Democrats Try To Use COVID-19 To Push Their Socialist Agenda

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    In a bit of not-so-surprising news, democrat politicians have decided that during the coronavirus pandemic, they should push a liberal agenda.  In the words of infamous socialist Rahm Emanuel, Democrats will “never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

    Democrats used their stimulus bill, which was a response to the GOP’s proposal, to pack it with funding to advance a liberal communist agenda.

    Both Republican and Democratic senators had spent several days negotiating a nearly $2 trillion package that would provide financial assistance to workers, small businesses, large corporations, and certain industries hit particularly hard by the economic shutdown in response to the public health crisis.

    Then Pelosi showed up and declared the package not good enough while touting a number of demands that, at best, were only tangentially related to the coronavirus issue, which prompted Senate Democrats to essentially scuttle the whole thing on Sunday afternoon. –Western Journal

    This is really unsurprising news considering that according to The Hill on Thursday, House Democrats held a conference call to discuss both the efforts in the Senate to construct a coronavirus fiscal relief package as well as ideas for a package of their own for the same alleged purpose. And Emanuel was quick to bring back his infamous line:

    Amid negotiations over how lawmakers should respond to the coronavirus pandemic, Rahm Emanuel has reprised his famous rallying cry from his 2008 financial crash: Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Speaking during an interview on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, the former Chicago mayor and chief of staff to President Barack Obama brought back his infamous quote from the 2008 financial collapse in an attempt to highlight that the government can learn from its mistakes when dealing crises.

    “Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Emanuel said Sunday. “Start planning for the future. This has to be the last pandemic that creates an economic depression. We’re going to have more pandemics, but this has to be the last economic depression.” –Fox News

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    According to Fox News, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is accusing Democrats of trying to extract concessions from airlines over their “carbon footprint,” with the economy hanging in the balance. “They ought to be embarrassed,” he said. “This is no time for this nonsense.”


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      1. Every one of them (Rebumlikin & Demoncrat) should be ashamed & embarrassed.
        They are all doing this crap.
        They ignore us and take care of themselves and their own – but not us.
        We’re better off without them.

      2. More Leftist BS. Not that we should be surprised … These folks like Schumer & Pelosi should be put on a pole like the Romans used to line the streets with. I just can’t understand how anyone with 2 cents of brains could think that they deserve to be in office .

      3. YouTube: search Yuri Brezmenov, Dana Ashlie 5g, Beborah Tavares “”, Rosa Koire “UN agenda 2030 exposed.”

        All is well here in the, “Normalised”, as per Yuri Brezmenov, newly communist, North Texas- sector of your “changed” Amerikka. Now A power hungry communists dream. No or little commerce. Everything shut down. Spooky empty of people.
        You have allowed them to isolate you.

        You people let the Libertards Liar Media shut down the entire country with Fear-Lies- and a Flu virus. To destroy the economy of America, that is Libertard Demoncrats Dream.
        They want you broke, out of work, controlled, unarmed. just like other commie hell hole “utopias”.

        You are being PLAYED. These Libertard Media sickos want this.

        The world shut down, Because of Liar Media and Power grabbing thieving Politicians. (Wonder how much the politicians will be making off those new contracts for “emergency supplies”?)
        Guess politicians got bored with destroying/taking down, all of the Historical monuments that stood since the Civil War? Is north Texas now politically correct enough? All the historical monuments gone. First they Take you Culture

        Yes there is a chicom flu. So get it. Or hide from it on a personal level. Deal with it, and move on. But don’t shut down the entire world for a blown out of proportion situation.

        * * * * China CCP-Liar Media-Power hungry politicians caused the chaos. Not just an INTENTIONALLY RELEASED chi-Com flu virus bioweapon spread rate test.
        The World’s reponse is worse than the flu it’s self.

        But no one sees any of this BS? Why?

      4. the democommunists are a bunch of lunatics

      5. Unfortunately it is not only Democrats that are being opportunistic about the coronavirus but Republicans as well! A bailout to the tune of $4 trillion for the Federal Reserve to dole out to whomever it chooses and $2 trillion to families.

        Bailing out these corrupt organized crime ring white collar criminals is getting nauseating. It is rewarding people for being corrupt, and rewarding businesses for failure and has the dangerous unintended consequence of preventing successful businesses from arising since they are incapable of competing with giant corporations on government welfare, the very same way that our corporations were unable to compete with Chinese corporations on Chinese government welfare.

        If a business is not profitable and if people are unwilling to use their money to support that business, the business has failed.

        The airline owned by Warren Buffett is being bailed out yet again, which is extremely offensive to the average American. If Warren Buffett was not required to pay TSA for harrassing his passengers, the business would be more profitable. The TSA exists strictly for the TSA. It has never prevented a terrorist attack and is an extreme 4th amendment rights abuse!

        Nobody needs Facebook or amy of the other tech companies, but particularly Facebook, whose average employee salary is $230,000 and Mark Zuckerberg has a 700 acre estate on Native Hawiian land that is all paid for by tax payers, which is obscene. If Zuckerberg made his fortune without gargantuan government subsidies, I would not be complaining, but he did no such thing. In fact, he ripped Facebook of from his high school, but couldn’t figure out how to do it, so connived his two room mates into doing it for him. He is a psychopath and a predator. How his psychiatrist Mother does not see that baffles the mind!

        Too make matters worse, Zuckerberg is not alone. It is the Silicon Valley mentality, encouraged by UCLA Berkley and Stanford.

        It is hardly surprising that those that demanded safe spaces when the election didn’t turn out the way that they wanted it to are now demanding total fascist control of everyone’s bodies for mandatory testing, vaccinations, and confinement!

        Where is the National Organization of Women in all of this? Do women only get to choose what is done to their bodies regarding sex and abortion but nothing else? What kind of women’s movement is that? Forced penetration is forced penetration and is rape as far as I’m concerned whether it is a needle in the shoulder, a swab in the throat or nose, brain raping directed energy weapons, or sexual assault.

        Sexual predation also includes surveillance. Do you ever hear any of these Silcon Valley women talking about women’s rights not to be surveilled which endangers our lives and property?

        No, in fact there was a female physician on Loud and Clear with John Kiriakou and Brian Becker today advocating for cell phone surveilllance of coronavirus victims. Producer Nicole Rousell is a fascist that has been trying to destroy my rights to choose what I do with my body that has the audacity to run a segment on the show alledgedly for womem’s rights claiming that all issues are womens issues, which must be true, unless the women on Loud and Clear disagree with you, and they will tell you what will be done to your body, whether you like it or not! It is the ultimate form of hypocrisy, and so is the entire show! The same goes for Patricia Gorky that runs a tech segment on the show! Too bad that she is not advocating for a women’s right not to be surveilled!

      6. What is taking place with the coronavirus in America by the Medical Mafia is nothing short of national terrorism! These are psychopaths that have obviously colluded to be mentally incompetent until all of the demands that they are seeking have been fulfilled while we are all held hostage, they don’t give a damn about life at all and should not be rewarded for their fascist terrorism! 

        It is not possble to believe that all of these long established companies were incapable of developing an accurate test kit! Did terrorists sabotage the test kits, or was this deliberate incompetency used to create a national emergency until all of their greedy and power grab demands have been met?! 

        The Medical Mafia currently commits $700 billion to $925 billion of medical fraud a year and medical error is the third leading cause of death in America.

        The Medical Mafia had its feelings hurt for being sued by state and local governments for the opioid crisis which they had created and was enabled by the FDA and congress.

        We have been held hostage by terrorist fascist psychopaths! 

        Death to the fascists!

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