Defector Reveals The Biggest Threat To North Korea: “More Cracks Are Appearing In The Regime”

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Headline News | 60 comments


When it comes to North Korea, there are no easy solutions. Historically, every attempt at diplomacy has failed in the long run. Every attempt to get China to reign in their buffer state has also failed. And as time goes on, the military option seems less feasible.

Several days before he left the White House, Steve Bannon did a pretty good job of explaining why going to war with North Korea would be such a bad idea. “Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

At the end of the day there may be only one thing we can do, and that is nothing. We can simply keep a lid on the country until it collapses, or until the population decides that they’ve had enough, and tries to change or reform the regime.

The latter of those possibilities may be more plausible than you think. While most people in America assume that North Koreans are hopelessly brainwashed into submission, that’s not true at all. As it turns out, there’s a sign that the starving and brutalized masses of North Korea are growing increasingly restless and disillusioned with their government. They’re turning to religion in growing numbers, and in defiance of their brutal regime. For instance, according to a U.S. State Department report, the number of Christians in North Korea has increased five-fold over the past five years, to somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 people.

The State Department, which gleaned the Christian population figures from data maintained by the United Nations and the Cornerstone Ministries International (CMI), acknowledged the number of Christians in North Korea may be higher.

State learned from CMI that an estimated “10-45 percent” of people imprisoned in North Koreans detention camps are Christians.

“An estimated 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners, some imprisoned for religious reasons, were believed to be held in the political prison camp system in remote areas under horrific conditions,” points out State in its report. “CSW [Christian Solidarity Worldwide] said a policy of guilt by association was often applied in cases of detentions of Christians, meaning that the relatives of Christians were also detained regardless of their beliefs.”

An unnamed North Korean defector confirmed the significant increase in North Korea’s Christian population.

And it’s not just Christianity that is on the rise. Traditional shamanism and Buddhism is also making a comeback. The reason why this is a bad sign for the ruling elites in North Korea, is that this government relies on cult-of-personality worship of the Kim family to keep the population in line. What does it say if the population is abandoning that state sanctioned religion on pain of death and torture?

“In the past, the people were told to worship the Kim family as their god, but many North Koreans no longer respect Kim Jong-Un”, the defector, now a member of the Seoul-based Worldwide Coalition to Stop Genocide in North Korea, told the Telegraph. “That means they are looking for something else to sustain their faith.”

“In some places, that has led to the emergence of shamans, but the Christian church is also growing and deepening its roots there”, he also said, adding, “Even though people know they could be sent to prison—or worse—they are still choosing to worship, and that means that more cracks are appearing in the regime and the system.”

One thing most people forget about terrible governments, is that they are kept in place by the same thing that every government relies on. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a democracy or an iron fisted dictatorship, they all rely on the consent of the governed.

In the former case, the people decide who rules them every few years. In the latter case, the people have either a literal or proverbial gun pointed at them at all times, but the government still needs either their consent or their submission. The moment the population decides that they’d rather risk death than worship the state, then that state is not long for this world.

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    1. Joe Mamma

      No one is going to be alive to fire the artillery if we use a neutron bomb.

      • Gandhi

        kim Jung keeps his dogs well fed

    2. TEST

      Well ok. If L’il Kim shells Seoul, we retaliate by permanently sending over Dennis Rodman to NK. THAT will teach em to mess with us!

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        TEST, I’ve got a better idea. Send MAXINE WATERS, LOL!

      • Yahooie

        Send Kaepernick. He doesn’t like our flag. Maybe that one would be better.

    3. Tactical Beard

      Acts 16:3131
      So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      Not Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. The Deplorable Braveheart

      I say to the people in NK who have awakened to the truth: GO GO GO! Once cracks appear in any tyrannical system and people reach the point they have nothing left to lose there is no reversing the process. If they manage to overthrow the Kim regime so much the better. I wish them the best.

      • CrackSummSkulls

        Right out of the Box BS. This statement: Historically, every attempt at diplomacy has failed in the long run.

        Demanding countries to “Do As I SAY” is not every attempt at diplomacy. Lining up US troops up on N Korea’s Border 70 years, is not helping with Diplomacy. Setting up battle ships and 3 carrier groups on the shores of N Korea, is Not Diplomacy. its all a Fraud, to destroy N Korea. The US does not want any Diplomacy. Telling NK to abandon Nukes? Ha!! Look what happened to Libya when they abandoned Nukes. The US bombed the crap out of the Country and killed its Leader. N Korea was on the Map of destruction and plans by the US to destroy it way back before 9-11. When Bushy 2 said N Korea and Iran were the Axis of Evil. It’s been in the works for perpetual war for the last 2 decades.

        If you were N Korea would you abandon your self defenses and trust the US’s Phony Diplomacy? Pffftttt. The US is the worlds bully and we just need to bring all our troops home, and let China deal with N Korea.

        The US meddling in N Korea, would be like you going over to your neighbors yard and beating your neighbor’s child for no reason. When has N Korea Attacked the USA? NEVER. Its all a fluff and fill propaganda Show, so the US Fascist Military Industrial Complex can keep their palms greased up with ship loads of cashola. And its the Only reason, besides Banks make a bundle lending the US war money. Its all fleecing of US tax Payers. That’s it, nothing more. Follow the money.

        • janie

          Cracksummskulls: “US meddling in N Korea would be like you going over to your neighbors yard and beating your neighbor’s child for no reason.” Sounds like a flawed analogy. I would say it’s more like “knowing that your neighbor is beating and abusing his children, his parents, and his wife continually and doing nothing about it.” Those poor people need help.

        • FTW

          “Demanding countries to “Do As I SAY” is not every attempt at diplomacy.”

          This is the CORRECT analogy to the problems we face in this World – Domestically & Foreign alike.

          It all comes down to Western Philosophy Of Global Governance.

          “Keep Voting SLAVES … maybe there will be some HOPE … maybe some fk’n CHANGE … hell … maybe even Make Something Fk’n GREAT AGAIN!!! … I wonder what catchy phrase will show up in the next Presidential Race? Whatever it may be … I’ll ADD it here to the rest of the GARBAGE above.”

          • FTW

            … my bad … I forgot my SARCASTIC SMILEY FACE – ツ

          • FTW

            … my bad … I forgot my SARCASTIC SMILEY FACE – ツ

    5. Michigan Wolverine

      consent of the governed

      maybe we should express that we dont consent to any government right here in this country,(especially not this one) and quit worrying about NK and everyone else

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        Exactly, I had to reread the article to confirm it wasn’t about the USA. Meanwhile the perpetual war continues as the globalist progressives double down ripping this country to shreds. The only legislation that can pass now must be buried in military funding bills. It is obvious now that the only way to stop globalist progressives is for the world to unite against the USA and they will. Global regression back to nationalism will result. Left, right, black, white. Either way, the warring will continue, it is the way we are. 150,000 years of evolution and its still the Neanderthals versus the Africans.

    6. Illini Warrior

      sorry – I’m sure the dissent is there – but whole issue of a rise in religion is nothing but wishful dreaming – a huge rise in the Christian faith – nothing but some fundraising ploy that some church is running ….

      these maniacs aren’t going away without military force intervention from the outside –

      just keep waiting and giving them time to perfect their attack mechanism? – millions of Americans sacrificed? …. millions more Japanese …. someone needs to face facts ….

      • Very-Concerned-Citizen

        We have got to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done!

        • Genius

          “these maniacs aren’t going away without military force intervention from the outside –”

          “We have got to bite the bullet and do what needs to be done!”

          Exactly! We need russia to come over here and take out our govt. so we can start over. That is what you meant eh?

          • CrackSummSkulls

            You nailed it Genius. Funny how I trust the Russian Government more than I trust our own, who has been hijacked by the psychotic Cabal.

      • Stuart

        You (figuratively) said the same thing about the Soviets.
        You and the other war mongers said the same thing about Nicaragua.
        Yet they collapsed from within.
        Cuba is going through that process at the present.
        So is Communist China. Remember Tiananmen Square. That ideal didn’t vanish.

        Faith – religion if you insist – was an integral driver of those collapses; for Faith gives people hope and hope engenders great courage.

        You couldn’t be more wrong.

    7. Very-Concerned-Citizen

      Text book case of what NOT to do with a rogue country like North Korea (20+ years of being weak,impotent pussies)- now there will be NOTHING down to that fat bastard, until one day he gets all high on {horse} and decides to launch a few nukes at us…great.

      • FTW

        What countries is North Korea attacking? … (crickets)

        What countries is the USA attacking? … (big list)

        Who is the “Rogue” Country again?

        If the US-GOV. minded their own business and take care of their own Nation FIRST – the World will work itself out for the betterment of all.

    8. Babycatcher

      I did a birth in Seoul in 2005, and took a tour a while later. I’ve stood on NK soil for a few minutes and have seen a little bit of the scrutiny the NK people are under. I’ve been praying for them ( and the South Koreans) ever since. Korea is a lovely place, and I do not want to see it, or their people wiped off the map. This article is encouraging.

    9. Babycatcher

      I did a birth in Seoul in 2005, and took a tour a while later. I’ve stood on NK soil for a few minutes and have seen a little bit of the scrutiny the NK people are under. I’ve been praying for them ( and the South Koreans) ever since. Korea is a lovely place, and I do not want to see it, or their people wiped off the map. This article is encouraging.PS, I’ve stood on the porch of the Freedom House in Panmunjom, and seen Nork soldiers staring at us thru binoculars just like the pic shows. They are standing on the porch of the North Korean embassy. Creepy.

      • Justice

        Babycatcher, we must always try to remember they we are speaking about innocent people. Just like we are not our Government (i.e. it does not act according to my wishes and desires) they are not theirs.

        The NK are living in a Dictatorship and have little control over their affairs of state.

    10. Him

      No war. Coup d’etat. Then peace.

    11. Sgt. Dale

      Right now all we can do is prep for our self, and Pray for the Koreans.


      • Genius

        And round up all the antifa and BLM turds and ship them over there lol. That will show ol’ porky!

        • PO'd Patriot

          speaking of that I left you the lemon drop recipe over on that previous article.

          • Genius

            PO’d, I got it, THANKS! Looks pretty simple and tasty. I might try and give it a lil’ more octane though 😛

      • Justice

        Amen Sarge! I need to stop worrying about the world (what I can’t control) and concentrate on preparing for the coming storm (what I can).

        Speaking of preparing I just picked up a dozen cans of pie filing at Walmart. It’s GREAT with Oatmeal! Plus, they had those long lighters on SALE for $1.

        Every month from here on out I am focusing on 4 cases of canned Chicken every month until SHTF. I wonder what my grand total will be?

        • Justice

          In SHTF, I will be known as “Chicken Man” and not for the obvious reason! LOL

        • Genius

          Justice, you can get high quality BIC lighters on ebay for 1.00 each. Much more reliable and don’t leak. I use lighters and I maybe have had 1 out of 10 of the cheapo’s actually work till it was empty. BIC is the best value because they ALWAYS work…

          I have seen sales on freeze dried chicken for as low as 25 bux for a #10 can at “beprepareddotcom” They have good sales sometimes.

          • Justice

            Thanks Genius. I agree, the BIC lighters are MUCH better. I didn’t know you could get them for anywhere around $1. I will look around on ebay.

            I try to keep my eyes open for sales on #10 cans and buckets. I need to start checking these prepper sites out more frequently.

            I have seen from several sources that the shelf-life on canned chicken is really long. Chicken and Rice is one of my 3 Main Post-SHTF Main Meals.

            • Genius

              I don’t know if you have “Smith’s” stores in your area but they ocassionally have case lot sales. I get cases of canned chicken there also. Craigslist is good for finding deals on solar panels too, along with other equipment. “backpagedotcom” has guns and ammo deals also private sellers in the sporting section. Yard sales are a gold mine, I bought a like new 10/22 for 60 bux. Prep on my friend!

    12. Traitor Hator

      The more I research September 23 the deeper it gets. The worse is , ( Immediately ) after the 9 month stay of the king planet in the virgins midsection the red dragon fires . How soon is immediately?

      • grandee

        definition of immediately:

        at once; instantly.

        without any intervening time or space.

        synonyms: straightaway, at once, right away, instantly, now, directly, promptly, forthwith, this/that (very) minute, this/that instant, there and then, then and there, on the spot, here and now, without delay, without further ado

    13. Traitor Hator

      Who’s truly a king of the north? Trump ,Putin, The Queen? Or Kim? And who’s the king of the east? The red dragon throwing one third? Then Russia throws the second third? And we throw the last third? So we get two thirds . Might want to plan a little out of town vacation for around sept. 23?

    14. Traitor Hator

      If Kim even thinks he might go down, He will go postal?

    15. aljamo

      Obviously this American government cannot exist without stealing other nations resources while killing them by the millions. The list of nation destruction is long, perpetual warfare to benefit the few. Do we owe our prosperity to this outcome in some roundabout way or is the means to our own destruction?

      • Genius

        Both, in a sick and twisted way…

      • Frank Thoughts

        America is no different than any other empire in history. It has a voracious appetite for resources and needs to get them through force. The conflict in the Middle East is about oil and gas; the wars of WWI and WWII were about destroying any global competitors for the world’s resources.

        Now, in 2017, there are a few places left that have plentiful resources to be grabbed: Russia, North Korea, Africa, Space. The next wars are about getting total access to these places. There is only one thing in the way: China. North Korea is the key to the remaining resources in Asia and Russia. The wars on the Horn of Africa are the key to Africa’s resources and justify bases there.

    16. LostinSeattle

      Consent is not possible while being coerced – you mean to say submission.

    17. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Local liberal just got caught last Saturday trying to bomb a Confederate statue in Houston Tx. Can you believe this shit. Yes, i believe it. Shit is getting serious.

      Houston police raided the sons of bitches parents house.

      Things are getting to the boiling point. Now this type of shit is now in my home town. Houston and Texas in general is quiet in comparison to the rest of the communist areas of the country


    18. B from CA

      Get Rothschilds to leave the City of London Underground City in order to have a boxing match with Kim. Call it “The duel of the gods”.


        • Zlatko

          Love Ted’s music. His politics are obnoxious, as is he. I loved him as a kid, now, not so much. I wish he wasn’t so loud mouthed and offensive. Oh well…still got the old Ted and his rock and roll!

    19. Zlatko

      I can’t understand why China doesn’t just invade with 350,000 troops and put an end to the misery.
      Let South Korea control the peninsula, and U.S. troops will go home, nothing for the Chinese to worry about.
      China gains a wealthy trading partner, stability and prosperity reigns. What’s the problem?

      • Justice

        Zlatko, that is the $64,000 question. Why does China feel the need to keep NK the way it is?

        If China was with the program they would do as you suggest!

      • Kevin2

        China doesn’t want a potentially hostile government on its border.

        “Let South Korea control the peninsula, and U.S. troops will go home,”

        US troops are still in Germany 72 years post WWII. Despite assurances to the contrary to Gorbachev where post USSR dissolving NATO would not go into the eastern block leaving them “non aligned”. Like our word to the American Indians, its worthless. If the Korean peninsula was united under the Republic Of Korea US troops would be in yelling distance of China; guaranteed and they know it.

        • Zlatko

          To what end? Why would we want troops on the Chinese border? Look at what happened the last time we tried that! We got the 350,000 Chinese troops up our asses, and they drove us back to the 38th parallel.
          The U.S. is in the ROK to defend it from the DPRK, not to threaten China, especially now that China is such an important trading partner and rising power in the world.
          China clearly relishes the thumb in the eye North Korea presents to us, why is the question. As I said, a united, prosperous Korea would be a benefit to the entire region, and peace. What’s the damn problem?

      • Gandhi

        North Korea is already owned by china silly

    20. Anonymous

      Off topic. Trump renewed the leasing of poppy fields in Afghanistan.
      CIA should be happy about cash flow once again.

      • Traitor Hator

        Do they use opium to make other drugs?

    21. JRS

      China already trades with North Korea. NK has an estimated six trillion dollars worth of rare earths to be mined.

      Every electronic device uses rare earth metals. The Empire wishes to control them. China wishes to continue being the major buyer of them. They are happy with the status quo.

      The Empire’s Treasury Secretary just placed more sanctions on China and Russia for trading in these very things and enabling NK to have an economy and feed the people.

      Of course, the Anglo-Zionist Empire worded it as enabling the building of WMDs by doing business with the Hermit Kingdom. Sounds familiar…

      • Zlatko

        The Anglo-Zionist Empire? That’s precious. As opposed to what?
        The Slavic Orthodox Empire? The Neo-Chinese Empire? The Islamic Caliphate? The Revived Roman Empire?
        You’ve been reading Samuel P. Huntington, haven’t you?

    22. JRS

      “People don’t want the truth. They want to feel happy. Imagine if the MSM were to run front page stories about—How their antique/obsolete system of global capitalism is crumbling. How conventional oil and gas are well past peak.—How shale is a joke. How solar and wind are nonsense.—How EVs are bullshit and increase pollution. How we shredded Iraq and Libya and Syria so that we could keep BAU alive and continue to live large for a few more years…This would cause mass hysteria. So since nobody wants truths—and giving them truths would only end badly for all involved…might as well use the MSM to keep the sheeple under control and entertained. See, everybody wins! The public get their puff of hopium, the MSM owners get their shot of influence and wealth, and politics get their PR dept for free, and doomsters get their laughs and (like everybody else) a few more years of life.”

      FE 2017 OFW

    23. southside

      Kevin2,agreed. NATO does have the Warsaw Pact anymore so we need to leave Europe. Let Merkel and Macron figure it out and pony up for their own defense. If they don’t or can’t,start funding for Russian language studies

    24. Brian

      If you were one of Kim Jong Un’s henchen, you wouldn’t tell him the truth especially if it isn’t what he wants to hear. You’d lie to him. Kim Jong Un doesn’t have a firm grasp of reality. If it looks like North Korea is likely to be nuked, hopefully one of his underlings will overthrow him. That may be what his adversaries are hoping for.

    25. Traitor Hator

      I wonder if we have many investments in SK and Japan and he is blackmailing us?

    26. Beaumont

      “(sic) “Steve Bannon did a pretty good job of explaining…”
      “Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that 10 million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

      This is technically a *bad job of explaining, because Bannon has made a defeatist statement, in the face of an arrogant, NK personality cult, ie, “they got us.”

      SK was always assumed to be sacrificial, or you would not have made them a target of NK, by placing your installation, there.

      If you assume that SK is ultimately a competitor, for your resources, but NK is the louder enemy, the equation is solved as a matter of priorities. The loudest enemy falls first.

      Your money pit fob falls, second, once you have asserted dominance.

      The resources of both respective countries are liberated in the aftermath.

      Because, you’re “helping” the little people.

      All hypotheticals, imho.

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