Defeating Drones: How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit *Video*

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Alt Market. The included video was a joint project between Oath Keepers and Alt-Market.



    Asymmetric tactics rely on the idea of fighting smarter, rather than fighting directly, against a larger or more technologically advanced aggressor. It means turning your opponent’s strengths into weaknesses.

    For instance, if your opponent relies on the superiority of his tanks and armor, make him fight in the mountains where his armor is useless. If he relies on air superiority, make him sift through a thick canopy where his eye in the sky sees nothing, or make it dangerous for him to land and refuel such vehicles at all. If he relies on body armor for safety, make him fight uphill so that the extra weight wears him down. If his surveillance and security techniques are a little too sensitive and effective, create constant false positives, until he can no longer trust his own alert systems. And, if most of his weaponry and soldiers are heavily reliant on a particular piece of technology, make that technology useless in the field. Force your opponent to fight on fairer ground, where the man with the most skill and intelligence prevails rather than the man with the most million dollar toys.

    There is no such thing as fool proof combat technology. There is a way to trick or defeat or survive ANY weapon and any enemy. Period.

    Drones and thermal vision have been held up to the common citizenry for years as the end-all-be-all of combat and surveillance technology. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the claim that no one can hide from thermal imaging and that predator drones herald the end of free resistance to tyranny. I find this assertion to be rather absurd, considering militaries across the globe have already developed their own thermal evasion suits (which means it IS possible to hide from thermal vision) and drones seem to kill more innocent bystanders than actual enemy combatants. I will admit that thermal vision use is skyrocketing amongst military and police across the board, and this is because it is indeed effective to a point.

    Thermal imaging and drones in the hands of a corrupt establishment make a couple of things very difficult for any resistance – First, you might be able to hide, but you won’t be able to move freely without risk, especially in groups. Second, you might be able to act defensively, but never offensively. Advancing on an objective protected by thermal surveillance would be extremely difficult. Constantly being on the defensive takes the initiative away from those who want to fight back against tyranny. Without the ability to go on the offensive, you will inevitably lose. Hiding in a hole in the mountains for the rest of your life is not an option if you want your children and their children to experience liberty.

    Today’s combat reality is that of the digitized battlefield. All modern military units now rely on full spectrum surveillance, computer models, and real time data. Thermal vision is a cornerstone of this model because it is currently the best way to identify potential threats before they can act, rather than after they act. Unfortunately, there is no doubt this kind of surveillance power will be misused, and the spread of drones for domestic applications proves that the establishment’s intention is to utilize thermal against the population, rather than in defense of the population. Therefore, thermal vision must be negated if people are to remain free. We might not be able to fight against misused drones directly, but we can make their primary advantage useless. Here is how it is possible to remove thermal vision as a threat, and thus nullify the primary strength of the drones (and other weapons) in our skies:

    Thermal Vision And Drone Misconceptions

    Now that you know it is more than possible for civilians to obtain thermal evasion, lets go over some of the most common misconceptions about thermal imaging and drone technology.

    Building a suit that hides a person from thermal imaging is impossible?

    Clearly, this is false, as we have shown in the video above. Add to this the fact that military units field their own thermal evasion suits (multi-spectral camouflage) for special purposes, and I think we’ve permanently buried the ludicrous assumption that a thermal evasion suit is a fruitless endeavor. Most existing suits, including those used by governments, boast a thermal reduction rating of 60% to 80%. It is important to recognize that there is currently no organization or company offering thermal evasion suits for widespread use by civilians. We have given the public free access to information on building their own suits if they wish, and we are offering professionally made suits for sale with a thermal reduction rating of 90% or more at Snakebite Tactical.

    We made no attempt to hide “heat spots” within the tests in the above video. We want to make it clear that this is a 90% effective suit, which is more than enough for almost any application. Achieving 100% reduction at distances of 10 ft to 10 yards in a wearable suit is very difficult, and a person would still need to practice proper field craft in order to remain unseen. However, we believe our suit design more than meets the standards of currently issued military grade suits; suits which are not available to the public anyway.

    Thermal imaging sees through walls?

    This is movie-land nonsense. A thermal imager can see the heat you emit through a very thin wall if you are leaning against it, but remove your body from contact with the surface and the heat signature will disappear. Thermal imagers have a difficult time identifying stationary people through leaves and the branches of trees, let alone walls. As long as you are not in contact with the item, your heat will not be seen through the item.

    Thermal vision sees through forests?

    No. Not a chance. In fact, if your only goal is to hide, then a thick forest is the absolute best place to be if thermal surveillance is in use, even without a suit. If your plan is to advance on an objective, then the situation changes, but if you are a lone individual that just doesn’t want to be found, staying in the woods and dense terrain away from people who might rat you out is your best bet. Apply a thermal suit to the scenario and now your are fully mobile without fear of detection.

    You will never see a drone coming, so having a suit is meaningless anyway?

    Gotta love this kind of fuzzy logic. The claim apparently assumes that drones simply fly miles above the Earth silently raining hellfire missiles down on random heat signatures on the ground without identification. This is not how drones operate.

    Drones are mainly used as OVERWATCH for teams of men already on the ground. A drone might see your signature when you are not wearing a suit, but a drone pilot will not waste ordinance on you until you are identified as a viable target. Most of the successful strikes you see in the news and on YouTube are targets that were already lazed by a team on the ground (this is something the DoD rarely mentions, because they want to retain the mystic surrounding drones). The drone is then sent in to attack the target that the team identified. When a military unit comes into contact with an enemy, a drone may be sent in to observe and identify targets. This is a situation where thermal evasion is essential. If those targets throw on thermal evasion gear, the drone becomes a useless platform. If you are under threat by drones and ground opponents, you can leave the area at will without being traced, or you can advance and attack your aggressor without being betrayed by your own heat signature. Your suit does not need to be worn at all times in order to be useful.

    I don’t need a thermal evasion suit, I can just buy a thermal blanket or tarp at a fraction of the cost?

    The first and most obvious advantage to a thermal evasion suit is that it CAN BE WORN. There is no existing tarp or thermal blanket system that can be worn against the human body and still hide that body from thermal imaging. All of these items conduct heat which can be seen almost as soon as you touch them. If a heat reflecting tarp was a practical working solution to thermal imaging, then you would see hundreds if not thousands of videos on the web proving their effectiveness and governments would not be keeping their own suits such a secret. The reality is, these items are only useful if you plan to stretch them out above you without physical contact, and stay in one place without moving. They are highly defensive in nature and severely limited in their application.

    We have developed the very first thermal evasion system available to the public that can be worn for long periods of time and that also provides effective visual camouflage. Our suit works as a ghillie as well as a thermal evasion tool, meaning, it works in thermal, and in visible light. A thermal cloak offers near total 360 degree coverage against thermal imaging devices in the air and on the ground while the person is also mobile. Meaning, instead of constantly hiding from the enemy and being on the defensive (a losing strategy), you can advance on the enemy if you wish without detection. There is no comparison whatsoever in the level of application between a thermal blanket and a thermal suit.

    This does not mean a suit solves all your problems. If you walk through an open field and start break-dancing, someone will see you. A thermal suit does not necessarily hide blatant movement by the wearer. You still need to follow proper field craft methods including the use of cover and concealment. Add to this the thermal reduction properties of the suit, and you are much less likely to be detected, even under heightened scrutiny.

    I don’t need a thermal suit, I can just hide in the city amongst the crowds and blend in?

    I’m sure there are situations when operating in a city might be called for, but frankly, the idea is extraordinarily ill conceived when one considers the surveillance grids being put in place in most major metropolitan areas. Thermal is not your worst enemy in the city. Try CCTV networks with facial and biometric recognition. Try numerous possible collaborators and quislings in a city environment (known for more passive and subservient populations permanently attached to the establishment umbilical cord) who might point the finger at you. The city is a BAD place to be under almost any circumstance that results in crisis and lost liberty, and probably the worst place to be if you are trying to avoid observation and surveillance.

    That said, watch almost any police chopper thermal footage in a city and tell me the person being chased was better off without a thermal suit. Imagine you are being chased for simply being a proponent of liberty. Imagine that one day you wake up in the middle of your home city a designated criminal. Would you rather have a thermal evasion suit, or, do you plan to outrun the chopper?

    Mud will hide your heat signature?

    No, it will not. At least not for more than a minute, and it better be some thick friggin’ mud. Despite what Arnold Schwarzenegger may have taught you, heat transfers through mud just as it does through most other materials.

    Drones will find you with LIDAR if they can’t see you with thermal vision?

    LIDAR is a form of laser based radar which is bounced off surfaces to create a 3D map of a large area. I’m not sure exactly where the idea came from that drones use LIDAR for personnel detection, but this is simply not so, at least not currently. LIDAR is being tested by the DoD and private contractors for personnel detection using GROUND based 360 degree units, and the effective range of these experimental units is rather limited. Aerial LIDAR is used for mapping of terrain. The complexity of ground based objects (think in terms of millions of objects in any given field of view) makes personnel tracking from the air all but impossible. Ground based LIDAR also requires a recognizable human shape at close range in order to “alert” on an intruder, which means the ThermTac suit (which removes normal human shape) would only HELP in preventing detection. From my research as of 2015, LIDAR for surveillance often suffers from numerous false positives, which means it is a very weak system for tracking personnel. Thermal vision is a far greater threat than LIDAR.

    Even if you have a suit that blocks your body heat, you can still be tracked by your footprints?

    Under perfect conditions and the use of a sensitive thermal imager on the ground, your footprints MIGHT be visible using a ground based unit right after you imprint them, but it is still unlikely you will be found. Quick thermal imprints (caused by footsteps) disappear within seconds, and are difficult if not impossible to pick out from any distance beyond a few yards. Rubber and plastic soled shoes do not in most cases transfer very much heat into the ground, and the theory that crushed grass releases more heat in thermal imaging is utter nonsense. Too many ideas about thermal imaging are drawn from television and movies, which greatly embellish the capabilities of such devices. If footprints were an effective way to track people using thermal, then Search and Rescue units (many have access to excellent thermal devices) would have numerous examples of this along with numerous success stories (these examples do not exist).

    One legitimate danger involving footprints occurs when a very large number of people (small groups are not an issue) travel together in single file. This constant imprinting on the same path by multiple footfalls can indeed leave a residual trail that can be found several minutes later, enough time to be tracked by a thermal imager.

    Thermal evasion suits will help terrorists?

    As stated in the video, the world’s worst terrorist groups are often trained by our own governments and covert intelligence agencies. If covert agencies have access to thermal evasion techniques, then it only follows that so do the people they train. I have no doubt that we will be accused of aiding terrorists by releasing this information, because that is really the only recourse the establishment has to try to stop the use and spread of thermal cloaks (or they will claim that the suit is a scam and doesn’t actually work. Of course, people will be able to test this for themselves). They will have to try to shame people into refusing to adopt thermal evasion as a means of defense. Trust me, I’ve seen this kind of propaganda used against people merely for talking about methods that MIGHT work. Read any military forum where someone discusses thermal evasion, and invariably a dozen henpecking statists will ask them if they are “with ISIS or Al-Qaeda” to shut them up.

    Self-defense is an inborn right, not a privilege granted by arbitrary authority. You do not need permission to obtain means of defense against a threat, even if that threat has thermal imaging at his disposal and a license from the state to kill you. Our thermal suit design is a culmination of three years of tireless effort.  We believe the information belongs in the hands of the citizenry, not only in the hands of governments and those they train. The greater threat to the common good is a lack of knowledge that makes free people weak and vulnerable. The goal of this project is to remove a clear weakness in the American people. If you are not informed, and not prepared, then you will never be secure. Some people would have you believe that thermal imaging and drones are for your safety. We say YOU are the only person that can be trusted to provide for your own safety. If anything, thermal eyes and lurking drones present a more intense danger to you and your freedom than any terrorists they are supposedly intended to fight against.

    For more information on thermal evasion, check out some of our essays at Snakebite Tactical.

    If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, or support further projects like our ThermTac thermal suit project, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage. You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]


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      1. so Just set your neighborhood on fire and hide in the massive thermal signature…use the suit to try not to roast yourself…good luck

        • They are imaging instruments and not portrait
          recognizing pieces of precision equipment.

          like the early Indians and other meat hunters
          that got down on all fours covered with some
          animal skin to fool the prey as some innocuous
          herbivore, so the drone will see many four
          legged animals, of one which will be me.

        • Reminds me of the time I was pack packin up in the Sierra Madre… Came across this odd lookin critter… Think the Indians called it Sasquatch… Yup… Looks just like good ol’ Sasquatch to me!!!

          And just for the record… If the shlt gets so bad they’re using FLIR to exterminate us good ol’ “Patriots”
          A makeshift thermal coffin is gonna least of yer worries.

          • One flir unit does not have omni-vision, it is only effective at line-of-sight, right? And it obviously can’t see through this material. Why not be able to slap together a wall, veil or even cover a small tent with this?

            I could see IN ADDITION to the suits, offering or creating a minimum of 1 yard squares of this material, with velcro edges on all four sides for quick, quiet and versatile compilations to fit the needs at the time.

            Covering a tent or yourself in your sleeping bag would decrease the chances of a quick flir sweep finding you while you sleep unaware. A teepee configuration should protect you from mobile units cruising down your street, looking for bodies as they pass by at street level.

            I think a lot of us are susceptible to just being stumbled upon, rather than being discovered in offensive situations. Are not their lazy asses most likely to sweep an area looking for bodies, before putting boots on the ground?

            It might be nice to be able to pull this material over a hole in the ground for temporary concealment. A person can’t keep moving all the time. Eventually, EVERYONE MUST SLEEP. It might be useful to minimize the element of surprise they could enjoy, with advanced notice of flir units.

            I could also see being able to hide your family until you could safely navigate them to freedom, even if they just lay down flat and throw this material over them while they wait.

            Just my 2 cents worth…

        • The problem is the heat is trapped under your thermal suit, you will sweat into a heat stroke. Try one of those suits in 90 deg sun and heat in Florida. Although I bought some thermal camo blankets. You could tie one up under your camo Jungle hammock canopy cover and drape one over the side where most likely some one would come on the ground. This is where camp fires need to be dug in a low hole and the smoke to dissipate under a big canopy tree. Lots of tactical practices for use. I like the thermal scope. $3900 maybe. I want to see deer at night. Deer set off my remote motion detectors. Its a great tool incoming drives or choke points, then break out the thermal scope and blast the intruders.

          • Wuda ur methhead next door will take u out.

          • “You could tie one up under your camo Jungle hammock canopy cover and drape one over the side where most likely some one would come on the ground.” possible, but then the straight edges of a negative thermal image would give you away from the air

        • USA is the most toy-dependant army on Earth. It’s adversaries will make them chase shadows and totally bankrupt USA the same as USSR, Romans, et al.

          racism alert: The woman was forced out of NAACP because she is white, even though she is universally praised as effective in furthering the NAACP agenda.

          Greece should flee the EU and default. They lied their way in, but the banksters knew it (and were confident of a bailout). The banksters saw an opportunity to keep the Greeks as debt slaves for decades. Fuk them. The Greeks won’t leave on their own because they ARE lazy moochers afraid of having to pay their own way and know their standard of living will plummet. Maybe they should learn to be nice to tourists who come to their country to spend money.

          The EMP drone will be used domestically. After one use, most of the sheep will fall in line, praying they’re not next.

          Other states should cut off water transfers to Cali and let them figure out they’re living in a desert while simultaneously discovering the true cost of their lifestyle. Sadly, there is no wall to keep them in Cali. They will flee and ruin more areas like they have done to Seattle, Portland, and large parts of Colorado.

          • NO, janus, she was forced out because SHE LIED ABOUT BEING BLACK, so she could get affirmative action aid to attend an all-black college. SHE LIED TO THE NAACP AND THE POLICE DEPT TO GET POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY that might not otherwise be available to her.

            She stepped down, because she id an affront to people everywhere, black and white alike. For pete’s sake, she even lied about who her father is.

            Just like bruce, just because she wishes it, does not make it true. A LIAR IS A LIAR AND SHOULD NOT BE LEADING ANYONE. You might want to read more carefully next time.

            • I read that story about the NAACP’s white woman claiming to be black. She’s either on meth or confused as to her identity. Either way she is the biggest damned fool for helping that black criminal group. Now they decide she had to go. They don’t even appreciate the help she’s given them over the years. just more proof that blacks don’t appreciate anything and take everything for granted. They don’t even appreciate anything white people ever did for them.

              • She’s Polish. Makes a lot more sense when viewed from that perspective.

          • I have always viewed drones as very dangerous technology. I personally don’t believe we need them. If we are in an active congressionally declared war and we feel they are necessary…well then smoke em if you got em. But otherwise, we need to bring the rest back home and melt them down for scrap metal. If a task is not worth risking the lives of human pilots then it is not worth being up there. We can’t just sit back and “police” the whole middle east from a computer chair by dropping bombs from robot planes for all of eternity (oh wait I forgot we’re the good guys and they’re all terrorists, so I guess I take that back…USA..USA..) And as far as the Homeland is concerned, they should never be used here. Of course they’ll try to convince us it’s for helping find lost babies or catch illegal immigrants (as if they would actually ever want to do that) but eventually it will always be used to further their control over us. NO DRONES EVER… but I’m just being naïve, I know the technology is here and it ain’t going away, I know the future is going to be ugly, and I know that any of those (and Lord I pray there will be) that choose to fight, it will be a long and most likely losing battle. But hey look at it this way, at least civilization, and posterity will write about our we’re getting to witness the destruction of a free generations selfish immoral stupidity for centuries. I mean we’re all gonna be famous :0……or..well.. infamous

          • I have always viewed drones as very dangerous technology. I personally don’t believe we need them. If we are in an active congressionally declared war and we feel they are necessary…well then smoke em if you got em. But otherwise, we need to bring the rest back home and melt them down for scrap metal. If a task is not worth risking the lives of human pilots then it is not worth being up there. We can’t just sit back and “police” the whole middle east from a computer chair by dropping bombs from robot planes for all of eternity (oh wait I forgot we’re the good guys and they’re all terrorists, so I guess I take that back…USA..USA..) And as far as the Homeland is concerned, they should never be used here. Of course they’ll try to convince us it’s for helping find lost babies or catch illegal immigrants (as if they would actually ever want to do that) but eventually it will always be used to further their control over us. NO DRONES EVER… but I’m just being naïve, I know the technology is here and it ain’t going away, I know the future is going to be ugly, and I know that any of those (and Lord I pray there will be) that choose to fight, it will be a long and most likely losing battle. But hey look at it this way, at least civilization, and posterity will write about our we’re getting to witness the destruction of a free generations selfish immoral stupidity for centuries. I mean we’re all gonna be famous :0……or..well.. infamous

            • RH, the government’s electronics can get fried by an EMP just like ours can.

        • Indeed, AC, a tough one. It takes more than fabrics to defeat MMW and “T-ray” imaging.

      2. Thanks Brandon…..nice work.

        • Ditto.

      3. Might -emphasis on “might”- work in the winter but I got a feeling you’ll end up cooking in your own juices the rest of the year after any length of time.

        Whether it works at all or not may depend on the quality of thermal imaging equipment being used, stuff has gotten pretty sophisticated lately.

      4. If we come to the point where drones are looking for individuals, and if there are enough drones and drone operators to do that, then it is pretty much over at that point. Still, it might be interesting to play ‘fool the drone’ and dress up in a thermal suit that looks like a bear, or to make fake upper torsos with movement to see if you can draw the drone into attacking those around your perimeter.

      5. A large tarp of the same material stretched over a small tent and camp site would provide great coverage from air observation.

        • Great for stationary……til you gotta scoot.

          • Then like everything else in that situation, you leave it if you have to.

          • That suit looks like a sauna! If you have a shielded camp you can cool off under the tarp and the escaping heat spreads out and dissipates under the tarp.

            Another problem with the suit is, the military has radar based imaging that will reflect off the metalized layer like a reflector. And this suit will stand out. Though I liked the hoops skirt design that does let it breath a bit as well as present oblique angles to an observer.

      6. Nice info.,was wondering,if you do said tarp system like Plan Twice mentions,should edges of tarp be cut/stranded so if ground giving any kind of heat dissipation you do not have say a square or rectangle showing up to the camrea but a broken up edge that might be considered more natural?

        On a side note,started article hoping for a small scale surface to air missile battery home made for the drone!

      7. Great article and it really cleared up lots of issues and misconceptions! I want to bring up one point: Several years ago, and I mean like 15+, i and 2 of my friends purchased Red Out thermal blocking suits. At the time, the price was over $80.00 each. The suits were green camo reversible to brown, and they came with head gear. We purchased them after seeing an article or ad in Soldier of Fortune mag, wherein a person on a snowy surface wearing the suit, was not detected by then current thermal detection gear. Never had the chance to test or use the suit, still have it, don’t even remember where it was purchased, but pretty interesting stuff!

      8. Plan twice, I’ve seen just that a while back over at Western Rifle Shooters It was a few months back. There was a video from a chopper, they worked rather well.

        • Hillbilly,that was from max tactical velocity I believe,the thermal tarp that is.As I mentioned before,perhaps shredding edges ect. to break up it’s outline might be a good idea to get it a outside of the box look image.

        • Hillbilly,

          You are correct Sir, the Thermal Tarp vid was posted by maxvelocitytactical_dot_com. They got an Army National Gaurd buddy in his Cobra to “sight” the guys on the ground. Then, the ground team dawned the Tarps and pretty much disappeared. Then the team members would reappear once they emerged from their Tarps. The Video was apparently a little “too good.” Max took it down cause his ANG buddy got in trouble to “helping” Max V to develope the product.

          • N-FJR,

            I wonder if a big golf umbrella conversion might be of value.

            If things got crazy, it might behoove one to dig several fox holes in nearby forests near where you are living, and drop a converted umbrella over the hole with a rock tied to the handle to hold the umbrella down and hide it and the hole. It’ll keep your hole dry, and you could avoid detection if you can make it to the hole. Then use the umbrella as a shield when moving about, it’s better than nothing.

            Don’t forget to have spray bottles of scent killer, to avoid being tracked by dogs.

            Does anyone have a recommended brand or a homemade mix for confusing tracking dogs?

      9. Today’s History Lesson

        The Truth About the U.S. Military Base at Diego Garcia

        ht tp://

        governments are not some benign force for good
        they are inherently evil at their core
        they consistently rely on lies and brute force to enforce their will

      10. If I see a drone, and if I have a baseball bat on me, I’m just gonna SMACK the UNconstitutionalness OUT of it because it is such a violation of my GOD-given rights, including the one to privacy!

        Drones are Satan’s wings.

        So I will continue to put my faith and trust in Almighty God to protect me.

        Yea, though I walk in the valley of unconstitutional (and other) darkness and down streets filled with drones, I will fear no evil.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Of course everyone knows they fly about 5 foot off the ground

          Forget ak’s get the boys some bats osama…..

          • TBT, I have no problem using a couple of bullets on a drone as long as it’s within rifle range.

            • High end drones are quiet and fly high enough they are near impossibly to hear. They are painted colors that are very tough to see.

              At the altitude they fly it would require an incredible shot to knock them out of the sky. You’d have to hit a critical component like the brain, engine, or control surface actuator. 80% of the drones structure is hollow.

        • If God is so great why does he allow this shit?

          Answer, cause there is none. Stop donating your savings to a hoax cult.

          Here is some real shit, Greece’s 2 year bond yield is at 28.5%.. Feeling lucky? Buy that Hoax as well.

          • Freedom of choice old boy… We bring it ALL upon our own defiant selves then shake our puny fist at God in anger! Go figure.

          • whodathunkit, What exactly does your asinine statement have to do with the article? And why is it that people who claim there is no God, get so upset over something that supposedly does not exist??

          • Wuda u r a loser, 4$ silver, 300$ gold, 20$ oil?
            God gave up on us bcuz of u.
            U r stoopid and ugly.

          • If you read the Bible Jesus directly addresses that question in the Parable of the Tares.

            Assuming you actually want an answer to that question, of course.

            But I find most people asking it really don’t.

      11. One thing will mention,the photo shows the suit with some local foliage attachment ect. and can see how it would blend in with background.That said,the “evil black gun”sticks out like a sore thumb and makes me realise perhaps not a bad idea to camo the firearm also!I would say as you folks develop/sell this unit as you are from Mt. do not forget us snow folks,one made to blend in pattern with snow would be nice!Anyone uses said plan to make their own would like to hear how it went.

        As we talk camo/blending in ect.,any thoughts for us snow guys from readers on how to blend in rifle even if camoed for real snow cover without different paint,white shroad a bit shredded perhaps?

      12. this doesn’t address the multispectral aspect of the problem…

        five minutes of research will show you it’s much more problematic…

        having said that…this video IS a very good start…

      13. The way I see it you cannot live in anti-flair, gas mask or what ever for very long, sooner or latter the gear has got to come off. They would be ahead of the game in the long run by just neutron bomb us and its all over anyway. It boils down we’re screwed so let them know you where here with all your might.

      14. So does radar come with that suit? Or you just gonna always wear this thing…. lol

      15. If you carry a space blanket in your kit, consider getting the ones with OD green on one side and silver on the other- Grabber makes them, Amazon has them.
        Not sure how effective they would be hiding a heat signature- maybe layers could knock it down to ambient temperature over your hidey-hole.
        But they would offer some camo as well as heat retention, and you could signal with the silver side.

      16. Make your dog think a drone’s sound is a piece of steak, and you’ll never get snuck up on….

      17. Good stuff, but how much water would you have to carry if the temp. is 90 degrees outside?? Would you get heat stroke? How does the suit defuse the heat on the inside?

        • It’s not going to be perfect and suitable for long range, but it should give us a fair chance to at least get away. Reality is, if they’ve got THAT MUCH area saturation that we’d need to hide for great distances, we’re doomed anyway.

          It never ceases to amaze me how some people will poke holes in ANYTHING, just because.

          • Six,liked the article but agree folks should play devils advocate and try/find holes to poke,gets us thinking and even better perhaps coming up with solutions.

            • that’s why I’M here!

      18. Something I would suggest would be dig cylinder holes where you can fit into them and throw and board or some material over them in a few locations, that way you have cover from gunfire and also from above. I wish you could read my mind with my posts, they would make more sense and help so many people. I can’t believe we are that point in society where we are talking like this. Its necessary! We have tyrants thinking they are in charge.

      19. One thing we always see in riots is fire bombs…. thats what you need to think about instead of this suit…. better have a way to out a roof fire out…. of course if they get it going their not gonna let you put it out if they can help it

        You may have to resort to throwing water filled mason jars to put it out or like in most cases we see it doesnt get out out till its done….. with this suit while your looking up in the sky for….drones to hide from someone on the ground is gonna shoot an easy target…..if your enemy has tanks planes and dont forget drones (you can see to hide from) who this write up for rambo….. better get that laser the guys pops balloons with…..

      20. Simple materials, seems easy to make. I might give it a try.

        • Home Depot has most of the stuff, im going in the morning, already have a bolt of mossy oak brush fabric, works well in this area

          • What about the nylon rip stop fabric?

      21. it cant see thru water you could always jump in the stream or lake nearby, at least that’s what I believe, I could be wrong.

      22. (sigh) More advertising masquerading as content.

        • Coach,Brandon has written articles before with no product in among it.He is offering the product if you want it,the article brings up many issues in forum about thermal so that gets people talking/thinking/coming up with alternatives.I would also say,you go to site they wilol give you the plans/what have you to build one yourself,just ask you do not use their plans to go commercial with it,seems fair to me all around.I also noticed the whole set up under a 100 bucks you want to buy,so,if doing yourself too much of a pain/just not the desire not too expensive.I would say a good article and that Brandon contributes a lot to the site.

          Now,if he would only consider making em with a winter pattern,why not,they are in MT.!

      23. Drones are not impervious to small arms fire,,,

        • And im not talking handguns,
          Think 7.62×51 or 300WM

          • Hell with that heavy suit. I’m gonna hide under my bed. They’ll eventually leave won’t they?

            • PO,just make sure you have a water bottle and some Goldfish crackers stashed under the bed!

          • Kula,some of us are proficient with handguns and thus can shoot down the drones,just saying!

            • Warchild, no hiding for me. I’ll be out fighting and will be well-stocked on goldfish plus my Sawyer SP140 Water Filter Bottle. BTW, goldfish go good with soups. Had a bowl of beef stew with goldfish in it last night. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

              • Yep,they are a good cracker for stew/soup,only thing wouldn’t use em in is New England clam chowder,would be sacrilegious!

        • Yeah, shoot one so they know where you are.

      24. …A well-put article.

      25. Brandon Smith.

        Good article.

        My thought was not making a pair of pants but to use Wrap around chaps to cover the legs and partial hips. Strap attached to belt. The poncho covers the lower torso.
        Another suggestion with the use of this outfit is to have pockets that you can insert small chemical chill bags to lower body heat. Found in the medical section. You have to break the inner bag to start the reaction. Also would put them inside a zip lock. If using a camel back use crushed ice and partial thermal coverage to cool to last longer.
        A long time ago a friend worked at a funeral home and had me try on a pair of gloves. After a few minutes my hands became cool. He said they we use for cosmetic coverage of the hands. I don’t know the name of the fabric.

      26. TEST …. I never write here, but I could it stand no more I have to write
        Test my friend . How the weather over there in Tel Aviv? You must be the best paid hasbara worker in the world.
        For those of you tired of this incessant, absurd Goim – German-baiting on this site (guys we get it.) yes Hasbara workers, we get it.
        Hasbara is the Hebrew word for public diplomacy, i.e. the role people outside of government can have to spread pro-Israel messages and attack Israel’s critics. It is a tried and tested propaganda method long relayed not only by Israeli citizens, but also pro-Israel lobbies (e.g. AIPAC), pro-Israel Jewish community groups (e.g. CRIF) and pro-Israel think tanks (e.g. WINEP).
        YOU wrote following here on this site lately:
        Conservative and/or Christian Jews who would, broadly speaking, be in accord with most readers on this site: Dr. Fred Schwarz, founder of Christian Anti-Communist Crusade; Jonah Goldberg, very conservative writer; Ben Shapiro, running Breitbart after demise (IMHO, murder) of Andrew Breitbart); Dr. Marvin Olasky, Messianic Jew, professor and founder of World Magazine; Dennis Praeger; anti-communist stalwart David Horowitz; Michael Medved, author or Hollywood vs. America and more;l Charles Krauthammer, conservative author/commentator. Interestingly, Simon Greeleaf, who is considered the critical player at Harvard in the 1800s in determining what constitutes valid evidence or not was challenged to examine the evidence for the resurrection, and ended up becoming a Christian.
        Test, question… which one is the biggest of your Jewish heroes? Do you mean Dr. Fred Schwarz, Fred Horowitz or Charles Krauthammer
        Dr. Fred –Christians (he means gentiles) must ‘love’ the Jews as ‘God’s chosen people’, –Schwarz
        Or David– “Ron Paul is a Vicious Anti-Semite” -Horowitz
        Or Charles — was among the first to recommend that America seize the opportunity created by the fall of the Soviet Union to remake the entire Arab world in the interests of “democratic globalism.” –Krauthammer
        What did you say here to ???? So this is not some devious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” plot?????
        Is it anti-Semitic to say the Jewish Controlled Press.. or ´´The Six Jewish Companies that Own 96% of the World’s Media´´????? Are we Jew baiters for telling the truth ???
        Look around you, and tell one, one thing, only one what not its controlled from you guys … You are the king of the liars, but you Jews really thing all of the Goyims are plane stupid, right?
        Hope the gullible goyim never reads this here, right ?
        NOW, for setting it straight once for all …. lets clear the air one, one MAJOR lie and deception regarding the jew and his perennial persecution complex with his irrelevant imbecilic obligatory mantra of “anti-Semitism”. Understand THIS TRUTH – the jews have NEVER EVER suffered any persecution. The jew has ALWAYS been the persecutor – the perp – the agitator – the instigator of evil beyond evils! He has been given FAR too little JUSTICE for his immense CRIMES – but that WILL change.
        TEST .. Bending the truth, lie through your teeth, playing the opposition, play the white man ( is a term used in parts of Britain meaning to be decent and trustworthy in one’s actions) and thank you for being fair.. TEST my Jewish friend .. have nice day over there in Tel Aviv. Shalom
        You can ask Mac to sensor comments but at the end the truth will prevail.

      27. Mac, I do demand all of us to treat with respect the humanity of all human beings, also the Germans .If you are so concerned about this, I as a German want to get this straight. You can delete it. No problem.
        Here in my country the Jews will put me 5 years in prison for telling this. Did you know this?
        Lies about Hitler
        Lie 1; Hitler had evil desire to conquer the world;
        Truth 1 ; Oops that was England which had invaded 9 out of 10 countries of the World.Source

        Truth 2; Hitler only wanted Germany at pre 1919 Germany. See Here

        Lie 2; Hitler was racist;
        Truth 3; Oops that was USA and UK Roosevelt, Truman and Churchill who were racists. Source
        Truth 4; Under Nazi regime Blacks and whites were fully integrated in social life. Click Here

        Lie 3; Hitler killed 6 million Jews.
        Truth 5; In modern era, 6 Million Jewish Holocaust was reported for 1st time 1899 when Hitler was merely 10 years old and thereafter every year with scary regularity. In ancient it was also reported in 135 AD. See Here for details
        Truth 6; Hitler died on 30th April 1945. Thereafter allied armies liberated 6 million Jews from hidden factories. All of them were well fed. New York Times of 20th May 1945. See here for newspaper cutting

        Lie 4; Hitler’s Final solution of Jewish Question was total extermination of Jews.
        Truth 7; Oops “The Final solution to Jewish Question” is a Jewish state in Palestine as declared in first Jewish conference at Basel in 1897. In May 1897 in “The open Court”, the Holocaust of “6 million Jews” was published when Hitler was just 8 years old. Click Here
        Truth 8; Propagators of this lie have failed to put up any such document.

        Lie 5; Hitler sent Jews to concentration camps because he hated their race.
        Truth 9. Hitler put Jews in concentration camps because they stabbed Germany in the back, for their role on German’s ‘defeat’ in WW1, the same way Roosevelt put Japanese in concentration camps after ‘Pearl Harbour’. See Here for details
        Truth 10; These were factories and work Camps. Source

        Lie 6; Hitler hated Zionist state of Israel.
        Truth 11; It was Hitler who favored creation of Israel and immigration of Jews to Palestine and also offered them free transportation. However Rabbi Abba Hillal Silver of Cleveland and Rabbi Stephen wise of New York assailed the decision on the ground that it will make Jews a pauperized salesmen of German made goods (see New York Times Dt January 15, 1939). Click here for newspaper cutting
        Truth 12; By 1934 the SS had become the most pro-Zionist element in the Nazi Party and issued a new coin on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star.

        Lie 7; Hitler started World War 2 which led to killing of seventy million.
        Truth 13; Hitler’s entry in Danzig on September 1, 1939 which had 98% German population and was German territory in 1919 was at invitation of Danzigers. See Here
        Truth 14; oops, It was England and France who declared war on Germany along with their allies on 3rd September 1939. Hitler was merely defending himself in the war. See Here

        Lie 8; Hitler believed that his “Aryan” race of blonde hair and blue eyes is superior race.
        Truth 15; Oops its is Jews who call themselves “The Chosen Ones” (to rule the World)
        Truth 16: Hitler himself had black hairs and brown eyes.

        Lie 9; Hitler wanted world to speak German.
        Truth 17; oops that was England and France. That is why 4/5th of the World speaks English and French.

        Lie 10; Hitler wanted to conquer territory for living space for its people.
        Truth 18; Oops that was England who attacked Australia, Sough Africa, New Zealand, Canada, USA for living space for its people and actually settled its citizens in these countries.

        Lie 11: Hitler wanted to exterminate people of lower race.
        Truth 19; oops it was England who exterminated natives in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa as they considered white as superior race vis a vis natives.

        Lie 12; Hitler used weapons of mass destruction.
        Truth 20; Hitler had banned use of chemical and development of atomic weapons. See Here

        Lie 13; Hitler was Austrian.
        Truth 21; Hitler was German. Source.

        Lie 14; Hitler had one testicle.
        Truth 22; It was an allied propaganda song to ridicule and impugn the sexual capacities of enemy leaders. The United States likened the Japanese people with rats that should be exterminated, but since there were many Germans living in USA that looked like average Americans, so English had to ridicule Hitler in another way, so they chose spreading rumours about testicles., British Tommies sung the following to the tune of the “Colonel Bogey March” during WW2:

        “Hitler, he has only had one ball,
        Goering, he has two but very small,
        Himmler has something similar,
        But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all”

        Göring have one child, Himmler three, and Joseph Goebbels (with “no balls at all”) had six… Hitler had one long time girl friend whom he married just before both of them committed suicide.

        Lie 15; Hitler destroyed Germany and was a mad person
        Truth 23; Hitler was a genius. He was son of a civil servant and a unknown corporal in WW1 (1919). It will take a genius to rise from the status of an unknown corporal in 1919 and within 14 years to become to Chancellor of a nation in 1933 which had long been governed by aristocratic elites. And it took greater ability still to elevate that nation from demoralization and bankruptcy to mastery of a continent within 6 years. Sure, he wasn’t perfect; he made mistakes. Nevertheless, his defeat was mainly due to geographical accident–his enemies 121 nations121 nations UK, US, USSR, China, France etc)—collectively had vastly more resources. They made mistakes too, but had far more resources to prevail in spite of them; Adolf didn’t. Enemies of Germany the International bankers and Communists could not see a Strong, vibrant and independent Germany and so destroyed it.

      28. maybe we should be killing them all so we dont have to resort to suits like this

        just my 2 cents

        • Enemy,suit is about 80,plus shipping lets say 10 would be 90,that does supply the makings for a lot of rounds,you may be onto something here!

      29. Good video – except: Please learn how to incorporate music into your video instead of putting a video to your loud music! I had to crank the volume almost max to hear what you were saying then almost break the neighbors windows when the music came on!

      30. Vid cut out at 11:58….’error occurred’…??????

      31. One thing Im not clear on. Is lining rooms with thermal blankets helpful or not?

      32. You are not being or going to be followed by a drone. You are not important. Keep it real

      33. So what type of gun do i need to buy to shoot these drones out of the sky.

        It’s our world, we should not need to hide from the government and need to hang those who are guilty of treason and being on the bankers payroll

        Would some type of air-gap generator knock the drones out or will we need to go after the command and control centers and cut the power supplies

      34. Well Max,some interesting info. out there but as before you lost me when you say suit a 1000+,details count when your life depends on it,suit would be under a 100 bucks according to snake site and plans there you want to do it yourself.So,thanks for the interesting info.,one can always use more solid info. but will as always take with a grain of salt(as I do all I read).

          • Hmmmm….,can’t get the link you put to come up,here is the link with this article:ht tp://,seems about 100 bucks here,your link shows different then we have huge price difference,not sure which is right,hence,why I read with that grain of salt,put a space between the http to avoid the moderation on this site regarding links.

            • OK Max,my error as site showing fragmentation/i.e.loading new material and now it does say 650/350.

              • Could another poster please hit the link Branden left in article,now seems to show 65&35 for suit,seems maybe a page issue problem,am hitting all my sites/bookmarks as usual so do not believe it is me but have seen two seperate pages listing different pricing.

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