Dems Push Executive Orders For Full Employment: “Should Be Our Number One Agenda”

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Headline News | 403 comments

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    The honorable Congresswoman from Texas, who recently argued that welfare should be renamed to a transitional living fund, has another brilliant idea up her sleeve. Given the overwhelming success of the Patient Affordable Care Act in reducing premiums, providing high quality health care to all Americans, and improving the economy, Congressional democrats have established a “Full Employment Caucus” which aims to give every American who wants to work a job.

    According to Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) you’re either going to support it, or President Obama will use his Executive Powers to push it through without Congressional approval.

    This one is straight out of the Communist Manifesto and like any good collectivist approach it will be mandated by our benevolent central leadership committee:

    Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said that the new Congressional Full Employment Caucus will “give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign.”

    Jackson Lee added that writing up executive orders “should be our number one agenda.”

    “We will be answering the call of all of America because people need work and we’re not doing right by them by creating work,” the Texas congresswoman said.

    “I believe this caucus will put us on the right path and we’ll give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign with pride and strength”…

    “In fact, I think that should be our number one agenda. Let’s write up these executive orders — draft them, of course — and ask the president to stand with us on full employment,” Jackson Lee added.

    According to a recent commentary by Rep. Fredrica Wilson and Rep. John Conyers, who are part of the Full Employment Caucus, this is an absolute necessity in America because of the widening income inequality gap:

    We need a movement for a full employment society.

    Every American has a stake in stopping unemployment. So it’s time to kindle a new movement built on a simple vision: Every American who wants to work should have the right to either employment or training.

    Someone may want to get in touch with these Congressional Representatives, because last time we checked, every legal resident and citizen who wants to work already has a right to work in the United States of America. That’s been the case for quite a while, but we understand if these Congressional democrats weren’t aware of it because it appears in an obscure little document called The Constitution of the United States of America.

    Wilson and Conyers continue, in an attempt to educate us about how big government isn’t really big government, and this regulatory environment is necessary for the optimum functioning of capitalism:

    A 21st Century New Deal would establish public trusts to create work opportunities and training programs in needed areas including construction, infrastructure repair, energy efficiency, education, health care, and neighborhood renovation.

    Some of our conservative colleagues in Congress might call this approach “big government.” To the contrary, we know it’s the way to optimize free-market capitalism. When every person is trained, working, earning a salary, and contributing to the tax base, we have less need for government assistance and higher levels of consumer demand and investment. We therefore have less debt and more economic growth.

    This sounds great on paper. Free health care and 100% employment always do. But as we’ve seen throughout history, it doesn’t always work out that way in the real world.

    You cannot mandate full employment, otherwise you end up with mega-cities that lack people. Or, as was often done behind the Berlin Wall in the East Bloc during the cold war, tens of thousands of products would be built, only to be destroyed later because no one could afford to buy them. Everyone was employed, but the economies of these communist nations collapsed in on themselves because market participants were not free to do what the market demanded. They were forced to do what government demanded.

    Here’s a thought for Sheila Jackson Lee and her Caucus colleagues. Since the idea is to establish a “New Deal” for the 21st century, perhaps we could get all of those folks on “transitional living funds” and instead of doling out thousands of dollars in government distributions to people who essentially sit on their butts all day waiting for their next check, we have those folks earn their keep. We’re already shelling out billions of dollars a year to cover their “salaries,” so why not do with welfare what Ms. Jackson Lee suggested by making it a truly transitional and temporary government assistance program?

    Let’s transition those folks from their couches into actual productive human beings.

    If you want a check from the government and you have two functioning arms and two functioning legs, then get to work!

    Here’s an example of someone who’s itching to transition right now:

    Shock Interview: Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”

    While workers out there are preaching morality at people like me living on welfare, can you really blame us?

    I get to sit home… I get to go visit my friends all day… I even get to smoke weed…

    Me and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society, we still gonna get paid.

    Our check’s gonna come in the mail every month… and it’s gonna be on time… and we get subsidized housing… we even get presents delivered for our kids on Christmas… Why should I work?

    Ya’ll get the benefit of saying “oh, look at me, I’m a better person,” but when ya’ll sit at home behind ya’lls I’m a better person… we the ones gettin’ paid!

    Full employment mandates are so going to work. Let’s break out the pens and Executive Orders and get this economy fixed!


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      1. Did anyone see Idiocracy? That’s what this reminds me of.

        • If you’ve ever listened to the congresswoman talk you’d think IDIOT. She’s just dumb.

          • You can’t legislate morality. And you can’t “executive order” out laziness.

            • Cull the herd.

              • Start the culling in DC. We’ll see immediate results and improvement in our country. Ms.Jackson and others should be on transistional living fund as an elected rep., term limits for these lifers.

                • An economy cannot create jobs when more than 5,000 factories are stolen and shipped offshore every year.

                  Since 2001 more than 60,000 factories have been shipped offshore for the benefit of the 1% and 70 million jobs have been lost to “Free Trade”.

                  I am surprised that DC isn’t burning with Congress in session. 🙂

                  • The government has NEVER created a job.

                    Unless count those in government whose job it is to steal the wealth from those who do create jobs and work them.

                    There is no hope for these politicians or those who support them. Best to rely on yourself and get ready for the war that will brought to us in furtherance of such lunacy.

                  • Boy; you guys sure missed what a great idea this is! Just give every American that wants one or more of these unemployed people ownership title to them. The responsibility of looking after them. We will just call them; Oh I don’t know, how about SLAVES? Tell you what I’ll take title to 100 of them just to show how much of a good idea this is. Until someone gets a better Idea I’ll call mine: Alligator bait.

                  • DK-

                    ..the only thing & I disagree the tiny datum known as percentage!

                    ..its actually +2% and small change!


                    ..per the 60,000 factories shipped outbound to foreign shores (actually, its well over 100k(+), referencing ’93-94 to 2014.

                    ..I (ashamed to say)…personally pickled untold CNC equipment/robotic/multi-axis milling-machining centers/high-speed production machinery/2.5-4kw CO2 laser & YAG/fiber-optic cutting systems..for relocation to Mexico/Singapore/Taiwan/communist PRC…all across the USA south-east area!


                    ..the oddball in the mix..was an outsourcing/relocation of 25 (ultra-high tech)CNC machines…to Poland…213 people lost jobs in that American factory..& I knew probably 85-90% on a first name basis…spread across 3-shifts…I kept their machines running for 26years.

                    ..they closed on 12/29/12…most are still…unemployed!

                • Obamma lama ding dong is executive ordering an increase in the bureucracy at the USDA by expanding its scope and opening these new so called “hubs” that will deal with climate change.
                  These stupid fuckers just dont get it.

                  • Oh, he gets it just F.I.N.E.

                • The governments job is NOT to create jobs.
                  The sooner these asshats get it right the better.
                  GET OUT OF MY WAY , I WILL CREATE JOBS !!!

                  • THE PAGE IS BORED.

                    Had to go back to some bed rest. Found that every story is still the same everywhere. The date change and a few of the names.. even the posts everywhere are just repeats.

                    I AM MODIFYING MY PLAN

                    Survive it Death in is still the end result.
                    Instead of trying to prevent it I am staying completely out of the way. Even help it along in some ways. We say every day we can HD it off we wake another or we have time to prep more.
                    Bullshit. As one wakes 3 more are produce that are just SNAPERS. And from I am discovering many that are not able to produce enough on their own to survive now. Are all ready digging into NONreplaciable supplies.
                    Let just start this. Think of all the supplies that would be avaible if the herd of takers and SNAPER WERE COMPLELLY CULLED EVERYWHERE.

                    They do no good for the planet. They do no good to help a fellow human. And they get in the way of creating a better world.

                    FOR ALL THAT WOULD CALL THAT EVIL. Tell anything that is good that comes from the takers. Well cheap sex and production of more useless eaters. I guess if we did start the solyent green options. They would be good for feed of the cattle and for fertlitzer after they were boiled.

                    We are fucked. This going to muddle alone for awhile longer. The old will go though their preps and barely have any when the real shit flys the younger prep will have the preps but no knowledge or true grit to rebuild. So we are fucked.

                    Time to build a few spaceships and sent the few good ones left and fry to start over somewhere else where they can start clean. They still screw it up in a 1000 years but at least they will try maybe.

                • Life in prison…..that’s the kind of lifer I like….

                  • Nicely put….shill

                • can i take one minute and bitch since im already pissed ,two years ago fema decided that just about every one in fla was now in a flood plane (im assuming because if dick smoker gore) well anyone with a morgage now had to have flood ins. now one might say they only care about our well being,Horse Shit ,my old man has live about 1 1/2 from the beach since 1947 6 ft above sea level he has never ,even through hurracane donna had water come in the house ,now as the crow flys im 30 mi from the coast ,no morgage ,but my son has one ,so ok you take the bitter pill of bullshit ,knowing you’ll never collect on it because we’re 20ft above sea level and his finsh floor is 5 ft off the crown of the road ,so anyway times tight he’s just making his bills ,and all of the sudden his fixed rate morgage goes up $45 a month ,well hell that aint possible every one knows a fixed rate morgage you been paying on for 12 years cant go up ,WRONG seems the goverment decided you cant pay for the ins. anymore the bank has to now add it to your monthly payment ,now mind you he has already paid the ins. for this year ,the money there taking is for next year ,you see the fuck here ,they have figured out another way to get money from you and you cant do a damn thing about it ,there broke so now they get to take money from you a year ahead of time ,$45 a month from almost eveyone in fla a month ,thats a nice chunk of change you can piss away

                  • I live a couple hundred FEET frtide. Been thru hurricanes David, Francis, Jeanne, etc.(and nor’easters that brought in some of the highest tides recorded) with only wind damage. NEVER has rising water (the only water covered by flood ins.) come anywhere near my house. But I had to pay flood ins. every year I had a mortgage.

                    Even those in my neighborhood who live right on the water did not have water damage by rising water. Wind driven water, yes (not covered bi flood ins.) but not rising water.

                    Money for nothing.

              • Facebook Page, be careful what you ask for – the herd they want to cull is us! They don’t want anyone who left who wants Freedom and wants to follow the Constitution.

                On a separate topic, Sheila Jackson Lee is a complete moron and it makes me sick that she gets her position year after year because of her lazy voter base that she protects and gets freebies for.

                • The reason why we keep thinking they’d do it to us… is because we’d do it to those poorer than us. Ever notice that?

                  • Shit run down hill ya mean?

                  • Poor is a state of mind

                  • No poor is poor.

                    But one can still have a productive life starting off poor.

              • If they would stop propping up the financials the heard would cull itself, survival of the fittest, and that can also mean best armed most prepared least hesitant and most cunning.

                • That would be why the truly prepared are not the ones getting culled.

                  Even the government knows they need the producers. When they have solid power and enough to survive its death. Then watch out. The producers will do all the work to clean up and I bet the ex act same family’s come to the top and try to rule again.

                • They found this new river and said let’s build a dam to ensure we have a regulated supply of water, available when it’s dry and not too much when it’s raining. The majority agreed it was a good idea and set up some rules for the operation of the dam. For years they built their homes down river and grew food, families, and businesses. Little by little they increased the size of the dam and more rules because they felt the need to control things they did not agree with. That seemed to work for a while until one morning they woke up and realized the dam was way too big and the rules were infringing upon their choices, and if it burst, all of them living down stream would be in trouble. Most everyone knew something had to be done. Some wanted to just patch the weak spots but they could not agree on how much and so generally nothing was done because there was still water and the dam was not likely to burst tomorrow. Some few decided to prepare for the calamity to come and started building life rafts and stocking them with supplies they hoped would carry them through the terrible event surely to happen some day. They came to be called Preppers and they bonded in like thoughts and deeds. Many were tested over the years questioning their thinking and many became weary in the waiting and some even sold their life rafts and began to use up their supplies. Over the years the dam continued to crack and some times water would spray from one of the many cracks and some last minute folks would hurry to prep only latter to find out that the spray would subside and the dam would hold again. One day on a day no one expected, it happened. The cause was not even important because survival was the only focus. Those were the darkest of days and those that did not prepare did not make it except for the very few that God saved and some that prepared did not survive but contributed to the survival of their sons and daughters and friends before they crossed the rainbow.

                • …thoughts gleaned after 51 years of observation ;
                  I don’t need a leader. I don’t need help finding “work”. I can’t envision a situation where I would call the police ( other than to clean up the mess). I prefer .gov leave me the fuck alone. And therefore, what kind of future in politics would you have representing me?

                  On the other hand, if you are a busybody. If you want to go into politics ( go poor, come out rich, with a lifetime pension). Exactly what kind of clientele would you need to represent? Needy, check. Irresponsible, check. Victim,check. Stupid,check. Statist, check.

                  And what do we have?

                  And no worries, I’ll be dead soon enough.

            • Since she’s so fond of executive orders then push for the Governor of Texas to sign an executive order that abolishes her district and then to open up the seat in a tea party district.

              Come on Republican Governors, play their game and clean house.

            • I believe their goal is to write executive orders that will further weaken the Constitution, discredit American culture, etc. and enable more CONTROL of the population.

              from “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals from 1963

              31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

              32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

              33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

              • @KY MOM , You are right , they (socialists) hate American culture , in their minds it must be destroyed in order to further the agenda .
                Legislation through regulation.
                That seems to be a recurring theme .

            • Now you’re talkin’…chief Barking Moonbat SJL…is obviously delusional in thinking anything except robbery from the working folks can be legislated. Who in their right mind thinks some lazy bum is going to go out and do hard labor at some gov created “job” (which taxpayers will overpay for) when they can sit at home, get high and watch tv…all while proclaiming how smart they are for screwing us taxpayers ..again. And in that sense they probably are smarter than SJL. I predict anyone who is “employed” in this manner will call in sick 50%+ of the time. what are they going to do? FIRE THEM???
              Move them to another gov provided “job” and repeat that process.
              I’m going to go puke now…our “leadership” is dumber than a box of rocks.

              • Like the commies in the USSR used to say, “We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us.”

            • Black America….getting subsidized with your tax dollars to elevate vices to virtues since 1964.

              • Yep, and then getting “transfered” to the slave labor prisons. I guess that’s one way to get ’em working.

          • Yet she keeps getting re elected…Methinks something smells rancid here…

            • “Vote the Truth” began uncovering SJL’s voter fraud.
              After they turned in their findings…2 things happened:

              1. They were one of the FIRST patriot groups investigated by the IRS.
              2. The warehouse holding the ballot machines had a mysterious and all consuming fire.

              Rancid is a good term for parts of Harris County, Texas!

            • her entire district is worse than Beirut in the 70’s. They could have filmed ‘Lord of War’ there…

          • man she makes me proud to be a Texan 🙁

          • How come some of our elietttttttttte scumbags don’t distribute some of their wealth to us lowlifes?????


          • Wilson! Stop insulting idiots! I know many idiots and all are smarter than this chick! She’s hardly any farther up the smart scale than a goldfish. To be saying this PROVES IT!

          • The secretary of splaining things. Beef supreme is my favorite in idiocracy.

          • Obama always talks really well…but I got to admit, this sounds like more of his b.s… very suspicious!

        • The five biggest threats to America by female politicians:

          1. Nancy Pelosi
          2. Sheila Jackson Lee
          3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
          4. Hillary Clinton
          5. Diane Feinstein

          Maybe not in that order but they are the top 5.


          • Agree 100%

            All 5 of them are EVIL to the core.

            • Yep all 5=4 yids and 1 Monky african negroe!

              Like a few “radical” thinkers told americans since 50 yrs ago eh…”wake Up whiteys! Kommie leftist jews and black negroe kommies will destroy You unless you wake up to what they are doing”.

              Yet we see still some folks trust glen beck as some type of hero for his 45 kommie goals listing…yet who does beck promote and demand we all support More than anybody else?…Zionist jewdeo kommunists!!!!! OyVEY!

            • I agree Sapper, I have always said there are two types of libbies/leftists/commies. The first are the “true believers,” they are the ones who say why can’t we all get along, sing kumbaya, and be happy. Then there are the truly evil ones, most of them go into politics or to Hollywood.

          • Uhhh, BigB, some of those on your list aren’t women.

            • Or even human.

              • medusa!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

                Semper Fi 8541

            • these five make you want to give up women.

              • …eyes.

            • ROFLMAO

          • You are giving these losers far, far, far, far too much credit.

            You are playing right into their hands. Ignore them.

            Meantime, those who truly count, who truly keep this country running, don’t have time for these self-promoting motor-mouths.

            • Anony:
              I have to disagree. The reason why is.
              Thats how the country got into the Sh%& sack it is in NOW.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Maxine Waters should get honorable mention then….

            • and Barbara Boxer

          • @ Big Brother ~ Valerie Jarrett.

          • Not politicians but this list must be expanded. Like someone else said, likely females, not sure on some of them.

            1. Valerie Jarrett (THE most EVIL woman in the world – the “un-elected” President)
            2. Sonia Sotomayor
            3. Elena Kagan
            4. Janet Yellen
            5. Kathleen Sebelius

            • Can we throw in mochell just for fun?

              • We already know moochelle’s a transgendered orangutan.

                • THATS RACIST!!!

                  (…sorry, couldn’t help myself…)

                  • I AM racist, and proud of it! I believe everyone, whatever their race, should have the right to be proud of who they are and apologize to no one for it.

          • BigB, they’re not any worse than their male counterparts. The whole Congress needs cleaning out. Lee and her Caucus colleagues claim the program will help save capitalism? All I can say is “NEGRO PLEASE”! It’s just another stepping stone to a socialist nightmare.

          • BigB:
            I agree 100%
            There are a few more that could be added to the list:
            Maxine Waters
            Valerie Jarrett
            Kathleen Sebelius
            Elaena Kage
            Michelle Obama
            that would make it the TOP 10.
            It its funny that the TOP 10 are all women
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Sotomeier.

          • The bitch from my state too. Elisabeth Warren. She is the next Nancy

          • BigB

            Respectfully, you need to make it a list of 6. You forgot Barbara Boxer.

            • True up on all those names.


              • Hey you Guys Forgot about Berry Barack! He’s A WOMAN ISN”T He?

          • now run down a list of the top 5 male congress critters that are bad for america

            1 Harry Pinky Reid D Nevada obummers true right hand man in keeping any and all bills from actually reaching obummer and there for getting anything done that would benefit America

            any one else have any candidates for this list ??

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • You forgot Babs boxer. Now there is a stupid and dangerous Senator. Three witches from hell all from the Bay Area.

          • Fugstein should be #1. Clinton a close #2

        • {{{and we’re not doing right by them by creating work}}}

          Say what?
          Is my sinus tablet making me see things or did she just say ‘we are doing right by them by not creating work’???
          which is the opposite of not doing right by them by creating work.

        • Yes, Idiocracy, and the TV show in it… “Ow My Balls”.

          … I can suddenly think of how to employ all those weed smoking welfare recipients…

        • i just watched that saturday on recommendation from my fave financial guy. he said thats where we’re headed and given the dropping academic standards, multiculturalism and uneducated immigrants; i agree.

          but shiela is an idiot. no one takes her serious.

          although after watching obama with orielly; i do believe the white house thinks the majority of the country is stupid and needs to be told what to do; so being told what to get paid isnt too far a throw.

        • Sheila Jackson Lee–

          Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!!!

        • “When every person is trained, working, earning a salary, and contributing to the tax base, we have less need for government assistance and higher levels of consumer demand and investment. We therefore have less debt and more economic growth.”
          So they’re admitting that people working to their full ability is good. How then, can they say with a straight face that the effects from Obamacare (CBO report) are a good thing? These jackwagons don’t know which side of their face they’re talking from…

        • Idiocracy is a truly prophetic movie. Brilliant.

          -People in that movie couldn’t speak or write to save their lives.
          -Healthcare ‘system’ was F^&!@ up beyond belief.
          -Politicians were same as above….maybe worse.
          -Inflation and un-employment were astronomical beyond belief.
          -Fast food, hookers and police were the only ‘jobs’
          -People ‘forgot’ that water was needed to grow crops.
          -People sat in front of giant TV screens all day

          And the most startling parallel from the movie to today?
          -People were utterly stupid…but were too stupid to even know what ‘stupid’ means….just like today!

          Mankind has truly “Jumped the Shark” (Google that expression for those who don’t understand that.)

          • soc , I hope it dont come to that .
            What do have ? forty % or less that WANT to work ?
            I just dont get it , not gonna work out long term.

        • It’s hard for me to believe people in Texas voted this woman into office!!

          • Houston has a large population of blacks. Now you know why she is not leaving office.

            • Houston is a cesspool that should be removed from the US like cutting away a mole or skin tag.

          • Austin is as liberal as San Fran. You forgetting they elected Bush, Perry, Cornyn, Hutchinson and numerous other clowns. Just as many stupid people as anywhere else and Texas is about to go Blue which means the Stupid Party will never again win a national election.

            • TEXAS: Home to many Mega Church Phony pastors like John Hagee and Joel Osteen et al…Plus massive numbers of patrons who live by every pro zionist-pro israel-pro jewdeo bolshevik teaching, taught by said preachers whos constant non stop promotions of afore mentioned culprits, as some type of “self-chozens” who Must be enabled and funded and supported regardless what wrongs they are guilty of in Past-present-and certain to be Future evils/wrongs done.

              And some folks wonder why-how texas can elect the likes of shelia or others electing neocon israel firsters?

              Perhaps there is a vast lacking of education about various zionist-kommie-bolsheviks-jewish agendas?

              Well they Can remedy that real quickly! Just go check out infos on AIPAC-ADL-NAACP-300 More jewsih and zionist pro-orgs nationwide….Connect them dots-follow that money Trail- see just what wrong headed lunatics pastors such as Hagee et al really are.

              PS: also research: Dominionists and kingdom Now Builders, types of so called ‘christians” groups, orgs and pastors.

              They think God has Mandated Them to be new modern day “apostles” and “Prophets” invested with Fresh Prophetic utterances from God!

              They speak of 7 Mountains aka 7 spheres of govnt-economy-schools-msm medias-culture-society etc etc…As in They alone are whos mandated to take control of and “Fix” it all by creating a one world govnt run by Old testement laws/religion(talmudic jewish is really what they do) and of course they insist on haveing the Human-King be a jewish man, along with the Top head hochos all must be judiaic jewish…

              Much More info on these lunatic delusional pastors and TV preachers available online Tons of info on them.

              All in all, sounds alot like russia 1918 where they too had at least 95% of top honchos of soviet rulership, and every govnt agency run by jewish persons eh…Only This time they are Mixing it with “Religion”!

              Is that to fool folks since we was told communists are atheists?…Yeah soviets bulldozed-torched-bombed-40,000+ Christian Churches throughout soviet ruled nations…over 1/2 of that number in Russia!

              Yet ironic for atheists that the jewdeo soviets never harmed one single…Synagouge eh!..Hmmmmm

              What “IF” Most of these preachermen today are vastly Misleading folks into talmudic judaisim and all issues pro zionist jewish?

              Wouldn’t be a good idea to at least research it and see whats really up?…Wake Up! don’t be in that Goat line!

        • Anyone know what planetary devastation is? Man. It is scary. Search it up on youtube. Don’t let the first minute fool you. Keep watching it.

        • goddammed ghetto congress monkeys…. who only remain in office because only thugs, bangers, welfare parasites, the undereducated and crackheads live in their districts… are making their move to hijack the government thinking that BHO is “down” with them because he’s part African….

          Haven’t these professional political negroid parasites figured it out yet that the Manchurian candidate that we refer to as Obama is the CFR’s gimp and could give a flying fart about the fate of America….let alone the hopeless abyss aka black America??

          In some ways, I hope these token talkers get their way so the big show will just happen….the sooner it all crashes down the sooner we can bring it back to what the constitution originally wanted it to be (this time without excluding productive citizens.)

        • I’m just going to say it…

          You give them a chance and look what they did with the country.

          Can we please get a white guy back in the wheelhouse to turn this ship around!!!

          I’ll spare you all the racists comments.

          Just an observation of a middle aged guy used to running shit. Yeah… guess my skin color.

          One more thing.. We need to make having met payroll a requirement for being president. Obama and the rest of the congress people… Have they ever created a business from the ground up? If no…then back to the plantation for them.

          ps. The new racism is against liberals and dems.

          One price for all and a higher price if your bumper sicker has the “Dope and Change” bumper sticker on it.

          ps. Is Michelle really a vampire?

        • Starbucks? We don’t have time for a handjob.

      2. Ah no worries because at our current rate of decline all those Washington Politburo politicians will be out of a job soon.

        • Now, Rodster, stop it! Just stop right there! You gave me a glimmer of hope for a second and, well, I guess I can keep dreaming even if I wake up in Police State Amerika in the morning.

          • NR-


            Good to see you’re alive, ye old-timer!

            ..hope DPS/Iowa & Highspeed are breathing too………….

        • Rodster:

          It appears to be increaasing probable that the federal system will implode sometime in 2016.

      3. These fuckers are beyond Stupid. It just boggles my mind how low this country as a society and nation has sunk in the past 50 years. Seriously though; I truly believe this is how Almighty God is repaying this once great country for having backslidden so far from Him. He’s indirectly given the United States leadership that couldn’t have run a dog kennel just half a century ago. Not Kidding.

        • **Almighty God is repaying this once great country**
          I never did like mass punishment.

          • J J
            Its mass punishment because we didn’t rise up and stop this in the 70’s We were close to a Civil war then but Reagan got elected and things settled down.
            If we get Hellory we will have a Civil War!!

            • Civil war or revolutionary type war is inevitable in this country. Half of America is leeching of the other half that works and produces. These welfare types are parasites that will kill their hosts a.k.a taxpayers. The people that get up every day to work are going to realize that giving all their money to a government that pays people to be useless and will revolt. I’m all for a complete reset to wipe out this lunacy and start over from scratch.

              • And it going to get very messy.

              • Maybe, maybe not. It just seems that the federal system if bloated and will probably implode. My guess is 2 1/2 years via secessions.

            • If I vote, I’m voting for Hillary.

              • Come on now. It’s non-violent revolution. Wonder how many democrats will be in the camps?

                • SLINGSHOT:
                  I thing you are really joking about voting for Hillary, aren’t you???
                  If she got in the would be for sure a revolt in this country that would be messy.
                  She would call in those pretty blue helmet.(make good targets). To control the big city where her menion live, that’s who will put her in office with all there free stuff she promises them, off the back of the middle class working stiffs. Those blue boys would be to occupied handing thing out that they could not do any thing else.
                  When the freebies run out, then the SHTF, we will have alot of targets to contend with.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • You know it might not be a bad idea. Push the button let the system have its way and get out of the way.

            • Eisenturd, first, watch your tongue toward Sgt. Dale. He’s one of US, not one of THEM. Second, what do you know about American history; you’re not even a good American. Third, how do you know what someone else will or won’t do? You’re the one who lives in a fantasy world so shut your stupid peehole and go away.

              • But today big e is right.

                And the releasing of a bio agent might not be a bad idea. That is proablly why they won’t. Think the prepared would be more likely to survive.
                The snappers would all be gone.


                • I released a bio agent in the elevator at work today and it stunk so bad they locked down the entire floor.

              • Braveheart ,
                Is it just me or do eisens posts seem to be written by different individuals ,
                I really think he is sitting in the cubicles of DHS’s fusion center phsy op division and rotates out each day with another to cover the day shift . His posting stuff is right out of the operational hand book to agitate .

                Going to have to take a stroll down to ” the puzzle palace bunker” and snoop around , he
                Really sounds like Jerry the jackoff from ops all those asshats are losers.

                Don’t feed the trolls they are definately monitoring sits like this for general intel.

                LOOSE LIPS SINKS SHIPS




                Semper Fi 8541

            • Sarge, good evening, sir. I believe we’ll have civil war 2 while monkeyboy is still around. Plus, I couldn’t let eisen’s attack on you go unanswered. There was no excuse for it.

              • Brave heart, please just ignore them.
                You are better than that.
                Don’t read or respond, just red thumbs.

            • Eisen:
              Did you read what you wrote????
              If only 10% started the revolutionary war.
              10% was all it took then, what makes you think it would not happen again????
              If you don’t think that 10% of this country is not feedup with the way things are now, you need more coffee, soda pop or a 5hour energy to wake up.
              If anyone is in candy land, sorry to say, IT’S YOU

              • Against a oversea power. All we did was kick them out we didn’t concocur them.

                This time they are here and don’t have anywhere to go. And they have their 10% all ready too. Last time. Reinforcements had to take month to arrive. Now they will just HD out food or threat of more death and there it gos up in smoke. Survive Its Death.

                • FBP, please get off those meds. Now I know something is wrong when you start agreeing with eisen. eisen is straight out of la-la land.

            • Eisen… I have to admit, on this you are right… and I finally gave you a green thumb. Don’t know about the Uncle Piggy stuff though.

            • true Eisen….but it didn’t take a majority to boot England out then, and it won’t take a majority to boot the Federal Reserve,the communist left, and the UN in the future….

              all it will take is enough people, enough blood, enough pain and enough endurance.

              Are you in?

              • Risky:
                Count me in.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • But: You ignore or discount One very huge issue. That being that the very worst antigun-anti american-antiwhites-antichrists- nationwide is a huge group composed all throughout, but Especially in the top Leadership officials and judges and polititions federally.

                Of Bolshevik Jewsih Kommies such as schumer-bloomberg-boxer-finestien etc et al. with many many tons more of their tribe within top official govnt the Vast majority of positions nationally actually.

                Including wall street-mega corps-fed reserve-banks etc. Entire MSM in all forms…

                AND included in what you seem to discount or ignore is that we have at least 50-MILLION evangelicals, as well as some catholics and various other denoms, who fully believe in and call them selves…”jewdeo-Christians” and “Christian-Zionists”…

                This is very important to consider. Because every one of those 50 Million or more folks have been Brainwashed to think and believe that the main highest Goal they can possibly acheieve here on earth in This lifetime, is to fund-support and enable every cause-issue-agenda- etc that by its nature is zionists-state of israel wars related-jewish issues.

                And futhermore, these same folks WILL when told to pounce, come after You to Kill you! While due to lifelong brainwashings, they are going to continue to believe 100% that to do so, Kill You is done in defense of jews or israel, and doing so will cause God to mightly Bless these foolish delusional souls! And of course get God to bless america again after they get it done!

                This cannot be discounted or said to be of zero concern, as not just do they number 50+ million…But nobody can deny seeing vast hoards of them calling or refering to themselves Proudly as “jewdeo christians” or “Christian zionists”…Their eyes glaze over as they repeat that mantra! Many Yutube videos exist that show these foolish deluded souls, Admitting when asked “If…You had to make a Choice between Israel/jews, and America? Which will you choce loyalty to?”…EVERY single one answer’s “oh thats easy to answer! of Course I will choose to remain Loyal to Israel and jews even if i need turn my back against america”!!!!!…No Joke! go see! Watch their eyes glaze over with a dreamy look while some spittle slips down their lower lip as they appear to be in some form of trance just dreaming of israel/jewish support or defense!

                Picture their Pastors telling them “All who refuse to agree on jewdeo or israel support are Nazi enemys! so go eliminate em all and Show God he needs to Bless you for it!”….Thats 100% reality, like it or not.

                So…just suppose what some folks here state, IE: that the grandchildren of the original russian revolt of 1918 jewdeo commie bolsheviks, are Here in america Today, and Planning the exact same soviet type state or situation for us americans?

                Of which i for One am a believer of as I have done 20+ yrs research on these issues…If that be the case, and every day it looks more like truth eh…

                How will things play out swell for patriots, when they are confronted by 50 Million crazed delusional israel-firsters, and jewdeo firsters willing to mass murder ALL who reject any form of a Zionist-jewish NWO(Jwo) based on a combo of Talmud & soviet communisim?

                If such a scenario occures, and I believe its very likly to, that group of as many as 50 million deluded evangelical jewdeo christos and pro zionists etc will be certain to be a far greater Threat and Danger, than most any the state fed govnt can dream of mustering aganist free thinking patriotic americans, who never will accept ANY form of NWO or Jwo etc…Its Going to be the worst threat ever…A False based religious fervor of revenge and hatred in Gods name, in defence of all issues israel and jewish.

                Just look at what their Master race fervor did in russia 1918 eh…No time historically comes even close to evil tortures nor vast hundreds of Millions deaths at the hands of the….TRIBE! They also had many enablers of russia state too back then…Today in usa will be 25 times worse!

        • While the supernatural and personified aspects of what you’re saying about God is one of those things I’m not too sure about…

          What I AM sure about is what the concept and philosophy represents in terms of social optimization.

          So… basically… yes… not following the directions and attempting to change the oil in your car using Crisco and a bottle opener is not going to work out very well for you…

        • There is just about a majority of non Americans that now make up the population of the country due to fifty plus years of mass immigration. Right now they are pushing to raise the legal level from one million a year to three million. Just a few more years and the country, Constitution and most of us natives will be gone replaced by a polyglot third world hellhole.

      4. Maybe it’s time to get rid of them “with or without congress”!

        • Now your talking!

        • RUB:P
          I’m with YOU!

        • when people randomly start doing these kinds of things, without talking about it….and by the tens of thousands…including people with something to lose and folks on the political payroll that have had enough….THEN it will definitely be “game on”

          Just wait for the official MSM-telecasted politically sanctioned denials…..then follow your marching orders.

      5. Well hell yea! Nazi Germany Had full employment ! And besides, it’s gonna be all hands on deck to dig the mass graves! Talk about make work jobs! LOL

        • Shovel ready jobs?

          • Tired
            The only shovel ready job Obullshit has ready is grave digging.

            • Sarge-

              Your right!

              Grave-digging is part & parcel of “Obamacare”

      6. When I was young, I loved my country.
        When I grew up, I served my country.
        As I aged, I was saddened by my country’s sickness.
        Now, I mourn it’s death.

        • Correction..You served the elites and the corp. American interests.

          • was not ment to insult..its just a fact

            people need to really wake up to this, Im not saying this to insult the saying this to wake them and you up to the TRUTH

            I know its a hard pill to swallow, trust me you’ll be a better man when you accept this as fact.

            • You’re right….

              20/20 hindsight is…

        • I went back to college later in my life. It wasn’t as bad as Berkley but still progressive; but what college isn’t! Every bulletin board had pamplets on “Rock the Vote”. It sickened me until I went around campus and corrected all the pamplet’s mistakes in red marker! It made me feel better and actually started some truthful discussions with uninformed “voters”. When obama was elected to his first term, I attended classes with my homemade hat that said “In mourning for my country” across the top and I had attached a matching black veil!! Needless to say, the staff wasn’t too fond of me and my free speech!!!

          • Farmer’s Daughter-

            You go girl! Thumbs up to ya!!!

        • another NC prepper

          my thought exactly…another thing that makes me sick is you cannot get anyone to stick together so much fear by our leaders


          • snake eater say; You are selling yourself short. We are here. All together will be your states . And our states are starting to stand . And we will stand with there leadership and outcast the rest. God hasent give up on us yet. We have to beleave with everything inside us.And let him lead us.He tell’s us he is with us . We must trust and stand with God. The darkest hour is the hour befor light.We have but one life. And for me Ill stand for right and the truth.Because it sets me free.

          • Most people are totally clueless since they get their news from the big three stations which are nothing but an arm of the Democrat party and quite honestly most Americans are lazy morons who cannot be bothered to know what is going on. They will have plenty of time to regret that fact. Obama merely reflects the mentality and morals of the average American voter.

      7. Everyone should have to “earn” the money they get every month. I have to work hard for my money.

        • ptmama, AMEN to that. I work my ass off for my money.

        • ptmama:
          Ive been working since I was 11 years old, I’m 60 now and there is nothing in my home or on my property that me and the wife did not work for.
          I’m awful tired of people thinging that everything is owed to them.
          In this world you are not owed anything. You are suppose to work for what you need to survive and for a few pleasures.
          Just because you want something does not mean you need it.
          I our prepper group if you don’t work, and you are abled bodied you want eat. Period!! Everone has a task of some kind to do or a talent that they have to use to help out the group.

      8. another day, another insane headline….i think to myself “that can’t be real?”; but it is! the sad thing is that many, many sheeple will think “that’s a good idea” and demand that it happen. i fear for my country. i fear for my son. i fear for my unborn grandchildern. i fear that, we, as americans, have allowed this shit to go on for too long. and now, it is too late. the “takers” are many and the “producers” are few. something really bad is comming soon… we all feel it. some just choose to ignore it and go on about their day, others, like myself (and the majority of us here), choose to prepare the best we can. keep prepping

        • The educational system went communist.

      9. Yeah, we the government will put everyone to work so as to enable corporations to continue profit accumulation in a never ending inflation spiral. Those that cannot afford this capitalistic dream can be stepped over as they lay homeless and destitute on the streets. Population reduction, you worthless piles of garbage. Just die now.

      10. Once the full communist agenda is implemented under the demoncats rule the sheeple that say things like “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid” are going to be rudely awakened. The communist pieces of shit running the country right now are not going to continue feeding the shitbags. As a matter of fact they will be begging for the return to a time in America that we with common sense are calling for now. Unfortunately for these shitbags it will be to late, people like myself will not help them and the communist will enslave them. I can only hope their children pay 10 times more than they are forcing mine to pay. The RESET is just around the corner just look around people. If you aren’t ready for it I think its is to late to get there. The world economies are starting to collapse and it won’t be long until their governments blame the US to save their own asses and Ocommie will agree. Here we go, let the fun begin.

        • Maddog, we’re going the same way the USSR did. The workers there used to joke that they pretended to work and the government pretended to pay them. Then it collapsed.

          • I don’t know about you but I plan to hold people accountable for actions. My favorite photo from WWII is some Philippino’s wacking a communist in the knee’s with a hammer after the American liberated them. We need to do the same here after the libtards collapse the system and we are forced to fix their fuck ups.

            • Maddog and Maudy, I’m with you two all the way. It’s going to be horrific with all of the nonpreppers dying, INCLUDING the freeloaders, the ‘GIMME DATS’, etc.

            • I thought he was whacking an Imperialist…or an Emperorist…or a Nipponeseist. Shit, I don’t know what the Japanese were.

              • Does it really matter? A shitbag is a shitbag is a shit bag. What’s the old saying, “kill ’em all and let God sort them out”.

                • Maddog-

                  ..which coincides w/ yet another saying that goes thus:

                  …if they f#ck with me/mine..I’m going out..the same way I came into this world..

                  ..fighting and screaming..and covered in someone else’s BLOOD!


                  Salute & thumbs up, dude!

      11. The article was great, but that radio cut was shocking! I fought my ass off for the Freedoms we are blessed with in this Country, and it pisses me off to no end that there are lazy scum like this SURVIVING in this society.

        It’s time to pull the plug- but I know TPTB won’t allow that- they’ll loose to many “votes”.

        • HAhaha ! This coming from a woman (?) who wanted to know if the Mars Rover could swing by the landing site of Appolo 13 and see if the American Flag is still there !?? (on the MOON?) This D. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee may say she’s from Texas , but I think she’s from CartoonLand !! These Politicians NEVER learn NOTHING from history !?? ….mm

          • I wouldn’t trust Sheila Jackson Lee to do a good job mopping my floors!

            • You evidently consider mopping floors takes more intelligent than being in congress. Probably does.

        • Sapper/E-6-


      12. Great idea. Are they going to force those who don’t want a job to get one?

      13. Long-time viewer…first time post…I continue to be amazed by the audacity of current US political leaders. I have two small children and I am preparing now on how to help them understand the BS our political figures are capable of

        • Ky,welcome,and think I speak for most when I say I do not envy you when trying to get your kids to understand the BS our govt. produces,best of luck and down the road will buy you a beer,you will earn it!

        • KYF
          Welcome. I have already raise my kids. I will pray for you because you have one hell of a job in front of you.
          Lead by example.

        • Don’t send them to public school then would be my advise.

        • Ky:
          Welcome aboard.
          You are going to have a tough time teaching them what is correct.
          The first thing you have to teach them is right from wrong, and yes there is good and bad, Yes there is black and white, there is NO gray. The Bible would be a good referance book.
          The second thing is there are winners and losers in life. This garbage of everyones a winner and there are no losers in a game is STUPID. You could ask the Bronco’s about that.
          The third thing I would say is teach them the Bill of Rights. The way the Founding fathers ment them.
          Then teach them history all the way back to the 1400’s. Not this crap that they get as some public school.
          I hope you are prepping and getting ready for a wild ride that looks like it is getting closer by the minute.

        • Kyfarmblood, welcome aboard, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about any survival-related subjects. We’ll be glad to help. braveheart

        • Kyfarmblood,
          — Welcome to the site.
          Even if you have to send your children to public schools ,I’m with the folks that suggest that you home school your kids about the realities of politics.
          Once again Welcome.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      14. There’s 272 days left before the midterms. Now all of a sudden the idiot-n-chief is going to in the end to come center and give flying shit about jobs? NOW!!
        All this by way of Shirley Jackson Lee. Great choice!! Hell why didn’t he throw in Nancy Pelosi too? We might of believed this truckload of horseshit.
        On November 4th 2014 we will see how good their smoke screen was and if we end up with Hillary or not in 16.

        • hammerun, You are dead on.

      15. I don’t recognize the majority of the people in this country anymore. I don’t agree with this governments policies or practices. I don’t agree to have to pay for the lazy and worthless. I don’t agree with giving about half my income to thieves in power. I don’t agree with people telling me what I can or can’t do. I feel that I’m being pushed in a corner and that in itself is a dangerous practice for tptb. I feel that the way things are going, people all over this USSA are going to break and go berserk.

        • Concerns me more if they break out and go sane

      16. I’m tired of hearing “consider the source”, when Ms. Jackson-Lee spouts some more crap. This just makes me furious, especially when I consider how much of my husband’s and my money goes to support her and the slothful hoards. We did everything the way we were supposed to. Got married, stayed married, had children in wedlock, got an education, used the education, got a job, kept the job and have lived a useful life. We get to keep roughly fifty percent of what we both make and who knows how long we can keep even that. I was complaining about this to one lib “friend” who absolutely didn’t believe me. She said she had “never heard of that”, and thought I was exaggerating. Her point is that Obama would never let that happen, instead of knowing he’s the main cause, and that we should be willing to share since my husband has a good job. His “good job” didn’t fall from the sky; he worked long and hard to get where he is. Mine is a lesser success story, but I’ve always been able to help, even taking time out to raise our well-behaved and productive children. We give to charity and I’d have more to give if the Obama crowd didn’t steal so much of it. My “friend” has an Obama phone, food stamps, medicaid, disability (!!!)and subsidized ObamaCare plus her medicaid benefits. She doesn’t realize we’re paying for it. She’s white, but guess she thinks Obama is paying for it out of his “stash”. Sorry about the rant, but if I have to pay for one more lazy, shiftless welfare person, they can come over and clean my house.

        • You need to choose your friends more wisely. These types need to isolated from productive members of society and left to the life that they have “earned”. You deserve better.

          • I agree with Mcdave, we need to shun these people like they have been in the past. None of this shit is needed ” Obama phone, food stamps, medicaid, disability (!!!)and subsidized ObamaCare plus her medicaid benefits” when you have a moral population that fears God. When someone is need they are helped in a moral society. When someone is a shitbag they starve. We’ll get there, the Ocommie worshipers are destroying the country along with the means to provide the above mentioned “benefits”. Soon we will be back to “no work no eat” thank God.

        • Vicky, they would not know how to clean your house. They would take one look at what _you_ consider “needs cleaned” and say:”But it IS clean.”

          If this cockamamie idea is actualized, the gimmeedats will be put on public employee rolls so that their subsidized wages further enrich the public employee unions and the progs. They still won’t work. They will still get paid and we will still be doing the paying.

          The lib who doesn’t believe you has never paid taxes. Never fully paid for health care or food or utilities. Never had a savings account or a life insurance policy. Has never had the pride of accomplishment. If she was given a lump sum equal to all her benefits and then forced to pay the same taxes and COL we pay, she would be organizing riots. That would become her play money. She isn’t about to ever spend it on essentials.

          I know similar types. They are just gleeful to discover that *rich folks* are having to shop at thrift stores. Equal shared poverty is their goal. I know someone who finally won a disability suit that included a lump sum payment for back benefits. She used the lump sum to buy a dishwasher, even though she still had unpaid bills. It never occurred to her that the self-employed professional she owed would suffer for not being paid. If it did, she would find some way to justify it. No matter what, these folks never take any responsibility.

        • **I was complaining about this to one lib “friend”
          This was your fist mistake
          1) a lib friend??

          • first

        • Hey fucktard eisenkruez! I came from nothing. I worked my ass off 6 to 7 days a week to be where I am now and actually have a lot to show for. I’ll be damned to hell before your bunch requires me to share my wealth to people that don’t know what hard work is. If you or any other for that matter thinks they can force me to give up everything I’ve earned, you are gravely mistaken.

          • Sybil E. loves us all!!!

          • Faith of the fallen, I’m with you all the way. In a way I might be wrong for this, but when ‘the great culling’ begins, I hope eisen is part of it. I have no use for him whatsoever. I’m not giving up anything to any freeloaders either.

          • There’s already a system for rich people to share the wealth, it’s called capitalism. You want a piece of what they have,buy some shares of stock.

            Greedy little rat bastard, thou shalt not covet what you don’t have.

            • Yup, the rich earn money and use it to buy houses & cars, eat at restaurants – all things that create jobs for the rest of us. How horrible those evil rich folks are, they should all be killed and eaten. Sometimes Eisen says some useful things, but then he turns around and spews this crap. He is either bipolar or several different people.

        • Eisen..give them your money.with the benefits they get they make more than I in retirement. i’m on limited income and now I have to provide for their healthcare plus more taxes to pay for it. the govt. has de-encentivised these people to not work and the rest of us have to support their wants and needs. I don’t mind some unemployment which the dems want to increase to 4 years. I don’t mind some food stamps but that gets tacked onto unemployment(4) years. where does it end? You support them, you feed them I can only take care of myself at this point!FU Eisen!

        • Eisen,

          The right brain is working today, huh?

          “We desperately need a massive redistribution of wealth. The level of income inequality in this country is shocking and immoral.”

          Agreed. The way to do is to rip up all the “free trade” treaties and put high tariffs in place. People will go back to work making things here so TPTB can avoid import hassles, and the rest of us don’t have to foot the bill. Close the borders. Stop the inflow. Pay another few cents for a product.

          The only “Free Trade” we have should be between the States. Eventually, incomes will even out do to competition for labor and skilled workers. Let us never make these past mistakes again.

          • What?-

            Exactly right!

            ..+ 1000 to you!

          • Oh, yes, COMRADE Eisen, spoken like a true communist.

          • What,
            — I remember during the George H. and Bill Clinton era debates about NAFTA ( not between the two successive Presidents – They both are as guilty as the other ) that a free trade agreement would stem the flow of illegal immagrants into our country because of the low paying jobs that would exit our borders. HOW The “F” did that work out. — Next we will be told of all the benifits of the ” TPP “. How it will benifit out GDP and lower our cost of living. How it should be passed and implemented. How the President has to have the authority to sign it without debate. How we will be able to read it after it is law so we can see what is in it. Sound familiar to anything of recent ?
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Sorry to disagree but…there are jobs available! Mc D’s is always hiring! Not to mention other restaurants and retail! Some are just lazy or waiting to get paid “what they’re worth”. That isn’t much! I say…if you can work, then work. Don’t be a drain on society!

        • Vicky-

          BEWARE ma’am!

          She’s NOT a true friend..when the time of societal/civilization’s rupture arrives & becomes ‘unbearable for the gimmie-dats’..she will throw you under the bus!
          Count on it!

          ..the parasites must be fed continuously & on schedule..the regime will be broke w/ worthless paper $$$ finance such..thus it will demonize the productive/intelligent types, as greedy hoarders & offer rewards for intel/ratting us preppers out!

          ..hopefully, the duration of ‘no-knock-3am-raids'(per one’s preps/stash of possibles)..will be a short the regime gets bogged down/tied up, via ever dwindling assets vs. exponentially increasing problems/self-perceived/created threats(per time)…to ITS SURVIVAL!


          ..take your cue from the enemy & the knowledgeable here..(see OPSEC & OBFUSCATION)..begin to plead poor/hard-family-times..etc..etc.

          ..avoid discussing what your family is doing to prepare..avoid political conversations/discussions orbiting party affiliation or its given philosophy/merits!

          ..become mundane!

 it 21st century social/political/economic camouflage vs. the coming NWO/TPTB & their ‘useful idiots’.

          • Best advice of the day!

          • Sage advice!

          • Hunter, that was some top-notch advice.

            • McDave / Jerry-B /Braveheart-

              Thanks guys!

              ..appreciate the affirmation/understanding.

              ..your acknowledgements merely affirm..that all of you..accepted (prior to my post)..a personal ‘GIVEN’ philosophy/understanding of said post…months/years before today-tonight..via reading what I said/typed!

              ..I sense/understand the context of your kudos, but in were already ‘there’..ahead of me!

              ..I merely verbalized/typed…your ‘understanding of future reality’.


              Thus,..the kudos rightfully…belong to you..not me!

              SALUTE…to you gentlemen.

              ..and to YENTAL, wherever he may be!!!

          • Hunter,
            — Agree with you 100%
            I have not done the math but I would expect that if the authorities take possession of the entire food supply of those that have prep supplies and redistributed it to the ” Gimm-me’s ” I would suspect that it would last less than a day.
            — Never give up your family survival
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Good evening, Vicky, and I totally agree with your rant. I don’t like for my tax dollars going to freeloaders either. What especially galls me is when I’m at a supermarket or other store, I see these crackwhores buying 1 or even 2 grocery carts overflowing with junk food, using EBT to pay for it, then going out to their CADILLAC ESCALADE with their ill-gotten merchandise. I work and pay taxes into the system and can’t get a vehicle financed even with a co-signer. I have to depend on my company for wheels. Haven’t had my own wheels since 2005. Yes, there’s minority people living better than white people these days.

          • Oh you were golden till the last line.

            • FBP, say what you will, but it is a fact and some of your tax dollars are going to some of those ‘gimme dats’. I was golden with the whole post as far as I’m concerned. the ‘gimme dats’ belong to a minority group and under federal law minority groups get special treatment. The race-based double standards of the federal government are well-known to everyone, but how many people will admit to it? I’m not afraid to say it. Idiots can take their PC crap and go somewhere else with it. Nobody tells me what to say, or think, etc. whatever my opponents think of me is not my problem.

              • 1bh, I’m thinking he meant that it’s no longer a minority….it’s a majority and we are the saps paying for it…:( I could be wrong tho…..

        • Eisen, you communist fruitcake, go somewhere else with that crap and go f#$% yourself! where the f#$% have you been all your life? There’s already “redistribution of hard-earned white people’s tax money” going to the freeloaders every day, with a promise of more to come. the so-called safety net needs to be cut. The programs aren’t sustainable. The revenue for them will dry up eventually. When the checks stop coming and the EBT card stops working, then it’s party time. the freeloaders will start looting and rioting, etc. Let’s see what happens when they come to your house wanting food, water, etc. How will you respond to that? That would be interesting to know. You say we should be forced to provide for them? Let’s see you try that on someone, anyone, and see what happens to your stupid ass. You can go f#$% yourself from point A to point B, and beyond!

          • Eisen, BTW, the picture at the top of the article, with the hammer and sickle against the red background, fits you perfectly, COMRADE!

        • BIG E. You didn’t hide it so well this time. Easy to see though this time. But did get the blood going. Thumbs up

          • FBP, I don’t understand you taking up for eisen. Your mind is gone thanks to those FDA-approved poisons.

        • You and your husband appear to be prudent. In that regard, I have been prudent in getting a substantial amount of savings overseas. If you have not, as yet, consider doing so.

        • eisenkreuz, When you lazy scum bags , Wake up to what you have done to this land USA. And it’s comeing Soon . I want you too know . Im not your goverment . Im the guy that will be wateing to give you your handout.You peace shit.

      17. I can’t believe Texans put up with that cunt!

        Why stop with giving everyone a job. Lets just cut straight to the chase and make everyone rich! Fire up the printing presses and give everyone a million dollars then they won’t even have to work.

        • You state is infested with closet Yankee’s.
          Closet Kalifornicators on the way.

        • Probably Houston.

        • You think you have it bad with Jackson.
          You ought to Have Corrine Brown.

        • Chilton… within two years the same people will be near broke and the same 1% will have all of the rest…

      18. No one pays any attention to the honorable Congresswoman from Texas. She periodically has to spout some attention-grabbing statement to keep her constituents fooled into thinking that she’s doing something on their behalf.

        Ever checked out her wardrobe? She’s a clothes horse in the worst way. And with her I.Q., she must use a personal shopper to pick it out for her.

        She’s laughing all the way to the bank as she gets to strut around WDC, basking in the status that comes with being a member of Congress.

        No one takes her seriously and it’s beneath any intelligent reader to give any and all news reports about her so much as the time of day.

        Not worth commenting on any further…..move on to something of substance.

        • No one takes her seriously, but she’s on the Judiciary Committee and Homeland Security Committee. THAT should scare the pants off anybody who knows how much power those committees have.

      19. I used to consider myself smart. Now, I feel dumb. I cannot figure out how to draw a check.

        • Heifer-

          That’s because you were ‘cheated’ out of the gimmie-dats gene, when your DNA was created!

          Ditto…same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          ..grab a shyster lawyer, pronto..file suit immediately!
          ..demand mucho $$$ compensation..’cuz you/most of us here a minority..we’re genetically impoverished by nefarious design..thus, someone needs to make huge monetary amends..per our benefit.

          ..start the ‘ball-a-rolling’..I’ll sign on too..maybe we can get “class-action status” in some liberal (see federal) kangaroo court..and reap mega-$$$ yummies!


          -(deep sigh)-…sometimes, humor/sarcasm is a double edged sword..when one considers the depths, Amerika has sunk unto!

          ..”OUCH”..for, damn near all of us & our progeny, here!

      20. You realize you’re lumping every unemployed American into the don’t-want-to-work-cause-I’s-trailer-trash group right? Pretty sure a lot of unemployed workers with no opportunities will welcome this and happily get to work.

        I don’t see how it’s worse than paying them to wait for jobs that aren’t there.

        • Nobody is “lumping” anyone but YOU. We all Know what we are talking about here, so don’t try guilt us.
          YOU pay them.

        • Stephen; How many years do we pay them to wait? Dems want to extend this to 4 years!

      21. I drive city bus for my full time job. I see a lot of “stuff”, and put up with a lot of crap. I see the welfare type’s and the “what I think of as parasites”. I keep my mouth shut to keep my job. Some people really do want to work but can’t find much and if they do it pays low wages. Some don’t even try. Some I wouldn’t hire if I was in that position. I think sometimes “what would these people be like when TSHTF? Some of the scum would get shot pretty quick, but thank god I live on the edge of town and have an exit plan with a place to go!
        Have a nice day Stu OUT.

      22. Hmmm….,may be wrong here but that seems like a command economy/slavery,any difference?

      23. Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said that the new Congressional Full Employment Caucus will “give President Obama a number of executive orders that he can sign.”
        I bet that made her a lot of friends in congress..NOT!

      24. The above 5 mentioned Dem. bitches above are thugs.

        Lucy needs an attitude adjustment. I think what we should do is make the leaches go to work, have a drug test every month. If they are getting money from me that is what it want before I give it to them.

        With Lucy’s attitude, she doesn’t are that her kids don’t work and leach off of the rest of us. THIS JUST PISSES ME OFF TO THE MAX!!!

        When the whole damn thing collapses I can’t wait to see them standing at the mail box crying that she didn’t get her check.

        My attitude will be TUFF SHIT BITCH!!!
        Lucy you SLUG you are taking away things I work hard for and I could be giving to my family. YOU ARE A LEACH!

        • None of my business,if as you point out,not behind the wheel ect.

        • Hey eisen, I don’t care how much drugs or whores you do. It becomes my business when you harm people while high or require me to subsidize your treatment of STD’s and healthcare for you when all that drug use turns your insides to black jelly. Have a good day and play nice.

          • That what he said as long as it doesn’t affect you.

        • eisen, you are an insult to whores!

        • Eisenshiza-(sp?)

          I hope she water-shits up your nostrils, while you’re snorting!!!!

          • There are pros out there that specialized in that and they get paid well.

            • Facebook-

              Dude!…I’m not curious…don’t wanna know!

              ..evidently Sam sent you to the ‘dark’ side of TDY assignments!

          • Scheisse = shit, I think.

            • What?-

              ..scheisse vs. my pig-latin version “shiza”.

              ..I probably owe you mega-beers, bro…you’re closer to the spelling than I (w/o doubt, folks).

              ..was there for 45 days(TDY/extended slightly)..Stuttgart(patch-barracks) ’77!

              .. to this addicted to “Dinkelacher Pils”

        • I’ll tell you why it is my business…..BECAUSE YOU DOPE HEADS ARE ALL PUSSIES.

          You’re afraid to die. Either you or one of your loved ones will call 911 when you OD. Period. And that is a fact.

          And that means 911 call centers have to have increased staff. Ambulance/EMT’s have to have increased staff. Police has to be staffed. And, an expensive 911 system has to be in place that will service your cry for help. And those are all funded by my taxes.

          Furthermore, Emergency rooms have to be staffed with Doctors, Nurses, Equipment, etc. all in order to bring back your pathetic life…..And this of course is all embedded in my insurance premiums.

          Yes, it is my business.

          Now, if you take an oath to just die peacefully…and of course pay in advance for the coroner fees, the first responder fees, etc., I might be open to discussion.

          • Celluar Spider-

            Excellent call!

            ..they are afraid to die!

            ..conversely, we’re NOT afraid to LIVE!

            • I do remember most soldier s being high and not being afraid to die when I was in.

              And even the best needed a break from reality so its not that they do dope.

              Its that they do dope and can’t support themselves is your issue.

              I know plenty of prepared prepped peppers that get high and dope up. So maybe you all should look at the real thing that bothers you.

              They use what they have to make themselves happy first. And leave the rest to someone else..

          • CELLAR SPIDER:
            I could not have said it any better.
            I see this type all the time. Those frequent fliers are awaist of time, money and energy.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • E
            over 75% of the crimes I deal with are Drug or alcohol related. Even if they make it legal (drugs) I’ll still be arresting you for something STUPID (break a law) that you do.

          • Yeah, let’s go back to legal cocaine and opium, but with the condition that you have to support yourself 100% legally, or die in the gutter. No welfare whatsoever if you don’t pass the urine tests. For a while it’s be chaos, until the honest folks finish making .450″ perforations in them what tries to steal to keep their habit going. The end might be that 1% of drug addicts manage to keep a job and keep their habit, but the 99% will plague us no more. Oh,Happy Day !

        • eisenpansy, you want to do drugs like a damned moron, OK go ahead, but go the hell away from our site in the process. And Sgt. Dale is NOT a pig.

          • Brave.
            Thanks, but I am.
            P – Pride
            I – integrity
            G – Guts
            And Damn proud of it.

            • I have no doubt, per your integrity..sarge!

              ..wish all LEOs (nationwide)…were cast from your mold!!!

              ..suspect many here would concur!


              Stay safe & survive…we need guys like you!

              • Hunter:
                Thanks for the compliment!!!
                I hope that they didn’t throw away the mold that I came from.
                I don’t think they did because I run into them all the time.
                Again Thanks.

        • E.
          I don’t care what you do in your house.
          Bring it on the street and endanger someone. That is when it becomes my business.
          Please don’t stop at one line. See if you can do around 50.

          • Its his street too. If this is a replubic. Then it should only be an issue when he endangers someone or infringes on someone’s else’s rights.

            • FP
              Like I said if he endangers some one on the street!!!
              That’s when he becomes a problem. When He becomes a problem he gets the compliment of the law. You don’t like it change it, but until you change I get to enforce it. And I HATE DRUGGIES & DRUNKS!

        • If it’s none of our business, why are you telling us about it!WASP

        • Eisn
          was that line you were doing white or brown????


        • Lucy might be eisen’s bitch.

      25. This is straight out of Atlas Shrugged. Directive 10-289.
        Ayn Rand saw it coming; hell Stevie Wonder could see it coming with these clowns running the show?

        See the Ayn Rand directive here and ask yourself if the feds are using it as a playbook:

        • There are MANY people in this country right now who would love to see that take place….

      26. Full employment? Close the border and shut off the influx of slave laborers from the 3rd world. The Pew Hispanic Survey indicates that most new jobs are going to immigrants (legal and illegal).

        • Even that won’t work now. The 50% would not do those jobs. We still need to cleanse the world of the useless.

      27. Get ready

      28. Republican and Democrat alike continually spout this rhetoric about “creating” jobs. Any job creation by .gov takes money from one and gives to another. Government is nothing more than a money sink.

        ALL the various government minions from the Librarian of Congress to the alphabet agencies to the police to the various “milk boards” are agents of a Fascist oligarchy that survives only to extract fees and licenses and “regulate” the producers…and keep the boot on your neck. Get rid of the pack of them.

        They violate the most important natural right I have…the right to be left alone.

        • Well said,
          Thank you

      29. People, the US of A is already Socialist in many ways and this would just be another initiative to throw into the pot. Don’t believe me? Well how about this –

        Everyone stand up.

        Military/Defense – Anyone who has ever served in or benefited from any of the US Armed Forces, the largest and most funded socialist program in the world, please sit down.

        Highway/Roads/Bridges – Anyone who has driven on (Republican) President Eisenhower’s travel system, inspired by Germany’s Autobahn, and maintained, preserved and expanded by tax dollars, please sit down.

        Public Libraries – Enough said. Please sit down.

        Police – Ever had to call the police? At the State level, granted, but still provided by tax dollars. Anyone who has not had to swipe a credit card prior to dialing 911, please sit down.

        Fire Dept – Ditto to Police. Please sit down.

        Student Loans and Grants – Go to college? If you did, your family might not have been rich enough to pay your way through. So you got your education anyway through student loans and grants from the federal government at taxpayer expense. Of course you have to pay back the loans, but if not the government, did you know anyone else who was going to lend you tens of thousands of dollars? Probably not. So the taxpayers lent you the money and you paid it back with slight interest. The government grants you accepted were gifts from the taxpayer and the federal government that you did not have to pay back. If applicable, please sit down.

        Public Landfill/Garbage Collection – If you drive your garbage to your own landfill on your private land, please stay standing, otherwise, sit down.

        Vote a Congressman into Office? – Then you approved of his/her taxpayer-funded healthcare that they are free to opt out of, but overwhelmingly do not. If voted, please sit down.

        Public Schools – If you or your children attended a public school, please sit down.

        Court system – Ever had to go to court? Sure you pay for your lawyer (unless you can’t, at which time a public-paid defender will be appointed to you), but the courtroom, the judge and jury are paid by tax dollars. If never been, please stay standing, otherwise please sit down?

        Now, how many people are left standing?? Lets throw out a few more and take care of them –

        USPS – For next to nothing you can send a letter anywhere in the US.

        Farm Subsidies – Our government uses taxpayer funds to pay farmers and businesses to provide their income and keep them growing food for the public.

        CIA/FBI/NSA/Secret Service – Love ’em or hate ’em, they are taxpayer funded.


        Social (duh) Security


        And a good one this time of year – Public Street lighting and snow removal.

        NOW, who is left standing?

        • Name me a free society that doesn’t some or all of these. I’ll stay standing.

          • Precisely Jim, there are no free societies that are purely Capitalistic. The point I was trying to make, and apparently failed to do, was that a person rallying against this latest socialist program, but still being in support of or in receipt of benefits from other socialist programs, makes the person a hypocrite.

      30. 11 million illegals in the US? Really? Anyone notice that they’ve been using the same number for years now? As if no one else was getting in for years. The number is probably closer to 20 million. The last time they gave an amnesty, the feds under estimated by 50%. Then, remember, as I like to say, each new resident is clear to bring in their extended family members, legally. On average, they have brought in 4 family members each. After a 90 day wait, the sick and elderly among them are legally entitled to SSI, Medicaid, EBT cards and more. Weeee! It’s like winning the Gringo Lottery.

      31. Obama is a Fucking Dictator. Call a spade a spade. What Obama surrounds himself with, is comparable to the Gestapo or the German SS.

        Ask yourself this.

        Do you TRUST HIM?

        • Call a spade a spade. hehehehehehe

        • I don’t trust the Chimpanzee in Chief and his buck-toothed Gibbon wife Moochell at all.

      32. Those are minimum wage jobs–let’s close the entry ports and start making our own dishwashers, heaters, shoes(I remember two uncles working at Genesco), clothes, furniture, appliances, CARS!!, computers….

        • they opened up a plant that manufactures plumbing fixtures in my town

          guess what it pays ???

          $8.50 an hour

          thats right

          just a hair above minimum wage for a manufacturing job

          these jobs used to pay 15-20$ an hour or more

          • Satori, in the 70’s I worked at a warehouse for $7.50 hr. The same job at the same warehouse today pays about $8.50 hr. Almost 40 years of inflation and no increase in salary. All of those employees are eligable for a wide variety of government assistance. So the employers are passing along the cost of labor to the taxpayers. That’s why the US Chamber of Commerce wants this amnesty so much.

          • I just know you’re going to scream at me, but those manufacturing jobs never were worth $15-20 an hour. Manufacturing jobs, by definition, were unskilled jobs requiring only the ability to learn on the job. Those manufacturing jobs paid at that level only because of unions. And because the unions pushed and pushed and pushed for ever higher wages and ever more generous benefits, they pushed their jobs right out of the country.

            I can remember as a high school kid, going to the family dentist, listening to another patient in the waiting room complaining about how they now had to pay a monthly premium for their health insurance and no longer received eyeglasses for free. They worked for a large manufacturer and were union. My family had always paid for our health insurance, had always paid for our eyeglasses, and had yet to come across a union worker who was worth their salt.

            Now more than ever before, the name of the game is that there are more people than there are jobs. And we have provided free education across the country to every kid for, what is it now — almost 100 years? If the kids who don’t want to make the most of that free education make a very unhappy and uncomfortable bed for themselves, then let them lie in it.

            The educational resources available for free these days to kids from kindergarten through high school is mind boggling, even with all of the socialist influence mixed in. They still have math, reading, English, science, etc. taught and the opportunity to learn as much as they want. Most teachers would give an arm and a leg for an entire classroom of highly motivated students hungry to learn.

            Nope, I have no sympathy for those who, as adults, find themselves being offered peanuts for wages because they are not qualified — due to lack of education and/or higher order skills — for more lucrative work.

            As I said….they made their bed…they can lie in it.

            • Anonymous, I have to agree. I’ve never seen a union worker worth 50 cents, let alone $15-$20 per hour. those union people are like the freeloaders; they get paid better than people like us and they don’t do shit.

            • Anon, no one mentioned unions. My job was non-union. Remember, each person has requirements that cost money. Food, housing, etc. If the employer doesn’t pay, the taxpayer pays. Wanting everyone to work for less than subsistance pay is not a good thing.

            • Speaking as one who served a 15 year sentence as a Tier One supplier to Ford/GM/Chrysler, I heartily agree with this post! The UAW acronym stands for United Against Work. It is so bad inside GM that competent managers and engineers flee, leaving behind a bureaucracy of apparatchiks whose whole career centers on political power, how to backstab the next guy so they can get a bigger job and paycheck, and how to keep from being backstabbed themselves.

          • I worked 2 weeks the summer I graduated (72) at Whirlpool. I screwed lint screens into dryers. I made 6.80 and I thought I was rich!

            That was then, this is now. $8.50 is a mighty low wage. Work 8 hours and take home 50 bucks a day. $250.00 a week! Who in the hell can live on that? Maybe if you live at home with mom and pops.

            Of course you do get a free Happy Meal at lunchtime.

            • They know you can’t live on that. The plan is to shift the cost of labor to the taxpayers. Privatize the profit, socialize the loss. Until it all comes tumbling down.

            • You were rich. Nobody made that kind of money working by the hour where I lived. You either worked in retail for minimum wage ($1.65 then $1.90), worked for DOT and made just a little bit more, or you worked on a farm where the top pay for skilled labor was $15.00 per day. There were no manufacturing jobs at all, not a single one.

              It always puzzled me why companies wouldn’t build factories in my part of the country back then, when they could have paid workers less than half and the workers still would feel rich.

              • And then we finally got a textile mill, which made texturized polyester yarn. They paid a whopping $2.00 per hour. I worked there the summer of 1973. They actually had break times, and overtime, and paid holidays.

              • Archivist… you are right. I worked a minimum wage job in 1971 at $1.65 an hour and had to work a lot of overtime. Since no body wanted minimum wage jobs, I was able to work 90-100 hour weeks. T1/2 after 40, double time after 80. worked out pretty good since I didn’t have time to spend it. Finally got a job paying $3.75 an hour and thought I was in tall cotton. Where I was journeyman welders, pipefitters and machinists made as much as $6.50 – $7.50 hr. You are also right about farm labor. I have baled hay all day for .75 an hour. Now that was a tough job.

        • JayJay-

          According to the founding fathers..the federal govt was designed to be financed (to the tune of +80-90%) taxation of levies on foreign goods importation.

          ..we need to return to such policies & focus intently on former ‘domestic manufacturers’ who’ve gone “off-shore”!

          ..I propose we hit them with a +90% (of retail) import tax of/on their product(each item/commodity)..sold/imported here, yet produced via 2nd/3rd world work-forces/economies.


          Such a program/return, to the founder’s fundamental economic vision of America..would go a long way..towards restoring this country, to its former economic/global powerhouse status..over say, a decade of time.

          ..’cuz business chases money($$$)..ditto the investors..thus, manufacturing will/would flood back into this country & set-up shop anew..employment would accelerate..monetary velocity would increase..ditto, the non-indebted supply of such & over a (limited/short duration) time period..prosperity would return!


          ..sans implementing the above..the greedy/supremacist tribe will continue to ‘bribe or blackmail your congressional representatives/senators’ continue to pass legislation, that guarantees..your children & grand-children will become ‘indentured servants/slaves’..for the benefit of Wall Street’s power-brokers..the elitist **2%.


          **..a personal take, per DK’s economic theories..(no cheap shot intended!)..just my opinion.

          • ***addendum to above***

            ..if said company/corporation/ stateside..said import taxation would become mute..thus eliminating the 80-90% fee..and local sales tax (see individual states)..would predominate..spurring local (state) tax revenues & encouraging additional business growth/ long as it never becomes “parasitically debilitating” to said business endeavor/function/operation.

            ..and screw the majority of federal common sense/critical environmental stuff & much of OSHA’s crap/regulations**.


            ..** ya cannot legislate/legally protect, the I.Q. deficient types..IMO.

      33. To be fair, I personally know of eastern Europeans, who have brought in their parents, signed them up for the freebies, and then go back home and live pretty good. Never having worked or paid taxes in the US. Why, it’s as if the activists are trying to bancrupt our country. Hmm.

        • An example follows. The 2 Chechnyan brothers, who were the alleged Boston Marathon Bombers, were given legal resident status in the US. They brought their parents here and got them the same status. They signed both their parents up for SSI and sent them home to live comfortable lives at the expense of the saps.

          • Having lived in Boston in my youth, I can say that this was a common ploy among the Irish and Italians, too. The Irish in particular saw it as retribution for the days when Roman Catholicism was considered a threat to the British Crown (it was) and to the Protestant Ethic in the USA, (it was), and hence Irish were, how you say, unpopular with the British, and the original Bostonians, who were of course Protestant.

            In Latin there is a very old word: “sinecure”. It refers to a very common practice in the Roman church of using political pull to get a friend or relative a “no-show” job. At times 6-year-old children were made Cardinals, for the money and the preservation of power. It was exactly this sort of thing that set Martin Luther off, creating the Protestant Reformation.

            Eventually this mode of thinking infected the newly formed USA, via immigration, a process that is ongoing to this day. This idea of something for nothing is at the root of the current welfare malaise.

            Sorry if I’ve offended any Romans in the group, but I’ve read an awful lot of Reformation and subsequent history in my time, and that’s what I’ve concluded. I won’t post a syllabus – this post is already too long.

        • Maudy, that is part of the gameplan to destroy us.

      34. If this gets any legs, it sounds like they want to go after more industries; healthcare was just the first. Wait until we have construction, energy, technology, etc. brought under the arm of gov control – it’s already leaning that way through massive over regulation and taxes which reduce the jobs. Not saying it will be successful because what real motivation or skills do most of these people (the chronic takers) have? But then again the PTB aren’t concerned about success – just tearing down and taking control.

        These people like Lee are the useful tools obammba, et al use to get these ideas spread to their constituencies. Hell, he’ll probably sign any EO that comes to his desk if it achieves his vision of destruction, regardless of constituency support.

        • Then we will have true fascism, not the pseudo-fascism we are suffering through now. If you haven’t yet, go up a few posts to j-Reaux’s post and follow the link to get a look at true fascism, very scary stuff, and we are heading there more quickly every day…

      35. I’m seriously to the point now where I think we just need to part ways with these people. Figure out some kind of equitable territory division of the lower 48 and let them have their little socialist utopia wet dream.

        • Equitable….I’m thinking we give them Death Valley. Cool thing about Death Valley is that it’s between two mountain ranges. If someone were to accidentally drop a nuke, man the shock waves would bounce off of the mountains and jus’ cause havoc.

          • I’d rather not give them an excuse to blame their inevitable failure on. I know, I know, they’ll always find something, but if you gave them Death Valley they’d whine that they didn’t have the resources to be successful.

            • Az-D-Rat***


              ..’tis a given…that said:

              ..if you were to give their types a desert to manage/control..there would be a shortage/deficit of “SAND & CACTUS”…within 5 years!!!

        • AzDesertRat, that’s simple. take all liberals from all over the country and put them in Commiefornia. Plenty of room for them.

          • The problem is that they won’t go. They need producers to support them because they’re so special. In their own mind. These folks will consume everything in sight then wonder why they are starving. And where these folks go, producers will run the other way. So therein lies the problem. Our little socialists want to integrate into a society where we have lots of producers. So we can support them. But our proletariat can barely support themselves nowadays. Poor Bourgeois.
            Note the shift to commie terms. Jus’ trying to keep up with the new norm.

            • I’ll take ‘bourgeois’ over ‘proletariat’ any day. Don’t care for commie terms.

        • Luckily we have Coal…. oh wait
          Wood stoves and firepl… no
          Natual G….no
          Oh Frack!

        • I don’t know. Most city and suburb dwellers don’t even have an axe or saw to cut down a tree.

      36. Thanks for the prayers and the beer! We have to prep & plan daily for a domestic enemy

        • Hey, so when are we going to have a shtf meet and greet? I’m in fema region 4. Seems like we could plan a weekend somewhere in the spring or summer.

          Hell, I might even be able to talk my wife into going. She told me this weekend my tin foil hat was too tight.

          • 4 here as well.

        • Kyfarmblood-

          Kyfb = somebody that’s been to Whitewater? –(code)!!


        • Saroti:
          I’m not sure but there was a 3 or 4 state had a loss of power when 1 main station went down a few years back.
          It happened on the west coast and out a couple of states in the Rockies also.
          Wish BJ was on board. I bet he could tell us. He is in Illinois right now working on the nuke plant that is 30 or so miles away from me.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      37. Lets face it……this is bald faced tyranny staring us in the face….and all anyone does about it is whine and spout off on these comment sections! Jobs created by gubmint are a part of the false economy…..all paid for by taxpayers. It is not sustainable! 65% of all new jobs created in the last few years pay $10 an hour or less! Poverty has increased to almost 50% of the population and one in five people are living on foodstamps, which, by the way, can only be recieved if you have a proven residence!! If you are actually homeless, you get nothing! How many have lost their jobs, homes, dignity and are not even counted in those numbers?? Stop taking a single interview of a few trailer trash individuals and applying it to the horrendous suffering of hardworking americans who may have had theirnormal middleclass lives ripped away from a totally corrupt rogue government!!!! Many of these people have worked their whole lives and have paid into the system just as those of you stll lucky enough to have a job have! Accuse the REAL criminals in this giant ponzi scheme…the crooks in DC! They have sold us down the river, folks, and now they want to conquer and divide! Dont, as a compassionate society, turn on the weak! Turn and face the perpetrators…and bring THEM to their knees!

        • Some are weak, the rest are responsible for this mess. YOU know who they are and should treat them accordingly.

      38. Woah easy there,
        Guys dont get so excited, I speak several languages and one happens to be “liberalese”. Let me translate this for you, what she was trying to say was this

        “I know you tards voted for me cos I give you free shit that others made, but, you need to start paying for it now. Dont worry yourselves about job hunting and resume building cos we have the perfect position allready in place for you, oh yeah and repeat after me “I am free I am free””

        So no worries its just a public service message for the sheep. No need for concern or anxiety over the content.

        You know Winston Churchill had a very accurate quote about us, went something like this…

        “You can count on America to allways do the right thing but only after exhausting all other options”

        • Your translation is 100% correct. I also learned to speak libtard. The real funny thing is she doesn’t even know what her words mean. I guess that the demoncats are very resourceful using a retard to enslave libtards.

          • Parrots “talk”, but they have no idea what they are saying.

      39. How many think the Obama Executive Order for climate hubs was mostly for show to prove he’s omnipotent? How many think the dems are trying to drive a point and wedge with the threat of these Executive Orders?
        Look at all of the shenanigans of the past couple of years. Many of their actions are very simple and even though they anger us, theyre childish and moronic.
        Obama lies so often and some of the tales are such whoppers that its obvious he is overboard, comical even.
        The dems lie so often and they use so many oddball tactics that its over the top to people w/ sense.
        Think back and you can see how many of their tricks are bizarre and their behavior is predictably weird.

        I think they intentionally try to raise our hackles and piss us off. It aadds to the chaos and gets the anger ratcheted up a notch. They play us and try to manipulate our emotions and common sense. They know well sound off and react. These asswads read the news but their mission is about chaos disruption and destruction. Add in all of the games they play to pit groups of people against other groups. We usually fall for it. Obama himself loves to use his community organizing ways of starting wars between blacks and whites, non believers against Christians, one culture against another. Hes not just the great divider but he and his administration plus the idiot dems in Congress use planned strategies to get people to behave in negative ways.

        Ive found its better to just hate all the sonofabitches in general and not bother attacking every little move they make. But let me ask these things. If Obamas so magnificent and powerful why has the latest surefire amnesty died? If Obamas such a strong leader why are so many dems leaving Congress now? And if hes really such a powerful president why didnt he stand up to the questions Bill Oreily asked him? Hes a pussy and he lies to get around the truth or he plays dodge ball and hides.

        Thers things Obama might be able to do with his Executive Orders but there are plenty of pissed off Congressionals who wont sit by and become the ignored Rep he wants them to be. His day of reckoning is coming. People dont easily forget theyve been robbed bilked or fucked over.

      40. Dammit Warchild!How do you break/fracture ones thumb while shoveling?!I do not know but did it!That said,have faith in the country.Why you ask,here is why,guy broke down with plow truck across from house,offered him a hand anyway I could,his bud came by to help out,people going by asked if they could help,though truck was dead(why I l like mechanical fuel pump/carb/no computers thank you!)was getting to a point of silly how many would try and help out.My point is,when things really get wrong in life though do not depend on it my guess is a lot of folks willing to risk themselves to help others.As for breaking my thumb,lesson taught ,do not have aluminum padded braces(i.e.add to prep meds!).Again,how the hell do you fracture a thumb snow shoveling,have broken thumb before but not from this activity,that said,powered thru snow and will deal with later!

        • Birds of a feather will flock together.
          Apply “liberal” amount of Jack Daniels to sore thumb, stay warm. Snow can wait.

      41. Once again – Democrats and Communists… same thing.


        By Derry Brownfield
        November 14, 2010
        “These men are NOT incompetent or stupid. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.” That comment was made by James Forrestal concerning International Communism being promoted by our politicians in the early 1950’s. It isn’t being politically correct to refer to SOCIALISM as COMMUNISM, however, according to the Communist Manifesto the United States has already become a communist nation. If you have your little pocket size “CITIZENS RULE BOOK,” look on page 8, at the SUMMARY OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which states “The Communist Manifesto represents a misguided philosophy, which teaches the citizens to give up their rights for the sake of the common good, but it always ends in a police state. This is called preventive justice. Control is the key concept.” In the September issue of NEWSWATCH Magazine titled “The Ten Planks That Are Destroying Our Country – COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.” The article warns us that Americans believe that Communism is dead, but Communism has just become more politically correct.
        1. Abolition of private property: The foundation of this nation was ownership of property. The settlers came here to insure private ownership of land and our Founding Fathers made it unlawful for government to own land except for the ten square miles of Washington D.C. and such as may be needed for erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dockyards and other needful buildings. Today you don’t OWN your home, car, farm or most property. You are just allowed to use it as long as you pay your property taxes, buy a car license, pay for building permits and get permission from the zoning commission. Individual OWNERSHIP is only by virtue of government. To USE property we must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the powers of government.
        2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax: I believe all Americans understand the IRS. What most of them don’t realize is that we didn’t have an Income Tax until 1913. Before that year Income Taxes were considered unconstitutional.

        3. Abolition of all rights of Inheritance: We now have Estate Taxes, Inheritance Taxes, also called the Death Tax. Many a farm and small business could not be passed on to the next generation, but had to be sold in order to pay the estate taxes. Many times the IRS forces the sale, as it did in the case of the Roy Rogers Museum sale.
        4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels: Government seizures, tax liens, private land under Eminent Domain, the IRS taking property without due process and even taking “suspected” drug money from anyone carrying large amounts of cash is nothing but government confiscation of private property
        5. Central Bank: The Constitution called for Congress to “coin Money and regulate the Value thereof,” but since 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank has taken over that duty. The Federal Reserve is a “private” bank that sets interest rates and creates money out of thin air.
        6. Government control of Communications & Transportation: Today we have the Federal Communications Commission, Department of Transportation, Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration. You are not allowed to drive your car without a license.
        7. Government control of factories and agriculture: Our government has gained control of the banking industry, finance, automobile production, energy and health care. Department of Commerce, Department of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture; all of which control land use.
        8. Government control of Labor: The Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the minimum wage law control all aspects of American businesses.

        9. Corporate Farms, Regional Planning: Corporate Agriculture now controls markets and prices of farm production. We now have Planning and Reorganization and zoning all across the nation.
        10. Government control of Education: State and Federal Departments of Education, National Education Association, Outcome Based Education, No Child Left Behind; all paid for with tax dollars.

        Karl Marx stated that these ten planks in the Communist Manifesto would be the test whether a country had become communist or not. Is America a Communist nation? Study the manifesto and the laws that have been passed by our Republican and Democrat politicians, and “you determine” if we are or if we are not a Communist Country.

        • Well said. Also stated that “the most effective way to topple a country is from within”. I’d say they succeeded.

          The government wants you ALL to have employment alright…in a 24×7 labor camp just like CHINA, only made in the USSA!

          I think starving the beast takes too long… it needs to be outright poisoned. Along with all the IDIOTS who are responsible.

          • Socrates: I agree LEAD POISONING!

      43. That idiot better put the crack pipe down and see what’s been happening in America. Every since I was a little kid on the dairy farm people have been inventing things to put people out of work.. we milked cows by hand till we could afford a machine which means we could fire a man. we shoveled shit till we got a barn cleaner and then fired another man and on and on with hay balers ect.
        then the government made it too hard to make a living so the farm sets idle like many factories.
        people are being replaced in the work place with all kinds of robots, machines and computers. Cops are being replaced with cameras in many places. school kids set home in front of a computer for classes.. we order parts and talk to a computer. in yrs to come, people who have a job will probably be in the medical field, maybe a few in food service,or military, everyone else will be expendable..


        By Derry Brownfield
        October 18, 2008
        Shortly after the Republican convention, Devvy Kidd was a guest on my program. Devvy attended the National Convention with press credentials and spent most of my hour program describing what took place in Minneapolis. She went into great detail explaining how Ron Paul delegates were tracked and robbed of their Ron Paul paraphernalia such as posters, buttons and other accessories. After my show with Devvy I received the following email from a patriotic, older U.S. citizen who attended the convention as an elected delegate. I’m withholding this person’s name for obvious reasons, but I am certain this is a factual story.
        “I was an elected delegate to the Republican National Convention from my state. At my expense I went to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota to vote for the candidate I was ‘bound’ to represent. What I experienced at the RNC has only caused my alarm to escalate! I found there is no such thing as ‘free speech’ at a convention, or even an honest voting process!
        No signs for other candidates were allowed, but we were given McCain signs to wave, told when and how to wave them, given a cue card of ‘chants’ and told when to chant, when to stand, when to clap, when to sit down, etc.!

        Delegates bound to other candidates were pressured to change their vote for an appearance of ‘party unity’. Those who didn’t change their vote, choosing instead to vote for the candidate they were elected to represent, found that their votes WERE NOT included in the final tally! Some State Party Chairmen refused to announce votes from delegates other than McCain delegates. Our state chairman DID announce our votes, but the RNC Secretary did not repeat our votes, and they were not shown on the screen. Some Chairmen tried to announce the ‘other’ votes, and found their microphones were cut off so they weren’t heard.
        My conclusion is that I spent my time and money to travel halfway across the country to film an elaborate, scripted ‘commercial’ for a candidate I wasn’t representing.”

        On election day WE THE PEOPLE vote to pick those who are to represent us in the seats of government. That was “once upon a time”. Today you and I have lost our voices and our leaders are hand picked by a very small group of international globalists determined to turn our United States into a third world country, dominated by a one world leader. Our Constitution was written to insure that WE THE PEOPLE rule this nation, not the politicians, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats. The Republican party leaders have joined hands with the Democrat party leaders, to make sure that we no longer have that right.

        • Which is why in 2012, I took my ball and went home!!

          • I think that in 2012 we all got our balls chopped off and then we went home.

        • the whole dammed thing is just a charade since 1913. Or perhaps since Lincoln was asassinated for printing interest-free greenbacks.

          It’s a functional hologram of a free society that is wearing thin was successive generations of insiders falter to preserve and maintain it.

          Now, even stupid people are beginning to suspect.

      45. Preppers of the world unite. The Beast is too big to confront head on. Not everyone is capable of physical resistence, so if you can, do something else to help defeat the Beast. When the time comes (could be now), sabotage the Beasts equipment. Go after the Beasts enforcers. Go after the Beasts mouth (MSM) and their equipment. Do not avoid jury duty. Jury is the place where you get to let us go free again. All comments here are for entertainment purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as a call to criminal activity. I’m writing a book.

        • Starve the Beast.

          • Thats where im at,,, work just enough and sell just enough to cover expenses, huh, funny, after i made a profit of 10k there wasnt much left for the takers,,,,

          • …who is John Galt?

        • Ditto Maudy…if only folks were to understand & adopt the strategy of “jury nullification”, per unconstitutional laws/prosecutions/judicial dictates..

          ..we could possibly mitigate to a significant degree..the powers of the regime’s COURT SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Learn the BEAST’s Language, Yiddish, to understand whats spoken in “Code”.

      46. All of you opposed to full employment, feel free to quit your jobs tomorrow. Any takers? I thought not. Hypocrites and morons.

        • I believe you’re missing the point.

          Moron yourself.. nanabooboo

        • The hypocrites and morons have already quit their jobs if they ever had one, then vote for this crap.
          I make jobs, and make my own way. Nobody is opposed to “Full Employment” in theory. But this is just more communism, socialism, slavery and racism/redistribution.
          Wise up.

          • MacDave-

            Yer preachin’ to the choir here, bro’…spot on analysis…but totally lost on communist-joe(in NC).

            ..he’s an Obummer addict..

            ..a post turtle(like his hero)***


            ***post turtle:

            …low intelligence, barely sentient life-form that finds itself placed upon a country farm/reality fence-post.
            Analysis reveals that:…(per passers-by)—

            1.> ..turtle has no idea.. how it got there.

            2.> ..who helped put it in such a position.

            3.> ..or how its gonna get out of its current predicament.

            4.> ..sans some gullible entity overcome w/ compassion-stupidity.

            5.> ..see Obama regime & supporters, there-of!


            Welcome to 1984 meets Hollywood’s…’dumb-n-dumber’ movie/production…writ large!

        • you’re as stupid as that congress women if you think there could ever be full employment in America even if we brought back all the jobs sent overseas.

        • I wish i could reach out through my Iphone, grab you by the neck and hit you with my 24oz framing axe till you stop moving,,,
          You are about the most fowl idiotic POS troll that haunts these boards, u must be one of those NSA pricks just trying to be a dick,
          Heres a salute for you,

          • …………………./´¯/)
            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´

            Copy and paste for future use. I did.

            • JayJay-

              You using (POW/MIA) Tactical’s trademark salute!

              …what’s up w/ that???

              ..give credit, where credit’s due!!!!!

            • …………………./´¯/)
              ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
              ……….”…\………. _.·´

            • Thank you,,
              Sorry, just couldnt help myself.
              Some people you just wish you could reach out and touch!

          • Why don’t you tell him how you really feel. Stop holdin’ back..!

        • NCjoe,why don’t you go to bed with the commies and go f#$% yourself?

        • Full employment is fine.

          However, it is determined by supply and demand in a market type of economy…not by .gov. If the demand for a type of good is there, that good will be made and sold. If not, there will be no jobs to make it.

          There is no demand for plastic junk at this time…in fact, there is little demand for anything but junk food, I-phones and 2 ton hunks of metal that travel in circles from gas station to gas station.

          The imperial government doesn’t care about you or me, they only care about lining their pockets and power and control.

          The real cause of the worldwide economic depression is the price of hydrocarbons. Without cheap fuels, capitalism cannot grow. And it must grow or it dies…that’s the way it works. There is no steady state in capitalism.

          What you are seeing is the death of the industrial economy and it will eventually affect every one of us. The .gov is powerless to stop it, though they will try with cock-a-mamie laws and force if needed.

          Better get your food growing skills honed up now. When the supply chains break you will be on your own. There will be no reset, only death and destruction.

          Now that I’m all cheeried up, think I’ll pop a cork and twist one and listen to “That Smell” real loud. After all, it’s my natural right.

        • @NC
          Communism doesn’t work. Might want to talk to the folks at the USSR. Oh that’s right their gone now. No communist nation will ever be around for the long run. communism fails because it is inherently flawed. Period. Didn’t work in the USSR. Won’t work in the USA.

        • get your own job…I did.

        • COMMUNIST-JOE…(in NC)

          Sorry dude, but you lack the I.Q./experience/mindset and individual replace me, per my $$$ contribution to society & especially to NC/VA/Tenn/WV/SC/Ga manufacturing sustainability/production output.

’re NOT viable to the good of our local macro-sustenance!!!!

          ..hence, you’re merely….a has been player…with a grudge against your (self-acknowledged)…lack of merit/ability!


          Go back to sucking dicks around the CHAPEL HILL campus…you may hit the jackpot of communism and be rewarded…mega-fold!!!



          • Hunter, I like your attack on NCjoe better than mine. Sic him! Sic him! GO GO GO!

      47. McDave, do you mean the Congressional Black Criminals or Crooked Black Caucus?

        • Yea, you know the ones.

      48. If only we as Americans could get people in charge whom would have the same attitude about the “gimmedats” as this lady in the land down under says about Muslims, maybe we could get some change…
        I am not promoting her, just saying she has more huevos than the scum we have in DC…

        Australia says NO — This will be the second Time Julia Gillard has done this!

        She sure isn’t backing down on her hard line stance and one has to appreciate her belief in the rights of her native countrymen.

        A breath of fresh air to see someone lead with guts and determination.
        Australian Prime Minister does it again!!

        The whole world needs a leader like this!
        Inline image 1
        Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australia

        Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

        Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques:


        ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT… Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’

        ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.’

        ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!’

        ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you,then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

        ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

        ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’

        ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country that accepted you.’

        NOTE: IF we circulate this amongst ourselves in Canada & USA, WE will find the courage to start speaking and voicing the same truths.

        • too bad she didn’t say any of that

          the vermin in charge are the same everywhere, none of them worth a wedge of surplus cheese.

          the vermin in charge are the cause of the problem. the gimmedats are merely the effect.

          exterminate every last bureaucrat rat from meter maid all the way up to the united nations secretary-general. only then will your pest problem will be solved.

      49. Sybil E.
        Why do you not write up a document on this and submit it, we all would like to see your true intelligence shine…

        • Eppe, eisen has intelligence? let me check your forehead and make sure you’re not running a fever. EISEN HAVING INTELLIGENCE? NO WAY.

          • BH. Remember you are dealing with someone whose is paid to rile up the base. So their blood will keep boiling.

          • Braveheart-

            Actually, {{Eisenshiza(sp?)}}..does occasionally post something of merit!

            ..yet still, methinks it heavily involves the (hit-n-miss)..and over-lapping of lunar phases vs. human 28-day menstrual cycles.

            ..his coupling of progressive-liberal ideology w/ pseudo-conservative merely the result of.



            ..fear not Braveheart..the coming ‘mega-laxative’, we term, the collapse…

            ..will either remove his head from his ass…or become the method of his demise.


            ..hope for the best outcome, bro!
            ..’tis the Christian thing to do…………………


            ..thumbs up, pal!

            • Hunter, your analysis of eisenturd sounded spot on and gave me a good laugh I really needed. Thanks for that.

          • You DO????? Oh, right. Like a loaded diaper has “content”.

      50. We need a web page of all the anti-American anti-Constitutional traitors. And maybe include the whys.

        State and Federal Congress persons and Senators. Governors and Mayers. Judges and LEO’s.

        State and Federal bureaucrats. Actors and Actresses. Media pundits like Pierce Morgan, Who btw should be charged with sedition or kicked out of the country.

        I miss anyone?

        • Here’s your web page: whitehouse (dot) gov
          At least for the government ones.

          imdb (dot) com
          will give you a lot of the media types.

      51. What we need is Directive 10-289

        • Is that code for Preparation H?

      52. Yes, we all need a smart car that is mandated by government to avoid accidents. How much will that cost in common cents…

        • Ted Kennedy

          Has to be able to go off road and survive mudding.
          Plus warn you if the beer is getting warm.

      53. Now, this made my day:
        Big big things are going down..look at Japan look at the hits another “suicide” just like I said. Ill be back in the office on the 10th. We are going into the hurricane my brother and there are very few life boats. Talked to my N.Y. FEDeral expresso source no yellow metal anywhere in central banks and bullion banks. China is grabbing all along with the rest of S.E. Asia.

        Word on the “street” watch for a top level American bankster to expire. Hit teams are fully operational in Wall Street. (REDACTED) HIGHLY VISIBLE POWER BROKER- co-ordinating. Speak to you soon. Please post this to warn sheep. V-UPDATE 9:24 AM MOUNTAIN-NEXT ON THE HIT LIST CITI EXECUTIVE TIED IN WITH FOREX FRAUD -HIT LIST HAS 3 DOZEN MORE NAMES-DESPERATE TIMES REQUIRE DESPERATE MEASURES IN THE WORLD OF MONETARY CONTROL! JPM can’t hold yellow metal shorts on national gold. LIBOR and derivative hits continue as bankster suddenly commit “suicide”. 43 are on the knock off list and counting. The shock waves of this and many other scandals are creating turmoil everywhere.

        I was the first to report to you the heads of banking are operating from remote secondary locations. Spring cleaning has come early as the house is being swept clean. There is no honor among thieves. This is the final year to have your finances and wealth in order. Be prepared.

        • They’re not offing the high lever banksters, they’re offing potential whistleblowers. True to form.

      54. NONE of this is about dividing wealth, it is ALL about power. Money is power. When these SOB’s can control the money channel they can control most everyone. MOST, is the word here.

        By the way it is day 13 since the proposed possible beginning of the end of the economy. I am keeping track of this because the coming weeks we will either see something catastrophic, or it will continue for some time.

        Communism is all about power over the masses. It is a modified version of the hierarchy as power sharing is HARDLY share and share alike. Pure sharing is not seen in any of the animal kingdom I can think of. There is a queen ant, drones, workers, the breeders for the queen and soldiers. Still there is a chain of command that is not shared. Pure sharing is a society is which everyone works together for the benefit of everyone, something virtually impossible because of pure selfish attitudes of people and different animals. Utopia is something that can’t be reached as long as there are a$$holes that want to control and enslave others. Not until everyone agrees to do what is right and fair for everyone, that means everyone, this is all just a pipe dream.

        Communism SOUNDS GOOD to retards that don’t understand that it is nothing but the same as royalty. The heirs get to stay in power to the first dictator. The fat porky in North Korea, Assads in Syria, Hussein IF they did not hang him first, and so on. People are made into work horses in the name of the country, while those at top live it up. It is nothing but a pyramid by any other name. Yet, just like those dullards that wanted to ban pressure cookers, what sounds good to the fool goes without any thought process.

        This is why these dictatorships and tyrannies continue to pop up. Stupid people that follow crap without thought right into the slaughterhouse willingly with big stupid grins on their faces. This ignorance could be what one day wipes out close to 100% of the population.

        • BI, good evening, sir, and once again you are on target. their stupidity and ignorance will be their downfall.

        • @ BI. Alert. Seismic activity in Yellowstone. Please check it out and I would value your comments.

          I have a couple comments awaiting moderation at the bottom of the thread.

          God Bless,

        • BI im of the opinion it will continue for some time. Probably about 10 years. By then the patriot baby boomers will be either dead or too old to fight. however the end of an age clatyclismic events could happen any time. that could be a game changer?

      55. This country is totally disfunctional. It’s at the point that the problems are so many that the average person can’t comprehend the magnatude of the mess. You can ask 100 people what’s wrong here and you’d get 100 different answers. We can’t even get factual info to form our opinions on. That’s why there is a battle over access to timely accurate news. Control the news, control the opinions. Control the opinions, control the actions. Control the actions, control the sheep. Spend more time on fact aquisition.

        • I would not say TOTALLY dysfunctional. The Soviet Union in the 1970s – there was a totally dysfunctional state. Or North Korea today. Or the former Rhodesia. Or Argentina. Or Venezuela.

          I think the USA could be saved, but I fear that the effort and dedication it will take is too much for too many Americans.

          Rest in Peace, Liberty.

      56. What do we do about the millions of black males who’ve never held honest employment in their lives? A black male is more likely to have a criminal history than a work history. That is literally true.

        • Barncat, this is oh so true. There is a certain study put out every year by the US Dept. of Justice on crime statistics which say that black males are more likely than any other group of people in the US to commit serious and violent crimes. the study is published by their Bureau of Justice Statistics and you can imagine the outcry when the findings are made public. Go to and look at the study for yourself. I’m not original with these remarks. I’m only quoting from an official US government study.

        • Well, to start don’t let your daughter mate with one.

          • yep: far too many Coal Burners already. Teach Whiteness to white kids…Especially white girls.

            Its also Biblical too…God made every Liveing thing to reproduce after its OWN Kind…You won’t see a squirrel mate with a bald eagle eh…Nor a racoon with a Lion.

            The ONLY exception so far seems to be when long ago, Cannanites(africans later) were screwing animals and God warmed israelites tribes to not copy them by haveing sex with animals…The bible mentions several animal types, like Bulls-Oxen and a few more I cant recall now…

            but it does seem very Likly the bible missed one such animal mateing…Cannanites mateing with Chimps or apes! Maybe a few baboons also!…Now 4000 yrs later what do we see worldwide?

            I will Tell you what we now see…We now see by some strange “coincidence”(?) that Only One single Race resembles apes and chimps and baboons not just in their facial and bodily appearence’s…But even More so in their ACTIONS!

            Why/How is that so?…Did bible writers ommit “certain” animals named biblically as to which animals cannanites and several Other “Ites” tribes then were haveing sex with?…me thinks so.

            IF 7 billion people today, Plus 10-20 Billion more already dead arrived from Noahs three sons…Then its no stretch to suggest that if Just a single cannanite sex with say, Chimp or babboon resulted in a signle Offsrping(mixed baby) then Today its possible to have a couple Billion offspring decendant from that single “baby” if it was allowed to live and reproduce…

            DEEP Thoughts by: Jack Handy

      57. The primary reason Communism fails is that the working class does not have motivation to work. It pays the same to work like a dog or to stand around. I remember news stories of Russian factories barely producing product because the workers just wouldn’t work. They still get the same check. Still live in the same 800sq ft apartment all their lives.

        Capitalism on the other hand gives incentive to workers. Harder work, more responsibility, more production. At one time this would translate to more pay, better house, nice car and sending the kids to college. People need incentive to produce to the levels where a society is successful.

        Employment gives health, sobriety, and morals. Constant employment and well-paid labor produce general prosperity, content, and cheerfulness.
        – Daniel Webster

        • Rednek101, AMEN to your comments.

        • me too.

          • Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
            Winston Churchill

            “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
            Margaret Thatcher

            Equal sharing of misery = wealth redistribution

        • Yes but if you replaced those Russian workers with Hispanics things would be different. Ive worked with those little brown guys. They can really produce and will work for low pay. and they compete against each other for jobs.

      58. Sheila Jackson Lee… I always suspected something was wrong with that bitch!! Now I know. Since I thought only serial killers, assassins, and perverts went by three names. Like John Wayne Gacy, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Gary Leon Ridgeway, John Paul Knowles, Mark David Chapman, James Earle Ray, Jared Lee Loughner, Sara Jane Moore, William Jefferson Clinton?, Richard Trenton Chase, (Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are exceptions.) Is Sheila Jackson Lee trying to tell us something?

      59. Every time Sheila Jackson Lee opens her mouth and the news says she’s from Texas it makes me cringe. Keep in mind folks that this mentally challenged, racist, mammy-butt wet nurse’s Houston district is such a ghetto shit hole that nobody but an even worse knee-groid could ever replace her. (Al Green is the same thing.)

        Her district has literally chased-off anybody with a future or who has money…black and white… except for the politically uninformed, the left-wing regentrification idealists (danger-blined morons waiting to get mugged, raped or murdered)

        That independently wealthy democrat POS former Houston mayor Bill White didn’t help any by welcoming 150,000 black Katrina refugees to Houston as future voters for his party’s cause; many of which have never left.

        IMHO Lee is so far down the command chain of evil minions successfully destroying our parent’s America for the NWO on behalf of the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the UN, The World Bank, The Bushes, Clintons, Herriman’s, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Waltons and all the other handpicked operatives that know who shot Kennedy….she’s really only worth ridicule.

        If we ever have a civil war in this country again God forbid…we’ll never get to these people…only their minions.

        • Close enough, their minions are just as guilty if not more so.
          Without them they are powerless.

      60. These jobs are going to be all government right? What private sector jobs are left? OUTLAW OUTSOURCING AND FREE TRADE!!! Pass a law that says United States of America business then United States of America soil and worker!

      61. “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”
        — Thomas Paine

        “That which is against communism is for humanity.”
        — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        • “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.”
          — Patrick Henry

          — Yuri

      62. Sheila Jackson Lee is proof positive that any brain-dead moron can be elected to congress…

      63. I just read an account from a rancher in Texas.
        The beef is not selling because Americans can not afford the price..and this started two years ago.
        Their answer??
        Sell to Russia.

        • Jay Jay I call Bullshit. That rancher can sell his cattle. The price for feeder cattle averages $2 per pound. Slaughter bulls & cows are over a dollar a pound. There are numerious livestock auctions in every state. One every day of the week. Cattle numbers are down and beef consumption hasn’t declined.

          • Say I’m a business woman and my business IS cattle.
            I’m gonna sell to the top bidder. It ain’t rocket science, folks.
            Wake the hell up!!!

            • Gene bids on tracts of timber about every month. Wanta guess why he loses??

      64. kick that can WASH DC zog baby , one more time …

        wash dc zog is just kicking the zog amerikan debt default can further down the road

        trying to keep WE THE PEOPLE pacified for a while longer

        at this point of the criminal corrupt wallstreet money lender fiat dollar debt ponzi game , it really doesn’t matter what the zog corrupted political prostitutes of wash dc do .

        it’s all still going to collapse and reset … 30-50 % loss of all savings wealth over night .

        once free america will never recover from this … 70+ trillion growing daily in very real debt (trillions in interest not included) .

        it will only end badly for everyone .

        Hard financial assets water food pm’s medicine shelter land And the means ability weapons to protect secure it is what you all should be focused on for family stability and security .

        kick the can is a fun game to keep us all preoccupied till the crash of zog amerika into a total fascist banker dicktatorship with black dhs gestapo enforcer death drones in the skys over our towns and vans roaming the streets 24/7 365 .

        till then it’s

        just more wash dc zog bullsheeit ‘bread and circus’ .

        n.o. ;0p

      65. For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

        You shall give to him freely, and your heart shall not be grudging when you give to him, because for this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake.

        What economy is this??

      66. BI has mentioned many times if we in this community come across something to tip the rest of us off.

        There is potential of quakes and potential eruption in Yellowstone.

        See the link below. And I am not one to cry wolf. This is serious.

        God Bless,

      67. I have a couple posts in moderation so I’m going to play about it. Please watch for it to come out of moderation. There is a lot of seismic activity taking place in Yellowstone.

        BI has always said if anyone hears of anything to share with this community to give us a heads up. If this were to lead to an eruption of the super volcano the S would definitely be HTF!!

        Keep your heads up, hopefully Mac will pull my comment out of moderation soon.

        God Bless,

        • np,


        • @ Norse Prepper. Not sure if you were going to see my respeonse to what you were asking because there was a new article. I posted it to the new article that might piss off some people, but I felt that people need to know the truth about supervolcanoes and because I wasn;t sure if you were going to see it or not. Anytime you have a question I will attempt to answer it the best I can. I wish JustOneGuy was around with the space and Sun information as this is his field completely. I have some questions I would like to ask him myself about the Sun.

        • N.O.

          Read that requisition order as well yesterday..

          It’s all becoming the as usual..

          The idea appears that constant inundation of vital news relegates us as comfortably numb after a the point where who gives a shit anymore?’s all bad!

          Meanwhile… the metro sexual male population is in panic mode being inundated with rose frenzy for the upcoming non event of valentine’s day…perhaps that will turn the employment numbers around if enough of these geldings do the right thing for the economy..with a promise of romance..

          After all, “bad weather” caused the global downturn this week..and the weak jobs data..go figure..

          Maybe we should present our postal carriers with a gift certificate to midway usa…


      68. UPDATE Feb. 2, 2014 11:26 PM EST
        According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) twenty (20) earthquakes in the area of Yellowstone preceded this strange seismometer readings. Those minor earthquakes are listed as follows:
        17 earthquakes in map area

        y/m/d h:m:s deg deg km
        1.9 2014/01/31 09:55:29 44.798N 110.540W 4.4 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.1 2014/01/31 07:35:32 44.578N 111.145W 9.2 10 km ( 6 mi) SSW of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.7 2014/01/31 06:25:39 44.834N 110.536W 6.9 26 km (16 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.2 2014/01/30 21:16:01 44.718N 111.203W 10.7 10 km ( 6 mi) NW of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.9 2014/01/30 17:21:11 44.815N 110.532W 3.9 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.8 2014/01/30 15:02:27 44.807N 110.525W 6.9 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.8 2014/01/30 11:43:19 44.806N 110.540W 2.2 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.8 2014/01/30 09:42:11 44.812N 110.535W 4.9 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.4 2014/01/30 04:11:36 44.798N 110.537W 7.9 30 km (19 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        2.0 2014/01/30 04:11:35 44.808N 110.530W 7.4 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.8 2014/01/30 03:57:10 44.817N 110.533W 10.1 28 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        2.4 2014/01/30 01:40:35 44.807N 110.522W 11.8 30 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        2.2 2014/01/29 23:57:03 44.398N 110.615W 1.8 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.5 2014/01/29 23:43:29 44.405N 110.628W 1.9 47 km (29 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.3 2014/01/29 23:39:18 44.375N 110.636W -0.3 49 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.4 2014/01/29 23:33:12 44.401N 110.627W 2.3 48 km (30 mi) SE of West Yellowstone, MT

        1.5 2014/01/29 18:29:59 44.801N 110.544W 4.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        2.3 2014/01/29 01:11:08 44.600N 110.153W -3.4 49 km (31 mi) SSW of Cooke City-Silver Gate, MT

        1.5 2014/01/28 04:39:47 44.815N 110.528W 7.3 29 km (18 mi) SSE of Gardiner, MT

        1.4 2014/01/27 19:44:29 44.747N 110.780W 6.2 27 km (17 mi) ENE of West Yellowstone, MT

        In addition, as of about 4:00 PM MST today, the activity shown in the seismometers above has quieted down a lot. Not completely, but far closer to normal than not. We will continue to monitor the situation. Those of you in the western United States and southwestern Canada would do well to monitor it as well.

      69. @Norse Prepper

        I saw word of this earlier on StanDeyo site and they said it was much ado about nothing as they were ‘micro quakes’. Now if you told us that the caldera had swelled over 7 ft higher in less than week, I would be concerned, but not worried. Why? If this blows big we *ALL* buy the farm, no if ands or butts. Cannot stop not control it, regardless. Thanks for staying vigilant and all the other things you do as well!

        • Socrates is correct. The size of deformation would be very dramatic.

      70. An executive order created the Internment Camps for American Citizens of Japanese heritage during WWII.

      71. LMAO! These idiots want to use the tax base to broaden the tax base. Reminds me of an interview I watched where people on the street were happy to be getting assistance, but had absolutely no idea where the money came from, other than it “came from Obama”. One would hope a member of Congress would know better tho.



        Fuck all that bible thumbing marriage crap.
        It’s a trap.
        Sure you’re in love now… but later…you’ll find you are a slave.

        It’s cheaper to buy your love by the hour and have a nice harley and have fun.

        to quote my own Dad.. “The kids grow up and move away and you’re stuck with an old bag of a wife… advice to you… NEVER GET MARRIED.”

        SO…that’s the new prep.

        There’s global, national and personal SHTF.
        Personal SHTF…
        Job loss, illness, accident, divorce and you are enslaved for alimony payments for life. I know one guy..his wife got has his pension.

        Another guy was smart. He knew is marriage was going south. So he kept his cash in a shoe box off site where the wife could not find it. After the divorce…he had a prenupt btw.. later…got himself a man cave and now he fucks the planet’s most beautiful women on a rotating basis.

        His formula was simple… don’t get enslaved to thing.
        Leave lean. But have a few key things.. a nice car, harley, the man leather couch, bed and flatscreen…that’s it.

        He told me that his strategy was simple…. online dating…then after dialog….he picks his best pick from his “stable”, dinner then a weekend at a spa.

        His happiest day… sending the kids off to college… then divorcing.

        I’m just saying…. don’t get sucked into society..and what they have planned for you.
        House…debt slave to the jews.
        Kids….slave to the wife.
        Wife.. alimony.

        Sorry ladies… we’re all waking up and after looking at things…
        if you’re a player…shtf.. you just have to take care of yourself.

        Spare me the lonely old man line. Fact is.. if you have a good job, go easy on the beer there are thousands of woman who will welcome you into their bed.

        So there you go.. Uncle Mike’s analysis on personal SHTF for the American male.
        Don’t get married ever. Don’t have kids. Live the life…travel, dine, massages, hookers and pussy. Run your own businesses and work all you want, workout…never be home and have a player life.

        Bizinga bible thumpers, brainwashed into thinking marriage is a life need.
        NOPE. Cash out.

        You’re born, you life and you die. That’s it.
        Why spend a life enslaved to others?
        Live the selfish life.
        I’ve done the wife and kids shit… I’m planning my escape.

        • Brilliant! Totally agree. I hear it all the time – the bitching about how much kids cost (school, healthcare, clothes, clubs, sports etc.) – and I see the guys raising them – burned out, a sad face, never getting thanked, trapped in a mortgage.

          We now have a surplus of women and, because of advances in technology, a surplus of time. Why waste this great moment in human history?

          If shtf were to happen (and I don’t think it will) it would be devastating to the people who put everything into their house – the wife’s endless hunt for the just-so bathroom tiles, the vintage wood floors, the mid-century furniture – all gone up in flames or stolen by a biker gang in shtf.

          But trust me, on those cold nights in shtf around the fire, as you roast a rabbit, thinking about the nice, fragrant p€ssy you had is going to be the shtf equivalent of the stories sailors used to tell, or carved on ivory teeth – p€ussy scrimshaw.

          In shtf, can you imagine any of the lazy, entitled kids out there being of any help to their fathers? I can’t. They would be a big burden and drive you to a heart attack within the first phase of shtf (this I saw first hand in the collapse of the Soviet Union).

        • Just reflecting on how beautiful your mini-manifesto is. I look around at the guys I know in the situation (married/kids)- the mortgage, the wife, the kids, the debt/and/or the crappy job they hate – and it is just sad to behold.

          And then I look at the people I have known (now old enough to see people pass through all the phases of life) and how many were mostly ignored by their kids past a certain age, the kids played games with them to try and get the inheritance, or got stuck with the child care duties because the parents were pursuing the middle class have-it-all life (imagine that: working your ass off and then, just when you want to kick back, and get the beach house, you are stuck being a cut-price daycare service?).

          No, I would do it only if I could afford to outsource the whole thing – a nanny 24/7, at least two houses so I could get away from the bitch and the kids (wife and kids to be seen at dinner time and special occasions – birthday etc.), and a legal agreement that says she goes out the f-ing door if she is a haggard, obese, cranky old witch when the kids go to university. Because if she is, when that day comes, the U-Haul is pulling up and her stuff is going out the front door, and Nadia, the very flexible gymnast, is coming in through the back door.

          • Exactly gents.

            Below is my info. on engineering a SHTF plan for the professional player who lives the life and owns a man cave. In a corner of the man cave are the shtf preps, guns, ammo and shit all locked up.
            BTW…your man cave must have security in place and motion detectors. Also… a big mean dog helps.
            The bigger the better.

            Time to wake up and cast off the trappings that they say we have to get enslaved with.

            It’s man cave time…. Eat what I want…have no schedule.
            No running around for shit on sale.

            BTW.. I pull in about six figures.. funny… you stop drinking beer, get new clothes, shave the head and look all “Steve Jobsie” in a mock turtle neck and the ladies who just divorced their man are looking for a new guy.

            BUT… NOPE!… I’m on the dating sites and going global and setting my filters 15 years younger. There’s plenty of leather couch man cave fodder to be bed.
            Just make sure you get your nuts clipped…and wear your rubbers…double protection.

            Happy hunting and enjoy all the pussy and cool like you want.

            Enjoy the motorcycle mags coming in and looking at the latest toys.

            One lady told me in a large group that I was “Scared to make a commitment”. I AGREED WITH HER TO SHUT HER UP. AND FESSED UP I’M TOO SMART TO FALL FOR THAT CRAP AGAIN.
            Later that night… I fucked her best friend to make a point.
            Then she came back and me and called me a “male slut” I did her other best friend. That was a hot night to remember and this lady did not waste “morning wood”.
            Yeah… you will run into these man haters. Often lezbos or mostly likely cast off women. Bitter.
            You just enjoy them for the entertainment value they are. Always act the gentlemen and her gal pals will drive her nuts speaking of how nice you were to them. Always be kind to the ladies and never let anyone drag you into gutter language town.


            1. Players don’t “pine” over women… we just go get another.
            2. Rejection by a woman is nothing… The more you ask..the more you get.
            3. Keep a man cave a man cave… NO livin gals ever. You fuck them..they leave.
            4. No gals “stopping over”. You let them know you are dating others and that slaver ended with your divorce. You are free man and you just follow your dick around until God calls you home.
            5. NEVER tell a woman you love her. It’s like this chick law… Then if you bed them…they think they own you.
            6. If you come into a dry spell…take a lady to a weekend at a spa. They know the deal…same room..same bed. Any questions.
            7. If you’re single and always will be… the SHTF event or threat is nothing. One man can live off of a closet stores for a year.
            8. Always keep a dog in the man cave. Real men always have dog. I recommend a German Shep or Rotti. And go check out the SPCA…there’s many dogs that are left there. Just add some love.
            9. The dog is more important than any lady you will bed. They come and go..but the dog is your pal. So engineer him a dog door, fenced area and he’ll be happy.
            10. Cool car is a must. I recommend a mustang. Dollar for dollar… a nice car. Low cost but cool…see rule number 11.
            11. So you saved money on the car…now go get a harley.
            12. Man cave essentials… Gun cabinet, black leather fuck pit, massive flat screen. Gaming sys. Fridge just for beer. Forget the keg crap. Better to stock an ocean of the worlds beer. A neon beer sign of your choice.. Hey… you get to live your youth again… frat boy time. A man cave sign.
            13. Cool clothes and keep yourself up…GQ style. Women love a successful guy.
            14. Take care of the career.
            15. Keep a big bank and a safe full of get out of town cash. Just a month ago I met this totally hot lady at he bar and the next morning I picked her for for a weekend hop. Back to rule 8. The dog. You pay a local teen to service the dog. I keep my dog setup with a separate door and roomsetup. So I keep the kid out of the man cave. They cut the lawn, do the snow and you just toss them cash. Set them up on a schedule and the dog is not an issue.
            16. About bible thumpers… fuck them all. Look I did the married and kid shit already…IT SUCKED! So keep your religion and crap to yourself. Frankly.. a lady told me…she knew I would never marry again but enjoyed the company and really like the gift, the dinner and the rack time. She emails daily and we have phone chats. She’s not into marrying again either…so we just have adult dating..and yes…we do go our for dinner and No I don’t expect to get laid. We have a wonderful mature relationship and we let time unfold our time.
            17. Folks will always accuse a ladies man “using women”. Hey…it’s dating. Who said the final destination is marriage? I put that right up front. Sure.. I get many turn downs…but I’d rather have that…as you avoid all the drama. But there’s always the ladies who think they will change your mind.
            18. “I’m pregnant”. And I say.. HOW? I’m snipped and I also used a rubber. Good luck with that. Funny….you never hear from them again…then a year later.. you see them with a black baby…ha..not mine… I’m a white dude.
            19. When you are with a lady…TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE. You keep your head in the game and respect the lady you are with. It’s now about using women. You are just dating them, enjoying their company. I’ve also spiced my gal friends some rent money…and I never bedded them…as they were just friends. Age is cool… When a man hits his 50s…you do realize you can gave gal pals with no sex. BUT… there are dividends… you get to eyeball her network and their network. So the rule is… A Gal Pal is totally worth it. I actually have one friend who was having fun aligning my next weekend.
            20. About STDs. You keep your rubbers on..and you don’t eat it. Got it?

            I’ll stop here.

            It’s a safe bet that this site has mostly men on it… maybe not.
            But guys… you are missing the life.
            Get the kids through college…. Then divorce is you are into it.

            I’ll say this… NEVER cheat on your wife.
            But if you are tired of her lazy ass..then spend some years stashing cash for your own man cave.
            Then go live the life… you have to engineer it.

            I personally know one guy who is 79 and told me he got laid this last weekend.
            The guy looks like the guy on those beer commercials… ha.

            To the younger guys…. Don’t fall for marriage… the lady turns into a beast on you.
            It’s mans nature to trade her fat ass in for a new model.

            Now I’m the ladies say.
            If you’re not.. then save your money for hookers.
            They do just as well. Just treat them as nice wonderful ladies and respect them and what they do.

            Future plans…
            I’ve been thinking of going on the road. Jet set consulting.
            Then bed the corporations women I encounter.

            Should be fun…

            I’ll give you all an update in time.

      73. So proud that she is from my state…..NOT!
        Apparently, she was skipping class during Civics and American History. What an idiot!

      74. Forward, Yes we can!!, for the Homeland, my God, the USSA really has become a socialist regime.

      75. Can someone tell all these Congressmen and women that if we allow a President to do whatever he wants when he wants then Congress becomes irrelevant. So maybe she is just looking out for herself and trying to guarantee she has a job when the President signs an executive order dissolving Congress.

      76. The problem is this: we have now entered the age of too many people. Through automation and computing, it is now possible to produce all goods and services for the world’s population with about 10 per cent of the world’s population. This means the rest – the 90 per cent – are just padding. Now, I am a generous chap, so I have a lot of time for pretty women who are fit and know how to dress well. I think these folks should definitely get the extra jobs that may not be financially needed, but who is going to turn away from a business that has lots of pretty women greeting you?

        Then there is the next layer of the population: the uglies, the obese, the slobs. These people better be damn smart – genius level – because the future won’t have much room for them. It will start with them getting welfare and food stamps, but over time these programmes will not be able to provide much beyond a survival level of support. These people will be clustered into the least desirable areas to fester in crime and pollution. These areas will be located beyond the green belts to act as a physical buffer from the maincore city areas, which will be occupied by the pretties, the Chinnies and other smart Asians and the suits.

        The city areas will be sleek and modern with state-of-the-art transport, the best, organic food, the best p€ssy, you get the picture. But past the greenbelt, it will be a smoking hole of high-rise towers, welfare mommies, vicious gangs, polluting industrial zones, toxic chemicals, and next to no modern services. That is the future!

      77. Full employment darn well should be the no. one goal. Why?

        Because it’s in direct contrast to the way the corporatocracy is run today in the name of free trade. David Ricardo wrote the book on free trade a couple centuries ago and he clearly said don’t do it unless you have full employment.

        So, how about no more bailing out cronies and a lot more fighting off chinese devalued false market advantages. You know, what they are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

        Enough with this communist crap! There is nothing strange about a republic protecting the interests of its workers, therefore, its economy!

      78. “Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee”.
        That name will be remembered come election time!

      79. I know what they are doing. Those in the government are threatening companies to hire people so people can have money to go out and spend and bring the economy up. I heard this on a really good talk show I listen to all the time. Micheal Rivero

      80. Typical analysis of a bad situation by racists who miss the point. You may be right sometimes, but your true colors will always dismiss you.

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