Dems Introduce Legislation to Repeal Indefinite Detention of Americans

by | Mar 9, 2012 | Headline News | 182 comments

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    Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) and Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) have unveiled legislation in the Senate and House which would ensure that any individual detained on U.S. soil under the Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) has access to due process and the federal court system.  The bill would repeal the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that requires the military to detain on U.S. soil any individuals suspected of terrorism.

    Senator Mark Udall and Rep. Adam Smith launch an effort to protect U.S. citizens from indefinite detention and preserve civil liberties.

    Senator Mark Udall and Rep. Adam Smith launch an effort to protect U.S. citizens from indefinite detention and preserve civil liberties.

    The National Defense Authorization Act, signed by President Obama while most Americans remained oblivious to its existence as they brought in the New Year, allows for the indefinite detainment of American citizens without charge, evidence or trial. And though supporters of the NDAA argue that the bill is designed only for foreigners engaging in terrorism against the United States, public outcry over that much power residing with the Executive Branch forced the President to include a ‘promise’ at signing to the effect that he would never use the provisions of the Act against American citizens.

    Despite the promises, because the NDAA does not clearly exclude Americans, there is no legal ramification for the President or a  future Chief Executive if they implement the law against Americans and hold them indefinitely without due process.

    The Due Process and Military Detention Amendments Act introduced by Sen. Udall and Rep. Smith directly targets section 1021 of the NDAA which allows for military imprisonment of those individuals deemed to be working with terrorist organizations or anyone committing a “belligerent act” against the United States. Because American citizens are not implicitly excluded in 1021, they fall under this provision in direct violation of Article III of the U.S. Constitution, which requires a public trial by jury for all crimes committed, including those against the United States.

    The new bill would effectively repeal portions of the NDAA, namely those that allow for American citizens to be targeted by Executive Order:

    12   IN THE UNITED STATES.—In the case of a covered person
    13   who is detained in the United States pursuant to the Au-
    14   thorization for Use of Military Force, disposition under
    15   the law of war shall only mean the transfer of the person
    16   for trial and proceedings by a court established under Ar-
    17   ticle III of the Constitution of the United States or by
    18   an appropriate State court. Such trial and proceedings
    19   shall have all the due process as provided for under the
    20   Constitution of the United States.’’

    A fact sheet has been made available by Senator Udall’s office, portions of which are reprinted below:

    FACT SHEET: The Due Process and Military Detention Amendments Act of 2012

    • The Due Process and Military Detention Amendments Act of 2012, which is grounded in the core principles of the United States Constitution, ensures that any individual detained on U.S. soil has access to due process, the federal or state court systems and will not be detained indefinitely by the military pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)
    • The current law gives the Executive Branch too much power. The bill strikes an ill-conceived and unnecessary provision in the FY2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that relates to mandatory military custody (section 1022).
    • The bill also amends the permissive detention provision of FY2012 NDAA (section 1021) to clarifythat the only option for anyone detained in the United States pursuant to the AUMF is the Article III courts (federal) and state courts. This bill prohibits military commissions, indefinite detention and transfer to foreign countries for individuals detained in the United States.
    • The bill also states that any trial proceedings “shall have all the due process as provided for under the Constitution” and ensures that anyone detained in the United States pursuant to the AUMF will be tried in our civilian courts and receive all the due process rights enshrined in the Constitution.

    For more information read the full fact sheet or first draft of the proposed legislation.

    The NDAA was a bipartisan effort that included yes votes from 83 Senators and 283 members of the House. Curiously, included in this tally of Congressmen that voted for the bill were Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) and Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), who were, apparently, for indefinite detention before they were against it.


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      1. So, if you’re on vacation in the Caribbean or hiking across the Himalayas, you’re still fair game?

        And, it’s still A-ok to rub you out at anytime, but rest assured you won’t be jailed forever?


        Just as with vaccines, most Americans have no clue, they’ll still line up and think everything is fine.

        “Now it is admitted in the medical literature that other viruses can cause polio, yet few people on the street have any idea.”

        • Is anybody else seeing to the right the ad with the woman showing the four dangers to men? Where are the other three women?

          • Hey Sweed! You might not make it past that one. 🙂

          • One is in your bank withdrawing 98% of the money from your account.

            One is at your best friend’s house doing, well… let’s not describe it in a family forum.

            The final one is conversing with a lawyer on how best to construct a divorce proceeding that will rake your life over the coals.

            – only kidding, really.

            I do have something a bit better..

            The Post-SHTF Four Dangers To Men:

            * Any young and pretty zombie/refugee who knows she is young and pretty. Her goal is to manipulate her way into your stores and your stash, then conspire with a guy more to her liking and remove you from the premises – when you least expect it of course. Your only defense is to either already be married, or to have a huge pr0n stash in your preps.

            * Running out of Midol/Pamprin/Aspirin/etc post-SHTF, and she’s going full-throttle PMS. Your only recourse is to hide the weapons once every 28 days, and just agree with her when she speaks.

            * She gets pregnant, and you have no diapers or onesies in your preps. Hint: If she’s still fertile, you better plan ahead – capiche’ ?

            * She gets drunk post-SHTF, and you have no Viagra or Vitamin E in your preps. Doesn’t matter how virile you are – in a world where there ain’t much to do during the winter, guess what she’ll want to do if she’s good and sauced-up on post-apocalyptic hooch? Need I say more?

        • You know you are an obsessed lunatic when you can’t resist posting your pet conspiracy theory in topics that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

        • Clear thinking on all counts, Clark….. including the “Psft”! My opinion exactly!

        • Repeal it or not, it doesn’t matter. They ARE going to arrest and illegally detain you and if you live through it, you can figure out some way to sustain a decade long court battle to avenge your “rights”

      2. know your enemy: Lucifer Killery Hilary CLINTON –

        In an unbelievable act of high treason and overt criminality, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has finalized arrangements to move the US State Department-listed foreign terror organization, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), into the former US military base “Camp Liberty’ in Iraq.

        FIRST! ;0P pssssssssssszzzzzzzt! SUCKERS!

        • This is a MUST READ… if you are wondering why and what lil’ johney soldier and lil’ suzzy marine died for over in IRAQ AFGHANISTAN over the last 10 years and why your Freshly high school Graduated sons and daughters are soon to be sent to the middle east death lands to die… for LUCIFER KILLERY HILARY CLINTON and NWO.CFR Illegal.Alien Puppet.Prez CIA.Agent Barry Soetoro aka Obsama Barack Obama!

          Al-CIA-Duh is American CIA Created Paid For and Controlled!

          9/11 is a InSide Job… Your Own Federal Government Is Actively Attacking Killing American Citizens on American Soil and KILLING American Soldiers – Like Pat Tilman and Seal Team Six and Jessica Lynchs Fire Team members in Iraq and Afghanistan! With the Help of Israeli Mossad!

          All to Create a FAKE WAR on FAKE TERROR! To ENSLAVE ALL OF YOU WITH F E A R!

          please read the following link… please open your mind and eyes… please see the TRUTH of our ILLEGAL FASCIST CIA Controlled , Banker TERRORIST run Federal Government!

          • what link

            • Hey Y’all , I know that this is off topic…but if Yer buying preps…go to Sam’s they have Alianza medium roast 100% arabica coffee in 2 lbs bags for $4.91 a bag.
              My co-worker told me about it…& brought me one into the office to try. It was good, so I went by there yesterday & bought another 7 bags. I was amazed to see coffee there up as high as $27.00 for a 2-1/2 lbs bag.
              Just an FYI. Be safe.
              Montgomery County Texas

            • RT-57… as far as I am concerned, anybody who wants to talk about good coffee or good hooch can break in ANY time and give the rest of us the straight skinny. Thanks, man! 🙂

          • Afghanistan is merely a 2 pronged theater.

   the transnational oil pipelines.

   the lucrative poppy production to further fund the black opps with untold billions thus negating requests for funding from the armed services and intelligence committees..

            sure enough..


          • Someone didn’t take their meds again.

            • How are things in the North West Nina, Every time there is a knock on your door, will you be wondering if it is me,coming for you! Soon Very soon! Fair Warning.

            • gg- explain something to me. Terrorist group A attacks us on 9-11, we go to war against terrorist group A. Then we back terrorist group A in libya. Now, I read we have to have advisers in yeman to help yeman fight that same terrorist A group. Then you have the arguemnet that we need all these limits on our freedoms because the threat from terrorist group A. Perhaps YOU need glasses to see.

            • @gg ;0P pzzzsst

              “JOG ON…”

              the only “drug” i personally need is .45-70! ;0p

            • Government Guy – you make fun but there is not one thing he stated that is untrue. Every single item can easily be documented and verified with the very simplest of research.

              I think you really ARE a government guy – sent here to try and discredit anyone who points out the reality of the corrupt people who are in power.

              Does being a government troll pay well, GG?

            • Hi daisy. Finally got wifi in the bunker aye?

          • @propaganda:

            You are certifiably insane. Why don’t you move to some shit hole country other than here if you don’t like it.

            • Not necessary for him to move, Roger. He and his buddies are actively working on converting the US into just such a place. They don’t care as long as they are in charge. 🙁

          • Sounds like you are the one who is afraid.

          • Research why the Enterprise is where it is now…we know…and I believe they know we know.

            • I know.

            • The rabbit hole is deep. The clown is an ass-hat.

            • Why is it important that the Enterprise is in port in Norfolk, VA? Does everyone think it is somewhere else? It is preparing to sail on Sunday for its last deployment.

            • Like a Marine throwing himself on a live grenade to save his buddies, Ol’ Enterprise has but one duty left to perform. Doing this will be the ultimate disgrace to the memories of all who have served and are serving on this once fine ship.

      3. Hmm….sounds a little too convenient to me. Either there are ‘other’ provisions hidden within the bill that we haven’t heard about yet that catch you looking the other way, or this is a dose of pre-presidential-election niceties for vote-buying. Read between the lines.

        Trust NOTHING that comes from your government…ever.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • The democrats are in trouble and know it. The closer they get to November the more centered they will get. This has been the plan all along. Trying to be more appealing to the voting masses. They have had a free run for three years passing any offensive bill they want, (now get this, “what they want”) not us, THEM. I can only believe they are hoping and praying we might have forgotten what they have done for the past three years and if they become more considerate and come off as more companionate towards the need of the people and country we might just make that mistake and check that box besides their names in November. I know I don’t have to remind anybody here, but their direction amd actions are geared towards the mindless sheeple. Have you noticed that those that are going to have a problem getting reelected are opting to just retire rather than endure a failed election campaign? I don’t have a list of them but there have been a dozen or so, mostly democrat. They know it’s coming and it’s in the end is going to hurt. I am going to vote this November referencing as to what happened in 2009.

          • Hammerun… you must be forgetting about the 2010 elections because a lot of Dems got waxed then. In fact, it was the greatest political drubbing since 1928 or some such time. Problem for the Dems is that 2012 is shaping up to be even worse for them. This is why so many of them are bailing out while the bailing is good. Even their RINO allies are bailing out. May their ‘chutes not open… SPLAT! 🙂

      4. Its nice to see someone in the Gov’t. is paying attention. Thanks for the article Mac. It might help me sleep a little better.

      5. I always keep my tires inflated. I’m doing my part.

        • No matter what adjustments they make to the bill, they will ALWAYS find a loop hole to suit their needs. I don’t trust the bill… nor them.

          • Instead of adjustments, just get rid of the bill. Is it possible that the Dems can finally see what a monster they’ve created with Obama?

            • the NDAA and the AUMF were both created by Republicans. C’mon people, no one has done more harm to this country in the last 50 years than Bush/Cheney… Period. Patriot Act??? Really?? These idiots in congress still don’t understand the constitution. Anything that is NOT a law, is legal under the constitution. THATS how our forefathers envisioned it. I’m just amazed some Dems had the cajones to stand up for what is right and try to repeal this portion of aconvoluted POS “law”. Again… vote PEOPLE, not PARTIES!!

            • I have CFL’s in my house but I can’t afford to turn the lights on. I’m doing my part. What’s the big deal about Mercury? It’s a planet that’s not bothering me.

            • It was ‘the’ plan..diversion, diversion, diversion……
              bread and circuses…divide and conquer and make ‘us’ argue among ourselves about anything just to hide behind the curtain.
              Gays, abortion, political persuasion.
              Oh, I just received a Tea Party email—Santorum is okay with the lizard as his V.P.
              Let that sink in.

            • Possible but not likely. They are all far too drunk on partisanship to grasp the idea that the country is going to s**t under their so-called “leadership”. I find it interesting that no Dems in what are thought to be close races are asking the president to campaign for them.

          • I don’t trust Bill either.

        • God to see that some one knows what humor is.

          • God always makes it a point to see that someone knows what a sense of humor is.

            • He created Pelosi didn’t He??

            • And Newt.

            • “He created Pelosi didn’t He??”

              Well, we really do not know that. Maybe the “other guy” is the one responsible for that?

      6. Problem is, it’s extended to “individuals” thus giving constitutional protections to non citizens. This is bad. It should read “citizens”. Not “individuals”.

      7. Its a mystery. Why are they doing this? If you think its for our rights, you must have been under a rock for the last 150 years.

        There is a reason and it is *NEVER* what is appears to be. There is something going on here. There is probably a provision of some sort that RepubliCONs can’t support and won’t vote for so, the to uninformed it will make it look like the (R)s are bad guys and the (D)s are good guys.

        But, notice, it says “Covered Persons” and none of those “Covered Persons” in the original definitions of the NDAA are “Natural Persons”. They might be able to detain you if you sign something but otherwise, they’re out of luck. Of course, most people would sign, not knowing what they are doing.

        When they say “ignorance of the law is no excuse” they don’t mean what you think they mean. And when the laws says “persons” they don’t mean what you think they mean.

        Wise up. Be free.

        • Net,
          You are too suspicious.
          What could possibly go wrong with these two fine, caring Senators,
          Submitting a 1000 page bill to amend a few things with NDAA?

          • Slick
            I have never considered Netranger too suspicious. We in the UK have seen this sort of thing time and time again. Of course the sheeple still buy it and nothing changes. Those of us who can see just look after ourselves.
            “the people should never fear their government, the government should fear the people”

        • Ranger, they are probably trying give jurisdiction to the corp court once victims are unlawfully picked up by the military.

          The military does not want them (the prisoners), and the brain dead soldiers would probably catch on to their capturing of innocent American inhabitants and might stop cooperating. It is probably to reduce the rate of desertion on the real crimes begin.

          There is nothing in the bill for the People. There never is. It is about forcing you into the most corrupted court system in the world.

          • Maybe they just had a bad nightmare it could come back to haunt the bastards if their children were caught in a seemingly ‘unpatriotic’ compromising situation??
            Hell, lots of the crap THEY pass or legislate could pass for ‘terrorist acts’ if seen in a particular light.

            • Yeah, no kidding! Remember that list that was published some weeks ago that started out with “You might be a terrorist if” and then they listed several things, including having more than 7 days worth of food stores, which FEMA suggested that ALL Americans do. Gee, I guess we are ALL terrorists now. Reminds me of the old saying about “To a man with a hammer, EVERYTHING is a nail”. Well, they have a BIG freakin’ hammer these days and are not a bit shy about using it.

        • Right on, NR, it’s typical politicians and slick lawyers playing their little game of chess with people’s rights. You can’t change what goes on inside the beltway by electing a handful of new politicians that say they are tea party politicians. It would take a mass effort by all three parties, to throw out all the “bums” and start over with one term limits. It won’t happen in our lifetime, so we better carry a big jar of vaseline and hold on tight, cause the reaming is gonna get worse.

          • Don’t-tread,
            I am not a lawyer.
            But I did play one on TV.

      8. So.. in other words these.. wonderful D’S (who supported this bill in the first place) still support snatch and grab of any US citizen suspected as an enemy “belligerent” or “terrorist”..yet now want “due process”..???

        What a friggin joke..

        Seems to me another coffer in lawyer double speak..

        or as the saying goes..

        ‘How do you know when a politician is lying?”


        “his lips are moving>>”


      9. When it comes to the DC corp gov NOTHING is done to undermine their power.In a “National Emergency” your priveleges to due process are suspended anyway. Easy for them to get around it. Another false flag and this bill won’t matter…even if it passes.Your gov is in bed with the terrorists. They have been funding MEK (as ninao pointed out) for decades. They wanted them removed from the list of worldwide terrorist organizations so they wouldn’t look bad funding them. Al Queda has had backing from the DC corp since at least the 80’s when they were armed to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Don’t believe anything that comes out of their mouth. Our corp gov is the largest terrorist organization in the world. They should all be detained indefinitely under their own NDAA bill.

        • Not everything is an “evil plot”. Smoking pot makes a person paranoid I hear?

          • zen,
            everything the feds do is a evil plot
            smoking pot gives you the munchies
            paranoia is a heightend sense of awareness

            • I guess you would know. Hey, watch out, the Narc’s are at your door RIGHT NOW!

            • Yo dude, little kids can’t even sell lemonade any more without the officials breathing down their necks ’cause they don’t have a “permit”. So yeah, maybe we are a little paranoid but that’s because of them. The bill is not to protect us but to give them the power to do as they please towards those that they deem as a threat. It’s all a word game, the language they choose to put into the bill, but they will find ways around it to fit their situation.

              So am I paranoid? HELL YEAH!!!!!
              Any one is stupid if they believe and trust the words of TPTB.

          • Zen Monk: Do you think that’s John Q’s problem? He and his supporters are always ranting about some super-secret conspiracy designed to enslave all of us, ususally of Jewish/Zionist origins. A little beer or pot and too much time on conspiracy websites is enough to cloud anyone’s thinking. James Bond, Jason Bourne, and the rest of the Secret Squirrel stuff out there is just fanatsy for the movies, IT’S NOT REAL John. You and your buddies need to get out and get some sunshine and fresh air.

            • Gregory8 and Zen Monk:

              I strongly suggest you read the news on some alternative sites where the media is not OWNED by special interest groups. Consider enlightening yourselves instead of spending time attacking people who put careful thought into the goings-on of the world.

              You are quick to accuse people of paranoia, smoking pot, needing meds. You deride people that post their personal opinions on current events, despite the fact that these folks have done their research and have truly give thought to the events in the world.

              And what is your big weapon against all this?

              You mock them and scorn them. You don’t post a single FACT to refute them.

              If you want to play with the big kids, maybe you should do some of your own research, get some actual information to use in the discussion and – oh – use your GROWN-UP words.

            • Daisy, I strongly suggest you get a real life and drop out of the “Ayn Rand/Ronzi Paul” cult O.K?

              It’s weird how folks which have a loser life style find some sort of Cause, or Leader to follow to give some meaning to their lives. So offen it involves drug use, kinky sex, and hate of one certain group. (Like Jews, Christians, NeoCons, Capitalist Running Dogs)

              The Paulbots are in essence similar to Hiter’s Youth, Mao’s Red Brigards, or Obummer’s “Yes We can Crowd. I think Rush calls them “Young Skulls full of Mush” So go back to your bong, and punch up Zero Hedge, for more bull crap….or you could grow up.

            • Zen mook-you on the glass pipe with obama? Ron paul does not support drug use, his point is personal responseability for your own actions(an addict WILL be an addict) and remember the prohabition??? you cannot legislate morality, when ever they try it, results in skyrocketing crime )the bootleggers back in the day, and the drug cartels now) He also brings up the coruption that that drug money brings locally(corupted cops,payed off officials) You gotta lay off the crack cocaine brother!!

            • oh and also all the personal property “impounded” in the “war on drugs”

            • Again, Mook, waiting for facts….

              Making inferences about my lifestyle lends no credence to your argument.

              Why don’t you tell my WHY you believe I’m wrong?

            • The message was not written by me.

            • Zen MONK _

              I’m sorry about that – the first post of his I read I didn’t look closely enough and mistook him/her for you.

              It sucks when a person has to cannabalize somebody else’s name to attempt to validate themselves.

            • Daisy: he who states an affirmative position has the burden of proof. That’s the rule in logic and in law. Like a defendant, I don’t have to disprove anything. It’s all on you to make your case. John Q. and his supporters offer no independently verifiable evidence for their conspiracies other than quoting someone’s personal thoughts found on various websites of dubious quality. What John Q. does does not constitute credable research, it’s merely a regurgitaion of unsubstantiated opinions. If you and John Q. want to buy into some lunatic screed because it tells you what you want to hear, have at it. But Daisy, don’t pretend that you and he are some kind of internet-investigative journalists on a crusade in pursuit of the truth. You’re both just a couple of gullible kids.

            • @ Hasbara8… er… I mean… Gregory8

              GOD told Jeremias this:

              “And the Lord said to me: A conspiracy is found among the men of Juda, and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” (Jeremias 11:9)

              But that was probably just a one time conspiracy, right? Could never happen again, right?

          • Nice trolling, Mookie.

            • Tanks, but it ain’t trolling if it’s true.

          • Is that you Yental??

            • I think it’s Zeke MN.

            • As a matter of fact, after reading more of his posts, I am sure of it.
              And his name name is a payback to me for calling immature.

      10. JRS..



      11. Didn’t Ron Paul sponsor something to repeal that section shortly after it was passed? I never heard what happened to that. I’m sure it was quietly erased and voted down but I’m wondering if he’s on board with this one.

        • Ron Paul has never sponsored anything that came to fruition since he took office.

          The man is in his dotage and will need assisted living and alzheimer meds in a year or two….

        • That would be very much in keeping with Paul’s political philosophy. What I remember for sure was that the good folks in Montana were busy with recalling their two senators who voted in favor of the 2012 NDAA. Haven’t heard much about their efforts lately but do wish them all the best. It’s more than about time to give these poly-tics a sharp jerk on their leash to remind them that they do not own us or the US… WE do!

      12. Didn’t Ron Paul already submit legislation to REPEAL Sec. 1021 NDAA completely? Why modify it when it could be gotten rid of? I don’t buy it.

      13. These senators and congress are eerily similar to the traitorous cabal in the days of Rome..

        Except they now are all lawyers who wrap themselves in national security and pass legislation allowing any sitting ‘Ceasar”..full dictatorial powers under full compliance with the laws passed..

        How quaint it all is..

        Much akin to the recent Senator Sessions revelation video that the CIA and Joint Chiefs circumvent the Constitution and Congress by acknowledging a higher authority..NATO/UN utilize military force at will. quaint it all is..

        and all right under our respective noses..


        • POT HEADS FOR PAUL! in 20O4 er…2008 er….2012 er…2016! (Whenever?)

          • potheads are smarter than that.

            • God yes, POT HEADS are soooo smart. Using a gateway drug, which comes from God knows where and contains God knows what is real smart. Just all the poor folks in our treatment centers and psych wards. (I know you’ve smoked pot for 34 years and it hasn’t effected you job as a janitor at all)

              Not to mention all the cash which flows back to the drug cartels and street gangs, so that they can turn our Cities into war zone. And stupid, YES FLIPP’N STUPID RON PAUL MAKES TO MAKE ALL DRUGS LEGAL!!!

            • @ziphead mook zionist schill…

              last i checked it was the PENTAGON CIA u.s. army , u.s. marine corps guarding growing the #1 world suppliers of opium under usa cia control who are growing opium in afghanistan… since 2000 the american cia boosted opium production by 90% and its the usa cia dea who is transporting the drugs cocaine, marijuana, and heroin into the usa and american banks who were laundering all that drug money for profit…

              governor BILL CLINTON , lucifer killery HILARY CLINTON ARE KNOWN COCAINE USERS AND TRAFFICKERS… ARKANSAS WAS A KNOWN CIA DROP POINT FOR south america cia supported COCAINE Cartels air plane smuggled SHIPMENTS FROM SOUTH AMERICA… the clintons ASSASSINATED killed u.s. secret service agents, ARKANSAS STATE TROOPERS AND LOCAL drug dealer COMPETITION , drug SNITCHES IN ARKANSAS !

              The only people being arrest are the small timer mom and pop operations who are CUTTING INTO THE cia fbi dea AND nwo.cfr FEDERAL GOV’S BANKER MASTERS PROFITS!

              IT WAS ILLEGALLY LAUNDERED DRUG MONEY liquidity stored in america banks “BILLIONS” THAT WAS USED TO SAVE THE STOCK MARKET IN the crash 2008…


              and the nwo.cfr fed illegal government doesn’t like competition!

              grow the phuck up troll… you masters and you are going down! its only a matter of time… just a matter of time!

              the truth… will always rise to the surface!

          • In case you haven’t heard, marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes… you know, for medical reasons. If it was as bad as the gov. wants you to believe, the doctors wouldn’t use it for their patients.

            Also from what I understand about the side effects of it, one may get a bad case of the so-called munchies. Do not confuse it with the other hard core drugs (coke, crack, meth, LSD) although LSD back in the 60’s was used experimentally for health issues only to be stopped when found out it was proven helpful.

            Also you might consider your own government as one of the biggest drug/weapon traffickers of all time.

            SO SHUT UP and GET A LIFE!!!

            Oh yeah and by the way… ALCOHOL is actually worse but I don’t hear you harping about that. People high on pot usually sleep it off while drinking alters a person’s way of thinking, causes violence, oh and drive into other peoples cars. But that’s a topic for another time.

            • “In case you haven’t heard, marijuana is also used for medicinal purposes… you know, for medical reasons. If it was as bad as the gov. wants you to believe, the doctors wouldn’t use it for their patients.”

              Really? Did you know that at one time, heroin could be purchased as an over the counter med, like aspirin? Not saying that H and grass are equal, just that the docs have done a lot of dumb things over the years. Whether or not this is one of them remains to be seen.

          • I wonder what the point of the trolls is. Unfortunately as we are responding they are getting the attention they crave. Perhaps opinions backed up by valid information is what they are trying to prevent. Must not have an informed and aware populace, that would prevent the success in reaching their goals.

            I learn a lot from this and other sites. Most is learned from the comments and not the actual articles. Although Mac you do put out a lot of useful and educational stuff as an added bonus.

            Until the species (that is us for the unbelieving) gains a level of awareness and willingness to work together we are FUGGED.

      14. Ron Paul has always fought for Constitutional law..period.

        Unfortunately..Everything he attempts is severely marginalized by both he is a threat to business as usual..

        And now these 2 ‘statesmen” are in the forefront supposedly to protect our right to habeous corpus?



      15. I think this is just posturing and these “amendments” will likely never see the light of day.

        It’s probably a way to sneak in other nuggets that will make it easier to detain Americans.

      16. The Ron Paul “culture” has all the makings of a Cult. Pot Heads for Paul-Pimps for Paul, Racoons for Ron! (Hey it rymes)


        • Calm yourself, Kev. I am quite sure that the elites are well aware that none of these laws apply to them or their progeny. Laws are for “the little people”, don’t you know?

      18. Along the same lines of this bill comes “H.Con.Res.107″of 2 days ago.This is a resolution by our honorable congressmen and women to make it an impeachable offense for the POTUS to order military force without cogressional approval. More of the same rhetoric but no action.

      19. This bill is the same type of smoke and mirrors as the one in above article. Notice it say “imminent attack” in it. SOOOOO if the media SAYS, or country A gives us intel about an “imminent attack”, the president can STILL start a war. Then the issue again WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE “LAWMAKERS” INTRODUCE BILLS TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT FOLLOW THE RESTRAINTS OF THE CONSTITUTION?????????????????????

        • Kevin, why don’t you just admitt it and stop the song and dance routine. You’re afraid of war, you hate yourself and thus you project all of your hate towards objects of authority. It’s all one BIG plot to take away everybodies freedom right? Mix it up and you’ve got a self centered passive agressive Libertarian!
          We saw this before in the 1960’s with the New Left, you kooky Paubots are just a new branch on an old tree,just like The Baby Boomers were.
          My proof is that most of your types have more in common with The Left than we true Conservatives. i.e. atheism,drug use, open to homosexual marriage, blames the US for all the World’s problems, wants to replace our Government with their “Super Hero’s” (Obumer/Paul) oh, and much hate directed towards Isreal. Seek help or grow up.

          • hahahahah! First off I am against sending OTHERS OFF TO WAR, seems like who/what you think is “true conservitive” is sending OTHER people kids and family off to war example A. You wont see romneys mittens kids going off to war, ever hear the song “fortunate son” that came out in the 1960’s you talk about. I not anti-israel, I am pro-these united states of america. I LOVE MY STATE and what my country was based on and what it is SUPPOSED TO BE, for ALL men and women of ALL color and religion, you “true” conservitives point out all day that the muslims think we are infedels, but if someone else points out that the jewish religion says we are goyim(animal+plural) I AM DIRECTING HATE TOWARDS A COUNTRY(the one you obviously love more then america), you need to grow up. and seek an education. What the hell do “true conservitives” want to conserve anyhow????

        • Ummmm….again Mook…Kevin has substantiated every claim he has made with credible links.

          And you? Again, just flinging accusations like a monkey slings poo.

          All you have are baseless insults about how you ignorantly assume the people on here spend their time.

          If you expect to be taken seriously make a claim and cite your sources.

          • Thanks for having my back daisy. He assumes alot, but only makes an A$$ of himself, me and you are immune this time. (I’m sure we’ll both make asses out of ourselves on a latter date)

            • You’re welcome Kev – you know I love ya, despite our occasional differences of opinion! 🙂

              I, too, am astounded by Mook’s grasp of the English language, his rapier wit and the skill with which he debates. Humbling, isn’t it?

          • You are a dork, your Moma told me so, how’s that?

            • You just wiped ALL arguments out AGAIN, with your wisdom, WOW!! Good job buddy.

          • Don’t feed the troll.

            • They bite and smell bad. As I have said before, if you are forced to eat one post SHTF, remember they will taste muddy and moldy from hiding under their bridge. 😉

      20. this is a step in the right direction.

        • I don’t think he can. He just likes to spew out his venom to upset the apple cart. You know what they say, there’s a bad apple in every batch.

          • Sorry, this was in response to Daisy’s comment…

            • I followed ya, Squirt. 🙂

      21. It would be nice if some of this legislation actually sees the light of day. And…if it does they will hang all kinds of crap on it so that it will be defeated.
        No more earmarks. Each bill needs to stand on it’s own.
        Ron Paul looks better every day ! Wish the libtards had not screwed up our primary…so that it is pushed back to May We have lost nearly 2 months. This was all done to try to keep Texas from having a voice in who the Republicacandidatete will be.

        • If the best Texas has to offer lately is George W. and Rick Perry, then thank God you’ve lost your voice!

      22. All this means is that now the army has to file some paperwork on you.Does not take out language about being picked up for being belligerent. Belligerence, thats a very, very, “loose” term. still totally unconstitutional.

        • moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.

          The Nazi’s were good at filling in forms and paperwork – didn’t improve the fate of their victims.

          • Indeed they were. Considering how the thugs at TSA behave, I expect them to bark “PAPERS!” at everyone they grope and zap. Have they gotten their new uniforms yet? You know, the black ones with the silver trim, jackboots, and arm-bands.

      23. Obama will veto it. The mainstream media will totally ignore it.

        • The MSM will either ignore or s**t bricks over anything they are told to do. This is why the alternative news sites on the web are flourishing and the papers, radio, and TV are sucking it down.

      24. In 2012, Smith cosponsored the National Defense Authorization Bill that would grant the President of the United States unprecedented powers to wage war freely against persons abroad and detaining and restricting access to the civil court system by persons suspected of terrorism.

        Udall voted to pass the NDAA

        • These idiot politicians should be more careful about what they put into law. Targeting American citizens for death with no due process whatever is what the tyrants of the world do. They delude themselves if they think that doing evil for good reasons makes it OK. It’s not. The commies were the ones who came up with “the ends justify the means” crap and in the end it came right back on them. America has a long tradition of what goes around, comes around. If politicians can target citizens with impunity, what is to stop reciprocity?

      25. illegal nwo.cfr cia puppet prez President Obama has just stated a policy that he can have any American citizen killed without any charge, without any review, except his own. If he’s satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says that he can kill you anywhere in the world including in the United States.

        Two of his aides just … reaffirmed they believe that American citizens can be killed on the order of the President anywhere including the United States.

        You’ve now got a president who says that he can kill you on his own discretion. He can jail you indefinitely on his own discretion!

        … and none of you has the cojones to do a damn thing about it!



        i suggest everyone looks up their own states fbi dhs IRS feds offices and fusion centers… get out your maps… learn where they are! these are your targets on MARTIAL LAW DAY 2012!


        SEE YOU ALL THERE… bring your own party favors! I’ll supply the rope!

        • Racists for Ron, Potheads for Paul in 2012!!!!!

          • typical talking points. you cannot bring up points, so you lash out with the typical attack words.

            • Sure, sure, punk

            • wow! your facts and intelectual words have won me over. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

            • Earth to kevin, read this and many other blogs boy-o. The man which you have such deep latent homosexual feelings for, Doc-Ta Paul is for legalization of all drugs, ALL DRUGS. If your mind is soooooo closed as to what a crackpot Ronzi is, you aren’t worth my words.

            • ZM Yes, I support Dr. Paul’s views on little Federal govt and to keep a standing army for DEFENSE only.Do you think the 700 or so mil bases around the world are for the people’s defense? They are to defend the gov corp interest not your or mine.And yes, the govt is a corp (see Act of 1877). The DC corp is run by the people who control the banks and the money of the world. I believe that drugs should be de-criminalized, not because I take them, but because it is my right to decide what I do with my person, not anyone elses. I also think I should not have to have tags on my vehicle or inspection or need a govt granted privelege to drive it.I also think the IRS is stealing from my pocket and putting it into someone elses.What do YOU believe in?

            • JRS, Who asked ya?

            • @Mook

              JRS is actually making productive comments, which most of us welcome.

              You’re actually the intruder in the conversation, because you refuse to actually make a verifiable point.

              You are only here to stir the pot. Everything you’ve said is inane and useless for any purpose excpet to cause division. You’ve piggybacked on the name of a regular poster here to attempt to give yourself credibility.

              HINT: It’s not working – we can all see right through you.

            • Right on, Kev. That would work in the sheeple pen but not here.

          • It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand. – Apache

            A man who listens to one that speaks with forked tongue, is destined to be disappointed and disillusioned.

            You speak with forked tongue Zen Mook.

          • @Zen, there have been other Senators/Congressmen in the past to mention legalizing drugs, not just Ron Paul. Their theory was if they were legal then :

            1. it would cut out ALL drug gangs. No need for them any more.
            2. if they were made legal, then they could be TAXED. Talk about a lot of money revenue coming in for the gov./IRS
            3. the crime rates would drop down. There have been other countries do this and their crime dropped drastically. Of course, people like you probably wouldn’t believe the statistics of another country but our gov. would lie in a heart beat to protect their own selfish agenda.

            Unfortunately no one wants to listen. The GOV. as a whole is EXTREMELY corrupt, regardless which administration is in the office. Therefore R. Pauls idea is nothing new, it has been around for a while but no one wants to take action. Talk about stirring the pot. (No pun intended)

        • I don’t see you doing anything about it! Fast Forward: 2013, defended position, 3 choices: A pregnant woman, a man in a wheelchair, and you. I’ll take the first two over the latter any day of the week. You sir are a turd.

          • Exactly! When the SHTF, vet all incoming…..Score big with Progressive hits.

        • Wow, don’t these people making these laws and policies know those laws can be used against them one day?? Say the usa has a military coup and those laws are used against them?(doubtful because they are perging patriots right now, making some generals and officers “retire” early)

      26. Repeal the entire damn thing and send it to the shredder. It is unconstitutional!!!

        • YES! And then shred those who wrote and voted for this drek. 😉

        • SO true.

        • @Satori, the so-called War On Terror has given the gov. the green light to go crazy with the laws/bills. What gets me is how they will pass them when it’s a holiday, funeral, or something to distract the public and there is very little mention from the MSM. Of course, that is their whole plan. Trying to sneak in what they can without our knowledge and then BAM… WE’RE SCREWED and didn’t see it coming.

        • This is why we need to throw them ALL out. It’s a lot like mixing a few old moldy apples in with a lot of good ones. No matter how many good ones you have, the old moldy ones WILL make the whole barrel turn to crap.

      27. They voted for it , now they recant with too little too late . Trying to make you think they are different . In my book , they have already identified where their alliances are and its not with the people of Colorado or the rest of us . Agree, there is motive and not sure what it is but probably safe to say its not about us! Colorado will have to deal with them accordingly.

      28. I don’t know if this Bill has come about because of the Pelosi belief that “we’ve got to pass the Bill so that you know what’s in it” or not. Anytime there are a number of Dems signing onto a Bill, with strings attached to Feinstein, I get nauseous….

        • That is just such horse shit claiming that “We HAVE to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it” , talking about Pelosi and the bogus stimulus package. What a bunch of crock!!!

          “Hey teacher, just go ahead and give me an A so I can read my text book later.” Yeah right, like that would float 2 seconds for one of us.

          That goes back to the gov. thinking we are stupid. And they get away with it. That’s what pisses me off!!!

        • “Anytime there are a number of Dems signing onto a Bill, with strings attached to Feinstein, I get nauseous….”

          Me too. I cure this by going to my man cave and counting all of my AK and .45 rounds. Hmmm… getting a little low… time for another gun show to stock up again.

      29. Its too late ,the passing of it shows the true colors. This was signed ,sealed and delivered unlike an opinion or rant on F-book which citizens get fired -locked up, or even just drop dead over…Im just amazed theyre still wearing their slippers to work.

        12 IN THE UNITED STATES.—In the case of a covered person
        13 who is detained in the United States pursuant to the Au-
        14 thorization for Use of Military Force, disposition under
        15 the law of war shall only mean the transfer of the person
        16 for trial and proceedings by a court established under Ar-
        17 ticle III of the Constitution of the United States or by
        18 an appropriate State court. Such trial and proceedings
        19 shall have all the due process as provided for under the
        20 Constitution of the United States.’’


        Good luck finding an Article III court, or a state court that has a Constitutional existence (a judge without an SSN or other federal office).

        It is all a scam anyway. You alone are responsible for your protection from the criminals. If you are forced into one of those corrupted courts you have already lost.

      31. Another surreal post; we are in a domain of RWOML – Rule With Out Moral Law. Why not at least go with the constitution as written? Have we gotten to the point in moral/rational decay where we believe it’s right to extend a fair trial only to a limited few but to the ones that we deemed an interference to our quality of life we will pre-judge without evidence, swiftly following with “justice”? Punks and thugs. The reality is that the evidence in the trials for terroriest and leaders like Gaddafi, Hussein, and so many others, points right back to the Western leadership who empowered and sustained them. What do you do when you don’t have a new land to escape to? Revolution. Ron Paul, 2012 – write him in if necessary.

      32. i’m suprised the democrats will do this…

        • i’m suprised you’re suprised…

      33. Political posturing. Geeze…..these people must think we’re stupid or something. Oh, I forgot, about 50% of America IS.

        • Not sure if it’s 50% or higher? Most Americans I know are sound fu*king asleep! I worked in an attorneys office today for 8 long hours installing a couple cabinets I built. Wow! These folks are in another world. I guess we are what we work. I can’t imagine living in that sort of mind set. Thank God I’m just a poor carpenter. At least I’m not stupid… I’m thinking maybe a lot of the dems are attorneys and that maybe repubs are not as much. ??? Either way, they both suck.

          • hey bill, I worked in a law office once, for about 6 months(way back in the day)Those guys would show up about 10 am, sleep in their office,practice their golf puting, and take long lunches. One of my jobs would be to go around and pick up their time sheets, and I would from time to time check them out, they could be in the office for 4 hours, and they could and WOULD bill 20 clients an hour. Bankers and lawyers are one in the same. You nailed it about the lawyers.

      34. Big Brother Recruits an Army of Snitches

        A “new cell phone application allows anyone with a smart phone to record anything suspicious and send it to DHS.”

        “DHS is using regional centers (Fusion centers) to collect and maintain this information.”


      35. Random Tangent–in response to your Off Topic, Sam’s also last week had 3 lb. containers of French Vanilla Cappuccino for $7.50.
        It is very, very, very good; man, for a treat, soften your vanilla ice cream, add a tsp. or two and it’s better than Arby’s Jamocha shake.

      36. Thought y’all might want to see some history before they start stuffin’ the votes again!

        As Thomas Jefferson once said, our democracy must sometimes be renewed with the blood of patriots. BO is pushing us towards a tyranny that could, God forbid, result in a strong civil response. Occupy plans to renew its attacks through violent demonstrations this spring, all orchestrated through organized socialist organizations.

        That could be a straw that turns America to armed conflict. A lesson the Left should learn is the following: (See: )

        The video is about the Battle of Athens which was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the tyrannical local government in August 1946. We all need to see this and other videos on the same page.

        NinaO will be happy too!
        Y’all Beware! It is for our freedom.

        • BO isn’t pushing us to tyranny, he’s just continuing the roll started by Emperor Bush(Cheney). Also, it’s congress that writes the laws, the prez just signs off or vetoes. Our Rep. House and Dem. Senate are the syphoners of our freedoms under the guise of “protection”

      37. Wake up America. Is it just me or is anyone else wondering why it was passed in the first place?? It was passed to hide a bunch of other shit they packed into the bill. We need to stop these omnibus bills.

        We need to stop them from packing unemployment and debt ceiling issues into a Defense bill. This is what they do wrap it all up with a defense ribbon and sing Yankee Doodle Dandy. On the state level they use police and fire.

        But, I do have to hand it to the Democrats. They are making the Republicans look stupid liberals. Our Republican leadership needs to be removed, hell they all need to be removed. I for one have had just about of the Potomac Two Step.

        Unless we flush all incumbents out of the system, I’m afraid America is toast!! What do you think the odds of that happening are?

        Our Government is going into a self preservation, self defense mode against the Citizenry. Its time all Americans perform their constitutional duty and remove these bastards.

      38. Don’t you just wish sometime we could have a face with the comment? I think there may be some interesting faces with us today. 🙂

        Thanks all!

        Be safe.

      39. I am just wondering whos hands is REALLY up the politician As**es they are all such puppets… things that make you go hmmmm???

      40. dems embracing liberties, dissin his lordship barry soeturo, in all his kenyan communist glory?? yeah, whatever…i dont trust them anymore than the GOP. they all SUCK

      41. Dems Introduce Legislation to Repeal Indefinite Detention of Americans,

        this crap NEVER should have happened in the 1st place!

        Nobody trusts CONgress, who are they really working for?

      42. @ the imposter – Hey Zen, go Mook yourself.

        Sorry I missed it earlier but Daisy provided a much smoother transition – You’ve piggybacked on the name of a regular poster here to attempt to give yourself credibility.

        HINT: It’s not working – we can all see right through you.

        Y’all Beware!

      43. They’re only against it because Virginia nullified it and other states have threatened it. If all was quiet, this indefinite detention business would still be in there waiting for a future dictator.

      44. Repealing indefinite detention will be the headline. Watch out for what they slip into the fine print to further restrict our God-given rights. Like zombies, Democrats cannot be trusted even after they’re dead.

      45. “Like zombies, Democrats cannot be trusted even after they’re dead.”

        Maybe not but I know that I sure feel better about them then. 😀

      46. If this article (or the current primary race) doesn’t give you a firm idea of what a shit & piss parade the fake conservative Republicrats are, nothing will.

      47. I think this paltry 11th hour effort by these old guard democrats is too little and too late to stop the momentum of our expanding police state at home.

        America is being systematically impoverished and culled of its Christian-rooted fighting spirit on purpose. They don’t want our children or our children’s children to ever regard this country for its greatness and its prior achievements. Why? to make the world easier to control for TPTB that control America’s PTB and their appointees.

        The most dangerous thing to the NWO is an America that still regards the U.S. Constitution as a living document and that sees itself the way we saw ourselves during the Reagan revolution.

        We are the greatest obstacle to the systematic tyranny of the few

      48. Having the same people who voted for all this crap, come out now and want to be good guy, and change it, sounds like a major distraction operation. My method of analysis continues to be, whatever they tell you, believe the opposite, and you will have the truth. You don’t really think those in control want to give up what they just stole from the American people do you?? It’s all just a bunch of whooey, designed to make you think they care give a crap about your rights. Remember, these traitors voted for this abortion of our rights 93-7 in favor, without much of any debate. You don’t think they really had a change of heart do you??? I’ll answer that—NOOOOO.

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