Deja Vu All Over Again: “The Coming Collapse Will Be Three Pronged”

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    This analysis was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform.


    Janet Yellen will increase interest rates for the first time in nine years on Wednesday. She isn’t raising them because the economy is strengthening. The economy just happens to be weakening rapidly, as global recession takes hold. The stock market is 3% lower than it was in December 2014, and has basically done nothing since the end of QE3. Wall Street is throwing a hissy fit to try and stop Janet from boosting rates by an inconsequential .25%. Janet would prefer not to raise rates, but the credibility and reputation of her bubble blowing machine is at stake. The Fed has enriched their Wall Street benefactors over the last six years, while destroying the real economy and the middle class.

    The quarter point increase will be reversed in short order as soon as we experience market collapse part two. It will be followed with negative interest rates and QE4, as these academics have only one play in their playbook – print money. They created the last financial crisis and have set the stage for the next – even bigger collapse. John Hussman explains how their zero interest rate policy has driven speculators into junk bonds as the only place to get any yield.

    Over the past several years, yield-seeking investors, starved for any “pickup” in yield over Treasury securities, have piled into the junk debt and leveraged loan markets. Just as equity valuations have been driven to the second most extreme point in history (and the single most extreme point in history for the median stock, where valuations are well-beyond 2000 levels), risk premiums on speculative debt were compressed to razor-thin levels. By 2014, the spread between junk bond yields and Treasury yields had fallen to less than 2.4%. Since then, years of expected “risk-premiums” have been erased by capital losses, and defaults haven’t even spiked yet (they do so with a lag).

    Years of excessive risk taking, spurred by the reckless Fed policy convinced Wall Street to issue billions in junk bonds, just as ridiculously low rates from 2001 through 2005 spurred billions of subprime mortgage issuance. Wall Street has no care about clients, investors, or the impact on the economy. They care about fee generation and dumping their toxic sludge on someone else. The junk bond market is imploding and any muppet who has been lured in during the last two years is getting slaughtered.


    The entire shale scam was funded with easy money and junk bonds. The dozens of companies who issued billions in junk bonds weren’t profitable at $80 oil. They are plunging towards bankruptcy at $36 oil. The amount of mal-investment created by the Federal Reserve over the last six years is almost incomprehensible. The tremors in the junk bond market portend another Lehman moment in the near future.

    From an economic standpoint, the unfortunate fact is that the proceeds from aggressive issuance of junk debt and leveraged loans in the past few years were channeled into speculation. Excess capacity in energy production was expanded at the cyclical peak in oil prices, and heavy stock buybacks were executed at obscene equity valuations. The end result will be unintended wealth transfers and deadweight losses for the economy. Since the late-1990’s, the Federal Reserve has actively encouraged the channeling of trillions of dollars of savings into speculation. Recurring cycles of malinvestment and crisis have progressively weakened the resilience and long-term growth prospects of the U.S. economy.

    The coming collapse will be three pronged as stocks, bonds, and real estate are all simultaneously overvalued. Junk bonds are the canary in a coalmine. High end real estate in NYC has topped out. New and existing homes sales growth has stalled out. Retailers desperately slash prices to maintain sales, while destroying their profits. Corporate profits are falling. The stock market is teetering on the edge. If you can afford to lose 50% of your retirement savings, now is the time to buy some Facebook, Netflix, Google, or Amazon on margin.

    Given the valuation extremes we presently observe in the equity market (see Rarefied Air: Valuations and Subsequent Market Returns), our view is that spiking yields in the junk debt market are a precursor of significant losses in stocks, as we’ve observed in other market cycles across history.

    At current valuations, the notion that “There Is No Alternative” (TINA) to zero-interest cash is profoundly incorrect. The only thing that equities offer here is to promise wider extremes of panic, despair, excitement, and hope over the coming 10-12 years, on the way to overall returns no better than safe, liquid cash equivalents are likely to achieve.

    Over the last two decades the Fed’s interventionism has created artificial booms and real busts. Their dreadful mistakes are “fixed” by currency debasement, lower interest rates, and money printing – creating even worse mistakes. They have successfully gutted the American economy and left a hollowed out shell.

    Moreover, as we should have learned from the global financial crisis, when the Fed holds interest rates down for so long that investors begin reaching for yield by speculating in the financial markets and making low-quality loans, the entire financial system becomes dangerously prone to future crises. If the Fed’s mandate is really to support long-run employment and price stability, the first priority of Congress should be to rein in this cycle of activist Fed intervention; to end the Fed’s ability to promote yield-seeking speculation and malinvestment that only produces inevitable crises and weakens long-run U.S. economic prospects.

    Bernanke is no hero. He did not save us. He saved his cronies on Wall Street and their captured politician lackeys in Washington DC. The unholy alliance between central bankers, corporate America, and corrupt politicians resulted in Glass Steagall being repealed and allowing Wall Street to run roughshod over our economic system, reaping riches during the good times and heaping the inevitable losses onto the backs of taxpayers. That’s the new American Dream.

    Some would argue that the Federal Reserve “saved” us from the global financial crisis. I couldn’t disagree more. My view is that the financial crisis was caused because the Fed overly depressed interest rates in the early 2000’s, encouraging investors to reach for yield in mortgage securities. In response, poorly regulated financial institutions, with banks free from the constraints of Glass Steagall, and other institutions having inadequate capital requirements, created a huge mountain of new, low-grade mortgages in the frenzy to create more “product.” The easy lending created a housing bubble, but someone had to hold the mortgages when they went belly-up, and those holders were banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, and individuals. As the mortgages went into foreclosure, banks had to mark the value of those mortgages to market value on their books, to the point where the value of their assets was less than the value of their liabilities: insolvency.

    The liquidation of insolvent criminal Wall Street banks would have set the country back on the path to legitimate recovery. Instead, the ruling class chose accounting fraud, QE to infinity, and screwing senior citizens with 0% interest rates.

    In hindsight, the financial crisis actually ended – precisely – in March 2009. How? The Financial Accounting Standards Board changed rule FAS 157 and overturned the mark-to-market requirement, instead allowing financial institutions “significant judgment” in the way they valued their assets: often called mark-to-model (or as some of us call it, mark-to-unicorn).

    John Hussman warned those who chose to listen in 2000 and 2007 about the impending collapses. He has been warning those who choose to listen for months again. This market has gone nowhere in the last 13 months. It’s about to go somewhere, and that is DOWN. Remember 2000 and 2007. Enjoy the trip – deja vu all over again.

    In the absence of clear improvement in market internals – and last week was categorically opposite to that – I view the stock market as being in the late-phase of an extremely overvalued top formation that will likely be followed by profound losses over the completion of this market cycle, and the U.S. economy as being on the cusp of a new recession.

    For more financial news, analysis and commentary visit The Burning Platform.


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      1. “Panic”
        “Investors are panic-buying stocks, panic-selling bonds, and panic-pumping-dumping-and-pumping crude this morning…

        The machines are in charge…

        What happens next?

        With humans on the sidelines and algos in charge, this week with The Fed and quad witching should be ‘eventful’.”

      2. Just a recurring nightmare.

        • YAWN….. If .25% is going to collapse the United States, then we never had anything to begin with.

          In the 1980s home mortgage interest rates were about 14%. In the 1990s they were about 9% then in the 2000s there went to about 6-7% now in the 2010s they are about 3-5%.

          That alone shows how worthless the American Dollar has become.

          • Or just how bad the big banks were bending over everyone for years.

            • Agreed John. The business cycle is over. The bubbles are collapsing under their own weight even with low rates. The FED will keep tightening gradually through the next year to year and a half to get rates up to a more normal level; while the markets deleverage and the BK’s sort themselves out over the next five years.

              This one will be slow and painful. 🙁

              • Once upon a time, years ago, mortgage rates were 3-4% and that was the norm. Today the demographics for housing are over, prices are high on a per square foot basis, and demand is low.

                The dollar is still KING and will remain so for some time as the Globalists shift excess world production to Mexico.

                That’s the PLAN as long as the creek don’t rise, WW III starts in earnest, and TRUMP doesn’t become President. 🙂

          • You mean during carters reign they were 14%
            Before him and after him they averaged 8-10% which is a reasonable rate until 2003 when they suddenly halved due to the Iraq War. This is not an indication of the dollars worth but an indication of the corruption at the banker level and the fact tha we no longer had a working economy and tax revenue needed to be raised to cover shortfalls. So build lots of new houses and tax the crapola out of people began

          • This guy is as good at fear porn as Jeremiah Johnson.

      3. apocalypse was all but guaranteed when you took out your credit card and leveraged your over-priced homes to spend it all on chinese-made(“made in china” IS a warning-label, you know)crap, america(ns). only the TIMING is still in question.

        • Don’t forget TAXES. I paid my house off last year so I have to pay property tax in full at the end of the year. Most people don’t realize how badly they get buttfucked on property taxes because it is included in their mortgage payment and escrow.

          • That’s why it’s good to own an older home. My property tax is only a few hundred dollars.

            • Jeez, mine went up almost $500.a yr to 4200.[60×115 lot] because of a new high school and expansion of services. They’re taxing the old folks right out of our little western Wisc. city. I’m not certain I can even sell our home at a decent price because the Prop. taxes are so high. At least the home’s pd. off. cheers

            • That is why I opted for 14 acres in the country (TX) $11 per year under Ag Exemption (hay). They also had a wildlife exemption tied to Ag exemption rates.

          • It’s the same tax whether in escrow or paid separately. Just save the amount taken for taxes from former mortgage. If it is too much to afford, move where taxes are lower.

            I moved from where my taxes were $5,000 a year, forested land with 12 acres in a 4 bedroom home built in 1990. I moved to a nice home in another state. I am charged $400 a year for property taxes, but my state has a rebate program for homestead occupancy and lower income so I only pay half, $200 a year for 4 acres of forest, 3 bedroom home built in 1996, a 2 car garage, near many lake accesses for great fishing and hunting and thousands of public forested lands surround me. There is QUITE a difference in where you live.

            • There is a lot of advertising of foreign countries where it “cheap” to live. I speak Spanish and lived in Mexico. I realized if I lived at the same standard where taxes are low… I could do better in the US (for now). Especially while used items were so prevalent and cheap. I am about there. Not as prepped as I need… but moving that direction.

              • I went on a vacation to Belize. The beach was nice, but the trip inland let us get to know the people and the countryside.

                Turns out Belize has been a favored bug out spot many times over the years. Chinese from Hong Kong built entire gated towns when they realized Hong Kong was going to the communists. Many wealthy have large places there. The preserve we stayed at was owned by a billionaire. By renting out a few bungalows to bird watchers, and running a little resuraunt he could maintain a staff, generator, buildings and the property. The only way in or out was an all day truck ride with 4 wheel drive on dirt roads, or a chopper. We took the truck.

                Turns out there’s a small compound somewhere in Belize that was built by people escaping almost every socioeconomic disaster or war in the world. The governments policy, if you have money you too can become a citizen.

                Most people that live there outside the towns or off the main roads don’t even have electricity. Many have a solar panel or two and a 12 volt battery. They cook with wood or propane.

                • Plan Twice, Prep Once
                  Sounds nice. I have looked at photos and read a little about Belize. A friend of mine was looking to going there with her husband and wanted me to get interested (my research bug: family and friends use and abuse). They are going to Kentucky instead… his family.
                  Do you think you will go there? It is a lovely spot and imagine growing a tropical garden!
                  one of my customers kept going on about Panama or Homer, Alaska. I got to reminiscing about Homer and Alaska. Homer is pretty remote. For growing food, though, Matanushka Valley.

                  • It’s an entirely different survival paradigm in Belize, I can grow things and survive in most of the US. Surviving in Belize requires a lot of basic knowledge I don’t posses.

                    Belize is a poor country, in a global crash it’ll get very poor. Gun laws there suck. If you have a good 401 k etc it might be nice to retire there. You would be a have, among have nots, and limited ability to defend yourself.

                    They are great people, but that could change rapidly. A bug out location so far away is only of value if you can actually get there.

                    • Hi Anonymous,
                      I lived in Mexico when it nationalized dollar accounts and then devalued the peso. Guns were banned. The towns I saw had military with machine guns on every corner. I was a have with have nots all around. That is when I donated a land and school. Still, it was farmland and more people ate than in the city. A little girl started following me around to run errands and wait on me. When I got that she needed to eat… I fed her and clothed her and put her in school. She could run errands after she finished homework. I was glad she was able to marry “up” and had a bit better life. I don’t know how Belize would be, my friend’s husband was not on board like she said and I already bought 5 acres here, I was a bit miffed that she wanted to contravene her husband and put me in the middle.

                      But yes, it can be hard to be around such poverty that parents are happy to hand their child to you so they can eat.

                • I would go for the helicopter… the helicopter rides on Maui are so fun… drop me in one of those remote valleys and come get me next year. Once a hundred years ago took a plane ride into the Grand Canyon… awesome. I don’t think they allow it now. Have you been to Machu Picchu? I have always wanted to go there. Son is hauling me to Ireland in the fall. Can’t wait.

      4. We all can feel something bad is about to happen. I wonder what our wonderful fed will do when it does? At what point does printing money not do a damn thing?

        When confidence is lost then it is game over. I wish I had a crystal ball to figure out the timing. I posted six months ago that I was hearing interest rates could go as high as 18 percent. I also posted that the EBT system was going to go down for two weeks. That has not happened yet but it came from people I consider reliable. Let’s see what happens and keep prepping.
        I wonder what holiday sales will be like?
        I wonder how many more terrorist attacks are going to happen?
        I wonder how far the gun control agenda will get?
        I wonder when we will end up in world war 3?
        I wonder when the dollar stops being the reserve currency?
        I wonder what countries default first?
        I wonder if there will be attacks on the power grid?
        I wonder if there will be an EMP?
        I wonder if this country is the great Babylon spoken of in the bible?
        I wonder if an EMP is what will cause merchants world wide to cry and say where will we sell our goods now?
        I wonder if what type of country we will become after the fall?
        I wonder if we are in the end of days?
        I wonder will there actually be nuclear war?
        I wonder if there will be martial law?
        I worry about medical supplies for my son when the system crashes?
        I worry about people here I have come to know and respect?
        I worry about the pain that friends and family are going to have to endure?
        I worry about the hate that people have for each other?
        I worry that there are no people with the character to establish a good and free country on the other side of this?

        I hope and pray that we all succeed in the times that are coming. I hope and pray that the hate stops. There are good and bad people in all groups and races. There are good and bad in all professions. No one person is responsible for the situation we are in. We must have good leaders on the other side of this thing. We must be able to band together to win what is coming and to ensure something good and free comes out of it.

        If we don’t band together and put away our hate all is lost. Everyone has different opinions about races, jobs, money, religions, ect. We must be able to get past our petty differences if we care about people and this country.

        • I worry about if the, New England Patriot’s are going to win the Superbowl.

          • Ahhh, bread and circuses…the Amerikan way.

            Same shit, just another day.

          • I seriously worry about the Seahawks winning the Superbowl. Nathan Leal had a vision of newspaper headlines reading Seattle Celebrates and then seeing the city burning. Have relatives there.


          • The Patriots win win the Superbowl. I guarantee it.

        • The time to worry and wonder is almost over. See y’all on the battlefield!

        • Mike,

          ditto. Dear Lord, God, Jesus please save us.

        • Mike in VA,

          I share many of your concerns.

          I wonder what kind of country and future our children and grandchildren will face.

          Re: “I worry that there are no people with the character to establish a good and free country on the other side of this?”

          I pray good and strong leaders will be there.

        • Mike in VA,
          I worry about the hate more than the rest of your list. With hatred for everyone who disagrees, nothing good will arise from the ashes of this mess. 320 million human beings all have different ideas. The criminals at the top need to go to jail. That can be agreed upon and they break the law.

        • mike in va
          i worry that people don’t have any respect for each other any more. when we had the great depression, people were for the most part respectful, and the country went through it together, same with wwII…but now, in the greatest depression, i see 2 to 3 generations of entitled people, just look at black-eye-day videos and see the walmartians kickin’ the shit out of each other to get some fallin’ apart, made in china piece of crap. and like you, i wonder if people will follow good leaders when they present themselves….there WILL BE MANY bad leaders out there, so be careful who you follow into the new age.

      5. What comes first, financial collapse or war? They ‘may’ throw the wheels off the cart with interest rate hikes (and I do believe they will go negative at the first sign of a downturn) but they can always start the big war to get peoples mind off of their 401k’s and their kids next meal. Just remember, the longer it goes the more preps we can get….

        • The Great Depression kicked off with the market crash of 29 lasted through the 30’s, WW2 kicked off with Nazi and Japanese expansion in the 30’s. The war was already in play when the US joined in. By this time the depression was about over. It felt like the depression continued because so much was diverted to war.

          Many believe the real event that ended the Great Depression for the US was the discovery of oil at big top in Texas. Cheap energy is a great lube for a hurting economy..

      6. I wondered what immigration was really about until I ran across this:

        he mongrelization and deliberate destruction of European identity and the white race, worldwide, has always been the goal of the European Union (EU). Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, whose ideas was the inspiration for the EU and the European “integration project”, wrote in his book ‘Practical Idealism’ that:

        “The man of the future will be a mixed race. Todays’ races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing space, time, and prejudices. The Eurasian Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with the diversity of individuals.”

        According to his own biography he was a Freemason. In 1924 he came in contact with Max Warburg through Baron Louis de Rothschild who offered to finance the movement of the EU for the next three years giving him 60,000 gold marks.

        Warburg remained seriously interested in the movement his entire life and served as an intermediate man to bring Kalergi in contact with influential personalities in America such as bankster Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch.


        The further down the rabbit hole you go the more interconnected these people are who spent their lives in pursuit of the destruction of mankind. Rothschilds fingers in everything….to this day.

        BTW: If you want to see what the ultimate goal of what the intermixing of people will look like, turn on your TV today and take a close look at the Superintendent of Schools of Los Angeles….

        • MMD.
          You know the score.

        • MMD,
          These people intermarry and marriages are still arranged. One of the latest arranged marriages was Hilton and Rothschild. Yep pretty much all related somewhere. Keep the occult bloodline, power and money among the few.

          • It is the traditional, old-fashioned practical view of marriage. Love and romance are pretty new on the scene. It is our demand for romance that causes so much divorce. People don’t want solid loving partnerships… they demand perennial tingle.

      7. He’s got big ears.

      8. MMD, Yep, the founding fathers of the fed reserve. The mudrace agenda has been quoted as part of the tribes plan for a long time. Mix the more intelligent races with the moron races for an outcome of more controllable, dumbed down sheep. It apparently is working too….

      9. good, it has to happen, sooner the better, only chance to wake the coward zombies fascist boot lickers up

        • Ya they will wake up and cry to the govt. for help. Makes me wanna puke!

          • There will not be a government left after this collapse, the coward boot licking Zombies are on their own, just like in the Walking Dead. Their souls and their children have been handed over to psychopathic genocidal criminal New World Order Corporatist Fascist Globalist monsters for materialistic consumption madness, addicting poisonous toxic fake food, mindless entertainment, and lots and lots and lots of booze, and billions and billions and billions worth of Big Pharma poison to numb the coward chemically zombie trash of America, all predicted long ago by Huxley in Brave New World. If he only knew how soon it came. Of course the coward zombies need the depressant of alcohol and the poison of Big Pharma, when you sell your children’s health and future to criminal psychopathic globalist evil shit stain unhuman monsters, like almost ALL the cowardly child abusing trash of collapsing America have, you are going to need a lot of mind numbing substances to keep from going insane or committing suicide for the INTENTIONAL horror, pain, suffering, and Corporatist Fascist Totalitarian future you are leaving the children you should of NEVER had. The cowardly souls of ALL these child abusing fascist boot licking zombies of collapsing America will roam the earth for eternity, right along with the souls of other cowards from history past, who sold their children into slavery and fascist hell for their own selfish pleasures.

        • Hi Jan, thanks for the link. I am aware of these indicators and know it is over for a long time. I worry about what will happen to us. Prepping is what we need but as I watch the snow and high winds outside, I know it is not enough. I wish my trees were online, my gardens bigger, my ducks in a row. As unprepared as I feel, I am no doubt in the top 10 percent. Who has an army to protect themselves? I don’t.

        • If you want a true view of economic times then look around your town. In my city RESALE and SECOND HAND stores are popping up everywhere. More and more people are shopping second hand resale rather than buy new.

          A sign of peoples economic times.

      10. Economy is unpredictable as it’s a gamble more less… .

      11. It’s not just the poor or middle class wealth they are after. What part of they want it all don’t some people get.

      12. I saw an article which said to look for a .50% rate increase, not .25%.

        We’ll see early tomorrow afternoon, at 2:00 PM.

      13. At least once a day for the six or seven years I’ve been on this site, someone has been predicting the economy was going to collapse a week from tomorrow, if not sooner.

        For six or seven years, the economy has muddled along. Sooner or later, one of you authors is going to be correct. By random chance, it will collapse the day after your article appears. I’ve taken prudent measures. But I don’t believe any of you actually knows what the fuck you are talking about. You all have “by subscription only” websites to sell. Or books. Or “counseling sessions with the master.” So for most of you it’s equally likely that your articles are just clever marketing as it is that you know any more than the rest of us do.

        • You really need to look at the actual numbers, we are in a recession already.

          In seven years employment participation and average salaries have not increased, they are in fact at decades lows. In every community in America except the most prosperous, homes are in foreclosure at record rates and commercial real estate vacancies at all time highs. Did you know that since Obama became president that not one new bank has started up in America, though many have gone belly up?

          We are already in the crash that everyone is talking about. You are the frog in the pot on the stove heating up slowly enough that you fail to notice you are being cooked alive. Either that or you are an Obama bot just doing what Obama bots do!

          • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

            I watched some banking committee hearings a couple months ago with Elizabeth Warren. .. interesting stuff. Loss of smaller banks is a factor of the acceleration of Big Banks writing regulations (through their attorneys) that depress competition. Regulations are enforced against community banks but Big Banks get Deferred Prosecution Agreements. Obama has continued this practice instituted by Bush (nonenforcement). However the change of banking laws has been going on for decades. This mess is deeper than Obama and wider than Libruls. Republicans just pushed through a $15 trillion up bailout. Elizabeth Warren was the only one screaming. Do I “idolize” her? Nope. I am glad that there is one elected that represents citizens.

            • Rebecca,
              I couldn’t agree more.
              I do have to put a lot of it on Obama and his fascist regime. Under Obama there has been an explosion of over 24000 regulations written that fill over a half million pages. It’s an all time record. No president in history has burdened the US with so much costly regulation.

              Americans don’t realize it but they could go to prison or be heavily fined for violating some of these rules, and not knowing you violated these rules is no excuse.

              In a flagrant disregard of the law Obama hasn’t even been submitting these regulations to the congress since 2013.

              They say the average American farm now must do an average of 10 hours of paperwork a week to remain in compliance with new regulations. The total lack of small business startups in the US owes a lot to over regulation. I do believe Obama is doing this on purpose to destroy our economy.

              • Plan Twice, Prep Once,

                I don’t like what Obama has done. I focus more on Republicans because there seems to be this general amnesia of the horrors of Bush/Cheney and an idolization of Trump that strikes me as bizarre. Every time I read that Trump is gonna save us I feel frustrated. Forfolks that claim they are awake… idolization of politicians is not going to solve our problems.

                I love my little BOL and enjoy getting it prepared for self-sufficiency to the extent I am able. I read both Preppers and Permies sites. By the way, Acid Etch asked this “cunt”

                what the hell is a permie. Permies are left-wing preppers buying land and
                farming/gardening/getting self-sufficient. They don’t buy any more from the market economy than they have to, they hate the banksters and their minions. All are armed and expecting trouble. Their shtick is creating a new economy that cuts out all the Bigs.

                Me? I don’t think I am exactly in either camp. I draw from both. Not much of a group person, I like individuals or not. Preppers watch the news more, and help keep informed. Preppers focus mostly on surviving crisis and preppers more on what they are creating for afterward. I feel like I can use both viewpoints. I hate the Hatfield and McCoy’s feeling from extremists on both sides. Puhlease… we will have enough trouble survive our government and NWO.

                • Sorry… Permies focus more on recreating our economy for afterwards.
                  For me, I like individuals, or not. I don’t see people as groups and can’t imagine shooting “all” of any group unless they were here trying to take my home. Not likely to be right or left, just cold, hungry, dangerous people I would have to shoot. Survival.

        • your problem, wally, is that when it DOES finally get here, it’s going to be the END of your TV, hot-tub parties,school for the children, vacations to far-away places, nice walks through the countryside without paying attention to who/what’s around you, visits to the store, sleeping peacefully……you get the idea….it didn’t HAVE to be that way, if we had picked up our pitchforks 15 or 20 years ago, and MADE our politicians follow the RULE OF LAW in america…hope yer READY!

        • Yes, prepping is highly monetized. Everything is this country has become monetized. I hope you haven’t spent your hard earned money on prepper sites. You are mortgage-free, right? You have water security and have been gardening so long your fruit trees will need replacing soon? As for life skills you are Daniel Boone incarnate, nearly as good as my dear old dad? Even without an apocalypse for every human in this country, the worst has already gone into effect for about half of our brethren. You may agree with Huckabee that we could just sell them into slavery (although God knows I don’t want another mouth to feed and have no belief in the efficacy of slave labor). I believe that we will slide into the same pond… except those who own a piece of land, and can feed ourselves. .. and still pay whatever fines/taxes there are for being relatively insolvent. Our economy is credit based… it cannot last.

        • Oh Wally, I reread your post. What you want is Melodrama and not the deepening tide of despair. I get it. If you get drowned by the tide you cannot claim to be better than those who drowned before you. If you go down in a big melodrama. .. it won’t be your fault. If you make it through… hah!

      14. “Prong”. lol.

      15. Markets have already baked in the results of the Fed meeting. I don’t think they will raise. Makes no difference because this baby is going down either way. They can influence the daily markets but not in the long run.

      16. @ buttcrack

        Get that softball I shoved sideways up your ass out of your ass … if you can.

        @ the rest of the True Believers here

        You don’t know a thing about me. I’m better prepped, to include know how as well as stuff, than most of you. Any of you lard asses stepping outside with me would get a free ticket to the ER.

        And cslls that “we should have done something 20 years ago” just show how out to lunch the person speaking is. The problems with our polity and economy aren’t local or electoral. They are designed in structural. Simply voting some political weasel in or out wouldn’t have made one iota’s difference.

        For instance, Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution giving them authority to tax gave them authority for coercion and theft forever. What, oh wise one, are you gonna “do” about that?

        For six generations the power elite’s curriculum designed to create good wage slaves, debt serfs, and cannon fodder has been doing that in your neighborhood schools. I scan the news quite closely. I’ve never seen any of you “we should have done something” types doing anything about that.

        The “War on Drugs” was the prelude to a militarized law enforcement and the abrogation of our civil rights. You beer drinkers probably cheered on the thugs rousting the potheads. Some of you ARE the thugs rousting the potheads. Congratulations, hero, you got what you asked for.

        Enjoy the fullness of those softballs wedged up your sphincters. It will be amusing watching y’all writhe around trying to remove them.

        • As far as creating wage slaves in our school systems, I had conversations with my son many times about that. It is what you teach your children that shows up under stress. When my son got too much stress as a wage slave, he bought a business. He is using his current large income to look for acreage for a family compound. Nothing wrong with wage slave training if it gives you a start. I would guess my son did not believe me when I talked to him about that… no matter… he knew it and accessed that knowledge when he needed it. Parents have to train their children. People abdicate too much to the school system.

      17. There are no human beings capable of leading any nations in this world without relying truthfully, spiritually and believing that we have the Savior Who is the Creator of mankind and to realize that He can if He decides to can speak the word and all mankind will exist no longer. But when you have the big head and think you know it all then you see the ignorance and the stupidity and the foolishness of what you call leadership of this world.

      18. I have been looking forward to this for some time. It was bound to end with an almighty descent into deflation, and then, in a blind panic, they will print and print to get growth again. We will have QE to infinity, helicopter money, negative interest rates, and most of the population will have to be put on a monthly government stipend just to keep them alive.

        By 2020, society will be split between a small financial elite and technocratic elite and the rest. The rest will live on government stipends and live ignorant, sad lives plugged into their devices and fed GMO food. Eventually, most will die of cancer and other diseases.

        • My guess is government stipends for the “rest” will end by 2020 or so. All of that depends on a middle class to subsidize the poor so that they are pacified and not rebelling against the elite. Because I read the Georgia Guidestones, my guess is that the 90 percent decrease in population is less likely to come from economic crash than a plague… but I am a biologist and I think like one. Plagues kill more people than wars, and a man made plague with protection for the few… solves a lot of problems. Moving away from cities might help on this one, but no guarantee. A plague has plausible deniability. This is why you see so many leaders giving up national sovereignty…. it won’t matter afterward.

          • The easiest way to spread plague in great numbers is through our water supply. I do want to have water security sooner than later. Because the most virulent plagues kill their hosts off too quickly to spread effectively, water supply is optimal in dense urban areas. Do you really think the elite wants to live in a crazy dangerous world with 7 billion starving and armed people?

      19. Stardate: 46254.7

        The humans from earth intelligence measurement study shows that they are all withing the range classified as dumb. Also, the corruption gene runs rampant throughout the entire species. A tiny percentage of new humans are of above average intelligence registering slightly above dumb, just being able to touch the stupid range. It will take a minimum of 500 earth years for humans to evolve from dumb to stupid. Suggest no direct contact with this substandard species for a minimum of 1000 earth years. Samples required for all ongoing research projects may be obtained as required providing standard protocols are observed.

        Exoplanet Studies

        • Thanks for the laugh.

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