was really popular back in the day wasn’t it? No wonder you love your “Gofish” crakurs ” so much, parrots always ” want a cracker”. You can whine for the rest of your lives if you like but you’re never going to turn back the clock and you’ll only be able to look forward to more changes ahead in the future, and old people hate change more then anything else.

                  • Anonymous, I see you’re still keeping YOUR standard role as a useless troll. How’s the weather in Tel Aviv? And I’ll take the posters on here any day over a POS like you. We are people who love this country and want to save it. If your not happy with America then you have whole world to choose from.

                    • Brave, I have no idea what the weather is like in Tel Aviv, nor do I care. For the record, you sound really foolish when you try to play ” follow the leader” with your Nazi hero, you’re not convincing enough so you’re stuck in the middle looking ignorant, as usual. You’re really funny with your dribble about ” saving America” too. How are you going to do that exactly? By munching ” gofish crakurs” at ” cuz” BOL with yer Sawyer water filter that gives you ” the best durn water I ever dun had!”. Hiding out and shooting at anything that gets within 300 yards of you? I’ll bet if somebody came up behind you and went ” BOO” while you were shaking on of your many doorknobs you’d shit yourself and die on the spot! The best thing you can do to ” save” this country is to become part of the dirt as soon as possible. And take your Nazi pals with you.

                • Braveheart1776

                  Trust No One under fifty years of age. Give no assistance.

                  Old age and Treachery will overcome skill and youth.

                  • Wrong Anon: aint about “turn back clock” but more like One precice direct Hit into you type kommie libs and negro ass kissers’s Clock Mainspring Up Top.

                    but the probable real end of kommie libs and radical viloent spoolie head dred lock monkey shines, will be once their done useing you types as usefull idiots and then as always past you find out it be Your group types which the Top Honcho kommie bolsheviks exterminate first…

                    We can probably sit back and watch You types end unfold Live once those khazar bolshies get busy eh…you are too ignorant of true history to see how They Use you.

                    ps just Which ANON are You eh? Are the one that is a lib dem female who resides in her junk auto? and has a small box of stuff stashed in some paid by month storage locker 1000+ miles distant from where you park home/auto?

                    OR are you that Other stupid lib dem kommie woman knows nothing poster person here?

                    or perhaps ALl of the current crop lib kommie leftist ANONS all store their heads in Nats negro ass “Collectivly”? Has Nat as yet patted your back and told you finally what a “good whitey” you now are?

                    Yeah and he won’t neither! That idiotic dream libs has of one day colored are going to “Approve” of Me as a Good whitey” just that a stupid dream.

                    • Them Guys,
                      other than understanding that this is some sort of commie rant, poor grammar made your comments impossible to understand. Please set aside the sauce and communicate in English. Thank you.

                    • them guys,

                      Well, by virtue of the fact that you’re up at 1.00 Am drunk and drooling over your keyboard, I know I’ve gotten the best of you. And the best of you is pretty piss poor at best. Keep drooling old man, the truth is in 20 years that nobody will know or care who you were, what you did,{ which is nothing but piss and moan} or what you thought about anything. Nobody will remember you and you’ll be forgotten along with all the other hate mongers of your age group. It will be just like you never happened, which is the best possible thing for human race. So go ahead and continue to whine for the past and keep the hate flowing full throttle, hopefully it will cause you to have a heart attack and keel over at your keyboard in mid drool.

                    • Them Guys, it’s the usual troll who posts under that name. Just another POS troll.

                  • Slingshot, a big hearty AMEN to that one!

                    • Braveheart You get it..Notice the more lib femals that use emotional “feelings nothing more than Feelings” as a main guide for their beliefs always keep changeing it again and again eh…Rebecaa is prime example here…

                      Claimes she most always voted repubs…Then is Now a libertarian…Yet remains THE Biggest residnt Immidiate defender of lib dems and all issues dem..

                      Shes first up to bat to claim “but Repubs did this or that too”….Yeah sounds like a definate repub or libertarian eh? Not!

                      She also is THE Most Jobs experienced person here for regardless What type job or work one mentions they did or do, or any other sort of lifes experiences etc…Count on her to add in asap her reply how “oh I too did That type stuff or job or work”…Or Shes been there done that no matter what it is about.

                      That trait mixed with constant defense of all libs and dem lib issues and always they must mention how “well some whiteys is bad too ya know”…When issues on blacks failures or criminal crap and when, it is them we can’t name here, although I see you named them this time and it got passed censors here,,,Test must have fell asleep at wheel when you posted it huh?

                      Adhominin false attacks such as “Then Guys is drunk” yeah I aint had one single drop of any type booze in 20+ yrs!

                      ZERO drug use either!…They can’t really refute factually issues We types state and they all always flat out wont never ever visit any links to research the proofs we are correct..So all thats left for them is typical Liberal alinsky attack mode…IE: Call folks nazis! Rayssis! antisemites! jew haters!…Drunk!

                      Bottom line of todays usa is we now has aprox One per every 500-1000 persons, especially of white folks, that really are wide awake on it ALL…including the issues we cannot Name here or dare speak of…

                      of the rest they split into Two main groups…Most lib leftists Defend indefensible blacks and all evils done by blacks which is far too much to list here…Blacks can do zero wrongs and their great white guilt demands they so defend em…

                      Other Half are right wing which copy cat Exact same type denense and support as lib negro lovers does…only with the right wingers it is a far greater defense and support of all issues of, I can’t name it here or I get censored-group of nation wreckers.

                      Together they consist of the Vast Majority nationwide.

                      And as for their always spelling Nazi issues…So fuckin what?…as long as one can read and comprehend whats wrote it matters NOT if spelling errors exist..Especially when again and again I have admited I have a problem with spelling and proper punctuation usages etc…It was the ONLY subject I scored a grade behind in while i scored 4-5 grades Ahead in the other test issues of math and histroy and reading and science etc…Those are far greater important subjects…Spelling matters most for job resume or leagle issues letters etc is all.

                      just another alinsky target method of “When you cant debate facts, nor admit You are wrong, Blame Other guy, blame spelling, blame WHITEY!

                      One day maybe they shall finally get fully 100% awake and realize those Two groups so defended are and have been and shall keep on being, EVERY nations of other peoples, TWO top Main major worst Curses ever Bar None period.

                      And Thats the Main issues that so pisses off rebbecas and the many lib anaons here always…They are unable to rid self of PC and whitey guilt and ergo unable to finally just say it as it really is…Such as “Yeah usa sure be swell if ZERO pavement apes and ‘them I can’t name here” never were within usa to begin with eh.

                      They KNOW it but refuse to ever admit to that. And their emotional female feelings controls their inner Hatered of ALL that do see reality and Can speak truth to it all.

                      They believe what they claim about Us types cause they Must do so or their entire feelings emotional based mambojambo crap will fall apart at seams…

                      Why do ya think so hard a push has been on to also Femaleize white males eh?…So Whitey man will also rely upon female type “feelings based emotions” as their main guide to decision making! How That been working out so far?

                      When you must empty area of such Hypocrites and idiots…Simply Show them actual hard copy Proof that proves how dead wrong their mis placed defenses of them Two major problem ethnic groups are for real…and the fools RUN away in opposite directions, from real FEAR they May need change minds and beliefs!!…Oh the Humanitys! how can they Ever change long held falshoods of that magnitude?…They can’t! They WONT and never shall!

                      It is reason it be Them so screwed up and why they so defend NAT types and everyone whos name ends in a sky-ski-berg-stien-etc etc…..marxist dumbing downs has worked swell on them all it seems…That too they will Never admit to..

                      PS: if any spell Nazis find errors on this reply?…No Problem..Look very close when you Kiss My White ass, as the proper spelled wording will be located right above ass area You place Your lips!…It did it Just for You types too!

                      pss Remember unlike you types I never tried hide fact I spell badly etc…it is in the archives where I several times stated that as fact…Where in archives is Their admitions of ever be wrong at eh?…Non existant!

                      Spell errors= vary bad!

                      Gang banger looter city torcher arsonists=Very GOOD! as long as they are african blacks or browns eh.

                      Nation wreckers= Innocent Victims of entire worlds “other Goys”…Ergo they too Very Very swell Good always!

                      Spelling errors deserve 20 to Life jail!

                      Well again they can kiss my whitey ass! if they ever get done ass kissing them two other worst ever curses on usa.

                    • Them Guys
                      As far as I can tell from your emotionally-charged hysterical rant… what I could understand of it… I annoy you with my rational comments. Darn.

              • ANON,
                Yes the world you live in is so peaceful, so stable, so utopian. SO FREE. Get a clue dude.

                • Anonymous troll, we don’t give a f#$% about you either so that makes us even.

              • Anon

                Yep, in twenty years we will be dust. Not even a memory.


                The way I look at it is that the past is the past and your future is not as bright as our past was. I say it again. I am voting for Hillary. I do not think Trump can make America Great Again for there is too much opposition to his plans. He might be a lame President.
                Hillary? I know her stripes and she is going to screw us big time.
                You better recalculate what you younger people are doing. In the end, remember My Vote helped get you there.

                Last Laugh?

                • Slingshot,

                  If you feel that is what you must do, then by all means go for it and don’t look back. But know that whatever happens, it will be a small price to pay to rid the world of short bus riding window lickers like them guys and braveheart, that’s the thing the keeps me going forward.

            • Nat Turner

              Our city has removed the requirement of having a degree to become a Police Officer. Not enough blacks on our Police Force. They removed the requirement of having a degree. Hmmmmmm.

              • Ohh really Slingshot? So the police force lowered the education requirements just because they wanted to hire Black people? I find that impossible to believe that when the Unemployment rate for Blacks with college degrees is twice the rate for Whites with college degrees…..How about this: you put up a link to that bullshit star and I will put up a link to the unemployment statistics.

                • Nat Turner

                  Jacksonville Fl. Police . Needed more Blacks Asians and Latino’s to balance out the relationship of the police force to reflect the community. So they dropped the FOUR year Degree Google it

                  Tv 12
                  Tv 47 the station that broad casted it.

                  • To be fair Nat. The Police department pays poorly and better paying police department down south. But what I tell you is true.

                    • Nat Turner

                      Nat Turner

                      Can’t get your way? I don’t give a fuck. I did not come on and blast you and even gave you a second reply. Don’t worry Nat. I am voting for Hillary and if she is the Bitch on wheels that everyone says she is, then MY VOTE COUNTED.

                      Have a good day Nat Turner. See you in the trenches.

                  • No Slingshot,

                    YOU prove your point…… the link.

                • Reply in moderation 3 times

            • Nat. Educate yourself.

            • NAT: STOP confusing whites with Khazars which today are them I cannot name her ethnic wize….everything and every top controls and fed govnt positions you list as run by whites is really run by khazars. Most are also Dual citizens of a tiny mid east nation of, well since cannot name it either here lets call that a nation in mid east of “Eskimos” ok Nat…HINT Hint Nat them we aint to ever name here, also attend religous services on Saturdays and Never on sunday..

              They are You blacks main controlers and main problem Nat.

              SLAVERY Nat:…Very first ever US supremes ct case about a run away slave man, Is he actual PROPERTY Owned same as Land or Homes is?…US Supremes decided YES Slave is Owned Property and Owned By slave owner who Paid for slave etc

              Guess who that slave owner guy with first ever supremes case was nat….Yes a BLACK MAN SLAVE OWNER Nat!!

              The GOOD Whites in the NORTHERN state that were assisting and protecting that run away slave got forced by Law to return the run away slave TO BLACK MAN slave Owner due to supreme ct case decision Nat.

              SLAVERY Issue #2 Nat: THE slave owner in state a GA which owned MOST slaves statewide then, and owned close to 300 slaves was a Very filthy wealthy rich women Nat also a BLACK WOMAN owner of 300 Black slaves Nat.

              Drop this blacks is a huge victim game Nat and perhaps you can be first black inventor to invent more than a MUD & SHIT Mixture HUT that always Melts once rains come and entire afrcican villages again are homeless or is that Hut-less?

              If still avail online research website called “101-Nigger Facts You need to Know” or close to that title website.

              Proof galore of lesser black IQ’s-Smaller Brain capacity-and 99 More facts documented and scientifically proven that Yes whites on avg Are supperior to browns and blacks.

              to Sum Up Nat: Admit it finally…You negro afrcians has Never in all recorded histoyr ever had it so damn swell as in and With White european usa period…It is main reason you never head Back to jungles of africa correct Nat?…Because there Your new neighbors are likly to EAT you or at least when bored makeing tons babies cannot feed are going to Attack and Butcher Kill you there in africa Nat…Because its just how savage africans do it is all Nat…

              Do Not blame usa whites for bending over backwards for past 50 yrs trying to appease every desire of ignorant violent militant savage blacks Nat…We whiteys is who paid 1/2 in taxes each week to spend at least $20-25 TRILLION in past 50 yrs doing as 1960 lib dems called “oh Maybe if we just Give them colored peoples whatever they demand of Us whiteys, and maybe then those colored peoples will FINALLY leave Us alone”….

              Boy that sure worked swell eh?

              Blacks OVERTOOK white cities Nat and proceeded to destroy within 5 yrs Detroit aka ground Zero city #1, which took white folk 300 yrs to create and build and re build better and better every few decades untill it became world famous as Motor City aka HQ Capitol of Manufatureing and Vast inventions etc thanks to…Wait for it Nat!…WHITEYS is who Nat!

              I was 10 yrs old when in Detroit colored folks everywheres was Demanding “Alz Wez beez Axin Fo Iz Dat chance Ta prooobs it Iz all we AXIN Fo…Da Chance ta Proob(prove) Dat we Kin run Deeeetroit bettah den dem crakah whiteys eber doz..But we Kaint doos dis alonez! Dis is whyz allz we beez Axin Fo is dat one Chnace ta prooobs it Iz all we beez AKIN Fo”

              Well Nat they flooded west side detroit with tons of savage afrcian ‘coloreds”…Then they got their dream of black Mayors and city councils etc etc…

              Then Nat…it only took a grand total time frame of just Under 5 years total for savage colored to RIOT–LOOT-WRECK-ROB-RUIN and finally BURN Down Half of detroit so to Show Us whites how colored is gonna run it all way better than whiteys ever did an dats a Fakts Jaks cause allz daz beez AXIN FO Iz…50 years later Every fuckin usa city lays in abject ruin and YOUR colored DID it withOUT help from whites fool negro boy wonder.

              NAT: Use that IQ expertize you have and research Khazars aka them I cannot name here and All positions They hold TODAY and for past 60 to 100 yrs in usa fed govnt and ALL what matters in every main key position…especially mass msm medias and holloywood and tv and newspapers etc…BANKING TOO!

              check REAL slavery issues histroy Nat….Khazars did at least 75% of all issues slavery…Owned most every if not every slave ship, financed EVERY slave ship trip, Top Two slave sellers at auction in, was it Rhode Island state? BOTH Khazar Men…and this type true infos comes mainly From Khazars Own members! IE: They Love to brag due to huge egos, it always leads to their bootings out of nations.

              THEN Nat: Please return here soon to Inform Us all how Now you know Real truth history and how true blame for negro woes should be owned by negros and their khazar bosses Nat…

              • Hey tg, just how much DO you drink every night? I know, not much to do way up in northern Michigan but stay drunk all the time is there?

                • Anonymous troll, I guess you don’t have anything better to do other than trolling, right?

                  • Brave,

                    It’s a sign of extreme cowardice on the part of your hero that you feel the need to fight his battles for him, obviously he’s not up to the task himself but now you’re emulating the ” pack” mentality of how blacks fight as you put it, but naturally you’ll never be bright enough to comprehend that, much less then do anything but be the community parrot looking for pets on the head like an old hound dog from his masters, who, by the way, you have no clue who really are and they’re not the so called ” tribe” you like to blame when you hump them guys leg so dutifully.

                    • Anonymous troll, why don’t you do some research and discover why the Jews were expelled from over 100 nations around the world? They were kicked out of those nations because they were committing acts of TREACHERY against them. I stand up for white people because I’m sick of the illegitimate campaign being waged against them. If that makes me a racist, Nazi, homophobe, etc. then so be it. take your PC crap elsewhere. I know the others can hold their own. I just don’t have any use for trolls and their PC crap.

                    • Bravefool,

                      You’re a fool, plain and simple. Those who read this site regularly know this, as evidenced by your lack of thought, endless repeating of comments you’ve made over and over for 3 years and counting. You’re a frightened little man who’s convinced the world is out to get him when it doesn’t even know or care who you are. Look at your Nazi hero, he’s a stumblebum drunk, a slob, he can’t even write in his own native language by his own admission. It doesn’t matter what either of you do to try some pathetic attempt to hold on to the past, it’s over, done, and not coming back. You’re 58 years old now, not 11, it’s 2016, not 1967, whites have a zero birth rate, are you capable of understanding what that means in the long run? I doubt it. Just keep following your hero, you’re both irrelevant in less then 20 years, nobody will remember or care about either of you ignorant fools jousting at wind mills like Don Quixote, whom I doubt you have any idea is.

              • Them Guys, another outstanding post.

                • Braveheart: Thank You! look at how much Hatred Them anon types show whenever any White guys like Us stick together as whites Used to do always eh!

                  See, that IS their Main abject Mass Fear… That If enough Whites go Back to stick as One?…Next them as One whiteys may go all “nazi and kkk” on their sorry asses eh! Which they Know they WELL deserve by now too..For their nasty tribe same as africans do all stick together as ONE no matter what…TV NEWS Can show photos and full vivid filthy descriptions of a Mass child rapeist and murderer, who is a BLACK male…

                  And first thing tv camaras shows is Perp black’s Granny or Auntie Going all out in total Praise of “but He Beez a Guuut Boy! Shambone Jr. wuz jez tellinz me him granmas dat he gonna git him a Job real soon! den he gonna payz fo dem 16 Chillins he be baby daddy Ob, an allz dat an sheitzzzzz an all dat!”

                  Then sharptons buss rolls into camara view to Unload 100 More fat ass savages with Protest Signs that 55% can’t even READ!…To show group think support for Shambone Jr

                  and his african sister baby factory welfare queen, Ebolaniquious, will tell tv viewers how they need to BLAME WHITEY Crackerheads! Cuz iz beez dem crakahs dats done shamboneyboy so wrongs an sheeitz an all datz.

                  ONLY One or two black “neocons” will show up on FOX Tv and tell it like it really is and ONLY to Lock in their Next book deal worth millions for joining neocons and fox tv “tribe we cant name here” members aka 90%+ at fox and ALL msm tv.

                  This way whitey guilted fools like many Here at shtf can point to them and say “SEE there are some good blacks too see!”

                  Great! So if we have a bushel basket with aprox 200 apples in it, and it contains just a “few” bad rotten apples…

                  Do we…Leave bad apples in bushel as it is just a few bad ones?

                  OR…is even a few bad apples TOO Many!

                  And how many Bad ones will it take to RUIN all 198 good apples and ruin them quick?

                  And other than controlled opposition so called ‘good” ones shown on tv news…WHEN are all the rest good ones in both Ethnic groups, we keep being told they contains so many many Good ones as just a small tiny few are Bad?…just when will such many Good ones of each group finally Stand up to get Counted as such good ones eh?

                  NEVER! because small few bad ONLY applies to…Wait for it folks!…To WHITES!…Whiteys contains 99% good…The other rest?…not so many good mostly Bad.

                  Okay Now lets hear it from all those defenders of savages and nation wreckers we cant name here…Just you keep remaining in total Denial as per usual eh.

                  • Them guys,

                    Wow, up at 2.00 Am tonight again, eh? They’re right, you just go on one huge bender, sleep it off for 24 hours, then power down another bottle of Jack Daniels and crank up the mouth foaming again. What a loser, you can’t even write a comprehensive comment, much less lead any kind of a movement, other then a bowel movement. If you’re the vanguard of the white race in America, then it’s good they have a zero birthrate and you’re destined to become history as the leading race. Think about that, if you can through the alcoholic haze you continually labor under. For all your hysterics, it means nothing, you’re going down for the count once and for all, you’re living on borrowed time, and it’s running out. The best thing is you can’t do anything about it other then stay drunk continually. So, go back to your regularly scheduled drinking and slobbering replies, it’s all you’ve got left old geezer, all you’ve got left.

                  • Them Guys, it’s my pleasure. Like you, I’m sick to death of the illegitimate campaign being waged against our people no matter who the source is. I don’t care how any of these PC fairytale types label me. they don’t have a leg to stand on. they can all go f#$% themselves.

              • @ThemGuys

                How are you going to write about blacks being backwards when you can’t even construct a readable sentence? I have a hard time reading whatever your rant or tirade was, but I am sure it is the standard boilerplate white supremacist nonsense about white people not being responsible for white supremacy, lol…..

          • Alot of people are waking up and home schooling. Circulum has improved and the streaming technology is getting better.I read the coomon core circulum and it was a really bad joke. As a parent education is your responsbility and parenting is not the states. Tbe fix comes from you. You decide if you want to be a victim. The global elite look at us as useless eaters same as the monarchs. If we dont man up we are dooming are children to failure.

          • I had a chance opportunity to see the “history” being taught to my grandchildren. The history chapter the young one (age 8) was the Revolutionary War. The people listed as being important were no one that I’d ever heard or read about. The focus was on the most important female contributions or a minority (take your pick) in the colonies at that time. Washington, Franklin, Revere and others were mentioned (or barely so) in seemingly minor parts.

            It was the weirdest history I’ve ever read. (Maybe the names of the horses will be in next year’s lessons.)

            I’m glad my son was there to explain the historical events more fully. He also takes the kids to various historical sites to show them things. (East Coast has a lot.)

            Oh, yes. The kids are getting the “new math”. Again, my son is on top of that and shows them how to arrive at the answers.

        • What?

        • Thank the 1964 civil rights act!

      2. The reason people don’t know anything is either it isn’t taught or it isn’t demanded of them. and then they are allowed to attend college,go broke doing so and still are idiots! No knowledge and no skills. where’s the job you’re going to give me…..and oh yeah,I want a $100,000 to start.

        • With the easy access to information there is really no excuse for being un educated, you have to be a total moron to not be able to educate yourself in one fashion or another.

          • Kula, spot on. They seem to be only educated in what’s in fashion so they can copy their most admired Hollywood or rock star. Unfortunately, education and genuine thinking is not in vogue in either kids or adults.

        • The reason people don’t know anything anymore is there is no economic reason to.

          Years ago you went to college and got smart to get a better paying job and improve your chances.

          Now every is getting the government cheese and $15 an hour for doing nothing.

          so why bother learning anything. We can all just sit around and get high.

          • At $15 an hour, those McKids will soon be replaced by Androids who will work 24/7 as long as you insert another fully charged battery pack at the end of a shift.

            The robots will show up every day, they will be more efficient, and they will be cost effective and they will be written off with accelerated depreciation.

            And when you tell the moron behind the counter that you want your sausage egg Mcmuffin FRESH, the robot will deliver it FRESH !!! Hear what I’m saying ???

            I am preparing my limited partnership agreements for investors right now, waiting for the technology to catch up and …… its here !!!

            Anyone want in on the ground floor ??? 🙂

            • DK, those robots don’t have attitudes like the kids they’ll be replacing.

              • And they’ll likely be understandable instead of the heavily accented or slothfully pronounced language that passes for English.

            • I’d be interested in seeing what you’re offering in a partnership. Depending on the initial investment/ return, but I won’t make any promises. I’m not a big fan of limited partnerships because of the restrictions and limitations vs investment requirements but I’ll check it out.

          • What motherfucking motivation is there to beat your brains in studying to get a minimum wage job and hear over and over again that you don’t have any experience from the people youre trying to get a fucking job from so you can get experience.

            Just play video games and look at porn.

            • AE: what motivated me to study philosophy and Latin was that I wanted to be educated. I knew I wasn’t going to be a professor. But I wanted to learn how to think in a critical manner and to write. I achieved both of those objectives.

              However, when I went to a state university it was cheap. I was able to do the first two years at a community college and transfer to the state university for the last two years. I worked. I don’t advise young people to go into debt to go to school. Either pay cash or earn a scholarship or teach yourself or pay as you go at a local community college. The local library is still free (and paid for by the local property owners).

              • Philo, the difference in you and the average silly little shit today is you had the “gotta wanna”. You had goals, you dealt with adversity and you reached your goals. I have never seen a more non-incentivised, lazy, more oblivious bunch than millennials. They don’t want to work, have no idea how to deal with failure, and can’t learn nor think critically. I do a lot of hiring for clients and we can’t get viable job candidates from the US. Qualified people in the US simply do not exist for my clients’ needs. Twenty, even 15, years ago they did. But not now…..

                • SE: my oh my, praise from thee? Not all of the young kids are worthless. I see plenty of people my own age that can’t do anything without someone holding their hand and giving them an atta boy (or girl) every two seconds. But I wasn’t raised to make excuses or to be weak. If there is one gift my parents gave me it was that they taught me life is hard and you have to work.

                  • True, not all but more than the economy will accommodate. Parents and educational institutions are doing the most piss poor preparation of young people in generations. Parents are every bit as much to blame as school systems. They don’t expect anything, they coddle, they don’t allow kids to fail. They don’t let kids get stressed or get themselves out of their own jams. Helicopter parenting is a form of abuse, in my opinion. Those parents are handicapping their kids.

          • JS: or sit around and watch porn.

      3. Dumber citizens are easier to corral. Seems like half the people these days barely have the smarts to know how to lower their pants to take a big fat trump.

        • “Corral” into doing what?

          There’s the part I can’t fathom.

          I mean sure if you want uninformed votes so that you can be the king of a hill of shit… that’s great… I guess. What’s in it for you again? Money? Not for a lot longer. What money?

        • Exactly. Dumb down America, destroy morals and values, then usher in the next Nazi Germany.

          Nobody will have any moral objections or understand that our countries founding principals are being destroyed.

          It is death to America by suicide.

      4. America ? Or the United States?

        • They are showing their ignorance in this very story
          One point they say America and also say U.S.

          If they are talking exclusively this country than they should say it like it is
          The United States of America

          Canada is America , Mexico is America , all of South America … Well hopefully you get the picture

          Yes if fuckin makes a difference !

          • Don’t you mean Estados Unidos de America?

          • Foreigners (read Mexicans and Canucks) are always sensitive about being excluded from America. Velcro Fly must be a foreigner !!! 🙂

            • What real difference is there between when they call themselves a “Latrino” or a “Latrina”?….I sure wish they would define it all better. or just drop those A’s and O’s and simplify it with all are a “Latrine”

        • I learned about this movie from Mike Church on the XM Patriot channel, 125. I remember hearing clips from the movie and then I watched it. I rarely go to the movie theatre so had missed this movie. Watching “Idiocracy” was a revelation. A sad one.

      5. Rx for continued stupidity: keep the teacher’s unions fully funded with over-the-top salaries (9 mo per year), obscene benefits, and the worst thing–TENURE.

        Having been a teacher, I can attest that most could not handle any job in the “real world,” so they became teachers. Malcontents and Marxists–the lot of ’em.

        • Where is the “Amen” button on the key board?

          • Next to the whoopy cushion key.

        • My sister was a teacher. She retired five years ago. I passed my retirement age two years ago and need to keep going for another two. Did I mention she’s younger by two years?

      6. In my business I give all new hires a test. They are mainly supposed to be engineers.
        The test was a test I had to take to get into college when I was 18 back in the 70’s. I was home schooled so it was difficult to get into a university.
        The passage rate had declined over the years until few people can pass the test. The only people who do pass it today are kids that had been home schooled.

      7. Ive watched a few of Jay Lenos Jay Walking segments. I just thought college students being that dumb was a California thing.

      8. Watch “Idiocracy” !

      9. “What?”

        Vinny Barbarino.

      10. “Piggies”

        Have you seen the little piggies
        Crawling in the dirt?
        And for all the little piggies
        Life is getting worse
        Always having dirt to play around in

        Have you seen the bigger piggies
        In their starched white shirts?
        You will find the bigger piggies
        Stirring up the dirt
        Always have clean shirts to play around in

        In their styes with all their backing
        They don’t care what goes on around
        In their eyes there’s something lacking
        What they need’s a damn good whacking

        Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
        Living piggy lives
        You can see them out for dinner
        With their piggy wives
        Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon


      11. Direct reflection on the idiotic professors we have in our colleges today. Perhaps tenure has proven to be a destructive force way beyond our wildest nightmares?

        • Yes.

      12. Back in the day I was a certified nursing assistant who was trained on the job and getting certified was free. Now to become a certified nursing assistant it can cost thousands of dollars at a community college. TOTAL FING SCAM.

      13. almost 10 percent of our college graduates believe that Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court…


        That reminds me of the guy petitioning to “end women’s suffrage” on campuses… half the respondents thought it meant “suffering” and signed it.


      14. Seventy-three percent couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War.

        Well now if you wanna get technical… good question????

        I mean everyone was happy shiny hand holding allies until the Russians offed Hitler and then all of a sudden everything went totally to shit…

        Ah well…

      15. “We are just days away from fundamentally transforming the United States

        How many new churches and synagogues have you seen being built these days?


        Read to the end

        This is frightening! Read it all below.

        We just sit back and let it happen right under our noses

        Mosque Name Address City State Zip Contact

        Al-Iman Mosque 500 Se 9th St . Belle Glade FL 33430 561-996-6411

        Masjid Al-Hidaya 320 Charley E. Johns St . Blountstown FL 32424

        Islamic Center of Boca Raton 3100 NW 5th Ave. Boca Raton FL 33431 561-395-7221

        Alhuda Islamic Center Florida Islamic Educational Center 831 E. Palmetto Park Rd. BocaRaton FL 33432 561-361-7033

        American Islamic Center of Florida 807 N. Federal Hwy Boca Raton FL 33432 561-900-4330

        Assalam Center of Boca Raton 1499 NW 4th Ave. Boca Raton FL 33432 561-391-8285

        Bonita Springs Islamic Center 25221 Bernwood Dr. Unit 8 Bonita Springs FL 34135 239-821-3969

        Al-Amin Center of Florida 8101 South Military Trail Boynton Beach FL 33436 551-859-2296

        Islamic Center of Brandon 613 E. Morgan St . Brandon FL 33510 321-243-0693

        Albanian Islamic Cultural Center 225 N. Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater FL 33755

        Bosnian Muslim Association 120 N. Main Ave. Clearwater FL 33765 727-466-6215

        Islamic Center of Clermont 15128 Lost Lake Rd. Clermont FL 34711 407-267-8320

        Islamic Center of South Lake County 1208 Bowman St. Sunnyside Plaza Clermont FL 34711

        Nur Ul Islam Masjid, Nur Ul Islam of South Florida 10600 SW 59th St . Cooper City FL 33328 954-434-3855

        Islamic Center of Daytona 347 S. Keach St . Daytona Beach FL 32114 386-252-3501

        Masjid Al-Hakim Islamic Society of Central Florida 1350 Gilpin Ct. Deltona FL 32725 386-860-9663

        Masjid Al Salam 1218 New York Ave. Dunedin FL 34698 727-733-5090

        Dar-E-Panjetan Center 5541 N. State Rd. 7 Fort Lauderdale FL 33319 954-328-3841

        Musallah Assultan Salahuddin, Association of Islamic Charitable Projects 2820 Griffin Rd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 954-986-1373

        Masjid Al Iman 2542 Franklin Park Dr. Nw Fort Lauderdale FL 33311 954-581-6295

        Islamic Center of Broward 8658 Nw 44th St . Fort Lauderdale FL 33351 954-741-4214

        Islamic Center for Peace 2056 Linhart Ave. Fort Myers FL 33901 239-671-1761

        Masjid Ibrahim, Islamic Center of SW Florida 3337 Broadway St Fort Myers FL 33901 239-939-0292

        Center for Islamic Culture Awareness 2371 Crawford St . Fort Myers FL 33901 941-332-7833

        Islamic Center of Fort Pierce 1104 West Midway Rd Fort Pierce FL 34982 772-465-9200

        Islamic Center of Fort Walton Beach 6-A Hollywood Blvd. Sw Fort Walton Beach FL 32548 850-664-0373

        Masjid Tawhid 1557 Nw 5th St . Ft. Lauderdale FL 33311

        Islamic Center of Muslim Friends, Muslim Friends of Florida 2181 N. Bridge Plaza Ft. Pierce FL 34950 772-462-0242

        Hoda Center 5220 SW 13th St. Gainesville FL 32608 352-377-8080

        Islamic Center of Gainesville 1010 W. University Ave Gainesville FL 32601 352-372-1980

        Islamic Jaffaria Association 10554 Nw 132Nd St . Hialeah Gardens FL 33018 305-557-6835

        Islamic Movement of Florida 3201 Nw 74th Ave. Hollywood FL 33024 954-894-9110

        Masjid Al-Muttaqeen 1010 Sw 196 Ave. Hollywood FL 33029

        Masjid Ul Mumineen 12850 Sw 268 St. Homestead FL 33032 305-246-5814

        Islamic Community of Bosniak 2131 Art Museum Dr . Jacksonville FL 32207 904-683-8427

        Masjid Al-Ansar 9801 Old Baymeadows Rd. Bldg 2 Apt. 17 Jacksonville FL 32256 904-997-9487

        Masjid Al-Salaam 1625 N Pearl St . Jacksonville FL 32206 904-359-0980

        Islamic Center of Ne Florida 2333 St. Johns Bluff Rd. S Jacksonville FL 32211 904-646-3462

        Jacksonville Masjid of Al-Islam 2242 Commonwealth Ave Jacksonville FL 32209 904-387-6910

        Masjid Al-Maalik 800 Emma St . Key West FL 33040 305-295-8350

        Masjid Al Noor, Al Bir Islamic Association 3496 Polynesian Isle Blvd Kissimmee FL 34746 407-879-0807

        Masjid Taqwa, Islamic Center of Osceola County 2417 N. Central Ave. Kissimmee FL 34741 407-944-4353

        Masjid Assunah 1535 Pleasant Hill Rd. Kissimmee FL 34746 407-935-0337

        Jaffaria Islamic Center 1500 Old Vineland Rd. Kissimmee FL 34746

        Masjid Al-Bir, Al-Bir Islamic Association 4870 Old Tampa Hwy Kissimmee FL 34758 407-879-0807

        Masjid Darul Uloom, Islamic Center of Kissimmee 2350 Old Vineland Rd Kissimmee FL 34746 407-390-1100

        Masjid Aysha, Islamic Center of Lakeland 1161 Blossom Cir S Lakeland FL 33805 863-686-4713

        Masjid Al-Hamza, Clearwater Dawah Center 560 Clearwater Largo Rd. N Largo FL 33770 727-585-9737

        Leesburg Islamic Center 2201 Montclair St . Leesburg FL 34748 352-255-4708

        Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen 3222 Holiday Springs Blvd Margate FL 33063 954-575-3872

        Islamic Society of Brevard County 550 East Florida Ave. Melbourne FL 32901 321-984-4129

        Masjid Al-Furqan, Islamic Center of Central Brevard 190 Grant Rd. Merritt Island FL 32953

        Masjid Al-Ansar 5245 Nw 7th Ave Miami FL 33127 305-757-8741

        Nigerian Islamic Society 2410 Nw 93Rd St . Miami FL 33147

        American Muslim Assoc of North America 183 Ne 166th St. Miami FL 33162 305-945-0414

        Ershad Center 6669 SW 59Th Place Miami FL 33025 305-661-2822

        Masjid Al-Fayza 36 NE 3Rd Ave. Miami FL 33132 305-358-1268

        Masjid An-Nour 11699 SW 147th Ave. Miami FL 33196 305-408-0400

        Masjid Al-Ihsaan 10180 SW 168th St . Miami FL 33157 305-259-0042

        Masjid Ibrahim 6301 NW 6th Ave. Miami FL 33150

        Shamsuddin Masjid And Library 365 NE 167th St. Miami FL 33162 786-428-0005

        Masjid Miami
        Muslim Communities Assoc of South Florida 7350 NW 3Rd St Miami FL 33126 305-261-7622

        Ummah of Miami 7904 West Dr. Unit 6 Miami Beach FL 3 33141

        Masjid Al-Hijrah
        Caribbean-American Islamic Association 6128 SW 27th St . Miramar FL 33023

        Islamic Center of Naples 2520 Davel Blvd. 2Nd Fl. Unit E Naples FL 34104 239-732-7136

        Islamic Center of New Port Richey 4715 Grand Blvd New Port Richey FL 34652 727-834-9200

        Isalmic Center of Palm Beach 101 Castlewood Dr . North Palm Beach FL 33408 561-630-6899

        Masjid Darul-Islam of Ocala 6915 Sr 40 Ocala FL 34482 352-873-9959

        Masjidu Tazkiah
        Foundation of Lights 120 Floral St. Ocoee FL 34761 407-592-5457

        Miami Gardens Masjid
        Muslim Communities Association of S. Florida 4305 Nw 183Rd St. Opa Locka FL 33055 305-624-5555

        Islamic Center of Orange Park 116 Foxridge Rd. Orange Park FL 32065

        Masjid Al-Quddus
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 312 S. Paramore Ave Orlando FL 32807

        Jama Masjid
        Islamic Center of Orlando 11543 Ruby Lake Rd. Orlando FL 32836 407-238-2700

        Masjid Al-Rahim
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 4962 Old Winter Garden Rd. Orlando FL 32811 407-523-7882

        Masjid Malik
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 2018 Rouse Rd. Orlando FL 32817 407-277-0133

        Islamic Education Center of Florida 2221 Harrell Rd. Orlando FL 32817 407-325-3647

        Masjid Al-Rahman
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 1089 N. Goldenrod Road Orlando FL 32807 407-273-7750

        Masjid Al-HaqIslamic Society of Central Florida 545 W. Central Blvd. Orlando FL 32801 407-835-9600

        Masjid Al-Aziz
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 9501 Satellite Blvd. Suite 110 Orlando FL 32837

        Bay County Islamic Society 3312 Token Rd. Panama City FL 32405 850-785-8085

        Darul Uloom Masjid 7050 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines FL 33024 954-963-9514

        Al-Islam Dawah Center 1550 W. Barrancas Ave. Pensacola FL 32504 850-435-7238

        Islamic Center of Northwest Florida 3445 E. Johnson Ave. Pensacola FL 32514

        American Islamic Center 7400 62Nd Terrace North Pinellas Park FL 33781 727-520-6615

        Bosnian Islamic Center 4255 73Rd Ave. N Pinellas Park FL 33781

        Masjid Ebad Ar-Rahman
        Islamic Society of Pinellas 9400 67th St. N Pinellas Park FL 33782 727-546-3162

        Musala Asalam Islamic
        Center of South Florida 507 NE 6th St . Pompano Beach FL 33030 954-946-2723

        Islamic Community of SW Florida 25148 Harborview Rd. Port Charlotte FL33980 941-625-8855

        Masjid Al-Salam
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 2917 S. Orlando Dr . Sanford FL 32773

        Husseini Islamic Center 5211 Hester Ave. Sanford FL 32773

        Islamic Society of Sarasota & Bradenton 4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd. Sarasota FL 34234 941-351-3393

        Masjid Al-Jabbar
        Islamic Society of Central Florida 5186 Shumacher Rd. Sebring FL 33872 386-860-9663

        Islamic Center of Hernando County 6307 Barclay Ave. Spring Hill FL 34609

        Islamic Center of St. Augustine 1760 Sr-207 St. Augustine FL32084 904-826-1991

        Masjid Al-Muminin 3762 18th Ave. South St. Petersburg FL 33707 727-327-8483

        Masjid Al Sunnah
        Islamic Society of St. Petersburg 2401 6th St. S St. Petersburg FL 33705

        Stuart Masjid 2981 Se Dominica Terrace Stuart FL 34997

        Islamic Foundation of South Florida 5457 Nw 108th Ave. Sunrise FL 33351 954-741-8130


        “Has everyone lost their ability to see what is happening in the USA? Think America! Before Obama, there was virtually no visible presence of Islam in America.

        All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. All of a sudden, we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools and businesses.

        All of a sudden, we must stop serving pork in public places and institutions.

        All of a sudden, we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by America. (For God’s sake, they are IN America)

        All of a sudden, we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who is covered up under them.

        All of a sudden, Muslim training compounds are popping up throughout the USA.

        All of a sudden, Muslims are suing employers for being expected to do their jobs.

        All of a sudden, all of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unsupported.

        All of a sudden, our troops are withdrawn from the middle east.

        All of a sudden, there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans, but there is endless money for Obama’s refugee programs.

        All of a sudden, Obama fills the Federal Government with Muslims in key positions.

        All of a sudden, there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.

        All of a sudden, Americans are threatened by the Federal government for complaining about Muslims.

        All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do is disarm American Citizens.

        Now, why is it so important for Obama to disarm America? Why? Because a disarmed country is ripe for takeover by the Muslim Army that Obama has imported into the United States.

        Nikita Krueschev, the Russian Dictator who visited the USA in the 1950s said the USA could never be occupied by any army because of its citizen Army.
        Obama knows this fact and is doing everything within his power to disarm our Citizen Army. If Obama can’t do it legally, he will abuse his power and take every gun from Americans because he knows he must do that to turn the USA over to Islam.
        Be wary and watchful. Obama’s actions speak far beyond his words. Obama won’t even say the words “Islamic Terrorist”, WHY?”..

        • Great post, the American outdoorsmen , hunters will take them out in one day. Keep your eyes open, I’ve been noticing them driving on the highways in the Detroit area. They hold up traffic, look at the drivers when you pass a slow car. Mostly older Arab looking men.

        • Infidel-2 : Hell of a list, but that is not a complete list. If I counted right you have 91 listed in Florida. I know of a couple more, so I am guessing 1 out of every 2 or 3 little towns also have mosque. The actual number is probably at least double .
          I agree Obama is trying his best to disarm us but he so far has done the opposite. He has armed this country more in seven years than any other president. It used to be that behind every blade of grass was a gun. Now there is three, and a ton of ammo.

        • Infidel-2… that’s creepy. I live within 20 miles of a dozen or so of those addresses. They must be hiding in plain sight beacuse I haven’t seen one worship place or even one Ahab the arab. Of course I don’t look though. How evil to bring Obama in to destroy America and now Clinton in to keep the treason stoked and rapid. Sick bastard murderers.

          • Just for the record, the Masjid An-Nour mosque and Islamic School was built prior to 2001 in Miami. I remember because there were incidents of vandalism there after 9/11. So, it’s a bit misleading to suggest that all of these were built in the last 8 years. That is not to diminish all the issues you stated. Just to clarify that Islam has been here long before Obama, but he definitely has empowered it

            • First one was built in usa around 1927 if I recall correct. Plus I agree it aint a good thing etc but come on with blame hobammy…Dearborn Mich was majority islamics since he was a tiny baby chimp.

              Plus since its inception aprox 5-6 yrs ago if not longer yet?…DHS yearly fed budget contains an avg per year of $150 to $200-Million Cash Grants never paid back free cash spent for NON profit Orgs to beef up terrorist activity security measures…

              so far EVERY Years Cash Grants has given avg of 97% grand total to Synagouges of satan…NONE goes to any christians or others…97% has been going Only to a group that makes up Less than 2% usa population…Thats Just Plain Wrong and totally biased and unfair period.

              Plus documented reports proved a huge amount of those massive cash grants every year end up going to Private Homes and private small buisness’s also owned by same cannot be named here group members.

          • They start new mosques in private homes or apartments and then move to storefront or industrial park buildings. I’ve seen that often here in Northern Virginia. All this to say that you likely do drive right past them without knowing because these places are not labeled with signage of any sort.

        • Infidel-2 – Obummer is a Muslim in spite of what he tries to claim. He was raised in a Muslim country and went to Muslim schools. He even wears a Muslim ring. He sees no threat where Muslims are concerned, only where there are Christians and other non-Muslims.

          • Certainly no fruit of the Holy Spirit in Obama’s life.

        • Even in Blountstown??? That’s God’s country up there. Damn

          • I agree….littl ol’ Blountstown is about as country as it gets in Florida. Love that little town.

            On another note, I passed that Islamic structure on Midway Road in Fort Pierce last year and got cold chills. Couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t put it in downtown Ft. Pierce where the ghetto hood would have burned it down or shot it up in short order.

        • What does this have to do with the dumbing down of society? I swear White People love to blame all of their problems on the “other” but some how forget that this country, and the entire fucking world is run by White people….

          • NT: why not go check out places like Mauritania and Liberia? Mauritainia is a black-majority country where it is still legal to inherit slaves. Or feel free to move to Liberia where the PM is a black female educated at Harvard, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Of course there is open defecation in Liberia along with open sewers and gangsterism and Ebola and cannibalism. Liberia is Christian. Nothing is stopping you from moving to this black-ruled paradise. Or you could move to South Africa and enjoy being a communist. Again, South Africa where blacks are the majority and get all of the quotas and the new thing is white slums. Of course the whites cannot afford school so mostly it has been left to churches to go in and educate them and to feed them.

            Let me guess, Nat, you are a black supremacist and want all of the whites to die? Oh that is happening. Has it improved the lives of blacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia)? No. In fact in Zimbabwe they are asking white farmers to return in order to teach modern farming methods. Why? Because apparently everyone with farm land thought they would get rich planting tobacco. Too many planted tobacco and flooded the market with a cash crap and those farmers did not bother to plant food crops. With the market flooded with tobacco what happened? Well the price of tobacco crashed and the cost of food went up. Basic economics called supply and demand. But keep buying into the idea that white is bad. Plenty of cultural Marxists out there are willing to feed your self desusions. And there are darker forces willing to draw you into being an agent in their color revolution. Sad to give you the news but those never end well. For any color.

            • For a philosopher reading comprehension isn’t your strong point. White people brought Africans to this country (which white people stole from native Americans) for free so why would I move back to Africa? Why don’t you take your ass back to Europe, they could use some help repopulating considering the zero birth rate Ohh and the reason why SOME African nations are disasters is because of colonialism and European/Ameriva intervention. In places like Ghana and Nigeria you have people who live better than most Americans! And blacks weren’t doing so great under WHITE RULE in South Africa and Zimbabwe. And those white farmers that you are talking about…..didn’t there ancestors steal the land from the Africans? So what is wrong with GIVING BACK TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS!!!

              • That’s just what we’re talking about, Nat. We’re taking our country back from the thieving scum like you who want to steal it. Take African-Americans for example. The taxes paid by blacks don’t even come close to keeping a mid-sized city like Detroit or Baltimore functioning, they need white earners to make the real bucks and pay for your goods and services. Just think about how dysfunctional a first-world nation like the US would be if it was run by the same people running Detroit. Why, even you would be outraged, but it’s doubtful if you are intelligent enough to realize it’s not all the fault of The Man, you know.

                Glad you agree with the concept about rightful owners and all.

                Just remember, since we white folks control the world, as you said, everything you have and are, is a gift. Don’t abuse the privilege.

                • White folks run the world…..and are destroying it one day at time. I hope you are enjoying that zero birth rate buddy boy☺️

              • NT: you didn’t answer my question but you have posted enough hate to show that you are a black supremacist.

                The blacks in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) that were given land taken from whites don’t seem to be doing very well if the government is asking whites to return in order to teach the blacks how to farm. The white colonialists have been run out of Africa. What is the result? Starvation, high unemployment, slums. So this is your African paradise? Compare photos of Johannesburg and Cape Town as they look now, compared to how they used to look. Have they improved? No. But it’s okay there are plenty of Chinese that are filling the void left by the European capitalists.

                • @FakePhilosopher,

                  I did answer your question, but you didn’t like my answer…..”the white colonist have been run out of Africa…what’s the result? Starvation, high unemployment, slums.” Are you fucking serious? What kind of shit are you smoking? WHITE RULE was RUN OUT the nations you are talking about because of the starvation, high unemployment, and the slums!! Ever heard of apartid asshole? So in other worlds the white people were raping these countries and KEEPING all of the wealth for themselves. So why wouldn’t the native people want them gone? And you are right the Chinese are filling the void left by the thefting Europeans, they are offering FARIER trade deals, training, and exchanges, so much so that the US and Europeans are looking for excuses to muscle back on the action (terrorism anyone??). And for comparison: let’s compare photos of any large city in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya NOW vs. how they looked when the Europeans were in charge and tell me whic is better. And dont start with this crap about “slums” either because ever city has got them, take your ass to some countries in Europe and you will see third world poverty. Who would be to blame for that??

                  • Check Your won Spelling errors Baboonyboy!

                    and you need do serious reality research on every issue you wrote of since you are 100% wrong on it period.

                    research at NON msm and websites like David Dukes site.

                    Just drop your whitey hatered for a few hrs and actually go read truth on slavery issues and how YOU Nat keep confusing white rulers and top key position holders that are NOT whites…Yes they “Kinda Look white” but are an entire different ethnic peoples of Khazars. by Now Nat you just Must know whom I speak of when I keep telling you “I cant name them here” eh?….Yeah you know whom all right…just refuse to ADMIT it is all eh Nat.

                    Because once you finally do admit it is khazars not whites…That changes Your entire false premise of blame whites…Cannot have that right Nat..

                    You are a shinning proof example of a typical stupid usefull Idiot as them bolshevik kommie Khazars always call folks like you Nat.

                    The biggest ever problem within black comunities regardless what nation it is they live in is…Far Too Many blacks are simply niggers period….Maybe You Nat has some splainin to do eh.

        • Infidel, that’s one of your best posts ever. The chimp in the WH can go f#$% himself!

      16. Don’t forget those same people who like to use chemicals to extract dopamine from their brains cells so the can feel good about becoming the superior brainless money grubbing zombies that blames everyone else for their problems. Oblamer and Tweeker boy next door are prime examples.

      17. Infidel-2

        Thanks for the info.

      18. Flouride in drinking water. Lead pipes.

        Home school. Some tips. Adults shop for books in the children’s department on subjects you find intimidating such as Science. A lot of those books are very interesting and you would be surprised what things can learn for the first time or just refresh your memory. That way you build a library of children’s educational books. That way when your children or grandchildren are bored and pick up the book to look at the pictures, you can jump in enthusiastically talking about the contents or reading to them and actually be prepared to do it correctly. Another thing. Kids love pictures. Find a book, an adult book, with pictures of all the Presidents. Start when the child is two or three to go thru naming each President. As the child ages, add more information but keep the same book. When there is a new President, buy a book with that President but keep the original book and keep reading it. When child is in University, they will be grateful, hopefully.

        • I would like to see your reaction when your child or grandchild got a hold of the art works of Titian, I won’t even name the rest. My grandson dropped the old National Geographic like a rock once he discovered Renaissance art.
          It is our history.

          • Rellic:
            When I reached puberty, I found a book in the bathroom describing the male and female reproductive system, fully illustrated. I never spoke to anyone about this. I am very knowledgable on the subject of sex and reproduction, and I have an amazing grasp on the subject of Anatomy. When my oldest reached puberty, my mother told me to put some materials in the bathroom and don’t say anything to him about it. Then she said, don’t you remember the books I put in the bathroom for you. I just laughed.

            • Funny,
              When I was a kid, I checked out Masters and Johnson’s
              “Human sexual response” from the public library,
              5th grade maybe. Many years later my dad and I were
              talking, he knew I had borrowed that book, Our mom really watched
              what we did, I had no idea how close she watched. Dad never talked about the birds and the bees,
              He did talk about legal problems, condoms, and disease.

            • I read those books too when i was a kid. It was called Playboy and Penthouse.

              • Thank goodness for dads sock drawer. Penthouse was stashed there. Even hardcore Swedish porn in his briefcase. My God what the Internet has done for these kids! Nobody needs the Sears underwear section anymore. Or watching The Facts of Life. I must have fantasized about all four girls and even Mrs. Garrett back in the day. Now they say the VR headsets are ushering in a new golden age of porn. We really weren’t that innocent, but it was relatively mild compared to what the average 7 year old sees today. Smh

        • If you homeschool, consider letting the child attend highschool in the eleventh grade, as a junior so they can more easily find a college, hopefully Ivy League. With the preparation you have given them they are sure to succeed. By the way, Harvard is, with all it’s faults, still exceptional; and still a ticket to the top. Yale is nothing to sneeze at either.

          • I have seen so many home schooled kids so shielded from worldly view that when the finally get out on their own they got off the deep end.

            I think it is best to expose them to the worldly society and schooling, then follow up with parent taught perspective.

        • BFC: excellent recommendations. I grew up with an outdated encyclopedia Britannica. Probably 30 years our of date. It didn’t really matter. I could look up various topics and the information had not changed. I was fascinated with languages and runes. Between those old versions of the encyclopedia and “The Hobbit” I taught myself how to write in runes and was fluent by the age of 13. My entire diary was written in runes and I was the only one that could read it! At that point in my life I was basically able to write in English using runes, the symbols. It was a mix of circumstance. One, I found “The Hobbit” in the school library and then I had the old encyclopedia at home and a few dictionaries, too, they used to also show the runic alphabet. The FBI has a code-breaking test that is runes and I did it a few years ago. I was rusty but it only took me a few hours. Standard runes and the “code” was written backwards. Not that hard.

          My parents had no idea as to how smart I was. Zero. In the mean time I was reading adult books by the age of 12. How? I cruised through my parents bookshelf. No one asked me what I was reading or why so I read whatever I wanted. I remember the first book I didn’t finish reading. It was “The Godfather.” I read it to the part in the story where the guy woke up with a horse head his bed. I didn’t finish reading the book. I think I was 12, maybe 13 and loved horses.

          I went on to read lots of crappy books. “The Happy Hooker,” “The Sensual Woman,” the “Joy of Sex,” and a book on brainwashing along with most of the old Lobsang Rampa series about Tibet.

          My parents worked and we’re happy that I spent time reading. To a point. My punishment was to have my books taken away and then I was made to sit out in the living room in order to learn how to be “sociable.” I have talked to a few people that were punished in this manner but in my entire lifetime I have only talked to a few people that suffered a similar fate. Meaning my books were taken away because I would stay up all night reading by the hall light so taking my books away was, well, punishment.

          Be careful what books you leave around or try and hide because I found all of the hiding spots and all of the hidden books along with all of the regular books. And I read them. Most of them were crap. My best resource was the school library. Reading Tolkien and Frank Herbert and Arthur C. Clarke (purely by accident, I read my way through the library bookshelves) was self-motivated and happened by sheer chance.

          I don’t know how parents handle children like myself. It has to be a challenge, and scary.

          • We always let our children read any thing they wished or watch anything they wanted on TV. No subject was taboo in our home. My wife and I both where avid readers. Home Schooled our youngest child. Ive noticed that many Home schooled kids tend to be introverted. They likely don’t have enough exposure to the negative side of society and don’t develop social skills necessary to cope effectively in the real world.

            • Yes! My parents never told me to ignore anything in the world but instead talked about it with me and allowed me to make up my own mind about things. To think and realize I had a mental ability that was there to be used. The worst thing you can do for a kid is to tell him Don’t Even Think About it, because a kid will then get really curious and pursue it with a fascination that is unhealthy. Tell him, that’s not a good thing and here is why. Problem is most people don’t want to take that responsibility and instead let school or tv dictate that.

              • My parents had a novel approach to introducing me to human sexuality. They told me to go fuck myself.

            • OG – I did the same thing with my son. Other mothers used to berate me because I let him read comic books. I tried to tell them that format didn’t matter, it was still reading. Then they couldn’t understand why my son was always one of first in line for the book fair but they couldn’t even get theirs to look at the list, let alone want any books. He’s never been a big TV watcher though there have been a few programs he’s watched regularly over the years. I’ll have the TV on like some people have a radio on, for a little background noise, but not really watch it. I would have liked to have home schooled him but being in the Air Force, that was not possible. However, he did get to attend a variety of schools from ultra-urban in Wash DC to farm-based in Illinois.

            • The issue for parents at the present time is how to deal with the Internet. I met a kid a few years ago that had a time limit set to use the computer. Except that he knew how to go around that and reset the logs. He would wait until his parents left and then hack the computer and use it until right before they got home. Where did I meet that kid? On the Internet playing a computer game. Very smart kid.

              • Yes and no re the internet. I think the trick is guidance and supervision! We Homeschool and my boy has done a LOT of self-directed research using the internet to learn about topics that have fascinated him these last few years. He can tell you all about the evolution and development of chicken breeds, how to code a mobile phone game in Java, Viking mythology, & how to implement an effective quarantine against ebola just for starters.

                You can leave your curious 8 year old unsupervised and let them find rubbish like silly games to get obsessed with or you can guide them towards sites like where they can learn how to design their own. If it’s raining sites like are chock full of age appropriate useful skills from traditional scouting type stuff to textile design to occupy their minds with something hands on. Youtube will show a tween how to fix that dripping tap and feel like he’s making a real contribution to the home. Netflix documentaries are a wonderful source of learning for cold winter evenings. Your kid can take a trip to most of the major museums and art galleries in the world nowadays without ever leaving his desk. Sometimes I have to drag my kid away from the screen to do chores, at other times getting his nose out of a book is a challenge. Given he is part of the digital generation I don’t see the difference really.

                Books are wonderful and I’m one of those people who thinks a home can never have enough, but the Internet has also been an amazing resource that we’ve used together. What is totally banned in this house is any sort of screen in a child’s bedroom. Social media is highly restricted too (moderated age appropriate secure forums only). He also does some live online lessons each morning with an Internet school so is currently learning two modern foreign languages & going further with his science than I could take him alone while I earn some income.

                Our home network is set up so I can take a peek at what he’s doing at any time, he regards this as my looking out his best interests not an invasion of his privacy. He could easily hack into some of these dumbed down kid security products so I’ve gone down the route of team work and cooperation. Future learn has a nice little module on cyber security I’ll set his curious mind to completing sometime this year for fun.

                It’s a mindset thing people. I’m not my child’s friend or buddy, I’m his Mother! My parenting style is old school – he gets the responsibility he can handle online and off; and is held accountable for his behavior. Rewards are something he earns and he understands the satisfaction of a job well done, or a challenge met. This means we have mutual trust and he knows he can ask me anything and get an honest answer, even if the subject is somewhat embarrassing or uncomfortable. Too many parents regard the Internet and the TV as a free babysitter and abdicate their responsibilities completely – that’s a sure fire way for the rot to set in. You can’t do that – parenting is a 24/7 thing.

                • I agree with your assessment that, too often, parents have abdicated from their responsibility of guiding their offspring. When my son was young, I was criticized by some friends for being too strict, etc. I felt that bringing up a child was more than keeping him busy and out of trouble but rather teaching and training for adulthood. (Heck, I’d tell my son the reason for doing some stuff was because he wasn’t a teenager but a young adult in training.)

                  Of course, he was allowed amusement for its own sake but my focus wasn’t just to keep him busy (and out of my way).

                  I’m proud of my son. He has his own very successful business. My critics? They don’t comment anymore.

      19. Well, I’m a part of the younger generation and stumbled upon this site… so might as well give my input here.

        Hell yes, school in the US is a joke. The teachers and students know it too. Book learning is not a thing anymore – you learn more by Googling the stuff at home. It’s fast. It’s easy. You get that passing grade in a class that will have no effect on which colleges even accept you anyways. Friends of mine have done seemingly zero work for years and have received more grants to go to college than some of the top achievers!

        WHY??? Because the schools are teaching us HOW TO TAKE TESTS, not how to learn and retain the information on them!

        Period. High school mostly attempts to prep you for the SAT, and that’s about it.

        And for those that didn’t know, the SAT just got changed… and the essay is optional now!

        This is when my generation would say “GG”, which is (many times) a sarcastic remark meaning “Good Game”, normally at the end of a terrible round of video games. GG on dumbing down the SAT to accommodate the lowering standard of “knowledge”!

        Peace guys. Happy prepping. I enjoy seeing the Internet actually being put to good use. Also – look up the YouTube video by MinutePhysics, about a Nuclear Winter. Interesting stuff.

        • E99: welcome to the forum! I am also a gamer and have a custom built PC. Well it has been rebuilt about three times and upgraded. How did I learn how to build it? From other players on a video game. They helped me spec it out and anytime I had issues I could go online and get plenty of feedback on various upgrades and types of gear from RAM to GPUs and that kind of stuff. I have to say that has changed recently. When I started playing PC games people would spend between $2500 to $5000 to build a good rig. Most folks don’t do that these days because you can buy a cheap computer or a laptop now that will run most PC games. So these days if I asked a computer question probably most of the folks playing wouldn’t have an answer.

          I remember telling someone I was upgrading my computer and was going to put in a new GPU. They seemed surprised and asked me if I opened up my computer wasn’t I going to get electrocuted? LMAO. I told them, “I was planning on unplugging it first before taking off the side panel.”

          About nuclear winter, yes, I grew up during the Cold War and served during it too. I think at this point, due to MAD (mutual assured destruction) that the viewpoint has changed from the possibility of a massive nuclear barrage to a limited exchange or the use of a nuclear weapon being used by a rogue nation or terrorist organization with a smaller scale impact. Nuclear weapons are more powerful now which is why a favorite topic of discussion and exploration is the use of an atmospheric tactical nuclear device launched over a city, like Washington DC, and what type of effect that would have on the electrical grid, computers, cars and how would people function if that happened and how long would it take to get things up and running?

          There is an excellent book, “One Second After” and a follow-up book “One Year After” along with “Lights Out” and “77 Days in September” that use fiction to explore this idea.

        • GREAT post E99. That’s what I was thinking too. I think kids today are trained to sit at a desk and work 8-10 hours a day. About it. Not to think. Not to create. There’s a Rockefeller quote on that where he asks for that.

          I also see kids are VERY brainwashed. They think what they see on TV and the net is real. They would be dead meat in any serious EOTWAKI. Probably the survival rate would be inversely proportional to the age.

          Funny part is in 2 or so generations Americans will be too unfit and dumb to win any war. Wall-E is prophetic!!!

          Best luck, stay sane,

      20. I went to high school and college back in the 1970’s, one had to study hard just to get average grades. In the 1980’s I had to to take exams for a variety of necessary professional credentials and can tell you the testing was rigorous and required one to have mastered the material to pass.
        Even though we had calculators were not allowed to use them, we had to demonstrate the ability to perform complex calculations on paper.
        The testing has gotten easier and shorter, yet the failure rates are higher than ever. Today’s generation have the same potential but just are not as mentally disciplined. In general, they won’t apply themselves, they don’t read much, and sadly do not really have developed critical thinking skills as the previous generation.
        Of course we did not have the Internet then. Most of my free time was spent outdoors and socializing with my friends. Even when cable tv became available we spent little time watching tv and actually thought watching was mostly a waste of time when we could be active doing something.
        Also today, I see the average young person has poorly developed life skills. Most cannot even make simple repairs to a car, work on a house, or grow a garden; believe or not most people today don’t have the general technical skills of 25 years ago.
        I am not ridiculing, but stating what I see. Unfortunately, the circle of people I associate with say the same things.

        • B: I remember when the fancy graphing calculators came out. I learned math the same way, we had to show our work. Calculators were not allowed in class or during tests.

          The Internet is amazing. I view it as both a blessing and a curse. It is a tool, like other tools and can be used for good things or for bad things.

          Apparently people like Steve Jobs did not give their children IPads and allow them unfettered access to devices or the Internet. I think the key with children is to make sure you interact with them when they are using the Internet. I think a lot of folks find devices are an easy way to distract and entertain their children. People used to talk badly about parents that used the TV ad a babysitter. Now that TV fits in the palm of your hand.

      21. Slingshot… I love the piggies and the Beatles, then I read that they were an Illumanati creation. What a bummer!

        • aljamo.

          Yeah, there is always a turd in the swimming pool.

      22. Ed a strong advocate for homeschooling. A lot of muzzies in fl I knew something was up around there. Hillary is gonna be the one to disarm and stupid people will cooperate with the program. Obummer set up the dominoes for the next demoncrat pres. Bottom line is Obummer and the establishment won’t do anything and the citizens are scared. We will be like Europe totally infested everywhere. It won’t pay to be a Christian or Jew. If it comes down to turning in guns or hiding them. I’d say it’s long past the time to do anything.

      23. I think its tech. They have the answers at there finger tips. So they dont have to think for them selves.that is what is making the young folks stupid.

        • True and nothing is expected of people.Employers don’t really expect people to figure things.

      24. I thought I would post my recipe for gourmet / adult macaroni and cheese. This is what I am making for dinner. Yummy! 🙂 This is enough for two people.

        1: Set oven to 375. Get out a rack over a pan that can catch the fat. 6 slices of thin-sliced bacon. I use Uncured (nitrate free) hardwood-smoked bacon. Cook until desired crispness (about 12 to 20 minutes). Set aside on paper towels to drain.

        2. Sauté onions and mushrooms in butter / drippings from bacon in a cast iron pan until brown and mushrooms are also browned. I use a sweet or Spanish onion, sliced into half-rounds, into a dry but hot cast iron skillet (water should sizzle on contact with the pan). Best way ever to get brown onions. Stir with a fork. Add in diced mushrooms and pour over melted butter / bacon grease. Cook mushrooms and bacon until done. Set aside on paper towel to drain.

        TIP: I keep onions I am going to use in the fridge and that cuts down on tears. Never have any problem with weepy eyes.

        3. My favorite pasta for macaroni and cheese is NOT elbow macaroni because it ends up being too soft. My favorite macaroni pasta is Cavatappi (sold at Kroger’s as Private Selection). I undercook this pasta. Directions say “9 to 11 minutes.” I usually go 7 to 8 minutes.

        4. Béchamel sauce: I do a basic roux and mix equal parts of fat and flour and then add room temperature milk. Tonight I melted a few tablespoons of unsalted organic butter and added the bacon drippings melted in a small pan and set aside. I never have milk but I always have organic 1/2 and 1/2. Poured about 1/3 of a cup and set aside to get to room temp. I love Bob’s Red Mill organic all-purpose flour.

        5. Grate cheese: I use different kinds of cheese from organic white cheddar to Parmesan to adagio to whatever leftovers I have that can be grated. Grate until you have about 1 cup of cheese (one kind or many, it doesn’t matter).

        6. Add pasta to boiling water. Clock is on. Boil for 7 to 8 minutes.

        7. Get the pan with the melted butter and bacon grease up to medium heat. Then add equal amounts of flour (2 to 4 tablespoons) to the butter / grease / fat. Stir until the roux bubbles, about 2 minutes. Then add in the 1/2 & 1/2. Whisk to prevent lumps, stir to keep smooth. Once smooth add in salt, pepper, cayenne pepper or hot sauce and take off the heat and stir in the grated cheese and mix. Mix in the mushrooms and onions. Chop the bacon and add the bacon.

        8. Pour the béchamel / cheese / onion / mushrooms / bacon over the pasta and mix.

        9. Oven should be set to 350. Use an 8X8 glass dish or small gratin pans or heck just use a small cast iron skillet (8 to 10 inches). Dump above mixture into the pans. Sprinkle breadcrumbs on top of the macaroni and cheese. Can mix in Parmesan or adagio or another hard cheese into the bread crumbs.

        10. Oven @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

        11. Let rest for a few minutes and dig in and enjoy! 🙂

        I hope this cheered everyone up!

        • Step number 2: oops! The only thing you drain on paper towels is the bacon!

        • Amount of Cavatappi to use: 1/3 to 1/2 of a package. I just guess.

        • Oops too thick with 1/2 and 1/2 had to add some chicken stock.

          Had to add way more salt after tasting the béchamel!

          I only make this a few times a year and probably won’t make it again until fall. For those folks that think I eat this way every day, yikes! nope! But I only use organic fats and cheeses and milk / half-n-half.

          • Philosopher,

            Your recipe sounds delicious!

            Thanks for sharing it!

            • KY: thanks!

        • Béchamel sauce???

          Your sexuality is showing.

          • Huh? Just a fancy word for white gravy. Béchamel is just a fancy word for white gravy.

            So are you going to make it? It isn’t like the stuff in the box!

            • I finally got me mum to give me her mac and cheese recipe,basic but delicious,and no,after years of nagging to get it will not share!

              That said,when I first read philo’s m&c post and it said “Adult mac and cheese”was wondering how the hell does one turn m&c sexual/pornographic?!

              On a side note,if any readers do know how to,please…..,do not share!

              • WD: I said “gourmet / adult” as opposed to the box Mac-n-cheese that many people feed their kids. Food porn is hot these days. As hot as doom porn. Get with the times!

        • ERROR: I regret using the half-n-half because it made the sauce too thick! Use whole milk, warmed up.

          8-minutes and a few seconds on the Cavatappi.

          The bacon tasted even better when I warmed it up for lunch today! YUMMY!

      25. This explains why young people vote overwhelmingly for democrats and easily explains Hillary and sanders being competitive for president.

      26. Those that are in positions of power control,

        The News.
        The Government.
        The Money.
        The Education.

        They will further intrude upon our lives by spying and manipulation of medical services. By International Trade Agreements they will destroy the working class. If they have not done that already. In all forms they will try to make all of us dependent upon Government and will prosecute those who do not agree with their tyranny.
        Their agenda is helped by a of nation of dependent drug addicts along with alcohol. I am not able to put to words what is going to happen to this nation. The change will be felt when it comes to our front door and not before then. They laugh at us now. I wait for their silence.

        • How’s the snake and bug patch?
          “Their agenda is helped by a of nation of dependent drug addicts along with alcohol”
          You know you are describing human history?
          Beer and bread built Pyramids, British, French, and Spanish Grog, wine and salted meats conquered the world. Cocaine built the Mayan,Aztec, and Inca civilizations, Mead gave the Northmen stamina to invade and conquer.
          I’m not a druggie, I like my 3.2 beer and that is about it for me, but historically man has used drugs to offset the harshness of life. Some drugs are so vile that they must be eliminated, but
          the responsibility must always remain with the people that choose to play with fire.

          • Makes me think of the WWI soldiers in the trenches. They were kept drunk most of the time they were on the front lines just so they could tolerate the conditions and death.

          • rellik

            The Snake and Bug Patch is changing. We have mosquito’s that are now carrying diseases that where sub tropical. We are use to the Fire Ant and the Recluse Spider but a cousin of our native type has made an appearance. Exotic lizards and snakes place in the wild is overcoming the swamp land and the temperature line is the boundary. But as each generation of snake hatchlings comes about, they may adapt to cooler temps and move North. Rock Pythons and anacondas.
            Now we are getting the illegal aliens from Mexico and God knows where else. Compounded by the annular Yankee invasions and some stay. When Florida screws up the water sources, We Are Done.

            In the News. Some dude was protesting America along the roadside. Had a sign that said “Death To America”. Well some Redneck From MIDDLEBURG, FL. ( Not far from Me) Cleaned his Clock. But got arrested for assault.

            It’s a coming, I tell ya.

            Yep. That Redneck was tired of the stupid shit. Hahaha!

      27. I’d be more cheered up if I could eat it.

        • Hehehe, mine is going to come out in about 20 minutes.

          I forgot, the 1/2 and 1/2 is always super thick so I added chicken stock (water is fine too) and tasted and it always takes more salt than I think!

          Cleanup is the hard part but I have dinner and lunch for tomorrow 🙂 Cheers!

      28. In 1955 I never forgot the lecture from my school counselor who prodded me as he starred at me over his bifocals “…we don’t sent everybody to college you know… College is for those that will succeed in life. Most students today will have to go work in the factories because they don’t want to study hard. Maybe we should start looking at getting you some factory clothes…wht do you say?…”

        My eyes lit up and my brain churned as I sat spell bound from those words and visions of me grinding away in a hot noisy factory for the rest of my life. They more it filled my mind the more horror stuck I became. His horrific vision of factory life stuck in my head. It worked… I graduated college and even went on to teach in colleges.

        What we have lost today is giving our children any incentive to work hard and excel in life. We revile anyone who does not accept the one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter system. What our present educational system now produces is mediocrity in all our students and makes them into “robots”. The only secondary education that appears to be functioning is in private and religious schools.

        All of these little one-size-fits-all-cookie-cutter“robots” have dreams in their sleep of how big brother will be there for them from cradle to grave… And yet these robots have no idea how big brother is designed (civics) and what it means to be a citizen (civics) or how big brother came about (history) or what our culture was…

        • My parents always said, “the world needs ditch diggers and garbage men”

          Those would be good jobs nowadays…..

          • Our trash service is paying about $80k and up for it’s people.

        • The other thing we’ve done is to delay maturation and extend “childhood” for our offspring.
          It’s depressingly sad to see strapping 20,25,30 and 40 year old men (and women) obsessed with video games, comic book characters, super heroes, “furries”, skateboards, body piercing/tattoos, anime conventions, etc.
          Schools and parents no longer require accountability, plus the feminization/infantilization of our children and young adults.

          Add to that a culture that seeks to create and reward victimhood, and allow our children/young adults to have unlimited amounts of free time that’s filled with mindless, mesmerizing and addicting electronic babel, and you end up with a country that’s no longer able to think or defend itself from foreign or domestic enemies.

          • the’re alot of people who fall into those hobbies and lifestyles as a form of excapism and some as you say are no more than adult babies. But I myself happen to enjoy alot of those same hobbies. minus the video games i see them as a waste of time. But i actively participate in the comic book, superhero and furry sceens.

            I also happen to be a Millitary vetrain of 9 years and 3 tours
            I was a generator technicanian for many years. Now i am the head shop forman and lead mechanic who works on everything from small generators to large yellow iron.

            i also enjoy Firearms, Hunting fishing the out doors and restoring classic cars and gardning.

            Yes i am a “nerd” and i’ve seen alot of retarded young people in those crowds but i’ve also found some highly educated people as well.

            One of the reasons some people are drawn to these hobbies is a way to put aside the bullshit of the world for a weekend or a small amout of time and just have some fun pretending to be something else or imersing themselves in a fantasy world for a weekend or a lil bit before having to get back to work pay bills and deal with everyday life.

      29. “50% said they never took a class in a typical semester where they wrote more than 20 pages”

        Actually, that depends a lot on the school, the individual, and the major.

        When I went to college, I only wrote one short paper, about 5 pages. That was because I placed entirely out of English because of my SAT score, and my major was a science that didn’t require any writing.

        BTW, I always made A’s on papers in high school, and I have written a number of books (none of wide circulation). In about a month, I will be going to my first official book signing event. OPSEC prevents detailing it.

        Also, when I was growing up, I spent about 4 hours a day watching TV during the school year and much more during the summer. I think I turned out okay.

        But it wasn’t the same as TV today. Most of TV today is a series of scenes flashing by in seconds, sometimes lasting less than a second. I can’t get focused on something before it’s gone from the screen.

        That may feed into the epidemic of attention deficit problems. No one sees anything long enough for it to sink in. An entire 1950s TV show has fewer scene changes than a single minute of current TV.

        I don’t even like entertainment TV any more. I just watch cooking, DIY, and documentary shows. I average less than an hour a day.

        I’m currently watching a lot of episodes of “What’s My Line” on Youtube. It’s good to see some intelligent people who are respectful of old-fashioned values. They dressed well, they had excellent manners, had large vocabularies, and kept up with current events.

        • A: good point. I attended a state university that had 35,000 students. The philosophy department had maybe 100 majors. Very low. Same for the classics and Latin and Greek departments. Those departments were very small. I didn’t spend any time partying. I was busy reading texts and memorizing word lists. For some classes we had to write a short paper once or twice a week (a few pages) and we were graded on punctuation, grammar, and adherence to the current rules of style as well as wether or not our ideas were coherent and our arguments were plausible and reflected what we had read thus far. Other courses required 10-to-15 page term papers, same requirements.

          I don’t remember how many pages a day I read. I used to keep a pile for each course on my desk. I took 4 courses per quarter. I usually slept about 4 to 5 hours a night. I didn’t attend one football game or party except on Friday night with Chianti and a good dinner and the X-files.

          I agree about TV. Unless you turn it off you cannot learn to focus.

          • How old were you in college?

            • Over 30 by the time I was in upper-level philosophy courses and able to study full time.

              Socrates is reported to have said that students ought to not study philosophy until they had reached the age of 30. Not sure if I agree. It was a lot of fricken work.

          • I was born and raised in Norway and, because my mother was English, I was bi-lingual by nursery school age. However, this was not unusual as most Norwegians can speak passable English.

            I have travelled to America many times and am astonished at the lack of interest in learning another language by native English speakers. Even their English is mangled! Gonna and wanna and similar monstrous laziness seem to be creeping into common usage.

            And as regards their, there, where and were, to,too and two, how to use them correctly seems to baffle a lot of English speakers.

            I see examples of this laziness of mind everywhere in the English speaking world and it’s frequently seen on this site!

            There are more Chinese citizens learning English than there are native English speakers in the USA. That’s going to be your undoing, your arrogance and laziness of mind.

            • I took Latin in high school and German in college.

              But why should I learn a foreign language when I’m never going to a foreign country?

            • I took Latin in high school and German in college.

              But why should I learn a foreign language when I’ll never go to a foreign country?

              If I were working in the tourism industries and the US was overrun with millions of Norwegian tourists, I might learn Norwegian.

              There are a number of reasons why people in other countries need to speak English.

              First, English-speaking tourists can’t be expected to learn all the languages of all the countries they visit for just a few days during an entire lifetime.

              Second, most of the internet and a lot of the media and popular music are in English.

              Third, I was told in college that most of the scientific literature in the world is printed in either English, German, or Russian. That’s the reason I took German in college.

              Fourth, Europeans need a commonly understood language because the countries are so small that they have to go to other countries to travel very far. Here in the US, I can drive all day and still be in my own state.

              So most people in the US speak only English because it’s practical. I worked in retail many years ago, and throughout those years, I only had one customer who couldn’t speak English. But I still figured out what he wanted and why the item we had in stock wasn’t quite suitable for him.

              To sum it up, people in other countries have more of a need to learn English than Americans do to learn a foreign language. Americans are not arrogant in their language choice. There’s just no pressing need to learn a foreign language, so why bother?

              • Archivist – I think you missed the point of my posting. Whenever I visit the States and read a newspaper or tune into a news channel, magically the rest of the world vanishes!

                Americans are so myopic that they still believe the world revolves around them and are super sensitive to any criticism directed at them, as per your rather hysterical response to my gentle ribbing.

                So you studied Latin. Did it help you in life? Did you become a botanist? German was a good choice for college.

                Then again, as an English speaker, learning the main Germanic tongue should have been easy. Although learning one of the Romance languages would have been of more use in modern America!

                That was the main thrust of my argument. Not about learning another language, but about exercising ones mind in the pursuit of knowledge. That inability to cogently express oneself was the crux of the article by Mr Schneider and ergo the stupidity of modern American youth.

                When was the last time you used Latin? If you had a classical education fair enough, but in daily use it is, in effect, like using phrenology!

                OK the rest of the world is forced to learn English in order to trade with you in American dollars. The day will soon approach when the American dollar is just another failed currency.

                Every Empire crumbles, the American Empire is just crumbling faster than those it usurped.

                One of the reasons so many Chinese are learning English is English does not demand so much computing power as a pictographic language.

                That’s how the Chinese will take over our world. Not by superior fire power, but by superior hacking of our computer systems.

                One little Chinese man, hunched over a keyboard, can bring whole navies to the brink of obsolescence.

                • Anon: I have mentioned to family and friends that they ought to consider teaching their child a foreign language from about the age of 3 or 4. The languages I recommend are Chinese and Spanish.

                  It is very cheap now to buy various language programs. If people want their child to be able to think in another language (called deep structure) rather than just translate words back and forth, the child needs to learn that language prior to the age of 11 or 12.

                  I studied Latin for two years, at the university level, when I was 32. It was torture.

                  • Philosopher:
                    The best time to learn a language is before the age of two. If your mother had put you to bed with the singing of music in Latin or any other Language, you would have learned and could later expand that learning with formal classes. The people who live in the area of Europe where several countries border speak all four or five languages. They are not all geniuses. Sound is heard by the fetus/baby in the last months before birth. Instruction therefore in my opinion should begin before birth with the pregnant mother-to-be.

                    Here in California there are so many people who speak Spanish that most jobs want someone who speaks both Spanish and English. With Latin as your background, Spanish or any romance language is much easier to learn. I could not agree less with our Norweigian friend regarding the practicality of learning Latin. It is useful in so many ways. I would make Latin and Spanish requirements from Kindergarten on. Throw in a little German as English has Germanic roots, and a course in Foreign languages in English. Music is also a language of sorts, I would require every student to be taught to read and compose music. Get those headsets off and their thinking cap back on.

                    • BfC: I don’t know what evidence you have but that almost sounds like the BS that the Scientologists spew about engrams and how the fetus is affected. Learn before the age of 2? Oh spare me. Hearing is one thing but language is a skill that requires active learning and repetition.

                      The advantage to learning multiple languages from a young age is time and repetition are compounded. I learned how to crochet and sew the same way, first through observation, then through practice and repetition. Music and language can be learned in the same way. It isn’t fricken rocket science.

                      The evidence I remember about deep structure is it is possible to learn another language and to be able to think in that language if you learn that language prior to the onset of puberty, about the age of 12.

                      It is ridiculous to talk about teaching a child language before the age of 2. I know there is a lot of crap taught in California but please spare us the disinformation.

                      I can usually guess what a Spanish word means. Do I speak it? No. Neither do I speak Latin.

                      There is an older book, “Esher, Goebel, Bach” that discusses some of these ideas with regard to math, music, and art. Sadly I doubt that many people can read past the first chapter.

                    • Back in the days when the aristocracy reigned, the languages you named plus French were learned. Add to that proficiency in a musical instrument such as the piano forte or harp and vocal training. While the young men were further directed into the sciences and mathematics, young women learned drawing and watercolor painting and embroidery. All young people of good breeding learned proper manners and deportment including how to dance and behave at social affairs.

                      The USA has never had an aristocracy. The educated were those who could afford it.

                    • The book is “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid” by Douglas R. Hofstadter I own a copy, and I have read it from cover to cover.

                      I also own and have read another Hofstadter book, “Metamagical Themas: Questing For The Essence Of Mind And Pattern.”

                      He used to write a column in the back of “Scientific American” after Martin Gardner retired.

                      To those who fail to see the need to learn Latin, realize this. Almost all the longer words in English are derived from either Latin or Greek. The shorter words (including “four-letter” words) are Germanic. Abbreviations on prescriptions are Latin. For example, “b.i.d.” means twice per day. Also, you can read Caesar and other ancient writers in the original.

                  • B from CA – even in ancient Rome classical Latin was on its last legs. Vulgar Latin was already in ascendency. This transmogrified into the Romance languages we have today.

                    Classical Latin has its uses in the classification of various subjects (botany, geology etc). Like any rigidly structured language, Latin withered and as a means of practical communication is pretty much defunct. A bit like Norman French really. Only a few words of Norman French exist today and these are mainly to do with legalities.

                    English has grown pre-eminent because it is a great “borrowing” language. The ability to adapt foreign words to its own ends is its strength.

                    I agree with you about starting young when learning a language although I don’t recall mutti speaking to me in the womb 🙂

                    I also agree with your assertion regarding learning German – English is a Germanic tongue so German should be relatively easy for any English speaker.

                    I do have one caveat though – I meet a lot of Americans in my travels throughout Europe and they are extremely reluctant to learn, as a common courtesy, even a few words of the country that they are visiting.

                    I have a very elegant Parisian friend who was stopped by two blue rinsed American women and asked, quite rudely, “hi you! Do ya speak American?” Giving them a look of disdain she replied “no, but I speak perfect English” and with that she flounced off, as only a French woman can!

                    • Anonymous:
                      Whenever two cultures bump heads there are bound to be misunderstandings and hurt feelings, there in lies the nucleus of our problems here in America, and apparently in Europe as well. Being not far removed from my European roots, I can relate two both parties. The American women meant no disrespect. They were probably a little frightened in a foreign environment, needed help, and were just putting out that down-home vibe which in The States is a friendly gesture. Your French woman was probably insulted by what she percieved as uncouth and rude.

                      With regard to this unwillingness. I think Americans are overwhelmed by the prospect of learning another language. The schools here make it a miserable experience. No fun at all. Almost as if they want the students to fail.

                      Thank you for responding to my post.

      30. Note that China did not do this to America.
        Russia did not do this to America.
        America did this to America.

      31. That’s because Diversity is our strength!!!

        • JS: Loved it! And it worked, it really worked! FAB!

      32. Meanwhile some of the degrees have completely absurd requirements that make no sense. For instance, a geology degree at WWU calls for physics and chemistry as pre-reqs, chemistry calls for calculus as a pre-req. So to gain a degree to do a job that is primarily focused on observation calls for a complete batch of calc. It makes no sense. The most you use on a standard geology job is trig. You never use calc. Ever. I mean, for hydrogeology or petrology, fine, I can see that. But those are completely different degrees. Arrrgh.

        • Calculus is a weeding out course. It separates the men from the boys as they say; I’m a boy. I better than held my own in a power plant with BSMEs. I hold a Gold Seal in Stationary Engineering. It’s background was like an Associate Engineering Degree going up through algebra with engineering fundamentals and years of hands on practical.

          The best college educated engineers I have had the pleasure of working with were Marine Engineers from Kings Point.

      33. My son told me of this but I had never seen the vid. Thanks. It is interesting but more of a novelty. I could get a ember going with a bow and drill in near the same amount of time. My favorite method of fire making is using steel and chert/flint. I have no qualms of using a Bic lighter, especially if I’m wet, cold, and need a fire right away. Other than a bic lighter, the fastest way of starting a fire is with a magnifying glass on char punkwood. If the sun cooperates, it takes about eight seconds to get an ember.

      34. free shit trumps empty promises. We all know the gov has no problem giving free shit out the fruits of others labor. People are not as stupid as everyone thinks. Look at the trends jobs are leaving this country and there is no signs of it reversing direction. Free shit is being given with no questions asked. Bottom line you got a better chance at getting programs than a job. Working blows who the hell wants to work. Think people

      35. Voltaire said “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”. Our society has proven this.

      36. Very Interesting

        ht tp://

        wonder if anyone knows who’s this was , Im not asking to give anyone up, in fact i hope no one ever finds out who this was.. and i hope they just moved it elsewhere and set back up

      37. Fine by me, the more stupid americans there are; the less comptetion for the few goob jobs in america there are.

        I wish it were different and the usa actually was the place to be for highly qualified workers but americans gave up that title willingly long before me and there was nothing i would’ve been able to do to stop it.

      38. are we going to keep putting up with this kind of shit?


        ht tp://

      39. Higher Education Is Morally & Financially Bankrupt

        “What-flation: +137% in 15 years – A system that piles debt on students in exchange for a marginal or even zero-return on their investment is morally and financially bankrupt.”

        ht tp://

      40. Politics reaches new low…

        Cruz jokes about running over Trump with a car

        Drudge Report

      41. I don’t think young people are stupid, They just see what they are up against in a thoroughly corrupt system with little chance to prosper. It gets worse every day. Loss of hope is not stupid.

        • There is any element of why play a game you cannot win.

      42. Although I agree with the obvious dumbing down of our educational system…

        I watched a film clip where the interviewer was asking similar questions. It was a holiday weekend, the people were drunk or high, they were young, most were Mexican nationals not educated here, some were obviously making jokes.

        Could this be correct? Possible. My personal interactions with young people do not bear this out; however, maybe I live in an exceptionally well educated state, New Mexico. Hahaha.

        Lots of chain yanking going on. Who makes money from disaffected old folks?

      43. Dumbing down of our educational system started with the Department of Education created by Jimmy Carter.

      44. Does it really matter if you can remember when WWI and II were or if you can name all the US presidents? Is your life going to be that much more enriched by the lies you were taught in elementary school, junior high and high school?

        Probably not.

        The reality is that probably the most important thing to have learned in school is math. Some say math is the key to everything; including the secrets of the creation of this very universe.

        So people had to work harder in school and college. But I ask you where did it get them? They obviously raised children, who raised children and so on. So apparently all that extra smartness and independent thinking did not make a real difference.

        Because they passed none of it down to their own children. Chew on that for a bit if you will.

        Here are some things you should know:

        1. Religion is a tool used by all governments to control and divide people.

        2. There is a class system in America. This pertains to everything you buy. Most manufacturers make different levels of quality for the same product – depending on who it is being sold to.

        3. All the history you think you know – especially about how this country was founded is blatant lies.

        4. Niceness does not mean goodness. Just because a person seems nice does not mean they are a good and decent person – this is an important one to teach your kids.

        There is an awakening that is happening for some people. Those that are willing to question anything and everything. Even patriots have their own sacred cows whom they dare not question or contradict.

        More to come…Stay tuned.

      45. Hello to everyone from Japan. Been here a few days and will be riding a Shinkansen train today. Totally monocultural here- foreigners stick out like a sore thumb. The cleanest streets I have seen in years. Men and women dressed impeccably. It has the “feel” of the America of my early childhood. Can’t speak much to the intelligence factor because I really can’t understand the language well enough, but smart is as smart does- and they have impressed me. You could eat off the floor in their public bathrooms. I can’t help but feel we have been sold out by the politicians over the past 50 years when I see the results of a tight immigration policy like Japan’s. Lower echelon jobs are visibly filled with grateful Japanese workers… at least, here near where we are staying. It is cherry blossom season and the whole country is on vacation strolling through public gardens, appreciating the beauty of their country.

      46. Homeschool! Seriously there is a choice, even for single parents. For us it’s involved having to change the way I earn my living so I can work from home instead of going into an office every day. Modern technology has broadened our options in terms of how we earn a living & I’ve taken advantage of that to free myself from the company shackles. As a prepper I no longer have to fear the day when whole classes of kids get bussed off to some remote camp without warning or any kind of parental permission.

        Far a basic curriculum look at amblesideonline (you do know how to play google fu at this stage). It’s based on the theories of Charlotte Mason from back in the days when being stupid wasn’t seen as a virtue and will take a child from aged 4 to 18 developing their critical thinking skills as you go along.

        Free Maths? google cimt plymouth – again a free curriculum including lessons plans from age 4-18.

        Science – Khan aacdemy and future learn can help you update your own STEM skills & give you a free hour or two each day to wash dishes or earn some income.

        Social media is chocka with Home Ed groups where you can swap skills and resources with other Home schooling parents without spending a cent. Most areas now have homeschool co-ops and groups too.

        I know of lot of folks with children worry about money and homeschooling so hopefully I’ve helped you see that if you live modestly; it is perfectly possible to provide a good education outside the school system for your children without bankrupting yourself in the process. For a prepper Homeschool improves your OPSEC as you are better able to control your child’s peer group, helping them avoid the peer pressure and hoodlums that infest every regular school nowadays.

      47. i believe the article had some good points,but if i wasn’t for the internet this website would have no is great for learning,and alot of the history from columbus to civil war and up, it is hard to remember all the date’s when we have some form of history being made everyday in our life ,good or bad.

      48. I’m a first year 6th grade teacher at an inner city school in Oklahoma. This week we were doing a trivia contest, and I asked “what state is to the north of Oklahoma?” 10 kids picked Texas. Even though we have a giant map of the USA on the wall, and most of them drive THROUGH Texas to go back and forth to Mexico. I was so stunned I had to take a picture.

        • It’s most amazing that many people cannot point to which way is north. I’ve asked a lot of people over the years as my own unscientific survey. The question has always been couched in something like which direction does the front of your house face or is your office north (or east, south, west) of home.

          I’ve always been appalled at the lack of even this basic awareness. Oh, they “know” that the sun rises in the east but on a cloudy they cannot point out the direction.

          For the most part, it seems the current populace can’t get very far without a GPS telling them exactly how to reach their intended destination. Few can read a road map.

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