“Democratic” South Korea Set To Adopt China-Style Mass Surveillance System To “Track COVID”

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at Natural News under the title: “Democratic” South Korea Set To Adopt China-Style Mass Surveillance System To “Track COVID” – Is this coming to America?

    Once again, the leaders of a “democratic” Western-style country are using the COVID-19 pandemic to implement authoritarian control measures over their people, and it’s going to be control they’re never going to peacefully let go of.

    South Korean health officials, with the blessing of the country’s government, is “set to launch in January will test the tracking of citizens with artificial intelligence (AI) and facial-recognition software, via several thousand CCTV surveillance cameras scattered throughout the bustling city of Bucheon, just outside Seoul,” The New American reported.

    The system aims to monitor the movement and activities of around 800,000 citizens, an official told Reuters. The program is designed to identify COVID-19-infected residents, who they come into contact with, and how often they put on a mask.

    TNA noted that the system is not yet scheduled to extend to the entire country, but it is being hailed as a means of reducing the workload of human coronavirus contact tracers.

    Though it isn’t clear how infected residents will actually be identified — perhaps through an existing database or one the government plans to create specifically for the system — the city of Bucheon is actually funding the project, along with “the very Orwellian-sounding Ministry of Science and ICT (Information and Communications Technology),” the outlet reported.

    What’s even clearer is that this system isn’t necessary: The country has only recorded 4,456 COVID-related deaths since the pandemic began; throughout South Korea, there have only been about 536,500 cases out of a population of some 52 million people. And here’s another reality: “In a country where citizen surveillance is encouraged and supported by the majority of the population, it is not likely to receive much pushback from the people,” the outlet reported.

    Brookings Institute report from 2020 notes that South Korean authorities have implemented nationwide surveillance for other purposes as well, including tax fraud:

    Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the Korean government collected massive amounts of transaction data for investigating tax fraud. Literally, every credit card and bank transaction in Korea is recorded on government databases. During the outbreak, this information was repurposed to retroactively track where people went: not just coffee shops and restaurants, but also buses and subways (the latter two mostly paid for by cashless tools). For patient #10422, such transactions would have revealed visits to the supermarket and burger joint, allowing authorities to quickly quarantine and sterilize both locations.

    The system being set up in Bucheon has been declared legal by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, “as long as it is used within the realm of the disease control and prevention law.”

    Fortunately, TNA added: “Some lawmakers, however, are attempting to halt the project’s roll-out, citing invasion of privacy concerns.”

    One of them, Park Dae-chul, a member of the conservative People Power Party, told Reuters that “the government’s plan to become a Big Brother on the pretext of COVID is a neo-totalitarian idea.

    “It is absolutely wrong to monitor and control the public via CCTV using taxpayers’ money and without the consent from the public,” Park added.

    City officials say that citizens have to volunteer to take part in the surveillance system and those who choose not to do so won’t be monitored. And perhaps in South Korea, government officials can be taken at their word.

    But we know that in America, we have a deep state government intelligence/surveillance apparatus that doesn’t care about, and is not limited by, the Constitution’s privacy protections and other provisions designed to protect individual liberties. So such a system, were it to be implemented in the U.S., will definitely be abused, and mostly by Democrats.

    “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears,” George Orwell warned, noted TNA, noting further: “In a free democratic nation, this is really happening.”

    This technology is available in America, too. We wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not already being tested.


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      1. city’s with most 5G 2020

        Seoul, South Korea – 83 networks available

        Los Angeles, USA – 40 networks

        Jeonju, the 16th largest city in South Korea, has the fastest 5G speeds of any city.May 7, 2021

        Fundamental mechanisms of the interaction between biological material (humans)and electromagnetic fields at non-thermal levels are not fully understood.

        • It’s just a coincidence that the Covid virus appeared as the 5G system was being initiated and the outbreaks corresponded to the opening of the 5G service in the cities hit hardest by it.

          That’s science.

      2. What virus?

        • @Marcy, loved your comment!
          Yeah, what virus!?

        • The one on TV! 😛

      3. … This tech is only now being tested? Naw.

        Its been in use for years.

        Only now is it emerging from law enforcement and security agency use and abuse, to being openly applied for public social engineering.

        Propaganda isn’t enough anymore; soft power is for chumps. They want coercive power to flatter themselves.

      4. Got no respect for S. Korea. It has double the population and almost 40 times the economy of N. Korea yet rely on the US to help protect it (why is the US willing to risk the lives of our soldiers to guard S. Korea borders yet leaves our own borders virtually unguarded). If a nation doesn’t have the will to do what it takes to protect itself and survive it doesn’t deserve to exist. Furthermore, the birth rate has collapsed in S Korea to 0.85 in 2021 with more people dying than being born. More than 60% of married couples in S. Korea don’t have children. More than 3000 schools across their country have shut down simply due to no children yet the birth rate is continuing to decline. (Japan, most of Europe, all English speaking nations, and Russia, along with some smaller nations, are also experiencing demographic collapses of traditional populations in these countries.) And not only a huge drop in births but also marriages are becoming practically nonexistent.
        What is really interesting is the MSM reports the main reasons for low marriages and low birth rates is due to women choosing careers over marriage and deciding against having children. That’s only partially true. However, there are other factors. As countries that have authoritarian gov’ts and policies over the long-term, the birth rates eventually drop, this happens almost without exception in all of history. In reality, the number one cause of low marriages and low births and the number one cause of damage to the family is gov’t policies. We see this abundantly in the US. In fact, the gov’t and Dem. party hate traditional family, we are seeing the fruit of that. It is estimated by demographers that only about 30 % of males in the US between the ages of 18-34 will marry and/or have a family.
        N. Korea merely has to play a waiting game. Their dictator knows all this. He is young, and he can wait 20 years to take over S. Korea.

        • I agree this is a problem. Advanced economies, rightly, had policies to lower birth rates and raise living standards. These policies were very effective and living standards in advanced economies rose quickly and went high: the highest level in human history. But those policies were too effective. And they forgot to control the birth rates in third world countries, where we dumped surplus food, aid and vaccines/medicines. This increased the survivability rate in countries that could not support or govern themselves and their populations went exponential.

          Now the fastest growing population is in the worst place with the lowest IQ race grouping: black Africa.

          This exponential increase in population is occurring just at the time we do not need so many people because of AI, robotics and information technology. So, what do we do with all the black folks? Your guess is as good as mine. What I do know is this: Asians are very smart and hard working. They are not going to passively sit back and let black Africa get all the resources and over-populate the planet. At some point there is going to be a conflict.

          Some of the most beautiful and physically perfect women in the world are in Asia. We need more of them. We do not need more women with baboon butts, type 2 diabetes and the IQ of a snail.

      5. This madness is being perpetuated by the leaders of the Ancients called now-a-days the NWO and until we cut the head off the snake it will only get worse.

      6. How many people complaining about being monitored have voluntarily purchased MULTIPLE spying devices for themselves and their kids?
        How many people upgrade their spying devices every time upgrades become available?
        Be honest.

        • Not me.

          But I know plenty of folks with different ancestral heritage than me (Swiss, English, Choctaw, Cherokee, French, etc.) with great skills like Clarence Thomas & Ben Carson, that share my belief that my family must exercize discrimination (rational thought) when deciding when & where it is safe to travel. Big Brother monitoring our every move is NOT beneficial in a free country. Sure, the police can put chalk around my dead body quicker – but that doesn’t help me or my family.

          To those that can’t wait to inject a snide remark – basically I’m too old & have no desire to be involved in anything illegal.

      7. Wear a mask, sunglasses… I think you beat it.

        • And a Biden T-shirt lol. Make sure your mask is black and has BLM on it too (just not around here, you will be shot). Cameras etc. are not boolitproof ya know. From my understanding, if you put IR led’s around your license plate it keeps cams from reading it. Smart anything is for idiots. Fireworks are your friend. On and on and on….

      8. There are ways around ALL that shit. People are just to stupid to do it.

      9. And if the asians are chasing you just put a windshield in front of them, it blinds them immediately!

      10. Asian culture has never valued Democracy, they always have valued the Emperor as god’s chosen leader.

        • Why, all the martial artistry, warring clans, and fortifications, then?

      11. sonsoflibertymedia.com/south-korean-doctors-examine-pfizer-moderna-shots-when-warmed-discover-alive-moving-organism-video/

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