Defiance: “This Is A Standing Invitation To My Fellow Americans…”

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    Editor’s Note: James Wesley Rawles is a  former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, owner of the wildly popular Survival Blog web site, and author of numerous books including Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse.

    In the following open letter, James Rawles addresses the one question that’s on the minds of millions of Americans who see their country being systematically stripped of their fundamental laws and protections. 

    What can we do?

    We will resist. We will defy. We will unite.

    Not One More Inch. 

    Nunc Pro Tunc: The Coming Day of Burn Barrels and Blessings

    This is a standing invitation to my fellow Americans: If congress ever enacts a law mandating the registration and/or a production ban of detachable magazine semiautomatic rifles then you are hereby invited to the town square of your local community. There, burn barrels will be set up and we will publicly burn Form 4473s, FFL Bound Books, state and local registration records, and the sales receipts for every firearm in the United States. On that same day, FFL holders and public officials holding electronic firearms records will simultaneously erase those records, permanently and irretrievably. (Using special file erasure software such as BlanccoX-Ways, and Stellar Wipe, or though the physical destruction of disk drives.)

    Spontaneous Gatherings, Spontaneous Combustion

    This burn barrel day–likely to be held the day after the President signs any new draconian legislation–will include speeches, public prayers, and the blessing of those who have gathered by ministers, rabbis, and priests.

    The core of the activities on that day will be stalwart public defiance of any new unconstitutional law(s), the open and notorious destruction of records that might be used to enslave us, and vocal public affirmations of solidarity of free men and women, in the face of tyranny. This will be a defining moment for America–a line drawn in the sand. We will forthrightly declare that we will not obey any unconstitutional law and that we will treat it dismissively, as if it had never been enacted — nunc pro tunc. We will pledge ourselves to the defense of liberty, both individually and collectively. We will vow that if ever called to jury duty, we will nullify any unconstitutional laws, vacating the charges against the accused, in accordance with our long-standing right as jurors. (See:

    The Law is On Our Side

    We will publicly re-affirm some long standing precepts of American jurisprudence, to wit:

    “The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

    Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…

    A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.

    No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” – 16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

    Never Again!

    Recognizing the many sad lessons of civilian disarmament and subsequent genocides in the 20th Century, we will make bold and forthright statement: Never Again! Wewill not submit to the unlawful decrees of tyrants. We will not meekly go their jails and internment camps. We will fight for our liberty, to our dying breath.

    Come Armed, Come Masked

    I recommend that all adults who publicly assemble at these burn barrel events do so armed, as is our right. And those who come armed should also wear masks, to protect themselves from malicious prosecution. I plan to wear a Guy Fawkes mask, but you can wear a bandana, face muffler, or the face mask of your choice. Joining you, also wearing masks, will be many mayors, sheriffs and their deputies, chiefs of police and their officers, town council members, clergy, and people of all walks of life. We vastly outnumber the tyrants. The tyrants deserve nothing but our scorn and derision. Their fate is already sealed.

    Plausible Denial

    After this fateful day has come and gone, FFL holders and public officials will be able to recount: “I had no choice. My records were taken by men with guns who were wearing masks!” (So they’ll have no excuse if they don’t cooperate with this nationwide display of civil disobedience.)

    God Bless The Republic. Down with Tyrants. We Will Prevail!

    – James Wesley, Rawles – January 28, 2013


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      1. Have moved into the inner city. Ready to start the game of resistance.

        • Escape from New York: A Prepper Shares His Fears and Plans
          (originally posted in the New York Times)

          “Hurricane Sandy served as a wake-up call. But there were a lot of preppers who heard the call earlier.”

          “The point is this: the idea is spreading that local government cannot safely be relied on to take care of you in a crisis. This is surely a sign of creeping sanity. If the idea has hit residents of New York City, it is approaching the tipping point phase.”

          • As did Katrina, as a wake up call. Really, the wake up call has been on going via the elections (for a very long time).
            Thanks again Mac for an informative and well needed article.
            We know there are more pressing needs for this nation than constitutional violations (2nd amendment). For those that don’t get it; we are under an extreme attack and it is only going to get much worse.

            • Rawles is insane. This is a very bad idea. If you’re going to go burn records in barrels in the town square, don’t go armed. And for God’s sake, if you’re going to go armed, DON’T WEAR A FRIGGIN MASK.

              Whose side is Rawles on here? Or else he’s completely lost it.

        • If they push us far enough, the scum politicians and their henchman will be the ones burned in the barrels. After they are tarred, feathered, and humiliated first of course. There will be plenty of screaming going on that day.

          • I have been saying this for a while, “God, I miss the tar and feather!”

          • F–king Pissed,

            They have pushed every day,as I like to say the hits just keep coming. Now they want to put a RFID in our hand, Bud thats the make of the beast. I would like to ask you for a favor sir. If you can break the habit (which I am still working on) could you hold back on all the cussing please?We have alot of ladies here that would also thank you.

            Not One More Inch, ome and Take it them you SOBs

            • Yes, DPS, this lady thanks you 🙂

          • Dude, I’m thinking more of coliseums, and lions.

        • You know what is so sad about this? That any of us should EVER be even thinking about this. The mere fact that the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment should ever be a worry shows how much this country’s fearless leaders have decayed into pure manure. Right now EVERY American should be looking towards the TRUE enemy: CHINA.

          The government should be gathering Americans together, rather than pulling Americans apart. The government should be strenghtening freedoms, not tearing them apart piece by piece. The government should be looking for ways of making sure the Constitution never loses any meaning. The government should be allies with the people, not becoming the enemies. The government should look to the real ememy; China, Russia, and the eastern coalition, and realize that the people ARE the government. The government should be grateful that so many people still value the Constitution.

          • Yeah right … like China has something to do with the tyrants who’ve been tirelessly working at the American demise for the last hundred years?

            Did you just wake from hibernation or what?

            • Stef, you are the one that needs to wake up.

              China has a lot to do with what’s going on in this country. They own $1+ trillion in US debt, have been purchasing billions is US real estate, setting up little China enclaves all across the US and are pushing to disarm Americans. Hello.

              • Doesn’it occur to you that those who have ALLOWED China to rise against us are more guilty and treacherous than China itself? For example those traitors who exported nearly all of the US industrial base in the name of personnal profit? Or the banksters and their unending schemes to enslave us and then disposses us of our real wealth? The real ennemy is within our borders (…)

                • Stef,
                  Can’t say I disagree with you about the jobs exporters and bankers, but don’t forget our people voted in politicians who taxed those jobs exporters at a 91% federal tax rate until the 1960’s and even then only reduced to 70+%. I’d be exporting jobs too if my govt. taxed me at 70 – 91%. The people of this country hold a large share of the blame for their “free lunch” attitude toward people that make more money than they do. Also, don’t forget what the unions have done to cause employers to export jobs, and then there’s the bloodsucking trial lawyers who pray on the deep pockets. No wonder the deep pockets abandoned America because America was screwing them.

                  • as to that, its “we the people” who are to blame. never should have been paying any taxes or anything at all. period. it’s taken 100 years to finally wake up- but that’s a long time!!

                    if you want to hang the enablers, start by hanging yourself- looks like we’ve already done that pretty well. driver licenses, taxes, insurance, paying mortgages, sending your kids to school (any school) secular religions, fake church, immorality, greed and resentment of your neighbors

                    the only thing is pray for spirit and seek redemption.

                  • Perfectly stated T, you nailed it.

              • Oh sure. Forget about the Fed debasing our currency, forget about past and present gov acting unconstitutionnally, forget about big Corp and Globalism, forget that 40 years ago China was a meaningless turd world country. Somehow, China is responsible for this mess.

                But i say: let’s hang the enablers first.

              • Some here seem to have forgotten that Bernie Schwartz (yes, he is a tribe member) of Loral sold missile guidance technology to China. Too, the Israelis regularly sold military technology to China that the USA had given that ungrateful nation of murderers and thieves.

                • somewhere out on the west bank, is the seed of the future repentance, a christianity never before seen in history. have to go full circle… this is God’s plan. the real Jewish people are just as oppressed by the same tormentors. that’s why the dissenters have always been crushed by the same forces that now seek to crush america.

                  someday judah will no longer vex ephraim and ephraim will no longer hate judah, his brother. and the two sticks, will again be one.

                • Don’t forget to add that this happened under the direction of Bill Clinton.

              • And don’t forget China’s ongoing cyber warfare against the US!! We are employing hundreds of people who are fighting the cyber war daily which is sponsored by China’s government against our government and our military and our industries. And they are buying real estate here and holding trillions of our debt for which they can demand payment in many ways.

            • Look out for yiddish speaking Chineese folks…Such as Finestien-Bloomberg et al! Oy Vey! Oh I meant: Ah So! Chop Chop!! Stef gets it eh.

              • Ya know those kinds of non constructive Neo Nazi bullshit comments only serve to bring discredit to true patriots . Save that crap for your KKK meetings or your Aryan Brotherhood just releasde from prison meetings.

                • No it is folks in Denial of truth of the true evil enemys in america who do such dis service to real patriots.

                  The facts and truth is there if you has eyes to Read of it. Or remain in denial see where That gets ya.

                  Enablers And defenders of enemys are equally wrong.

          • BI, with you on a lot of things but China is not our true enemy. Our government, that is run by the unlawful for the unlawful, is our pressing enemy.

            • You are right….our own officials who lead by fraud are our most pressing problem.

          • Truthfully, we should always be thinking about this! Not thinking about this is how we got here. Not hpthinking about this led us not to ride heard on our elected criminals. Not thinking about this is what has let them get away with their criminal actions.

          • Speaking of China, there are reports starting to surface that in the March to June timeframe, China will be releasing a new gold-backed currency to be used for world trade. A gold-backed currency would quickly replace the US dollar as the default world reserve currency and will cause our dollar to crash. Not sure the validity of these claims, but they are surfacing…

            • This is what I see on the horizon as well. China has huge gold mining operations and exports none of it. Meanwhile, they use our dollars garnered from the trade imbalance to purchase physical gold on the world market. If they were to introduce a gold backed currency the dollar would be toast on a stick.

          • They gave up the Constitution a long tome ago. They are owned by the globalists.

        • I kinda worry about how the Feds would react….armed people with masks showing up in the town square.

          Knowing the cowardly crew they probably would call in Swat teams and armed helicopters to quell the resistance (perceived threat).

          I like the idea of coming together in a show of force and defiance but think TPTB will react negatively.

          • I was thinking the same thing, our state has restrictive laws, you cant even transport your guns and your magazines or ammo in the same case
            No open firearms in public,
            But like what happened when a group was picketing the Monsanto farm over here, the cops gave them citations for all manner of offences and where there with riot gear, my bud was saying we should wave signs on the side of the road, i reminded him about the monsanto thing , is pretty much a turning point now, people seeing that we already have had our rights taken,
            So now what?

            • The point is to take back our rights. It’s a show of force. You have already been granted the right to carry arms by the 2nd. It’s the laws that say you can’t open carry that are wrong. It’s time to stand up!

            • I agree with all of the above … But let’s hold off on the guns and masks as a first action. WE ARE NOT THE CRIMINALS !!! We need to be waving our Flag staking our claim as Constitional Patriots of these United States of America. THEIR FIRST Move should be on unarmed people – then it’s time for the big show. We have already won at that point however it turns out. Our day will come soon we need to be united and smart in the face of this formidable foe. Gradma was right – Jesus is coming back and he is Pissed! Peace be with you all

              • Holding a gun and wearing a mask does not make you a criminal.

            • Kulafarmer: You might as well bend over and kiss you ass goodbye!!! You are defeated already!!!

              What a fucking pussy! LMAO!

              • Anyone waiting for a “burn barrel” event to take action is too late to the party and will be asking for a bus ride to a FEMA Camp after waking up from the gas dropped by a drone.

                If the Resistance is to be successful it must be SEAL LIKE in its actions. Each individual member of Seal Team America must be a “Fart SBD”. A Silent But Deadly “fart”.

                Given the number of Gun Owners in Seal Team New York, I doubt that it would take very long to put the Gun Grabbers in their place under that strategy. That strategy has worked for every successful Resistance movement and it has worked well for IDF in the West Bank and Gaza.

                So no, Slick, that is not gasoline you smell. It is natural gas! Engage. Vote!

                • Sorry DK,
                  My bad.
                  Thought I smelled gasoline for a second.

                  • Big Perm: I too was instructed to fire my weapon by the USMC. In fact, I was soooo damn good that my DI came over to me after I had drilled the first seven pinwheels at 500 yards with the open sights of an M-14,

                    …. checked my rifle, and said softly under his breath as he looked it over:

                    “If you keep shooting pinwheels, (NAME), they will send you to Nam as a sniper” …. and then he spun my windage knob.

                    I guess Sgt Cataletta liked me. I did both him and Chesty proud once I got to Nam.

                  • Ya, uh huh. Meanwhile, back here in realityville, you’re a keyboard commando running around talking about being a SEAL and whining like a bitch at people that arent really interested in openly violating un laws. You’re a bully and an asshole.

                • The PTB do not fear a mass demonstration of armed Americans. It would give them the opportunity to engage US en mass and array OUR Military, and OUR LEOS against US: dividing Americans, and sucking Patriots into a shooting war they cannot win.

                  The PTB FEAR two things:

                  First, an informed and animated electorate that threatens their political power; and second, 100 million American gun owners acting as “LONE WOLVES” on the lunatic fringe, targeting the few, but vocal and powerful, who are seeking to enslave Americans under Agenda 21 and UN domination.

                  In other words they fear “Freedom Cells”, or one or two or three members of SEAL Team America determined to support and protect the US Constitution, the American Bill of (UNALIENABLE) Rights, and personal liberty from the GIG and Propaganda Puppets.

                  WE are SEAL Team America. Create a Freedom Cell where you live. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.


              • Well Mr anti-pussy, What’s your plan? Surely you’ve modified your semi auto gun(s) so they are full auto and you’re out there firing them off whenever and wherever you can. Surely you’ve got home-made grenades you practice with.

                No? fucking pussy!!! LMAO! Keyboard Commando.

                • No I haven’t modified my semi auto’s. I prefer to apply B.R.A.S.S. to my targets and engage my enemy with a scope at a respectable distance. That gives me the advantage in a firefight. By design, you get more kills that way per round.

                  That is the intelligent approach. Why waste ammo? They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

                  Get a clue dumb shit. I have been to war. I know what I am doing I doubt that you do if you have to ask me what my plan is.

                  Grenades are illegal and they are not precision instruments. I prefer precision so I would select my targets carefully before taking executive action.

                  Aim for the crotch unless they are dumb enough to wear Blue Helmets.

                  • DK is largely right here. If he really is a Viet Nam vet (no reason to doubt that), at that age, he is not going to chase down 20 somethings. You have to work with what you have. Where circumstances permit theirdeployment, snipers are quite demoralizing.

                    I am always amazed at the facscination with full auto. Full auto is not practical for the vast majority of people who must buy their own ammo. Logistically, it is also impractical unless you have a large resupply network. Watch the video of Syria. Most of the ammo is used up in long strings fired into the air or general direction of the target. If someone is hit by their rifle fire, it is most often by chance.

                  • Thanks dickhead but I was taught to shoot by the USMC and I’ll put my skill against yours any day of the week.

                    You sure got enough sack to talk smack to others that wont do something illegal doncha. You’re a keyboard commando. you prolly wear gucciflage and are too fat to see your own dick.

                  • If there was a standing order to cock shoot every FedCoat coming to take our guns, I would imagine that would give the respective FedCoats some apprehension on following unconstitutional orders.

                  • Anyone else think that BP is a Troll?

                • NOPE!!!

                  You are wrong BP!
                  You know NOT of whence you speak(type)!

                  PRECISION…is the name of the game! DK’s right!


                  Just outta curiosity…what kinda specific info are you ‘phishing’ for???

                  …you are somewhat obvious, you know!!!

                  • The automatic gun and grenades are completely irrelevant you dolt.

                    I was challenging that douche bag why he isnt doing something illegal whenst he yammers to others who wont do something illegal. I’m fishing for nothing, I’m challenging a douche bag bully that spouts off to others for something he isnt willing to do himself.

                    Yea, I’m obvious. Obviously smarter than you.

                  • Wow…Pig Berm.

                    How nice of you to confirm our suspicions. You really paid attention in ‘government troll 101’ class…I bet you still have your copy of the manual handy.

                    …first you toss the bait in one post, suggesting he’s illegally modified a semi…into a select-fire. Then you go ‘phishing’ by implying he possesses grenades?


                    All the while, trolling/hoping he’ll take the bait & set himself up for a raid…curtsey of your current employers!
                    Hahahahahaha…you’re way outta your league sonny.

                    You’re not a real Marine…& if you ever were, I’d bet money you were a cook in the mess hall, during your entire hitch!

                    Go back to pulling KP & peeling ‘taters…’cuz real talent is not a requirement…and thus, suits you well.

                    BTW…Fuck you!

                  • All right “Pig Berm”.

                    Since you’ve chosen to speak of commandos, plus your very fierce Marine credentials and obviously stratospheric IQ / superior intellect.

                    …let’s see YOU DO SOMETHING against the gun-grabbers! Put it on the line sonny, what are YOU gonna do to honor your oath…or defend the Constitution & Bill of Rights?

                    Enlighten us, fag!!!

                    Whatcha gonna do????

                  • BP: I wasn’t “yammering” at Kulafarmer for not doing something illegal. I was “yammering” at him for displaying a defeatist attitude before the fight has even begun.

                    Suggest YOU read Sun Tse.

                  • Anon, You and DK and some of these other retards ARE the paranoid conspiracy dolts the trolls accuse you of being.

                    You REALLY think some FBI or ATF guy is on here trying to get you to admit you modified your gun?! OMG, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

                    BTW Suck my big fat dick. idiot.

            • now get ready to go to jail with your comrades. stop being such a fucking pussy. people all over the world get locked up., we’re not above it.

          • Kindle – They won’t have enough personnel or ‘copters if it is a truly national event, where EVERY SINGLE town, city, village and hamlet is taking part.

            This was the lesson learnt by both sides during the UK summer of riots a couple of years back.

            Tptb are gutless and most of your military is overseas. The drones will be used to protect the private residences of these gutless, lying murdering cowards. (They ALWAYS look to their own protection first).

            Tbtb have the US citizen at check. Non-violent UNIFIED restistance is the fastest most effective route to a checkmate.

            It seems to me they spend an awful lot of time stirring black against white (eg Trayvonn fiasco), rich against poor, republican against democrat, young v old. As time goes on their efforts at division become increasingly absurd, deceitful and desperate (Sandy hook, 9/11). So much time that somedays I wonder how the poor things have time to count their wicked deeds of the day.

            If the sensible, thinking section of the American people could just leave out the artifically hyped race card for just one day and stand together as one just as this man suggests I honestly think you’ll win. tptb know this – it’s why they all have their little bolt holes/preps/private planes at the ready. As an outsider to US society just looking in, it’s my firm belief that the mere thought of true unity in the cause of right, TERRIFIES tbtp.

            I pray that you can all really think of your children and the potential future that awaits them. If you can do this my faith tells me the Lord will guide you as the beacons of freedom for us all over the world.

            • In a “national event” like a nationwide burn barrel party, it gives the Globalists in Government a chance to array OUR military, national guard, and LEO’s against US.

              This creates an UN NATURAL, unnecessary, advisarial relationship between the America People and THEIR security forces and positions them on the dark side, protecting the Globalists. Given time and an opportunity OUR security forces will join US.

              Very bad strategy from Rawles! Think it through Jim!

              Most LEO’s, National Guard, and American Military Personnel are with US! WE are them! They are US! Do not attack OUR own!

              If the American people rise up against a Rogue Administration trying to impose Communism on US, retired military will take action upon OUR behalf.


              • Any Resistance must be SEAL LIKE. Select your targets like a SEAL. Execute your Resistance like a SEAL.

                Be a Fart: Silent but deadly. Just saying. 🙂

                • You’re a fart alright. No one likes you and your breath smells like shit.

                  • You have been outed Big Perm. BTW, Great moniker! LMAO! 🙂

                  • Yup. Ya got me!

                    AHHHHHHHHHH! Paranoid dipshits think i’m a fed. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! /rolls eyes.

              • no. burn all the papers anyway, public or private. if anyone is on my side then he wont mind at all.

          • Kindle,
            That is a little of a worry, but they would need a lot ofg SWAT to accomplish that. And I believe the time has come for something like this. They were probably a little scared at the Boston Tea Party, but it was needed. I will be there. We need to make this go viral!
            This will be the ultimate act of defiance.

            • Bulldog, I will be there also, just have to decide which accessory to wear…the mini, the judge, or the storm. Decisions, decisions…

              • bring something that holds more than ten rounds and is scary looking.

                • my mossberg only holds 8 rounds, however, it’s one scary looking sumbitch

                  • It probably makes sense to bring something you can live without. Look at Occupy. Thay will arrest you on some bullshit like tresspassing or disturbing the peace. When they do so they will confiscate you weapon (for the arresting officers safety of course). Once you are released they will likely drag their feet in returning your weapon (if they return it at all). Just saying.

              • Well, the judge magnum only holds 5 but on a woman it would be scary looking.

          • Kindle if they react badly, we gun them all down and do a little dance over their dead, tyrannical asses.

            • An event like this would give local police, sheriffs, military home, elected officials on leave etc a chance to stand shoulder to shoulder WITH the ordinary US citizen as part of the show of force.

              Local law enforcement have families to protect same as everyone else if shtf. They do not have bunkers in the mountains, access to the Norweigan seed bank etc.

              This is not about macho posing, this is about sending a clear message to tptb, that the law of the land (constitution) and the concept of government being the servant of the people are real concepts to which they must adhere.

              Sheers numbers are what will swing this. There are more of “us” than there are of them. The maths is simple despite the constant pumping of fear porn propaganda. The wizard behind the curtain is nothing to be afraid of.

              Behave with dignity and grace & burn the meaningless bits of paper en masse. The Greeks waited too long.

              • The Russian people far outnumbered Stalin’s police, but they did not fight – they cowered in fear and waited to be rounded up. Anyone who was a threat was executed quickly, the rest were sent to camps for “re-education”.

                ALL of us are on their lists and we are all being watched – all the time – Stalin only dreamed of the technology they are using to spy on us all. The next step is making up an excuse to start rounding up “the troublemakers” (terrrrrists). You can stand up now and push back against these bullies, or you can cower in fear and wait for the knock on/through the door. Your choice. Just remember that once it gets to the point where they are rounding people up, you have absolutely nothing left to lose. At that point, it is not just your guns they are after, it is YOU they will be taking away.

          • Let the battle for the republic begin.

        • Good post, Maudy.

          And concerning any of these events that Rawles mentioned, don’t forget there will be many undercover cops and ATF agents who will be trying to identify the participants and the vehicles that they are driving so that they can later pick them off one by one at their residences and then in court. Everybody should try to identify any cops present.

          And don’t forget about future ATF and other undercover sting operations done on individuals in your local areas as they try to demoralize the gun-owning population.

          • I people don’t stand up for their rights, then there will be no rights left. They’ve already dismantled the Constitution. The end game is here.

          • So maybe the first order of business is to take out the ATF before they can pull their bullshit?! You have to be a socialist/commie to work for that organization anyway! When we strike, we have to do it decisively.

        • I suspect that the Resistance in NY and DC will selectively target those most vocal for an unconstitutional gun grab, no matter who they are; or who they think they might be.

          Globalists have already murdered two gun rights advocates: by gunshots. That action reveals the evil intent and purpose of their scheme.

          Gun registration and control is designed to enslave the American people, one step at a time: like Free Trade and Illegal Immigration; to dissolve the USA and merge it with Mexico into the NAU.

          The life of the American Nation is at stake. When the American People rise up, I believe the military will rise up with them. DC is surrounded by ex-military.

          Everyone puts their underwear on in the same way: one leg at a time. Power or position does not make someone superior to US, nor does it give them a pass for accepting their responsibility for unconstitutional action. WE are America.

          WE are Seal Team America: Born in Rebellion in the defense of Liberty, skilled through wars of Phony Crony Capitalism, while Revolution in the pursuit of life ,liberty, and happiness is OUR DNA.


          When the Resistance moves against the Gun Grabbers, I suspect they will move, SEAL LIKE, against individuals in the MSM propaganda machine as well, and make a point of making an example of those individuals who puke out the propaganda of the NWO.

          It won’t take long for the Resistance to silence those who believe that they have more rights than WE do. That somehow, Globalists in Government have a right to keep and bear arms for self defense, but the Average American does not.

          That idea is ridiculous.

          Government officials are intended by the Constitutional Office they hold to be Public Servants; not masters of the Public. They swore an oath to that Constitution which gives them their office in OUR name. That oath means nothing to them. It means everything to US.

          Death to Traitors. That is the penalty for Treason under American law.

          That’s my guess as to how it all goes down. It’s just a guess. 🙂

          • lol…. put underware on one leg at a time? thought you were the one advocating we go commando! 🙂

            • Comando? Sure! Shoot them the moon too !!! 🙂

          • Durango’s New Edition Dictionary(just released too!!!)

            For y’alls information here’s the latest translation table examples:…

            VOTE = …aim & squeeze the trigger.

            ENGAGE = …do it multiple times.

            GUESS = …hell, empty the mag just to be sure.

            GLOBALISTS = …the enemy.

            GOVERNMENT = …another enemy, controlled by the above enemy.

            GUN REGISTRATION = …the enemy’s pipe-dream.

            GUN CONTROL = …a talent for hitting your target, when you VOTE, ENGAGE & GUESS!

            REBELLION = …required duty of the good guys.

            RESISTANCE = …the good guys voting, engaging & sometimes guessing too!

            SEAL TEAM AMERICA = …all the good guys employed in REBELLION and RESISTANCE career fields.

            AVERAGE AMERICAN(them) = …usually a clueless Talmudvision addicted biped, only semi-conscious…loves couches!

            AVERAGE AMERICAN(us) = …real good guys/gals who’ll f**k you up if you mess w/ their Constitution/Bill of Rights!

            CRONY CAPITALISM = …financial sodomy, a tactic by the enemy, everyday!

            NAU(north american union) = …future financial sodomy to be practiced throughout the hemisphere, by the enemy!

            USA(our version) = …a Constitutional Republic we must regain/retake, by voting, engaging & guessing!

            USA(their version) = …Unified Socialist Absurdistan, controlled & governed by the enemy & their liberal useful idiots!

            HAPPINESS(#1) = …eliminating the enemy & restoring the Constitution/Bill of Rights & honoring them as divine gifts, inspired by the Creator’s blessings!

            HAPPINESS(#2) = …complete & utter victory over all our enemies!


            Sorry DK…but I couldn’t resist tossing a little humor into your posts…which are outstanding of late!

            Kudos sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • DK & Gunsmith,

              Well put,will have to pring out DK’s dictionary..


            • LMAO! Very funny! Don’t forget “GIG”. Globalists in Government. AKA Dual Citizens.

          • Holy smokes! Dude, I’m with ya! The South shall rise, and stand with our brothers in the North. I’ve had enough, actually, I had enough 15 years ago.

        • To all,
          I reserve my comment until I am on my personal computer.

        • As smokey once said “only you can prevent wild fires” well this fire ant gonna be prevented.

      2. This should be on the air waves and all news media.

        I firmly agree and would go. ARMED!

      3. I already have my Guy Fawkes mask. Huge fan of the V for Vendetta. You might wanna watch it again and you will see that the plot in the movie is happen right here right now.

        And Once again Not One More Inch Come and Take it you SOBs,


        • Ready to go, had enough. It is up to the criminal traitorous tyrants now.
          Making a list, checking it twice….

          • Wait…
            Is that gasoline I smell ?

        • you called it right on the V for vendetta movie. I recently watched it in it’s entirity, and this movie is a mirror image of what’s coming. If anyone wants to know what Totalitarianism looks like, watch this movie. This movie is the playbook of the sociopaths running this county now. It’s sadly funny, that just as in the movie, our leaders keep telling us that everything they do is for our own good, or for our own safety. I wish they would stop trying to help me so much.

          • Anonymous,

            Yes Sir and my daughter got me the book for Christmas. Its cool kinda like a comic book. But it has more details in it that was left out of the movie.Took me 1 night to read it kinda one of those books you can’t put down. More great reading (One Second After) Lights Out)
            I’m a reading junkie..LOL


        • Looks like we’ll be wearing balaclavas and firing AKs in the air defying a tyrannical government here in America. I never in my life could have anticipated this shit.

          • Eisenman dont youknow they will lock you up for firing your weapon like that,,,,,,


        • They will. Count on it. Let’s see now there are probably over a hundred thousand gang members with drug cartel affiliation in LA alone. These guys are tight with Obama and what he wants which at the present time is another amnesty. Take those hundred thousand and make them into ten thousand assault squads to hit that many neighborhoods with no warning.I would guess that there would be no time for any resistance and the roll up will be swift and brutal. Execute the same strategy all across the country since we now basically have two nations side by side inside one country. I have a feeling that when the time comes we will find that a large part of the US military will have been sent home to await further orders. All you guys looking forward to a fight better think again.

        • I don’t need a mask, just my gun. Like the good people in Lexington and Concord.

      4. Perfect!

      5. Those who pound their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those who don’t

      6. You can count me in!

        • Nation wide “civil disobedience” suggested by this article is still a potent offensive measure.

          Never forget the fact that THEY not only want, but have made preparations for civil war in OUR country. Nearly 2 BILLION rounds of ammo for “domestic use”, FEMA camps, patriot act, NDAA, and last but not least…foreign troops already on OUR homeland soil.

          We are still empowered by the Constitution and Bill of Rights to legally and legitimately remove a treasonous, seditious, and tyrannical central government. Impeachment, imprisonment, and immediate removal of this ENTIRE administration must be OUR first hard-core course of action.

          I do not want to see “Obama” made into some kind of “martyr” without legal due process. Should these efforts fail to be duly acknowledged, addressed, and acted on NOW…THEN, the choice has been forced upon US.

          THEN, it is time to become an offensive and unrelenting force to remove THEM ALL by any means necessary. A narrow window yet remains to accomplish OUR task with a minimum of violence. I seriously doubt WE can accomplish this task via the corrupt system in place.

          But, it will never accurately be said that WE didn’t try. And failure by legal/constitutional means first…releases ME/YOU from regret or guilt when WE pursue the only means left to US!!!!

      7. Sad to be such a great nation, to come this far, only to have the aware population being forced to defend ourselves, and the clueless, again, to save the Liberty fought for in the 1758 to 1776 period. Yes, it started early with dislike for the King. So very similar today.

        If the catalyst for AR part II is the 2nd Amendment then history has repeated itself. Just so odd that the “know-it-all libs” do not care for American History 101. They would know the outcome.

        This old Viet-Nam Vet will not give up shit

        • N X-Ray,

          History isn’t even being taught, because if it isn’t politically correct, then it’s a no-no to teach the truth of History, especially American History.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive, and above all else, B Free!

          • soapdish
            one more B prepared


            • Roger that, Snake Eater!

        • They are bound to know when the bullet hits the Bone.

      8. “There, burn barrels will be set up and we will publicly burn Form 4473s, FFL Bound Books, state and local registration records, and the sales receipts for every firearm in the United States”

        i like the message, but how?

        • how?

          Place burnable material in barrel – strike match and drop into barrel with burnable material – keep tossing burnable material into barrel until everything that needs burned has done so

        • I’m pretty sure he’s calling out to the store owners and local officials. I am very sure he is not suggesting to take these from their legal owners. Lot’s of folks who would not agree with changes to the law are the exact people who have control of these documents.

          • Too bad the FFL holders are all federal bitches that lick the governments ass on a daily basis. I doubt most of them have the balls to destroy their records.

        • those records are held in FFL gun shops. we go get them, armed and concealed. read the message……

          • Roger, I agree but I also need my CC records erasedd cuz the only way I could find quantity of ammo was on the internet and had to use the CC. Paid cash for everything local but couldn’t get enough ammo locally.

            • I thought I heard you sold all that ammo at a swap meet? Why else would you need so much ammo…

          • LOL. We have lots of gun shops here, and that would be a death sentence in every, single, one. But this is Texas… Hopefully they’d join in by themselves.

      9. DAMN! Good luck.

      10. They want your stuff. First it is your Guns, then comes liberty, followed by property, and finally your life.

        “Slavery by Consent” ~ look it up.

      11. DHS asked back in June 2012, asked to purchase 7,000 “personal defense weapons” the very same ones that Senator F*ckstein says should be band. I mean if DHS says they are prefect weapons for personal defense, then they are perfect for civilians too! But those who hate America and the American people think other wise. Wow, what a bunch of hyprocritical pieces of guano.

        Burn barrels are relatively cheap and can be found almost anywhere;)

        B aware, B Awake, B Alive, and above all else, B Free!

        • 40+ft Shipping containers are everywheres also. While fires burn in barreels, patriots need round up ALL major kommies and pak containers and send them Back to China.

          If these fools love their kommie ideals so swell?..Let them travel by container ship to China and Enjoy themselves immensly.

          Pak first set to get shipped off with Kommie judges-polititions-MSM!!!-Wallstreet tycoons-Kommie black leaders.

      12. GETTYSBURG 1993

        Confederate Prisoner:

        Lt. Thomas D. Chamberland:


        not one more inch

        • This time the Blue and the Grey proudly stand together,

      13. posted the link on the previos thread, glad to see it made it here

        • I see that it never cleared moderation,, oh well..thats up to Mac’s call , just glad it did become a toppic

          • Mac, was it because I linked survivalblog dot com on this story?
            if so please let me know so I wont do that again..ok?

            • VRF,

              I linked the and it did show up quickly in the last article. Don’t think Mac had anything to do with it. Just a guess.

              • Hi guys. sorry for not posting that link VRF. We had five comments in the moderation queue pointing over to that Survival Blog page. I took the first one posted and approved that comment and went ahead and posted James Rawles’ letter in the main SHTFplan feed.

                Thanks for the link for those who emailed and posted a comment about it.


                  • DPS, thanks for asking about that. The site came under a distributed denial of service attack using a technique called SYN Flood early Saturday morning. It was pretty massive in terms of packets hitting our server – several hundred thousand a second… we did two firewall upgrades, the details of which I’d prefer to keep on the downlow, but the updates look like they worked. Hopefully our preventative measures will hold up the next time ‘they’ come after us.

                    Incidentlly, Survival Blog had a similar attack on its servers recently, and, from what I understand, was attacked earlier this week, so this was not an isolated incident.

                    Apologies to those affected by the down time… we were completely out of service for about 6 hours while our team and the Liquid Web tech team worked to identify, isolate and resolve the issue.

                    I suppose we struck a nerve with all of the comments pouring in on the New York resistance article, which was being shared in large part on social networks and the many great alternative news and info sites that linked to it. Guess we must all be doing something right, as this was an obvious attempt to silence the message we were trying to spread.

                    Thanks all.


                • Roger boss, glad it made it as a subject, seemed appropreate for the times.
                  I didnt want to step on your toes linking another site that covers some of the same topics, glad it wasnt viewed that way by you.

                  guess we need to look at it as were all in this shit hole together, time to stand chest to chest and show them bastards not one more inch and we F-ing mean it!

                • Mac. How do I get around hours of moderation jail? I feel like the few times I do post, it takes over 2 hours to pass moderation and the discussion has kind of died off at that point. I didn’t curse or threaten anyone’s life.


                  • gf, us an email address when submitting… real or fake, but use the same one every time. the system should recognize you after a few approved posts and automate your approvals from there.


      14. Dang I don’t have anything to burn.

        • You can always remain home and hand craft nice lampshades. if nothing to burn.

      15. It’s about time people started the “Just say no” movement to unconstitutional laws. Refusal to comply is the way we fight back, not armed resistance compounds or the political process which we have found to be futile. If everyone refuses to comply, resistance is not futile.

        • Note to would-be rulers:

          Hell ain’t half full!

      16. Lobster is good, lobster for every meal sucks. The constant harping on this issue is leading to burnout. Burnout will lead to apathy. Apathy will guaranty the realization of your fears. When people don’t show up to your burn barrel then blame it on the lobster.

        • Go to hell. You want to live in a socialist hell move to Cuba. Dont spread your idiotic apathy among us.

          • Hey Eisenkreutz,

            I say what I say, if you want to shut me up then you move out of my free country and into one of your favorite little piss ass gestapo third world countries.

            And I’ll see you in hell.

            • And one other thing Eisenkreutz, you are why I’m not a follower in any organization. There’s always a loud mouth ass hat that will pull a temper tantrum when they can’t control the message.

              • RickinOregone.
                He’s probably a f-in Fed informer. I remember back in the old SDS days the ones yelling the loudest to off the pigs and other shit were usually cops. These fools think this is going to be funny. Bet it is not if it happens.

          • Eisenkreutz, don’t be too hard on him, he likes to hold hands and sing kumbayah so he knows whats best for you, like all socialists. The side he/she/it leans to is clear and obvious.

            In the coming insurrection/revolt, people like that will side with dictators each and every time, we saw that in Germany 75 years ago, recently in Egypt. They WILL turn you in, they will betray the American ideal. They will NEVER believe you are the best arbiter of your own destiny, own choices. Make no mistake, never question your gut feelings, never doubt his ultimate intent…he wants your weapons. DHS and ATF drones will pat him on the head, as the SS did in Germany, when he calls to turn you in.

            Do I think this is a huge conspiracy…no. The left is however mad with power standing on a pile of victim’s bodies of Sandy Hook. They sense emotion like a shark senses blood in the water and they are circling those who would rather just stay at home and watch Lifetime televison or go to the park.

            What they are blinded to is we have stood up and said, “not one more inch”. They see it as a slogan, we see it as a one way course of action, a line in the sand, and we ARE willing to fight, a real fight, a real civil war.

            Not one more inch will I give.

            Molon Labe

            • The time has come to water the tree of liberty. And I dont say that without thinking long and hard.

              • I too will give all to water that tree…

        • We don’t stop “cooking the lobster” just because some people are tired of eating it. We “cook the lobster” because some people are setting down to that meal for the first time.

          • Fair enough

      17. I have talked to 6 FFL holders before and ask this very question will you destroy your 4473’s and record books if need be.

        1 said he will, 5 said they are not going to prison for anybody (They are scared to death of the ATF), I think you will find this with most FFL holders. Sorry but that is the way it is in the real world.

        Pale Rider

        • Then it is clear, when the day comes, we must remember the locations of those records…and “assist” those 5 holdouts…they will then have plausible deniablity.

          I know an FFL holder here that is already making preps to have an “accident” with his records…it’ll be a real shame, yup a real shame.

          Not one more inch will I give.

          • You guys have watched to many movies where the hero and good guys can do anything. Good luck with that.

          • Spontaneous store-room flooding happening all over the country, strange…..

        • Doesn’t matter, we got more guns and patriots than they do.

      18. This sounds like a set up. Gather them all up, then have them all arrested as terrorists. If you go, atleast make sureyour firearm is loading and you have a quick escape.

        • I don’t think its a setup, but it will be a likely outcome. Both sides will push as hard as it takes to overcome what they each perceive as existential threats.

          I hope the feds back down. If they don’t, we all need to publish the names and (lack of) criminal backgrounds of every injured or prosecuted citizen.

          I say leave the guns at home, but bring every recording device at your disposal.

        • Dude, they don’t have the manpower to do that. There are over 300 millions guns in the hands of the people. There’s one behind every blade of grass. How many hunters do you know with high powered rifles and scopes do you know? Most of the soldiers that I know agree with me, and won’t lift an arm to get in the way. I personally know many master chiefs and master sergeants that told their men to stand down when the officers came to talk to them about confiscating weapons. Game over for the bad guys.

      19. I don’t agree with the Go Armed part. You will get wider participation if you don’t risk a fire fight to begin with. The more people who show they will not comply the stronger the message.
        If any public official gets fired for destroying records, publicize it widely requesting a patriot give her/him another job.

        • Who is risking, us or them?

          • There IS strength in numbers.

        • I agree with you journalist. Public demonstrations, like a “burn barrel” demonstration, should not be armed. No one should bring a gun to a public demonstration of the masses in support of the 2nd Amendment.

          It would be easy for an agent provocateur to start a big shoot out, dividing the American people and LEO’s, National Guard, or military while giving a Rogue administration a valid excuse for a more lethal offensive and Draconian laws.

          Any Armed Resistance in America must be SEAL LIKE in execution to be effective, according to each individuals conscience, targeting specific Globalist Gun Grabbers in their own particular locale; one by one, until they are gone.

          Under that scenario, opposition to the 2nd Amendment could be eradicated, surgically, rather quickly. SEAL Team America is loaded with Green Berates, Marine Recon, and other special ops.

          Globalism would disappear to the ash heap of history in a hurry if these vets take action.

          • I agree, it would be so easy for the gov’t to slip in someone posing as one of us, and tell them to just start shooting as soon as all the TV cameras were rolling. The we would be the bad guys and 0bama could ram through any gun control law he wanted. We would all be instant felons.

      20. Why is the U.S. govt. building up China with American jobs? I read recently Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Sung and Chou En Lai were all agents of U.S. intelligence. This makes sense to me, to keep the false threats and wars going. This after telling us all our lives the communists were our enemy. That warning has all but died lately. The muslims are now the supposed threat to continue the tyranny.

        • All officials of ALL governments everywhere are owned by the banksters.

          China is not an enemy, the BANKSTERS ARE THE ONLY ENEMIES we face and the only enemies it will do any good to terminate.

          The People of all countries want the same thing. Peace and freedom, which happens to be the one thing the BANKSTERS and their governments can not allow to spread.

          • A Quote from back in 1920’s era by the orig Henery Ford(detroit carmaker) was “If you can round up the top 50 jewsih bankers of the world, you will see an end to all wars”

          • The usual suspects are once again pushing for amnesty. The goal is the replacement of the native born US population via massive immigration. Obama will get a third term if this goes through.

            • John W.
              Forget a third term, he doesn’t plan to leave office. The goal for bringing so many millions into our country is to overload the system to help bring down our collapse. He is right on target for what the Elite want.

          • Of course they are, but not the local bankers, it’s the Big Wall ST ones. If SHTF, they’ll be the first to go.

        • When China was opening up she said “if you want to sell it here, then build it here” and she gave a dead line to have a foot print in china. China with an untapped population 1.3 billion was just to ripe of a market to pass up. China added some extra incentive by telling the globalist that China will stay out of their business, they are free to run it the way they want as long as they stay out of China’s internal politics. Companies built facilities in china and then said “why have a duplicate facility in the USA” The globalist bribed, blackmailed or installed elected officials to make it easy to close down shop in the USA. They negotiated treaties that favored their global plan. Their profits soared and the displaced workers here in the USA became dependent on government, government grew, there’s now a symbiotic relationship between globalist and big government. The only way that the trend will reverse is if China flexes her new found muscle too soon and does something outrageous, like going to war with Japan and then the war last for a longer period than China expects. Or if there’s a great awakening here at home. I expect China to make a move before there’s a great awakening.

          The selling out of our jobs/country is why I believe in the conspiracy of globalism and national corruption. Believing in one conspiracy makes it easy to believe in other conspiracies, such as the long slow assault on our country by communist, muslims, drug cartels and just plane old evil. We are being hit from many directions and by many opponents, internal and external.

          • Yes. It was the petrodollar arrangement. The greenback became the world currency in trade for industry. The globalist’s finest work. Personally, the one issue that makes me shoot just a bit straighter.

          • The Fellowes shredder company opened a facility in China in partners with the Chinese which means they were in bed with the PLA. Things went fine for awhile until the Chinese knew how to run and build everthing. One day the American managment team showed up for work and were told to get lost as the company now belonged solely to the Chinese. Fellowes is still trying to recover from the loss of technology and production capacity. For sure free trade has been a disaster.


        WHY DID THE DHS ORDER 7000 AR-15s

        • eisen
          i watched it early this morning and trust me i saw tracers,,if it still is every fifth round is a tracer,,i saw it befor it cut off the news three tracers from the air to ground in the distance,,,,


          • Live fire? Are you sure, if so that would mean they basically feel they can do anything they want.

        • There making a movie. Due out just before the 2014 elections. “FAST AND FURIOUS OBAMA STYLE”


        • We have them outnumbered and out gunned.

        • Eisenkreutz,
          The answer to both questions is because they are trying to instill fear in our hearts, but the opposite is what happened. They have just pissed us off a little more. We are no longer afraid of these bastards. Not one inch.

      22. if it happened…history would be made
        a very clear message

      23. Our new motto should be “Molon Labe” Google it,great story!

      24. Let’s hope it NEVER EVER gets to this.
        But, should it EVER happen, I’ll be there, because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OUT. I will not lay down, and play dead.

        Just keep in mind: this would give Obama, and other weasels, a GREAT opportunity to declare a state of emergency …

        • So what, I’ve had enough. This has been eating away at me for the past 30 years. Bring it on!

      25. I’m curious. Some of you were cheering on this tyrannical government when they were violently attacking the first amendment rights of the people trying to occupy public space?

        What makes the 2nd Amendment more of an issue and more important to defend than the 1st Amendment?

        • If they try to take away the first, we can fight for it using the second. If they take away the second, there’s no way to defend the first, or the rest for that matter.

          • Try to take the first? They already took the first. They brought it out behind the “free speech zone” and shot it.

        • because when the 2nd is gone, all others will be gone too!

        • Because old people are brainless.

      26. Sound like a great idea. Im down.

      27. This yahoo in charge appears to be channeling Lincoln a lot lately. He seems to forget history, Sic semper tyrannis!

        I will not give up my weapons. I will not register them. I will not submit! I will not follow unconstitutional laws EVER!

        • No more for me, not one inch! I’m pissed!

      28. Without the 2nd Amendment, none of the others mean anything, because without it, the govt goons can and WILL do anything they want to you.

        I will reliquish nothing. It will be a good day to die.

        • I’ll stand with ya!

      29. In the article states using burn barrels, states to wear masks, be sure you know who people are, I can see big brother going there in a mask…then starting a fire fight, more reason for them to try to ban guns. Be careful my friends, and god bless America! Home of the free, because of the brave!

      30. So……..the father of the prepper movement has drawn the line in the sand.
        I urge everyone, get your preps in order. Now!!!

        • This is a fire waiting for a spark, and it shall happen over night. We are close good people, very very close.

          Indeed, make certain your preps are ready.

          Not one more inch will I give.

          Molon Labe

        • Thanks mom. *Hugs you*

          • Why would anyone thumbs down hugging the cooking mom? You guys are just trolls.

      31. I do not have receipts or records of gun purchases but I will meet you all at the burning barrels. No one will know what I am burning. I would suggest everyone have a box of something to burn. Are they going to look in every box…I don’t think so.
        My concern is “We” have allowed them to get away with everything else “they” have been doing for many years. Most of which is unconstitutional. We all know Obamacare is unconstitutional but when the Supreme Court comes out and said it was constitutional it makes it seem like we have to go along with it. Will everyone stick to the “Not one more inch” if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the Elite? I just want to make sure I am not the only person showing up at the burning barrels!

      32. Growing up in the great state of Texas and living outside the country, I am still proud to be a USA citizen.However with that being said I do cry and feel very sad to see the direction the country is going. As I have metioned in here before I am a Christian and a Patriot, I believe the two should go hand in hand. Many of the pastors have been brainwashed and trained by FEMA. I think this is truely a way Satan and infiltrated the church. When the USA removed prayer from the schools, took it upon themselves to teach alternative sexual life styles and is teaching Darwins evolution our young people began their brainwashing of the NWO’s plan. Rights and freedoms are mostly a different language to most americans due to turning their backs on God. The preachers of Chritian churches once were the community leaders now the majority are seel outs saying just go along with the government. These preachers in your local churches are the ones that should be leading the barrel burns. So this is a message to all the sleeping Christians who have allowed themselves to become just like the rest of the world, doped up dumbed down and distracted by trivial matters. WAKE UP YOU ARE THE SALT OD THE EARTH! Sorry for rambling and hopefully I offended some of the Christian population because if I did it means they are sleeping. Remember all these things must come to pass before Jesus returns. However we are instructed to fight evil and spread the good word. God Bless America and better to die a free man than live a slave. Christians who are genuine are going to be targeted by the NWO and lose their heads for their beliefs. Keep strong in your faith.

      33. I’m old,pissed and done talking. I stand with any Patriots

      34. Folks, I am with you – if the worst comes to pass, I’ll be standing on your left or your right….however I feel we still have 1 more stab at doing this the right way. The bills in the Senate have not been approved, and they have not been reviewed in the House. There is widespread opinion that the large provisions of the bill(AWB and magazine ban) won’t pass. If something less than that gets through we can try to deal with that. Now I know that even if this movement against our rights dies and fades away, it will come back around again, who knows when. So we will have to stay vigilant. Don’t be complacent if this leftist movement fails. Folks in NY need our support right now, they have it pretty bad with the recent attack on their rights…if “it” does begin, maybe it will begin there. We likely won’t have a choice in how that occurs. But I don’t think we’ve had our Lexington/Concord momemt yet.

        • Jonesy,
          I say this in a friendly but firm way. The 2nd. Amendment cannot be negotiated or chipped away in any fashion or manner. Not one inch more.

        • We all know that when a mass shooting happens, the left throws all the shite against the wall they can, knowing that most of it won’t stick. But some of it does. Loss of Liberty incrementally. The Personal Defense Weapon ban will most likely get shot down, along with the magazine ban, but there will be something that gets passed. My guess is universal background checks, eliminating lawful, unregulated private sales between individuals, and more strict “mental health” regulations which has the possibility of dis-arming millions of good people.

      35. An appeal to Heaven.

      36. Politicians can’t be so stupid as to believe crime will drop as a result of confiscation, that’s just the excuse being used to take away guns. Unfortunately, millions of sheeple believe it. Those in officialdom HATE that the people are armed. In fact, they don’t even like middle-class voters anyway. They hate our values, they even hate the fact we have the freedoms we still possess. Make no mistake, they mean to have your guns. The primary and most legitimate function of our government is to protect and enhance the rights of its people. So far, some of the things we have been given instead or will soon be given are more taxes, the “Health Care” bill shoved down our throats, more and more gun controls proposed, the desire to control internet access and use, etc., and all without majority of the people’s support. Who do these politicians think they are? Actions speak louder than words-their actions tell me what they really believe. Remember this; the only time politicians tell the truth is when they call each other liars. Most importantly, the first Ten Amendments called the Bill of Rights (which contains the 2nd Amendment cannot legally be abolished).

      37. Be Informed, allow me to add one caveat to your post. The US government is our biggest DOMESTIC enemy. Our biggest FOREIGN enemy will be China. We’ll be facing all kinds of enemies out here once the balloon goes up. I dread it as much as anyone else, but remember, we’re not the ones starting any of this. It is the government that has bad intentions toward someone, not vice versa. We’re the ones who love this country and want to save it. The “government employees” don’t care about this country. All they’re loyal to is their paychecks, benefits, etc. When the economic collapse hits and the dollar dies, their paychecks, along with LEOs and military, and ours will be cut off. They have bank accounts like we do and won’t be able to access their accounts any more than we can access ours. We’ll all be in the same boat then; all of us, from all walks of life. “Interesting times” are getting closer and closer. I’ve stepped up my prepping. I hope everyone else is doing the same. MOLON LABE! LIVE FREE OR DIE! braveheart

      38. This has been going around Facebook for the last few days….wonder if any of you have heard about it or read the information available. There are a couple of YouTube videos of interviews on it also. Here is the link I’m talking about…The One People’s Public Trust…or OPPT. I’m still in the process of reading more about it, but thought I would share.

      39. enough of the bravado already… no one in his/her right mind actually wants tsthtf because when it finally does, everyone young, old, married, single, with/without children, employed or not will get stinking nasty dirty and many will get dead or wish they were… that said:

        resist III

      40. We need to copy this and distribute widely! I also plan to take a copy to my local gun shop. Thank you, Mr. Rawles! Beautiful idea!

      41. I sometimes feel as if I live in the middle of a chess game where each move is being carefully planned in order to maneuver the opponent to a position of defeat…for example: in order to take the focus away from the economy and Benghazi, the media reports on yet another mass shooting and subsequent articles regarding gun violence increase dramatically, and the focus DOES NOT include “gang violence” and the thousands of deaths of teens and others due to criminal activity, which has horrifically escalated over the years….. now the many faces of the victims are very young children…. the Nation reels in horror and outrage, demanding “something be done” to protect our children…enter “gun control”…again. DHS states that internet hacking is “imminent” and we need “legislation” to control internet “security” ( which has already failed to pass )….very next day media reports a hacking by Anonymous. I believe that we are being manipulated and they are setting the “staging ground”… doesn’t even seem to be subtle any longer….it is out there obviously for those who are Watching and Listening…….Going off “half-cocked” is a reference to a firearm discharging prior to it being ready. If you “go off half-cocked” it means that you attempt something without proper preparation or aforethought……this is one of my grave concerns – that a well-intentioned Patriot “goes off half-cocked” and that THAT will be playing into their hands and “check-mate”. We are full of our Patriotism and Loyality to our Constitution, but one extremely important aspect which is lacking at this time, is cohesiveness, or more bluntly, a Plan of Action…..individually we will most likely perish…..TOGETHER we CAN make a STAND. In my very humble opinion, I believe that this will ultimately be a battle between good and evil…..the time is now to come together….UNITED in the common goal…..defeat the evil in this world and restore our Republic for the generations to come….
        Be well, Be aware, Be safe,Be ready….and may God Bless US

      42. NEW! URGENT! Jan 28 2013

        MA Governor Wants to Personally Victimize Law-Abiding Gun Owners -> Plz Call Now

        Massachusetts At Urgent Regulation Level!


        ” Governor Deval Patrick (D) and anti-gun legislators in the Massachusetts General Court have wasted no time this legislative session trying to victimize and disarm law-abiding residents of the Bay State.
        Shortly over a week ago, Governor Patrick filed legislation entitled “An Act to Strengthen and Enhance Firearms Laws in the Commonwealth” and has been aggressively lobbying the state legislature to take action on his restrictive proposal.

        If this legislation is passed and enacted into law, the following changes will occur to Massachusetts’ already restrictive gun laws:
        You will be forced to sell or lawfully dispose of any magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds.
        You will be limited to seven round magazines.
        You will only be able to purchase one firearm a month.
        You will be subject to a background check and a fee (gun tax) for the private transfer of firearms between family and friends.

        You need to contact your state legislators TODAY and express your opposition to Governor Patrick’s bill and any proposed legislation that would infringe upon your Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”

        For help identifying your elected state officials and their contact information, please click here.

        Governor Patrick’s Office can be reached at: 617-725-4005 Leave a message or by using on on-line contact form:

        Find a Rep here by clicking here.

        Please pass this on to other forums for my buddies & relatives in MA.


        • I live in MA.
          Come and get them.

          • I don’t live in MA, but I will come there to defend your right to keep them.

      43. Thomas Jefferson: “The benefits of war seldom outweigh it’s costs”.

      44. addendum: Please excuse me….I began typing and forgot to address our plays in the chess game…..immediate reaction by the populace to the “threats” of more gun control….and our stance at “re-constructing” the Constitution…..btw, I recently told a young co-worker(who sadly told me we should “re-write” the Constitution entirely to make it valid “today”) to actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and see the wisdom, intelligence, foresight, simplicity, and extreme beauty in the words and thoughts therein…..

      45. He’s given us free phones, reimbursements for old SUV’s, even upted the amount on social security checks– all “carrots” as he withdraws our Constitutional rights with the other hand. He is infinitely more dangerous than Bush! He has intelligence as well as being sly. How can you fault the guy? He seems so nice– that’s how he’s able to get away with everything. We gritted out teeth as he took away one constitutional right after the other. (Didn’t he swear to uphold the constitution!?) But what really showed his his true light was when he talked of us being able to continue hunting deer. He said he had no intention of interfering with that right. He’s a Constitution expert; he knows damn well what the 2nd amendment is for! What a hypocrite!

        • And a rather bad note of “dark humor” here….he now “suggests” that “changes” may be coming in FOOTBALL? It is pervasive, invasive, and infiltrating virtually every aspect of our LIVES….WE need a PLAN desperately! We need to know where to go, what to do, and exactly how to do it….I do not know if anyone saw the pics of the recent “protest” in DC from those wishing for gun control? Those in attendence were milling around, chatting…..all very casual. The protests that I remember had pictures of people who were there in order for their voices to be HEARD! Molly Smith, the artistic director of Washington’s Arena Stage, and her partner organized the march. “Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater is a national center dedicated to the production, presentation, development and study of American theater.”

          • As for football, two simple changes could easily make the game less violent. First change the shape of the football from mellon to round and the second change is to ban the players from touching the ball with their hands. With those two simple changes even girls would be able to participate in the game and have a league of their own, maybe even an olympic spot.

      46. Keep you firearms. Organize and prepare. Talk with your families. But most importantly Pray. No one should stand alone when they are stacking seven deep outside your front door. Have a buddy or two, or three who will respond to assist you when the SHTF. But remember let them draw first blood.

        In the words of George Washington; “be courteous to all but intimate with very few”. In other words, watch for traitors and snitches.

      47. I have some old phone books to burn, not to mention the trash they keep throwing in my driveway (liberal newsprint)… plenty of fuel!

      48. well james,,,you are not coming to my home to defend me ,,,so why would i stick my families neck out for your ass……..comments should be disabled for this site,,,so the satans watching this site can glean nothing,,,,james you command nobody,,,, they are going to hit you with a tomahawk from the island of hawaii…..I CANNOT DEFEND YOU FROM THAT,,, You are military…………….yup thats right….he wont preemptive anyone,,,,he wants to do us all in…in his book Patriots,,,,,,his clan cleaned up what was left,,,,,none of his faggs,,, fought the real war….the author lives his books….I AM BETTER THAN YOU… FOR THIS COUNTRY…

      49. Well the basic guns, ammo, preps are had by the majority for conventional contests,

        next up locate wood chippers, incinerators, and hog farms for the unconventional meanderings…

      50. Mr. Rawles,

        What is your ‘Plan B’? I remember the ‘non-violent protests’ after the 70s. Do you? The Police rolled in and kicked butt, arrested hundreds, and tarnished the reputation of good, solid citizens for opposing the current wind in Washington. Non-violent protest allows the Feds to set us up for anything — remember, Obama is not opposed to Executive Action for just about anything — and could enact Martial Law while we’re all at the demonstrations. Round us up, kill or imprison us, all in the name of The United States of America, and believe me, Mr. Rawles, there is a serious percentage of this country that doesn’t think for itself — they just follow the path of least resistance. They would back the Feds — and how many LEOs and Military Police would disobey a direct order, from the President of the United States, in front of and in collusion with their peers in their departments or units? Talk is cheap, Mr. Rawles. The ONLY reason we can quote from our Founding Fathers is because they got past the rhetoric and talk. George Washington didn’t use rhetoric on the British, he shot them. It has come to that.

      51. Works for me.

      52. I’d put 10 motivated, experienced, citizens armed with scoped bolt action rifles up against 100 government thugs armed with M4s and M249s. The thugs would have no chance. Anybody who has been in the military knows this to be true.

        • I was in the military 22winmag, and I agree partially with what you say. It entirely depends on the resolve of the government how far this will go. On the side of the common people, there is no doubt in my mind they are resolved to fight to the last man and woman. For those who WILL fight, they are 100% committed.
          However, if the government is equally resolved, then the common people stand no chance in the end. What good are rifles, even high-powered, high magazine ones against the might of the armed forces? The common people do not have (in any great quantities anyway) mortar rockets, tanks, drones, fighter aircraft, bombers, cruise missles, etc.
          If the government loses the courage of its convictions, or the troops refuse to carry out orders, then an insurrection is possible. Otherwise, it’s simply a matter of sheer firepower.

          Heel out

          • Improvise…Adapt…Overcome!!!

      53. Jimmy Rawles must have his undies in a wad. Where was the record destroying chant when everyone lined up to get permission for a CCW? Where was the Guy mask when you need permission to purchase a weapon Through NICS? I bet Jimmy and many others took to that boot licking right quick. And now the cry is to rally to arms with a mask?. The hour seams late for such antics.

      54. Greetings folks!
        It may be ancillary to the weapons side of this blog,but I found this on Blacklisted News and decided to post it.Hope it proves useful if you ever have a “quiet talk” with some Sheeple who might have begun to get a clue about the state of our fair Republic’s leaders…

        The influence of corporate money on Congress is exacerbated by how out of touch Congressmen are with the daily struggles of most Americans. In February 2012, the median net worth of Congressmen was $913,000 as compared to $100,000 for the rest of the population. Aside from being immediately wealthy, Congressmen also weathered the tribulations of the financial crisis much better than the average American. An analysis of Congressional finances by the Washington Post in October 2012 revealed that the wealthiest one-third of Congress was largely shielded from the effects of the Great Recession. While the median household net worth of the average American dropped by 39 percent between 2007 and 2010, the median wealth of Congressmen rose 5 percent. It rose 14 percent for the wealthiest one-third.

        At a time when most people in the country are suffering, Congressmen are profiting. This alone should demonstrate how out of touch our elected leaders have become. Members of Congress, entrusted to represent the best interests of the average American, instead play out a stilted, ineffective soap opera on our TV screens, complete with phony discussions of fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings which take the place of real proposals for meaningful change in the country.

        “There is no voice for the working American in the halls of Congress, the American who was promised a life beyond taxes, debt, and unemployment. There is no voice for the peace loving American, the American who understands that America’s military might is meant for defense of the homeland, not looking for trouble in faraway lands. There is no voice for the American who expects his representatives to abide by the Constitution, who laments the way Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court work together to take away our rights piece by piece.”
        Truth and Knowledge of the Truth can be just as powerful as Drones and helmets and Massive Armored vehicles,perhaps even more so,FAR more so..
        All the Best,

      55. Come arm , come masked BUT DON’T UNLOCK THAT IPHONE!
        You will be in real trouble for that!
        500K fine or 5 years in prison for the first offense.

      56. “You know what is so sad about this? That any of us should EVER be even thinking about this….”

        Yah you should know. It’s the continual inaction of the soiled mind that got us here and continues to beliger this nation of notionless fools.

        Cowards. Your words are as empty as your actions.

      57. Thank you, Mac, and thanks and gratitude to John Wesley Rawles. Also, thanks to the Patriots who contribute to the comments on this site. That so many of us have now reached the tipping point and are willing to stand fast tells me our numbers are not to be discounted, our love of country is notto be demeaned, and with a show of great numbers, we are not to be underestimated in our resolve.

        The hubris of the elite, the central banksters, the beltway insiders, is very shortly going to bite them in their big, fat, arrogant asses. Having grown up inside the beltway, the son of a parent in high political position, I witnessed firsthand the arrogance, the corruption, and the complete disdain our politicians have for the “unwashed masses.” Washington has long been filled with social engineers heavily schooled in central economic and social planning, most having attended Northeastern schools where they were heavily propagandized in socialist dribble. Truth is, these pin stripe suited elitist s have always had others do the dirty work, but if we march on DC in overwhelming numbers, and turn outin every major city across the nation in great numbers, we will literally see a boom in urban dry cleaning business for all of the suit soiling that will result.

        They have made a gross miscalculation. And it is the opportunity for us now to reclaim our country and our Constitution. Let’s not let this chance pass us by. If any of us are fired upon, the fury of American citizens will be like Satan released from Hell. Indeed, not one more inch. These people are pussies, let me repeat, pussies….feminized weenies that will cower when confronted by our numbers, resolve and strength.

        Very fortunately, I left DC when I was 23. The other parent and half of my family are good, God-fearing working folks in Southern Illinois….coal miners, farmers, even local law enforcement folks, best people I have ever known. Over the past 40 years since leaving DC, I have had the great honor of being just another, poor working class stiff, raising a family, growing a small business, smack dab in the middle of “fly-over” country, where most of us ignorant redncks live. This rednck has spent his last 40 years trying to strengthen his spiritual life as a liberty loving man who loves his God first, his family second, and his country third. God as my witness, I will not let the PTB destroy us without a fight, not one more inch. I will not let my children be subject to the miserable serfdom of tyranny. To quote Howard Beale from the classic movie “Network”, “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it any more” For the first time in a very long time, I feel that there are now countless millions of us who feel exactly the same way.

      58. Where was this outrage in 1934?1968?1986?1994?
        The record to date does not inspire confidence.You’ve let them piss on our 2nd Amendment rights for 79 years and now you’re mad?

        • Please don’t let yourself get stuck in the past. Let it go. Get on up here with the rest of us and be ready to take care of business, as needed.

          Yes, they have pissed on the 2nd. Amendment for a long time, but no more. Listen to this; Not One More Inch.

      59. I think putting a bounty on these anti gun legislators would fix the problem.

        • YankeeDoodle- That is one of the best ideas I’ve heard yet!

      60. Lol. This site has become a parody of itself.

      61. Patriots and fellow Americans,

        Take heed;

        I don’t watch multi-media news any longer as I have learned they are owned by public enemy #1, the Elitists, same goes for the President, Vice President, numerous members of Congress, the major radio and TV news outlets, the major Banks, the Federal Reserve, top posts of the U.S. Government, a host of NGO’s and the UN.

        Most people, who have yet to be brought to this realization, would of course think I am some kind of a nut job because of what I am saying and about to say. Time is short before the next and final shoe drops. There has been ample evidence provided that the Whitehouse is occupied by a Non-Citizen, an illegal alien and a criminal. He has had free reign to fundamentally transform our Country for the past 4 years, unheeded. He has proven himself to be what he has been trying to hide from the American People. He is a Marxist Socialist/Communist. The people are waking up to this and I want to ask the American People who are good, decent, kind and giving, what are you waiting for? Is it fear? Fear of being placed on some list for retribution? Can we no longer collectively and as a proud people, fight the demons in front of us? Those who are set and determined to see our ruin as a free people? Do we no longer have the Love of Country, the freedoms we did share? Have we given up on hope, the Constitution and Bill of Rights? I think we have one last chance to turn this around, but waiting is no longer an option. I believe most people want to do something but don’t know where to start or who to turn too.

        Let me say, there are a lot of good men and women in our Country who are in positions too help and those who have been removed from the Political scene and from the Military and Government who needs to step forward and help lead us out of a certain demise. There are honorable and Patriotic Americans who need your help and will support and defend you. These people I speak about know who they are and just like us, they are unsure where to start for fear of being assassinated or arrested. I realize it is difficult to start a movement without the worry of infiltrators, so start as a Patriot Movement to bring back our Country from the ashes and ruin. Do it as an individual or group, but do it and soon before it is too late. There are many criminals and treasons upon the people which need addressed. This is not about Political Party; forget that, this is about our very survival and existence as a once free people. Please step forward for all our sakes.

      62. We have just reached that, ‘Don’t Piss Me Off, Bro”, Level. It’s a coming!

        • Thanks Slingshot,

          As a Vietnam Vet, I am leveling off and my sights are adjusted. May God be with us.

      63. I will make sure I wear an Eric Holder Mask and be sporting an AR…Especially since I know he is so fond of them. LOL

      64. I for one couldn’t agree more with Mr. Rawles. This is ENOUGH!!! I’ve had enough of self-serving, self-appointed elitists telling me what I can do, how often I can do it, where I can do it, and how much tax I have to pay when I do it. This is no longer a FREE country and these gun laws/registrations/confiscations are the proverbial straw that has broken my back. These bastards think that they can tell us that we are restricted from defending ourselves for the sake of keeping us safe is the biggest freakin’ lie that has ever been foisted upon us as a nation. I for one will not give up any weapon, constitutional right, or any of my property without expending ever last round I possess against those who will come to take it. When that “Concord Bridge” moment comes I truly pray that my fellow countrymen/women will rise up and in one loud voice say HELL NO, NOT ON MY WATCH WILL I ALLOW YOU TO ENSLAVE MY COUNTRY…MOLON LABE! These simple minded elitists in politicians clothing have forgotten their country’s history; the founding of this nation was begun over a very similar event. They have forgotten their oath’s to defend the constitution and they have forgotten who they serve! Stand up and fight like hell!

      65. This is exactly what we need. This government needs to realize that they won’t force anything tyrannical without a fight. Patriots of the United States need to become bolder; they need to begin uniting publicly, whether that be joining your local militia, forming a new one or start gatherings with like-minded patriots.

        I, for one, will be at my state capital should this be signed. Stay frosty, my friends.

        “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”
        Romans 13:4

      66. In the 1984 version of Red Dawn a KGB Major approaches Col. Bella
        KGB Major: Do you want to see me?
        Colonel Bella: Yes … yes. Go to the sporting goods store. From the files obtain forms 4473. These will contain descriptions of weapons, and lists of private ownership.

        Ummm Hello Folks, this movie came out in 1984! (Another fact to wrap your heads around; I know this is hard to believe but this was before the 1994 Ban!) Do you really believe that the Gun Shops you purchased your firearms from, who are required by law to:

        “…keep this on file at least 20 years and is required to surrender the log to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) upon retirement from the firearms business. The ATF is allowed to inspect, as well as request a copy of the Form 4473 from the dealer during the course of a criminal investigation. In addition, the sale of two or more handguns to a person in a five-day period must be reported to ATF on Form 3310.4.

        …will be that Patriot who happens to accidentally misplace, shred, incinerate or make them unreadable in order to protect your rights? Are you prepared mentally to surrender your firearms when you are wrong?

        I be out there wearing my Guy Fawkes at the burning barrel!

        • ATF agents have also recently been going into gun dealers and photocopying every 4473 in the store, illegally.

          • thanks for the heads up, MX.

      67. For those concerned about swearing. Get the fuck over yourselves. Stop taking yourself so seriously. This the real world. People swear. In fact, people that swear tend to be more honest.

      68. Not one more inch! Pointman Dak To!

      69. I say again not another damn inch!

      70. I got a call from Senator Burrs office today and the office boy said he read all my e mails to Burr including Impeach Obama the non US citizen and this guy said Obama is a Hawaiin and I said false that was proved false By Sheriff Joes Cold Case investigators and as I continued on this jerk hung up on me, I called back with their phone number and told another numbnuts I will not be hung up on and filled this ones ears. Later I called back and said to pass on to Burr not to vote for Chuck Hagel because he is nuts! Hawk out.

      71. I am a dedicated visitor to SURVIVALBLOG and have gotten excellent info on prepping and preparing for the inevitable conflict for our freedom.

        I have to say though the idea in itself is excellent but the reality of it is just not prudent. This government has already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will violate the rights of American Citizens at will and without due process.

        If they merely suspect you of being a terrorist (remember who they classified an extremist in the homeland security bulletin that they distributed to all LEO then backed off and scrubbed it) anyone who supports candidates like Ron Paul, returning vets from foreign conflict, those who are right wing extremists who cling to their guns and religion.

        Basically look in the mirror if you are reading this.


        Does anyone think for a minute that the left wing gives two shits about the precious life lost at Sandy Hook? They run the abortion machine and slaughter millions of our babies every year and gloat how its a woman’s right to kill…try living the rest of your life with the regret of what you could’ve done while a planned genocide acorn official tells you its the best choice…while taxpayers fund the death march.

        If it even happened as they say (more lies) they are thriiled that they can again “not let a crisis go to waste”. OPSEC is of primary importance here, we cannot parade around barrels for the tyranny operators to easily pick us off and cover it up as terrorist extremist suppression.

        JWR is unquestionably a target and they would love nothing more than to arrest him for terrorist activity and quell the uprising.

        We will have to start with individual resistance and preps, each of us is already gearing up for the end game…for me it is the 2A. No quarter, no question.

        There is no FUCKING way that whore fienstien is going to pass illegal legislation that will be heeded by any Patriot. TREASON=DEATH

        The line has been drawn and the history books will someday reflect that a tyrannical government rose up against the people and the second civil war will be noted by those who again pledged their sacred honor fortunes and lives to keep our children free.




      72. You fucking idiots. You still “comply”. You still “obey”. You still “submit” to every fucking thing asked of you. Are you so fucking stupid to think that burning some paper records “makes you free”? Yeah, you probably are.

        Where the FUCK were you people when Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, et al., destroyed the fabric of freedom in this country? You’re still COWARDS every last goddamned one of you.

        If it has come to the time when we burn the records, don’t you think that this signifies a time for something else?

        If you’re still carrying your “permit”, or your drivers “license” or paying your taxes, or obeying any and all federal laws, you’re “obeying” your federal masters. Which you will continue to do because you still don’t fucking get it.

        God you morons make me sick. None of you are ready to man up. Not one. All this grandstanding talk is what the Internet is known for. Keyboard Kommandoes.

      73. Rawles is an absolute fool. This is proof positive of bad advice from an idiot:

        a) masked, armed men show up, proceed to burn their FFL records.

        b) S.W.A.T. and police, along with Feds also show up. This WILL happen, sooner or later, somewhere.

        c) Confrontation results – either all masked armed men are arrested (Outcome #1), or a shooting war starts (Outcome #2).

        Outcome #1: Anyone arrested forfeits their future (job, home, wife, kids, guns, everything) as they attempt to fight off a very long, very expensive legal battle (from jail).

        Outcome #2: Shooting war results in all parties dead, wounded or on the escaped, on the run. All known friends and contacts will be uncovered. Anyone on the run still forfeits their total future (job, home, wife, kids, guns, everything).

        This leads only in one inescapable direction: Outcome #3 – The life of an outlaw, difficult, expensive, unsustainable. You’re “all in” however, so might as well go “all out” now. You will either die soon or be caught soon. You’ll quickly wonder if it was worth it.

        Rawles “advice” is stupid beyond belief, the tactics of a man who is brain dead. The man is a fool and will get you killed. This is not how you start your war or choose to fight. All outcomes lead to disaster.

        There are better alternatives to all this that cannot be published. Most of you are not bright enough to figure it out, which means you are just in the way and should be considered cannon fodder, stupidly choosing to follow some idiot to your own destruction, accomplishing EXACTLY ZERO. Say good bye to your wife and kids before you step off the deep end, you won’t be seeing them again.

      74. Fact (1): The only way to scrub the data from your hard drive or he he, somebody elses is to remove hard drive disk and sand with sandpaper. Don’t ever rely on so-called Tech that will hide your cell phone messages or data . That’s all over and done with now! Cell phone security: remove battery and leave at home. Making contact. Make the other person let you frisk them. If not tell them to Fuck OFF!!!
        Best regards and the best to you and yours…

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