DECLASSIFIED: Gold Mines Shutting Down – UNHEARD OF!

by | May 10, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was contributed by Tom Beck at Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    What a PERFECT set up for gold!

    Seriously, can ANYTHING ever compare to the CHAOS that we now are UNDERGOING as a species?

    1. Bankruptcies, Defaults & Delinquencies: We haven’t even SCRATCHED THE SURFACE!

    Don’t think for a second that this ISN’T COMING!

    About 100 companies in the S&P 500 index have already SUSPENDED DIVIDENDS, which is the responsible thing to do, but it also points to the REAL-LIFE conditions of businesses.

    Many real estate funds have told investors that there will be NO DISTRIBUTIONS until this pandemic blows over. What markets don’t WANT TO UNDERSTAND is that there’s at least a 12-to-18-month LAG between the time that governments give people the ALL-CLEAR sign from the medical professionals and the time that people actually feel confident.

    These next 12-18 months will USHER IN a wave of bankruptcies, mostly for small businesses.

    1. Shot Out of a Cannon: The markets came ROARING BACK because of the $12T and counting of financial aid, subsidized by Washington and loaned from the Federal Reserve, but we must BE CAREFUL not to confuse this SLINGSHOT EFFECT with fair value.

    We have published our WATCH LIST, which shows you where we believe prices start to look appealing.

    Mortgages TOTALING close to $150 billion in commercial real estate – a QUARTER of outstanding debt – have borrowers that are on the hook and have BEGGED for leniency from creditors.

    In other words, what I’m saying is that we don’t see a BACK-UP-THE-TRUCK moment in equities yet because it’s being delayed by the stimulus. We had a brief one in March, picked up what we could back then, and will be JUMPING ON BARGAINS (if and when they arise), but for now, GOLD is our primary position.


    Crises and recessions end with LOW P/E MULTIPLES, not with record-high ones!

    April 2020 has been the best month since January 1987 for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, so you can READILY SEE why this is complete nonsense.

    The markets might be FORWARD-LOOKING, but with Markit Manufacturing and Markit Services at record lows, ISM Manufacturing collapsing and ISM Services lowest since 2009, and with NEARLY 66% of small businesses (500 or fewer employees) stating that they have 90 days of cash left, the markets are TOO forward-looking.

    Notice that DEMOGRAPHICALLY, we are entering a period similar to that of the late 1960s, where the labor force is INCREASING DRAMATICALLY compared to the general population!

    In terms of inflation, that is the MAIN DRIVER, going forward.

    Chaos is what makes investors buy and hold gold, but inflation is what makes gold prices RISE FAST.

    Between now and 2023, the markets will begin to price these demographic trends into their portfolios.

    This is why Portfolio Wealth Global is raising its PRICE TARGET for gold to $2,346 from $2,105 for the end of 2021.



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      1. Inflation?

        Not sure about that. More like deflation. Sure, there has been a temporary increase in the money (credit) supply, but that will be more than offset by the defaults and bankruptcies in the future. Defaults destroy money causing a reduction in the money supply thus causing deflation.

        There will be some price inflation in food and some other essentials because of supply chain breaks, but price deflation in others like energy from a lack of driving around in circles from gas station to gas station.

        Gold works well when you have inflation. FRNs work well when you have deflation.

        Twenty dollar bills in number ten cans.

      2. This sounds like 5G symptoms killing 3 young children in New York, from high level EFMs from 5G which rolled out in New York just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. 5G can vibrate water molecules at the high end of its frequency range. Wi-Fi uses microwave radiation. The higher the Gs, the higher the radiation levels.

        From Sputnik:
        “The children, who tested positive for the virus, were said to be experiencing inflammation of blood vessels or the heart, instead of the ordinary COVID-19-related symptoms.” -Sputnik

        “Cuomo said that the symptoms that appeared in the reported cases were similar to toxic-shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease, an unexplained illness that mainly affects children under 5.” – Sputnik

        “It’s possible that these cases were coming in and were not diagnosed as related to COVID, as they don’t appear as COVID,” the governor said. “It may even be probable that this exists in other states and we want to make sure they are aware of it”. – Sputnik

        “Cuomo noted that the state health department is urgently working alongside the New York Genome Center and the Rockefeller University to carry out more research on the new syndrome.” – Sputnik

        “Health experts in New York first noted the mysterious syndrome appearing in children about a month ago, during the peak of the spread of the pandemic in the state, according to The New York Times.” – Sputnik

        “Doctors believe that children with weak immune systems are at high risk for the syndrome.” – Sputnik

        “New York Health Commissioner and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Howard Zucker on Sunday urged US parents to pay more attention to the symptoms of the potentially deadly syndrome, which is now officially termed “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome”.” – Sputnik

        ““I would tell parents that if your child has any nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pallor – the color of their face changing, the color of their lips and fingers – if they have any chest pains… they should call their doctor and they need to be evaluated,” Zucker said during the state coronavirus briefing.” Sputnik

        Those do not sound like symptoms of a virus to me!

      3. Just another article to get us to buy more gold. Media and prepper websites are an enemy of the state. They want you to live in fear and control your decision making. F-THAT! Gold is as worthless as the paper you buy it with. We are not in this together. Fend for yourselves and get outta my way!

        • The reality of it is that almost no one wants the stuff, and the price is being propped up by the big institutional holders trading it back and forth among themselves in a desperate to keep the price high so they don’t lose their asses and hoping that someone will start paying attention to the fearmongering articles aimed at selling it so they can slowly dump it without the price collapsing.

          Who was it saying there’s one born a minute? Well the institutional holders are hoping to change that to one born a second.

      4. According to Beck, “we don’t see a BACK-UP-THE-TRUCK moment in equities yet because it’s being delayed by the stimulus.”

        But, it’s all stimulus.

        The physical commodity, which you could literally hold in your hand, will not have any fungible value, without a market and market maker.

        In under-the-table barter, you never typically meet spot price. You have to compete with whatever pricepoint was established by state actors.

        Although, you can charge any arbitrary amount of markup on your PM’s and hope that one patron out of many thousands will just eat it, your asking price would generally revolve around govt valuation.

        A commodity is still just an amoral instrument that would preferably be optimized with some kind of strategy in mind.

      5. Anonymous-
        U R a “history-starved” moron…said with love and compassion for u :))

        • R U talkin to me?

      6. One coin actually has different markets. See how it is used by carnies vs. whales.

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