Democrat Presidential Candidate Agree: Obamacare Is A FAILURE

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    It seems like other than raising your taxes, the one thing Democrats can agree on is that Obamacare was a complete failure.  They have jumped ship and joined the rest of us who are already paying the insurance premium hikes that have come with the disastrous healthcare law.

    For the past eight months, healthcare has ranked atop the list of policy issues that concern Americans, according to The Washington Examiner.  But instead of making it more affordable by allowing free-market competition to take place, democrats want the government to take more control of the healthcare system eliminating your choice in the matter.

    One thing that all the candidates have in common is that they don’t support the Affordable Care Act in its present form. They either want to radically restructure and a massive expansion of the already admitted failed Obamacare law, or they want to abolish it entirely and force Americans into a single-payer plan that they have rebranded as “Medicare for all.”

    Moderates on the political Left want to incrementally expand government control by giving people “choices” such as a public option. Remember President Barack Obama’s famous line, “If you like your current health insurance, you’ll be able to keep it”? It won’t take long before people realize that taxpayer-subsidized insurance, through a public option or a Medicare buy-in, looks more financially attractive than private health insurance. It is impossible to compete with a tax-subsidized government program. Witness Medicare and the disappearance of private health insurance for senior citizens.

    If Congress passes a public option or a Medicare buy-in, say goodbye to private plans — even those paid for by employers. The Washington Examiner

    Along with the public Medicare option would be a massive tax hike and a huge surge in the already sky-high national debt. It is only a matter of time before all of the government’s promises ring hollow and the entire system collapses under its own weight.

    The one thing you won’t hear any democrat suggest is more options for those who actually buy and use healthcare insurance. That would just make too much sense, and too many people wouldn’t need the government to fix the problems caused by the government. Expect more control and less freedom in your healthcare in the coming years.


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      1. Well duh!

      2. Of which I am aware, Birther-ism was first attempted against McCain.

        Socialist medicine began as Romney-care, who wanted it to be single-payer (as Trump as suggested).

        Obama-care is the delivery mechanism for the Class 2 E medical implant.

        ID2020 is expected to be the next incarnation of RealID — now being inflicted upon migrants, homeless, and in India (also, as Trump has suggested.)

        The digital infrastructure was Pelosi and Schumer’s argument against the ‘egotistical’, physical monument of the wall.

        Complete Biometric Entry Exit VISA Tracking System

        So, why is Civil War being discussed, when both parties march in lockstep and borrow eachother’s talking points.

      3. I’m happy with my Obamacare–but “Medicare for All” might be a bit less complicated than having to reevaluate plans and sign up for Obamacare each year.

      4. Every Democratic Representative and Senator are along with the their partners the MSM are in fact enemies of the American people and the USA.

        These enemies need to be viewed as to what they are and treated accordingly.

        America cannot become a socialist country – blood will be spilled

      5. I don’t know of one person who signed up for Obummer care. NOT ONE.

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