Democrat’s Paradise In LA: Rotting Trash Piles Up, Attracts Rats & Disease

by | May 22, 2019 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    The homeless crisis in a democrat’s paradise, Los Angeles, California, is not improving.  Rotting trash is piling up in one of the country’s most liberal cities making it look like a third world apocalyptic hellscape complete with disease infested rats.

    The rat-infested piles of rotting garbage left uncollected by the city of Los Angeles, even after promises to clean it up, are fueling concerns about a new epidemic after last year’s record number of flea-borne typhus cases. Just when you think things cannot possibly get worse in L.A., threats of more medieval diseases because of rat infestation surface again.

    Residents and officials remain horrified at what they have allowed their city to become, however, no one wants to admit that the failures of democrat policies are to blame.  And now, things are worsening at a rapid rate.

    The city’s most notorious trash pile, located between downtown LA’s busy Fashion and Produce districts, continues to be a magnet for rats after it was cleaned up months ago, reported local affiliate NBC Los Angeles. The rodents can carry typhus-infected fleas, which can spread the disease to humans through bacteria rubbed into the eyes or cuts and scrapes on the skin, resulting in severe flu-like symptoms.

    “I can’t walk down the street without thinking that a flea could jump on me,” said Estela Lopez, who represents business owners in the area. Even after the trash pile was reported, the LA government said it could take up to 90 days to clean up the mess.

    “Trash and food waste attract rats,” said Dr. Jeffrey Klausner from UCLA. “It does pose a public health risk.” An out-of-control rat population can even lead to the spread of dangerous strains of salmonella and bubonic plague, he noted.

    These problems continue to arise because of California’s government-caused homeless epidemic. Government anti-poverty programs are a classic case of the therapeutic state setting out to treat disorders created by the state itself.


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      1. LMFAO!!!
        Only Liberal Democrats Crap in their own back yards… PRICELESS

        • What a joke. 1Qt of charcoal lighter and a match and it’s clean.

          • Instead of burning it all, how about trapping the rats, slaughtering them, and processing the meat into food for the homeless? In fact, those folks could be put to work in the rat-processing facilities. Some of these social problems can be interwoven to solve each other.

        • just a heads-up here, guys. i woke from my stupor yesterday, and realized i have seen at least a dozen dead ravens in the last week while riding my bike on my 15 mile a day routes. i never see ANY dead birds usually. it looks like that newcastle disease they got in LA area is gettin’ a good foothold. hope to hell it never goes bird to human…..but i betcha they now have the chicken-killer in overdrive……a few months ago they were burying thousands a day here in so cal. better fill the freezer with chicken, pork, and beef, while it’s still cheap. git some spam while yer at it!….but don’t stack it very high.

          • Good people should leave that evil place and let the scum rot in their filth.

            • soooo, i should just pull up stakes and leave my teenage sons with their mom?

              • Yes, idiot

      2. Give illegal aliens a choice of being transported to LA or back to their home. How many would choose to stay?

        • The worst day under an over pass in Los Angeles, is better than a day in Angeles city RPI.

          • rellik, I posted a reply to you in the 3D guns article.
            As for your solar question, have you looked at Northern Arizona Wind and Sun website?
            They helped me a lot when I couldn’t get the panel supplier to install and wire.
            One of the posters put the diagram on and saved me a lot of grief. Even saved me from buying extra equipment I didn’t need. Check their forums.

            • Ketch,
              I know of the places you mention.
              To be honest, guys on this web site(SHTFplan) have pointed me in directions that saved me thousands of dollars and the sites you mention aren’t them.
              But Thanks!
              I’m building a huge solar system( 10.6 kW will fry you easily), and anyway or any information to make it better is appreciated.

              • relik, me again lol. Just a fyi, be sure you use UL7403 rated PV wire in all your outdoor interconnects and anything that isn’t in conduit. Ebay has wire and MC4 connectors at great prices. I bought a new 500 ft. roll of 7403 PV wire for 125 bux! As far as battery connections I use welding cable because it is easy to work with (but the jacket isn’t as tough). What kind of inverter setup are you planning on?

                • To add, I always use #10 wire even if it is overkill. Did you tell me once that you bought the solar design and installation book from SEI? That has great wire sizing charts and sun charts and all the info you would ever need. It was 50 bux but might be out of print now.

                • Genius, beware of made in China Ebay MC4 Connectors and Solar Wire. Many of of the Chinese connectors will not even fit into a American or European MC4 connector without cracking. I have also seen the connectors fall apart because they have no UV protection in the cheap Chinese connectors.

                  I also use #10 solar wire on all my panels. However, you will notice that the Chinese solar wire has a smaller OD than American wire. That is because the Chinese wire has less insulation.

                  Most Chinese panels are good because they are made with robotics.

                  I gave Rellik a good place for solar panels, santansolar dot com I have had good luck with them as well.

                  • Red, Most panels are made in china, do you think they us American connectors? Nooooo. I have used hundreds of them without a single issue and same with the wire. They cannot sell PV wire with a UL 7403 rating if in fact it isn’t.

                    • Genius, The connectors on the panels are fine and up to spec for any other connector. The connectors that don’t work come in bags of 25. purchased on Ebay, made in China.

                      After I stopped using them started started buying connectors from solar stores, there were no more problems.

          • Angeles City PI. Was at Clark AB on R&R from Guam in 1987. AC was Sodom and Gomorrah shit hole. Then in 1991 Mt. Pinitobo erupted and buried the city in ash.

      3. Hopefully this trend of trash and disease will explode this summer in LA and spread to Chicago, SFO, NYC, Atlanta and every other democratic stronghold.

        • Democrapic stronghold.

      4. Sometimes it’s all by design. And sometimes they’re just to stupid to problem solve.

      5. Democrats suck,,,
        They deserve to live with the other vermin and druggies, what goes around comes around

      6. I thought all of the rats were coming up from south of the border

      7. I went to an outdoor event. Walked passed some homeless camp under an overpass. It smelled. Coming back we went a different way. It’s not just a problem in California, unfortunately.


      8. Add San Fran,Oakland S, Chicago,Detroit, Seattle,New York, Philly,Baltimore,St Louis……….the list goes on…….

      9. The other day I read somewhere that the cost of welfare for just the blacks alone in the USA exceeds $350 billion each YEAR. The story didn’t mention any other race.

        Ask anyone on a free handout and they’ll tell you it isn’t enough, but yet they all weigh 200+ pounds, [sarc] blame the white working males for all of the black unemployable whales LOL.

        And the cost of keeping the blacks only in prisons exceeds $8 billion each YEAR.

        Yet we needed to double the US population in 50 years. And for what, 100 million unemployable welfare mooooooochers. You still want to give the 40 million illegal aliens citizenship?

        • Good points. Blacks like to talk about reparations but they have already had that in spades. Let’s do the math:

          1) US welfare payments every year including free healthcare etc.

          2) Blacks are the majority welfare recipients in other Western countries including Canada, Sweden and France. They also receive free healthcare in these places.

          3) Trillions have been spent in Africa since the end of World War Two to lift blacks out of poverty.

          4) In many Western countries blacks commit the most crime and murders and are incarcerated at great expense disproportionately for their population.

          If you were to add all that up it would far exceed any value blacks would have generated during the brief period of trans Atlantic slavery.

          • Following the death of Lincoln, the Radical Republicans inflicted a form of affirmative action, upon the South, as a means of breaking their morale. Reparations was called Reconstruction. The irony was lost on noone. Both sides understood, plainly, that it was a form of psychological abuse.

      10. I have stated it before and will again. Show me a country past or present that has been run by blacks that has been successful? I have many black friends and would dive in a fox hole with them any day and have their backs when they need it.

        • Egypt

          • Unfortunately, all the best pyramids have flown away.

            If they can’t answer common real estate questions for HUD, I’m going out on a limb, and saying they shouldn’t do brain surgery.

      11. In the old days we had VAGRANCY LAWS, MENTAL INSTITUTIONS, and the political will to control our home environment. Allowing DISEASE, FILTH, CRIME, and other ills near your home is a politically correct DEMONRAT method of handling problems. CA has huge areas in the desert that have not been developed – 3 vagrancy tickets gets you a free pass to working incarceration at the vagrancy camp. Come-on politicians use your head for more than a hat rack.

        • Agree: in the past it just was not possible to loaf on the street and be a nuisance. These days, such people get free food and a free pass to behave like an a-hole all day long.

          Some politicians even want special constitutional provisions for these “vulnerable” people.

          Most of them need discipline and purpose and possibly a kick in the butt. At a minimum they should be taken off the streets and put into a boot camp and be made to do chores to support the real vulnerable, like old people.

          My wish: an obese, disgusting homeless black woman being woken up one day, put in overalls and her fat butt dragged to an old age home where she can clean colostomy bags all day long. Trust me, she will have a dream and plan for her life after a month of that.


          In much the same respect as asset forfeiture is abused, to raise cash, vagrancy laws were abused for sweatshop labor, commandeering people who had proof of employment.

          Even disgraced officials have been put in these halfway houses, for community service.

          I don’t feel that all people, everywhere, are equally capable. Sorry. It frankly doesn’t bother that there could be an underclass.

          Except, clever and fit people are put there, arbitrarily.

          Since when have we lived under a meritocracy.

      12. “Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.”
        — from Ecc 10

        “Let me have men about me that are fat, / Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o’ nights. / Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; / He thinks too much, such men are dangerous.”
        — Shakespeare’s “Caesar”

        Any of the thinkers and nose breathers and just wakeful people, here, have already been given poor reviews and were reported by the degenerate.

        People, who — by all rights — should be hidden from polite society, have already seized the initiative to get you railroaded.

      13. In one conspiracy theory, the Deep Sate would foment hot, civil, war, in hopes of globalist intervention. (Under Kigali?)

        Even if you are completely passive, under these living conditions, does it still qualify as a failed state, for legal purposes?

        For instance, you are required to provide a bare minimum of civilization, in order to get diplomatic recognition as a real country. Is that being provided, there, or not.

      14. The “homeless crisis” is deliberately planned and executed by the ruling elite, an elite who will NEVER have to deal with the criminality, the problems and the health issues that are the direct result of their insane, so called “compassionate” liberal policies.

        The ruling elite will never have to live with a homeless camp parked right next door to their house, condo, or luxury apartment.
        The ruling class do not use public transportation, consequently they will never have the experience of riding along on a bus with people who are yelling, filthy, diseased, scabies and lice ridden, and stinking of urine.
        The ruling elite will not be terrorized or experience violence when the “homeless” decide to flip out, shoot up, rob, or assault the people around them.
        The ruling elite will not use public emergency rooms, and be forced to wait for endless hours while ER staff wrestle, subdue and treat disruptive, violent vagrants.

        We’ve decriminalized drug abuse, and in some instances, legalized it. We decriminalized vagrancy and loitering, and legalized public camping.
        It’s now acceptable to camp, defecate, urinate, vomit, act out, scream, rant, rave, shoot up and terrorize people on public sidewalks.

        One hundred percent of the homeless are abusing drugs.
        You do not see out of work construction workers, factory workers, etc. sitting on sidewalks begging for money and defecating on the pavement.
        Stop the drugs, and you will end homelessness.

        We’ve decriminalized certain crimes associated with drug abuse because in the words of the ruling elite, “these people need treatment, not jail time.”
        Meanwhile, hard working tax payers, vulnerable senior citizens, and children are forced to suffer the consequences of having to co-exist among these violent addicts, sex offenders, and criminals.

        For the ruling elite, the positive side of tolerating the intolerable, is that the homeless industrial complex/the homeless industry, is that government and private NGO’s will pay and receive BILLIONS of dollars in order to “end homelessness.”
        It’s funny, but the more money we throw at homelessness, the worse the problem gets.

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