“Demand Is Insane”: NYC Movers Turn People Away, Suburban & Rural Housing Snagged Up, As Big City COVID-Exodus Accelerates

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zerohedge. 

    The pandemic-induced summer of escape from New York continues at a moment violent crime is on the rise, restaurant and public venue closures make the city less appealing, public transit is reeling in debt, and remote working set-ups are giving those with means greater mobility.

    More worrisome trends… or rather signs of the times signaling that for many the gentrified Big Apple has as one family recently put it reached its “expiration date”. Two separate NY Times reports on Sunday detailed that moving companies are so busy they’re in an unprecedented situation of having to turn people away, while simultaneously the suburbs are witnessing an explosion in demand “unlike any in recent memory”.

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    And then there’s fresh data showing that during the pandemic Americans are fast getting the hell out of the more expensive “real estate meccas” of New York and New Jersey.

    First, New York City moving are reporting a rush of customers so high it feels like “move out day on a college campus”:

    According to FlatRate Moving, the number of moves it has done has increased more than 46 percent between March 15 and August 15, compared with the same period last year. The number of those moving outside of New York City is up 50 percent — including a nearly 232 percent increase to Dutchess County and 116 percent increase to Ulster County in the Hudson Valley.

    “The first day we could move, we left,” a dentist was cited as saying of the moment movers were declared an “essential service” by Gov. Cuomo late March. Her family moved to Pennsylvania where they had relatives.

    And second, the Times details the unprecedented boom in the suburban real estate as an increasingly online workforce is fed up with closures in the city, losing its appeal and vibrancy.

    National trends via Bloomberg

    July alone witnessed a whopping 44% increase in home sales among suburban counties near NYC compared to the same month last year, as the report details:

    Over three days in late July, a three-bedroom house in East Orange, N.J., was listed for sale for $285,000, had 97 showings, received 24 offers and went under contract for 21 percent over that price.

    On Long Island, six people made offers on a $499,000 house in Valley Stream without seeing it in person after it was shown on a Facebook Live video. In the Hudson Valley, a nearly three-acre property with a pool listed for $985,000 received four all-cash bids within a day of having 14 showings.

    Since the pandemic began, the suburbs around New York City, from New Jersey to Westchester County to Connecticut to Long Island, have been experiencing enormous demand for homes of all prices, a surge that is unlike any in recent memory, according to officials, real estate agents and residents.

    They’re not just fleeing for the suburbs or upstate, but also to the significantly cheaper and lower cost of living areas of the country like Texas, Florida, South Carolina, and Oregon, or to rural areas.

    COVID-19 is fast reviving American mobility on scales reminiscent of the mid-20th century. Bloomberg describes separately that “Far more people moved to Vermont, Idaho, Oregon, and South Carolina than left during the pandemic, according to data provided to Bloomberg News by United Van Lines.”

    Two charts via Bloomberg:

    “On the other hand, the reverse was true for New York and New Jersey, which saw residents moving to Florida, Texas and other Sunbelt states between March and July,” the report finds.

    General fear of living in densely populated areas, better enterprise video communications platforms making possible fully remote workplaces which in some cases are ‘canceling’ the traditional office space altogether, and a lack of nightlife or entertainment allure of big cities is driving the exodus.

    In addition to the aforementioned states, “Illinois, Connecticut and California, three other states with big urban populations, were also among those losing out during the pandemic,” according to United Van Lines data.




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      1. Big city TYRANTS like DeBlasio (D), Wheeler (D), Lightfoot (D), etc., have turned our once great cities into crony-run-hellholes. There seems to be no end in sight to the anti-Constitutional governance of these DEMONRATS. They completely disregard INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as listed in the Bill of Rights.

        VOTE and remember one more victory by the DEMONRATS will seal the fate of our nation. The socialist utopia they use to sell you on their idiocy is a pipe dream that will never happen. These are stupid people that do NOT know how to solve problems.

        • They sure know how to blame…solving problems takes too much effort and brain power.

      2. The people moving out of the cities are the same ones moving into small rural communities bringing their liberal ways with them! There are already several in my community (in the country) who complain of hearing distant gunfire and wanting laws put in place to do away with people shooting on their own country property “for the safety of the children”! It’s sickening and they are reminded that if they don’t like it, to leave! Regardless of what local folks say, the city dwellers (now country home owners) persist with their b.s., so it’s coming to every community – be prepared to deal with them.

        • Hope they have fire insurance (if ya know what I mean).

          • Hey G, hope all is well up there. Yep, NYC Rotten Apple has been a concrete sh!tHole for decades, decay and packs of aholes. If they come to FL stay on the E Coast please with your arrogant kind.
            I moved out of Tampa 5.5 Yrs ago for an Off the Grid Rural Compound in more Central N FL. Almost set up and raising rabbits and doing well. Built a rain catch and filtering the water keeps the livestock doing well. Rabbits will produce liters in 30 t 31 days. Built 3 large cages with 13 bays. Will start eating them about this Nov. I will sell off what I don’t eat or do not want to feed. They sell for $20 to $25 a head here. A little part time cashola to help pay for the feed.

            Been going nonstop since Mid March prepping twice as fast. Keep up on your perimeter Security. Motion detectors tall cattle fencing and barbed wire fence always with a locked gate. Deep in on a dead end street, and off of private roads and private rural subdivision with a private canal system. We have a FL GOP Gov who says there will NEVER be lockdowns ever again in FL, like this last plandemic scam. Demographics here are 98% white people in my FL County. Gun luvin, red neck good ol boys mud tires 4x wheelers and gators in the moat around my few acres of secure compound. I can catch bass and crappies from my fresh water property high up 45 Ft above sea level. Thanks to this SHTFP site and all the great peeps here like G above made for some great conversations and critiquing over the last 10 years. My BOL here now has 7 resident deer, 3 new baby fawns born here in June. What a treat to see these critters running and bouncing around. They come right up to me as I throw out some corn daily for them. Wild rabbits too and wild turkeys come to my front door as visitors. Best life style ever out in the country, all Off the Grid using Solar 100% for power now and no utility bills here in 5.5 Years and every ting is paid for in full. Only bill I have is auto insurance and food. Dumped the cell pone back in April. Same as a tracking device. Do not miss the cell phone at all. Off the grid laundry and put of clothes line for drying. Started prepping back in 2010 when Obama started his tyrannical gun bans. I accumulated all the liberty tools and copper and lead nutrients to feed the devices back in 2010 -11. It is amazing witnessing the panic when SHTF this March and lots of rural properties being sold as cities empty out. Seriously, Its takes 5 years to get set up from scratch for vacant land. I have a 5 year lead time on these new comers. Stay safe all, the hungry hordes of the unprepared will really hit this winter, and lots of homelessness will be evident an home foreclosures. I see a mass population move to the southern climates, as this winter will kill many especially if the grid fails, and it will. Many will freeze to death. Got your 5 cords of wood for the winter put back yet and wood stove installed yet? Get ready, no time to fiddle, and watch for more false flag grid downs and paid looters destroying cities into ashes. You were all warned for a good decade to get out of the big cities. I listened and glad to be in a good position today. Go here and down load the Free how to survive the coming collapse. The Global Reset Survival Guide by Mike Adams Health Ranger. Info is power and be the 10% that survives ans the rest perish. aka: ~WhoWuddaThunkIt

      3. I’m well traveled in Russia and eastern Europe (my wife is from eastern Europe), so I can tell you first hand what I’ve seen and been told by locals. Though the American public has been successfully propagandized to believe otherwise, the vast majority there hated communism and prefer what they have now, even with all its problems. They said under communism their lives on a daily basis was relentlessly stifling and frustrating, with complete official intrusion in one’s life (communism ultimately does not recognize the right to personal privacy in any form or circumstance). They hated how their lives were controlled by State like standing in lines all the time to get something, or afraid to speak their minds, absolutely no individual rights, and the poor quality of life. It was what we would say is a grind day after day, and nothing you can do about it.
        My wife is stupefied these snowflakes want socialized health care, She said she lived it, and it was lousy, except for connected and the party elites. She said these snowflakes are actually quite stupid, they have been successfully propagandized, and don’t realize they are in reality being controlled and activating for other people’s goals and purposes. These Marxists wannabes are using their rights to activate for a system that would immediately destroy these same rights, and put them in prison or a labor camp for even publicly voicing a personal opinion. How laughably stupid they are!
        If I was a Marxist communist or a dictator I would want a country full of the kind of people we have now. One half are easy to manipulate and control, stupid and unthinking, believe anything they’re told. The other half is easy to frighten and intimidate, and will passively watch their children placed in chains.
        The transformation occurring is not really based in Marxism. Marxism is the method used to bring about, then control the citizens of the country once the present system is sufficiently weakened. Their overarching, highest goal is to permanently alter the demographics and culture of the US and the West. The transformation is not for the benefit of the people, never has been. It is for a small number of people and their minions whose names and faces you do not hear about, massively wealthy, who have formed a huge variety of secret and quasi-secret organizations, “ciivil rights” organizations, control of the MSM, banking and finance, centers of learning, and official levers of power. These people are the ones making the calls.

      4. Many have been criticizing Trump for giving his RNC convention acceptance speech on the White House lawn for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 which prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. The act was later amended to prohibit state and local employees from engaging in political activity. In 1993 the act was amended to allow federal employees to engage in political activity.

        Since the 1993 amendment government employees including teachers, police, and fire fighters have abused the ability to engage in political activity to the extent that the government is no longer functioning in any capacity what so ever. 

        These individuals were hired to serve the public, but have been fully exposed as total tyrants demanding that the public serves nd obeys them, or else they will totally destrot America in a scorched earth policy literally burning the country down and refusing to go to work and do their job, or go to work and not do their job, while still demanding salaries for their tyranny, neglect, abuse, and defiance.

        The federal, state, and local government institutions have become so politically active, tnat political activism has become their main goal, and have clearly been proven incompetent to balance the ability to be politically active and do their jobs simultaneously. Schools have abused students, and citizens for non compliance in their political agendas, which have included a wide array of issues that these unelected fascist tyrants have decided and demanded that the entire country capitulates to their litany of demands and adopt their system of beliefs or they will simply throw temper tantrums.of rage and prevent anyone in the country from being able to thrive, succeed, or survive. 

        You are the worst examples in the world for Americas youth! You live high on the hog compared to the majority of your students, yet demand even more for yourselves, and produce the worst results in the industrialized world! 

        You have not even grown up yourselves so you certainly have absolutely no business of guiding children to behave like responsible adults! 

        This includes Tony Evers!

        You really believe that everyone exists simply to serve you! You demand more and more every year and produce less and less every year! 

        Now you are burning the country down and holding us hostage resulting in the destruction of families, individuals, and small businesses, in your Great Leap Forward cultural revolution based on scientific fraud and propaganda! 

        The Great Leap Forward in China resulted in the deaths of 45 million to 50 million Chinese, as fact inconvenient as that bitter pill is for you to swallow, now Kevin Barret is claiming that this was just CIA propaganda that they died, when even the Chinese government has recently acknowledged it, and other countries intelligemce agencies are totally aware of it as well!

        We do not need or want future generations to be brain washed with lies and propaganda! In fact, we cannot survive as a nation if they are! 

        Andrea Iravani

      5. New York got n#gged. And history shows us no city has ever come back better from being n#gged. The definition of being n#gged is when property is destroyed, people attacked and an atmosphere of crime and lawlessness permanently scars a city so that nobody wants to invest there or build long-term wealth.

        Detroit, LA, Zimbabwe, South Africa, etc. The examples are plenty. We are seeing a permanent shift of wealth and opportunity towards Asia. The women are better looking, the food is better, people work hard and smart, and important most of all, they control their borders so they don’t let in the riff raff that are destroying Europe’s and the US’s cities.

      6. INERTIA, a tendency to remain unchanged, is important in this discussion. Americans need to realize that conditions were horrible in these Demonrat-run-cities before people decided they must leave. DEMONRATS-run-governance will ruin your lives. Does any thinking person want to experience Mayor Wheeler’s(D) 100+ day riots in Portland, OR. Does anyone want to reside in the war zone we call Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago.

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