Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit by Mysterious Clockwork “BOOMS”

by | Jul 23, 2016 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    For years now, residents of Sonora, California have been hearing a window-shaking loud and so far officially unexplained BOOM! that always happens between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily.

    Inquisitr reports that the explanation floating around Sonora from a local geologist/teacher is that an Army Depot in Hawthorne, Nevada, all the way across the state and behind a mountain range which disposes of old munitions like bombs, might be what residents have been hearing.

    But do they have so many old bombs to dispose of that they do it daily every single day even on weekends and holidays without fail for years? Why would Sonora, California of all locations near Hawthorne be the seemingly most affected city of all?

    Besides, even people who work at the depot aren’t hearing the booms regularly (via ABC News):

    Ken Thomas, a contracting officer for the Hawthorne Army Depot, told ABC News today that they do detonate munitions regularly at the depot when the munitions are past their shelf-life, but he is not convinced that it can be heard in Sonora.

    “It doesn’t feel right that what we’re doing here would be heard 200 miles away when there’s a mountain range in between us,” Thomas said. “My office is 27 miles from where they detonate the old munitions, I only hear it here maybe one time a month, and just barely and it’s like ‘Was that a boom?'”

    On top of that, not only are they clockwork, but these have been described as deep, low booms which can almost be felt by the people who live there. In fact, a friend who lives near Sonora said that sometimes they can actually see their windows warp during the booms.

    So what is it? Lots of conspiracies are, of course, floating around including aliens (as per the usual).

    But one in particular sounds a lot more plausible than an old weapons depot that’s a three-hour drive from Sonora: DUMBs.

    Deep underground military bases.

    We all know there’s an extensive network of them which has been significantly expanded since 9/11 and the creation of Homeland Security, and we’re all just supposed to put our fingers in our ears and go “la la la” and pretend like they don’t exist.

    The tunneling project is a joint venture involving the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, MiB, Homeland Security & a few other groups that are buried in the Congressional Intelligence Committees with some weird acronyms no one really understands. Much of the info on this comes from private citizens in the county, public officials, as well as Coast to Coast with George Noory & Art Bell. These shows have given incredibly good information on the topic for the last several months, beginning in late 2003… (source)

    Kinda like the CIA kept pretending Area 51 didn’t exist for decades until it was finally, quietly admitted it in 2013.

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      1. May be these tunnels can just disappears. I think some times these tunnel are used for evil intention

        • Why don’t our brave military (air force) just blow the shit out of them? Oh ya I forgot, they aren’t on our side (the people) they only kill for the bankers and the real rulers. God bless the usa lol.

          • Genius, had an old timer shiner tell me to take new whiskey, bottle it, place in a creek to give it the rocking motion.
            One week of movement ages it 7 years.
            Ever heard of that???

            Glad to see you back…

            • May be it is true. l never heard this… Odd..

              • Dusty, that is what makes this site so cool, learning new things.
                If what I heard is true, one could take old whiskey and make it older tasting.
                Never tried it, so not sure it is true.
                But if a 75 year old shiner tells you a trick, maybe he knows his shit.

                Be well all…

                • Eppe, I think there is something to that. An old shiner my family knows once mentioned the same thing, so it’s probably true. On the DUMBs, I’ve heard other stories going back to the 90s about those. First one I ever heard of was Mt. Weather in VA, supposedly a FEMA facility for COG [Continuity Of Government]. Then 2 others in PA. One is ‘Site R’, for the Pentagon, and the other is Iron Mountain, supposedly for archives. Those particular facilities supposedly date back to the 50s before the height of the Cold War.

                  • Not sure if you all have seen this yet. FUNNY..

                    Stop the Racism, We were all White Once

                    ht tps://

                    That outta shut them up..


            • Whisky doesn’t age in glass bottles. It ages in a wooden barrel. white oak charred barrels are used to age whisky. Then used again to age brandy.

              • http://Www.oldrepublicbarrels.Com
                You can learn all about aging from this site that sells the barrels. Heck, buy one to age your cheap liquor into better liquor after the depression hits to save money!

                • eppe, I have never heard of that. You can age in barrels if you feel like waiting 4-7 years for your stuff but not me. All barrel aging is doing is the expansion/contraction thing. In summer it expands and draws the liquor in and in winter it contracts and squeezes it back out. I do a similar thing with charred oak chips. I char oak chips to about 80% blackened and fill my pot about an inch deep and add my whiskey. I heat it gently on the stove (with lid on pot) to about 125 degrees then let it cool overnight and put it in a small chest freezer and freeze it overnight then let it warm up about 5 hours at room temp then heat on the stove again. Repeat this process at least 4 times and walla! This works excellent and is fast. I like it better than ANY store bought whiskey and so do most of my friends. AND you will not get a headache the next day like store whiskey. I have a theory on why that is it has to do with how low proof you distill your mash too.

                  I seriously doubt the week in the creek rocking thing, many shiners are full of shit lol. I guarantee my way works 🙂

                  • Here in Jack Daniels country the tannin in the barrel leaches into the Whiskey. The whiskey is clear when it goes in the barrel. They filter it through maple charcoal afterwards to clear it up. Gentleman Jack is done twice.If also had beer that was lagered in one of these barrels and it has that whiskey flavor.

                    • I have drank both and let me tell you, JD ain’t shit! Just a marketing ploy like it’s special or something. In fact I hate JD it is tough to drink and gives you a badass hangover. Learn to make your own and have 100% control and you will be amazed at the difference. True clean carmely buttery whiskey or some mass produced fusial oil filled shit or your own creation that is 10X superior. JD can sooka me coooka if ya know what I mean. I would challenge them anyday, anywhere to a taste test!

                    • I have to say, I am not a drinker, but after reading your post I long to taste your “caramelly” brew – – or at least use some of it in a cake, cookies, muffins, bread or biscuits. It sounds DELIGHTFUL!
                      Have a great rest of the week and a dreamy-brew weekend.

          • dumbass

        • DF,

          I took my family to see the caverns at Carlsbad recently. We went down 750 feet in an elevator and walked all over the cavern. It was a wonderful sight to behold! I can imagine whole cities built underground. Personally, I am glad someone is doing this even if it is at the expense of our taxes. Here in Southern Louisiana we have nothing but mud for hundreds of feet. In a thermonuclear war there will be few survivors above ground. Perhaps some folks will be OK, hidden in some remote valley high in the mountains. God have mercy on us all.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • It would be great if USA would put protect for all the people like this but they won’t do it.. Israel have them for they citizens

        • Don’t understand; any 3 seismic stations could show where the Booms are coming from. There are hundreds in Ca. Some are online. Any Grad student could tell you within a few miles of where they come from.

          • Actually 40 years ago. even I could have made a stab at it and come close,

          • Bingo, if it’s underground it’s easily located. Most universities have the equipment. That math is high school stuff.

            • This is how out of touch the idiot politicians are:

              Politicians are trying to provoke a NUCLEAR War.
              Destruction by Design. That is what the DUMB’s are for,
              Do a search on Deep Underground Military Bunker (Dumb’s)
              This is Start–

              You are being Watched–

              Start a campaign to promote this idea: Email friends-write congress-start movement
              Leave Russia ALONE. Make them a partner to conquer SPACE, go to Mars together.
              Spend money on terra forming Mars for Humans, not BLOWING each other back to the stone age and losing civilization.
              Have defense contractors convert to space exploration instead of destruction.

              Nuclear War NO ONE WINS.

              The US is COLLAPSING. Take care of USA roads, sewers, water lines, schools.
              Stop allowing criminals across the USA border. STOP immigration.

              • “Spend money on terra forming Mars for Humans”…..won’t that piss off the martians??

                • Technology is capable of terra forming Mars.
                  There is water on Mars.
                  Also the red orange pictures you see are from a filter on camera lens.
                  Officials are hiding the true landscape and coloration.

                  If it does piss off the Martians? We can introduce them to good whiskey, cold beer, steaks, and artistic pole dancing ladies. Martians will be grateful.
                  They can join up with US and Russians to explore deep space.
                  More the merrier.

                  But nope. The idiot Politicians in charge would rather blow us ALL to Hell with a Nuke war. We will be lucky to have civilization for ten more years. That is being optimistic.

                  America should be working with Russians to further humanity.
                  Not Foolishly destroying one another and dragging civilization back to stone age.
                  You preppers have no idea what Nuke War and aftermath would be like. Your preps won’t save you.

                  Peace. Co operation. Mutual respect. Live and Let Live. That is what will save us All.
                  US policy makers have NO UNDERSTANDING of these ideas.
                  War is INSANITY. Only madmen contemplate that War FOOLISHNESS.

                  If we don’t remove current INSANE world leaders. We are doomed to death.
                  Because they are insane.










          • You know. I agree with some of what you are saying, but shouting and calling everyone dumbasses and fucktards is not making you sound logical or reasonable. Just saying. Maybe you could try to make your point so that others will agree with you instead of shaking their heads at your posts. Have a nice day.

        • DustyFae, you hit nail on head.
          Evil intention. The government is No Longer ran by patriotic God Fearing Americans.
          Evil Traitors are in charge of the US. They are building bunkers for themselves. Then the banker-NWO Politicians will start the INTENTIONAL Nuclear War.

          There is an Anti-American Traitor who fronts as president. Obamunista.
          Obamunista HATES Americans and America. He wants us destroyed.

          US Congress and US Senate:
          Those in congress and the senate are Bought and Paid for.
          They only serve themselves and their banker-corporate masters.
          They do bidding of defense contractors who feather their nests for them.
          Congress/Senate view YOU as the enemy. They are afraid of you.

          Local Politicians:
          They too only care about feathering their own nest at YOUR expense.
          In Dallas Texas they didn’t have money to replace a delapidated school with many health hazards to the children. But school board spent MILLIONS on constructing new admin building for themselves.
          Officials spent millions on a stupid ass cable arch bridge that no one uses. They wanted a visual “theme piece”. They have money for an idiotic bridge but the homeless are evacuated from tents who camp under bridges for shelter.
          People that have no where to go.

          They know there will be zero accountability for anything they do.
          Including Murder. They also view YOU as the enemy. Skin color does not matter. They kill everyone no matter color. LIe. Falsify charges. Bully people. Shoot peoples dogs.
          Even kill their own dogs. Apparently Police don’t know what a canteen is. They spend millions on military gear but can’t afford a ice chest and canteen of water.
          Your Brilliant Police: Dog Killers

          Brave Police kill kids dog:

          Police view YOU as the enemy. Police are Dangerous and Violent. Avoid them.

          Then there is Hillary Clinton. No accountability for National security breach or Bengahzi masacre. FBI is beholding to NWO masters. No rule of law at any level in US. They do what ever they want. No constitution or accountability.

          Lawless Corruption and TREASON.
          The peoples concerns are not being addressed. That is why there was a Boston Tea Party. That is why colonist stood against the most powerful Army of Red Coats and most powerful Navy in the WORLD. 1776 happened because the People Had Enough of not being herd and of being pushed.

          • Police have been told by the “powers that shouldn’t be” that the average American White person is their enemy, hmmm, but who is actually killing police in ambushes? The sons of Obama or white granny tea party ladies.

            Damn, should police kill granny?

            Ahhh kill Granny, it’s the only logical choice, because Obama told you so.

            Is it sarcasm or is it reality? Decisions, decisions?

      2. We paid for the tunnels and the underground bunkers but I would not set foot in them if I could. The cowards will die in their holes and will not escape judgement.

      3. Read The Book of Revelation!

        14 – The sky receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved from its place. 15 – Then the kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 – And they said to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.…

        Planet X/Nibiru could very well be the catalyst…

        • And years later in their underground bunkers they realize they will never be able to go onto the surface again, not for thousands of years, and then their bunkers begin to leak. (Designed by ‘climate scientist-types’ no doubt)

          And that Boys and Girls is how God and His Kind see to it there are not violent space travelers in their Universe!

      4. I went to that casino in Sonora about 9 years ago a few times, maybe they’re going underground with their vast take.

        • I lived in Sonora, and still have family there. This article is a crock of shit, and anyone who believes it is a paranoid fool.

      5. What kind of bedrock is it there granite sandstone? And oh look i used punctuation on this post wouldent want the grammer police to come by and ass rape me over a period but then again some are so anal retintive superficial micromanage ass clowns i just have to end with this really long run sentence hicks im prob gonna need you to moderate some clowns

        • Thanks for taking the time to type an incomprehensible post. Much appreciated.

          • Next time ill try to type in friggin retard then you may comprehend in the mean time squeeze your ass cheeks a little tighter you anal retentive ass clown crotch jocky cum dumpster

            • yeah, what ted said…it’s bad enough that americans can’t spell, but then they got nothin’ to SAY when they DO try to write….i get damn tired of tryin’ to read all these posts that are a LOT like twitter….they don’t make SENSE either!

              • Then you could just go away ya know we get on here for important things or schooling you could call it however being chastised over punctuation or spelling is crazy and i figure the ones who cant deal with something so minor as someones grammer will last as long as a snowball in hell when shtf cus they wont be able to deal with or accept that nothing will be perfect or precise ever again and one of three things will happen they will either go crazy or off themselves or some one in a short period of time will just shoot them cus of their shit perfectionism

                • wow….that’s pretty good forward-looking observations you have there….let me be the first to inform you…you’re not very good at predictions,….especially the parts that involve the FUTURE…..that’s TWO things you aint good at…..oh, and i aint goin’ NOwhere….i’m thinkin’ YOU need to take a bath with yer toaster….no, wait,…that was a little harsh….i take it all back, i don’t want to say that stuff afterall.

                • i = I
                  cus = because
                  someones = someone’s
                  some one = someone

            • GS,

              istudiedlinguisticsasanundergraduateandthereforewaspleasantlysurprisedwhenitwaspointedouthatyoureallydontneedspacescapitallettersorpunctuation!! Your posts are just fine the way it is. It may not be the King’s English, but, hey, who are we to criticise!? It may take a little longer to decipher but thwt makes it fun. Even misspellings can be deciphered! Unlike our resident comedian, Mr. Eppe, most don’t decipher my oblique and hidden humor either.

              Let the good times roll! We all need some real Cajun chilling, live and let live!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • I could read every word you wrote just fine suppose it kind of falls under the ability to speed read or sight reading a comprehensive ability that some do not have

              • HmmmIvehadmultipleSTDsandVarioysContagiousDiseasesthatRenderedMeImuneToObamasOnlinepropagandadiseases.thisTheSillyTime.I.haveNothingInteligemtToSayMrEppeIsAPotatoHead,lostinspace.

        • …………,,,,,,,,

          • Cute ;->
            Made me smile
            Still smiling`~/;->

      6. Deep Underground Military Bases? California Hit by Mysterious Clockwork “BOOMS”

        “may their Tunnels collapse upon them”

        fk ‘da dumb shit!

        • Ever take a garden hose to an ANT HILL?… Yeah that underground city sh!t works really good. Idiots.

          Or 100 Gallons of Gasoline down the air vent shafts followed by a lit road flare. That should stop all the Booming, that’s keeping people awake at night.

          ~WWTI… Take binoculars and scan the hills for Air vent shaft hoods.

          • Install rent a toilets over intake vents to government bunker air vents.

            Charge per dump!

      7. And of course we will left here on the surface to forage and eat people..


        • Foraging: Freer than the prisoners in their rat holes.

      8. I hear and feel bombs all the time. There is no specific time. There will be long intervals of peace and then it starts again. Like anything else, you adjust.

        I’m Sure there are many reasons to go underground; not all reasons nefarious. I believe subways and transportation routes are needed for National Security. If Yellowstone blows it will make air travel impossible. The Jet Set will take the subway and like it. If transportation for government and billionaires is not built, the constant complainers will ask why not when any fool could see that they are needed. Look people. Stop hating the rich. Stop deeming every project a work of the devil. Sometimes these projects are actually for our benefit and for the good of the Country as a whole. I wouldn’t mind going by train in a subway system from CA to NY or DC.

        The fact that these are secret may be because they are going to be used by high ranking government and very wealthy. Eventually they’ll build newer tunnels and the old ones will become available to the public. That would be good for all, imho.

        • Recently read an article on the scanners used at airports. Opt for the pat down. Research finds legitimate concern that this type of scan causes Cancer. It is not like other scanners.

          • Just heard on the Rense Radio that Trump’s plan for his first days on the job are out but the media is not covering the story. He will start day one negotiating with Mexico regarding the wall. They must agree to pay six billion (?) for the wall or loose twenty four billion annually that goes to Mexico.

            His plans for Veterans and health care. The media refusing to release this important document shows that they are not news people, they are just propagandists.

            Eventually as this becomes known they’ll try to distort or confuse people about it. That’s my guess based on past performance. This monopoly is going to get broken up and that is a big threat to the establishment bullies. They must be shitting bullets. I mean they must be like a cornered animal. We all know how dangerous a cornered animal is. Trump is so good at what he does. These bad PTB know he is the real deal and they don’t want America to be great. They have been doing everything they can to destroy America and Americans.

            • Trump is a negotiator! It’s what business is all about. In this he had few equals!

              Obama has proved himself incapable of negotiation. Obama is mentally ill and is unable to process reality.

              Thus the shiit sandwich we as a nation are all now eating!

        • Transportation for billionares. Really? New tunnels for them then eventally everybody else? Really?

      9. I just saw someone posting here under LSB. I have used that here for a few years although not recently. I don’t want to be blamed for something that someone else may say. So for now on, LSB will no longer be used by me.

        • LSB = Lower Side Band?

      10. I also said would would never again use LSB.Hmmmm…..,now that I think about it,maybe it was I would never use LSD again!

        • I got a chuckle out of one poster naming Acid as Mr Microdot…

          That was funny…

        • So CUTE!


      11. You gotta see this. The coming days. Truth serum 11

      12. We have explosions in eastern NC also. I haven’t really noticed any regularity to them. Some people say that there is an entire fake town built by the CIA in Perquimans County, NC. They supposedly blow up various things for testing, such as safes and limousines. Here is a newspaper story about the place:

        ht tp://

      13. I hope it all collapses on top of them.

      14. 1. Why does this page routinely jump around so much on opening that I lose my comments position?

        2. Hate to sound stupid, but what on Earth is MiB? (Men in Black? Some British security cooperative?)


      15. This is dumb. There is a site that blows up old munitions, ammo, ex. The sound travel’s up and out. Hits the atmosphere and shouts back down

      16. What utter paranoid BS. We have known for over 200 years that loud “booming” and “flashes of light” often happen in the weeks and months before major earth quakes. They are ALLWAYS described as “deep rolling booms” . This is long known scientific fact. I have read some real paranoid UFO crap on this websight. But this one may take the cake.

      17. California is always on fire. I hope the underground bases collapse on top of the evildoers hiding down there. B how’s a subway built for our benefit. They are making $ off you if you use it. It’s not built to service humanity for free. Everything they do is for profit. The hospital is there to help people it’s there for doctors and the hospital to make profit. If this weren’t so medical bills would be affordable you wouldn’t need insurance. Medical is big $. B they want us all dead. If they couldn’t make the $ they wouldn’t build any civil projects. Certain things like water and sewer have to be in place or they would not be able to sustain any life cause we’d be dead for lack of water or dead cause of bacteria from raw sewage everywhere. We are servants to the elites and corporatists whether you wanna believe this or not. They need laborers. They will use our children to fight wars against their enemy’s and give you a flag at the grave for your sacrafice while your still struggling to pay your bills. I remember when I was in school and when we learned about slavery of blacks they made it sound like they were beaten everyday and left without water to pick in the fields. Why would you pay good $ for a slave to beat and starve him to death. How would he be of any use to you then. you being able to take the t train into the city for a fare helps them and your employer by you getting to work. Living on your own piece of dirt off grid and on the merits of your own labor benefits you alone and you do not hurt anyone living this way. If their is enough advanced warning their will be no tunnel space available to the public just whatever hidey holes you can find or build. Hell with the corporate elites.

      18. Here’s a thought. Why not take those munitions that are beyond their freshness date and drop them on the enemy.

      19. Maybe it’s San Andreas Fault getting ready to let go. The aquifers are being drained also.

      20. Every time I post the truth, I come under attack, look at who the trolls are, they have been attacking the cabal, bitching at the cabal, and as soon as I mentioned the muslims getting hired to provide security for the grid, Troll Demonic and others go on and attack… we know who the real trolls are.. just one reminder since I know that you trolls know who I am, if you try to kill me in My city, my cop friends and agency contact people know where I live and work.. you idiots think your so smart and that I would not let them know I post, they read this blog and know my handle..If any thing happens to me, expect to get visited by rogue elements from our local military and rogue DHS fuckers have no earthy idea who you are fucking with..because I have the cell numbers of those cops and one of my boys is a swat team fuck with me and send your muslim Somalia goons to my condo, like what you did last November 2014, and see if I don’t blow their fucking asses away, if you try this shit again, did you see me run when the Russian came after me in the Galleria, after i ran that Russian fucker from the parking lot, did you see me run, or did you see me run when you had that russian and chi- com female watching me in public at Copperfield and 1960..when I walked up them and asked them if they had some kind of fucking problem and they just left, did they call the cops? Why didn’t they. You fuckers know a real competitor when you see one, when you get scared and call in to report that you are not sure it a good idea to engage this character then you had to jump into your red dodge truck and exit the parking lot….

        Did you not see Donald Trump Jr call out you criminals, did you see him run or did you see him tell you what they will do next..


        Talk is cheap, it’s the actions that count..

        • HCKS——————
          Are you bat shit crazy?
          Another nut job?
          Hope you don’t make CNN by doing some stupid sh#t. Do NOT be famous.
          Famous is BAD.

          Chill out man.
          An imagination can be a dangerous thing.
          Have a few beers. Beer is good.
          Get laid. Boobs are better.
          Unplug from this fear mongering goat dung.
          Go watch stupid dog tricks on YouTube.
          Get outside and see some sunshine. Go fishing.
          Life is Good. Life is short. Enjoy Life.

        • HCKS.
          You always claim you are under attack?

          Sorry but I’ve rarely seen it?

          Very few here vilify you in any manner? You seem to be free to post anything you like!

          What the hell are you talking about?

        • Wow. Just, wow…..

      21. We had a microburst in town Friday. It’s uncommon. He weather conditions are never right for this. Trees down I might try to get some firewood. Re painted my cast iron fire pit. Came out nice. Painting my living room. I hate painting but wife started the job and you know who finishes it. I was pissed at her for doing it because I didn’t have plans to spend the the end painting. She was right though it was ugly paneling. I was ok with it though. Gonna pull up some onions and string them up in the shed to cure later. Lots to do on the asshat homestead.

      22. Could be an experiment to relieve plate stresses

      23. …To cause “the Big One” so they can declare martial law curfews and roundups “for your ‘safety'”.

        • You will NEVER have safety from the USA Government. Or the Globalists and Elites.. They are only thinking of themselves

      24. History speaks for itself and past performance is the biggest indicator of future performance. That said I will not be shocked when Trump reneges on his part of any deal he conjures up, be it Mexico with the Wall or whatever. He has a way of gaining others trust, and after establishing trust pulling the rug out from under them, pissing people off and creating more enemies than he already has. He jerks people around and takes no responsibility for his actions or for the consequences. He already has his scapegoats lined up.

      25. Back when6 I was a kid we moved into a new house in Novato Calif and playing around the still building housing project I saw big earth movers coming out of the hill to the north of my home which dumped rock waste on the ground that was bull dozed into housing sites. the housing project was a cover for disposing of the rock waste of mining in6 the hill to build an under ground b5ase. I talked to a security guard there and what he said confirmed it was a govt project This base is located in cherry hill in Novato. later I an6d some friends entered a tunnel and looked around inside the b5ase Poor security. Look for where the rock waste is b5eing disposed off like housing projects using fill or dam construction the rock waste has to go somewhere folks

      26. Plan twice and Dr Philip check the previous threads l, you all must have missed that one, belive me I don’t make up fake stories..yes a Russian did come up to me and in my face, this is a fact, two back tattooed up Somalia looking types did come to my door in November 2014 demanding and threatening me at my door, and I was about to call the cops.. then every time I post about what’s about to happen, then I get attacked being called a nut job…the question is, who’s side ar you on..


        • Sorry I thought you were talking about being verbally attacked here in the forum.

          Context is important if you want us to follow what you are saying.

      27. This is the worst article I’ve read here. Let’s think about this: ground-shaking booms at the same time every day. Couldn’t be the daily BLASTING AT THE FREAKIN MARBLE QUARRIES JUST A FEW MILES FROM TOWN?? They all blast at mid-day.

        • Spot on!

      28. There is a location something like 60 miles NE of Los Angeles in the California Mojave or High Desert regions that also appears to have had a recent Deep Underground Facility built. There were several years, ending convoys of heavy electrical generators and ventilation equipment on well oversized truk loads around or ca. February 2015, in which extensive ventilation equipment (12′ diameter or more), major oversized powerplant facility generators, and various other equipment, which included military convoys, appeared to disappear into the mountains NW of the I-15 Cajon pass, NOT using the 138 but heading on flat wide roads that did not need to make sharp turns. This was about 25 miles above San Bernardino, and they were disappearing, presumably into the mountains, somewhere as if en route to or nearing or just past the town of Phelan. They did not traverse west of the Phelan area (as I understand it), and there are no above ground military bases it could have gone to short of going another 25 miles or so west to Palmdale or another 50 plus miles north or more to Barstow (by which they would have continued up the I-15 if it was so destined). Sporadic underground booms that felt like they resonated at some kind of massive and unreported underground water cistern were a regular happening felt at least as far as 20 miles and more away from Phelan in 2012. I don’t know if it was ever reported here in regard to that, as I have only been a reader off and on for the last year. The massive equipment convoys, usually traveling between 11:30 pm and off the I-15 by no later than 3:45 am, allegedly never went to Palmdale nor left the general area west of Phelan, presumably, but disappeared under military escort (CHP escorted while on the CA Interstate) into the mountains, and left a clear and open nocturnal impression that it was all for a very large underground facility, needing tremendous amount of ventilation and electrical equipment (enough to power 40,000 homes in energy output bare minimum) for some kind of facility large enough to house at least several thousands bare minimum (plus) for 6 months or more (judging by the equipment and how much was regularly deployed to that area and vanished into the north parts of the mountains, somewhere. The general vicinity of the underground place, again, appears to be Phelan with perhaps a 5 mile radius of that town,or something to that effect. Again, it appears to have been completed moving heavy equipment by or about February 2015, and as I understand it, work was completed sometime this year.

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