Denmark Plans To Isolate Unwanted Migrants: ‘They Are Unwanted…And They Will Feel That’

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

Denmark has plans to isolate all unwanted migrants on an island. The country’s immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, said about a government plan to house unwelcome foreigners on a remote island, that “they are unwanted in Denmark, and they will feel that.”

As if to make the message even more clear, one of the two ferries that serve the island that will house unwanted migrants is called the Virus. “They [migrants] are unwanted in Denmark, and they will feel that,” the immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, wrote on Facebook, according to The New York Times. 

The tiny, hard-to-reach island that now only holds the laboratories, stables, and crematory of a center for researching contagious animal diseases will be the new home to migrants Denmark doesn’t want in their country. On Friday, the government announced an agreement to house as many as 100 people on Lindholm Island. Those moved there would be foreigners who have been convicted of crimes and rejected asylum seekers who cannot be returned to their home countries.

The 17-acre island, in an inlet of the Baltic Sea, lies about two miles from the nearest shore, and ferry service is infrequent. Foreigners will be required to report at the island center daily, and face imprisonment if they do not. “We’re going to minimize the number of ferry departures as much as at all possible,” Martin Henriksen, a spokesman for the Danish People’s Party on immigration, told TV 2. “We’re going to make it as cumbersome and expensive as possible.”

Louise Holck, deputy executive director of The Danish Institute for Human Rights, said her organization would watch the situation “very closely” for possible violations of Denmark’s international obligations.  The Danish government expressed that the island was not a prison, but anyone put on the island, will be forced to stay there as the ferry service will be infrequent and harshly limited.

Legal experts said it was too early to tell whether the Lindholm Island project would cross those [human rights] boundaries, constituting illegal confinement. They said it resembled an Italian government project that was struck down in 1980 by the European Court of Human Rights.

The Lindholm Island plan furthers the government’s policy of motivating failed asylum seekers to leave the country by making their lives intolerable. –The New York Times


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    1. Maranatha

      This reminds me of the British practice of debtor colonies in places like North Carolina and Australia. Once you were deported, if you came back, they would hang you. And yeah, some tried returning as the life was initially harsh.

      Some indigenous in Canada have temporarily banished petty criminals on remote islands to teach them a lesson. It’s a fine idea. They give them some very basic supplies and then it’s survive or DIE.

      That’s basically the backstory of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York.

      • Beaumont

        Americans have reportedly been evacuated, onto FEMA barges or forced into ‘crisis housing’ or disappeared into prisons, through no fault of their own.

        Patricians and praetors don’t make any distinctions between the internally displaced and the foreigner.

    2. Menzoberranzan

      More cost effective to shoot the scum muslims on the island and burn them in the handy dandy on site crematorium.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Menzo, I like your idea better.

    3. Jim in Va.

      we could send ours to repopulate Puerto Rico………

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Jim, that would work for the hardened criminals. But what about the libturds? They’d have to go to an even bigger place.

    4. Mr. Natural

      Denmark is a small country compared to the US. We will need one bigass damn island.

      • Menzoberranzan


    5. boyo

      From NPR:

      “The deal allocates about $115 million over four years for immigrant facilities on the island, which are scheduled to open in 2021.”

      A 17 acre island, 100 or so migrants and about $1 million per migrant…

      UPS their arses back to their origin. It’s cheaper and safer.

      • boyo

        pardon me. NYTimes

      • Philosopher Deplorabilis

        Thanks. I remembered the date of completion: 2021 but didn’t remember the price tag. More than $1 million per gimmigrant? Pure idiocy. Plus the ariticle made it sound like they will be able to leave the island during the day. With what? A day pass?

        Pure idiocy.

    6. southside

      NOT a good idea. They will probably form their own society,on sharia law,and invite jihadists f4om around the world to come. Then use the island as a base for terror attacks. NOT a good idea,Denmark.

    7. Duh jones

      Monkey island.

    8. Philosopher Deplorabilis

      They have to clean up the island and that won’t be done until 2021. This is a BS story. How much money will be wasted on 100 people? Too much. Plus they can leave the island. After spending millions how long before the people they send to that island leave on the ferry and never go back?

      • Eisenkreutz





    9. B from CA

      Put them on a Titanic ship and head straight into an iceberg.


    10. The Preacher

      My advive to Denmark:

      Send ’em all to USSA, whose “Wars For ISrael” CREATED all those migrants in the FiRST PLACE

    11. reper sleepr

      Good Idea! We can send all the Goats that are coming up from Goatville and transplant them to Puerto Rico. They should fit right in.

    12. Him

      According to Drudge Report, 63% of immigrants in the US are on welfare. 75% in California. This ain’t your Grandpas immigration. The Feds have been hiding the cost. Cheap labor and all that, don’t you know.

    13. moses strongbear

      Fantastic idea We could use Alcatraze in SF to start with Welcome home folks pick a cell block

    14. M Edward

      I’m of Danish descent and I fully agree and support this decision. The Danes are highly intelligent, unlike the Swedes, and won’t yield to the Zio-Communist/Misandrist left and their planned destruction of Europe.

      Actually most Danes would likely prefer MUCH harsher measures. I know I would.

      I hope the Europeans rise up and crush the Social-Democrats in coming election cycles.

    15. Maranatha

      When true refugees and legal immigrants come here, the vast majority lack adequate conversational English and writing skills even if they comprehend it either by listening or reading. It is true that a small number of work vosa members are recruited who have these skills plus needed work skills. However most delude themselves into thinking they will have better job opportunities than what they can realistically manage.

      I saw this happen over and over in ministry. They took lesser jobs, and through dilgence and frugal living, some persuaded their children to excel in school particularly Asians. On the other hand many did not from say Haiti or many Latin American countries.

      I knew even Germans who came over thinking with their medical degrees they would be fine as physicians but ended up doing medical research as their conversational skills meant misunderstandings with patients and staff.

      Everyone overestimates their competency in a second language.

      So this is why you might initially see large poverty in Asians, by the second generation they are professionals with even graduate degrees. But some who cling to their culture and do their best NOT to assimilate, are stuck and impoverished.

      But since we have a massive millenial issue with being unable to acquire professional jobs, now is NOT the time for work visas, standard immigration, or refugees. Now we should focus on both steering college aged adults into practical degrees like engineering and nursing and away from goofy worthless degrees like sociology and women’s studies. I blame high school counselors and university advisers for most of this debacle.

      But honestly when our own politicians put illegal aliens first over our own homeless, well that is TREASON. Our own politicians through free trade policies killed industry and all of the ancillary businesses like suppliers, support, fulfilment, sales, service, and transportation that made their living on the industrial sector. They killed the Middle Class.

      We have educated people working as waitresses and baristas. That is sabotage of the economy and the citizenry.

    16. Norrak

      Sounds like a plan.

    17. Beaumont

      Pull up your pants, and stand up straight is ‘literally Hitler’.

      You worry about bad spray tans — not “laboratories, stables, and crematory of a center for researching contagious animal diseases”.

    18. Deplorable Neal Jensen

      If only the USA had Denmarks spine… Sigh. Too much to ask.

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