Defunct Nuclear Power Plant on California Coast Is a ‘Fukushima Waiting to Happen’

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    This report was originally published by Carey Wedler at The Anti-Media

    San Onofre, CA — A nuclear power plant in Southern California that was shut down in 2012 continues to leak radioactive material and poses a threat to nearby communities.

    The aging San Onofre, located in San Clemente, CA, was shut down in 2012 amid a leak that occurred due to malpractice. According to a report released in 2016, the plant “operated the reactor outside the allowable limits for pressure and temperature, causing the radiation leak that shut down the facility for good,” the San Diego Tribune noted. The shutdown also launched extensive investigations that implicated both the power company and state regulators.

    Though the plant is out of operation, it still stores 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste, and according to a worker who blew the whistle on the plant just last week, a near catastrophe just occurred. As local outlet the Dana Pointer reported, plant worker David Fritch explained what happened at a public meeting:

    “On 3 August 2018, a 100-ton canister filled with highly radioactive nuclear waste was being ‘downloaded’ into a temporary transport carrier to be moved a few hundred yards from inside the plant to a storage silo buried near the world-famous San Onofre beach. As the thin-walled canister was being lowered into the transport cask, it snagged on a guide ledge four feet from the top. Crane operators were unaware that the canister had stopped descending and the rigging went completely slack, leaving the full weight of the heavy canister perched on that ledge by about a quarter-inch.

    “Had the ledge not held for the hour or more it took workers to realize and address the error, the thin-walled canister of highly toxic nuclear waste would have fallen 18 feet to the ground below.”

    Each canister reportedly has as much radiation as was released during the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

    Fritch says the staff is too small — and also undertrained. According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times this week by Steve Chapple, an author, journalist, and fellow at the Samuel Lawrence Foundation:

    “The idea is to bury the spent fuel on site, about 100 feet from the ocean and just a few feet above the water table. Edison has already begun transferring the waste from cooling pools into specially designed steel canisters. The containers are prone to corrosion and cracking, and cannot be monitored or repaired. Work crews even discovered a loose bolt inside one of the canisters earlier this year.”

    As ocean levels keep rising, Chappelle says, seawater will come closer and closer to the cannisters. Further, “if hairline cracks or pinholes in the containers were to let in even a little bit of air, it could make the waste explosive.”

    Further, San Onofre is located directly on an earthquake fault line in an area with a record of tsunamis.

    San Juan Capistrano Councilwoman Pam Patterson told President Trump at a roundtable discussion in May that San Onofre is a “Fukushima waiting to happen.” She also expressed concern that the facility, which is a no-fly zone but secured mainly by armed guards, could be a target of a terror attack, noting that terrorists targeted nuclear power plants in addition to the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

    Any time of disaster would have far-reaching effects. Shortly after the plant shut down, former prime minister of Japan, Naoto Kan testified in San Diego, noting that during the Fukushima meltdown, he was prepared to evacuate not just Tokyo, but regions as far as 160 miles from the plant. Downtown Los Angeles is only 62 miles away from San Onofre and 50 miles from San Diego. Worse, there are no state or federal evacuation plans in the event of a catastrophe.

    Chappelle says that while solutions include moving the waste to a location 80 feet higher than the current plant, which is by the beach, or “maintain a cooling pool on site for emergency transfer efforts in the event of a cracked canister or terrorist attack,” these are all short-term solutions. As of last year, Edison was working on a plan to bury the nuclear waste, but Chapple believes the only way to truly resolve the problem is for Edison to develop storage technology that is not prone to severe leaks.

    Though Edison has started that process, earlier this year San Onofre officials found a defect in the design created by Holtec, a contractor whose workers were responsible for the accident earlier this month.


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      1. No fear Californians, as soon as we get all the transient and homeless sidewalk shitters cleaned up we’ll take care of the minor task of the deadly radiation leaking out of the shutdown nuclear site…..and pay the bill for the people fighting wildfires, and raise your taxes further. Look at it this way, where else are you gonna find all this beautiful sunshine. Love ya! Your favorite, Governor Brownstain.









        • Actually All N reactors should be in pits beside the ocean well below water level. With a few explosive bolts and some very low tech efforts then they would be safe. ask yourself why the at least 5 N subs that sank never had problems with the power plants overheating and causing problems?

          • Because that information is “Classified.”

            • Sorry; but pictures of some of the Subs power plants are available on the net, they are just setting there and we still live. As to those Ca. power plants being a problem; find a good “Handbook of Hazardous Materials” and you will see the charts of radiation from fuel rods with time. They do not contain infinite energy. No, they are not something you want in your living room; but they are not Bogey men either.

          • Paranoid, no way to make them actually safe now. And SO is not the only one in USA by far. The problem is in the original designs and at that time nobody fully realized all the potential negative outcomes. Proof of that is simply that many were built on fault lines, like FUKU and SO and others here in USA.


            Another example of the wonders of science and the ignorance and arrogance of humans ! We now have extremely serious problems there is no solution for today. Realize many of these GE designs are the same exact designs of FUKU. Time bombs waiting to go off right in our backyards. Remember the wonders of electric living and the “all electric homes” that were pushed in the 60s to build more of these time bombs. They even had a large display and exhibit at Disneyland for all to see the wonders of science and technology !

            Does any of this sound familiar today with what we call tech and the many control mechanisms created to mind eff the populace ! Your smart phone is the seed and connection to all of it !

        • California will be taken down first before rest of the country. Here are the facts, so lock and load the clock is ticking. (short articles and videos)

        • Wedler’s first paragraph is simply false. There is not now, and never was, any leakage of radioactive material, nor any threat nearby communities. It is all just fossil money talking.

      2. I have no end of disdain for anti-nuke people. They are what makes Nuke power dangerous. Eco nuts and ignorant women voters are the biggest danger to our energy supply. We can’t recycle waste, we can not bury it safely, we can not do anything because the ignorant outnumber the informed and the ignorant are allowed to vote.
        What kills more people, a ban on DDT or Fukushima and Chernobyl?
        Full disclosure; my wifes uncle worked and retired from the San Onofre plant as a crane operator.

        • rellik

          I don’t understand the DDT connection. Regardless when a nuclear power plant melts down the exclusion zone is roughly a 10 mile radius. Unlike a fission or hydrogen bomb the nuclear waste from a power plant makes this area uninhabitable for hundreds of years. That requires a level of concern that I’m unaware of any other coming even close. Placement, design and certainly operation are critical. The fact that they can be built on known geologically unstable areas shows the mindset of “calculated risk” (God I heard that phrase all too often at work). This phrase translated is “We’ll take the chance because its less costly”.

        • Hilarious. So by your logic it is the people dying of cancer from Roundup that are to blame. Burn waste? Funny. recycle? Sure, how about in your basement? Get a project going, smart guy.

          We should not have released the nuclear beast in the first place. Jew scientists behind the whole thing in Los Alamos. A Jewish devil loosed upon the world by Pentagon war profiteers.

          Thanks for the insight. Now go drink some recycled Fukushima waste. You’ll be fine.

          • Totally agree with your reply to ‘Rellik’,Uranium should have been left in the ground,even the aborigines of Australia were aware of the uranium in the ground and its effects ,so they used to keep well away from areas that turned out to contain Uranium…

        • off topic, but those living in so cal near a food-4-less can get peanut butter for 74cents a 16oz jar of skippy til tuesday. they are 1.48 a jar if you buy 2, and a coupon on top of jar you peel off to save 1.50 on a purchase of 2. what a great shtf food! anyone hear of another kroger store that has this deal this week? BTW, it appears that vons and albertsons are now one and the same.

        • rellik, the problem with your comment and thesis is that we have many more FUKU designs here in USA waiting to be the ext major event ! Thanks to GE and of course the wonders of supposed science ?

          I am a bit surprised you buy into the bullshit and seem to go along with it ? see my other comment above for clarity. All of the problems on this planet today go back to human ignorance, apathy, arrogance and greed ! These nuke plants are likely the single biggest mistake in all of known human history !

          I certainly hope we do not realize that via outcome, because as of today there is no actual solution to the by products created !

      3. Nuclear energy is a dangerous business. Accidents, malpractice, and aging create a problem. The nuclear waste(gas, liquid, and solid) is a problem. Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Church Rock N.M. uranium mill spill, SL-1,Etc., how many more accidents have to happen before they give up this insanity? The grave impact on the environment from operations and nuclear accidents is reason enough to stop the insanity. All kinds of health risks too numerous to mention. There’s already so much radioactive contamination all over the globe it has impacted the environment everywhere. I’ve always been against nuclear power from the very beginning, it’s just too dangerous. It’s really scary to know you have some imbecile operating a nuclear power plant. A lot of people feel if you can’t see it or immediately feel the injury from it, then it doesn’t exist to them. I worked in a hospital before the workers started using thermoluminescent dosimeters to measure their exposure time. I remember caring for a patient who had radium rod implants and I just did not feel comfortable around her because I knew the dangers of radiation. Later in 2001 I was assisting with a colonoscopy and had to move the patient and equipment down to radiology and required to have a Doctor of Radiology present along with the gastroenterologist. We donned our lead aprons but no dosimeters. We were there for what seemed like two hours. I did not keep track of the time because I did not expect the procedure to take as long as it did. I don’t think the doctor thought it would take that long either to get through the patients bile ducts. Our lead aprons did not protect our heads or extremities.

        • Hey guy, what do think the sun is?
          Keeps your ass warm and grows your food.
          A very big Fusion reactor. Causes
          cancer. Will kill you.
          Try to turn it off.
          Go vote for a Gore world.
          Go cry in a closet.
          Nobody get out of here alive.

          • rellik

            Three decades of my adult life was in power generation within an oil refinery. I’m fine with nuclear power. Building plants upon significant geological fault area is asking to disaster. Fukushima had I assume for the sake of cost savings a diesel to electric motor backup for cooling pumps. Once shorted out they were useless. Direct diesel to pump, an added redundant system, even if flooded, once drained out can far more swiftly be brought on line. My concern is cost cutting on both plant location and redundancy in depth of cooling water. Certainly the waste, with a half life of 2 million years at a high to 2 hundred at a low. Its irresponsible to build a facility without a literal “cradle to grave” strategy for the waste products that will be created. I have seen the energy and chemical industry in action. They will never willingly do the right thing voluntarily if the cheap and more dangerous alternative is allowed by law.

            • At your former worksite, didn’t the permanently stationed government inspectors tend to barge in and ensure that their own favorite skins were not endangered by the cheap and more dangerous alternative?

              • “permanently stationed government inspectors”


                Government Inspectors? Your in fantasy land. Never seen an OSHA guy in three decades but seen plenty of asbestos, leaking benzine. OSHA needs a warrant to enter a workplace. That requires someones name somewhere, an employee. No one risks their job that pays like these industries over that. I know, “The Law says you can’t be fired”. Nonsense, in a year or two a case is built against the “rat”. Everyone knows that there are “rules” and then there are “rules”. The employees were usually two, sometimes three generation. You know the latter, “rules”, going in.

                • The public has no idea how often and to what degree they on the outside of the fence are put in jeopardy in these two industries. Typically five items have to line up for a catastrophic event. You can bet on one virtually all the time. Two is quite common also. Three occurs and people get nervous. Four does happen and they have continued to stay on stream rather than shut down if the economics are such that the unplanned shutdown although very (safe) but also very (costly). Don’t think for a nano second anyone in government is notified of the possibility so as not to “unnecessarily” frighten them. This is the real world. Union Carbide in Bhopal India is an example of all five lining up.

                • That’s what I figured. Oil is heavily taxed (consumption taxes and royalties). Natural gas is heavily taxed (royalties). As long as your former employer keeps enabling the civil service to pluck the citizens, losing a few is fine.

                  Now, what if another power system replaces $3/MMBTU natgas with something else that costs only $0.09/MMBTU? Do you suppose that other power system might, indeed, have quite aggressive government inspectors, permanently stationed, no warrant required for any part of the plant that can be humanly entered, whenever it can be humanly entered?

                  If that were so, why would it be so?

                  • G.R.L. Cowan

                    Corporations according to the US Supreme Court are people. Its legally impossible to enter without warrant.

                    Don’t be frightened on NG power plants. Be concerned about the Petroleum Chemical industry.

                    • That doesn’t apply to privately owned US nuclear plants. They have inspectors exactly as I outlined, and the economics of those inspectors’ aggressiveness, ditto.

          • rellik, but the sun has built in limits and protective measures naturally. These plants can go off in concentration like FUKU did and that is the problem not the sun necessarily. I agree the sun could be a serious problem, but we created this one !

            The current design of nuke plants is a serious problem for all of us going forward and may well be our destruction in the future ? Also the various forms of radiation, like medical uses is accumulative as well as all the testing prior in the 50s-60s. So our background levels have increased considerably in the last 50-60 years. Any connection to the increase in cancers and other serious matters occurring world wide ? It has all been a very serious and ignorant mistake of human arrogance and utter stupidity ! We have already shit in our nest in a big way but it is NOT the only way we have done this for sure. Just the one with no actual solution today ! Chemicals and plastics in general are another self created plague and wonder of science as well, biting us in the ass.

      4. Whether you believe in Galen Windsor, or are in no position to debate it, at all, there are always basic engineering problems, in these stories:

        allowable limits for pressure and temperature

        100-ton canister…thin-walled canister

        Crane operators were unaware that the canister had stopped descending…

        If these are the authorities, I am against the color of authority.

        If these are the subordinates, send them to NK, to be punished.

      5. Well disdain away because nuclear power is a threat to all of mankind and every other living organism on Earth. Soak up those invisible rads and carry on as if they don’t exist. I guess nuclear bombs are a necessity also. They did a number on the WTC towers on 9-11 turning them to mostly dust, thousands exposed and many dead and dying. Or did the pancake collapse toast the front half and complete engines of cars blocks away?

        • AJ,
          The sun( AKA Sol) is a very big nuke.
          Do you understand that?
          You are bombarded by the radiation
          you fear as long as you live on earth.
          Please leave. It will make it more
          liveable for the rest of us.

          • You can seek shade from the sun, not so much from the other. I personally hate nuke power, coal is safer until there is an alternative…. But then overpopulation requires nuke power I guess.

            • That is the best comment yet. No one ever says what the alternatives are to these problems. Like Roundup; ya it’s not good; starving is worse. If you starve you don’t get Cancer.

      6. Fritch says the staff is too small — and also undertrained.

        They should hire some Mexicans…. They will do the jobs Americans won’t……

        • They have conservative values, so will register Republican. T will brag about their jobs numbers.

      7. I’ve read that nuke power plants were designed to last 20 years? After that the fuel was to be removed and it was to be sealed up for 100 years where it was believed we would have the technology to cut it up and dispose of it safely. They are pushing 35 years and no new ones are being built. So they must not expect us needing much power pretty soon? And Sandiego bay has how many navy ships and subs that have one or two reactors on board? Radiation shielding is temporary,it gets through everything eventually . Nothing lasts forever? Without Devine Intervention.

        • Nuclear power has been a lifesaver in all our experience so far, but in saving one life, it has tended to deprive government of a million to two million dollars in fossil fuel revenues.

          But “radiation shielding is temporary”, you say. Presumably you’re not married to a government cheque, and have no wish to make excuses for those who are, and want the lucrative deaths to continue.

          Rocks are radioactive, and often, within a rock, individual grains will be much more radioactive than the rock as a whole. Is there any evidence that the radiation from such grains is stopped by the surrounding rock for as many million or billion years as it takes for the rock to end up sectioned and photographed through a geologist’s microscope?

          Hint: “pleochroic halos”.

      8. Good let California glow like a joint.

      9. The sun fuses hydrogen together.
        A nuclear bomb and a nuclear power plant cut the atom.

        The sun’s radiation is also dangerous if you have very fair skin and burn, Cancer can form.
        It’s a matter of degree of exposure.

        Madam Currie, the French woman who discovered radiation, died of over exposure from her experiments.

        In the early years, doctors mistakenly thought radiation was a health treatment. People got x-rays at the fair as a novelty.


        • BOA,
          Hydrogen Nukes make He.
          Fission bombs are obsolete.
          They will still make a mess,
          stay up to date.

        • You’re attributing to Madame Curie what was accomplished by her husband, Pierre curie.

          FWIW, radiation is currently used in the health care industry and only a few decades ago most of the better shoe stores had x-ray machines to look at the fit of (mostly) children shoes.

          • Anonymous:

            Actually both husband and wife, Pierre and Marie Curry, shared the Nobel Prize. Bacqurel’s work inspired Marie who was his doctoral student. After Pierre’s death Marie received a second Nobel Prize for X-rays; the first person to win two Nobel Prizes.

            The daughter of the couple married Marie’s assistant, and as a couple these two continued the scientific work.


      10. A “Fukushima waiting to happen”? What does that mean? It’s not true, of course, but if it were, what would it mean?

        Recent scientific publication “Fukushima Daiichi–Derived Radionuclides in the Ocean: Transport, Fate, and Impacts” is a free download. Its table 1 shows the main contamination as ~16 petabecquerels of cesium-137. That means 16,000,000,000,000,000 cesium-137 atoms doing their one-shot radiation emission each second.

        Is thas a lot? A single cesium-137 decay, from this isotope’s entry in the IAEA Isotope Browser App, produces 0.000000000000120 joules of beta and gamma radiation. 16 PBq therefore is 1920 watts.

        Natural radiopotassium in the ocean produces 1.4 billion watts, and natural uranium — with its daughters in equilibrium — there produces 400 million watts.

        If we call 1920 radiation watts a fukushima unit, marine potassium is 730,000 fukushimas and marine uranium is 210,000 fukushimas.

        So “a Fukushima waiting to happen” is like a streetlight waiting to turn on at high noon, or a cricket waiting to start chirping at an outdoor rock concert. It would be nothing.

        The first, actual Fukushima was nothing, but the Japanese government greatly profited from it by using it as an excuse to shut down its citizens’ nuclear power plants. It has gained many tens of billions of dollars in increased oil and gas tax revenue.

        But, as weak as the “Fukushima waiting to happen” claim is, it’s still a lie, because, compared to the radioactivity that was in the three bus-sized steel bottles there, and sufficient to melt their contents, the radioactivity at San Onofre is 40 times less, and no longer crowded into units 2 and 3’s two bottles.

        The factor of 40 is due to increased cooling time. San Onofre shut down six years and seven months ago, but the melting at F. occurred in the first 99 hours after the earthquake caused the shutdown there.

      11. OMG… California…Officials…. completely miss what 8 children and adults kept by strange controlling parents, and now this little problem…of a festering Nuke plant…..

        But we will dictate your vehicle MPG.. goot to see that these California “Officials” –children.. have the important things squared away…

      12. OMG… California…Officials…. completely miss what 8 children and adults kept by strange controlling parents, and now this little problem…of a festering Nuke plant…..

        But we will dictate your vehicle MPG.. goot to see that these California “Officials” –children.. have the important things squared away…

      13. OMG… California…Officials…. completely miss what 8 children not in school and adults kept by strange controlling parents living like hermits, and now this little problem…of a festering Nuke plant…..

        But we will dictate your vehicle MPG.. goot to see that these California “Officials” –children.. have the important things squared away…

      14. The really important safety requirement, for nuclear plant operating crews, is to ensure that affirmative action and diversity quotas are met….

      15. The problem is such carelessness that it starts to become criminal negligence.

        We have no realistic way to deal with spent fuel rods and they are just being perpetually cooled. That’s a big issue if the SHTF and they found that out at Fukushima. And now, untold TONS of accumulated radioactive water is leaking in Japan. And no expert knows what to do. TONS from one nuclear plant. What if it were happening in all? It would be an ecological disaster. Does that sound like SIN? Heck yeah! How are you going to explain to YHWH who charges us to be stewards of the Earth and then we ruin HIS PLANET?

        How many similar nuclear plants are there? You don’t want to know.

        I think we’re lucky. Some place like France is not so lucky as they heavily invested in nuclear power. Thank YHWH there is not a single one in my state. It’s why I recommend Western Kentucky as a great bug out location. Imagine a sustained power outage of months or years and Fukushimas in lots of states across America. And Kentucky is SAFE.

        Now why not put our best engineering minds on the problems and lick this thing? We don’t wring our hands and moan and groan. We get to work, roll up our sleeves, and figure it out. We just don’t care enough to make it a priority. And then while at it, figure out contingency plans and select better sites.

        And while we are at it, we SHOULD have nuclear fusion power NOW but we’re dragging our feet because we associate them with our current aging fission utilities and they are not alike!

        If we have to use Middle East oil, and the same suppliers FUND TERRORISM, then we are FOOLS! This is our impetus and solution to get domestic energy going and stop wasting fossil fuels.

        Our donestic petroleum is more valuable as plastic sources. Even so, Henry Ford long ago found ways to use soybean to do this. Well, why the heck aren’t we?

        You use up natural resources domestically as a fire under yer butt to get going and find new energy resources. Only idiots rely on foreign trade as that is a strategic WEAKNESS that our enemies can exploit.

        We got tons of coal to last for 200 years. Well, find a way to use it that is far less polluting and mine it so it doesn’t damage the land. You don’t just stop using coal, that would be moronic. Do that, and it gives scientists a breather so they have a gap to find new creative energy sources.

        It’s almost never either/or. It’s always both/and. You use what you have SAFELY if you have any common sense, and meanwhile make sound innovative energy policy a primary focus. Because it’s essential to American civilization.

        That is unless you dingdongs just want to be Luddites and return to the Dark Ages.

        • One of the hot topics (excuse the pun) in home heating is rocket mass heaters. It’s an application of rocket technology to burn waste wood like downed branches, cow manure, trees, yard waste and it produces high efficiency through BTUs with little ash and few emissions other than steam. Now, what would happen if we used such technology to burn coal?

          Who knows? Maybe similar rocket designs could be retrofitted on existing utility sites?

          Likewise among preppers, one alternative fuel used during wartime history is wood-gas which is the off gassing of heated seasoned wood under less than optimal oxygen levels. It produces a flammable gas that then can be channeled into existing combustion engines. Is it feasible to recapture some emmissions from coal in rocket mass heaters? Could we re-burn these fumes? Perhaps?

          We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With some minor engineering, we might be able to take these existing technologies and find workable solutions until newer safer cleaner technology exists.

          In my opinion, such energy research should be the primary focus for the American republic as it frees us from reliance on foreign energy sources.

          If we can accomplish that, we could become ENTIRELY self-reliant as a nation and I that not the primary goal of all preppers everywhere?

      16. I love it when anybody who lives in a liberal shit hole, with a nuclear shit show generation and is totally reliant on outside sources for life is willing to preach to others. How’s Fuckishima working out btw? Yeah, that’s right. Fuck your nuclear power. One of biggest scams and dangers to this planet.

      17. Doctors still think radiation is a health treatment. That’s why all cancer patients receive radiation treatments.


        About 4 months, I mentioned that chi-com soldiers were massing in Northern Alabama, and paid trolls working for the Un and chi-coms, went on here attacking me about the post. Sorry, but you useless idiots did not win this one. And now according to Hodges and Paul Martin, this is the case. Now look what in just pasted on my thread.


        • They got over the Mexican border undetected? I know, its the Chinese waters in the restaurants w/o armor, air power or logistical support will attack the Us from within.


        • HCKS

          Do you realize what your claiming? A foreign army, that has no indigenous support and cannot blend into the population at large, traveling by civilian transportation, attacking the US from Georgia or across the Rio Grand is ridiculous. A foreign power with “sleeper cells” ,scattered about, that could blend into the population by appearance, as was possible with German Americans during WWII, referred to as ‘Fifth Columnists” is possible.

      19. The aging San Onofre, located in San Clemente, CA, was shut down in 2012 amid a leak that occurred due to malpractice.

        No. It was due to textbook construction fraud.

      20. Here in New York there has been talk of Indian Point nuclear plant shutting down within in the next 5 years.I thinks its just a political thing for the next low life liberal governor to get elected.The plant supplies about 45% of our power and there is no talk of how that loss of power generated will be restored once the plant is shut down.

      21. 8.2 earthquake 280 kilometers away from Fiji. Very deep. Over 500 kilometers deep. I wonder if they even felt it.

      22. Slow kill our entire western Marine corps units…that’s Camp Pendletons nuke plant

      23. A few year ago, I had a number of service calls that required me to travel past this plant. On at least 3 days of perhaps more than 20 days of drive-bys in the winter time, you could actually have the sensation of being hot like from a microwave yet physically cold at the same time. In effect, even though the plant was closed, I believe it is STILL leaking radiation, and if anyone ever does a daily Geiger counter report, it will probably mirror the beach south of San Francisco that had nuclear waste dumped off it and measure 30 to 40 times the daily safe dose levels, and possibly shut down Interstate 5 with Excessive Rem closures by the California Highway Patrol etc. THAT the politicians won’t allow, and would rather see hundreds of thousands die from cancer in 20 years than to deal with this…by then, Edison will probably be dumb ass sold off to the Chinese, who will attempt to make — with the abundance of Communist-Socialist traitors of mostly Dems and perhaps a third of the Republicans — the USA into an Eco-politically enslaved entity (much like a colony subject to a new mother country) by then.

      24. I thought the main threat to California is plastic straws…

      25. Fukushima events don’t wait. They just happen.

      26. Too cheap to meter

      27. So how high is the storage facility above sea level. A few inches or several feet what. Subtle article about global warming we are all going to drown in the sea as it rises. Power plants exploding, volvanos erupting. earth quakes, asteroids hitting the earth, nuclear winter etc. Al Gore save us at any price. The sky if falling run in circles waving your arms. LOL

      28. Interesting how some of you here, even many, seem to think it is all under control and just fine, all is well ?

        Reminds me of other events that ended up being catastrophic yet not even close to the potential outcomes of nuke power plants. The simple truth is there is no practical or viable solution for the waste by products much less any kind of serious releases. It is only a matter of time until we see the results many discount now. Americans are easily fooled on many matters these days and all is well until the day it isn’t ! Then like clockwork we hear nobody could have seen this coming so there is no blame. It is well known that radiation causes cancer, simple deal !

      29. For anyone who is interested, I believe that significant cost savings and self-reliance could be achieved by totally altering human habitation to the preponderance of Americans by using hobbit homes and earthships as earth-sheltered adaptations to dramatically reduce heating and cooling needs as these would maintain 55 degrees F. They work in the same manner as our ancesteral root cellars. The combination means a vastly reduced price in construction as well as a partial lengthening of food storage as well. The trade-off is they are not suited to those with mold allergies or sensitivity.

        Now if you couple minor solar electricity with rocket mass heaters, you would have plenty of electricity as heating and some cooling are done by other means. Obviously not refrigeration though.

        The way rocket mass heaters work can be seen in this crude video. It channels the heat through thermal mass. This radiates the heat through areas which are resting areas. And using a heat exchanger then water is heated as a by-product. Of course you can also cook when you fire it up and if you combined that with the hay box method our ancestors utilized, then remarkable cost savings can be realized.

        Their system is crude. What people generally do is finish it with “cobb” construction which is fired clay and it has a pretty aesthetic that is then glazed like pottery.

        Our style of building residential homes is dated if we consider how much we could save in energy and construction costs.

        To deal with the loss of natural sunlight in some earth sheltered designs, the Japanese have a directed sunlight system using mirrors. The Norwegians are using that technology as well.

        The earthship design avoids this as it incorporates a greenhouse insert as part of the floor plan. Thus some plants can be grown year round and the wastewater is recycled to these grown plants.

      30. Here is a little trivia for the old timers. I bet many of you have old mantles you bought for your Coleman fuel or propane lanterns. Well before 2000, the ingredient used was throrium. After that, they used ytrium. It’s a safe low level radioactive element but it’s interesting that they used this

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